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The annual institute magazine “Renesa - Farewell Edition” marks the end of yet another academic year, with its purpose to bid adieu to the final year students. On behalf of the Institute, I bid you farewell and wish you all the best with a very bright and prosperous future. Contact the Institute if you need our support and guidance. I would like to appreciate the efforts and performance demonstrated by the final year students. Also, thank your family members for trusting the Institute and always cooperating with us.

Message from The Director

the newly appointed director of the Institute, I am honored and excited to work with the employees and students to bring more glory to the institute. We will work to enhance the student's employability in the global competitive environment. I am sure you will continue building a reputation for the Institute as an Alumni. The entire nation will be benefited from your knowledge and skill. Dr. Anupam Shukla Director - SVNIT

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 2 Renesa Farewell Edition

SVNIT has always offered a holistic approach to teaching and learning for its students. Institute promotes teaching, research, innovation, sports and cultural activities in equal parts. Institute not only encourages the students but also provides invaluable opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill sets with the help of its learned faculty members and supporting staff. As


from Faculty

I am happy to know that student’s team of SVNIT are publishing ‘Renesa farewell 2022’ under the able supervision of able faculty advisors of the Institute. Renesa aims to keep the people of SVNIT well-informed and fully aware of the important issues, events, and achievements related to the college, and serve as a platform for the creative expression of thoughts through writing and design. This magazine is one of the platforms in SVNIT through which students can express their creative thoughts and literal potential. The contents of the magazine also are also accessed by the people outside of SVNIT while publishing and sharing the same through online mode using social media platforms.

Messages2022 from Faculty Message from The Deputy Director

I convey my best wishes and congratulations to the entire team of Renesa for bringing such wonderful issue to the DeputyDr.Stakeholders. PLPatel Director

I really appreciate the cooperation and patience of students in managing the COVID-19 situation in the campus during March 2020 to Dec 2021. It was really a difficult time for all of us. I would like to thanks to all our Task Force members, faculty, staff and students in Managing the COVID situation very well in the SVNIT campus.

My best wishes to the passing out batch of Final year during the Academic year 2021-2022 for their future endeavour, and thanks to them to be part of SVNIT for four years. I am sure you will always remember your alma matter, and keep on visiting the Institute in the near future.

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 3 Renesa Farewell Edition

I am sure the contents of the Renesa magazine will give good exposure to the faculty, staff and students about ongoing good practices of the Institute. Its publication will definitely improve the perception of the Institute to the outside world.

Congratulations to the entire Students Council, Chairperson of various Clubs/Chapter and faculty Chairman, and CoChairman of various chapters. I am confident that you will undoubtedly mentor the junior batches even after completing your course. I am delighted that all of you could stay at the campus for longer in the academic year 2021-22. It was a challenge for all of us to call the students at the campus and follow the restrictions due to COVID pandemic. But due to all your cooperation, we successfully kept the campus activities in physical mode. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you and extend my best wishes for the new journey in your life. Always try to bridge the gap between goals and accomplishment with a disciplined commitment. Please stay in touch with the Institute and write to me when you get time. Share your achievements with us so that we can celebrate the same. Dr. Ravi Kant Dean (Student Welfare) Dear graduating students of the Batch of 2022,

The Student Chapters organized multiple events online and later in offline mode, of which few were at the National Level.

With your academic journey at the Institute ending, a new life with new opportunities awaits you. I am glad that with all the effort from the teachers, students, and supporting staff, the Institute was able to enrich your knowledge and skills. Always set your goal high and dream big. You all are brave, strong, and intelligent to achieve a goal whatever you put in your life.

It makes me happy that students have actively participated in the Chapters' activities under the Student Council. With a lot of uncertainty, we could hold the Mindbend-2022, Sparsh-2022, and the sports competition almost after the two years in physical mode. from The Dean, Student Welfare

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Graduation does not mean the end of endless tests and assignments or hectic classes and monotonous lectures. But it presents a world of opportunities to be free in every sense. You are free to make decisions and choose, as socially and financially you graduate to be adults. As you enjoy your well deserved freedom, be ready to take responsibility because “With freedom comes responsibility”.

Message from The Chairman, Renesa

You adapted to unprecedented ways of learning and most of you seized enviable placements too. As we bid adieu, we celebrate this moment as you take a leap towards future life all set to make a difference.

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As you cross the threshold and embark on your quest for independence, remember not to look for instant results or gratification. The pandemic and the virtual world has enticed us into expecting results instantly. Whether it is a desire for food, clothes, entertainment or knowledge we are addicted to instant fulfillment but we fail to acknowledge that the two most significant things in life do not come instantly. A career that gives contentment and a meaningful relationship is built gradually. The key to these two things that are beyond money, power and prayers, is time, patience and perseverance. We can’t seek fulfillment in a job without putting our heart and soul into it. Similarly, we can’t find true love and companionship without investing our time to build trust and understanding. So in this world of virtually abled instant desires learn to patiently pursue success and fulfillment in your professional and personal lives. Secondly, as you cross the bridge, remember to intermittently look back with introspection and nostalgia. Success should not enable you to only look ahead. It also means looking back and I quote famous 20th-century philosopher Kierkegaard who once said "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." So look backwards and remember your roots. Remember SVNIT. And come back whenever you can. So enter the new world with confidence, clarity and commitment to build bridges and not burn them once crossed. Every place you have lived in and every person you spent time with has added some shades to your personality. Hence, even as we hope you build more bridges we hope you always remember the bridge that connects you to SVNIT and will help you trace your steps back someday…

This issue of Renesa is dedicated to the batch of 2018-2022. As you all relish the joy of being a graduate, we the teachers of SVNIT take pride in you and your accomplishments. We rejoice for the grit and resolve you showed in fulfilling the demands of the course. As unpredictable as the last two years have been, your determination to excel whether in virtual or real classroom deserves acknowledgment.

Dr. Urvashi Kaushal
 Chairman, Renesa

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 6 Editorial

Explore the intricately crafted experiences that might contain messages beyond what meets the eye. Sit back, grab some tissues to wipe away the inevitable tears and start venturing into this curated adventure.

You people are truly incredible and we are quite fortunate to have you here with us. And to our Renesa seniors, we are forever in debt. For mentoring us through tough times and teaching us how to improve ourselves individually and as a team. Lastly, a huge thank you to the person reading this. Thank you for taking your time to appreciate the hard work we’ve put in to publish this magazine that would not have materialized without your support.

Yours Truly, Chief Editor - Renesa Tanmay Dadhania Chief Editor - Renesa Karthik Sunil

If anyone went through a roller coaster of emotions, it was you guys. Robbed away of your precious time in college where you mostly would’ve done the same thing you did at home but with your mates. The people who you started adulthood with, in the environment that forged you to who you are today. As the years passed locked inside, the feeling of nostalgia grew stronger. All of you hoped to come back, even if it was just for a few months, to remember what it was like. And as soon as you thought it was all over, a small ray of hope shone, you got your wish. Although most of you had moved on and stopped craving the time you lost, being back felt good. It reignited a flame that was snuffed a long while ago, and reminded you how refreshing it can be to walk these familiar roads. To be back with your homies and experience things you guys missed out, the vibes were unmatched. And now as you bid adieu to your ‘second home’ and your friends, we want to wish you a hearty good luck for your future and everything life throws at you. It’s not always going to be sunshine and roses, but you know that already don’t you. As Renesa has expanded its horizons over the past few years, our team has grown to the largest it has ever been. Time management has been a myth and life was terrible. But, we are proud of what this team has managed to achieve and put out even while being dealt the worst of hands.

It’s our humble attempt at reproducing a microcosm of your college life condensed down into 35 pages, serving as a bitter-sweet reminder of your days over the years. From funky stories to a letter to the Institute, this magazine has you covered on all fronts.

From the harshest of seas to the calmest of oceans, this batch has managed to sail through it all. Whether you’re better off for it or not isn’t important, what’s important is that you have reached the finish line. To celebrate what you have been through we proudly introduce our Farewell 2022 Edition, a tribute to it all.

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OBJECTIVE: Avenge our fallen comrades and make his life a living Report hell. 1 Pussy Tactics 16th September 2022,

Operation Red Swan

divyansh VERMA (CHED I) Anirudh Peri (MSC Chem II) Krish Sajnani (IIIT comps II) word s by illustrated by

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18thTheReportOverDespertaup? Furry! andout. 3 DogDays November 2022, We have decided to approach the K-9 unit on-campus. With their help, the murderer is greeted with a fresh whizz splash.They help the Kamikaze unit with their howls of the midnight pulse to make his nights insufferable.

The K-9 unit has also had a massive breakthrough while on duty. He walked in for the first time and all our kin felt it, the Hunter of Hazira was here. He was just as disguised as all the other students coming to college for the first time, but we could sense the blood of our own clinging to his skin. He might just be a child but he had killed more beasts than most Vikings. And now he had come to conquer the only haven for miles around. We knew we would have to band together to drive this fiend out of our home. And so began Operation Red Swan.

The scouts had returned after a successful expedition. After three grueling months of observing the villain, we knew each and every one of his movements. The snakes spied from trees to give us a layout of his room. The rascal slept in beast fur blankets and even had a wall mount of a pigeon, as a trophy from the massacres of Uttarayan. He went about his day as if none of this had happened, mixing among the other chicks. Although he’s given us no indication of his plans, we believe he too is stalking his next prey. And so we will make the first move before he even knows what has happened. The best moment for us to attack is when the felon comes back to his nest. His lack of interest in the P-cock unit shows that he was too tired and wanted to sleep. Maybe he knows about their involvement and avoids them. Either way, if he thinks he can get any rest, he knows not what awaits him. Vengeance will be ours.

While the original mission was to chase the hunter every time he left the canteen, the new recruits charmed him into giving up a large portion of his rations. We decided to spice things up a bit. We successfully enlisted the help of the animalia succubi. We don’t like associating with those freaks of nature, sucking blood to consummate is just weird. But their skills were necessary, his blood shall be the nectar to grace their barrels. Desperta Furry! Over and out. Report 4 PETA PERIL!! 19th December 2022, Our unit has had enough. The adversary has reignited his hostility towards us. He mercilessly eats our kin, their lives being nothing but a protein-rich breakfast for him. Our patience is wearing thin, we’ve been working day and night for over 3 moon cycles and yet, do not seem any closer to our goal. It's time to evolve. Our next plan will definitely get his attention. ABORT MISSION!! I REPEAT, ABORT THE MISSION!! Since the target showed no sign of retaliation, we assumed he was too scared to do so. Launching our torpedoes into his KFC bucket was a step too far, he snapped. His barrage of boulders istoo much for our forces to handle. He’s coming for me, he’s brought his crossbow with him. Save yourselves, it’s too late for me. I repeat, abandon everything.

Desperta Furry! Over and …ackkk…ackkk Desperta Furry! Over and out. Report 2 Fat Bird and Little Chick 17th October 2022, The First attacks were a success. Every time he came out, we conducted air raids. With full stomachs and clear skies, we released our payload on him every day, softening him up as he scuttled away in search of cover. Now he knows that messing with us means another day at the laundry for his Everyclothes. night B.I.R.D Team Six, The KamiKaze Pigeons, ram headfirst into his windows. Ruining his sleep while keeping him restless is but one of the few forms of slow torture he is made to experience. We shall prevail with our superior tactics.

The subject shows no sign of retaliation despite all our attempts at annoying him. We were prepared for losses but this was unexpected. Is he planning something big or has he just given

It was a damp, cloudy day for noon in a summer month, and I was to clear my hostel room and shift back to my hometown. It wasn’t the kind of day I would’ve chosen to leave. The weather made me wish I was out playing a game or making small talk with those few people who had made these last few years slightly less unbearable. Alas, neither did I have the liberty to sit out alone sipping on a hot beverage, nor were any of my companions here to spend time with me. All of my few friends had already left in the last two weeks and I was one of the last few to leave. So it happened that I walked out of Swami for the last time. I walked past Raman and took the first left, surely it wouldn’t hurt to go past these buildings one last time. At the moment though, I felt no sorrow for leaving the hostel, weird as it may seem. In the past few weeks, I had seen many leave, hugging each other and taking photos with promises of being in touch forever. Yet, I left so plainly, neither happy nor sad, as if it was as simple as walking past a door. Well, for me it had been that simple and I rebuked myself for my heartlessness, not for too long though. But this heartlessness was unhealthy, right? Am I not normal? I had to be. Perhaps a stroll through the campus would strike a chord with me, so I walked on, into the depths of the campus for one last time. I quickly realized that my detour might have been a bad idea as every fiber of my being was embarrassed to walk with my suitcase. People who I didn’t know wished me goodbye as if I were a friend. I might have been unfeeling but I wasn't a misanthrope. So I greeted them back. If only they knew that in my heart I only wanted to Inleave. my embarrassment, I didn’t even realise when I had gotten to the heart of the campus. As I looked at the old shabby buildings around me, it felt as if I was looking at them through the eyes of a stranger and they surprised me just as they had surprised me for the first time when I had laid my eyes upon them. What a relief to not have to come back to these structures that looked as if they could barely hold up the ceiling, much less the few hundreds of people inside them. I walked past posthaste, towards the lawns. The walk was grueling with all the luggage I had, so I decided to set my luggage down under a tree when a few couples on the benches caught my eye. I only felt bitterness as I saw a scene that was common here. It was but bitterness conceived of the fact that I never really had the courage to speak to my crush.Even though we had both been in the same class and hung out with the same set of people, I had never really told her. Only fantasies of a date were left in the end. The word acquaintance would suffice to describe my existence to her and social norms kept me from texting her on social media, lest I appear to be a creep. My thoughts wandered from them as I realised how bitter I was, which was rather uncharacteristic of me. Left to my thoughts, I finally noticed a strange feeling that hung over me. Perhaps I had missed it because it seemed like I had woken up with it. Yet now that I had nothing to do, it seemed obvious to me that things didn’t feel right. Almost like living in a stranger’s body, I had gone about the day. For the first time today, I felt something was amiss. Did I really not want to leave college? What about the last 2 years when I had fervently wished I could get rid of my connection to this place that had me write tedious papers only to get back two alphabets in return. Never before had the walk from my hostel to the college gate seemed so long. Never had I given myself the time to look around at the buildings or for other people walking past And then it struck, It wasn’t the day that was damp but me. I felt foolish when I looked back and saw how I had thought my friends were lame for feeling sad or childish for hugging me as they left. Maybe they did do the right thing, leaving earlier. I could have left earlier but now I was alone, left to myself and my feelings, realizing that maybe I should’ve given the past more importance. As I walked out the gate, I gave SVNIT one last wistful glance, for the memories engraved into it.

Out the Gate


words illustratedby by It was a seemingly unexceptional day and I was moving out, that's pretty much all this account is about. People believe a day like this should have prominence but that’s just “people”. I was moving out from a place that had kept me bound to it with the promise of a degree and the skills I would need to survive as a functioning member of society. I was leaving with the degree but with no skills at all, technical or otherwise.

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The of illustratedwordsragniSAUPARNIKALostGeneration NAIR(MSCMATHSII)trivediandherghost(MECHII)bybyFrom:Thebottomofourhearts To:Thosewhomaytakeoffenceat

truth, universally acknowledged, that engineering students in possession of an awareness of their capabilities must be in want of online examinations. With absolutely no pride and sufficient prejudice, we the people of final year, SVNIT have solemnly resolved to constitute our college into an ONLINE, EFFECTIVELY REDUNDANT, ACADEMICALLY COMMUNIST, PREMIER INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION and to secure all its students: JUSTICE, through online examinations- theoretical, practical, and tutorial; LIBERTY of gluttony, sloth and voracious self-stimulation; EQUALITY in grades, placements and packages; and to promote among them THEall ABILITY TO SIMPLY DO NOTHING. We understand, through experience, that soliciting but a quantum of your solace shall cause you great inconvenience. However, our spirits are only shaken, not stirred. We assure you that the past four years spent being indoctrinated with shamelessness have not gone to waste. Your acquiescing to our requests may delay the long due inspection of the integrity of our ceiling fans.

IfRegardless, westudents have offended, Think but this and all is mended, The time has come to call it a rumour, That engineers have no sense of humour. We are sincerely indebted for your gracious consideration. Reluctantly yours, Class of 2022


the contents of this communique

Subject: General contrafibularities regarding the impending “intellectual” assessments Respected Sirs, Madams, or however you may choose to collectively Itidentify, isa

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To your surprise, pipe fitting isn’t as hard as the other shops; it’s all basic things that you kinda already knew. Things like types of gears, screws, nails, pipes. All you gotta do is memorize everything. At least, that’s how you talk yourself out of studying for the exam. But on D-Day, you go blank since every tool looks the same. A screw, a nail, and a bolt are similar enough to pass off as triplets but they have stark differences according to the instructor. Once you’re finally finished with this course at the end of the sem, you’ll be a master at all the handyman work, much like a familiar energetic bald man we all know and love.

Some of you might have entered the workshop for the last time back in the first year itself, but it's still a place where we had fun while learning something (or so we convinced ourselves). It’s a place that grows on you; you experience the good and the bad throughout the semester. The agony of being at the workshop on time but forgetting the iconic blue apron, or even worse, your shoes, might make you lose your cool. At the end of the day, it was a unique experience for most of us and produced some of the best stories to tell at the canteen over a samosa.

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 11 illustratedwordskrishnakarthikdivyanshWorkshopVERMA(CHEDI)SUNIL(MECHIII) SHREERAM(CSEII)bybyLifeatSVNITisaconstantrushofexperiencesthatputsyouthrougharollercoasterofemotionseveryday.Anaveragedayoncampuscanbeveryexhaustingandisboundtotestyourpatience.Afterboringlecturesthatseemtosuckyourenergylikeablackhole,labsarewhatreallytestyourlimits.But,amongthefivedaysinthefirstyear,oneofthemdoesn'tseemsobadwhencomparedtotheotherinsipidones.Thetimewornbuildingnexttotheshinyproductiontechnologydepartmentnamed“WORKSHOP”iswhatthekidstodaycallavibe. Asafresherwho’susedtoheavybooksandclutteredboards,gettingachancetotinkeraroundwithtoolsandcontraptionsisanovelty.Asyoureyesfalluponthehumongousmachinesandintricateequipmentinthebuilding,asenseofexcitementwellsupinsideyou.You’renolongergoingtospendallyourtimeburiedinbooksandflowcharts,“Oh,sothisiswhatitfeelsliketobeanengineer”youtellyourselfwiththisweirdsenseofpride. Thereisthisundeniablefeelingofgrandeurwhenyousmashthemoltenmetaloftheworkpiecewithasledgehammeratthesmithyshop.Whilemostofyourbatchmatesarejusttryingtogetitoverwith,yourinnerblacksmithcomesalive.Witheachhit,youfeelthisimmenseenergy.Youkeepgoinguntilyouhavegivenbirthtoapieceofmoldedbeauty.Thereisaslightsenseofvictory;somethingyoudidallonyourown.Unfortunately, the blistering scars on your hands go unnoticed by the instructor and he grades everyone an AA. The smithy shop wasn’t so bad, this whole workshop thing should be easy, or at least you think... That delusion fizzles out when you attend WORKSHOP the next class and get machining, the place where you can’t miss your dimensions by even an inch, quite literally. Even if you made a tiny error, the instructor could easily spot it from a mile away, like an eagle. With high-speed drills and metal-cutting scissors in your hands, a sasta Iron Man is born, ready to bend and curve steel to make Mark-42esque products. Machining has a sub-section, tin smithy, where you’ll have to drill and rivet holes within 15 minutes, or else you’ll be graded incomplete. It doesn’t sound so bad on paper, but the stress and adrenaline rush you feel would tell otherwise. Although there is a steep learning curve, the tasks aren’t as bad as they seem. Bending and cutting metal seems more fun than slamming hot metal, and definitely safer. You’ve got your 2 credits in the bag if the next two shops are just as easy. But if it all goes according to plan, what’s the fun in that? I'm pretty sure that was the rationale going through the curriculum maker’s head when he added the carpentry shop. Sharp hacksaw edges, a variety of chisels, screwdrivers, and wooden splinters, make it the perfect combination to screw you over. On top of that, you better have good visualization skills to figure out how to carve a perfectly cuboidal slab of wood into a neat and symmetrical work of art.

It takes a true artist to perfectly carve out the right thickness of wood. This week you were caught off-guard, but you’ll be prepared next week, at least mentally. Next time, you’re going to assume the shop will be difficult so you don’t feel emotionally betrayed.

The plot of Norwegian wood is extremely simple, and the summary makes the reader think of it as a bland story with no value to offer. But on the flip side, a simple story allows you to dig into complex characters and themes. And the novel excels at that. Murakami uses his fascinating style to construct a mish-mash of jazz and poetry into prose. And in those proses, he tries to explore a plethora of themes - from passion, friendship, intimacy to darker ones like abandonment, alienation, depression, and suicide. This gives readers the headspace to philosophize and sink in the pain of the characters while exploring the depths of their misery. Reading Norwegian Wood is like sitting in your comfy chair, listening to the Beatles and sipping black coffee under the pale moonlight, while getting hit in the face by the violent blizzards. To put it simply, It's a fantastic novel that’ll mesmerize you to no end, and linger in your memories forever.

illustratedwordsjAYESHABHINAVReviewWoodNorwegianPANDEY(MECHIII)PANDEY(ChEDiii)bybyRenesaFarewellEdition2022 12

“I don’t know, I guess I imagine myself wandering in a deep wood. I’m all alone and it’s cold and dark, and nobody comes to save me.”Naoko, Norwegian Wood When the “unseen” blue lightning of the Covid pandemic struck every corner, everyone locked themselves in and that brought a wave of free time for a lot of people. Some used this free time to learn a new skill, some used it to sprawl a little more on their bed as they pressed the skip intro icon on Netflix. Whatever the case, this environment brought new flavors of life for all. And it was during this period that I picked my first Haruki Murakami novel - Norwegian Wood. Derived from the Beatles hit song of 1965, Norwegian Wood is a novel set in the 1960s of Japan, amidst the student revolution. It’s a dark, coming-of-age drama that feels strange and melancholic yet serene at the same time.. The story is told in first-person perspective through the narrative voice of Toru Watanabe. Toru is a typical Murakamian protagonist. He’s detached from reality and completely alienated in his head. He moves to Tokyo for a single reason - To get away from the clutches of his gloomy past, and at the same time create new memories, to wander in them forever. And while he’s drunk in the passion of his youth, he runs into an old friend - Naoko. Their grief and shared traumas bring them together. They build a routine of mindlessly roaming in the streets of Tokyo, silence becomes their language and both of them feel a little less estranged from reality in each other’s company. But the next few chapters bring gray clouds of despair and sorrow into the lives of our protagonists. The novel also does a fantastic job of incorporating a list of charming characters with a diverse range of motivations and personalities. Their interactions will make readers laugh aloud, sob continuously, and comfort the readers as they walk through the dark and cold streets of Japan.

It was just another day on the breathtaking campus of SVNIT. After a grueling week of studies, students retired back to their hostel. They were quite knackered, yet excited at the prospect of the weekend. After all, they all had their own ideas of a perfect weekend. Some had “lawn” commitments. Some had loan commitments. Some had vowed to study to save their failing CGs. Others had decided to move up in the social hierarchy. A busy week followed by a hectic weekend was the norm. After completing their scheduled biweekly shower, the students sluggishly moved towards the mess, prepared to yet again be disappointed by whatever it had in store for them. But, on that fine day, they were pleasantly surprised. Most of the food they had at the mess all week was nothing to write home about but that day, something about that Manchurian, that damn Manchurian, was enough to forget all their Theworries. scene at the mess was nothing short of a spectacle, people were stacked so high that someone almost touched the ceiling.

NithilfreyaBallsparekh(eceii) pasunuri(MECH

Ratan Tata must be so proud. As if breaking Dwanye Johnson’s record wasn’t enough, our protagonists now wanted to do something else to prove their might. They flocked to the B-wing. What started as a mere game of arm wrestling, quickly spiraled to people playing tug of war, where the thing being tugged on was a poor schmuck.

Good food. Great music. Immaculate vibes. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. After a delectable evening, the hardlyworking students of SVNIT returned to their rooms to get some much-needed rest. After all, those plates and spoons didn’t bang themselves. Although their bodies were ready to call it a night, their souls exclaimed “ain’t no rest for the wicked”. The balls started settling in their lower intestines. Everyone started sweating, knees weak, arms were heavy - looks like the Chinese invasion was a success. The testosterone levels of every single inmate suddenly climbed up to over 9000 ng/dl. Sweaty 20-year-olds began challenging each other to determine who was the next Mr. Olympia. One of our competitors climbed onto the railing of the balcony. The only logical explanation was a ‘Joy Lobo’ level catastrophe. But to everyone’s surprise, he started doing pulls ups. This seemed to be the new fad in our ‘Village of the Vikings’, and soon everyone was testing the integrity of the age-old iron railing.

The Legend ofthe Big Brown

On an average day, you couldn't drag an inmate to have food at the mess but today was different. Inmates were at each other's throats just for some balls. Out of nowhere, Rahul#08, swaying his head sideways, picked up a random guitar that he swore wasn't his. As if it was fate, everyone was ready with a plate and spoon in their hands. Although this looked like a recipe for disaster, even Coldplay couldn't compete with them.

Farewell Edition 2022 13

I) Neelav Bhatiya (cse ii) Krishna Shreeram (cse ii) Krish Sajnani (iiit cs ii) words illustratedby by Renesa

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 14

Amidst all this chaos, suddenly a loud THUD interrupted the proceedings. This was surprisingly enough to catch the attention of all our Dara Singhs. Everyone paused for a second and blankly stared at each other and down from the railing like a deer caught in headlights. Meanwhile, a chaman made his way up to the 7th floor, not knowing what horrors lay ahead. The ongoing Metallica concert came to a halt as everyone rested their eyes on the freshly arrived meat. These scary stares could even make a criminal confess, who was a little second yearite in comparison. He finally mustered enough courage to speak up. “Sir, where can I get water here?” .This moment did not last for long. After exhausting every milliliter of hormone in their bodies, our heroes decided to step out to get some fresh air. This was a very prudent move as the toxic fumes of sweat stinks were enough to scare every jew in a 10-mile radius and give them severe PTSD. But the outside world was no different. Rahul#08 had found some extras in the hostel and the whole band was jamming out to Illahi. The nerds started showing a whole different side to them, putting the doctor in Dr. Dre. No one could imagine Mukesh from Patna vibing to something other than ‘lullipop’. But as time passed, the songs became less and less understandable. It was as if the lyrics melted down into a single repetitive line analogous to chants in a place of worship. Maybe the Manchurian had awakened the believer in them. They started praying for good marks and for India to win the world cup. Maybe it was something else entirely. We may never know the truth, another secret that they’ll take to their grave. Meanwhile, owing to the excessive oil money and a false sense of superiority, some inmates had decided to order in. The symptoms developed by the common folk hence did not reach the high castle. Unfortunately, the takeout was nowhere close to their beloved shawarma. Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that their companions were singing ballads about today's Manchurian. These jealous Karens could only watch the jubilant celebrations go on and huffed and puffed because there was no manager to complain to. Unless…. The extravagant fest carried on throughout the night. The balls had lost control of the kids when the sun started to rise. Our “Sids” had passed out in the middle of the corridor and had barely woken up. But our chaman had other plans, even after a whole night of shenanigans, he had still not fulfilled his quest for water. He desperately made his way to the Warden’s premises as a last-ditch effort. Knowingly or unknowingly he brought in a dangerous twist to the proceedings. The words “water”, “party” and “fallen” used in a single sentence were enough to bring out the warden’s inner Umbridge. Our poor wizards never stood a chance. Turns out the antidote to the Ballvid-19 virus was a good ole dose of daat and eviction threats with a garnish of paise kaun dega iske. Meanwhile, the students quietly fled back into their nests after ‘the debacle of the big brown balls’.

Before we started our itinerary, we needed to relax for a bit, so we packed and took a trip to cloud nine. We eventually got hungry and stumbled out of our cave in search of some muchneeded food. Our dry mouths and rumbling stomachs directed us to the nearest shack. While we waited for our scrumptious meals to arrive, someone at the table randomly brought up their pet dog, and the talk jumped from one topic to another, until the dainty smell of the chicken tandoori distracted us.

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 15 Daman illustratedwordsOMKARKARTHIKnithilDiariesPASUNURI(MECHI)SUNIL(MECHiii)OJAS(MECHiii)byby

The food was finally served and we dug into it like famished animals. We savored every bite as we devoured the food in front of us. The meat felt juicer and more tender than any meat we had ever eaten. The staff gave us distasteful looks as we ate the food like barbarians. For some reason, our appetites never ceased to end. We finally stepped out of the restaurant after filling ourselves to the brim, and made our way back to our dungeon for a much-needed afternoon nap. I woke up to my roommate shaking me around and shouting at my face, in a desperate attempt to tell me something. I had to rely on my expert mouth reading skills, since my body was just booting up. But my efforts were futile, so I slurred, “What is it?” “Get ready by 11, we’re going to Daman” he replied with a frantical tone as he dismounted me. “Wait, what?! Daman? Today? But I have classes, I can’t miss them.” “Don’t chicken out. We booked the trains already, go pack some clothes for the night.” I had always wanted to go to Daman, so I couldn’t argue back. Missing a few classes was not a problem for me since the topper of the class was on my speed-dial. I promptly got up and checked my phone. It read 10:23 am. I rushed to the washroom and got ready for the day with the single minded focus of a toddler. All my friends were huddled up and visibly bouncing with delight. I quickly put on the freshest outfit I could find and packed the essentials:- toothbrush, eyedrops, a pair of underwear, Ibuprofen and a few clothes.

The second we stepped out of the comfort of our campus, we felt the adrenaline coursing through our veins, preparing us for the trip. After a short train to Vapi, we crammed ourselves into an auto and set off for Daman. The 30 minute bumpy ride numbed our behinds, but the pain was worth it because we reached the iconic Yeshwar Plaza. Although it looks like an abandoned building from the 50s, it was a cost effective and comfortable place where we could do anything that pleased our minds. And if you told them you were from SVNIT, you would get a sweet 30% discount. We unpacked our bags, got comfortable, and planned our agenda for the day.

As much as we wanted to sleep all day, we couldn’t waste the little time we had in paradise. So, we quickly got dressed and roamed the bright streets of Daman to lift our spirits, quite literally. Short glasses, big pitchers, flashing lights and flamboyant beverages as cheap as a meal in the canteen , the night was perfect. But it was still young. We eventually made our way back with clinking bags and wide smiles on our faces. I couldn’t remember much of what happened that night but I woke up with half my body slipping off the bed. I struggled to open my eyes while simultaneously battling a sharp headache and intense body pain. It all felt like a blur I got up victorious and was welcomed by the sight of all my friends passed out in positions you wouldn’t think were humanly possible. I quickly cracked open a fizz and popped an ibuprofen hoping it would numb my pain. I searched for my phone to check the time but was instead welcomed by a video that we had recorded. Not only was the video embarrassing but if we had enough production budget we could have made the desi version of Project X. As I was watching the video, the alarm for 11:30 am blared on my phone, almost knocking me unconscious. Our train was in an hour. Panic! I immediately exclaimed “WAKE UP!”, as I frantically shook everyone. After several minutes of agitating full grown teens, I managed to wake everyone up, get changed and packed our stuff. It was time to go back. The journey back didn’t feel as long; we spent our time recollecting last night’s events and laughing at all the silly things we were up to. Once we got back to the city, we roamed the streets in search of some food since our stomachs were grumbling so loud it would have put a Lovecraftian monster to shame. We forced our sluggish bodies back to our hostel rooms so we could pass out in peace. As soon as we got into our rooms, my roommate and I crashed onto our beds with a sigh. But a knock on our door interrupted our peace. My roommate reluctantly got up and opened the door to find our nerdy classmate. He had invited himself in with a sly smirk across his face and asked us with fake concern, “Where were you guys yesterday? We had a surprise test in thermodynamics, both of you missed it. It’s gonna be included in our internals, you know?”

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 16

Daman was fun for sure, but I’ve been trying to keep my grades up since the great depression in the first sem and this wasn’t good news. Noticing the visible nervousness on my face, my smartass roommate said with confidence, “Let’s go to Daman over the weekend and forget about all of this.”

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 17

The world around me was unnervingly quiet but I could hear another faint sound. I got up from my spot and began hunting for the source. After a while, I found it. Behind the bushes, I saw a white kitten, mauled by wild dogs. Its white fur was now drenched in crimson. I could see the colon jutting out from its body, looking like a creature of its own. Its eyes were full of tears. I knew it was too late. I felt a tingle in my chest, and before I could regain my senses - I reached out for a brick and slammed it over the kitten’s face. Its paw grazed me a little, it's normal - everyone resists changes even if it's good for them. But I wanted to free this creature. I slammed the brick repeatedly until my yellow shirt turned red. After a minute, the kitten didn’t have a face but a thin sheet of flesh - It was dead. But I couldn’t stop myself, I kept pounding its lifeless body for the next two minutes. But in those hundred and twenty seconds, I had a moment of epiphany. I just took a life - not because of hatred but out of love. The most thoughtful and beautiful act of love I could commit. I wanted to infuse this element in my work. Delirium spread through my body, like a meteor zooming boldly across the wide field of rational thought. Deep sleep wrapped me in the hollow container of nothingness, and in this vacuum, I started to float away.

of offline classes created a void of time in my reality. And I had a clear idea of how to use it. I wanted to write this specific story, which had clutched my guts for the past few months. It had the potential to become a new-age genre-defining piece. I had everything - time, comfort, and intent. But even with all the resources, it was a herculean task. Maladaptive daydreaming consumed every ounce of my day, egg-shells of afternoon hatched into pullets of nights, and all I would do is stare at blank rectangular screens. ‘What am I doing?’ I murmured under my dismantled breath as I looked outside the window of my room. Patches of gray clouds stood between the cemented earth and turquoise sky. Lost in thoughts, a brilliant idea popped into my head.


The genre of crime fascinates me to the utmost depth. But no matter what piece I read, there was always something that felt like a lump in my throat. I couldn’t point to what it but now I understand - Authors can’t fathom the psyche of a murderer and by extension, the notion of death.


There’s only one way for me to break out of this cycle and get into the zone - Complete detachment from Ireality. locked myself in and rearranged my room. After I was done, I sat down with my laptop and fired two Google tabs. The first tab led me to Youtube, where I played Paganini’s magnum opus, La Campanella. On the second tab, I opened a Google doc. La Campanella’s constant bouncing bow and double-stops pleased every inch of my soul. An enclosed space and good music are the perfect ingredients to get anything done.

A strong illusion was coiled around my head - I believed that murderers were nothing but rabid animals, expressing their disgust for humanity through their bloodlust. But five years ago, everything changed. It was an extremely hot and humid day of summer. After playing cricket in our lock park, I stayed back after all the other kids had left. Chilly winds swept across the blunt gray compound, and the retiring fog revealed a rotting building - Gajjar Bhavan. Six months ago, this place resonated with excitement as well as chaos but ever since the notice was issued, it had turned into a ghost town. A single piece of paper plastered over every wall - ‘Any student leaving the SVNIT Campus should take prior approval from…’ And thus, the hostel became a carnival of silence. Suspension

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 18

A spectacle of blinding light danced in the soulless sky and I woke up to the roaring sound of thunder. How long was I asleep? Five hours? Four days? It was mind-numbing to think at all. I squinted my eyes in the light of my laptop and skimmed through the entire google doc, to my surprise - I had finished the piece. It was time to make contact with the outside world. As every room passed my sight, I noticed they were locked from the inside. I ran down to the ground floor. The door was locked from outside. Did they lock me in and leave? I climbed back to my floor, all the doors were wide-open this time. I ambled towards the first room, but couldn’t believe the sight. An inmate was drowning in the pool of his blood. But that’s not what caught my attention. The wall opposite to the inmate’s head had the face of a lamb with mammoth horns. As I was examining every curl of the painting, I heard faint gasps. It was the boy. I leaned in to get a closer look, his body twitched and he gasped for breath. But before I could do anything, he started squirming, his spine curving upwards like a silverfish. I felt disgusted by his desperation. He’d die soon and it would be cruel to leave him in his final moments. I’ll never let anyone die alone. Love overcame my sense of disgust. I found a charging cable resting on his bed. With the charging cable in my right hand, I gently placed the boy’s head over my lap - stroking his hair to comfort him. Like a centipede, I wrapped the charging cable around his neck and began pulling both ends with all my might. Blood and foam gushed out of his mouth, and his body turned cold. I looked at the lamb for the final time. It was watching me. Every other room was painted with a similar horror.

When I entered my room the Google Doc file was still open, Paganini was violently playing his music. The file was stuck in an infinite loop, and kept on typing a single word - ‘MURDER’. I leaned in to take a closer look, a little gurgle took charge of my stomach. I turned to my right and looked in the mirror. A creature was staring back at me. Its face was sewed together, shirt soaked in blood, and fist clenched around an ax. A strange sense of fear and ease dispersed into my soul. A moment of clarity breezed past my head, I was in control. I knew what to do next - With the ax in my hand, and blood dripping down from every inch of my body I left the room to free them all.

- Tell me about yourself. “The second line of the page you’re holding right now bears my name. And before you mispronounce it, the K’ in my name is silent. Anyway, I am Ksithij from Mechanical. S omething about me even after four years of mechanical engineering I still don’t know how an induction motor starts’. And yes, I play Valo. A lot.”

HTL technologies - Minimum Grade requirement: 7.0. Open to all branches with no backlog criteria. “Finally, something to cheer about”, he muttered as he fetched a small piece of paper lying over his desk. While noting down the freshly gathered information about the new company, he subconsciously glanced over the pre-written text on the paper. Tessar - 18th August Infoco - 23rd August The wave of nascent relief was quickly replaced by an intense emotion of post-traumatic stress as he was recalled of his past interview experiences.

Infoco was a disaster , I shouldn t have much hope of hearing back from them , he thought. Moreover, he is reminded of each of the questions he was asked in the interview, and just for a change, thinks of how he could have answered them honestly - raw and blunt

- Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses . ”As for strengths, I can survive on two hours of sleep and partiallycooked Maggi. I am an expert at concealing my shower routines and I am proud of passing my ED endsemester when I mistakenly prepared for engineering chemistry Now,instead. I don’t get the point why I would disclose my weaknesses to you in a fifteen-minute interview, but anyway, as you might have already guessed, I am not a social person. If I were, I would have had a better CG for my online semesters.

8 OTPC… 8

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“Aur placementbhai, lagi

AKSHITAVISHVESHTanishakya?” Jain(CEDII)TRIVEDI(CSEII) GUPTA(ECEiii) word s by illustrated by

With each row, Kshitij’s heart sunk a little as he checked the CG cutoffs for the arriving companies in the upcoming placement season. To crack a placement while being from a core engineering background was never an easy task. And a seven-point-two cumulative grade point made it even worse. In frustration, he rapidly paginated the information portal and was just about to close the tab when a desirably low cut-off CGPA caught his eye.

- Why should we hire you for this “Becauserole? I need a job? I mean, what’s the point of pursuing my bachelor's from an NIT if I don’t get a job. And honestly, I can’t imagine myself working at my dad’s saree shop. Holding a saree with my arms outstretched in front of those vexing aunties? NEVER. The sheer idea of it haunts me.” - Where do you see yourself in five “Atyears? a better company than yours. KshitijDefinitely.” starts to grin while mumbling these alternate savage replies. I should rather apply to AIB as a scriptwriter, he jests. Meanwhile, his train of thought breaks as his phone starts to ring. Throughout his time in college, Kshitij never felt anxious while answering a call from his mom. But today was Today,different. he couldn’t gather enough courage to take the call. He stared at his phone in despondency and watched it silence itself after a while. The thirty-odd seconds of the phone ring felt like a lifetime and within that period, Kshitij felt he had had enough. By hook or crook, he needed to get through the HTL shortlisting round and keeping all his ego aside, ace the interview.

Jeloitte… 8.5 Rel Chemicals… Mondal 7.5

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 20

The following day, Kshitij was heading downstairs for lunch. Figurative of its surroundings, his mind also found itself in a mess. He couldn’t resist but think of the HTL first shortlisting round the following week. Short on confidence, he was desperately looking for some piece of advice from anyone with a ‘placed’ tag attached to them. All of a sudden, he couldn’t identify people by their names. All he saw was individuals holding plates in their hands with bubbles popping on top of their heads bearing the companies they were placed in and their CTCs. Just then Kshitij spots Antim, and he is delighted. He is assured that Antim hasn’t been placed yet, considering his track record of poor CG and the three backlogs he cleared just the previous semester. Kshitij waves at him, inviting him over to his table in hopes of an empathetic conversation. “Yo“Oyeee” bro, why so late today?” “Nothing man, just filled the HTL form before I came. You must have filled it as well, right? The deadline is EOD. Don’t forge-t….” “Oh dude, wait, didn’t I tell you before? I just got placed last week in Tessar with 10 CTC. Thank god! I am done with grinding DSA for hours. Never opening GLG and Geetcode again. Now I am thinking-” “ got placed? How…I mean, congratulations!” Kshitij interrupted Antim as he couldn’t fathom what he had just heard. “Yeah, the final interviews were last week. Luckily my interviewer was in a light mood and didn’t grill me much. And you kno-w wh-....” “So lucky yaar.” Kshitij downheartedly patted Antim on the back, cutting Antim short again and he stood up from the table to leave for his room. While he was waiting for the elevator, an email notification popped on his phone. Seeing that it was from the T&P section, he opened it instinctively. The very first line read – Due to unavoidable circumstances, HTL had decided to cancel its placement drive in AsSVNIT. this company was his final prospect, he slowly starts to visualize himself folding sarees. But just as this horrifying thought crosses his mind, he snaps back to reality and starts skimming through his emails for any kind of lead. On one last hopeless scroll, a familiar word flashes for a split second, thereby prompting him to scroll back up. He finds an unread email from Infoco sent the previous day. On reading its content, his soul momentarily leaves his body as he couldn’t believe what his eyes read.

“Congratulations! You’ve been selected. Please select your preferred location.”

The series just comes off as a giant ball of meaningless humour with a bog-standard story that barely manages to tie episodes together, and leads nowhere in the end, leaving an unsatisfied taste in my Themouth. artand animation of the show were absolutely stunning, with the shots of the azure oceans, the slightly darker but eye-catching underwater scenes and the sunny atmosphere of the beaches.

siddarth sreevatsa

The comedy of the show relies on three main aspects, namely: chemistry between the characters, the exaggerated facial expressions and misunderstandings. There is an abundance of absurd humour revolving mainly around drinking and nudity whenever the male cast interacts. The exaggerated facial expressions help add a new flavour to an otherwise stereotypical and overused joke. The third point mostly occurs when a character is caught with their pants down, more often literally than figuratively. A common example of this is Iori and Chisa getting themselves into compromising positions, the end result of which is often Iori taking the blow and Chisa face palming Toherself. sum it up, Grand Blue is nothing short of “Hangover: The Anime”, it’s distinct lack of a story and comedy hinging on booze jokes, funny faces and big obvious censorship marks might not appeal to the critic in you. But what it can guarantee is a few hours’ worth of solid laughter with just you or some friends. So, zip on your wetsuits, grab a strong glass of oolong tea and dive into the comedy filled world of Grand Blue.

sauparnika nair

The show also info-dumps about scuba diving at regular intervals, which is more often than not used as a character building technique for Iori. The combination of the amazing animation, constant talk about diving and just a dash of my imagination left me fascinated and excited, to one day go scuba diving Anothermyself. point of focus with the animation is the facial expressions of the characters, which were done really well and used as a visual gag most of the time. The facial expressions used are also clear references to some other famous franchises such as Attack on Titan, Naruto and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 21

Think about what you expected before going to college. You probably had preconceived notions about the amazing places you’d get to see, the lifelong friendships you’d make, how you would party to your heart's content or fall in love. Our protagonist’s imagination is no different from yours. Grand Blue’s story follows a 20-yearold college freshman by the name of Iori Kitahara, who studies mechanical engineering at Izu University. His place of residence happens to be his uncle’s diving shop known as “Grand Blue”. Most of the main cast consists of a drinking diving club, by the name of “Peek-a-Boo” in which the members drink, strip and play naked rock paper scissors more than they dive. Although plenty of other characters are featured alongside Iori, Grand Blue's storytelling focuses primarily on his daily antics. A gag anime relies on its humour to resonate with the audience to keep them interested. Even though Grand Blue has various running gags, one such being every other character trying to trick Iori into getting drunk, it manages to keep itself fresh by using dysmorphic character faces and different scenarios.

Grand Blue (msc maths ii) (msc maths ii) by

words illustratedby

They had passed a new threshold in their friendship. They finally become Besties. Taking with them moments to cherish even after years of leaving the Andcampus. that marked the end of yet another cycle of the “Ghost” in D-124 successfully converting adversaries into besties. Every year a couple of lucky individuals would be allotted D-124 and their lives would be changed thereafter. The ghost had met his end tragically for the cause he believed in prompting him to take revenge in his unique way. By uniting lives.

KSHITIJ MAHAJAN Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 24

One fine day, Fagun tried to be brave enough to do the unthinkable. With a not-so-straight face, he asked Faqeer about the possibility of them working on his sheets together. Faqeer hesitated for a moment while having a peek at Fagun’s roller scale, but he knew the time had come. He had to accept the fact that he loved ED. And it had to be Fagun. “Okay fine, let’s work on those darn intersections already. Pass me your roller scale now will you” said Faqeer as he extended his hand towards Fagun’s roller scale.

Scene five After the projection collaboration, Faqeer and Fagun hit it off. From Isometric projections and interpenetration of solids to orthographic projections and sectioning, they both worked on everything together.

And, working on the same ED sheet together was considered outright blasphemous. Fagun and Faqeer were aware of this and hence, there was an unspoken agreement between the two to work on their sheets separately and at different times of the day.

This sparked a tense argument between the occupants as Faqeer’s instincts didn’t allow him to consider this as an option. Either it was his or Fagun’s bed that was going under the fan, not both. “Hey man, I need somebody right next to me while I sleep. My daddy used to put me to bed every day back home.


“ButAnd-” the beds have to be uhhh… 5 inches apart! ” Faqeer blurted as the heat was getting to him. “Well, that’s fine by me, “ Fagun replied while AfterScenesmirking. three 5hours of mindlessly scrolling through reels, watching an endless stream of Buss It’s. Faqeer was feeling nothing, his mind needed some stimulation. He glanced over to Fagun’s side to see what he was up to. He was frozen in the air to find Fagun watching BBC News. Isn’t he supposed to be watching Fox News, how could he watch BBC? thought Faqeer, a passionate Fox viewer. Is he actually enjoying Hugh ‘o’ Janus anchoring this terrible show? This ain’t right! as he physically examined Fagun in disgust. Faqeer tried to subvert his attention, but he couldn’t get his eyes off the BBC. A few minutes passed and Faqeer snapped back to his senses. But wait a minute, why am I… uhh liking this? Must be those blood-SUCKING mosquitoes aghhh, am I really a Fox enthusiast like I thought? Scene four By the decree of the lords of friendship, “thou shan’t let thy mates know of thine own ED endeavors” was set in stone. Scene one Fagun hears a knock on his room’s door just as he puts his roller scale away. Opening the door, he saw a 6 0 tall, ripped man with a full beard and dump-truckloads of luggage behind him. “D 124 right?” asked the muscular man towering over Fagun. Umm, yeah and you are?“ replied Fagun while his eyes subconsciously fixated on the man’s bulging muscles. “Name’s Faqeer, I think I’m supposed to be your roomie” “Nice,” said Fagun as his gaze wandered elsewhere to the south. With slight annoyance, Faqeer brushed Fagun aside as he entered his room. Fagun didn’t know what to think about that. Faqeer went about his business of unpacking while Fagun tried to make small talk. The day ended with the roommates exchanging their place of origin, schooling, and other so-called personal information with each other. That night in bed, Faqeer had a strange passing thought - What if? No… No…I am just overthinking it. Faqeer kept that thought aside and turned over to his side and slept. Scene two Humidity in Surat in late July is akin to a demon spawned straight from the depths of Hades’ den. With the temperatures soaring to 37 at noon, Faqeer and Fagun were in a bit of a pickle. There was only one solution to this conundrum. The full potential of the cooling powers of the fan could only be untapped once both the beds were placed at the center of the room, together.


Forever shall remain that golden time, Because memories never die.

Sitting amidst the freshly mown grass,

Chatting with friends, while the zephyr blows,

Years and years down the line, I shall stand near the window pane,

Those college days, life's prime,

Reliving all those moments again and again...

Planning and executing merry dinner parties,

Recollecting incidents, happy and sad,

Bragging about the unfettered fun had,

Memories Never Die M. Anugrahapada

Coming from an edifying four walled room,

Walking together among the verdant canopies,

Cribbing about all annoying beings,

Recreating in my mind the glorious paradigm,

Brimming the brain with flashes sublime,

Satiating the camera roll with countless pictures...

Shining like tiny pearls in a vast green ocean,

Playing games, solving problems, discussing life...

Those college days, life's prime, A sweet confluence, flowing like rhyme,

Watching the setting sun radiate dew drops,

Watching bushy lanes, sipping a cup of tea,

Recalling those countless halcyon days,

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 25

Forever shall remain that golden time, Because memories never die.

Narrating to each other the events of the day,

Those college days, life's prime,

Forever shall remain that golden time, Because memories never die.


The day you stepped into the college, you knew hardly a few people. In a less known world to you, you seemed scared, lost. You tried your best to remain calm and moved to the class. There were so many strange faces when you entered the classroom. You opened the 'face recognition & judgment' app in your mind, trying to find a less strange face. That was when you had found your 1st bench

Cherish them, love them, empower them, carry them not because they need you, but because you need them. Do you remember?

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 26

It was during exam time when you were glued to your friends, you surely knew you had to help each other, be it for the notes, assignments, or copying in the exam. One thing that stood out, which you haven't yet noticed, was no matter if they helped in exams or not, you never broke the bond because your conscience knew there are no bigger exams than the ones life has for you and these people are going to be there for you when giving those exams. You, now, know why your college life was beautiful & colorful, and who colored it so. So many came and so many left, so many loved and so many hated, so many gave and so many took, so many sympathized and so many empowered, so many helped and so many yelled, so many fed and so many fled. All that matters is who stayed till the end, not who promised.

Sandesh sidramappa shirol

You enjoyed yourself with them in every event, until you were exhausted. In the name of the dance, only you know what all shameless steps you've danced to with them. Only you know what all songs you've harassed along with them, in the name of group singing. You were always the rockstar of your group, yet when you had to go on the stage your eyes always searched for help.

Youmate! made good friends out of those strange faces. You talked, walked, ate, laughed, bunked, hung out with them for all these years. Few of you convinced your friends to bunk classes so they became your accomplices. Some of you scared your friends & made them attend the classes so that the teacher didn't notice your absence in the sea of students. Few of you staged an unscripted-yetcoordinated & natural skit so that your friend sat with his crush on the same bench. Few of you donned the role of secret agents to churn out the details of your friend's crush. You helped your friend when he needed money. You came in groups when you were late for class so that the punishment for you was reduced.

You, often, convinced your friends to delay the assignment submission, yet you always saw their assignments already signed when you went to submit. At every college function, the most important question you asked your friend was, "Are you bringing a bag tomorrow?"

Memories: FRIENDS

. Happy farewell to you sir. I hope you achieve everything for what you wished for. Lots of wishes and good luck for your future. Keep smiling as you always do! arushiFrom sahu

dangi heeminTo shah I don't know you personally, I have met you only once, and in that only you were so friendly and helpful. I never expected, someone with such a high post to be so simple & sweet

sauparnikaFrom nair allTo final yearites of lac

allFromthe lac juniors bhavnaTo matwani

You have taught some valuable lessons which will help us survive campus as well as later at some point in life. Someone rightly said, "It was fun while it lasted". Well, while it WAS fun, I wish you all the best in whatever you do! Fare thee well.

To the seniors I know (Raag, Akriti, SM, Renesa, DoMH seniors), I haven't even met all of you properly but still each senior has left a great memory behind!

sumantTo dangi Obviously I didn't get to spend a lot of time with you in campus but you've been a huge help to me, more than I expected tbh. I will definitely miss leeching off your stuff from next year. All the best for your future shashikantFromendeavors.

allTo the cev seniors

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 27

aashishFrom chachan allTo the final year seniors

Thanks to all the senior , for always helping me through all the problem in so tough scenario & you were always so motivated person to get junior motivated. For most the queries i have approached you all & always got a good response, hope you all go ahead with great big bang in life.

Hi! Since the whole of my first year went online, it wasn’t possible to meet u in actuality. Yet once I got the chance we met on the campus. That just one meet helped me streamline my confused soul to the greatest extent. I remember the virtual meets we had and call, you always told me with tranquility in your voice,” Tension mat le!”. I used to feel awesome after conversing with you. Hope to meet you again. Wish you a great future ahead! nupurFrom kulkarni

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Thank you for always being there, guiding me to the right path whenever needed and providing so many opportunities. You all are just amazing and have the potential of touching great heights. Wish you tons of good luck for the future!

ThanksadarshTofor always being humble and listening to me . I am lucky enough to have you as my senior , you are like an elder brother for me . You've acted as a guide for me right from when I joined the institute as a naive kid about the do's and Yourdon'ts. attitude towards Life and how you deal with situations graciously is inspiring. Wishing you the best for your future ; keep shining like you always do!!" amanFrom bosmiya ninadTo Thankssonavaneforbeing there when i needed your help, it was nice to have you to look after me. I will miss troubling you. It will not be the same without you. Just kidding’s gonna be lit. GoodFarewell! luck for your future. tanishkaFrom sonavane Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 28

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We have spent most of our time online, dancing infront of our screens, but even in that we had the most fun. Had a lot of fun when things turned offline and we all danced together. Those after dance session ganna juice hit different. Will miss dancing with you all. Keep dancing.

gauravFrom b asu To E veryone and especially to CHR D peeps, My message (or others might say "Gyaan") is for everyone, these 4 years, either online or offline, you are gonna cherish it for the rest of your life. Don't leave it without checking out every item on your bucket list. You all might have similar experiences like mine, you would've made tons of friends and lost too, "disconnecting" with close friends whom you thought would be dancing in each others' weddings is something that would be painful. Make sure to complete your bucket list. I've some things left on my bucket list; that part is genuinely sad. So don't have any remorse; everything that happened to you in college is your core memory; cherish it for a lifetime. Be yourself; your future is in your own hands. Fly high️. Yours "Not so Gyaani, raghavFrom

My college life has revolved around LAC, and you all have been some of the best people I've ever known. All that I remember of SVNIT are the countless GDs, Suches, and conversations that I have had with you. I am so glad that I found my people in you. I am glad that LAC was there to make SVNIT fun for people like me, who are lost in books and movies. LAC was the tether that kept us all together during the online college and helped us endure that time. I will cherish the memories I've made with you during murder mystery meetings, committee meetings, JAM sessions, and all the gossip we talked about in Google meets, at Surtea, and the Old CRC Stairs. Thank you for being my Sam and Charlie. It has been an honor knowing you. Please keep being the best people that you all are, and please keep encouraging your peers to be their best selves. I am truly going to miss you all. The cult shall live on! sahilFromKhair, shahi

theTo u19’s and u20’s of phoenix aero Cheers to all your efforts in continuing the legacy. Make the most out of the opportunities that come your way. Wishing you great success for your upcoming milestones and a blessed future. Keep soaring high !"

one of the most important phases of your life. What you do during these four years will determine what your future will look like. So, it's really important to get the right exposure. I would suggest you all to explore as much as you can, learn new skills, meet new people but choose your friends very wisely. Maintain a decent CG but don't go too much after grades. Learn new things and participate in a good number of extra-curricular activities. Face your fears and grow everyday! And don't forget to enjoy every moment of college, because your time here is limited. sanyamFrom gulati dearTo lac juniors

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SanskritiFrom Pal, Dhanush Binu, Anup Kamath malangTo juniors

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renesaTo juniors Renesa. One word that’s defined my life for the past 3 and a half years. As a few friends have jokingly told me, I did my B.Tech. in Renesa, with a minor in SVNIT. Even I accepted that fact because of how close I had become to this club and to you juniors. We’ve been through hell and back together and made this club stronger despite everything that came our way. Ask your final year seniors about what Renesa was 4 years ago, and what it is now, and you’ll realize the difference we’ve made together. I hate the fact that the pandemic robbed us of 2 precious years together on campus, but whatever little time we spent together was precious. Although I can’t list out all the happy memories made with you guys here, know that I love you guys and will always be there to help you when you need me. My favourite juniors, you know who you are. I have been advised by several friends and seniors about how I should manage my juniors, but I chose to ignore them and follow my own style of leadership. I believed in giving people fair chances, treating people with respect and kindness, and helping them out to the best of my abilities. I hope I was able to live up to your expectations and made you proud. Remember that today, you stand on the shoulders of giants and all the seniors who worked in Renesa before you. I wanted to make a difference in SVNIT through Renesa, and leave behind a legacy. And I have. You guys are my legacy."

SumantFrom singh dangi allTo the juniors

4 years ago, when I joined SVNIT, I looked at the final year seniors with awe. They seemed so smart, knowledgeable, cool, and at some times, scary. When I stand here at the end of this beautiful 4-year journey, I finally understand what it’s like. 4 years of engineering really do transform you. I came into college as a naive young student like most of you, but my experiences over the past several years have changed me. I have seen both myself and the people around me grow and evolve, lost friends, made new ones, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Too many people in college think that they are ordinary. They think that there’s nothing special about them and just try to blend in, just trying to survive these 4 years. If there’s one thing you take away from this message, let it be this: Don’t be ordinary. Everyone has the capability to work on themselves, grow, improve, and make a difference. You don’t have to do something extraordinary or achieve something great or world-changing; you just have to try your best and give everything you have to whatever you’re doing. Be involved in college activities outside of academics. I’ve seen too many people who run back home every Friday evening, missing all the events, festivals, and experiences that people have on campus, and them complaining about how shit SVNIT is and how there’s nothing fun here. You will never grow if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and explore things. I found my people in LAC and Renesa. Find yours in whatever club or team you’re interested in. Lastly, I want to thank all you juniors for supporting me in whatever I did, even the ones I never met personally. Whether it was through my work in Renesa and LAC, through the SVNIT Tales series, or through any conversation I had with you, I hope that I was able to make a positive difference in your life. Remember that I’ll always be there to help anyone who needs me, so don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve given me over these past few years!"

sumantFrom singh dangi lacTo juniors 3 and a half years ago, when Vaibhav Agrawal sir recruited me into LAC with a non-conventional interview that scared the living shit out of me, I had never imagined I could find a group of people who I’d become so close to. In LAC, I found not only my closest friends, but people who cared about me, whether they were seniors, batchmates, or juniors. I’m not exaggerating when I say that LAC became an escape from the stressful everyday college life. Whether it was the endless late-night conversations on our 69 million WhatsApp groups, the times spent laughing together in meetings, the dinners, or the times spent sitting on the Old CRC Lawns just talking, it always made me happy. Although I wish I could have spent more time with you juniors offline, life has its own plans. The few months spent with some of you in campus are precious to me. The late-night conversations on the Swami terrace, just walking and talking throughout campus, the times spent at the canteen when we were trapped inside campus, every memory is so vivid and joyful. I’ve already given you all the advice I wanted to, but know this, you will make lifelong friends in this club. I found my best friends in LAC, and I’m sure you will too. Give people a chance, get to know them, understand them, and watch as the magic unfolds. I love you guys so much. Remember that if you ever need me, I’m only a phone call or text away."

sumantFrom singh dangi

oorjaFrom dorkar

Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 31 TheeveryoneTobestadvice

I can give is to ignore all advices because life is incredible, so stand in your own strength and give your best! Stay focused on your goals and trust your gut, there is nothing more to worry because at the end of the day satisfaction is the one which matters. What is more important is being flexible and having backup plans for career as well as for the personal life. There would be situations when you would feel low and frustrated, but keep trying because consistency is the only key to stay motivated. Lastly to address my SAE mates, I would like to appreciate all your efforts. Don't be tensed or get carried away by your peers, just be patient and stay grounded.

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Renesa Farewell Edition 2022 40 Sumant Singh Dangi The storyteller get drunk and spill all his exciting life Malvikastories! Nath The party animal go on a bender and wake up in another country the next morning! Gourav Barik The magic act down a few shots and disappear until the leavesTheShivanshafter-party!Shandilyawallflowerbeforeiteven starts! Renesa Batch 2022 most likely to DO AT A PARTY

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