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Engineered to Save Lives™


Engineered to Save Lives™

ORAFOL is your full range supplier of ECE 104 compliant materials. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of reflective materials, the ORAFOL Group earned its reputation for global excellence through its dedication to ingenuity, quality and service. When it comes to supplying products for the vehicle conspicuity industry, we work each day with a dedication grounded by our knowledge that the quality of our products helps save lives. ORAFOL® is the leading manufacturer of ECE 104 compliant marking materials. Brands include Reflexite® and ORALITE®. The range of products has been specifically designed for longlasting and top quality performance. The range includes solutions for all kinds of vehicles including applications onto rigid bodies, circular tanker shapes as well as onto curtain sides. Whatever the need, ORAFOL® has a solution to keep you and others safe on the road.

Product Benefits include: · Outstanding long distance visibility · Easy to handle and apply · Easy to cut with no edge sealing required · Tough and durable – no cracking · Resistant to power washing · Microprismatic technology* *the Reflexite® VC104+ tapes

Research shows that conspicuity markings can reduce crashes in low light conditions involving HGV’s by up to 41% * *Source: The US National Highway Traffic Safety Admisistration (NHTSA)

1. Figure 1 HGV barely visible without ECE 104 compliant reflective material 2

Engineered to Save Lives™ -

2. Figure 2 HGV clearly visible with Reflexite® VC104+ Material

ECE 104 Regulation Since 10 July 2011, conspicuity markings have been compulsory for new type approved trucks with a tonnage over 7.5 tonnes (N2 and N3) and for trailers with a tonnage of more than 3.5 tonnes (O3 and O4). Reflective materials, which must comply with regulation ECE 104 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), have to be applied to the sides and rear of all relevant vehicles. As the inventor of microprismatic retroreflective technology primarily mandated for ECE104 markings, ORAFOL’s Reflexite® brand of safety marking tapes have been setting the standard for HGV visibility performance since the early 1990s. Being seen is being safe.

ECE 104 Regulation Overview M

Motor vehicles used for the transport of passengers


Motor vehicles used to transport passengers with no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat


Motor vehicles used to transport passengers with more than 8 seats with a maximum weight of 5 tonnes


Motor vehicles used to transport passengers with more than 8 seats and with more than 5 tonnes in weight


Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods


Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods with a maximum weight of 3,5 tonnes


Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods with a weight over 3,5 tonnes but not exceeding 7,5 tonnes


Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods with a weight exceeding 7,5 tonnes


Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods with a weight exceeding 12 tonnes




Trailers with a maximum weight not exceeding 0,75 tonnes


Trailers with a weight exceeding 0,75 tonnes but no more than 3,5 tonnes


Trailers with a weight exceeding 3,5 tonnes but no more than 10 tonnes


Trailers exceeding 10 tonnes in weight

Mandatory from 10th July 2011*


Not Allowed

* For new registrations

Engineered to Save Lives™ -


TheVC VC104+ 104+range range includes... The includes... The Reflexite® VC104+ Range Reflexite® VC104+ Rigid Grade The ideal tape for rigid vehicles. · Approved to ECE 104 Class C

ECE 104

· Easy to handle and apply · No need to edge seal · Robust enough to withstand cleaning

Reg. 48-03

processes including power washing · No risk of the tape cracking · 10 year warranty

Reflexite® VC104+ Curtain Grade This tape’s unique vinyl construction makes it the

Reflexite® VC104+ Rigid Grade Reflexite® VC104+ Rigid Grade

perfect tape for trailer curtains.

Outstanding tape for application onto rigid vehicles. Not Outstanding tape for application onto rigid vehicles. Not · Simple and quick to apply only does thissealing tape provide superb night-time visibility, · Easy to cut with no edgethis required only does tape provide superb night-time visibility, also easy towithapply · it Theis tape flexes and stretches the curtainwith no edge-sealing required. it istoalso easy to apply with no edge-sealing required. · Resistant power washing Comes with a 10 year warranty. · 3 year warranty* Comes with a 10 year warranty. · Approved to ECE 104 Class C

*when applied to new curtains

Reflexite® VC104+ Tanker Stickers Easy to peel pre-cut stickers, especially suitable for

Reflexite® VC104+ Curtain Grade

rear marking of tankers.

Unique vinyl construction makes this tape ideal for · Same superior performance as our rigid grade application onto trailer curtains. The tape is highly · Excellent long range visibility even in poor resistant to cleaning processes and comes with a 3 weather conditions · Ideal solutions for circular applications year warranty. · Resistant to power washing · Approved to ECE 104 Class C

· 10 year warranty


Reflexite® VC104+ Tanker Stickers Reflexite® VC104+ Tanker Stickers

Engineered to Save Lives™ -

application onto trailer curtains. The tape is highly resistant to cleaning processes and comes with a 3 year warranty. Reflexite® VC104+ Curtain Get Get Get your your your vehicle vehicle vehicle marked marked marked up up up tototo the the the Segmented Reflexite® VC104+ Tanker Stickers new new new European European European safety safety safety requirements requirements requirements A different take on the VC104+ Curtain Grade, VC104+ Segmented gives a different look to your vehicle

Retroreflective tanker stickers for application onto rigid surfaces. The tape provides superior reflectivity in all weather conditions. Available in peel off strips which are quick and easy to apply.

® ® ·isApproved toleading ECE 104 Class of C ECE Reflexite Reflexite Reflexite the is ®the leading is the leading manufacturer manufacturer manufacturer of ECE of 104 ECE 104 approved 104 approved approved Product Product Product benefits benefits benefits include: include: include: marking marking marking tapes. tapes. tapes. Our Our reflective Our reflective reflective tapes tapes are tapes are known are known known for being for for being being · Outstanding · Outstanding · Outstanding long long distance long distance distance night night time night time visibility time visibility visibility · Aesthetically pleasing overall effect not not only not only safe safe and safe and visible, and visible, visible, but flexes but also but also tough also tough and tough and durable and durable durable as as as · Easy · Easy · toEasy handle to handle to handle andand apply and apply apply · only Vinyl construction and moves with wellwell aswell easy as the easy astoeasy apply. to apply. to apply. · No · edge No · No edge sealing edge sealing sealing required required required curtain · Easy · Easy · toEasy cut to cut to cut · Resistant to power washing ® TheThe Reflexite The Reflexite Reflexite VC® 104+ VC® VC 104+ range 104+ range includes range includes includes a complete a complete a complete product product product· Polyester · Polyester · Polyester construction construction construction means means means no cracking no cracking no cracking · 3 year warranty* lineline forline application for for application application ontoonto rigid onto rigid bodies, rigid bodies, bodies, ontoonto circular onto circular circular tanker tanker tanker · Resistant · Resistant · Resistant to power to power to power washing washing washing * when applied to new curtains shapes, shapes, shapes, as well as well as aswell onto as onto ascurtain onto curtain curtain sides. sides. sides. · Highly · Highly · Highly resistant resistant resistant to most to most toindustrial most industrial industrial cleaning cleaning cleaning processes processes processes · 10· year 10 · year 10 warranty year warranty warranty Reflexite® VC104+ Imagine · Single · Single · layer Single layer prismatic layer prismatic prismatic construction construction construction withwith adhesive with adhesive adhesive backing backing backing Reflexite Reflexite VC Reflexite 104+ VCmarking 104+ VC 104+ marking tape marking tape tape · Approved · Approved · Approved to ECE to ECE to 104 ECE 104 Class 104 Class CClass C C · Standard · Standard · Standard roll roll size: roll size: 50mm size: 50mm 50mm x 50m x 50m x 50m ®



Customised tape with YOUR company logo. Reflexite® VC104+ Curtain Segmented Distinguish your brand from the rest with this

Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle Types Types included Types included included in Registration in Registration in Registration 48-03 48-03 are: 48-03 are:are: · Trucks · Trucks · Trucks 7.5 7.5 t (N2+N3) 7.5 t (N2+N3) t (N2+N3) · Trucks · Trucks · Trucks 3.5 3.5 t (03+04) 3.5 t (03+04) t (03+04)

unique application.

Microprismatic tape with a segmented look. Comes as · Approved to ECE 104 Class C a· Available single strip for ease of application. Quick and easy to for both rigid and curtain applications To find To find To outfind out more out more information more information information visit visit visit or email or email email if you if you have if you have any have any questions. any questions. questions. · Same superior performance as the apply and also useful for repair work. Comes with a 3 non-customised range. year warranty. · Your logo is repeated along the tape · 10 and 3 year warranties* * depending on product grade

® ® ® With With With Reflexite Reflexite Reflexite tapes tapes tapes itImagine itisitiseasy iseasy easy toittomark mark upto upyour up your your fleet... fleet... fleet... Reflexite® VC104+ With Reflexite® VC104+ tapes istomark easy mark your fleet HowHow toHow apply to apply toto apply your to your your vehicle vehicle in 3in easy 3ineasy 3steps: easy steps: steps: in just 3tovehicle simple steps

Your logo in lights! Reflective tape for rigid and curtain grade which can be individually customised with your logo. Makes any truck stand out from the crowd with 24/7 identification. 1.

Figure STEPSTEP 1 -STEP After 1 - 1After 1surface - After surface cleaning surface cleaning cleaning and and and After cleaning and marking up marking marking marking upsurface where up where upthe where line the should the line line should go, should go, go, where the line should go, simply simply start simply start sticking start sticking on sticking the ontape the on the tape tape .simply . start . sticking on the tape

2. Figure 2Cut STEP STEP 2 -STEP 2 - around Cut 2 - Cut around e.g. around rivets e.g. e.g. rivets with rivets with a with a a Cutnormal around raised parts of the vehicle normal standard normal standard standard knife. knife. knife. e.g. rivets, with a standard knife.

3. Figure 33 -STEP STEPSTEP Use 3 - aUse 3squeegee - Use a squeegee a squeegee to firmly to firmly to tack firmly tacktack Usethe a squeegee firmly tack the tape tape the the tape to the tape toto surface, the to the surface, surface, and to and release and to release totorelease theany surface andtrapped release any trapped air trapped any any trapped airtobubbles. air bubbles. air bubbles. bubbles.

Whatever the application we have a solution...

Engineered to Save Lives™ -


resistant to cleaning processes and comes with a 3 year warranty.

What you need to know about What you need to know about ECE 104 markings... ECE 104 markings What Whatyou youneed need to toknow knowabout aboutECE ECE104 104markings... markings... Applications on different vehicle types: Applications different vehicle types: Applications Applications on onon different different vehicle vehicle types: types:

Where should the tapes be applied?

Where should the tapes be applied?

Where should should the the tapes tapesmarking be beapplied? applied? To theWhere rear: Here a full contour is required, i.e. a full ’box’. To the rear: Here afull full contour marking required, i.e. full ’box’. To the therear: rear: Here Here fullcontour contourmarking marking isis isrequired, required, i.e. i.e.aaafull full ’box’. ’box’. marking, To theTo sides: Here youaacan choose to do either a full contour (’box’) or a linemarking of the length of the vehicles plus marking of the upper To thesides: sides:Here Here you can choose to do either full contour (’box’) To Tothe Here you can choose choose to todo doeither either aaafull fullcontour contour80% (’box’) (’box’) corners ifthe thesides: design ofyou thecan vehicles allows for this. Minimum of the marking, or a linemarking of the length of the vehicles plus marking marking, ororaalinemarking linemarking of ofthe thelength length ofof the thevehicles vehicles plus plus marking marking lengthmarking, ofthe theupper vehicle (excl.ifthe length of the cabin) must be marked. The lower of corners the design of the vehicles allows for this. It of the the upper uppercorners corners ififthe thebe design design ofofthe thevehicles vehicles allows allows for forthis. this.It Itisis is and line ofof the marking tape must placed minimum 25cm from the ground a good idea to mark also the tractor (e.g. on the door) to visually get aagood good idea idea totomark mark150cm. also alsothe theThis tractor tractor (e.g. (e.g. on onthe thedoor) door) totobe visually visually get get to in a height of maximum can in special cases extended marking of the full length of the vehicles, however this not an aaamarking markingof ofthe thefull fulllength lengthof ofthe thevehicles, vehicles,however howeverthis thisisis isnot notan an 250cm. obligation. Minimum 80% of the length of the vehicle (excl. the length obligation. obligation.Minimum Minimum80% 80%of ofthe thelength lengthof ofthe thevehicle vehicle(excl. (excl.the thelength length of the cabin) must be marked. The lower line of the marking tape must ofofthe theof cabin) cabin) must mustbe be marked. marked. The Thelower lower line line ofofminimum the themarking marking tape tapeUpper must must The length the upper corner markings must be 25cm. be placed minimum 25cm from the ground, and in a height of be be placed placed minimum minimum 25cm 25cm from from the the ground, ground, and and in in a a height height of of cornermaximum markings150cm. shouldThis be applied as high as practical, buttowithin 40cm of can special cases be extended 250cm. maximum maximum 150cm. 150cm. This This can caninin inspecial special cases cases be beextended extended toto250cm. 250cm. the upper extremity of the vehicle. In cases where a top corner marking is not possible due to the construction ofmarkings the vehicle, a line marking on its own is The length of the upper corner must be minimum 25cm. The Thelength lengthof ofthe theupper uppercorner cornermarkings markingsmust mustbe beminimum minimum25cm. 25cm. allowed. Upper corner markings should be applied as high as practical, but Upper Uppercorner cornermarkings markingsshould shouldbe beapplied appliedas ashigh highas aspractical, practical,but but within 40cm of the upper extremity of the vehicle. cases where top within within40cm 40cmof ofthe theupper upperextremity extremityof ofthe thevehicle. vehicle.InIn Incases caseswhere whereaaatop top It is a good idea to mark also the tractor (e.g. on the door)oftothe visually get a corner marking not possible due to the construction vehicle, corner cornermarking markingisis isnot notpossible possibledue dueto tothe theconstruction constructionof ofthe thevehicle, vehicle,aaa marking ofmarking the full on length of the vehicles, however this is not an obligation. line its own is allowed. line linemarking markingon onits itsown ownisisallowed. allowed. ECE 104 R.48-03 Application Guidelines ECE ECE104 104///R.48-03 R.48-03Application ApplicationGuidelines Guidelines

Reflexite® VC104+ Curtain Segmented Microprismatic tape with a segmented look. Comes as a single strip for ease of application. Quick and easy to apply and also useful for repair work. Comes with a 3 year warranty. Minimum 80%* 80%* Minimum Minimum Minimum80%* 80%*

*(Down to 60% or 40% for difficult or especially difficult applications) *(Down toto60% or40% 40% for ordifficult or especially difficult *(Down *(Down to 60% 60% or or 40% forfor difficult difficult or especially especially difficult difficult applications) applications) applications)

Minimum 25cm

Maximum 150cm* Maximum 150cm* Maximum Maximum 150cm* 150cm* Minimum 25cm Minimum 25cm Minimum Minimum 25cm 25cm *(Special cases: 250cm)

Minimum Minimum25cm 25cm Minimum 25cm

*(Special *(Special cases: cases: 250cm) 250cm) *(Special cases: 250cm)

For more information on these regulations and our VC 104+ range visit For Formore moreinformation informationon onthese theseregulations regulationsand andour ourVC VC104+ 104+range rangevisit If you have any questions you can email or call one of our European offices below for further information. Whatever the application we IfIfyou youhave haveany anyquestions questionsyou youcan canemail info@reflexite.euororcall callone oneofofour ourEuropean Europeanoffices officesbelow belowfor forfurther furtherinformation. information.

have a solution

Scandinavia, Greece, Eastern Europe Middle East: Telephone +45 45761122 Scandinavia, Scandinavia,Greece, Greece,Eastern EasternEurope Europe&& &Middle MiddleEast: East:Telephone Telephone+45 +4545761122 45761122 Germany, Netherlands, Austria Switzerland: Telephone +49 3644554801 Germany, Germany,Netherlands, Netherlands,Austria Austria&& &Switzerland: Switzerland:Telephone Telephone+49 +493644554801 3644554801 France Belgium: Telephone +33 72 19 19 10 No matter how unusual the application is, ORAFOL France France && &Belgium: Belgium: Telephone Telephone +33 +3344472 7219 1919 1910 10 Italy: Telephone +39 02 38093415 Italy: Italy:provide Telephone Telephone +39 +3902 0238093415 38093415 can a solution to meet your requirements. UK Ireland: Telephone +44 1865 396959 UK UK&& &Ireland: Ireland:Telephone Telephone+44 +441865 1865396959 396959 Spain & Portugal: Telephone +34 941 381 592 Spain Spain&&Portugal: Portugal:Telephone Telephone+34 +34941 941381 381592 592 Visit for more information on the

918236 - © 918236 © 918236 - ©

regulation. Reflexite® is a registered trademark of Reflexite® Corporation, Avon CT USA. An Employee-Owned company. ® ® ® ® Reflexite Reflexite is is a registered a registered trademark trademark ofof Reflexite Reflexite Corporation, Corporation, Avon Avon CTCT USA. USA. AnAn Employee-Owned Employee-Owned company. company. 6

Engineered to Save Lives™ -

Whatever the application we have a solution...

Truck showing ORALITE® 5600E graphics on the side and Reflexite® VC104+ Rigid Grade on the rear and side of the truck


Fleet Marking Grade

ORALITE® 5600E ORALITE® 5600E is a high quality livery film which has been specifically designed to produce lettering, markings and decorations. The films are intended for long-term outdoor applications of up to 7 years. The films boast high flexibility and weather-resistance for long lasting performance. Suitable for application onto rigid vehicles. Product Benefits include:






· Approved to Regulation ECE 104 Class E · Produced with a watermark · Highly flexible with a surface of cast PVC polymer blend · Extensive range of vivid colours · Easy to use on cutting plotters · Excellent printability using solvent based ink-jet printing and screen printing · Good adaptability to uneven surfaces · Easy removal from painted surfaces · Self-adhesive backing · 7 year warranty


The material is also available with a permanent adhesive. Please contact ORAFOL for details.


Engineered to Save Lives™ -


Reflective Solutions Reflective Solutions Engineered to Save Lives™

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ORAFOL® Europe GmbH ORAFOL® Europe GmbH

© 2012, ORAFOL Europe GmbH. ORALITE® and Reflexite® are registered trademarks of ORAFOL Europe GmbH. - 48821 – ECE104 (08/2012)

Engineered to Save Lives™

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ORAFOL ECE104 brochure