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The Reporter March 2014

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March 2014 The Reporter


East Providence News Briefs By Bob Rodericks

EP Middle & Elementary Schools Face Re-Districting “Just in the Talking Stage" - Joel Monteiro

The East Providence School Department is once again considering which elementary schools will be aligned with the city’s two middle schools. “It’s time to best meet the needs of all students and this time with solid input from teachers, administrators and parents,” school committee Chairman Joel Monteiro told the Reporter in a broad ranging interview. According to Monteiro, teachers and administrators at Martin and Riverside middle schools want to see a more effective way of scheduling “teaching teams and approaches”. “Currently some teachers have a mix of 6th and 7th grade students which presents a challenge in curriculum planning, etc.,” according to Monteiro. “With the conflict in schedules, teachers aren’t always available to meet at the same time and plan for specific grade strategies in curriculum.” The school committee briefly touched upon this topic at their February 11th meeting. The committee is considering a redistricting of students which will be more in line with traditional geographical lines. “This may also allow us to save money on transportation,” added Monteiro. A few years ago a prior school committee conducted a school reorganization of their own. Some students who were closer to Martin were sent to Riverside middle school. In the case of the Kent Heights elementary school, some students were sent to Martin while others went to Riverside. “I think some previous officials made these decisions to split schools and redistrict students away from their scheduled school with a personal agenda in mind and not for the best interest of the community as a whole,” said Chairman Monteiro. Also it never made sense to many parents that Hennessey school was redistricted to Riverside Middle, when the elementary school and its’ neighborhood is so close to Martin Middle. The former budget commission also had a role in the idea of splitting up teams of teachers. “The decision to look into this is also because the current set up by the Budget Commission created split teams of teachers, limiting their ability to put team plans together for the students. Our initial thought involved grandfathering existing students, or giving them the choice. The matter will be fully looked into, things are just in the “talking” stage and nothing is certain yet. “ Monteiro was adamant about saying.

Should the plan be implemented for next year, it would look like this: Waddington, Oldham and Silver Spring will have their students promoted to grade 6 at Riverside Middle School. The rest of the city’s schools would attend Martin Middle school. Those schools are Kent Heights, Hennessey, Whiteknact, Orlo and Francis. “This plan, if approved, would allow current 6th and 7th graders to finish out their middle school if they want. We know students have forged relationships and they should have the option to change or to stay,” Monteiro added. This plan would now allow teams of teachers to be set up by their grades. “Sixth grade teams would meet together more, as would 7th and 8th, etc.”. The plan, according to Monteiro, would neither add or cut teaching positions. Frank DeVall and Steven Prew principals of Martin and Riverside middle schools respectively, are said to be very open to working with this proposal “This proposal to realign came to us (school committee) basically from teachers and administration. The committee is willing to listen. No decision will be made until the public is fully informed,” said Monteiro. Riverside Middle School principal, Steven Prew is in favor of investigating the entire question. “I’m glad that this Superintendent and school committee are interested in listening to our educational community and involving us. It is early in the process and I want to help do what is best for all students,” said Prew. Prew and DeVall like the idea of having teachers knowing the same kids so that it helps with social and emotional support as well as curriculum planning. “Finding the right process that works for our students is the key,” said DeVall. “It’s all about the best academic environment.” Ward 4 city council member Chrissy Rossi added to the discussion. Rossi, as is her style, didn’t pull punches in giving her opinion. “The decision to move Hennessey to RMS was made by (former superintendent) Mario Cirillo. “The split teams of teachers was approved by Bacon & Edge (financial advisors) and the Budget Commission bought it hook, line and sinker to save a few bucks,” said Rossi. Approximately 6 teaching jobs were lost in the process. “I don’t like the way former superintendent Ed continued on next page...

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The Reporter March 2014

Daft handled the case either,” Rossi continued. Edward Daft was named Interim Superintendent after Mario Cirillo was dismissed by the Charles Tsonos led school Committee. “Ed Daft was leaving (Daft left East Providence for an administrative post at Barrington High School) and he didn’t really care,” said Rossi. Rossi said she isn’t confident that school principals and staff will be included in the discussion in a critical way. Daft didn’t want to comment for this story at this time. “We will listen to everyone, count on it,” repeated Joel Monteiro. Rossi, a former school committee member, also gave some personal advice to parents. “Top down decisions are a big part of what is wrong with this district. Listen with your own two ears and please, please talk to your teachers and principals. They know the kids, know the buildings, know the problems,” she said. Rossi told the Reporter that she didn’t think the school administrative staff has been in the district long enough to “know our demographics as well as our staff on the front line. Our kids deserve well thought out plans with their best interest in mind,” she said. A former city official close to the situation also spoke with the Reporter. “I always supported placing students back in their proper neighborhood districts. It didn’t make sense to send Hennessey students to RMS and to divide Kent Heights between Martin and Riverside middle schools.” A teacher added this comment; “If only the teachers and principals had some say ... it’s about time to trust the professionalism of the front line people.” “We will do just that,” said Monteiro.

James Briden to Seek Re-Election to EP City Council Tracy Capobianco, Chrissy Rossi also Officially Running

Jim Briden has decided to run for re-election to the Ward I City Council seat for the City of East Providence. In a statement released by Briden, who also serves as Mayor, Briden states: “I believe that I have remained true to the objectives that I enumerated during the last election. This has included keeping property taxes down, freezing the phasing out of the homestead exemption, and adhering to the city’s multi-year budget plan. Our city has achieved fiscal stability. In 2013, Standard & Poor’s increased the city’s bond rating five levels higher from ‘BB+ to ‘A’. This means that the City of East Providence now has an investment grade credit rating. During this same period, there has also been significant capital investment in our city. As Mayor, I have strived to improve the image of our governing body by prioritizing in a way that results in the Council devoting more time to the most important issues and by promoting an en-

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vironment of greater civility and professionalism. Saying less, listening more, relaxing the rules a bit, and rarely using the gavel creates a more relaxed environment where there is better discussion and flow of ideas. I try to be a resource to other members of the Council in a way that exemplifies a real team effort and serves our city well. Notwithstanding the very important issues that we must work on in 2014, the City of East Providence is moving in the right direction.” Rumors had surfaced that Briden and council member Tracy Capobianco may not seek re-election. Both have confirmed, however, that they will indeed run again. Capobianco is the citys’ at-large council member. “Haven’t heard this many rumors since I was in high school so let me clear it up. I am planning on running for Council-at-Large again,” said Capobianco.” Ward 4 member Chrissy Rossi also has confirmed that she will be seeking re-election and it appears certain that Ward 3 member Tom Rose and Ward2 member Helder Cunha will each be seeking another term.

Amore Bill on Gun Safety

Representative Gregg Amore, District 65 has introduced a bill, H 7310, to “prevent those convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault from purchasing a firearm.” The bill was co-sponsored by fellow Representative, Katherine Kazarian, District 63 and three others. This act would prohibit the possession and/or ownership of a firearm by a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor under the domestic violence statute. The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary committee. The bill targets those convicted of all domestic violencetype misdemeanors, which includes “simple assault, vandalism, disorderly conduct, trespassing, violation of protective orders, stalking, refusal to relinquish or to obstruct a telephone and cyber harassment. It would also subject violators to three to 15 years of imprisonment,” according to bill language. Amore stresses that he isn’t taking away the right of law abiding people to have their guns legally. “The truth of the matter is that access to firearms can make for a deadly ending after even the slightest escalation of violence,” Amore said. “This is a problem that can be fixed, and that’s why I’m introducing a bill to prevent those convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault from purchasing a firearm. This is a common sense bill that I introduced last year as part of the firearms safety legislative package. I’m submitting it again this year because I believe it strikes the right balance between public safety and preserving Second Amendment rights. I’m not asking for a way to take away guns from hard-working, responsible people. I’m asking for us to consider not putting guns in the hands of men and women with a definitive history of violence and disturbing behavior related to domestic assault.” Other language in this bill declares that: “No person who has been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a crime of violence, convicted of an offense under section 12-29-2 and punishable as a misdemeanor offense under section 12-29-5, or who is a fugitive from justice shall purchase, own, carry, transport, or have in his or her possession any firearm. No person who is in community confinement pursuant to the provisions of section 42-56-20.2 or who is otherwise subject to electronic surveillance or monitoring devices as a condition of parole shall purchase, carry, transport, or have in his or her possession any firearm. This subsection shall not apply to any person who has not been convicted of (or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to) a crime of violence in a court of competent jurisdiction. Every person violating the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction, be punished by imprisonment for not less than three (3) nor more than fifteen (15) years; and for penalties provided in this section he or she shall not be afforded the benefit of suspension or deferment of sentence nor of probation.”

March 2014 The Reporter

Changing EP Fiscal Year

One of the recommendations from fiscal advisers to the city, including the former Budget Commission, is that the city align its’ fiscal year to the same as the state. In fact, East Providence is the only community in Rhode Island with a July 1 start date instead of an October 1 start date. The problem is there is a cost associated with this move. Through the years city officials have talked about the need to do this but have had difficulty trying to devise a plan to do this. Mayor James Briden has scheduled a council meeting agenda item to address the decades long issue. Recent snow cancellations have delayed this discussion. “I feel the need to get this discussion moving,” Ward 4 council member Chrissy Rossi told the Reporter. “Options for synchronizing our fiscal year to align us with the State seem to be worth serious consideration, Rossi said. “We need to get to this matter.” Some of the options council members have available are taking out a bond, issuing one time extra tax bills or arranging the fiscal year calendar into short years. These and other ideas can be confusing and Mayor Briden has placed the matter on the March 4th council docket. “I placed this issue on the agenda in January and we requested that a study be done. In my subsequent communications with Mr. Luba (Budget Commission Financial Overseer) he requested the March meeting for the presentation. This topic will be on the docket for the March 4th Council Meeting at which time our Finance Director and Fiscal Advisor will present the options. As a Council, we will carefully review the data, ask questions, allow for public comment and make a decision in the near future.” “This is okay with me, as long as we get going,” said Rossi. “It’s a start, I’d rather get as much information out there as possible,” said Rossi. The cost to taxpayers for this overhaul could reach $20 million.

EP Form of Government On Agenda

“Discussion of the proposed language relating to a charter amendment for a Mayor/ Council form of government,” has been listed for council discussion by Mayor Briden and also by Ward 3 councilman Tom Rose. As we reported last December, the recent controversy over the city manager in the city has once again given rise to the question of East Providence’s form of government. It has come up before and has been closely defeated by voters although momentum has been growing for those in favor of a change. Essentially many in the city - mostly identified with the Democratic party - have been touting the advantages they see in an elected Mayoral form of government. Supporters point out that several cities have this form of government citing Providence, Cranston, Warwick, Newport, North Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, Cumberland and Woonsocket. Bristol has an elected ‘town administrator’ and several other smaller towns have the city or town manager form like East Providence. Barrington and Warren have elected town councils and appointed town administrators. Their councils have ‘presidents’ of the board selected by their council or board members. East Providence selected an appointed city manager type governance with an elected city council with 4 geographic wards and one at-large seat when it became a city in 1958. Last October the city council heard a proposal from former Democratic State Representative, Sandra Barone. Barone urged the council to allow voters to again select a change in the city form of government. Barone said that “it is time to let more than three people select our city manager,” said Barone. Barone is referring to the fact that voters only vote for their ward council person and an at large seat. This means that voters only select two of the five council members and have no direct say on the city manager selection. State Senator Dan DaPonte told the Reporter that he could see the voters deciding if they want a strong Mayor or not, but believes any question on the ballot should also reflect the larger (three at large) council. “This way a voter gets to elect the majority of the council,” he said. Ward three councilman Tom Rose had presented a resolution to start the process for voters to elect a strong mayor form of government, which would eliminate the current city manager style. The council seems supportive of the notion that city voters should have the final say on whether the form of government should be changed. Formal ballot language has not yet been publicly announced. City voters can expect a spirited campaign both for and against a change in the form of government. A new change already approved by voters gives council members and school committee members expanded four year terms instead of the current two years.

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After No Response from Superintendent, East Providence Elementary School Parents Seek Solutions from State Officials


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February 4, 2014 (East Providence) -- After they received no response from School Superintendent Kim Mercer to their letter about issues that disrupted classes, Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School parents are asking state officials to intervene. The January 18 letter from the school’s parent teacher association explicitly asked Superintendent Mercer for an action timeline to address serious issues with the school building and administration within ten days of receipt. And they are still waiting. According to the letter, the East Providence School Department was ‘well aware’ of ‘infrastructure problems’--such as chronic ceiling leaks, the lack of electricity and heating in classrooms, broken Smart Boards, and a lack of substitute teachers -- that resulted in class displacement and lost teaching time in a school put on ‘warning status’ by the Department of Education last year for low test scores. “After waiting patiently for four month,” the letter continued, “we now demand immediate action…along with a timeline for implementation.” The letter gave Superintendent Mercer until January 31 to respond. While Superintendent Mercer visited the school after the PTA approved the letter, local parents are outraged that she did not directly respond to it, in writing or verbally. According to members of the PTA, Superintendent Mercer’s inability to even acknowledge receipt of the letter, is illustrative of the School Department’s ongoing disregard of the school, students --and their parents. No one on the school committee, except for Anthony Ferreira, or the City Council, except for Chrissy Rossi, reached out to parents either. As a result, the PTA has no other choice but to take these issues to the wider public, media, and the RI Department of Education. Parents are growing increasingly anxious that their children are subjected to an unsafe environment that actually hinders learning, as well as administrative neglect that hamstrings the ability of teachers to conform to the highly rigid regime of the new Common Core Curriculum. Unlike other schools throughout the state, East Providence’s implementation of the new curriculum imposes timed-scripts that teachers read to students as lessons, followed by worksheets to be completed with prescribed timed periods. While the School Department received several notices that teachers were unable to make copies of these worksheets due to breakdowns of the school’s single copying machine, nothing was done.

March 2014 The Reporter Parents report that seeing teaching materials lined up next to the broken copier as they waited for it to be serviced. They have also walked into classrooms with buckets to catch water actively dripping from the ceiling. Others were concerned about moldy odors in the hallways and classrooms, as well as constant complaints of unheated classrooms during the winter. A growing number of parents are worried about air quality in the school as their children come home complaining of head aches and nausea. The parent and teacher association hopes state officials will take their concerns seriously – without reverting to knee-jerk reactions, such as closing down the school, particularly since every elementary school in the city faces similar issues. Given the ineffective management of these problems, parents expect officials to cooperatively find a solution to these problems. Yet another top-down imposition will be unacceptable. January 18, 2014 Dear Superintendent Mercer: As you know, last year the Rhode Island Department of Education placed Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School, along with other schools, on ‘warning’ status for low test scores, largely of the ‘gap’ student population of students who qualify for school lunches, are English-language learners, or have IEPs. As a result, the Whiteknact parents, teachers and administration collaborated on a School Improvement Plan to bring up these scores and forestall any further punitive action against the school. However, over the past academic year ongoing infrastructure problems and departmental mismanagement, along with rushed implementation of an untested new curriculum, have resulted in class displacement, lost educational time and, ultimately, a disrupted school year for all Whiteknact students. Under these circumstances, it is hard to envision how learning – or test scores – will improve. In September, the School Department was well aware that Whiteknact classrooms suffered from inadequate infrastructure, including: --a leaking roof that has caused entire classrooms to be displaced to other spaces for days at a time; a bond was passed in November of 2010 that included $901K in roof repair/replacement for our school; --odors and air quality issues; --unserviced technology, notably Smart Boards that do not work in class rooms; --problems with electricity and heating that have resulted in unlit, frigid and unsuitable learning environments; --a single copy machine overburdened by a new curriculum so dominated by worksheets that malfunction results in lost teaching time and unfair pressure on both teachers and students alike. Further, the Department’s inability to organize adequate substitute teachers has resulted in entire days lost as classes are divided and parked into other crowded classrooms, often into different grade levels. The Whiteknact Parent Teacher Association has been paying close attention and after waiting patiently for over four months, we now demand immediate action on each and every issue mentioned above, along with a timeline for implementation. Given our everincreasing role to supplement even basic needs at Whiteknact Elementary to provide our students with a worthwhile –and engaging—education, we are well aware of the budgetary constraints in our district. However, even the most dedicated parents, teachers and administration cannot make up for the fiscal, legal and ethical responsibilities of the School Department to guarantee safe, adequate and fully serviced infrastructure, technology and staffing. In the optimism of a new year, we look forward to your prompt response and timeline of concrete solutions in the next five days. We offer you the benefit of our patience and the promise that we will continued on page 9..



The Reporter March 2014

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Left: TEAM 1 Left to Right: Wale’ FayanjuolaAssistant Coach, Matthew Allienello, Mike Aguiar, Kris Richards, Jordan Andrews, Michael Bullock, Kevin Dexter, Eric Major, & Justin RichardsHead Coach

not take this letter to the wider public, media, Department of Education, Department of Health or the State Building Inspector before January 31. We can all agree that creating a vibrant, dynamic learning environment that engages all students is the top priority at Whiteknact Elementary, second only to their safety and wellbeing. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Emma G. Whiteknact PTA Melissa Smith, President On behalf of all students and parents of Whiteknact Elementary School (Submitted by Judy Lopes)

Special Olympics Rhode Island East Providence

Special Olympics of Rhode recently held their 2014 Traditional Basketball Tournament. On Wednesday, Feb 19th, East Providence’s Team 1 won the GOLD medal in the highest division, at a separate tournament held at Providence Country Day School. Then on Saturday February 22nd East Providence’s Team 2 won the SILVER medal in their division, that was held at the Peterson Recreation Center at Providence College. A total of 25 teams from across the state competed in the tournament Team 1 members : Michael Aguiar, Matthew Allienello, Michael Bullock, Kevin Dexter, Eric Major, Jordan Andrews, and Kristofer Richards. Head Coach – Justin Richards Assistant Coach – Wale’ Fayanjuola Team 2 members : Jessica Bullock, Katherine Carcieri, Geoffrey Carpenter, Michael Conheeny, Keri Dwyer, David Marshall, Benjamin Patch, & Toneka Rocha. Head Coach – Jim Bullock Assistant Coach – Al Carpenter Both teams posted a 2-1 regular season record in a shortened season due snow. I would like to thank Special Olympics of Rhode Island, Providence College, The Wheeler School, the referees, and everyone involved in this season’s Traditional Basketball program. I would also like to thank Diane Carpenter and John Major for being our “official” scorers. If anyone wants to know more about the Special Olympics program, here in East Providence, they can contact me. James M. Bullock


RIGHT: TEAM 2 Front Row- Katie Carcieri, Ben Patch, Jessica Bullock, Toneka Rocha, & Geoffrey Carpenter Back row-Jim BullockHead Coach, David Marshall, Miachael Conheeny, Keri Dwyer, Al Carpenter-Assistant Coach

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The Reporter March 2014

March 2014 The Reporter


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Save A Life - Know What To Do If Someone Is Overdosing on an Opiate

As part of a state-wide effort to address the rising rates of deaths from overdoses of opiate-based drugs, the East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) would like to educate all East Providence residents about what to do if someone you know is addicted to an opiate, needs treatment or is overdosing. If someone you know is struggling with an opiate addiction, you need to be able to recognize it and know how to help. Commonly used opiates include prescription drugs like OxyContin, Fentanyl, Codine, Morphine, Percocets and Vicodin. These drugs may be prescribed by a physician or multiple physicians or they could be taken recreationally. Opiates also include street drugs such as heroin and its synthetic forms. According to the RI Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) website, it’s important to be able to recognize what the signs of an opiate overdose are. These signs include: The person is unresponsive or limp They are awake but unable to talk Their breathing is slow or erratic or they aren’t breathing Their pulse is slow or erratic or they have none Their skin is pale gray or blue, especially around the fingernails and lips They are making deep, slow snoring, choking or gurgling sounds They are vomiting If you cannot wake or get a response from the person, call 911. If they aren’t breathing, start rescue breathing until they begin breathing on their own or until help arrives. If you have to leave the person for any reason, put them into the “Recovery Position” by rolling them onto their side so that they won’t choke if they begin vomiting. Having a supply of Narcan, otherwise known as Naloxone, and administering it, could save their life. Narcan is an emergency antidote to an opioid overdose and can be used to potentially reverse the effects of the overdose. It is available without a prescription at all Walgreen’s pharmacies in Rhode Island and comes with detailed instructions on how to administer it. People who know someone with an addiction problem should keep this drug handy. It is also important to note that Rhode Island has a “Good Samaritan” law that protects people from prosecution if they call for help during a drug overdose. This law is intended to encourage people to report drug overdoses as soon as possible, even if drugs are present at the scene. “The individual who calls for help during an overdose will not face arrest or prosecution for drug possession”, states RI State Police Lt. Robert S. Wall at a recent news conference. There have been various forums and recent articles published on the rising rates of opiate overdoses resulting in death both nationally and in Rhode Island. According to a national report, Rhode Island was ranked as having the 13th-highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country, and the highest in New England. In 2012, there were 25 homicides, 67 motor vehicle fatalities and 182 drug overdosed deaths in Rhode Island. From January 1 through January 13th of this year, 22 Rhode Islanders aged 20-62 years

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The Reporter March 2014

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old and spread out geographically across the state, died of apparent accidental drug overdoses. According to health officials, that’s far more than the average of three to four deaths per week. So if you know someone who needs treatment for an opiate addiction, inform them that they have choices. Go to the Behavioral Healthcare section of the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals website,, for a list of treatment providers.  Or call 401-462-4680 during business hours and 211 at any time to find help. BHDDH Director Stenning states that “treatment is both accessible and affordable. With the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, many formerly uninsured people will have easier access to treatment because they will have coverage and won’t have to wait for a state-funded treatment slot.” Knowing what treatment options are available, what to do in a crisis situation, and being an active bystander, could save a life. For more information on overdose protection, visit misc/Narcan.php or call the East Providence Prevention Coalition at 401-435-1923.

March 2014 The Reporter


“Three All the Way!” - EP’s Weenie Joints Hang Tough Residents Rally to Save “Sparky’s” & Others

By Bob Rodericks George “Sparky” Watts experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions during the last couple of weeks after the community got wind that his famous Coney Island System restaurant, aka the “weenie joint”, was in danger of closing. “It’s been tougher to stay in business. I’ve taken loans and have exhausted all my assets to stay in business. Not sure if I can stay in business,” Watts had told The Reporter and other news outlets. The bad news spread like wildfire on social networks like face book. NBC Channel 10 ran two stories which brought the plight of Sparkys Coney Island statewide. Since that point the response was huge. Two people with political interests decided to organize an effort to promote small businesses, with Sparkys Coney Island as the catalyst. Ed Doyle is from “Jimmy Kanelos owned the original Coney Johnston, RI and is a candidate for State Representative. “I don’t think that Rhode Island Island System on Taunton avenue for some is very helpful to small businesses,” said Doyle. “Our state can 50 years. At one time he owned 5 ‘weenie commit $75 million to 38 Studios (Curt Schilling’s failed business) joints’ in EP.  He also  served on the EP but we can’t help a struggling local business like Sparkys,” said School Committee for some 23 years.”  Doyle. Doyle, who said he never met Sparky Watts before, called his friend Doreen Costa. Costa is a Republican State Representative from North Kingstown. Doyle is running as a Democrat. “We both want to help small businesses and after seeing the first news story about this place (Sparkys) we decided to organize this rally on site,” said Doyle. “Look around, this place is hopping,” said Costa. Indeed, the weenie joint was standing room only at one point as the snow began to fall this Saturday afternoon in late February. Every booth and all the tables were constantly filled. The take out line at the register was long and people were exchanging stories about how they used to frequent Sparkys and “kind of got away from it. “People are spending money and promising to come back,” said an elated Costa who worked the room like a paid hostess. A woman identified as Joanne, said that she “stopped in today and got 2 all the Gina Ankner and Gail Duarte at Sparky's rally. No salad for me, said Ankner!

A busy rally crowd at Sparkys. way! Can’t remember the last time I had hot wieners. Quite a crowd! Hopefully new and old customers will support and sustain Sparky’s.” Another organizer of the event is Janis Mooradian who lives in EP, just nearby Sparkys. “I love this place and don’t work here, but I offered to help. I like to advise and plan things,” Mooradian told The Reporter. So Mooradian called Mario Hillario of Channel 10 and he showed up to do one of two news stories on Sparks plight. “I’m a take charge person and we made some suggestions to Sparky,” she said. It could be debated that not all of Sparkys troubles could be blamed on the economic climate in Rhode Island. The restaurant decor

hadn’t been changed in years, the menu remained the same, and some long time customers moved away or just “forgot about the historic weenie joint.” And so with help from Mooradian and others, Sparky did some quick upgrading. The old dark paneled walls were painted white with a nice red trim. New menus were placed in sight. Employees did the painting and others pitched in to spruce up the place. “We plan to put 50’s style black and white floor tiles down and a new brighter ceiling in,” said Mooradian sounding like a television reality show advisor. “I agreed to make changes but I want to keep my base menu intact. Weenies, burgers, fries, soups, etc. will remain but I am adding some healthier choices like salads and veggie burgers,” said a rejuvenated sounding Watts. “We always had some pastry items but I am adding an expanded desert menu with fresh items for those who want it. I also agree with making more cosmetic changes,” said Watts. A new sign of the times is that Sparkys will soon have credit card capabilities which some customers have asked about. “Phil and I just had our fix - mine all the way, Phil no onions. Was very good especially the french fries which were fresh not frozen. Oh yea, coffee milk to wash it down from also a local business Monroe

dairy,” was the comment from Luci AmaralStoddard. Some long time customers hope that while looking forward to Sparkys future success, they don’t want the “joint” to lose its’ brand. Gina Ankner grew up in East Providence and is a Townie. Ankner now lives in Narragansett and stops at Sparkys whenever passing by East Providence. She ate there many times through the years. Ankner, who is very fit and works in the medical field, said: “I understand the need for healthy menu alternatives, but when I come here I just want my hot wieners, french fries and a coffee milk!”, she said as she enjoyed just that alongside her aunt, Gail DiCenzo Duarte. “I can have salad anywhere!” Ankner also recalled the New Years Day when East Providence City Hall burned down in 1977. Her late father, John Ankner, was a fireman fighting that fire which occurred during a fierce ice storm. “Jimmy Kanelos and the weenie joint fed the firemen coffee and food for a couple of days. We never forgot that,” she said gazing a nostalgic look across the street to the current City Hall. State Representative and RI House Finance Chairman, Helio Melo was a long time youthful friend of Jimmy Kanelos - the original owner. Melo once worked at Coney


The Reporter March 2014

Island years ago. He stopped by for a take-out order and said “just got my 6 all the way” as he was leaving. Melo quickly added, “not all for me!” Sure, whatever you say Mr. Melo. The very first Coney Island System on Taunton Avenue was opened by Jimmy Kanelos’ father around 1900. The Kanelos’ eventually owned 5 systems in East Providence, including the site where the current Riverside Grille exists in Riverside Square. Kanelos owned his business for some 50 years before retiring around 1985. He was a World War II veteran and served on the EP School Committee for over 23 years. During those early Kanelos years, many a patron would come in to talk about school issues “over a dog and a coffee.” It was social networking of its day. Over the next few days The Reporter also visited with East Providence’s other “Weenie Joints”. They are either New York System’s or Coney Island. Which is an anomaly as the real New York City - as in Times Square - doesn’t sell wieners like these. “Actually in New York they sell more of a chilli dog,” said Jared Aronson of Riverside Kitchen on Willett Avenue in Riverside. Aronson has been running his NY System diner for just over 10 years. “This place has been here for about 35 years and I have many loyal regulars. But I know what Sparky (George Watts) means. It’s been tough.” Aronson said he, too, is barely staying in business. “It’s the utilities which are killing us. I’ve done all the right things, installed the right energy saving stuff, even had R.I.S.E. in here, but the high cost of electricity and water, etc. is hard to keep up with,” said Aronson. The cost of utilities was mentioned by each of the wiener systems owners with whom the Reporter met with. “We don’t get a break from the city or the state. We have strict health regulations which I agree with, like hot water, separate sinks and more, but the cost of all this has skyrocketed,” he said. “I also try to add some things to

Riverside Kitchen.

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keep customers coming in like video games - and this just added more costs for annual permits. Aronson also dislikes the inventory tax. “I pay a tax twice for some supplies, once when we buy it and again when the city taxes our inventory. All of this doesn’t even start to address the high cost increases in food supplies. Aronson said that the wholesale price for eggs, meats and oil has gone up much beyond fairness. “Cooking oil alone has gone up from $9.00 to $32.00 over a short time span. Even coffee has gone way up,” he said. But Aronson and a counter person, Samantha Hernandez, had smiles for the customers coming in. “We’re hanging in, we have loyal regulars. They love our weenies, we now ship to some customers in Florida, New Hampshire and Vermont,” said Aronson with a chuckle. “We’re probably not too far behind Sparkys if things don’t get much better soon. Our weenies, and omelets are big sellers and are coffee is great,” he added with a self-promotion wink.

M&M owner, Paul Mello at counter. Paul Mello and Bobby Medeiros run M&M’s New York System on Waterman Avenue in the city. Using the first letter of their last names, gave them the M&M idea. “When Bobby and I went to the state to register the business after buying it, we ran into an impatient clerk. You can’t just call it a NY System, she barked at us. So we took our last initials and came up with a name,” he laughed. M&M’s also has a long history in EP. It has moved from its original location, under a different owner, in “six corners” when they were across the street from Bovi’s Tavern. And true to its’ name, the diner is decorated with hundreds of M&M toys and memorabilia. In its’ hey day the six corners NY System was a bustling diner and was swarmed with late night weekend crowds who walked across the street for wieners, home fries, eggs and coffee between dance sets at Bovi’s. The N.Y. System moved a few blocks down Waterman in 1983 and Mello and Medeiros bought it in 2002. “We were in the restaurant business and we wanted to run our own place,” said Mello. “We’ve done okay but things really went downhill in 2007. Before that we were in decent shape but after ‘07 things have never been totally back,” said Mello. “Our problems now are rising energy costs and supply increases,” he said seconding the concerns of others we talked to. “Eggs, coffee, bread, meats have all almost doubled in wholesale costs. We’re the bottom of the chain and we can’t pass on those increases on our menu. All the ingredients to make our weenies has gone up a lot.” So to make ends meet, Mello and Medeiros have adapted a bit. “We now deliver in the area. We have a few elderly high-risers nearby and we put the word out, we deliver. We are averaging about 100 deliveries a day, just enough,” said Mello. “We can’t handle too much more than that, we just want to build business slow and steady,” he said. The other thing M&M does now is picking up much of their own supplies such as bread, coffee, soda and other items. “Delivery costs from our wholesalers have gotten out of hand. So we go to the stores and buy our supplies at much lower prices. We save money that way,” he added with a shrug. Ordering weenies to go this day was Diane Blais Martin. “I’ve been coming here for 6 or 7 years. I’m getting 9 to go today. I usually stop in Fridays for breakfast,” she said. M&M has also added to their menu by offering homemade stuff-

March 2014 The Reporter ies, chowders and soups. “Dogs (wieners) are the lifeline of our business,” said Mello, “but we have a big breakfast business. We don’t stay open too late.” Retired trucker Rich Pina stopped in for a late afternoon coffee and snack, “I’m 75 and retired now. But truckers love to stop at these diners. And you know truckers appreciate good diner food!”, he added. In fact, over the road truckers were a staple at all of the EP weenie joints at one time. When the oil farms and tanks and ships were all active along the waterfront in EP and Providence, the drivers would stop every day. That has mostly stopped now that the oil tanks are not what they used to be. And finally, we visited the Riverside Grille NY System in Riverside Square. We made a couple of stops but the owner was out of state and hadn’t returned in time for this story. But we did talk to employees and the owner’s wife who was helping out in her husband’s absence. “We’ve renovated and have been under new management and things have been pretty good,” said the counter person. The “Grille” as locals called it through the years has an expanded menu. The requisite hot weenies and burgers and fries are available of course, but one can also get steak tips and pizza. Local business contractor A.J. Adams was having lunch during one of our visits with his crew. “I go to all of these diners. I like them all. My office is near here and I stop here a lot for coffee or breakfast and lunch. I know their struggles as a small business owner myself,” said Adams. “Small businesses are important. I wish them all well.”

Riverside Grill. “I saw it on face book and decided to go to Sparkys and help rally support for small business,” said EP City Council At Large member, Tracy Adams Capobianco. “I’m really here as a fellow small business owner and resident, not so much as a council person,” she added. “If I can help another Townie, I’ll be there,” Capobianco said. “Tracy always supports local businesses. She wanted to get here (Sparkys) today and I’m glad we came,” said her husband David. “I think East Providence is trying to be business friendly,” said Tracy Capobianco. “Social media helps and people now know more about this issue. Maybe as a community we could pitch in. Maybe a breakfast club of sorts. We could go to all of

these places in groups. Take turns and go to all of them. Even if it’s just one day a week. Something to think about,” said Capobianco as she and her husband finished breakfast. Not a bad idea at all. A community breakfast or lunch club. Maybe several with some for breakfast, some for lunch, some for late night. This writer is always ready for a linguica omelet, home-fries and a weenie all the way with, of course, a coffee milk. Dave and Tracy Capobianco at Sparkys.

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The Reporter March 2014

East Providence Recreation in collaboration with East Providence Carousel Commission Presents….

Join us at the East Providence Senior Center, located at 610 Waterman Ave., for a free family movie night.

Movie starts at 7pm on Saturday, March 15,2014 Bring your blankets or chairs to sit on while watching the movie on the big screen. Feature film TBA. Doors open at 6:30pm. Concessions available for purchase Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Bridge Pont Christian Church is sponsoring FREE popcorn and a children’s craft for this event.

I N V I T E Y O U R F A M I LY A N D F R I E N D S !






FRI, MAR. 14 SUN, MAR. 16 7:05 AT THE DUNK






RECREATION DEPT. AT 401-433-6360 OR (401) 435-7511 DEADLINE TO PURCHASE IS MARCH 5, 2014

EP Parks & Recreation Dept. Babysitter / Cyber Safety Programs

Babysitter Certification: This program offers boys & girls ages 11-16 the opportunity to learn about elements of 1st aid, CPR and child development and safety. Instructors are registered nurses with over 30 experience in the health care field! Course fee is $70 per person & includes a CPR book, reference materials, and certificate of completion. Snacks will be provided. Two classes being offered; Thursday February 20th and Saturday March 15th both 9am-3:30pm, at the Recreation Center, 100 Bullocks Point Ave. Safe at Home Alone: A must for children 10-14 years of age! This class will help prepare your child to safely stay at home alone when necessary. Topics will include internet safety, telephone and fire safety, elements of first aid and steps to take in an emergency. Course material is presented in a relaxed, interactive format. Students will learn through role play, games and acting out emergency situations. Registered nurses Catherine Alexander and Donna Giampietro will teach your children how to play it safe! Saturday, March 1st from 9am-12pm, $40 per child. At the Recreation Center, 100 Bullocks Point Ave. Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet: Today almost every aspect of our lives revolves around digital technology. Protecting personal information continues to be a high priority as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram make their way into our busy lives. This class invites children ages10-14 and parents (participation optional) to learn how to stay safe when using the internet. The focus of our discussion will be on cybersafety and cyberbullying and strategies for successful navigation of the digital frontier. Come join us for this fun, interactive program. Saturday March 22nd, 10am-12:30pm, $25 per child plus $10 for each accompanying adult. At the Recreation Center, 100 Bullocks Point Ave. To register, please call the Recreation Center at 401-433-6360 or the department’s main office at 435-7511.

3 on 3 Youth Basketball Tourney Friday March 21

The East Providence department of Recreation will host a “3 on 3” basketball tournament on Friday March 21st 2014, 5pm at the Recreation Center located at 100 Bullocks Pt. Avenue. The event is for East Providence youth ages 13-17. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Pre-registration is $15 per team, $20 on the day of. Individual players seeking to join a team are advised to contact the recreation center. Special thanks to our event sponsors Sky Zone and the MacDonald Family of East Providence. To register, please call the Recreation Center at 401-433-6360.

East Providence Recreation Dept. Trips:

Tickets still available for: PPAC Mama Mia March 16 Flash Dance March 30 Seats are also available for Foxwoods on April 9 (day trip) and Newport Playhouse April 16. For more information on any of these trips please call Deborah Rochford at 437-2983 or the Rec Dept. at 435-7511

March 2014 The Reporter


Events & Activities Monthly Raffle Fundraiser To Benefit the Senior Center Project

Stop & Shop on Highland Ave. in Seekonk in conjunction with the Friends of the Seekonk Senior Center will be conducting a raffle fundraiser starting in March.  The raffle items will be located at the area where the Lottery tickets are sold.  Money will benefit the Senior Center project.  The drawing will be Monday, March 31st.  You do not need to be present to win. Each month, through July, a new drawing will be held with a different starting time & drawing date.

Rumford Troop 88 All You Can Eat Breakfast

Date: Sunday March 9, 2014 • 8am to noon

American Legion Hall Post 10, 830 Willett Ave. Riverside, RI Cost: $8.00 ages 12 and up ; $4.00 ages 3 to 11 It is an all you can eat breakfast! Some of the items will be omelets made to order, Belgium waffles, sausage, ham and much more! If you would like any more information on our breakfast or would like tickets in advance please contact Anne Costa – Troop 88 Comm. Chair. at 401-435-2145.

Citizens’ Scholarship Aims To Raise $90,000 At Phone-A-Thon March 18 & 19

Teenagers love to talk on the phone. And, as parents know, they have experience asking for money. On March 18 and 19, dozens of East Providence High School students will put those two skills to good use at the annual scholarship phone-a-thon. Students will join volunteers from Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation (CSF) of East Providence in making phone calls to community residents from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on March 18 and 19 to raise money for local scholarships. This is the 20th consecutive phone-a-thon held in the city. Over the past two decades, the volunteer scholarship organization has raised nearly $1.5 million in scholarships for East Providence students. The goal this year is to raise $90,000. Volunteers hope to raise $45,000 in pledges at the phone-a-thon, in recognition of CSF of East Providence’s 45 years of service to the community. To celebrate this landmark event, the Carter Family Charitable Trust will match contributions, up to a total of $45,000. Contributions must be postmarked by April 30 in order to be eligible for the match. Donations in any amount are welcome. If you prefer, you can sponsor a named book award ($100-$150 contribution) or a named scholarship (minimum $200 contribution). Print the name you would like (ex. John Jones Book Award, John Jones Family Scholarship, Mary Jones Memorial Scholarship) on the memo line of your check. If your check is received promptly, while there are still matching funds, half the minimum contribution would be needed ($50 for book award; $100 for scholarship). Checks can be made payable

www. .com


The Reporter March 2014 to CSF of East Providence, Inc. and sent to CSF of East Prov. Phone-a-thon, P.O. Box 154438, Riverside, RI 02915. If you have any questions, call Joan Kent at 401-431-1675 or email her at If you work for a matching gift company, request a matching gift form from the human resources office or download it from the company website, and send the completed and signed form to CSF with your gift. In this way, the impact of your gift may be tripled. CSF of East Providence administers more than 200 scholarships and book expense awards annually to East Providence residents who are entering or already enrolled in a four-year college or two-year vocational or technical school. Each student receives one or more scholarships totaling a minimum of $1,000. CSF of East Providence is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities for East Providence residents. We appreciate your support of East Providence students.

Become a Foster Parent! Orphaned kittens and even moms and their babies are looking for clean, loving, and safe foster homes. Help us make a difference by providing a safe and happy place for cats to have their babies. Not able to donate your home? How about your time? We are also looking for bottle feeders! All food and medical will be provided by Cat Adoption Services. For more information, contact Rita Falaguerra, Cat Adoption Team Services at 401-433-1946 or email at:

Past recipients Patti Laliberte and Jenna Stringfellow helped make calls to raise money for scholarships at last year’s phone-a-thon.



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Clinic for Rabies Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats and Dog Licensing Sunday, March 23rd

(East Providence, RI) The City of East Providence, Office of the City Clerk, in conjunction with the East Providence Animal Shelter and the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association will be hosting a Rabies Clinic on Sunday, March 23, 2014, from 10:00am-12:00pm, at Breed Hall, 610 Waterman Avenue, East Providence. Appointments in advance are not required. Dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in carriers. Many residents are finding it difficult to cover the cost of a veterinary visit and vaccination for their companion animal. However, rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats are required by State Law. To help

March 2014 The Reporter residents comply with the law, the cost for obtaining a rabies vaccination for a dog or cat is just $10.00 per companion animal. In order for a dog or cat to receive a three year vaccination, human companions must present proof of previous vaccination, a copy of their previous rabies certificate, dated within the last two years is required, otherwise the companion animal will receive a one year vaccination only. In addition, dog licenses will be available at the Clinic. The City of East Providence requires dogs to be licensed, a license fee with proof of the companion animals spay or neuter is just $13.00 per dog, $5.00 for senior citizens. If the dog is unaltered the cost is $33.00, $15.00 for senior citizens. For vaccinations, residents will need to pay in cash only, checks, credit and debit cards will not be accepted. For Dog Licensing, residents may pay by cash or check, credit and debit cards will not be accepted. For questions contact the East Providence City Clerk’s Office at 435-7596.

Local Group To Clean Litter From Central Pond

Volunteers Pitch In as Part of the National River Cleanup Program March 29th

East Providence, Rhode Island– Local citizens are banding together to tackle litter in the CENTRAL POND, as part of the National River Cleanup 2014. TEN MILE RIVER WATERSHED COUNCIL will conduct a river/pond cleanup with the help of several volunteers on March 29, 2014 at 9am. We will meet at Kimberly Ann Rock Memorial Athletic fields parking area located at 220 Ferris Ave, Rumford RI. “TEN MILE RIVER WATERSHED CONCIL is dedicated to protecting the Ten mile river & Central pond because a healthy community starts with a healthy river. Our volunteers are excited to pitch in because a cleaner river is a healthier river,” said Bob Rolke, Vice President, of the Ten Mile River Watershed Council. National River Cleanup, sponsored by American Rivers, is a series of communitybased stream cleanups happening nationwide. This popular annual event raises public awareness of the magnitude of trash accumulating in our nation’s waterways. TEN MILE RIVER WATERSHED CONCIL will be participating along with tens of thousands of volunteers taking part in hundreds of cleanups across the country to remove trash from local rivers and streams. Learn more about National River Cleanup at www. “The Ten Mile River & Central Pond is so important to our community that we’ve got

to take every opportunity we can to protect it, for us and for future generations. Keeping it clean is one way that citizens can do their part for the river we all love,” said Bob Rolke. “It’s thrilling to see so many people across the nation pitching in to protect their local river or favorite stream,” said Rebecca Wodder, President of American Rivers, the organization that sponsors National River Cleanup. “We applaud the work of TEN MILE RIVER WATERSHED CONCIL not just for speaking out for Ten Mile River & Central Pond but for taking action to keep it healthy.” Saturday March 29th from 9am-2pm For information or to sign-up: This will be a very extensive cleanup both along the shoreline and in the water pulling tires out of the mud below the water surface. We will need help on land assisting those in canoes and kayaks. There will also be lots of smaller trash in the water along


shoreline that needs removal. For more information on river cleanups happening throughout the watershed, around the state or across the country, visit:\cleanup.

Free Tax Preparation Now through April 15

East Bay Community Action’s RSVP Program is sponsoring the VITA Free Tax Service until April 15, 2014. Program qualifying income is $51,000 and below. Locations include the East Bay, Newport County, and East Providence. VITA promotes tax credits such as the Earned Income Credit, the Child Tax Credit, and Tax Credits for the Elderly. File for free today! Please call East Bay RSVP all 435-7876 for an appointment.


The Reporter March 2014

Seekonk Police Union Launch Hockey Game Fundraiser Sunday, March 30th

The Seekonk Police Union will be conducting a fundraising campaign. For the next few weeks area businesses and residents will be contacted and asked to sponsor a business advertisement or family listing in The Seekonk Police Union, 2014 Police Yearbook / Business Directory which will be available at their upcoming Benefit Hockey Game. The game will feature former greats of the Boston Bruins vs. members of the Seekonk Police and Fire department. Bruins players will be available for autographs and Bruins memorabilia will be available at the game. The game will be held Sunday March 30th at 2:00PM at Smithfield Municipal Ice Rink, 109 Pleasant View Ave, Smithfield RI. This will be a great afternoon of entertainment for all of the families in the Seekonk area!

TRI-STAR AUTO BODY, INC. Towing Foreign & Domestic Free Estimates GO GREEN


We handle all insurance claims Complete auto collision repair

Serving our community for 28 years 1849 Fall River Ave. (Rt 6), Seekonk, MA • 508-336-6475

Visit our website Robert Coelho Jr. & Ernie Loiselle - Owners

MA RS. # 1367

FOR SALE BY OWNER 62 Bullocks Point, Riverside RI

View Virtual Tour: Beautiful 3/4 bed Dutch Colonial in Riverside. Meticulously maintained. Hwds, original moldings, new kitchen with breakfast nook and stainless steel appliances, living room with fireplace; new roof, newly painted; 2 car garage. Great location. Across the street from the East Providence Bike Path with seasonal water views of the historic Pomham Lighthouse and bay. Just move in. Virtual tour above and even better seen in person. Call 401-383-0999 for info and appointments. $296,800

Admission is $25.00 for adults and $10.00 for children under 12. Tickets will be available at the box office the day of the game. Tickets will also be given away complimentary with a donation to the Seekonk Police Union fundraising campaign and additional tickets can be purchased by calling Pat at (401)737-3639. We would also like to take this time to thank the members of our community who have generously supported our local police, year in and year out. Without your support, we could not support the many community projects we participate in every year.

Ward One Democrats To Host Breakfast Sunday, April 6th

The East Providence Ward One Democrats will sponsor a Spring Breakfast on Sunday April 6, 2014 at the Santa Maria Club, 846 Broadway, East Providence from 8:30 - 11:30 A.M. The menu includes eggs, bacon sausage, home fries, toast and breakfast pastries. Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 10 and children under 5 are free. In addition to supporting local Democratic candidates for elective office, the committee also prepares holiday food baskets, contributes to scholarship programs and other local charities. Tickets ar available by contacting Sandy Barone at 632-0859 or any committee member.

East Providence Prevention Coalition Fifth Annual Egg Hunt

The East Providence Prevention Coalition, in conjunction with the East Providence Police Department will hold its fifth Annual Egg Hunt, on Saturday, April 12, 2014 (with a rain date of Saturday April 19th) on the Crescent Park Carousel grounds. Registration is a $5 donation per child and all registered participants will be eligible to participate in the following: face painting, washable tattoo’s, coloring, potato sack races, egg and spoon dress up relay, parachute, bubbles, jump ropes, ribbon wands, and singa-longs. Children’s characters will be walking around and available for pictures. Children’s activities will last until 12pm. Pictures with Peter Cottontail will also be available for a $5 per photo donation or if you have your own camera, a $3 per picture donation. The Egg Hunt is divided into age groups; toddler – age 4, ages 5-7, ages 8-10 and any youth who finds a Golden Egg or stickered egg, will win a special prize. Bring a basket or a special bag to put your eggs in. The Carousel will be open and all registered youth participants will receive a complimentary ride. Registration for the Egg Hunt will begin at 10:00a.m, although participants can arrive earlier to wait in line. No registrations will be taken earlier than 10am. On-line pre registrations will be available in March. Check the EPPC’s website at http://www.eastprovidenceri. net/content/666/738/746/2620/default.aspx for more information. Registration is limited to 500 participants, which has been increased from previous years in hopes of not having to turn anyone away. We will be accepting up to 250 on-line pre registrations and the rest will be accepted on the day of. All proceeds will benefit the EPPC. The East Providence Prevention Coalition is a citizens group dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles. The Coalition develops proactive strategies through collaboration with community partners in both the public and private sectors. For more information contact the EPPC at 401-435-1923 or email Sponsors, golden egg prizes and volunteers are currently being taken.

March 2014 The Reporter

East Providence Lions Club 12th Annual Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, April 13th, 2014 • 7:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Location: East Providence Senior Center, 610 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI Donation: $6/adults ($3 for children under 12) The East Providence Lions Club will sponsor a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, April 13th, 2014 from 7:30 AM – 11:15 AM at the East Providence Senior Center, 610 Waterman Avenue, East Providence. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to benefit Lions charities such as programs for the visually impaired, eyeglass purchases, Bradley Hospital, scholarships, youth activity programs, and more. The menu will consist of pancakes, sausage, eggs, hash browns, muffins, coffee, and juice. Admission at the door will be $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under 12. For information call (401) 440-9512.

Rumford Lions – Scott Gorham 15Th Annual Road Race

On Sunday, April 27 the Rumford Lions will be hosting the 15th Annual Rumford Lions – Scott Gorham 5k Road Race & 2 Mile Family Fun Walk. The proceeds from this event support the Scott Gorham Scholarship Fund and other Rumford Lions Charities. To date over $55,000 has been raised. Medals will be awarded to the top three overall finishers, male & female. Also the top runner in each of 7 male & 7 female age groups will be awarded medals. The cost for entry is $20 for adults, $15 for students. Race day registration and sign in is from 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM with the race starting at 10:00AM sharp. The race will start and end at Hunts Mills, route 114A in Rumford. Free tee shirts will be given to the first 100 registrations so get yours in early. Children’s races will be held between the road race and the rewards ceremony. Online registration is for RUNNERS ONLY and may be completed at any of these three websites:, or www. Walkers should use a paper registration form that may be requested via email at, by U.S. mail at: Rumford Lions, P.O. Box 4921, Rumford, RI 02916, or by calling 401 438-2967


encouraged to raise as much as possible! Prizes will be awarded for top individual and team fundraisers. This fun-filled event will support Amos House, raising funds to help provide much needed services to the hungry and homeless in the greater Rhode Island community. Amos House is a nonprofit social services agency that provides hospitality and direct services to the homeless and poor of Rhode Island. We work in collaboration with other agencies and groups to address issues of hunger, homelessness, and poverty by providing daily meals, recoverybased shelter, permanent supportive housing, vocational and literacy training, and jobs to our guests; as well as quality goods and services to the patrons of the business establishments that are staffed by graduates of our programs. The Encierro (bull run) takes place in the heart of Downcity, Providence, and will end with an after party at the run’s end—50% foot-race, 50% street-party, 100% spectacle. So, don’t miss out on this unique Providence event – grab the bull by the horns and get gored for good! For more information, please contact Jessica Salter at 401-2720220 x211 or You can also learn more about Amos House by visiting their website at

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Sunday, April 27th

The 2nd Annual “Get Gored for Good”, Providence’s version of the Running of the Bulls, is taking place on Sunday, April 27, 2014 in Downcity, Providence from 11am to 3pm. The event is a fundraiser and festival to benefit Amos House. The route is approximately 2 miles and is not your average athletic event. After all, at what other events are Providence Roller Derby League members dashing after you wearing horns?! The day will begin with registration and warm up. Then, you are OFF! Navigate the 2 mile route through Downcity Providence at your own pace, with “rollerbulls” on your heels, urging you on. Upon completion, celebrate with family and friends at an outdoor after party in Burnside Park, featuring great local food, drink, activities and live music. This event is great family fun for all involved! How to register: Visit Standard registration is $35, child registration is $20.00, however participants are



The Reporter March 2014

Fundraising Raffle To Support Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

Oliver!Lionel Bart book, music & lyrics by

Now – march 30 directed & choreographed by Richard & Sharon Jenkins (401) 351-4242 • • 201 Washington St. • Providence supporting sponsor

with support from

season sponsors

trinity repertory company THE STATE THEATER OF RHODE ISLAND

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Have you ever imaged being a lighthouse keeper? Ever wonder what it was like to live in a lighthouse? Ever wanted to stay overnight on Block Island? Live out your dream in one of two lighthouses or at the Surf Hotel on Block Island. The Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse are having a raffle to give you a chance to have that dream. Here are the items in that raffle: 1. An overnight stay in the Borden Flats Lighthouse in Mount Hope Bay off Fall River .It is a beautifully restored spark plug style lighthouse with many modern facilities. The reservation is for two people, transportation included. 2. An overnight stay at Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport. A fully restored Second Empire style lighthouse with the interior restored to its 1910 days. Go and be its keeper for one night. The reservation is for two people and transportation is included. 3. Spend two nights on Block Island at the historic Surf Hotel. The reservation is for two people and tickets for the ferry are included. Tickets are now on sale and will continue to be available until May 7, 2014 when the winners will be announced at a meeting in the Riverside Library. The tickets are $10.00 each or three for $25.00. The tickets are available from Dave Kelleher at 401-433-2763 or

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Multi Year Class Reunion

EPHS Classes of 1967, 1968 & 1969 will be holding a combined Class Reunion on Saturday, August 30, 2014 at the Venus de Milo Restaurant in Swansea, Ma. For more info please contact Bill Moura (68) at 401-438-3344 or email ephsmulti@gmail. com. You can also “like” us on Facebook - EPHS Class Reunion 1967, 1968, 1969. Please share this information with all your classmates!

CHURCH EVENTS on page...53

March 2014 The Reporter

River's Edge


Let us help you with your Real Estate Needs!

Recognized by Greater Providence Board of Realtors as the Best New Brokerage of the Year 2012 692 Warren Ave, East Providence RI • 401-433-5100 • 300 County Road, Barrington RI • 401-245-2000 • 47 Bradford St, Bristol RI • 401-254-1776 •


Each office is independently owned & operated NG





The Home Buying Process



Putting The Pieces Together

Please attend our Home Buyer Workshop Saturday, March 22nd 11 am - 12:30pm

Riverside: Sparkling 3 Bed 1.5 Bath Garrison Colonial boasts living with fireplace formal dining eat-in-kitchen large master plus 2 double bed sized rooms on second shiny hardwoods gas heat updated roof garage enjoy private patio in fenced back yard $239,900 Jean Clarke 401-374-5039

at our East Providence location Register by calling 401-433-5100









Rumford: Wonderful Colonial with 4 beds, 2 updated baths, 2 fireplaces, gorgeous hardwoods, new granite & stainless kitchen, office, finished lower. New roof & windows, screened porch. Myron Francis School. $389,000 Robin Lozito 401-486-6937









East Providence: Classic Kent Heights Colonial featuring new kitchen and bath, gleaming hardwood floors, front to back fireplaced living room, rear deck and spacious 2 car garage. Too many updates to list! $229,000 Joe Botelho 401-864-1960





Bristol: Waterviews from this spectacular 2-family home with inlaw on 3rd floor! Walking distance to downtown & bike path! Hardwoods, master bed with bath. Central air on 1st & 3rd. Fireplaced sunroom overlooking the beautifully landscaped fencedin yard! $559,900 Lori Gardiner 401-265-2594



Rumford: Pristine Colonial with Beautiful mahogany woodworking throughout. This home doesn't lack space. Four large beds/2 full baths! New roof and mechanicals, freshly painted. Shiny hwds. Wonderful screened porch & large yard. Just move in! $337,000 Rockwell Pierard Team 401-954-1159


Rumford: Handsome & Sophisticated 3-4 Bed 2 Bath Updated Ranch! Liv. rm w/ FP, EIK, Dining, Family room w/gas fireplace, hwds, C/A, skylights, cathedrals, gas heat hot water, alarm, finished basement w/ bath. Florida room w sliders to enjoy fabulous inground pool! $259,000 Jean Clarke 401-374-5039







Rumford: This Dazzling Bungalow in prime Rumford location offers expansion potential. This meticulously kept home offers one level living at its best. This home boasts an open flr plan w/ hwds, fabulous kitchen and new mechanicals. $243,000 Rockwell Pierard Team 401-954-1159

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401-438-6585 55 Amaral St., East Providence We highly recommend Slepkow, Slepkow & Associates, Inc. Attorneys at Law 1481 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence, RI 02915 401-437-1100 Fax 401-437-5066 •


The Reporter March 2014

Support Boston Marathon Campaign for Family Reach Foundation

Zach and John Ponte. Imagine you have a child who has been diagnosed with cancer. You want to do everything you can to get the treatments and support needed. While health insurance may cover most of the medical expenses incurred, many families still deal with the overwhelming financial and emotional burden of the disease. As families try to cope with months of cancer treatment, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and everyday living costs, they often reach critical breaking points. Not only do they risk losing their homes, stability and hope, Available for personal accounts. but also their ability to ensure their loved ones receive the vital care they need to survive. Available for personal accounts. Lifelong townie and graduate of East Providence Senior High School, John Ponte, decided he wanted to try and make a difference and help these families. Ponte, who lives in East Providence with his wife and three children, teamed up with Family Reach Foundation. Family Reach is a lifeline for families fighting cancer. The organization works closely with hospital social workers, including those from New England-based hospitals such as Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and others, to identify families For more information call 508-252-6575 who are facing financial hardships while going through cancer treatments and providing grants to assist them. As part of his commitment to helping the organization assist these families in need, Ponte will run this year’s Boston Marathon (his first marathon!) on April 21 in an effort to help raise awareness and funds to support the charity Quit for Health and the families it helps. Ponte, who is the director of marketing for a Boston-based Women: software company called Crimson HexaWant to Quit Smoking in 2014? gon, said that while there are many great charities that support cancer research and The Quit for Health research study is a 12-week program with strategies treatments, he felt a connection to Family to help you quit smoking, such as exercise and the nicotine patch. Reach. Ponte said that he has seen first hand the financial devastation that going • Must be 18-65 and not a regular exerciser • We provide 10 weeks through cancer treatments can cause on a • Must be female and generally healthy of the nicotine patch and family. The foundation assists families with compensation up to $593 • Must be able to attend 3 times per week expenses such as groceries, transportation to and from treatment, rent and mortgage Call 877-688-4247 to see if you qualify! payments, heat and electricity bills, and You can also find us online at: and scroll down to the much more. Quit for Health study for more information and a link to answer our screening questions online.

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March 2014 The Reporter Family Reach family coordinator Nicole Ackerman explained. “Family Reach serves as a lifeline for families fighting cancer. For more than a decade, Family Reach Foundation has been developing relationships with major cancer centers across the country and has helped hundreds of families each year with critical needs. Through an effective process in collaboration with hospital social workers, Family Reach provides urgent assistance to families in a timely compassionate way. Last year we helped 900 families. Our goal is to help thousands of families in the next decade. The Boston Marathon fundraiser is a critical tool to help us reach our goals.” “Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about all the expenses that may come along with treatments for cancer or other terminal illnesses. No one should face financial struggles while battling cancer so I want to help support the great work that Family Reach is doing and the direct impact they have on these families. If I can help even in the smallest way, I will. As a parent, I can’t imagine what these families go through and I would hope that if I were in the same situation, that someone would help my family. Running my first marathon, and the Boston Marathon nonetheless, will be fulfilling a lifelong dream for me, but more importantly, I’ll be helping to raise awareness and financial support to this wonderful charity.”

John Ponte While Ponte is running the Boston Marathon in support of all the families that Family Reach assists, he will run in honor of a courageous and strong 11-year-old boy named Zachary. An enthusiastic kid, Zach was just about to participate in a youth triathlon, when he started complaining about a sharp pain under his arm. After many tests, Zach and his mom Peggy learned he has Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. continued on page 27...



The Reporter March 2014

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March 2014 The Reporter Living in upstate Maine, they began the weekly long journeys to Bangor for treatment. A single working mom, Peggy took a leave from her job to care for Zach, logging thousands of miles on her car, already in need of repairs. Eventually, they learned the best place for treatment was at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. They are now staying in assisted housing while Zach continues his treatment. He receives tutoring at his temporary home, and is keeping up with his 5th grade work, anxious to return to his school. While he misses his friends, he is becoming an avid Boston sports fan, and is enjoying all that Boston has to offer. Zach has a long road ahead, but he is responding well to the chemotherapy treatments and his positive attitude gets him and Peggy through each day. Ponte said that he is moved and inspired by Zach and his mother Peggy. “From the first time I met them, they were both just so positive and warm. Zach has an infectious smile that lights up the room and he was very patient at explaining all his procedures and treatments to me. I have a son who is about Zach’s age and I cannot imagine what he and his mom are going through. They are two of the strongest people I’ve ever met.” Training for your first marathon, especially when you would not consider yourself a “runner,” is difficult enough but to do it during the harsh winter months of New England can be downright brutal. Ponte said that he only found out that he would be joining the Family Reach Marathon Team in mid January and had to quickly start training and raising money for his campaign. Ponte said he has been following the Boston Athletic Association’s sample training program for beginners, albeit about two months late. “I’ve never really run very long distances before. I was a little reluctant to take on this challenge but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help such a great cause. The training has been difficult but I think of Zach and all those other kids who face much more difficult struggles and that pushes me through. They’re in my thoughts on every training run and will inspire me to cross the marathon finish line in April,” Ponte said.

Support John Ponte’s Boston Marathon Campaign for Family Reach Foundation

If you would like to make a donation and support Ponte’s campaign to support families battling cancer, you can make an online donation at: For more information or for an address to send a check or money order, please call John Ponte at 401-743-9577. Families looking for help should contact their hospital social worker. For more information about Family Reach, visit www.

• 1.6 million cases of cancer diagnosed every year • 110,000 children and young adults in cancer treatment every year • 40% of families fighting cancer report depleting their savings • 20% of these families fall below the poverty line


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The Reporter March 2014

An EP Roadmap to the RI State House

Sen. Dan DaPonte & Rep. Helio Melo - Key State Leaders By Bob Rodericks

If you’re a political junkie, it may very well be that you know that East Providence has been the birthplace or home of many state leaders and judges. Many past and current state leaders were appointed or elected to positions which had and continue to have a major role in the governance of Rhode Island. This pattern may have started way back in 1815 when Tristam Burgess was elected as Chief Justice of the RI Supreme Court. The long closed school on South Broadway was named after him. Burges, also a professor of oratory at Brown Helio Melo. University, died on his estate - the Watchemoket Farm in 1853. Then in 1911, William C. Bliss served as RI Speaker of the House. Bliss was first elected to the RI House of Representatives in 1908 and was selected by his State House peers to the position of House Speaker in 1911. Bliss served in the United States Navy during the Spanish-American War and became a noted local attorney. “Yes, William Bliss is the person for whom Bliss Street and the Bliss Street School were named,” said the current Chairman of the Rhode Island House Finance Committee, Helio Melo. “I see his (Bliss) portrait displayed in our State House,” Melo added. Melo most likely sees many State House artifacts as he often walks the hallways of the RI State House as the current

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Representative from District 64 in East Providence. In 2004 Melo ran successfully for the District 64 House seat. In 2011 the current Speaker of the House, Gordon Fox, asked Melo to serve in the critical and influential post of House Finance Chairman. Melo was confirmed by his state house colleagues and holds that post today. Melo is comfortable with the role of “Chairman”, probably because he has also served as Chairman of the East Providence School Committee. Melo was elected and served on the school committee from 1998 through 2004. In the middle of that term he was elected Chairman by the other members. “I enjoyed that experience very much as you are directly helping local families and get to meet many great people,” Melo told The Reporter in a recent interview. Melo’s future in politics may have started when he was just 12 years old. Growing up on Vine Street, near City Hall, a young Melo would frequent the establishments on Taunton Avenue. One of those places was Jimmy Kanelos’ Coney Island Weiner System, where Melo once worked part time. “The Providence Journal-Bulletin had an office there (Taunton Ave) along with Ben Franklin’s five and dime store, Allen’s Pharmacy and others. I started politics, I guess, when I was ten years old,” he said. “I used to live next to City Hall in East Providence and I started to meet and to know many of the people that worked for the city and also in many of the businesses that were on Taunton Avenue. And so, I started getting involved during the campaigns or I would attend city council meetings or school committee meetings.” The owner of Allen’s Pharmacy (long closed now), Pat Rossi, nicknamed the young Melo - “The Mayor of Taunton Avenue.” That nickname stayed with him for quite a while. Melo likes his role in the state house stating that “I can help East Providence constituents as well as the public statewide. It was important that the state budget commission assisted our city and it was also critical that they finish their job and move on. It is now up to our community to take it from here.” When asked if he will someday seek higher office Melo said, “I have a busy role now, but I never say never. I want to balance family and politics. I was raised in EP. It will always be my home.” Melo is 46 years old. Equally as important to the RI House Finance Chairman is the counterpart in the RI Senate. Daniel DaPonte first ran for office in 1998 when he ran successfully for the state senate in District 14. He has been re-elected ever since then. DaPonte, now 36 years old, was elected by his state house peers in 2008 to Chair the Senate Finance Committee. Consequently, critical finance committees in both state house chambers are chaired by East Providence elected officials. Dan DaPonte. State budgets and just about all critical legislation must pass through both finance committees. “I had a general interest in politics at an early age and thought it would be important to have the perspective of a 20 year old in government, when I first ran for office,” said DaPonte. DaPonte, like Melo, also has been trying to key in on the economy. “We are trying to avoid the mistakes that were made over 20 years or so ago. I think we need to provide a structure for the day when our finances may improve substantially. We need to do things that will give us some permanent stability in the economy,” said DaPonte. “Being wise about the future is critical,” he added. DaPonte thinks that there are some good paying jobs available but in some cases there

March 2014 The Reporter

continued on next page...

Rep. Melo and Sen. DaPonte presenting $75,000 check to Orlo Ave. School playground project.

L to R Judge Gilbert Rocha, Senator William A. Castro, Treasure Paul Tavares.

East Providence FOPA

Lobster Raffle 10/6/13 thru 3/30/14 Sundays at 2pm s

ize t Pr

a Gre


ne Mo

s ffle a R

n che n t i K pe O

Trinity Brotherhood Woodward Ave East Providence, RI

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aren’t enough skilled workers. “The state needs to do a better job in educating and creating a highly skilled labor force, than it has previously done. The reality is that we need quality jobs not just any job,” he said. DaPonte was also concerned with the relatively high number of college students who do not finish and graduate. “We need to get a better handle on why some college students don’t finish. Our programs need to be in line with what jobs and skills our employers specifically need.” Although DaPonte knows there is a general uncertainty from the public about the economic health locally and nationally, he remains optimistic. “Studies that show RI in a poor light in some areas don’t always match apples with apples,” he maintained. “The devil is in the details and I think we have a beautiful state and our future can improve.” DaPonte thinks that the city has a lot of good things to offer. “Yes, we all look at the negatives at times but I also like to stress the good things in EP. I recently helped to judge student senior projects at EP High School and was amazed at the level of talent within these students. We have great students, teachers and others, we have open spaces to enjoy and we have a large but close knit community that has shown an ability to pull together. I’m raising my family here and have a business here.” DaPonte has no immediate plans to seek a higher statewide office. “I know some have talked about that, but I’m staying here for now.” Before Melo and DaPonte, others from East Providence held influential leadership roles in state government. William A. Castro served in the RI Senate from 1967 to 1983. He became Chairman of the powerful Senate Corporations Committee and was President Pro Tempore of the senate. The now retired Castro also became the Director of the State Workers Compensation Commission. Another East Providence politician to take center stage at the state level was the late Raymond Hawksley. He has the distinction of being the longest reigning state treasurer - serving some 28 years from 1949 until 1977. During his 14 terms as general treasurer, he served under nine governors. He last won election in 1974. Hawksley was known for his frugal campaigns, which were heavy on handshakes and personal appearances. He also enjoyed handing out campaign mementoes such as rain hats. “I like to give out things that people can use,” he told the Boston Globe in an interview. His reign ended in 1976 when Anthony Solomon defeated Hawksley in a Democratic primary by over 25,000 votes. George Caruolo. One of the state’s most influential - some would say powerful - politicians. He served for 18 years from 1980 to 1998 as a Representative from District 86. Caruolo eventually was named House Deputy Majority Leader and then House Majority Leader. Caruolo was more of a behind-the-scenes manager preferring to let others have the public podium. Not many important statewide decisions were made during his 18 years in office, without his direct involvement. Caruolo is still sought after today for political advice from those seeking elected office and from some currently in office. William Irons was first elected to the Senate in a special election in 1983. He became the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Corporations from 1993 to November 2000, when his Democratic colleagues unanimously elected him Majority Leader. On January 7, 2003, he was unanimously elected by his Democratic and Republican colleagues to serve as the first President of the Senate in Rhode Island history. Irons was widely thought to be a likely choice to run for Governor, as he became known as a popular reformer in the state house. However he resigned totally from the senate in 2004 over conflicts with disclosure of his insurance company’s list of clients. Paul J. Tavares was elected Senator in District 42 in 1993 and served until 1998. He then successfully ran for the position of RI General Treasurer, holding that seat until 2007. He had also been on the East Providence School Committee prior to those seats.



The Reporter March 2014

Former landscape architect Robert Weygand catapulted to state and national leadership as an honest, reform-minded politician. He was a member of the state House of Representatives from 1985 to 1993. In 1991 he was offered a $2,000 bribe by former Pawtucket Mayor Brian Sarault for local contracting. Weygand went to the state police and the FBI and after wearing a “wire”, Sarault and others were arrested and jailed. Weygand, little known outside of EP, next Former Congressman became Lt. Governor for 4 years Robert Weygand. and was then elected to Jack Reed’s open seat in Congress as a Representative in 1997. Weygand eventually lost a bid against Lincoln Chafee for the US Senate seat in 2000. Out of politics, he became an administrator at the University of Rhode Island.

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East Providence has also been home to several Rhode Island Judges. The following current or one-time East Providence residents have been appointed to either the Family, Superior, District or Supreme Courts. In no particular order, they are: Tristam Burges: He served as member of the State House of Representatives in 1811 and was prominent as a member of the Federal Party. He was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island in May 1815. He was an unsuccessful candidate for re-election to the same in 1816 - a time when Judges ran for election to the Courts. He was a noted Professor of oratory at Brown University. And as mentioned earlier, the former school on South Broadway was named in his honor. Joseph R. Weisberger: He served as a senator in the Rhode Island General Assembly from 1953-1956. In 1956, he was appointed as an Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court, and became Presiding Justice in 1972. In 1978, he became an Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, became Acting Chief Justice in 1993, and then served as Chief Justice from 1995 to his retirement in 2001. Weisberger was credited with stabilizing the Supreme Court after two prior Chief JusFormer Supreme tices, Thomas Fay and Joseph Bevilaqua Court Chief Judge resigned after major scandals. “His integrity Joseph Weisberger. was without question, and his knowledge of the law was unparalleled,” said RI Speaker of the House, Gordon Fox. Weisberger continued to assist the Supreme Court after retirement until his passing. “Justice Weisberger was so widely admired and respected because he embodied all that the state’s highest court should be: deliberative, fair, scholarly, and seeking always and above all else clarity, justice, and truth,” Governor Lincoln Chafee told the media after Weisberger’s death in 2012. Donald F. Shea: He was the Deputy Majority Leader in RI serving in the legislature from 1966 to 1968. He was appointed to the Superior Court in 1972 and the State Supreme Court in 1982. Though he retired in 1995, he remained active on the bench for another 10 years. Judge Ronald Lagueux: He was appointed to the RI District Court in 1958. He became an Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court from 1968 to 1986. On January 21, 1986, Lagueux was nominated by President Ronald Reagan to a new seat on the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island. Lagueux was confirmed by the United States Senate on March 3, 1986, and received his commission on March 4, 1986. He served as chief judge from 1992 to 1999, and assumed senior status on November 30, 2001. Gilbert T. Rocha: He served as an EP State Senator from 1959 through 1966 and was appointed to the Commission to Revise the Rhode Island Constitution, and was Secretary to the Democratic State Committee. He was appointed to the District Court in 1993 and in 1995, he became an Associate Justice of the RI Family Court. He passed away while on the bench. Clifford Cawley: was appointed an Associate Justice of the Superior Court in 1976. Cawley was Director of Labor for the State of Rhode Island from 1961 until 1962, and City Solicitor for the City of East Providence from 1964 until 1965. He also served as a State Representative from East Providence from 1966 until 1976, and was Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Antonio São Bento: He served in the General Assembly, elected in 1977 as a State Representative and was appointed a RI Judge in 1986. He passed away while serving on the bench. Maureen McKenna Goldberg: She was raised in East Providence and some of the McKenna family still reside in EP. McKenna Goldberg no longer lives in the city but told the Reporter of her “fond

March 2014 The Reporter memories of growing up in East Providence. My family is still there.” In 1990 she was appointed an Associate Justice for Rhode Island Superior Court, serving from July 1990 to May 1997 before being appointed to the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Stephen J. Capineri: He was named to the Rhode Island Family Court in 2001, by Govenor Lincoln Almond. He previously was East Providence’s Probate Judge, (1985-1996); and a Rhode Island Family Court Magistrate, (1996-2001). William P. Robinson, III: He and his large family grew up in East Providence - his Dad was the RI State Commissioner of Education for many years. Robinson’s parents lived in EP until they passed away. Robinson has several advance degrees and is fluent in some five languages. He was appointed to the RI Supreme Court in 2004 and is considered to have one of the sharpest judicial minds in the nation. He has served on the East Greenwich School Committee and the State Board of Regents for education. Patricia Asquith was East Providence’s latest judicial appointment. Asquith has spent some ten years working in the Family Court system as a Magistrate. Magistrates have judicial like authority in most court matters. Asquith was one of the Magistrates overseeing East Providence’s Truancy Court, among other Family Court matters. In 2013, she was sworn in as a full Family Court Justice.

Rhode Island’s Courts, is a long one. And the future looks bright for young State House operatives Dan DaPonte and Helio Melo should they decide to run for statewide or even Federal office someday. They could be around for awhile. East Providence has a relatively new and active group of legislators including Rep. Gregg Amore, District 65, Rep. Joy Hearn (Barr./EP), District 66, Rep. Katherine S. Kazarian, District 63, and Senator William J. Conley, Jr., District 18. Senator David Bates, District 32 covers Barrington, Bristol and a portion of East Providence. The focus of this story was on those past and current EP legislators holding major leadership posts within state government. As an aside, Rep. Donald J. Lally Jr. of District 33 in Narragansett and South Kingstown is a 1973 graduate of EPHS. He is ranked third in the House in terms of seniority and is a member of the House Leadership team, serving as Deputy Speaker for 2013 and 2014. He was also a former chair of the House Judiciary Committee. We may have missed someone, so as our readers have done in the past, send any corrections or additions to: We welcome such.

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Family Court Judge Patricia Asquith. Speaking of Magistrates, East Providence resident John O’Brien recently retired as the General or Chief Magistrate Judge for the RI Family Court system. O’Brien spent over 40 years as the top Court Magistrate in Rhode Island. He presided over all Family Court matters from truancy to divorce proceedings and more. “OB”, as his colleagues called him, was a widely respected Family Court Master. And so the list of former and current East Providence residents who now hold, or once held, statewide leadership positions or who have been appointed a Judge in one of


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SPOTLIGHT ON SPORTS Sports Update By Bob Rodericks

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EPHS Girls Basketball

It has been a long but exciting school vacation week for the Lady Townies basketball squad. The team showed some great fight finding a way to come back midway through the second half against host Tollgate on 2/14. The team was paced by a career high 27 points from Angie Leonardo on their way to a 43-36 win. On 2/17 the Lady Townies hosted a game against Classical High in which EP defeated Classical 56-38. The team participated in its sixth annual Pink Zone Game in which the program raised close to $3,000 dollars for Breast Cancer Awareness and prevention. The day began with Martin defeating Riverside, and the JV and Varsity teams earning victories against the visiting Purple. The team was paced by Amber Drainville’s career high 18 points, coupled with Angie Leonardo’s 20 point effort in the varsity victory. “I am proud of our players,” said head coach Mike Solittro. “They have made our season respectable on the court and have acted like champions off the court with this fundraiser.” On 2/20, East Providence defeated Tolman 42-28 for their third straight victory. “Samantha Crosby played her best game to date finishing with a career high 14 points including two three-point-shots. Angie Leonardo continued her solid play finishing the night with 13 points,” said Coach Solittro. The Townies are looking to make a late season playoff push, which would be a tremendous accomplishment for this young group. The Townies are in third place with a 4-8 record.

Podiatry Jordan S. DeHaven, D.P.M. Michael A. Reuter, D.P.M. Richard A. Reuter, D.P.M.

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EPHS Girls Basketball team at shooting pink for the cancer awareness game.

St. Mary’s Bay View Basketball

Bay View basketball is the only undefeated girls team in Division I play with an impressive 14-0 Division I Central record. They did lose a non-league game to Long Island Lutheran in a lopsided 67-37 game. Bay View’s only other loss was in a December nondivisional game to Rogers High by a score of 45-27. Otherwise Bay View has breezed by all opponents. Teams that will challenge BayView from other divisions will be LaSalle in Division I North at 12-3 and North Kingstown in Division I South at 13-2. Bay View’s Raquel Pederazani is averaging 9.8 points per game with 137 total points; Dyamond Azakpo is averaging 9.1 with 118 total points and Abigail Burke is at 8.1 with 114 total points.

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EPHS wrestlers at tourney in NY. Captains Mario Peoples, Peter Leite, and Austin Baptista all went 3 -0.

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EPHS Wrestlers

The Townie wrestling team, although young, is finishing the season with a group of exciting wins. “Congratulations to our wrestling team for placing third at the Rodney Smith Invitational Tournament held in East Windsor Connecticut. Mario Peoples and Tyler Benedetti lead the way with first place finishes. James Nicoll placed second with Christian Hussey, David Sheldon and Pete Leite placing third,” reported Head Coach Tom Galligan. EP also has been busy with local and out-of-state tournament play. “The team did well at the Rodney Smith Invitational in East Winsor, CT. Tyler Benedetti took 1st at 220lbs, James Nicoll placed 2nd at 195. Mario Peoples Took first at 170 lbs, and David Shelton, Christian Hussey, And Peter Leite all took a 3rd,” said Galligan. The team placed 3rd overall. In the Freshman/ JV States - Christian Hussey won the Freshman State Champion at 113 lbs, and Donald Senna took 3rd at 145 lbs. On 2/20 East Providence defeated traditional favorites Coventry 41-39 in an exciting match. And on 2/21 the Townies beat Warwick Vets 54-27. EP is currently in 4th place with an 8-7 record as they head into the state championships.

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The Reporter March 2014

EPHS Hockey

The Kevin Croke coached team is on a roll with 4 consecutive wins as they currently have a division leading 11-5 record on top of Division III. After taking a 1-0 lead into the first intermission, the Townies Hockey Team exploded for 6 goals in the 2nd period on 2/14 on the way to an 11-2 win over Warwick Vets. Next up was the Scituate/Tolman Cooperative Hockey Team which EP defeated 4-2 in a 2/19 matinee at Burrillville’s Levy Rink. “Our team continues to play well but we have lots of work to do. We will have a hard-

East Providence Middle Schools Athletics Booster Club

The East Providence Middle Schools Athletics Booster Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is geared towards reinstating sports to both East Providence Middle Schools. Through dedication and hard work this goal can be achieved. Below are the rates to become a supporter and a Booster Club Member. Please review the options and check the option that best fits your needs. ___ $10.00 individual membership. With this membership you get a magnet and discount on all Booster Club events. This membership is $10.00 a year to renew. ___ $20.00 individual plus 1. This membership gets you a magnet, one shirt, and discounts to all Booster Club events. This membership is $10.00 a year to renew. ___ $38.00 family plan. This would cover 2 adults and all children under 14 living at the address. With this membership you get a magnet, 2 shirts and discounts on all Booster Club events. This membership is $25.00 a year to renew. NAME: ____________________________________________ ADDRESS: _________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER: _________________________ SHIRT SIZE REQUIRED: (ALL SIZES ARE ADULT) ____ SM

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working squad on the ice for every game,” said coach Croke. EP defeated the Ponaganset Chieftains on 2/20 by a 3-1 score and finished off their run with a 4-1 drubbing of Warwick Vets on 2/22. “We have earned at least a post-season berth in the playoffs and we should have some exciting hockey ahead for ourselves and the fans,” said Croke. Not counting the last win against Warwick, several Townies are doing well: Jared Estrella has 15 goals, 11 assists; Joshua Letendre has 11 goals, 10 assists; Ryan Costa has 12 goals, 8 assists and Kyle Marquis has 6 goals, 9 assists. Townie goaltender Marc LaValley has given up only 28 goals from opponents while stopping 348 shots on goal for a 1.82 GAA.

EPHS Boys Basketball

Boys basketball continues to struggle this year with a 1-15 record to date. The team suffered 6 losses in February with its only win coming against Cranston West on 1/31 by a 74-56 score. In a game against Central High in early February, “EP started the game with no intensity, fight or hunger to work to get a win,” said head coach Alex Butler. EP had 10 turnovers in their first 14 possessions and allowed Central to score 40 first half points. The Townies shot 27% in the first half. “We rolled over and let Central get whatever they wanted on the offensive end of the floor,” added a frustrated Butler. EP trailed 40-25 at the half. The second half had better intensity and EP got the lead to 13 on 4 occasions but never could convert to get the lead to 10 or 11. The Townies played a better game against North Kingstown and came up just short in an 85-80 loss. “A tough three game stretch and all the energy expended last night against North Kingstown caught up with us in our loss to Coventry (63-45),” offered Butler. EP shot 30% for the game, including 26% in the first half. The team was out of sync and never was able to put forth much of a contest against the Oakers.

EP Native Kacey Bellamy in Olympics

The Bellamy family is no stranger to local athletics. Kacey Bellamy’s Dad - Bobby Bellamy grew up in Riverside with brothers Jim and Joe and his sister Debbie. There are Bellamy’s throughout EP and Kacey’s Mom - Maura - grew up in neighboring Seekonk. Kacey’s family has since moved to Westfield, Massachusetts and she graduated from the University of New Hampshire, starring in hockey. Kacey Bellamy was selected to the USA women’s hockey team (#22). Bellamy cousins abound in athletics in EP. There are EP cousins Ryan and Kaitlyn Bellamy. Kaitlyn was recently a star volleyball player at EP, among other accomplishments. EP Football icons Jamie and Steve Silva are also first cousins and another cousin, Riley Cronin lives in Rumford. “So excited for my cousin Kacey! Go USA,” blogged Jamie Silva. Silva, of course, was the former NFL player and Boston College and EPHS star football player. Kacey Bellamy saw a lot of Olympic action and scored a goal for the USA against Sweeden. Kacey’s parents set up a blog and sent information and pictures back from Russia, detailing the family’s experience at the 2014 Olympics. It almost had a storybook ending, but alas, it did not. USA was playing rival Canada in the Gold Medal Game. Bellamy was on the ice when USA scored first. She and her team mates were ecstatic as were viewers back home. USA led by a 2-1 score throughout and with less than a minute left in the game, one could taste the victory. However, Canada tied the game miraculously and then shocked everyone with an overtime win. USA fans and the Bellamy’s were stunned.

March 2014 The Reporter But Bobby and Maura have made the best of the experience. “We are sitting in the Airport in Sochi waiting for our flight to Moscow... It will be a two hour flight. We will be staying in Moscow tonight and flying to JFK tomorrow. I am emotionally drained right now. That game took a lot out of me. To come within 58 seconds of winning gold is unimaginable. The girls played extremely well all night. It was very devastating for Kacey as I’m sure you all could see on the television. It is very hard to give any words of encouragement after a game of that magnitude because the girls are so emotionally still living the result. I told Kacey that the game does not at all define you or your team. The journey over the last four years is what she needs to reflect on. It was in Kacey’s words the closest team she has ever played on. Although the results will sting for a very long time, the friendships will last a lifetime and that is what means more than anything. So thank you all for your support and it sounds like there were so many people back home on the edge of the seats like we were. I’m drained and Maura is devastated. She puts so much emotion into the pre-game. Other than the result it was a blast with some great people. See you at home,” - Bobby Bellamy.

Kacey Bellamy celebrates her goal against Sweeden in the Olympics.


Football Press Release

Providence, RI (January, 2014) - At the Monday, January 27, 2014 meeting of the RI Interscholastic League Principal’s Committee on Athletics, the Committee approved the following:

Football Playoff Format

Beginning in the fall (2014) all Thanksgiving Day “League games” must be played during the regular season. As a result, all semifinal games will be played on the Friday before Thanksgiving. The traditional Thanksgiving Day games will be played as in the past as “non- league” games. Divisional championship games will be played a minimum of seven days after Thanksgiving. Schools affected by this change: LaSalle Academy East Providence High School Cranston East High School Cranston West High School Scituate High School North Smithfield High School North Providence High School Smithfield High School

Amount of time allowed for full contact in Football

During the regular and post football season no football player is allowed to participate in more than 90 minutes of full contact during the week.


The Reporter March 2014

People in the News Moses Brown Seniors Selected As Presidential Scholar Candidates, National Merit Scholarship Finalists Four members of Moses Brown School’s class of 2014 have been selected as candidates for the Presidential Scholar Program. Six seniors have advanced to the finalist stage in the National Merit Scholarship annual competition. Moses Brown’s 2014 Presidential Scholar candidates from our area is: William Atkinson, Rumford Selected each year in May, U.S. Presidential Scholars are comprised of one young man and one young woman from each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and from U.S. families living abroad, as well as those chosen at-large and 20 U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts. Applicants for the program are by invitation only, determined by College Board ACT and SAT test scores. For further consideration, students submit essays, transcripts and self-evaluations. Candidates are further assessed

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on their overall academic success, and final selections are made in April. Recent Presidential Scholars include Moses Brown alumni Dylan Neel ’11 and Jessica Magro ’13. Created in 1964, the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program has honored more than 6,000 of the nation’s top-performing students with the prestigious award given to honorees during an annual ceremony in Washington, D.C. The program was expanded in 1979 to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional talent in the visual, literary and performing arts. More than 1.5 million students took the PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in October 2012, the initial assessment in determining 2014’s National Merit Scholars. 15,000 finalists – the top 1% -- are considered for 8,000 scholarship awards, including a $2,500 National Merit Scholarship. Finalists’ scores, high school recommendations, skills and accomplishments are assessed to determine award winners in the spring.

Weichert, Realtors® - Tirrell Realty Welcomes Industry Veteran Tracy Silva To Sales Team

Riverside, R.I., February 25, 2014--WEICHERT, REALTORS® Tirrell Realty in Riverside has announced that Realtor Tracy Silva has joined the agency sales team. A lifelong resident of Riverside with 19 years of experience in real estate, Silva will assist property buyers and sellers in East Bay--Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. She is a member of the Greater Providence Board of REALTORS®, the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS®. Silva has a professional background in title and closing within the real estate industry. “With home prices outperforming the overall market, we continue to attract both Realtors and clients with proven Weichert® systems,” said Phil Tirrell, broker/owner. WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Tirrell Realty is located at 431 Willett Avenue in Riverside, Telephone 401-437-2030. The Web address is Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. (WREA), the franchise division of Weichert, Realtors®, announced its first affiliate in 2002 and by 2005 was identified by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the fastest growing U.S. franchises. The publication ranked WREA #2 among all other competitors in its 2013 Franchise 500. Currently, affiliates serve some 240 markets in 37 states. Tracy Silva.

March 2014 The Reporter

University News Jason Schoenfelder Named to Dean’s List at Ithaca College

Ithaca, NY - Jason Schoenfelder a resident of Riverside, RI, and a junior Clinical Health Studies major in Ithaca College’s School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, was named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2013 semester.

Kaitlin Vieira Named to Dean’s List at Quinnipiac University

Charlotte Newton of Rumford, RI Named to Springfield College Dean’s List

Springfield, MA - Springfield College has named Charlotte Newton of Rumford, RI (02916) to the dean’s list for academic excellence for the fall 2013 term. Newton is studying Health Science/Pre-Physical Therapy.

Lauren Josephs of Rumford Named to Clemson University Dean’s List

Hamden, CT - Kaitlin Vieira of East Providence, RI has been named to the dean’s list at Quinnipiac University for the Fall 2013 semester.

Clemson, SC - Lauren Josephs of Rumford, whose major is Economics, has been named to the Dean’s List at Clemson University for the fall 2013 semester.

Jillian Estrella Named to Assumption College Dean’s List

Kathryn Hardcastle Named to the Marist College Dean’s List for the fall 2013 Semester

Worcester, MA - Jillian Estrella of Rumford, RI, class of 2016, has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2013 semester at Assumption College. To make the Dean’s List, Assumption students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

University of Rhode Island names about 4,300 students to the fall 2013 Dean’s List

Kingston, RI - The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce that about 4,300 undergraduates have qualified for the Fall 2013 Dean’s List. The students represent nearly all of Rhode Island’s cities and towns, all six New England states, New York, New Jersey, and many other states and nations. See list of local names at

Kelly Griffin Named to Delaware Valley College Dean’s List

Doylestown, PA - Dr. Bashar Hanna, Delaware Valley College’s vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty, announced that Kelly Griffin of Rumford, RI, has been honored for academic achievement by being named to the fall 2013 Dean’s List.

Local Students Achieve Dean’s List Status for Fall 2013

North Andover, MA - Merrimack College has announced the names of students who have achieved Dean’s List Status for fall 2013. To achieve Deans’ List status, a student must earn a 3.25 gpa out of 4.0. Joseph Carnevale of East Providence Nathan Patch of Rumford Courtney Silva of Rumford


fall 2013 semester: Natalie Beauparlant, a resident of Rumford, RI. Madison Conley, a resident of Rumford, RI. Katherine Rockwell, a resident of Rumford, RI. Mark Wheeler was awarded an Army ROTC Scholarship from the University of New Haven West Haven, CT - Seventeen University of New Haven students were selected to receive a full tuition Army Reserve Officers Training Course (ROTC) scholarship. Mark Wheeler from Rumford, R.I. was awarded a scholarship.

Sarah DiSandro Receives Faculty Honors at Trinity College for fall 2013 Semester

Poughkeepsie, NY - Kathryn Hardcastle, of Rumford, RI, is a member of the Class of 2014 and is majoring in Communication.

Hartford, CT - Sarah DiSandro of Rumford, RI, a member of the class of spring 2014 at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., has received Faculty Honors for the 2013 fall semester.

Area residents named to Dean’s List at Fairfield University

Sarah Mcginn named to Dean’s List at Arizona State University

Fairfield, CT - Fairfield University has announced that the following local residents have been named to the Dean’s List for the

Tempe, AZ - Sarah Mcginn of Riverside, continued on next page...

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The Reporter March 2014

RI received academic honors from the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University by making the University’s Dean’s List for the fall 2013 semester.

Day School, he is the son of William and Tina Hass of Rumford, R.I.

Alison Prengaman Makes Dean’s List at RIT

Baltimore, MD - John Monagle, a member of the class of 2014 from East Providence, has been named to the fall 2013 Dean’s List at Loyola University Maryland.

Rochester, NY - Alison Prengaman of Riverside, R.I., (02915) a third-year student in the applied mathematics program in RIT’s College of Science, made the Dean’s List for the Fall 2013 semester.

Local Resident Named to Dean’s List at Dickinson

Peter Ashbridge Hass, a sophomore American studies major at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., has been named to the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester. A graduate of The Providence Country

John Monagle Named To Dean’s List At Loyola University Maryland

Martha Bodell of Rumford Wins Athletics Award

Waltham, MA - On February 24, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School held their Winter Athletics’ Awards Night. Martha Bodell of Rumford was given the Coach’s Award for the Junior Varsity Basketball team. In addition to Bodell’s award, other CH-CH students were honored for their extraordinary work in athletics during the winter trimester. The boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, and wrestling teams presented awards and citations, and a highlight reel was viewed.

Writers’ Circle Announces 2014 Mental Health Winners

Michael Sabourin (right), grade 5, MJ Francis School completes Polar Plunge in February at Oakland Beach, to raise money for Providence meal sites. Anne Morley of East Providence receives Artistic Merit award. The Rhode Island Writers’ Circle online magazine features the 2014 mental health theme contest winners. Over 100 submissions arrived with entries in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and stage plays. Thirteen authors were nominated. Artistic Merit awards were also given to the following: Carol Anderheggen of Portsmouth, Rhode Island; Peter M. Bourret, Arizona; Anthonly Degregoria, New York; C. Davis Fogg of Wakefield, Rhode Island; Robert Levinson, Massachusetts; Anne Morley of East Providence, Rhode Island; Marianne Goldsmith, California; and Roger Stanley of Tennessee.

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March 2014 The Reporter


SCHOOL NEWS R.I. High School Reading, Writing scores Tops among NECAP States East Providence High cited for significant progress in both Math and Reading

Rhode Island high-school students fared well compared with their peers in the region and improved their performance overall, according to assessment results that the R.I. Department of Education (RIDE) released in February. “Rhode Island students in grade 11 improved by 2 percentage points, to 81 percent proficiency, in reading, and by 2 percentage points in mathematics as well, to 36 percent proficiency. Rhode Island high-school scores are once again the highest among the NECAP states in reading and have caught up with the other NECAP states in mathematics,” said the RIDE report. The report listed several schools which showed progress. “East Providence High School made significant progress in both mathematics and reading over the past five years,” said the RIDE report. “As I’ve said many times, we are doing well at the high • Premier care for Infants, Toddlers, school academically and we are working hard to fix the building’s Preschool and PreK physical needs,” said Superintendent of Schools, Kim Mercer. • Our Ready-for-School Program gives “I want to congratulate Rhode Island teachers and students on their strong performance on statewide assessments, especially in your child a head start the high-school grades,” said Governor Lincoln D. Chafee. “These • Extracurricular activities include results show that we are on the right course, and I am confident our music, culinary and physical education students will continue to show improvement in the years to come.” Rhode Island results also remain strong in writing, with 60 • Highly-qualified, caring teachers percent of the tested students in elementary and middle school attaining proficiency – at the top of the NECAP states. Rhode Island 1009 Taunton Avenue • Seekonk, MA 02771 high-school students scored 66-percent proficient in writing, highest among the NECAP states. 508.336.8919 “The hard work that students, teachers, and families have engaged in to advance student achievement have brought us positive results,” said Eva-Marie Mancuso, Chair of the Board of Education. “I know our teachers and students will continue to working to advance teaching and learning at every grade level, and the Board of Education stands ready to support these efforts.” In grades 3 through 8 in Rhode Island schools, there were some one-year declines in both mathematics and reading but the five-year trends remain stable or positive, except in grade 3. “The progress our students and teachers have made, especially at the high-school level, is powerful evidence that all students can succeed when we maintain high expectations and when we provide resources and support to advance teaching and learning,” said Deborah A. Gist, Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education. “Though we know a lot of work remains At Antioch we offer: ahead, as we strive to close achievement Small Class Sizes • A Safe, Nurturing Environment • New Preschool & Playground gaps and to maintain and expand proficiency levels across the state, Rhode Islanders Cultural Arts- Foreign Language, Art, Music, Physical Education should be proud of how far we have come An Advanced Middle School Curriculum • Before & After School Daycare Available over the past five years.” School by school specific scores were Tours available Monday - Friday, Call for an appointment 508-673-6767 not yet available from RIDE but will be released soon. 618 Rock St., Fall River, MA

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The Reporter March 2014

Myron J. Francis (MJF) Elementary School 15th annual Food Bank Bingo

This past January, Myron J. Francis (MJF) Elementary School in Rumford, RI participated in it’s 15th annual Food Bank Bingo. The cost of admission to the event was a non-perishable food item per person. All proceeds from the bingo including raffle ticket and bake sales, were donated to the Bread of Life Food Pantry.  Over $1,000.00 and more than 145 non-perishable food items were donated to the Bread of Life Food Pantry. The Bread of Life Food Pantry is located at Neman Congregational Church at 100 Newman Avenue in Rumford and is open every second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 5-7PM.  The pantry servs East Providence and surrounding communities in need.  

Scholastic Writing Awards 2014

Back Row, Left to Right: Tracy Bettencourt of East Providence and Michelle Taraian. Front Row, Left to Right: Brittany Lizotte, Grace Sneesby and Sydnie Merlino of East Providence. Photo byLori DesVergnes

Students Win Scholastic Writing Awards

East Providence, RI – Two Bay View Academy Upper School students earned Silver Keys in the Scholastic Writing Awards recently. Michelle Taraian, a senior from Warwick, RI, won a Silver Key in Senior Portfolio for her collection entitled “Alternate Worlds.” Emily Gleason, a junior from Tiverton, RI, won a Silver Key in the Memoir category for “The Crest.” In addition, four Bay View juniors earned honorable mentions. Students from East Providence are: Tracy Bettencourt, East Providence, RI, won an Honorable Mention in the Memoir category and Sydnie Merlino, East Providence, RI, won an Honorable Mention in the Memoir category.

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“Valentines for Vets”

Once again this year, Myron J. Francis (MJF) Elementary School in Rumford, RI participated in its annual “Valentines for Vets” community service project. Students decorated white hearts utilizing various colored craft materials and over 160 hearts were hand delivered to the Veterans Association Hospital in Providence, RI.

Martin Middle School Can’t Hide that Wildcat Pride The winter has been mighty busy at Martin Middle School as events and opportunities have been in abundance. During the months of December and January, we celebrated with the reappearance of interscholastic middle school sports as Wildcat Wrestling and Girls & Boys Basketball returned after a year absence from competition. This spring will mark the return of Track & Field, along with Baseball & Softball Squads. Our school’s Music Department put on an outstanding performance combining the Band and Chorus ensembles for their Holiday Concert before a large crowd. We are also proud to recognize fourteen outstanding students who were recently named to the RI Music Educator’s Association’s All-State Band and Chorus ensembles. It should be noted that all 14 students are also Honor Roll students as well. All State Band: Alex Flowers & Ashlynn Messier All State Chorus: Christopher Concepcion, Kayleigh EspositoRussell, Kayla Harris, Taylor Heck, Sophia Monteiro, Hailey Placido, Katie Roslonek, Erin St. Hilaire, Daniel Strother, Taliq Tillman, Blake Trowbridge, & John Voll The Robotics Club recently earned distinction at the FIRST LEGO League State Championships at Roger Williams University winning the Core Values Award for inspiration. The “Electrifying Storms” squad members included Logan Rinaldi, Taylor Heck, Christiana Rebollo, Samantha Carroll, Cedric Petion, Amaya Dacier, Joey Texeira, Olivia Soares, Clara Cruz, Isabel Cruz, and Tahjin Niblett. We also like to thank EPHS students, Dakota Dolde and Nicholas Lazouras for their mentoring role in assisting our Martin students. The FIRST LEGO competition inspires students to work with robotics while testing their skills in science, technology, and math. For the four consecutive year, students from EPHS and MMS Theatre groups stage a production of “2222 Zombie Apocalypse” for an appreciative audience on back to back nights. This is a program that developed at the request of students several years ago and continues to be a popular one. In addition to the middle and high school students performing together, the Pee Wee Players,

March 2014 The Reporter students from grades 2 to 5 of Hennessey School, performed their play “Alex in Wonderland” providing entertainment to the spectators prior to the main act. Martin’s Theatre is preparing for the production of “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” this coming Spring. Congratulations goes out to 7th grade student, Zachary Bartlett, as he has been selected to attend the 2014 United States Coast Guard Academy Youth Leadership Conference. Zach, along with a spectacular group of peers from around the country will attend the conference that is a cadet-led and organized training experience designed to expose young and developing leaders of tomorrow to the principles of Coast Guard leadership through interactive engineering and leadership-based activities. We like to thank all those who contributed to our recent Canned Food Drive and our Winter Coat Drive organized by our Student Council. Martin collected over 1,600 can food items and 30 winter coats to give to those in need in our community. Being a Feinstein Leadership School, Mr. Feinstein match our 1,600 cans with $1,600 check to support our students and their efforts to better the lives of others.


The Pinecroft School Private, Independent K-5 Elementary Education 133 Tremont Street Rehoboth, MA 02769 508.252.5502

Information Nights (6:30 – 8pm): Wednesday March 12 Wednesday April 16 Affordable, Quality Education Small Class Size After-school Program Individualized Learning Plans Art, Music, Spanish & Technology for all Grades NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR ENROLLMENT

East Providence/Seekonk Rotary Club Announces Scholarship Program for High School Seniors

$1,000 scholarship deadline is March 12

East Providence, RI/Seekonk, MA (February 3, 2014): The East Providence, RI /Seekonk, MA Rotary Club announces the deadline for its annual scholarship program for 2014. Each year, the Rotary Club awards $1,000 scholarship each to four graduating seniors from the following schools: East Providence High School; East Providence Career & Technical Center; Saint Mary’s Bay View Academy; and Seekonk High School. Deadline for the application is Wednesday, March 12, 2014. “The purpose of the scholarship is to reward a local high school student who best exemplifies the criteria of service, leadership and academic achievement,” states Patricia Bettencourt, 2013-14 president of the East Providence/ Seekonk Rotary Club. “Consideration is also given to need, and applicants must be a resident of East Providence or Seekonk.” Interested students should obtain the official application form from their school guidance counselor. He/she would complete the application form and return it to their guidance counselor directly by the deadline. The Rotary Club’s Educational Trust Scholarship Committee then selects the recipients from a pool of the most deserving applicants submitted by each school’s guidance department. Chartered in 1946, the East Providence, RI/Seekonk, MA Rotary Club is a local club of Rotary International, based in Chicago, IL. Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. East Providence/Seekonk Club meet at Chello’s Restaurant 911 Warren Ave. East Providence, RI each Monday at 12:15 pm. For more information, contact Club Service Director Stephen J. Propatier at 508-336-9007 or write: PO Box 14303, East Providence, RI 02914: or Web Site: http://www.

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• • •

  




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The Reporter March 2014

Applications Available For Citizens’ Scholarships Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation (CSF) of East Providence announces that applications for scholarships for seniors in high school and for undergraduate students enrolled in college, technical or career schools are now available. To be eligible, you must be a resident of the City of East Providence and demonstrate merit and financial need. By filling out one application, students are eligible for more than 150 scholarships. Last year CSF of East Providence awarded more than $146,000 in scholarships. Each student receives a scholarship package of at least $1,000. Selection is based on academic achievement, involvement in school and community activities, work experience, goals, special circumstances and financial need. There are two different scholarship applications, and to avoid delay, students need to request either the form for graduating high school seniors or the one for students who have already graduated and are now attending post-secondary school. SENIOR APPLICATIONS: High school seniors can obtain applications in the guidance office of East Providence High School, Bishop Feehan, Bishop Hendricken, La Salle Academy, Providence Country Day, St. Andrew’s, St. Mary’s Academy Bay View and St. Raphael Academy. Applications for seniors can also be obtained by contacting Susan Jordan, CSF Senior Awards Chair, at 401-437-0062 or Completed senior application must be postmarked by March 14. ENROLLED APPLICATIONS: For students already in a fouryear college or two-year career program, applications are available by mail only. Contact Alice Fontes, CSF Enrolled Awards Chair, at Enrolled applications are not available at high schools. Completed applications for enrolled students must be postmarked by April 1.

Sacred Heart School Visited With Local Author Rick Billings

On Monday, February 10th, third graders at Sacred Heart School visited with local author Rick Billings. School Librarian Joan Peck invited Mr. Billings to read his book “The Tragic Tale of Mr. Moofs” to the students. The third graders were introduced to the book recently in library class after the book was donated to the school.

Mr Billings has enjoyed illustrating since he was a young child watching Saturday morning cartoons. He is no stranger to our city since he has been working as a firefighter for East Providence for almost 20 years.

Bay View Academy Students Earn Accolades In Scholastic Art Awards Contest

East Providence, RI - Two Bay View Academy seniors won medals in Rhode Island’s Scholastic Art Awards competition in January. Christiana Layman, (North Kingstown, RI) won a Silver Key for her painting, a self-portrait. Emily Sulanowski, (Cranston, RI) won a Silver Key for printmaking for a piece entitled “Cradle to Grave.” In addition to these two Silver Key winners, eight Bay View Academy Middle and Upper School students were awarded an honorable mention. Bay View Academy Scholastic Art Award winners from our area are: Danielle Grace, Honorable Mention, senior, East Providence, Madison King, Honorable Mention, 7 grader, East Providence.

Donald E. MacManus Attorney at Law

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“The Big Skate” Event Seeks Volunteer Mentors To Match With “Little Brothers” And “Little Sisters”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State announces their annual “Big Skate” March 29th from 2 – 4 p.m. featuring free ice skating, crafts and refreshments. Representatives from the URI hockey team will also be on hand to skate with the kids at the Boss Ice Arena on the URI Kingston Campus. All attendees are encouraged to bring their own skates, as rentals may be limited. Participation in The Big Skate is free; however, an RSVP before March 15th is required. Persons interested in attending and learning about what it takes to become a mentor should contact Matt D’Amato, BBBSOS Match Support Specialist, at MDAmato@ or (401) 921-2434 x126.

Continue community collection drives to support mentoring in Rhode Island

Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Ocean State is holding a collection drive for gently used clothing and small household items. Donations help to raise funds to support our mentoring programs for boys and girls throughout the state. We offer convenient free home pick-up of donations and provide a tax receipt. Call or visit our website, to schedule free home pick up, find the nearest drop off location or learn more about our mentoring programs.

March 2014 The Reporter

Spring 2014



Jacole B. Landscaping

Spring clean-ups • Mulching • Hedge Trimming Lawn Maintenance • Free Estimates

Prepping Tips for Spring Outdoor Projects (BPT) - Soon, winter will be winding down and homeowners will start planning - and prepping for - a variety of outdoor projects for spring. From cleaning, repairing or replacing decks, to creating raised beds for veggies and flowers, now is the time to start gearing up for those spring projects.

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Maintenance And Repair

Carefully inspect outdoor structures for wear and tear. While Western Red Cedar contains natural preservatives that make the wood durable, all outdoor structures require annual care, including those made of pressure-treated lumber or composites. Check planks, beams and boards for cracking, warping or rough spots and repair accordingly. Replace damaged wood, and be sure to examine hardware to ensure it’s working properly and free of rust. continued on next page...

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The Reporter March 2014


HOME & GARDEN New Projects

If you’ve always dreamed about lounging on a lovely deck on a summer afternoon, or savoring a spring morning beneath the shade of a decorative pergola, now’s the time to start planning the project. A great deck is the showpiece of an inspired backyard, and spring is a prime time to add one. To ensure your deck affords you the most value and enjoyment, consider using an online deck planner to help you envision your deck before you begin building. As gardening grows in popularity, you might consider adding raised planting beds to your landscaping. Raised beds not only make caring for and harvesting your garden easier - no bending required - they can also function as a decorative enhancement to your outdoor environment. The material you choose will influence the longevity, beauty and enjoyment of your structure, so carefully consider your options before deciding. “Many homeowners choose Western Red Cedar for its beauty and natural durability,” says Paul Mackie, western area manager, Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, or “Mr. Cedar” as he is known in the industry. “It has a deep, rich luster that other woods and man-made materials just can’t match. Plus, it’s a greener choice because it’s renewable and recyclable - unlike composites - and doesn’t require chemical treatment as non-durable wood species do. It’s naturally rot and insect resistant, and you can stain it or leave it natural, depending on your preference.”





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March 2014 The Reporter

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The green qualities and durability of Western Red Cedar make it a great choice for virtually any outdoor structure - including those popular wooden playsets that begin appearing like wildflowers in backyards across the country every spring. Whatever project you’re dreaming of this spring - from building a new deck, pergola, or planting beds to refurbishing an existing outdoor structure or palyset - careful planning, cleaning, maintenance and the right materials can ensure your project adds value and beauty to your home environment.

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The Reporter March 2014

East Providence Public Libraries East Providence Library Locations Weaver Memorial Library 41 Grove Avenue, East Providence, RI 401-434-2453 Monday - Thursday 9-8; Friday & Saturday 9-5 Riverside Branch Library 475 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside, RI 401-433-4877 Monday – Thursday 9-8; Friday & Saturday 10-5

March Teen Programs @ East Providence Public Libraries

(Programs are for ages 10 + unless otherwise noted.) COMMUNITY SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES @ Weaver and Riverside. Earn community service credit for high school or confirmation. @ Weaver: Monday, Mar. 10th, 3-5pm Wednesday, Mar. 26th, 5:30-7:30pm Friday, Mar. 28th, 2:30-4:30pm @ Riverside: Saturday, Mar. 15th, 10am – noon MOVIE NIGHT @ Riverside The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Rated PG-13 Thursday, Mar. 27th, 5:30pm (Bring along a picnic supper.)


Be one of the founding and guiding members of this new group. Possible activities include zine making, vinyl listening, comic drawing, book discussing, green screen shooting, joke telling, creative writing. Mondays, March 1st, March 17th, and March 31st @ 3:30-4:30pm TEEN TUESDAYS @ Riverside Laptops, music, games. After school on Tuesdays. TEEN THURSDAYS @ Weaver Laptops, Wii, games. After school on Thursdays. SPECIAL SNACK DAYS: St. Patrick’s Day Treats! Tuesday, March 11th, 3-4pm @ Riverside Thursday, March 13th , 3-4pm @ Weaver READ DOWN YOUR FINES @ Weaver and Riverside Youth 16 and under can reduce their overdue fines by reading in the library. Tell a librarian when you start reading. 30 minutes of reading = $1 waived.

Human Library Rhode Island 2014 Heads To Bristol Following last year’s successful event in Providence, the East Bay gets a chance to talk to living books EAST PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND - Weaver Library is proud to announce that Human Library Rhode Island 2014 (HLRI 2014) will take place at Roger Williams University on Sunday, March 30th. Following the success of the first statewide Human Library event in Providence last year, Weaver Library has joined forces once again with a consortium of Rhode Island libraries and sponsoring organizations to produce a highly original and perhaps lifechanging library experience for the people of Rhode Island. Modeled on a traditional library, a human library consists of “human books,” real people who have volunteered to tell their personal stories and to answer questions about life experiences. Readers are invited to browse a catalog and check out a book for a 15-minute, one-on-one conversation, during which they can learn about their subject and ask questions in a safe, respectful setting. Recalling the old adage, “Never Judge a Book by its Cover,” human libraries strive to promote understanding by allowing people to test the truth behind preconceptions. Human books are people with powerful stories to tell and all have experienced prejudice and disadvantage in their lives.   Examples of book titles available in Bristol are  Face of Homelessness, Refugee,  Becoming Blind,  Ex-Felon,  Childless by Choice,  Capeverdean American Woman, and Living on the Hyphen of Being IranianAmerican. “We’ve received great support from public and academic libraries in Providence and all around the East Bay as well as  generous sponsorship from Library Friends’ groups, community organizations and businesses “ said   Joyce May, Adult Services Librarian at Weaver Library and

Co-Chair of HLRI 2014. “We’ll have more that 50 Human Books available for loan in Bristol. We expect to attract visitors, not only from the East Bay but from all over the state” she added. HLRI 2014 will take place on Sunday, March 30, 2014, at the Global Heritage Hall, Roger Williams University, One Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI from 1:00pm -5:00pm.  The program is free and open to all.  For more information, v i s i t w w w. h u m a n l i b r a r y r h o d e i s l a n d . com, HumanLibraryRhodeIsland  or follow @ HumanLibRI on Twitter.

Weaver Library March 2014 Programs

You and Your Itchy Pet

Monday, March 3, 2014 7:00pm Spring is coming soon, as is allergy season for humans and for pets! Join us for a talk You and Your Itchy Pet: Commonly Asked Questions  to be given by board certified Veterinary Dermatologist Dr. Ursula Oberkirchner, DVM, DACVD, DECVD.  Dr. Oberkirchner is on staff at Mass-RI Veterinary ER located in Swansea, MA.  Do you have a dog or cat who licks his paws or scratches constantly, gets ear infections easily, or has experienced hair loss or loss of pigment, and/or whose skin is redder than usual?    Come ask lots of questions on dermatological issues, and improve your pet’s quality of and your own!  

Drop In Knit and Crochet Club

Tuesday evenings from 6:00 -7:30pm Drop in on the Knit & Crochet Club.  Other needle work is welcome too.  

Celebrating Ireland in Story and Song  

Monday, March 10, 2014 7:00pm We couldn’t enjoy St. Patrick’s Day without our annual concert Celebrating Ireland in Story and Song with Ireland’s own Phil Edmonds and his favorite harpist, Mary King. Mike Fischman, who has been on the New England folk scene for 40 years, joins Mary and Phil this year! This fun family concert is an all-Irish program embracing Irish history and culture and is free and open to all. Come early for a seat!  

Film Screening: Dirty Wars

Thursday, March 13, 2014 6:30pm Weaver Library and the East Bay Citizens for Peace invite you to a film screening of Dirty Wars, the critically

March 2014 The Reporter


acclaimed documentary by investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, in the Champlin Program Room of the library. The East Bay Citizens for Peace will introduce the film and lead a discussion at the film’s end. Nominated for Best Documentary by the Academy Awards, Dirty Warsfollows Scahill into the hidden world of America’s covert wars being carried out around the world.  

Two Old Friends in Concert Monday, March 31, 2014 7:00pm

We couldn’t let March end without another wonderful concert celebrating Irish and American music with Two Old Friends, Jim Prendergast and Emery Hutchins. Joining us from Maine, Jim and Hutch play and sing a unique combination of Celtic and American country music, showcasing plaintive ballads and foot stomping shout tunes; soaring instrumental solos, traditional Irish tunes, and story-telling. There is truly something for everyone.   Listen for the banjo, guitar, mandolin, concertina, bodran and the octave mandolin!  

Library volunteer Don Paiva sorts books for Weaver Library’s upcoming Spring Book Sale April 10-13.

Library programs are free and open to all. Questions?  Call 434-2453.

All classes will be held at the Weaver Public Library, Grove Ave, East Providence Register by email to or at the Library Welcome desk. March Computer Classes at the East Providence Public Library Intro to Word Processing with Google Drive        Saturday, March 1st    3:00-4:30 PM- Part 1          Saturday, March 8      3:00- 4:30 PM- Part 2 Intro to Spreadsheets with Google Drive          Wednesday, March 19th 5:30-7:00 PM- Part 1          Wednesday, March 26th  5:30-7:00 PM- Part 2 Intro to making websites with Google Sites          Tuesday, March 18th     3:30-4:30 PM- Part 1          Tuesday, March 25th       3:30- 4:30 PM- Part 2 Intro to presentations on Google Drive        Monday, March 17th   4-6 PM - Part 1        Monday, March 24     4-6 PM - Part 2 FREE Google Apps: How to make the most of your Gmail account          Saturday, March 22nd     12- 1:00 PM           Saturday, March 29th       12-1:00 PM Google Calendar: Get Organized!          Saturday, March 22nd       1:30-2:30 PM          Saturday, March 29th       12-1:00 PM Weaver Library Ezone- free books for your device. DropIn sessions, no registration required. Bring your device (Kindle, Nook, Phone, Ipad, etc.)           Monday, March 3rd         4- 6:00 PM           Monday, March 10th       4-6:00 PM           Monday, March 31st       4-600 PM

Spring Book Sale At Weaver Library

Weaver Library, 41 Grove Avenue, East Providence, will hold its annual Spring Book Sale on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday, April 13 from 1-5 p.m. The sale will take place in the Champlin Program Room. Proceeds will benefit library programs, including museum passes and special concerts and events. A Members Only Preview Sale for Friends of the East Providence Public Library will be held on Thursday, April 10 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Individuals who are not Friends can join for a $5 per person annual membership fee, payable at the door. All paid members are welcome to purchase books at this advance sale. Thousands of books will be available at very reasonable prices. Hard cover and soft cover books are $1, pocket-sized paperbacks are 25¢, CDs, DVDs and audio books are $1, and VHS tapes are 50¢. A special selection of books will be priced as marked. For your convenience, books are sorted in clearly marked categories. Stock up on top-selling novels by your favorite authors, sorted alphabetically. There is a selection of books for children and young adults as well as large print books and biographies. Books on sports, art, music, poetry, business, history, cooking, health, self-help, gardening, home repair, writing, religion, travel and leisure activities are also available.

Books Wanted

Start your spring cleaning now! Empty your closet. Clean off your bookshelves. The Friends of the East Providence Public Library are collecting books for their Spring Book Sale, scheduled for April 10-13 at Weaver Library. Proceeds from the sale will benefit library programs, including museum passes and special concerts and events. All kinds of books – hardcover or paperback - in gently used condition are wanted. Especially in demand are children’s picture books and books on cooking, sports, gardening, knitting, quilting, crafts, art, music, and travel. Also welcome are books on health, home repair, business, computing, science and religion. Current novels, music CDs and movie DVDs are also in demand. Oversize and vintage books are needed for our Special Selections section. Textbooks and encyclopedias cannot be accepted. Items to donate can be brought in during library hours to the main desk at Weaver Library, 41 Grove Avenue, East Providence or Riverside Library, 475 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside. Questions? Call the library at 401-4342453.


The Reporter March 2014

     

  

  


  


               


    

  


       


    

 

  

      

  

      

    


        

March 2014 The Reporter

Dave Says Budgeting (Invest now or pay off debt?) Dear Dave, I went to medical school, and now I have $70,000 in debt. I just started a three-year residency making about $50,000 a year, while my wife makes $40,000. The student loans represent our only debt. Do you think we should be paying this off or investing in a Roth IRA? David Dear David, If I were in your shoes, I’d work on paying down the student loans. That means you may never be in a Roth, but there are other things you can invest in and grow wealth. I realize this may not seem right mathematically, but I don’t always make financial decisions based exclusively on math. Many times I do things based on changing money behaviors—stuff like paying off debts from smallest to largest because it actually works. Personal finance is 80 percent behavior, and only 20 percent head knowledge. So sometimes you have to go with what actually works best overall, in spite of what the technical math shows. In your case, I think it’s going to be very valuable to have no student loans by the time you complete your residency. With three years to go, and living on a $90,000

*Dave Ramsey is America’s trusted voice on money and business. He’s authored four New York Times best-selling books: Financial Peace, More Than Enough, The Total Money Makeover and EntreLeadership. His newest book, written with his daughter Rachel Cruze, is titled Smart Money Smart Kids. It will be released April 22nd. The Dave Ramsey Show is heard by more than 6 million listeners each week on more than 500 radio stations. Follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveRamsey and on the web at

a year income, you can do it. Then, when you come through the other side as a fullfledge doctor, you’ll have the great income and be sitting there debt-free. Not a bad place to be, right? I understand the Roth seems like a pretty good idea right now, but my advice is to stick with becoming debt-free as quickly as possible. Once that’s done, you and your wife will be able to invest, save, and build wealth like crazy! —Dave

Investing (Don’t risk the family farm) Dear Dave, My wife started working at a pharmaceutical company that gave her a few thousand dollars’ worth of stock. In the last year that stock has doubled in value. We’ve considered buying more just to see how it does. What do you think about this? Robert Dear Robert, I understand why you guys would be excited, but you’re still looking at a very

March Blood Drives in East Providence Drive Date: 3/10/2014 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Location: Rite Aid Pharmacy, Bloodmobile Address: 655 Warren Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 Drive Date: 3/12/2014 - 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Location: Gregg’s Restaurant, Bloodmobile Address: 1940 Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 Drive Date: 3/12/2014 - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Location: Embrace Home Loans & Equity National, Large Hall Area Address: 50 Jordan Street, East Providence, RI 02915 Drive Date: 3/13/2014 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Location: East Providence Lanes, Bloodmobile


Address: 80 Newport Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916 Drive Date: 3/14/2014 - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Location: Troy, Pires & Allen Insurance, Bloodmobile Address: 376 Newport Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916 Drive Date: 3/22/2014 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Location: Schroder’s Deli & Catering, Bloodmobile Address: 204 Willett Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 Drive Date: 3/22/2014 - 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Location: East Providence Cycle, Bloodmobile Address: 414 Warren Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

risky proposition. Any stock that doubles its value in just one year is highly volatile. It’s very unusual when things like that happen, and the fact is, it could go down in value just a quickly. I think you should be completely debtfree, except for your house, and have an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses in place before you start any outside investing. You should also make sure that 15 percent of your income is already going toward retirement. I don’t mind you dabbling a little bit as long as all the other stuff is taken care of first. But I’d advise you to never put more than 10 percent of your nest egg into single stocks. If you’ve got $50,000 in a 401(k) right now, limit yourself to $5,000 in this area. That way, if the stock tanks and you lose it all, it’s only a small blip on the radar. You’ll still be financially intact and able to retire with dignity. It would be fantastic if this stock went through the roof and you two made a ton of money. That would be awesome! But make sure you limit the potential for damage by limiting your exposure. Don’t risk the family farm, as they say, to make this play. —Dave

Cutcliffe Glavin


ARCHETTO Attorneys at Law R.I. and MA. Bars

Conrad M. Cutcliffe The Packet Building 155 South Main St., Suite 300 Providence, RI 02903-2963

(401) 454-1900 Fax (401) 331-7001


The Reporter March 2014

Club News & Announcements American Legion Riverside Post 10

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner

American Legion Riverside Post 10 on 830 Willett Ave will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner to include Corned Beef and Cabbage on Saturday March 8 at 5 PM and tickets are $12. The proceeds will benefit various American Legion and veteran programs. We will also be accepting non-perishable food donations to be donated to the East Bay Community Action Program food pantry located on 100 Pawtucket Ave. in Riverside. Please contact 433-9859 for more information.

American Legion Boys State program

The American Legion of Rhode Island is now accepting applications for the American Legion Boys State program to be held at St. Andrews School in Barrington from Sunday June 15-Friday June 20 and is 100% paid for by the American Legion. Applicants must be a high school junior going into their senior year. American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S. high school students. A participatory program in which students become part of the operation of local, county and state government, Boys State was founded in 1935 to counter the socialism-inspired Young Pioneer Camps. The program was the idea of two Illinois Legionnaires, Hayes Kennedy and Harold Card, who organized the first Boys State at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. American Legion Auxiliary sponsors a separate but similar program for young women called Girls State. At Boys State, participants learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens. The training is objective and centers on the structure of city, county and state governments. Operated by students elected to various offices, Boys State activities include legislative sessions, court proceedings, lawenforcement presentations, assemblies, bands, choruses and recreational programs. Legion posts select high school juniors to attend the program. In most cases, individual expenses are paid by a sponsoring post, a local business or

another community-based organization. As separate corporations, Boys State programs vary in content and method of procedure, but each adheres to the same basic concept: teaching government from the township to the state level. For more information, please contact Boys State Coordinator for Rhode Island Ronald Levasseur at 401-524-8298.

The AARP East Providence Chapter #1302 St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon March 11th

The AARP East Providence Chapter #1302 will be meeting on Tuesday, March 11th. In lieu of our monthly meeting, we will be sponsoring our annual St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon. The luncheon will take place at St. Brendan’s Church on 60 Turner Avenue in Riverside, RI. The tickets are $16.00 and will include a delicious St. Patrick’s Day themed lunch and festive entertainment. There will be no tickets sold at the door. Tickets must be reserved by March 4. Please contact Barbara Thornton at (401) 433-0283.

Tops Club Inc. Real People Real Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight, eat healthier and have a great support group to help you achieve these goals? You are invited to attend a free presentation about TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) on Tuesday March 18TH at either 5:30 PM or 6:15 PM, whichever is more convenient for you. TOPS RI 33 RIVERSIDE is hosting this event at Weaver Library located at 41 Grove Ave. At TOPS, YOU matter to us! We look forward to seeing you!

Riverside Circle #28 Daughters of Isabella

Meeting Thursday, March 13 Crescent View Ave, Riverside.

Brown bag bingo – everyone is asked to put a small item in a brown paper bag to be given as a prize. Card Party and Raffle on March 29 In the St. Brendan Parish Hall, Turner Ave, Riverside, from 1-4 pm. The parish hall has a ramp (no stairs). The cost is $8 and will include a light luncheon. Raffle tickets for cash prizes and raffle baskets. Call Carol at 433-3234 for reservations – Please come and bring a friend!

EPHS Spring “2nd Sunday” Open House At John Hunt House: March 9Th – April 13Th – May 11Th Open 1 - 3:30PM - 65 Hunts Mills Rd

The EP Historical Society welcomes the public back to Hunts Mills after a long winter’s nap. If you have not viewed the 160th Anniversary exhibition of the Rumford Baking Powder Company, there are still these three dates to make a visit. April will also feature the work of the Ten Mile River Association and their amazing work to bring fish back to the Ten Mile. Remember to check for the fish flag on the pole at the entrance to Hunts Mills Road in April and come on down to the fish ladder and herring rock if it is flying.

EPHS Members’ Meeting

Annual Spring Pot Luck Supper

March 24th - 6Pm Newman Church Memorial Hall- Rumford The EP Historical Society reconvenes in March with a pot luck supper at 6pm and speaker Jeffrey Howe at 7pm. We welcome the public at both. The EPHS is a volunteer organization in its 47th year dedicated to the preservation of local history. We maintain the 18th century John Hunt House Museum/ genealogy library at 65 Hunts Mills Road in the Hunts Mills Historic District, participate in the URI Master Gardening program, and provide educational programs open to the public. Hunt House Museum is open to all on the “2nd Sunday” of every month from 1-3:30 pm and by appointment. For more information visit or call 438-1750

Boys & Girls Club of East Providence Unveils New Computers Thanks to Aspen Aerogels Donation

East Providence, R.I., February 4, 2014 – The Boys & Girls Club of East Providence is pleased to announce the grand re-opening of our Technology Center thanks to a do-

March 2014 The Reporter nation of ten new computers and three laptops made by Aspen Aerogels. This gift marks a revitalization of the Club’s Learning Center, whose computers had fallen into disrepair because of the high volume of use they get from the Club’s members. Given the importance of computer access for school work, however, they were a critical missing link for the Club’s homework and academic programs. In addition to homework help, the Computer Center will also host “Club Tech,” a program which includes digital arts programming that introduces youth to filmmaking, music production, graphic design, clay animation, robotics and game development. Since 1932, the Boys & Girls Club has been providing after school and weekend programs for youth ages five to eighteen, and currently serves more than 300 children per day. More information about Club programs is also available online at


Church Events St. Brendan Forever Young Club St. Pat's Lunch - March 11

St. Brendan Forever Young Club will have their St. Patrick’s Day lunch at St. Brendan assembly room on Tuesday, March 11 at 12:00 noon. Cost is $16. Please call Ann at 437-0963 or Lydia at 438-6245 for reservations, which should be made by March 3. Entertainment will be provided by Hughie Purcell. Forever Young is sponsoring a day trip to Foxwoods on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. We will leave at 8:00 a.m. from the American Legion Hall, 830 Willett Avenue, Riverside, and return there at 5:00 p.m. The cost is $22. Please call Ann at 437-0963 to reserve space. You do not need to be a member to take this trip.

Chowder & Clam Cakes Fundraiser March 22

Museum Open for the Season

The Cape Verdean Museum Exhibit is pleased to announce New Hours of Operation for the 2014 Season. The museum will open beginning on Thursday, March 13th to Saturday, November 29th. You may visit on Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm to 5pm and on Saturdays from 12pm to 4pm. For special arrangements, school visits or group tours, please contact Education Coordinator, Yvonne Smart at (401) 228-7292 or (401) 274-7852 or email at To contact the museum, please call (401) 228-7292 or call (401) 265-8936 email us at or at

The ChoruS of East Providence

St. Paddy’s Day Pull Raffle

The ChoruS of East Providence announces St. Paddy’s Day Pull a raffle to benefit The ChoruS of East Providence. Tickets are $25. only 200 tickets will be sold. 1st Prize: LG 55” LED TV 2nd Prize: ipad Air 3rd Rize: Keurig Special Edition Brewer 4th Prize: $100. GIFT CERTIFICATE to CHARDONNAY’S RESTAURANT & FOUR TICKETS TO THE CHORUS SPRING CONCERT. RAFFLE will be pulled on March 18th …. Interested to purchase a ticket, contact a member of THE ChoruS or call 401-435-3747. To learn more about The Chorus visit the website: www.

Spring Concert performances at Seekonk High School May 3rd & May 4th “SNAP, CRACKLE, and CLASSIC POP” Tickets will be available April 1, 2014

The Columbiettes of Bishop Hickey # 3623 is proud to announce the details to their upcoming Chowder & Clam Cakes Fundraiser to be held at Saint Martha’s Church Hall located at 2595 Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 On Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 from 5:00pm until 7:00pm our dinner fundraiser will take place The famous Mickey G’s Clam Shack will be catering the event. Raffles and Bake Sale table available. This is guaranteed to be a fun, family event. Ticket Donations: $10.00 each * Children under 8 $8.00 * and Family Special $30.00 per a family of 3 or more. Tickets are on sale now. For more ticket information please contact Pat K at 401-474-1799 

Special Handcraft Sale at Haven UM Church

Thrift Shop on Saturday, April 5th

The Haven United Methodist Church Thrift Shop will be open Sat., April 5th from 10 a.m. to noon featuring a one day only, special sale of new handmade crafts, art work, and gifts. The Thrift Shop offers a wide selection of plus size clothing for men/women, shoes, coats, and sweaters. Donations can be dropped off at this time. Enter via the 200 Taunton Ave, East Providence front door and walk downstairs. The proceeds will benefit repairing of the church roof. Come worship with us on Sundays at 10 a.m.

Ukrainian Egg Classes

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church will be offering Ukrainian Egg classes on Saturdays during Lent, Starting on March 15th -Thursday April 12th, the class runs from 1 pm - 5 pm. Suggested donations are $5.00 for children and $10.00 for adults, all supplies are provided. St. Mary’s is located at: 81 Warren Ave in East Providence. 401-434-7456

Epworth United Methodist Church Craft Fair

915 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, RI April 12, 2014 9-2 Crafters Wanted Call Ginger (508)728-9589 Crafts, Food, Thrift Shop FREE DOOR PRIZES!!!!


The Reporter March 2014

Sacred Heart Church

What are you doing for Lent? Sacred Heart Church has planned the following events during the season of Lent: Stations of the Cross will be offered every Friday in the church at 1:30 p.m. with the children from Sacred Heart School and at 7:00 p.m. for everyone. On Friday, April 4, there will be a special Stations of the Cross procession starting at 6:30 p.m. It will start at the church and travel through Vine and Anthony Streets, East Providence. Penance Service during Holy Week – Tuesday, April 15 – Five priests will hear confessions. Please come and join us for one or all of the events which will focus on Jesus during this Lenten Season. For more information call Fr. Silvio at 434-0326. Sacred Heart Church is located on Taunton Avenue in East Providence.

Newman Congregational Church “Uprooting Our Fences - A Lenten Series”

We all encounter “fences” in our lives; fences of various heights and lengths, made out of a variety of materials, all with similar purposes…to define and limit movement and connections one side to the other. Fences are created to keep something in as well as to keep something, or someone out. We have fences at home. We have fences in our communities. We even have fences in the church. What happens when we uproot them? Move them? Redefine them? How would that allow us to experience the extravagance of God in the life and teachings of Jesus? And what difference would it make for the world? During this season of Lent, join us for a weekly opportunity to see how the fences in our lives open or limit our experiences. Drawing from the wisdom of Scripture, let’s explore an understanding of EXTRAVAGANCE with the imagery of fencing in or fencing out as our guide. March 12 - Extravagant Welcome March 19 - Extravagant Jesus March 26 - Extravagant Covenant April 2 - Extravagant Grace April 9 - Extravagant Justice April 16 - Extravagant God


The winning banner that Troop 475 created for competition.

E.P. Girl Scout Troop 475

East Providence Girl Scout Troop 475 won the 1st Annual Girl Scout Banner Competition at the Brown Women’s Basketball Girl Scout Day held on Saturday, February 8th. Their festive banner was displayed in the section in which they were sitting during the game.  Congratulations Troop 475!

E. P. Girl Scout Troop 505

Sofia and Ali of East Providence Girl Scout Troop 505 are shown selling Girl Scout cookies at Skyzone in Rumford. Girl Scout cookies are still available for sale. To find a sale site near you, go to and click on “find a booth sale near you” or by calling Girl Scouts of RI at 331-4500 or Linda at 433-4028.

Date: Sunday March 9, 2014 Time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Place: American Legion Hall Post 10 830 Willett Ave. Riverside, RI Cost: $8.00 ages 12 and up $4.00 ages 3 to 11

It is an all you can eat breakfast! Some of the items will be omelets made to order, Belgium waffles, sausage, ham and much more! If you would like any more information on our breakfast or would like tickets in advance please contact Anne Costa – Troop 88 Comm. Chair. at 401-435-2145.

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 519 Visits TD Bank in Rumford

A light soup supper will be served at 6:30 pm. Programming will conclude by 8:30 pm.

Newman Congregational Church, United Church of Christ 100 Newman Avenue Rumford, RI 02916 401-434-4742 For more information, contact Rev. Timoth Sylvia at 401-434-4742.

Rumford Troop 88 All You Can Eat Breakfast

Sofia and Ali of Troop 505 selling Girl Scout cookies at Skyzone in Rumford.

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 519 visited TD Bank in Rumford. The girls learned about the benefits of saving money, the different kinds of bank accounts and safety deposit boxes. They especially liked the Penny Arcade where machines convert unsorted coins to cash. Prizes, such as a bank in the TD logo shape, are awarded for guessing within $2.00, the amount of change that you convert into cash. Daisy Troop 519 would like to thank the staff at TD bank for being so nice and for giving them a tour.

March 2014 The Reporter


Pack 4 Riverside Cub Scouts 2014 Pinewood Derby

Pack 4 Riverside Cub Scouts had a great time at their 2014 Pinewood Derby event! With over 30 Cub Scouts in attendance this was one of our biggest, most fun Derby’s yet! The competition was fierce, as the boys worked hard to build uniquely designed fast cars to race down the “infamous” Almonte Brothers custom built Pinewood Derby track. The Almonte Brothers - Victor and Dennis - have been participating in the Pack 4 Pinewood Derby events for over 20 years. They selflessly volunteer many hours of their time to help create a fun and memorable day for the Riverside Cub Scouts and we’re so appreciative and thankful that they’re a part of our Pack. This year the boys cars were more impressive than ever; some were decorated with the popular Minecraft video game theme while others displayed various New England team logo’s. There was a race car carved out to look like a classic car and another was shaped like a rocket with flames. There were cars painted in camouflaged colors while others took on more of a natural wood look. No two cars were designed the same and ALL of them raced really well!

Pack 4 Riverside Cub Scouts 2014 Pinewood Derby Our 4th place winner was Patrick Gallogly, 3rd place went to William Duckworth, 2nd place went to Braeden Conaty and Ryan Gallogly was the lucky owner of the race car that came in 1st place! All of these boys have advanced to the Regional Pinewood Derby which will be held in March. We were honored to have Neil Britton, Chase Dandel and Andrew Duckworth from Boy Scouts Troop 55 to help us run the races. Chase and Neil had the fun (but difficult!) job of judging for the superlative trophy’s!! James Davey was awarded with the “Cubmasters Choice” trophy, Theodore Leland received the “Do Your Best” trophy, Arcangelo Harrington-Marinosci won the trophy for “Most Colorful”, Logan Frank received the “Best Designed” trophy and Kyle Vargas won the trophy for “Most Creative”. The Cub Scouts displayed excellent sportsmanship through-out this fun-filled, friendly competitive event and followed the Cub Scouts motto “Do Your Best” at all times. We are proud of each and every Scout who participated and we wish our top 4 winners the best of luck in the Regional’s!

East Providence Girl Scout Troop 519

East Providence Girl Scout Troop 519 took a tour of East Providence Fire Department Station 3. During the tour, the Girl Scouts learned about fire safety and when to call 911. They also earned their “Respect Authority” petal. They would like to thank the fire fighters of Station 3 for the tour and for making them feel welcome.



Friendly & courteous, but

C.O.D. OIL Troop 519 at The EP Fire Dept Station 3.


The Reporter March 2014

Birth Announcements www.


Juliana Natalia and Joseph Manuel DaRosa

Natalia and Joseph DaRosa of Riverside, RI, are happy to announce the birth of their twins, Juliana Natalia and Joseph Manuel. They were born at Women and Infants Hospital on December 26, 2013 at 8:22 am. Juliana weighed 5 lbs 15 ounces and was 19 inches long. Joseph weighed 4 lbs 10 ounces and was 18 inches long. The proud grandparents are Lucilia and Manuel J. Sousa of East Providence, RI, and Jose and Fatima DaRosa of Bristol, RI. Juliana and Joseph were welcomed home by many loving family and friends and especially by their godparents Nelia Sousa and Jason DaRosa.

Stella Elsie Lantagne

Robert and Jennifer Lantagne of Riverside are excited to announce the birth of their second child, Stella Elsie Lantagne. Born on December 14, 2013 at 12:53 PM weighing 6 pounds,8 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was welcomed home by her big brother Brody and her grandparents Angela and Manuel Lima of Riverside and Robert Lantagne of Pawtucket and Deborah O’Neill of Coventry.

Weddings, Engagements &Anniversaries Remi S. Cartagena Engaged to Jose Teixeira

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On Christmas day Jose Teixeira and Remi S. Cartagena of East Providence became engaged to wed. Their wedding day is set for September 6, 2014.

March 2014 The Reporter

East Providence Senior Center News

610 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

Phone 435-7800 Dining Room 435-7872 Fax 435-7803

RIPTA ID Bus Passes

Friday, March 7th 11:30am to 2pm Photo identification bus passes are available to seniors and other qualified individuals with valid documentation. Identification cards for people with disabilities and senior passes will cost $25.00 (cash only) and are valid for 5 years. In order to obtain a replacement bus card you are required to return the damaged card. In the event a card is lost or stolen, a replacement card will be reissued upon notification to RIPTA. Bus card replacement fees for seniors and people with disabilities will be: $10 the first replacement, $15 the second replacement and $20 the third replacement and thereafter.

Smart Driver Program

Friday, March 21st 11:30am AARP introduces a new “Smart Driver Program”. Formerly, “AARP Driver Safety”, the new curriculum contains the latest research & industry insights and exciting  new topics.  The new workbook contents are participant friendly and easy to follow. The associated program video has been re-formatted and includes interviews with experts.  The program fees are now $15.00 for AARP members and $20.00 for non-members.  NO TESTS! Tony Ballirano, Deputy State Coordinator, will be conducting this program which is open to all. If an insurance discount is one of your objectives, please inquire with your automobile insurer  to determine if you qualify for a discount for completing this program. Please bring a lunch or snack especially if you have a medical condition. To register, please sign up in the Administration Office.  


Clinical Health

Clinical worker Amy Lagasse will be assisting our seniors with their mental health needs on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 9am to Noon. Would you like to speak to someone confidentially? Please contact us for an appointment at 435-7800, Ext 6. The dates this month are: March 11th & 25th

Reiki Master 9:30 - Noon Carole Caprio is available for 30 minutes /$15.00 or 60 minutes /$30.00 Reiki sessions Thursday mornings beginning at 9:30. Reiki is a profoundly simple hands-on technique that assists one in their ability to reduce pain,  heal injuries, regain balance, increase energy, enhance the immune system, reduce stress and tension, and promote physical and emotional well-being. It is safe, peaceful, and relaxing. To schedule an appointment, please call Carole @ 861-3675. For more information, please visit Carole’s website at  To Test or Not to Test, That is the Question… SelfMonitoring Blood Sugar

I am often asked the question, “Why should I test my blood sugar?” or “Do I really need to test my blood sugar?” These are great questions and don’t necessarily have the same answer for each person. I will tell people who ask this question that testing your blood sugar is giving you valuable information so you can make smart decisions about how you control your diabetes. I liken it to driving a car and watching all of the gages and dials on car’s dash board. Just as you keep an eye on your speedometer to tell you if you’re driving the speed limit or watching your gas gage to make sure you don’t run out of gas, self-monitoring your blood sugar gives you and your doctor much of the same information about your blood sugar control.

Over 25 Years of Caring for Our Community


Nurse Mary Jane’s Hours Tuesday 8:00am - 3pm - Wednesday 8:00am - 3pm Thursday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Diabetes Outpatient Education Classes

Your Health Insurance will cover one complete 4 day session per year. Classes are taught by Certified Nurses, Dietitians, and Pharmacists. Learn the skills to successfully manage your diabetes and meet others with this disease. You are not alone! Please contact the center’s health office at 435-7800, Ext. 6 with any questions and to register. Class size is limited. Preregistration is required.


Ann Marie Sabula and Mary Proietta, Registered Dieticians are available for appointments in the health office. They will counsel you in private about your personal nutritional needs and insurance covers these visits. They are also certified diabetes educators. To schedule a visit, stop by the health office or call us at 435-7800 Ext. 1


Dr. Michael Reuter, podiatrist, will be in the Health Office seeing patients. To schedule your appointment or if you have any questions call Dr. Reuter’s office directly at: 228-7887 and speak with Diane. Dr. Reuter accepts most major insurance plans. Thursday, March 20th.

Waterview Villa Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is a 132 bed facility that offers the following: • Physical • Occupational • Speech Therapies • IV Therapies • Enteral Nutrition and Hydration • Wound/Post Surgical Care • Tracheostomy Care • Ostomy Care • Cox TV and Wi-Fi Services • Telephone Services Central Air Conditioning • Private Bathroom in all Resident Rooms

Come and tour our beautiful facility.

401-438-7020 1275 SOUTH BROADWAY, EAST PROVIDENCE, RI Managed by Athena Health Care Systems


The Reporter March 2014

Weekly/Monthly Programs Monday 9:00 a.m.

Tax Preparations


9:00 a.m.

Intermediate Yoga

10:30 a.m. Beginners Yoga 10:30 a.m. Caregivers Support Group

(3rd Monday)

1:00 p.m.


1:00 p.m.

Book Club Tuesday

8:15 a.m.

Cards (Cockroach)

9:30 a.m.

Aerobics Exercise

9:30 a.m.

Watercolor Class

9:30 a.m.

Bocce Ball

11:00 a.m. Tai Chi 12:30 a.m. Watercolor Class 1:00 a.m.


1:25 p.m.

BINGO Wednesday

8:30 a.m.

East Side Lab (1st Wed)

9:00 a.m.

Intermediate Yoga

9:15 a.m.

Tap N Time

10:00 a.m. Scrabble 10:45 a.m. Chair Exercise 1:30 p.m.

Stroke Club (1st Wed.)

9:30 a.m.

Aerobics Exercise

1:00 p.m.


1:00 p.m.

Craft Class


1:00 p.m. Diabetes Support Group

(4th Thurs)

9:00 a.m.

Billiards League

Friday 10:00 a.m. Scrabble 10:45 a.m. Chair Exercise 11:00 a.m. Meditation Class 12:45 p.m. In-Sight Support Group

(3rd Fri)

1:20 p.m.

Hi Lo Jack League Daily




8 a.m. — 4 p.m.

Coffee Hour 2:15 p.m. Fitness Center 8 a.m. — 4 a.m.

Just as different people drive different cars because of personal preferences there are numerous different meters that are available to choose from to fit your needs. Blood glucose meters enable people with diabetes to see the effects of their past actions on their blood sugar and make decisions on future choices. These decisions which directly affect blood sugar include food, portion sizes, exercise and medications. The meters that are currently available use a blood sample from a fingertip (or another part of the body, such as the palm or forearm), which is applied to a test strip and inserted in a meter. A blood sugar value is produced in seconds. Blood sugar can fluctuate based on a variety of variables including: diet, stress, exercise and medication. Because everyone is unique in their life styles and treatments, keeping an eye on your blood sugar levels is important for control. For example, testing before a meal and after a meal will let you know if the choices you made where good ones. If you find that your blood sugar was too high after that meal, adjustments can be made from this information to reach your target blood sugar. Without testing you’ll never know if a problem exists. To get the most accurate results from your meter, it is most important to follow all of the meters recommended steps. The first and most important step always begins with washing your hands before lancing your finger. This is done to keep things clean and germ free but also to prevent inaccurate readings. It is also recommended to periodically test the meter with control solution. Benefits of selfmonitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) can help you see patterns and trends in your blood glucose levels, which leads to smart decisions that affect your blood sugar. Below are a few of the main reason people choose to SMBG. There are a number of benefits of selfmonitoring blood glucose with a meter; it helps to determine which foods are best for your control. It also tells you how well your diabetes medication regime is working. And it will also allow you to see the benefit that exercise has on your blood sugar along with reducing anxiety. Security is also gained by knowing you have the ability to check your glucose at any time of the day. The benefits of SMBG tend to be most pronounced when you display a willingness and commitment to test. It is important to obtain the correct education on when to test blood glucose levels and interpreting the results to get the most out of the testing. The disadvantages are mainly seen when either a patients lacks motivation to test or does not have sufficient education on how to interpret the results to make sufficient use of home testing equipment. Cost of filling

the prescriptions can also deter people from SMBG. It is clear that the benefits of testing outweigh the negatives of avoiding finding out what options are open for you to self-monitor your blood sugar.

Blood Pressure Clinics 10:30am

Orchard View Manor Friday, March 7th Waterview Villa Wednesday, March 12th Evergreen House Thursday, March 20th Hattie Ide Chaffee Tuesday, March 25th  

Food For Thought

March 12th 11am Join Evergreen’s Marcia Pedini, Registered Dietician as she presents her next Seminar entitled, “Super Foods”. Come learn about easy to prepare, nutrient-packed and tasty foods that provide numerous super healthy benefits!  

Free Tax AideProgram

Mondays 9am—Noon AARP sponsored tax-aide program beginning February 3rd. Free tax preparation service for taxpayers with low and middle income with special attention given to those ages 60 and older. Please bring your social security card, pictured ID and last year’s tax return. Also bring all documents you had relating to any income you had during 2013. Special Attention: This program is only on Mondays.

Mediation Fridays 11am

Have you ever thought you would like to learn to meditate? Would you like more information on the health benefits of meditation?  Ann Marie Sabula RD and Ellen Frazier lead a weekly meditation group at the senior center on Friday mornings @ 11 am.  This program is free and open to all members.

Looking for Resources?

Are you looking for information regarding statewide senior housing, assisted living facilities, adult day centers or local nursing facilities? Please see Ellen Frazier in the Administration Office for more information or call 435-7873. Other resources available are Living Will documents, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and more.

Computer Assistance Monday, March 31st 2pm to 4pm

On the last Monday of every month, two students from MTTI career training school will assist any member with computer questions. These volunteers will try to resolve your computer problems, and help you with a computer course you may be taking. The students will be in the computer lab.

March 2014 The Reporter

Support Groups

Diabetes Support 1:00pm 2:00pm Open meeting held monthly for people with diabetes to meet for mutual support. The group meets the fourth Thursday of each month. Caregiver’s Support 10:30am 11:30am This support group is held the third Monday each month. The sessions offer support and sharing with others who are caring for loved ones. Stroke Club 1:30pm 3:00pm The Stroke Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month and provides entertainment, education, support, socialization, refreshments, and transportation for stroke survivors and their caregivers. In-Sight Support 12:45pm 3:00pm In-Sight offers programs and support in productive living for the vision impaired. The group meets the 3rd Friday of every month.

Senior Center Library

The library is a very warm and lovely place for people to choose a good book and read in a nice quiet area. We continue to receive many donations of new and current books. These donations have truly enhanced the quantity of our library. We also have current magazines for your enjoyment. The book club meets on Monday afternoons. New club members are welcome.

General Services

Elder Information Specialist: Our Elder Information Specialist assists the elderly and their families in providing information /referral and assistance with accessing services and programs. Nutrition Program: The center provides a nutritional meal to approximately 125 seniors per day. The Cranston Senior Center provides the meals. Case Management / Senior Services: The center coordinates with East Bay Community Action Program Inc., for all casework and follow-ups. Protective Services Council, made up of city departments and mental health/ social service agencies, meets monthly to discuss problems concerning the elderly. Transportation: The center has two buses that are used daily for door-to-door transportation to and from the center. Notary: This service is available in the Administration Office at no charge. Seminars: Monthly social, educational, and financial seminars on topics relating to seniors. Manicurist: A manicurist visits the

center weekly for manicures and polish changes. Gift Shop: The gift shop has many different items for the convenience of the seniors. Small items from candy and greeting cards to jewelry, handmade items and crafts are available.

Exercise Programs Intermediate Yoga

Monday & Wednesday 9am $3 Integrated YOGA for emotional/mental power. Flexibility, strength, balances, beauty, stretching, weight reduction, improved breathing, relaxation, and stress relief. All are components of our Yoga classes.


screen TV our participants have a great time bowling. If you have never tried this the group will teach you and you’re sure to pick it up quickly

Card Games

Bridge Pokeno Cockroach Cribbage Hi Lo Jack League

Thursday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Friday

1:00pm 1:00pm 8:15am 1:00pm 1:20pm




Tuesday 9:30am & 12:30pm $5 Come learn a form of watercolor for all levels of talent. Some of the fantastic artwork is displayed throughout the center.

Aerobics Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am $2 Instructor Karen Boyd gives members a great cardiovascular workout. Hand and ankle weights are used to tone and build your muscles.

Thursday 1:00pm Craft class makes dolls for Hasbro Children’s Hospital and cancer pillows for Women & Infants Hospital. Other “make and take” crafts will be taught.


Beginners Yoga


Tai Chi

Tuesday 11:00am $3 This ancient art form of exercise has been proven to reduce stress as well as chronic pain. It also reduces heart rate along with calming the mind and body.

Tap N Time

Wednesday 9:15am $3 A seated rhythm and exercise class. It is a unique program that combines beginner dance steps utilizing rhythm sticks & exercise, all done to upbeat music from all decades.

Arthritis Exercise

Wednesday & Friday 10:45am No Charge A proper balance of exercise and rest can help relieve stiffness and maintain or improve your joint mobility and muscle strength.

Fitness Center

Our fitness room is open Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm. The fitness room consists of treadmills, recumbent bikes, an elliptical stepper, hand weights, and six dual weight machines. Other features include a matted floor, mirrored walls, water, stereo, and cable TV. You must have approval from your physician to participate in this program. Forms can be obtained in the Administration Office. The fee is $40 for a one year membership.

Wii Bowling Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45

Come join our very enthusiastic Wii Bowling Group every Tuesday. Using our large


Daily Programs

Computer games Billiards Cards Nutritional Lunch Bocce ball Walking Track Morning & Afternoon Coffee/Pastry Leisure Programs Book Club Monday 1:00pm Bingo Tuesday 1:25pm Bocce Ball Tuesday 9:00am Scrabble Wed. & Fri 10:00am Meditation Class Friday 11:00am Library Daily 8-4pm Computer GamesDaily Lower level Billiards Daily Lower level

Gift Shop

Remember to visit our lovely gift shop located in the dining room area. We have a great selection of hand made items, gift cards, and snacks.

Fitness Room Members

Beginning Wednesday, March 5th We will have a fitness instructor in the fitness room every Wednesday from 10:30 to Noon to assist anyone with questions on the machines or a specific workout. Orchard View Manor is sponsoring this program. Exercise helps older adults maintain or lose weight. As metabolism naturally slows with age,maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge. Exercise helps increase metabolism and builds muscle mass, helping to burn more calories. When


The Reporter March 2014

your body reaches a healthy weight, your overall wellness will improve. Exercise reduces the impact of illness and chronic disease. Among the many benefit of exercise for adults over 50 include improved immune function, better heart health and blood pressure, better bone density, and better digestive functioning. People who exercise also have a lowered risk of several chronic conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and colon cancer. Exercise enhances mobility, flexibility, and balance in adults over 50. Exercise improves your strength, flexibility and posture, which in turn will help with balance, coordination, and reducing the risk of falls. Strength training also helps alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis.

IN MEMORIAM Dorothy Salgueiro, age 85, of Willett Ave., died January 29, 2014 at Philip Hulitar Inpatient Center surrounded by her loving family. Franklin J. Santos 74, of North Port, Florida died Friday January 17, 2014 at his home. Edward P. McCagney, 83, died Wednesday surrounded by his loving family. Noella I.(Thibault) Paiva, 97, of No. Hull St., died Wed., Jan. 29, 2014, at the Orchard View Manor. Richard, F. Ball, 81, of Frederick Street, Rumford, died unexpectedly on January 28, 2014. Marion Colonge Renaud, 91, of Riverside passed away on Monday, January 27. George R. Dillon, 76 of Moosic, PA, and formerly of East Providence died Tuesday, January 28, 2014. John Augusto Mendonca, age 73, of Whitaker Ave., formerly of the Fox Point section in Providence, died January 31, 2014 at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket surrounded by his loving family. Maria Alice Cabral, 91, of Lakeworth, Florida, formerly of Orchard St., East Providence, died peacefully January 27, 2014 at the Hospice of Palm Beach.

Harriot M. Sargent, age 76, of Blanding Ave., died Saturday, February 1, 2014 at the Philip Hulitar Inpatient Center surrounded by her loving children. Edward P. McCagney, 83, died Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 surrounded by his loving family. Antonio B. Moniz 68, of Brown Street, East Providence died Tuesday February 4, 2014 at the Philip Hulitar Hospice Center. John E. Rocha, 87 of Woodward Avenue died peacefully surrounded by his family on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at the Philip Hulitar Hospice Center. Vincent H. Hawkins, 93 formerly of Moorland Avenue, died Saturday, February 8, 2014 at his home. David J. Mace, 50, of the Carousel Drive Apartments, passed away at Rhode Island Hospital on Thursday, February 6, 2014 due to complications following a heart attack. John E. O’Brien, 81, of Rumford, died Thursday at the Philip Hulitar Hospice Center. Lillian M. (Kingsley) Weygand, 97, formerly of Pawtucket and Ft. Myers, FL, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at St. Elizabeth Home. Lorraine C. Hallam, 84, of Cozzens Avenue, Riverside, died peacefully on February 9, 2014 surrounded by her loving family.

Gloria J. Enos, 68, of What Cheer Avenue died Friday February 14, 2014 at Women and Infants Hospital. Robert Deshong, Beloved Husband of Carolyn Deshong, passed away peacefully on Saturday Feb 15, 2014, with his loved ones by his side. Mary N. “Sis” (Leroy) Mayer, 96, of Byron Avenue, Rumford, died peacefully on February 14, 2014 surrounded by her loving family. Alan R. Webb, 66, of Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside, died peacefully on February 17, 2014 surrounded by his loving family at the Philip Hulitar Inpatient Center, Providence. John J. McNamara Jr., 89, formerly of Burton Avenue, Riverside, died on February 18, 2014. Firmino C. Garcia, 70 of Norton Street died Friday, February 21, 2014 at the Philip Hulitar Hospice Center. Malcom Kahn, 88, died Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014 at Miriam Hospital. George A. Walsh, 73, of Riverside died peacefully on Monday February 17, 2014 at the Miriam Hospital. Rocco Pompei, 90, of Read Street, Riverside, died peacefully on February 22, 2014 at Orchard View Manor. Maria B. Quintanilha, 92, of East Providence, died Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Evergreen House.

Maria C. (Barbosa) Renquinha, 83 of Sutton Avenue died Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at Waterview Villa.

Adelino B. Campos, 87 passed away Monday, February 24, 2014.

Emma C. (Quilitzsch) Trainot, of Riverside died on February 10, 2014.

Edith (DiCecco) Neves, 94, passed away on February 23, 2014.

Maria L. Norte, 85 died Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at Waterview Villa.

Arnold H. Rasmussen, Jr., 85 of Riverside passed away Sunday, February 23, at home.

Carolyn M. (Viveiros) Elderkin, age 58, of Fraser St., died February 12, 2014 at home.

Duane H. Feiro, 72, of Turner Avenue, Riverside, died unexpectedly on February 24, 2014.

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CLASSIFIEDS 1 To 15 Words - $10 16 To 30 Words - $15 Additional Words $.25 each WANTED WANTED: Civil War, WW1, WW2, Anything to do with military; helmets, knives, uniforms, guns, HAVE (license), anything related to wartime, will pay cash for items, ask for Charles, 508-230-6444 or 508-761-7484; call anytime thanks. (e614) Looking for outer wear, snow suits etc. size 9-12 months for twin boys. Single Mom needs a helping hand. Please donate - Call Debbie at 401-632-3602. (rfLD)



Classified Deadline: 25th of the Month We reserve the right to alter and/or reject advertising

Submit your classifed at


for auto parts, fast food, bank, drug store, storage units, etc. Please call 774-2181959. (e314)

CNA’S/CAREGIVERS Available. DON’T PAY AGENCY RATES! To assist your loved one. 20+ Yrs. Exp. Dr. Appointments, Shopping and Companionship. 24 Hour Care. Call Christine 774-991-3202. (e314)

Office space, Barrington. Great offices available right near Riverside, Haynes park area. Quiet, clean and plenty of parking. All utilities included. From $300.00. Call 401.246.1155. (e314)

BIG BLUE REMOVAL SERVICE: Attic, Cellar, Total House; We take everything! Furniture, Brush, Appliances, Yard Waste, Construction Debris, Trash…Demolition of Fences, Sheds, Decks, Pools. Let us do the work. Free Estimates. Call Tony 508226-1295; (rfBB)

VACATION RENTALS Vacation Rental: Bristol, NH. Modern 3BR house with 2 baths. Sleeps 6. Walk to private association beach on Newfound Lake,(Camelot Acres). Kitchen, W&D, AC, TV/DVD, Gas Grill. Linens required. No smoking or pets. $975/wk. 508-415-3208, (e314)

THE ESTATE GUYS: Buying contents of houses, barns, farms garages, cellars, attics, industrial buildings. Cash paid no need for timely yard sales. Call Tom or Anthony 774-331-2681 (rfBB)

VACATION/HONEYMOON RENTAL: St. Michael, Azores (Portugal), pristine 2-bed/2-bath apartment with kitchen, DR, LR, & laundry. Linens provided. Majestic Atlantic and mountain views from spacious deck, near golf, beach, etc. Call 401-480-0374 or 508-336-8432 or email for info/ reservations. (e414) Clearwater, Florida Condo: 1 bdrm, 1 bath. 55 & over village. Fully furnished Floridian colors, mirrored walls, bonus room with Queen size sofa bed with privacy drapes. New tub conversion w bath step. White ceramic tile, kitchen updates, Balcony, Awesome condo! Free golf, 2 pools, 2 clubhouses, lawn bowling, tennis, fitness, many clubs, more. $59,900. Call Carol at 401-289-0127. Contact me for details and pictures. (e314)

FOR RENT FOR LEASE: Valuable business land on Rt. 44 at the Dighton/Rehoboth Ma line; near the New Street intersection, over 10,000 per day traffic count, one of nation’s largest auto auctions close by, direct route to proposed casino, has town water hookup capabilities, great location

CLASSES / LESSONS PIANO LESSONS: Taught in my home, both classical and popular to persons of all ages. Anita Russo, 8 Terrybrooke Road, Rehoboth 508-252-4208. (e614) EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF PIANO, VOICE AND ORGAN: Classical & popular. Beginners & Advanced. All ages. Traditional and modern methods. Natalie Lawton, M.A. Music, 45 Central Avenue, North Seekonk, MA 508-761-3334 (e514)

FOR SALE TWO WEDDING DRESSES: One champagne color, one white, silk, lace, all accessories. $50 to $275. Call (401) 4335181. (e314)

Did you know.. You Can Submit Classifieds On Our Website! View & Post at... www.



The Reporter March 2014


Edward M. Simpson, C.P.A.


Fuel - Oil



Appliance Repairs

CJS / Statewide Appliance Repair


Fuel - Oil

Ferreira Oil, Inc.



Cutcliffe, Galvin & Archetto



Masterson Furniture and Upholstery 46

Attorney Donald E. MacManus, Attorney


Hair Salon

Shear Image Salon


Auto Body

Fogarty Auto Body



Just In Time Handyman Service


Auto Body

Tri Star Autobody, Inc.


Health & Fitness

YMCA of Greater Providence


Auto Repairs

Metric Motors


Heating Service

Larry’s Heating & A.C.


Auto Repairs

New England Tire


Home Improvements

Mark Koussa Carpentry


Auto Repairs

Somerset Chrysler Jeep


Home Improvements

Professional Property Maintenance


Auto Repairs

Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 22

Insurance Agency Duarte Agency - Allstate


Auto Salvage

Gary’s Auto Removal



M.R.T. Co., Inc.


Auto Salvage

Seekonk Auto Salvage


Landscape Service

Jacole B Landscaping



Coastway Community Bank


Landscape Service

Superior Lawn Care


Building Contractor

A.J. Adams Bldg & Remodeling Co. 46


Bullocks Point Laundromat


Building Contractor

Gianlorenzo & Sons Construction


Medical Center

Medical Associates of RI


Chamber of Commerce East Providence Chamber


Mortgage Broker

Embrace Home Loans, Inc.


Child Care

Briarwood Child Academy


Nursing Homes

Waterview Villa



Wexler’s Collectibles



Brown Center



American Mobile Mix Concrete Inc.



Romani Orthodontics


Country Club

Hillside Country Club


Painting Contractor

Brian P. Lynch - Painting


Credit Union

Navigant Credit Union


Painting Contractor

Cronan Painting



Eager Family Dentistry


Painting Contractor

EZ Painting



Kenneth J. Rawlinson, D.D.S.


Private School

Antioch School



Lisa Daft DMD & Associates, PC


Private School Day Spring Christian Academy



Romani Orthodontics


Private School

St. Marys - Bay View High School



Foxx Fence


Private School

The Pinecroft School - Rehoboth


Fireplaces/ Chimney’s Stovepipe Fireplace Shop Inc.


Real Estate

Keller Williams


Fuel - Oil


Real Estate

Mateus Realty


Real Estate

ReMax Rivers Edge


Real Estate

The Tirrell Team



Batty Construction



Home Pro Remodeling



2 Paul’s City Grille


Al’s Quality Oil Co.

April Will Feature...

"Spring Home & Garden" AND "Summer Camp Guide" To advertise call 508.252.6575

Restaurant Dublin Rose, Irish Sports Pub



Riverside Kitchen



Sparky’s Coney Island


Roofing Contractor

Tabeleys Roofing


Self Storage

Lionel Mini Storage, Inc.


Smoking Cessation

Brown University


Theatres - Live

Trinity Repertory Company


Trash/Junk Removal

Big Blue Removal Service


Tree Service

Advanced Tree


March 2014 The Reporter

Buying or Selling - Call

MATEUS Realty The experience makes the difference!

So if you're ready to buy or sell, Call Mateus Realty today at 434-8399. Luis Mateus (401) 368-2403 Jeff Mateus (401) 447-9459

Pam Reis (401) 368-2402 Maria Correia (401) 556-2957 Cecilia Duarte (401) 450-9044

EAST PROVIDENCE - Brightridge!! 3 Br, 1 1/2 bath Colonial, dining, SPRCH, siding, replacement windows, garage, gas heat/hw, upgraded electric, hw's, several updates. $159,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Spacious 4 Br, 2 bath Cottage; dining/FP, siding, replacement windows, F & R porches, gas heat, hw's, tile, upgraded electric, newer kitchen. $119,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Warren Ave!! Single Family home with 3100+ sf of living space and professional posssibilities!! 3 Brs, 2 1/2 baths, dining, FR, office, siding, brick. $179,900

Riverside - Spacious 3/4 Br, 1 1/2 bath Colonial remodeled in 2010; new kitchen & bath, dining, den, 1st floor MBR or spacious ldry w/lav, hw's/tile, young gas boiler/hw tank, upgraded electric, vinyl siding, replacement windows, prch, deck. $209,000

EAST PROVIDENCE - Brightridge!! 4 units (2) 2 Brs, (2) 1 Br, vinyl siding, replacement windows, appliances, gas heat/hw, upgraded electric, 3 car garage, ample parking. $299,900

RUMFORD - Myron Francis!! Charming 2 Br, 2 bath Ranch, remodeled in & out, par t finished basement, new roof, siding, replacement windows, kitchen & baths; young boiler/hw tank, central air, upgraded electric, hw's/tile, breezeway, garage. $189,900

EAST PROVIDENCE -Pride of ownership shows in this spacious, well maintained 4 Br, 2 bath home, dining, den, FR, sliders to deck & patio, replacement windows. Young gas boiler/hw tank, upgraded electric, Hw's/tile. $169,900

BRISTOL - Custom built 3 Br, 2 1/2 bath contemporary; open floor plan & walking distance to water!! Master BR w/private bath. FP, cathedrals, sliders to deck & patio, garages, 15000+sf corner lot. $312,900

E A S T P R O V I D E N C E - Re c e n t l y remodeled 3 Br, 2 bath cottage; new kitchen, baths, gas boiler/hw tank; upgraded electric, hw's, tile, siding, replacement windows, deck. $169,900

A sign of success and a name you can trust!

RUMFORD - Myron Francis!! Clean, Brick front, 3 Br, 2 bath Ranch; partially finished basement, hw's, tile, central air, upgraded electric, sprinklers, 6000+ sf corner lot. $199,900

SEEKONK - Estate Sale!! Enjoy country living!! Custom bulilt 3 Br, 1 1/2 bath L/shape Ranch, FDR/ cathedrals, LR/FP, S.prch, garage, hw's, back-up generator, propaine gas, well/town water, new septic will be installed prior to closing, 1.88 acres. $279,900

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582 Warren Avenue • East Providence, RI 02914

Rehoboth - Enjoy country living in this spacious, custom built 3 br, 2 bath dormered Cape. Mbr/cathedral ceilings, dining, LR/FP, sliders, deck. 16.21 Acres of privacy. $329,900, or with an additional 2.17 acre buildable lot $429,900

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The Reporter March 2014

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Our 12 Month Pland Includes: You save on everything from fillings and nightguards, • 1 Comprehensive Exam Our 12 Month Plan Includes: to cosmetic procedures • 1 Set of Check Up X-Rays • 1 Comprehensive Exam and crowns. There are no • 1 Set of Check Up X-Rays • 2 Adult or Child Cleanings deductibles and you cannot • 2 Adult or Child Cleanings • 2 Emergency Visits be denied • 2 Emergency Visitscoverage. Let

* Restorative and cosmetic services are offered*Restorative at fees that are us make your dental care and cosmetic services are offered at fees that significantly discounted from our regular officeare fees. Sarah significantly discounted our regular office fees. Eager, DDS affordablefrom in 2014! Sarah Eager, DDS * This is not an insurance product.

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You save on everything from fillings and nightguards, to cosmetic procedures600 and Wampanoag crowns. There areTrail no deductibles and you • Riverside, RI cannot be denied coverage. Let us make your dental care affordable in 2014! (401) 434–2626

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March 2014 East Providence Reporter  

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March 2014 East Providence Reporter  

monthly East Providence town news