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Barnard Castle School | Co Durham DL12 8UN | @BarnardCastleSchool @barnardcastleschool @barney_school Scan for further details and to book your place Alternatively, contact 01833 696030 or email ‘Barney’ is situated in an excellent rural environment, well served by a range of transport links Home away from home full-time and flexi boarding in a happy, stable WholeenvironmentSchool Open Morning Saturday 1st October 2022

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September is a landmark month in the education sector. As we return to routine after the summer, we’re checking in with some of the region’s top teaching establishments. In these pages, we’re highlighting some of the fantastic things going on behind the scenes in our local schools, we get the lowdown on new and exciting learning spaces and there’s expert advice on why investing in your child’s future is so important right now. All of that, plus inspiring after school clubs and global university campaigns set to change the world.

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Welcome to The Education Edit. Our very own personal prospectus for the North East’s leading education establishments

04 developmentsInspiring Fantastic new facilities at Dame Allan’s 08 Club for inclusion A look at Yarm School’s Phab Club 10 Changing the world The Campaign for Newcastle University 14 Strong start Education in the Early Years Editor

Dame developmentAllan’stransforms artsand science facilities

4 Major investment EDUCATION EDIT SEP/OCT 22


One of the most significant builds in the history of Dame investmentaunveiledSchoolsAllan’shasbeenaspartofmajor£8m

Above: Artist’s impressionsexterior of building Above right: Artist’s impressions - interior of building Right: Allanian Vic Hope and Will Scott opening The Snug wonderful new building. “In addition, the investment in our wellbeing centre, The Snug, reflects how the schools are dedicated to the pastoral welfare of all the children in our Thecare.”Snug was opened by Radio 1 DJ and Allanian, Vick Hope, who said: “It's been important to me in my work to raise awareness, destigmatise and signpost resources dedicated to nurturing the psychological and emotional wellbeing of our young people. I'm so proud that Dame Allan's is clearly doing this work so well too.”

Excited pupils are enjoying a spacious new building which has seen the arts and science facilities at the much-loved schools transformed. The new development, at the schools’ Fenham site, has created 16 classrooms, six of which are additional to the current offering, and includes three state-of-the-art science laboratories. It has new lightfilled rooms for budding artists to hone their talents and an impressive central art exhibition area which will showcase events. In addition, there is a new Sixth Form space, which creates two new specialist areas in Design Technology and Art for older pupils to work on their projects.

The build has also allowed room for a new wellbeing centre in the main school, which is home to the schools’ dedicated pastoral team - three counsellors, a psychological therapist, a chaplain and the schools’ dedicated therapy dog, WillHeidi.Scott, Principal at Dame Allan’s Schools, said: “This has been a significant investment in the future of the schools and pupils have been very excited to start their lessons in our "

The importance of inclusion and are now having a great time with the young people who come along, making new friends whilst making a real difference to others. The pupils have developed an increased understanding of the challenges faced by those with disabilities, as well as an appreciation of the strength of determination,character,andsense of fun that young people with disabilities Headmasterhave.Huw Williams said: “Yarm School encourages both pupils and staff to become involved in projects that support the wider community, and we are delighted that our pupils have embraced the Phab Club. This club is a valuable and enjoyable experience for our pupils and our guests, and also provides an opportunity for our guests’ parents to enjoy each other’s company while their children are having fun at the club.

The Phab Club is organised by Head of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, Sophie Hussey, and strongly supported by Headmaster Huw Williams, both of whom have previous experience of being involved in the great work that Phab does.

The charity, which has been established for over 60 years, aims to break down community barriers, reduce social isolation and create opportunities for all involved to enjoy the same activities and challenges side by side. The Phab Club network has 140 branches across England and Wales, which enable 8,000 children, young people and adults, both disabled and non-disabled, to enjoy activities and friendship Yarmtogether.pupils were involved in the planning of the Phab Club


Yarm School’s Phab Club invites young people with disabilities and their parents to enjoy a whole host of exciting activities in a safe and nurturing environment

Yarm School is a leading independent school for boys and girls aged 3-18 located in the beautiful town of Yarm. Well known for its outstanding academic credentials and extensive offeringyoungfree,Thesociety,willneedpupilsprogramme,extra-curricularitaimstoprovidewiththeattributestheytodevelopintoadultswhocontributepositivelytotruly‘educatingforlife’.schoolhostsaPhabClub,afortnightlyyouthclubforpeoplewithdisabilities,activitiessuchasarts and crafts, board games and table tennis. Parents and guardians can enjoy a coffee and chat while their children socialise with a group of Fourth and Fifth Year (Year 10 and 11) pupils and members of staff.

“It is a great initiative that is all about inclusion, having fun together and making new friends and we are delighted to host a Phab Club here at school on a regular basis and that it has been so warmly received.”

The Yarm Phab Club meets fortnightly (during term time) on a Thursday from 4.45pm to 6pm and is open to new guests. To register an interest please contact Sophie Hussey by emailing:

VISIT YARM SCHOOL Life at Yarm is a real adventure. If you’d like to feel the warmth of our community and experience what ‘Educating for Life’ really means, register for our Open Morning. WHOLE SCHOOL OPEN MORNING SATURDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER, 9.00-12.00 INDIVIDUALENABLINGSUCCESS OVER FACILITIESSPENT£30MONSUPERB OPPORTUNITIESPERFORMANCESPORTINGUNRIVALLEDAND EXCELLENT IN ALL AREAS INSPECTIONISIOUTSTANDINGACADEMICSUCCESS EXTRA-CURRICULAREXTENSIVEPROGRAMME BOOK ONLINE: WWW.YARMSCHOOL.ORG/LUXE Yarm School The Friarage, Yarm TS15 9EJ E: T: 01642 786023 Yarm Preparatory School Grammar School Lane, Yarm TS15 9ES E: T: 01642 781447

The Campaign for Newcastle University

What does the philanthropic campaign mean for the university, the city and the wider region? It is our role as a university to nurture the hopes of our communities, unlock research potential to tackle global issues and educate the future teachers, activists, lawyers, scientists and engineers of the world. We have a very simple aim - to make the world a better place. The campaign will give Newcastle University greater resilience, freedom and independence and greater capacity to innovate. In terms of education, it will enable us to help more people from backgroundsdisadvantagedgetinto higher education and enrich the university experience for all our students. It will also enable us to enhance our research across all disciplines, helping us to maximise the benefit that we can bring to our communities, locally and globally. What are you raising money for? To support future students, research, and make a positive change in our city and around the world. Our Campaign Causes represent the very best of Newcastle University: our students, our health and wellbeing, our shared planet, our communities, our future technologies, and our cultural and creative world. How can people get involved in the campaign? The pandemic has shown us how much people care. Thousands of people around the world, many of them alumni, have chosen to express their love for Newcastle University during the course of the pandemic. We have all been heartened and encouraged by their great generosity and Thesupport.campaign is an invitation to our students, colleagues, alumni and supporters to invest in the future of Newcastle University. By donating to the university, you are supporting the next generation of students and helping us to push ahead with cutting-edge research, tackling some of the world's biggest issues. An exceptional Newcastle graduate has just made a significant donation towards studentships focussed on tackling climate change in celebration of his retirement. Just as meaningfully, I was bowled over by the number and value of donations made to our Sanctuary scholarships over Christmas - over 100 donors and £5k in just a few days. It is this spirit of philanthropy that is at the heart of the campaign. Who is working behind the scenes to bring the campaign to life? We have recruited an outstanding board of international ambassadors for the campaign. This is chaired by Sir Eric Thomas, former Vice Chancellor at the University of Bristol, author of a major report into philanthropy in higher education and, most importantly, born and bred in Newcastle. We have also established an internal steering group with asthetransformativethatalumnipotentialtoengagementprofessionalWeprogressrepresentationpan-universitytoguidetheofthecampaign.haveinvestedinourfundraisingandcapabilityinordermakethemostofthetoconnectwithourandtoraisethefundswillallowustoachievegrowthacrossstrengthsthatmarkusoutaninstitution.

What can you tell us about The Campaign for Newcastle University? It aims to inspire support for future students, research and a future of positive change in our city and around the world. We are from a city that has always been at the forefront of invention. A region that created the first public railways and electric light bulbs. A university community that looks to the world and shares ideas and inspiration across boundaries and borders. We are proud of our heritage of discovery. But in a world of complexityever-increasinganduncertainty, we know that challenges far outweigh the solutions. We are crystal clear in our mission to be a force for good - through education, research and the impact we make.

From Newcastle, for the World

10 Going global EDUCATION EDIT SEP/OCT 22

Professor Chris Day, ChancellorVice- and President UniversityNewcastleof

The campaign focuses on the areas in which the university is truly world-leading, whether that is our innovative approach to tackling the challenges facing our planet, or the groundbreaking research into ageing so that we can help people live better, for longer. We will know that we are succeeding when we see clear signs of philanthropy making a contributiontransformativeacrosseach of these themes.

Why is the power in the hands of Newcastle University? Universities exist to serve local and global society - whether through the graduates we educate or through our research and innovation. At Newcastle, we are well placed to meet changing expectations due to a proud heritage of innovation. I am a local man on a mission to make this university one of the best in the world. Only a few months ago we were ranked in the top 20 in the UK in the QS World Rankings, our highest ever position. We also achieved an impressive result in the rankings for SustainablecontributionsuniversitytotheUN’sDevelopment Goals - 8th in the world and 1st in the UK. We are proud of our achievements, but I know we can do more.

Where do you see the campaign this time next year? We have set a target of £300m and our aim is to reach this over a period of 10 years. We hope to be well on our way in the next 12 Wemonths.hopeyou can be part of our v w journey and join us in saying proudly, ‘We are from Newcastle and we are for the World’ If you're considering giving to Newcastle, at any level, I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about supporting the campaign, or you can contact our Director of Advancement, Paul Tyack, and his team at:

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We expect our pupils to work as hard as they can, and do as well as they can. However, we tell them that academic success will only open a door; it is what they do when they walk through that door that counts.

We want ‘Barnardians’ to be the types of people who light up a room when they enter it. This requires confidence, resilience and compassion, all built up over a period of time, and in a variety of ways, both within and beyond the classroom.

12EDUCATION EDIT SEP/OCT 22 Future stars

Situated on the outskirts of historic market town Barnard Castle, we operate an extensive transport service and provide full or flexible boarding options in our friendly, welcoming boarding houses.

The new entrepreneurshipsuperpower Company of the Year awards.

Looking ahead, students will be actively encouraged to pursue new interests, seek personal fulfilment and find new friendship groups. This focus on inquiry-based learning, stimulation of curiosity and comfort with challenge - along with the inevitable failure - is nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs that will benefit the North East.

At the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle, the breadth of the curriculum both in and outside the classroom promotes lateral thinking and problem solving which supports National‘creativity’winningyoungcalleddevelopedMeanwhile,sustainable12–13-year-oldstostudentsRecentlythenRGSavailable,expressionwithinnovativeentrepreneurialism.suchThepedagogycoupledtheopportunitiesforself-andexplorationenablestudentsatthetoidentifytheirnicheandpursuestrengths.our11-year-oldworkedcollaborativelylaunchnewrocketcarsandcompletedgoalprojects.sixthformersadigitalplatformProjectParrottohelpchildrenlearnlanguages,thehighlycovetedcategoryintheYoungEnterprise

As such, we pride ourselves on our co-curricular activities because it is in these environments that most life lessons are learned. Beyond the traditional spheres of music, drama and sport, we currently offer more than 100 activities to our students, which includes a bespoke ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ programme for Year 7 and 8s.

By Tony SchoolBarnardHeadmasterJackson,atCastle

One outcome of the pandemic is the increasing focus on lifestyle choices, especially new perspectives on how one strives to live, the importance of community and contributing to the greater good. Similarly, a rising trend is the number of ‘side hustles’ emerging. An increasing proportion of the population is undertaking these new vocational ventures, which provide purpose and passion for founders and employees alike. Start-up companies' values are often based on creating new solutions or contributing to a cause, regardless of size, and sometimes evolve into invaluable and transformative societal services.

Choosing a school that’s rightfor your child

The school’s Old Novocastrian alumni has a 500-year history of pushing boundaries and acting as a catalyst for good, from inventor Lord William Armstrong to Nobel Prize winning Chemist Sir Greg Winter. We look forward to watching the next generation emerge. Their compassion and ambition continues to positively impact the future and be the driver of the region’s success, increasingly measured in health and happiness.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most challenging and important decisions you will have to make, and we do not underestimate the magnitude of such a Wejudgement.placeenormous emphasis on ensuring each and every pupil feels a sense of belonging at ‘Barney’; only then will they come close to maximising their Ourpotential.students exceed their academic potential as a result of inspiring teaching, delivered in an easy, open and respectful environment at the heart of which are the caring relationships that exist between teachers and students.

To discover more, register for RGS Open Morning on Saturday 12 November 2022.

If you are interested in hearing more about what makes a Barney education so special, contact a member of our Admissions Team on 01833 696030 or

An all-girl education will help your daughter be the girl she wants to be. Register now at Nursery & Junior School Open 10amSaturdayMorning15thOctober-1pm

The pupils not only finish the course knowing how to cook, but they also understand the importance of nutrition, kitchen safety and budgeting. On completion, each member will receive a Headrecognisingqualificationthis.ofNewcastleSchool for Boys, David Tickner, said: “We were delighted to be involved with Beyond Education. As a school, it is our job to prepare boys for life outside of the classroom and the cookery course provided by Thomas Franks has been invaluable to providing essential life skills.

Talking about the trip, one pupil said: “When I went to The People’s Kitchen, Lisa was very welcoming and that made me feel like the kitchen had a nice environment, and it did. It was wonderful seeing how hard all of the volunteers were working and seeing how all of our meals were contributing to this great cause.” Kate Gingles is an expert in the education of young children. She has worked in Early Years education for over 19 years and joined the Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) Junior School leadership team in September 2021 as EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Phase Leader. She explains here why and how to lay the foundations for success during a child’s first days in nursery. To get the most out of any situation, we need to be prepared, curious and excited. But we also need to learn how to channel our natural instincts, skills and attributes; this is where early years education plays a pivotal role. Educational journeys at NHSG, a member of the Girls’ Day School Trust, begin with the school’s nursery and reception classes, giving girls the best possible start. In these crucial years, the youngest pupils are encouraged to explore the skills they are born with - and to do it in a way that is fun, social and Themulti-disciplinary.earliertheystart the sooner they will benefit and at NHSG girls can start from the day they turn three. In our EYFS classes, we focus on learning characteristics such as collaboration, creativity and risk taking. Every learning experience is an opportunity to build confidence and strong

Giving girls the best start in life with early learning at Newcastle High School for Girls

A strong start in life academic foundations that pave the way for formal academic learning later. Our provision is shaped by our Early Years environment which combines safe classrooms with outdoor facilities so girls can explore the natural world. Underpinning our Early Years provision is the happiness and wellbeing of our pupils and the positive relationships we build with them and their families. We want every girl to enjoy her first years of school, to make memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. We know that happy girls learn best and that comes first for us.

If you would like to meet Kate Gingles and the EYFS team, and learn more about NHSG’s unique Early Years provision, please register to attend the school’s open morning on Saturday 15 October newcastlehigh.gdst.net2022.

Each week throughout the school year, boys in the Senior School have taken part in a cookery club, spending time in the school kitchen preparing meals. The meals they have prepared have been packaged up and taken to The People's Kitchen in Newcastle. Launched by the Thomas Franks Foundation, the initiative provides children and young adults with essential cooking and food-based life skills

“Beyond the benefit to our boys, Pupils from Newcastle School for Boys and representatives from Thomas Franks visit The People's Kitchen the opportunity to support The People’s Kitchen was one we were quick to take up following our previous fundraising efforts for the charity. One of our core values is community and this was a fantastic way of supporting people in need locally. It’s a valuable programme we’re looking forward to continuing in the next academic Ayear.”number of Year 9 boys who took part in the cooking club visited The People's Kitchen to learn about where the food they cook goes to help feed members of the wider community.

Pupils at Newcastle School for Boys have been delighted to join their catering team, Thomas Franks, in the company’s charitable initiative; Beyond Education

Cooking up a storm for charity delivered by their skilled teams with the food delivered to charities local to the school.


Our diamond enables our students to shine in ever ything they do. RATED EXCELLENT BY THE INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS INSPECTORATE Junior School and Nurser y Open Morning 17 th September. Boys’ and Girls’ Schools and Sixth Form Open Morning 24 th September Register at For further information please contact the Head of Admissions on 0191 275 0608.

EDUCATION AS IT SHOULD BE. Teesside High School is a thriving independent school for boys and girls aged 3 18. We combine small class sizes, inspirational teaching, outstanding pastoral care, excellent co-curricular and outdoor education opportunities and a caring environment where each individual truly matters. Visit us and experience our wonderful school at first hand. Call 01642 782095 or email to arrange a tour appointment today.