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Surviving Winter Five natural therapies

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25 years in the HVAC industry

Capital Ventilation Home Comfort Systems for the Halifax Area Whether you’re building a new house or planning a renovation, consider upgrading your heating and ventilation system for increased comfort and energy savings.

Capital Ventilation sells and repairs: • • • • • •

Heat pumps Heating systems Air exchangers Ventilation systems Heat recovery Air conditioning systems

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Your imposing architectural statements aren‘t always made outside.

The difference is Gaggenau. Grand architecture demands grand interior pieces. Refrigeration is one such design element and should speak to who you are. Every Gaggenau piece is distinctively designed, crafted from exceptional materials, offers professional performance, and has done so since 1683. Gallery

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Winter 2020 Volume 6 Issue 1 Owner / Publisher Seann P.W. Gervason | 902.476.4700 Editor Lori McKay | 902.877.5512

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Editor’s Note With ReFINEd editor LORI MCKAY

“(…) the New Woman of the 1920s boldly asserted her right to dance, drink, smoke, and date — to work her own property, to live free of the strictures that governed her mother’s generation. (…) She flouted Victorian-era conventions and scandalized her parents. In many ways, she controlled her own destiny.” – Joshua Zeitz, Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern


elcome to the new 20s. One hundred years ago, the “Roaring 20s” were just getting started. Known as the Jazz Age, the decade was a time of economic prosperity, carefree living and new social and cultural trends. It was a time of change: cars, motion pictures, telephones, radio, politics, style and money. I think of the musical Chicago and The Great Gatsby… flapper dresses, gangsters, speakeasies and empowered women. I wonder what the 2020s will bring to us. Speaking of empowered women, gracing our cover is the fabulous Sandra Pike and her team of real estate professionals at The Pike Group. Known around the city for the catchy tagline Deals in Heels — due to her love of fabulous footwear — Sandra works hard and prides herself on her innate ability to hustle, and it pays off. The Pike Group is one of the top real estate teams in the city. Contrary to the champagne-drinking partygoers of the 1920s, according to sommelier Cheryl Doherty, people today — particularly millennials — are drinking less, but smarter. They are looking for higher quality wines, craft beers, ornate cocktails and even alcohol-free drinks. Cheryl offers up some great “mocktail” recipes in case you’re interested. We also have an article about the history of sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine that is seeing a new surge in popularity. And as always, this issue includes a fabulous selection of Taste of Nova Scotia food recipes to try. The staff of ReFINEd would like to thank all our local advertisers and readers for supporting us. Visit us online at and like our Facebook page: ReFINEd Halifax Magazine. Cheers to 2020!

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Design for Luxury Living

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Five Natural Therapies for Surviving Winter

Cliffhanging Golf… in Los Cabos, Mexico




The Spice of Life The “Mocktail” is Gaining Popularity

COVER FEATURE Deals in Heels The Pike Group



Taste of Nova Scotia Recipes

Acura 2020 The Latest Luxury Vehicles





Y O U R F R O N T Y A R D. Introducing Marina Landing. Modern seaside living, championship golf, and luxuriating resort amenities are closer than you think. Only six homes remain, so act now! • 1 902 412 4812 Eric Lum, Real Estate Sales Manager •


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Introducing the arrival of our in-house

Gemmologist & Jewellery Appraiser When should I have my jewellery appraised? It doesn’t hurt to periodically check the value of your jewellery. With the ever-escalating prices, it is recommended at least every three-to-five years. For peace of mind with any large purchase, it is advisable to get a second opinion on the quality and value of the item. Most appraisals are for insurance purposes; to put a jewellery rider on your most cherished items to secure they are properly covered. General home insurance only covers loss by break and enter robbery. At time of appraisals, your piece will be thoroughly inspected for any damage or wear and tear that needs attention by our resident goldsmith.

Jenna Littlewood G.G.

We offer same-day appraisals by appointment or drop-off service within one-to-three days. We also offer appointments by the hour to assess larger collections from an estate or other settlement. For a small fee, we can test metals to verify if gold or platinum and gem ID stones in your jewellery.

Accredited Appraiser (CJI), Registered Master Valuer

1569 Barrington Street, Halifax, N.S. | 902.420.1735

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WITH Dorothée Rosen designer goldsmith

In most cases, all of the above techniques are used at one point or another in the hand-crafting of a piece of jewellery. In making the rings in my Onefooter series, for example, I first forge the wire, thus changing its shape along the one-foot length of sterling silver or 18k gold. This length is then sanded and polished before it is wrapped around and around a mandrel to create a ring shape. The ends are soldered and then made to disappear by filing and sanding the piece.

process of clean-up begins before the stone can be set. At this point, the piece may undergo a hardening process of the precious metals being placed in a rotary tumbler for several hours. The setting of the gem is perhaps the most enjoyable and delicious of the process — and it happens at the very end, when everything else is taken care off.



s discussed in my last article, some jewellery designs lend themselves to being created in wax and then cast from molten metal. Other designs are better suited to being made directly from precious sheet metal or wire; this process is called fabrication. Skill in both techniques is particularly important when creating custom projects in direct consultation with clients. Precious metals fabrication techniques Many goldsmithing techniques manipulate precious metals directly. Forging, for example, means changing the shape of a solid metal object, generally by the blow of a hammer (similar to blacksmithing). This can be done with either hot or cold metal. More gentle ways of manipulating metal include sawing, drilling, bending and of course soldering. Joining techniques such as riveting or the building of hinges are called cold-connections. Each technique affects the design, feel and look of a piece.

Building a home for a stone If a stone is to be applied, a narrow strip — the length of the circumference of the stone — will be sawn from a sheet of gold. The strip is bent and soldered to create a “bezel,” which will surround the stone. For a full or half bezel, a “seat” will be created for the stone inside this tube shape — either by adding gold wire along the inside of the bezel, or by cutting away material to create a “step” inside. Each individual process has to be executed with exact precision, or the stone will not sit well inside its bezel, or on top of the ring.

What else would you like to read about? Drop me a line or give me a call if there is something about goldsmithing you’d like to find out more about. I’d be delighted to share.

Dorothée Rosen, designer goldsmith Halifax private studio visits by appointment 902.422.9460 NSCAD University BFA 2005 Society of NorthAmerican Goldsmiths Craft Nova Scotia Master Artisan

Now it is time to find a placement for the bezel on the ring. It can take a lot of filing and grinding to create the exact “nook” for the bezel atop each ring. As with the casting methods discussed in the last article, now the lengthy and meticulous



Not Your Typical Yoga Studio

Modern yoga fused with FAR Infrared Heat When you walk into an Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Infrared Studio, it feels like you are on the beach! Oxygen offers state-of-the-art FAR Infrared technology that raises the body’s core temperature in a natural, comfortable way. The warm balmy temperature wraps around you as you prepare for the most powerful, moving, body-changing workout you’ve ever experienced. With over 18 different styles of both yoga and fitness classes under one roof, you’ll never get bored of the same routine. The studio offers barre style classes, cardio kickboxing, HIIT, total body conditioning, Pilates, and all styles of yoga!

5410 Doyle St Unit 110

Come see why Oxygen is different; join us today for a

one week trial for only $10!

960 Cole Harbour Road




Natural Therapies for

Surviving Winter

By Catherine Knott


on-chemical, non-invasive and gaining worldwide respect… all-natural therapies can help you become (and stay) healthy. Here are five natural therapies that might surprise you:




1. FOREST BATHING The practice of “forest bathing” is a rediscovered ancient cultural tradition in Japan. It recognizes the sanctity of the environment and its healing effects on the mind and body.

Studies show time in the forest can give a powerful boost to the immune system and increase our natural killer cells (cancer and tumour-fighting white blood cells). This natural restorative is attributed to phytoncides (an organic compound from trees). The residue interacts with our bodies — at the cellular level — to balance health and release muscle tension.

Mercifully, very little planning is required. If you’re unable to tie on your hiking boots or join a woodland tour, just scoot into the backyard or the local park and let a circle of maples become your team of wellness experts. Studies show time in the forest can give a powerful boost to the immune system and increase our natural killer cells (cancer and tumour fighting white blood cells). This natural restorative is attributed to phytoncides (an organic compound from trees). The residue interacts with our bodies — at the cellular level — to balance health and release muscle tension.


2. SAUNA THERAPY While there’s nothing quite like the euphoria of muscles melting in the steam of a sauna room, this therapy — a cultural norm in Finland — provides more than a humid oasis. A specifically regulated atmosphere, between 80C and 100C, increases body temperature and heart rate to between 120 and 150 beats per minute. It improves blood flow and tones our cardiovascular system. Our body’s response to this environment is similar to that of high-intensity physical activity, as we burn a comparable number of calories, which also assists in weight management.



Sauna therapy can also enhance our resistance to viral, bacterial and parasitic infections while detoxing the body of chemicals and carcinogens. This activity asks only that you sit back and relax. No wonder the typical Finnish person takes to the sauna between two and three times a week.

3. FLOATATION THERAPY Now, clear your mind and imagine a giant bathtub. A promise of no interruptions, flashing lights, intrusive beeping, or human voices for one solid hour. Floatation therapy is similar to an Epsom salt bath with the meditative flavour of sensory stillness. It’s more than a reprieve from our electronic chaos. Studies show that floating in the light-proof/sound-proof tank of dissolved magnesium water — approximately 34.2C, to match the body’s external temperature — offers wide-spread mental and physiological changes, including improved mood, accelerated recovery from injury, increased circulation and relaxation. Floating has been shown to aid the release of addictive habits and increase levels of dopamine, which is responsible for healthy brain function.

4. RAINDROP THERAPY We tend to experience a deeper, more restful sleep when we are able to relax both our mind and body. Raindrop therapy is described by one individual: “As gentle as acupuncture, effective as a deep tissue massage. I slept like a baby.” It’s an increasingly popular alternative to a full body massage, which utilizes medicinal-grade essential oils. Combining muscle relaxation (through gentle trigger point stimulation and reflexology) and oils to settle our limbic system through our sense of smell. Skin and muscles soften as medicinal oils penetrate deeper, travelling through the dermal layer and affecting the central nervous system to promote revitalization and healing. RT is also recognized as a valuable treatment for those unable to handle a traditional massage — such as people with scoliosis, kyphosis or curvature of

Also, mineral water is absorbed through our skin and can regulate blood pressure, assist in detoxification and aid the prevention of cardiovascular disease. A one-hour float session is roughly the equivalent of four-to-six hours of deep sleep.




the spine. This combination balances and aligns the physical and emotional body.

5. REGRESSION THERAPY Transformative healing is often facilitated from within. In recent years, psychologists have begun referring patients to regression therapy, or quantum healing hypnosis. It is highly effective for dealing with a variety of emotional and physiological concerns: depression, anxiety, chronic pain, injury, illness and a loss of self or personal purpose. This therapy eases us into a theta brainwave state to interact with our own subconscious mind. We then observe prevalent images, sensation, thoughts or heightened awareness. Regression therapy pinpoints an individual’s emotional trouble spots, or physiological concerns, at the root. The experience can provide perspective and a foundation for life-long prosperity.


Andrea Carew The Link



could answer this by saying “because Oprah says we should” — (this is true, by the way) and surprisingly for many, that would be enough. Yet, despite even Oprah’s endorsement, health coaching as an emerging allied health profession is still wildly misunderstood. Not surprisingly, so too are the reasons why a health coach is a great investment for anyone. Let me break it down for you: Reason No. 1: Health coaching is evidence-based While still a budding field, health coaching has emerged around the latest science on motivation and behaviour change. With skill and expertise to help people make positive life changes, coaches empower you to determine your own action plan, help you lay it out in a step-by-step format, and support you reaching your goals. Reason No. 2: Health coaching is effective One of the keys to this effectiveness is the support, structure and accountability a highly-trained coach provides. It’s a partnership, and when we tell a partner we’re going to do something — and are also expected to report back to them — we make the extra effort to follow through. Simple. Social support makes people more likely to stick with behaviour changes such as exercising, eating better or managing stress.

Reason No. 3: Health coaching builds confidence

Reason No. 5: Health coaches are highly trained, skilled experts

Confidence is key for not only behaviour change, but in your overall self-efficacy and your belief in yourself to get things done. This confidence spills over into other areas of your life, both personal and professional. Making progress and successfully reaching your goals with your coach also shows up in your relationships with others, but most importantly your relationship with yourself. Your focus and effectiveness at work and home improve as well… all because your coach has played a key role in supporting you to believe in yourself.

But buyer beware. My health coach training and certification at Duke Integrative Medicine took me two years to complete. I have certified in the United States at the highest global standard there is for health and wellness coaches. I completed a science degree, majoring in biopsychology, in addition to a long career in government on relationship building and management, before transitioning to health coaching. Anyone can — and many do — claim to be a health coach. When considering working with one, ask what credentials and qualifications they have. After all, you deserve the best.

Reason No. 4: Health coaching considers the WHOLE you! While it’s true your coach can help with typical health goals like weight loss, stress management, or improving management of a chronic disease, you are more to your coach than just the physical health challenges you face. Your coach helps you see your health as more than just “absence of disease.” Your health affects everything in your life, and your life affects everything in your health. Together, you and your coach consider the “big picture” — the whole you — to get you living your best life and being your best self.


Andrea Carew

Duke Integrative Medicine certified Health Coach The Link Health & Lifestyle Consulting 902.579.6722 Skype Name: The Link Health Service



A gym that’s more than a gym.

O2 Advantage: • Complimentary childminding • 30+ group classes offered weekly • Towel service included • Dry sauna • Queenax suspension training • Rogue monster racks/custom lifting platforms • Turf area • Spin room • Shake bar/meal services • Pro shop • Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week • InBody scanner • Personal training • Hybrid training • Boot camps • Touch screen cardio equipment /Netflix/YouTube/ browser and much much more

Eat. Train. Sleep. Be Well!

O2’S NEW HIGH INTENSITY BOOT CAMP TRAINING Here is what we will do in the next 42 days‌

One-on-one coach (really a coach in a back pocket 24/7) Option of 10 different bootcamp classes weekly to fit your schedule Personalized nutrition guides Personalized exercise to help turn the body into a fat-burning machine Daily coaching, motivation and accountability

Weekly check-ins with InBody Scan

HYBRID ACCOUNTABILITY TRAINING Our new Hybrid Accountability Training Program is changing the fitness industry. Designed to fit your lifestyle, schedule and food preferences, it provides everything you need to take control of your health and fitness goals.

Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford HWY | Suite 210 (Mezzanine Level) 902.706.1700 |

WITH Christina Rogers-Lunn President, Hearing Institute Atlantic

HEAR WELL, LIVE LIFE With these three ingredients: Technology, Audiology Support and Motivation


ver the years, we have noticed that some people do better than others when it comes to wearing their hearing aids and hearing well. There are some common factors that truly make a difference for our clients. 1. Technology Of course, technology is a hallmark of hearing well. All devices are not the same; I want to dispel that myth right away. Although hearing aids may look similar, it’s the technology inside that makes the difference. At Hearing Institute Atlantic, we source the best level of technology available, as we have seen first-hand how it benefits our clients. Technology inside the device automatically adjusts and adapts to surroundings, which supports a natural listening experience. Modern hearing aids can be personalized and programmed to hear sounds the way you like to hear them. That’s pretty revolutionary! When you are considering hearing aids, have an open discussion about the technology you will need. Good hearing devices typically have a choice of technology levels, and it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. Simply purchasing hearing aids over the counter or based on price point — with no knowledge of what’s inside or the features — can result in people wearing the wrong technology, and it often doesn’t support their hearing loss.



2. Audiology Support

Love What You’re Hearing

We love our patients. The more we see them, the better they hear. We have noticed that clients who visit regularly do better, and that’s really our goal. When you are ready for hearing services, look for a clinic that has audiologists, as well as hearing care professionals on staff. These are the best professionals to treat your hearing loss and offer continued follow up and support. Support is a vital part of the hearing aid purchase. At Hearing Institute Atlantic, we offer ongoing support because we’ve seen how important this is to our patients’ success.

Hearing is a vital sense. We need to hear to stay connected to the activities and people we love. Value it, treasure it, and have it looked after by a trusted and respected business and audiologist. See them for regular check-ups and take action when it becomes necessary. Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Hearing is a vital part of your overall health and wellbeing.

3. Motivation! Motivation is key to success. Hearing aids take a bit of work and there are best practices to wearing them correctly, cleaning them, and care in their handling. We find that people’s attitudes and efforts, as well as their desire to wear devices and to follow the advice of their audiologist, are as important in treating hearing loss as the device itself. If you are motivated to improve your hearing and are excited about the possibility of hearing well, embrace the technology and do your part to ensure success.


Christina Rogers-Lunn Hearing Institute Atlantic Halifax, Clayton Park, Bedford, Lr. Sackville, Dartmouth, Bridgewater, New Minas, Yarmouth 902.482.2222


Jillian Keefe




et’s get real, our skin can go through some pretty big transitions when the seasons change. As Canadians, this is especially true in the winter months. The harsh outdoor elements, combined with the dryness of indoor heat, can really dehydrate your skin. Sometimes you just need a little help to get your skin looking fresh and glowing again. That’s where THE TEN SPOT® comes in. Here at THE TEN SPOT®, we have a facial service for every budget and skin concern. We pride ourselves on our education and knowledge, so expect to come into a facial ready to learn. We use only professional level products from Dermalogica® and complete a thorough consultation regarding allergies, sensitivities and at-home skin care to customize the facial just for you. Pre-Facial There are a few things to keep in mind as you make your way to your facial appointment with us. We recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes prior to your appointment — this way you can start relaxing with a bevvie (we offer complimentary coffee, tea and water) before we bring you into the room to unwind. Want to finish the look off with a brow or lip wax? Sorry, threading only! Because we do professional exfoliations in our facials, we recommend waiting 72 hours to get any facial waxing. It’s also totally OK to come with makeup on. We have the proper products to fully remove it. Lastly, we recommend

booking your treatment a few weeks out from any big event, not a few days before. It’s important to give your skin time to respond to the treatment and look its best. The Facial So, what can you expect from a 10spot® skin treatment? Our esthetic experts follow a step-by-step process that will get you on your way to healthier, hydrated skin. Here’s the lowdown: we’ll remove your makeup with a lovely hot towel and double cleanse. Once your skin is bare, we’ll complete a thorough consultation and determine your skin type and begin to customize products for your service. After that, you’ll get a deep cleanse, professional level exfoliation, masques, toners, serums, moisturizer… the works! With our one-hour facial, you’ll also get extractions using gentle methods (no painful extraction tools here!) to help clean out any congestion and impurities. You might even get a soothing massage or two to really make you #FeelLikeATen®

a few times a year. You’ll likely need heavier products in the winter and lighter in the summer. Now that you have the rundown on our facial basics, feel free to book in with one of our knowledgeable esthetic experts at THE TEN SPOT® halifax to get your skin back on track and have you feeling your best!

Post Facial By coming in for a facial, you’re investing in your skin, so you’ll need to maintain the amazing results you get with us at home. You wouldn’t expect to go to the gym once and instantly have a whole new look (we wish); the same goes for your skin. One treatment won’t cure your woes, but it will help create new habits. Your esthetic expert will work with you to develop a home care regime based on your budget and lifestyle. It’s good practice to revisit your product routine


Jillian Keefe Esthetic Expert

THE TEN SPOT® 5165 South St., Halifax 902.445.1010



WITH Barb Brennan, RHN Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant



bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to staying healthy when you’re away from home. A few key items in your carry-on bag will increase the odds of staying healthy, rested and ready to explore wherever your itinerary takes you. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps us healthy and may even increase life expectancy. These are all great reasons to travel, but for some, being away from home adds stress in the form of disrupted sleep schedules, dietary changes and poor quality air on planes. The good news is jet lag, fatigue, constipation, insomnia, swollen ankles, stomach upset and bloating can be managed and sometimes avoided with a bit of planning. Travelling by plane? Air travel is one of the most common places to pick up cold and flu bugs. Breathing partially recirculated air in an enclosed space makes a strong immune system a top priority before we even think of heading to the airport. Vitamin C or elderberry crystals added to a water bottle or smoothie are an easy way to stay one step ahead of those seasonal bugs. Crystals and powders are convenient for travel and provide just the boost your immune system will need for this time of year. Spray the germs away. My personal favourite, Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer, keeps germs at bay without the chemical ingredients we find in many alternatives. It’s great for sticky fingers or can double as an air freshener if needed.



If travel across time zones leaves you tired and out of sorts, consider a natural remedy. My go-to in this category is a homeopathic product called No-Jet-Lag. It’s chewable, easy to take, safe, labelled for ages four and up, and literally works magic on long haul flights for both prevention and relief. Remember to bring magnesium! Magnesium offers a long list of benefits and when it comes to travel we value its ability to relax muscles, improve sleep, reduce headaches and keep bowels regular. Magnesium also helps minimize water retention that leads to swollen feet and ankles during travel. Prone to digestive upset?

Struggling to get to sleep? Melatonin is a well-studied supplement you’re probably familiar with but may not have tried. Doses as small as 0.5mg, taken an hour or so before your newly adjusted bedtime may help your body sync to the new rhythm. Intended as a short-term solution for disrupted sleep patterns, do your research to see if it’s a good fit for you. Always check with your practitioner before adding anything new to your routine. Wherever your travels take you this season, stay healthy and enjoy!

A probiotic is, without a doubt, worthy of space in your bag. Balanced gut bacteria not only supports a healthy immune system, but also comes to the rescue when constipation or diarrhea sneak their way into your holiday. There are several good quality travel probiotics that are conveniently packaged and don’t require refrigeration. For best results, start them a couple of weeks prior to travel if they’re not part of your regular routine and continue while you’re away from home.

Barb Brennan, RHN

New and different foods are often the highlight of travel, but can throw us a curve ball when it comes to digestion. Ginger — whether in capsules, chews, or combined with honey in a tea — is soothing for your gut, good for cramps or nausea, and boosts antioxidants to support overall good health.

262 Baker Drive Unit 105 Dartmouth Store: 902.431.0801 Wellness Centre: 902.407.0830

Feel something coming on? Oil of oregano works well at the first sign of something coming on. Just a few drops under your tongue or with a splash of juice will stop a bug in its tracks. Don’t leave home without it!


Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant Honey & Ginger 1509 Bedford Hwy Store: 902.832.7511 Wellness Centre: 902.446.3825

Achieve Your Optimal Health and Wellness PRODUCTS Supplements • Food • Personal Care & Beauty Products SERVICES Naturopathic Medicine • Reiki • Massage Therapy Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine • Holistic Facials Nutritional Consulting • Osteopathy • Rapid Transformational Therapy Reflexology and Spiritual Therapy * services vary between locations

We are your source for health food, supplements, natural beauty and wellness products, as well as advice and services provided by skilled practitioners committed to supporting you on your journey to optimal health. Our welcoming environment, quality products and knowledgeable staff will inspire you and your family to make healthy life choices that lead to greater happiness. Contact us or visit us in-store to learn more about who we are and how we can add to your overall well-being.

1509 Bedford Hwy | Store: 902.832.7511 | Wellness Centre: 902.446.3825 262 Baker Drive, Dartmouth | Store: 902.431.0801 | Wellness Centre: 902.407.0830 |

Turmeric Golden Mylk Latte A traditional Ayurvedic treat, this delicious and warming drink contains a therapeutic dose of turmeric. Enjoy the taste and the anti-inflammatory benefits for your body. Ingredients 1 tsp of Botanica Turmeric Golden Mylk powder (available in regular or chocolate) 1 cup of barista-blend almond or oat milk

Directions 1. Whisk one teaspoon of Botanica Turmeric Golden Mylk powder into one cup of warm, frothed barista blend milk of choice 2. Sip slowly and take a deep breath. Enjoy! *Optional: Coffee lovers can add a shot of espresso or 1/4 cup of your favourite brew

Note: Botanica Golden Mylk powder contains turmeric, dates, coconut, vanilla flavour, cardamom, ashwagandha, cinnamon and black pepper. All ingredients are organic. Vegan, Organic, Gluten free, Dairy free and Soy free 24






WITH Dr. Magda Barnard Bedford Orthodontics, Metro Orthodontic Specialists



he Canadian and American orthodontic association recommends that every child has an orthodontic examination by age seven. There are many reasons why this appointment is important for your child’s dental health. By seven, your child typically has a few permanent teeth along with several baby teeth. The jaws have established their growth pattern, and an orthodontist can see how the jaw sizes and tooth sizes correspond. Two common issues that can appear are crowding and excessive spacing. If there is inadequate space for the permanent teeth to develop, then they will be crowded. On the other hand, excessive spacing is seen when there is too much room for the teeth. By catching this early, an orthodontist can ensure the proper amount of space will be maintained for all the permanent teeth. For instance, when crowding is a concern, space maintainers (small, comfortable, fixed appliances), can be inserted as space holders for permanent teeth. When severe crowding exists, it may not be possible to create all the space needed. In this case, a process called serial extractions can be planned to remove some permanent teeth and allow the remaining teeth to come into better alignment. Alternately, your orthodontist can guide some teeth to grow in such a way that they will close excess space, due to missing permanent teeth. This process can prevent your child from entering his or her tweens with severely crowded, spaced or displaced teeth.



An orthodontist can affect the amount of space available for teeth as well as how straight the permanent teeth grow in. Permanent teeth can be guided to come into better alignment when baby teeth are lost in the proper sequence and at the correct time — something that doesn’t always happen naturally when there is space or crowding. An orthodontist may sometimes recommend timely extractions of over-retained baby teeth for this reason. In addition to spacing, the manner in which the upper and lower jaw bones meet can be evaluated by age seven. Some children display vertical, horizontal or transverse jaw bone discrepancies by this age. Starting growth modification therapy early may prevent jaw surgery or more complicated orthodontics. Expanders, removable appliances, headgear and fixed appliances are all ways to help correct these discrepancies. Growth modification must be started at the correct time during pre-pubertal growth. Having your child screened at age seven assures that you do not miss this window of opportunity. Another benefit of an orthodontic examination by age seven is the detection of harmful habits. Some children suck their thumbs, fingers or lower lip. These habits can have a negative impact on tooth positions and the bite. Habit breaking appliances or habit-ceasing programs can be recommended to reverse some of the detrimental changes as well as prevent further problems. We know that several orthodontic problems can be prevented or simplified with early assessment and treatment. These are just some examples of problems that can be addressed early to reduce the likelihood of more expensive and more complicated orthodontics later on. Even jaw surgery may be prevented in a lot of instances with timely treatment.


Dr. Magda Barnard

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Experiencing Back Pain? 4 golden rules to follow


ower back pain affects approximately 80 per cent of us at least once in our lifetime. At Zoomers, we spend a lot of time teaching clients self-management techniques to reduce symptoms and maximize recovery. There are a few golden rules that I find helpful for almost all of my clients. Here are four of my favourites: 1. Keep moving Historically, rest was prescribed for lower back pain. However, research shows that staying as active as possible is helpful for recovery; bedrest increases pain and recovery time. Walking strengthens the muscles that support your spine and is integral to recovery. Of course, the severity of your symptoms will guide how much activity is possible; meeting with a physiotherapist can also help you decipher how much (and which) activity is appropriate for you. 2. Apply ice (or heat!) I am a big fan of applying an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes at a time in the first two to three days after an injury or symptoms start. It typically provides pain relief and reduces muscle spasm; a common complaint among my clients with lower back pain. In more chronic situations, some clients prefer to use a heating pad for 10 to 20 minutes. Whether you

choose ice or heat, you should have at least temporary symptom improvement after its application. 3. Avoid sitting on soft surfaces It is tempting to sit on the couch and “take it easy” when your lower back is sore. However, sitting on a soft surface puts a lot of stress on the joints of the spine. It can be comfortable while sitting but then feel very uncomfortable as you try to get up and move around. Unfortunately, sometimes this gets misinterpreted as “sitting feels good and moving feels bad” and you might be tempted to sit more and move less. Instead, it is best to try to change position regularly (every 20 to 30 minutes). When sitting, it is best to choose a firm chair (such as a kitchen chair) with a small cushion behind your back for support.

If you are one of the many people who experiences lower back pain but have not received professional advice about management and prevention, book with one of our physiotherapists for a full review. We can teach you good ergonomics for home and work. We can also teach you how to maintain and increase your core strength and flexibility to maximize your recovery and minimize your risk of re-injury.

4. Don’t panic! Lower back pain hurts. Many of us know someone who has had serious complications with a lower back injury and it can be easy to feel unsure about the likelihood of your recovery. Rest assured, 80 to 90 per cent of people with an episode of lower back pain are better in 12 weeks or less. Get (and heed!) professional advice, keep moving and trust that your body is resilient and will recover.


Laura Lundquist, PT

Zoomers Physiotherapy & Health Solutions Zoomers Physiotherapy & Health Solutions 291 Horseshoe Lake Drive, Unit C Bayers Lake, Halifax 902.453.1525




sake COCKTAILS Old Traditions, New Flavours By Colleen Thompson

Steeped in history, ritual and tradition, sake (pronounced “sah-keh”) or nihonshu (literally meaning “Japanese liquor”) is having its day in the sun. No longer bound by geography or culinary traditions, sake is astonishingly complex and complements food in much the same way as wine does, and its versatility elevates almost any cocktail.





elieving that sake could ward off evil spirits, the Japanese have been drinking the fermented rice beverage since around the eighth century. It originates with kuchikami-zake, meaning “mouth-chewed.” Making sake required no machinery or technology, just a strong jaw and a few young virgins. The young women were considered “mediums of the gods” and were designated the task of chewing the grains of rice and spitting them into a collective vat. The enzymes from the human saliva combined with wild yeast, caused the chewed rice to ferment and voila: you had sake. Yum. Over centuries, the process became refined and sake became thinner, purer and whiter. The ins and outs of sake still remain a mystery and just like wine, there’s a diverse range, from acidic, creamy kimoto and yamahai, to delicately fragrant namazake and smoky-aged koshu styles. The different styles and levels of sake are largely determined by the rice polishing ratio. The more the rice kernel is milled before production, the more premium the level of sake. With wine, it’s the yeast that converts the sugar into alcohol and fermentation ends when all the sugar has been converted to alcohol. With sake, it’s the starch in the rice that is converted into alcohol and the fermentation ends when the master brewer decides it should end. There is a tendency to have more of a medium-dry finish, and overall sake has a lower acidity compared to wine, with no tannins. “If there’s rice on the plate, then there should be rice in the glass,” advises Miho Komatsu-Welpe, sake sommelier and Akashi-Tai Global Brand Ambassador. “As with wine, the elements of flavour, acidity and even texture come into play when tasting and pairing food with sake. Texture is a major differentiating factor in sake, and there can be many reasons why it varies: from the style of sake to the rice variety used.” Gohyakumangoku rice, which yields large grains, is a hallmark of superior sake rice and produces a smooth, clean, slightly fragrant and lighter style sake. Yamada Nishiki rice (the so-called king of sake rice) has breadth and depth, and flavour, therefore it works with different types of food.




“Tasting sake involves a slight palate recalibration,” says Komatsu-Welpe. “Food that is too spicy will overpower sake, but aside from that, sake works well with many foods. Nasi goreng is a firm favourite, but even more Western dishes, such as beef stroganoff with rice, can work with a creamy rich umami laden junmai (a type of sake made from only rice, water, yeast and koji,” says Komatsu-Welpe. It is that elusive fifth flavour — umami — that puts sake in a category all of its own. Take it away and sake becomes lifeless; add too much of it and it becomes honeyed. When it comes to mixing sake with cocktails, it opens up a myriad of flavours. For bartenders who have never worked with sake before, KomatsuWelpe suggests using it in place of vermouth or for creating low alcohol by volume (ABV) cocktails. “Sake is gentle and mild and easy to introduce,” he says. “Simply as a hi-ball or on the post prandial side, a Japanese Manhattan works well too, using sake instead of vermouth and mixing in a Japanese blended whisky.”



6 Things to Know About Sake 1. Sake is called rice wine, but it is officially classified as beer because of the brewing process. However, it reaches a higher alcohol per cent by volume than beer, clocking in between 12-18 per cent 2. Sake does not age, so the sooner you drink it the better 3. It is traditionally poured from a tall bottle called a tokkuri and sipped from a sakazuki, a small porcelain cup 4. Sake, unlike wine and grape varietals, is not distinguished by the type of rice used. Instead, the outer layer of each grain of rice that is milled away, determines its refinedness and flavour 5. Never pour your own sake, etiquette and the tradition known as o-shaku calls for pouring your company’s sake, while they pour yours, out of respect and friendship. If your sake glass is empty, the host is obliged to refill your glass 6. Sake is one of the purest, cleanest alcoholic beverages because it is free of sulfites, preservatives and gluten


6 Categories of Sake Junmai: Sake made from water, koji mould, yeast and rice that has not been milled Honjozo: Sake is made from rice, water, koji mould, yeast with added distilled alcohol (30 per cent of the rice is milled) Junmai Ginjo: Sake made from water, koji mould, yeast (40 per cent of the rice is milled) Ginjo: Sake made from rice, water, koji mould, yeast, a portion of added distilled alcohol (40 per cent of the rice is milled) Junmai Daiginjo: Sake made from water, koji mould, yeast (50 per cent of the rice is milled) Daiginjo: Sake made from rice, water, koji mould, yeast and a portion of distilled alcohol (50 per cent of the rice milled)

Sake Cocktails

Saketini 1.5 oz Honjozo Sake 1 oz gin 1 dash of celery bitters Cucumber slice Add sake and gin to a shaker filled with ice. Stir and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with cucumber slice and dot with bitters.




Ne-Gu-Ro-Ni 1 oz Honjozo Sake 1 oz Ginjo Sake 1 oz Campari Add all ingredients to shaker filled with ice. Shake hard and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with orange wheel.




Sake Mojito 2 oz Honjozo Sake .25 oz simple syrup 4 lime wedges 12 coriander or mint leaves Muddle limes and leaves in a glass with simple syrup. Add sake and stir well. Fill glass with crushed ice and garnish with coriander or mint sprig.




The Spice of Life

(a blend of peas and garden herbs) and Grove 42 (citrus and spice). They have also recently released a group of products called Aecorn, which have the taste and texture of aperitifs. They are kept refrigerated after opening and have a more limited shelf life. It is noteworthy that the alcohol giant Diageo purchased Seedlip Drinks in 2019. Seedlip is currently available in Canada but thus far the Aecorn products are limited to the United Kingdom.

Variety and Sobriety in the 21st Century By Cheryl Doherty


t may seem odd for a sommelier and bar owner to talk about nonalcoholic drinks, but as a somm it is part of my job to keep an eye on all trends in the booze business, and a move toward low and no-alcohol beverages is certainly on the rise. While studies differ as to the overall statistics, those of us who have been in this business a while see specific trends developing. An evening out has morphed from the all-you-can-drinkin-one-sitting fests of my youth to a good meal accompanied by a couple of drinks. Millennials in particular are more health conscious than their parents and although they are drinking less, they are drinking better. Higher quality wines, specialty and craft beers, ornate cocktails and yes, alcohol free tipples, are all on today’s menus. The alcohol industry is listening and responding. Alcohol free beer has been around for a long time, mostly with a poor reputation, but that has changed. Budweiser and Heineken both actively promote their flavourful low alcohol (.5 per cent) brews and Erdinger Alcohol Frei is consumed in Germany as a healthful sports drink, touting only water, hops, malt and yeast as ingredients, with natural B12 vitamins and low calories. The presentation and pouring technique in a traditional Erdinger glass also provides a certain satisfaction to those choosing a sober option. Large cities around the world have seen the emergence of alcohol-free bars, including one I recently visited in Ireland. Irish humour and innovation are alive and well with the opening of “The



Virgin Mary” alcohol free bar in Dublin this past year. This cosy space features an extensive collection of alcohol-free cocktails made with tinctures, syrups, herbs, spices and liquids specifically created for the purpose of taste and texture without alcohol. These drinks are not the traditional sweet, syrupy and fruity Shirley Temple-style concoctions. Ingredients now include distilled botanicals and concentrated spice compounds, and drinks are created with texture and mouthfeel similar to alcohol using nitrogen, egg white and sparkling beverages. An innovative company from the United Kingdom has been at the forefront of the alcohol-free trend. Seedlip Drinks have created a line of non-alcoholic distilled spirits for the creation of booze-free cocktails. In simple terms, flavour can be added to basic water in a couple of ways. The most common is by simply adding natural or artificial flavour extracts to pure or distilled water. The purest and most desirable method for adding flavour is to distill a selection of botanicals in a copper still, a method once used by physicians to create herbal cures. Seedlip currently have three distilled products with unique profiles, Spice 94 (featuring spices, peels and barks), Garden 108


The alcohol industry is not likely to become extinct anytime soon, thank heavens, but it is inspiring to see interesting, entertaining and satisfying beverage alternatives now on the market. As a restauranteur, it is equally satisfying to be able to offer so many alternatives to guests who in the past have rather sadly responded “I’ll have a pop, I guess. I’m driving.” to the bartender’s “What can we get for you?” For those who sometimes like a drink and those who sometimes don’t — variety is the real spice of life.

Cheryl Doherty Cheryl is a certified sommelier, WSET Level 4 Diploma Certified, co-owner of Edible Matters Food Company and co-owner of The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse, a successful quartet of pubs/restaurants in Atlantic Canada. Cheryl is president of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers Atlantic Chapter and a guest instructor at NSCC.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Espresso Martini Instant espresso adds thick texture when shaken and the Seedlip adds spicy depth of flavour 2 oz Seedlip Spice 94 1 packet Instant Espresso 1 tbsp simple syrup Shake ingredients together with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans.

Snowball A herbal take on a White Russian, without the vodka and with a bit of fizz for fun 5 oz good quality green tea, chilled 1 oz coconut milk 2 oz club soda Shake ingredients with ice and serve in a Collins glass. Garnish with a Bay leaf or a sprig of thyme




Garden Sour Flavours of peas, hops, spearmint, hay and rosemary with a tangy acidity and foamy texture from egg white 2 oz Seedlip Garden 108 1 oz apple juice 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tsp cider vinegar 1 egg white 1 tbsp simple syrup Serve shaken with ice in a stubby wine glass or coup glass, garnished with a charred rosemary sprig




but first, coffee We’re all about keeping you caffeinated. The Coffee Pro

is your source for the best selection of pod brewer beverages from local and national coffee roasters. Flavoured coffee, exciting teas and rich, delicious syrups will keep your taste buds happy. Many of the brewers offer organic and eco-friendly roasts. Coffee connoisseurs will find French presses and pour-over products in the shop, and you can pick up a bag of beans or your favourite grounds to truly enjoy a coffee made at home.

President and owner Katie Lunn welcomes you to visit the shop in Bedford to see what’s brewing.

COFFEE PRO BEDFORD 961 Bedford Hwy, Bedford | 902.832.9722 |

OPEN Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. | Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.


After 90 years in the heart of the Seaport District, we have a new look. Experience our new bar at the Westin Nova Scotian.


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Lobster Pizza with Potato Foam Take lobster to the next level. Potato foam, savoury sauce and Nova Scotia lobster come together to make this delicious pizza. Pair it with Blomidon Estate Winery’s incredible 2011 Brut RÊserve Traditional Method Sparkling for a wonderful combination that you will want to have time and time again.




Ingredients 220 g fresh pizza dough 1/4 cup béchamel sauce 90 g full milk mozzarella, shredded

submerging the end of the device into the liquid and allowing it to froth and foam (the foam will expand to two or three times its size)

80 g lobster

5. Once whipped, spoon foam onto the finished pizza

10 g dulse


5 g green onion

1. Preheat oven to 425 F

20 ml potato foam

2. Stretch dough into a 12-inch round on a pizza pan

Potato Foam 1 potato, roughly chopped

3. Spread béchamel sauce evenly over dough using the back of a large spoon

2 eggs

4. Add mozzarella and lobster

1 cup coffee cream

5. Bake 10-12 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Finish with broiler if necessary

Béchamel Sauce

6. Once removed from oven, cut and garnish with dulse, then foam and green onion

60 g unsalted butter 60 g bread flour 1 tbsp onion, finely chopped

Wine Pairing

1 cup milk

2011 Brut Réserve Traditional Method Sparkling by Blomidon Estate Winery

salt and pepper to taste

Directions Preparation time: 40 minutes Serves: 4

Sparkling wine goes with almost anything, including pizza. The rich, toasty notes of this aged bubbly complement yeasty crust, while the crisp acidity and citrus notes balance the creamy béchamel and rich lobster perfectly. Bon Appetit!

Béchamel Sauce 1. Melt butter in a sauce pot on low to medium heat. Whisk in flour and leave “blonde” — do not let it turn brown 2. Add onion and milk, then salt and pepper to taste 3. Gently simmer for 10 minutes. Fold in zest of lemon 4. Remove from heat when sauce is thickened Potato Foam 1. Boil one roughly chopped potato and two eggs for 20 minutes 2. Strain, reserve the water (around 250 ml)

Local Source Guide Seafood: Clearwater Seafoods Ltd., Fisherman’s Market, Masstown Market, Evan’s Seafoods & Restaurant, A.C. Covert Distributors, Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd., Halls Harbour Lobster Pound and Restaurant, or Afishionado Fishmongers Local Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market, or any of the farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Recipe provided by: Morris East Restaurant Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

3. Mix water with coffee cream 4. Using either a steamer or an immersion blender, mix air into the liquid. This is done by just barely







Chowder Packed full of fresh Nova Scotia seafood? Check. Creamy and delicious? Check. Ready in an hour or less? Check. This chowder recipe is the perfect comfort food on a cold, winter day.

Ingredients 4 L fish or vegetable stock 1 lb haddock, diced 1 lb salmon, diced 1 lb scallops 1 lb shrimp 1 lb mussels, cooked until open 1 cup corn 1 cup carrots, diced 1 cup onion, diced

5. Gradually add in all remaining hot stock, whisking to keep lumps from forming 6. Cook until desired thickness is achieved 7. Whisk in whipping cream to preferred consistency. Add cooked seafood, then salt and pepper to taste 8. Add mussels to pot and cook until open 9. Garnish with chopped parsley and cooked mussels

1 cup celery, diced 1/2 cup butter 1 cup flour 2 potatoes, cooked and chopped 1/2 L whipping cream garnish parsley, chopped to taste salt and pepper

Directions Preparation time: 1 hr Serves: 4 1. Bring stock to a simmer in a large pot. Blanch all seafood, except mussels, until opaque. Remove and set aside 2. Keep remaining liquid hot, but do not let it reduce 3. In a sauce pan, sauté corn, carrots, celery and onion in butter until tender

Local Source Guide Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market, or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Seafood: Clearwater Seafoods Ltd., Fisherman’s Market, Masstown Market, Evan’s Seafoods & Restaurant, A.C. Covert Distributors, Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd., Halls Harbour Lobster Pound and Restaurant, or Afishionado Fishmongers Recipe provided by: Waterfront Warehouse Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

4. Sift in flour and whisk to make a roux. Whisk continuously so it doesn’t burn, about two to three minutes







Seared Scallops with Arugula Apple Salad Scallops, apples, and dressing, oh my! This delectable dish will become your new go-to recipe. The apples and fresh vegetables combine together to flatter the delicious Digby scallops. The additional homemade dressing takes it one step further, with its rich and smooth taste.

Ingredients Salad 8 cups arugula 2 Valley apples, julienne or matchstick 1 red onion, thinly sliced 1 red pepper, julienne or matchstick 6 oz local feta cheese, diced Scallops 16 large Digby scallops 1/4 cup vegetable oil

2. Heat pan on medium to high temperature and add vegetable oil to the hot pan 3. Sear scallops by gently placing the seasoned top side down into the hot oil 4. Cook for approximately two minutes, then flip 5. Cook for another minute on the other side, until slightly golden brown. Remove immediately 6. Serve with dressed arugula and apple salad

salt and pepper to taste Salad Dressing 1/2 cup olive oil

Local Source Guide

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

Scallops: Clearwater Seafoods Ltd., Fisherman’s Market, Masstown Market, Evan’s Seafoods & Restaurant, A.C. Covert Distributors, Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd., Halls Harbour Lobster Pound and Restaurant, or Afishionado Fishmongers

1-1/2 tbsp maple syrup 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 tbsp fresh thyme

Directions Preparation time: 15 minutes Serves: 4

Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia. Cheese: Fox Hill Cheese House

Salad 1. Mix salad ingredients together and arrange on a platter or plates 2. Make dressing by combining olive oil, red wine vinegar, maple syrup, garlic, Dijon and fresh thyme in a sealed jar. Shake until ingredients are mixed

Recipe provided by: The Acadian Dining Room at Old Orchard Inn & Spa Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

Scallops 1. Dry scallops by patting down with a paper towel. Season with salt and cracked pepper







Grilled Halibut with Glynnevan® Whisky Sauce This recipe makes for a fantastic wine and dine meal. The inclusion of local whisky in a smooth sauce with local halibut creates a wonderful blend.

Ingredients Grilled Halibut 4-6 halibut filets (approximately 2.5 x 4 x 1.4-inches thick)

4. While onion is cooking, whisk together the mustard, whisky, maple syrup and vinegar

For best results, use fresh halibut.

5. Once onion is cooked, return bacon to the pan along with the whisked ingredients

Glynnevan Double Barrel Whisky Sauce

6. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper

4 tbsp olive oil 8-10 slices low fat bacon or pancetta, diced

7. Serve over cooked halibut with your favourite roasted potatoes and veggies

1 small red onion, finely diced 2 tbsp Dijon grain mustard 2 tbsp Nova Scotia maple syrup 2 tbsp Glynnevan Double Barrel Whiskey

Directions Preparation time: 30 minutes Serves: 4 – 6 Grilled Halibut 1. Wash and dry halibut 2. Heat frying pan with additional olive oil to high temperature. Once hot, turn down and cook over medium heat 3. Season halibut with salt and pepper. Cook for three minutes and then turn over and continue cooking until halibut feels slightly firm to the touch Glynnevan Double Barrel Whisky Sauce 1. Heat the olive oil 2. Add diced bacon/pancetta and cook until lightly browned. Remove from pan

Local Source Guide Seafood: Clearwater Seafoods Ltd., Fisherman’s Market, Masstown Market, Evan’s Seafoods & Restaurant, A.C. Covert Distributors, Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd., Halls Harbour Lobster Pound and Restaurant, or Afishionado Fishmongers Whiskey: Purchase at Authentic Seacoast Distillery or at select NSLC locations. Maple Syrup: Acadian Maple Products or Sugar Moon Farm Produce: Noggins Corner Farm Market, Stirling Fruit Farms Ltd., Masstown Market or one of the many other farmers’ markets of Nova Scotia Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

3. Add red onion to the oil and slowly cook until translucent




7. Place in the pre-heated oven and bake until bread starts to turn brown. To test, poke the centre – it should have resistance 8. Remove from the oven and pan, and let cool Rum Sauce 1. Melt butter in a saucepan over low heat, stir in brown sugar 2. Once fully combined, add rum and stir 3. Allow mixture to come to a boil, while continuously stirring 4. Add cream and mix thoroughly

To Serve 1. Remove the bread pudding from ramekin and place on plate. Top with two ounces of warm rum sauce 2. Pair with a glass of Ironworks Apple Brandy, served in a NovaScotian Crystal brandy snifter (shown here in the Windsor pattern) to make it even more decadent

Bread Pudding with Ironworks Rum Sause Ingredients


Bread Pudding

Serves: 12

3 cups whipping cream

Bread Pudding

9 large eggs

1. Preheat the oven to 350F

1-1/2 cups white sugar

2. Using a mixer, mix all ingredients except for bread and raisins. Mix until smooth, then cover and leave overnight in the refrigerator

12 tbsp rum-soaked raisins 1 lb bread scraps, cubed 1-1/2 tbsp vanilla martello Rum Sauce 4 lbs butter 2 cups whipping cream 4 cups brown sugar 1/2 cup Ironworks Distillery Bluenose Rum

3. Add one tablespoon of raisins to the bottom of each ramekin 4. Ladle two ounces of pudding mixture into the bottom. Top with enough bread cubes to slightly over-fill the ramekin 5. Ladle three ounces of pudding mixture over top of the bread cubes 6. Fill a deep pan with a couple inches of water and places ramekins in the water




Suggested Pairing: Ironworks Distillery’s Sweet Apple Brandy They took their traditional Apple Brandy, made from 100 per cent Nova Scotia apples, fermented, distilled, and aged in Lunenburg, then they added just a bit of local maple syrup. It’s a perfect compliment to this rich and delicious dessert.

Local Source Guide Rum & Sweet Apple Brandy: Purchase at Ironworks Distillery, at select NSLC locations and select Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia locations Recipe provided by: Grand Banker Bar & Grill and Ironworks Distillery Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

Blueberry Moonshine Mojito Ingredients


1 lime, quartered

Makes: 1 serving

3-5 mint leaves plus one sprig for garnish

1. To make syrup, combine white sugar and blueberry juice in a sauce pan

3/4 oz Still Fired Three Sheets to the Wind White Molasses Moonshine 3/4 oz soda water 1/3 oz homemade blueberry syrup Homemade Blueberry Syrup 1 cup white sugar 1 cup Terra Beata blueberry juice

2. Heat until it starts to bubble on the surface. Remove from heat, allow to cool and put in a mason jar or bottle 3. In a collins or highball glass, add 1/3-oz blueberry syrup, two lime wedges and three-to-five mint leaves 4. Muddle gently. Add Three Sheets to the Wine White Molasses Moonshine and ice. Gently sir 5. Top with soda water and garnish with lime wedge and mint sprig

Local Source Guide Three Sheets to the Wind White Molasses Moonshine: Purchase at Still Fired Distilleries or at select farmer’s markets of Nova Scotia locations Recipe provided by: Still Fired Distilleries Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia, #TasteofNS

Served here in NovaScotian Crystal straight highball glasses in the Windsor Pattern.





We Will Rock You – The Musical on Tour Scotiabank Centre FEBRUARY 19

Matthew Good and his band, with special guest Villages The Marquee Ballroom MARCH 6 & 7

NSLC Festival of Whisky 2020 Multiple locations FEBRUARY 26 – 29

Lennie Gallant presented by Symphony Nova Scotia Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dal Arts Centre MARCH 6 & 7

Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto presented by Symphony Nova Scotia Rebecca Cohn Auditorium FEBRUARY 27

The Irish Rovers – Wasn’t That A Party! Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dal Arts Centre MARCH 8

Ben Caplan at The Marquee The Marquee Ballroom FEBRUARY 27 Letterkenny Live in Halifax Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dal Arts Centre FEBRUARY 28



Ghost Light Neptune Theatre Scotiabank Stage MARCH 17 – APRIL 5 Nova Scotia Craft Beer Festival Cunard Centre MARCH 21

Rare & Fine Wine Tasting Casino Nova Scotia FEBRUARY 28

Alderney Encore: Bernhard Gueller and Beethoven’s “Eroica” presented by Symphony Nova Scotia Alderney Landing Theatre MARCH 29

Mini Pop Kids Live: The Bright Lights Tour Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dal Arts Centre FEBRUARY 29

2020 IIHF Women’s World Championship Scotiabank Centre MARCH 31 – APRIL 10

Calendar Girls Neptune, Fountain Hall MARCH 3 – 29

Snowbird: A Tribute to Anne Murray Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dal Arts Centre APRIL 3

The Hobbit Neptune Theatre School YPCo production MARCH 4 – 8

Alan Doyle – Rough Side Out Tour Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dal Arts Centre APRIL 9

The Real Home Show 2020 Cunard Centre MARCH 6 – 8

Billy Elliot the Musical Neptune, Fountain Hall APRIL 14 – JUNE 7






Cliffhanging Golf, Baja Cuisine and Butler Service in

Los Cabos, Mexico By Anita Draycott

Hollywood stars such as Bing Crosby and John Wayne, lured by the legendary sport fishing, initially put Los Cabos (nicknamed Cabo) on the tourist map back in the 1950s. And while fishing still draws avid anglers to what’s called “marlin alley” on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos has also become one of the world’s top golf, fun and sun destinations.





ertainly, the most spectacular new course is Quivira. I was there when Jack Nicklaus cut the ribbon on Dec. 4, 2014 and officially opened his epic, long-awaited layout 10 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Quivira may be the most daring, eclectic course Nicklaus has ever built. It has the fewest bunkers and the smallest green (number 13) of any course on his resume. The heart-stopping front nine is par-34; the equally dramatic back nine is par 38 —another departure from the usual. With a view of the sea from every hole, Quivira has more oceanfront exposure

After the first four holes, golfers will experience the "greatest drive in golf� as they manoeuvre their carts to the first comfort station perched 200 feet above the ocean, where complementary snacks and drinks are offered. Perhaps a breakfast burrito and a Bloody Margarita?

than any other course in Los Cabos. All 18 fairways feature panoramic views of the Pacific. From December to March, you are likely to spot whales leaping in the wild blue yonder. The track starts at sea level, scales cliffs more than 275 feet above the Pacific, spans canyons and arroyos, meanders through dunes and desert, and returns to the sea at the finish. There’s never a dull moment at Quivira. For example, the 10-minute drive to the fifth follows a switchback route up the side of a mountain. The fairway, slanted below a dune on the right, traces the edge of sheer granite cliffs to the left as it tumbles downhill to a transition zone before dropping to a rock-walled, cliffhanging green 106 feet below the tee.




When asked to predict how Quivira will impact his legacy, Nicklaus says, “I think some people will say it’s the most spectacular and best golf course they have ever seen, and others will say, ‘You have got to be kidding.’ I don’t think there will be a lot of middle ground.” If you look at the game of golf as having a fun experience, and playing in an exciting and beautiful place, you will absolutely love it.” I can’t argue with you, Jack.

THE ALL-INCLUSIVE GOLF EXPERIENCE In order to play Quivira, you must be a resident or guest of one four Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts and Spas in Los Cabos: the adults-only Pueblo Bonito Pacifica; the family-friendly Pueblo Bonito Sunset (both share property with Quivira); Pueblo Bonito Rosé; or Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos. Stay and play packages are available. Your golf day at Quivira starts with a complimentary shuttle service. Warm up on the double-sided range set directly on the beach. After the first four holes, golfers will experience the “greatest drive in golf” as they manoeuvre their carts to the



first comfort station perched 200 feet above the ocean, where complimentary snacks and drinks are offered. Perhaps a breakfast burrito and a Bloody Margarita? The Oasis, which serves as a halfway house for golfers transiting from the 8th


and 11th holes, serves inventive takes on classic Baja cuisine. A deluxe bar features blanco, reposado and anejo tequilas. Players may refresh themselves again at the 16th tee, which sits high above the course and marks the layout’s return to home. All food and drinks are included in your round.

BRITISH BUTLER SERVICE Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Towers, the newest addition to the all-inclusive resort neighbouring Quivira golf course, offers 24-hour British butler service. My butler, Abel, e-mailed a Guest Preference Form to me a few days before my arrival, introducing himself and asking about my arrival and departure times, snack preferences (sweet, salty, healthy), selections from the pillow

and soap menus and suggesting dinner reservations at the resort’s various restaurants. Escorting me to my room, overlooking the pool and ocean, Abel and I exchanged mobile numbers and he invited me to text or call him with any requests. Would I like my bag unpacked? My linen shirt pressed? Could he bring me anything to drink? No, that bottle of Veuve Cliquot chilling in the ice bucket will do nicely, thanks. Butler service is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to pampering and indulging at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica


Towers. Hook & Cook is an interactive culinary experience. Guests and chef cast their fishing poles into the sea from the shoreline. Chef then demonstrates how to turn the “catch of the day” into an extravaganza of ceviches. His signature ceviche bar includes an array of seafood with house-made add-ons such as smoked salsas, beet ink, infused oils and emulsions.

A TALE OF TWO TOWNS When it’s finally time to tear yourself away from the resort, you’ll want to explore Los Cabos and the region’s two dramatically distinct personas.



iconic landmark of Cabos. Forget the pricey sunset cruise. Instead, go for a glass-bottom boat tour from the marina. You might want to make a day of it by taking a picnic and snorkeling gear and arranging for your captain to pick you up at a designated time. Happy hour is the best time to hit the local watering holes around the marina. Sample a Cabo Waborita and dance ’til the wee hours at Cabo Wabo. Try to avoid being strung upside down at the Giggling Marlin where the motto is, “If our food, drinks and service are not up to your standards… please lower your standards.”

San José del Cabo has retained the look and vibe of an authentic Mexican town. Cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants and boutiques radiate from the central main square and mission church. The town celebrates Art Walk on Thursday nights from November to June. Studios and galleries around Alvaro Obregon stay open until 9 p.m. They encourage guests to browse and buy by handing out free libations and snacks. You’ll discover a high quality of paintings, sculpture, jewellery and local handicrafts. When you’ve worked up at appetite, drop into La Lupita Taco & Mezcal in San Jose for a tasty variety of tacos and Mexican spirits. You can eat inside or out on the patio. The décor is Mexican shabby chic, the waiters are friendly, and the food is cheap and authentic. Along with tacos they serve great tortilla soup and fresh salads.

wine, but they encourage the cocktail pairings. I found that the Mezcal-based La Revolucion, spiked with chili poblano liqueur, sesame oil and citrus juices, was perfecto with my tuna tiradito. Cabo San Lucas, on the other end of the highway (called the corridor), is party central with funky bars and the slick Luxury Avenue Mall near the marina. While in Cabo San Lucas, you must take a boat ride past Lover’s Beach, basking sea lions and El Arche, the remarkable rock formation that has become the

For finer dining, head to La Revolucion where the passionate mixologists, under the guidance of Osvaldo Vazquez, will concoct just the right cocktail to go with your meal. Yes, they also sell




From December to March, seven different kinds of whales, including grays and killer orcas come to these waters to feed and give birth before heading back up to Alaska. Take a Zodiac Whale Watching Adventure with Cabo Expeditions. On my trip, the captain brought the Zodiac so close to a mother and her two babies we could smell their breath. The interaction between the mom and her young was so fascinating, we didn’t mind getting drenched by their tail splashes. There’s no place on earth quite like Los Cabos, where craggy mountains, desert landscapes, the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean all meet. It’s no wonder that Cabos claimed the honour of “Mexico’s Leading Destination” at the 2019 World Travel Awards.





#dealsinheels The Pike Group By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Bruce Jollimore


andra Pike was in her 40s when a spur-of-themoment decision to shift careers catapulted her from advertising sales into the world of real estate. Now, a decade later, this straight-talking, forwardthinking dynamo — who's always rocking a killer pair of high heels — is a top-ranking agent in Halifax that’s showing no sign of easing up on her competitive, go-get-em’ approach to buying and selling homes anytime soon. Pike — who is known around the city for the catchy tagline Deals in Heels due to her love of fabulous footwear — likes to work hard and prides herself on her innate ability to hustle...and it shows. The Pike Group — which includes Shane Anderson, Diane Harrison-Slack, Jessica Plamondon, Chris Musial, Michelle Robertson and Evan Carroll — has won several accolades over the years that speak to the team’s ability to get the job done, and get it done well. Not only has the group been named as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top Teams, but they’ve also ranked nationally in the top one per cent within Royal LePage Canada.

I’m a hard worker, I’m competitive, I want to make you happy and I want to sell your house. - Sandra Pike

Since 2014, Pike herself has been named as one of the metro’s top three ranking agents. “It was easy to come in and be successful because all I had to do was work hard. And that's what I did,” she says. Pike doesn’t just strive to offer white-glove service, she makes sure to take it one step further with every client. “I don’t want to be a one-hit-wonder,” she says. “Everyone says they offer great service and work hard, but the difference is that I actually do.” One of her greatest abilities? Making every single home she sells marketable. She’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and social media so sellers aren’t left stressfully sitting on a sale. In 2014, Pike’s team forever changed the course of marketing in Halifax, becoming the first agents in the city to utilize real estate video marketing (more commonly known as “walkthroughs”) to quickly and effectively sell homes. In 2017, the Pike Group was granted the use of Facebook Messenger on their website; they were the first real estate agents in the world — and that’s not an exaggeration — to have this application. Sandra Pike




“I just get excited by new things,” says Pike. “For me, it's all about the seller’s experience. I want to have repeat business. So I always have to work at it and make sure that we're giving great service and making our sellers happy. Quality is just as important as quantity for me.” She’s very clearly doing something right; clients have praised Pike for everything from her efficiency to her professionalism to her infectious enthusiasm. “We were extremely pleased with Sandra as our agent,” say former clients Shawn and Crystal Doucet. “She was very personable, professional and responsive to our needs. We strongly believe that Sandra’s creative marketing approaches, knowledge of the market and her enthusiasm are what helped sell our home within the first week of

being listed. She made it a very positive process for us.” Even well-respected law firms in the city can vouch for Pike’s unwavering dedication to her clients. “Sandra is one of the most organized and committed agents we know,” says Byron Balcom of Atlantica Law Offices. “Her commitment to her clients ranks second to none.” Despite all the accolades and positive client reviews, it's the successful sale of Halifax's Bryony House that was the “pinnacle” of her career. She had nearly 10 offers on the city's transitional house for women fleeing abuse when it hit the market late last year. “It was such an honour,” says Pike. “Not only was I wanting to do it for the women, but to be on such a high-profile property like that was incredible.”

It seems there’s nowhere to go but up for this spirited and driven agent. While the world of real estate will no doubt continue to evolve and more and more agents will join the already 1,100 agents in the city, Pike is committed to giving her all to each client with her team by her side every step of the way. For a client-focused, results-driven approach to real estate, the Pike Group at Royal LePage is Halifax’s premier real estate group. It’s hard, after all, to beat the passion this team — with Pike herself at the helm — displays day in and day out. “I'm a hard worker, I'm competitive, I want to make you happy and I want to sell your house,” says Pike. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

The Team “I never wanted it to be the Sandra Pike Show,” says Pike of her business. “I wouldn’t be where I am without my team.” She says they’re like a family, moving as a unit rather than as separate entities. Clients reap the benefits of this unique approach. “The core crew that we have now has taken a long time. For me, to have someone on the team, they have to want to have fun, but they also have to want to work hard. We celebrate like a family, and we have disagreements like a family, but at the end of the day, we are always there for one another.” Here's what her team has to say about their career:



Michelle Robertson

Shane Anderson

“A person's home is a reflection of who they are and what they love. It is also their safe place, their haven. I love being able to help people find the perfect reflection of who they are and also a space that they can be fully comfortable, and enjoy making memories with their loved ones. I love goal-setting and being able to help others achieve their goals of homeownership.”

“I have a passion for connecting with people and helping them find that dream home or new rental property that’s going to change their lives. I love the hustle and seeing all the beautiful homes and communities that Halifax has to offer! Every client has a ‘story’ and to be a part of that story is both rewarding and humbling. To some degree, buying a home will be the biggest financial decision in their lives and I take that responsibility very seriously.”


Jessica Plamondon

Chris Musial

Diane Harrison-Slack

“My core focus is my client. I think it’s important that people know what they are selling and my sales experience can help clients make a proper assessment. For buyers, whether it’s their first or fifth home purchase, my goal is to find the perfect fit for their lifestyle. I truly enjoy the variety of my job, from picking out countertops and paint colours for new construction, to researching homes, market trends and inspections for resale clients. I love knowing I can provide a good life for my family when I work hard.”

“It’s no secret a great deal of Canada’s population growth and high demand for real estate is due to the steady increase in the number of new Canadians choosing to make Halifax their home. Part of the reason for my success in helping new Canadians find their first home in Halifax is that, chances are, I have done business in their country on several occasions and already have an understanding of their culture and business practices.”

“Seeing the faces of super-excited buyers and sellers is what makes me happy. Each and every single day is different with new people and new problems to help solve. It’s so rewarding helping people find their dream home because there’s a satisfaction in knowing I have done a fantastic job once all is completed.”

THE PIKE GROUP Royal LePage Atlantic 102-7071 Bayers Rd., Halifax 902.478.8711





Wacky’s one-stop-shop has you covered from floor to ceiling Photos couresty of Wacky’s Flooring & Lighting


re you planning a home project? A new build? A reno? Wacky’s 16,000-square-foot Dartmouth showroom is a great place to start looking for ideas. You’ll find top-tier products for all areas of your home — from flooring and lighting to window coverings and custom millwork. Plus, they have the professional guidance to help. Employees have the experience and insight to help customers navigate the store’s vast selection and can take homeowners from rough drawings to finished projects. “We offer our clients convenience, quality and expertise,” says Morgan Brookfield-Chaisson, director of marketing and operations at Wacky’s. “We can customize any job to suit your lifestyle and budget.” Having everything under one roof makes it easier for homeowners, contractors and local builders. The store’s location in the Atrium in Dartmouth offers the added convenience of other retailers, including furniture stores, a custom countertop retailer and AyA, a kitchen cabinetry business.

FLOORING When it comes to flooring, Wacky’s has “everything,” including carpet, hardwood, tile and laminate. Brookfield-Chaisson says




one of the more popular products these days is vinyl plank flooring. “People love it because it’s waterproof, durable and suitable for all homes. It’s perfect for busy families and pets. Some of the styles we offer look exactly like wood.” They also have the largest selection of area rugs east of Montreal, including a variety of sizes, style and colours in both contemporary and traditional. “Whatever your style is, we have it,” says Cathie Brookfield, director of client relations. If you’re looking for on-site help, Wacky’s offers a mobile service, where a representative will visit a home with samples. Staff is equipped to offer a quote onsite, and once the products are selected and the order comes in, they can install it, too.

LIGHTING Like the store’s flagship flooring department, customers can find phenomenal indoor and outdoor lighting products throughout the showroom. Wacky’s stocks a large selection of brands and styles. Booking an appointment with one of the company’s lighting specialists is encouraged, as it’s a great way to discuss personal budgeting and aesthetic goals.

AyA Kitchens Unlike other kitchen manufacturers, Aya doesn’t assemble from stock. They produce a unique kitchen for each and every customer. With AyA’s mass customization approach, customers get the best of both worlds — the personalization of a custom kitchen with the value and quality that comes from a 150,000 sq. ft. state-ofthe-art production facility. “AyA Kitchens offers personalized designs that are made-to-order,” says Ashley Girard of Aya Kitchens.

MILLWORK Wacky’s is also known for its custom millwork division and has been involved

For more information, visit

Custom closets Flooring Lighting Tile & backsplashes Area rugs Artificial turf Window treatments Kitchen cabinets Custom millwork Custom drapery & upholstery

Wacky’s offers a vast array of window coverings, including everything from drapery and Roman shades to silhouettes — all in an array of price points. They also offer custom blinds. “We can fit almost any size window, and we can compete with price,” says Brookfield- Chaisson.

They also have a designer library with thousands of options (by appointment only), and professional installers.

In business since 2001, AyA combines old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail with high-tech manufacturing processes to offer innovative, quality cabinetry at competitive prices.

Wacky’s offers:


Joy Beattie, of the window treatments department, recommends booking one of their in-house consultations, which allows them to get a feel for the space and make suggestions on colour and style. “I can work with your paint colour and help with fabric choices.”

“We provide countless door styles and finishes to suit every design and budget. Our team prides themselves on customer service. We have developed procedures that ensure a smooth and enjoyable design process from start to finish.”

in a number of large projects around the city. The company provides everything from cabinetry, custom closets and vanities to shelving and wine racks. They even have a millwork installation team that offers what they call a “white-glove” service, where clients can expect special care and attention, and a level of service that exceeds expectations.


Wacky’s Flooring & Lighting Design Centre 60 Highfeld Park, Dartmouth 902.835.9974

Flooring & Lighting Design Centre



Every Season is Gardening Season Bloom Greenhouse & Garden Centre By Lori McKay Photos courtesy of Bloom


When the shop opens for spring on April 1, customers can expect to find a full selection of indoor and outdoor plants (most of which are grown onsite in Hammonds Plains), flowering bulbs, full service seeding and transplanting supplies, and lots of inspiration.

“I want people to know gardening isn’t just a single season,” says Cathy Oulton, owner of Bloom Greenhouse & Garden Centre on Hammonds Plains Road. “You can do it all year round.”

“We host a lot of classes in the spring,” says Oulton. “It’s the perfect time of year for people to start asking questions and planning their gardens. Participants will not only learn new skills but can benefit from having unlimited access to our knowledgeable staff.”

For the Bloom staff, winter is a time for planning and prep work.

It’s easy to feel intimidated when it comes to gardening. What should you

ova Scotia winters might not offer up much in the way of fresh outdoor flowers and lush greenery, but there are still ways to use your green thumb — from ordering seeds and pruning trees to house plants and planning ahead.




plant? Where should you plant it? How do you care for it? Oulton and her team can help. In early spring, Bloom typically offers introduction seminars, where they discuss the new plants they will be offering, plus putting together baskets and planters, including Easter planters. They also offer classes on how to plant and work with bulbs, which Oulton says customers are always curious about. She also notes that the greenhouse is a great place to take kids, and some of the workshops are designed specifically for children. “The greenhouse is a familyoriented place to visit!”

“We want our customers to know how much we appreciate them. After 15 years in business, every year just keeps getting better and better.”

Inspiring gardeners of all ages Cathy Oulton grew up around her family’s nursery business in the Annapolis Valley and has always been passionate about gardening. In addition to growing and arranging a large selection of beautiful plants, she says one of the things she loves most about her job is helping others develop their own love of gardening.

– Cathy Oulton

New Convenient Online Store

Celebrating 15 Years in Business

The latest addition to the Bloom Greenhouse business is a convenient online store, which will allow customers to place orders, pre-pay and pick up in-store.

Bloom is a small, family-run business that has been supporting gardeners — both aspiring and experienced — since 2005.

“People don’t always have the time to come in and shop around. It’s especially convenient if they already know and love the products we offer and just want to be able to start their gardening with everything right at their fingertips.” Customers can order everything from hanging baskets and bulbs to plants and supplies.

“We want our customers to know how much we appreciate them. After 15 years in business, every year just keeps getting better and better.”

Bloom Greenhouse & Garden Centre 1421 Hammonds Plains Road Hammonds Plains 902.832.9268 BloomGreenhouse/

In addition to workshops and seminars, Bloom offers personalized consultation and coaching, plus all the tools and plants anyone needs for their garden project.




The David Dunn Group

13 Rosemount Avenue, Halifax This lovely three-bedroom one-and-a-half bath two-story Dutch Colonial home is surrounded by pristine gardens and private woodlands. The spectacular 15,000-plus sf. grounds include an architecturally-designed gazebo overlooking the backyard pond and brook, as well as a hot tub to sit back and relax in amongst the beauty of nature. It is also conveniently located just five minutes from the downtown core and steps from one of the most beautiful walking trails in Nova Scotia. This warm

and spacious home boasts generous room sizes, an abundance of built-in shelves and cabinetry, hardwood flooring under the carpet, and many upgrades over the last number of years. The main level features a formal living room, family room, dining room, den, eat-in kitchen, pantry as well as a two-piece bath. Upstairs you will find three bedrooms, a four-piece bath and large laundry room. The master suite contains two large walk-in closets. Downstairs you’ll find a huge rec room, workshop, cold storage room and wine room. $759,900

420 1477 Lower Water Street, Halifax Luxurious Bishop’s Landing is an exceptional place to live, with wonderful restaurants and shops just outside your door. An easy walk to the city core along the beautiful harbour boardwalk. Designed for elegance and comfort, this airconditioned unit features exquisite views of the boardwalk and waterfront. Beautiful and bright three-bedroom suite featuring two baths, in-unit laundry and storage, porcelain and hardwood flooring throughout, and master ensuite. The building itself boasts professional and courteous 24-hour concierge, inground swimming pool, hot tub and fitness centre. Condo fees include heat and hot water, and underground parking/storage. $789,000

6048 Oakland Road, Halifax Built in 2018, this fabulous four-bedroom, two-storey home is located in much sought-after south end Halifax. With more than 4,500 sf. of living space,

this incredible home boasts crown mouldings, wide trim, hardwood flooring, designer lighting, granite surfaces, heat pump, and sits upon an 8,259 sf. lot. The main level boasts a large open-concept kitchen and family room, butler’s pantry, barbecue deck off the kitchen, spacious dining room and office. Upstairs are four bedrooms, three baths and a generous-sized laundry room. The master features his and hers walk-in closets and ensuite with double vanities, relaxing soaker tub, rainfall shower head, and floor-to-ceiling tiles and glass. The downstairs features a bar, billiards room, rec room, mudroom, bath and walk-out to the patio and large backyard. $2,250,000

Contact the David Dunn group for information on these stunning properties

14 Club House Lane, Hammonds Plains This spacious 6,500-sf.-home is situated on a private oneplus acre treed and private lot backing onto the sixth green of Glen Arbour Golf Course. The estate boasts luxury and attention to detail throughout, with a double attached garage and built-in single, generous room sizes and an open concept main level that is perfect for entertaining. The grand entrance boasts a foyer large enough to house a piano, vaulted ceilings and crown mouldings, a gorgeous curved staircase, gleaming hardwood flooring, cove lighting, and more. The chef’s kitchen features granite surfaces, six-burner propane cooktop, breakfast bar, double wall ovens, pantry and an abundance of both cabinetry and work surfaces. The family room features a wet bar and fireplace. Also located on the main level is a massive master suite with two walk-in closets and four-piece ensuite, complete with double water jetted tub. There is also a two-piece bath, office/den, laundry room and mudroom. Upstairs you’ll find three more bedrooms and two baths. Downstairs is a huge rec room, gym/flex room, bedroom, bath, den and storage. This home includes two golf memberships. $839,900

235/237 Marriott’s Cove Road E, Marriott’s Cove This nine-acre compound, consisting of four unique parcels of land on a breathtaking Marriott’s Cove elevation, is the complete package. The property has “Hillside” (a four-bedroom/three-bath main house), “The Den” (a two-bedroom/twoand-a-half bath house), a pool area, and a waterfront boathouse/beach. It is ideally suited for entertaining and extended family living. The 4,456 sf. main house takes full advantage of the spectacular sweeping views of Mahone Bay. The great room has a stone fireplace that anchors the structure, and an open kitchen situated off the main dining/living area. There

955 Winwick Road, Halifax Elegant six-year-old custom Sawlor-built three-storey home is located on a fantastic cul-de-sac deep in the southend. This spacious five bedroom, four-and-a-halfbath home is situated on a beautiful 13,708 sf. matured

are three bathrooms, including a master bedroom ensuite. In the pool area, there is a screened gazebo, saltwater pool and a pool house with a heated full bathroom and a refreshment area. The Den’s sweeping 360-degree view from the high point of land reveals the ocean to the south, Marriott’s Cove to the west, and pastoral rolling hills and wooded valleys to the north and east. The stone indoor and outdoor fireplaces, side verandah, and open-concept ground floor dining room, kitchen and living room are optimal for entertaining. In addition, there is a stunning 2.89-acre hilltop lookout parcel of land, brimming with a variety of development opportunities. A beautiful sandy beach and old wharf complete the 145 ft. ocean frontage. $1,895,000

treed lot and boasts almost 5,100 sf. of luxurious living space. The large open-concept main level has a gorgeous kitchen with granite surfaces, custom cabinets, gas cooktop, built-in appliances and a spacious pantry. The living room features gleaming hardwood floors as well as a fireplace and double patio doors leading to a large deck. Upstairs is a master suite with spacious walk-in closet and ensuite. Three more bedrooms, a five piece bath and laundry room complete the second level. The third level features a fifth bedroom, fitness room, den and four-piece bath. The lower level boasts a spacious media/theater room, three-piece bath and loads of storage. Decking, private balconies, heat pump, triple bay garage and playhouse with loft in backyard add to the many features and amenities this grand home has to offer. Close to great schools, universities and hospitals. $1,775,000 | 902.209.9177 |

The David Dunn Group

Building rendering & photos from model suite

LIVE BEAUTIFULLY at PAVILION at South Park Surrounded by greenery and historic ambience, this 6th floor unit captures Halifax’s full beauty with views of the harbour, city and Public Gardens. Live beautifully at PAVILION at South Park. Surrounded by greenery and historic ambience, this sixth floor unit captures Halifax’s full beauty, with views of the harbour, city and gardens. The 1,005 sf. condo features two bedrooms and two full baths, plus a 170 sf. balcony. Unit includes window coverings, one marble-clad bathroom. Natural gas marble clad fireplace, cook top and barbecue hook-up. Quality, high-end energy efficient appliances, fixtures and Norman Flynn inspired décor packages. Bosch stainless steel in the kitchen with Samsung washer/dryer in laundry area. Décor elements include stone countertops, marble surfaces and cabinetry in the STERLING package décor selection. PAVILION building features 24-hour concierge, owners lounge with garden terrace overlooking the Halifax Public Gardens, plus home to the new YMCA centre of community and other services. 902.209.9177

Plan Your Dream Bathroom Tub-to-shower conversions • tub replacements • acrylic wall surrounds • tub reglazing • and more

Offering free consultations and a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee on all workmanship.

Ultimate Bathroom Renovations 20 Wright Ave., Dartmouth 902.292.2284

Father-and-son team Kirk and Nigel Rothenberger

GET THE EDGE Take Your Home’s Curb Appeal to the Next Level with Maritime Curbing Ltd. By Lori McKay Photos Bruce Jollimore


aving a beautiful yard year after year involves a great deal of work and constant upkeep. With today’s busy lifestyles, who isn’t looking for a lowmaintenance solution to help keep their property looking great? Maritime Curbing Ltd. offers contiguous concrete landscape curbing for flower beds, driveways, walkways and patios that are customizable to fit every home’s style. “We can make concrete look like natural stone, timber, bricks or cobblestone,” says owner Kirk Rothenberger. “Unlike real stones, this is built as one continuous piece so there’s no room for



grass to go through. Your grass stays on the grass side and your mulch stays on the mulch side. It’s low-maintenance and environmentally-sound because it’s just concrete.” Kirk started this local, family-owned, Nova Scotia business in the summer of 2019 with his son, Nigel. “The reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Next year we’re planning to expand and grow. We’re also hoping to double in size and hire a few more employees,” he says with a laugh. Originally from B.C., Kirk grew up working at his father’s and uncle’s construction company, learning valuable


skills and gathering relevant construction work experience before studying computer science at university. Since then, he has worked as an IT leader for several large companies across Canada before moving to Halifax four years ago. “My wife and I fell in love with the Maritimes. We call ourselves ‘the coasters.’ We started on the West Coast and ended on the East Coast. At some point we’ll retire here. We are new Maritimers and proud of it.” Kirk said the idea for the business first came to him when he started doing some concrete curbing along his own front walkway to improve the look and function, and his neighbours absolutely

loved it. “It wasn’t anything fancy, but they were blown away by how easily I had done it and how great it looked,” said Kirk. “They asked if I would consider doing it around their homes.” He recalled trips to Florida, where he noticed the concrete curbing along the walkways and flowerbeds at theme parks, including at Disney properties. “A lot of it looked like natural brick, but it was concrete. I was fascinated with the practicality of that,” he said. He started doing research, which led him to discover a company in Wisconsin called The Curbing Depot that helped him with products, training and equipment to start up without requiring a franchise agreement. Maritime Curbing will come to your home, discuss where the curbs will be, and colours and patterns available. The curbing process is low impact to existing landscapes as they use only small machinery and equipment. First, they use one machine to remove the grass and the soil about 1/2-inch deep and eight inches wide around the specified area. Next, they mix the concrete onsite with the colours chosen by the property owner. They transport the mixed concrete in wheelbarrows to a specially designed small curbing machine that

lays the concrete in one contiguous line; the key to the whole process. They shape the concrete and apply the desired patterns. Once the concrete dries and hardens, they return to add a protective sealer to protect it against water and salt — concrete’s worst enemies — and do a final site cleanup. “We’re typically finished within a week and it only involves a couple of visits,” says Kirk. “People are absolutely ecstatic. Concrete is very low maintenance, and it’s not going to rot like wood or deteriorate in the sun like plastic. It’s a great investment. Clients can expect personal service and a quality product from Maritime Curbing that is backed by a one-year warranty.” Kirk goes on to say, “We’re proud of the work we do. One of the things we focus on is customer service. It’s not how many jobs we do, it’s how pleased people are with the result and that they hopefully will want to tell their friends about us.”

Improve your curb appeal Add appeal, style and uniqueness to your outdoor space with decorative concrete curbing. Whether you want to create an attractive border to your lawn or add other highlights to your yard, decorative concrete curbing is a great solution.

Solutions for your yard maintenance challenges • Is your grass invading your flower beds? • Do you need to replace faded or rotten edging? • Is the frost shifting your stones and bricks? • Do you have mulch spreading from your flower beds onto your sidewalk or driveway?

Maritime Curbing Limited 902.835.6588

Maritime Curbing Ltd. serves Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth and surrounding areas. You can see more examples of the work they do by going online and visiting or stopping by the “Ideal! Home Show”™, March 29-31, booth 232.




Looking for the best choice to heat your home? CONSIDER A MINI-SPLIT HEAT PUMP


ith cold weather upon us, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep their home warm and energy-efficient. A popular and simple addition to your home is a mini-split heat pump — a ductless air conditioner mounted on the wall that provides both heating and cooling. “It’s a home air conditioner that not only keeps your home cool in summer, but is also a heat source, which cuts back on winter heating costs,” says Capital Ventilation president Tammy Atton. More convenient than a window air conditioner, as a mini split doesn’t have



to be removed in the winter, it also burns far less power. “A mini split installed in your basement also helps to dehumidify your home,” adds Atton. The way a mini split works is similar to a regular heat pump and is an easy addition to an existing home. “Many new homes are going with a full, ducted heat pump system. The mini split is a great retrofit for after the fact.” Maintenance for mini splits and all HVAC systems With any heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, maintenance is always important. A little TLC can drastically lengthen the


Company president Tammy Atton

HEATING AND COOLING EXPERTS If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your energy costs while improving the comfort of your home, contact Capital Ventilation Limited.

“It’s a home air conditioner that not only keeps your home cool in summer, but is also a heat source, which cuts back on winter heating costs.” - Tammy Atton life of your HVAC, reduce your power bill and, most importantly, keep you and your family warm or cool, depending on the season. In summer, your system will be working its hardest to cope with high temperatures, so fall is an ideal time to perform maintenance (and then again in the spring, just before the hot weather hits). Here are a few tips for maintaining your HVAC system: 1. Clean the filters. “A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of the unit, increasing power costs,” says Atton. It will also keep your system from producing the amount of hot or cool air that you would like, cutting off a lot of potential airflow. It’s best to check these filters regularly. 2. Clear debris away from your system. This is most important during the winter, as snow can begin to pile up and surround your unit. Continually check on your system to make sure there are no branches, leaves or other debris blocking airflow into the unit. As a rule of thumb, it’s good to have about two feet of space surrounding the unit. Also, make sure to check the inside cabinet for any

Providing HVAC services, as well as heat recovery systems, they help local homeowners create living spaces with the best temperature and air quality.

additional debris that may have found its way inside. 3. Inspect the coil. A full coil cleaning doesn’t need to be completed very often, but it’s always good to check in to make sure it hasn’t accumulated an unexpected amount of dirt. Dirty coils make the system run longer, reducing its efficiency and shortening its life. Don’t hesitate to call Capital Ventilation to schedule an inspection or repair. A knowledgeable and experienced technician will be at your door to ensure your system is working to its full potential without wasting airflow or energy.

Capital Ventilation 62C Bluewater Rd., Bedford 902.835.9224

CAPITAL VENTILATION SELLS AND REPAIRS: • Air conditioning systems • Ventilation systems • Heating systems • Air exchangers • Heat recovery • Heat pumps




Beauty, Function & Quality

From concept to completion, Halifax’s premier kitchen renovation specialists can create the ultimate custom fit for your lifestyle.

Patti’s Kitchen and Bath Design Ltd.

6420 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax | 902.455.3445 |

Top quality craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

Serving the Halifax area for more than 25 years

Specializing in residential and commercial interlocking pavers, retaining walls and natural stone installations

PRICE’S COBBLESTONE 176 Magnate Ct., Hammonds Plains 902.422.8334 |

A proud member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI)

Genuine Kitchens

Where Quality Comes Standard By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Steve Jess

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home; the place families feast and friends gather — the hub of the domestic wheel. It stands to reason, however, that no matter how beautiful a kitchen is, if it’s not built with quality — with everyday living top-of-mind from the initial design to the final nail — it’s not going to live up to its potential.




for personal use or entertaining guests,” says Tanya. “It’s important that every time our clients walk into that space, they’re happy with what they have and that they really love it.”

“For us, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s where the majority of people spend most of their time, whether

Founded in 2007, Genuine Kitchens takes the art of crafting cabinetry seriously; second-best, in any regard, simply won’t do. The use of quality materials, flawless installation and firstrate customer service are non-negotiable company standards that haven’t wavered

t’s on this belief that Tanya and Darryl Braine founded their successful Dartmouth-based business, Genuine Kitchens. In fact, they believe the difference between a good product and a great product can be found in the smallest of details — regardless of whether or not those details are visible to the naked eye.


Although Genuine Kitchens places an emphasis on crafting homeowners’ dream kitchens, they are not limited to kitchen cabinetry. They craft everything from kitchens and bathrooms to entertainment systems, bars, walk-in closets and fireplaces. The company also offers the full line of Jenn-Air appliances to its customers.

from day one. To Genuine Kitchens, it’s about way more than just the bottom line. “Our name is on our cabinetry, so we will not put something out there that isn’t up to our standards,” says Tanya, regarding the company’s one-of-a-kind kitchens. “If it wouldn’t meet mine and Darryl’s personal standards, we’re not putting it in your home. For us, we had to make a choice that those standards would be our priority.” Though all new kitchens are undoubtedly beautiful, says Tanya, they’re not all

designed with functionality in mind. “It’s when you start using a kitchen, cooking in it, that you realize whether or not it was properly designed and carefully constructed. It’s crucial to take the time to think about how you actually flow through your space.” You can’t put a price on complete customization, personalization and quality when it comes to the one room in your home where you spend the majority of your time, she adds, noting that customers won’t find a catalogue to look through in the showroom. Every single kitchen is custom-made from top to

bottom, and in a class of its own. “We’re as competitively-priced as anyone out there. You just get more bang for your buck,” says Tanya, because with a Genuine kitchen, quality comes standard. “It’s important for customers to make sure they’re comparing apples to apples when reviewing project quotes. Design differences and the quality of input materials and finishes make a huge difference in not only the initial finished product, but also its lifespan and ability to stand up to day-to-day use. New cabinetry, in any room, is a significant investment and customers should make sure they’re getting a product that is worthy of that investment,” says Tanya. “We appreciate the opportunity to create and design something new for people,” says Tanya. “To be able to turn a dream project into a reality, and to have customers come back and tell us how happy they are with the workmanship and design is a really great feeling.”

Genuine Kitchens 38 Fielding Ave., Dartmouth 902.468.8431




Is a Home Renovation in Your Future? Here are 8 steps to make your next home project run smoothly By Pam Tower and Nicole LeBlanc

our home should be a haven where you can relax and rejuvenate. If your house brings you joy and enhances your lifestyle, you will feel much healthier and productive. Over the past 24 years, we have been working with clients to help them achieve this state by designing renovation plans that reflect how they want to live and work in their home. With thorough planning, clients can be better equipped for a smooth renovation. So, we have developed an eight-step process to guide them through a successful renovation.

Step 1: The initial consultation During this working consultation, an interior designer will gather information from the client on how they want to live and work in their home. They are skilled at asking the right questions to get the information they need, and make notes of their pain points. At this time, they measure the areas to be renovated and any existing furnishings that will stay, and then take photos of the site.

Step 2: Preliminary design layouts Next, they will draft the existing spaces and design options for new layouts that would accommodate the client’s needs and wishes. An interior designer will excel at creativity and functionality and believe they must exist together. Sometimes they will come up with two options and sometimes more. As they present the plan options, the client is usually amazed at what is possible for their home. They introduce new concepts and ideas that they never would have thought of on their own.

Step 3: Finalizing the design From the preliminary plan options, the client determines which features work best for them and these are combined into a final plan. By adding dimensions and notes they create the




Construction Plan and then a Demolition Plan is drafted to show what is being removed. The interior designer identifies the design style the client prefers and starts to develop what that will look like in their home.

Step 4: Construction drawings Now that the plans are final, an interior designer will proceed to designing and drafting the elevations and details for all of the cabinetry, built-ins, design details and trim work. They start to coordinate the interior finishes including flooring, tiles, counter tops, feature wall products and paint colours. Lighting layouts are designed to include general room lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting. Light fixtures, interior hardware and plumbing fixtures are specified.

Step 5: Quotation stage At this stage, an interior designer will assist their client by issuing the drawings and specifications that the contractors will use in preparing their quotations. These drawings are also what the contractor uses to get a building permit. They also coordinate the furniture, lamps, artwork and custom window treatments for the new décor and offer quotes.

Step 6: Signing contracts and ordering products Once the contractor is chosen, the client will enter into a contract with the contractor. The contractor will use the interior designer’s drawings to get a building permit. The designer also enters into a contract with the client to order their custom furniture, lamps, mirrors, artwork and window treatments.

Step 7: Renovation by the contractor

Now your newly renovated home is much more functional, efficient and beautiful for your enjoyment! You will be more organized with all the added custom storage, and your home will bring you joy with the updated design style. Choosing to work with a professional registered interior designer will make your renovation so much more successful and save you time and money.

The renovations are underway and the dreams on paper are turning into reality! The interior designer will oversee the renovations to ensure they are being built as per the design drawings. During this time they are also managing the custom orders and having window treatments fabricated. Once the renovations are complete, they are ready for the next step…

Step 8: Installations and accessorizing New furnishings, area rugs, lamps, mirrors and window treatments are installed, and the interior designer puts the finishing touches on the décor.


Nicole LeBlanc and Pam Tower are Registered Interior Designers with Tower Interiors Ltd.



Get your guide “6 Steps to Creating Your Very Own Relaxing Retreat” on our website

Functional Design Solutions to Enhance Work & Life Tower Interiors is a dynamic, creative duo of Registered Interior Designers specializing in functional design solutions for commercial and residential spaces. Tower Interiors is a multiple award-winning company with a reputation for designing unique, stylish and comfortable interiors that reflect clients’ dreams.

What We Do Design Development

Technical Documents

Aesthetic Essentials

Space planning Developing interior concept Designing millwork and built-ins Coordinating finishes Designing ceiling details Selection of lighting fixtures Selection of plumbing fixtures

Construction plans Demolition plans Lighting and electrical plans Details of interior trim Elevations of millwork Schedules and specifications Tender documents

Custom window treatments Hunter Douglas blinds Custom area rugs Furniture, lamps, mirrors, accessories Wallpaper

Tower Interiors • Halifax • 902.455.1544 •

MADER’S ROOFING Quality Work, Professional Service

“We do everything in our power to give people the best quality of roof their budget allows. We don’t simply re-skin a roof to make it look good. Our focus is on doing the job right.” – Larry Mader Specialists in commercial and residential roofing applications, including intricate designs and flat roofs. Works with modern structures and new roofing techniques

MADER’S ROOFING Lower Sackville 902.492.2868 | 902.830.4236

Halifax’s Premiere Roofing Company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Remodelling Made Easy BEAUTIFUL BATHS RENOVATIONS By Katrina Geenevasen


f you’ve ever gone through a home renovation — whether the project was a major overhaul or a simple cosmetic refresher — you know there’s something to be said for peace of mind throughout the entire process. At Beautiful Baths Renovations, owners Chris and Tori Bowie ensure just that, striving for exemplary endto-end experiences customers will feel good about from the initial in-home consultation to the project’s completion. “We’re very big on our clients having a great experience,” explains Chris, who first opened the local, family-owned and operated business more than 25 years



ago with a friend. “We’re hands-on local owners and proud not to be a franchise.” With a focus on, “Remodelling Made Easy,” customers have come to know the company for the kind of service they’ll only get with a locally-owned business. There’s no such thing as cutting corners, and clients aren’t pressured into products or services they don’t want or need.

bathroom renovation; from the type of taps to install, to the kind of flooring that goes in — there are hundreds of elements to be considered from start to finish.

“We want people to be excited about their bathroom,” says Chris. “We don’t want to rush people. It can take people months to make decisions.”

The complimentary in-home consultation, however, makes the process much easier. “Most people don’t really know what they’re looking for, they just know they need a new bathroom,” says Chris. “They have a few ideas, but they’re not really sure. A lot of what we do is try to steer them through the process and help them make decisions on the various products we offer.”

He says a lot of homeowners don’t realize all the choices that go into a

As decisions are made, Chris and his team begin putting together a cost. And


here’s what’s unique about Beautiful Baths: the price customers see before anything even gets underway is the price they’ll pay when the job is done. There are no surprises or final bills that skyrocket once they have finalized their decisions, as 99 per cent of invoices are exactly the same when the job is completed. The exceptions are when clients sometimes decide to add or make changes. It’s not like on TV, where these shows often create “bathroom drama” with things that are minor and easily fixed. Beautiful Baths literally renovates more than 500 bathrooms here in Nova Scotia each year, so they have seen it all! “The way we cost things out is itemized and specific. We’re not going to give someone the price of $10,000 for a bathroom and then give them an invoice for $15,000. But unfortunately, many

contractors operate with that type of pricing system, so homeowners have cause to be concerned.” Clients are welcome to peruse the company’s showroom, located in Dartmouth, to get some design inspiration and see what types of products there are to choose from; they have everything from tile and flooring to tubs and showers. One of their new exclusive products is the laser-etched groutless walls for showers, which are quickly growing in popularity due to their attractive and lowmaintenance qualities. Increasingly, more and more customers are also stopping by the showroom to learn more about showers with easy accessibility. There are plenty of beautiful options to choose from, assures Chris, from the tub itself to grab bars that look more like decorative features.

Locally-owned and operated since 1994, Beautiful Baths is known for its incredible customer service. They have a 4.9 Google rating (out of 5) and it’s interesting to read some of the many reviews.

“First class installers, very pleasant, hard-working, cheerful.” – Gail H. “Pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.” – Emily D. “Great job, fast efficient, friendly, great company.” – Andrew S.

Whether you’re in the market for a bathroom reno, big or small, Beautiful Baths will bring new life to your old bath.

Beautiful Baths Renovations Halifax: 902.434.8088 Kentville: 902.365.8088




ABM Photography

Have Your Own Backyard Oasis Xcel Landscaping By Lori McKay Photos courtesy of Xcel Landscaping


hen it comes to outdoor living, the sky is the limit. From full openair kitchens and dining spaces to beautiful retaining walls and firepits. Everyone wants to make the most of our Nova Scotia summers and what better way to do it than in the luxury of your own backyard oasis? Xcel Landscaping can help.

they’re looking to incorporate seating, lighting and all kinds of other outdoor features. People want to create unique outdoor spaces they can enjoy from spring through to fall.” He notes many people are getting ideas from Instagram, Facebook and Houzz, and they know exactly what they want. “The results are incredible.”

Eisener stresses the importance of planning ahead. Even if your yard is still snow covered, now is the time to start planning for spring — that means getting quotes and having onsite consultations. He also recommends having a design completed by a landscaping professional.

“We’re all about creating amazing outdoor living spaces,” says Matt Eisener, owner of Xcel Landscaping. “Five or six years ago, people were just looking for basics, like a firepit or walkway. Now

Although Xcel specializes in large, highend residential projects, they also offer everything from new lawn installation and drainage solutions (which they saw a lot of after last winter) to excavation,

“If you’re thinking of transforming your outdoor living space into that oasis you’ve been dreaming about — the one you found online — I suggest we start with a design in the first year and phase




retaining walls and interlocking patio stones.

“We’re all about creating amazing outdoor living spaces.” - Matt Eisener, owner of Xcel Landscaping

Give Your Landscape a Fresh New Look Xcel Landscaping is a full-service, locally owned and operated business that offers creative landscaping, maintenance and installation solutions. The company is committed to providing high quality products and partners with trusted and reputable suppliers. They provide everything from new decks, fences and walkways to firepits, retaining walls, turf installation and flower beds. And all their work can be beautifully lit with landscape lighting.

Their goal is to be as least disruptive as possible, so clients can start enjoying their outdoor living space sooner rather than later. “One of the main things I tell our crews is: ‘work smarter not harder,’” says Eisener. “Obviously safety is a big thing too. We really stress wearing a proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and follow safe work practices for all our equipment.” Start planning your backdoor oasis now by contacting Xcel Landscaping.

the job over a few years. That way it is both affordable and gives you the end look you have been dreaming of,” he says. “A design can be included in any package we offer.” Eisener opened the company in 2006 with a Ford Ranger and two push mowers. Today, he has a fleet of trucks, excavators and trailers.

“It’s not just me out there on the battlefield now, it’s my team. They have my full confidence as well as my thanks and respect for everything they’ve done to help me grow the business. Everyone takes great pride in their work.”

Xcel Landscaping 902.880.9779

Eisener says with a proper design and project management, each job is completed on time and efficiently.





Kings Janitorial Inc. Offering custom cleaning and maintenance services for more than 20 years


ack in 1998, Jody Butt opened a small, two-person janitorial business in the Annapolis Valley. Today, Kings Janitorial Inc. works all over Nova Scotia and employs close to 100 people.

Jody grew up in the business, working with an uncle who owned a janitorial company in the Annapolis Valley.

Providing high-quality, affordable, custom services, the company works with industrial, commercial and residential clients, looking after all their cleaning and maintenance needs.

Jody’s two sons, ages 20 and 22, have started working in the business as well. “That’s my succession plan. We’re a very family-oriented business,” says Jody.

“We encompass it all. We are a one-stop-shop in the industry,” says Jody. “Instead of calling five different companies to do five different things, you only need to call us. If you need your carpet cleaned and your windows done … we can do both for you.”

Standing Out From The Rest



“I did some of this type of work throughout high school and eventually decided to start my own company.”

With more than 20 years in business, Kings Janitorial knows how to meet their customers’ needs. The team has a strong knowledge of all cleaning processes and is committed to excellence.


“We recognize that no two clients’ needs are the same. As such, we will go the extra mile to meet the needs of you and/ or your business.” Like every company, he says they occasionally run into problems, but it’s how they react to issues that sets them apart from their competitors.

The Kings Janitorial main office

Testimonials “We had a great experience with Kings Janitorial this year. We are the world’s largest film festival dedicated to all things culinary, which takes place right in the Annapolis Valley. We are definitely not your average run-of-the-mill cleaning gig. As event specialists, we often take over new-to-us, temporary venues and require companies to be flexible and get the job done around our hectic schedules and needs. Not an easy task … but the team at Kings Janitorial was more than up for it.” - Lia Rinaldo, managing director of Devour! The Food Film Fest

“ has been a client of Kings Janitorial since our beginning here in 2016 at the New Glasgow facility. We are more than pleased with their service. Jody Butt and his team deliver high-quality cleaning services, providing an exceptionally clean work environment. I am happy to encourage all business owners to reach out to the Kings Janitorial group to see if there is a fit for their respective needs as well. “ – Tom Connors, facility manager of, New Glasgow

“Valley Credit Union has used Kings Janitorial for our cleaning services in our seven branches since 2012. We have been satisfied with all services and if any issues have occurred, Jody always dealt with them promptly. They have always been open to accommodating any extra service we have needed, such as branch renovations. As a local financial institution, we always attempt to support local businesses such as Kings Janitorial.” – Denise Morine, senior vice president of finance, Valley Credit Union

Company promise to customers: •

• • • • • •

Customers have a direct and immediate access to the company’s highest level of senior management. Even the president is accessible Policy and procedure manuals are distributed to all employees Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all products used They conduct scheduled and unscheduled worksite inspections Customer satisfaction surveys Correction of any and all deficiencies within 24 hours Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, one time, nightly, weekly and monthly


“We’re very hands-on. Through the years, we’ve hired great managers and supervisors and jump on any problem very quickly.” He says Kings Janitorial is well-known for its experience, strong knowledge of cleaning processes, commitment

to excellence, and an enduring partnership between the company and its clients. Kings has also embraced the Canadian Green Sustainability Program and is environmentally conscious when it comes to products.

• • • • • • •

Office cleaning Floor stripping and refinishing Construction clean up Carpet cleaning Window cleaning Lawn maintenance Supplies and equipment sales

Kings Janitorial Inc. Annapolis Valley, New Glasgow, Yarmouth, South Shore and Halifax 902.678.4762

PHOTO BY David Elliot




Make a Memorable Impression Grand Entrance Mat Systems Serving your mat system needs across Nova Scotia. Grand Entrance Mat Systems, a division of Kings Janitorial Inc., offers a new state-of-the-art horizontal laser turbo charged pressure system that can clean any type of entrance mat effectively and with no harmful cleaning chemicals. If you are presently renting mats, let them show you how they can improve the appearance, functionality and cost of your existing programs. If you own your mats, why not let them provide you with a regularly scheduled cleaning program to keep them looking and functioning at their best! Good mats reduce slippage and falls, which can be a major liability!

This state-of-the-art entrance mat service features: •

Horizontal laser turbo charged pressure system using “Green” Certified chemicals

No contracts necessary

Choose your style and colour from a section of standard sized mats or purchase your custom order mat in various sizes, styles and colours

Mats are thicker, softer and have better scrapping ability to catch more dirt and moisture

Now using “Waterhog Eco Premier Mats,” made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled PET polyester fiber from drink bottles and 15 per cent post-consumer recycled rubber reclaimed from tires

Mats are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute

Choose to either rent, purchase or just have any existing owned mats cleaned

Off season mat storage service available

Also specializing in Logo Mats and anti-fatigue mats

A division of Kings Janitorial Inc. 902.681.6879

After 45 years, we know what to look out for.

For All Your Small Business and Personal Tax Needs Chartered Professional Accountants

Tax | Reviews | Compilations | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Estates | Business Plans | Personal Tax Services

250 Baker Drive, Suite 214, Dartmouth, NS, B2W 0G3 Phone: 902.434.3301 @ShellnuttCPA

Get Your Business InTouch By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Bruce Jollimore

Ten years ago, Egyptian-born Karim George decided to take a monumental risk, leaving behind everything he knew to move to Halifax in pursuit of something more. The plunge into the unknown, it seems, has paid off in spades.


s the founder and CEO of InTouch Communications, George now oversees a comprehensive suite of marketing and communications services for more than 100 clients in a variety of professional sectors, including real estate development, food and beverage, non-profit and telecommunications. Whatever your brand needs to take it to the next level — whether it’s social media marketing, website development, branding, graphic design, advertising or video production — InTouch Communications is there to help your business make its mark. The company works with businesses to build and strengthen their brands by telling their unique stories in unforgettable ways. “When you have something to say, we help you say it memorably, increasing your engagement with consumers and expanding your reach to new levels,” says George. From the start, it’s been important for George to offer these services economically; one that makes it possible for businesses large and small to reach current and potential customers.

“I see, very clearly, that my success is completely dependent on the success of others,” says George of his ‘small but mighty’ team that was carefully selected to complement each other. “If my goal is to help my staff and clients reach their goals, I will reach my own in return.” George is thankful Halifax has welcomed him with open arms and is grateful for all the opportunities he’s been given since his move here. “Not only did I choose Halifax as a place to run a business, but I also chose it as the place to bring my family for a better life,” he says. “It was my first choice in where to live. I knew it offered many great opportunities for employment and support for entrepreneurs. My expectations were exceeded when I arrived here. I have been fortunate to work with so many intelligent and talented individuals, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” Contact InTouch Communications today to learn more about how the team can help take your business ventures to the next level.

“Our goal is to provide a custom marketing experience at an affordable rate,” says George, adding that the team works directly with clients and their needs to ensure they hit their target goals within a specific timeline. “Regardless if our clients are looking to raise general awareness of their brand, sell out an upcoming event, or drive traffic to their new product available by e-commerce, we can help.” His team, which is comprised of marketing professionals, graphic designers, photographers and videographers, are some of the city’s best. He says he wouldn’t be where he is without them.




Karim George

This January, Karim George was nominated as the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s Business Leader of the Year. His second-place finish was a much-deserved distinction.

InTouch Communications 480 Parkland Drive - Suite 206 Halifax 1.902.479.7767

“It was an amazing accomplishment, as it was an honour just to be nominated,” says Devin Smith, InTouch Communications’s account director. “We're all so proud of his leadership to our team. His leadership provides an open and inspiring atmosphere, with no limitations to our creativity.”




Offering Lifetime Tech Support for Our Apple Buyers Authorized reseller and service provider. Servicing everything Apple.

We don’t “also do Macs,” we only do Macs.

108 Ochterloney St., Dartmouth (Entrance on Victoria Road) 902.444.4622 |

Kathleen Sorensen, Barry Ring and Cinder, the empathy dog

WITH Diana Musgrave Lenehan Musgrave LLP



hen a relationship or marriage breaks down, one of the first questions often asked is: “Will my business be included in the marriage assets?” The answer is: “It depends.” Although the Matrimonial Property Act excludes business assets, the person seeking to exclude these assets has the responsibility to show that they should be excluded. Spouses can make claims against business assets for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that family funds — or the family home — were used to support the other spouse’s business. Another potential claim against a business owned by one spouse is in situations where the other spouse has been working in the business but not been paid, or assisted in the funding of the business with assets or loans. If the two spouses are shareholders, the shares are the starting point for each of their interests in the business. In a situation where the only shareholders in a business are two spouses, it is not unusual to have the family’s business and personal funds mixed together. The Nova Scotia Matrimonial Property Act allows for a potential division of the business assets in two ways. It

allows for an unequal division of assets that are not business assets — such as the family home, cars, vehicles and bank accounts — in recognition of an asset that can’t be divided by the court, namely, a business. Second, it allows a claim to be registered against a business if a spouse has contributed work, money or other investments to buy or manage the business owned by the other spouse. The most common claim by a spouse is that funds have been loaned to the business, such as a mortgage on the family home to support the business or purchase items. This can lead to a claim directly against the business assets by the non-owning spouse. Although the court generally deals with these claims by awarding a lump sum of funds, there have been cases where the court has used its authority under the Matrimonial Property Act to award shares in the business where there are insufficient assets or monies to compensate the spouse who supported the business.

effect of placing family assets at risk and mixing them with business assets, which can create a situation where a business isn’t just a business, it is a potential family asset.

Diana Musgrave Lenehan Musgrave LLP Practicing Family Law, Estate Litigation and Personal Injury Law 101-67 King’s Wharf Place Dartmouth, N.S. 902.466.2200

Starting up a business usually creates a requirement from the bank to offer security against personal assets. While this is done with the intention to build and succeed in a business, it has the





Acura 2020 ILX

Safety, Performance



The Acura 2020 ILX & MDX Photos Bruce Jollimore


uick reactions and confidence-inspiring responsiveness are built into the Acura 2020 ILX, with its eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, sport-tuned steering, and precisely engineered suspension. Adorned with the Diamond Pentagon Grille, the ILX offers thrills both inside and out.



The ILX A-SPEC is appointed with highperformance style. It begins up front with dark Jewel Eye LED headlights flanking a grille finished with black chrome accents as well as a matte graphite insert. Style is furthered along with side skirts as well as impressive 18” Shark Gray 15-spoke alloy wheels. And in the back, a piano-black diffuser and a deck lid spoiler add to the spirited styling.


The car’s technology can effortlessly connect to everything and everyone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The available critically acclaimed ELS Studio Premium Audio System was crafted by eight-time Grammy® award winner Elliot Scheiner. Whether you connect one of your digital devices or stream over the digital airwaves, even your favourite songs will feel refreshed and new in studio quality. AcuraWatch forms a network of sensing technologies hard at work in the ILX. These advanced safety and driverassistance features are designed to constantly gather information and offer warnings, and some features are even engineered to take certain actions when necessary, all to help prevent, avoid, or minimize threats. Inside, you’ll find a lot of style. At the driver’s feet, stainless steel sport pedals offer a race-boot-ready style, while seats

Acura 2020 MDX

finished with perforated Ultrasuede inserts and colour-contrast stitching add to the performance-focused attitude. Above, a darkened headliner increases the dramatic effect of the red-illuminated instrument panel, and throughout the cabin, A-SPEC badging alerts everyone to the coming thrills.

MDX When it comes to design, the 2020 MDX offers the ultimate package. Designed to take the MDX to the next level, the available A-SPEC package goes far beyond a premium badge. Sportinspired details elevate the exterior, from striking 20-inch wheels, to larger and bolder exhaust finishers, to an aggressive new front fascia. Gloss-black and dark

chrome accents adorn the headlights, grille, window surround and rear tailgate spoiler to create an aesthetic that is equal parts aggressive and elegant. The spacious interior — with its convenient three rows of seating — is thoughtfully equipped with refinements such as silver accents and LED overhead lighting, and One Touch Walk-In with ample legroom for all. The MDX is crafted from high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium to reduce weight and increase rigidity. And less weight equals more performance, which is why they cut every unnecessary ounce. Agile Handling Assist uses active braking to aid in the accurate tracing of your desired line through a turn. The


system can brake individual wheels as needed, effectively using brake torquevectoring to directly control the vehicle’s rotation. The car comes with AcuraLink, a cloudbased service that allows you to connect with your Acura through the smartphone app or the in-vehicle system. The MDX 2020’s heart-pumping performance is driven by a directinjected, three-and-a-half-litre i-VTEC V6 engine, torque vectoring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), and a Sequential SportShift nine-speed automatic transmission. Featured accessories include side moulding, roof rack and crossbar, and a trailer hitch.







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REBATE ON †Limited time lease offer based on a new and previously unregisteredCASH 2020 Acura MDX Tech (YD4H4LKNX) // model shown, a 2020 MDX A-SPEC (YD4H0LKNX) with optional colour upgrade available through Acura Financial Services on approved credit. Representative lease example: 0.24% // 0.24% (1.22% // SELECT 2020 MDX 1.17% effective APR) lease rate for 24 months (52 payments). Bi-weekly payment is $288 // MODELS. $298 with $6,050 // $6,775 down payment. 16,000 km allowance/year; charge of $0.15/km for excess kilometres. Total lease obligation is $21,026 // $22,271. Lease payment includes $2,075 freight and PDI, EHF tires ($16.50), EHF filters ($1), air conditioning fee ($100), OMVIC fee ($10) and all applicable fees/levies/duties. Licence, insurance, registration, options and taxes are extra. ‡3,000 cash rebate available only on the cash purchase of new and previously unregistered 2020 Acura MDX A-SPEC (YD4H0LKNX), MDX Elite (YD4H8LKN), MDX Elite 7P (YD7H9LKN) models from an authorized Acura dealer when registered and delivered before December 2, 2019. Total incentives consist of: (i) $1,000 that cannot be combined with lease/finance offers; and (ii) $2,000 that can be combined with lease/ finance offers. All incentives will be deducted from the negotiated selling price after taxes. Some terms/conditions apply. Model shown for illustration purposes only. Offers end December 2, 2019 and are subject to change or cancellation without notice and are only valid for Ontario residents at Ontario Acura retailers. Dealer may sell/lease for less (but may not be available in all cases). Dealer order/trade may be necessary. While quantities last. Certain features only available on certain trims. Visit or your Acura dealer for details. © Acura, a division of Honda Canada Inc.

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Limited time lease offer based on a new and previously unregistered 2020 Acura MDX Tech (YD4H4LKNX) // model shown, a 2020 MDX A-SPEC (YD4H0LKNX) with optional colour upgrade available through Acura Financial Services on approved credit. Representative lease example: 0.24% //2019-11-01 3:11 0.24% lease rate for 24 months (52 payments). Bi-weekly payment is $288 // $298 with $6,050 // $6,775 down payment. 16,000 km allowance/year; charge of $0.15/km for excess kilometres. Total lease obligation is $21,026 // $22,271. Lease payment includes $2,075 freight and PDI. Air Excise 020652_16_MDX_NOVDEC_GTA_Adbuilder_EN Tax ($100), Tire Tax ($22.50), Licence, insurance, registration, options and taxes are extra. ‡6,500 cash rebate available only on the cash purchase of new and previously unregistered 2020 Acura MDX (YD4H2LJN), MDX TECH (YD4H4LKN), MDX Tech Plus (YD4H6LKN), MDX Elite (YD4H8LKN), MDX Elite 7P (YD7H9LKN) models from Atlantic Acura when registered and delivered020652.16 before March 31st, 2020. Total incentives consist of: (i) 4,500 that cannot be combined with lease/finance offers; and (ii) $2,000 that can be combined with lease/fi nance offers. All incentives will be deducted from the negotiated selling price after taxes. Some terms/conditions apply. Model shown for illustration purposes only. Offers end March 31st, 2020 and are subject to change or cancellation without notice and are only valid at Atlantic Acura. Atlantic Acura may sell/lease for less (but may 020652_16_MDX_NOVDEC_GTA_Adbuilder_EN.indd 1 2 David 4C not be available in all cases). Dealer order/trade may be necessary. While quantities last. Certain features only available on certain trims. Visit or Atlantic Acura for details. © Acura, a division of Honda Canada Inc.

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WITH Troy Bennett Fixed Operations Manager Atlantic Acura



t’s always a good idea to have your car in tiptop shape in winter to ensure you’re prepared for whatever weather the season throws at you. Here are a few tips: 1. Oil: Check it often. For your vehicle to perform its best throughout the season, you want to feel confident the oil level isn’t low and that it has the proper consistency. It’s also a good idea to check your owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the recommended oil type for your vehicle. 2. Heaters. When it’s cold, there’s nothing worse than when a car heater won’t kick in. People don’t always think to have their heaters checked, but it’s important to make sure they are in working order. This also includes checking the defrosting mechanism on your windshield, which is a necessity to ensure you always have a clear view of the road ahead. 3. Winter tires. This is an obvious must. Winter tires will make all the difference when maneuvering slippery winter road conditions. You’ll want to do frequent checks throughout the season to make sure you still have a good tread and that each tire stays well inflated. 4. Battery. Keep your battery charged and in good condition. You might

not know there’s a problem with your battery until it’s too late. 5. Emergency Kit. Always be prepared for any situation. You can’t predict what will happen when you’re out on the road, especially if it’s late at night and you’re not close to home. Consider packing a flashlight, blanket, water, food (non-perishable), jumper cables, sand/salt and a shovel. Also, you should always keep your cell phone fully charged on long winter drives, just in case of an emergency. 6. Radiator. It’s important to check your radiator regularly. If it isn’t filled to the proper level with a good-quality antifreeze, the liquid could freeze or create a build-up. This could cause not only a leak, but your transmission to fail.

Start your car in advance in the cold — myth or fact? Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to start your car and let it run for a long period of time in your driveway. All you need is a few minutes, as the engine will warm up faster when you drive it. You will, of course, have to start it long enough to clear windows of any frost and snow. Also, if you don’t drive often, your car should be started at least once a week to keep it in good working order.

7. Windshield wipers. This is one of the most important tips for winter driving safety. There’s nothing worse than dealing with poor visibility when the weather is poor. Make sure they are in working order and your windshield fluid is always topped up with a product that is meant for colder temperatures with de-icing capabilities.

Troy Bennett

A visit to the Acura service department for a winter maintenance check-up will ensure all this is taken care of, and your car is safe and ready for winter driving.

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