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Ages 8 to 14 Weekly Sessions 7:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Adventure Camp June 17 - July 26, 2013

Your Summer Adventure begins at WRA. About Adventure Camp Adventure Camp at Western Reserve Academy has just about everything! From enriching activities to sports to outdoor adventures, campers express themselves, explore their world and discover new interests. Campers make new friends and try new things that allow them to broaden their horizons. New campers will be amazed at the number of activities they will experience in one week. During each session, every camper will do the following: w Choose two Enriching Adventures, each meeting for four, 50-minute sessions w Pick one Sporting Adventure that meets for three, 60-minute sessions w Mountain bike through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park w Kayak one of the most beautiful waterways in Northeast Ohio w Participate in traditional camp favorites such as capture the counselor (think capture the flag meets hide-n-seek), swimming, camp competitions and so much more! Although everybody knows what will happen during the course of a week, each day is a surprise at Adventure Camp! The daily schedule is revealed as the day unfolds so campers enjoy the activity of the moment instead of getting lost in tomorrow’s adventures. At Adventure Camp, every day is a new adventure!

Sample Daily S chedule 7:45-8:30am Arr ival &

Breakfast Enriching Adven ture 1: Rockin’ R ockets Enriching Adven ture 2: Magicians in Training Sporting Adven ture: Tennis Lunch Wilderness Adv entures Group 1: Kayak ing Group 2: Mount ai 4:45pm n Biking Afternoon Gam e: C ap ture the Flag 5:30-6:00pm Cam per Pick-up 8:45am 9:45am 10:45am 12:15pm 1:00pm

Discover new interests. Discover yourself here. Enriching Adventures Adventure Campers make new discoveries and expand their creative potential through engaging activities. Each camper selects two enrichment offerings per session, and each activity meets four times during a oneweek session.

Options for Sessions 1, 2 & 3 PHOTOGRAPHIC EFFECTS - Campers learn the features of Google’s Picasa to manipulate their own digital images into works of art. All campers take home a disc with copies of their collection. ROCKIN’ ROCKETS - After campers learn the physics of a rocket launch, they build their own spacecrafts and watch them soar into the sky. LET’S GET CRAFTY - Mosaic masterpieces, styrofoam robots and woven friendship bracelets are just some of the art projects campers create at Adventure Camp. CREATIVE COOKING - WRA’s dining hall is home to kitchen adventures as campers prepare their own pizzas with pizzazz, cupcake creations and other delicious dishes. COMICAL THEATRICS - Improvisation skits such as the “Emotion Party” and classic bits including “Who’s on First” give campers opportunities to have fun while displaying their theatrical skills. MAGICIANS IN TRAINING - Card tricks, disappearing coins and sawing (paper) assistants in half are just some of the skills campers develop while training for the stage.

Options for Sessions 4, 5 & 6 T-SHIRT TIME - Classic tie-dyes and T-shirts displaying campers’ computer-generated graphics will become the newest additions to their wardrobes. WRA PRODUCTIONS - After developing a script and plot, campers use a digital video camera to produce a group short film. Using iMovie, everyone edits the production that premiers at the closing ceremonies. Campers take home DVD copies of the movie. LINE DANCING MANIA - Campers learn classics including the YMCA and Macarena, as well as newer favorites such as the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha-Cha Slide. CLAY WORKS - Using air-dry clay to mold original works of art, ideas take shape in the ultimate hands-on activity. From dinosaurs to flowers to necklaces, campers’ masterpieces are as unique as they are fun. ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE - Models and basic experiments teach campers scientific principles such as propulsion, solar power, chemical reactions or conductivity. ADVENTURE CAMP PAINTERS, INC. - While working in the studio and around WRA’s picturesque campus, campers’ imaginations are the inspiration for their brushes.

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h Session Options for Eac Frisbee Golf

Badminton Basketball

Wilderness Adventures Adventure Camp extends beyond WRA’s campus to surrounding parks and reserves. Everyone learns how to navigate some of the best trails and waterways in Northeast Ohio while kayaking and mountain biking each session.


Mountain Biking

Not all of our adventures happen on land! During each session, campers learn the fundamentals of kayaking from our well-trained staff. Counselors teach boater safety and basic paddling techniques, and everyone discovers the thrill of piloting a vessel on the Cuyahoga River.

Bumpy trails ahead! Bikers of all skill levels enjoy trails that are perfect and fun for each camper. The first day of mountain biking involves riding a local park trail. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the site for additional journeys and great scenery such as the impressive Brandywine Falls or locks along the historic Ohio & Erie Canal.

Flag Football Soccer


...and every day has new Adventures!

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Rival Advent

ures Each session, campers form two teams for our fun-packe d CAMPetition s. Motivated b team pride, ca y mpers face off in a combinatio of challenges n such as captu re the counselo swimming poo r, l games, steal the bacon, rela races, crab so y ccer and so m u ch more. The CAMPetitions culminate with the Adventure Battle - Capture the Flag 2.0.

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Camp Faciliti

es Adventure Camp take s place on WRA’s bo arding school campu a result, campers take s. As advantage of the sam e exceptional facilitie used by students fro s m around the world du ring the school year. From courts and field s to labs and studios, WRA provides the id environment for cam eal pers to embark on ne w adventures. Our 190-acre campu s encompasses: w The 80,000-squarefoot Murdough Athlet ic Center which includes a 200-meter indoor track, 5 basket ball courts, and a 6-lane swimmin g pool with a separa te diving well w 12 full-size athletic fields w 10-court tennis cent er w Cross-country trails w 3 baseball fields w Two- and three-dim ensional studios with work stations for painting and printing techniques and a prod uction area for desktop publ ishing w State-of-the art scie nce labs w A 400-seat theater

Camp Dining

Campers enjoy breakf ast* and lunch in WRA ’s Ellsworth Dining Hall. Meals are served buffe t style and offer an arra y of choices. Nutritio us snacks are served du ring mid-morning an d afternoon breaks. Th e dining hall staff ca n accommodate most dietary needs - please contact us for specifi c requests prior to enrolling. *Campers can arrive between 7:45 a.m. an d 8:15 a.m. for an optio nal breakfast. Everyo ne should be on campu s by 8:30 a.m. for the start of camp activities.

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Enroll today! Summer officially begins June 17 2013 Session Dates Session 1: June 17 - 21 Session 2: June 24 - 28 Session 3: July 1 - 5

Session 4: July 8 - 12 Session 5: July 15 - 19 Session 6: July 22 - 26

Adventure Camp Tuition Number of Sessions

Before May 15

1 2 3 4+

$455 / week $435 / week $415 / week $395 / week

Starting May 15 $495 / week $475 / week $455 / week $435 / week

The all-inclusive tuition includes: w Breakfast and lunch w Camp T-shirt, water bottle and backpack w All supplies and materials w Optional Thursday overnight stay *Multiple weeks do not have to be consecutive. Because campers can experience different enriching and sporting adventures each session, every week is a new adventure.

Camper Transportation

Morning and afternoon camp shuttle service is available from Solon for $75 per week. Please visit our website for additional transportation information.

Enrollment Information Camper space and activity selections are limited each session and filled as enrollments are received.

Enroll Online

Extending its academic tradition to summer programs, Western Reserve Academy strives to provide quality summer experiences for children, from ages 8 through 17. A summer at WRA echoes our school’s commitment to “offer a transformational experience where students strive for excellence, live with integrity and act with compassion.”

Western Reserve Academy Summer Programs 115 College Street Hudson, OH 44236

Whether you want to become more adept at adding special effects to videos, have an interest in honing your writing skills, or wish to kayak down a river in one of our Adventure Camps, we know you will enjoy your summer at WRA.

Timothy McQuait Director of Summer Programs Phone: 330-650-9715 E-Mail: @WRASummer

WRA Adventure Camp 2013  

A summer of excitement and enrichment to last a lifetime.

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