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Nestled atop Miami’s most iconic tower sits the limited penthouse collection at Waldorf Astoria. These residences are completely adorned with the most pristine and luxurious touches synonymous with Waldorf Astoria’s legacy. Every detail has been reimagined for a home that exceeds even the highest of expectations.

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Nest Seekers is a global real estate brokerage at the nexus of technology and media. Founded in 2002 by industry visionary and current president and CEO, Eddie Shapiro, Nest Seekers evolved at the forefront of the digital media revolution, reaching a new generation of clients, and gaining international exposure through groundbreaking media partnerships which helped revolutionize the industry and fuel Nest Seekers’ rapid growth.

Today, Nest Seekers has more than 50 offices and more than 2,000 agents in New York; London; The Hamptons; Miami; Palm Beach; Beverly Hills; Orange County, CA; Greenwich, CT; Colorado; Portugal; Cote D’Azur; Milan, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Mexico; The Caribbean; Seoul and Asia.


Ideally situated along 435 linear feet of pristine white sand beach and immersed in unforgettable ocean views, The St. Regis Residences, Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, represent the height of exquisite living—where skyline-defining architecture, visionary style, flawless craftsmanship, and signature St. Regis service and rituals create a singular experience of effortless luxury in a glamorous setting.


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An Extraordinary Life

The highest standards of service, design, facilities and comfort come together in a unique setting to represent the unprecedented simplicity and genuineness of the new luxury in Costa Mujeres, an unexplored jewel of unspoilt nature, privileged for its authenticity and beauty.

The Residences

The Residences offer guests the opportunity to make home what makes them happiest, connecting with their passion for life, combining the privacy of your home with unbeatable amenities at your doorstep.

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MARCH 1ST, 2024

The art of buying, selling, hustling and schmoozing is all part of the game in the high-stakes world of Hamptons real estate, and the young brokers of the Nest Seekers Team aim to prove they can find success in the country’s most-exclusive housing market.





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Celebrating the Impact of Women in Luxury and Leadership

March heralds a special edition of RESIDENT Magazine, where luxury meets legacy in the celebration of International Women's Month. This isn't just a time marker; it's a vibrant tapestry of resilience, achievement, and the relentless spirit of women across the globe. We delve into the lives of women who are not only shaping their destinies but also sculpting the narrative of success and influence in today's world.

Leading our features is Jewel, the singer-songwriter and mental health advocate, whose soulstirring journey from adversity to acclaim embodies the essence of this month's celebration. Her music and advocacy work shine a light on the power of healing and resilience, offering hope and inspiring change.

In the competitive arena of sports and business, we spotlight the dynamic duo from the Miami Marlins. Caroline O'Connor, as President of Business Operations, exemplifies breaking the mold and setting new benchmarks, highlighting the growing yet scarce presence of women in leadership within the sports sector. Her narrative is complemented by Ana VeigaMilton, whose philanthropy and support for the Marlins underscore the impact of women in blending professional excellence with community upliftment.

In this edition, we also shine a light on women entrepreneurs and businesses that are masterfully acknowledging and catering to the multifaceted roles of women. These trailblazers are redefining the marketplace by creating solu-

tions and services that resonate with the complexities of women's lives, balancing professional, personal, and societal demands. From innovative startups to established firms, these entities are leading the charge in supporting women's aspirations and challenges, ensuring that their offerings are not just products or services but lifelines that empower and enable women to thrive in every aspect of their lives. Their success stories are not only inspiring but also reflective of a broader shift towards a more inclusive and empathetic business landscape, where the nuances of women's experiences are not just recognized but celebrated and supported.

Our Fashion Week coverage is a testament to the evolving industry, where women are at the forefront, driving inclusivity and diversity. From the runways to the boardrooms, their leadership is defining new paradigms in fashion.

The travel section takes you on a curated journey to opulent destinations where culture and sustainability ensure that luxury travel is not only exquisite but also conscientious and impactful.

RESIDENT Magazine's March edition is a homage to women, their unyielding spirit, and their transformative journeys. Through these pages, we aspire to not only narrate their stories of empowered elegance but also to engage and inspire every reader to partake in this legacy of change and empowerment.

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From Alaskan Homestead to Global Inspiration

Award-winning singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and mental health advocate Jewel opens up about her life, career, and the power of staying true to oneself

18 |

Meeting Jewel wasn't just another interview; it felt like a conversation between friends, the kind that leaves you feeling like a better person after it’s done. As someone who's followed her career, admired her music, and respected her activism, I was aware of the risk of disappointment. It's not uncommon to create a narrative in your mind, only for the reality to fall short. But sitting down with Jewel, the singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and mother, I found her to be an absolute delight.

Jewel's journey from the isolation of an Alaskan homestead to international fame is welldocumented. Her story is one of resilience, creativity, and a drive to connect with others on a meaningful level. What struck me most during our conversation was how grounded she remains despite her success. There's an authenticity to Jewel that's palpable, not just in her music but in the way she speaks about her life, her work, and the causes close to her heart.

We talked about her early days, playing in coffee shops and using the internet to build a fanbase—a testament to her innovative spirit and understanding of community long before social media became a ubiquitous tool for artists. Her music, known for its emotional depth and lyrical honesty, reflects her personal experiences and struggles, offering listeners a window into her soul and, often, a mirror of their own lives.

Jewel's role as a mother and her dedication to mental health advocacy were central themes of our conversation. She spoke candidly about the challenges of balancing her career with being a fully present parent. Her commitment to mental health isn't just talk. Through InnerWorld, a mental health platform she co-founded, and The Foundation Reserve, which aims to bring education, advocacy, and awareness about the importance of mental health to those who can help make a monetary difference, she provides resources and support to those in need. Her work and advocacy emphasize the importance of mental wellness and the power of community to foster it.

But what resonated with me most was Jewel's perspective on fame and success. She doesn't chase celebrity but views her platform as a way to effect positive change and connect with people on a genuine level. This approach has

guided her career choices, from the projects she takes on to the way she engages with her fans and the causes she champions, like her Inspiring Children Foundation, that works to, “transform lives through a whole human approach to physical, social, emotional, & mental health.”

There is a humility and warmth to her. Our conversation was a dialogue between two people who share the belief in the power of music and storytelling to heal and unite. It's clear that Jewel's authenticity and vulnerability, so evident in her music, are not just artistic choices but reflections of who she is as a person.

Meeting Jewel, I found not only the artist I've admired for years but a genuine spirit whose kindness, wisdom, and authenticity are as impactful as her music. She's living proof that staying true to oneself and values are the most authentic path to success and fulfillment.

Josh: Let's dive right in. Who is Jewel at the core, beyond the public persona?

Jewel: Fundamentally, I'm a storyteller, a writer. What differentiates a singer-songwriter from a songwriter, in my opinion, is a profound commitment to the community and a desire to reflect on the world's complexities. My artistic expression often transcends traditional love narratives to embrace a broader spectrum of human experiences.

Josh: Your career and your personal journey have been intertwined, shaping a unique platform for you. How have these elements influenced your work and advocacy?

Jewel: My journey has always been about more than music. It's about fostering community, nurturing connections, and advocating for mental health. These priorities shape my projects and collaborations, driving me toward initiatives that reflect these values, such as the Foundation Reserve.

Josh: Given the importance of mental health in your work, where do you believe we stand in the global discourse on this issue?

Jewel: We've made strides in destigmatizing mental health discussions, but there's still much ground to cover. Personal challenges | 19

with homelessness and mental health crises have taught me the critical importance of self-awareness and the proactive management of mental well-being. My mission has been to democratize access to mental health resources, emphasizing happiness as a skill that can be cultivated, a philosophy underpinning my work with the Inspiring Children Foundation.

Josh: Your endeavors seem to straddle various worlds, offering unique experiences for broader causes. How do you navigate the complexities of inequality in these initiatives?

Jewel: My approach is to leverage the privileges and access I've been afforded to benefit others. By creating meaningful experiences through Foundation Reserve, we're not just providing enjoyment but also supporting vital mental health initiatives. It's a model of reciprocal benefit, where luxury and philanthropy intersect to create a positive impact.

Josh: Balancing such a dynamic career with motherhood must pose challenges. How do you manage your professional commitments and your personal life?

Jewel: It's a matter of prioritization and conscious choice. My son, my health, and my career guide my decisions, in that order. Sacrifices are inevitable, but they're made with a clear understanding of their implications. My hiatus from music to focus on my son and my mental health exemplifies this approach, underscoring the importance of making decisions aligned with the value I place on well-being.

Josh: Reflecting on public perceptions, what do you think is a common misconception about you?

Jewel: Misconceptions are tricky since they often stem from incomplete understandings of a person's journey. I focus more on the long arc of my career and life, prioritizing authenticity and growth over immediate perceptions. Understanding and correcting misconceptions requires a dialogue—a chance to share one's true self over time.

20 |

Founded by Dr. George Rapier III, Foundation Reserve is an exclusive private members club designed for individuals who share a love for extraordinary experiences, music, and fine wine. With membership limited to just 100 individuals, the club fosters a closeknit community where shared passions ignite unforgettable moments.

"Foundation Reserve combines my passions for wine, music, travel, philanthropic work, and great company," says Dr. Rapier. I also deeply care about the work Jewel is doing through her Inspiring Children Foundation and want to help in every way I can."

This commitment to giving back is woven into the club's fabric. Every member event serves as an opportunity to raise awareness

and support the Foundation's mission of improving children's mental health.

Beyond philanthropy, Foundation Reserve offers its members a world of exclusive benefits. Imagine indulging in exquisite fine dining experiences, unwinding in opulent villas and estates, savoring custom-crafted wines, and securing VIP access to prestigious sporting events.

If you're seeking a community that elevates your passions, fosters meaningful connections, and makes a positive impact, Foundation Reserve might be the perfect fit. Visit their website to learn more and explore the possibilities:

Josh: How do you see yourself, especially in an industry that doesn't always reward patience or long-term thinking?

Jewel: My perspective is shaped by a deepseated belief in the value of happiness and authenticity over the transient allure of fame. I've made unconventional choices to stay true to my artistic vision and personal values, even when they've led away from mainstream success. This is my perfectly imperfect foundation of a fulfilling career and life.

Josh: Looking to the future, what experiences remain on your bucket list? How do you define extraordinary in the context of your life and work?

Jewel: My bucket list is less about personal achievements and more about shared, transformative experiences. The Foundation Reserve's vision aligns with this, offering unique opportunities that also serve broader purposes.

It's about creating joy and value, not just for oneself but for the community at large.

Josh: On a lighter note, can you share a guilty pleasure with us, something that might surprise your fans?

Jewel: Surprisingly, it's donuts. They represent a simple, unadulterated joy—a reminder of the importance of savoring life's small pleasures amidst our broader pursuits and responsibilities.

Jewel is a living example of how living authentically can change the world. Her story is a call to action—a reminder that true success is measured by the depth of our relationships and the sincerity of our endeavors. Jewel's legacy, rich in music and humanity, challenges us to find our own voice in the chorus of change, proving that the most remarkable achievements are those shared in service and solidarity with others. | 21


How A Baseball Team Became A Miami Community Catalyst

Marlins President of Business Operations Caroline O’Connor and Philanthropist and Marlins Season

Ticket Member Ana VeigaMilton Forge A New Path

22 |

The 2023 Miami Marlins season kicked off with one of the most electrifying starts in their 30-year legacy. On the field, the team showed fierce competitiveness, driving into a playoff surge under the leadership of All-Star Luis Arraez, the National League batting champion, and Skip Schumaker, crowned National League Manager of the Year. And the fans responded: attendance for the season was up a whopping 28% over the previous season. Over a three-day weekend in mid-August, more than 100,000 fans packed into loanDepot park to see the Marlins beat the Yankees–a three-day weekend record for the ballpark.

Meanwhile, the front office team continues to build a long-term legacy off the field with community initiatives and corporate partnerships, from back-to-school distributions and youth baseball and softball programming to best-inclass and sponsors, including loanDepot, ADT, FPL, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Pepsi, Bacardi, University of Miami Health System, and many more.

In the middle of this vibrant scene at loanDepot park, two influential women stand out for their deep connection to the South Florida community. Caroline O’Connor, Marlins

President of Business Operations, is a dynamic figure, moving from on-the-field pre-game activities with special guests, sponsors, and VIPs to the stands with fans and Marlins Members (season ticket holders) during game days. On non game days, it’s back and forth across town for speaking engagements, philanthropic endeavors, and meetings at the ballpark, which features the franchise’s 1997 and 2003 World Series trophies proudly displayed in the office. Equally integral is Ana VeigaMilton, a longtime Marlins fan. On game days, you’ll find her, with her family cheering for the Marlins in their custom designed luxury suite. As a young parent, she brought her children to Marlins' games. In the future, this same spot will be filled with the laughter of her grandchildren. It’s a place where family and friends gather to watch baseball or even occasionally transact business or brainstorm about philanthropic endeavors.

Caroline O’Connor was appointed President of Business Operations in November 2022, becoming the second woman in Major League Baseball to ascend to this level. She oversees the club’s business operations and guides the Marlins’ leadership team in executing organizational objectives and goals. She focuses on

innovative means to grow lines of business and create a model of sustained success.

Ana VeigaMilton, Esq., presides over the José Milton Foundation, is co-founder of the Cecil & Ana Milton Family Foundation, and directs Corporate Social Responsibility for the Milton family business, United Property Management, one of the largest property owners and managers in South Florida with almost 9000 residential units and commercial real estate. She sits on numerous boards and counts numerous charities on her resume, from the University of Miami to Jackson Health Foundation, United Way Miami, Girl Scouts Tropical Florida, Red Cross Miami and Keys, Zoo Miami Foundation, and more, and she and her family are longtime season ticket holders.

O'Connor and Milton, two powerful women, are making a difference as they share their passion for the South Florida Community and Marlins baseball. With an eye on the upcoming season, we sat down with them to discuss business, philanthropy, and everything Marlins.

RESIDENT: Can you describe your journey as a female president in the sports industry and how you’ve managed the challenges and triumphs along the way?

Caroline O’Connor: While it's unique in professional sports, I believe there will be more instances of this in the future. I brought skills from other industries to sports, and our ownership group is very supportive of putting talented individuals in each role. The transition was made easy thanks to our diverse front office and supportive ownership.

R: As one of the few female executives in baseball, can you delve into your experiences with promoting female empowerment within the industry?

Caroline O’Connor: I see being a role model as crucial. I strive to excel in my role and show others that it's achievable. I engage with young women and encourage them to consider sports as a career. When I was in college, I didn't perceive it as an option because I never knew of the different career opportunities in sports. But now, I emphasize that it's very possible, and platforms like this magazine help spread that message.

24 |

R: Can you elaborate on the major initiatives undertaken by the Marlins to foster women's empowerment and advance gender equality in the community?

Caroline O’Connor: One in particular that we organize is a Women's Empowerment Day, where women leaders share insights, and companies bring their female employees to learn from these leaders. This event cultivates community and provides a platform for discussing successful women. Collaborating with partners like Ana adds to this sense of community, which is a priority.

R: As a dedicated Marlins fan and season ticket member, please share your experiences with the team and your vision for their future role in community engagement.

Ana VeigaMilton: For our family, the Marlins play a central, unifying role. We've been involved since the stadium's early days, bringing friends and colleagues to experience the Marlins at such a lively stadium. The Marlins have revitalized the community, contributing to various initiatives through the Miami Marlins Foundation, which include food distributions, school visits, cultural engagement, and much more. The Marlins are an asset to Miami and generate impact, and Caroline is a significant part of that impact.

R: Ana, could you elaborate on the collaboration between the Marlins, UHealth, and the Jackson Health Foundation? What are your expectations for the future of this partnership and its impact on the community?

Ana VeigaMilton: The collaboration is exceptional. UHealth's academic medicine, combined with Jackson's infrastructure and medical expertise, forms a powerful synergy. I feel very fortunate to work alongside Caroline on the Jackson Health Foundation Board. Being involved in the Board allows us to contribute even more to this transformative partnership, strengthening healthcare, research, and the family-centered patient experience. We help elevate Miami!

R: Caroline, the Marlins have masterfully blended sports with community engagement. In what ways do you believe the Marlins are integral to showcasing Miami's | 25

distinctive identity, particularly its vibrant Latin heritage?

Caroline O’Connor: The Marlins actively reflect Miami's energy, history, and culture. We aim for our staff to mirror the city's diversity. Our heritage-themed events are meant to be a unifying force, representing the different heritages of our community. The Marlins contribute to Miami's vibrant identity. You can come on any given night—but especially on those celebrations—and feel a sense of pride and belonging to the various cultures being represented.

R: The Marlins clearly have a strong community presence. How have you engaged local businesses and incorporated Miami's culture into the Marlins experience?

Caroline O’Connor: Everywhere you look in the stadium, there’s a local presence, from hospitals, banks, and other businesses right down to the sounds and flavors at the ballpark. We’re all about every part of Miami.

R: How do you see the Marlins continuing to play a significant role in community engagement and events?

Caroline O’Connor: We're committed to hosting a wide array of events beyond the games, making the ballpark a community gathering place. From college graduations to galas, we want to leverage this venue to unite the community. There is a special feeling when you enter loanDepot park.

R: Ana, what guidance can you offer to individuals and organizations aiming to drive positive change in their communities? What steps should they take to initiate their impact journey effectively?

Ana VeigaMilton: I believe in philanthropy's ability to connect people. It's a powerful way to create lasting change while forming meaningful relationships. My advice is to identify causes that resonate with you and then collaborate with others who share your passion. Through collective effort, we can truly make a difference.

R: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the Marlins, particularly regarding their role in events and community engagement

over the next few years?

Caroline O’Connor: We aim to continue growing the event lineup beyond baseball games. Our goal is to be an active hub for a range of events, conferences, and gatherings. We're exploring collaborations to integrate the Marlins into the community fabric further. The Marlins' presence should be felt beyond the field. From concerts, festivals, and monster trucks to corporate meetings, conventions, and community walks, loanDepot park is a place to come together.

R: Ana, you and Caroline already have some exciting initiatives ahead with the Marlins. Can you share any specific plans for the near future?

Ana VeigaMilton: Yes, we are very excited! My father-in-law, Mr. José Milton, loved living in South Florida and was a big baseball fan. We spent many afternoons with family and friends watching spring training games. When the Marlins came to town, he was among the first to get season tickets and a luxury suite. He was very knowledgeable about the sport and players and enjoyed how baseball brings families together. Our family decided to celebrate his life, legacy, and passion for baseball by donating to build the José Milton Field. The field will provide student-athletes from around MiamiDade County and visiting teams with a great playing experience in South Florida. We are thrilled that Caroline and the Marlins will participate in the dedication ceremony in April, and my husband Cecil will throw out the first pitch. Baseball means family and community, and we are excited that the José Milton Field will encourage families and the next generation to come together, sharing a passion for baseball and our Miami Marlins!

Their impact resonates far beyond the ballpark as the Marlins' season gets underway. Caroline O’Connor and Ana VeigaMilton lead a movement where baseball and community unite, crafting a legacy of empowerment and connection in Miami. They prove that the Marlins are more than a team—they are a community cornerstone.

The team's season kicks off on March 28 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Get your tickets at | 27

EMPOWERING RESILIENCE Dr. Nicole Saphier's Journey from Medicine to Media

Insights into Motherhood, Mental Health, and Making an Impact

In this candid conversation with Dr. Nicole Saphier, we explore the depths of her inspiring journey from a teen mother navigating the rigors of medical school to becoming a renowned radiologist and Fox News on-air medical commentator. Dr. Saphier shares the pivotal moments and motivations behind her career choices, the challenges of blending a family, and her passionate advocacy for women's health. Her soon to be released book, "Love, Mom," offers unique stories and perspectives from a diverse gathering of women on resilience, motherhood, and the power of support networks. Join us as we delve into Dr. Saphier's personal and professional life, uncovering valuable insights for women at every stage of their journey.

Carece Slaughter: Dr. Saphier, your career has led you to become not just a doctor but a specialist in radiology and breast cancer. What inspired you to choose this path, and how has your personal journey influenced your commitment to this field?

Dr. Nicole Saphier: From a young age, I was drawn towards the medical profession. This feeling started when I was around eight or nine years old. Initially, I had an interest in neurology and, later, pediatrics. However, my true call-

ing became evident during my medical school years, marked by a personal and pivotal event. My grandmother, a reserved Italian woman who was reluctant to seek medical attention, was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. Tragically, she didn't survive, suffering severe complications from aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Her ordeal deeply affected me, reinforcing my resolve to prevent other women from facing similar fates. This personal loss ignited my passion for early detection of cancer, especially breast cancer, which is all too common, affecting one in eight women.

My career path was profoundly influenced by the desire to ensure no woman would ever have to question, 'What if I had gone to the doctor sooner?' Breast cancer affects one in eight women. Over the past 20 years, I've diagnosed breast cancer in women of all ages, from 18 to 90, from various backgrounds. The experience of detecting the smallest tumor in one of my best friends recently—fortunately at a very early stage—has been a highlight, emphasizing the life-saving potential of early detection. These experiences have driven my dedication to radiology, leading me to a five-year residency in diagnostic and interventional radiology, followed by an advanced fellowship in breast and

cancer imaging at the Mayo Clinic. My journey in medicine is more than a professional pursuit; it's a personal commitment to combating breast cancer through early intervention."

Carece: Your journey through medical school was uniquely challenging as you balanced being a teen mom. Can you share what it was like navigating both roles during those years and any specific moments that tested your resolve?

Dr. Saphier: Since my teenage years, I've always been that driven, 'on-the-go' type, constantly engaged in activities like competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, and academic clubs. However, my world turned upside down when I sustained a knee injury during gymnastics, leading to surgery and a premature, ill-advised return to the sport, which resulted in a second injury. This setback not only sidelined me from athletics but plunged me into a profound depression, challenging my identity and mental resilience. During this tumultuous period, I became pregnant in my junior year of high school, which was a shocking and life-altering development. Despite the societal pressures and the drastic change in my life trajectory, my mother’s unwavering support was my guiding light. She as-

28 |
Photos courtesy of Fox News and Nicole Saphier

sured me that no matter what decision I made, she would stand by me. This support was crucial as I chose to continue my pregnancy and welcome my son Nicholas into the world while still in high school.

Navigating teenage motherhood, I faced isolation and judgment, losing many friends and disconnecting from the world of athletics I once loved. However, the support of my family and a few close friends helped me through this period. My son's presence at my high school graduation, with my mother cheering us on, was a pivotal moment, symbolizing the beginning of our journey together.

Determined to defy expectations, I pursued my medical career without pause, even undergoing another knee surgery shortly after Nicholas was born. Balancing motherhood with college and medical school was challenging, especially as I navigated physical recovery and the demands of raising a child. But Nicholas was a part of this journey every step of the way, from undergraduate studies through medical school and beyond, growing up as I advanced through my medical training.

Reflecting on this journey, I realize how these experiences shaped my resilience and drive. My son's constant presence and support throughout my academic and professional milestones underscored the power of perseverance and the importance of a supportive network, which carried us through the challenges and led us to where we are today, with him now pursuing postgraduate studies.

Carece: Having had your son at a young age, how has your relationship evolved over the years, especially considering the unique circumstances of your early years together and your professional journey?

Dr. Saphier: My journey as a mother, particularly starting at such a young age, has been a continuous learning curve for both me and my son. Claiming to have been the perfect mother would be far from the truth; it's been a path of mutual growth and learning. There were moments filled with doubt, especially during the early years of medical school when I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to leave him with family temporarily. The thought of being away from him just to pursue my studies seemed unbearable at times, and I soon realized


that my career aspirations could not come at the cost of our relationship.

We've navigated through numerous challenges together, from relocating across the country for my professional commitments to integrating new family dynamics with my remarriage and the birth of my two younger sons. Each phase brought its own set of trials, particularly in blending a family, which anyone who's experienced it knows it’s not a straightforward journey.

Through the years, my parenting approach has evolved. I've discovered more about what I value in raising my children and what I prefer to avoid. It’s a mix of retrospection and learning from the experiences we've shared. I've made mistakes and celebrated successes, but through it all, the bond with my eldest son has been the constant thread, strengthening as we've faced and overcome life's complexities together.

Carece: Your struggle with depression, especially as a young mother, is a testament to your resilience. How has this experience shaped your approach to wellness, both personally and professionally?

Dr. Saphier: Dealing with depression, particularly as a young mother, truly tested my resilience and profoundly influenced my perspective on wellness. It’s common, I believe, for everyone to face mental health challenges at some point, whether it’s clinical or just feelings of anxiety or sadness. My journey included battling deep depression during my teenage years and experiencing postpartum depression with my third child, which was unexpected.

I’ve come to realize that overcoming mental health struggles isn’t as simple as willing yourself to feel better; it’s not just 'mind over matter.' It requires a concerted effort towards self-care and seeking support when needed, be it through therapy, medication, or both. My experience taught me the importance of a strong support network. For instance, during my postpartum depression, a close friend from medical school noticed my withdrawal and reached out. That act of care was a turning point, reminding me that I wasn’t alone in my struggle.

This journey has reshaped my approach to wellness, emphasizing that personal and professional wellbeing are intertwined. The external

factors, like work or social media, often distract from what truly matters. I’ve learned to prioritize my well-being and focus on my core support network of family and friends. This shift in perspective has not only helped me manage my mental health better but also enriched my professional approach to treating and empathizing with patients facing similar challenges. It’s about balancing and nurturing the essential aspects of our lives to foster true wellness."

Carece: Building a Blended Family: Finding love and blending families is a journey with its own challenges and rewards. Can you share how you navigated creating a blended family and any advice for others on a similar path?

Dr. Saphier: Creating a blended family is certainly a journey filled with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. I won't sugarcoat it; it's a complex process but immensely rewarding at the end. While writing 'Love, Mom' and speaking with other mothers in similar situations, I realized the common thread in our experiences: navigating the intricacies of blending families. Each story shared in the book revealed different challenges but also a universal truth—that we’re not alone in this experience.

Jill Churchill’s quote resonates deeply with me: 'There’s no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.' This idea has been a guiding principle in my journey. Embracing the fact that perfection is unattainable relieves so much pressure. It allows us to focus on being good enough, which is truly what matters.

My blended family has become my strength, expanding my support network and providing a richer, more diverse experience for all of us. The process taught me that facing difficulties and working through them, although daunting, enriches your life in ways you couldn't anticipate. It’s not about choosing the easy path but the right one for your happiness and the well-being of your family.

So, embrace the complexities, lean into the support of your expanded family network, and remember that the ultimate goal is collective happiness and fulfillment. It may require navigating through tough times, but the journey enriches your family's life, making every step worthwhile. | 31

Carece: Transitioning from a clinical and academic setting to becoming an on-air medical commentator is a significant shift. What motivated you to take on this role, and how do you see it as an extension of your medical practice?

Dr. Saphier: Moving to on-air medical commentary felt like a natural extension of my medical practice. In the clinic, you're limited to the patients you can see in a day, but as a doctor, there's this inherent drive to help beyond the exam room. During my fellowship, I encountered the limitations of mammography for women with dense breast tissue, which wasn't widely discussed publicly. This realization that crucial medical information wasn't reaching the broader audience it needed to, sparked my interest in health policy.

I became actively involved in advocating for more transparent communication about mammogram limitations, contributing to legislation like the breast density law in Arizona and other states. This work made me realize the power of policy to effect change on a larger scale than individual patient interactions.

The transition to television was propelled by a

desire to educate a broader audience. The idea that I could impact public health knowledge and decisions on a national level was incredibly appealing. It’s almost exhilarating, the prospect of educating and informing a vast audience on critical health issues. For me, this shift was a seamless progression of my mission to extend my reach and impact in promoting health and wellness."

Carece: Your latest project is a new book. Love, Mom explores the multifaceted experiences of motherhood, including postpartum depression, blended families, and more. Could you share something that particularly moved you or that you feel is especially important for readers to hear?

Dr. Saphier: Love, Mom' is one of my most cherished projects, a collection of heartfelt and inspiring stories from mothers of all backgrounds, including some incredible personalities, patients of mine, gold star moms, and contributors who shared their experiences. Each story, each revision of the book brought a gamut of emotions – laughter, tears, and inspiration. Central to the book is a specially curated section filled with Bible verses, quotes, and pearls of wisdom from these diverse women,

offering quick, accessible insights.

The diversity of experiences covered in 'Love, Mom' – from dealing with mental health issues and miscarriage to navigating divorce, adoption, and the journey through cancer – makes it a relatable and profound read. These stories forge connections, transcending the varied life paths of the readers and the storytellers. What's remarkable is the openness with which these women, including public figures, have shared facets of their lives never previously discussed in public, truly baring their souls.

The release is timed perfectly for Mother's Day. 'Love, Mom' resonates with anyone who has a mother, knows a mother, or desires to be a mother. It dispels the myth of a 'right time' for motherhood, illustrating that while becoming a mother shifts your life's focus, it doesn't necessitate giving up personal dreams. The book navigates the delicate balance between personal aspirations and the realities of motherhood, providing real-life examples of women who've successfully charted this territory. This work encapsulates the essence of motherhood's challenges and triumphs, embodying the spirit of resilience and adaptability that defines the maternal experience.

32 |

Carece: What advice would you give to young women who aspire to enter the medical field, especially those who may be facing personal challenges like you did?

Dr. Saphier: In 'Love, Mom', we delve into the notion that aspiring to be a mother and pursuing a career aren’t mutually exclusive. You don’t need to sacrifice one dream for the other. The belief that it’s not the 'right time' for family or career is a common dilemma, but it’s possible to balance both. Women, I believe, have a knack for multitasking and time management, which is a tremendous asset in juggling personal and professional aspirations.

My journey wasn’t a straightforward path; it was filled with unexpected turns and challenges. Whether it was academics, not securing the desired internship, or navigating motherhood while in medical school, each experience taught me resilience and adaptability. Success isn’t linear; it’s a multifaceted journey with various paths leading to the same goal.

My advice to young women who are entering the medical field, or any other field for that matter, especially those who are facing personal challenges, is to have faith in your ability to handle your responsibilities and aspirations. Surround yourself with a supportive network,

believe in your journey, and don't let the conventional measures of success discourage you. Remember that your efforts to balance your personal and professional life, as well as your commitment to your well-being and happiness, are crucial. Your journey will be unique and filled with learning and growth. Ultimately, you must prioritize and continually work on yourself because your happiness and fulfillment are your responsibility.

Carece: Looking forward, are there any projects or advocacy efforts you are particularly excited about or feel are important for advancing women's health and representation in medicine?

Dr. Saphier: It's interesting that you asked about future projects and advocacy, particularly in women's health. Over the past decade, dealing with my autoimmune disease has shifted my focus toward reducing inflammation and promoting wellness in my own life. This personal journey has highlighted the importance of proactive health measures rather than reactive treatments. In my daily practice, where I often deliver cancer diagnoses, I regularly encounter patients motivated to change their lifestyle post-diagnosis. It got me thinking about the power of preventative health care.

We live in a society that tends to overindulge, whether it's with social media, food, medication, or other substances. My aim has been to explore healthier living through more natural means, balancing this with necessary medical treatments. I’m not advocating for abandoning conventional medicine, as I, too, rely on it for my condition. However, integrating natural remedies like turmeric, ginger, and echinacea, which I've personally used to great effect, can enhance our overall health.

This experience inspired me to develop 'dropRx', a series of liquid herbal extracts that I’ve been using for years. I believe it's time to share these benefits with others. This project is fascinating for me because it aligns with my commitment to improving health outcomes holistically. 'DropRx' is about empowering people to take control of their health, complementing traditional medicine with natural remedies. I'm looking forward to its launch and the potential it has to impact physical and mental well-being positively.

Carece: It's been truly enlightening and inspiring to hear your journey and insights, Dr. Saphier. You are a remarkable source of inspiration for women at various life stages. As we conclude our conversation, is there any additional wisdom or message you would like to impart to the women who will be reading this interview? What final thoughts would you like to leave us with?

Dr. Saphier: I want to emphasize a crucial point that often gets overlooked: none of us are navigating life's ups and downs in isolation. Whether we're experiencing the heights of joy or the depths of adversity, it's the collective journey that binds us. It's vital to lean on and draw strength from our support networks to ward off loneliness and despair. And when you find yourself in a brighter spot in life, it's just as important to extend your support to others who might be struggling. This reciprocal support system is what creates a resilient community. I've been on both sides of this dynamic—receiving support during tough times and offering it when I'm able. It's this cycle of giving and receiving support that fosters strength and unity. So, I urge everyone to remember the power of connection and community. Reach out, offer a helping hand, and together, we can illuminate even the darkest paths. | 33


Regina Tseikhin’s Journey from Dermatology to Beauty Mogul

Inside the Success of The Beauty Box and Hello Day: Revolutionizing Women's Beauty and Athleisure

In an exclusive interview with Regina Tseikhin, the visionary force behind The Beauty Box and Hello Day, we delve into her remarkable transition from a medical career to becoming a titan in the beauty and athleisure industries. Her journey illuminates a passion for skincare and an entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation of The Beauty Box, a sanctuary of curated beauty products, and Hello Day, an athleisure brand redefining comfort and style for women everywhere. Regina’s narrative is a testament to her dedication to quality, innovation, and empowering women through her businesses, proving that with the right blend of expertise and passion, one can revolutionize the way we perceive beauty and fashion. Join us as we explore Regina's journey, her business philosophies, and how she's shaping the future of women's lifestyle brands.

Carece: Regina, transitioning from a medical career to founding The Beauty Box and Hello Day is a significant leap. What inspired this pivot, and how did your background in dermatology influence your approach to these businesses?

Regina: I believe entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. Before I went to medical school, I always enjoyed buying and selling. My family immigrated to the US from Russia in 1979, and there was a lot of pressure to become a physician or lawyer. However, I always

had an interest in dermatology, specifically in skin care. Even as a child, I loved finding new beauty products and innovations. I spent several years researching products, brands, and locations before opening up my store in West Hollywood. I wanted to be in an area with a lot of foot traffic. It's been 18 years since I opened my store, and time has flown by. I love what I do, and it doesn't feel like it's been that long.

Carece: I am curious about how you started your first business location in Hollywood. Was it a deliberate decision, or did it happen by chance? It’s essential for someone considering starting a business to understand the thought process behind choosing a location. You have also transitioned your business locations over time, so I would like to know what led you to make those decisions and how you found the confidence and faith to make those transitions.

Regina: I made sure to choose an area where there was no existing beauty store because I knew it would be challenging to get certain brands if there were one nearby. I wanted to open a store that was a little more upscale, like an apothecary. It was a tough decision because I also wanted to be in the West Hollywood area where I lived. After much research, I found a location with good foot traffic, near a gym, a hair salon, and a massage studio. I think this was important because if we opened in a mall,

we would be limited in the brands we could carry based on the other stores in the mall. Since we were the only beauty store in the area, we had more freedom in selecting the brands we wanted to carry.

Carece: With The Beauty Box, you've created a unique shopping experience that emphasizes personal care and quality. How do you curate your product selection, and what criteria must they meet to be included in your "industrial canvas"?

Regina: I need to clarify that The Beauty Box is not a box delivered containing products, as some people may think. It is an independently owned company, much like Sephora, that curates and sells beauty brands. The company started 18 years ago with a focus on lesserknown niche brands that were equally special and interesting but not easily accessible. The aim was to offer unique brands that customers could not find in every store, and that had a story to tell - whether it was about their home country, ingredient base, or specific benefits for particular skin or hair conditions.

The Beauty Box is a labor of love and discernment. Our curation process is meticulous, focusing on niche, innovative brands that offer something unique. Each product must meet stringent criteria of efficacy, ingredient integrity, and brand ethos. We aim to provide prod-


ucts that resonate with our clients on a personal level, ensuring they're not just purchases but valuable additions to their beauty and self-care routines.

Carece: Thank you for clarifying that. So, If someone has a particular skincare or beauty concern, do you suggest a personalized selection of products that can help address those issues? For instance, do you recommend complementary products that can be bought together to cater to those specific needs?

Regina: So, the curation of products can be based on the customers' needs. In a physical store, we can have an in-depth conversation with the customer, which is quite different from the online setting. We can always add on and curate products in a store setting, but it's a little more complicated to do so online because we don't have that interaction with the customer. We do suggest products online, but our curation process may not be as personalized as in-store, where we can tailor the experience to the customer's needs. Therefore, we adapt our approach to fit each platform's unique characteristics.

Carece: Let’s shift over and talk about Hello Day, your athleisure line. That’s a highly competitive market, so where did you find a gap in the industry, especially for women seeking both style and comfort throughout their day?

Regina: Hello Day was born from a desire to merge fashion with functionality, offering athleisure wear that caters to women's real shapes and needs. One of my Beauty Box partners, whose skincare brand I carry and I have been working together for about 8-9 years. He approached me with an idea for activewear. We noticed that there was a gap in the market for a smaller, more tailored approach to activewear. While there are plenty of well-known brands out there, we felt that there weren't many smaller brands that told a story and offered a range of sizes and styles for different body types.

Our goal was to create a collection that would fit well, no matter what size or shape you are. We tested every item in the collection, from the seams to the material, to make sure that it would hold up over time and look good on any | 35

body type. I wanted to create a brand that was more feminine and female-driven to ensure that we were catering to women's needs.

Right now, we're focusing on selling online and working to get it into stores. We want to continue evolving the brand and offering versatile clothing that women can wear confidently throughout their day. Our goal is to provide pieces that are not only stylish and comfortable but also enhance a woman’s daily experience, whether she's in a boardroom, at a yoga class, or running errands. Overall, we're excited about this new venture and can't wait to see where it takes us.

Carece: Can you share with us a little about your life? How do you balance your many roles as a shopper, mom, employer, and entrepreneur? How do you manage these diverse responsibilities while driving innovation in your businesses?

As a single mom and an entrepreneur, I have always believed that women are great at multitasking. It's not easy to juggle multiple roles, but having a positive attitude and accepting help from others can make a huge difference. I have been fortunate to have a supportive family who has helped me emotionally and in any other way possible. I also attend conferences and learn from experienced individuals who have been in the business longer than me. Customer satisfaction is always a challenge, and it's important to innovate and try different marketing techniques to stay ahead of the competition. However, I've faced more challenges with brick-and-mortar businesses than with online businesses. Landlords can be difficult to deal with, but having great mentors and learning from others who do similar things can put you on the fast track to success. I don't believe that life is a competition, and there's plenty of business for everyone. Working with others and being humble can make a big difference in growing and succeeding in business.

Carece: I would like to hear more about your business growth strategies and philosophy. You've mentioned leveraging product sets and influencer partnerships as growth strategies. Can you share a successful campaign or collaboration and what made it so effective?

Regina: We have partnered with Amazon Live to do live shows where they give a platform to different brands each month to showcase their products. The brand representatives get to sell their products for an hour, much like QVC. This approach has brought great success to our Beauty Box Partners as we have been able to showcase their brands to a broader audience. This approach sets us apart from others who rely on influencers or celebrities to promote their products. This strategy has enabled us to share more about the brands we represent as they interact with the creators of the products. Overall, this collaboration with Amazon has been a significant success in recent years.

It's never just me making decisions for everyone. I always refer to our business as "we" because it truly is a team effort.

Carece: With a female-driven ethos at The Beauty Box and Hello Day, what initiatives or policies have you implemented to support and empower women within your company?

Regina: In the beginning, our team was all women. We started operating as a family by chance, and it has been the most significant factor in our success. If someone is not feeling well, they can work from home. If someone needs to take care of their child, they can bring their child to work. We work together as a team, and it takes a community to keep

our business successful. We learn from each other and help each other with personal and work-related issues. Our team members feel comfortable and at home when they come to work. Most of my employees have been with me for over five years, which shows that we have a high retention rate. We empower our team members and make them feel valuable by involving them in decision-making processes. When we bring in a new product, we all discuss it together and make the decision as a team. It's never just me making decisions for everyone. I always refer to our business as "we" because it truly is a team effort. Our company culture is built on empowerment and recognition of each individual's contributions. As we’ve grown, we continue to implement flexible working policies, encourage professional development, and foster an inclusive environment where every team member feels valued and motivated. Supporting and empowering women is not just a policy but a fundamental aspect of our company ethos.

Carece: Looking forward, what are your aspirations for Hello Day and The Beauty Box? Are there any new projects or expansions on the horizon that excite you?

Regina: We have recently acquired two new brands that are exclusive to our company, and we will be introducing them to the United States market. This is new for us because we usually take brands that are already established in the US market, but these two brands are unknown here. We have signed contracts and will be handling everything from marketing, advertising, launching, and finding the right fit for other stores to partner with. We have also partnered with beauty representatives in the industry to bring these brands to different locations. We recently attended a big show where we discovered many compelling brands from countries like Brazil and South America that are not yet known in the United States. We are excited to be the first to bring these unique products to the US market, which is an entirely new route for us.

The journey ahead is thrilling. With each step, we aim to enhance our brand's impact and legacy in empowering women worldwide.

36 |
38 |
Female Skipper Alexia Barrier's LIMOSA THE FAMOUS PROJECT Making Waves and History at Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) Races
Alexia Barrier Skipper of Limosa - RORC/Arthur Daniel

March is Women's History Month and the women of Limosa - The Famous Project have already left their mark by making the15th annual Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) Caribbean 600 race an historic and inspiring one.

The RORC Caribbean 600-mile offshore yacht race which kicked off on February 19 in the warm tropical waters of Antigua, is a racing bucket list event for myriad sailors all over the world. Though feminine energy clearly permeates the sailing world with boats being referred to as "she" and "her" and frequently given female sounding names, these races and the sport itself are notoriously dominated by men.

But this year an exciting new crew sailed into town on a boat from France called Limosa - The Famous Project which became the first ever helmed and staffed by majority female sailors. Limosa -The Famous Project - more on the "Famous Project" part later – is led by skipper Alexia Barrier, a passionate and inimitable visionary working to bring the spotlight on women in racing and to foster and ensure their continued inclusion and success in the sport.

Alexia is also the owner of Limosa, which is a Mod70 class multihull trimaran. The boat itself is beautiful in both design and appearance: artistic and colorful feminine faces in silhouette painted on a black sailcloth combined with an impactful logo.

Ms. Barrier recruited world class women sailors from all over the world to join her team. They had already previously proven their merits after a very successful run at the RORC Transatlantic Race in Grenada in January - a grueling 3000 mile course that took the overall winning team - USA's Warrior Won 12 days to accomplish.

With an impressive fourth place finish in their class, and fulfilling the goal of completing it in under 8 days, Team Limosa beat out many renowned seasoned sailors including previous race winners! Alexia became the first Mod 70 woman skipper to cross the finish line.

Besides Barrier, the RORC Caribbean 600 team members on Limosa -The Famous Project were co-skipper Dee Caffari-- who herself is quite acclaimed, having sailed the world | 39
Mod 70 Multihulls Limosa, Zoulou and USA's Argo Racing in the Caribbean. Photo: Lanzarote Sport Beautiful Limosa RORC/Alex Turnbull

six times and is now on the newly developed RORC Admiral's Cup 2025 Advisory Committee; Elodi-Jane Mettraux; Marie Riou; Pam Lee; Sara Hastretier; Joan Mulloy; Marie Tabarly; Arianne van de Loosdrecht; and the newest member, 21 year old Deborah Blair, who made her Mod 70 sailing debut.

Each of these stellar sailors play an equally important role in the team's success and goals, and have the confidence to sail bow to bow with their counterparts.

Ms. Blair who hails from England, was beaming when I spoke with her at the RORC Caribbean 600 prize giving ceremony on February 23rd. She stated that she was "thrilled" to be a part of the Limosa/Famous Project journey, describing her maiden Mod 70 experience as "very fun, very fast, and very exciting."

There were three men who rounded out the crew: Miles Seddon (who served as team navigator), Tom Dawson and Jack Boutell.

Barrier, who founded The Famous Project less than two years ago, and her co-skipper Dee Caffari (a former school teacher), recently held a conference in London to expand on The Famous Project, their collaborative partnership, and their plans moving forward.

Ms. Barrier discussed her ambition to become a skipper as a pre-teen and stressed the importance for young sailors, especially young

women, to persist and persevere when working towards their goals and dreams.

"I saw on TV the start of a Vendée Globe and I decided that I would do that, I would be a skipper of a Vendée Globe... I just started working out and going for it," said Barrier. "That's how it starts."

"When you go for your dreams, sometimes if you don't give up, you can catch them and realize them."

Alexia Barrier completed her first Vendée Globe in 2020.

Through The Famous Project Alexia Barrier has made it her mission to connect with, educate, and inspire young women to dare to achieve their goals and live their dreams. "Diversity is a very important part of this project," said Barrier.

"She saw a space where there was a void," said Caffari about Alexia. "She's actually getting kids on board to experience the sailing...we are really showing them that there is no difference, you just need to have the confidence to dream big."

During the downtime before the start of the RORC Transatlantic and the Caribbean 600, the Limosa crew met with young local sailors, allowing them to come on board to experience and explore the boat and how it works.

Emily Gaillard, one of the sailing students from the Antigua Yacht Club (AYC) not only got to join in, but was also allowed to take the helm of Limosa and drive her!

Gaillard 16, who has been sailing for 4 and a half years, commutes 45 minutes each way after school and on weekends, to get at least 3 weekly lessons in at the AYC. She exuded such

Limosa - The Famous Project Sailed by Alexia Barrier. Photo: RORC/Arthur Daniel Team Limosa at the RORC Transatlantic Race Finish Line. Photo: RORC/Arthur Daniel

passion when discussing her Limosa experience and it's impact.

"When my Dad told me that I was going on the boat, and going on a practice, I was so excited." enthused Gaillard. "I went home and did a little research on the first, I didn't know what to do as I had never been on a boat with three hulls. It was a lot, but it did not take that long to understand."

"They were very nice, and very welcoming." said Gaillard about the crew. "And then when Alexia said, 'come and have a go at driving', I was like, wow!"

"I was checking the speed and the boat was going like 30 knots. That was the fastest I have ever been on a boat! We were going faster and the boat came out of the water, and it was gliding. I don't know what words to use to explain it, said Gaillard. "It was so fun."

Miss Gaillard plans to become a marine engineer. "I want to be able to know how to both sail the boat and fix it," said Gaillard. "It will come in handy if I'm in the middle of the ocean and the engine stops working."

Obviously, Emily already has that Famous Project confidence. Having a place like the Antigua Yacht Club and the RORC races in her backyard, and getting to meet people like Alexia Barrier and her crew will go a long way towards allowing her to build on that and to succeed.

The RORC race series has become a must do event for participants and spectators alike, and

gets bigger every year. Antigua's main marinas, which include Falmouth Harbour and the cutely named Cat Club Harbour, are filled with yachts and boats of all types and girths brought in from across the globe. The area is buzzing with people enjoying the energy, food, vibe, and of course, spectacular racing.

Congratulations to Team Limosa on a terrific Caribbean 600! The fact that they came in third among myriad powerhouse teams is definitely newsworthy! Their exact time was 1 day 10 hours and 16 minutes. But in addition to competing at the highest level and giving it

their all in a highly competitive race, they are truly inspirational - proven contenders who have secured the right to that proverbial "seat at the table". Representation matters.

Ms. Barrier's next lofty goal is to have an allfemale team bring home the Jules Verne trophy in 2025, which would be another historic feat.

"The question is not who will let us go, but rather who will try to stop us!" declared Barrier about the Jules Verne sail.

That is what I would describe as confidence. | 41
Alexia Barrier, Deborah Blair, Emily Gaillard, and Dee Caffari . Photo: RORC/Tim Wright The Limosa Crew comes in 3rd at the Caribbean 600 arriving in Antigua late at night. Photo: RORC/Arthur Daniel
42 |
Photos courtesy of Silver Mirror Facial Bar

SILVER MIRROR'S REFLECTIVE JOURNEY Nurturing Beauty with Purpose and Innovation

An In-depth Conversation with Matt Maroone on Entrepreneurial Spirit, Community Engagement, and Sustainable Growth

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and wellness, Silver Mirror Facial Bar stands out with its cutting-edge services and heartfelt connections within the community. Leading the dynamic team is Matt Maroone, an entrepreneur whose intriguing shift from the music industry to the world of beauty and wellness marks a story of passion and innovation. With entrepreneurial spirit coursing through his veins, Maroone's journey isn't just about launching a company; it's about cultivating a brand steeped in authenticity and excellence. This interview offers a glimpse into his strategic mindset, the growth journey of Silver Mirror, and the brand's deepseated commitment to sustainable practices and fostering community ties.

Carece Slaughter: Can you share a significant moment from your early life or career that sparked your interest in the beauty and wellness industry?

Matt Maroone: I am a third-generation entrepreneur, so my journey began back with my great grandparents, who were Lebanese immigrants, and my grandfather, who, after World

War II, mortgaged his mother-in-law's house to buy a Ford dealership in Buffalo, New York. My family’s expansion into the South Florida car industry instilled in me a 'slow and steady wins the race' mindset, which influenced how my co-founder Cindy and I approached Silver Mirror's growth and funding.

Entrepreneurship was never a question for me; it was a matter of timing. From a young age, I aspired to work in the music industry, achieving that through college and into my 20s. Simultaneously, I experimented with various ventures, from concert promotions to a t-shirt brand, seeking what might click. My pivot to the beauty and wellness sector came about after going to Wharton. I was driven by a desire for daily interaction with people and a business that genuinely helped and connected with them on a personal level.

I gravitated toward the beauty industry, partly because of my own skincare struggles and dissatisfaction with the solutions available at the time. My experience with big-brand options highlighted the one-sided transaction model, | 43

which lacks follow-up or genuine concern for results. Conversely, dermatologists, while essential, didn’t quite fit the advisor role we sought for skin care. This gap led to the conceptualization of Silver Mirror alongside Cindy, who had established Peach and Lily, a trailblazer in importing Korean and Japanese beauty products. Our collaboration began as Cindy transitioned from Peach and Lily. This led to the creation of a business grounded in authentic, person-toperson relationships and a sustainable revenue model. The path wasn’t a sudden revelation but a gradual journey influenced by our shared vision and entrepreneurial mindset. We aimed to transcend our own personal preferences to create a service that appealed broadly. The challenge is in balancing one’s personal interests with market demands to ensure long-term viability and scalability.

CS: Reflecting on your transition from the music business to the beauty industry, what unique challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

MM: I had a unique job experience when I worked for a small label within Universal Music Group at a young age. I had a lot of responsibility, which came from my hard work and a bit of luck. We had limited budgets, so I learned how to do things without spending money and worked hard to do everything myself. This experience was necessary when I became an entrepreneur and started my business. I learned to grow lean and build a sustainable business model.

My partner and I bootstrapped the first location and didn't want to raise money. We didn't have any managers for our first few years, and we leveraged financial capital to scale the business. It limited our growth to some extent, but it forced us to build something that had longterm viability. You know, my generation was typically focused on creating something quickly and selling it. However, Cindy and I wanted to build something sustainable and not focused on selling. We wanted to build a business that we could be proud of and enjoy running.

CS: Entrepreneurs often face moments of doubt. Was there ever a time you questioned your path, and how did you navigate through it?

MM: Every night at midnight and every morning at 7 am, I struggle with the balance between risk-taking and risk aversion. My grandfather passed away at 97 three years ago, and my dad is an entrepreneur in the car industry. I feel fortunate to have both of them as mentors. I recently spoke to my dad about the choices my grandfather made in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, which were unconventional but not seen as risky. As an entrepreneur, I find it challenging to follow a similar path because it requires compartmentalizing the risks associated with leveraging financial capital to scale the business. I cannot afford to fixate on that every day, or I will be overwhelmed. Still, I have to acknowledge the risks while finding a balance between my day-to-day focus and the bigger picture.

Studies show that successful entrepreneurs are not necessarily risk-takers; in fact, they are often more risk-averse than the general population. While some risk is necessary for growth, Cindy and I opted for a strategic approach to scaling our company. We aim to provide valuable services to our customers and be on the pulse of what's cool. We started our business eight years ago and grew slowly in the first five years, but we have been growing faster in the last year and a half. Every day, we learn something new, and we strive to find a balance between having our blinders on and keeping a wider lens.

When we opened our concept, there was no competition, and we had to do everything from scratch. We had to tweak our services and prices multiple times during the year without any benchmarks. Neither Cindy nor I had run a service business like this before, which made it even scarier. However, we built a fantastic team that shares our entrepreneurial passion, and that's crucial. We love what we do, and we're blessed to have a team that's passionate about it, too.

CS: Reflecting on your entrepreneurial journey, what key strategies have you learned, and how did they shape your decisions and guide your path? What would you share with someone starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

MM: While I wouldn't claim we've done everything flawlessly, I've been fortunate to have knowledgeable mentors and friends from

44 |

whom I've learned a great deal. Testing and iterating have been crucial for us, particularly in our early years. We made our share of mistakes but were quick to address and correct them.

Reflecting on our journey, my advice is to address errors promptly. Our approach, which even financial experts have commended, was to self-fund and retain as much ownership as possible. We leveraged our savings to avoid outside funding until our business model was proven and scalable. This strategy helped avoid the pitfalls of becoming overly reliant on external capital, which can lead to unnecessary overhead and a comfort level that may hinder critical growth and operational efficiency.

Building a business, whether in tech, beauty, or music, demands efficiency. Once the business model is validated, the budget should be expanded for further investments, always ensuring that the returns justify the expenditure. This principle is essential, whether using personal funds or external investment.

Market research and understanding your business’s runway are also vital. Early on, we benefited from fortunate location choices and positive press. Still, we recognized that our financial runway was shorter than anticipated, leading to the implementation of additional financial strategies to cover costs until we achieved positive cash flow. | 45

In today’s entrepreneurial landscape, the emphasis should be on creating revenue-generating businesses rather than chasing user numbers or market awareness alone. Real value is demonstrated when customers are willing to pay for your service or product. This tangible measure of value is more indicative of business viability than the potential of a freemium or awareness-based model. Starting small and scaling based on actual revenue generation is key to sustainable business growth.

CS: With the opening of the new location in Coral Gables, Silver Mirror Facial Bar continues to expand. What do you believe is the key to the brand's successful growth, and how do you maintain its core values across multiple locations?

MM: Certainly, it is interesting to observe how the market has transformed since we opened our first location in New York eight years ago from a core value perspective. Back then, the market was predominantly dominated by large

spas of big brands, most of which no longer exist due to changing market dynamics.

Nowadays, the market is more competitive, with more players targeting a younger, costconscious demographic by investing less in infrastructure. In contrast, we have always offered a luxurious experience. We are now doubling down on that by providing advanced technologies that may be more of an investment but yield better results. We know our target audience well and operate extended hours to cater to their schedules, providing luxury, resultsdriven facial services.

Our new location in Coral Gables is an excellent fit for us. We have always sought mixed-use areas with a diverse demographic of working professionals, and Coral Gables fits that description perfectly. It is a close second to Brickell in terms of the number of companies based there, and we keep extended hours to cater to working professionals. Our business is founded on engaging with the local community, and we

are excited to become a part of the Coral Gables community.

CS: You mentioned that community engagement is crucial for business success. How do you plan to integrate the Coral Gables location into the local community and foster relationships with residents and neighboring businesses?

MM: In each market we enter, we engage in two distinct nonprofit campaigns. For example, we donate a portion of our seasonal facial proceeds to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a cause very close to our hearts. Additionally, we contribute part of our earnings from the hyperpigmentation facial to local charities in each city, like Broadway Cares in New York and Sasha Bruce in DC, supporting a range of community services. In Florida, we've partnered with Lauren’s Kids, an organization that’s doing significant work around abuse prevention and recovery. Our approach is about more than just donations; it's about actively participating and contributing to the community's welfare.

46 |
Mayor of Coral Gables Vince Lago, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Representative, Chief Operating Officer of Silver Mirror Facial Bar Rachel Gallo, Co-founder of Silver Mirror Facial Bar Matt Maroone and Christina Maroone | Coral Gables Grand Opening of Silver Mirror Facial Bar . (Photo: WRE)

Our commitment extends beyond a single nonprofit; we aim to support and engage with various community initiatives. In Coral Gables, we are active in the Chamber of Commerce and collaborate with local businesses, offering services like free mini facials to foster community relationships and promote wellness education. This hands-on approach reflects our dedication to genuinely integrating and contributing to the communities we serve.

CS: Looking ahead, what are your plans to innovate within the beauty and wellness sector, and what is your vision for the future of Silver Mirror Facial Bar?

MM: We’re exploring expansion into more cities while focusing on innovative and healthcentric services. Rather than entering the Med Spa market, we aim to enhance our skincare offerings with a holistic approach, including nutrition and sleep wellness components. Our upcoming initiatives are designed to complement our facials and skincare treatments, providing

a comprehensive wellness experience. This strategy aligns with our mission to deliver value-driven, effective solutions rather than just follow industry trends.

CS: Your core values are clearly aligned with doing what's efficient and best for individuals and the beauty industry. Could you elaborate on how Silver Mirror is addressing sustainability in its operations and offerings?

MM: Certainly, sustainability is a personal passion of mine, and it's integral to our ethos at Silver Mirror. Our service model inherently has limitations in sustainability since we rely on existing products, necessitating a balance between cleanliness and reuse. For instance, we opt for cloth towels over disposable ones to reduce paper waste, even though it increases water usage. We're developing new products with sustainability in mind, adhering to California’s plastic guidelines and aiming to reduce plastic and paper use. Most

products we use are vegan and meet “Clean Beauty” standards. None are tested on animals. This commitment reflects not just personal values but also market trends towards sustainability and efficacy in skincare. Ultimately, our approach marries personal conviction with a broader community and environmental awareness, driving us to continually seek and implement more responsible and sustainable business solutions.

Matt Maroone has skillfully navigated the complexities of the beauty industry, guiding Silver Mirror Facial Bar to a place where luxury coexists with sustainability and where building strong community ties is essential for success. His path emphasizes the necessity of being adaptable, staying true to one’s values, and having a clear vision—lessons that are invaluable to both new entrepreneurs and established industry professionals. As Silver Mirror grows and evolves, its journey exemplifies the strength of purposeful direction and the continuous strive for excellence in the vibrant world of beauty. | 47


Welcome to Milan Fashion Week FW 2024, where the past and future converge in a celebration of timeless elegance and innovative design. Chiari Boni sets the stage with structured silhouettes that command attention, incorporating peplum accents and voluminous shoulders, all enrobed in rich velvets that dance with each motion. Phillip Plein, the unapologetic maximalist, dazzles with extravagance, proving once more that more is indeed more in his visionary world. Genny introduces plush, understated luxury that whispers of an aristocratic lineage, draped in a rich color palette that speaks volumes of its refined elegance. Maryling pays a charming homage to the '50s, transporting us back to an era of definitive style with a modern twist. Lastly, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini surprises with volume and origami draping, interspersed with unexpected pops of color, crafting a narrative of bold femininity that captivates and inspires.


Chiari Boni

Structured silhouettes, peplum accents, voluminous shoulders, rich velvets

Phillip Plein Unapologetic
Plush understated luxury with an aristocratic touch and a rich color palette
Genny | 57
Maryling Nod

Volume and origami draping with pops of color

Philiosphy di Lorenzo Serafini


Amongst the standout trends from NYFW Fall 2024 were a rich red palette, dramatic capes, embellished glam rock elements, and the mesmerizing allure of liquid silver and gold which took center stage, promising a fall season filled with opulence and statement-making style. | 61

Lady in Red

Badgley Mishcka Pamella Roland Naeem Khan L’Agence | 63
Pamella Roland
Pamella Roland Badgley Mishcka Naeem Khan

Embellished Glam Rock

Kobi Halperin Cucculleli L’Agence Pamella Roland Badgley Mishcka

Molten Liquid


Cucculleli Badgley Mishcka Kobi Halperin Naeem khan Pamella Roland

Embark on a Journey of Tranquility with SILVER MIRROR FACIAL BAR New York City

In the heart of the bustling Flatiron district lies a sanctuary of serenity and self-care: Silver Mirror Facial Bar. With its minimalist yet elegant décor and commitment to excellence, this urban oasis beckons visitors to escape the stresses of city life and indulge in moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. My recent visit to the Flatiron location left me not only glowing with radiance but also impressed by the expertise of the esthetician who guided me through the 50-minute Seasonal Facial.

While my experience at the Flatiron location was exceptional, it's worth noting that Silver Mirror Facial Bar extends its commitment to quality across multiple locations throughout New York City. From Union Square to SoHo, TriBeCa to the Upper East Side, each Facial Bar offers a unique ambiance and a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to diverse skincare needs and preferences.

The Seasonal Facial I indulged in at the Flatiron location was a testament to Silver Mirror Facial Bar's dedication to excellence. From the moment I entered the tranquil treatment room, I was greeted by a sense of calm and professionalism. The esthetician, whose knowledge of skincare was evident from the start, took the time to assess my skin's needs and tailor the treatment accordingly.

As she expertly applied a series of luxurious products and performed gentle massage techniques, I felt myself drifting into a state of blissful relaxation. Throughout the facial, the esthetician shared valuable insights and recommendations, demonstrating a deep understanding of skincare and a genuine passion for her craft.


But Silver Mirror Facial Bar's commitment to excellence extends far beyond the Flatiron location. In Union Square, visitors can expect a welcoming atmosphere and a comprehensive menu of services, while the SoHo location boasts a vibrant aesthetic and a range of signature treatments. Meanwhile, in TriBeCa, guests can indulge in luxurious therapies tailored to their individual needs, and on the Upper East Side, they can experience the epitome of refinement and elegance.

Across all locations, Silver Mirror Facial Bar prides itself on providing unparalleled service and results-driven treatments. Whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation, a transformative skincare experience, or simply a break from the demands of everyday life, there's a Silver Mirror Facial Bar conveniently located to meet your needs.

My experience at Silver Mirror Facial Bar's Flatiron location was nothing short of extraordinary. However, the Facial Bar's commitment to excellence extends far beyond a single location, with each outpost offering its own unique ambiance and array of services. From Union Square to SoHo, TriBeCa to the Upper East Side, Silver Mirror Facial Bar invites visitors to embark on a journey of tranquility and selfdiscovery across New York City. | 71
Photos courtesy of Silver Mirror Facial Bar
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Official Partners

Legendary Elegance Meets Modern Mystique A STAY AT THE



Experience the unique charm of The Algonquin Times Square, one of the friendliest and most culture-rich hotels in the city. As you step through the front doors, you'll be greeted not only by the concierge but also by the hotel's beloved resident feline, a long-time favorite for generations.

Choosing to stay at The Algonquin Hotel Times Square means being at the heart of the city's best offerings, with Broadway and Bryant Park just steps away. This upscale hotel is also conveniently located near Times Square and Rockefeller Center, ensuring you're never far from the city's vibrant energy.

Make yourself at home in one of the 181 guestrooms featuring iPod docking stations and flat-screen televisions. Your pillowtop bed comes with premium bedding. Wireless internet access keeps you connected, and cable programming is available for your entertainment. With a stay at The Algonquin Hotel Times Square, Autograph Collection, you'll have your own private oasis right in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle.

Take advantage of recreation opportunities such as a 24-hour fitness center and other amenities, including a 24-hour business center, express check-out and complimentary newspapers in the lobby. Enjoy a satisfying meal in the lobby restaurant and quench your thirst with your favorite drink at the bar/lounge.

Planning an event in New York? This hotel has 4953 square feet of space consisting of conference space and seven meeting rooms. Selfparking (subject to charges) is available onsite.

One of the unique experiences offered at the hotel is a tarot card reading by Cardsy B, an author and the go-to Tarot reader for celebrities and C-level executives. With her wealth of knowledge and years of experience, she can provide tarot readings in either a group setting or a one-on-one session. Tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery, and Cardsy B is renowned for her ability to provide clarity and direction. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing stay or a psychic look into your future, you simply can't go wrong with the Algonquin Times Square! | 75
Photos by Katie Barr Cornish (Eleven Six PR)

URBAN OASIS Experiencing The James NoMad's Luxurious Sanctuary in the Heart of NYC

Seeking an exclusive hotel experience in Nomad? Uncover The James New York NoMad, a rare find nestled in the heart of the city. Our hotel offers a tranquil escape just steps away from New York City's most iconic attractions. Immerse yourself in the best of both worlds with our serene oasis and the vibrant city life at your doorstep.

Convenience meets tranquility at The James NoMad. Strategically located at the corner of 29th Street and Madison Avenue, our hotel is the perfect base for urban adventurers. Explore the city's bustling streets and retreat to our peaceful sanctuary at the end of the day.

Their mindfully appointed hotel rooms and suites offer the ultimate urban tranquility: luxurious pillow-top mattresses, Turkish cotton towels, dimmable lighting, and in-room Four Bodies Wellness programming in the beating heart of NoMad. Choose from gorgeous accommodations, including standard king, queen, deluxe, and penthouse suites.


The hotel boasts a wealth of top-notch amenities designed to pamper and indulge. Experience sanctuary, serenity, and scene with our stateof-the-art fitness facilities, mindfully curated in-room wellness programming, and local art inspired by the vibrant neighborhood we call home. Discover a world of luxe amenities and innovative guest services beyond the sanctuary of our rooms and suites, including mouthwatering in-room dining by LDV Hospitality and James Club amenities like coffee, tea, and fresh fruit, plus a wine & bites hour daily for the comfort and convenience of our guests.

Craving for more? Indulge in a culinary adventure at Scarpetta, conveniently located right off the lobby of the hotel. The Italian expression “fare la scarpetta” describes the gesture of taking a little boot-shaped piece of bread to soak up the remaining sauce left in the pot of one’s home kitchen. The restaurant’s name is derived from this familial gesture and represents the indulgent pleasure of savoring a meal down to its very last taste.

Finish off the perfect evening with a nightcap at The Seville, the hidden speakeasy located right under your feet. Transport yourself to a bygone era in this speakeasy-style New York cocktail lounge. Enjoy live music and crafted cocktails with a twist, like a wood-planked smoked old-fashioned or barrel-aged Negroni, served up tableside. | 77
Photos Courtesy The James Nomad NYC

LUXURIOUS SERENITY A Review of Four Seasons Kyoto

Nestled amidst the historic charm of Kyoto's Higashiyama district, the Four Seasons Kyoto stands as a beacon of refined elegance and impeccable service. Surrounded by tranquil gardens and ancient temples, this luxurious hotel offers a haven of serenity in one of Japan's most enchanting destinations. From its exquisite accommodations to its world-class dining and spa facilities, the Four Seasons Kyoto promises an unforgettable retreat for discerning travelers seeking the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

Upon arrival at the Four Seasons Kyoto, guests are greeted by the hotel's serene atmosphere and gracious hospitality. The lobby, with its elegant decor and traditional Japanese accents, sets the tone for a truly immersive experience. Warmly welcomed by the attentive staff, guests are ushered into a world of luxury and tranquility, where every need is anticipated and every detail meticulously attended to. The hotel's commitment to excellence is evident from the moment of arrival, ensuring that each guest feels truly special and valued.

The accommodations at the Four Seasons Kyoto are nothing short of spectacular. Guests can choose from a variety of rooms and suites, each exquisitely appointed with luxurious

furnishings and modern amenities. For those seeking the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity, the hotel also offers a selection of private residences, complete with spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and private gardens or terraces. Whether staying in a traditional Japanese-style room with tatami mat floors and shoji screens or a contemporary suite with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, guests are treated to a level of comfort and sophistication that is second to none.

The Four Seasons Kyoto boasts a diverse array of dining options, each offering a unique culinary experience inspired by the rich traditions of Japanese cuisine. One standout venue is Fuju, the hotel's elegant tea house, where guests can partake in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony amidst the tranquil surroundings of a traditional Japanese garden. Led by expert tea masters, the ceremony is a truly immersive experience, offering guests a glimpse into the time-honored rituals and traditions of Japanese tea culture. For those seeking a more casual dining experience, the hotel also offers a variety of restaurants and bars serving everything from innovative Japanese cuisine to international favorites, ensuring that every palate is satisfied. | 79

The Four Seasons Kyoto is home to a worldclass spa, where guests can indulge in a variety of rejuvenating treatments and therapies inspired by ancient Japanese healing traditions. From soothing massages to invigorating body scrubs, the spa offers a range of services designed to promote relaxation, wellness, and inner harmony. Guests can also take advantage of the hotel's fitness center, yoga studio, and indoor swimming pool, ensuring that they stay active and refreshed throughout their stay. With its tranquil atmosphere and attentive staff, the spa provides the perfect retreat for guests seeking to unwind and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.


One of the highlights of staying at the Four Seasons Kyoto is the opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich cultural heritage of Japan. The hotel offers a variety of curated experiences and activities that allow guests to explore the city's historic temples, gardens, and traditional crafts. From guided tours of nearby UNESCO World Heritage sites to hands-on workshops in calligraphy, pottery, and tea ceremony, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Guests can also take advantage of the hotel's concierge services to arrange private tours, cultural performances, and culinary experiences, ensuring that they make the most of their time in this vibrant and fascinating city.

The Four Seasons Kyoto offers an unparalleled luxury experience that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese hospitality with modern comfort and sophistication. From its elegant accommodations and world-class dining options to its tranquil spa and curated cultural experiences, every aspect of the hotel reflects a commitment to excellence and authenticity. Whether seeking a romantic getaway, a cultural adventure, or simply a peaceful retreat, the Four Seasons Kyoto exceeds expectations at every turn, leaving guests with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. | 81


A Paradise of Luxury and Tranquility

Nestled within the breathtaking expanse of the Maldives' turquoise waters, Anantara Veli Maldives Resort stands as an epitome of tropical elegance and indulgence. Situated on the private island of Veligandu Huraa in the South Malé Atoll, this exquisite resort offers an unparalleled sanctuary where guests can escape the bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in a world of unparalleled beauty and serenity.

From the moment guests arrive at Anantara Veli, they are greeted with warm smiles and a refreshing welcome drink, setting the tone for an unforgettable stay. The resort's design seamlessly blends traditional Maldivian architecture with contemporary luxury, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and sophisticated.

The accommodation options at Anantara Veli are nothing short of extraordinary. Guests can choose from overwater bungalows or luxurious

beach villas, each offering panoramic views of the crystal-clear waters and direct access to the pristine beaches. The overwater bungalows, in particular, are a highlight of the resort, featuring spacious sun decks, private infinity pools, and glass-bottom floors that provide glimpses of the vibrant marine life below.

Anantara Veli boasts an array of dining options that cater to every palate. From fine dining experiences overlooking the ocean at 73 Degrees restaurant to casual beachfront lunches at Baan Huraa, which specializes in authentic Thai cuisine, guests are treated to a culinary journey that is as diverse as it is delicious. The resort also offers unique dining experiences, such as romantic dinners on a secluded sandbank or sunset cruises with gourmet picnic baskets, ensuring that every meal is a memorable occasion.

82 |

For those seeking adventure, Anantara Veli offers a plethora of activities and excursions to suit every taste. Guests can explore the vibrant coral reefs surrounding the island through snorkeling or diving expeditions, where they can encounter an abundance of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and majestic manta rays. Alternatively, they can embark on sunset fishing trips, dolphin cruises, or even learn traditional Maldivian cooking techniques through interactive culinary classes.

At Anantara Veli, relaxation is not just an option – it's a way of life. The resort's award-winning spa, set amidst lush tropical gardens, offers a range of holistic treatments and therapies designed to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. From soothing massages to invigorating yoga sessions, guests can immerse themselves in a world of tranquility and bliss. Additionally, the resort features a well-equipped gym, tennis courts, and various water sports facilities for those looking to stay active during their stay.

Anantara Veli is committed to preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Maldives for future generations. The resort has implemented various sustainability initiatives, including reef conservation programs, waste management practices, and community outreach projects aimed at protecting the delicate marine ecosystem and supporting local communities. Guests are encouraged to participate in these efforts through educational workshops and volunteer opportunities, allowing them to leave a positive impact on the environment during their stay.

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort is more than just a luxury retreat – it's a haven of tranquility, adventure, and unparalleled natural beauty. Whether you're lounging in your private overwater bungalow, indulging in worldclass cuisine, or exploring the vibrant marine life beneath the waves, every moment spent at this enchanting resort is sure to be a cherished memory. With its commitment to sustainability, impeccable service, and breathtaking surroundings, Anantara Veli truly embodies the essence of paradise in the heart of the Maldives. | 83


A Timeless Sanctuary in the Heart of Kyoto

Nestled in the cultural heart of Kyoto, Japan, the Sowaka Hotel stands as a beacon of tranquility and elegance amidst the bustling city. With its rich history, traditional architecture, and commitment to impeccable hospitality, Sowaka offers guests a truly immersive experience in Japanese culture and hospitality.


Originally built in the late 19th century as a traditional Kyoto townhouse, or "machiya," Sowaka has been meticulously restored and transformed into a luxury boutique hotel while preserving its authentic charm and character. Every corner of the hotel whispers stories of the past, from the meticulously preserved wooden beams to the tranquil Japanese gardens that invite guests to pause and reflect.

Upon entering Sowaka, guests are greeted with the warm hospitality for which Japan is renowned. The attentive staff, dressed in elegant kimonos, offer a seamless blend of traditional

Japanese service and modern luxury. Whether it's arranging a personalized tea ceremony, recommending the best local eateries, or assisting with travel plans, the staff at Sowaka go above and beyond to ensure each guest's stay is unforgettable.

One of the highlights of Sowaka is its meticulously designed accommodations. Each room is a sanctuary of serenity, featuring traditional Japanese decor, tatami flooring, and sliding doors that open onto private gardens or tranquil views of the surrounding neighborhood. The attention to detail is evident in every as-

pect of the room, from the handcrafted furniture to the luxurious amenities that ensure a comfortable stay.

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Sowaka boasts a serene courtyard garden, perfect for meditation or simply unwinding with a good book.

No stay at Sowaka would be complete without sampling the exquisite cuisine served at its onsite restaurant, La Bombance. Helmed by skilled chefs, the restaurant offers a culinary journey through the flavors of Kyoto, with sea-


sonal ingredients sourced from local markets and farms. From delicate sushi and sashimi to hearty bowls of ramen and savory hot pots, each dish is a work of art that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Japan.

Beyond its luxurious accommodations and amenities, Sowaka also serves as a gateway to the rich cultural tapestry of Kyoto. Located within walking distance of some of the city's most iconic landmarks, including the historic Gion district and the breathtaking Kiyomizu-dera Temple, the hotel provides guests with easy access to the wonders of Kyoto's past and present. Whether strolling through the charming streets of the Higashiyama district or attending a traditional tea ceremony, there is no shortage of experiences to delight the senses and nourish the soul.

Sowaka Hotel is more than just a place to stay; it is a destination in itself—a timeless sanctuary where tradition meets luxury, and every moment is an opportunity for discovery. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life or embarking on a cultural adventure in one of Japan's most enchanting cities, Sowaka invites guests to experience the beauty and hospitality of Kyoto in its purest form. | 87

ANGEL NICOLAS The Winning Edge

Pro baseball player turned record-setting Real Estate Advisor Angel Nicolas applies the lessons he learned on the diamond to help The Nicolas Group at Compass hit it out of the park when it comes to luxury residential real estate in greater Miami. For Angel and his group, the principles of teamwork, training, and tenacity prove as effective in business as they do in baseball. Ranked a top team in Florida with $1 billion in career sales, The Nicolas Group consistently delivers home runs for their clients.

5050 Pine Drive . Photo by Jheimany Montoya Photo by Juan Algarin Photography

“I run my team as if it was a sports team,” Angel explains. “We have coaches for specific skills, like sales and negotiations. We stick to a schedule, with daily and weekly meetings. We work as a team without ego. We train constantly, we learn from each other, we maintain a solution-driven mindset, and we keep moving toward the goal of helping our clients make good decisions. That’s what keeps us winning.”

Another key to Angel’s success is a genuine love for Miami and an insider’s knowledge of the city. He and his team have deep expertise in the local luxury sector (their sweet spots are Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Miami Beach, and Ponce Davis). Born locally but raised partly in the Dominican Republic, Angel is fluent in Spanish, which also proves invaluable in such an international city.

Since its founding 10 years ago, The Nicolas Group has evolved and expanded to become what Angel calls a concierge company, connecting clients with experts to meet a variety of needs tangential to real estate, from private schools to decorators. They are also attuned to the concerns of professional athletes, from accommodating tight schedules to requiring enhanced privacy and security.

“I feel so blessed to live here and to do what I do,” says Angel. “There has never been a better or more exciting time in Miami. The ultrawealthy, who once saw this area as a playground and bought vacation homes here, now make Miami their primary home, so the energy is completely different from what it was 10 years ago. Some of the wealthiest and smartest people in the world expect Miami to become the world’s new financial mecca. It has become the sexiest place to live.”

Angel takes great pride not only in sharing his love for the city with his clients but also in his role as a mentor. He is in the process of creating a formal mentoring program that will allow a wider audience to tap into his winning approach through free webinars designed to hone business skills in areas ranging from cold calling to closing.

“I want to empower agents and help them maximize their potential,” Angel says, noting that his mentoring strategies are practical for professionals outside real estate, too. “Whether I’m working with agents to grow and make the most of their talents or working with clients to help them define their needs and achieve their goals when it comes to real estate, I love helping people.”

90 | REAL ESTATE | RESIDENT | 91 2675 South Bayshore Drive, Unit LPHS. Photos by Lifestytle Production


In the heart of Miami, an unparalleled residential project emerges: Aria Reserve. With a masterful fusion of contemporary elegance and coastal living, each unit at Aria Reserve promises an unparalleled luxury living experience. From its panoramic views of Biscayne Bay to its high-end amenities, Aria Reserve offers a unique lifestyle that combines sophistication and serenity.






At Aria Reserve, luxury meets serenity to create a unique lifestyle. Exceptional amenities and meticulously designed spaces offer an unparalleled living experience. With panoramic views and natural surroundings, every corner of Aria Reserve provides a sense of calmness in the vibrant heart of Miami.

At Aria Reserve, luxury meets serenity to create a unique lifestyle. Exceptional amenities and meticulously designed spaces offer an unparalleled living experience. With panoramic views and natural surroundings, every corner of Aria Reserve provides a sense of calmness in the vibrant heart of Miami.

Giovanni Caloretti






Eduardo and Luciene Cofresi: Co-Founders

In the dynamic landscape of South Florida's real estate, few names resonate as profoundly as The Cofresi Group. Co-founded by the power couple Eduardo and Luciene Cofresi, this family-run enterprise has emerged as a cornerstone in transforming Miami's skyline. With an illustrious sales portfolio of over three billion dollars and a legacy built on unparalleled success, The Cofresi Group's story is one of ambition, multicultural collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Eduardo and Luciene Cofresi embody the synergy of excellence, strategy, and cultural fluency, marking them as a formidable team in the real estate industry. Since joining Fortune International in 2021, the Cofresi Group has soared to new heights, becoming a beacon of success in branded development sales.

Eduardo, a visionary leader, brings his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic insight to the forefront. Luciene is the group's pillar of strength. Her Brazilian heritage adds a unique cultural depth to the team, and his proficiency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese is a crucial asset in the cosmopolitan Miami market, enhancing the group's engagement with a diverse international clientele. Together, their leadership has been paramount in securing The Cofresi Group's status as a top-selling team, consistently delivering excellence in their involvement in prestigious projects like St. Regis Residences and Baccarat Residences Brickell.

Giuliano Cofresi: The Artistic Innovator Giuliano Cofresi, the couple's son, brings a fresh and artistic approach to the family business. His background in Visual Arts and Industrial Design offers a unique perspective, blending aesthetics with practicality in real estate projects. Giuliano's role in general residential sales and his involvement in top Miami developments like the Residences by Armani Casa and Porsche Design Tower demonstrates his ability to connect with clients and his perceptive understanding of the market.

Isabella Cofresi: The Global Strategist

Isabella Cofresi, the daughter, is a young prodigy, amalgamating her international exposure and academic excellence in her approach to real estate. Her diverse experiences, from working at the Cannes Film Festival to being featured in Elle Magazine UK, add a distinct flair to her professional persona. Representing ORA by Casa Tua, Isabella is poised to leave a significant mark in the industry, bolstered by her global perspective and commitment to excellence.

The Cofresi Group: A Legacy Beyond Real Estate

The Cofresi Group, under this formidable family's stewardship, is more than a real estate enterprise. It is a symbol of resilience, innovation, and excellence. Their expansive network, both international and domestic, has been key to their sustained success. The group's story is not just about selling properties; it's about crafting experiences, shaping communities, and redefining luxury living.

As they continue to represent some of the most prestigious developments in South Florida, The Cofresi

Group's influence extends far beyond sales figures and accolades. It is about a family's unwavering commitment to excellence and their indelible impact on Miami's real estate landscape. In their journey, they exemplify the power of vision, family unity, and cultural diversity, setting a benchmark of distinction.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of South Florida's real estate, The Cofresi Group remains a beacon of innovation and excellence, driven by a family's shared dream and a relentless pursuit of greatness. Cofresi Group




Meet Cecilia Hinojosa

Your Premier South Florida Real Estate Expert! With 25+ years of experience, Cecilia has excelled in a wide array of real estate transactions, from new construction sales to residential land, resale properties and real estate investments. Her deep local market insights and unwavering client dedication have transformed dreams into realities for over 500 families. Cecilia's passion for design and architecture, coupled with her bachelor’s degrees from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), helps provide her with a keen eye for detail in every transaction.

Based in Brickell since 2008, she serves clients in premier South Florida areas of Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Miami, Pinecrest, South Beach, Miami Beach, and Wellington. Her equestrian background adds a unique understanding of the Wellington housing market. Recognized for record-breaking sales and consecutive industry awards in 2020, 2021, and 2022, Cecilia is a highly skilled real estate expert. Her commitment to clients, expertise and sharp market knowledge make her a top choice for buyers and sellers in South Florida.

m +1 305.608.5605 |



Meet Mariela Stochetti

Your Luxury Real Estate Expert! With 15+ years of experience in Miami and New York City, she's a seasoned professional with a unique background in multinational financial services. Mariela's mission is to tirelessly pursue the best deal for her clients, blending her analytical knowledge with their unique needs, lifestyle, and market cycles. Her clients value her friendly professionalism, digital marketing expertise, and expert negotiation skills.

Hailing from Argentina with an MBA from Vanderbilt University, Mariela is licensed in both Florida and New York, offering her clients the best of luxury real estate. She brings a unique perspective, having witnessed the evolution of Miami's real estate landscape over the years. Mariela's knack for early preconstruction acquisitions allows clients to craft their dream residences and maximize their investments. Mariela is sure to put your needs first in every transaction, making her an excellent choice in the luxury real estate market

| o +1
Stochetti Broker Associate. Florida and New York m
ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. These materials are not intended to be an of fer to sell, or solicitation to buy a unit in the condominium. Such an offering shall only be made pursuant to the prospectus (offering circular) for the condominium and no statements should be relied upon unless made in the prospectus or in the applicable purchase agreement. In no event shall any solicitation, of fer or sale of a unit in the condominium be made in, or to residents of, any state or country in which such activity would be unlawful. The renderings contained in this advertisement are proposed only, and the Developer reserves the right to modify, revise or withdraw any or all of same in its sole discretion and without prior notice. This condominium is developed and offered by 5333 Collins Acquisitions LP (the “Developer”). The other parties referenced herein are not the Developer. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY. THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS ARE IN A CPS-12 APPLICATION AVAILABLE FROM THE OFFEROR. FILE NO. CP230063 Rising from the most tranquil and expansive stretch of sand between Miami Beach’s coastline and Biscayne Bay, The Perigon is an unprecedented collaboration of three global design icons. The rare seclusion, matchless amenities, impeccable service, and culinary experience curated by Michelin-starred chef Shaun Hergatt promises residents and their guests an exclusive Miami Beach lifestyle. Exclusive Sales and Marketing by Douglas Elliman Development Marketing An intimate collection of 73 expansive two- to fourbedroom oceanfront residences from $4.25M. In the Middle of it All, but a World Apart Diana Garchitorena Sales Associate 305.519.4004


Elton Ilirjani attended Paris Fashion Week® 2024 where he both opened and closed the Suzana Perić Fashion show held at the Galerie Bourbon. Paris Fashion Week® Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 is running from February 26th through March 5th, 2024 and as part of its program included the “Welcome to Paris” program where three designers from Serbia presented their designs.

Known around the world as a high-ranking social media influencer and fashion model, Ilirjani boasts a breathtaking following of over 12 million fans. His legions of followers are dedicated to listening and learning from his message of gender equality around the world. Elton promotes the importance of equality and freedom of expression through the concept of genderless modelling. Frequenting the pages


of fashion magazines and international runway shows, the icon uses his powerful presence to promote a unified existence amongst all of mankind.

Suzana Perić is among the most famous fashion designers in Serbia and the Balkans, the winner of numerous awards nationally and internationally, and is also the president of the Section for Women’s Entrepreneurship of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. In 1999, Suzana graduated in design from one of the most prestigious European fashion schools, the AMD Academy of Fashion and Design in Dusseldorf, where her lecturer was Karl Lagerfeld. Throughout the Balkans, Suzana Perić has been present since 1999, after presenting her very first collection at the 9th Belgrade Fashion Week. Since then, she has been continuously and actively presenting her collections as part of Serbia Fashion Week and other fashion weeks, as well as independently. Her work and fashion shows provoke exceptional media attention and positive comments.

She received the award for the best designer collection in 2007, as well as the recognition of the city of Belgrade – the Belgrade Chamber of Crafts. Suzana Perić held notable shows at Berlin Fashion Week in 2008 and 2009, as well as at Milan Fashion Week in 2019 and 2020, where she won the award for the best international designer two years in a row.


Photos by Getty Images / Marc Piasecki | 101


With Keynote Speaker Martha Stewart and inaugural Fashion and Philanthropy Award Winner Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger this iconic Palm Beach Fundraiser Continues to Shine

102 |

The Center for Family Services Palm Beach County held their signature fundraiser, The Old Bags Luncheon at The Breakers Palm Beach.  This year honored 25 years of the beloved event that will celebrate a Silver Jubilee in grand style.  Among the honorees at this year’s luncheon was Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger with a keynote speech by Martha Stewart.

Since 1961, The Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County, Inc. embraces the philosophy that families should be the center of the community and the center of every family should be a healthy connection. The Center provides innovative programs that meet the changing and growing needs of individuals, families, and children in the community with their resources and social service programs. The Center for Family Services is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation and accredited by Nonprofits First for Excellence in Nonprofit Management.

Notable attendees included: Martha Stewart, Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Quirantes (Emcee, CBS 12), Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ramona Singer, Jean Shafiroff, Fernando Wong, Robin Gillen, Tim Johnson, Robin Gillen and Tim Johnson (Event Chairs), Diane Smith and Tammy Pompea (Honorary Chairs), Alyssa D. Quinlan (CEO, Freeman’s Hindman Auction), Barbara Pendrill, Theo Pace, Stephanie Schwed (Silent Auction Chairs), Marissa Murphy (Junior Chair), Karen Swanson, Sonja Stevens, Arlette Gordon, Lois Pope, Kathryn Vecellio, Marie Unanue,  Allison Nicklaus, Barbara Nicklaus, Sarah Wragge, Claire Florence, Karen Rich, Michelle Russell Johnson, David Handy, Donald Dallaire, Todd L’Herrou (CEO, Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County), Ellen Vaughan (Chief Development Officer, Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County).

For more information, please visit

Photos by BFA / Michelle Kammerman / Capehart | 103



The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) hosted their annual Pro-Am Tennis & Golf Tournament in South Florida. The tournaments were a part of a five-day event that combines the 2024 Milken Institute South Florida Dialogues and annual PCF Pro-Am Tournaments.

The Milken Institute South Florida Dialogues in Palm Beach took place over three days, which included the annual PCF Pro-Am Tennis Tournament; and concluded with three days of events in Miami. The first night in Palm Beach saw a Gala Dinner honoring John and Daria Becker Barry and the Barry Family in recognition of their efforts to accelerate new lifesaving treatment options for prostate cancer patients held at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum with world-renowned mentalist Oz Pearlman and a special musical performance by Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo.

Some notable attendees included: Mike Milken, Bill Koch, John Paulson, Howard Cox, Jenny Johnson, Cliff and Debbie Robbins, Larry Leeds and Ginger Feuer Leeds, Helmy Eltoukhy, Jim Gordon, Joe and Michelle Jacobs, Kneeland Youngblood, Alicia Dahill, Herbie Wertheim, Gina Carithers, Chris and Katia Oberbeck, Ed and Brooke Garden, Monica Seles, Igor Tulchinsky, Kosj Yamoah, Colin McNish, John Hope Bryant and Chaitra Bryant.

Benefactors for the 2024 Palm Beach event included: Ed and Brooke Garden, Mackenzie Price, Ted and Dani Virtue, Bill Acquavella, Dr. Michael and Tricia Berns, Howard and Wendy Cox, Jim and Andrea Gordon, Robert Rosenkranz, Janice Aron, Matt and Marisa Brown, Chuck and Theresa Davidson, Jason and Jeffrey Hirsch, Dominic Hughes, Joe and Michelle Jacobs, Jonathan Klein, Larry and Ginger


Leeds, Dean and Marianne Metropoulos, Chris and Katia Oberbeck, Arik and Naomi Ruchim, Kimberly Strauss, Steve and Lisa Tananbaum.

Guests were invited to attend a variety of salons on topics similar to those covered at the Global Conference, but in much smaller, more intimate landmark settings and stunning private homes. Guests were able to attend more than 20 sessions, with over 120 interesting panelists.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the world’s leading philanthropic organization dedicated to funding life-saving cancer research. Founded in 1993 by Mike Milken, PCF has funded nearly $800 million of cutting-edge research by 2,200 scientists at 220 leading cancer centers in 22 countries around the world. Because of PCF’s commitment to ending death and suffering from prostate cancer, the death rate is down more than 52% and 1.5 million men are alive today as a result. PCF research now impacts 67 forms of human cancer by focusing on immunotherapy, the microbiome, and food as medicine.

All proceeds from the PCF Pro-Am Tennis Tournament and the Golf Tournament funded PCF’s promising and innovative research efforts for the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate cancer, and to help extend and improve the lives of all cancer patients:

Young Investigators:  PCF has launched and supported the careers of many scientists whose work has led to 15 new FDA-approved treatments.  Since the creation of the PCF, the organization has funded over $82 million to 410 young investigator in sixteen countries and counting and their work has led to four Nobel prizes in Medicine.

VA Partnership: providing best-in-care treatments for our U.S. veterans

Team Science: PCF Challenge Award Teams continue to produce scientific breakthroughs and serve as a role model for other disease-specific foundations.

The Cutting Edge of Research: By focusing on immunotherapy, the microbiome and nutrition science, discoveries in PCF-funded research have been highly leveraged in diagnosing and treating more than 70 other cancers.

Following the Gala on Friday night, the 2024 PCF Pro-Am finals took place on Saturday afternoon at The Breakers.  Players as well as spectators enjoyed some great matches. After a competitive day, this year’s winners included Pat Davidson(Champion – Group 1), Janice Aron Runner-Up – Group 1), Giselle Asplundh  (Champion – Group 2) and Joe Jacobs (Runner-Up – Group 2). | 105


New York City’s Avenue B is set to welcome the new Populares Mexican Restaurant & Bar. The modern boutique establishment brings a fresh perspective to traditional Mexican cuisine with an aim to delight diners. Serving up popular Mexican dishes infused with a contemporary twist, guests will enjoy tasty entrees and drinks in the inviting atmosphere that blends retro-stylish décor with the fun vibes that are

uniquely found in the popular neighborhood.

Redefining a traditional restaurant layout with the taqueria seamlessly integrated into the dining room and bar area, guests can savor freshly made tacos at any time of the evening. No other type of venue is like this in the downtown area where a truly dynamic and interactive dining experience is found.

Populares promises to be a culinary destination that celebrates the flavors, colors, and vibrancy of Mexico while paying homage to the eclectic energy of the East Village. Whether guests are dining in the cozy dining area or enjoying drinks at the sleek bar, they are invited to immerse themselves in the lively spirit of Populares.

"We're thrilled to introduce Populares to the East Village community," says Mido Emad. "Our goal is to offer a dining experience that not only showcases the beloved flavors of Mexican cuisine but also transports our guests to a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of both Mexico and the East Village."

Populares boasts a menu curated by Chef Niklas Lucich (Spice Market, Jean George - Bourchon, Thomas Keller), featuring a tantalizing selection of popular Mexican dishes reimagined with a modern twist. From mouthwatering tacos and

Courtesy of The Brooklyn Museum: Patterson, they were just hanging out

flavorful ceviches to innovative small plates and signature cocktails, each dish at Populares is crafted with care and attention to detail, promising a culinary journey that surprises and delights.

Complementing the culinary offerings is an expertly crafted beverage program overseen by Fernando Louis (Casa Mezcal), featuring an array of handcrafted cocktails, artisanal spirits, and curated wine selections. Guests can indulge in classic margaritas with a twist, mezcal-infused creations, and an extensive tequila selection that celebrates Mexico's rich spirit heritage.

Diners can experience such delicious and affordable dishes as Flautas (queso chihuahua, potatos, sour cream, cotija, watercress and salsa verde), Mushroom Tostada (roasted shaitake, mushroom puree, pickled daikon radish and sesame), Sope (lamb chorizo, tomato sauce,

cilantro and sliced avocado), Albondigas (chipotle marinara, lamb and beef meatballs, cilantro), Paella Croquetas (octopus, paella, poblano crema), and Tuna Tostada (shashimi grade, soy brushed, salsa macha, guacamole, radish). Tacos a la carte are made with ingredient bases of cauliflower, beef al pastor, lamb chorizo, baja fish, grilled shrimp, birria, duck carnitas and even lengua tinga. Plato Fuertes are superb servings of Chile Relleno (poblano peppers vegan picadillo, rice, carrot, peas, chipotle marinara), Pato (duck breast, mole rojo, figs, sesame), Pulpo a la Parrilla (Octopus, Carrot, Mango, Habanero puree and chard tortilla powder), and Grilled Skirt Steak (patata brava, salsa verde).

The menu also highlights draft and bottled beers, wines, and a carefully curated specialty cocktail menu with everything from classic margaritas to the tequila mixtures that will tantalize the senses.

In addition to late-night taco offerings, the restaurant will also showcase in coming weeks happy hours, brunch and even party packages.

Assisting in the operation of Populares is Director of Operations, Marcus Andrews - a seasoned restaurateur known for his experience with multiple hospitality ventures inNew York City. He is committed to ensuring that Populares reaches its full potential in the East Village.

Populares is now open for dinner and brunch service, with plans to introduce lunch for private events in the near future.

For more information, please visit

Photos by Populares | 107


On Second Anniversary of Conflict New Documentary by ELYSIAN’s Karen Floyd Exposes Both Horror and Hope in Ukraine

Executive Producer and Director Karen Floyd held a special screening to mark release the release of her latest documentary Fight for Ukraine: For the Children at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC which was attended by governors, congressmen and congresswoman, legislators and dignitaries from around the world.

The 60-minute documentary is a sequel to ELYSIAN Production’s 2023 nine-time international award-winning documentary, Fight for Ukraine: 12 Women’s War.

Inspired by a dramatic mural in Kiev of three pairs of hands – a male soldier’s enfolding a woman’s hands, which in turn are protecting a child’s – Floyd returned to the embattled country in October 2023 searching for the image’s deeper, symbolic meaning.

Filmed in various locations across Ukraine, this project focuses on a shared message of peace and a passionate desire for hope on the second anniversary of the Ukraine-Russia war. Marking a dark moment in history, the filmmaker takes the viewer on a winding journey of storytelling helmed by her intense vision for positive change around the globe.

Floyd’s first film in the series, Fight for Ukraine: 12 Women’s War, took home the Outstanding

Excellence award at the Documentaries Without Borders International Film Festival, and a Special Jury Award for Directing at the Awareness Festival in Los Angeles. It was named Best Human Rights entry at the Toronto International Women Film Festival, Finalist in the International Women Filmmakers Festival, Semi-Finalist at the Bridge of Peace International Film Festival and Honorable Mention at the Heart of Europe International Season Film Festival. And it was an official selection at the Valkyrie International Film Festival, International New York Film Festival and ETHOS Film Awards.

The screening was presented in partnership with the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), a non-partisan educational foundation that empowers and inspires elected women on the local, state and national levels.

Following the screening a VIP reception took place at the National Guard Association of the United States where the cover of ELYSIAN magazine’s 2024 Spring Military and Service edition was revealed.

Dr. Christina Rahm, co-founder of the ROOT Brands also held a signing for her new book, Roots of Military Science: Understanding the intersection of conflict, mental health and wellness. The ROOT Brands is an innovative well-


ness company co-founded by Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm. This dynamic duo has combined their passion for health and entrepreneurship to create a line of products designed to support the body's natural detoxification processes and promote overall well-being. Their commitment to quality and efficacy has made The Root Brands a trusted name in the wellness industry.

ELYSIAN launched in 2015 and has evolved into a comprehensive multimedia brand that includes print, digital, film, podcasting, social media, and commerce. ELYSIAN’s print magazine has won several industry awards in editorial and design categories, and ELYSIAN’s documentary CatWalk FurBaby won Best Fashion Documentary at the 2023 New York City International Fashion Film Festival.

ELYSIAN Impact, the brand’s philanthropic arm, has disbursed more than $16 million over the past eight years to charities in five areas: women, children, animals, service, and the environment. | 109


The Sakura Collection, a project that aims to foster young creators, revitalize regions, and promote cultural and economic exchange through cross-border collaboration, is excited to present the beauty and diversity of Japanese traditional fabrics in two events in New York.

The first event was the Texworld New York City, one of the largest sourcing events on the East Coast, from at the Javits Center in New York where the Sakura Collection displayed a stunning array of fabrics from different regions of Japan, such as wool, cotton, denim, silk, and linen, each with its own story, craftsmanship, and charm.

The event also featured the final judging for the Sakura Collection Fashion Design Award 2024, a global competition for fashion students, who showcased their creations using the theme materials of "Natsu-Shiozawa" and "Upcycled Denim". The jury included Osamu Saito, founder of Yohji Yamamoto Europe, Keiko Aoki, CEO of the Altesse Co., Ltd. a New York-based international business consultant company, Hervé Pierre - an American fashion designer who has worked for top brands such as Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera and who has dressed the first lady and other celebrities.


The Sakura Collection was started in 2012 comprising three missions aimed at "fostering young creators," "regional revitalization and PR tourism to Japan," and "promoting cultural and economic exchange," with the aim of developing culture, technology, and the economy through cross-border collaboration.

The second event was an exhibition and fashion presentation held at the Pierre Hotel. On the final day of the event, three renowned fashion designers including Flora Rabitti from Italy (Florania), Irina Dzhus from Ukraine (DZHUS), and Sabrina Goh from Singapore (Sabrina Goh) unveiled their exclusive collections made with traditional Japanese materials including Ojiya-chijimi, SanoAi Syo-Aizome, Hamamatsu Marunabe Denim, Nakaden Keori's Bishu Wool among others. Models were supplued by the Barbizon Agency.

Their creations blended Japanese heritage with their own cultural influences and artistic visions, resulting in unique and valuable pieces that represent the future of fashion. A dance performance highlighted the versatility of the fabrics and the skill of the performers from the Vissi Dance Theater.

For more information, please visit: | 111



Inspired by a true story, Out of the Darkness, chronicles the journey of a 19th century child coal Miner, who grows into renowned engineer, and joins Queen Victoria in fighting child labor. Along the way, we follow Tom right in his aventures and in his romances.


The CNN host and best-selling author explores the revolutions—past and present—that define the polarized and unstable age in which we live. Populist rage, ideological fracture, economic and technological shocks, war, and an international system studded with catastrophic risk—the early decades of the twenty-first century may be the most revolutionary period in modern history. But it is not the first. Humans have lived, and thrived, through more than one great realignment. What are these revolutions, and how can they help us to understand our fraught world? In this major work, Fareed Zakaria masterfully investigates the eras and movements that have shaken norms while shaping the modern world.


The iguanas are back to their stinky shenanigans. They've fitted out the flying school bus for real mischief and are marauding all over the Borough. They've really got it in for John and Crosley who must sniff out their evildoings before it's too late! Will they succeed? Join the Night Buddies in their racing blimp for this exciting new adventure!


At twenty-two, Jennifer CramerMiller was thrilled with her new job, charming boyfriend, and Seattle apartment. Then she received a devastating autoimmune diagnosis and suddenly, rather than planning for a bright future, she found herself soaking a hospital pillow with tears and grappling with words like “progressive” and “incurable.” Spanning two-plus decades, this family love story explores loss and acceptance, moving forward with uncertainty, and forging a path to joy. Four kidney transplants later, Cramer-Miller is here to shine a bright light on people helping people in difficult times with a story that will make you want to hug the humans you love. Because sometimes it’s the sorrows that threaten to break us apart that ultimately unite us in hope.

112 |


Marianne Bohr and her husband, about to turn sixty, are restless for adventure. They decide on an extended, desolate trek across the French island of Corsica—the GR20, Europe’s toughest long-distance footpath—to challenge what it means to grow old. Part travelogue, part buddy story, part memoir, is a journey across a rugged island of stunning beauty little known outside Europe. From a chubby, non-athletic child, Bohr grew into a fit, athletic person with an “I’ll show them” attitude. But hiking The Twenty forces her to transform a lifetime of hardwon achievements into acceptance of her body and its limitations. The difficult journey across a remote island provides the crucible for exploring what it means to be an aging woman in a youth-focused culture, a physically fit person whose limitations are getting the best of her, and the partner of a husband who is growing old with her. More than a hiking tale, The Twenty is a moving story infused with humor about hiking, aging, accepting life’s finite journey, and the intimacy of a long-term marriage—set against the breathtaking beauty of Corsica’s rugged countryside.


Harvard-educated corporate attorney Jasmine “Jae” Phillips promised herself that she wouldn’t date anyone at the office. She’s too focused on the job, and her meh dating history can be summed up with a shrug. Then came Brad Summers. When Jae’s colleague Brad enters her office—boyish and handsome with his tousled hair and sparkling green-gold eyes—and asks if she’d like to grab a drink, she’s flattered. Their conversation makes her feel alive, fascinating, and fun, and the lonely Jae can’t help but bask in Brad’s attention. Soon Jae is breaking her never-date-at-the-office rule. And when she later discovers that Brad has a wife and child, she finds herself breaking a much more serious rule. After Jae spends years in love with a man who isn’t hers and jeopardizes her career in the process, a series of unexpected developments shake her awake and force her to confront the cost—and the future—of their affair. She needs to make a choice, but love stories are rarely black and white, and the right path isn’t so clear. With her head and her heart pulling her in opposite directions, Jae must somehow chart a course between them in order to find her happily ever after.


As the Nazis sweep across Europe, Jewish teen Max and his parents flee persecution in Germany for Holland, where Max finds friends and romance. But when Hitler invades in 1940, Max must escape to Chicago, leaving his parents and friends behind. When he learns of his parents' murder in Sobibor, Max immediately enlists in the US Army. After basic training he is sent to Camp Ritchie, Maryland, where he is trained in interrogation and counterintelligence. Deployed to the OSS, Max carries out dangerous missions in Occupied countries. He also interrogates scores of German POWs, especially after D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, where, despite life-threatening conditions, he elicits critical information about German troop movements. Post-war, he works for the Americans in the German denazification program, bringing him back to his Bavarian childhood home of Regensburg. Though the city avoided large-scale destruction, the Jewish community was decimated. Max roams familiar yet strange streets, replaying memories of lives lost to unspeakable tragedy. While there, however, he reunites with someone from his past, who, like him, sought refuge abroad. Can they rebuild their lives… together?


At the outbreak of World War II, Edith and Oskar Eberhardt move their family - their daughter, Marina; son-in-law, Franz; and their granddaughters - out of Berlin and into a small house in the pretty town of Blumental near Switzerland. Oskar, a member of the Führer's cabinet, is gone most of the time, and Franz begins fighting in the war, so the women of the house are left to their quiet lives in the village. But life in Blumental isn't as idyllic as it appears. Marina has a lover who also has close ties to her family and to the government. Thinking none of them share her hatred of the Reich, she joins a Protestant minister smuggling Jewish refugees over the nearby Swiss border. The latest "package" is two orphaned Polish girls, and against her better judgment, Marina finds she must hide them in the Eberhardts' cellar. Everything is set to go smoothly until Oskar comes home with news that the Führer will be visiting the area for a concert, putting Marina's mission on a collision course with an assassination plot she knows nothing about. When the Führer announces he will pay a house call on the Eberhardts, everyone is in jeopardy. | 113

Sold separately with 10 suites or combined with 117 W. Bridge Street for a total of 18 ($4,450,000), this iconic inn is nestled along the banks of the Delaware River, and surrounded by the prettiest countryside in Bucks County. Located just an hour from Philadelphia, 90 minutes to NYC and half an hour from Princeton, New Hope has always been a favorite vacation destination for those seeking a relaxing time of art, shopping and dining. Within the National Register historic district of this vibrant riverfront village is the nationally acclaimed 1870 Wedgwood Bed & Breakfast Inn.

This 6500 square foot Inn is a Wedgwood-blue Victorian "Painted Lady" listed on Bucks County Registry of Historic Places. The Inn exhibits a flourish of later Victorian architectural features including deep eaves, projecting two story bay window, a wraparound veranda with scrolled brackets, porte-cochere, and two gazebos which serve as alternative breakfast areas and event spaces. The Wedgwood Bed and Breakfast has offered perfection in lodging services since 1982 attracting both business and leisure travelers and gathering accolades and awards such as the “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence” and “Inn of the Year” by the popular Lanier Inn Guidebook. The property is being sold turnkey - the current owners have executed every detail of the luxury bed and breakfast experience. That meticulous design provides the perfect platform for your continued success. A deep inviting wrap around porch brings you to the double door entry and the center hall with graceful staircase to the second floor suites and flanked by the first suite on your left and the formal parlor to your right. Ten foot ceilings, marvelous original detail, polished original wood floors, tall double hung and transom windows – all the hallmarks of the skill of decades of the finest craftsmen that added their artisanship to the property over the years. Ten individual guest rooms and ensuite baths, each with individual charm and unique features, are spread over the three stories of this gracious “Painted Lady”. Each suite has its own character with antique appointments, hand painted décor such as stenciling and murals created by local artists, a carefully chosen calm color palette, repurposed vintage lighting fixtures and so much more. With loving care the owners have created and nourished this thriving business and have successfully accomplished the very best of what defines the bed and breakfast experience. $2,750,000

550 Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938 • • 215.862.5500 Art Mazzei Cell: 610.428.4885
Cell: 215.534.9143
Donna Lacey
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