WOW What's On Where

WOW What's On Where

Market Harborough, United Kingdom

WOW What’s On Where magazine is the monthly guide to arts, entertainment, fashion, and 24-hour living in the Midlands.

No other regional magazine has its finger as firmly on the pulse of Midlands life; no other listings guide has as much potential to inspire readers to get out and enjoy what the region has to offer.

WOW is the magazine that the public will turn to first for listings, events, reviews and news; for food, home and lifestyle; for sunny days, exuberant nights and non-stop shopping.

Each issue has a true month-long shelf-life.

Detailed listings ensure that readers keep WOW close at hand for the next 30 days: by the phone, on the kitchen table, near the computer, in their briefcase or handbag. Losing WOW is like losing touch with regional life. Failing to advertise in WOW is like turning your back on the most active, mobile, curious, experimental, and influential economic group in the Midlands.

WOW is independent, fresh and engaged. Just like its readers.