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AMAZONAS Baby World – A new naturalness when dealing with our babies » Even though our company has been based in Munich for more than 15 years, AMAZONAS still feels committed to the original Brazilian tradition and quality of hammocks. Therefore, our production facilities are located in Ceara, Brazil, which is the centre of hammock production in South America. Brazilians have learned a lot from native Indians and are surprised that babies in Europe sleep in beds

ul pany Matthias Sa Founder of the comren Jana and Lenny ild with his ch

Welcome to AMAZONAS Baby World! AMAZONAS Baby World offers a variety of carrying systems, baby hammocks, stands and alternative suspension options as well as other attractive products for younger and older children. The whole AMAZONAS team wishes you lots of fun with this catalogue.

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instead of hammocks and most parents use pushchairs instead of carrying their babies close to their body. To them, this seems cold and unnatural. For this reason and as a father of two little children, it seemed logical to me and felt like a real necessity to produce baby hammocks and baby slings in order to reestablish a more natural behaviour in our northern hemisphere when dealing with our

babies. Anyhow, my children Jana and Lenny really enjoyed the time they spent in baby hammocks and baby slings – and so did I!«

Matthias Saul, Founder and President

Why are carry slings ideal for babies? Scientific studies and long-term experiences of doctors, midwifes and parents all confirm that nothing else is better for the physical and mental development of babies, their self-confidence and their confidence into the world, as well as for the parents' relationship to their child than carrying the baby close to the parent's body as often and as long as possible. All experts also agree that carry slings are the best option of all carry systems as they provide the best ergonomics for

Our products both the small baby body and the parent's back during carrying. A correctly tied carry sling perfectly protects and supports the baby's back, which is still curved gently when the baby is born, and it provides for a healthy development of the hips as the baby sits in a frog leg position. The child's weight is advantageously distributed evenly among the parent's body, unlike with other systems, where two straps carry the complete weight of the child. This effectively prevents backaches.

Carry Slings

Why babies belong into hammocks:

eco – Safety for soft baby skin

Institut: Porst & Par tner GmbH

This certificate means that all products that come into touch with soft baby skin are tested for harmful substances. We will be happy to provide test results (in German) upon request. Independent institute: Porst & Partner GmbH, FĂźrth, Germany.

Every doctor and most parents know: Babies are born with a round back. The medical term is total kyphosis, a curvature of the spine, which basically has adapted perfectly to the space available within the womb. During the first year, the spine straightens until the child starts to stand up and begins to walk. But nevertheless - in particular since the industrial revolution and, later on, modernization - it has become normal for most parents in Western countries to put their babies into a position, in which the spine is straightened contrary to its natural, healthy curvature, in particular in the first few months following birth: Babies lie in beds on straight, hard mattresses. Just take a short glance at a hammock and you will realize that on a hammock you lie in a different position than in bed.

If a hammock has the correct size and quality and is hung up properly, it adapts to the natural shape of the body and evenly supports all parts of the body, which means that you do not just lie on your shoulders and pelvis as is the case when lying in bed. Furthermore, both doctors and midwifes have observed that hammocks are good for the development of the sense of balance and they ease troubles relating to flatulence and general tension. In particular new-borns love being in tight surroundings and bumping into a soft boundary with their little heads and bodies. If, at the same time, they rock gently, they feel as safe and protected as in the womb. So throw out traditional baby beds and let your babies enjoy softly swinging, ergonomically advantageous hammocks.

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Carry Sling do brasil tropical



The original Indio carry sling from Brazil Indio Carry Sling do Brasil –



women in Brazil have inspired and convinced us of the benefits of carrying babies in carry slings. Their experiences have influenced this collection of original Brazilian carry slings, “Carry Sling do Brasil”. The slings come in five trendy colours, from vivid tropical

to subtle earth colours such as mocca or cappuccino, and they are available for any sex, any type and any taste. Exclusively packaged in a chic bag and at a favourable price, Carry Sling do Brasil is also an ideal gift for new parents!


A r t. Nr.

tropical 4 | Carry Slings

tropical 450 cm

450 x 70 cm

ca. 00,,8 k g

max. 15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5014160 5014160

melon 450 cm AZ-5014170

mango 450 cm AZ-5014180

mocca 450 cm AZ-5014140

cappuccino 450 cm AZ-5014150

tropical 510 cm

510 x 70 cm

ca. 1,0 k g

max. 15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5015160 5015160

melon 510 cm AZ-5015170

mango 510 cm AZ-5015180

mocca 510 cm AZ-5015140

cappuccino 510 cm AZ-5015150

Carry Sling Carry Slings – The classic carry from AMAZONAS: 17 trendy colours in 2 sizes ...







Carry Slings are made of 100% contaminant-free cotton with a slightly thinner fabric and smoother surface than products from our competitors, which makes them lighter and more permeable to air and thus more comfortable in summer; furthermore, the smooth surface makes it easier to tie the sling, as there is less friction between the ends being tied.


Here the colours paradiso, natura, laguna, lollipop and navy. A r t. Nr.

navy 450 cm

450 x 70 cm

ca. 0,7 kg

max. 15 k g

0 - 3 years

AZ-50 AZ-5 0 60 601 150

lollipop 450 cm AZ-5060 AZ-506 0120

natura 450 cm AZ-5 AZ5 0 60140

paradiso 450 cm AZ-5060130

laguna 450 cm AZ-50601 AZ-5060 110

navy 510 cm

510 x 70 cm

ca. 0,9 kg

max. 15 k g

0 - 3 years

AZ-50 AZ-5 0 60 601 155

lollipop 510 cm AZ-5060 AZ-506 0122

natura 510 cm AZ-5 AZ5 0 60 601 14 4

paradiso 510 cm AZ-50601 AZ-5060 133

laguna 510 cm AZ-50601 AZ-5060 111

navy Carry Slings | 5

Carry Sling


... with high


carrying comfort and center marking ...

ends of the Carry Sling are tapered and narrower at the bottom than at the top so that less material hangs over the hips, which not only looks better but makes the carry sling even lighter. Thus, Carry Slings provide a very high carrying comfort, which has been underlined in many tests and has also been confirmed by “Trageschule Dresden”, which is an approved information centre regarding the topic of “How to carry my child properly.”


Here the colours girl and boy.

Ar t. Nr.

6 | Carry Slings

girl 450 cm

45 0 x 70 cm

ca. 0, 0, 7 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060301 5060301

boy 450 cm A ZZ-5060311 5060311

girl 510 cm

510 x 70 cm

ca. 0, 0, 9 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060300 5060300

boy 510 cm A ZZ-5060310 5060310


Carry Sling ... from the

market leader in Europe ...


is also confirmed by the consumers, as AMAZONAS – with its Carry Slings – is the market leader in this segment all over Europe. This leadership can partly be ascribed to the attractive, trendy colours, which are popular among mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and grandmas and grandpas alike. Here the colours carrageen, berry and golf.




A r t. Nr.

golf 450 cm

450 x 70 cm

ca. 0 0,,7 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060361 5060361

carrageen 450 cm A ZZ-5060331 5060331

berry 450 cm A ZZ-5060321 5060321

golf 510 cm

510 x 70 cm

ca. 0 0,,9 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060360 5060360

carrageen 510 cm A ZZ-5060330 5060330

berry 510 cm A ZZ-5060320 5060320

golf Carry Slings | 7

Carry Sling ... strong




flexible and stretchable! A special weave type called cross twill guarantees that all Carry Slings have an optimum longitudinal strength and stability while providing the required diagonal flexibility and stretchability. This means Carry Sling only stretches diagonally, not longitudinally.

tribal sand

This way, it can adapt to the baby's body gently but securely and firmly like these two new attractive models, Tribal in sand and stone.

tribal stone

A r t. Nr.

tribal sand 8 | Carry Slings

tribal sand 450 cm

450 x 70 cm

ca. 00,,7 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060370 5060370

tribal sand 510 cm

510 x 70 cm

ca. 00,,9 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060371 5060371

Tribal stone 450 cm A ZZ-5060210 5060210 Tribal stone 510 cm A ZZ-5060211 5060211


Special service

for parents:

DVD with many carrying tips There’s no reason to despair!


reasonably priced, comprehensive instructional DVD (AZ-9998100) may be purchased along with any AMAZONAS carry sling, which addresses health aspects for babies and parents in connection with carrying a baby in a carry sling; in addition, it provides many helpful tips, shows different tieing techniques and explains everything vividly and in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Carry Slings | 9

Ring sling

Ring Sling –

Carry sling without a

Ring Sling is tied conveniently and easily without a knot. You just throw Ring Sling over your shoulder like a sash and fix it tightly and securely with the two stainless-steel rings, similar to a ring belt buckle. Once laced and tightened, the sling quickly sits securely. With a flick of the wrist you can adjust it to the required length. It doesn't get any more convenient than this! You can carry the baby in a Ring Sling either in a sitting position on your hips or in a lying position in front of your belly. The sling, which is diagonally elastic

but longitudinally solid and stable, is woven in the reliable cross twill weave type and supports the baby optimally in every position. And it has a particular advantage: When breast-feeding your baby, there is no need for changing the baby's position; with Ring Sling, you can breast-feed your baby while carrying it without unpleasant or disturbing looks from others. There is a practical pocket sewn in at one side, which can be used for storing the rings when washing the sling or otherwise for storing the complete sling.

knot lollipop

A r t. Nr.

10 | Carry Slings

Ring sling small

180 x 70 cm

ca. 00,,4 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060230 5060230

Ring sling large

210 x 70 cm

ca. 00,,5 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060233 5060233


jersey Sling Jersey Sling – elastic jersey, pre-tied without baby


Jersey Sling


is made of soft, elastic cottonjersey and is pre-tied at the body without the baby, and that as tightly as you would normally tie other carry slings. The baby is then placed into the pre-tied cuddly cave where it is very close to mom's belly and creates the space it needs itself within the longitudinally stretchable jersey. Thanks to the enormous stretchability and simple handling of Jersey Sling, this is an easy, quick and uncomplicated task. It is particularly handy when taking your car to go to the store or to go for a walk. Jersey Sling can be pre-tied neatly and without ruffle and excitement at home, the baby is secured in the baby seat during the ride and simply placed into the readily tied carry sling once you have parked your car. And off you go! Jersey Sling offers the same benefits as Carry Slings made of conventional cotton, such as protecting the baby's curved back or the froggy position, which is so important for the development of the baby's hips.

A r t. Nr.


jersey sling olive

510 x 70 cm

ca. 00,,9 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5060221 5060221

Jerr s e y Sling black Je A ZZ-5060220 5060220

Carry Slings | 11

mei tai earth Mei Tai – especially quick and easy to apply!


Asian countries Mei Tais are a commonly used, traditional carrying aid, which has meanwhile also become very popular in Germany. The AMAZONAS Mei Tai earth is a perfect alternative to our classical baby sling and perfectly suitable for all babies. Two in one! You are free to wear the Mei Tai earth on both sides. Either the striped design upfront or the beautiful plain chocolate brown color – enjoy it as you like! In a Mei Tai earth your baby sits in the recommended frog leg position, which is very important for the healthy development of your baby's spine and hip.

Thanks to the padded shoulder straps the Mei Tai earth is easy to tie. Thus, it is the perfect combination of baby sling and backpack carrier doing completely without a rack or a buckle. It has all advantages of a baby sling but is as quickly and easily to put on as a backpack carrier! As both the shoulder and the waist straps are tied, the Mei Tai earth can be adjusted individually. Of course, the AMAZONAS Mei Tai earth is made of 100 % cotton. The straps and the headrest are padded on the most important parts to ensure utmost comfort.

A r t. Nr.

Mei Tai Earth

12 | Carry Slings

33 x 45 cm

ca. 0, 0, 5 k g

0 -15 k g

0 - 3 years

A ZZ-5039300 5039300


carrybaby CarryBaby – Do not knot, but tighten !!! Two

carrybaby red

loops are tightened crosswise and the CarryBaby is finished – without knots, without stress!

carrybaby blue

The back-friendly CarryBaby sling can be adapted without problem to any parent and child size. The exclusive cotton jersey is splendidly elastic and yet provides the perfect hold.


Art.Nr. Nr.

Carrybaby red

700 x 36 cm (2x)

ca.. 00,6 kg

ca.. 155 kg

0 - 3 years

AZ-5039001 Z-5039001

CarryBaby blue A Z-5039000

carrybaby red Carry Slings | 13


Hippo –

and baby cradle Hippo

Stylish furniture

in one

is a real eye-catcher and a proper stand for Kaya natura (AZ-1010800) and Kangoo (AZ-1010900). Hippo is extremely tiltproof and comes with a swing limiter. Ar t. Nr.


1044 -107 x 138,5 x 109 cm 10

ca. 8,0 k g

These articles are suitable to our stand “Hippo”

kangoo 14 | Stands

kaya natura

kid’s globo

35 k g

110 x 40 x 10 cm

A ZZ-4050200 4050200

KANGOO • CARRELLO baby Kangoo –


Carrello Baby – modern alternative to a bassinet Kangoo

hammock cradle


is suspended at one single point above the hammock. Inside Kangoo, there is space for our comfortably soft Sunny (AZ-4070000) or Sunny cacao (AZ-4070001), which can be taken out for cleaning. Kangoo can be buttoned up at both ends so that the baby feels absolutely safe and snuggly; this makes Kangoo very similar to the womb and thus the ideal place for the baby to sleep in, as it is wrapped cuddly and softly but still noticeably and sways gently to and fro. Kangoo can be suspended in the stands Carrello Baby (AZ-4050300) and Hippo (AZ-4050200) or by means of the Doorclamp (AZ-3045000).

(AZ-1010900) looks best if mounted in Carrello Baby, the gorgeously shaped baby hammock stand made of untreated spruce wood. Its exclusive design makes Carrello Baby a real gem in your home or garden; it is easy to carry so that you can be close to your baby at all times. Carrello Baby is absolutely stable and tilt-proof.

Ar t. Nr.

Carrello Baby

82,,5 x 130 x 99,4 cm 82

ca. 10, 0,00 k g

max. 35 k g

119 x 6 8,5 x 8,5 cm

A Z- 40503 4050300 0

These articles are suitable to our stand “Carrello Baby”

Ar t. Nr.


70 x 4 0 cm

ca. 48 c m

ca. 1,15 k g

20 k g

0 - 9 months

A ZZ-11010 9 0 0


kaya natura

kid’s globo Hammocks • Stands | 15

kaya natura • door clamp Kaya natura – flexible baby cradle for your home and garden Doorclamp – flexible and

simply ingenious


you want to be close to your baby regardless of where you are in your home, then the doorclamp is the ideal solution for hanging up a baby hammock. When changing rooms, you can take your little ones with you in their hammock in no time and they will either watch excitedly what is happening around them or they will continue to slumber while being watched by you. The doorclamp can be mounted to any door frame that protrudes at least 2 cm from the wall with no tools or assembly being required. The doorclamp can be used for hanging up both Kaya natura (AZ-1010800) and Kangoo (AZ-1010900).



Kaya natura, you can always be close to your baby vir tually anywhere inside your home or in the garden and still have both hands free; as Kaya natura can be hung up in a stand Leo (AZ-4052000), Hippo (AZ-4050200) or Carrello Baby (AZ-4050300), in any door frame or individually, your baby is always

with you without getting in your way. Kaya natura provides all the advantages of a hammock, e.g. the softly curved back of the baby is protected and supported ergonomically. Babies are absolutely safe in Kaya natura, as the hammock is stretched securely and firmly over the frame and it is secured with eight stable hook-and-loop fasteners.

Ar t. Nr.

kaya natura

16 | Hammocks • Accessories

88 x 63 cm

1, 5 k g

20 k g

0 - 9 months

AZ-1 AZ1010 80 0

Ar t. Nr.

door clamp

ca. 0,45 k g

max. 20 k g

A ZZ-3045000 3045000

leo • jumbino • woopy Leo – portable, tilt-proof and beautiful!


is the classic hammock stand by AMAZONAS for any baby hammock that is hung up at two opposing points such as baby hammock Kaya natura (AZ-1010800).

Woopy is a coil spring made of stainless steel especially for suspending baby and children's hammocks from the ceiling.

Ar t. Nr.


ca. 133 x 66 x 62 cm

ca. 4,3 kg

max. 20 kg

ca. 98 x 23 x 10 cm

The constant, soft swinging of the spring is similar to the baby's experience in the mother's womb. It promotes relaxation and wellbeing so that your little darling will soon fall asleep.



is a pivoting hook with a protection ring made of nylon. We designed this ceiling hook especially for our baby hammocks Kaya natura (AZ-1010800) and Kangoo (AZ-1010900).

Woopy is the perfect addition to our ceiling hook Jumbino (AZ-3011000). The enclosed fabric cover should avoid getting one's fingers caught in the stretched spring. Suitable for baby and children's hammocks.

Ar t. Nr.

Ar t. Nr.


ca. 0, 0,1 15 kg

max. 35 k g

A ZZ-30 301 110 0 0


ca. 4 4 cm

ca. 0,7 k g

ma x. 35 k g

31 mm

A ZZ-3 30 4510 0

Stands • Accessories | 17

Koala • sunny Sunny An

Koala – Cuddly and safe, yet flexible enough to be set up anywhere.

accessory for Koala (AZ-4060000), is a beautifully soft, cushioned blanket to warm baby's back. Sunny

Sunny cacao


in one: The Koala set includes a baby hammock and stand and allows babies to be close to their parents anywhere within the house, in the garden or on the road. For Koala is light-weight and can be set up quickly and easily. This way, active parents can relax anywhere while their babies are swinging comfor tably and happily, being able to observe attentively and with interest what is happening around them.


Ar t. Nr.


ca. 110 x 58 cm

ca. 161 x 45 x 55 cm

18 | Hammocks • Inlays for hammocks

ca. 33,,4 k g

max. 20 k g

89,5 x 44 x 30 cm

0 - 9 months


Ar t. Nr.

sunny cacao

ca. 86 x 46 cm

ca. 0 0,,46 k g

A Z- 4 070 0 01

Sunny A Z- 4 0 70 0 0 0

chico • Smartrope • Easy+ • Power hook Chico –


stay out!


is an original Brazilian hammock and comes in a special size for children; it fits in every child's room and under every high sleeper bed.

Ar t. Nr.

chico fantasia

c a. 270 x 175 x 120 cm

ca. 0,9 k g

ma x. 80 k g

2 - 8 yea r s


Easy +

Power Hook

Suspension system for trees and girders with easy length-adjustment

Wall hook for hammocks

Ball-bearing ceiling hook with chain

A Z -1012120

~ ~ 20318746.6 Ar t. Nr.


max. 320 cm

ca. 0,6 k g

max. 120 k g

A ZZ-3025000 3025000

Ar t. Nr.

Ar t. Nr.

easy +

ca. 0,4 k g

max. 120 k g

A ZZ-3016000 3016000

power Hook

ca. 78 cm

ca. 0,7 k g

max. 120 k g

A ZZ-3015000 3015000

Hammocks • Accessories | 19

Kid’s Globo • Kid’s swinger Kid’s Globo Small

but mighty! Globo, the hanging sphere is now also available for the little ones!! Just as the model for grownups, Kid’s Globo is a fancy, carefully handcrafted spherical stand made of weatherproof laminated spruce wood. The premium layer glueing provides for highest stability and safety.

The soft cushion invites one to nestle down and make oneself really comfortable to read, dream or play. You can fasten the Kid’s Globo e.g. in the children's room with our ceiling hook Power Hook (AZ-3015000) or hang it in one of our baby stands Carrello (AZ-4050300) or Hippo (AZ-4050200).

Kid’s Swinger – small but sooo cool! Robust

, UV-resistant and super comfortable - there is nothing cooler than this hanging chair for children between the ages of 2 and 5! Hung up at the ceiling, under the high-sleeper bed or on a tree in the garden, the bright red Kid's Swinger made of indestructible rucksack material is the coolest swing by far! Kid's Swinger is ideal for reading, listening to music or just relaxing! All metal parts are made of stainless steel, which means that Kid's Swinger will withstand all weather conditions.

Ar t. Nr.


ca. 35 x 60 x 160 cm

Ar t. Nr.

Kid’s Globo terracotta

20 | Hanging chairs

ca. 94 x 94,5 x 50,7 cm

c a. 10, 5 k g

ma x. 35 k g

98 x 79 x 20 cm

> 3 yea r s

A ZZ-2030470 2030470

c a. 1,4 k g

ma x. 60 k g

2 - 5 years


brasil Brasil hanging chair –

There is no more relaxed way of breast-feeding your baby


mothers complain about backaches when breastfeeding their babies. It is not easy for moms and babies to find a comfortable position on a sofa or chair. There is, however, an excellent alternative, if you do not want to breast-feed in bed: The hanging chair by AMAZONAS. The mother is supported perfectly by the hanging chair and sits in it with a relaxed back; the baby is also supported by the hanging chair and automatically lies snuggly at mom's body. Moreover, the hanging chair protects mother and baby alike from curious glances, and if you want to, you can even swing gently. All this combined is the ideal condition for achieving an intimate and favourable breastfeeding relationship between mother and child.

brasil cappuccino

brasil mocca

Ar t. Nr.

brasil cappuccino

ca. 160 x 130 cm

c a. 2 ,7 k g

ma x. 120 k g

A Z-20302 203028 80

B r a sil mocca A Z-2030270

brasil cappuccino Hanging chairs | 21

molly molly cacao







molly cacao

Picnic blanket,

outdoor blanket – Molly does it all!

baby blanket,

Ar t. Nr.

Molly cacao

22 | Blankets

ca.1175 x 135 cm ca.

ca. 1,3 kg

ca. 3.00 0 0 mm 3.

ca. 2 0 0 g /m2

A ZZ-5050102 5050102

Molly A ZZ-5050100 5050100


is a real all-rounder among outdoor blankets. It is soft and warm thanks to its insulated thermal lining made of 200g/m2 hollow fibre, and its extra strong coated underside even makes it waterproof (3.000 mm water column). You can roll up Molly in no time, clip it and then carry it easily and comfortably at the handle. And if you only need a

warm, waterproof cushion, just zip off the headpiece and you have it! Molly belongs into the boot of every car, for there is always an occasion on the road where it comes in handy. Molly is ideal for family picnics and all trips with children, as it is the little ones, in particular, that love the cuddly soft flannel surface.

carrybaby display

CarryBaby Display The

attractive, life-sized “demonstration lady” is not only an eye-catcher for every salesroom – this display also offers convenient accommodation for 30 AMAZONAS baby sling packagings.

Jersey Sling, Carry Sling, Ring Sling, Mei Tai or CarryBaby, with this display you can present our big variety of baby slings! In order to achieve an even more true-to-original effect, you can also hang a genuine CarryBaby or other sling around the lady.

Ar t. Nr.

carrybaby display

180 x 50 x 5 cm

ca. 10, 5 k g

f or 30 x Ca Carr r yB aby or Ca Carr r y Sling or Ring Sling or JJeer sey Sling or Mei Tai

A Z - 3067 30670 000

Display | 23


Baby Hammocks, Baby Carriers, Hanging Chairs for Children and Baby Hammock Stands // Slings e Panos porta-bebés, Berços, Cadeiras Suspensas...