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Colwell’s Clothing is one of the longest operating men’s clothing stores in Canada. Still in the Colwell family, with the sixth generation involved, Colwell’s has proven over time that their expertise in the industry has made them a household name. Focusing on quality goods from Canada and Europe, Colwell’s is dedicated to delivering superior customer service for people who desire excellence, and a stylish wardrobe. Drop by for all your menswear needs. Carrying top brands such as Jack Victor, Bugatchi, 34 Heritage, Johnston & Murphy and SAXX


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11 rJ iJ

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Fall 2019 Volume 5 Issue 4 Owner / Publisher Seann P.W. Gervason | 902.476.4700 Editor Lori McKay | 902.877.5512

Photo by Studio Umlah

Editor’s Note With ReFINEd editor LORI MCKAY

“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton


n October, I attended Make Big Magic at the Halifax Convention Centre. The headline speaker of this weekend-long event was Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. I, like millions of others, read her 2006 memoir of self-discovery, which chronicled her trip across Italy, India and Indonesia after her divorce. She spoke to an audience of hundreds (99 per cent of them women!) and told us about her path to success. Gilbert started out as a New York City waitress but dreamed of being a writer. There was a woman who lived in her neighbourhood who supported herself as a painter. Gilbert wanted to do the same as a writer but didn’t know how. The woman asked her one time how her writing was going, and she replied that she was incredibly busy — three shitty jobs, boyfriends, roommates — and that she didn’t have time for writing. The woman asked her: What are you willing to give up to have the life you pretend you want? Gilbert discovered the key to her success was saying no to doing things she didn’t care about. She said the people who matter most — “your tribe” — will always be there and they want you to succeed. She went on to say she’d love to see a future where all women become more relaxed. Gilbert admitted she has not yet achieved this tranquil status for herself, but has made it a life goal. Her message was inspiring. This issue of ReFINEd Halifax celebrates women in business … women who have followed their own entrepreneurial paths to success. We hope you enjoy it!




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The newly redesigned Masterpiece® Collection blends modern design with timeless elegance and provides powerful innovation that only Thermador delivers. To explore our newest Collection, visit THERMADOR.CA © 2 0 1 9 B S H H O M E A P P L I A N C E S C O R P O R AT I O N . A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D .

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The Un-Straight Line

to Success Atlantic Fashion Week 2019

By Angela Campagnoni Photos Brent McCombs of AlterEgo Photography





Sarah Lauren

The year I fell in love with the fashion industry was 1988. It was also the year my desire to become a professional stockcar racer ended (yes, that really was a thing). It was the year I fell in love with the fashions in Jem and the Holograms (for anyone after Generation X, that was a cartoon in the 80s). It was the year I had my first fashion design published in a Katy Keen comic book (a comic digest spinoff from the Archie series). It was also the year I was first introduced to modelling, when I signed my first contract with The Group in Halifax.

Kelsey Erin


Lydia Stewart



L-R Donna Bisphop, Vicky Milner, Angela Campagnoni, Lisa Kisber, Lisa Drader-Murphy, Carrie Lamb

At that time, I had no idea the significance of everything that year brought me. Thirty-one years later I found myself sitting on a fashion panel with five other women within the fashion industry — all of whom I admire — discussing the path we all took to get to where we are today. As part of The Un-Straight Line to Success panel at Atlantic Fashion Week (AFW) 2019, I was faced with telling the story of my fashion origins and I realized the significance of that one year … 1988. The Un-Straight Line to Success was our very first AFW fashion panel. It was a special moment for me to bring together our industry guests from Toronto and local power houses. It was an accumulation of years of work. Our panel consisted of Vicky Milner, president of CAFA & the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards; Donna Bisphop, founder and host of Fashion Talks; Lisa Kisber, TV and digital fashion host as well as fashion designer; Lisa Drader-Murphy, local fashion designer; Carrie Lamb of Frida Fine Jewellery; and as mentioned, me. After the success of this event, we will continue to build on the momentum and offer more educational events in the future. LEFT TUCY




TOP L-R Nicole Daigle, Michelle Rober BOTTOM L-R SUENO swimwear, Saxon Lenehan




TOP L-R Donn Sabean, Cellophane BOTTOM L-R Sunkissed Diva, ELLAments




L-R Melanie Jacqueline, Drunk Gurl

This year, we offered the public an inside look at Atlantic Fashion Week by partnering with Halifax Shopping Centre. With this partnership, we brought our full production set-up onsite to showcase seven designers at an all-ages event. With more than 90 models and 25 hair and makeup crew, attendees were able to see what a fashion week event was all about. We want to encourage more people to support our growing local design community. Season 13 was also the first time we held our event in beautiful Pier 21, allowing us to have two showcases and our designer shopping pavilion in beautiful downtown Halifax. With 19 additional

designers, this year’s participants ranged from student graduates to established businesses, which allowed guests to see the strength of our growing industry. After 13 seasons, we have showcased well over 200 different labels. Some have gone on to great success and others have moved in a different direction, but every one of them had a unique story to tell. And that’s what I love most about what I do. I love being able to tell their story and give them a stage to be seen. Maybe in 20 years, one of them will find themselves on a fashion panel and mention how AFW was a moment that helped launch their successful career.


Angela Campagnoni is a published author and fashion columnist with 30 years experience in the fashion industry. Campagnoni is also the founder and executive director of Atlantic Fashion Week.



Custom, Repair, Restore One-of-a-Kind Jewellery: FireWorks Gallery By Amanda Lee Photos Steve Jess

Like fashion, jewellery trends change. Halifax’s FireWorks Gallery offers clients the latest styles and custom pieces, plus an opportunity to restyle existing pieces or breathe new life into family heirlooms.


t the heart of every custom jewellery design is a love story. “One client asked us to create a wedding ring using his grandparents’ bands, essentially encircling him with a reminder of their love and importance within his family,” says Melissa Patterson, design consultant at FireWorks. “For another client, we designed an engagement ring inspired by the starry skies under which he and his girlfriend fell in love.” Custom pieces often preserve personal history; others contain hope and promise for the future. “But they all centre around love,” says Patterson. “That is what makes our jobs as designers so fulfilling and memorable.” Located on Barrington Street in historic downtown Halifax, FireWorks Gallery has been creating custom design jewellery since 1977. According to store manager Shannon Snelgrove, each custom piece is created in consultation with an in-house designer.

Little literally grew up crawling around the store as a toddler. Her mother, Judy Anderson, started making silver wire jewellery when she was 12 years old, and established FireWorks Gallery in the ’70s. Little began working at the store when she was 16, and then went on to study fashion design and merchandising.

local to Canadian, North American and European. Another service that sets FireWorks Gallery apart is its in-house goldsmith. Ha Luong studied under master goldsmiths in Vietnam and has worked at the store for 35 years. “Ha is an

“As a buyer, you are shopping for someone else. You have to channel your most beloved and cherished clients,” she says. Little visits New York twice a year, as well as Toronto and London to select pieces. “We’re seeing things people in the Maritimes might only see in a magazine. It’s our job to bring them home to Halifax.” The buyer hopes her clients are as excited with her selection of cuttingedge designs from Europe and the U.S. as Little is. FireWorks Gallery offers customers a wide range of styles, from Judy Anderson

“We take our time to discuss the elements of each design, such as the inspiration behind the piece,” says Snelgrove. The store’s designers can draw on their knowledge of the hardiness of gemstones, or which metal best complements certain stones, to help guide clients. From there, a physical sketch of the design is made, and once approved, a computer rendering is made of the piece to allow clients to see what the final product will look like. Finally, they cast and finish the piece. “We’ve been doing custom jewelry for 42 years and we’ve seen everything,” says Little.



BACK ROW Shannon Snelgrove, Kallie White, Melissa Patterson, George Hope, Catherine Sweet, Jenna Littlewood, Leah Little FRONT ROW Judy Anderson, Ha Luong


We’re seeing things people in the Maritimes might only see in a magazine. It’s our job to bring them home to Halifax. – Leah Little

integral part of what makes our store so successful,” says Little. Over the years, the downtown Halifax jewelry store has created custom rings for families and now those rings are coming back to be resized for the next generation of wearer. “It’s a different kind of repeat customer.” Ha’s expertise also provides in-house expertise that other jewelry stores don’t necessarily have. “As a small independent business, we have direct communication with the person who is touching and working on your piece,” says Snelgrove. “We are able to restyle, repair and renovate your jewelry.”


Over the past 40-plus years, the jewellers have established great relationships with their clients and the local community. “Being a local store is hugely important to us,” says Little.

FireWorks Gallery 1569 Barrington Street, Halifax 902.420.1735 1.800.720.GEMS (4367) Open Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.



Fashion Spotlight

become #CAPEABLE Photos Gladys Bumidang


ichelle-Rober was created by accident.The story starts with a fun night out celebrating a friend's birthday. That friend was Michelle. She was wearing a kimono-style throw and was hot from dancing, so she handed her kimono to Robbie McGee. Robbie wore the cape all night and enjoyed all the attention that came with it. “We all call him ‘Rober’ (Pronounced Ro-bear) when he is having a few drinks and becomes a dancing machine,” says Robbie’s wife and co-designer Cindy MacNeil. “Robbie then decided he thought it was time to make capes styled more for a man.” With this in mind, he made three styles of capes, which they now call the Suit Cape, the Flowy Cape and the Sport



Cape. Initially, the capes were just for him, but when he wore them on vacation in Vegas, the couple realized they might be onto something. Robbie got stopped numerous times on the streets by people who wanted to know where he got his cape. In line for a major club, he was singled out by the bouncer who also asked him what he was wearing and where he got it. When Robbie told the guy he made it himself, he let him and his friends inside past the line for free. “We were amazed by the attention and love these capes got,” says Cindy. “When we returned to Halifax, we spoke to some people who encouraged us to make more and start a fashion line. So that’s what we did.” Cindy and Robbie both grew up working hard and doing what they could to make their lives better. She is from the small


town of Reserve Mines in Cape Breton and Robbie is from Spryfield. “We have been entrepreneurs for many years and love working for ourselves,” says Cindy. “We live an unconventional life and believe you get what you give. We love standing up for people and we love standing out. That is why ‘stand up stand out’ is part of our brand message.” This year’s fall and winter styles are inspired by the idea of standing out, feeling confident and looking great. People can expect to see capes in faux fur, faux leather, wool, beautiful soft textures, and mixed colours and patterns. “We love putting things together that don’t normally go together. These pieces are meant to be worn with multiple outfits, like your new favourite accessory.”

WITH Dorothée Rosen designer goldsmith


Alternatively, imprints can be made, such as that of a leaf, and the texture will be replicated exactly in the finished piece.


ave you ever wondered how jewellery is made? Almost every piece of precious metal jewellery comes into existence by being either “fabricated” or “cast.” Let me tell you about casting. Concept to Design A piece of jewellery begins as a concept with the artist; either on their own or in consultation with a client. After the first conversations between client and artist, sketches are created in the form of drawings or mock-ups. Since thorough design requires a great amount of training, deliberation and time, many artisans will charge a fee at some point during the design phase. Design to Wax Once the concept is finished and approved, a cast jewellery creation usually starts in wax and is later cast in precious metal. The journey of the piece varies according to the complexity and type of design, and with the expertise and resources of the maker. Traditionally, and often still today, the artisan will carve the piece in wax with a variety of hand tools. Jewellery has been made this way since 4000 BC. Another method of working with wax is to liquefy the wax and almost paint with it.

3D modeling and printing is a more modern method and is appropriate for pieces with more graphic content or lettering. This sounds much easier than it actually is. Advanced computer skills are needed to create a piece in 3D software. The 3D design file is then milled on a CNC machine or printed on a 3D printer.

Finishing Touches The finished cast still requires much cleanup by hand, including filing, sanding and polishing. A precious gem setting may be added at this point, and then the piece will be polished again, followed by meticulous cleaning. Your goldsmith will know whether casting is the right method for the custom project you have in mind. In another article, I will tell you about “fabrication,” a completely different way of making jewellery.

If there are to be a number of identical pieces, the artist creates a master mold. This mold is then wax-injected to create multiple identical wax pieces for casting. Wax to Metal With any of these methods, a wax piece will then go through the following steps: • Wax sticks called “sprues” are carefully applied to the piece. These act as highways for the metal to flow through later • The wax is submerged in a plasterlike material called the “investment,” making a cylinder that holds the wax

Dorothée Rosen, designer goldsmith Halifax private studio visits by appointment 902.422.9460 NSCAD University BFA 2005 Society of NorthAmerican Goldsmiths Craft Nova Scotia Master Artisan

• The wax is then slowly melted out of this cylindrical shell, leaving a cavity for the molten metal to be poured into • A centrifuge or vacuum ensures the metal goes into the deepest crevices




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The gift-giving mall Proud to support Bedford Business

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The sparrow symbolizes joy and community. We would hope that our clients feel like they’re stepping into a warm and welcoming salon where they can be assured of the highest quality hair services. Sparrow Hair Studio is a haven where we laugh, tease, enjoy, comfort, encourage and share a creative environment with our clients.





Sparrow Hair Studio 2111 Maitland St., Suite 1B, Halifax Call or Email for an appointment 902.453.6400



LIFE ON LASER Tips and tricks for getting started with laser hair removal


t THE TEN SPOT®, we have made a name for ourselves in the waxing world. We are so confident in our brazilly®, we trademarked it. Now, I want you to imagine a world where you never have to face a wax strip again. We imagined it. We went searching for it. And oh boy, we found it. We launched our laser services in September 2017, and we love life on laser. Fall is an excellent time to start treatments. By the time next summer rolls around, you could be hair (and care)-free. Our laser machine, the Vectus Laser by Cynosure, uses a patented skintel technology. The Vectus measures the melanin content of your unique skin tone and sends it back to the laser to provide a customized service. We do this every time to guarantee the most effective treatment. This means we can treat all skin and hair types — from the fairest to the darkest. PRE-LASER TIPS Avoid UV rays. The darker colour on the skin’s surface will confuse the melanin index reading and result in a false reading. To ensure your reading is accurate, we recommend waiting one-to-two weeks after a natural tan and to avoid self-tanner throughout your treatments. We also want you to shave before your appointment. For seasoned waxers this

will come as a shock, but for life on laser, it’s a must. The laser targets the hair’s root, not the hair itself, so they need to be intact in the follicle. Shave 24 hours before your treatment, but avoid dry shaving. This could cause irritation that may in some cases cause hyperpigmentation. Let’s talk about pain. We’ve all heard that adage “beauty is pain,” right?! Well, not in this case. Our laser has a cooling tip to help ease any discomfort you may feel. For those of you who need a little extra, we have Zensa, a numbing cream for purchase. Plus, any discomfort felt is temporary because the service is so fast. Hot tip: if you’re using our handy Zensa numbing cream, give yourself a chance to “marinate” before you head in for your appointment (30 to 45 minutes before). This will ensure your appointment is as pain-free as possible.

present and ready to be targeted by our diode laser. Some areas require four weeks between appointments, others need six. It’s important to be consistent to get the best results. As for the area itself, you might notice a bit of tightness and redness. This is a normal reaction to the laser and it should fade within a few hours of your service. No sweating or exfoliating for 24 hours after your treatment. You may also notice some hair growth coming through after your service, but don’t worry, those hairs were targeted during the treatment. This is normal. You can shave between your sessions but avoid waxing and tweezing the area. Lastly, keep any lasered areas out of the sunshine. Keep the SPF 45 flowing for the course of the treatment.

Just a heads up to any pregnant or breastfeeding mommas: laser is a no-no during these times. POST-LASER TIPS Before you dance out of our beauty bar feelin’ like a 10, don’t forget to rebook your appointment. In order to have the most effective treatment, the hair must be targeted in the growth stage. This is the stage where the stem cells are active,


Helen Norve

Guest Coordinator THE TEN SPOT® 5165 South St., Halifax 902.445.1010



WITH Barb Brennan, RHN Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant



hether you eat when you’re hungry or stick to a regimented three meals a day, everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are different. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to daily nutritional requirements. Age, sex, metabolism, activity levels and even family history, all play a role. We’re all unique. Keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb. It’s easy to be tempted by every fad diet that hits the headlines, but there is no single diet that works for everyone. A truly healthy diet is all about balance. The greater the variety of clean, fresh fruit and vegetables on our plates, the more likely we’re capturing the nutrients we need to stay healthy and energized. Mom knew those dark leafy greens and carrots had healing powers all on their own. Slowing down, taking time to sit and share meals with people we enjoy takes those healing powers to a whole other level. As we introduce more healthy food options to our regular routine, the less healthy choices get crowded off our plates, and eventually out of our refrigerators and pantries completely. Make smart choices when it comes to meals, snacks and even drinks. Many of the fancy drizzled “designer beverages” we see advertised pack more sugar, fat and empty calories than you would have ever thought possible. Choose whole foods like an egg, apple, avocado or red pepper, where no label is required. You can hold it in your hand and know exactly what it is. Next, look for free range, non-



GMO, organic, hormone and antibiotic free when grocery shopping. When we eat food that is grown locally, not only are we supporting local producers, we’re also maximizing the nutrient value. Important vitamins are lost in transportation. Food less travelled just tastes better. Eating seasonally makes sense. Let plant-based choices fill the majority of your plate and smoothie cup. “Living” things give us energy and should be the foundation for meal planning. Floury, starchy foods and even dairy products have a tendency to congest rather than open up the flow of our body systems. It’s good to be reminded of how important water is to overall health. Sip often throughout the day. Room temperature is most easily absorbed. Caffeine-free herbal teas contribute to your daily fluid intake. Try to consume most fluids between meals rather than with meals so you don’t over dilute that “all important stomach acid” which plays a key role in digestion. Water is a major component of most of our body parts, including the brain, helping with everything from flushing out toxins to lubricating joints. You may even be rewarded with a clearer mind and a boost in energy. In our stores and treatment rooms, you’ll often hear me talk about taking a “food first approach” to wellness. With a consistently good diet and healthy habits in place, we’re much better equipped to fill in the remaining nutritional gaps with key supplements not easily obtained through diet. With a solid base to build


on, overall wellness and energy levels improve that much faster. Pick a place to start, whether that’s experimenting with a new market veggie this week or keeping a refillable water bottle handy throughout the day. Even one new healthy habit, committed to for the long term, will make a difference. Your choices matter.

Barb Brennan, RHN

Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant Honey & Ginger 1509 Bedford Hwy Store: 902.832.7511 Wellness Centre: 902.446.3825 262 Baker Drive Unit 105 Dartmouth Store: 902.431.0801 Wellness Centre: 902.407.0830

Achieve Your Optimal Health and Wellness PRODUCTS Supplements • Food • Personal Care & Beauty Products SERVICES Naturopathic Medicine • Reiki • Massage Therapy • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine • Holistic Facials • Nutritional Consulting • Osteopathy • Reflexology and Spiritual Therapy * services vary between locations

Nova Scotia is home to many health food and product creators and suppliers, and we are fortunate to offer some of those in our stores. So while we are supporting you on your journey to optimum health and wellness, we are also supporting our local businesses who share the same goals.

1509 Bedford Hwy | Store: 902.832.7511 | Wellness Centre: 902.446.3825 262 Baker Drive Unit 105, Dartmouth | Store: 902.431.0801 | Wellness Centre: 902.407.0830

Not Your Typical Yoga Studio Oxygen Yoga and Fitness now open in downtown Halifax and Cole Harbour By Annika Borg Photos Bruce Jollimore and courtesy of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness


ince making a huge splash on the West Coast in 2012, Oxygen Yoga and Fitness has been uniting yoga enthusiasts and fitness fanatics alike across Canada. Franchise owner Lindsey Kennerknecht was first introduced to Oxygen while living in Calgary and knew she needed to bring the unique blend of traditional yoga and fusion fitness classes to the East Coast. Following the success of the Cole Harbour location, which Kennerknecht opened two years ago, the boutiquestyle studio opened its doors on Doyle Street in Halifax in early spring. “Not your typical yoga studio” is how Kennerknecht describes Oxygen Yoga and Fitness and it’s clear why: the fun, high energy classes, combined with the studio’s infrared heated classrooms, are sure to have everyone breaking a sweat.



The benefits of working out in the infrared heat are numerous: improved flexibility, skin purification, increased weight loss, pain relief and improved circulation. Oxygen Yoga and Fitness studios are equipped with state-ofthe-art FAR infrared technology, which is different from the average hot yoga studio. Panels on the ceiling provide a dry, even heat that raise the body’s core temperature from the inside out. “Our clients really love it,” says Kennerknecht. “They find their muscles repair a lot faster. Because there is no humidity, they aren’t breathing in muggy, stale air.” Heated classes are acceptable for all fitness levels, but reduced heat classes are also available. With more than 20 different classes on offer, working out stays fresh and


fun. “There is something for everyone,” explains Kennerknecht. “You won’t be confined to just yoga classes or just fitness classes. You can do something different every single time you come in.”

“There is something for everyone. You won’t be confined to just yoga classes or just fitness classes. You can do something different every single time you come in.” – Lindsey Kennerknecht

Classes range from yoga to more cardio-centric, to a blend of the two: cardio kickboxing, O2 box fusion, cardio tone, weightlifting, HIIT, Pilates, and all different styles of yoga from hatha, yang & yin, prenatal and hot power. There are even classes for little yogis.

your goals,” says Kennerknecht. “They make sure classes are accessible and can provide modification options so you’re doing the best workout for you. They want to help you reach your fullest potential.”

“Our instructors are energetic and knowledgeable and are there to encourage you and help you reach

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness offer a $10 one-week trial to all new members, and Kennerknecht believes it’s a great way

to see what the studio has to offer. “Our classes are open to all different fitness levels,” she says. “Everyone is welcome and it’s the type of place where you’re not going to feel intimidated walking in. We encourage members to get to know one another and be a part of the community.” The motto “I love my life” is woven throughout the studio’s philosophy and is repeated at the end of each class, replacing the usual namaste. “We’re about making positive, lasting changes to your life and also having fun with it,” says Kennerknecht. “We’re a loud and proud fitness studio and we’re breaking the boundaries of yoga.”

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness 5410 Doyle St Unit 110 902.407.8000 960 Cole Harbour Road 902.462.4441




A gym that’s more than a gym.

O2 Advantage: • Complementary childminding • 30+ group classes offered weekly • Towel service included • Dry sauna • Queenax suspension training • Rogue monster racks/custom lifting platforms • Turf area • Spin room • Shake bar/meal services • Pro shop • Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • InBody scanner • Personal training • Hybrid training • Boot camps • Touch screen cardio equipment /Netflix/YouTube/ browser and much much more

Eat. Train. Sleep. Be Well!

O2’S NEW HIGH INTENSITY BOOT CAMP TRAINING Here is what we will do in the next 42 days‌ 1 on 1 coach (really a coach in a back pocket 24/7) Option of 10 different bootcamp classes weekly to fit your schedule Personalized nutrition guides Personalized exercise to help turn the body into a fat-burning machine Daily coaching, motivation and accountability

Weekly check-ins with InBody Scan

HYBRID ACCOUNTABILITY TRAINING Our new Hybrid Accountability Training Program is changing the fitness industry. Designed to fit your lifestyle, schedule and food preferences, it provides everything you need to take control of your health and fitness goals.

Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford HWY | Suite 210 (Mezzanine Level) 902.706.1700 |

WITH Laura Lundquist, PT Zoomers Physiotherapy & Health Solutions

LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE 5 ways to keep up your lifestyle for the next 20, 30 or 40 years


t Zoomers Physiotherapy & Health Solutions, our focus is helping clients live the life they love. We meet clients where they are and help them get where they’re going. Here are five of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients trying to maintain or improve their physical health. When should I see a physiotherapist? Regularly. At least once a year. Traditionally, clients have gone to physiotherapy for pain management after an injury or new diagnosis. At Zoomers, our Fit for Life program encourages clients to see us annually for a strength and balance screening. This allows us to identify issues before they become a problem. Think of it like seeing a dentist for your regular cleaning and checkup. Do I really need to exercise? Yes. The bad news is that once we turn 30 years old, we start to lose strength, mobility and balance. The changes begin slowly but accelerate over time and contribute to injuries, chronic pain and falls. The good news is that many of those changes can be reversed with the right exercises. It’s important to make sure you’re doing what’s most appropriate and helpful for your body. For



example, walking is a great exercise, but by itself, it’s not enough to maintain your strength, mobility and balance. Other than the gym, what options are out there? A gym can be a great place for exercise, but it can also be intimidating. Many exercises can be done at home using household items, or you could consider joining a small group fitness class. At Zoomers, we have small classes led by healthcare providers who provide a fun, relaxed social atmosphere that can make the experience of exercising more appealing.

for one to two days after exercise, but not necessarily to have joint pain. If you have concerns about how you feel after exercise, you should consult with a physiotherapist. At Zoomers, our physiotherapists can help you: • Determine which activities will be safest and most beneficial for you • Understand your injury or condition • Establish a plan to allow you to live the life you love

Should I rest my joints that have osteoarthritis? No. Joints with osteoarthritis like to move. One of my favourite physiotherapy quotes is “motion is lotion.” Exercise actually helps maintain the health of the joint. Of course, there are limits to what is reasonable and each person will respond differently. It is important to pay attention to how you feel immediately after — as well as the day after — a new activity to gauge how your body handled it. I have soreness after exercise, should I stop? This can be a trickier answer. It is normal to have muscle stiffness and soreness


Laura Lundquist, PT

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WITH Dr. Magda Barnard Bedford Orthodontics, Metro Orthodontic Specialists



hen looking to straighten their teeth, adults will often seek an inconspicuous route.

One option is fixed braces on the front surfaces of the teeth that can be tooth-coloured and blend in well. A lot of our patients, who have clear braces, get asked by friends if they are wearing a retainer — the wire is the only component that is readily visible! In photos, it’s difficult to tell that someone is even wearing clear braces. Another option is Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear tray aligners that progressively straighten teeth according to a treatment plan that your orthodontist designs. The aligners look and feel like transparent retainers. When Invisalign first came out it was suitable only for minor crowding and bite problems. Nowadays, it has advanced to treat severe crowding issues and some significant bite problems to a perfect result. Invisalign can align teeth, eliminate an overbite, close an open bite and correct some crossbites. We can even use Invisalign when a patient needs a tooth (or teeth) taken out and wants to close spaces. We can close spaces very well with Invisalign. It can also be used for a patient that needs to have spaces opened for implants or teeth up-righted for bridgework. If neither clear braces nor Invisalign are appealing, then fixed braces on the back surfaces of the teeth are a great

option. These are called lingual braces and are not visible at all to others. Our patients do mention that lingual braces take a little while for their tongues to get used to, and the cost of these braces can be much higher than Invisalign or clear braces. Adults tend to have busy schedules, and may be juggling careers, a home and children. Often the time commitment with braces may be a concern. However, braces or Invisalign will not take as much time as one would imagine. With the advancements in technology, you may need to see your orthodontist initially for one or two longer visits, and then be able to go six to eight weeks, or even a bit longer, between most visits. Appointments that follow initial braces placement or Invisalign delivery usually only take about 15 to 20 minutes each. Total treatment time typically varies between six months and 28 months, depending of the severity of the dental issues. Adult orthodontics can be virtually invisible, can address complex bite issues, close spaces or open spaces for implants or bridgework, and it can even help with some headaches and jaw aches! Plus, it can totally change your look. It can create a fuller and wider smile, improve facial balance and esthetics, straighten teeth and make your look more youthful at any age!


Dr. Magda Barnard

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Encouraging, Fitting and

SUPPORTING WOMEN… One Bra at a Time elle mio By Lori Mckay Photos Bruce Jollimore


ou’ve heard of Say Yes to the Dress. Ronda Daigle would like you to think, “Say Ahh to the Bra.” It’s the latest slogan for the chic lingerie boutique, Elle Mio, in downtown Halifax. Although new to our city, Elle Mio first opened in Fredericton in 2011 and Moncton in 2016, where they have been helping women feel confident and comfortable in beautiful undergarments, swimwear, robes, cozy PJs and their specialty: mastectomy bras and breast forms. Ronda started her career as a nurse in Moncton in 1991 and worked at a pharmacy home health care for a time, where one of her responsibilities was mastectomy care. “It was my job to help women feel beautiful after their surgery. I just found it so rewarding to help these women,” says Ronda. She started fitting bras in Moncton and then moved to Fredericton, where she had a boutique in her home for nine



years. “It was great because I was able to be home while my girls were growing up and I could take them to their swimming lessons and all other activities. I was able to schedule my fitting appointments around them.” Eventually, she went to work for one of her suppliers, Amoena, a German company that is the largest supplier of post mastectomy products in the world. She worked as their sales rep in Atlantic Canada but ended up travelling to parts of Ontario and Manitoba. “As I travelled across the county and saw all these beautiful lingerie stores, I thought, ‘this is exactly what my hometown needs,’” said Ronda. “I wanted to open a store where all women can go to shop … A place where women who have had breast surgery can go for their breast form fittings, instead of the back room of a pharmacy or some closet.”


“We didn’t want to be in a mall. We wanted to be separated from everyone else because we’re different. We’re a destination store” - Ronda Daigle

Jewellery by Frida Fine Jewellery




Ronda Daigle and her daughter Katelyn Daigle, manager of the Moncton store, in New York City this past August for The Best of Intima Awards, where they were a finalist.

She said the name Elle Mio, which means “my girl,” just popped into her head. She opened the store in Fredericton and then five years later she opened a second location in Moncton. With both New Brunswick stores doing well, opening in Halifax was a natural next step. “We had a lot of customers coming from Halifax to our Moncton store and before that we had a lot of women from Moncton coming to our Fredericton store. We opened where there was a need for a store like ours.” Elle Mio opened in Halifax this past June, and Ronda said the response and feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Located on beautiful Lower Water Street in downtown Halifax, the boutique-style shop — which is the biggest of their three stores — saw a steady stream of tourists in the summer, as well as many locals coming to check them out.

Although the Halifax store has a unique décor — with its brick and stone walls, which allows the lingerie to pop amidst the industrial feel of the space — each of the three boutiques carry identical products and offer the same atmosphere. “We take the senses into consideration,” say Ronda. “Each store has the same music, fabrics to touch, displays to check out and taste in merchandise.” The décor is tasteful, tranquil and orderly, and the dressing rooms are spacious. Aside from the beautiful displays of lingerie, the store’s elegant navy sofa will certainly catch your eye. The staff are all highly trained in bra-fitting and are eager to help and answer any questions you may have.

“We didn’t want to be in a mall. We wanted to be separated from everyone else because we’re different. We’re a destination store,” says Ronda.

Ronda and the Elle Mio team pride themselves on careful attention to detail, which did not go unnoticed. Ronda and her daughter, Katelyn Daigle, the manager of the Moncton store, travelled to New York this past August for The Best of Intima Awards, where they were one of 30 finalists from around the world. Although they didn’t win, Ronda said it was an honour to be nominated.




Plus, the New York experience itself was amazing and made even more exciting by Katelyn’s engagement on the trip. “It was so nice to be surrounded by other women with the same passion,” says Ronda. “Everyone had the same goal of helping women feel more confident about themselves.” Elle Mio offers a wide selection in bra sizes, from AA to K. They also have swimwear and lingerie. Bras start around $40 and go up to about $170. Ronda selects merchandise from premium companies all over the world, including Paris, Belgium, the UK and New York. They also try to bring in as many Canadian products as they can. When choosing merchandise, Ronda says she goes by personal taste and quality, and notes she and Katelyn will often pick out the exact same products to feature in their stores. “Over the years we have learned to know what our customers like.” She credits the store’s success to hard work, dedication, perseverance and great customers.

How much should you pay for a good bra that you won’t want to rip off at the end of the day? • You get what you pay for. A $20 bra will lose its shape after one month and means you will need to buy more bras • Buying a good bra at higher-end prices means better construction and materials, and a more comfortable, longer lasting bra

“It’s also about education. We always educate customers on the products we sell, including the breathability of one material over another, and the proper way a bra should fit. “About 90 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. A woman may come in wearing a 38C and leave in a 34F. They’ll say, ‘I didn’t think there were sizes like that.’ We love it when a customer has an ‘Aha!’ moment in the store.”

She says most women are wearing bras with bands too big and the cups to small. About 90 per cent of the weight of the breast should be on the band and only 10 per cent on the shoulders. She says most women will come in looking for something completely different than what they leave with. “Women often think they need a molded bra that’s smooth underneath their shirts, but we have better options that will provide much more support.”

• Buying two bras at a time and alternating will make your bras last longer. After a year of wear, they will have lost their support and break down • A proper fit allows for 90 per cent of the support to be on your bra’s band and 10 per cent on the straps

GET FITTED by one of Elle Mio’s professional bra fitters. The right bra size can change your world in an instant.

Elle Mio’s specialty Mastectomy Bras and Breast Forms Elle Mio specializes in post breast surgery mastectomy products. The boutique even has a special change room for fittings! Call ahead for a personalized appointment. “A post-surgery fitting is a big day for women. I want to give them my undivided attention and as much time as they need,” says Ronda Daigle, founder of Elle Mio and certified bra fitter with 28 years of experience. The mastectomy fitting change room




A great supportive option would be a three-part cup bra (or cut-and-sew), which supports and shapes the breast as well as on the sides, and offers minimizing support panels. She says the more parts you have in the cup of a bra, the more support it offers. “When you’re in one of these bras, it almost looks like you’ve lost 10 pounds. People think they can’t possibly have enough support, but then they put them on and are shocked by the improvement.” Elle Mio sees a lot of repeat customers in all their shops. Their unique products bring people back in time and time again. Ronda notes an amazing pair of Chantelle panties they have from Paris, which are seamless, don’t roll down or ride up. “They’re just perfect. One woman came in and bought one pair and came back the next day and bought nine. We’ve had customers clean out their whole panty drawer and replace them with these.”

such as Marie Jo and PrimaDonna, a Belgium company that has been making bras since 1865 and is exclusive to Elle Mio. They also carry Chantelle, Wacoal, B Tempt’d, Passionata, Elomi, Goddess, Fantasie, Freya, Amoena, Anita, Rosa Faia and Van Elle. For shapewear, they carry Body Hush and Yummie Tummie. Swimwear is available from PrimaDonna, Rosa Faia, Skye, Body Glove, Eidon, Amoena, Freya and Fantasie. They also have Saxx underwear for men. All of their mastectomy bras and breast forms are by Amoena. The boutique is now stocking flannel PJs, loungewear, fluffy robes and cozy socks for the approaching cold-weather season. Come January, they will also have a huge selection of swimwear for those travelling to warmer climates.

The store carries several different brands, including some that are new to Halifax

“We try to stock the store with great Christmas gift options and we always offer gift cards,” says Ronda, noting the store will have extended hours for the month of December. “We also like to make life easy for Christmas shoppers




and keep our clients’ Christmas wish lists on file. So, come anytime to start your list!” You’ll find Ronda in the Halifax store most days, but on her off time, she enjoys being outdoors and is up for any adventure. She loves walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, snowshoeing and even chasing waterfalls. She also enjoys spending time with her cat, Carl. The Elle Mio team is active on social media and they encourage people to follow them on Facebook and Instagram, where they constantly promote their latest products.

Pints & Panties: Grand opening event will be held in November. Follow Elle Mio Halifax's Facebook page for more details and discounts. Elle Mio 1496 Lower Water Street, Halifax 902.453.0604


to brighten your day! Bloom is a full-service greenhouse and garden centre located in Hammonds Plains. We offer workshops and seminars suitable for both newly minted gardeners and certified green thumbs.

100s of Plants • Workshops • Design Services

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mind, body and spirit The Link – Health & Lifestyle Consulting By Lori McKay Photos Bruce Jollimore

Andrea Carew describes herself as an agent for change.

very daunting, or even perceived as impossible. As a result, health outcomes for many Canadians don’t change,” says Andrea.

veryone can feel stuck sometimes in life. Perhaps they’re struggling to manage stress, reach personal goals, deal with a chronic illness, or just live life more fully. Through one-on-one and group coaching, Andrea helps people improve their quality of life and health.

Andrea also helps address the emotional impact of health challenges, but more importantly, to let people see the possibilities. The Duke Integrative Medicine program was designed by physicians who were frustrated that clients were not getting the guidance and support in the behaviour changes needed to improve health outcomes. She is currently one of the instructors of the program.


“Making changes to support health of mind, body and spirit can be hard,” says Andrea. “But, with the right support, it doesn’t have to be.” The health coach industry is a relatively new one, but growing quickly. What distinguishes Andrea from others in her field is her background and extensive training. She is trained and certified by Duke Integrative Medicine, a system dedicated to filling a critical missing link in the health care experience. She completed her training in 2014 and has been working as a private coach ever since. For Andrea, it’s all about helping people be their best selves. For people living with a chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease, as examples, finding their “best selves” isn’t always easy. “A diagnosis from a physician is often followed by instructions, such as to improve nutritional habits or to exercise more. But then what? Some people are scared into change when they leave the doctor’s office, but many are not. These kinds of life changes can be



“That’s why I like to call myself an agent for change,” says Andrea. “I’m not the one putting in the hard work or making the change. My clients are. I’m their guide, their support; roles that easily get overlooked in healthcare, and in making positive life change.” Andrea started her career as a nurse in the UK in the 1990s but ended up on another path, including earning a Bachelor of Science and caring for marine mammals in captivity. Through her 30s and early 40s, she worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in several management positions, including Species at Risk and Indigenous Consultation, but answered another calling. “I was working within a system that wasn’t allowing me to make a real difference, and that mattered to me.” She says health coaching wasn’t as dramatic a career shift from government as one might think. Her 1996 biopsychology honours thesis focused


on marine mammals in captivity and showing unhealthy patterns of behaviour — a sign that things are not well. Her aim was to change their environment and improve their psychological well-being. “Fast forward to my becoming a health coach; it really drew on my background and training. Helping people change behaviours and helping them understand that we too can get stuck, doing things over and over again that are not helping us, especially when stressed. We can feel captive in our own lives. Luckily, at least for many of us humans, there’s help. My job is to shine a light on a new path for those needing to make change. So, for me, it came full circle.” Since then, government has invited her back to offer training programs for employees. While the focus here is often stress management and the importance of self-care, participants in Andrea’s sessions quickly realize that everything in their lives affects their health, and that their health affects everything in their lives. Everyone can benefit from health coaching. And because everyone’s situation is different, coaching takes an individual path for each person. Andrea meets with clients in person when possible, or by Skype or phone. She also offers a free 20-minute consultation, so you can see if working with her is for you. As part of her coaching support, Andrea guides clients in introducing regular mindfulness practice in their lives. “I’m constantly inspired by how my clients transform their lives.”

“Making changes to support your health of mind, body and spirit doesn’t have to be hard. With the right support, you can do it.” - Andrea Carew

• Individual, group and corporate coaching services • Quality of life and health improvement • Complementary support for chronic illness • Resilience and mental fitness

The Link Health & Lifestyle Consulting 902.579.6722 Skype Name: The Link Health Service





Christina Rogers-Lunn, owner of Hearing Institute Atlantic

Hearing Loss. Let’s talk about it! Photos Bruce Jollimore and courtesy of Hearing Institute Atlantic


alking about hearing loss and helping clients find solutions to their hearing issues is the main focus of the Hearing Institute Atlantic team. Champions of bringing better hearing health to our communities, these audiology experts do not shy away from talking about the importance of being tested and addressing hearing loss at an early onset. Hearing loss is present in more than 50 per cent of people over the age of 60. Its onset can be gradual, and often folks don’t even know how much it is affecting their everyday life and those around them.

Who can help? As the years go by, many of us will experience some degree of hearing loss.



If you feel you may have issues with your hearing, it might be time to get your hearing checked by the audiologists at Hearing Institute Atlantic. They recommend routine testing starting at age 40. It is important to establish a baseline, and a hearing test doesn’t take long and is completely painless.

be the case. Today’s devices are small, stylish and discreet; they come packed with technology… and they work! These aren’t the same devices your grandparents wore. Today’s devices are like tiny computers for your ears; personalized, programmable and quite simply amazing.

Why it matters


Choosing to treat your hearing loss matters greatly to your overall health and well-being. Research has clearly shown that those who choose an appropriate hearing device and treat their hearing loss lead fuller and healthier lifestyles. It often takes people five to seven years living with untreated hearing loss before they seek help. This doesn’t have to

You will find only honest, direct advice and expert support at Hearing Institute Atlantic.


“As an independently-owned company, our audiologists are able to recommend the very best brands of devices and can choose the right solution for you,” says owner Christina Rogers-Lunn of Bedford.

“Hearing Institute Atlantic is unique in our market because we offer a choice of affordable devices with the key technologies to support better hearing.” - Christina Rogers-Lunn

Dr. Patricia Cameron

“Hearing Institute Atlantic is unique in our market because we offer a choice of affordable devices with the key technologies to support better hearing.”

Commitment Better hearing doesn’t stop with a hearing device. To truly hear better, and to hear well, the folks at Hearing Institute Atlantic provide ongoing support for their clients. Hearing loss doesn’t go away or get better, there is no cure and once it begins it is often progressive.

“Hearing loss affects us all. It is so deep, emotional and pervasive that it is hard to see anyone struggling with untreated loss,” says Dr. Patricia Cameron, an audiologist with 20 years’ experience. “We are committed to the ongoing support and encouragement for our clients.” “Trust the Experts Who Listen” is the promise at Hearing Institute Atlantic. It is a promise that resonates with those who recognize the value of a long, trusting relationship with their hearing health care professional.


Hearing Institute Atlantic Halifax, Clayton Park, Bedford, Lr. Sackville, Dartmouth, Bridgewater, New Minas, Yarmouth 902.482.2222




Part of the Community Lenehan Musgrave LLP Practicing Family Law and Personal Injury Law By Lori McKay Photos Bruce Jollimore

Lenehan Musgrave LLP is a litigation law firm offering services in family law, estate litigation and personal injury law.


he offices of Lenehan Musgrave were initially located at Paddlers Cove on Banook Lake in Dartmouth. In 2015, the firm purchased a commercial condo in King’s Wharf, where they designed and created their new offices with room for more lawyers and staff.



“We moved into King’s Wharf because it offered something we felt was important: offices that are welcoming and accessible to the public and reflects our values as a firm,” said Lenehan. “Our new space was designed especially for us to meet our needs and the needs of our clients. It has street frontage, which allows clients to access our offices regardless of any mobility limitations. And as an added bonus, we are part of the vibrant and growing downtown Dartmouth community.”

problems and disputes, whether it’s someone hurt in an accident who needs assistance dealing with an insurance company, someone separating from their spouse, or someone who needs help with a dispute regarding a loved one’s Last Will and Testament.

The law firm represents individuals, not corporations. They help people solve

Family law and personal injury law can be overwhelming, and the firm


“Our clients are people,” said Musgrave. “We work with everyone. It could be the check-out clerk at the supermarket who was hurt in an accident or a CEO of several businesses going through a divorce.”

“Our clients are people. We work with everyone. It could be the check-out clerk at the supermarket who was hurt in an accident or a CEO of several businesses going through a divorce.” - Diana Musgrave strives to make the process easier for clients by offering open and efficient communication. They are a highly experienced team of six lawyers and four support staff who are able to answer clients’ questions promptly and guide them through each step of the process. “Our firm’s goal is to provide excellent service at an affordable price,” said Musgrave. “Our clients are individuals and our services must be funded from their own financial resources. We’re very conscience of that.” Lenehan Musgrave stresses its commitment to the community. The firm’s offices were recently one of the locations used for the locally-filmed CBC legal drama Diggstown. All proceeds earned from the shoot were donated to Phoenix Youth. Their community commitment also includes the collection and showcasing of local art on the walls of their offices. “We believe that art can play an important role in our lives and we are proud to support local artists,” says Lenehan. Lenehan Musgrave LLP is a committed team of lawyers and staff who prioritize client services and strive for efficiency in delivering those services.

Lenehan Musgrave LLP 101-67 King’s Wharf Place Dartmouth, N.S. 902.466.2200





The Best Choice for Heating Your Home? A MINI-SPLIT HEAT PUMP


ith cold weather on its way, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep their home warm and energy-efficient. A popular and simple addition to your home is a mini-split heat pump — a ductless air conditioner mounted on the wall that provides both heating and cooling. “It’s a home air conditioner that not only keeps your home cool in summer, but is also a heat source, which cuts back on winter heating costs,” says Capital Ventilation president Tammy Atton. More convenient than a window air conditioner, as a mini split doesn’t have



to be removed in the winter, it also burns far less power. “A mini split installed in your basement also helps to dehumidify your home,” adds Atton.

life of your HVAC, reduce your power bill and, most importantly, keep you and your family warm or cool, depending on the season.

The way a mini split works is similar to a regular heat pump and is an easy addition to an existing home. “Many new homes are going with a full, ducted heat pump system. The mini split is a great retrofit for after the fact.”

In summer, your system will be working its hardest to cope with high temperatures, so fall is an ideal time to perform maintenance (and then again in the spring, just before the hot weather hits).

Maintenance for mini splits and all HVAC systems With any heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, maintenance is always important. A little TLC can drastically lengthen the

Here are a few tips for maintaining your HVAC system:


1. Clean the filters. “A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of the unit, increasing power costs,” says Atton.

“It’s a home air conditioner that not only keeps your home cool in summer, but is also a heat source, which cuts back on winter heating costs.” Company president Tammy Atton

It will also keep your system from producing the amount of hot or cool air that you would like, cutting off a lot of potential airflow. It’s best to check these filters regularly. 2. Clear debris away from your system. This is most important during the winter, as snow can begin to pile up and surround your unit. Continually check on your system to make sure there are no branches, leaves or other debris blocking airflow into the unit. As a rule of thumb, it’s good to have about two feet of space surrounding the unit. Also, make sure to check the inside cabinet for any additional debris that may have found its way inside. 3. Inspect the coil. A full coil cleaning doesn’t need to be completed very often, but it’s always good to check in

- Tammy Atton

HEATING AND COOLING EXPERTS If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your energy costs while improving the comfort of your home, contact Capital Ventilation Limited. Providing HVAC services, as well as heat recovery systems, they help local homeowners create living spaces with the best temperature and air quality.

to make sure it hasn’t accumulated an unexpected amount of dirt. Dirty coils make the system run longer, reducing its efficiency and shortening its life. Don’t hesitate to call Capital Ventilation to schedule an inspection or repair. A knowledgeable and experienced technician will be at your door to ensure your system is working to its full potential without wasting airflow or energy.

CAPITAL VENTILATION SELLS AND REPAIRS: • Air conditioning systems • Ventilation systems • Heating systems

Capital Ventilation 62C Bluewater Rd., Bedford 902.835.9224


• Air exchangers • Heat recovery • Heat pumps




y e n o H s a t ee


Universally regarded as the “food of the Gods,” honey has been thought to link heaven and earth, god and man, and the plant and animal kingdoms. It is tied to religious and cultural symbolism, and ever since humans first discovered its sweetness, it has been seen as one of nature’s true wonders. By Colleen Thompson


s I sat on a friend’s deck in Beach Meadows, Nova Scotia, enjoying the sunshine and nature, I had an idea. The entire backyard was a carpet of wild flowers from the edge of the house down to the ocean and there was a low, vibrating buzz that filled the air. On closer inspection, I realized it was a veritable bee buffet, as thousands of bees flitted from flower to flower filling up on nectar. “We should start a couple of hives,” I suggested to my friend, halfjoking, half-serious. I sat through eight weeks of bee school and learned about honeybee biology, hives, diseases and extraction. I was



all in. I bought books like The Backyard Beekeeper and Make Your Hive Thrive. I listened to The Buzz on Honey, a 45-minute podcast that eloquently describes the journey of an ingredient that once featured so prominently in history, but is now as ordinary as butter and jam. It was only when I started to talk to bee keepers and explore different kinds of honey that I learned about different environments impacting flavour. When produced with care, honey changes flavour and colour from season to season and from location to location. Much like wine, honey reflects the terroir — that beautiful French word that describes the


Honey complements every food group and the pairings are infinite. – Carla Marina Marchese

influences of sun, soil and environment on food and drink. Honey is not a onesize-fits-all product. It consists of a multitude of flavours and textures. Honeybees must tap more than two million flowers, flying a distance equal to more than three times around the world, just to make one pound of honey. Bringing nectar and pollen from flowers to the hive, bees turn it into honey and the diversity of that forage determines the honey’s flavour. Just like certain wine grapes are indigenous to certain regions, some varieties of honey can only be produced in certain areas of the world. For example, when bees consume the nectar of the Tupelo gum tree that

grows in the swamps of the Chipola and Apalachicola rivers in Florida, they produce a soft, buttery Tupelo honey. Pollen ingested by bees from sourwood trees in North Carolina produce a complex, smoky sourwood honey. The Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa is home to more than 9,000 species of plants, making it one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The bees there produce a dark-coloured honey with an intense flavour known as Fynbos honey. Carla Marina Marchese is a member of the Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey, where she received her formal training as a honey sensory expert. Her book The


Honey Connoisseur explains the concept of terroir in honey. “In 2000, I was invited to visit a neighbour’s apiary where I tasted fresh honey still warm from the bees, and within a week, I got my first hive,” says Marchese. “I learned so much about the natural world from the bees. I was infatuated with the endless flavours of honey, the floral sources and the stories. In 2007, I wrote my first book Honeybee Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper and named the last chapter ‘Honey Sommelier,’ where I wrote tasting notes for 75 varietal honeys.” Her interest led her to take up formal training in Italy as a honey sensory



expert and she was accepted as a member of their national registry of honey. The honey sensory program applies similar methods used to train wine sommeliers developing sensory training. They learn skills to smell and taste a honey to identify its floral source, the region it was produced in and also identify any defects. Compelled to share her experience and knowledge, she established the American Honey Tasting Society in conjunction with the Italian program. Closer to home, I spoke to Adam Hankinson of Creek Farm Honey, named after the small creek that runs parallel to his property into the Sissiboo River. “My belief is that the taste of honey depends on the wildflowers the bees pollenate,” says Hankinson. “The ratio of different flowers will dictate the flavour, so each locale where we have hives will have different flowers and therefore produce different taste profiles. I believe what makes our honey unique is the pollen my bees bring back to the hive. People claim that eating local honey from local flowers contains pollen that will help build your immunity and stave off pollen allergies,” he says, noting he can’t promise it works. “My early summer honey had a more golden colour, while my spring honey had more of an amber colour. The darker the honey, the more flavourful the honey is, so my later honey is a little more flavourful than my earlier honey. Our honey is what-you-call ‘made from wild flowers,’ which means the flowers the bees visit are whatever is in bloom at that time. Dandelions in the spring, fruit trees (apple, cheery, pears, blueberries)

in the summer and golden rod in the fall, and everything else in between.” Cornect Family Farm in Guysborough County has been producing artisan honey from the many wildflowers and blueberry blossoms in the area for more than 24 years. In 1994, Margaret Cornect purchased two beehives to pollinate her own blueberry fields. Today, along with her son Benjamin, they have over 300 beehives providing pollination services for their own and other blueberry growers in the surrounding areas of Guysborough and Pictou County. “Ben has expanded the beekeeping and pollination side of the farm while I continue to grow not only the markets for our honey, but also create unique value-added products,” says Margaret Cornect, also known as The Honey Lady. “We pride ourselves on producing an artisan honey by always being aware of the temperature of our honey throughout the whole process of removing, extracting and packing. We do not pasteurize, strain or filter our honey, leaving all the nutrients and health benefits intact. Their honey flavours change throughout the season. The fist honey produced in any quantity




is blueberry honey, which is darker in colour and has a stronger flavour, but depending on the weather, Cornect says blueberry honey is a hit or miss crop. “Shortly thereafter, the clover comes into bloom. For the next few months, the bees produce a light coloured and mild flavoured honey obtained from a variety of wild blooms. This is soon followed by the goldenrod bloom, back to a darker honey and stronger flavour. By the end of September and the first part of October, all the honey supers are removed from the beehives and the bees use any of the remaining food they can find to store away for their own winter use.”

Honey Pairings A slew of luxury hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, the Waldorf Astoria in New York, the Hilton in Manhattan and the Intercontinental in Times Square, all have placed beehives on their rooftops. The hotels each produce honey that they pair with seasonal cuisine, from crostini with

DID YOU KNOW? Honey is not a one-sizefits-all product. It consists of a multitude of flavours and textures. It becomes a snapshot of its environment — an expression of place — much like wine.

Honey Glazed fillet salmon with orange slices, spices and basil.

honeycomb to tequila-honey cured salmon and honey-infused cocktails. The Stinger, a cocktail bar and restaurant from celebrity chef Todd English, serves cocktails like the “Bee Good,” made with gin, honey and house-made mead (wine made from fermented honey and water).

beverages, I refer to the tasting notes for both ingredients then come up with a honey that complements or contrasts taste and flavours. A few months ago, I worked with a bourbon company to curate a bourbon and honey menu that went over fabulously.”

The pairing of honey with food or using it in cocktails comes as no surprise to those in the know. Mina Harris, a beekeeper and director of Honey and Pollination at the Robert Mondavi Institute at UC-Davis, has even developed a Honey Flavour Wheel. The wheel is a sweet version of the Wine Aroma Wheel, which uses 99 words to describe the flavour of honey from grape and cedar to ginger and butterscotch.

Cornect agrees that honey works well when paired correctly with food. “Our honey is mild flavoured, so it goes very well with foods that require a sweetness, but without the addition of the strong flavour, as it doesn’t overpower the taste of the main dish. It goes particularly well with root crops and in bread, because honey helps to retain freshness. Honeycomb pairs especially well with a sharp aged cheese on a charcuterie board.”

“Honey complements every food group and the pairings are infinite,” says Marchese. “Think honey barbecue sauces for meat and fish, honey mustard or dressings for vegetables, honey and nuts, and the most surprising for some is honey and cheese. When I create pairing menus for honey and food and

Marches is always excited by new honey flavours that land on her plate and palate. “Recently, I had the pleasure of tasting honey from Indonesia, Ethiopia and Bulgaria. This week I’m in love with coriander, sunflower and lime tree honeys, next week let’s see what I discover,” she says.


The Stinger, a New York cocktail bar and restaurant from celebrity chef Todd English, serves a great selection of honey-inspired cocktails, such as the “Bee Good,” made with gin, honey and house-made mead (wine made from fermented honey and water).



Honey Cocktails

Honey Chamomile Mezcal Per Drink 2 oz Smoky Mezcal 1 oz lime juice 1 oz honey and chamomile simple syrup Combine all ingredients in a shaker with four ice cubes. Shake vigorously and strain into salt rimmed glass and cracked ice

Photo by Colleen Thompson




Bourbon Blood Orange Honey Slushie Per Drink 2 oz bourbon 1/2 oz honey simple syrup 1 oz freshly squeezed blood orange juice

Fill glass with crushed ice to the rim. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with four ice cubes. Shake vigorously and strain over ice

a few drops angostura orange bitters crushed iced Photo by Colleen Thompson




Cilantro Honey Gin Fizz Per Drink 1 tbsp cilantro leaves, firmly packed 1 oz lemon juice 1 oz honey simple syrup 1.5 oz gin club soda In the bottom of a glass, muddle the cilantro with the honey simple syrup and lemon juice. Fill the glass to the top with ice, then add the gin. Stir and combine the honey into the gin. Top with club soda. Garnish with cilantro leaves

Photo by Colleen Thompson

*Honey Simple Syrup



1 cup water 1 cup honey


Place honey in a small saucepan along with one cup of water. Heat over medium heat until water and honey are well combined; do not boil. Let cool completely before using

The Taste of

South Italy “When you’ve experienced eating great food in Italy, you have to share it with everyone.” - Owner

Il Trullo’s combined food, wine and vibrant atmosphere sets the restaurant apart. Offering traditional dishes — lasagna, pasta, pizza and an unforgettable brunch — with the flavours of south Italy When the weather is warm, guests can enjoy food, drinks and one of the best views in town on their beautiful patio Plan a unique night out! The King’s Wharf water taxi service stops directly in front of the restaurant (April to October) Free valet parking every Friday and Saturday evening

Il Trullo Ristorante 102-67 King’s Wharf Place Dartmouth, N.S. 902.461.2030

Spiced up


Cook Time: 5 mins

Keto, vegan and gluten free

This quick and easy avocado toast is bursting with flavour and perfect to enjoy anytime of the day. Ingredients


1 ripe avocado

1. Dice avocado into small cubes

Pinch of garlic powder

2. In a bowl, stir together garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Add avocado and mix until evenly coated

Pinch of onion powder Pinch of salt

3. Toast two slices of bread

Pinch of ground black pepper

4. Spread avocado and mix evenly onto both slices of toast

Splash of lemon juice Red chili flakes to taste

5. Add red chili flakes if desired

Honey drizzle

6. Drizzle with honey and enjoy

2 slices bread of your choice (Vegan “Unbuns” are keto, vegan and gluten free, but you may use any bread)







TO AGE OR NOT TO AGE? It’s a question of time and taste By Cheryl Doherty

“How do you know if a wine can age?” This is one of the most frequent, and perhaps most complex, questions a sommelier hears. t’s important to remember that over 95 per cent of today’s wines are meant to be consumed within a year of release. That doesn’t mean some won’t stay fresh or even improve in three to five years if stored properly, and it also does not mean they aren’t great wines. A common and somewhat controversial trend in recent times has been to alter the production of wines that were originally designed for longterm cellaring to make them more drinkable within a shorter period of time. The modern consumer is generally looking for wine they can drink immediately, and many of the wines meant for extended aging are expensive to start with. The idea of spending a lot of money on a bottle of wine only to keep it for a decade or two is really not part of today’s consumer mindset. So why do it? A good wine has a balance of fruit intensity, alcohol, acidity and sugar. Tannin is also a factor when dealing with red wines, not so much with whites. With extended aging, the vibrant fruit of youthful wine relaxes, the tannins (that drying sensation of a tea bag in your mouth) soften and become more integrated into the wine, and the wine’s texture becomes smoother with more nuanced flavours and aromas. Tertiary notes occur, including leather, mushroom and mineral. The colour of red wine tends to fade from the traditional dark reds and rubies to more garnet and brick. The colour of aged whites tends to deepen to more gold and yellow hues. Well-aged wines have layers of flavour and texture that cannot be found in youthful or “ready to drink” wines. How do we know if a wine is cellar-worthy? When a sommelier tastes wine we look for structure created by the balance of acidity, alcohol and tannin, as well as the intensity, freshness and ripeness of the fruit character. Wines need intensity of flavour to age. The less water in the grapes at harvest, the greater the intensity of flavour in the final product, and the more age-worthy the wine. The tannins may be quite thick and chewy in a well-made young wine, but over time they integrate into the wine, creating a smoother texture, softness of palate and added complexity of flavour. Tannin comes from the skins and seeds of grapes and are not as prevalent in white wines, which is one reason more red wine varieties age better than whites.




Cellaring wine may seem like a long-term project when you begin, but time goes by quickly and the enjoyment of a well-aged wine is worth the wait.




WINES TO AGE Bonnie Doon Vineyard Le Cigar Volant Central Coast California USA $49.80 NSLC (limited quantities) A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre, the traditional grape blend of the Rhone Valley in France. The winemaker has discontinued this label after 34 years of successful vintages. Storing this wine for a decade or more will result not only in a multi-faceted drink but a fairly rare one as well.

Chateau de Lamarque Haut Medoc, Bordeaux $42.66 NSLC A blend of 45 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon, 35 per cent Merlot with Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, this is a traditional left bank Bordeaux blend. While this wine will not have the longevity of its Margaux cousin, it will certainly benefit from a good three to five years in a cellar, and longer if stored well.

In order to age successfully, wines also need to have enough acidity and alcohol to preserve their fruit freshness while this aging process occurs. Acidity, alcohol and tannins all act as preservatives, protecting the wine from the oxidation that occurs as a natural part of wine aging. Acids and alcohol help preserve the freshness of the fruit while flavours evolve and compounds in the wine slowly integrate, affecting not only flavour, but texture. An age-worthy wine must have a fairly high acidity to begin with, and the alcohol must be in balance with this acidity. A wine without balance in youth will not attain balance with age.

Both of these wines are full-bodied with ample tannins, making them excellent pairings with any red meat. As the wines age and soften, they will pair with an even wider variety of foods, such as roasted game, charcuterie and an array of firm cheeses.

Storage of wine is also key to aging. Wine should be kept away from light and heat. It should be stored on its side in a space with a relatively constant cool temperature, preferably with some humidity. It must be in a location with no vibrations — vibration will age wine faster than any other storage condition. To start a cellar, use grape varieties that traditionally age well from areas that are known for age-worthy wines. Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon, Aglianico and Nebbiolo from Italy, quality Syrah (Shiraz) and Spanish Tempranillo are great places to start. Aged white wine adventures can begin with German Rieslings, white Burgundies and Loire Valley Chenin Blancs. Apps such as Cellar Tracker give guidelines and comments from fellow collectors about age-worthy wines, and magazines and



online resources can be useful tools to find producers who have historically made age-worthy wines.

Cheryl Doherty

Cellaring wine may seem like a longterm project when you begin — and my children may be the ones who enjoy the real fruits of my own collecting labours! — but time goes by quickly and the enjoyment of a well-aged wine is worth the wait. Thankfully there are plenty of excellent ready-to-drink wines out there in the meantime.

Cheryl is a certified sommelier, WSET Level 4 Diploma Certified, co-owner of Edible Matters Food Company and co-owner of The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse, a successful quartet of pubs/restaurants in Atlantic Canada. Cheryl is president of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers Atlantic Chapter and a guest instructor at NSCC.



Everything You Need For Your

Charcuterie Board Pâté Cured Meat Rillettes Sausage Cheese ...and More

Open Tuesday to Sunday.

2157 Gottingen St., Halifax | 902.446.8222




Beef Short Ribs with Loaded Mash Ingredients



Preparation time: 4-6 hours Cook time: 3 hours Serves: 5

5 lbs bone-in beef short rib, full slab, uncut 8 cups water 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup vegetable oil 2 onions, chopped 2 small carrots, chopped 2 stalk celery, chopped 1 ripe tomato, quartered 4 cloves garlic 2 bay leaves 2 star anise pods 3 cups local red wine 4 cups low sodium beef broth 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce several sprigs fresh thyme to taste salt and pepper LOADED MASHED POTATOES

3 large potatoes (russet or Yukon gold) 6 strips bacon 1/4 cup butter 1/2 cup sour cream 1 cup local aged cheddar, grated 3 green onions, sliced to taste salt and pepper WILD MUSHROOMS

2 lbs mixed mushrooms, cleaned 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp butter 1 tbsp Italian parsley, chopped to taste salt and pepper


1. Mix water, salt and sugar in bowl. Submerge beef brine for four to six hours. Remove and pat dry with paper towels. Discard brine 2. Heat large skillet and add vegetable oil. Sear beef on all sides over high heat until it takes on a golden brown, caramelized exterior 3. Transfer beef to roasting pan. Add vegetables 4. Cover beef and vegetables with herbs, wine, beef broth and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to a boil. As soon as it boils, cover pan with aluminum foil and place in 300F oven for three hours 5. When meat is tender, remove from oven and allow beef to cool fully (preferably overnight) 6. Once cool, skim any solidified fat on top of beef jus in pan, then take out beef. Remove bones from meat and cut beef into six-ounce portions (rectangles two-by-three-inches long). 7. Transfer braising liquid to saucepan. Bring to boil. When reduced by half, puree liquid including vegetables and herbs, then pass through sieve. Place sauce back on heat and simmer 8. To reheat short ribs, add to saucepan with sauce and place in 350F oven for 12 minutes LOADED MASHED POTATOES

2. When potatoes are finished, cut in half and remove flesh from skins. Add bacon bits, butter, cheddar, green onions, and a pinch of salt and pepper to warm potatoes 3. Using a fork, mash and fold everything together making sure not to mash too finely. Serve immediately with beef short ribs and wild mushrooms WILD MUSHROOMS

1. Chop mushrooms into large pieces 2. Heat oil and butter in large pan over high heat. Add mushrooms and season with salt and pepper 3. Sear on one side for one minute, then stir. Keep cooking for three to four minutes 4. Add parsley and serve

Local Source Guide Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Meat: Masstown Butcher Red wine: Any Nova Scotia winery, as well as your local NSLC location and Bishop’s Cellar.

Recipe provided by: Chives Canadian Bistro and 2 Doors Down Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

1. Bake potatoes in 400F oven for one hour until tender. As they bake, cut bacon into 1/4-inch pieces and fry until crisp




Heartwood Bowl with Peanut Sauce Ingredients 1 cup cooked brown rice


4 carrots, peeled and cubed into ½-inch pieces

Preparation time: 1 hour, 5 minutes Serves: 4

2 red beets, peeled and cubed into ½-inch pieces

1. Preheat oven to 400F


1 tsp olive oil 1 bunch of kale, stalks removed, roughly chopped 1 bunch chard, roughly chopped 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted fresh greens to garnish PEANUT SAUCE

1-1/2 cups unsweetened peanut butter 1 tbsp fresh ginger, minced 1 garlic clove, chopped 1/2 tsp cumin 3 tbsp lime juice 3 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp sesame soil 1 tsp sriracha sauce, to taste 1/2 cup coconut water, or more depending on thickness of sauce

2. Place rice in a sieve and rinse well under cold water. Place rice in saucepan, add two cups of water, a knob of coconut oil, a pinch of salt and bring to a boil. Cover, turn to low, and leave to cook for 40 minutes (or cook according to package directions) 3. Place cubed carrots and beets on roasting pan. Toss with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper. Roast for 20 minutes, or until crispyrimmed and cooked through 4. While vegetables are roasting, make the peanut sauce by combining all ingredients in a food processor and blitzing until smooth 5. Taste sauce and adjust accordingly. If too thick, add more coconut water. Set aside 6. Place kale and chard in steamer over a pot of boiling water. Steam for two minutes, or until wilted

to taste local maple syrup




7. To serve, divide rice between bowls. Top with peanut sauce, steamed kale and chard, carrots, beets, pumpkin seeds and garnish with fresh greens

Local Source Guide Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms, Masstown Market or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Maple Syrup: Sugar Moon Farm Recipe provided by: Heartwood Restaurant Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

Honey Roasted Apple & Parsnip Soup Ingredients


1 lb parsnip, peeled

Preparation time: 1.5 hours Serves: 6

1-1/2 lbs local Honeycrisp apples, peeled and diced 1/4 cup olive oil 1 tsp coarse salt 3 tbsp butter 1 cup onions, diced 3/4 cup celery, diced 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp milled pepper 1/2 tsp sea salt 2 bay leaves 1 L vegetable stock 1 L water 1 cup local white wine 2 cups heavy cream 1/2 cup local blue cheese, crumbled to taste salt and pepper 2 cinnamon sticks

1. Preheat the oven to 425F. Place the apples and parsnips on a baking sheet. Drizzle with the olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt. Roast in a preheated oven for 45 minutes 2. Melt butter in a large stock pot. Sauté onions and celery until tender, then add Dijon, salt and pepper. Deglaze pot with white wine 3. Add roasted apple and parsnips, along with the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, water and vegetable stock. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes 4. Remove cinnamon sticks and reserve. Remove bay leaves and discard

Local Source Guide Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia. White Wine: Any Nova Scotia winery, as well as your local NSLC location and Bishop’s Cellar. Recipe provided by: The Kilted Chef Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

5. Puree soup in blender or with an immersion blender. When smooth, reintroduce the cinnamon sticks and stir in heavy cream. Garnish with crumbled blue cheese







Lobster Louie Salad

3. Mix the mayo, ketchup, cream, Worcestershire, lemon, brandy, salt and pepper

Any chance you can add lobster to a meal, take it. This delicious Lobster Louie Salad is the perfect light meal. Pair it with a glass of Tidal Bay and you’ve got the perfect evening.

4. Add the chopped mixture to the dressing

To serve 1. Place cut rounds of iceberg lettuce on plate 2. Spoon Mary Rose Remoulade on top and gently spread, about two spoons per salad




Serves: 2

1-2 heads iceberg lettuce


4. Gently cut the soft egg in half and place on left side of lettuce

4 small button mushrooms, cut to 1/4 slices

1. Grate tomatoes into bowl and spread on to a parchment lined sheet. Dry in an oven at 160F overnight

5. Arrange mushrooms, celery and cornichons artfully on top of lettuce and lobster. Finish with dill fronds

2. Mix dry tomato with celery seed and paprika then blend in a spice grinder. Set aside

6. With a mesh sieve, sprinkle tomato powder over left half of salad, dusting the egg and some of the lobster and lettuce

8 cornichons, sliced in half (end to end) 1 celery stalk, cut into 1/8 slices 1 bunch of dill 2 eggs, room temperature 1 1.5 lb lobster TOMATO POWDER

4 hothouse tomatoes


1. Slice iceberg lettuce to get a 1-inch cross section then cover with a damp towel. Set in the fridge

2 tbsp smoked paprika

2. Cook eggs in boiling water for six minutes. Let them cool, peel them and set aside


3. Slice the button mushrooms, celery and cornichons and set aside

1 tsp celery seed

340g mayonnaise 160g ketchup 50g 35 per cent cream 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 lemon 1 tsp brandy

4. Pick three or four sprigs of dill into nice florets and set aside 5. Steam lobster for 10 minutes. Chill, crack and carefully remove meat from the shell 6. Cut lobster meat into bite size pieces

to taste salt and pepper


2 shallots, diced

1. Finely dice shallots and soak in water. Strain

2 dill pickles, diced 1/4 cup dill, diced 1/4 cup capers, diced

3. Place two pieces of claw meat and two pieces of tail meat on top of lettuce

Local Source Guide Seafood: Afishionado Fishmongers, Clearwater Seafoods retail stores, Comeau’s Sea Foods, Evan’s Seafood & Restaurant, Fisherman’s Market, Halls Harbour Lobster Pound, Masstown Market Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Recipe provided by Chef Geoff Hopgood, Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

2. Finely dice the dill pickles, capers and dill. Mix these and the shallots together, then set aside







Blueberry Chia Flax and Oat Squares

1. Preheat oven to 375 F

These heavenly squares are made with Nova Scotian honey and blueberries, presenting a local and healthy option for snacking.

3. Divide oat mixture into two equal parts. Spread the first half of the mixture evenly onto the bottom of the pan. Pack down and spread to the edges




Preparation Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes Serves: 20

3 1/2 cups oats


3 cups flax flour

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine oats, flour, chia seeds and banana

4 tbsp chia seeds 2 large bananas, ripe, mashed 1/2 cup Nova Scotia honey 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup butter

2. In a small saucepan, combine honey, sugar, butter and vanilla over low heat 3. Whisk until butter is melted and honey is dissolved

1 tsp vanilla

4. Pour the wet ingredients over the oat mixture and mix well. Set aside



4 1/2 cups frozen Nova Scotia wild blueberries

1. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine blueberries, lemon juice and honey. Simmer until blueberries begin to break down and reduce

2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp Nova Scotia honey 4-5 tbsp chia seeds YOGURT DRIZZLE

1/2 cup plain yogurt, high fat 3 tbsp icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp melted coconut oil 8 tbsp white wine vinegar

2. Turn the heat to low and let simmer until contents have reduced by at least half 3. Remove from heat and let cool for five minutes. Add 4 tbsp of chia seeds, mix and let sit for five minutes until thick like a jam. If mixture is not thick enough, add another tbsp of chia seeds

fresh ground pepper, to taste


sea salt, to taste

1. In a small bowl, whisk together yogurt, icing sugar, vanilla and coconut oil



2. Line a 9″ x 13″ dish with parchment paper

4. Add blueberry chia jam to the top of the oat mixture and spread across the surface evenly 5. Add remaining oat and flax to the top, crumbling it across. Smooth it out gently, as to not press the blueberry jam through 6. Bake for 20-25 minutes, remove and let cool for 30 minutes. Drizzle with yogurt 7. Refrigerate for two to three hours before cutting into them

Local Source Guide Wild Blueberries: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Masstown Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., and any of the farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Honey: Cornect Family Farm Yogurt: Fox Hill Cheese House

Recipe provided by Select Nova Scotia Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS



WITH Mark Marchment Elements on Hollis

HOLIDAY DINNER in two hours or less


ith the holidays just around the corner, I'd like to offer up my favourite Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It's relatively easy and can be done in less than two hours. Enjoy!

Bacon-wrapped Turkey Tournedos with Applejack Jus Ingredients 1 boneless turkey breast 6 slices bacon 1 butternut squash or sweet potato (cut into 3/4 inch dice) 5-6 French beans per person 4 oz Jack Daniels Whiskey


for approx. 15 minutes or until soft

1. Cut the turkey into five loins including the tenderloin 2. Cut the turkey loins into two-inch medallions (diameter) 1.25 inches thick (approx. three oz) 3. Once you have the turkey portioned, you can wrap your medallions with bacon and secure with a toothpick on the seam 4. Place two frying pans on the stove, one for your turkey and one for your stuffing (see stuffing recipe), also place one pot of boiling salted water on the stove to cook your beans

10. While meat is cooking, take pan away from heat, add Jack Daniels and return to flame very carefully — it will flame high 11. Add apple cider and reduce by half 12. Add chicken or turkey broth (low sodium) 13. Bring to a boil and stir in cornstarch. Bring to boil (ready to serve); sauce should coat the back of a spoon 14. Cook beans in boiling water for about one minute (serve slightly crunchy) 15. Toss with butter, salt and pepper

6. Place tournedos on baking sheet and cook in a pre-heated oven at 375 F for 15 to 20 minutes, or until cooked to an internal temperature of 165 F

16. You are now ready to assemble your plates. Place stuffing in the centre of the plate, place French beans and squash around the stuffing, then top with two turkey tournedos, sauce around plate with approx. three-tofour-oz of sauce. You are now ready to eat

4 cups low sodium chicken or turkey broth

7. Start to cook your stuffing (see recipe)

Cooking Tip:

1 tsp cornstarch (diluted in 4 tsp cold water)

8. Cut the butternut squash or sweet potato into 3/4 dice

2 cups apple cider salt and pepper 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp butter

5. In a hot frying pan, heat two tbsp of olive oil; once very hot, brown both sides of the tournedos

9. Roast butternut squash in the oven




Method one to three can be done by your local butcher or be completed the day prior and refrigerated

Corn and Sausage Pan Stuffing Ingredients 3 sweet Italian sausages out of casing (fresh, not frozen) 3 tbs butter 1 medium carrot, diced 4 ribs celery, diced

5 servings

1 large onion, diced 2 tsp fresh thyme leaves 2 tbs chopped sage

Pumpkin Creme Brûlée

1 loaf corn bread large diced (1 inch x 1 inch; can be cut the day before)

Ingredients 6 egg yolks

8. In a small bowl, combine remaining white and brown sugars. Sift this mixture evenly over the custard. Place dish under broiler until sugar melts, about two minutes. Watch very carefully so it doesn’t burn

2 cups corn kernels (fresh is best, frozen may also be used)

6 tbsp white sugar, divided

1 cup chicken stock (low sodium)

1 tsp vanilla extract

salt and pepper

2.5 cups whipping cream (35 per cent)

2 tbs olive oil

2 tbsp brown sugar

Sun-dried cranberries (optional)

4 tbsp pumpkin puree

* If you don’t have a double boiler pot, you can use a small pot with water and a stainless steel bowl on top (be careful, it is hot)!


Note: Method steps one to six should be completed a day ahead

Method 1. In a large sauté pan, brown the sausage meat (at the same time as you are pan-frying your turkey tournedos) 2. Add the butter and olive oil 3. Add diced celery, carrot and onion, thyme leaves, chopped sage salt and pepper 4. Sauté until tender, then add the corn kernels, bread and stock 5. Cook stuffing for about five minutes, tossing frequently until it reaches desired texture. Taste and adjust seasoning Cooking Tips: • You can replace the corn bread in this recipe with any of your favourite breads • Vegetables and bread may be cut a day ahead of time

9. Return to fridge until the dish is cool

1. Preheat oven to 300 F 2. Beat egg yolks, 4 tbsp sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl until thick and creamy 3. Pour cream and pumpkin puree into a saucepan and stir over low heat until it almost comes to a boil. Remove the cream from heat immediately. Slowly add the pumpkin cream mixture into the egg yolk mixture, beating until combined 4. Transfer to double boiler*. Stir over simmering water until the mixture lightly coats the back of a spoon; approx. three minutes. Remove from heat immediately and pour into a shallow ovenproof dish 5. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool to room temperature

Mark Marchment Executive Chef

Elements on Hollis

The Westin Nova Scotian 1181 Hollis St., Halifax 902.421.1000

6. Refrigerate until set, two hours or overnight 7. Preheat oven to broil




Building Restaurants from the Ground Up Restaurant Contracting Atlantic Inc. By Annika Borg Photos couresty of Restaurant Contracting Atlantic


rom the first moment you walk into a new restaurant or bar, the overall aesthetic and design can make or break the experience. Jim Kimber has been in the contracting business for more than 20 years and knows that building a business requires an expert touch. “Creating a new business is a huge undertaking with a lot of moving parts,” says Kimber, owner of Restaurant Contracting Atlantic, a general contractor specializing in building and designing restaurants and bars. “We make it easy for our clients; they can come in with an idea and within 10 days we will have a plan and a price for them.”



They create a full set of working construction drawings, including mechanical, electrical and interior design aspects. All the designs are done by an in-house drafter.

company’s team always offers the same level of enthusiasm and creativity.

They also have their own carpentry and drywall crew, as well as a millwork shop for cabinetry, trim and moldings. “Because we do most of the work ourselves, it speeds up the schedule and allows us to have more control at the build site,” explains Kimber. “We can also offer competitive pricing because we aren’t outsourcing the labour.”

Jenifer Cooper has worked as the project coordinator since joining the team six months ago. “There’s the technical aspect to managing everything that happens when building a restaurant kitchen,” says Cooper, “but we also get to enjoy the artistic side of creating the front of house and developing an idea for what people visiting the restaurant will see. It’s a unique experience as a builder when you get to work with both of those elements.”

Whether a project is the construction of an independent restaurant or franchise, or renovations to an existing location, the


“We take care of everything,” says Kimber.

“Because we are smaller and specialized, we can focus on making our clients’ dreams a reality. We work with a lot of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, and they deserve to have our full attention.” – Jenifer Cooper Cooper notes that because they’re a boutique contractor, they offer their clients something unique. “With a bigger contractor, clients can feel like they get lost in the shuffle because they’re one of many clients. We are smaller and specialized and can focus on making our clients’ dreams a reality. We work with a lot of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, and they deserve to have our full attention. When you have a business that has been built from the ground up in Nova Scotia, you get a sense for what Nova Scotians want and

expect. You don’t get that with a huge firm that is managed out of province.” Restaurant Contracting Atlantic has recently worked on Jagger’s café + donut bar, Hold Fast Café, Starbucks at StFX, Hop Yard Beer Bar, Apartment 3 Espresso Bar and Pür & Simple in Dartmouth. “We’re very experienced in this industry,” says Kimber. “We’re fast and efficient, and we place the highest value on good, professional work.”


Jim Kimber PHOTO BY Bruce Jollimore

Restaurant Contracting Atlantic Inc. 2 Fielding Ave, Unit A, Dartmouth 902.468.1186




Crash Test Dummies – God Shuffled His Feet 20th Anniversary Tour Schooner Room at Casino Nova Scotia NOVEMBER 22

Halifax Thunderbirds Lacrosse Home Opener Scotiabank Centre DECEMBER 7

Victorian Christmas Halifax Citadel National Historic Site NOVEMBER 23

Gingerbread Family Sunday Art Gallery of Nova Scotia DECEMBER 8

Peter Pan at Neptune Theatre Neptune Theatre NOVEMBER 26 – JANUARY 5, 2020

Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas Spatz Theatre DECEMBER 15

Zero Waste Night Market Halifax Brewery Market NOVEMBER 26

Handel’s Messiah Rebecca Cohn DECEMBER 20 & 21

Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Neptune Theatre NOVEMBER 27 – DECEMBER 28

Home for the Holidays Party Marriott Halifax Waterfront DECEMBER 28

The Ennis Sisters Christmas Show Rebecca Cohn NOVEMBER 27


TD Dartmouth Christmas Tree Lighting Alderney Landing DECEMBER 7

Christmas with Heather Rankin and Friends Rebecca Cohn NOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 1

5th Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration with Hal Bruce Atlantica Hotel DECEMBER 31

The Nutcracker Rebecca Cohn DECEMBER 6 – 15

Platinum Blonde Casino Nova Scotia DECEMBER 31

Holiday Hygge at the Halifax Brewery Market Halifax Brewery Market DECEMBER 7

Eat Drink Halifax – Beer & Cider Halifax Marriott Harbourfront JANUARY 16



Halifax Man Competes in

Ultimate Outdoor Challenge By Lori McKay


alifax’s Leroy Fontaine was one of 10 strangers taking part in a new reality show involving a 1,200 km trek along an old fur trading trail. The competition wasn’t about eliminating competitors, but about hanging onto each member until the very end. The Brigade: Race to the Hudson forced participants to work together as they travelled across the York Factory Express, an area known for its beauty, extreme isolation and danger. Contestants had to hike mountain ranges and portage and paddle accross major river systems. With only 28 days to complete the journey, they all had to succeed in order to split the $500,000 cash prize. “I heard about the show from a few friends who were in the industry,” said Fontaine, who is nicknamed “The Muscle” on the show. “They mentioned there was a new show coming out and I followed up because it seemed like something I would enjoy.” Fontaine — a firefighter and graduate of Saint Mary’s University — currently lives in Hammonds Plains but grew up in a First Nations community near Fort McMurray, Alberta. “I’m aboriginal and spent a lot of time as a kid out hunting and trapping and living that outdoor lifestyle,” he said. When he showed up for the show in the summer of 2018, he had no idea what to expect. “We arrived and were presented with the rest of the cast. Then we had to immediately work as a team to re-pack our bags and then we were off.” When asked if everyone got along, he said there was definitely some drama along the way.

“For me, it was about the journey itself and walking in my ancestors’ footprints. Many of my ancestors were from Northern Saskatchewan and the Fort McMurray area and were part of the fur trade. It was more of a spiritual journey than anything else.” – Leroy Fontaine — and his dog. He also noted the challenge of sleeping under the stars. “I’ve done a lot of camping but always with something over my head. We had no tents, so this was one of those trips where you were definitely there with the wilderness.” And yes, there were wild animals all around them. You will have to watch the show to find out exactly what ensued. He said the prize money played a part in his overall decision to be on the show — and helped to keep him motivated when the going was tough — but it wasn’t the biggest factor. “For me, it was about the journey itself and walking in my ancestors’ footprints,” said Fontaine. “Many of my ancestors were from Northern Saskatchewan and the Fort McMurray area and were part of the fur trade. It was more of a spiritual journey than anything else.”

“There was a lot of collaboration and teamwork, but when you put that many people together in the wilderness for that long, you’re going to have disputes. There were ups and downs, and some battles.”

According to executive producer Robert Cohen, viewers will be inspired by how the cast works together to handle the extreme physical and mental pressures of the journey. “Each of them brings different skills, experiences and personalities to the team as they attempt to conquer the difficult challenge of reaching York Factory on Hudson Bay.”

He said the most difficult part of the experience for him was being away from his wife — especially for their first anniversary

The Brigade: Race to the Hudson premiered Oct. 29 on Cottage Life and will air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT for eight weeks.





Discover Dear Old

Dublin Town By Anita Draycott

What is the top tourist attraction in Ireland? If you guessed the Guinness Storehouse in the centre of Dublin, you deserve a pint. I wonder if that bit of trivia will ever make the Guinness World Records?




y recent visit proved that learning how to pull the perfect pint of stout is just one of many reasons to visit Ireland’s Capital. Dublin is also a UNESCO City of Literature and there are plenty of ways to discover famous writers of the past and present. Whatever your interests, I’m sure you will enjoy “Dear Old Dublin Town.”

Guinness is Good for You

Head to the Guinness Storehouse where you’ll learn all about Ireland’s legendary brew and how it’s made. You’ll be one of about 1.6 million visitors per year. Arthur Guinness, who obviously had great foresight, signed a lease for the Guinness Storehouse


Guinness Storehouse

that is a member of Ireland’s Blue Book of Country House Hotels & Restaurants. Healy and his impeccably-trained staff will make you feel like a dear friend of the family and the adorable two golden labs will be happy to escort you on a garden stroll. You’ll have a choice of enticing dining options at Barberstown. Medieval Banquets (for groups) come complete with a history lesson from the resident ghost and Gaelic music during your candle-lit feast. Champagne, Oysters and Your Irish Roots

Ha’penny Bridge

for 9,000 years. You’ll learn that it takes exactly 119.5 seconds to pull the perfect pint. Pick up a souvenir from an astounding array of merchandise and wind up at the Gravity Bar for a complimentary stout and a fabulous view of Dublin.

many owners since it was built in the late 13th century. Probably its most famous was rocker Eric Clapton who owned the castle from 1979 to 1987. During that period the likes of Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and more came to stay and play.

A Castle, a Ghost and a Rocker

Barberstown’s current owner, Kenneth Healy, has transformed the historic property into a 55-room, four-star hotel

Located about 30 km from central Dublin, Barberstown Castle has had

Peter O’Toole hung out at Dublin’s posh Shelbourne Hotel. In fact, the actor bathed in champagne during one of his more infamous stays. In his memory, consider some bubbles and freshly shucked oysters at the No. 27 Bar & Lounge. Guests of the Shelbourne can also unearth their family tree by arranging a consultation with the hotel’s Genealogy Butler. Tea and a Walk on the Wilde Side

Billing itself as the most lavish tea in town, Art Tea at the Merrion Hotel offers exotic brews and infusions, delectable sweets and savouries (inspired by Dublin

PHOTO L-R Barberstown Castle




Oscar Wilde statue

artists) in the hotel drawing room that boasts an extensive art collection. Down the street, a plaque beside the door commemorates Oscar Wilde’s childhood home at #1 Merrion Square. Just across the road in the park, you’ll find the reclining statue of the witty writer sprawled out over a large boulder. He flaunts a pink-trimmed dinner jacket and a smug expression. The statue has been dubbed “the Fag on the Crag” and from what little I know about the nonconformist Wilde, I think he’d be tickled pink. The Pub, the Poets and the Pints

For a night on the town you won’t forget, join Colm Quilligan’s Dublin Literary Pub Crawl where “brain cells are replaced as quickly as they are drowned.” Start your crawl at the Duke pub where you’re invited to buy a drink (or not) and meet two talented actors in a back room who might recite some lines from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, (“the only play I’ve seen where nothing happened.”) Then it’s past a couple of landmark buildings of Ulysses fame and onto the Trinity College campus where the actors delight crawlers with verses and tales of Oscar Wilde. A few more vintage pubs and a lot more lines and you’ll have had Dublin’s best crash course in history, architecture and literature all washed down with merriment and a few suds. Cost is ¤12 and you buy your own beverage.



Literary Corner

James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, W.B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw... Few countries in the world have produced so many prolific poets and writers as Ireland. Blame the breathtaking scenery, the beguiling history and leprechaun lore or the fact that the Irish seem to be blessed with the Gaelic gift of the gab. The ideal place to start your literary ramble is at the Dublin Writers Museum. The 18th century mansion was once the home of the Jameson Irish Whiskey family. It seems that the “water of life” and writers are never far apart in Ireland.


Swift and Sheridan, Shaw and Wilde, Yeats, Joyce and Beckett are among those presented through their books, letters, portraits and personal items. The rooms house such treasures as James Joyce’s piano, an 1804 edition of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and the first edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Next door the Irish Writers’ Centre offers creative writing workshops, lectures and readings for aspiring authors. Made in Ireland

Beautiful pieces, from Waterford Crystal to Celtic jewellery, will tempt you at the Kilkenny Shops in Dublin. The most central is on Nassau Street.

National Gallery

The restaurant on the second floor, overlooking Trinity College, serves delicious Irish grub, such as scones, soda bread and seasonal soups. Meet the Dubliners

The City of a Thousand Welcomes is an initiative to encourage tourists to immerse themselves in local culture and meet true Dubliners. It’s free. At the Little Museum of Dublin, you are introduced to a local ambassador who will take you to a nearby pub, buy you a pint or a cup of tea and regale you with tales of fair Dublin. Guaranteed good craic. Soap Opera

National Gallery where the curator turned a blind eye. When Shaw died in 1950, he bequeathed one third of his royalty income in perpetuity to the Gallery, thus enabling it to purchase European masterpieces that had been hid and confiscated during WW2. Highlights include works by Caravaggio, Monet, Brueghel, Rubens, Rembrandt and Titian. Entrance is free. The Dublin Pass

The Dublin Pass sightseeing card offers free entrance into 30 attractions, including the Dublin Zoo, several castles and museums and new EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. The pass includes the hop on/hop off Dublin Bus Tour that

stops at major attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse. You can buy a one (¤62) or multi-day Dublin Pass. It’s a great deal. The Mother of Irish Tomes

Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university, had a knack for turning out many of the Emerald Isle’s literary giants. Swift, Wilde, Stoker and Beckett… to namedrop a few. Trinity is also home to the 9th century illuminated Book of Kells. Each of the 680 pages in this work of art, surviving from the ages of Celtic Christianity, is decorated with elaborate patterns and mythical animals by the hands of scribes and monks of the monastery Kells.

James Joyce’s masterwork Ulysses details a single day (June 16) in the life of Leopold Bloom. At Dublin’s 10-day Bloomsday Festival, Joyceans, often dressed in Edwardian garb, follow in their hero’s every footstep. If you want to tread in Bloom’s tracks, begin at Sweny’s, the funky old pharmacy where Bloom purchased a bar of lemon-scented soap. Today they sell used books, a mishmash of antiques and the lemon soap. Sweny’s holds a number of readings of Ulysses and other works by James Joyce throughout the week. Thanks, George Bernard Shaw

As a kid growing up in Dublin, George Bernard Shaw detested school so he played hooky by hiding out at the

Trinity College





Y O U R F R O N T Y A R D. Introducing Marina Landing. Modern seaside living, championship golf, and luxuriating resort amenities are closer than you think. Only six homes remain, so act now! • 1 902 412 4812 Eric Lum, Real Estate Sales Manager •

Fox Harb’r presents the oceanfront residences of Marina Landing - Now under construction


hen planning Fox Harb’r, one piece of land was held back — a secluded hillside retreat literally overlooking the Northumberland Strait — for something unique. Twenty years later, that something is here. Marina Landing.

With sparkling glass and graceful woods and stone, long and wide and overflowing with ocean light, these are as much galleries as homes, each framing uninterrupted views of the marina, the lighthouse, championship golf course and most of all, the epic Northumberland Strait. Every home will feel as if grown from the hill, at once private yet wide open. The resort is yours While Marina Landing is its own world, that world is seconds from everything the five-star resort — one of only five in Canada — offers. To be completed in 2020, these 12 and only 12 homes are the defining statement of Fox Harb’r founder Ron Joyce’s original vision: “Luxury without pretension, in one of the most beautiful places on earth.”


Golf now, move in summer 2020 Purchase a home at Marina Landing now and start enjoying all the benefits of ownership at Fox Harb’r Resort immediately. As a residential member you will be entitled to exclusive discounts (accommodations, dining, spa treatments) and have full access to all the amenities at Fox Harb’r Resort, including its Graham Cooke-designed championship golf course.

Start your journey by contacting Eric Lum at 902.412.4812 or

Fox Harb’r Resort 1337 Fox Harbour Rd. Wallace, N.S. Toll free: 1.866.257.1801 902.257.1801



The Perfect Fall and Winter Escape Oceanstone Seaside Resort By Amanda Lee Photos courtesy of Oceanstone

It’s the little experiences that make Oceanstone Seaside Resort so magical. Sitting with your feet up, a glass of local L’Acadie Blanc or Great Big Friggin Red in your hand as you overlook the ocean.


nstead of more stuff, people are giving the gift of time shared together,” says Susan Wilson, president of Oceanstone. Set on the shores of St. Margarets Bay, the resort is a quick 40-minute drive from downtown Halifax and only minutes from Peggy’s Cove. “We like to think of ourselves as far enough



away, but not too far away to visit,” says Wilson. Fall and winter are ideal times to enjoy the natural, peaceful atmosphere Oceanstone offers. “Being by the ocean in the fall and winter has its own magic.” Guests can take advantage of the stunning fall colours by hiking the property and surrounding area. “Peggy’s Cove on a winter’s day is stunning. A tip I often tell guests is not to drive right up to the lighthouse, but park at the beginning and make your way through the entire village on foot. Take your time to appreciate it.” Jim and Diane Buckle own Rhubarb Restaurant, which is partnered with the resort. The restaurant’s menu is updated to reflect each season.


“As we head into the winter, it becomes lobster season on the South Shore,” says Wilson. Fortunately for guests, Rhubarb is a strong part of the South Shore lobster crawl. “We think that’s the best time of year to come and enjoy lobster.” Oceanstone will also host a chili cook-off in the coming weeks. In winter, they will also offer vodka tasting nights, which provide the opportunity to sample vodka from local distilleries by the fire at Rhubarb. Winter is a popular time for weddings at Oceanstone, which shouldn’t be surprising, given the resort was named one of the top five places in Canada to get married by Elle Canada. Wilson says her team loves participating in helping to surprise guests.

This is a great place to get back to nature and just relax, knowing our team is going to take exceptional care of you.” – Susan Wilson, president of Oceanstone

“We are excellent secret keepers,” she says. If you’re looking to treat a loved one to a romantic night with a fire, a bottle of Prosecco, chocolate and a charcuterie board, Wilson and her team love to help make that happen. Businesses also book the resort for corporate retreats. In addition to a relaxing night in a beautiful oceanfront cottage, the Oceanstone team can arrange fun activities for teambuilding or

to celebrate a successful year. The resort will even bring in a sommelier and offers Cook Like A Chef, where teams recreate recipes lead by Oceanstone’s chef, then enjoy their meal together. The resort also partners with Sadie Jane of Seaborn Art Studio to facilitate painting workshops for small groups. “Anything people can dream up — that is within our means — we’ll do it,” says Wilson.

She notes that people looking for a constant parade of activities won’t find it at Oceanstone. They’ll find something better. Oceanstone has its own magical feel — an escape from the day to day where you can sit and enjoy a sunrise, hear the waves lapping up against the shore and watch the sunset while enjoying roasting s’mores. Come and enjoy getting back to nature and taking time to smell the ocean.

Oceanstone Seaside Resort 8650 Peggy’s Cove Road Indian Harbour, N.S. 1.866.823.2160




Get Ready for Your Next Adventure Ski Racks • Roof Racks • Bike Racks • Trailer Hitches • Repair Services Everything you need for transporting your gear

Specializing in rooftop and hitch-mounted solutions to safely get you and your gear from here to there Rackology 3125 Kempt Rd., Halifax 902.407.7244


AmaWaterways was founded in 2002 by three families with a goal of creating a river cruise experience that we, ourselves, would love. In turn, we share that same experience with our guests, and consider you and your clients an extended part of our family.





1-800-561-8807 | Terms & Conditions: Savings are per stateroom based on double occupancy and listed in CAD. Solo travelers receive half. Not combinable with CAA Vacations Amenities. Other restrictions may apply. Cruise must be booked through CAA Travel in order to receive CAA Member Benefit. CST#2065452-40

A Real Return on Your Golf Investment

with a First-Class Experience Business membership now available at Oakfield Golf and Country Club By Carly Fraser


akfield Golf and Country Club opened for the 2019 season with one thing in mind: to add new members who were looking to integrate into the rich, social fabric of their community. “We really wanted to focus on the business community this year,” said Racheal Weagle, director of membership. “We created a membership category that allows business owners the opportunity to retain talented staff, reward efforts and grow their own businesses, all while enjoying the camaraderie of golf and the fellowship it brings.” The business membership is the first of its kind for the club, which was established in 1962. It is a high value membership combined with unique advertising opportunities to offer real return on your golf investment. “It offers our business members the opportunity to purchase blocks of rounds, from 25 to 100, which can be used for staff, clients or simply to escape Halifax’s urban environment and enjoy a day on the links,” said Eric Tobin, general manager. The packages give businesses the chance to name up to six employees with preferred tee time booking privileges when hosting guests or clients. The packages start as low as $2,100. When the club built this membership offering, it explored ways to make these



members feel comfortable conducting business. “We wanted to make sure we give these members the right space, so they feel comfortable at the club,” said Weagle. They added meeting space to the package that allows members to use the club’s boardroom and meeting areas to entertain clients and conduct business meetings.

“Recent investments in the golf course and clubhouse enhancements reflect our membership’s vision and commitment to maintaining the club’s position as one of the best in the province,” says Tobin. “In the spring of 2019, we unveiled a new short game area that allows members to practice a wide variety of shots around the green.”

The club also offers unique advertising opportunities to businesses looking to advertise to their target audience and demographic. The packages include hole sign advertising and digital clubhouse advertising that are viewed over 35,000 times annually.

The new and improved Laurie’s Restaurant offers the same spectacular view of the golf course coupled with great food and drink. The patio is a popular spot for an afternoon drink, dinner under the stars, or to watch a sunset.

“Based on our number of rounds that take place annually, this investment falls well within the media guidelines of being a very good cost-effective buy at well under $10 per thousand,” says Tobin. Advertiser Jeff Fraser from Fastec Coatings highlighted the value of advertising with a golf course. “I instantly saw a ROI, as I began getting inquiries from people who viewed my sign on hole #15. They displayed my company’s information in a professional fashion and I get praise from golfers as to how good it looks.” Membership at Oakfield is about more than just golf. Oakfield is a semi-private club that prides itself on a strong sense of friendship and community; it’s a place to make friends, entertain clients and enjoy family time.


The club currently has about 800 adult members, but they are actively welcoming new members. Oakfield offers flexible memberships to help people fit golf into their busy schedules. “The biggest challenge for people is time,” says Tobin. “Our memberships fit people’s lifestyles and we can build a membership around their own wants and needs. We really have something for everyone.”

Oakfield Golf and Country Club 6055 Highway 2 Oakfield, N.S. 902.861.2777

A first-class golf course,

outstanding dining facilities and a vibrant atmosphere is only the beginning of what it means to be a member of Oakfield Golf and Country Club.




Puglia Italy: Off the beaten path By Charline Cormier

Italy is home to some of the most well-known cities in the world, but if you look past the traditional travel designations — Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples — you’ll find lovely small towns throughout the southern country. Consider Puglia.





uglia, located in “the heel” of the boot-shaped country, has a growing reputation as “the new Tuscany.” The New York Times stated, “Puglia is one of the best places to go in 2019.” They placed it as the 18th among the best destinations of 2019 (first in Italy and fifth in Europe). Another prestigious award for Puglia is the “Best value travel destination” by National Geographic (in both 2014 and 2016). According to Lonely Planet, “Puglia is Italy’s sun-bleached heel.” You can start in Alberobello — checking out its intersting history, from medieval trulli to prehistoric caves — then travel south to Lecce for sunny beaches, quiet fishing villages and Baroque architecture. End in Bari in the north for 12th-century churches and delicious street food, such as deep-fried panzerotto.

crowded beaches, quieter villages, cooler days and some seasonal delicacies. Some of the most appreciated attractions include the Castellana Grotte (caves), the picturesque Polignano a Mare, the fascinating Matera with complex cave dwellings carved into the mountainsides, and beautiful villages like Ostuni and Locorotondo. Also, the trulli of Alberobello are a must see; the stone huts, with their distinctive conical roofs, are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The accommodation facilities in Puglia include everything from an ancient trullo to a modern luxury villa.

The area has experienced a growth in popularity because of its naturalistic and artistic beauty, plus it offers authentic traditional Italian culture you can’t experience in the northern areas. With high-standard but affordable accommodations, as well as all-year sunny weather, guests can be assured a unique experience. Puglia is known for its whitewashed hill towns, centuries-old farmland and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline. Puglia attracts tourists all year round. In spring or autumn, you can enjoy less







Pugliese focaccia bread

Lovers of good wine can taste top-quality wines that are not expensive. With 30 different indigenous grape varieties, the region is the third largest wine producer in the world. Among the most authentic experiences are wine tours in the vineyards, which include lunches and dinners in masseria (rural farmhouses), olive oil tastings, cooking lessons, and guided tours to the dairy. Puglia is a paradise of amazing food: topquality products, centuries-old culinary traditions, and a variety of ingredients and flavours. The key locally-produced foods include olive oil, artichokes, tomatoes, aubergine, asparagus and mushrooms. Puglia produces more olive oil than any other region in Italy, both for its own abundant use and for export (some goes for blending to other regions). Puglian olive oil is not as bitter or peppery as Tuscan oil, because the




olives are collected later, when they are more mature. The Pugliesi use their olive oil for everything, including preserves. Pugliese bread has an interesting flavour and texture and has been called the best in Italy. It can be eaten as fresella — double-baked slices with a cookie-like texture, which was invented by farmers to make their bread last. In the summer, many Pugliesi eat fresella softened with tomato juice or water and topped with sliced tomatoes, a little garlic, olive oil, and a sprinkling of oregano or basil.


Taralli is the other famous Pugliese bread specialty. These little dough rings, flavoured with fennel seeds, are immersed first in boiling water until they surface, and then baked until crisp. A traditional Pugliese dish is orecchiette with broccoli rape and fava bean curd with chicory. It was born from tough times and tastes like the surrounding countryside. Other traditional food can include capocollo, a cold pork cut smoked with herbs and almonds, or a puccia, a pocket-like sandwich stuffed with a variety of different fillings.

What is a trullo?


A trullo is a small dwelling built from the local limestone. It has dry-stone walls and a characteristic conical roof. A traditional and simple type of structure, you'll see trulli dotted around the Alberobello area of Puglia, sometimes in its most basic form — a shed among the olive groves. The story behind Alberobello, once a town of trulli alone, is a typically Italian one. Its design was to fiddle taxes and fool the authorities. The local feudal lord, Count Acquaviva, moved his peasant workers here to clear woodland and cultivate the land. To wriggle around laws and taxes, it was important that Alberobello didn’t class as an inhabited settlement. Alberobello was finally given “town” status in 1797 and the people lived in trulli, which could be dismantled in a hurry when necessary. The buildings are usually square and have very thick stone walls, constructed without mortar. The thickness strengthens the structure and also helps regulate the internal temperature. The roof is a dome, topped with a spire. There is typically a central room, with additional living spaces in arched alcoves. Residential trulli are whitewashed and their roofs are often decorated with fanciful painted symbols of religious or superstitious significance. The fanciness of the spire decoration was a status symbol, as it showed the builders’ skill and wealth of the owners. The houses commonly consist of more than one trullo roof, making them more like trullo complexes.

Castellana Grotte





“One-Stop-Shop” at Wacky’s Atrium Showroom By Annika Borg Photos couresty of Wacky’s Flooring & Lighting


hether you’re looking to buy a new rug or completely remodeling your entire home, Wacky’s Atrium in Dartmouth is your “one-stop-shop.” From flooring to lighting, window coverings and more, Wacky’s experienced staff is there to guide you through it all. Morgan Brookfield-Chaisson, director of marketing and operations at Wacky’s, has been involved with her family’s business for more than 10 years. “Wacky’s has been around for a long time so people know our brand. Our customers have come to expect quality products and great customer service, and that is what sets us apart. “We have specialists in every division who are certified in their field,” continues Brookfield-Chaisson, noting that many of Wacky’s experts have been in the



industry for over 20 years. “When you walk in the store, our staff can assist you with any project, and work within any budget.”

Flooring Wacky’s has a wide selection of flooring options from hardwood, carpet, tile and vinyl, and everything in between. Their in-house installers are happy to do the work for you and can even install custom tiling and backsplash. Brands such as Shaw, Torlys and Armstrong will have your floors looking stylish and strong, and there is a three-year warranty on any flooring installation.

Lighting Whether you’re in the market for a modern floor lamp or a traditional chandelier, the 14,000 sq. ft. showroom is sure to spark inspiration.


“After customers purchase their lights, they can be delivered to their house and installed, all by us,” says BrookfieldChaisson. Wacky’s has a huge variety of options for indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting.

Window Coverings Wacky’s has all the best brands for windows including Hunter Douglas, Shade-o-matic, Maxxmar and Graber, with tons of selection for apartments, condos and motorized options for larger windows. “We can custom fit your blinds; a feature that not a lot of places offer,” says Brookfield-Chaisson. “We can compete with the big box stores for service, pricing and product.”

Custom Millwork Custom millwork is the newest service being offered by Wacky’s. Wacky’s does

Wacky’s has been around for a long time so people know our brand. Our customers have come to expect quality products and great customer service, and that is what sets us apart. - Morgan Brookfield-Chaisson

custom millwork for vanities, closets, shelving, desks and even barn doors. They also have a millwork installation team that offers what they call a “whiteglove” service, where clients can expect special care and attention, and a level of service that exceeds expectations.

AyA Kitchens AyA Kitchens is a Canadian-based kitchen cabinet manufacturer, located within the Atrium. AyA is focused on bringing

Wacky’s has recently launched a new website with a feature that allows customers to browse a large selection of area rugs and make online purchases.

the best in quality and design in creating the custom kitchen of your dreams, and at a competitive price. Every AyA kitchen is designed and made just for the client. Unlike other kitchen manufacturers, they don’t assemble from stock. They produce a unique kitchen for each and every customer. With AyA’s mass customization approach, you get the best of both worlds — the personalization of a custom kitchen with the value and quality that comes from a 150,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art production facility. They are also the exclusive sellers of Fisher & Paykel appliances.


Wacky’s Flooring & Lighting 60 Highfield Park Dr., Dartmouth 902.835.9974

Flooring & Lighting Design Centre



The David Dunn Group

5986 Emscote, Halifax This exquisite 5,000 sq. ft. home is situated in prestigious south end Halifax, close to Point Pleasant Park, in a quiet, friendly, upscale community. On the main floor, you can entertain in the large living room with fireplace, relax in the family room with cozy woodstove, or cook your favourite meal in the bright chef’s kitchen with 60-inch Thermador gas range, centre island with seating and an abundance of cabinetry. The

kitchen is adjacent to a large dining area and laundry room. Upstairs, the master has ample closet space, ensuite and plenty of storage room. In addition, there are three more large bedrooms and main bath. On the finished lowest level there are two additional bedrooms, bath, den and family/games room. There is also a spacious one-and-a-half car garage and a bonus mudroom. Outside, along with a great curb appeal, this home features beautiful gardens and landscaping. $1,695,000

708 Monte Vista Road, Grand Lake Situated on one of the largest recreational lakes in Nova Scotia, this spacious 5,800 sq. ft. home boasts 2,880 ft. of prime water frontage. Nestled amongst nature on a private 8.18-acre lot, this home features a unique layout offering a secondary suite with kitchenette, full bath and laundry facilities on the main level. The main house features an open-concept layout, large kitchen perfect for entertaining and guest room/ office. The master suite boasts a balcony overlooking Grand Lake. Total of five bedrooms, four baths, living room, family room, kitchen, kitchenette, dining room and a full high and dry basement for completion. There is a serene, groomed running trail winding through the treed eight-acres. Located 20 minutes from the city and close to all amenities. $1,649,900

6048 Oakland Road, Halifax Built in 2018, this fabulous four-bedroom, two-storey home with all the bells and whistles is located in much sought-after south end Halifax. With over

4,500 sq. ft. of living space, this incredible home boasts crown mouldings, wide trim, hardwood flooring, designer lighting, granite surfaces, heat pump for efficient heating and cooling, and sits upon an 8,259 sq. ft. lot. The main level boasts a large open-concept kitchen and family room, butler’s pantry, barbecue deck off the kitchen, spacious dining room and an office. Upstairs are four bedrooms, three baths and a generous-sized laundry room. The master features his and hers walk-in closets and ensuite with double vanities, relaxing soaker tub, rainfall shower head, and floor-toceiling tiles and glass. The downstairs features a bar, billiards room, rec room, mudroom, bath and walk-out to the patio and large backyard. $2,250,000

Contact the David Dunn group for information on these stunning properties

289 Viewmount Drive, Head of St. Margrets Bay This exquisite six-bedroom oceanfront estate in picturesque St. Margarets Bay has more than 7,450 sq. ft. of elegant living space and is situated on 1.8 acres. The property has 340 ft. of water frontage, south/west exposure and spectacular sunsets. This is a truly peaceful sanctuary and oasis located just 20 minutes to downtown Halifax and five minutes to all local amenities. Significant resent upgrades include a restructured façade, front and back, professionally designed pool with stone decking and retaining walls, new roofing, and a modern pool house with bath and bar. The property is beautifully landscaped with mature trees and gardens, and new perimeter fencing, including electric entry gates. The interior offers an upgraded and luxurious ensuite bath and redesigned games/entertainment area that includes a walkout to the pool area. The spacious gourmet kitchen is ideal for those who love to entertain. This elegant oceanside estate has a solid deep water protected wharf, large boathouse with lift and a four-car garage. $1,899,900

28 Shaughnessy Place This custom-designed five-bedroom, five-bath home has high-end finishes throughout. Entering the grand two-storey foyer, you will be delighted with the abundance of natural light, openness to the formal living and dining room, easy access to the main floor family room and spacious kitchen. Beautiful wood floors, propane fireplace, custom-designed kitchen with stone countertops, large pantry, plus home office are just a few of the many features you will appreciate on the main floor. Truly a wonderful space for entertaining family and friends. The upper level features a stunning master suite with two propane fireplaces

and grand walk-in closet. Completing the upper level, you will find a guest room with ensuite, two additional spacious bedrooms, large sitting area with fireplace, laundry room and washroom. Lower level features a family room with built-in bar, walkout to landscaped backyard, fifth bedroom, washroom and media room large enough for the entire family. $1,195,900

302 Piggott Avenue, Fall River | This elegant lakefront estate boasts over 2.5 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and 259 ft. of prime lake frontage situated on a private lot along Kinsac Lake. This exquisite property also has a fabulous boathouse complete with kitchen for entertaining guests at the water’s edge, where the docks can accommodate up to six boats. It is paved to the water with turnaround for ease of boat entry. Inside the home you will find five bedrooms, each with its own

ensuite. The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s dream: spacious with an abundance of cabinetry, built-in high-end appliances, butler’s pantry, breakfast bar with granite surfaces, as well as a separate bar area. Also located on the main level are formal living, family and dining rooms and a full functional home office complete with built-in shelving. The lower level boasts a rec room with an additional bedroom and bath. The sixth bedroom could easily be converted to a fitness or flex room. Brazilian hardwood, custom moulding and quality workmanship are just a few attributes this estate offers. $1,399,000 | 902.209.9177 |

THE PAVILION 801 1601 South Park Street, Halifax

Live beautifully at PAVILION at South Park. Surrounded by greenery and historic ambience, this eighth floor unit captures Halifax’s skyline views. The 1,005-square-feet condo features two bedrooms and two full baths, plus a 30-square-foot

balcony. Unit includes window coverings, one marble-clad bathroom, natural gas fireplace, cook top and barbecue hook-up. Quality, high-end energy efficient appliances, fixtures and Norman Flynn inspired décor packages. Bosch stainless steel in the kitchen with white washer/dryer in laundry area. Décor elements include stone countertops, marble surfaces and choice of light or dark cabinetry and flooring. PAVILION building features 24-hour concierge; owners lounge with garden terrace overlooking the Halifax Public Gardens, plus home to the new YMCA centre of community and other services. $664,900

6241 & 6243 Oakland Road, Halifax This incredible south end property has not been on the market in almost 70 years. Built in the 1930s, it was designed by Sydney Dumaresq with his partner Andrew Cobb’s flare; the history surrounds you in each room. This side by side was originally built, and still maintained today, as a duplex. Owner occupied on the right and rented on the left, each side is the mirror image of the other, each with over 1,500 sq. ft. and full basements. On the right side, the covered deck enclosed in glass with 390 sq. ft. of “extra” living room, is a brilliant use of space — perfectly cozy and ideal for entertaining in the warmer months. For those with creative visions, this property could become a wonderful estate and re-invented to a grand single-family home. Note, this lot is 100 ft. wide by approximately 150 ft. deep, plus 50 additional feet (under licensing agreement with Dalhousie University). $2,200.000

871 Young Avenue, Halifax Originally a designer showcase home, this spacious property is situated on one of the most prestigious areas in south end Halifax. Featuring a circular drive in front with side street drive, parking area and garage. The backyard features an extensive patio and decking perfect for entertaining. There are four finished levels with seven bedrooms, five full bathrooms and two powder rooms. The office has built-in cabinetry, drawers, shelving and desk. The kitchen boasts an abundance of cabinetry, three granite countertops, breakfast bar, cooktop and built-in wall oven. The rooms are generously sized, walk-in closets are spacious and there are numerous built-ins throughout the home. Close to all amenities and just a short walk to Point Pleasant Park. $1,549,000 | 902.209.9177 |

“We have not forgotten our roots as a company striving to serve all areas of Nova Scotia.” – Michael Michaud

FURNITURE FOR EVERY ROOM in your home Berry's opened as a small secondhand and antique store 60 years ago and grew to be a 40,000-square-foot showroom on Robie Street in Truro. In 2017, Berry’s opened a second 23,000-square-foot showroom in Elmsdale. Both stores feature the same top brands and wide selection of furniture and appliances for every room in your home.

Berry’s Furniture 87 Robie St., Truro | 238 Park Rd., Elmsdale |

Not Your Ordinary Tile Flooring Supplier

Elegant Flooring By Amanda Lee Photos courtesy of Elegant Flooring

Check out #IHaveThisThingWithFloors on Instagram, and you’ll see there are plenty of people out there just as obsessed with flooring as Wout de Koe. “We have a saying, ‘lf you get into the flooring business, you’re going to be in it for life.’ You don’t get bored. Every day is different,’” says de Koe, president of Elegant Flooring.




Domus Flooring & Stairs 170 Akerley Blvd., Dartmouth

Floors Plus 31 Sterns Court, Halifax 127 Chain Lake Dr., Halifax 5681 Highway #1, Cambridge


Roysons’ Flooring & Woodworking Ltd. 7130 Highway #1 Coldbrook


legant Flooring supplies beautiful porcelain, stone and mosaic flooring to retail stores across Atlantic Canada. They also have a showroom that is open to the public. The company began in 1991 with a trip to Modena, Italy, where de Koe — who dreamed of owning his own business — picked out the flooring stock for his first showroom. He says the region is famous for its premium tile products and design trends. de Koe still orders from the same factory, more than 25 years later. He says he still works with Roberto, the first agent he met with. “You develop relationships with people that last a long time and they become friends,” he adds. Colour and Fashion trends go handin-hand, says de Koe, and his industry follows suit. “It’s a constantly evolving business and you get absorbed in it.” One of those changes is the emergence of digital technology. “It allows basically anything to be printed on tile. Tile that imitates wood and marble. Prints and patterns are very hot now.” As well as being more durable, the mock-wood tile will resist spills or pet scratches. Another innovative product is imitation marble. “The beauty of marble can be seen in European churches that have been there for hundreds of years,” says de Koe. “However, these products will give you the same beautiful look, without worrying about maintenance.” Another perk of using porcelain tiles is they’re more effective conductors of heat, which make them perfect for installing in-floor heating for our cold Atlantic Canadian winters. While Elegant Flooring primarily works with architects, designers and flooring stores, customers can visit their showroom on the Bedford Highway and speak with a flooring expert to help customize their space. By mixing and

Taylor Flooring 114 Woodlawn Rd., Dartmouth 362 Lacewood Dr., Halifax

matching products, Elegant Flooring will help create a mosaic such as a compass rose, striking feature walls or a unique border for a shower area. “There are so many things you can do with tile,” says de Koe. “And our team is very good at helping customers create their own design and provide the products to match their vision.” While Elegant Flooring supply tile products from around the world, their service is very much local. “We’re a small Atlantic Canadian company,” says de Koe. “We started here and we are very proud of that.” Some of Elegant Flooring’s employees have been with the company for over 20 years and bring a great deal of experience in tile, flooring and installation. “It means we’re able to help clients with different parts of their projects — not just selection of the best materials, but also proper installation methods,” explains de Koe. “That way your shower stays waterproof.” Their staff will also hunt down tiles that might not be in stock, so a project, such

Vintage Flooring 114 Chain Lake Dr., Halifax


as a new floor or countertop, can be completed on time. “Customer service is what sets us apart,” says de Koe. Elegant Flooring 226 Bedford Highway 1.800.265.3368

Wacky’s 60 Highfield Park Dr., Dartmouth



Plan Your Dream Bathroom With Ultimate Bathroom Renovations By Lori McKay Photos Steve Jess


enovating or remodelling your bathroom offers increased functionality, beauty and added value to your home investment. Ultimate Bathroom Renovations can help. The local Dartmouth company has everything you need from start to finish, including quality, experience and a personal touch. “We value each project, no matter how big or small,” says owner Gerald Kelly. “Whether someone is looking at safety as a main concern or planning an upgrade, our goal is to exceed expectations.” Currently in its 13th year, the company offers a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee on all their workmanship. Providing everything from custom tile work, flooring, toilets and vanities to drywall, painting, showers, electrical and



plumbing, all services are done in-house, which Gerald says makes each project run smoothly. Their on-staff technicians have years of experience and training, and customer service is always a top priority. “We’re incredibly organized as a company,” says Gerald. “The guys know exactly what they need to have on board before they start, so they don’t waste time getting materials. Every aspect of the project is very well planned, from the way we organize our vehicles to our shop.” Prior to starting Ultimate Bathroom Renovations, Gerald had a successful career in the telecom industry and enhanced his business and leadership skills through experience in the field and targeted courses. Owning his own business was a natural next step.


The company’s project coordinator, Chantainge, has a background in interior decorating, which makes it easy for customers to come in and have a oneon-one meeting to plan their project. When it comes to current styles, Chantainge says they are seeing a lot of people choosing marble looking tiles, including gold and matt black, custom acrylics and rain and hand shower heads. They are also seeing people remove corner jacuzzi tubs, which take up a lot of space and power, and add a freestanding tub and shower. “And everyone wants in-floor heat or luxury vinyl tile,” she adds. “It’s Nova Scotia and it’s cold!” Another large portion of their projects are for aging in place, which includes adding grab bars and making homes more comfortable for our aging population.

“Whether someone is looking at safety as a main concern or planning an upgrade, our goal is to exceed expectations.” – Gerald Kelly

Gerald notes they are not just a oneday bathroom remodelling company. Although they do projects that are both small and large, most projects involve tear out and installation. The company works closely with all the major wholesalers in the city. “Our clients have access to all the products that are available in the marketplace,” says Chantainge. “But it can be overwhelming when you’re picking shower doors, fixtures and toilets. We take away a lot of the guesswork for our customers and narrow it down to the most popular.”

BACK ROW L-R Jennifer, Cameron, Gerald, Rob, Max, Chantainge FRONT ROW L-R Rick, Matt

Ultimate Bathroom Renovations is a proud member of The Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association, The Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association, The Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and The Better Business Bureau.

Ultimate Bathroom Renovations 20 Wright Ave., Dartmouth 902.292.2284

Visit their website to book a free in-home consultation and follow them on social media for more inspiring ideas.




You have heard of the rest… Call the best


“We do everything in our power to give people the best quality of roof their budget allows. We don’t simply re-skin a roof to make it look good. Our focus is on doing the job right.” – Larry Mader MADER’S ROOFING: Specialists in commercial and residential roofing applications, including intricate designs and flat roofs. Works with modern structures and new roofing techniques

Quality work

Larry Mader

Professional service A company you can count on


28 years in business

Lower Sackville 902.492.2868 | 902.830.4236

Competitive pricing Great value Halifax’s Premiere Roofing Company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

WITH Pam Tower Tower Interiors



s fall approaches, it’s time to put your summer clothes aside and bring out your warmer wardrobe. You are probably wishing you had more closet space and organization. Here are some practical tips: Layout: You can double the amount of storage in your closet by designing it more efficiently. Incorporate mostly twotier hanging with only a small amount of one-tier for dresses or robes. Add as much shelving as you can for folded clothes, sweaters, shoes and purses. Wall space can have hooks for belts, jewelry or scarves. Make sure to leave three feet of floor space for walking in the closet. Elevation: Allow enough space for the clothes to hang freely, typically 42” between bars for two-tier hanging. A shelf above the rod ensures you don’t catch your hangar in the clothes hanging above. Shelves are designed for what you will put on them: 6” apart for shoes and 12” apart for folded clothes. Go to the ceiling with the shelves. Even the space above the door could have shelves. Gadgets: There are organizational gadgets that can be incorporated to maximize efficiency. Add pullout trays for jewelry, laundry baskets, drawer dividers, adjustable shelves, pant, skirt

and tie racks. Everything can have a place and be easy to find. Lighting: You need great lighting in a closet. On the ceiling, it is best to have LED fixtures that spread light in all directions, like a flush or semi-flush mount. These can be supplemented with directional pot lights or track lighting. You can also add lighting to the underside of the shelves that will illuminate the rod or shelf below. Island: An island is a great place to add drawers for smaller items of clothing, but make sure you leave 36” of space all around the island. The top can be used for laying out your wardrobe and accessories as you create your outfit for the day. Bench: It is handy to have a spot where you can sit down to put on your socks. A bench can also be used to lay out your wardrobe or your suitcase while you pack. If you have a window in the closet, the bench could be built-in below the window and have drawers below for additional storage. Mirror: A mirror can be mounted on the wall or back of the door where you have space to stand back and look at yourself. Or you may choose a pull-out mirror that slides out and rotates.


Get your guide “6 Steps to Creating Your Very Own Relaxing Retreat” on our website

Colour: It is best to keep the inside of a closet light and bright. Stay away from vivid paint colours because they will affect what colour your clothes will appear. Designing an efficient closet takes a lot of planning and skill. Contact us today to have your custom closet designed for maximum efficiency, and to help you get organized for the new season!

Pam Tower

Registered interior designer Tower Interiors Halifax 902.455.1544



Beauty Inspired, Functionally Designed, Quality Crafted

Patti’s Kitchen and Bath Design Ltd. By Amanda Lee Photos Bruce Jollimore


or many of us, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. A place for family to gather for evening meals and share their day. Patti’s Kitchen and Bath Design Ltd. has been creating beautiful custom-fit kitchens — and bathrooms — for Halifax residents since 1996.

will sit down with clients and look at the existing footprint of their home, as well as their tastes and budget, to create their new kitchen. From there, they’ll design

a 3D rendering of the concept. Berry says clients benefit from the passion and attention to detail an experienced kitchen designer brings to each project.

Kitchen designers Molly MacEachern and Jessica Berry have almost 20-years’ experience between them. It’s their job to help turn their customer’s “Pinterestworthy dream kitchens” into reality. The family-owned company boasts over 85 combined years in the cabinetry business and specializes in renovations and new builds. MacEachern took over the role of kitchen designer from Patti when she retired three years ago. “It feels like a family here,” she says. In the company’s showroom on Lady Hammond Road, Berry and MacEachern



Derek, Molly, Jessica, Mike


“You’ll not only get great extras like a drawer organizer for your cutlery, but also a whole slew of ideas you might not have considered,” says Berry, “such as an alternate layout idea or a cabinet colour you wouldn’t expect.” Trends can play a part in a client’s vision for the room. “White and off-white are still popular choices for kitchen cabinetry,” says MacEachern. “Although people are going back to more natural wood finishes, such as walnut and white oak, and not shying away from incorporating some colour.” Kitchen islands remain a popular trend, creating an instant focal point and additional storage, which makes for a more functional space.

When it comes to bathroom trends, not surprisingly, white is a consistent choice, says MacEachern. She says the popularity of floating shelves has made its way to the bathroom, making the most of a small space with additional shelving. In addition, Patti’s Kitchen and Bath will also design, build and install custom pieces, such as pantries, bookcases and built-ins. Once the design has been finalized, the project is handed over to the build team, who produce custom wood pieces and finishings in their on-site facility. The production team and designers work on the project together to ensure it exceeds their customer’s wishes. It’s a process that’s about high-quality, not quantity.

From concept to completion, Patti’s creates the ultimate custom-fit kitchen or bathroom to suit your lifestyle Patti’s is owned by brothers Mike and Derek Ford, who grew up learning the business from their father, Mike Senior, and Patti, before they retired. The brothers have been building, installing and designing kitchens since their teens and have extensive experience in cabinetry. They employ fine craftsman to produce quality, bespoke cabinetry and storage units. MacEachern says Patti’s also has its own installation team. “Having in-house installers ensures a great and reliable service.” For Berry, it’s about working closely with clients to create interesting details and designs that are a true reflection of the homeowner. “And we hope our passion shows,” she says.

Patti’s Kitchen and Bath Design Ltd. 6420 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax 902.455.3445




Get the Room of Your Dreams

with our FREE In-Home

Design Service

Get the room of your dreams with our FREE Design Services From small style updates to complete transformations, our expert Designers will guide you through every step. We offer personalized services tailored to your life, style and budget. Our professional Designers are dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life! Work with a Designer in store, or schedule a consultation and we’ll come right to you. 36 Otter Lake Court, Bayers Lake Park (Corner of Chain Lake Drive & Otter Lake Court)


See Your Finished Room Before You Buy With La-Z-Boy’s complimentary in-home design service


hen buying new furniture, it can be tricky to imagine how everything will look in your home. La-Z-Boy’s room planner offers an online blueprint of your exact room, allowing you to create a layout during the shopping process. From small style updates to complete transformations, La-Z-Boy’s expert designers will guide you through every step — making it easy to choose the right furniture for your space.

In-home designer Gloria Parsons has been with La-Z-Boy for five years and has more than eight years of experience in interior design and decorating. She studied staging, redesign and lighting, and can help create a new room from just an idea or do a complete makeover of an existing space.

and balance in an interactive experience with the customer. We remove the guesswork of purchasing new furniture and make it fun.”

“I consider everything from colours, patterns, style, room flow and comfort,” says Parsons. “The goal is to create flow

Customers are encouraged to come to the showroom with their room measurements — including locations of window and doors — and pictures of the room. Designers are also available to go to a customer’s home to consult with them and photograph and measure the existing space. This allows them to gain a better understanding of their lifestyle, as well as their likes and dislikes.

The service is perfect for everyone, from customers downsizing or growing families upsizing into larger homes.

With the design service, you can create an exact digital version of the room and then simply drag your favourite furniture pieces into the space and arrange it as you see fit. There are hundreds of products to choose from. Designs can be printed and saved, so you can come back to it at a later time. They can also be digitally shared with sales staff and friends. This complementary service is provided to La-Z-Boy customers at no additional cost.

La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Décor 36 Otter Lake Court Halifax, N.S. 902.450.2227




Remodeling Made Easy BEAUTIFUL BATHS RENOVATIONS CELEBRATES 25 YEARS Photos courtesy of Beautiful Baths Renovations


he bathroom is one of the single most wasteful places in the house, in terms of prolonged water and energy usage. When you take long, warm and luxuries showers or have a dripping faucet, it all contributes toward a high energy bill at the end of

of efficient faucets and showerheads can easily provide the same luxurious feel of various other models.”

each month.

“Making a few small changes in your bathroom can help save a lot of money long term,” says Chris Bowie, owner of Beautiful Baths Renovations. He suggests changing to a high-efficiency showerhead and sink mixer and faucet combo, which can effectively slice your “shower and shave” water consumption by half. “Newer models



After more than 25 years in business, Chris and his wife Tori have completed countless amazing bathroom renovations for customers. Beautiful Baths Renovations specializes in small remodelling projects, complete bathroom renos, and everything in between. The company offers full function servicing in plumbing, shower and bath, tiling, vanities, flooring and cabinetry, as well as one-day bath-to-shower conversions. A limited lifetime warranty is available on most projects and a guarantee from Beautiful Baths includes products, plumbing and installation.


“We try to keep the stress out of the remodel and make it a smooth process — from pricing to installation.” - Chris Bowie “Our motto is ‘remodelling made easy,’” says Chris. “We try to keep the stress out of the remodel and make it a smooth process — from pricing to installation.” Over the years, the company has kept up with the latest trends in terms of what clients are asking for. One of the most recent examples is Laser Groutless Tile walls for showers, which are easy to clean and basically maintenance-free.

“We are excited to show this off in our newly updated showroom in Burnside in celebration of our 25th year,” says Chris. Beautiful Baths Renovations has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is fully covered by workers’ compensation and insurance. They also have a service guarantee that puts in writing what they have always done: provide service later, if you need it.

No Surprise Pricing When it comes to pricing, there are no surprises with Beautiful Baths Renovations. They offer free in-home consultations and staff would be pleased to meet with you to discuss customized bathroom renovation solutions to meet your specific needs. Call the Burnside showroom to arrange an appointment.

Guarantees In addition to Beautiful Baths Renovations’ “No Surprise Pricing” policy, the company offers guarantees for cleanliness, installation and service.

They promise to: • Respect your house • Protect your floor with runners • Take away all garbage and debris • Clean and sweep up when done • Offer professional, skilled and polite service • Arrive within appointed time • Stay working on your project until completion… they won’t disappear • Be respectful in your home • Provide written warranties for all products and services • Provide a warranty service in a no-hassle manner

Beautiful Baths Renovations Halifax: 902.434.8088 Truro: 902.843.3310 Kentville: 902.365.8088 Toll Free: 1.800.655.8088





Atlantic Acura:

Offering Style, Luxury & Comfort By Amanda Lee Photos Steve Jess

The team at Atlantic Acura is concerned with only one thing: making sure customers have an excellent experience at their dealership.


ur level of care and personalized touches bring customers back again and again,” says Jamie Campbell, new car sales manager at Atlantic Acura. “We’ve had customers who have been coming



here for decades. One of our customers has purchased almost 50 cars from us over the years.” Atlantic Acura opened its doors in 1987 and is privately owned and operated by Bruce Hill. The dealership prides itself on having the best technicians in all of Canada. Although specializing in Acura cars, their technicians can service pretty much any vehicle, regardless of the make or model. “We have customers take their sports cars to us for servicing because of our infloor alignment hoist,” says Campbell.


Atlantic Acura is one of the only places in Halifax that currently offers this state-of-the-art technology. It gives the dealership an edge as any car can be aligned, including cars that are too low to the ground to be serviced on a traditional alignment hoist. As well as selling the latest Acura models, the dealership also offers an excellent selection of preowned vehicles, offering a variety of makes and models at competitive pricing. “We recondition each vehicle to the highest of standards,” says Campbell.

Acura ILX

Atlantic Acura’s technicians verify every vehicle before it’s available for purchase. To alleviate any uneasiness about buying second-hand, they also include a warranty on most of their preowned vehicles, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance. The dealership can arrange financing through all the major banks on new or preowned vehicles at preferred rates.

When it comes to test driving a car, Campbell says, “We encourage it! Ultimately, it’s about getting behind the wheel and seeing how well a car performs.”

Though some people come into the dealership are aware of the Acura brand, they may not always know exactly what type of vehicle they’re looking for.

As an integral part of the community, the dealership likes to give back by supporting local charities such as the #AtlanticAcuraShootout, where the dealership donates to local minor hockey teams, as well as the Ruth Goldbloom Ladies Golf Classic in support of Kids Help Phone.

“We consider ourselves consultants first and foremost,” he says. “It’s all about ensuring the needs of the customer are met. We offer a concierge experience. We’ll ask what they like about their current vehicle and what they dislike about it.” Atlantic Acura’s consultants, some of whom have decades of experience, then recommend the best vehicle for their lifestyle.

Most of Atlantic Acura’s customers find them via word-of-mouth — from customers who rave about their vehicles to family and friends. Some customers are also members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Hill once served in the military and as a way of acknowledging others, the dealership offers a military rebate on their vehicles.


Any car can be aligned at Atlantic Acura, including sports cars that are too low to the ground to be serviced on a traditional alignment hoist.

Atlantic Acura 30 Bedford Hwy, Halifax 902.457.1555



“It’s about luxury with extra performance” - Jamie Campbell

The Acura RDX

Vehicle THE BEST

to Suit Your Lifestyle By Amanda Lee Photos Steve Jess




Acura joined the automotive scene in 1987, becoming the first luxury division of Honda in Canada. Since then, Atlantic Acura has provided vehicles that combine precision crafted performance, cutting-edge technology and incomparable luxury.

and black chrome accents. Inside, the Ultrasuede seats emphasise the sporty interior, along with stainless steel sports pedals at the driver’s feet. “It’s about luxury with extra performance,” says Campbell. But it’s not all style without function. “All our vehicles come standard with what we call AcuraWatch,” says Campbell. The system relies on a network of sensors and two cameras to detect potential road hazards, and even adjust the vehicle to avoid threats all together.


dvances in technology translate into not just a better drive, but a more enjoyable one, and the Acura RDX embodies that. Jamie Campbell, new car sales manager at Atlantic Acura, says one of the highlights of this luxury family SUV is its new infotainment system and interface, designed to minimize driver distractions. The vehicle’s True Touchpad Interface makes life on the road easier for drivers. With an easy to use 10-inch HD display that sits high up on the dashboard, the interface also supports Apple CarPlay, allowing you to play music or listen to messages. The vehicle’s panoramic

sunroof gives both the driver and passengers in the back a view of the sky. “Our vehicles come with state-ofthe-art technology as standard,” says Campbell. He points out that details such as the RDX’s heated steering wheel, which is operated by a bush of a button, and brilliant LED headlights, are also well suited to chilly Atlantic Canadian commutes. The 2019 ILX luxury sedan is another one of Acura’s most recent vehicles. The sleek vehicle incorporates Acura’s Diamond Pentagon signature grille, bordered by Jewel Eye LED headlights


Campbell explains the Collison Mitigation Braking System, which comes as standard, can detect a potential front-end collision and apply the brakes automatically to avoid a crash. “People aren’t having to pay extra money to get those safety features, they’re now automatically included,” he says. Other features of the ILX include remote engine starter, adaptive cruise control and adjustable climate control settings. Campbell wants customers who come into their showroom to feel at home. “We offer a concierge experience,” he adds. While Campbell has been with Acura since 2007, other staff have more than 25 years of knowledge of Acura products. As well as advising on the best vehicle to suit your lifestyle — whether a luxurious RDX, ILX or a hybrid SUV — Atlantic Acura is able to help with credit solutions to finance your new vehicle.





RELIABILITY STARTS AT THE TOP! With zero maintenance, a lifetime warranty and a team with decades of experience — you can’t go wrong.

311 rocky lake drive, unit 8 Bedford, N.S. | 902.252.5801 | |

“We represent individuals, not corporations.” –Jane Lenehan and Diana Musgrave

Legal solutions. Sensible approach. Practicing Family Law and Personal Injury Law

With offices conveniently located at King’s Wharf in downtown Dartmouth, Lenehan Musgrave LLP represents individuals in all areas of family, estate litigation and personal injury law, helping people move forward to the next stage of their lives with confidence and peace of mind.

Family Law | Personal Injury | Estate Litigation

Lenehan Musgrave LLP | 101-67 King’s Wharf Place | Dartmouth, N.S. | 902.466.2200

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