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2017 VOLUNTEER RESTON CHAMPIONS OF THE YEAR The 2017 Volunteer Reston Service Awards recognizes individuals, groups and community partners that have provided exemplary volunteer services to the Reston Association and Reston Community. We are proud to announce this year’s slate of honorees:

2017 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Kelley Westenhoff

As a key member of the Reston Multimodal Transportation Advisory Committee (MTAC), Kelley has provided informative and timely advice and perspectives to the comprehensive multimodal transportation interests of Reston; helped marshal bike tours of Reston (55+ and RA sponsored tours); participated in RA infrastructure planning meetings; participated in the RA’s “Bike-to-Work Day” booth; served as a spokesperson on RA videos; mentored new MTAC


members; and assisted the transition needs of new cochairpersons. She has served as an influential and inspirational leader for pedestrian and bicycling members of our community. She reflects the best of Reston’s practical and motivational motto: Live, Work, Play and Get Involved. Kelley is a “digger.” She doesn't merely surf the crest of the challenges and issues of our MTAC committee. She digs in, researches and has an ability to take comprehensive and complex issues and present them in an understandable manner. As a lawyer, she's been able to dissect federal, state and local regulatory policies for our group to have logical and astute discussions regarding infrastructure planning and development for MTAC, often leading us to workable recommendations or advice for the RA staff or Board. Kelley has also contributed as a volunteer by staffing the “Bike-to-Work Day” where many of the hundreds of cyclists stopped by for advice and updates on RA initiatives and infrastructure project plans that impact pedestrians and cyclists; she's helped marshal or lead cycling tours (i.e., 55+; Tour de Lights; etc.) sponsored


by the RA, participated in RA public sessions in order to better grasp community interests; and making a presentation on cycling for an RA video when she served as Co-Chair of MTAC. She has been involved with virtually every key success that MTAC has effected since she came on board the committee (first at PBAC) and to this present day. She inspires the committee by riding on charity rides across the country or through multiple states, with a blog followed by many in Reston. Kelley is the first to speak up to ensure MTAC addresses the needs and interests of those under-represented members of our community: seniors, the disabled and the disenfranchised.


The Reston Association Parks & Recreation Department is supported by young volunteers who serve throughout the year. Reston Association has been fortunate enough to have Iman Hadji as a youth volunteer for the past 2.5 years. Iman is currently a sophomore at South

Lakes High School and has given countless community service hours to our community special events. Iman finds time to regularly volunteer at our community events on weekends. She has a passion for working with young children. She loves interacting with them, and the kids love her. She has volunteered a full day at the kids’ activities tent at the Multicultural Festival and the Spring Festival. She also participated in Founder’s Day and the Reston Home Expo. She was part of the very popular face painting team at the Halloween House & Trickor-Treat Trail both evenings. In addition to face-painting, her volunteer duties have included hands-on-crafts and carnival games. She is always the first to sign up for our community events. It’s great having her at these events because she knows the drill and what the job entails. She’s one of our seasoned volunteers, and we can always count on her to assist new volunteers. She has been and continues to be a tremendous asset to RA and has gone above and beyond to support our events when she can. You can say that she is an ambassador of “fun.” Her positive attitude

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