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CELEBRATING OVER 29 YEARS OF SERVICE IN THE NORTH EASTERN SUBURBS The outlook for buying, selling and investing in 2020/21


Market Report C


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auction figures are down by as much

the market is in a good space for a Spring recovery.”

Despite the crucial pressure points the pundits declared would derail the property market, it has been surprisingly resilient during COVID-19. Actually, change that to remarkably resilient. While low stock levels through COVID-19 influenced July, August and September protected vendors and frustrated buyers, experts expected this equation to be tested during the “traditional” spring season. However, a pullback in buyer and seller activity continued to support prices. As lockdowns weren’t really relaxed until mid to late October, sellers were still nervous about selling and buyers reluctant to purchase. However, when stock did reach the market, the team at Morrison Kleeman saw exceptional success with the properties listed

Editorial by: Brad McKenzie (Hill Street Media)

as 50% on this time last year, the clearance rate is up by more than 10%. Those that elected to sell during the quarter have been able to reap the benefits! Another aspect to ponder is we all know and accept that the minute you drive your new or used car out

So while the road ahead may have its fair share of bumps, dips and potholes …remember it is the road ahead… and for now it seems to be leading us in the right direction. Something just a few months ago we thought we may not see for a long time.

Kind Regards, Rocco Montanaro

of the car yard, it’s dropped in value. However, when buying real estate, there is often a mistaken belief that the property will deliver a profit to your pocket the day after settlement. The reality is, that when you consider stamp duty, bank fees, solicitors changes etc.; you have to experience about 5% growth on any property you have just purchased, just to break even on it. So, in a market that hasn’t experienced the growth we are used too, buyers may be asking themselves, “What have I done?”

Project Manager/ Digital Marketing Manager: Belinda Lafranchi

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hat do you get when you cross a master baker with a creative chef who have a love for all things homemade? A selection of perfectly hand-crafted spirits full of harmonious flavor. “We went from playing at home – from home brewing, fermenting and pickling and dove deep into a full cycle of how we can use ingredients and where we can go from there.” Says Mel Sheard, who co-founded Imbue Distillery alongside husband Mick in 2018. Sharing 30 years experience within the food industry, from baking, catering and hatted restaurants, this dynamic duo bring a full cooking mentality to the process; pushing the boundaries and playing with texture, aroma and flavor. Before becoming a chef, Mel studied conceptual art, “To me the meaning of things are really important – and whether it is the name of a product or design, it has to have a meaning - it cannot be flippant,” which rings true in not only the name of Imbue Distillery, but in the feelings, memories and stories each spirit evokes through its thoughtfully curated flavors. “Our products evoke memory for people. We are interested in how taste and smell is linked to memories. We have all had an experience of smelling something that reminds us of something…we find flavors that evoke that.”

Mick grew up in Hurstbridge on half an acre, and their inaugural product, the ‘Suburban Gin’, was created as it reminded Mick of home. “Suburban Gin was based off Mick foraging and picking dandelion and prickly pears from the creek on his property growing up, and we still forage some of those ourselves today.” The second gin added to their collection, is their take on an Aussie dry called ‘The Journey Gin’ flavored with local juicy apples and sweet spicy muntries (indigenous cranberries). “We take gin into a new realm because we play with flavors that don’t normally go together. We like the challenge of combining flavors that seem like they won’t work that end up being harmonious.” There are currently 6 products within the range, with plans for another gin called ‘Inner East’, based on where Mel grew up.


gins; 2 x gins and 2 x gin liquors, which can be purchased via their website (hand delivered locally), local markets and numerous local stockiest’. “I can’t quite believe we have signed a lease within this current time, but as they say onwards and upwards”. You only need to read the rave reviews to see the connection, appreciation and support the community has for these artisan products, and now more than ever, is the perfect time to take a sip down memory lane whilst supporting those in your own backyard. Facebook: Imbue Distillery Instagram: imbuedistillery

Long time friends, Luke and Nikki, joined the business last year and the husband and wife duos have just signed a lease for a little local cellar door. This space will enable them to extend their offering to smaller seasonal batches and provide an opportunity to sit down and have the full experience before you purchase; “As well as tasting, we love pairing liquor with food so what has been done with wineries, we want to do with spirits.” In the meantime, for those new to Imbue Distillery or gin itself, Mel recommends starting with a gift box, which includes 4 x 100ml bottles of the four most popular





hat does Gordon Ramsay, the world’s top chefs and Turners Bakehouse Eatery have in common? They have all had the pleasure of sharing their kitchen with Matthew James - baker, chef and co-owner with wife Lizzie, of Turners Bakehouse Eatery in Mernda. Matthew and Lizzie took over the bakery in 2013, “we could see the potential and possibilities and we knew the history of the place made it very unique; a real historical gem,” says Lizzie. Originally built and operated by the Turner brothers in the 1890’s, whose spirit and presence can still be felt, the vintage bakery has also been a home to many, “we have had so many people come in and tell us stories of when they lived here or their grandparents lived here…as well as memories of the Turner brothers delivering their bread by horse and cart.” It is the genuine delight in the sharing and receiving of these stories that is part of what keeps the history alive. Lizzie’s beginnings as a Maître d when fine dining ‘was a thing’ in the 80’s, is evident in the warmth and friendliness you feel when entering the property. With the couples combined experience,

it is no wonder they have been able to reinvent and reinvigorate the business whilst staying true to the bakery and maintaining the history. Every room has been lovingly restored to its former glory, including the five open fireplaces and pebbled garden. The original British wood fired scotch oven, date stamped 1892, signifies the beginning of this historic gem’s humble beginnings. Best known for their ‘iconic’ authentic artisan sourdough bread, along with their delectable pies, pastries, and famous vanilla slice that has been described by customers as “the best they have ever had”, Turners Bakehouse Eatery is more than just a bakery. Offering an extensive breakfast and lunch through to afternoon and high tea, catering, events as well as providing gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. In keeping with the tradition of baking, everything is made from scratch within the historic cottage kitchen and bakery. Much-loved staples from across the globe are offered, from succulent crispy chicken schnitzel (crumbed in their signature sourdough) to a beetroot burger paired with a homemade hummus puree. This world-class chef turns classical favorites into delicious contemporary flavors using fresh seasonal produce and homegrown herbs. Matthew continues to spend countless hours refining what he does, “he always has a desire to get better at what he does,

explore and try new things and keep up to date with the latest in pastry and baking from around the world,” says Lizzie. When asked what they are most proud of achieving, it’s the “really really loyal and supportive customers,” evidenced by numerous customers regularly traveling from across Victoria to snatch a loaf (or seven) of their fresh out of the oven bread, pies and cakes. It is this appreciation for and genuine desire to service the community enabled them to stay open throughout Stage Four Restrictions and then ultimately re-open to seated indoor and outdoor dining upon easing of restrictions. Whether you are looking for in-house dining or takeaway, centered around a special occasion or just wanting delicious handmade food, Turners Bakehouse Eatery is open 7 days a week, and is here to provide “A little piece of history with a whole lot of love.” Facebook: Turners Bakehouse Eatery Instagram: turners_mernda



ave you ever thought, “I wish I could do something to help”, but not sure how or where to start, or that you could even make a difference? Café Earthbound Bolton and a kindness initiative called Here For Ya Mate are here to show you how! “Small acts of kindness, cannot be undervalued” shares Ros Rondel, founder of the kindness initiative Here For Ya Mate. Here for Ya Mate is exactly that, a community led initiative centered around spreading kindness and letting those in your community know that you are there for them. Ros founded this grassroots initiative after the loss of several loved ones within a short period of time, “We have all had hard times in life” shares Ros, and it is during these times, “that knowing someone is there for you can make the world of difference”. Focusing on personal human interaction and true philanthropy, “We encourage people to do their own thing”, this could be by flashing a smile, organizing your own fundraising event for someone in need, or simply asking whether you can help someone,


without judgment or expectation of anything in return. Here For Ya Mate also partner with local businesses that share a community centric focus, one such business, is Earthbound Bolton. Earthbound Bolton owners, Andrew Gordon-Nicholls and Simone Baldwyn have a clear and simple focus: to feed the community and foster space to live wholesomely, ethically and sustainably. “We want the community to come to our little cafe and feel like they are at our dining table in our home,” says Andrew. Earthbound Bolton offers predominantly vegan cuisine from breakfast through to lunch, but more than that they wish to bring people together regardless of their backgrounds, ages, and stage in life and provide a safe, supportive space


for the community “our space is one for discussion, empowerment, philanthropy, charity and kindness”. A true community hub, “for people who have the shared beliefs and care about social justice missions that we care so deeply about.” Prompted by the pandemic, they have added ‘mini green grocer’ to their list of offerings, which includes fresh produce, small pantry items and take-home meal kits that are available for pick-up or delivery. Earthbound Bolton are working with Here for Ya Mate, enabling the community to donate these food offerings to families who might be struggling through Covid-19. It is in witnessing the impact of these small acts of kindness, that you realize they are not small at all, when “handing over these boxes to someone in need and watching their confusion melt away as they are reminded just for a minute, even though things are really hard, there is someone out there looking out for them.” Having taken over Earthbound Bolton during a pandemic, Andrew shares “I have been most touched by seeing first hand, through enormously difficult times, how quickly people are being moved to care for those around them”. So, if you ever thought, “I wish I could do something to help” but not sure how or where to start, “any delivery of goodness and kindness is better than none” shares Andrew. To make a donation to have one of these boxes of goodness sent to a family in need, head to the “Produce Orders’ page on


For more ideas on how you can be Here For Ya Mate, head to


60 Thompsons Crescent, Research - $1,850,000

7 Aminya Place, Briar Hill - $1,017,000

36 Liddesdale Grove, Eltham North - Undisclosed

12 Sukarna Court, Doreen - $635,000

6 Symon Crescent, Greensborough - $1,320,000

21 Wilson Street, Wattle Glen - $1,545,000

2 Afton Street, Research - Undisclosed

3 Cropley Terrace, Mernda - $630,000

35B Raglan Street, Wallan - $408,000

2/7 Heather Grove, Briar Hill - $900,000

320 Alma Road, Watsons Creek - $1,427,250

2 Freda Court, Eltham North - $1,383,100

74 Bonds Road, Lower Plenty - $2,811,000

26 Mollison Drive, Doreen - $612,000

10 Margaret Street, Research - $1,700,000

13 Stamford Court, Eltham - $1,090,000

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