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The story of values helping the change from paper to digital at Thomson Local

Outcomes:  values that are created by staff  

 

behaviours that are aligned to the new Thomson Local values senior management team (SMT) role modelling the values and behaviours staff knowing their part to play in bringing the values to life staff feeling engaged and involved in planning the future of Thomson Local values and behaviours linked to staff appraisals and performance management high level information and ideas for the culture book

Being up front 

run focus groups with a few staff to find out how people feel right now at Thomson Local and how they’d like to feel provide an insight on how to go about this work

Creating and understanding values 


run focus groups for all staff to get their input on values and definitions that will lead us to develop behaviours define the behaviours and agree them with Shaun

Communicating values and starting to embed them 


coach and support the SMT communicate the values and behaviours to staff across the business with support from Rambutan get staff thinking about what this means to them

Sustaining the culture change 

design and deliver leadership training and coaching that includes using the values

Culture e-book use the output created from this work to get some ideas for a funky culture book

Know your Rambutans A little insight into the two Rambutans you could be working with

Matt Coming from an exciting and dynamic background, Matt brings a whopping range of knowledge and skills to Rambutan. Matt’s story shows how enthusiastic he is about teaching, consulting, communicating and facilitating. Starting as a teacher of Business Studies and Physical Education in 1994 he helped children to learn and flourish with his dynamic approach to teaching. He then switched from helping children to progress their talents to engaging with adult clients, helping them to achieve tremendous results in the public and private sectors. Matt’s energy has enhanced the skills of many organisations in the UK and Europe in their approach to communication, leadership and in the way they think.

Know your Rambutans A little insight into the two Rambutans you could be working with

Lucy Lucy wasn’t the new girl at Rambutan for long, because, when she joined, the company was growing to match their growing list of clients. She brings with her a diverse and broad range of experience, working with different groups of people, from young people to adults, from small groups to those exceeding 1,000. Her experience has been gained through working in many different business environments, including charity, private and public, both in the UK and Europe.

Make an investment The investment we’re asking you to make to help you achieve your objectives is detailed below. We ask you to REMEMBER that our GUARANTEE means you only pay this if you’re satisfied that we’ve helped you achieve the agreed results you’re after. This work and costs are indicative of what we could do. If you’d like to create the culture book we can ask our designer to come up with some ideas and costs that’ll make it something truly amazing. Included in this investment are the all-important set-up and post-work review meetings with you.

The work

Number of days


Design and run focus groups and 1:1s for managers and staff (we’ll run 2 x focus groups and 2 x 1:1s per day over three days)



Define, share and agree behaviours with Shaun



Design a half-day workshop for the SMT to articulate the values and behaviours to staff



We’ve suggested a couple of options for how we approach this: we could co-deliver the workshop to staff with the SMT until they are happy going solo @ £1,500 per day or co-deliver all of the workshops with the SMT, we don’t how many this will be but the day rate will be the same

£1,500 per day

Help your internal communications team create a plan



Get some high level information to provide a skeleton for the culture book



Administrative support time


The not so grand total so far (without the staff workshops)


The small print We all have to have some so-called small print but we’ve tried to keep ours as straightforward as possible: • this quote excludes VAT (which will be charged at the applicable rate on the day the invoice is raised) • if we’re working at one of your sites, we charge a minimum of ½ a day’s time • refreshingly, we won’t charge you for paperclips (or any other general office consumables for that matter) and we certainly don’t charge you any extra fees to process expenses • expenses incurred that will be charged to you include: • subsistence (food and boarding if required) • venue and equipment hire • materials and props for workshops, such as specialist printing and workbooks • travel, which is done in the most time-efficient way; if this is by road then it’s charged at 45p per mile (gross) and if by train then we always travel standard class • off the shelf analysis tools (e.g. LSI profiling materials) • if you cancel or postpone any of our work with you, we’ll still need to charge you if we have incurred a cost that cannot be recouped • we expect payment within 30 days of invoice (assuming that you are happy with our work!) • because the world changes, we may revise our small print in the future, but we’ll always let you know in advance and explain why  we don’t insist on formal policies or contracts and base our business on mutual fairness: we expect you to treat us fairly and vice-versa

Many of our clients have enthusiastically agreed to endorse our work and we’ll happily put you in touch with any you’d like to speak to:

• Julia Mixter, Director of Human Resources at The Children’s Trust • John Thornton, Director of Customer Operations at Phones 4u • Karen Ross, Head of Operational Improvement at Sky • Anne Marshall, Head of Leadership Development at The National College • Ruud Haket, Managing Director at Greater Anglia • Heidi Mottram, CEO at Northumbrian Water • Karen Ingham, Director of Service Quality at Virgin Media • Pete Myers, Head of Service Quality at Northern Rail • Tricia Riley, HR Director at Transport for London • Jo North, formerly Customer Service Director and Deputy Managing Director at East Coast • Malcolm Brown, Managing Director at Angel Trains

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Proposal from Matt Watson at Rambutan