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OBJECTS OF DESIRE By Udo Spreitzenbarth


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s we said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed 2018, this marks a time to reflect on our New Year’s resolutions and what we want to accomplish this year. But who needs to wait until January to set goals to live the best life we can, but instead everyday should be celebrated and lived to the fullest, which is why our first issue of the year celebrates travel and winter escapes. Our cover story starts with Tim Hentschel- the dynamic CEO of which is the world’s leading platform for group hotel bookings. Coming from a family involved in the hospitality business- Tim always knew he wanted to work in the hotel business. By combining his experience in technology and hospitality he cornered a niche market in the crowded hotel space that makes it easier and cheaper for consumers and event planners to book group travel around the world. We also featured the talented and beautiful television star Annie Wersching as she discussed life after ’24,’ playing Kiefer Sutherland’s love interest, and her upcoming season on the hit TV shows ‘Timeless’ and ‘Runaways.’

Chris Hemsworth and Hillary Latos

Speaking of Hollywood, in the spirit of Awards Season this month our featured destination is Los Angeles- from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills as we ventured to the sunny shores of California to celebrate the Golden Globes and all of its glory. Feast your eyes on our extensive travel section this month that covers all corners of the globe including Doha, the Seychelles, Australia, Berlin, South Florida, Aruba, and Baja California- which will have you reaching for your passport. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air sparking lust and desire. The striking ‘Objects of Desire,’ is part of a German exhibition shot by Udo Spreitzenbarth that celebrates 250 years of fine jewelry making in Pforzheim, Germany. As amethyst is the birth stone of February, this mysterious and beautiful hued Ultra Violet stone also embodies the Pantone color of the year which inspired our beauty spread this month. This month celebrate love and celebrate life as spring is just around the corner!

Hillary Latos - Editor in Chief

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The best place to spend time is where time stands still.

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56Tim Hentschel

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RomasĂŹ is the place where your Italian dream comes true. We design bespoke luxury itineraries following your desires, to deliver nothing but the best Italy has to offer, beyond expectations.


movement and hand gestures. His hyperactive, over-enthused-- clearly effervescent energy is very much in keeping with the uber-febrile personality trait which he overwhelmingly possesses. And, of course, the most fascinating aspect of all this is to see how this man, this artist, translates all that is going on in his head to his wonderfully riotous canvases.



Look at does it seduce ou?’’ I was immediately sold after hearing those words uttered by the Torontobased artist Peter Triantos. We ere sitting in a dark, trendy Orchard Street econd-floor sushi restaurant and he was asping an explanation of his increasingly uzzed about swirls and splotches that the artsy-fartsy’ define as post-millennial-abstract-expressionism. The Canadian contemporary artist is receiving burgeoning international acclaim for his dynamic, supremely visual abstract works whose signature use of vivid, free flowing forms command respect from his native Toronto to Shanghai and now New York City where the artist just debuted his first one-man show in the capital of the world. His art is, indeed, seductive in a truly supine and elegant way. All those swirls and splotches--and yet seemingly managing to evoke the mind in such a spectacular fashion. GW will now tell you that

Peter Triantos as a future art star. The supine (yes I love that word} grace and organic flow of his splotches and swirls are so sinuous and expressive. His-- is truly an original and commanding narrative. ‘’Nobody truly perceives abstract art in the same way, and my technique is to just let my sub-conscious flow to just free my mind, release all compunction and just let it flow.’’ Peter Triantos is a bundle of nervous energy. He speaks with the rasp of a gangster bit-extra from a vintage episode of the Sopranos. You know, like one of those guys who if you asked him to pronounce the word ‘’bouillabaisse’’ would hoarse ‘’bullybatty’’ instead of ‘’Boo-yeh-bays’’ This dude ain’t Quebecois. That’s for sure. He very much looks the part of the nerdyhunky, steel-eyed Tony Soprano consigliere.. His toned brawny torso glints with constant

GEORGE WAYNE - The Peter Triantos canvases that GW requires as a must collectible and the best current art world investment would be the paintings from your ‘’Jelly Bean Series’’. I love the immediate emotional joy those paintings bring. There an immediate Triantos signature work. Talk about your jelly-bean paintings- as you have dubbed them. PETER TRIANTOS - This series here, the ‘’Jelly Bean Series’’ have been some of my best selling paintings.    That series all started one afternoon in my Toronto studio where I was working on three different canvases all at the same time.... Wait a minute! Is that how you always work? You work on more than one painting at the same time? Is that the core to the Peter Triantos creative process? Yes I do.  I have multiple empty canvases lining my studio, some are hanging, some are not, and I sometimes move from one to the next.   But what I was imagining for this painting, as with all my paintings-- is just not to think about it.  I just paint.  I am in my studio from around to 8am to 7pm at night.  People ask me how long it takes to create a piece of work.  And I always say it takes 56 years.  {The artist is 56-years-old}. Then I look at the work you have dubbed ‘’The Napa Valley Series’’ and could immediately see why some naysaying critics of your work would scoff and say they look like very poor Jackson Pollock imitations. These are not drip paintings a-laPollock. First of all I don’t drip the paint.  I throw it. I just throw the paint.  You’re right - I think my jelly bean paintings are also pretty powerful. Personally, I am not fond of your ‘’Napa Valley Series’’. Your strongest work emerges

with your ‘’Jelly Bean Series’’ and your ‘’SP2’’. The corporations and big companies love the ‘’SP2 Series’’ of works. We do very well with those larger pieces. Those are gorgeous and original signature statements. I see those work and I say -- ‘’Aaah, that is a Triantos!’’ And that is what every great artist wants from an audience which is to see the work and recognize immediately who the artist of the work is. Before we go any further -- I also hear that you have anecdotes from your brief encounters with the (Meaghan) ‘’Markle Sparkle’’! She used to live on our street! {Brandon Avenue -Toronto, Canada}.  A very, very nice, pleasant girl.    We used to see her all the time, a very sweet, very pretty girl. She lived a block away from my gallery/studio  in Toronto.  And then on top of all that, my canvases have featured in quite a few episodes of her hit TV show ‘Suits’-- especially in season 6. Muse to GW about your creative process. I know I have one. You know those quirky little things you do before starting the creative process. I always say if you want to enjoy my paintings you cannot hold any pre-conceived notions.  You just have to let loose. Just shed your skin and enjoy the art!  My studio is like my aquarium. I consider myself an artist as much as I am a businessman.  I love working and collaborating too with designers and architects and corporations and creating truly spectacular high-end investment art for hotels, corporate corner suites and private collectors across Europe and North America. That is clearly a lucrative business. Andy Warhol would have been impressed with that business strategy. You just staged your first one-man show in New York City with a gallery I consider one of the leading post-millennial contemporary art galleries in North America-- The Georges Berges Gallery on West Broadway in Soho. What was that moment like? Your first solo exhibition in Manhattan? It was an incredible honor.  It took two years of cajoling and persisting with Georges Berges to take Peter Triantos on as one of this exclusive artists and I am happy he finally got around to his senses.  I am going to make him a lot of money. 

I never give up. My ultimate goal is to always seduce you with my art. Talk about what you were like as a 12-yearold growing up in Canada. A first generation Canadian from a family of Greek immigrants? To do in life what you really love and want to do is a rare thing.  I feel blessed everyday that I get to do what I love doing.   Were you a hyper-active kid? I don’t know where or when that happened.  My brothers are really calm but I have always been active.  My family came from off the boat from the mountains of Greece. My mother and father and their three boys arrived to Canada as refugees, immigrants from Romiri in the mountains of Greece.  We were immigrants from Greece to Canada in 1966 and arriving to Canada via Halifax, Nova Scotia by boat!  I was fiveyears-old!   We got to Canada and they gave us a bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb-- I remember it so well. I never even saw candy living in those Greek mountains!  And here we were now in a new country half way around the world.  We were Greek peasants arriving to Canada. Wow! That is an amazing story. And now today you are a increasingly famous and prolific Canadian art star. Your work has to be your play or you will never be happy with your life--is what I always like to say. Money is not important.  It is enjoying what you do with your work and your life. I tell young people all the time.  You strive to please no one but yourself first and foremost. And like Andy Warhol who also famously said.

‘’Do something you love doing and sooner or later you will be able to sell it’’. That has always been my mantra. And to think, I never finished high school. I quit high school in Grade 9 and I never went back.  I’m a high school drop-out.  It is probably the best thing I ever did. Unbelievable! A high-school dropout! So how did you make a living before your art? I was a carpenter for many  years, building homes. But before I was a high-school dropout that was where the art bug hit me and where I first realized what I wanted to do with my life.  I knew instantly the first time I was in middle school doodling and playing with paint and colors in early art classes.   I remember that day as if it was yesterday.  I was immediately riveted. From that day on no teacher could tell me what I ought to do with my life.  I knew it. I never finished high school but I always knew what I would be one day -- an artist. Tell me more -- this method to your brilliant madness? Starting on a new piece is super=exciting for me.  Although I sometimes have a preconceived notion of creating something unique and exciting, ultimately the process creates its own flow, it’s own energy.  And once the work is done and seeing how that dynamic evokes every emotional chord imaginable is the best part about my job.  Art moves us all in very different ways and that for me is always the most fascinating aspect of what I do. Scroll and view the work yourself. Peter Triantos |

You don’t lack for self-confidence-- that much can be said Peter Triantos. | 15

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Adventurer & WildLife Photographer By Bennett Marcus

Close Encounters


n the Alaskan wilderness, Ejaz Khan came face-to-face with a bear. “I know that the bear was less than seven feet away because my camera doesn’t focus if you get below seven feet,” says Khan, a wildlife photographer. “And I heard my ranger pump the gun, and he says, ‘Get up slowly.’” Khan froze, and felt an electric thrill pass through him. He just stared at the bear; it started to walk toward him. When the bear was about three feet away, it turned and went the other way. The energy that Khan felt during the encounter was similar to another time, in Canada, when he was hoping to photograph wolves and a pack of them surrounded his tent - also too close to actually get any pictures.. “I love the fear that this sort of animal can tear me apart, but it’s not, and

it’s just letting me be, and that is, to me, amazing.” Khan says. The New York-based, Bombay bred father of two now takes about ten trips each year, photographing bald eagles in Alaska, bison in Yellowstone, and wild horses in France.

Reinventing himself

Not many people get the chance to turn their passions into a career, and Khan has done it more than once. His love of cameras started early, growing up on film sets in India, where his father was a movie director and producer, and his uncle and aunts were also filmmakers in some capacity. Later, his interest turned to fashion, of which his family did not approve, and he decamped to the U.S., where he spent a few years working odd jobs, driving a cab, working in a factory, “as all immigrants do.”Khan finally got a job in fashion, and eventually became a fashion photographer, shooting for magazines like Vogue, and also started his own women’s clothing brand, Tangerine NYC, which is sold in boutiques across the country. Marriage and children also came along.

Filmmaking, career crisis

Khan made a film, which landed at the Cannes Film Festival, where he was nominated for best director. He had a sort of career crisis - a breakdown, he calls it wondering what to do with his

16 |

life. His wife and a close friend insisted he take some time off, by himself, and booked him a flight to Alaska. His producer bought him a camera, a different type from those used for fashion. “I took off to Alaska. I was there for ten days, and when I was coming back, I called my wife, and I said, ‘I really don’t feel like coming back. I’m happy here, nature is great. Alaska is actually stunning, it’s amazing.’” He had been shooting those bears there. Khan found the nature travel therapeutic, and eventually he sold an image, and then sold another, and over the past four years, it became a business.

Loving the cold

One recent adventure took Khan to Oppdal, Norway, to capture the musk ox. “I slept in a tent, it was minus-25 degrees. It was some experience, and I loved every minute of it.” One big difference between wildlife and fashion photography is the success rate. “It’s unlike the fashion world, where you have your assistant, and you have your lighting, and set up everything, and you work with the model and say, ‘Okay, this is what I’m looking for,’ and you work toward getting it. Here, you know, your model doesn’t listen to you.” Khan never did get photos of those Canadian wolves that got too close, so he’s heading to the North Pole this spring to shoot Arctic wolves, which are totally white. “It’s going to be minus-65 degrees,” he says.

A stunning LUXURY, Adults-only, All-inclusive Saint Lucia Hideaway! Calabash Cove is located on a gently sloping hillside leading into a private beachfront cove and offers nine Water’s Edge Cottages all equipped with secluded plunge pools, Jacuzzis & rain showers and best of all, privacy for those looking for a special getaway. You will be tucked away in your own tropical paradise in one of the four Swim-Up Junior Suites just steps away from the infinity pool or enjoy panoramic views of the Caribbean’s azure waters in one of the thirteen Sunset Oceanview Junior Suites. Regardless of your suite choice, while away the hours at Calabash Cove enjoying the true West Indies experience of fine cuisine, premium drinks, concierge service and the soothing sounds of nature.

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CLAUDIA WARNER Gourmet Advisory Services By Nicole Clarke

Premier planning organization


eet event planner Claudia Warner. She works alongside her aunt Harriette Rose Katz and cousin Melissa Rosenbloom at Gourmet Advisory Services. Harriette, has been at the pinnacle of event planning for 40 years. The company produces everything from luxury weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, to society events, not-for-profit functions and corporate events. The team collaborates regularly with The Pierre, The Plaza, The Rainbow Room, The Mandarin Oriental, Cipriani, The American Museum of Natural History, The Breakers, and most recently, the new Ziegfeld Theater.

Extraordinary Events

Claudia joined the family business in 1988 when she discovered there was no denying her quest to craft extraordinary events. Growing up watching her grandmother, mother and aunt entertain with elegance and grace, she was inspired to cultivate the craft and join the team. Initially, she attended college with the mindset of becoming a lawyer while majoring in English. This gave her the right foundation to become an excellent communicator and develop the skills needed to bring exceptional events together.

Girl Squad

Event planning is a family affair at Gourmet Advisory Services. With a team consisting of mothers, daughters, cousins, and employees who are included in the family, Claudia’s Aunt Harriette has brought together powerhouse women under one roof to create the ultimate Girl Squad. Claudia explains that this is what separates them from other businesses in the industry. “Our company is completely family-based, and working with my aunt, my cousin, and my sister is really the most incredible experience. Imagine working with your best friends every day? We are all so vested in our clients, and we speak multiple times a day and night, and of course all weekend. Together we strategize on how to best service our clients, and completely advocate for them and protect them in every way possible. We have such a strong circle of women who comprise our team, whom

18 |

we love and respect like our family; they are our family.” This is what makes Gourmet Advisory Services unique, their work ethic has been built upon family values. Each team member has a major role in every event they plan, and Harriette, Claudia and Melissa are proud of their company’s approach to business; treating all of their clients as well as their team like members of their family.

Detail oriented

Claudia has the natural ability to understand a client’s vision, and is able to get a sense of what the end product should look like. In order to do well in this business, “you must be very detail oriented.” Claudia explains, ”Don’t come into this industry if you do not have a great eye for detail. You have to be able to multi-task and manage a lot of information and moving parts at all times”.

Multi-generational Family Business

Gourmet Advisory’s clients hold a great amount of trust in this team, and have faith in the creative process. Claudia says, “The planning process becomes so intimate, and relationships are built. We are talking with our clients about family and family dynamics. We are talking with them about finances. These are sometimes tricky subjects; hav-

ing a family business and the infrastructure that we have is what has made us so successful. Trust, loyalty, a strong moral compass, and a sense of discretion are paramount to our continued success and are at the core of what makes us tick”. When you hire Gourmet Advisory Services, you are hiring a seasoned and experienced team of professionals whose job it is to bring your vision to fruition. This is what makes families return to this family-run business for generation after generation.

NORWALK, CT $5,250,000 I MLS#170024434 Michelle&Company, 203.454.4663

NAPLES, FL $4,950,000 I MLS#218000769 Christopher Braun, 239.572.2200

30 ACRES, HOUSE, HORSE BARN, INDOOR ARENA NAPLES, FL $3,495,000 I MLS#217061428 John & Anthony Turco, 239.210.8888

MADISON, CT $2,075,000 I MLS#N10132921 Judy Dannemann, 203.675.8944

CHESHIRE, CT $1,350,000 I MLS#N10232574 Barbara Podlisny, 203.206.5954

ROXBURY, CT $1,000,000 I MLS#170022929 Beatriz Conroy, 203.910.2172

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UP CLOSE WITH ALEX CLARE The singer-songwriter talks about his new album, his iconic song and staying true to his values By Tammy Mark What inspires your lyrics? When I write a song -- generally it has to be personal, it has to be related to something that’s happened in my life. I’m not David Bowie – David Bowie could write like lyrics about anything and reel off nice rhymes and nice stories but I can’t - it has to be cathartic for me. Tell me about the Tail of Lions album – Tail of Lions is all about my experiences over the last few years. The title is actually from a Hebrew principle that it’s better to be a tail to a lion that the head to a fox. With what’s been going on over the last few years, politically and sociologically and celebrity culture, you see that there are a lot of people that have risen to the top who don’t necessarily have the ability or wherewithal. The culture of celebrities has gone completely bananas.


lex Clare catapulted to fame in March 2012 after his song “Too Close” was featured in a series of commercials for Internet Explorer 9. The song hit number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 list to become his first top-ten hit. His most recent album, Tail of Lions, was released last year. Originally from London and now living in Jerusalem, Clare recently toured North America with a stop in New York City. How do feel when you hear iconic song “Too Close” played around the world? I love it! The song changed my life. I had lost everything – I lost my record deal, I lost a lot. “Too Close” then became an international hit, so it changed my life. It enabled me to do what I love – which is make music. I don’t know what else I would do. As a livelihood it’s something I love doing, and it means I get to travel all other the

20 |

place and see amazing places and meet amazing people. When I was in London, kids would come up to me and be like ‘hey Alex – I’m too close to you!’ - it’s so nice. It gives me such inspiration that I did something in my life that millions of people know and recognize. You sing it with a lot of passion – was it based on a relationship you had? Yes…sort of…kind of. I was growing in one way and there was a friend of mine, who was a friend for a very long time, whom I decided to maybe one day date, and then I realized that we were just two different people. I had to reclaim some boundaries – so that’s kind of what “Too Close” is about. Are you in touch with that person at all? Does she know it was about her? No, no, not at all! I think so…maybe…?

What advice would you give someone trying to succeed in the world? The biggest piece of advice I say is never compromise. Never compromise your values for anybody – you would never be happy with it. Any time I felt I had to like compromise I felt terrible afterwards. You have to stay strong, and be flexible – but don’t negate your value system or your perspective for the pressures of the outside world – the world of commerce, the world of music – whatever it may be.

Discover the best kept secret in Saint Lucia and immerse yourself in true Caribbean Luxury.

East Winds is a breathtaking, all-inclusive tropical garden by the sea, which is home to what many consider the Island’s finest beach, shared only by a small number of like-minded discerning travelers. Guests at East Winds can expect personalized service, unparalleled onsite amenities, exclusive adventures, and an all-inclusive service to make the most memorable and authentic Caribbean experience.

758.452.8212 |


February 2018


By Joe Alexander with Photographs by Patrick McMullan

Call Me by Your Name, The Darkest Hour, Star Wars & Molly’s Game

Armie Hammer plays an older man who seduces a young boy played by brilliant newcomer Timothee Chalamet in the edgy film Call Me by Your Name. Both actors got nominated for a Golden Globe but lost. Chalamet confessed, “the love between these guys is passionate and out there, but then there’s also a lovemaking scene with a peach. Although funny in context, it really serves as a metamorphosis of some of the strongest ideas in the movie.” Hammer, who plays against type said, “I almost got kicked out of eighth grade for selling Playboys.” ….Gary Oldman deserved the Golden Globe he won for playing Winston Churchill in the excellent and historically accurate film The Darkest Hour, which makes an excellent companion piece to the extraordinary movie, Dunkirk. Oldman said, “if one could have a wish, or an alternative life, I would’ve liked to have been John Lennon…..Mark Hamill steals all his scenes in the exciting Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He said, “I have a sneaking suspicion that if there were a way to make movies without actors, George Lucas would do it.” … Jessica Chastain plays a fallen poker princess in the fascinating true story Molly’s Game she said, “I think the story of a woman who uses her intellect and her competitive nature to become powerful in an industry traditionally dominated by men is very empowering.” ….Daniel Day-Lewis becomes a 1950’s designer with dark secrets in Phantom Thread. This fashion focused film inspired by legendary designers Cristobal Balenciaga and the incomparable haute courtier Charles James is, according to Day-Lewis, his last. He apprenticed in a design studio for a year to prepare for his role, learning to make dresses form start to finish. He said “I’m a warrior when it comes to pursuing roles.”

Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet @ Golden Globes

Golden Globe winner Allison Janney

Jessica Chastain @ Golden Globes

Dr. Sherrell Aston and Muffie Potter Aston @ Take My Nose…Please!

Daniel Day-Lewis and Lesley Manville @ Phantom Thread

The Row star Natali Yura

Take My Nose… Please!

Joan Rivers, makes a posthumous appearance in Take My Nose…Please! ,a documentary about comedians and plastic surgery that has just come out on iTunes and Amazon. Director Joan Kron said that when she met with Joan to ask her to participate in the film Joan said, “I have to be in it, this is me!” Sadly, Rivers only got to be in the doc via archival clips from Johnny Carson and the Ed Sullivan show. Kron wore a rhinestone bracelet the legendary comedian gave her to her 90th birthday party at Michaels where she had Linda Axelrod, a dead-on, Rivers impersonator making wise cracks to the guests as they arrived. The movie features Emmy-nominated actress Jackie Hoffman who is currently on Broadway in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hoffman ended up opting for a face lift and chin implant from Dr. Sherrell Aston who did all the surgeries in the documentary. Jackie had once famously said, “I’m ugly and I know it” before getting her natural new look form Dr. Aston who’s done the faces of Catherine Deneuve, Carolina Herrera and Anna Wintour.

The Row

Breakout actress Natali Yura, who was just featured in The Hollywood Reporter, discussing her role in the Bruce Willis film Reprisal due out this spring, has just wrapped a starring role in The Row produced by EFO Films. The sexy actress tackles the role of a suspected killer in the murder mystery, set on a fictional college campus in Palm Springs, California. Insiders say the film features the best-looking cast of young actors since 1985’s St. Elmo’s Fire, which launched the careers of Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez.

22 |


The Picasso of Celebrity Selfies at Art Basel

Jean Pigozzi, who has been dubbed by Vanity Fair as “the Picasso of celebrity selfies”, has photographed everyone from Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to Karlie Kloss. He is credited with inventing the “selfie” in 1974 with a picture he took of himself with Faye Dunaway while he was a student at Harvard. Pigozzi unveiled a new show titled, “Charles and Saatchi: the Dogs“ at Isabelle Bscher’s Galerie Gmurzynska during Art Basel to critical acclaim. The black and white dog pictures were shown alongside works by Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana and Louise Nevelson.

Mr. Brainwash & Jason Newsted at Art Miami

Paris Hilton and Isabelle Bscher @ Galerie Gmurzynska

Courtney Kardashian in Morphew dress

Metallica’s Jason Newsted swiped spray paint from Mr. Brainwash’s booth to complete a giant mural he was painting on the side of the Art Miami Pavilion with Jean Michael Basquiat collaborator Al Diaz, and Danny Minnick. Newsted ran out of paint three quarters through painting the mural titled “Birds of a Feather.” Newsted was desperate find more paint to finish the mural and when he realized his booth was next to Mr. Brainwash’s. He peeked behind the booth and found spray paint, which he liberated to finish the mural. Art lovers in Miami included Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Paris Hilton, Rosario Dawson, and Art Miami’s director Nick Korniloff.

Symrise & Morphew at Aqua Art Miami

The late artist Keith Haring’s Soho pop shop from the 80’s was recreated by designers Jason Lyon and Bridgette Morphew during Aqua Art Miami. The exhibition featured Versace’s iconic Warhol dress as well vintage pieces from their NYC studio including a Jean-Paul Gaultier number that Courtney Kardashian bought. They have dressed Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski and Suki Waterhouse in their own creations. The designing duo also debuted their Morphew perfume by Symrise who also makes fragrances for Marc Jacobs and Victoria Secret, during their show, “Which Comes First, the Art or the Fashion.”

Bash for the Bulldogs

Beth Stern @ Bash for the Bulldogs

Harriette Rose Katz @ Bash for the Bulldogs

Ice T was sidelined by a nasty cold and sent his wife Coco, daughter Chanel, and family bulldog Maximus to help Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Stern co-host the Long Island Bulldog Rescue’s Bash for the Bulldogs at NYU. Guitars autographed by Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift and one of Howard Sterns’ hats were auctioned off for the cause. When asked about Matt Lauer, Stern said, “the family are dear friends of ours and it’s painful to Howard and I.” When asked about children of her own she replied, “Oh no way. I’m 45, I’m way passed that. My pets are my kids.” Guests included stem cell guru Dr. Christopher Calapai and event planner Harriette Rose Katz.

Roger Clemens @ Haven Rooftop

Hank Freid ,Carissa Rosario and Brandon Freid @ Haven Rooftop

Baseball legend Roger Clemens who was the star pitcher for the Yankees from 1999 to 2003, has been nominated to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.. Clemens and a table full of his buddies were seen celebrating at Brandon and Hank Freid’s Haven Rooftop in the Sanctuary Hotel on West 47th St. After the group had popped open multiple bottles of champagne, Clemens grabbed the DJ’s mic and belted out Post Malone and Quavo’s “Congratulations” to the roar of the crowd.

Allison Janney at The Golden Globes

Golden Globe winner Allison Janney took home the award for her role-playing Margot Robbie mother in I Tonya. She celebrated by buying a diamond studded “A” necklace by jewelry designer to the stars Lisa Jackson, who’s also sold pieces to House of Cards star Robin Wright, John Travolta and Vera Wang.

Mr. Brainwash, Jason Newsted and Nick Korniloff at Art Miami | 23





utler Salon owner Rodney Cultler along with Fatboy founder Tyson Kennedy recently expanded Cutler Brooklyn’s original salon into a new cozy, home-feel and chic hair boutique, in the heart of Williamsburg. The salon brings together hairstylists of all talents to form a vibrant and creative community where the talent evolves on a daily basis. That roster, by no means exhaustive, include celeb-stylist Ryan Austin, editorial legend Luke Baker, stylist Leila Nations, stylist Roxy Coberly, Fatboy founder Tyson Kennedy, Cutler founder Rodney Cutler and creative colorist extraordinaire Pam Gonzalez. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be hard, but now that 2018 started, the time for new beginnings is now. “New year, new me?” This ‘new you’ can be a brunette

as most do during the colder months or a blondie babe. YES you heard us; you can go for a light and vibrant blondie vibe in winter. Sometimes we need a change and this color is fabulous. The common fad amongst people is that if they’re blonde they go darker during the colder months due to lack of sun. Why would you limit yourself to the common and boring winter color myth? Give your hair a new breath with a trendy, chic and outstanding hair boost at Cutler. Of course not only can clients just go brown or blonde they can also do any type of hair coloring. Not up for coloring? Treat your hard working self to a special occasion hair service because let’s face it, if you look good you feel amazing. If the new you wants a change of length or

texture check out the ‘press’ tab on the Cutler website! Hair stylists Rodney Cutler and Sharon So teamed up to create a collection of images showcasing different styles or cuts of varying lengths and textures. These photos show potential clients the versatility in one cut whether it be side bangs, sleek, or more voluminous you’ll never have one boring style. You can be elegant or rocker glam with one kind of haircut. Strut into your New Year’s celebration with bouncy or sleek locks that will have all eyes on you. For more information or to book your appointment, please visit www.CutlerSalon. com. You can also find the most accessible location for you! 220 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 212.308.3838



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ew York City is known for setting trends but celebrated hair colorist Meaghan Frayne creates the best look for her clients rather than follow the latest Instagram craze. She hones in on the best way to enhance her clients’ natural beauty through their greatest accessory—their hair. Meaghan’s loyal clientele at Angelo David Salon includes A-listers, socialites and bold-face name celebrities, who put their tresses in her capable hands. Whether the challenge is thinning hair, hair loss or an undesirable hair color, Meghan tailors her solution to individual needs, creating looks that appear natural and boost confidence. For clients facing thinning hair or hair loss, she recommends VOL Volumizing shampoo and conditioner to make fine hair look thicker. She also recommends Angelo David’s 100% natural Hair Detox supplements, which address many possible causes of hair loss, including excess male

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THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ultra Violet - The Color of the Year By Hillary Latos & Ann Lawlor

Modern and elegant Ultra Violet was named as the color of 2018. As mysterious as amethyst and as powerful as the sun’s rays, here are some of our favorite beauty picks that showcase this vibrant hue.

LIPS 1. BLack Opal Color Splurge Risque Matte Lipstick in Fashion Fuschia 2. Stila Becky Color Balm Lipstick 3. Ellis Faas Bright Lips Hot Fuschia 4. Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color in Damask 5. Luscious Heartbreaker in Rocker 6. Essence Metal Shock Lip Paint Hemlock

28 |

EYES 1. Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Aubergine 2. Too Faced Glitter Bomb Eye Shadow Palette 3. Isadora Perfect Eyes in Majestic Mauve 4. NYX Professional Makeup Color Mascara Purple 5. Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner Retrograde 6. Catrice Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow 7. Essence Vibrant Shock Lash & Brow Gel Mascara Be Fun & Lilal

FACE & HAIR 1. Jurlique Sweet Violet Grapefruit Mist 2. Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die For No-Filter Mattifying Primer & Complexion Perfector 3. schwarzkopf Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color, Amethyst Chrome 4. THE ONE BY FREDERIC FEKKAI The Brilliant One Color Shampoo 5. Shu Uemura Color Lustre Cool Blonde Reviving Balm

NAILS 1. KB Shimmer Come on Get App-y 2. Butter LONDON + Pantone Ultra Violet Nail Lacquer 3. Zoya Juno Nail Polish 4. Lechat Dare to Wear Metallux Paradox 5. Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Pro Purple Haze | 29

Rings and necklace by rosetattoos

30 |


“Objects of Desire� is part of an exhibition by Udo Spreitzenbarth which is currently showing in Germany. To celebrate 250 years of jewelry manufacturing in Pforzheim, one of the leading jewelry cities in Europe, Udo was asked to create artwork involving pieces from 12 selected jewelry designers and houses.

Photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth Imaging Lorraine Baker and Davide Illiano Makeup Alexander Becker Hair Stefanie Schumann Nail Artist Ewelina Smaza Photo Assistants Thommy West and Frederik Dulay Winkler Muses Jada Joyce, Laura Ahnert, Michelle Heintz, and Sintija Selicka Special thanks to Albert Esslinger-Kiefer, Gerhard Baral and the Gold City Pforzheim | 31

Pure gold rope necklace by Wellendorff

32 |

Rings and pendant by BEAUTY Victor& WELLNESS Mayer | 33

Rings and necklaces by Oliver Schmidt

34 |

Rings, necklace and antique crown by Rudolf Schupp | 35

Pearl necklaces by Gellner

36 | | 37

38 |

ANNIE WERSCHING A STAR ON THE RISE By Hillary Latos | Photographer Djeneba Aduayom


nown for playing badass female protagonists on hit TV shows such as Renee Fleming in 24, Lily Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, time traveler Emma Whitmore on Timeless, and Leslie Dean on Runaways, Annie Wersching is a star on the rise. Here Resident Magazine speaks to this talented and spirited actress about what it was like to play Kiefer Sutherland’s love interest on 24, her current projects, and how she balances a successful career and a family life in Hollywood. This March be sure to catch Annie in the second season premiere of Timeless on NBC.

RM: What are some of your current projects? We just finished the Marvel series Runaways which is airing now, we are seven episodes in out of ten. I’m currently working on season 2 of NBC’s TV show Timeless and then more time traveling after the holidays. Runaways is a reimagining of what we are used to seeing in Marvel’s shows. It has a younger audience

with a young kid drama but still retains the superhero action of Marvel with a great dynamic between the children and parents, so it’s fun to be starring in a new version of a Marvel show. I play Leslie Dean who dresses all in white and is head of a really powerful church in Los Angeles, a little like Scientology but different. She’s got a lot going on with her daughter Carolina but she’s also the leader of Pride and now she’s trying to balance Jonah and Frank in her life with Frank finding out about her relationship with Jonah. She’s also the only one who can hold the group together so she has to work on a few relationships within Pride, but she’s very good at that. Timeless is exciting because we got cancelled and then 3 days later we got picked up again. My character Emma is more involved than last year but is definitely a bad guy. I’m excited to see her character fleshed out and to see it finally air. Emma Whitmore is a very mysterious character, and I’m as much in the dark until the scripts come out. I

have heard that she is going to have a back story episode to see a little more about her past before they found her in the 1800s so we will get to go back to that time period she made an appearance from in season 1. She thinks things are supposed to be done a certain way and she does not approve of Lucy being in the picture and doesn’t trust her. She’s stirring up trouble. RM: How did you get started in your career? AW: I originally started in theater in grade school and middle school and then went to college for musical theater. I toured with a musical theater group and I was supposed to go to New York but I auditioned for a part in Los Angeles, and then didn’t make it to New York. I was doing extra work, catering, bartending and doing ‘the actor in LA circuit’ that everyone has done. But I got an agent while starring in a couple of shows at the Pasadena Playhouse and slowly worked my way up in the TV world as a guest star, then co star, and started getting more recurring roles. Once I | 39

was able to play a woman instead of a girl things clicked for me and I was able to carry myself better. 24 was a big deal for me to land and also General Hospital. You are also a competitive Irish dancer, what was that experience like? I grew up doing it. A close friend of the family from Galway got me started. It later became a part of life and I traveled all over competing, and I also played the Irish tin whistle. I competed from ages 5 to 17. When I go home to St. Louis and try to do it again with the girls I grew up with, after two minutes we are panting. It takes a lot of stamina but it was wonderful and a great thing to be involved with growing up. Back then I was known as the only girl on stage who smiled. It definitely gave me a stage presence as I began to break into the theater world. Would you want to get back into dance performance? I’ve had a few people who asked me to participate in Dancing with the Stars. Any role that would get me back into singing, dancing or musical theater would be heaven. How do you balance family and work life as a Hollywood actor? I’m a Midwesterner and have a good relationship with my mom and am pretty well grounded to begin with. So I had a good background to balance the Hollywood mom and relationship world. It’s not easy, but, I’m surrounded by really good friends. My kids are my priority and as much as I can I try to work in Los Angeles. Runaways has a large cast with 16 characters. But the fact that it shoots in Los Angeles trumps everything when you have a 4 and a 6 year old. It’s about making the choices that are the best for your family as a whole and not looking back. How does your husband feel about your romance scenes, especially from 24? He’s just like, “I’m going to get my turn soon, right? And I get to make out with a girl on a show, right?” He has a good head on his shoulders and makes jokes about it. Obviously we have a lot of trust. It’s definitely strange but it’s not at all what you think it is. The process of filming a scene like that is just the worst. There are a lot of people and all of a sudden you have to be romantically linked with a person you’ve been working with for a year and a friend of yours, it’s just strange. What has been the strangest troll experience you’ve ever had on social media? The strangest comments came from shows where

40 |

I was connected with male actors who have so many women out there who are convinced they are their husbands. One fan wrote ‘Keep your hands off of him Renee, he’s mine’ (referring to Keifer Sutherland). Even on the Vampire Diaries there were some intense fans for Ian Sommerhalder, granted I played their mother but had abandoned them, and I received some really angry messages. I also played a serial killer character on Castle who was obsessed with Detective Beckett and fans wrote to me ‘Don’t you touch her!’ Sometimes these fans just confuse reality with the character. It just shows what a great actress you are. AW: Right, there we go! Have there been any characters that you played who were close to your own personality? I feel that every character I play I put a bit of yourself in there that identifies with certain aspects. I like to pretend and believe I am a badass so there’s that aspect in my characters such as in Renee and Emma. But I’m probably closer to the mom characters I play. Which has been your favorite character to play? I played Renee Walker the longest so I feel like I know her the best. I liked the character I played on Castle, she was a psychopath but was really fun to play and would’ve been nice to learn more about her. I’m such a kid when it comes to things like the Vampire Diaries it was fun to see how they shoot the vampire tricks and fast motion. It was also fun to learn all of the weapon training for 24. So I loved all of them. It must be fun to play a time traveler. Yes I love it. The latest episoide I’m filming I travel to 1955, and my character is a bit of a bad ass. She’s still in jeans and cool shoes. I got to go to 1920s Paris last season which was amazing. My character in the opening premiere is from WW1. And I’ve played in the 1880s Western period, but also the present day. How do you describe your personal style? I’m a terrible girl. I have a little bohemian vibe mixed with rock ‘n roll. I love wearing jeans, a tank top, and cowboy boots. It’s super fun to dress up. When I choose dresses for a Hollywood event,choose dresses with a twist on Old Hollywood glamorous vibe. What are some of your favorite go to places in Los Angeles? Times have changed. When my husband and I first started dating we used to go out in a different way than we go out now. We would go to an amazing dinner and wine bar. I like Perch, this spot in downtown L.A. that has a rooftop and serves amazing food. Our night usually starts at a restaurant and turns into a super fun experience. I also love Moonshadows in Malibu and love going to places I’ve never been before and having a new experience. | 41




The Premier Steakhouse And Grill in New York City By Peter Elston


stablished in 1969, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has become a staple of New York City dining. Founded on the principles of quality food and superior customer service, Bobby Van’s maintains the same high standards more than four decades later. Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has grown to include ten restaurants across New York City, Washington D.C. and the Hamptons, as well as a takeout burger joint called BV’s Burger. The friendly staff, warm décor and prime selection of steaks, chops and seafood at Bobby Van’s create a true New York steakhouse experience.

Known for its classic steakhouse fare, Bobby Van’s serves a variety of steak dishes including the traditional Porterhouse Steak (a premium cut of beef that can be shared between 2-4 people) and its signature Filet Mignon (a prime, tender cut of beef with exceptional taste and texture), as well as fresh seafood options such as Chilean Sea Bass (prepared with Miso & Tamari glaze and served with asparagus, Bok Choy and Shitake mushrooms in a white truffle fish broth). Each of Bobby Van’s five New York City locations offers a unique experience for Bobby Van’s customers, while upholding the superior qualities that make Bobby

Van’s Steakhouse a New York icon. Since opening its doors in 1996, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue has become known as “the original” Bobby Van’s in New York City. Housed within the landmark Helmsley Building, the venue boasts scenic views of iconic Park Avenue. With its elegant menu options, award-winning wine list and refined décor, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue attracts guests looking for a luxury dining experience. 230 Park Ave. (Btwn. 45th & 46th St.)

New York City’s latest culinary destination – L’ADRESSE American Bistro!


Join us at L’ADRESSE American Bistro for innovative dishes with European touches, mouthwatering pâtisserie and a diverse beverage program that includes artisanal cocktails, fruit and vegetable blends, spritzers and one-of-a-kind coffee drinks.

The first overseas location of its parent company, the popular Moscow restaurant group, Coffeemania, L’ADRESSE is ideally suited for “power breakfasts,” social or business lunches, after-work drinks and dinner, as well as weekend brunches.

fine dining

A DINING OUT By Tash Bazika

s New York City is known as a melting pot of cultures and cuisine, this month we celebrate the bountiful offerings available at our disposal. From a globally inspired hotspot in DUMBO to exploring the casually chic French cuisine authentic Greek fare in the West Village, let your taste buds guide you this month as there are many gastronomic roads to travel in this food driven city.


With poultry taking center stage at Le Coq Rico, it’s all about the beautiful birds here at this celebrated French Bistro that originated in Paris’ Montmartre district. Their wild and noble heritage birds are cooked in the classic French manner which is poached, roasted and served au jus that taste simply divine whether or not you are a poultry connoisseur. Prices range from $75-110 for a whole bird aged 120-130 days that bear fancy pedigrees such as Brune Landaise, Plymouth Rock, and Catskill Guinea Fowl, which can serve up to 4 guests, while smaller dinner groups can opt for smaller portions that are roasted, stuffed or braised. The seasonally driven menu does have a primary focus on the whole bird with gourmand delicacies that showcase the ancillary by products. The egg centric starters include deviled eggs with octopus, cabbage & cumin salad, slow cooked duck eggs with chanterelle mushrooms and a cream emulsion, and poached eggs with smoked pork belly. There is also a decent selection of delicious chicken terrines and duck foie gras on offer as well as the giblets platter that offers an array of duck and chicken organs prepared for palettes with an acquired taste. Though poultry is the specialty of the house, seafood dishes such as the roasted scallops with caramelized chicory or the chicken and lobster vol-au-vent are executed to perfection. To expand on his obsession of prized birds Chef Antoine Westerman tapped artist Doug Fitch to decorate this airy and contemporary Gramercy restaurant with art installations comprised of feathers and the bathrooms adorned with hollowed egg shells. --By Hillary Latos

NISI ESTIATORIO New York City is known as a food-crazed city where West Village manages to be at the epicenter of bringing locals and visitors a taste of every corner of the world. Nisi Estiatorio offers diners authentic Greek seafood in this trendy location. Guests are greeted with a taste of Greece as they step into an oceanic oasis, which compliments the dishes swimmingly. Vibrant blues serve as the perfect backdrop for the lively pops of yellow and green, which are tied in with a neutral cream color, mimicking sand and the boat ropes are an added touch to the setting. As for the food, only the best and freshest ingredients are used to create master dishes such as lobster linguini and seafood fettuccini. Diners can choose to start with a classic Greek salad or warm seafood salad with mussels, baby shrimp and calamari served over a bed of wild greens topped with lemonmarjoram sauce. From the meze section, the jumbo grilled shrimp with olive oil and lemon sauce is great for sharing, and the nisi chips are paper thin zucchini and eggplant chips served with tzatziki. If seafood is not on your list, there are options from the land, which includes lamb shank, lamb chops, oven roasted chicken and rib eye steak. To top off the evening, crafty cocktails make for a fun addition and the extensive wine list is sure to satisfy any palate.

44 |

Blush pink in color, aromatic with citrus and red fruit, floral with a crisp and refreshing mineral character.

. . . let the fun begin

NotoriousPink NotoriousPinkRose Available at and Find Notorious Pink at a store near you . . .

fine dining


Enter into a sense of timeless eclecticism in Dumbo’s newest restaurant addition Sugar Cane Raw Bar Grill. The Globally inspired small plates takes cues from its Miami predecessor and come from three kitchens—an open fire grill, a raw bar and traditional kitchen are all overseen by award-winning Chef Partner Timon Balloo.

Diners are welcomed to a space inspired by the architecture and design of the original Empire Stores warehouse and its Civil War history. The natural tones of grey, white and brown come from the salvaged ironwork, reclaimed shutters and a variety of vintage ‘found objects’ that blend seamlessly with a range of modern design elements. A perfect spot for enjoying the weekend with a leisurely brunch, guests can enjoy the stunning views of Manhattan between the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge from the patio along the waterfront. Make a day out of it and enjoy a scenic ferry ride from Manhattan. For brunch enjoy elevated renditions of favorite classics with a twist from other culinary destinations. Indulge on unique pairings such as truffled toad in the hole with a sunny side up egg, melted robiola with black truffle, goat cheese croquettes with mango marmalade, hake sake salmon with pickled cucumber, poached eggs with oxtail stew, crispy duck confit and duck egg with waffles, and sweet soy laced chicken thigh lettuce cups. For a decadent ending enjoy the sweet side of brunch with dulce de leche soaked French toast with maple caramelized apples and cinnamon ice cream. To accompany a global menu such as this, Sugarcane offers signature libations that pair perfectly with brunch such as a spicy mezcal and cucumber yuzu cocktail or the tobacco laced bourbon Manhattan.

GLORIA This modern pescatarian restaurant devoted to sustainable seafood is a warm and elegant addition to Hell’s Kitchen’s culinary scene. The simple space, bordered by a wraparound blue banquette with exposed brick and white walls is an ideal place for a friendly evening out. The menu at Gloria is very much fish and vegetable forward, inspired by Chef Garcia’s coastal Mexican and Napa, California upbringing. The tightly edited menu favors wild, local and sustainable fish such as blue fish, black bass and fluke. Diners can indulge in Spanish mackeral with squid ink, cauliflower and trout caviar, or monkfish with potato, turnip and caramelized onion. The skate wing, and pollock are also crowd pleasers. For starters, dive into the wild striped bass tartare with carrot, heart of palm and husk cherry, or the delicate squash comes with mussels and cheddar foam. The scallops with sea beans and fennel serve as an ideal opener for a seafood focused meal. The beverage program features an exciting selection of natural wines from France and California, which make for the perfect accompaniment to the dishes served. The drinks list also consists of rotating locallybrewed beers, as well as crafty creative cocktails, including Come into the Light with vodka, lemon, green chartreuse and vanilla and the Drowned in Crystal Lake incorporates plantation stiggin’s pineapple rum, punt e mes and dash fire old fashioned bitters.

46 |



Majestic 12,000 s.f. brick manor set on 2 acres with pool. . Enjoy low real estate taxes and excellent schools just 7 miles from NYC. Price upon request



Live in luxury and entertain in style in this elegant brick colonial is set on 2 private acres. Enjoy low taxes and excellent schools just 7 miles from NYC. $3.725,000

Stately 7,000 S.F. Tudor colonial set on an acre offering 2 master suites. Enjoy Alpine’s low real estate taxes and excellent schools just 7 miles from NYC. $2,500,000


Located on one of Alpine’s most desirable streets, this Williamsburg colonial is set on an acre overlooking the Alpine Golf Course. $2,500,000

Elegant brick colonial completely updated with a welldesigned open floor plan offering 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths in prestigious North Cliffs just 2 miles from NYC with low real estate taxes. $2,225,000



NEW CONSTRUCTION! GREAT LOCATION! Set on a half acre and built with extraordinary attention to detail, 10’ ceilings, 5 bedrooms & 5.5 baths. Award winning schools 5 miles from NYC. $2,530,000


Luxurious well-appointed townhouse, over 4,000 s.f. with 9 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathsand 2 fireplaces. Complete with all amenities including elevator and generator. $1,350,000

Located on the prestigious East Hill of Demarest. Renovated to perfection this Nantucket colonial is set on a manicured half acre. Demarest is known for its excellent schools. $885,000


Classic well-maintained colonial is set on a half acre offering 8 rooms, 3 bedrooms 3.5 baths in the thriving town of Westwood. Westwood offers a train service into Manhattan, excellent schools and low taxes.$879,000



PEGGY MANN Licensed in New Jersey & New York Realtor Associate cell: 201.400.3264


fine dining


JADE Sixty is not your typical Asian steakhouse. The menu looks to Asia for inspiration but there is nothing Asian about the steaks. This contemporary restaurant, started by the famous restaurateur Stratis Morfogen and Franco Moscato, is the new go-to place for food lovers that want a little bit of everything. “He doesn’t want a traditional steakhouse, and I don’t want traditional Asian, so we married the two,” Morfogen says of Moscato. Recently opened to the public, JADE Sixty offers a contemporary chic vibe that takes the artistry and glamour of the Prohibition Era with a fresh sense of style. This 175- seat restaurant is perfect for a special occasion or just a night out with friends. The bar, which seats up to 15 people, will also provide guests to access to the full menu while they enjoy their drinks.

Their extensive menu has a little bit of everything. The menu offers a variety of small plates to family style entrées. It includes foods like roast duck, sevruga caviar, dumpling & noodles, Sushi and Maki rolls, soup dumplings, lobster & crab, chicken, and shrimp. JADE Sixty also has a variation of famous entrées that start from their Torched Salmon Belly, Smoked Ikura; Snow Crab-Brown Butter Ponzu; Uni-Yuzo Koshu Sea Grapes; and Torched Wagyu Truffle. Also they have an extensive Steaks & Chops list that includes their famous Filet Mignon 16oz, Bone in Ribeye 24oz, Lamb Chops (double cut), and their Short Ribs. To add, they have a steak & chops option for family style that can serve 1-4 guests, which includes entrees from their Aged Prime Porterhouse, Crispy Sweet Beef, Beef & Broccoli, and their Crispy Filet Mignon, all of which can be paired with their soup dumplings and salad variation. JADE Sixty will also be featuring a private dining room, The HG Gallery, that will fit up to twenty guests. -- By Manoosh Maesumi


Everyone in New York City loves a good slice of pizza. Now imagine if you got to choose your toppings and the flour that went into your pizza crust. This is the new concept that PN Wood Fired Pizza is drawing from and has already become one of the best restaurants in town.

“We don’t break the rules; we make them” is one of their sayings which is incorporated into their business model. PN Wood Fired Pizza offers fourteen different flours that customers can chose from. A couple of the flour options are: Organic Stone Ground Type 1, which is their main player; Organic Whole Wheat Flower, Kronos the Durum, Miracolo the Italian Heritage Soft Wheat, Multigrain, Kamut the Heritage Durum, Einkorn, Capelli, Organic Triticum Spelta- from Tuscany, and finally the Montana. The flour can vary from Italian whole wheat to a high gluten Canadian mingled with faro and rye. Each flour offers something new and exciting to the customer. Their menu is nothing far from perfection. They offer thirteen different styles of pizza that customers can chose from: Focaccina, Margherita, Mediterranea, Crudo & Rucola, Salamino, Porcini, Polpettosa, Marguez, D.O.P., Zuccottio, Tartufo, Regina, and Vegaccina. Their hand-made pastas can be exquisite when paired with one of their many options of garden salads. They also serve mussels, burgers [with pretzel buns], and dry aged rib-eye steak. The restaurant offers a largely seated rustic trattoria in the heart of New York City. It also comes with a full bar, seating up to 10 people, that offers an impressive wine list and beers by the bottle. For those who prefer, there is a fine selection of cocktails and top-notch spirits which is perfect for customers want to enjoy drinks while having full access to the menu. This rustic, romantic Italian restaurant is perfect for a special dinner or a casual lunch soiree. --By Manoosh Maesumi

48 |

Credit Alexander Stein





Totally renovated home. In every direction,there are walls of glass.The Great Room offers dramatic ceiling, a large triangular window that becomes the focal point and a very beautiful stone fireplace. The master bedroom is large and inviting and the master bath resembles a private spa. Full separate in-law suite. Hot tub pavilion, in-ground pool with pool house and stone walls, etc. complete this estate. MLS#6866428 $895,000




Beautifully designed new construction home, European inspired exterior details set romantic tones. Inside, find ten-foot ceilings throughout the first floor, a double height Great Room and its expansive views to the rear garden and canal beyond.Wonderful open plan living, featuring ample kitchen and adjacent dining area. First floor Master Suite. MLS#7034279 $1,685,000 Kevin McPheeters 215.740.8331 or Art Mazzei



This Zaveta built home of more than 15,000 square feet, sits on 8+ very private acres inTinicum. Briar Roses' kitchen is a true chef's kitchen with custom built breakfast breakfront and of 7 fireplaces throughout.The palatial first floor master bedroom and bath feature walls of light and tub-side fireplace.The lower level boasts a grand wine room that has space for 2,200 bottles.The home theater is truly a state-of-the-art.. MLS#7026439 $2,949,000 PR PR O IC VE E M EN




Stunning Ferman Lex home sited on 13 plus acres on coveted Pidcock Creek Road.The stone and stucco home is approximately 10,000 sq. ft. and offers 5 bedrooms and 5½ sumptuous baths.The gourmet kitchen is ideally suited for either family dinners or high volume entertaining.There are granite counters,high-end appliances,large island and close proximity to the grand family room and breakfast area. MLS#6866695 $1,995,000








CURL CREEK FARM: This stucco over stone home, on STONE MANORAT FRY'S RUN: One of a small 10 plus acres, has been totally renovated by the current owner. The banquet sized dining room, with fireplace, can easily seat 20-24. The stunning and published kitchen has been totally renovated. Over the garage, there is a cozy one bedroom apartment. Beautiful landscaped grounds feature an in-ground pool, an outdoor patio area and a pavilion. MLS#6927896 $2,349,000

number of historic barns from the late 1700s in the Bucks County area, that has been magically transformed into a stunning residence. From a large private courtyard with a heated in-ground pool, enter into a spectacular renovation that combines the warmth of yesterday with modern day amenities.This home offers lots of options; including home office, artist’s studio, guest cottages. MLS#6930728 $899,000

For property information contact Art Mazzei directly at 610-428-4885

215-862-5500 • 550 Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938 • Addison Wolfe Real Estate

fine dining

AG KITCHEN Chef Alex Garcia namesake Upper West Side favorite, A.G. Kitchen is celebrating its 5th anniversary that showcases Garcia’s culture and upbringing and love of the kitchen. The sprawling menu focuses on the appreciation of simplicity of ingredients and of the dishes, spanning from both north and south of the border. Like the menu, the establishment is lightly decorated to emphasize a focus on the beauty in simple things. Guests will find themselves dining in a well lit white space with pops of vibrant colors added in for a novel flair and includes shades of yellow, orange, blue and red. As for the food, appetizers include a range of guacamoles, such as pineapple and pomegranate, papaya and mint and A.G. guacamole trio or a classic option. From the sandwich section, diners can savor a handful of A.G. grilled cheese with tomato, black forest ham, avocado, caramelized onions and bacon, or NYC’s Best Cubano, with roast pork, black forest ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. The burgers can be seen as a reflection of Garcia, as does the rest of the menu. Flavorful food is a major part of A.G. Kitchen and the creativity in making a simple item such as a burger or taco allows guests to experience a different taste with each bite. To accompany the fun and flavorsome dishes are even more fun crafty cocktails like mango mayhem, the Upper Westie or a simple Cuban sidecar and Moscow mule. There are also a range of wines, including sparkling and a variety of beers that will make perfect accompaniments to any dish.

We are eager to help you find the perfect home to make your Outer Banks family vacation the most enjoyable and relaxing experience possible. Interested in owning a home here? We also have a skilled Real Estate Sales Team to guide you in making the right choice for your investment.


50 | 800-552-6257 | 143

Fine Dining

Bennelong - Photo credit Nikki To



ydney, is a spectacular piece of Australia, with a wow factor like no other. Its glorious harbor is draped around wondrous beaches, endless national parks and stupendous restaurants hidden in everything and anything, including the famous Opera House. When dining out down under, Sydney definitely has an advantage of being a culinary scene with endless possibilities.

It is Australia’s most recognizable landscape: Sydney Opera house. Its billowing white sails, soar high presenting its commanding presence on the beautiful Darling Harbor, as does the sophisticated restaurant that lives inside. Bennelong is the substantially entrancing establishment inside the Opera House, serving up a celebration of Sydney and Australia’s finest from Executive Chef Peter Gilmore.

Photo credit Nikki To

52 |

Guests are greeted with a spectacle of warm, soft lighting that bounces off the large copper frame that molds with the white sails, keeping the integrity of the structure intact. The view of

Sydney’s skyline and the beloved Darling Harbor is available from your seat as you delight your eyes on Australia’s freshest produce, including seafood and wines. As for the food, guests can choose to dine in the circle, the table, the bar, the cured and cultured counter or pre and post theatre style. The circle offers a view over the entire restaurant, with a relaxed dining experience and is perfect for private events with family and friends. At the Cured and Cultured counter, diners will find a menu completely focused on a single, pristine ingredient and a view of the chefs at work.

The menu consists of items such as red claw yabby with lemon jam, cultured cream served on a buckwheat pikelet and suckling pig sausage roll or a Tasmanian inspired scallop pie. The salad of smoked eggplant, crisp falafel, pistachio nuts, currants, labane all served on house made pita bread is different with every bite and is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Australia is known for its land, and the wineries are no different. Bennelong curates an impressive wine list showcasing Australia’s best Chardonnays, Pinot Gris’s, Sauvignon Blanc’s, Rieslings and many more.

Fine Dining

Photo credit David Griffen

It is hailed as Australia’s most beautiful dining room, with its colossal marble columns and magnificent interior, Rockpool Bar and Grill in Sydney is a must when visiting the famed city.

Catherine’s Passionfruit Pavlova

Situated in the sensational City Mutual Building, a 1936 Sodersteen-designed American style art deco skyscraper, the dining style is simple, uncomplicated and elegant, with a handful of great food and an even greater wine list. Rockpool Bar and Grill offers diners a peak into some of Aus-

tralia’s best beef with an attentive service style for sophistication and a heavy emphasis on excellent produce. Diners can expect to indulge in items from the cold bar such as four raw tastes of the sea or freshly shucked oysters with mignonette sauce as a starter. The hot starters include grilled zucchini flowers and fried capers or the fried calamari is a taste satisfier. As for the main, beef from the wood fired grill is prerequisite and includes succulent options like David Blackmore’s dry

aged full blood Wagyu ox fillet, or the Cape Grim Dry Aged Vintage 60 month old Grass Fed fillet is a commitment you need to make. Opt in for a side of potato puree or cucumber salad with rosemary, garlic and sunflower seeds to refresh your palate. The wine list is a big black book of heaven and contains 173 glorious pages filled top to toe with varietals of wines and champagnes from France, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Spain, Hungary and many more countries

Rockpool Dining Room - Photo credit David Griffen | 53


• Michelangelo Custom, Designed by Stofft Cooney • 7 BR, 8.3 BA, 2 Offices, Gym/Guest House • Gated Privacy, 2 Access Roads, 7-Car Garage • Enormous Pool/Jacuzzi, Water Views Galore $15,950,000 MLS 218006778 McMurray & Nette 239.850.7888


• “Tranquility”, a Contemporary Zen Design • Over 9,000 S.F. Indoor/Outdoor Living Space • 4 BR, 5 BA + Den, 3-Car Garage • Great Location $3,795,000 MLS 217029954 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561



• Spectacular, Completely Remodeled 4 BR, 4 BA • Virtual Tour: www.1310SeaSprayLane.Info • 3 Levels, New Floors, Kitchen, Windows, A/C & More • Panoramic Gulf of Mexico Views, Private $5,795,000 MLS 218003649 Radigan Team 239.691.6240


• 8,300 S.F., Harbourside Riverfront Home • 4 Master BR Suites, 2 Guest Bedrooms • 4-Car Garage, Elevator • New Hurricane Rated Windows & Doors $2,999,000 MLS 217064189 Patti Testa 239.770.5445



239.472.9111 Florida Locations: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island

• 3 BR, Flex Room, 3-Car A/C Garage • Brand New, Prime Lakefront Home • Price Adjusted to Sell Quickly • Spectacular Pool/Spa $1,449,000 MLS 217031403 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078


• Turnkey Furnished, 18th Floor Luxury High Rise • 3 BR, 3 BA, 2,730 S.F., Private Elevator • Breathtaking Gulf & Bay Views • Highly Sought After ‘02 Floor Plan $1,189,000 MLS 218005992 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722


North Carolina Locations: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands and Sapphire Valley/Lake Toxaway

• 4 BR, 4 BA, 2.5-Car Garage, 3,061 S.F. • Lake & Golf Course Views • Great Room Floor Plan • Walking Distance to Amenities $975,000 MLS 217079422 Jennifer Fairbanks 239.849.1122

• Private Lot w/Great Lake Views • 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms + Den • Upgraded Granite “Gourmet” Kitchen • Great for Outdoor Entertaining $899,900 MLS 217029133 Gary Ryan 239.273.6796

Sink your putt in the cup— and your toes in the sand.

Ours is truly a coast that can boast. Renowned golf courses. Sugary beaches. Five-star culinary creativity. World-class entertainment. Famous sport fishing and boating. With abundant, untamed tropical wilderness to explore. And incredible vacation homes, tailored to your preferences. We’ll even help extend your stay in a private escape you can make your very own. #RoyalShellStyle Buy. Sell. Rent. Vacation. All under one Shell. #RoyalShellStyle

vac at i o n & S E a S o n a L R E n ta L S

Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples and Ocala

Visit or call 877.310.8313 to book your getaway today!

56 |

TIM HENTSCHEL The Travel Trailblazer

By Hillary Latos Photographer and Photo Imaging by peter schiazza


ince birth, Tim Hentschel, CEO and co-founder of hotelplanner. com, had the world of hospitality in his bloodline. Coming from a family of hoteliers and tour operators it was a natural transition for Tim to enter into this world. A natural innovator, Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit married his background in hospitality with his experience in finance and tech which led him to launch a leading force in group hotel bookings. But it’s not all work

and no play for Tim- he’s also an avid sportsman and philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community and is also a partner in the round the world Clipper Race. Here Resident Magazine caught up with this dynamic entrepreneur who is a trailblazer in the hospitality world. What was your background and how did you get started in hospitality? I have a unique background, my grandfather owned hotels in Palm Springs and my father was an | 57

Executive at Hyatt and later started developing and owned his own hotels in California and Hawaii. They also launched American Tours Internationala large tour operation company that has been around for over 40 years that brings travelers from around the world and hosts tours in America spoken in their native languages. This is where my background in groups and hotels comes from. I went to Cornell University and graduated from their hospitality management program. From there I worked as an analyst for an investment bank in NYC that specialized in tech investments which helped me to build my own business plan to raise money to build and launched in 2002. I always knew I wanted to go into something related to hotels and technology. What are some of the solutions that provides? Our company has always been working towards having a virtual planner but for hotels. This industry is huge. Last year we booked hotels for over 650,000 groups and expect to reach 900,000 in 2018. We see a growth rate of 40% per year. The industry consists of 9 million group bookings annually with a predicted spend of $200 billion in 2019 for group bookings in hotels worldwide whether it’s a wedding, conference or a business meeting. Around 10% of group bookings source their hotels through our system annually. Sites such as Kayak, hotwire,, and send their group booking traffic directly to and our platform powers all of the other online travel companies when it comes to group bookings. Of the 900,000 group bookings around 250,000 are weddings and another 20% are sports teams. and are very interesting because when it comes to weddings they dominate the industry. Their wedding planning tools are quite sophisticated which is integrated with our system so their users can book hotels directly and have it confirmed through our technology. With every group that comes through our system, our AI (Artficial Intelligence) system becomes more intelligent. Our system also sources and lists the top 10,000 events going on around the world which affects rates and spikes rates of hotels in that area on those dates with charts that can predict the rate fluctuations down to the day to adjust your group budget accordingly. We cull the collective data from the 4,211,797 group bookings since we launched. With our rate predictability tool and proprietary technology we can assist in aggregating all of our group hotel bookings in bulk for that city on particular

58 |

dates to negotiate a lower price. Prices are constantly changing. One of the advantages of using hotelplanner. com is that we guarantee the lowest rate and every minute we are checking the rates on behalf of all of our groups to see what is in the market. If our group rate becomes uncompetitive we absorb the difference and allow our members to book the lowest rate from a network of more than 100,000

quality hotel partners worldwide. So how does your AI work and what do you have planned for the future? Artificial intelligence is the future. HotelPlanner is the only company in the world with enough recorded group booking conversations and transactions for such a development. Drawing from historical data | 59

60 |

spanning nearly a decade and half, as over 3,000 groups per day interact with our hotel partners around the globe, we are feeding this information into two new virtual products we just launched. The first is Julie, a Virtual Planner, who will source and organize group travel bookings for consumers. The second will be Jessica, a Virtual Group Sales Manager available for license to suppliers through’s SAAS technologies. Both products will be available through Amazon’s Alexa, a product with over 8.2 million users worldwide and users can interact with them through voice. What are some of the charitable events you are involved with? We launched the HotelPlanner Scholarship Program, designed to provide financial assistance to veterans of the United States military, along with the spouse/ partner and children of U.S. military veterans, who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree related to technology. This scholarship is just one small way for us to give back to the men and women of our military who make such an extraordinary sacrifice to protect us. As the CEO of a global company, I know this world needs more candidates who exhibit the type of strength, integrity, dependability and tenacity

that is core to those who serve. It is our intention to help educate these men and women so they are well-prepared for their next phase in life. We also support and raise proceeds during our annual American Group Travel Awards held in NYC. We also have two award shows for groups in the travel space. One is the American Group Travel Awards where St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is our official charity partner. The event recognizes leading suppliers delivering outstanding services and group travel experiences in North America with awards given out in 22 categories. Additionally, the event presents an opportunity for industry professionals to unite and show support for the St. Jude mission. I chose this charity because it reflects similar values, including its generous no-bill policy, nurturing environment for patient families, and noble dedication to finding cures for childhood cancer to help save children everywhere. We also have the European Travel Awards in Germany that happens in Berlin during ITB- the largest travel conference in the world with 60,000 attendees. Paul Oakenfold will be our afterhours entertainment. As an avid sportsman, what do you have planned as a partner for the Clipper Race around the world?

As a first time Clipper Race Team Partner we launched a fully branded yacht that will visit six continents during the 11 month voyage around the world which provides us with a unique opportunity to reach an international audience on a daily basis. We will use the global reach of the Clipper Race to increase brand awareness especially in key markets such as the Asia- Pacific. With our extensive experience in providing hotel services with professional sports teams over the years we felt that this was a perfect fit for us in our exciting and ever growing company with offices in London, Europe, Hong Kong, and the USA. As a travel technology company always striving to set industry firsts, we respect the extreme endurance, confidence, and fearlessness exhibited by the event’s brainchild Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, and the sailors who set out to confront Mother Nature’s most epic challenge. We are honored and excited to partner with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. So the next time you are looking to book that group getaway whether it’s a family reunion, wedding, or friend’s getaway rest assured that hotelplanner. com will guarantee a seamless experience with the lowest rates possible. | 61


MIA Museum

By Chelsey Travin


By Hillary Latos



onsidered to be one of the most liberal and wealthiest cities of the Gulf, Doha is one of the fastest growing and wealthiest cities in the world where Americans can now visit without a visa. Though Qatar became sovereignty only 46 years ago, it has the highest per capita GDP in the world to fund a flourishing arts and cultural scene along with an expanding landscape of luxury hotels, restaurants and other opulent attractions. With its convenient proximity to Asia and Africa, Doha is a convenient transit point to get to other exotic destinations such as the Seychelles or Bali, but there are also plenty of reasons to stay and visit this dynamic and modern metropolis where luxury has no bounds.


The Museum of Islamic Art is an architectural marvel designed the renowned I.M. Pei set along the waterfront. Housing a comprehensive collection of masterpieces collected from over three continents dating from the 7th to the 19th century, the architecture is as much of an attrac-

tion as the permanent collections. At the heart of Doha’s flourishing contemporary art scene is The Fire Station Artist in Resident program and Garage Gallery. Since 2012, this former fire station has been converted to a creative space that offers a 9 month residency program to emerging artists from around the world to complete their individual projects. Set on the waterfront, the Katara Cultural Village is the center of Qatar’s most important arts and cultural programs and comprised of a complex of exhibition galleries, theaters, and concert halls that hosts international festival, performances and exhibitions including The Tribeca Film Festival. Experience a taste of Bedouin culture at the bustling Souq Waquif designed after traditional Qatari architec-


ture. Explore the labyrinth of small shops selling traditional clothing, souvenirs, spices, perfumes, and other curiosities including falcons and savor authentic Middle Eastern dishes from one of the many intoxicating street stands. Just an hour outside of Doha lies Qatar’s most impressive natural wonders- the Khor Al Adaid, Inland Sea, where many Qataris spend weekends cooling off by the coastline. Explore the desert on an adrenaline induced Desert Safari, a.k.a. Sand Dune Bashing in a 4x4 that speeds along the peaks of sand dunes and descends down the slopes as you explore uncharted territory. See the infinite horizon of the desert and then cool off in the crystal waters of the inland sea that reaches the desert.


While there are a number of Western dining establishments that cater to the expat community, Doha has a number of notable culinary gems that reflect the flavors of the region. Experience the exotic flavors of Afghan cuisine at Ard Canaan in the Katara Cultural Center. The beautiful and dramatic interior reflects the architecture of the Al Aqsa Mosque with vaulted ceilings, stained glass and columns crafted from limestone imported from the Holy City of Jerusalem. Enjoy a range of delicious Middle Eastern mezze and traditional Afghanistan and Palestinian dishes. Considered to be Doha’s best Lebanese restau-

rant is the seven star Al Mourjan. Whether dining alfresco or inside the lavish glass walled dining room their prime location on the waterfront offers panoramic views of the illuminated skyline and Arabian Gulf. Their renowned gastronomic menu includes a range of authentic Lebanese dishes with fresh seafood and exquisite BBQd meats to whet the appetite making it a favorite amongst celebrities, royals and international foodies.


As Doha is considered a wealthy playground of the Middle East, naturally there are the requisite exclusive hotspots catering to the beautiful and filthy rich. Thought it is considered a ‘members only’ nightclub, booking a table with a minimum spend will grant access to Doha’s most sought after club, Illusion. Perched atop the opulent Marsa Malaz Kempinski Hotel under one of the soaring cupolas, this cube shaped nightclub is decked out like a plush English gentlemen’s club with rotating international EDM DJs, aerial acts and smoke machines that fuel the night. Across the rooftop is the lush Secret Garden- a chic alfresco restaurant and lounge offering panoramic views of Doha. Dine amongst a beautiful trellised terrace or enjoy a nightcap under the stars. Thursdays are the most popular night which kicks off the weekend in the Gulf countries.


Though most of the five star hotels are located in skyscrapers in New Doha, the luxurious Ritz Carlton Sharq Village & Spa is nestled on a private beach in Old Doha and designed as a tranquil and lush retreat that reflects traditional Qatari architecture. Their spacious suites are appointed with antique Islamic furniture and ensuite balconies and are spread amongst 14 two story villas with center courtyards and landscaped gardens. Cool off at the private beach or expansive

infinity pools. Refuel at their signature restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. One of the highlights of the property is the renowned Six Senses Spa which is known for their wellness center. Paying homage to the original homes and architecture of Doha’s origins as a fishing village, the spa exudes a zen like feel from its color palette to the ochre stone floors and walls. The 70,000 square foot spa includes a state of the art fitness center, beauty salon, relaxation areas, quiet pools, and prayer rooms. Treatments begin with a 45 minute wellness assessment which gives a detailed snapshot of your overall health that shows where you are doing well and areas that need improvement which will determine the right treatment to address your individual needs. Their 250 unique and exotic treatments and rituals offered reflect the healing powers originating from the Far East and ancient Arabic times to ensure total relaxation and rejuvenation.

How to Get There

The fastest and easiest way to travel to Doha is via Qatar Airways which offers daily non-stop flights from JFK to Doha. Recognized by Skytrax as offering the best business class seats and service in the world, Qatar Airways does not only offer the most luxurious and comfortable surroundings but also the most state of the art developments in their latest A350 jets. For full privacy, book a Business Class QSuite that converts into a 2 - 4 person private suite if traveling with family or colleagues. | 63


The Unspoiled Beauty of the Seychelles



ong regarded as a tropical paradise for the wealthy European set, the Seychelles epitomize the height of island luxury with its temperate summer weather that attracts the snowbirds from the North. Its untouched and rather surreal beauty is spread amongst 115 granitic and coral islands in the archipelago located 932 miles from the East African coast where dramatic rock formations surround lush forests with white sand beaches and warm cerulean waters. For those looking for private and secluded luxury, venture to the Six Senses Zil Pasyon located on

64 |

the private island of FĂŠlicitĂŠ, the fifth largest island of the archipelago, which is only 20 minutes by helicopter from Mahe. This exclusive resort is comprised of only 28 one bedroom villas and 2- 2 bedroom villas that pay homage to traditional Seychelles architecture and are strategically perched in the hillside to overlook the Indian Ocean and surrounding islands while ensuring total privacy with the surrounding vegetation. Each villa exudes island chic with floor to ceiling bow windows that open fully from the bedroom to an expansive loggia with a private heated infinity pool to immerse guests in nature or enjoy

a personal climate controlled environment when closed. The spacious bathrooms feature soaking tubs with panoramic views or a rainfall shower with expansive closets and dressing areas. The development of the resort and its private villas has been carefully balanced with preservation of the natural surroundings. Relax and rejuvenate at the renowned Six Senses Spa that features five double treatment rooms spread amongst rocks, boulders and oceanfront views with different themes to reflect their individual settings. Choose from a selection of local-


ly-inspired specialty treatments together with an extensive menu of signature therapies that blend holistic wellness with pampering treatments. Facilities include a yoga and meditation pavilion, sauna and steam, saltwater pool and a gymnasium with inspiring ocean views. The resort’s main swimming pool is set at the water’s edge with the ocean’s waves breaking over the rock wall. There are also three white sand beaches on property that are also home to the rare hawksbill turtles who come to lay and hatch their eggs. For the best underwater snorkeling experience take a 10 minute kayak ride to the neighboring uninhabited Coco Island. Swim with stingrays, exotic fish, and sea life in warm turquoise waters and enjoy an alfresco picnic on the white

sand beaches surrounded by dramatic black granite stones. At the end of the day admire a sublime ombre sunset over the Indian Ocean at Sunset Point as the indigenous bats and terns fly above.

vacation, the Six Senses Zil Pasyon offers a truly unforgettable holiday in an idyllic natural setting that is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. Getting There

Enjoy local Seychellois home style cooking with European, African and Creole influences at the Six Senses’ signature Island Café. Savor locally caught seafood delicacies at the Ocean Kitchen located by the ocean’s edge. For a taste of local Seychelles rum, Lakanbiz, located on the upper floor of the Island Café, offers flights of potent yet flavorful aged and infused rums. After dark enjoy an alfresco movie under the stars at their outdoor Cinema Paradiso evenings.

The best way to reach Félicité Island is via Qatar Airways through Doha that offers daily nonstop flights to Mahe. From there Zil Air operates direct private helicopter flights lasting 20 minutes offering gorgeous aerial views over the Seychelles archipelago.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a bucket list | 65


72 Cultural and Gastronomic Hours in


By Hillary Latos | Photos by Scholvien

There’s Germany, and then there’s Berlin…’ is how Berliners identify their beloved capital city. With its subversive and nonconformist vibe, Berlin’s grittiness and its checkered history make it the diverse cultural and creative metropolis that it is today. Considered to be the cultural capital of Germany, with the reunification of East and West Berlin now possesses double the amount of cultural landmarks throughout the city and also has a thriving contemporary arts scene. Besides its vast cultural landscape, your experience in Berlin can go as far as your imagination can reach. With an unrivaled nightlife that has no apparent end time and clubs that would make Fifty Shades of Gray look G Rated, prices for going out are generally much lower than other European capital cities. This too makes their diverse and noteworthy gastronomic scene even more attractive and accessible.

66 |

SEE One of the best ways to experience Berlin is through its neighborhoods. At the heart of the counterculture scene is Kreuzberg- an area that was once zoned as low income housing but has since been redeveloped into an up and coming neighborhood that is now dotted with chic independent boutiques, restaurants, vintage shops, bars and nightlife. Steeped in history, you can learn more about the hidden gems of this colorful neighborhood through a Secret Tours Berlin walking tours that explains the area’s history and favorite spots revered by locals. Explore the central district of Mitte where you can discover some of Berlin’s most important attractions such as Brandenburg Gate and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Museum Island which is comprised of five museums displaying over 6,000 years of art and cultural history. Walk

along the East Side Gallery, the longest open air gallery in the world which was formerly the Berlin Wall and now a symbol of freedom and tolerance. Mitte is also where you can find some of the city’s most elegant and chic shops, restaurants, bars and cafes nestled amongst small cobblestone streets and courtyards. Visit Berlin’s original fragrance shop Frau Tonis where you can select one of their bespoke fragrances or embark on a sensory journey to blend your own personal scent in their perfume workshop.

DINE With the diverse melting pot that comprises Berlin’s culinary scene, there are plenty of cuisines to explore from street foods like Currywurst and Doner to fine dining. One of the best ways to taste your way through Berlin is to embark on a gastro rallye with knowledgeable insiders such as


Berlin Agenten. Founder Hendrik Tidefjard is a cool Swedish ex pat savant who knows the ins and outs of Berlin’s culinary and nightlife scene and will take you to the hottest spots of Berlin. Set in an old pharmacy overlooking Oranianplatz is Café Ora. A charming spot for breakfast, lunch, or coffee, Ora has preserved most of the antique furnishings and apothecary findings and serves healthy farm to table salads, soups, and bistro specialties. Be sure to order their delicious sourdough bread served with a variety of house made toppings. As Germany is famous for their brews BRLO, the Slavic name for Berlin, is known for their craft beers brewed in the heart of Berlin. Try the range of these small batch brews at their industrial yet trendy brewery and restaurant in Gleisdreieck constructed from 38 shipping containers. Their head chef Ben Pommer has created an innovative menu of vegetables – dehydrated, fermented, smoked or fried that demonstrates their diversity as a main course as well as a delicious array of smoked regional meats that pair perfectly with their extensive choice of brews. Swedish for ‘Floor’ Golvet is one of Berlin’s newest fine dining concepts which was recently awarded a Michelin star. Set on the rooftop in the gallery district of Potsdamerstrabe, Golvet offers beautiful sweeping views over Potsdamer Platz and the city. The sleek dining room and bar is Copyright: Orania Berlin

adorned with original artwork from different German contemporary artists that seamlessly blend art, culinary, and culture into one. With a strong commitment to ingredient driven cuisine, Glovet has created a contemporary menu based on local ingredients with Asian influences and is best experienced with their tasting menu ranging from three to six courses. The concept at Coda, an experimental dessert bar, is that dessert is more than just the last course but instead a tasting journey. With three different set courses beginning at 7:30, 9:45 or 10:30 pm, the dessert tasting menus range from three to six courses which are thoughtfully prepared as artistic masterpieces replete with different surprise elements and paired with bespoke cocktails.

Savor some of Berlin’s best Turkish cuisine at Fes Turkish BBQ where you can grill your own delectable marinated meats directly at the table. Best enjoyed with a group of friends, there are plenty of copious mouthwatering vegetarian mezzes to be enjoyed by all in this communal affair.

STAY Overlooking the beautiful Orianianplatz is the centrally located Hotel Orania. This chic boutique hotel is set in a historic turn of the century building and celebrates the creative vibe of the Kreuzberg neighborhood. The 41 spacious rooms and suites feature oversized bay windows with beautiful views of the city and reflect a warm contemporary décor that blends African, Asian and European influences. The lobby evokes a gracious host’s living room with a warm fireplace, piano lounge, and open kitchen restaurant and bar that pay homage to the literary salons of the past which inspired creativity and the sharing of ideas.

HOW TO GET THERE Getting to Berlin has never been easier or more comfortable with the recent launch of Lufthansa’s daily direct flights between JFK and Berlin aboard an Airbus A330. With three classes to choose from there is something for everyone. Their super luxurious business class features 42 fully flat seats that extend to 6.5 feet and feature 15” TV monitors and a range of gourmet delicacies to choose from. Relax in comfort in their Premium Economy cabin class which features 28 large recliners to ensure a spacious flight with added personal space. | | 67




ustralia is a wild and beautiful place, whose color palette of red outback sands and hues of green envelope the trees, shaping a picture perfect landscape, with great weather, and animating wildlife creatures. Bubble Tent Australia offers guests a chance at spotting a kangaroo hopping by, watching the sunrise over the second largest canyon in the world, encountering a cockatoo flying by or simply taking in the breathtaking view right before your eyes. Bubble Tent Australia takes glamping to a whole new level with their luxury glamping hotel, situated 3 hours outside of Sydney, on a farm between Lithgow and Mudgee, overlooking Capertee Valley. Visitors can go off-grid without worrying about insects, rain, wind or any other troublesome natural element you would expect when you go off-grid camping. Each bubble tent is equipped with a comfortable queen bed with goose down pillows and blanket cache, a telescope for stargazing, working bathroom with compost toilet and sink with pump water, UE wonder boom Bluetooth speaker, headlamps, cooler, USB charger, slippers, towels, hot water bottles, raincoats, eye masks, crockery, champagne flutes and an iPad complete with stargazing apps, birdwatching apps

68 |

and curated Spotify playlists. Guests can sit back, relax, sip on a glass of wine and comprehend the incredible view, including the occasional sheep that walk on by on their way up the hill. Pick up an antipasto platter with cheese, and a bottle of Mudgee’s leading wine, for a charming evening, before munching on skewers cooked over a fire. There are 3 bubble tents to choose from, each with different views and their own unique characteristics. Virgo allows guests to marvel at the panoramic views of Capertee Valley, and includes a warm wood-fired hot tub and a watering can rinse shower. Virgo is furnished with a deck, camping chairs, a day bed for cozying up to a loved one and an umbrella to keep Australia’s sun rays from blazing down on you. Leo stands proud on a rolling hill with one of the highest points in the entire valley and includes a hammock higher up the mountain nestled between two trees and offers the best views of the valley and Cancer is tucked neatly on top of towering cliffs and is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. When the sun disappears behind the mountains, the night sky reveals itself, and stargazing is impeccable for this location. The 360-degree view allows you to absorb the magic of the blanket

of stars. There is a telescope in the tent useful for getting a close-up view of the moon and the Spotify playlist helps set a romantic tone, for a starry-eyed night with your companion. When the sun rises, there are many activities around. Located within an hour’s drive, visitors can taste Mudgee’s finest wines with over 40 cellar doors, and organized tours available. There is numerous trekking, hiking and abseiling spots, including fishing spots and water activities at Lake Lyell, or opt in for a helicopter tour over the valley and be amazed at what Australia has to offer.

Enjoy a premiere Island villa at the cost of a Hotel Room


Paradise Island Beach Club is a Boutique Beach Front resort located directly on the world famous Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Each thoughtfully designed, spacious 2 bedroom / 2 bath unit offers over 1,000 sq. ft. of living space, equipped to meet your every need. Each Villa entails private patio, formal living and dining rooms, fully equipped kitchens, accommodating up to 6 guests. Seasonal activities include, but not limited to, golf, sailing, scuba diving, historical sites and the excitement of Nassau. We’re close to everything, yet so neatly and privately tucked away from it all. And for those who enjoy a night out, the Casinos of Atlantis are less than a 10 minute stroll down the beach, with gaming, bars and nightlife. Our valued clientele also receive 50%-off Atlantis water theme park and access to Paradise Island’s premiere, oceanfront golf course. Life at Paradise Island Beach Club allows one to do as much, or as little as your please. BEST OF ALL, you can vacation for a week, and stay for a LIFETIME, as time share opportunities are also available, simply inquire about a owning you own little piece of Paradise. or call us 1-800 310 5148 |


LOVE CABINS Romantic Getaways Down Under By Tash Bazika


he World Heritage region of the Blue Mountains is an Australian Highlight, and Love Cabins is the best place to see the famous slate-colored haze that gives the mountains that name. Nestled amongst 600 acres of spectacular Blue Mountains bush land are 6 uniquely designed, private bush cabins, each offering spectacular views, perfect for a couples getaway with peace and romance in a serene, secluded wilderness setting. Guests can get in touch with their primitive side in the Enchanted Cave, which is sure to stir something in your biology. The cave features a queen bed set into a bedrock next to the fireplace, a en-suite spa bathroom, modern slow-combustion fireplace, modern kitchenette equipped with everything you need for your stay, a TV cabinet, and a sweeping view uninterrupted view of the famed mountains. The spa is situated in the floor, which allows guests to relax in the spa while watching the clouds roll over the mountains through an open glass door, whilst also sipping on a glass of bubbly ad cuddling up to your significant other. The tree house is a place where guests can live with the birds high up in the forest treetops, sur-

70 |

rounded by breathtaking panoramic views of the mountains. The spa is also located on the edge of the structure for spectacular views both day and night. Each cabin is perfectly in touch with nature and its habitat, incorporating natural elements like wood, sand and stone in the structure and dĂŠcor. When the sun disappears, the forest puts on a magical display, which guests can choose to see. The glowworm tour is a short walk from the cabins and includes a knowledgeable host who will stop along the way to explain the history of the trees and the types of animals that live in them, a head torch, a rain jacket and a 1 hour magical spectacle of hundreds of thousands of glow worms occupying a hidden canyon. During the day, guests can also opt in for a rainforest tour which takes you through an ancient rainforest canyon, a convict tour where you will walk along a 200 year old convict built road and walking tours to cliff-tops for some truly stunning cliff top views and also a sighting of native aboriginal carvings along the way.

Come Celebrate 40 years of FUN with us! LOOKING FOR FAMILY FUN & OUTDOOR ADVENTURE? Blue Mountain Resort is the home to Pennsylvania’s highest vertical, the most varied terrain and some of the longest runs in PA! Close to home – we are only 90 minutes from Philadelphia and 90 minutes from New York - so you can join us any day or everyday of the year!

1660 Blue Mountain Drive Palmerton, PA 18071 • 610.826.7700 •


ARUBA’S APPEAL By Lisa Loverro


tiny Dutch Caribbean island, located off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba has welcomed visitors from around the world to enjoy their beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. On this island, Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino is located in Oranjestad’s bustling cruise port, packed with features not found at many other resorts on the island like two casinos, eight bars and restaurants and a luxury mall and their own private island. The hotel is more like a massive resort complex with two distinct proper-

72 |

ties inside: the adult-only Renaissance Marina and the family-friendly Ocean Suites. The Ocean Suites offers 259 spacious onebedroom suites with king-sized beds, expansive bathrooms and living rooms with Queen sofa beds. Additional comforts include wet-bars with mini-fridges, microwaves, high-speed Internet and private balconies or patios. Each room offers stunning ocean and pool views or island views. Available exclusively for adults over 18 years of

age, the Renaissance Marina Hotel features 297 rooms with King-sized beds or two double beds. Private French balconies and expansive windows welcome in the beauty of the Caribbean coast. Guests can choose rooms with sweeping views of the ocean, the sparkling cityscape of Oranjestad or the hotel atrium. All the rooms are modern and sleek, with lots of warm wood tones in everything from contemporary storage units to retro chairs. The bathrooms at both the family and adult-only sides of the resort are bright, with rainfall showers.


restaurant. For the ultimate relaxation package book a private cabana on the ocean’s edge that can accommodate up to 8 complete with snorkel masks, floats, butler service, outdoor loungers and couches. Back at the resort, there are two pools plus a saltwater lagoon. The larger free-form pool on the Ocean Suites side of the complex is surrounded by lounge chairs and has a man-made island in the center. The rooftop pool on the Marina side of the resort is for adults only.

style from breakfast to dinner. Located on Renaissance Island, the newly renovated Papagayo Bar & Grill offers a break from the sand, sun and surf with snacks and light fare. Captain’s Corner offers daily breakfast in a casual atmosphere, and Fresco serves authentic Italian cuisine in a breezy outdoor setting. Weekly dining events include our Caribbean BBQ on Mondays, Dinner under the Stars on the private island on Wednesday, and Italian Night on Friday evenings.

The hotel’s two casinos, Crystal Casino and Seaport Casino are considered the best on the island. Crystal Casino is adorned with Austrian crystal chandeliers, gold-leaf columns, Spanish mirrors, and Italian marble and brass. The 11,000 squarefoot waterfront Seaport Casino is closer to the Ocean Suites side of the hotel and is the only waterfront casino on Aruba. During the day there’s plenty of shopping at the luxury mall attached to the hotel housing shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana.

To experience an exhilarating island adventure, embark on an open air off road jeep tour that whisks you along the breathtaking rugged coastline. Visit historic monuments such as the lighthouse, natural bridge, Bushiribana gold mill ruins to the Arikok National Park where you can swim and snorkel with exotic sea life in a natural pool in “Conchi.” The Okeanos Spa at the resort offers a full menu of treatments designed to recharge the soul and awaken the senses. Facilities include multiple massage rooms, a hydrotherapy room, a spa lounge, saunas and both men’s and women’s locker rooms. On their private island, the Spa Cove offers tropical massage treatments with an expansive view of the ocean.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino offers a variety of restaurants and nightlife. L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House is the quintessential fine dining experience with a sumptuous Sunday Brunch that’s popular with the locals. Aquarius serves up traditional Caribbean fare, a la carte and buffet-

The added attraction at the hotel is their lush private island, the Renaissance Island, which serves as Aruba’s only private beach. The island is accessible via a free 8-minute water shuttle running directly from the Marina building lobby. Like the resort, the hotel’s private island, is divided into two areas; the instagrammable Flamingo adults beach housing several resident pink flamingos and the family friendly iguana beach. Available on the island are towels and plenty of daybeds as well as drinks and light snacks from the island | 73


TRYALL CLUB By Tash Bazika


scape everyday life and experience your own taste of paradise, where the waves lap the shore, winds caress the palm trees and the water is an enchanting cerulean blue. Karma Bay at the Tryall Club offers guests a stunning waterfront location directly on the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is the Caribbean country crammed with alluring beaches and mountains hiding magical caves and exotic trails waiting for you to discover. The musical roots of this tiny island will have you singing songs from the heart and counting steps as you dance to the beat of the drums on pristine white sand beaches by the fire. Guests can choose from one of six private bedrooms from the magnificent waterfront villa that blends influences from Asia and the Caribbean together with energetic colors and an emphasis on luxury living. Each bedroom is furnished with a cozy king size bed, cable television and a luxurious ensuite bathroom with a walk-in rainhead shower. As for food, the resort offers several dining options. The Organic Garden is tucked away at the end of Calypso Way and neatly surrounded by a picket fence, plantains and bananas. Guests will savor the freshest produce in colorful and creative menu items that makes use of fertile Jamaican land, with choices that also celebrates the ocean.

74 |

The Great House is also an ideal place for predinner drinks, whether it be inside or outside the terrace. Diners can indulge in a range of teas, assorted sandwiches and pastries. The comprehensive range of cocktails includes a premium Jamaican rum with various vintages from Appleton Estate, which is guaranteed to open your palate.

The villa is a brief stroll away from the club’s private white sand beach and the legendary Tryall golf course, which is among the most beautiful courses in the world. Its 18 hillside and seaside fairways have been home to Johnnie Walker and other PGA championship events, and the resident pro offers workshops and private lessons to get you swinging like a pro.

The Beach Restaurant is a relaxed and informal lunch and dinner venue offering a choice of indoor and outdoor seating. It is the perfect place to head to after a morning on the beach, a deep sea fishing trip or a round of golf. The constantly changing menu includes a choice of daily specials created by coveted executive chef Salvatore Cusimano. The menu incorporates fresh produce grown in the organic garden and includes items such as black river crab cakes, Jamaican nachos, angus ribeye steak and catch of the day.

If golf isn’t on your mind, the beach is at your complete disposal, and includes kayaking, snorkeling, hobbie cat, glass bottom boats, and charter fishing expeditions. The beach bar is also a perfect place to have lunch or sip on cocktails while you soak up that sultry Jamaican sun. For the adventurers, there are marked hiking trails leading to beautiful views of Jamaica’s best or go sunset horseback riding and swimming for a truly amazing experience.

Relax and unwind with a luxury spa treatment, including deep tissue massages to release tension, rejuvenating facials that will have your skin glowing and full body relaxation sessions with ocean views. If you like to keep your personal fitness in check, the gym is well equipped with state-of-the-art machines and offers guests ocean views. Yoga is a great way to keep in touch with your wellness, and qualified instructors are available to help you reach your best posture.

Indulge in the understated luxury of our serene beachfront resort. Whether couples or families, your Island Escape should be nothing less than exquisite in your home away from home. Bougainvillea Barbados - uniquely unforgettable.

Luxury Accommodations | All-Inclusive | Family-Friendly Perfect for a romantic rendezvous beachfront island retreat 1-800-495-1858 •


VILLA DEL PALMAR Beach Resort & Spa By Tash Bazika


oreto is known for its cobblestone streets and past shops selling pottery, which will have you feeling like somewhere between an old and new world. Villa del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa defines luxury and true relaxation with quiet beaches, scenic vistas, rich history and an astounding natural habitat in the middle of Loreto. Set within Danzante Bay and the indigo waters of the Sea of Cortez once dubbed “The aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau, the resort offers 4,447 acres of unspoiled beauty including mountain views, three outstanding restaurants, five swimming pools, tennis courts, and a highly acclaimed golf course. Guests can choose from a deluxe suite, one, two or three bedroom suites, or luxury penthouses with stunning views of Danzante Bay. Each room is tastefully decorated with modern forms and shapes with natural pure elements, to form a spectacular home away from home. Rooms are equipped with a walk-in closet, LCD TV, walk-in steam shower and oversized tub with a choice of king or queen size beds.

76 |

Take advantage of the waters with activities such as snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, whale watching or simply just floating around on the Sea of Cortez. The vibrant reefs house an underwater spectacle of marine life that is a sight not to be missed. Above the water is a sea of bright green plant life, exotic colorful flowers and the beauty of old buildings filled with history. Visitors marvel at everything Loreto has to offer including hiking and biking trails with nature tours for perfect photography opportunities.

For dinner, swap out the flip flops for high heels and a little black dress for a fancy evening out at Danzante Fine Dining steakhouse and seafood restaurant—with a Mexican flare. This classic atmosphere offers an amazing culinary experience devoted to fusion cuisine made with seafood, fresh fish, and fine cuts of meat to blend together in a dazzling array of Mexican cuisine at its finest. The restaurant also offers a large selection of Mexican wines and the adjoining bar features a large variety of cigars for guests to choose from.

After a long day of exploring, visit The Market Restaurant where the Mediterranean meets America meets Mexico in a casual buffet-style eatery, where diners can choose from a huge range of menu options. The establishment offers both inside air-conditioned and al fresco seating in a sophisticated and coastal style.

If you’re looking to unwind, Sabila Spa and Wellness Center is a relaxing environment with generous selection of specialty healing treatments within its ultra-luxurious facility. Visitors will tantalize their sense with a plethora of traditional and modern treatments including aromatherapy, body scrubs, facial treatments, body wraps and couple’s massages.

Casa Mia allows diners to sit before beautiful mountain and ocean scenery while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying a succulent meal at Casa Mia. The picturesque eatery offers everything from wood oven pizzas, to fun tacos, sandwiches, salads and more. villa-del-palmar/


Be Dazzled! The Crown Jewel of Finger Lakes Wine Country



“One of the world’s most beautiful inns.” - Bride’s “ The food is extraordinarily good!” - Bon Appetit

Winter Getaways Gala New Year’s 315.789.7190

78 |

dding a classic architectural landscape to the already magnificent New York skyline lays the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown. The Four Seasons is filled with 24 floors of the Downtown energy or maybe you’d rather find a quiet space and relax. Architect Robert A. M. Stern built this hotel to coincide with the luxurious aspects of other Manhattan residencies. The interior is chic and contains 189 rooms and suites some of which include a balcony, hello Instagram pictures. Feeling worn out? You’re in luck; just one of the many five-star highlights of the Four Seasons is the spa. Combining science, nature and various cultures comes a sensational service for your beauty and wellness needs. Whether it is a relaxing massage or nourishing skin regimen you’ll be able to escape the hustle of the city and unwind. One type of massage is the Aromatherapy where they blend essential oils that promote calmness and reduce anxiety while bring your body into balance. Are you a part of a duo? The Love Adorned, couples massage, is definitely for you with warm Rose Quartz massage and custom oils to spike that feeling of love and positivity.

After having a day to recharge end the night with CUT by Wolfgang Puck that is among the finest restaurants and bars in Downtown. Everyone who is everyone comes to this restaurant whether you’re looking to make a deal with business professionals, unwind with friends or even a world traveller trying to get into the culinary scene of New York. Open for breakfast, lunch and diner you can grab a plate whenever works best or simply just to sip on a martini. Not only is the food menu to die for, but feast your eyes on the wine list and a true wino would be proud of the extensive list. To match the delicious items at CUT French Designer Jacques Garcia, designed the interior décor to be just as sophisticated as the food and drinks served. To give you just an idea of the item here is just a starter at CUT, Hand Cut Prime Sirloin Steak Tartare, Egg Yolk ‘Jam’, Crispy Beef Tendon. If that didn’t get your taste buds tingling then how about the Maine Lobster & Maryland Blue Crab “Louis” Cocktail, Spicy Tomato-Horseradish. For more information on the Four Season New York Downtown please visit their website and prepared to be amazed.


URBAN ELEGANCE Fairmont Washington D.C., Georgetown By Catherine Quijano


ith the grace and charm comparable to any of the stately embassies of Washington, D.C., the elegant 10-story Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown hotel was designed by renowned architect Vlastimil Koubeck. The hotel opened in 1985 and there have been extensive property renovations to the guestrooms and function space in 1999 and 2000 under the direction of Wilson & Associates. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts acquired the hotel in the fall of 2002.

town is considered one of the premier luxury hotels in Washington, offering unsurpassed service and amenities for discerning travelers. With spectacular guestrooms, one of the city’s largest most comprehensive fitness facilities and authentically local dining in Juniper, the Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown is the hotel of choice for visiting heads of state. The hotel’s business and leisure travelers appreciate the garden courtyard, relaxing lobby lounge and bar, and the gracious service provided by each and every colleague.

Today, The Fairmont Washington, D.C., George-

The Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown was

80 |

recently renovated and at the heart of the transformation is a new 2,990-square-foot (280-square-meter) Kennedy Ballroom, destined to become one of D.C.’s most sought-after venues for weddings, conferences and everything in between. Adjacent to the Grand Ballroom and bedecked in the latest audiovisual technology and elegant decor, the Kennedy Ballroom will turn any gathering of up to 300 guests into a night they’ll never forget. With over 30,000 square feet (2,800 square meters) of meeting and event space, we have the perfect setting for any function. For cocktail receptions and more casual events, our completely remodeled


lobby and courtyard are perfect for mingling, networking or just unwinding after a successful event Available services at the Fairmont Washington, D.C. hotel in Georgetown: • Concierge • Fairmont Gold • High Speed Internet • Business Center • Restaurant & Bar • 24-Hour In-Room Dining • Car Service • Reebok Workout Gear • Running Maps • Balance Gym • Indoor Salt Water Pool • Steam Room • Sauna • Whirlpool • Personal Training • CrossFit • Yoga • Spin • BootCamp • Pilates • Barre • Zumba We invite you to experience our outstanding hospitality—and to enjoy the recent renovation, which has added a dazzling new ballroom and revitalized the lobby, bar and courtyard to embody the beauty of the region, from blossoming cherry trees to the striking grid pattern upon which D.C. is built.


The Fairmont Gold experience takes the Fairmont’s already impeccable guest service and takes it up a notch – offering an exclusive lifestyle hotel experience, designed to fulfill the needs of the discerning business executive and leisure traveler. Guests of Fairmont Gold enjoy an unparalleled level of service, delivered by warm and caring staff. Dedicated Fairmont Gold Managers are thoughtful and focused on anticipating and addressing each individual guest’s needs and accommodating requests from dinner reservations to planning special events. Start the day with a delicious and healthy continental breakfast prepared daily, served between 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM on weekdays and 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM on weekends. Treat yourself to com-

plimentary canapés, served between 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM to unwind after a day in the bustling city. Each newly renovated Fairmont Gold room was designed for today’s chic and sophisticated traveler. Guests of Fairmont Gold enjoy private checkin, concierge services, and access to the exclusive club lounge with daily breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres. The new guestrooms offer modern twists on classical patterns using a fresh, new color scheme. An accent wall behind the tufted headboard conveys a contemporary take on the Washington, D.C. map. Marble bathrooms feature large walk-in showers and expansive vanities. At the end of your stay, the Fairmont Gold Managers will ensure that the check out process goes smoothly. Guests will find themselves wanting to come back for another Fairmont Gold Experience. | 81




f you want a blend of French fashion and a mix of Hollywood glamour, then the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is the hotel for you. With award season in full swing, its impeccable location at the intersection of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills the Sofitel is the perfect embodiment of movie star glamour mixed with a sophisticated European cosmopolitan flair.


By Tash Bazika Experience the height of Old Hollywood glamour and celeb spotting at the renowned Polo Lounge situated inside the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. For decades this glamorous hideaway has played host to Hollywood royalty and dealmakers, and it’s easy to see how this legendary spot has retained its position amongst A-listers over the years. Guests will feast their eyes on this charming establishment, lathered in style, class, elegance and opulence. The dark green poles, blend with the leather chairs and contrasts smoothly with the wooden oak tones and pops of fresh colors from the flowers and booths. The Polo Patio is a spectacle of bright, vibrant colors,

Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills offers a variety of state of the art room options from the, Superior Room, Beverly Luxury Room, and their Hollywood Hill View Luxury Room. The Sofitel Hotel emphasizes luxury which is evident in the design of every room that features an abundant daylight and a soft color palette with views facing the Hollywood Hills or Beverly Hills. With big featherbeds to their huge rain showerheads, and suites with French doors that open out to a balcony, this hotel wants each guest to be able to have the most luxurious stay they possibly can. Before venturing out for a night out in Los Angeles, be sure to indulge yourself and find your inner beauty at the SoSPA, located right in the hotel.

82 |

Their pampering treatments make each guest feel alive and refreshed that satisfies from head to toe. Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, offers elegant dining options that guests and outside patrons can come and relax and enjoy some Hollywood fun. They offer and alluring indoor/ outdoor restaurant and bar spaces that are trendy and have a timeless vibe. Delight your taste buds with the three different dining options: Riviera 31, Le Jardin, and Esterel. Riviera 31 is a sophisticated lounge that offers musical entertainment and a mixology of cocktail creations. Le Jardin is a beautiful outdoor seating dining area that exudes a French vibe. As a garden patio dining space, this location is perfect for a relaxing lunch with the

ladies or just enjoying a nice glass of wine after a busy day. Finally, their famous restaurant Esterel, is named after the southeastern mountains in France in an elegant and sophisticated ambiance.

dancing off the palm trees and gliding across the pristine white tables and wire frame chairs. It is one of Los Angeles premier and prettiest outdoor dining settings- something you would see in a movie. As for the food, American cuisine with an Italian edge is the essence of the menu. Diners will indulge in Sunday brunch items such

Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is ideally situated in the middle of a world class shopping mecca with the Beverly Center across the street and a short drive to Rodeo Drive. If you are looking for a glamorous yet European getaway pack your bags now and go check out the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills for an unforgettable getaway.

as lobster avocado toast, truffle eggs benedict or a brunch burger with ground sirloin, thick-cut bacon, avocado, fried egg, chipotle aioli and French fries. To accompany this delectable food, opt in for a classic mimosa or bloody mary. The desserts are also a fan favorite with options like a scrumptious berry pavlova, a naughty kahlua tiramisu and a luscious chocolate pot de crème served with pistachios and whipped cream- and who knows you may witness the next Oscar winner in the making.


CASA DEL MAR HOLLYWOOD Glamour by the Shore By Tash Bazika


cross the street from Shutters on the Beach is the historic sister property- Hotel Casa del Mar which is inspired by the grand villas of the Mediterranean and captures the essence of Old Hollywood glamour with captivating ocean front vistas. As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, guests are whisked into a world of luxury. Choose from one of the 113 residential style guestrooms or one of the newly renovated suites showcasing modern coastal designs and sweeping vistas of the coastline from Palos Verdes to Malibu. The Pacific View Suite offers guest’s bird’s eye views over the entire coastline, complete with luxury amenities and qualities such as handpicked furnishings, 2 spectacular bathrooms with lofty ceilings and natural lighting for that added touch of freshness. Catch some rays of the warm California sun on a lounger or take in some laps on the 5th floor pool deck which offers forever views of the Pacific Ocean and beach below. During the day, visitors can learn to surf with private and group lessons available or opt in for a bike ride around Santa Monica with bike rentals available at the concierge. The beach is within steps from your door, which makes the beach workout and wellness opportunity is an ideal option for those looking to relax and unwind, while

84 |

keeping up with their personal fitness. A fitness center is available for all guests to access and is equipped with state of the art equipment and amenities. If you’re looking for something different Mucks Map of Art in the streets takes you through the sidewalks of Venice, where street art is common and makes for a great place to take that next instagram shot.

If you’re looking to slow down, Sea Wellness spa is your port for relaxation and rejuvenation. The spa focuses on anti-aging and hydrating skin care with full on body de-stressor’s such as hot stone massage therapy, sea blossom sojourn and grape stem cell/white tea hydration wrap, just to name a few.

After a long day of unwinding and beach side activities, Catch is your one stop destination for everything seafood. Catch serves everything from raw kumamoto oysters to simply grille branzino, to sushi. For Mediterranean influenced cuisine Terraza is the place where Italy meets the California coast. The sophisticated lounge and café offers diners 180 degree views of the Pacific, which is perfect for sunrise at breakfast, or catch the breeze in the mid afternoon after a day of swimming, or even bring your friends for small plates and cocktails at night while you marvel at a California sunset.


The Hidden Caribbean Escape

Laluna Boutique Hotel and Spa


SHUTTERS ON THE BEACH SoCal Coastal Luxury By Tash Bazika


andy beaches, a gentle ocean breeze and a seaside haven in Southern California are everything you have been dreaming about this winter season. Shutters on the Beach is the perfect place to sit back, unwind and indulge in laidback coastal luxury at its finest that feels like a getaway even for local Angelinos. Guests will experience a slice of laid-back California elegance at the acclaimed Santa Monica Beach hotel, which recalls the quintessential cottages of Cape Cod. The shuttered doors open onto the breezy balconies providing guests with breathtaking views of California’s oceanfront vista. Visitors can choose from one of the 186 gracious guestrooms or the 12 suites, which all showcase the residential style designs of Michael S. Smith. From the Pacific View Suite all you can see are the beautiful shades of blue, shimmering off the reflection of the warm California sun. Wake up to panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the lively Santa Monica Pier. The room comes complete with comfortable and luxurious amenities including 1 king bed, full size sofa bed, fireplace, a hydrothermal massage tub and separate shower, living room with dining areas, flat screen TV’s, Bluetooth speaker system, in-room coffee-espres-

86 |

so maker, wet bar with wine fridge, powder room and of course the infamous outdoor balconies, perfect for watching the sunrises and sunsets. Along with the room, Shutters on the beach offers guests the chance to go outside a play, whether that its taking the Malibu to Manhattan beach bike path, paddle tennis, volleyball, poolside lounging, alfresco dining, beachside spa, or yoga on the sand, it’s all up to you. Learn to surf with a 2-hour private lesson or explore Santa Monica and Venice attractions in style with a customized Bike available at the front of the hotel to rent for the day. If you were looking to relax and restore, One Spa has your entire basis covered from custom treatments to massages and even facials to have you looking radiant for the beach. Breathe deep the ocean air and let go of worldly cares that cause tension and lines. One Spa utilizes only the finest products for treatments including Kerstin Florian, Luzern, Hydropeptide and Omorovicza to ensure total revitalization and energization of your mind and body. Spend an afternoon indulging in happy hour at Coast, a casual beachfront café and bar perfect

for a cocktail and a plate of fries after walking off the sand with the family or loved one. Savor a plate of oysters or start off with guacamole and chips and finish off with a smoking gun, which includes mezcal, el Tesoro blanco tequila, lime, grenadine, angostura bitters and soda for a perfect casual evening. For a three-course dinner, 1 Pico is perched above the beach and includes a seasonal market menu set to delight your taste buds. Start with an appetizer choice of items such as seared calamari or baked pear. For the main event, roasted arctic char comes with rice, pickled vegetables and red Thai curry sauce, or the New Zealand rack of lamb is a fan favorite. To finish off the night, opt in for the panna cotta or a warm chocolate molten cake always seems to please. If you’re looking for some peace, the living room is the place to be. It is yours to do as you please, whether it is for reading the paper, meeting up with friends, enjoying a drink or just enjoying the view. The living room is complete with an incredible art collection, live entertainment on some evenings and comfortable couches invite guests to sit and stay.

2 Idyllic Properties ... 1 Exotic Destination - S OUT H BE A C H , F LOR I DA -


Offering exquisite oceanocean front accomodations, onsite restaurant gym, wifi, and ourgym, unparalleled rooftop Offering exquisite front accomidations,onsite restaurant, wifi, and our pool, jacuzzi, and cabanas. We also offer complimentary aqua fitness chairs, and towels. unparalleled rooftop pool, jacuzzi and cabanas. We alsoclasses, offer beach complimentary aqua Breakfast included. beach Valet parking available Book directly on ourincluded. website for Valet best rates. fitness classes, chairs and towels. Breakfast parking

available. / 786-476-2645

NASSAU SUITE HOTEL MIAMI BEACH Enjoy oversized suites in this Art Deco Boutique Located in the heart of South Beach, this retro-inspired boutique hotel in a 1938 Art Deco building is featuring walk in closets, fully equipped Hotel only one block away from the beach. The 29 refined rooms are decorated with vintage-style furnishings, kitchens, lounge area, dinning area, business and feature free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and mini fridges. Suites add soaking tubs, and sitting areas with sofas. Continental breakfast,internet, beach chairs, towels and toys as well as the use of thecenter, business gym and onsite movie theater. Breakfast, center is complimentary. There’s a terrace with seating, and a cozy lobby lounge for your enjoyment.

Book directly on our website for best rates.

wifi, beach chairs and towels are included. Parking on site. One block away from the beach.

Visit or call 786-260-6124 for all onsite amenities, idyllic locale, season packages, testimonials and to book with the BEST RATE guaranteed. 305-532-0043





learwater Beach truly lives up to its name with its velvety sand and placid waters, interrupted only by the occasional wild dolphin or boat passing by. The area’s casual vibe fosters the perfect laid-back getaway you have been looking for. Opal Sands Resort provides visitors with a contemporary Clearwater Beach retreat experience, complete with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico’s azure waters. Upon arrival, guests will revel in the resort’s panoramic water views and a fresh, modern design that reflects the resort’s beach-chic atmosphere. With 230 Gulf-front rooms and suites to choose from, Opal Sands never falls short of excellence. Every room delivers unobstructed views of the Gulf of Mexico and the decor is an equally blended

88 |

match of stye and sophistication, which complements the backdrop seamlessly. Coastal-inspired palates and artwork from Christopher Still are by a host of generous amenities from flat screen televisions and deluxe bedding to spa-style bathrooms and floor to ceiling windows to truly take advantage of the stunning views. Vacationers seeking a pampered stay on Clearwater Beach will find comfort at this cozy haven offering lounges by the zero-entry pool and handcrafted tropical beverages, perfect for sipping on poolside. The spot is known for dolphin sightings, which in itself is a marvel. Partake in a number of resort activities from bike rentals, to beach sport rentals, including: jet skis, paddle boards and kayaks.

Along with the serene setting on Clearwater Beach, Opal Sands Resort is the ideal home base for taking advantage of the endless activities, attractions and adventures synonymous with Florida’s Gulf Coast. Visitors can check out the nearby Clearwater Marine Aquarium where the famous dolphins Winter and Hope from Dolphin Tale reside. Pier 60 and area attractions are walking distance from the resort, making Clearwater Beach the perfect family-friendly destination for fishing, restaurants, shopping, and nightly sunsets. A daily celebration features arts and crafts vendors, street musicians and entertainers which turn the pier into a display of whimsical motion. The Clearwater Marina offers everything from sunset sails and dinner cruises to deep sea fishing expeditions and dolphin encounters, accommodating every-


one’s preferences. Caladesi Island is a must see for guests seeking an outdoor adventure. Enjoy kayaking through the mangroves, sunbathing on the white sand beach, fishing, hiking and spotting wildlife. Beyond Clearwater Beach is an array of family activities in nearby Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando like Captain Bligh’s Landing Miniature Golf, Lowry Park Zoo, Florida Aquarium, Dali Museum, and Disney World in Orlando. From annual festivals to spring training, there’s always something going on at Clearwater Beach. The Sugar Sand Festival features a master sand sculpting competition which draws in a large crowd to observe the talented sculptors creating sights we could only wish too create. The events are based on season and the concierge will rec-

ommend events happening nearby to ensure you don’t miss a thing. As for dining, Opal Sands Resort is home to three exceptional Clearwater restaurants and bars, each showcasing fresh, locally sourced cuisine, colorful cocktails and unmatched views of the Gulf of Mexico. Revel in a truly unique dining experience at SeaGuini, boasting local seafood, Italian hand-made pastas and Neapolitan pizzas that take center stage. While the open design ensures spectacular water views from every seat, the additional outdoor terrace allows guests to fully indulge in the vistas and warm, tropical breezes of the Gulf.

The Sea-Guini lounge offers elegance in an upscale setting with both indoor and outdoor patio seating with a selection of post-dinner drinks and diverse menu, including pizza and primo options. For a casual Florida experience, the Sand Bar is a splendid beachfront tiki option for cool cocktails, great food, lively conversation and breathtaking views. The zero-entry, Gulf-front pool is the perfect place to spend sunny afternoons overlooking the water. The pool bar, Reflections, offers everything you need including appetizers, sandwiches, salads, desserts and of course crafty cocktails for another day in paradise. | 89


LA PLAYA NAPLES Better Than Ever By Bob & Lisa TOPAL


his place always amazes me. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico La Playa is the perfect place for vacation and residents as well. Having just completed an $8 million renovation the place offers everything you could possibly want.

mate romantic setting. Guests who choose to stay in the Gulf Tower, featuring endless views of the Gulf of Mexico and private balconies to view the famous Naples sunsets, will enjoy new oversized rugs, four poster beds and unique photography and paintings.

“Our resort is a welcoming haven for guests seeking a quintessential Floridian coastal elegance and experience” said Marco Perry, managing director of La Playa Beach and Golf Resort. Guests will immediately feel at ease entering La Playa’s newly transformed lobby. The new terrazzo flooring is accented with furnishings, custom chandeliers and dramatic wicker lounge seating.

Other highlights include a 4,5000-square foot Spa with a full menu of spa treatments, a private white sand beach with full butler service and assess to La Playa Gold Club’s beautiful 18 hole Robert Cupp designed golf course, elegant clubhouse and full practice facility. There is also a 23-slip marina housing lavish yachts overlooking Vanderbilt

The resorts signature restaurant BALEEN houses a four-foot-wide sculpture of a whale bone designed by Barcelona artist Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson. Famously know for Naples fine dining, its toe -in -the-sand dining experience on the beach is top notch, it provides diners with the ulti-

90 |

Bay; an array of water activities, including fishing charters, boat rentals, kayaks and a 12,000 square foot indoor and outdoor meeting space. For locals, joining the La Playa Beach and Golf Club, the members are provided with personalized service and access to the private beach, golf course, poolside cabanas and the Members Private Club Level restaurant. La Playa really has something for everyone, A perfect place to stay or a prefect club to join if you already have a home in Naples. Simply amazing.

EARLY SPRING SPECIAL Create a memorable vacation experience in the Bahamas with us here at Sunrise Beach Villas. Book a minimum of five nights’ stay at our hotel & receive a 10% discount off your nightly room rate along with free Wi-Fi for the duration of your stay with us.

**Special is independent of other specials and may not be combined. Special does not apply to reservations placed prior to the publication of this special. Per person room limits may not be exceeded. This special does not apply to unit #3, #16 or #17. This offer is valid when actual vacation is between February 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018.

ONLY THREE HOURS FROM PARADISE Non-stop flights to Nassau, Bahamas Experience everything that paradise has to offer when staying at Sunrise Beach Villas. Located on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, our property ensures privacy & security, which presents the perfect getaway for all. Come visit’re welcome to stay. | TOLL FREE: 800.451.6078 | DIRECT: 242.363.2234 |




ut off your own little slice of paradise at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort, part of the Noble House Hotels & Resorts collection, in the ever so charming Florida city of Fort Lauderdale. From the moment you arrive, savor the breathtaking views of the golden sands, crystal blue waters and incredible sunsets. Sitting right on the Atlantic Ocean, this Florida beach resort features a beautiful zero entry pool, Fort Lauderdale’s only Lazy River and private beach. Wake up to waves crashing every morning in one of the 106 oceanfront suites, complete with balconies for those unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. Choose from two queen, king and premium ocean front king suites all equipped with televisions, mini refrigerators and coffee maker, high speed internet and available in-room movies, games and music. To enhance your luxury beach experience, the premium oceanfront king suite is accompanied by premier beach service, which includes the arrangement of lounge chairs, towels, an umbrella

92 |

and bottled water, to make your beach days just that more relaxing. The 11-story tropical building boasts its pale yellow color with blue and white striped awnings to evoke a Caribbean appeal, with a touch of elegance. The lobby greets guests with paintings of palm-lined Florida landscapes to ensure you are immersed in the setting before even reaching your room. The marble floors glow when the sunlight shines in, creating an atmosphere that is unmatched in luxury and relaxation. Guests can choose to relax by the beachfront zero entry pool or let the currents of the lazy river tubing ride push you along while you relax taking in the views of the coastal-chic waterfront retreat. For those looking for complete relaxation, the PURE Spa is where Scandinavia meets Florida to bring guests the Scandinavian feeling of wellbeing in Florida. The Atlantic Ocean becomes the unobstructed backdrop as you sit back and unwind with a Swedish massage designed to de-

compress. The hot stone massage is a complete therapy for those seeking deeper relaxation. If you prefer to stay in your room, a masseuse will come to your room and you can enjoy a relaxing massage in your room or on your private balcony with the same Atlantic views. Boost your glow, with a skin treatment or vitamin c boosting facial perfect for re-energizing and rejuvenating. The Oceanfront fitness center is also accessible to all guests who like to keep in shape while on vacation and is equipped with all the latest technology and equipment. If this time around you brought your work with you, there is over 7,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space, perfect for business functions, events and social gatherings. Choose from unique indoor and outdoor venues equipped with stateof-the-art audiovisual equipment. OCEAN2000 is the Pelican Grand Beach Resort’s latest waterfront restaurant boasting new American fare, and offers diners an alternative to the other upscale Fort Lauderdale restaurants.


OCEAN2000 pays homage to the local food ways, devoting itself to the fine combination of great mixology, good times and superior regional cooking. Diners will indulge in delectable starters such as blue crab cake, spicy tuna tartare or Florida conch chowder with Yukon gold potato and sour cream. From the ocean, only the freshest and best seafood is served. The seafood mushroom risotto with Florida lobster, scallops, shrimp and fresh black truffle is a crowd pleaser, as well as the maple and guava BBQ-glazed salmon with sweet potato. If seafood is not on your mind, opt in for the roasted organic chicken or blue cheese-crust-

ed filet mignon. Chilled seafood is also available and includes east coast oysters, jumbo shrimp, lump crab cocktail and you can build your own local-favorite seafood platter to really appreciate Florida’s waters. Enjoy the view with libations and light fare at one of the best Fort Lauderdale bars—O2K Lounge. This is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or two while overlooking the scenic tropical pool and Atlantic Ocean. Guests can indulge in tapas or chilled seafood at the bar or by the pool, while sipping on crafty cocktails such as Hemingway

Papa Doble, Dragonberry Mojito or a Sunset Grand Margarita. With the Florida sun shining down on you, temperatures can rise, and The Emporium is the ideal place to cool off with some old fashioned ice cream that will delight the kid in all of us. They also offer an array of coffee treats, gourmet bakery items and some neat gift items for the ones who couldn’t make it to this oasis with you. | 93


CRUEL INTENTIONS Good Old Fashioned Guilty Pleasure Theater By Kristen Oliveri

Lauren Zakrin & Constantine Rousouli


here are many reasons people attend a theatrical performance. Sometimes they crave a good laugh, or cry, other times they hope to reminisce, be taken back to a time they remember fondly. Those specific feelings of nostalgia are often conjured up by memories of a completely different time. In New York City, specifically trendy Greenwich Village, one such production is being staged that may evoke those same sentimental feelings for anyone who grew up in the 1990s. Cruel Intentions: This ‘90s Musical Experience is an off Broadway production at (Le) Poisson Rouge that follows the plot of the ‘90s film with the same name as the production which starred Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair. The masterminds behind the play are Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross, who had the brilliant idea to mesh the best of the ‘90s music, including numbers like Kiss Me and I’m a B*tch, with the plot of the explosively popular film of the same genre. The story follows lead characters Sebastian Valmont (played by Constantine Rousouli) and Kathryn Merteuil (played by Lauren Zakrin), step-siblings, who are engaged in the most diabolical schemes shrouded around sex and betrayal. The intrigue continued when, Sebastian and Kathryn decided to have a wager, as to whether Sebastian could de-flower outspoken virgin Annette Hargrove (played by Carrie St. Louis). Throughout this torrid, back and forth figurative dance, the cast burst out into little ditties like Genie in a Bottle and Boyz II Men classics, at the most opportune moments. What was even more appropriate, was how close to the action the audience was situated. The venue has table seating and allows guests to eat and drink while simultaneously, consuming a positively delicious evening of theater. Then, just when audience go-ers least expected it, one of the cast members came out of nowhere into the theater to belt out a catchy tune that you’ll be humming long after the last current call. Cruel Intentions exists as a must see for the nostalgic, the musically-inclined and the lovers, of all things ‘90s.

Voted “Top Hotels in the U.S.”

US News & World Report

Voted “Top Hotels in the U.S.”

US News & World Report


DINE ZAGAT-RATE, 4-Diamond AAA AAHS DINE Award 5-Star Restaurant ZAGAT-RATE, 4-Diamond AAA AAHS Award 5-Star Restaurant

LUXURY ACCOMMODATIONS Countless In–room Amenities

LUXURY ACCOMMODATIONS Countless In–room Amenities

Only thirty minutes north of Manhattan, Castle Hotel & Spa sits majestically atop one of the highest points in Westchester County Only thirty minutesoverlooking north oftheManhattan, Castle Hotel & Spa sits majestically atop one of the highest points in Westchester County Hudson River amid sprawling acres of manicured gardens and grounds. With over 100 years of history, the Castle is overlooking the Hudson River amid sprawling of manicured grounds. With over 100 years of history, the Castle is undoubtedly a sumptuous escape to theacres enchanted era of America’sgardens Gilded Age.and The Castle’s luxurious guestrooms, suites with woodburning fireplaces amenities,era continue to be a favorite among dignitaries and Castle’s celebrities. The Castle’s award-winning undoubtedly a sumptuous escapeand to impeccable the enchanted of America’s Gilded Age. The luxurious guestrooms, suites with woodrestaurant, Equus, features Auberge-style natural French cuisine based on locally sourced ingredients presented with innovative seasonal burning fireplaces and impeccable amenities, continue to be a favorite dignitaries celebrities. Castle’s award-winning menus. Our newest addition to the property THANN™ Sanctuary Spa is among known throughout Asia asand an oasis of peace andThe tranquility offering aAuberge-style wide variety of luxurious spa treatments on THANN’s of natural therapy, where ingredients all the senses are awakened bywith the innovative seasonal restaurant, Equus, features natural Frenchbased cuisine basedarton locally sourced presented unique holistic spa concept and ambience. The THANN Sanctuary Spa at Castle Hotel & Spa is the first of its kind in the United States. menus. Our newest addition to the property THANN™ Sanctuary Spa is known throughout Asia as an oasis of peace and tranquility We invite you to experience the unparalleled service, comfort and amenities that continue to be the hallmark of hospitality at the Castle. offering a wide variety of luxurious spa treatments based on THANN’s art of natural therapy, where all the senses are awakened by the unique holistic spa concept and ambience. The THANN Sanctuary Spa at Castle Hotel & Spa is the first of its kind in the United States. We invite you to experience the unparalleled service, comfort and amenities that continue to be the hallmark of hospitality at the Castle. 1-800-616-4487 1-800-616-4487

Resident June 2012 • 1


Rylance is Brilliant in

FARINELLI AND THE KING By Barry Bassis | Photos by Joan Marcus


ark Rylance’s appearances on New York stages are always a cause for celebration, whether he is performing Shakespeare, a bracing new play (e.g., “Jerusalem”) or even a minor comedy (“Boeing-Boeing”). He is now back in “Farinelli and the King,” an import from Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London. The script by Claire van Kampen (Rylance’s wife) is fascinating and the production has many merits aside from the brilliant performance by Rylance as the King. This strange and compelling play is actually based in fact. Farinelli (1705-1782) was probably the most famous castrato tenor of all time. He was a leading opera star, when the Queen of Spain hired him to sing for her husband, King Philippe, who was suf-

fering from chronic depression. Farinelli remained in Spain as the monarch’s artist in residence until Philippe’s death. According to van Kampen’s script, the King was, at the beginning at least, quite mad, conversing with goldfish. Moved by the beauty of Farinelli’s singing, the King regained enough of his sanity to function as a ruler, albeit an eccentric one. As might be expected, Rylance is wonderful in the role of Philippe and Melody Grove is a charmer as the Queen. The most original touch is Farinelli, played by two identically dressed men. Sam Crane ably handles the speaking part and the singing is by countertenor Iestyn Davies. (James Hall replaces Davies in some performances.)

96 |

even if it probably sounds nothing like Farinelli (of which we only know from contemporary descriptions of him and other castratos). The musical arrangements are by the multi-talented van Kampen. Directed by John Dove, the production is also a feast for the eye, with its candle-lit set and elaborate costumes (by Jonathan Fensom).

The nine baroque arias performed in the play were all sung by Farinelli during his career, and include “Ho perso il caro ben” from “Il Parnasso” and “Bel contento” from “Flavio.” Davies is a world-class singer and his singing is enjoyable on its own terms,

“Farinelli and the King” plays through March 25, 2018, at the Belasco Theatre (111 West 44th Street). For tickets, call: 800.432.7250 or Through Feb. 4th, there are 2 for the price of 1 tickets during Broadway week

714 Center Hill, Copake, NY $294,000

20 Hunt Rd. Hillsdale, NY $399,000

4061 Rte. 7, Craryville, NY $399,000

89 Sheppard Rd, Ancram, NY $2,400,000

Pond Hill Rd, Copake, NY $80,000

Rte. 5, Austerlitz, NY $50,000

330+ acre parcel with extensive frontage on three beautiful country roads, multiple spectacular building sites, breath taking views

Quiet, secluded, waterfront on Creek, just half mile to Copake Lake & Copake Country Club, 3 acres, private road, recent survey

Really nice home in excellent 3-Story 100 yr old Colonial, excel- Incredible 1866 Semi-Gothic home condition, all the bells & whistles lent condition, perennial gardens, is perfectly situated on 1.25 acres, 5 your are looking for. 3 bdrm, 3 bath, HW floors, original details, 6 bdrm, bdrm, 3 ba., 1.3 Acres, a home with 1 Acre, Recent Renovation 6 bath, 3.5 Acres, Previous B&B hidden graces.

Peace and quiet with plenty of privacy, Driveway roughed in & home site partially cleared. 5 Acres boarding Ravine & 2 Streams


Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club is located at the southern tip of

- Kerry Smith; Editor, British Airways High Life Magazine

understated luxury boutique retreat welcomes couples, families and groups.

Grenada, just 15 minutes from Maurice Bishop International Airport. Where Grenada’s legendary powder white sand meets crystal turquoise waters, this



Take in autumn at Mount Cinnamon! Receive a 10% discount on stays of three nights or

Book a stay in our BRAND NEW luxurious sea view Cinnamon Suites anytime from

longer during the month of November. Daily breakfast is included as well as access to our

now through December 20, 2017 and receive a special nightly rate of $285.00, plus

Beach Club, non-motorized water sports, tennis and fitness facilities. Valid on bookings

tax (normally $415/night, plus tax). Daily breakfast is included as well as access to

from November 1 – 30, 2017. Cinnamon Heights is not included in this offer. Offer may

the Beach Club, non-motorized water sports, tennis and fitness facilities. Offer may

not be combined with other resort promotions. Book by calling +1.473.439.4400.

not be combined with other resort promotions.

For more info, additional specials/packages, to view our unparalleled onsite amenities / activities, check availability and book your next trip to Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean Visit or call us 1.866.720.2616


Escape to your own private country estate at The Lodge at Woodloch, an all-inclusive destination spa resort just 95 miles from Manhattan. Reservations: 866.953.8500


It’s a story about bringing families closer together...

TripAdvisor’s #1 Resort for Families in America. Join us this President’s Midweek (Feb 19-23) with rates starting at only $249! Make time for a little getaway so close to home, and bring your family a bit closer together.

800.Woodloch | | Hawley PA *Starting rates are per adult per night, double occupancy, includes dinner, overnight and breakfast. Other terms and conditions may apply.



By Clara Morgan

GBK Productions Present “A Golden Affair” Luxury Lounge with Blue Nun, Too Faced, The Artisan Group and My Manu in Honor of the 75th Golden Globe Awards, LA ©GBK (Top) Randy Jackson (Middle) Alan Cumming (center) (Bottom) Mara Wilson

100 |

The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA ©Patrick McMullan (Top) Emilia Clarke (Middle) Jacqueline Bisset (Bottom) Timothee Chalamet


Wouldn’t it be fun to stop keeping it all together?

A NEW COMEDY by Isobel Mahon

starring Academy Award® Winner

HAYLEY MILLS directed by

Amanda Bearse • 212-581-1212 • 131 W. 55TH ST. NY CITY CENTER STAGE II • NYCITYCENTER.ORG



By Clara Morgan

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA ©Patrick McMullan (L) Jessica Chastain (R) Leslie Bibb, Sam Rockwell

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards HBO After Party, Beverly Hills, CA ©LMG Nicole Kidman

SEAN PENN J/P HRO GALA: A Gala Dinner to Benefit J/P Haitian Relief Organization and a Coalition of Disaster Relief Organizations Milk Studios, Los Angeles, CA ©Patrick McMullan (L) Sean Penn (R) Sofia Boutella

102 |

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards After Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA ©LMG Kathy Hilton, Chris Zylka, Paris Hilton


By Clara Morgan

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, with Nathan & Alan Lieberman of the South Beach Group Hotels, hosted the Power of Art to Heal at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami 2017 ©Patrick McMullan (L) Jean Shafiroff, Alan Lieberman (R) Joyce Moore, Eric Demarchelier, Catherine Demarchelier

Laughing Affairs, founded by comedian Felicia Madison, presented Funny Business, a panel discussion for female comedians, at New York City’s legendary Friars Club, NYC ©Stacy Slotnick (L) Felicia Madison (R) Tovah Silbermann, Emmy Blotnick, Krystal Stark, Felicia Madison, Amy Hawthorne, Jessica Pilot, Cait Taylor

The Society of Illustrators hosted a launch party in honor of New York Times best-selling author Karen “Duff” Duffy’s new book Backbone: Living With Chronic Pain Without Turning Into One Karen “Duff” Duffy

104 |

Lauren Roberts hosted a private Winter Party, NYC Lauren Roberts

Chill or thrill? Lazy or crazy? Mild or wild?

In the Wildwoods, you can do as much, or as little, as you like. There’s 5 miles of FREE white-sand beaches to relax on and 38 blocks of boardwalk fun with rides, waterparks, shopping and arcades, plus great dining and nightlife. Everything you could ever want in a family vacation is right here. Your Wildwoods vacation, as wild as you want it to be. Enter to win a FREE Wildwoods family vacation at l 800.992.9732



Within” exhibition of working artists at the Marc Borghi Gallery. The Cutting Room followed, featuring “Deep Blue”, which was purchased by a Parrish Art Museum Trustee. Evans work has also been purchased by Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live, and has been featured at The National Arts Club…Art Basel has been a big break for Evan, where he was the featured artist from Julie Keyes at the X Contemporary Art Fair at Nobu / Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. His work was prominently displayed at the annual Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. Also at the Salomon Arts Gallery that featured an overview of 2016’s signature themes and explorations in the “Matter in Movement” exhibition … I could go on and on about him and his impressive career, but space limits me … I have saved the best for last, but not least, which as you know my loyal readers know by now, I normally do…. My journey in life is to expose my readers to how pets change us, by greatly enriching our lives forever. When Evan was 8 he got a dog by the name of Snowball, who just happens to be blind. He and his beautiful mother Debbie Dickinson love and adore this wonderful addition to their family… One day while on the floor painting, Snowball was running across the canvas through the paint to play and get attention, Evan’s long hair got paint all over and thus both of them entered another phrase of creativity … painting with his hair… Snowball brought out a whole new side to Evans creativity. They have been together 14 years. His next show is February 10th, from 6 to 9PM. At the, One Art Space Gallery. 23 Warren Street New York, NY 10007. After opening night, by appointment only. REMEMBER LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH |


ebruary 14th is an important Day to so many of us, and I am about to take you on a journey… the journey of a boy and his dog. But more about that


I introduce you to Evan Sebastian Lagache, who is all of 22 years of age. As a young boy he loved trolling the streets of Manhattan, for found objects. Objects that inspired him and his creativity, he collected, street doors, windows, skateboards, in other words street trash. Evan believes one mans trash can be another mans treasure. Accepted at an early age to the prestigious Frank Sinatra

106 |

School of the Arts, which is a developmental school to cultivate creative genius. One of the several Board Members is Tony Bennett and other notables who support and encourage young talented people. Out of 4,000 applicants, Evan was accepted… Evan eventually set up his own urban outdoor art studio at the base of the Washington Square Park monument, where an NYU Art Educator saw his work and offered him a scholarship… And the rest is history. Then being discovered by Julie Keyes Art Consulting, and was invited to debut the “View from

Send your feedback or questions to

g i l de d




Newly Reimagined Spring 2018

Every great destination has one iconic hotel. hidden away on more than 110 acres in the berkshires, one of the most idyllic locations to enjoy New England’s seasons, stands a Tudor-style estate evocative of a 19th century Scottish stone manor. Elegant and distinguished, steeped in history and charm where experiences are infused with lasting traditions, unwavering attention to detail and unparalleled personal service. Recently reimagined after a multi-million dollar renovation, Blantyre offers pampered pleasures from exquisite cuisine paired with a Wine Spectator Grand Award wine list, a world-class collection of art and an array of complimentary resort and cultural activities.



Resident Magazine February 2018 Issue - Tim Hentschel  
Resident Magazine February 2018 Issue - Tim Hentschel