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Happy Valentines Time for romance

February 2010


It’s in the bag

WOW looks at manbags

Do you have a secret love?


Porsche Cayenne Diesel WOW love it!

Karen Atkinson England Netball’s Superstar

Pancakes Why not eat them all the time? WOW looks at the traditions surrounding pancakes

Taking on the mighty Aus


The essential guide to what’s on in the Midlands



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Ed’s letter Hi readers, welcome to another packed issue of What’s On Where. The are stacks of things to do this month and we had to virtually shoe-horn them in. There are some great shows heading our way at the theatres and some exiting new movies. But February is best known for the Leicester Comedy Festival (oh, and Valentines Day of course), so if you love to laugh, this is your month.

The essential guide to what’s on in the Midlands 2

UP FRONT – latest news from our region.


THEATRE – We look at a few productions coming the stage this February.


laughs are this month 10

We’ve some great competitions again this month, with tickets to a number of shows to give away. So don’t hang about, first out of the hat gets the goodies.


It’s pretty good if you love chips too, as it’s national chip week this month, so get out and vote for your favourite Chippy. In sport we focus on netball, with the England squad taking on Australia this month, WOW got the chance to talk to a netball legend, England’s most capped player, Karen Atkinson.

COMEDY – Where the

some of the best bits from the country’s biggest comedy event. 12

INTERVIEW – Paul Sinha gets quizzed by WOW


MOVIES – Previews of February’s releases.


MUSIC – Block rockin’ beats.


ARTS – Textiles, ceramics and er... rugby!.


FASHION – It’s in the bag this month.


HAIR & BEAUTY – Love your hair and body.


WEDDINGS - The wedding show season gets up to

Happy Valentines!

speed. 31

HOME & GARDEN – time for your five-a-day!

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EVENTS – Things to do in Feb


EATING OUT - WOW’s guide to where to eat.


RECIPES - Pancakes make a great meal!


INTERVIEW - WOW talks to Karen Atkinson.


MOTORING – WOW puts the big porsche through it’s paces.


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LADIES THAT DO... – Tracy and Elaine get curvy!

WOW February 2010




Leicestershire school bands chosen to play in Beijing 5IF3PCFSU4NZUI4DIPPMoT+B[[BOE4PVM#BOETQJDLFEUP SFQSFTFOUUIF6,BU*4.&8PSME$POGFSFODFJO"VHVTU The International Society for Music Education (ISME) World Conference takes place in Beijing, China from August 1 to 6, 2010. 56 performing groups from 22 countries around the globe have been selected to play. From the UK, five groups

have been selected and two of those are from the Robert Smyth School in Market Harborough. Helle Petersen, head of music at Robert Smyth School said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;A concert tour is an extremely rewarding learning

experience for students. This particular one to such a far away destination provides students with a life time opportunity. This will also be a fantastic chance to listen to all sorts of music from around the world.â&#x20AC;?

CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s available at ÂŁ10.99 Being selected to play out of so many bands around the UK is a massive achievement, but raising the money for the trip may prove a tougher challenge. They need to raise a staggering ÂŁ55,000. In order to do that, the bands are available for hire at events and functions and have a CD for sale for ÂŁ10.99 through the school website. News just in as we go to press is that to help raise the ÂŁ55,000 required, a FUND RAISINg CoNCERT is being held at the Robert Smyth School on April 22 and is expected to be a sell out evening. Tickets will go on sale from Monday, 8th February from the school (01858 440770) or ABC Music in Market Harborough (01858 463 144). â&#x20AC;˘To enquire about booking the bands, call 01858 440770.

The band on tour in Denmark last year.

WOW February 010

To find out more or to help with fund raising you can email or check out the school weblink http://www.robertsmyth.leics.



Fasten Your Seatbelts! $IJUUZ$IJUUZJTCBDLXJUIB#BOH#BOH TUES 2 - SAT 20 FEBRAURY TUES 2 FEB - SAT 1 MARCH After four magical years at the London Palladium and three sensational years touring large scale venues all over the UK. This box office smash hit has been re-vamped, updated

and technologically advanced in order to bring it to your doorstep. Directed by Adrian Noble this feel good family favourite will be a sure fire way to beat the blues this year. With a cast and crew of over 100 (including 10 dogs),

sensational sets, a full orchestra and stunning special effects this action-packed adventure is the story of the magical car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts, and his two children Jemima and Jeremy alongside Truly

Scrumptious and Grandpa Potts, all try and outwit the dastardly Baron and the evil Child Catcher. Nominated for three Olivier Awards, winning Best Musical at the 2002 Variety Awards, nominated for five Tony Awards on Broadway, winning the coveted 2006 Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for Best Family Show and holding the Guinness World Record for the most expensive stage prop Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience for the whole family to enjoy. CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG is at Milton Keynes Theatre, Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3NZ from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 20 February. For tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit www.ambassadortickets. com/miltonkeynes and at the Nottingham Royal Centre, Theatre Square, Nottingham, NG1 5ND from Tuesday 23 February to Saturday 13 March. Call the Box office: 0115 989 5555 or visit

To advertise your event in the Midlandsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fastest-growing guide to whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on and where to be seen, email or call 01858 439 999

WOW February 2010


let’s do the time warp again! 3JDIBSE0o#SJFOoTPVUSBHFPVTDMBTTJDDPNFTUP%F.POUGPSU)BMM Mon 15 Feb - Thu 18 Feb The rock ‘n’ roll musical is back by popular demand! Follow squeaky-clean sweethearts Brad and Janet on an adventure they’ll never forget, with the scandalous Frank ‘n’ Furter, rippling Rocky and vivacious Magenta. Mark Curry takes the role of the narrator to lead us through a night of fun, frolics and frivolity in this thrilling production of Richard O’Brien’s classic original script. Bursting at the seams with timeless classics, including Sweet Transvestite, Damn it Janet, and of course, the pelvicthrusting Time Warp, Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is a non-stop party! Ready to thrill you with

its frothy, fun and naughty moments, this is the boldest bash of them all, so sharpen those stilettos for the rockiest ride of your life! Don’t dream it – be it. BE WARNED, THIS SHOW HAS RUDE PARTS! ThE ROckY hORROR ShOW is at De Montfort Hall, Granville Road, Leicester LE1 7RU on Mon 15 Feb - Thu 18 Feb. For tickets call the box office on 0116 233 3111 or visit www.

An Evening with Brian Sewell .FFUPOFPGPVSHSFBUFTUSFQPSUFST FRIDAY 26 FEBRUARY The fruity, highbrow tones of Art Critic Brian Sewell are mercilessly mimicked; here’s a chance to sample the real thing. A distinguished journalist as well as acknowledged authority on Art and Art History, he is the winner of several awards for his journalism – on politics, current affairs as well as art – and is a TV and Radio favourite for his highly popular documentaries, The Naked Pilgrim and The Grand Tour. Never one to shy away from controversy and expressing his views trenchantly, described by Clive Anderson as ‘a man intent on keeping his Christmas Card list short’, he is courageous, passionate about art, uncon-

WOW February 2010

cerned by his own tendency to offend PC taboos, and a witty, profoundly knowledgeable and charming speaker. Having been banned by the Mayor of Liverpool for remarks about JS Lowry, told never to set foot in the Royal College of Art, and punched in the eye outside Harrods by a young artist, an evening in Rutland is something to look forward to! He will speak and answer questions: a provocative and fascinating evening is guaranteed. BRIAn SEWEllis at the Uppingham Theatre , February 26. Call 01572 820822.


Grub’s up! %JOOFSMBEJFTBUUIF$BTUMF MOn 22 – Wed 24 Feb Victoria Wood’s hugely popular comedy series Dinnerladies is adapted once again for the stage and Wellingborough audiences can enjoy the humour at The Castle this Spring! Original cast members, Andrew Dunn and Sue Devaney, will be bringing the comic magic from the screen to the stage as part of this UK tour! Take one huge hit sitcom from BBC TV, place on a stage in a World Premiere national tour starring members of the original cast of the TV series. Blend in VICTORIA WOOD’s writing undoubtedly some of the funniest on television, and whip into a play, based on the second TV series, following the reluctant love story of Bren and

Tony, egged on by Dolly, Jean, Twinkle and Anita. Mix in caretaker Stan’s words of wisdom and coat with regular appearances

by Phillippa from Human Resources and Petula, Bren’s dreadful mother and you have a recipe for madness, mirth and twelve rounds of toast!

VictOria WOOd’s dinnerladies at The Castle Theatre Mon 22 – Wed 24 Feb For tickets call the box office on 01933 270 007

WOW February 2010


Take a trip to the End of the Rainbow "DPNQFMMJOHMPPLBUBTVQFSTUBS FRi 5 TO SaT 20 FEb End of the Rainbow is a savagely funny musical drama, documenting Judy Garlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 1968 comeback tour. In her London hotel room, with her new young fiancĂŠ at her side, we see Garland battling with a tornado of drugs and alcohol as she undertakes an exhausting series of concerts in a bid to reclaim her crown as the greatest talent of her generation. Despite a series of failed marriages and a wrecked Hollywood career, she remains a tough and remarkable woman, always armed to the teeth with her legendary razor-sharp wit. Brilliantly weaving the humour and heartbreak of the final months of Garlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life with her most memorable songs,

time as Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street. The show is directed by acclaimed West End and Broadway director Terry Johnson, whose recent productions include The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Rain Man and One Flew Over the Cuckooâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nest. including Get Happy, Come Rain or Come Shine, The Trolley Song and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the production stars Olivier Award-winner Tracie Bennett as Judy. Having starred recently in top musicals La Cage aux Folles and Hairspray, Tracie is also well-known from her

One Man Lord of the Rings 5PMLJFOXJUIBUXJTU FRiDaY 12 FEbRUaRY Charles Ross, creator of the hugely successful One Man Star Wars Trilogy, returns with his equally hilarious follow-up â&#x20AC;&#x201C; One Man Lord of the Rings â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in which he recreates the enchanting world of Middleearth, armed with nothing more than a pair of elbow pads and his outrageous imagination. No props or costumes are required as Ross hurtles through the Tolkien trilogy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Fellowship Of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return Of The King. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen the films, read the books and named your first-

WOW February 2010

born Frodo, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss Rossâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; zany take on the ever-popular epic saga. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;High quality entertainmentâ&#x20AC;Ś 5 stars for unbelievable talent.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Edinburgh Guide. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;If you liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll love Charlie Rossâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; version - and if you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t, well, at least his is shorterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; - Sir Ian McKellen. OnE Man LORD OF ThE RingS is at the Uppingham Theatre , 32 Stockerston Road, Uppingham, LE15 9UD. Friday February 12. Call 01572 820822.

EnD OF ThE RainbOW Royal and Derngate, Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1DP. Friday 5 to Saturday 20 February. For tickets call the box office on 01604 624811 or go online at



Not like that – like that! 5PNNZ$PPQFSSFWJTJUFE FRI 12 & WED 1 FEBRUARY “I got a new car for the wife yesterday. Not a bad swap.” Clive Mantle recreates the best gags and (fairly) magic tricks of the late, great Tommy Cooper, who died onstage (not for the first time) 25 years ago. He’s a bumbling 6’4” with size 13 feet – and to complete the set of TC attributes, writer

John Fisher is a Gold Star Member of The Magic Circle. That’s right: you really will see pigeons disappear and glass bottles change places with bottles made of glass. Possibly. “I slept like a log last night. I woke up in the fireplace.” Also at the Castle, look out for the recommended Scouse

comedian who was host of the Kitchen Utensil Awards 2009, and previewed in glowing terms last issue for his line about getting his kids to admit they’ve been downloading (his) internet porn!

F70C{B>= Thu 4 LEE MACK Derngate Northampton Sun  CHRIS ADDISON Warwick Arts Centre Coventry Tue 9 DAVE GORMAN Assembly Leamington STEWART LEE: IF YOU PREFER A MILDER COMEDIAN, PLEASE ASK FOR ONE The Stables Milton Keynes Thu 11 THE COMEDY CLUB Wicksteed Park Kettering Sat 20 THE FEELGOOD FACTOR: STEPHEN K AMOS Warwick Arts Centre Coventry Sun 21 DAVID O’DOH-PARTY: DAVID O’DOHERTY Warwick Arts Centre Coventry Thu 25 THE COMEDY CLUB Wicksteed Park Kettering FUNHOUSE COMEDY NIGHT: ANDY WHITE + DAVID WHITNEY + Walnut Tree Northampton Fri 26 HITLER MOUSTACHE: RICHARD HERRING Stamford Arts Centre

ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING: JOHN BISHOP FRI 12 FEBRUARY AND JUS’ LIKE THAT – A NIGHT OUT WITH TOMMY COOPER WED 1 FEBRUARY Is at The Castle Theatre, Castle Way, Wellingborough, NN8 1XA. For tickets call the box office on 01933 270 007 or online at


Your Venue, Band, Bar, Club etc.

With a THUMBNAIL AD (like this!) in our listings column. Call the wow team on 01858 439 999.

WOW February 2010


Shouting at Radios  = 8 F F8C7F>F


WOW has teamed up with the Castle Theatre to give away a pair of tickets to see Jus’ Like That! on Wednesday 17th February with a runner up getting the new Tommy Cooper Joke Book. For the chance to win, just tell us why WOW makes you laugh. Send your answer along with your name, address, phone number and email address to Jus’ Like That! WOW What’s On Where, 50 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough LE16 7DU. Closing date for entries is Fri 12th Feb.

MONDay 1 MaRCH After three acclaimed Edinburgh shows and a

cavalcade of reviews so positive that it’s frankly a bit embarrassing – ‘Atkinson

has moved into the big league and positioned himself amongst some of the best comics’; ‘An elegant wreck’ – the man behind ‘Death by a Thousand Pricks’ and most of the funny gags in ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ finally embarks on his debut national tour. Do you shout at inanimate objects? Do you get fed up with people and do nothing about it? Do you put things off until the last minute then spend more time working on the excuse than the bloody thing itself? Then this is the kind of passionate, big-issue comedy that’s right up your street. DaN aTKINSON is at the Joy Comedy Club at The Assembly, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 3NF on Mon 1 March. For tickets call 01926 523001 or visit www.

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WOW February 2010

THURS 25 FebRUaRy The funniest woman in Britain today? There’s an unwritten rule about reviewing comedy. You’re not supposed to simply repeat the gags, but to allude cleverly to their juxtaposition and thematic sense. It’s okay to quote big chunks of positive reviews though, and Jo – you’ll know her from Radio 4, from ‘Mock The Week’ and ‘Have I Got News For You’ – has plenty. The Guardian says she’s ‘scathing, bitchy and intelligent with masses of attitude’; the Observer

reckons she’s ‘an inspiration to would-be female comics’. But they don’t let on about any

of her jokes. Anyway. Shopping at Argos. “Everyone’s dressed for the gym but nobody goes”. Nights out. “Parties at people’s houses are such an effort... I can drink wine on the stairs at home.” Families. “I spoke to my mum today ‘cos... I don’t have Caller ID”. Times approximately 2,000! JO CaULFIeLD: WON’T SHUT UP is at The Stables, Stockwell Lane, Wavendon, Milton Keynes MK17 8LU on Fri 10 July. For tickets call 01908 280800 or go online at


“Mek Mi Laugh” /PSUIBNQUPO7BMFOUJOF4UBOE6Q $PNFEZ4QFDJBM Sunday 14 February It’s the finest of British Comedy with not one but four Award Winning Comedy Giants… heading the bill will be the “The Real Mckoy of Comedy” Felix Dexter, alongside the outrageous, intelligent and funny Shazia Mirza also from the Hit Comic Series “Balls of Steel” will be comic Toju and your host will be the clever and witty Victor Daniels Be prepared to witness comedy in its highest form

encompassing wit and humour and 100% entertainment. There’s no better way to spend Valentines Day, than with Mek Mi Laugh. Mek Mi Laugh is at Royal & Derngate, Sunday 14th February. Doors open at 7.00pm show time 8.00pm prompt, suitable for 18 years and over. Tickets are priced at just £12.50 from the Box Office: 01604 624811 or logon to .

WOW February 2010



F70C{B>= Fri 5 EDWARD ACZEL â&#x20AC;&#x201C; EXPLAINS ALL THE WORLDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PROBLEMS... AND THEN SOLVES THEM De Montfort Student Union Edward attempts to solve such world problems as the Credit Crunch, Climate Change and, critically, Stand-up Comedy. One of the Timesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Top 50 MustSee Shows of 2009. Sat 6 THE â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;80S MOVIE FLASHBACK The Crumblin Cookie Imagine what might have happened to your fave â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;80s movie characters over the past dozen or 15 yearsâ&#x20AC;Ś â&#x20AC;&#x153;The most ridiculous show Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever seen. I laughed so hard a little bit of wee came out.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Scott Mills, Radio 1 Sun 7 FRISKY AND MANNISHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SCHOOL OF POP Firebug Edinburgh Fringe smashes with their musical reeducation programme based around pop hits such as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Come On Eileenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Thrillerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never think of the Bangles the same way again. Mon 8 JAMES MULLINGER IS THE BAD BOY OF FEMINISM The Criterion Ten years after his university course in Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Studies, James is worried that pandering to misogynist demands on the comedy circuit is ruining his feminist


WOW February 2010

Must see! Will larf! 808oTTFMFDUJPOPGKVTUBGFXPGUIFIJHIMJHIUT BUUIJTNPOUIoT-FJDFTUFS$PNFEZ'FTUJWBMs 'SJ4VO'FCSVBSZ This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Leicester Comedy Festival is not only the biggest in Britain, but significantly bigger than last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s record breaker, running a whole week longer over an incredible 17 days.

First held in 1994, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the longest-running comedy festival in Europe. There are something like 50 venues involved. Ooyer. More than 30 gigs every night. We should be proud. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re certainly spoiled

for choice. So letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get along and have a proper larf! Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a few hot tips to whet your comedy wotsit. Full details of events, acts, times, dates and large, amusing bananas at www.

Carry On Curve /BUJPOBMDPNFEZTNBTIFTIJU-FJDFTUFS Written by and starring the same team that gave us the wonderful â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Round the Horne... Revisitedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Kenneth Williamsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; waspish wit again takes centre stage courtesy of Robin Sebas-

tian. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Stop Messing Aboutâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is set during a live recording with Ken, Joan Sims and Hugh Paddick. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s packed with sketches, parodies and songs, transporting you back to a time when

comedy meant being funny with scarcely a swear word in sight. One-night stand-up highlights at Curve include new one-man shows from Sean Lock and Russell Kane â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a thoroughly unmoderated source of knowledge and the meaningless, love-seeking jog of Human Dressage, respectively â&#x20AC;&#x201C; while Charles Ross of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;One Man Star Wars Trilogyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fame turns his comedic attention, fleetingly at least, to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Lord of the Ringsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;Ś




credentials. Jimmy Carr is a huge fan.

Charismatic comedian Joe Bor wheels out the greatest show title at the 2010 Confest.

Tue 9 BRENDON BURNS Phoenix Square The outspoken Aussie off the TV, riffing on socio-political observations and sacred cows. Wed 10 BRIDGET CHRISTIE: MY DAILY MAIL HELL Y Theatre A few years ago, working on the Daily Mail diary column, our Bridget was strangled by Gene Wilder, was fed a fish by Peter Stringfellow and saw Alan Yentob fall off a chair. Chortle’s Best Breakthrough Act 2009

Julian Clary is 50, and very much ashamed of the fact. But is he reaching for his pipe and slippers and condering a life snuggled in from of the telly? No – he’s out and about, celebrating 25 years in the camp spotlight, looking at how he got there and why he refuses to leave. Best catch him this year before they put him in a home! The manifold pleasures of an evening with Hardeep Singh Kohli show chiefly involve what

he calls “a fat Glaswegian Sikh cooking dinner whilst telling anecdotes”! Put like that, it’s an invitation we’re struggling to refuse. Hardeep’s unique, articulate and utterly charming. And one final date for your diary: Charley Boorman’s appearing at Athena on 7 March – more on that next issue.


The Full de Monty 4UFXQPUTNBMMFTUBOETFYJFTUPGGFTU CJHHVOT The blazing comedy big guns are out in force at the de Montfort Hall this month. By now, they’re mostly sold out. But our favourite of the lot is Stewart Lee, who is still to some extent a minority pleasure. We caught his new ‘If You Prefer A Milder Comedian Please Ask For One’ show at the Derngate recently: the best comedy gig this year. There’s no higher recommendation for his ComFest outing. More proof required? Ricky Gervais called him ‘The funniest, most cliché-free comedian on the circuit’. Hey, Stewart came

41st in Channel 4’s survey to find the 100 Greatest Stand-ups Ever. Sadly, however, Stew’s mother thinks Tom O’Connor the better comedian, having seen him do a joke about a sardine on a cruise ship ten years ago. And Tom isn’t even in the top 100... Sun 7 RHOD GILBERT AND THE CAT THAT LOOKED LIKE NICHOLAS LYNDHURST De Montfort Hall Tue 9 LEE MACK – GOING OUT Wed 10 STEWART LEE Thu 11-Fri 12 JIMMY CARR – RAPIER WIT

Thu 11 HOW TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE The Criterion Would you be aware of the safest place to go when the undead rise? Could you effectively kill a zombie with a Florida orange lipbalm and roll of Sellotape? It’s life or death, now or never… Fri 12 JOHN COOPER CLARKE The Musician The funniest – nah, scratch that, let’s just say ‘the best’ – poet of the 20th century. The Bard of Salford may look like a combo of death and Bob Dylan warmed up, but he makes fellow comfest billtopper Pam Ayres look like a very sick puppy indeed. Sat 13 BROKEN HOLMES The Richard Attenborough Centre Sherlock Holmes – the abusive, egotistical drug-addict – investigates a duke’s murder. A farcical parody that has had critics drooling. Sun 14 4 POOFS & A PIANO The Little Theatre Wossy’s boys, no holds barred. Mon 15 A STUDY OF EMBARRASSMENT BY A GUY WITH TWO BUMHOLES The Criterion

Tue 16 U.F.I. UNIDENTIFIED FLYING IMPROV The Basement Bar “We got nominated for the Leicester Comedy Festival Best Newcomer Award last year. We didn’t win but we were just making our stuff up, so its not bad considering the other nominees WROTE their shows…” Wed 17 ETTRICK-HOGG PRESENTS MORE MANLY SPECIMENS The Looking Glass Dr Ettrick-Hogg and enigmatic assistant Margaret Wudwud consider the subject of manliness. Thu 18 NATIONAL HILARITY SERVICE Midas Cafe Bar A brave group of junior doctors from Leicester are trying to halt the spread of swine flu using comedy alone. Turns out you weren’t alone when you said the NHS was a joke… Fri 19 TIFFANY STEVENSON - DATING DICTATORS (WORK IN PROGRESS) Bowies Elsewhere at the Fest, Tiff talks spiders. Here, she’s concerned how she’s have shape dup as Hitler’s Honey or Saddam’s Squeeze. ‘Best new act on the fringe’ if you believe the Independent. Sat 20 TOMMY TIERNAN Upper Brown Street Multi-award winning Irish superstar comic. Sex, religion, family – and precious originality. Sun 21 FUNNY WOMEN COMEDY WORKSHOP/LIVE! Y Theatre Spend the day at the Workshop with Suzy Bennett, Miss London, Katherine Ryan and more femicoms. By evening, the show is open to all.

WOW February 2010



BPX]c^aBX]WP. WOW quizzes Paul Sinha – globetrotting Comedy Fest tip-off, ex-GP and general knowledge addict! F>F All the guns on the cruiser HMS Belfast (permanently moored near Tower Bridge) are trained on which point 13 miles away? ?B I think it might be Stamford Bridge. It’s Sir Alex Ferguson’s Plan C if I’m not mistaken. F>F Sorry, Paul – it’s poor old London Gateway (formerly Scratchwood) service station on the M1! F>F You’re off to play Mumbai and Delhi in March. What’s the comedy scene like in India? ?B The nice thing about going out to India is that I don’t think anyone has a clue what it’s going to be like. What miniscule scene they have out there is hugely underdeveloped, and this is all going to be a voyage of discovery on many fronts.


At last, a comedian with a difference – and, without doubt, one of the up-and-coming punsters most likely to appearing at this year’s festival. You might have seen him on TV as a contestant on University Challenge The Professionals, on Mastermind or Egghead 2 – or heard him ridiculing the BNP Deputy Leader on live radio. Time to catch up with the irrestible Paul Sinha… and what better method than a quiz? F>F What’s your proudest quizzing moment to date? Was on TV or down the pub? ?B In June 2009, 973 people across the globe took part in the World Quizzing Championships . I finished 68th . That level of achievement was certainly my proudest moment. If I was a British tennis player, 68th in the world would have elevated me to Messianic status. As it is, I remain unmobbed.


WOW February 2010

F>F Are you still practising as a GP? Are you getting any better? ?B I think it’s best you get out of the profession a long time before you start having murderous thoughts about your elderly patients. I got out just in time. F>F True or false? Leicester-born footballer Dion Dublin’s dad is Romeo Challenger, the drummer out of Showaddywaddy. ?B As a track and field fan, I know that Romeo Challenger (Tybalt to his friends), is the dad of underperforming British high jumper Ben Challenger.

misjudged belief that the paying audience would much rather hear their half-baked imromptu interruption, than listen to the comedian they had paid to see. I really have never heard a good one. F>F On Mastermind, you majored on Magellan. What was it that attracted you to a 16th century Spanish explorer? ?B Although Magellan sailed for the Spanish he was actually a Portugese explorer. It was his short compact tragic life that attracted me. I thought there would be a finite number of questions that could be asked. I was right, but still managed to mess it up. F>F How much does the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral weigh? (We’ll give you to the nearest ton). ?B I am a little over 80kg. I imagine that the dome is 20,000 times heavier than me. So my answer is 1600 tonnes. F>F It’s a cool 64,000 tons! F>F What’s the best Indian food/ restaurant you’ve ever eaten/enjoyed? ?B I’d like to give a shout out to Kayal up near Leicester station, whose Indian vegetarian food is great . But I’m a meat eater at heart and so I shall plump for a Knightsbridge restaurant called Shezan that I went to in about 1982 which was phenomenal and had king prawns the size of footballs. F>F What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

F>F That’s right – it’s a widely held urban myth that Dion is his son.

?B I would sit in Tony Blair’s office, pretend to be God, and convince him to apologise.

F>F What’s the best heckle you’ve ever heard? Come across any strange ones at gigs you’ve played around the world?

Total WOW Factor for Paul and his show: 10/10… and no passes.

?B A heckle is one man or woman’s totally

Fri 5 PAUL SINHA Phoenix Square



The Wolfman.



Emily Blunt as Gwen Conliffe RElEASE DATE: FEBRuARY 12 Universal Studios resurrects the classic beast with this tale of an American who experiences an unsettling transformation after returning to his ancestral home in Victorian-era Great Britain and being attacked by a rampaging werewolf. His brother having recently vanished without a trace, haunted nobleman Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) returns to his family estate to investigate. What he discovers upon reuniting with his estranged father (Anthony Hopkins), however, is a destiny far darker than his blackest nightmares. As a young boy, the untimely death of his mother caused Talbot to grow up before his time. Though Talbot would attempt to bury his pain in the past by leaving the quiet Victorian hamlet of Blackmoor behind, the past returns

with a vengeance when his brotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fiancĂŠe, Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), convinces him to return home and aid the search for his missing brother. But something monstrous has been stalking the residents of Blackmoor from the nighttime shadows, something not quite human. Not even recently arrived Scotland Yard inspector Aberline (Hugo Weaving) can dream up a rational explanation for the gruesome spell that has been cast over Blackmoor, yet rumors of an ancient curse persist to this very day. According to legend, the afflicted will experience a horrific transformation by the light of the full moon, their animal rage becoming far too powerful for their human bodies to contain. Now, the woman Talbot loves is in mortal danger, and in order to protect her he must venture into the moonlit woods

ASTRO BOY Released: Fri 5th February The tale of a true hero, Astro boy is the story of a young robot with incredible powers created by a scientist and powered by Blue Energy.

and destroy the beast before it destroys her. This isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t your typical hunt, because before the beast can be slain, a simple man will uncover a primal side of himself that he never knew existed. Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker pens a film directed by Joe Johnston and featuring creature effects by special-effects makeup legend Rick Baker..

Hugo Weaving as Det. Aberline cERTiFicATE: TBC gENRE:Mythical horror cAST: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, Art Malik RuNNiNg TiME: TBC

3D BATTlE FOR TERRA Released: Fri 12th February When Terra is invaded by human beings fleeing a civil war and environmental catastrophe, the planet is plunged into chaos. During the upheaval, Mala befriends an injured human pilot and each learns the two races are not so different from one another. MY NAME iS KhAN Released: Fri 12th February Theirs was a storybook romance told against the shadow of a great American city, until a series of lifechanging events threatened more than just their own happiness. PERcY JAcKSON AND ThE OlYMPiANS: ThE lighTNiNg ThiEF Released: Fri 12th February itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jacksonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greek mythology texts and into his life. And theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not happy: Zeusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect.

WOW February 2010


.07*&4 POnyO Released: Fri 12th February The story of a young and overeager goldfish named Ponyo and her quest to become human ThE blInD sIDE Released: Fri 12th February The blind side depicts the remarkable true story of AllAmerican football star michael Oher. VAlEnTInEs DAy Released: Fri 12th February â&#x20AC;&#x153;Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dayâ&#x20AC;? follows the intertwining story lines of a group of los Angelinos as they find their way through romance over the course of one Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. CRAzy hEART Released: Fri 19th February bad blake is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. shuTTER IslAnD Released: Fri 19th February The story of two u.s. marshals, Teddy Daniels (leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (mark Ruffalo), who are summoned to a remote and barren island off the coast of massachusetts to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a murderess from the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fortress-like hospital for the criminally insane. ThE lAsT sTATIOn Released: Fri 19th February When sofya discovers that Tolstoyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trusted disciple may have secretly convinced her husband to sign a new will, she is consumed by righteous outrage. using every trick of cunning and seduction in her arsenal, she fights fiercely for what she believes is hers.


WOW February 2010

Invictus .BOEFMBIBTIJTIFBEJOUIFHBNF RElEAsEDATE: FEbRuARy 12Th From Clint Eastwood comes, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Invictusâ&#x20AC;?. The inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) formed an alliance with the captain of South Africaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rugby team, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), in order to help bring their country together. The newly elected President, Nelson Mandela knows that his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. In the belief that he can join his people together through the means of sport, a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Universal languageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Mandela calls upon South Africaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s underdog rugby team as they make an unlikely run to the 1995 World Cup Championship match. Warner Bros. Pictures, in association with Spyglass En-

tertainment, presents â&#x20AC;&#x153;Invictus,â&#x20AC;? starring Oscar winners Morgan Freeman (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bruce Almightyâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Dark Knightâ&#x20AC;?) and Matt Damon (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Good Will Hunting,â&#x20AC;? the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bourneâ&#x20AC;? series ). The film is produced by Eastwood; Lori McCreary, under her and Freemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Revelations Entertainment banner; Eastwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longtime producing partner Robert Lorenz, for Malpaso Productions; and Mace Neufeld for Mace Neufeld Productions. The screenplay is written by native South African, Anthony Peckham, based upon the book Playing the Enemy, by John Carlin. The executive producers are Freeman, Tim Moore, and Spyglass Entertainmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum. Re-teaming with Eastwood, the behind-the-scenes creative

team is led by director of photography Tom Stern, production designer James J. Murakami, editors Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach, and costume designer Deborah Hopper, all recently worked with the director on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gran Torino.â&#x20AC;? CERTIFICATE: TBC GEnRE: Fact based Drama DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood CAsT: Morgan Freeman. Matt Damon RunnInG TImE: TBC

youth In Revolt #F#BE(FUUIFHJSM RElEAsEDATE: FEbRuARy 5Th Superbadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Michael Cera discovers a vacation romance in Youth in Revolt, a teen comedy from Charlie Bartlettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s screenwriter, Gustin Nash, and director Miguel Arteta (Chuck & Buck). The film is an adaptation of C.D. Payneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first book in a series of best-selling satirical novels starring Nick Twisp, a sexually charged 14-year-old whose intelligence and hormones get him into all sorts of adventures As a teenage fan of Albert Camus and Jean-Luc Godard, Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) is most definitely out of his element when his mother and her boyfriend move the family to a trailer park. When a pretty

neighbor named Sheeni (Portia Doubleday) plays records by French crooners, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love at first sight for frustrated Nick. Nick is an aspiring novelist and a voracious reader of classic prose, he is also overly nice, polite to his elders and a virgin. But when lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s circumstances threaten to separate him from his new love, the complicated and mischievous, Sheeni, Nick does what any rational young man would do, he creates an dangerous alter ego.. an alter ego named Francois Dilinger. A bold man of action, but a harsh, cold, calculating and deceptive man. Most importantly, Francois is irresistable to women and is by no means afraid to do what it takes so that Nick can

be with Sheeni. Upon learning that Sheeni is already dating someone, Nick launches a hilarious quest to find his way into Sheeniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart, and bed. CERTIFICATE: TBC GEnRE: Romantic Comedy DIRECTOR: Miguel Arteta CAsT: Michael Cera, RunnInG TImE: TBC


See the best in film

ExtraOrdinary MEaSurES released: Fri 26th February inspired by the true story of John Crowley, a man who defied conventional wisdom and great odds, and risked his familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s future to pursue a cure for his childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life threatening disease. From his working class roots, John Crowley has finally begun to taste success in corporate america. John is on the fast track. But just as his career is taking off, Crowley walks away ...

"XBSETFBTPOIJUTUIF'PSVN$JOFNB With the awards season in full flow, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss this chance to see the best in film at the Forum Cinema, Northampton. Screening an exciting selection of films, highlights include the acclaimed George Clooney comedy Up In the Air and Clint Eastwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest, Invictus with Morgan Freeman as South African president, Nelson Mandela. Offering a relaxing and unique experience, enjoy the best in award-winning film at the Forum Cinema.

4FMFDUFEIJHIMJHIUT JODMVEF The Boys are Back(12A) Fri 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tues 16 Feb Nine(12A) Fri 19 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tues 23 Feb Up in the Air(15)

Phoenix Square: Film and digital media midland Street leiceSter le1 1tg Box oFFice: 0116 242 2800 general enquirieS: 0116 242 2803 FeBruary Film liStingS here are our Full liStingS For FilmS Programmed thiS FeBruary, all Scheduled timeS are included. all inFormation correct at time oF Print. mon 1 nine: 1Pm, 9Pm Still Walking: 3.45Pm, 6.15Pm the red ShoeS: 12Pm, 5.45Pm 44 inch cheSt: 3.15Pm, 9.30Pm tue 2 nine: 6Pm Still Walking: 3Pm, 9Pm the red ShoeS: 2.30Pm, 8.30Pm 44 inch cheSt: 5.30Pm Wed 3 nine: 3Pm, 9Pm Still Walking: 6Pm the red ShoeS: 5.30Pm 44 inch cheSt: 2.30Pm, 8.30Pm thu 4 nine: 6.15Pm Still Walking: 3Pm, 9Pm the red ShoeS: 2.30Pm, 8.30Pm 44 inch cheSt: 5.45Pm Fri 5 toy Story 2 (3d): 1.30Pm, 4Pm Blade runner: 10Pm uP in the air: 1Pm, 6.15Pm the BoyS are Back: 3.30Pm, 9.15Pm

Sat 6 toy Story 2 (3d): 11am, 1.15Pm, 3.30Pm uP in the air: 12Pm, 8.45Pm alexander nevSky: 5.30Pm the BoyS are Back: 3Pm Sun 7 toy Story 2 (3d): 6Pm uP in the air: 3Pm, 8.45Pm the BoyS are Back: 12Pm mon 8 katalin varga: 12Pm, 4.30Pm toy Story 2 (3d): 2Pm uP in the air: 1Pm, 6.15Pm the BoyS are Back: 3.30Pm, 9Pm tue 9 katalin varga: 1Pm, 3.15Pm the BoyS are Back: 5.30Pm uP in the air: 8Pm Wed 10 henri-george cluzotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S inFerno: 1Pm, 3.30Pm uP in the air: 2Pm, 8.30Pm the BoyS are Back: 5Pm thu 11 henri-george cluzotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S inFerno: 1Pm, 3.30Pm uP in the air: 5Pm the BoyS are Back: 2Pm, 8.30Pm Fri 12 a Single man: 1Pm, 3.30Pm a ProPhet: 12.30Pm, 7Pm PreciouS: 4Pm BurleSque undreSSed: 11Pm the Big SleeP: 1.30Pm, 6.45Pm dirty dancing: 4.30Pm, 9Pm

Fri 26 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tues 2 Mar The Lovely Bones(12A) Fri 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tues 16 Mar

3.30Pm, 6.15Pm, 8.45Pm the umBrellaS oF cherBourg: 12.30Pm & 5.45 Pm a ProPhet: 4Pm PreciouS: 1.15Pm, 7.30Pm the Piano: 3Pm, 8.15Pm Sun 14 a Single man: 3Pm, 6Pm, 8.30Pm a ProPhet: 2.30Pm PreciouS: 5.15Pm, 8Pm BrieF encounter: 2Pm, 6.30Pm Pretty Woman: 4Pm, 9Pm mon 15 a Single man: 1Pm, 3.30Pm, 6Pm, 8.30Pm a ProPhet: 3Pm, 9Pm PreciouS: 12.30Pm, 6.30Pm tue 16 a Single man: 3.30Pm, 6Pm, 8.30Pm a ProPhet: 5.45Pm PreciouS: 3Pm, 9Pm Wed 17 a Single man: 3.30Pm, 6.30Pm, 9Pm a ProPhet: 3Pm, 8.30Pm PreciouS: 6Pm thu 18 a Single man: 3Pm, 8.30Pm a ProPhet: 6Pm PreciouS: 3.30Pm, 9Pm Fri 19 Ponyo: 12Pm (JaPaneSe - SuBtitled), 5.30Pm (duBBed) invictuS: 2.30Pm, 8Pm JeSuS chriSt, vamPire hunter: 11Pm a Single man: 3.30Pm, 8.30Pm the headleSS Woman: 1Pm, 6Pm Sat 20 Ponyo: 11am (duBBed), 1.15Pm (duBBed) invictuS: 3.30Pm

FOrUM CINEMA, Weston Favell Centre, Northampton 01604 837 007

FrOM pariS With LOvE released: Fri 26th February a low-ranking intelligence operative (Jonathan rhys Meyers) in France takes on more than he bargained for when he partners with a wisecracking, fast-shooting, high-ranking u.S. agent (John travolta) whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been sent to paris to stop a terrorist attack.

a Single man: 6.30Pm the headleSS Woman: 1.45Pm, 4Pm, 9Pm triumPh oF the Will: 2.30Pm, 7Pm Sun 21 Ponyo: 3.15Pm (duBBed), 9Pm (JaPaneSe - SuBtitled) invictuS: 12Pm, 6Pm a Single man: 2Pm, 8Pm the headleSS Woman: 5Pm triumPh oF the Will: 2.30Pm, 6.30Pm mon 22 Ponyo: 1Pm (JaPaneSe - SuBtitled), 6.15Pm (duBBed) invictuS: 3.15Pm, 8.30Pm a Single man: 1.30Pm, 6.30Pm the headleSS Woman: 4Pm, 9Pm tue 23 Ponyo: 3.30Pm (JaPaneSe - SuBtitled), 9Pm (JaPaneSe - SuBtitled) invictuS: 6Pm a Single man: 8.30Pm the headleSS Woman: 3Pm, 5.30Pm Wed 24 Ponyo: 6Pm (duBBed) invictuS: 3Pm, 8.30Pm a Single man: 3.30Pm, 9Pm the headleSS Woman: 6.30Pm thu 25 Ponyo: 3Pm (JaPaneSe SuBtitled), 9Pm (duBBed) invictuS: 5.45Pm a Single man: 3.30Pm the headleSS Woman: 6.15Pm, 8.30Pm Fri 26 caFeBar & Box oFFice oPen only Sat27 cloSed Sun28 cloSed

Sat 13 a Single man: 12.45Pm,

WOW February 2010


<DB82 .64*$


Yasmin Levy 5IF4FOUJSUPVS WEDNESDAY 10 FEBRUARY Yasmin Levy is, in the words of The Guardian, ‘the next world music superstar.’ Her exquisite and passionate vocal style combines the purity of Ladino (the Judeo-Spanish music of Spain) and the fiery heart of flamenco. In her new album Sentir (World Village), produced by the acclaimed Javier Limón (who has worked previously with the likes of Portuguese fado star Mariza), she has found a vision that integrates these musical directions. With Sentir, Yasmin’s music truly becomes ‘of the world’. YASMIN LEvY - SENTIR TOUR Town Hall, Victoria Square Birmingham, B3 3DQ. 7.30pm, Wed 10 Feb. £16.50. Call the Box Office on 0121 780 3333 or visit

To promote your event: email


WOW February 2010

F70C{B>= If you only go to 20 gigs this month… with DJ Fontana Mon 1 CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS Taylor John’s House Coventry PETER HAMMILL The Assembly Leamington Tue 2 JON ALLEN The Stables Milton Keynes Wed 3 RAMMSTEIN LG Arena Birmingham Thu 4 LOSTPROPHETS De Montfort Hall Leicester KATHRYN TICKELL BAND Warwick Arts Centre Coventry Fri 5 JLS LG Arena Birmingham OFF THE WALL - PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE Bedworth Civic Hall Sun 7 OCEAN COLOUR SCENE Kasbah Coventry


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Havana let’s go 5IFMJWF-BUJOFTTFODFPG$VCB WED 17 FEB & MON 1 MARCH For fans of the Buena Vista Social Club, a polyrhythmic live treat is about to rumble across the Midland Plain – an extravagant showcase of the very best musicians and dancers Cuba has to offer. In all these salsa, rhumba and mambo rhythms, you can hear African percussion – ‘mambo’ means ‘conversations with the gods’ – American swing trumpet stylings and Spanish instrumentation, a heady mix that will transport you into the sticky night-time heat of the Pearl of the Caribbean – in downtown Leicester/MK. The costumes! The singers! The songs! to a record 1.5 billion viewers in 80 nations. Expect a crowd!

PASION DE BUENA VISTA is at is at the Royal and Derngate, Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1DP on Wed 17 Febuary. For tickets call the box office on 01604 624811 or go online at www. Then at De Montfort Hall, Granville Road, Leicester LE1 7RU on Mon 1 March. For tickets call the box office on 0116 233 3111 or visit

Tartan army -FT.D,FPXO3PMMTCBDLUIFZFBST FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY With over 300 million albums sold worldwide, Les McKeown knows a thing or two about squealing crowds, rock ‘n’ roll excess and replacing the bottom five inches of his trouser legs with two inches of tartan. Les was the original voice on every Bay City Rollers hit, when Rollermania rivalled Beatlemania and the Scottish kids went to number 1 on 40 countries worldwide. But some things never change. And we’re pleased to announce that five of them are ‘Shang A Lang’, ‘Summer Love Sensation’, ‘Remember’, ‘All Of Me Loves All Of You’ and – the biggest selling song of 1975 – ‘Bye Bye Baby’.to a record 1.5 billion viewers in 80 nations. Expect a crowd!

ROLLERMANIA Is at The Castle Theatre, Castle Way, Wellingborough, NN8 1XA on Fri 5 February. Tickets cost £17.50 (£15.50) Birthday Party members 15% off. For tickets call the box office on 01933 270 007 or online at www.thecastle.

WOW February 2010



Strung Out Sisters Female string and vocal trio

Providing musical entertainment for weddings and corporate functions for over 15 years. For more info/bookings call 01858 431 304 or log onto

Mon 8 YASMIN LEVY The Stables MK

Tue 9 Feb JACKIE LEVEN The Musician Leicester Thu 11 ASHLEY HUTCHINGS & KEN NICOL The Castle Wellingborough Sat 13 LOST LEVELS Roadmender Northampton ELKIE BROOKS Royal Spa Centre Leamington Mon 15 HOT CHIP Rock City Nottingham Tue 16 ATILA The Stables MK Thu 18 DENNIS LOCORRIERE + ANDY FAIRWEATHER LOW Derngate Northampton Fri 19 BURY TOMORROW Roadmender Northampton GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS Stamford Arts Centre Sat 20 SWING OUT SISTER The Stables MK BACK FOR GOOD Derngate Northampton Wed 24 PETER ANDRE De Montfort Hall Leicester FREDDIE LEE PETERKIN NEC Birmingham Sat 27 THE BLUES BROTHERS Derngate Northampton


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WOW February 2010

Jacko lives! *OUIFGPSNPGB GVOLZGFNNFoT HVJUBS THURS 18 FEBRUARY Upon the tragic death of Michael Jackson last year, and the subsequent release of the rehearsal footage movie ‘This Is It’, guitarist Jennifer Batten received almost as much publicity across the world as the man himself – if only it could have been in different circumstances. Now Jennifer – Michael’s guitarist for 3 World Tours and Jeff Beck’s dual axewielder on two – is on tour in her own right, playing a show features her very own tribute to the King of Pop. All the guitar mags agree she’s something totally special – as hinted at by her half-time performance

during Superbowl XXVII which aired to a record 1.5 billion viewers in 80 nations. Expect a crowd!

JENNIFER BATTEN IS at The Stables, Thurs 18 February. For tickets call 01908 280800 or go online at

Kathryn Cartwright 'MVUFSFDJUBM SUNDAY 07 FEBRUARY Six years ago, Kathryn Cartwright performed at the first concert of the Great Bowden Recital Series. Some 20 concerts later, she will be joining them to perform works from Romantic composers such as Doppler and Ganne to 20th Century composers such as Martinu, Francaix and Taktakishvili. Kathryn has performed in the UK and France, Norway, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. Her orchestral work has included: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, New London Sinfonietta, West London Opera and various West End Shows. Kathryn’s Chamber work includes playing with the Collegiate Wind Ensemble, The Bergamot En-

semble and the Washburn Trio. Other solo work includes performing and recording new works for composers including Cecelia McDowall, Kit Turnbull, Nigel Clark, Paul Max Edlin and Roxanna Panufnik. She has performed on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Hereford and Worcester.

KATHRYN CARTWRIGHT is at at St Peter & St Paul Parish Church, Great Bowden, Market Harborough, 3pm Sunday 07 February. Tickets £8, Concessions £6.50, from ABC Music, 7 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough or by telephone on 01858 463144


Timeslip talent


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Sun 28 EDUARDO NIEBLA The Stables MK EX-LOVERS Roadmender Northampton JAZZ & CLASSICAL Thu 4 COURTNEY PINE Assembly Leamington

MON 22, WED 24 FEBRUARY, TUES 2, THURS 4 MARCH We thought we’d nodded off and woken up in 1979 when the latest dates came through from the wonderful deco ballroom The Assembly in Leamington Spa. We should be so lucky! Time to squeeze into our tight trousers and make with the, ahem, hair gel to welcome back some favourites from back in the day First up is sometime New Romantic and full-time Mrs.

Robert Fripp, Toyah Willcox in her new band The Humans, which also features Him Indoors. Cult US avant-garde rockers Pere Ubu appear in one of only five UK dates, not just playing guitars but choreographed parts and dramatic roles as well. The Beat won’t have far to travel to Leamington – just the odd 30 years. And, best of all, Sheffield funkers Heaven 17 return to perform their classic ‘Penthouse and Pavement’

live to celebrate its 30th Anniversary.!

THE HUMANS MON 22, LONG LIVE PERE UBU – THE SPECTACLE WED 24, THE BEAT + PAULINE BLACK (FROM THE SELECTER) THU 4 MAR, HEAVEN 17 TUE 2 MAR is at The Assembly, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 3NF. For tickets call 01926 523001 or visit www.leamingtonassembly. com

Coco Montoya out as a bandleader in 1993, Montoya has released four solo albums and has performed non-stop at clubs, concert halls and major festivals all over the world. At every show, fans’ jaws dropped, and critics raved about Montoya’s mind-bending guitar licks and impassioned vocals. “The fiery blues that issue forth from Coco Montoya’s guitar are awe-inspiring and boogie requiring,” shouted The Village


#MJTUFSJOHDPOUFNQPSBSZCMVFTDPNFT8JMCBSTUPO SUNDAY 7 MARCH Over the course of his 30-year career, guitarist and vocalist Coco Montoya’s explosive guitar playing and soul-driven voice have propelled him to the upper reaches of the blues-rock world. John Mayall happened to catch Montoya at a jam session and was blown away. This led to Montoya’s touring the world for ten years with the legendary Bluesbreakers. Since stepping

Sat 6 BARDI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA De Montfort Hall Leicester

Voice. “Blistering, pure blues,” cheered Blues Revue. Now, with Can’t Look Back (AL 4885), Montoya turns up the intensity with another dose of his feral, soul-stirring music..

COCO MONTOYA Wilbarston Hall, Carlton Road, Leicestershire, LE16 8QD SUNDAY 7th March

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Joules Yard Market Harborough

Open Mic Night Every third Thursday of the month. See Talented local musicians or showcase your own ability. Entrance free

Do you have a gig or venue you want to tell people about? Send your listings to WOW What’s On Where, 57 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough LE16 7DS or email them to sales@wowwhatsonwhere. To advertise, call a member of our sales team on 01858 439 999.

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Sgt. Pepperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  F8= F>F Lonely hearts F8C7

WOW has teamed up with the Symphony Hall, Birmingham to give away a pair of tickets to see Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Show at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham on Saturday 11 March AND the BBC Big Band: Duke Ellingtons Sounds of Harlem on Friday 12 March at the Town Hall, Birmingham For the chance to win, just tell us what makes you say â&#x20AC;&#x153;WOW!â&#x20AC;?. Send your answer along with your name, address, phone number and email address to WOW MUSIC, WOW Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On Where, 50 St Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Road, Market Harborough LE16 7DU. Closing date for entries is Thursday 10 March.

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WOW February 2010

club Show



ThurSday 11 March This stunning new note-fornote production brings one of rock â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; rollâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greatest landmark albums back to life in truly breathtaking fashion. Featuring some of the best musicians from the Fab Fourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own home town of Liverpool, and backed by a spellbinding new light show, original big screen animations and a host of fun surprises, this show is

a must for Beatles fans old and new. The performance of Sgt Pepper in its entirety will be followed by an hour of Beatles classics live. ÂŁ1 from every ticket sold will go directly to the Beatles Day Foundation* *The Beatles Day Foundation is a charitable trust that raises money for many worthy causes particularly those improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people SgT. PePPerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOneLy hearTS cLuB ShOW, Thu 11 Mar, 8.00pm. Symphony Hall, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA. Call the Box Office on 0121 780 3333 or visit www.

BBc Big Band: %VLF&MMJOHUPOoT4PVOETPG)BSMFN Friday 12 March Celebrating the music of one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most influential musicians, Duke Ellington, at Town Hall on 12 March,

the BBC Big Band, led by the irrepressible Jiggs Whigham are joined by Birmingham star vocalist Jaki Graham for Cotton Club â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Dukeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; classics as well as reprisals of The Nutcracker and Peer Gynt suites.

BBc Big Band: Duke Ellingtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sounds of Harlem at the Town Hall, Victoria Square Birmingham, B3 3DQ. Fri 12 March, 7.30pm. ÂŁ12.50, ÂŁ16.50, ÂŁ19.50 Call the Box Office on 0121 780 3333 or visit www.

WedneSday 3 March Saxophonist Courtney Pine, who was awarded a C.B.E for services to music in the 2009 New Year Honours is back touring with his critically acclaimed Transition in Tradition album set. Courtneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 12th album and his debut release on his own label Destin-e World, not only pays tribute to the first great saxophone star Sidney Bechet, but also marks several new forays into sound for the groundbreaking Jazz Warrior. Pulling together a heavyweight musical line-up that draws influences from Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, the set is as deep as the legacy of jazz, as it is reflective of their collective musical heritage. A change in instrumentation sees Pineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bass Clarinet take centre stage on many occasions, alongside Harmonium, Castanets and Mandolin and the resulting sound is like no other Courtney Pine record. . cOurTney PineJTat the Town Hall, Victoria Square Birmingham, B3 3DQ. Wed 3 Mar 2010 7:30pmCall the Box Office on 0121 780 3333 or visit

0ACB "354


J Gallery’s 3rd Spring Open Exhibition $MPTJOHEBUFGPSFOUSZGPSNTIBTCFFOFYUFOEFEUP'FCUI March 25 - april 30 Northampton’s contemporary arts gallery is pleased to announce the 3rd annual exhibition of contemporary arts. This is a unique showcase for art of all styles and media encompassing paintings, sculpture, photography, prints, and architectural models. A selection committee whose

members include practicing artists and lecturers curate the exhibition. The majority of works will be for sale and artists are encouraged to enter work, which is available for sale. The selection committee is keen to see new and exciting sculptures for interior and exterior areas. An artist is entitled to submit 3 pieces of work for which there

is a handling fee of £25(which is non refundable) Entry Forms may be purchased from the gallery admissions office . To obtain an Entry Form please register with

us in one of the following ways Via the Web site or telephone jgallery 01604 492192Telephone us 0n 01604 492192 or e-mail info@jgallery.

Details of the events surrounding the Exhibition and further details of the artist can be obtained from:- jGallery 25 West Street Moulton Northampton NN3 7SB. Office 01604 492192 website Contact

WOW February 2010



Poole Pottery brings alive the heritage behind the brand

For further details please contact enquiries@ or contact the design studio on +44 (0) 1782 525 422

4FFUIFJSOFX #SJUJTIQSPEVDFE DFSBNJDUBCMFXBSF DPMMFDUJPOTBUUIF#JSNJOHIBN4QSJOH'BJSBUUIF/&$ SUN 7 - THUR 11 FebRUARY Drawing inspiration from its heritage Poole Pottery introduces a new British Cream ware collection titled ‘Delftware’. The collection comprises of Dinner plate, Side plate, Cereal Bowl, Tea cup, Saucer and Mug all of which are adorned with the Pottery’s nostalgic blue bird design applied to the forms to offer contemporary design with traditional values. The collection is reminiscent of the 1950’s original Poole Pottery design which has been captured in this timeless tableware series as it flows across the forms which have been specially created to work in harmony with the surface design. In harmony with the Potteries ability to harbour nostalgia through design is the new tableware and serve ware series titled ‘Fish and Chips’. Inspired by the Great


WOW February 2010

British love for Fish and Chips and celebrating the British coastline it draws inspiration from old newspaper print which once held Cod, Chips and Mushy Peas. One of the most requested foods at Wedding receptions in the UK is Fish and Chips and what bat-

ter (better) way to celebrate the nation’s most famous dish than on a British made and British designed plate. Created by award winning designer Andrew Tanner for Poole Pottery, Fish and Chips offers a true souvenir from England whilst creating a conversation piece on any table. Get the salt and vinegar ready and the champagne on ice! Poole Pottery is renowned for collaborating with ceramic visionaries and 2010 sees two new collections created by the guest designers at Poole. Janice Tchalenko is recognised as both artisan and potter and in 2010 a new collection joins the popular ceramicists portfolio exclusive to Poole Pottery. ‘Poppy’ as the name suggests leans upon vibrant colours and striking imagery in this new serve ware collection, rich in drama and energy. In contrast the new collection from the Poole design studio enti-

tled ‘Kelp’ has been created to adorn the surfaces of Janice’s original forms and brings the ocean to the table with imagery of seaweed and kelp. More people than ever before are growing in the garden and serving straight onto the plate leading to the story behind the new collection of tableware aptly titled ‘Allotment’ which celebrates the green fingered nation of novice gardeners. This embossed tableware series depicts imagery which emerges from the surface of the plate in a sensual and nostalgic collection which acts as the perfect blank canvas for home grown, home cooked food. Each item houses a different hand picked selection of vegetables and fruit which can be found on the great British fruit and vegetable patch. This series is designed exclusively for Poole Pottery by award winning designer Andrew Tanner. The pottery leans upon its charm and whit with the creation of 6 new Mugs designed to bring a smile to the office and home. ‘Teatime Teasers’ is inspired by quizzes, word searches and newspaper teasers. Each mug houses a cryptic quote to unravel whilst taking your tea break and teasing onlookers to guess what is written on the mug. Wood etched drawings offer a clue to the answers which include ‘I love Chocolate’, ‘More Tea Vicar’ and ‘Fancy Pants’. Poole Pottery is moving with the times and what better way to celebrate British Design and British Manufacture.…



Sat 6 - Sun 18 FEBRuaRY The timeless crafts of patchwork and quilting may be centuries old, passed down through generations the world over, but the resulting artworks remain perfectly in tune with the modern day. Cushy Numbers, the latest exhibition at 78 Derngate’s Gallery Upstairs, capitalises on Northamptonshire’s hotbed of quilting talent, presenting stunning breadth of work. The styles

and subject matter are as far flung as the pieces themselves, involving every imaginable technique, style, colour and size in a beautiful range of bags, framed pictures, bedspreads and table runners. Entry is free, so come along for a coffee and admire the work of local artists and groups including the Hamtune Quilters (the ladies behind this fun footwear quilt) Barton Patchers and Higham Piecemakers. CuSHY nuMBERS is at The Gallery Upstairs, 78 Derngate: The Charles Rennie Mackintosh House & Galleries Northampton NN1 IUH. Sat 6-Sun 18 February. Tel: 01604 603 407

a History of the Midlands 8IJDIPCKFDUTUFMMUIFTUPSZPGZPVSBSFB As an extension of the brilliant idea behind the BBC Radio 4 series A History of the World in 100 Objects – which uses the British Museum’s collection as its base – every BBC Local site is now listing 10 objects telling the story of that region. And in pride of place in the history of the West Midlands there loom two key objects housed in Rugby museums. Between 1956 and 1959, the vintage electronic Cold Cathode Clock now at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum was used to transmit the ‘pips’ time signal by which every UK clock was set. Beamed out from Rugby Radio Station, the clock was amazingly accurate, providing a time signal that would be out by no more than one second every 18 months.

The 1851 rugby ball at the Webb Ellis Rugby Football Museum (housed right opposite Rugby School) was made by William Gilbert to be exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition. Gilbert was the earliest rugby football manufacturer, and the first to

promote himself on this sort of commercial level. RugBY aRt gallERY and MuSEuM Little Elborow Street Rugby CV21 3BZ Tel: 01788 533205

WOW February 2010



8c{bX]cWTQPVr We women have known for years that stuffing keys and purses into pockets just isn’t a good look, so a handbag is essential. And now manbags are no longer laughed at, so our men have no excuse for not looking stylish – or asking you to keep hold of their stuff!


he wow team was fascinated by the stylish and fun manbags we came across some really quite expensive, as well as some statement pieces. But how do we feel about our men spending so much money on a bag? Maybe we could borrow it? You know what’s yours is mine! And we’re curious: what does he keep in his bag? And if he’s using it

for work, will his laptop fit in, as well as all his other accoutrements? Perhaps that’s just a question we would prefer to remain unanswered. Well, we girls have had the contents of our bags ridiculed for years, so now maybe it’s time to expose the contents of the new man’s bag. And for all the handbag aficionados out there, the WOW team is pleased to confirm there is no drop in popularity.



WOW February 2010

We as a nation are still loving our bags, although big is becoming smaller. Does this reflect the buyers’ budgets, I wonder? Well, at least a smaller bag will ease our aching shoulders and force us to leave the kitchen sink at home. We reckon that with smaller bags, we can have more. Now that’s a great philosophy!





1. Mini Printed Business Folio, £210, Paul Smith, www., 0207 379 7133 / www.john-anthony. com, 01225 442856. 2. Orla Kiely Grey/Cream Laptop Bag £89.99, Tripp. 3. Orla Kiely Multi Car Medium Tote £79.99, Tripp. 4. Blue leather despatch bag £285 Diesel, House of Fraser. 5. Despatch Leather Satchel £99, Marks & Spencer 6. Blue Polo w/coloured Trim £10, Black Leather Belt £25, Brown Leather Boots £40, Jacamo. 7. Messenger Bag - £28.00, Next. 8. Leather Briefcase £75.00, Next. 9. Textured Leather Satchel Brown, £150, French Connection.













questions you would like to ask our expert, please write to: Adam @ Vivid Hair, C/O WOW, 50 St Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7DU.

All you need is love "EBN$MFHHGSPN7JWJE)BJSQPOEFSTUIFWJSUVFTPGMPWF BOEUFMMTVTBCPVUTPNFHSFBUOFXUSFBUTGSPNUIFTBMPO 8IBUJTMPWF A loverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kiss Innocent bliss Holding hands Running barefoot in the sand Fate A soul mate Kissing at the school gate Is it a feeling in your tummy? A Childs love for mummy Love is many things to all of us. It surrounds us in song, it

consumes us in verse. In films that we watch in the books we read and on the television. There is no getting away from the most potent & powerful word in the English language. We have all either got it, lost it or looking for it! I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know of any other word that is used in such diverse ways. It is just as valid to say that you love chocolate or that you â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;loveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

a random actor/singer/band that you will never actually meet as it is to say you have found the love of your life. Anyway enough of the slushy stuff already! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not just here to promote the virtues of love but to let you know how during the month of love (or February as itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more commonly known) we are offering you a little piece for less. From our Davines essential haircare range we bring you 2 kinds of love First up is Love curl a shampoo which is clean & fresh and when used with the love curl conditioner will enhance your luscious curls. Next is Love smooth shampoo

Davines â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Loveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; range


WOW February 2010

& conditioner essential for smoothing out those frizzy dry locks. You can get these â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;lovelyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (sorry) products in salon now. So what are you waiting for lets spread a little love this month. Remember beauty will save the world And sustainability will make it happen. Love Adam

VVID HAIR is at 44 St Marys Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7DU. To book an appointment telephone 01858 468 394


Focus on the summer ,BSB1PUUFSGSPN5IF#FBVUZ.BOPSUFMMTVTBCPVUB CSBOEOFXTMJNNJOHSBOHFUPEFUPYGPSTVNNFS With Christmas all over and through the first month already, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to start focusing on the summer and what better way than the New Launch of DECLEOR Slim Effect Range. Being launched in February and replacing the Contour Range, this new range takes on a whole new purpose. DECLEOR have researchers all over the world, working constantly to find the best ingredients for our clients, so this new range is no exception. Research has drawn on the expertise of Plants and Aromatherapy, and discovered the finest ingredients which targets Refining and Firming the skin to create:

"SPNFTTFODF4MJN&G GFDU Which has a draining affect and is a contouring serum.

#BVNF4MJN&GGFDU This luxury balm has the powers to drain away any toxins from the body and leaves your skin soft and velvety.

4MJN&GGFDU This is a gel cream which targets stubborn areas of cellulite.

8IPXJMMCFOFäU Anyone who suffers with cel-

lulite, appearance of orange peel, bloatedness, puffy ankles, weight gain, water retention and slack skin. Cellulite effects up to 90% of women and Fat cells can swell up to 60 times their normal size

1307&/3&46-540' 5)&"30.&44&/$& 4-*.&''&$5 Reduction in bloating sensations for 75% of women.

1307&/3&46-540' 5)&4-*.&''&$5(&- $3&". 1cm reduction in hip measurement for 8 out of 10 women. Behind the results and who will benefit, is the ingredients and with DECLEOR one of the best skincares dealing with Essential Oils and Plant Extracts, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no wonder this range is one of their best yet. The formula behind Slim Effect is the Refining Aromatherapy Concept, which is made up of Elemi, Marjoram and Grapefruit. This cocktail of Essential Oils will help to drain, detox, contour and refine the body. As well as rapid dry textures allowing you to dress quickly after application. Behind the Slim Effect Gel Cream is Lipo-Cellular Complex

which is made up of Euglena, Yellow Poppy and Caffeine, this will target the unsightly appearance of cellulite and combat existing, stubborn Curves Along with the new range comes a new treatment PERFECT SLIM which is available in 1hr and 1hr/30minute appointments. Perfect Slim is a highly concentrated treatment to work more intensive with the powers of the Slim Effect Massage. The treatment will be available from March this year and will products will be in salon from 15th February. I have to be honest when I were first shown the New Range Slim Effect, I just fell in

If you have any beauty questions you would like to ask our expert, please write to: Kara @ Beauty Manor, C/O WOW, 50 St Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7DU.

love with it, the texture are fantastic as they just soak straight into the skin with no hanging around. This will definitely be one of my first purchases of the year! Have a good February and enjoy Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. Kara

Beauty ManOr is above Browns Hairdressing, Manor House, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7NL. To book an appointment telephone 0844 999 4365

The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;orange peelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cellulite problem effects up to 90% of women

WOW February 2010




Heaven at hand -FU5IF"OHFMIFMQNBLFZPVS#JH%BZTQFDJBM This month sees the staging of the Angel Hotel’s long-awaited Wedding Fair – a timely reminder for knot-tying season that there’s nowhere in the region better equipped, staffed or prepared to help make your Big Day unforgettable. Market Harborough’s number one wedding venue

is independent, customer focused and entirely flexible to your needs. All food is freshly prepared on the premises, with mouth-watering menus tailored to suit the requirements of you and your guests. But, as ever, the ‘proof of the pudding’ is in the hotel’s testimonials:

“My daughter got married and had her reception here,” writes one ultra-special guest. “The food, staff and venue were more than we could have expected; the food and rooms, manager and his staff were fantastic. I would just like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and

would recommend to anyone who wants to be treated like royalty.”

THe Angel HOTel, 37 High Street, Market Harborough LE16 7AF Tel. 01858 462 702

To advertise your wedding venue or event in the Midlands’ fastest-growing guide to what’s going on and where to be seen, email or call 01858 439 999 28

WOW February 2010


WOW February 2010




WOW has teamed up with The National Wedding Show to give away 2 pairs of tickets. For the chance to win just just tell us what you like about WOW. Send your answer on a postcard (stating your preferred venue) along with your name, address, phone number and email address (if you have


F 8 =  F8C7F>F one) to NWS COMP, WOW What’s On Where, 5o St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough LE16 7DS. Closing date for entries is 15 February.

WOW February 2010

The UK’s largest wedding spectacular, The National Wedding Show is gearing up for the Spring show, taking place on 19 – 21 February, London Olympia and the 5 – 7 March, Birmingham NEC. The National Wedding Show is the biggest and best wedding experience with over 250 experts all in one place, offering everything for planning a marriage. From wedding gowns to wedding flowers, photographers to accessories, the venue to the menu, groomswear to mother of the bride, you’ll find all this and much, much more. Solve the style dilemmas of the entire bridal party with a visit to the How to Look Good Shows where stylist to the stars, Caryn Franklin and her team of professionals work their magic live on stage with makeovers for Brides, Mothers of the Bride and Grooms. Errol Douglas (Lisa Shepherd in Birmingham) will be taming those tresses; Ariane Poole will be ensuring the bridal party make-up is red carpet perfect and Jane Galpin (of How to Look Good Naked fame) will be providing up to the minute style advice right from the very classic to the more contemporary styles – there will be something for everyone. Don’t worry though if the idea of getting up on stage is your worst nightmare as you can have a personal consultation with the How to Look Good Team at the How to Look Good Advice Clinic after each show (subject to booking on the day). For the latest trends, from the hottest designers, look no further than The National Wedding Show’s glamorous

catwalk sponsored by Wedding– brides to be can choose their dream dress from the runway, and then try it on in the Designer* and Boutique areas. The show features the largest collection of wedding gowns under one roof, giving brides the opportunity to browse and choose from more styles than they could possibly imagine – from mainstream brands to couture designers there is something for every style, shape and budget. For the very latest in designer florestry look no further than the Designer Flower Zone* sponsored by Wedding and Wedding Flowers where the brightest stars in British floristry come together to share the inspiration behind their most beautiful bridal creations. There is so much to think about when planning the perfect day so make sure you head to the Inspiration Sessions where wedding guru Kate Smallwood will be working with a whole host of wedding experts to give you top tips on everything from finding the perfect cake to making the most of your big day budget. Kate will also be on hand after the show to offer one-to-one advice in her Inspiration Lounge. With literally thousands of ideas all under one roof a visit to the Champagne Bar is essential so that you can take a breath and toast what will undoubtedly be the happiest and most unique day of your life. For more information visit the National Wedding Show website www.nationalweddingshow.



Grow your own 7JWJFO8IFBUPG8IFBUoT$PVOUZ(BSEFO$FOUSFUFMMT VTBMMUIFCFTUTFFETUPHSPXZPVSPXOWFH Each season is different and there is no way of telling what we could do outside. Generally we do not have a high expectation of doing much outdoor work in February because of the weather. That is why we would be better employed preparing for the

busy weeks ahead. Most of the materials you will need for March can be bought in advance, so that when conditions a right you are ready to roll. New seed trays, potatoes, onion sets, seeds and compost can all be bought. Compost is

best kept at room temperature to get seeds and seedlings off to a sound start. For twenty years I have used Bulrush compost, Bulrush, made mainly for the commercial market.

'SVJUWFH This year at wheatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s we are gearing ourselves up for an extremely high demand for grow your own fruit and vegetables. Now more than ever with money tight and food prices going through the roof, it makes sense to cultivate a small patch of ground of your own, apart from anything else you will not believe the satisfaction you will gain from eating your own produce. Sowing seeds is always fun and is also a good way of getting kids involved, they just love watching things grow.

Cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes can all be grown from seed, Just follow instructions on the packet but do not be tempted to sow too early. Why not try something really different in vegetables. Johnsons do a range called â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;world kitchenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and here are five varieties I think are worth a try. Wheats County Garden Centre is at Tilton Lane, Leics, LE7 9FG. Tel: 0116 259 6248


Carrots can be many different colours.


WOW February 2010




Still Breathing $BUDIZPVSCSFBUIXJUIUIF'BDFE%BODF$PNQBOZ THURS 11 FEBRUARY After the critical acclaim and sell out success of previous production ‘State of Matter’, the award winning 2FaCeD DaNcE return with a highly charged, gritty new work, cho-

reographed by Artistic Director Tamsin Fitzgerald. Stunning athleticism, explosive abstract breaking and masculine vulnerability combine in a piece which explores the space we occupy. Set to an electrifyingly intense and specially commissioned score this is an hour of unstoppable seemingly impossible move-

ment performed by the all male company described as ‘A force to be reckoned with’ **** Scotsman. Using their unique and abstract fusion of break, street and contemporary dance Still Breathing is a stark examination of a postmodern urban landscape. It explores how our senses are constantly bombarded so we are left with little room to breathe.

STILL BREATHING is at The Wellingborough Castle on Tursday 11 February. To buy tickets, call the box office on 01933 270 007 or purchase online at


WOW February 2010


A Step In Time )BSCPSPVHI"DBEFNZoTBOOVBMTIPX TFUUPCFBTFMMPVUBHBJO SAT 13 - SUN 14 MARCH Harborough Academy of Performing Arts celebrates 15 years of dance, drama and song performed by students of all ages. With performances including tap to modern, ballet to street dance, this years show sees 400 talented dancers, singers and performers come together to provide a night of

great entertainment for all the family. A STep IN TIMe is at the The Lighthouse Theatre Kettering Conference Centre Thurston Drive, Kettering NN15 6PB. Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 March. For tickets, call the Box Office: 01536 414141 or Email: enquiries@

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WOW February 2010




Antiques are Back... JO/PSUIBNQUPO5PXO$FOUSF Victoriana, militaria and antique jewellery are just a few of the items which can now be found on the market square in Northampton on the second Saturday of every month. If you want to see the items your great grandparents used as everyday items, and talk to the people who know all about them, then this is the place to go.

As well as a wide variety of antique and collectable items there are also a wide variety of interesting and knowledgeable traders with such colourful names as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Ron the Glassâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Mark the Top Hatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;! Market Square Events have done an excellent job revitalising Northampton market square and have bought

in local antiques specialists Antiques2Go to spark the antique market back to life. As local auctioneers and fair organizers they have been able to attract good traders back to the square and the people of Northampton have welcomed them with open arms. The antiques trade thrives on buying and selling and An-

tiques on the Square is no different - browsers, sellers and collectors are all welcome

The next antiques market is on Saturday, 13th February from 7 am to 4.30 pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; when you reach Northampton Marketplace just look for the Antiques on the Square.

The legendary Jeyes! /PSUIBNQUPOTIJSFoTPOFTUPQTIPQ UPVSJTUEFTUJOBUJPO The village of Earls Barton might be most famous for its 10th-century Saxon church and shoe industry; but ever since 1981 it has also been home to the wonderful Philadelphus Jeyes chemistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shop â&#x20AC;&#x201C; long an attraction in its own right. Behind the family-run chemistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s door lies not merely pills and potions but the wonderful Fun of the Fair model exhibition, Dolly Lodge and Den, the Keepsake gift shop, the Apothocoffee Shop and the Village Museum â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not to mention the Potty About Flowers conservatory, Card Cottage, Book Nook and Toy

Centre! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Northamptonshireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ultimate destination for a Sunday afternoon spin, since 2010 brings a new Sylvanian Village exhibition â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a mini world of houses, hotels, boats, shops and restaurants â&#x20AC;&#x201C; plus, for the boys, a John Crane model display of Pintoy furniture and toys. Bikes, wooden games and trains, even a space station!

Jeyes OF eArls BArTOn 26-28 The Square, Earls Barton NN6 0NA Tel: 01604 810289

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WOW February 2010


Reach for the skies #FDBVTFFWFSZCPEZTIPVMEUSZ HMJEJOHBUMFBTUPODFe It was just before Christmas when we came across an advert for the Husbands Bosworth Gliding Centre, which suggested that an hour or two floating free in the silence of a cloudy sky would make the perfect gift for the person who imagined they had everything. But hold on, we thought. That person is us! Who hasn’t gazed up at a great gull-like glider wheeling up above and thought, ‘One day, I’ll have to give it a go’. Well, there’s no time like the present… Last week we went along to HusBos Airfield to find out more about trial flights over our perfect patchwork of

fields, country house estates, Naseby Battlefield sites, canals and reservoirs. Over a coffee in the clubhouse – available for hire for functions – our eyes were soon opened to glider and motor-glider oneoffs, to the exciting possibilty of three-month courses, corporate events… and chocks away! Look out for our forthcoming feature to find out how our debut gliding session went… The GlidinG CenTRe Husbands Bosworth Airfield Open 7 days a week for breakfasts and lunches Tel: 01858 880521

WOW February 2010





From the minute you walk into the Travel Plaza Hotel in Desborough, you’ll be impressed by the quality of both the welcome and the recent complete refurbishment. Every comfortable room has an LCD flat screen TV with digibox plus free wi-fi, which helps attract a steady stream of guests travelling for pleas-


WOW Janury 2010

ure and on business –when the purpose-built conference facilities can prove invaluable. Located centrally off the main A6 between harborough, Corby and Kettering, the Travel Plaza is handy for racing and conferences at Rockingham Motor Speedway, for wedding parties at

Rushden Hall, events at Kelmarsh Hall and for Silverstone come July. The hotel restaurant is popular for private functions; but, as locals, it was the additional unique and authentic Nepalese restaurant which initially attracted us along, thanks to its spreading reputation for Indian and Hima-

layan specialities. Look out for the new website at www. – and winter two-for-one main meals Travel Plaza HOTel A6 Harborough Road, Desborough NN14 2UG Tel: 01536 764789


Do you love chips? 15-23 February is National Chip Week, so vote for your favourite Chippy

There are around 11,000 fish and chip shops across the UK, so what could be better to celebrate National Chip Week than a visit to your local chippie?* A portion of takeaway fish and chips contains just 60% of the calories found in sweetand-sour chicken, egg-fried rice and a portion of vegetable spring rolls. Not only do chips contain all the goodness of potatoes and taste great â&#x20AC;&#x201C; but they are

also fantastic value too! So its no surprise that more than a staggering 255 million fish and chips meals are sold in fish and chip shops each year. With 800 chip shops taking part thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sure to be something happening near you during National Chip Week. Visit your local chippie from 9-15th February 2009 and you could also find yourself winning an mp3 player. To find out which chippies are taking part in your area and nominate your perfect portion visit You can also find fun-packed chip recipes For more chip recipes, ideas and facts visit www.lovechips.

WOW January 2010



BWa^eTCdTbSPh February 16th is Pancake Day - now everyone loves pancakes, so why do we only eat them once a year? WOW looks into the traditions behind Shrove Tuesday and California Prunes show us how to make the perfect pancake.


n the UK, there is a much-loved tradition of making and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (better known as Pancake Day), which falls between February 2 and March 9, depending on the date for Easter, and this year falls on February 16. Shrove Tuesday (‘shrove’ comes from old English word ‘shrive’, meaning ‘confess all sins’) is the day before Lent - which incidentally


WOW February 2010

means both ‘spring’ and ‘goodbye to meat’. According to Christian beliefs, Lent commemorates Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, and observant Christians mark this period by fasting. So Shrove Tuesday was cleverly invented to use up the ingredients that were given up for Lent - milk, butter and, particularly, eggs - which may not be eaten again until Easter, hence we have Easter eggs.

'00%%3*/, Eating a balanced diet and getting your five a day is essential for healthy living and eating high quality, natural foods like California Prunes is an easy way of adding vital nutrients to your diet. Did you know that just three California Prunes equates to one portion of the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables? Sweet tasting, yet fat free, California Prunes offer a multitude of health benefits and at only 20 calories each, make an ideal snack any time of day.



:PVXJMMOFFE BATTER: 125 g plain flour 1/2 tsp salt 2 small eggs 3 dcl milk butter or oil for frying FILLING: 100 g California Pitted Prunes, chopped 1 - 2 tbs rum 60 g unsalted butter 1 1/2 dl (100 g) finely chopped walnuts 60 g vanilla sugar (or caster sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence 3 tbs cream CHOCOLATE SAUCE: 100 g plain (or cooking) chocolate 3 tbs cold water 2 tsp potato flour 2 dl milk 2 tsp caster sugar grated zest of 1 tangerine (or 1 tsp dried bitter orange peel) 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 8IBUUPEP BATTER: Make a well in the flour in a mixing bowl. Add salt, eggs and half the milk. Stir until smooth, then add remaining milk and beat until batter is bubbly. Set aside until filling and sauce have been prepared. Fry eight pancakes in usual way in a little heated butter or oil. FILLING: Soak chopped prunes in rum for 15-20 minutes. Soften butter in a small bowl. Stir in


walnuts, sugar and cream. Mix well, then add rum-steeped prunes. CHOCOLATE SAUCE: Break up chocolate into small cubes and put into a small saucepan with water. Melt chocolate over a low heat, stirring from time to time. Add a little of the milk to potato flour and blend until smooth. Pour the flour mixture into the chocolate with sugar and rest of milk. Bring to boil slowly and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Take off heat and stir in cream and cinnamon. Keep cooked pancakes warm, then place a little filling in centre of each. Roll up pancakes, placing then in a warmed dish. Heat chocolate sauce carefully. Pour sauce over pancakes and serve at once.










WOW February 2010



:PaT]0cZX]b^] England netball legend Karen Atkinson will no doubt be a key and inspirational figure for her side when England faces Australia in the Co-operative International Netball Series later this month. And she’ll have to be – England hasn’t beaten her sporting nemesis for more than 30 years! Leon Gray from WOW caught up with Karen to find out more about netball and England’s chance of success.


ust a few minutes into our interview and it’s clear that Karen is relishing the contest against current world champions Australia. The threematch series kicks off in Liverpool on February 19, followed by Nottingham on February 21, and finally London’s O2 arena on February 23. “Back in 1997, when I first started out as an England international, Australia regularly beat us by 40–45 goals. Now it’s around five goals – the gap has never been closer.” Karen will be looking to repeat the win England had over Australia in the World Series Event last year. “It was great to beat Australia in the World Netball Series. But that was the new Fastnet version of the sport – netball’s equivalent to Twenty20 cricket – which makes the game faster and more TV friendly. We’ve not beaten Australia in a proper test for 30 years. That would be really special.” Karen Atkinson is a netball legend. As one of the senior members of the England squad, she has won more than 100 caps in

a sporting career that spans over 12 years. Karen took up netball when she was just ten years old. Her mother, Susan Aspinall, was a keen player in the local leagues and founded Wigan Athletics Juniors in 1988 to nurture her daughter and other talented young players. As a schoolgirl, Karen moved up through the ranks, first as an U14 county player

KAREN ATKINSON – TIMELINE 1978: Born in Wigan 1997: Wins first cap with England senior squad 1998: Bronze medal in Commonwealth Games 1999: Bronze medal in World Championships 2004: Signs for Capital Shakers in the New Zealand domestic league 2005: Signs for Loughborough Lightning in the inaugural Netball Superleague 2005: Marries Pete Atkinson 2006: Signs for Superleague Team Hertfordshire Mavericks 2006: Bronze medal in Commonwealth Games 2008: Signs for West Coast Fever in the inaugural ANZ league 2009: Wins 100th International Cap against Jamaica at Nottingham Arena


WOW February 2010

and then to the Northwest Regionals at U16 level. But there were setbacks – such as her unsuccessful U16 England trials – though she won a place in the squad in her second attempt. Aged 15, Karen started playing for YWCA Bury to gain club experience. She stayed with YWCA for three years before taking up a place at Loughborough University in 1996. A year later, 19-year-old Karen won her first cap with the senior squad. The transition to senior netball was a big jump. “Suddenly you’re up against stronger players in their late twenties and thirties. It knocks your confidence and takes a while to adapt.” Since her international debut, however, Karen has gone from strength to strength. She’s played in every major international competition for England since her debut, winning two Commonwealth bronze medals – at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1998 and in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 – as well as bronze in the 1999 World Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand. Having featured in the England squad for more than 12 years, Karen is now seen as an ambassador for the sport. “Yes, I suppose that’s right. Both Sonia (Mkoloma) and I are doing a lot to promote the sport – for both the fans and younger players who are coming through the ranks. It’s a good time for netball at the moment, but we’re not on the same level as the southern hemisphere just yet.” Funding is a problem for most netball players in the UK. England players rely on an Athlete Performance Award from England Netball to fund day-to-day expenses such as food and travel. Most players hold down full-time jobs alongside their club commitments.


KArEN’S TOP ThrEE TIPS FOr NEW PLAYErS • Contact England Netball to find a good club in your local area. • Be determined – don’t let anyone put you off. • No amount of natural skill can make up for time spent training. Persevere with your fitness and skills.

“It’s difficult playing a midweek game, for example. You might have a long journey to the venue and that’s difficult, especially if you’ve been working all day. I set up my own netball coaching company, so I’ve got the flexibility to work more or train more as I need to, so I’m luckier than most.” Back in 2008, Karen and six other England internationals were selected to play for teams in the inaugural season of the ANZ Championship in Australia and New Zealand – the world’s first semiprofessional netball league. “Playing for West Coast Fever was

a great experience – Australia and New Zealand have some of the best netball players in the world. And it’s much easier to concentrate on training if you don’t have to worry about funding. But it’s hard living away from home for five months of the year, especially now that I’m married, so I came home after one season.” So where does Karen see her sport in ten years’ time? “Well I’m hoping that we have a semiprofessional league in this country. We’ve also been lobbying for netball to become an Olympic sport, though we’ve missed out in

2012 and 2016. Personally, I’d like to win gold at the Commonwealth games in Dehli later on this year and then take the gold at the World Championships in Singapore next year.” Back to the Co-operative test series later this month – what can spectators expect? “If you’re new to the sport you might be surprised. There’s a popular misconception that netball is a slow game, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. At the highest level, netball is an athletic, skilful, and fastmoving game. This test series will be a great contest.” England take on current world champions Australia in the Co-operative International Netball Series 2010. • February 19 at the Liverpool Echo Arena at 19.00. For tickets and availability call 0844 8000 400 or visit • February 21 at the Nottingham Trent FM Arena at 16.30. For tickets and availability call 0844 4124 624 or visit • February 23 at the O2, London at 17.30. For tickets and availability call 0844 8560 202 or visit www. See for more information.

WOW February 2010




Too hot to handle. 5JN#BSOFT$MBZUFTUESJWFTUIF1PSTDIF$BZFOOF%JFTFM A year ago Porsche expanded its model range with a new model powered by a diesel engine â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Cayenne Diesel entering the market in February 2009 with its ultra-modern V6 power unit. The Cayenne is not only a two-ton-plus SUV - it shares the architecture and motor of

POrsche cayenne Diesel Max sPeeD: 133mph, 0-62 mph 8.3 secs cOMbineD MPG: 30.4 enGine layOuT: 2967cc, six cylinders POWer: 240 bhp TOrque: 405 lb ft @ 2000rpm cO2: 244 g/km Price: ÂŁ39, 718 (On the road)


WOW February 2010

the Volkswagen Touareg. From outside the diesel model looks the same as any other Cayenne, but once you open the engine compartment, all these similarities come to an end: The shape of the engine cover and the model designation â&#x20AC;&#x153;3.0 V6 Turbo Diesel Injectionâ&#x20AC;? leave absolutely no doubt as to what

this engine is all about. Running smoothly and quietly, the six-cylinder diesel develops a maximum output of 240 bhp, sufficient for a top speed of 133 mph. It stretches more than 30 miles from every gallon of fuel you put into it, compared with just 21.9 for the most frugal petrol-pow-

ered version. This means that instead of getting around 450 miles from a tank, you can now expect to travel more than 600 miles. The Cayenne Diesel comes exclusively with Porscheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sixspeed Tiptronic S automatic transmission re-programmed specifically for diesel technol-

.0503*/( ogy. It comes with customised gearshift points tailored to your style of motoring and the profile of the route you’re taking. The automatic transmission also comes with a Hill-Holder function enabling you to set off smoothly and easily on an uphill gradient. As an option the Cayenne Diesel is available with air springs and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). Our test car had this option, which meant you could have fun raising or lowering the entire body of the vehicle to six different levels. Yet a further function is the automatic reduction of ride height at increasing speed, serving to further enhance active safety and reduce fuel consumption. And when driving on off-road terrain the Cayenne Diesel offers ground clearance of 271 millimetres or

10.7” - very good indeed for a vehicle in this class. Step inside the Cayenne Diesel and you are welcomed with the inviting ambience of a genuine Porsche. The ultra comfortable front seats offer electrical 12-way adjustment and highlight the potential of the Cayenne oil burner as a genuine long-distance runner. The discerning customer opting for Porsche’s sports utility has a wide range of optional extras and special equipment to choose from. One option available on the Cayenne Diesel is the latest generation of Porsche Communication Management with control functions further simplified for easy operation on the large touch sensitive screen. An electrically operated trailer

towing assembly or a towbar with a removable ball head is also available to buy. Equipped with this towing system, the Cayenne Diesel is able to tow a braked trailer load – such as a horse or boat trailer – of up to 3.5 tonnes without the slightest problem. When it comes to packing the car for that long journey with the family, there is a cavernous boot. And thanks to load space management comprising, among other features, a rail system integrated in the floor of the luggage compartment as well as a luggage compartment partition net, you are able to stow away your belongings safely and easily. Because of the versatility of this oil-burning Porsche, I think

it could capture the vast majority of Cayenne sales. To some people, the Cayenne is not a ‘true’ Porsche, but if you are in the market for an economical, luxurious, fast and safe SUV, then the Cayenne Diesel is undoubtedly a great model to go for.

_a^R^] POSITIVE • Comfort • Build quality • Fast • Load carrying • Off-road ability NEGATIVE • Controversial image

WOW February 2010





WOW February 2010

B?>AC 41035


netball &OHMBOEW"VTUSBMJB BUUIF5SFOU'N"SFOB /PUUJOHIBN Sunday 21 FEBRuaRy Netball enthusiasts are welcoming the return of The Cooperative International Netball Series, England v Australia, as the City announces it will host the sporting spectacle for a

second consecutive year. England will face their nemesis, the Australian Diamonds in what’s set to be a fast and physical test series on Sunday the 21st February at 16.30 at Nottingham’s Trent FM

Arena. “This is one competition netball fans can’t afford to miss,” said Paul Clark, CEO of England Netball. Whether you are a netball fanatic or a newcomer to the sport, The Co-operative International Netball Series has something for everyone. “This is an exciting time for sport with the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics on the horizon. The England squad has so much to play for with essential world ranking points up for grabs. We’ve got one thing in mind for February’s International Netball Series and that’s to win!” continued Paul. The Trent FM Arena is no stranger to International netball following The Co-operative International Netball Series last February when England beat Jamaica 55-49 in front of an excitable crowd. The England squad currently

sits at number three in the world rankings with their competitor, the Australian Diamonds at the top, ranked at number one in the world. The England squad’s cocaptain Karen Atkinson said: “The squad’s played some brilliant netball over the last few years and we’ve moved closer and closer to Australia each time. Now it’s time to turn our almost wins into wins against the highest ranked team in the world and put on a great show for our supporters.” EnGLand V auSTRaLIa Tickets are on sale now from the Trent FM Arena in Nottingham from £10.00. Visit www.trentfmarenanottingham. com or call 08444 124 624 for more information. Other venues they will be playing at are the 02 Arena, London and the Echo Arena, Liverpool

WOW February 2010



2;0BB85843B To advertise in the Midlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fastest-growing guide to whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on and where to be seen in our region, email or call 01858 439 999

#! "   #!"1,*& $ !!!!#2#!"&" !"%'!&# """ !!)#!"! #!&# ( !!(")  !!%"# &"  #!"  1,*) ""0   #!"(-* "  &'! ( "  #( !" ! +./


WOW February 2010


WOW February 2010



6Xa[bfXcW2daeTb Tracy and Elaine continue their quest to find you the perfect workout. At regular intervals we stop to check our own pulse to make sure we are working out at a sensible and ideally productive level (a wall chart shows in accordance to age, what rate our heart should be beating at). During our fun workout, we met some lovely ladies all


urves unofficial motto is ‘no makeup, no men and no mirrors’. This sounds the perfect gym for Tracy and Elaine, we took advantage of a free trial to investigate. Curves uses a 30 minute fitness concept combining strength training, and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. The club is focussed on strengthening women which can include diet and nutrition or simply just excercise. Free monthly weight management classes are available to both members and non members. With age ranges from 12 to 87, ladies clearly join for a variety of good reasons. One good reason - a 30 minute workout can burn up to 500 calories, sounds good to us! Manager, Kim introduced us to Isabel (our mentor for the session). The equipment alternates between a Curves club first opened in Texas in 1992 and was an overnight success. It is the fastest growing franchise in history and in the U.S.A. there are approx 1.5 Curves for every 2 McDonalds!


WOW February 2010

popping in for their half hour workout. One client, Sue, was proudly modeling her ‘600’ curves T-shirt (these T-shirts cannot be bought, they have to be earned). There are posters on the wall, where names are added after a number of work outs are achieved, at relevant targets a T-shirt is awarded. After our workout, we were shown to the stretching room. A great piece of equipment to ‘cool’ your body down before leaving entirely satisfied. Curves in Harborough has been running 4 yrs. This club embraces newcomers and makes them instantly feel part of the family. It regularly supports cancer charities with the aid of its members, who are keen to support a good cause. The rest of our day involved a wind down at Webbs Café, where we enjoyed a healthy option of freshly made soup – delicious and warming! Curves, 1 Angel Court, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7NL. Tel: 01858 466 446

strengthening exercise, and a simply cardiovascular exercise (e.g. jogging). It is set out in a circle which automatically encourages social interaction. We have 30 seconds on each exercise before moving to the next one – no excuse to get bored! In Isabel hands we were good students, still managing a giggle or two at the new positions we found ourselves in!

Don't Leave her Heartbroken this Valentine's...

...Think Gift, Think Halo.

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WOW What's On Where February 2010  

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