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A Message From Michael...

The First Issue. This issue is all about firsts. Great stories about receiving first referrals, throwing appreciation events, making a great first impression — even a great story about me running my first marathon. There are lessons to be learned from all of these firsts! But the No. 1 thing I hope that everyone who reads this issue takes away is to just do it. Make that incredible first impression (and don’t feel bad for it). Throw that first client–appreciation event. Run that first marathon. Just do it. It won’t be perfect, but you will have made real progress — and the next time you can implement at a higher level. So go for it, Ambassadors! REFERRALS 1



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WHAT’S INSIDE! A Message From Michael


Referrals Roundtable


Implement the Seven Levels of Communication (7L)


My First Referral

Start with your database by Michael J. Maher

A Modern–Day Dale Carnegie by Stacey Alcorn


Be Referable


Beat the Bridge (Part 1)


My First Appreciation Event


Dress for success

by Michael Hauge

CATALYST* member Brad Cary shares his experience by Brad Cary with O’Beria Seats

Referable Reads

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Referrals Roundtable... My First Referral Davey and Vanessa Da vis. Davey was on my so ftball team. They needed to buy a house as a fairly ne wlywed couple. We looke d at many before settling on a newer home in western Olathe. My broker had to help me write the contract. When they got into th e ho me, the first thing I though t to do was celebrate ­— as much for me as for them! :) W e invited the softball te am, and I used Microsoft Publish er to print 20 invites fo r the neighbors (a third grad er could have done bette r). I got 11 referrals that night. Davey and Vanessa liv ed in the house for five years. In that time the neighbors and that young couple had dinner nights, softball te am s, kids nights, cul-de-sac parties — and I know th at housewarming party I threw for them had a big impact on their enjoyment of the home and the neigh bo rhood. It was a great nig ht — and the beginning of something special. — Michael Maher

first. My member your re s ay w al u yo ansacI always say my very first tr ly al tu ac as w al parent, very first referr as also a band w o h w y, d in C ette, whose tion. A friend band parent, B er th o an to e om Chireferred m ve to Hawaii fr o m to d te an w e able to father, Chuck, ket, but we wer ar m s r’ lle se a ntincago. It was a home sale co h it w t ac tr n d co don’t know get an accepte perienced you ex in ’re u yo home-sale gency. When d offer with a te p ce ac an g u that gettin t is nuts, but yo ke ar m s r’ lle se a also the contingency in go for it. It was u yo so er ett don’t know b sold his home his agent who r fo n o cti sa ember first tran ame. I do rem n er h er b em ent. I visited but I don’t rem cooperating ag t rs fi y m as w . I will John, who he passed away re o ef b ar ye e th , that overmy first client ing on his lanai d an st s u f o emorial. post a photo d the Arizona M an r o b ar a H rl looks Pea — Jamie Apun

Yes! My boyfriend, Michael Hoff! And was my very first transaction!! — Dawn Rae

How many to invite? JEFF FIRNSTAHL: When hosting a client appreciation event, what is your average ratio of {invites sent vs. people actually coming}? We’re doing a summer movie event and can’t decide how many invites to send out. Your input is greatly appreciated! ARNEL TANYAG: Is the event for your database or your sphere of influence? JEFF FIRNSTAHL: Database/past clients. ARNEL TANYAG: Thanks. Determine your capacity of the venue first. Secondly, it comes down to your inviting process. You must influence first by having a conversation with your database and past clients to force a 4 REFERRALS

No or Yes. Let them know it is limited seating and you thought about them first. It is the principle of scarcity. Follow up by informing them by text and email and have a last-minute conversation for a final head count. From experience, I helped a client of mine pull off a bowling party. She had 50+ people including kids — which was 35 groups in all. Two of those groups did not show because of something that came up at the last minute: some emergency that they had to take care of. SHERI MAHER: If you are worried about space then know your capacity. Send invites out in waves. Top referral sources first. CICI BOWER: Brilliant!!!


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It’s not about getting up early; it’s about getting up BETTER! Interactive instruction led by Michael J. Maher’s Certified Morning Coaches Daily interactive webinars Monday - Friday morning Membership to private Facebook group. This is a POWERFUL COMMUNITY where other members share their wins and struggles and support each other through the 30 day challenge. You will also post your various “homework” assignments throughout the course and hold each other accountable to success. Custom 30Mornings Journal (designed by Michael J. Maher) The journal will guide you step-by-step towards your goals.


referral strategies

Take the First Step to Implement (7L) by Michael J. Maher

So, you want to implement (7L). Great! Here is the first step that you must take. There is no getting around this. You MUST start with your database. The entire system is designed around who you know and how often they refer you business. Spend the next 30 minutes rounding up everyone you know and put them in one place. If you have a favorite CRM, put them there. If you don’t, open up Microsoft Excel and start making your list. Yes, we want past clients on this list. But we also want influencers you know, your hairdresser, all your networking contacts, vendors you regularly refer…everyone. In all, your list will probably contain about 250 names. Now, we are ready to grade them. Here is the grading system I want you to use: A+ = Ambassador = more than one referral in the past 12 months A = Champion = one referral (regardless of outcome) in the past 12 months B = Potential Champion = you just don’t know C = Friends & Family = no referrals D = Delete =drip campaign only Now, I know that this is not a five second process. But the time that you spend doing this is well worth it. Once you have everyone in a category you can truly begin to implement the (7L) system by creating a custom plan for each segment of your database. And I know the next question you are going to ask: What do I do with my biggest category, the killer B’s? R That’s a topic for next issue… ■ MICHAEL J. MAHER: From living in a shack in small-town Kansas to a near-death experience, Maher, the best-selling author of The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals, has used the challenges in his life to build a community of loyal followers known as The Generosity Generation. Find out more at Contact Michael Maher at REFERRALS 7

the influential zone

My favorite book of all time is Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book is the blueprint to building an amazing network by giving back to others by listening to them, taking an interest in them, and finding their strengths. The philosophy is so simple, yet profound. Better yet, it works. Carnegie passed away in 1955, 17 years before I was born. I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to live a day in the life of Carnegie. There are some people who are put on earth to deliver a message. Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, and Napoleon Hill were a few of the first in the revolution of thought leadership. Their lessons went on to influence entire nations. To have personally known the likes of amazing leaders like these must have been mind-altering. They change the way you perceive the world, interact with others, and achieve goals. Today marks a whole new era of thought leadership, with an entirely new set of names brandishing the industry with concepts designed to help people from all walks of life live their dreams. While the likes of Carnegie, Ziglar, and Mandino have passed on, others of their caliber have been born in a world where we are hyper-connected to not just our neighbors, but to everyone we have ever met in our lives, through

A MODERN–DAY DALE social media. Forty years ago, one could get by without studying and understanding thought leadership, because most had such a small sphere of influence that their capacity to win friends, create influence, and achieve dreams paled in comparison to the opportunities that are available in today’s world. Today, everyone you need to know to achieve your dream is literally at your fingertips, a click away on social media.

8 REFERRALS Above: Stacey Alcorn and Michael J. Maher

the influential zone

The thought leaders of today — the Tony Robbins, Sheryl Sandbergs, Michael J. Mahers, Arianna Huffingtons, and Hal Elrods of the world — carry a huge weight on their shoulders. Not only must they master and share the lessons of the Carnegies, Ziglars, Mandinos and Hills, they must also create and teach new strategies for achieving greatness in a world that is totally interconnected, and where the average person each day is


Recently I had the rare opportunity to spend two days with one of the greatest thought leaders of our world today, Michael J. Maher. I wanted to interview him on greatness. I wanted to pick his brain about what it takes to shoulder the responsibility of leading millions of people to better lives in today’s new socially connected economy. I did the interview with Michael, which I’ll share at another time. Today I’m going to

by Stacey Alcorn

communicating with more than just his neighbors and family, he’s talking to the entire world.

share with you something way more special than the 60-minute back-and-forth we had about success.


the influential zone

Remember what I said at the opening of this post? What would it be like to spend a day in the life of Dale Carnegie? What I realized as I began writing the article about my interview with Michael J. Maher is that I had experienced something much more special than just the interview alone. I had been given the opportunity to live a day in the life of one of the greatest thought leaders of our time, the father of the Generosity Generation, and the author of the best-selling book, The Seven Levels of Communication, Michael J. Maher. The time I spent with Michael was the story that I needed to share, more than the conversation we had. Join me as I offer you four crucial lessons to living a life of significance from the man who literally wrote the book on it. These lessons were garnered from my observations of this amazing visionary, over two days we shared together in San Diego. I’ll save the interview for another day, because today I’m offering you enough to change the trajectory of your life forever.

There is no sweeter sound to one’s ear than the sound of his name.


There’s No Sweeter Name

In true Carnegie fashion, Michael J. Maher is a master of memorizing the name of every person he meets. We were meeting another thought leader, Hal Elrod, for lunch at a restaurant that Michael had visited the day before. When the waitress greeted us, Michael addressed her by name. Said Carnegie, “There is no sweeter sound to one’s ear than the sound of his name.” Michael J. Maher lives by this. Once you know someone’s name, you have planted the seed for a potential relationship to be born. In fact, Michael goes out of his way to create that relationship with everyone he meets. Upon addressing the waitress by her name, he then asked her if she was ready for her upcoming day off in which she’d be climbing a nearby mountain. Michael went on to ask her questions about the trip. I sat back and observed, blown away by the simple generosity he offered by getting to know others. He had planted the seed by asking for and then remembering her name, and he was nourishing that relationship by asking questions about her. By the way, I saw Michael plant

the influential zone

and sow numerous relationships in our short time together, with waitstaff, cab drivers, and perfect strangers. Michael invested time and interest in every person he met, and it was amazing to watch.

Fashion Forward In my two days with Michael J. Maher, he was always the best dressed in the room, wearing pinstripe suits, a tie, and perfectly buffed shoes. We even shared a ride to the airport when we were both returning to our respective homes, and while I had dressed in jeans and sneakers to relax for the long journey, Michael wore his signature navy pinstripe suit. “Do you own jeans,” I wondered aloud? “Yes,” he said, “but you never know who you’ll meet on a plane.”

Michael is always prepared with his A game. One of my first mentors out of college taught me the importance of always dressing for the job I wanted, not the job I had. Since that time 20 years ago, rarely do I wear jeans or casual clothing to work. Michael took my thinking to a whole new level. If you want to live a life of significance, and help others do the same, you better dress like you mean it all of the time. There’s a good chance someone totally amazing is sitting next to you on that plane ride and the best way to catch their attention is to make them wonder the moment you sit down, “Wow...who’s this guy? Probably someone I need to know!”

It’s All About Perspective

Michael is a lifelong learner. In the business of sales training and motivational speaking, he sees the entire world as his own

personal focus group. On the 10-minute ride to the airport, I watched Michael in action as he quizzed our driver, Debra, about what it would take for her to refer one of her clients to a real estate agent. Michael had just come back from interviewing one of the best real estate agents in the world for his new Mastery Spotlight Series, which he will be unveiling in May. He is obsessively curious about how the mind of the consumer works, because this gives him an edge over every other sales trainer and motivational speaker. Michael is in the business of helping sales professionals master their own personal greatness by helping them better understand what their customers want, and the only way for Michael to know what customers want is by talking to them about it. Michael is constantly picking the brain of anyone he talks to in order to see the world from their perspective. The greatest salespeople in the world have a 360-degree perspective, and so must the best trainers, speakers, and authors in the world.


the influential zone

You never know who you’ll meet on a plane.

Let Your Principles Shine Back to that lunch meeting with myself, Hal Elrod, and Michael. Upon having our food served, I immediately dug in. Michael stopped both Hal and I for a moment to ask if he could say a blessing before we ate. “Of course!” we both agreed. In a world that has become so hectic, busy, and even downright draining at times, Michael has found a way to step back, breathe, and let his principles shine. His love of God and his family are infectious. As important as it is to him to carry out his purpose in life, he has found a way to do it without compromising his morals or the people who are the most important to him. There are many examples in the world of people who have sacrificed everything, including God and family, to achieve their dreams. Michael J. Maher proves that the only way to achieve big dreams is in a way that is in moral alignment with your own personal principles.

Now I know what it must have been like to spend a day with Dale Carnegie, because I’ve experienced as close as one can possibly get through my two days with Michael J. Maher. Millions like me have followed his book, speeches, and mission. I can say now from experience that he is a visionary and leader who is as authentic as they come. The Generosity Generation has legs because the leader of this movement has heart, determination, and values. Dale Carnegie once said, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Michael J. Maher is the absolute proof of this. Millions follow his message because he has become obsessively interested in everything that makes R other people awesome. ■

STACEY ALCORN is CEO of Boston-based LAER Realty Partners and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book REACH!: Dream, Stretch, Achieve, Influence. She has interviewed more than 400 of the most accomplished business leaders, athletes, movie stars, and world changers to find out their take on success, life, and winning. Her interviews are also featured in The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur magazine. 12 REFERRALS

Be Referable... MICHAEL J. MAHER

Dressing for Success when it comes to referrals... how should we NOT dress for the best first impression when meeting with a potential referral source? What does “Dress for Success” look like when it comes to meeting with potential referral partners? Does what they wear matter? What do YOU wear when you meet? If you had a meeting with a connector, influencer, or business leader in your city, what would you wear that is in your closet now? JEFF MISTRETTA: A suit. CARLY RINGER: It depends on the season. If it is the summer, I am wearing a fun summer dress. I am selling the Jersey Shore lifestyle versus a shore house. MARISA MAHER: Depends on time of year and where we are meeting as well. I find most people like professionalism mixed with authentic. I would probably wear a nice skirt, pants or go business casual with nice dark jeans and a nice blouse/top. If I know they will be in professional wear or we are going to a nice lunch venue, I will bring my suit jacket as well. NIKKI BEAUCHAMP: Depends on where we’re meeting and time of year, but probably slacks or a skirt and a top, or a dress, with a scarf. And probably not any of my more whimsical shoes; I would go with a classic ballet flat or pump. NICOLE ARENAS: A conservative, powerful article of clothing that makes this statement: I eat nails for breakfast. KAREN FLEMING-CHAPMAN: Business casual. CINDY DUNNICAN: You can never go wrong with dressing professionally. It’s better to be considered too professional than it is to be seen as too casual, especially when you are speaking with someone who will be relying on you to treat their referrals with a high level of service. I would likely wear dress pants and a blouse or a pantsuit.

WENDY GRIFFIS: I have two “first impression” outfits. Black pants, and then choose from two different tops — one solid and one print depending on how conservative I want to look. Once we’ve connected relationally, I feel like I can be a bit more casual. MEREDITH A. MCVEHIL: Yes. It all matters. Details. Details. Nails! Shoes! If you can’t take care of your shoes, why would I trust you to handle selling our home or our finances? Just saying! DORRY SANTIAGO: Always clean and pressed. I sell in South Florida and the Keys, so I acclimate my wardrobe depending on location. In Keys it’s all about the material. Linens and lawn cotton silks breezy fabrics. Nice sandal, small heels and pulled-back, neat hair. In Ft Lauderdale a bit more dressy for easy move from business to diner with clients or friends RUSS SANER: Collared shirt. Flip flops or closed toe spurry’s. Clean shave...Usually JANET PARSONS: Always high heels shoes or boots depending on the season. A dress, usually black or white with a jacket — again depending on the season. I agree people still like to work with people that look successful


It’s not about getting up early; it’s about getting up BETTER! EXPERT INSTRUCTION! With Michael J. Maher’s Certified Morning Coaches LIVE DAILY COACHING! Coached for 30 Straight Days! Membership to private Facebook group. This is a POWERFUL COMMUNITY where other members share their wins and struggles and support each other through the 30 day challenge. Custom 30Mornings Journal The journal will guide you step-by-step towards your goals.

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feed your soul

BEAT THE BRIDGE by Michael Hauge


This is a story about armed guards, a bloody sock, a big yellow school bus, Drew Carey … and a bridge. REFERRALS 15

feed your soul

the race, and even though I knew I should be training, life and work got in the way, and all at once October was staring me in the face, and I was nowhere near ready to run 26 miles. I figured I’d better do something, so two weeks before the race, I tried running a half marathon. This was not the best strategy. I was so sore from the half marathon that I couldn’t run at all for the next week. Then the week of the marathon, I was consumed with a big Generosity Generation event I was putting on in D.C. So not only wasn’t I prepared for the race, I was getting stressed out.

Michael Maher at a Marine Corps Marathon in 2011.

Not wanting to sound like a slacker, I told him I had run a half marathon two weeks before.


“You’re not supposed to do that,” James said, looking concerned. “You need to let your body rest a little bit before you do the real marathon. Otherwise you might have a hard time beating the bridge.”

Some years before, James’ mother, Vicky, had passed away from brain cancer, and ever since, cancer research has been an important issue for him. By getting people to donate money for every mile I ran in the marathon, I could help him raise money for his cause.

“What do you mean ‘beat the bridge?’ ” I asked. “What bridge?”

he story begins in April 2011. James Nellis, one of my closest friends, asked me if I’d be willing to run in the Marine Marathon that October in Washington, D.C.

Of course, I could have just written him a check instead. But I believe in doing things for charity, and I’d do anything for James. And I told myself this would be just the incentive I needed to get back in shape. So I said yes. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about marathons at the time. But I was soon to discover that the Marine Corps Marathon is the hardest marathon in the United States. Even though I had six months to prepare for


James happened to be there as a guest on one of my panels, so I asked how he was feeling about the marathon. “Pretty good,” he said. “This is my seventh marathon, and I’ve been training for the last few months, so I think I’m ready.”

“The 14th Street Bridge. It’s at the 20-mile mark of the course. If you’re not there by 1:15 in the afternoon, they raise the bridge, and you’re not allowed to continue. They have ‘slacker buses’ waiting to drive you to the finish line, and you won’t finish the race. Or get a medal.” This was NOT good news. I had figured that no matter how out of shape I was, I could still walk some, run a little, and finish the race. I quickly calculated that I’d have to run 14 miles per hour to get to the bridge on time. That’s faster than I did the half marathon two weeks before – when I was running as fast as I could! That night I had a nightmare in which the bridge

feed your soul

was going up and I was running up one side of it and jumping off, just so I wouldn’t be put on that slacker bus. By the next day I was ready to back out of the race entirely. But my event was going great, and during his panel, James declared to the whole audience, “Isn’t it great that Michael is running in tomorrow’s Marine Corps Marathon? He’s generated a lot of money for cancer research, and I know a lot of you can’t wait to watch him on social media. He’s gonna do great!” I am NOT gonna do great! I kept thinking to myself. But now I was really committed. Thanks to the stress and the nightmares and the lack of sleep, by that night I had developed a pinched nerve in my back. So I found a massage therapist, who came to the hotel to give me a good massage. Then Saturday morning arrived. Marathon day.

I was up at 4a.m. and took a good, hot shower, so my back was feeling pretty good. And I had purposely chosen the hotel because it was close to a Starbucks. I’d be able to get some nourishment — and a jolt of hot coffee — before I grabbed a cab to get to the start of the race. I walked out the door of the hotel to discover it was 30 degrees. It was also so early in the morning that the Starbucks wasn’t even open. No food, no coffee. I was able to get a cab to take me as close to the starting line as it could. But because of the growing crowds and the blocked-off streets, that was 2½ miles away. From there I had to walk. And with every step I’m thinking, Beat the Bridge! Beat the Bridge! By the time I arrived at the starting point, I was already out of breath from walking so far. And the race hadn’t even started. The 35,000 other runners also were arriving,


feed your soul

and organizers were herding us into corrals in order to stagger the start. I’m thinking, If I want to have any chance of beating the bridge, I don’t want to be in a corral stuck behind 20,000 other runners. So my best strategy is to get as close as I can to the front line.

stage to join the race. And all at once he was standing right next to me.

At least I was smart enough to wear a heavy thermal sweat suit. It was 30 degrees, with ice on the ground and a frozen mist in the air. So as I started weaving my way through the throng of 35,000 people, I was wearing three layers of clothing and a stocking cap.

“Wow,” I said. “You look fantastic, man.”

As I began getting closer to the front, I noticed that instead of looking like me, the runners were just wearing thin sweat suits. And by the time I got to the front, I saw runners dressed in even less. “What idiots!” I thought to myself, until I realized that those were the professional runners. So I was standing in my bulky blue outfit surrounded by a bunch of Nigerians and a lot of other skinny, sinewy guys in shorts and tank tops. As I waited for the starting gun, wondering why no one stopped me as I crowded my way to the front of the line, I gazed into the cold, dark, cloudy sky, and I could see the Pentagon in the distance. And then I saw that atop the building were armed soldiers standing guard. It felt weird, and ominous, and did nothing to improve my feelings of impending doom. Finally the opening ceremonies began, and comedian Drew Carey took the stage to welcome everyone. It seemed he was a former Marine, and he was going to be the honorary first runner. “Wow!” he shouted into the mic. “I’m really looking forward to today’s Marine Corps Marathon! How about you guys?” While 35,000 other runners cheered in reply, I said to myself, “Oh, crap. Beat the bridge. Beat the bridge.” Drew finished his introduction and left the


Now you might have this image of Drew Carey when he weighed 260 or 270 pounds. But this was not The Drew Carey Show Drew Carey. This was The Price is Right Drew Carey. He weighed about 150 pounds. “You look overdressed,” he replied. Then the starting gun went off, and we burst out of the gate. At first it felt great, because all the people were cheering, and the race started on a downhill street. But as I was running in my three layers of thermal sweats and my stocking cap alongside all these professional racers, I was thinking two things these guys are running really fast, and I’m starting out way too fast for a marathon. Drew was right next to me, and he said, “We should probably slow down, because all these guys are going to run at this pace for the whole race.” “OK,” was all I could reply, because I was already feeling the pinched nerve in my back starting to tighten. So I slowed down to a jog and let Drew run ahead on his own. By the time I got as far as Mile 3, I already had a huge cramp in my side, I was really starting to sweat, I was breathing hard, and was desperately in need of someone to say, “You can do it, Michael.” Fortunately, I‘d made plans for my wife, Sheri, to meet me at Mile 3, Mile 6, and so on throughout the race, because I knew I’d have to shed my outerwear and get some kind of nourishment. But at Mile 3, Sheri is nowhere to be found. She must have gotten delayed, I thought, trying to

Experience The Transformation Become Part Of The Generosity Generation


feed your soul

overcome my disappointment. But I reminded myself that when you run long distances, you’ll be exhausted for a little while, and then you’ll get a second wind, and then a third, and sometimes even a fourth, when the pain subsides and you’re re-energized. So I kept going, knowing that Mile 6 was coming, I’d meet up with Sheri there, and I could shed all my extra clothes. When I got to Mile 6, Sheri wasn’t there. And neither was that second wind I was expecting. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my second wind was never going to show up — not then and not for the entire race. So at that point I just took off my sweats and my stocking cap, threw them on the curb, and kept going. That’s when my foot started to hurt, and I realized I was getting a blister between my toes. By the time I got to Mile 10, my foot was on fire. Then I spotted Sheri and my son waving from the side of the course. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “Max’s stroller got a flat tire, I had to carry him through the crowds, and I couldn’t be where we planned.” I was so happy to see her I didn’t care. “I don’t think I can do this,” I moaned. I’ve got a cramp and my back hurts and my feet are killing me and I’m going to have to run faster than I did in Kansas City or I won’t beat the bridge, and I …” “You can do this,” Sheri said. “You’ve never given up on anything you set out to do. You’re going to make it.” That was the shot of adrenaline I really needed. So I told Sheri and Max goodbye and got back on the course. That’s when I began to notice how many people were running past me. ...What happened after that? Read PART II in our next issue! MICHAEL HAUGE has been one of Hollywood’s top coaches and story experts since 1985. He has consulted on projects starring (among many others) Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon. Michael is the best selling author of Storytelling Made Easy: Persuade and Transform Your Audiences, Buyers and Clients – Simply, Quickly and Profitably. More info: REFERRALS 21

CATALYST* Connection

MY FIRST APPRECIATION EVENT by Brad Cary with O’Beria Seats


CATALYST* Connection He nailed it! And it was not just some ordinary task to complete on his to-do list, either. Despite feelings of anxiety and stress, while planning, arranging, inviting, and estimating, he pressed on. He wondered, though, would people even show up. After all, he had already received a few declined invitations from those who could not come due to other obligations. Meet Brad Cary: a member of the CATALYST* group coaching program since July 2017. Cary, who doesn’t think of himself as the “corporate type,” previously worked in the construction and retail industries. And after trying his hands at real estate in 2012, he never looked back. The CATALYST* coaching program was created by real estate referral expert Michael J. Maher. The program equips real estate professionals with the tools and guidance to gain referrals based off Maher’s (7L) system and Generosity philosophy. As an extension of Generosity, CATALYST* members are encouraged to hold client appreciation events. According to Maher, showing appreciation is “love in reaction.” These events are also a strategic and proven way to gain referrals from existing clients. Shortly after joining the coaching program, Cary started carefully planning his first appreciation event. He chose to do a pie giveaway event on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in Arnold, Mo. about 22 minutes from his home in St. Louis.

CATALYST* member Brad Cary shares his experience Q: What made you get into "action" mode and go for it? A: Last year was a busy year. I wanted to show appreciation for a great year to great clients. I always want to do more for clients, and this was a way to give back to clients and bring everyone together. Q: What was your first step? A: First, I had to make the commitment to do it, then I picked the venue and date. I chose to hold the event at a chamber I belong to, and one that does a lot for the community. Q: What were the results? A: It was a good turnout. The people who attended enjoyed the event. We gave away door prizes. There were a couple dozen left-over pies, and we gave them to the local foodbank and fire department. Q: How many referrals did you get? A: Three referrals that turned into clients. Q: What did you do well? A: The layout. We had a registration table set up to get people registered. We also had appetizers and drinks.

Q: What would you do differently? A: I would have done a pre-followup prior to the event in order to be more organized. I would manage my time better with clients, making sure I spend the right amount of time with each one. Q: What advice would you offer someone who is hesitant on holding their first event? A: Show up and it will happen. Fear is always going to be there, but go outside your comfort zone. Q: What was your impression of founder Michael J. Maher when you met him? A: I met him twice. He’s energetic and to the point. Also very open. Maher is not for everyone, but is great for those who have a heart and love for their clients. Maher’s appreciation principle has always been the motivation behind these events: “We will react with love to all people, places, and things in our life and appreciate those people, places, and things for how they’ve helped us grow, learn, and experience life. We understand the power of what we appreciate R appreciates.” ■

We will react with love to all people, places and things in our life BRAD CARY is a full-time, full-service real estate professional. He believes in delivering world-class service and doing whatever it takes to make his clients’ real estate goals and dreams become a reality! Brad has been a CATALYST* member since 2017 and coined the hashtag #TheUsedHouseSalesMan. O’BERIA SEATS is a freelance writer, copywriter, and content creator who develops written content for entrepreneurs and businesses. For more info: REFERRALS 23

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FOUR MONTHS OF COACHING IN ONE MONTH! “I did Accelerate for the month of December and was super busy as a result. Referrals flooded in...was like a spring market in the winter!” -Jan Brito “Just received my weekly goal for incoming referrals today!!! I have also helped 3 others find the people they need. Love referrals!” -Sarah Ramsey




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