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Are Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees the same man, and did Pop marry his niece?

RSA: B1 – February 2018

Are Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees the same man, and did Pop marry his niece?


First published in Great Britain in 2018 by the Rees Scott Archive 24 Merlins Avenue Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire SA61 1JS

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1. Introduction


2. Where Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees fit into the Rees Scott Tree


3. Sarah Alice’s Family Story


4. Conclusion


5. References


Annex A: Rees Scott Archive Reference Structure



Introduction My paternal grandparents, Frederick William Henry Rees, known to all the family as ‘Pop’, and Sarah Alice Jones, married on 17th December 1919. Sarah Alice had been raised by Frederick’s half-sister, Florence.

“Dear Sis What do you think of this they came quicker than I thought they would I hope you like them With love Fred

From Alice & Fred with fondest love Taken on May 16th 1916

RSA-PHO-00008: Post card of Frederick William Henry REES and Sarah Alice Jones, taken on 16th May 1916, almost certainly just before Frederick was sent to the Western Front, having survived the Gallipoli campaign. It was not known he had been given any home leave, particularly as he was serving in the New Zealand forces.

The family story was that Sarah Alice’s mother, Annie, had gone out in a storm to register Sarah’s birth and caught pneumonia and died. It has always been assumed that Florence and Annie had been friends, maybe from when they lived next door to each other, and this is why Florence ‘adopted’ Sarah Alice. It was suggested that Sarah’s father Arthur Edward Jones, joined the Royal Navy. It is not known how much contact he subsequently had with his daughter. Frederick had emigrated to New Zealand and in the First World War had fought for the ANZACs at Gallipoli and the Somme. Having survived Gallipoli and destined for the Western Front in France, Frederick must have managed to get some leave, and met up with Sarah Alice in May 1916, when the above photo was taken. Injured whilst in France, at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, in September 1916, Frederick was sent to the New Zealand Hospital at Walton on Thames. Sarah Alice, so the family story went, was living in London at the times and went to visit Frederick, where love blossomed. Although as the photo above would seem to indicate, maybe that had been going on for some time. 4

Frederick was deemed to be unfit for active service and repatriated to New Zealand. After the end of the War, Frederick returned to the UK and he and Sarah Alice were married on 17th December 1919:1.

For the marriage register, Sarah Alice had declared her father was ‘William Arthur Jones, deceased’, however, as we shall see below, that was not the case. Was this just a case of being unsure who her Father was, or a deliberate attempt to hide who her father actually was? Clearly the story was more complicated than it first appeared. This research paper looks at the identity of Sarah Alice’s father and to question whether he, Arthur Edward Jones, was actually the same person as Frederick’s half-brother, Arthur Edward Rees? It also considers that if this was the case, did Frederick marry his half-niece? References to documents, or copies of documents, held in the Rees Scott Archive are shown, as appropriate, in the format: ‘RSA-XXX-0000’. An explanation of the full Rees Scott Archive reference structure is detailed in Appendix A. Certificates and documents for which I do not hold copyright have been transcribed. If anyone has any additional information that could be usefully added to this research, please feel free to contact me at Barry Rees February 2018


Where Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees fit into the Rees Scott Tree David Alan Rees – known as Dai, (1932 – 2009) and Eileen Ivy Scott (1930 – 2003) married on 4th September 19542. The research and documentation regarding them, their ancestors and descendants forms the Rees Scott Archive. Dai’s parents were Frederick William Henry Rees and Sarah Alice Jones.3 The following shows the basic details of their family tree from current knowledge before this specific research was undertaken:


Frederick’s Family Story Frederick was the eldest child of Henry Rees and Fanny Biles. Henry and Fanny had married on 3rd May 18924 and went on to have four children in total: • • • •

Frederick William Henry b 18925 Frances Daisy b 18946 Evan Llewellyn b 18987 Gwendoline b 19048

However, Henry was a widower. He had previously married Alice Jones on 31st December 1872:9.

As they married in a Chapel, rather than the ‘established church’, a Registrar also had to be present to make the marriage legal10. According to census and some birth records Henry and Alice had the following children: • • • • • • • • •

Arthur Edward b 1872 (so before the marriage on 31st December 1872) – noted as ‘Rees’ on 1881 census11, so presumed Henry was the father. However, no birth record yet found. Tom Henry b 187412 Florence Edith b 187613 Agnes b 187714 Richard Glenmark b 188015 Clara Ann b 1882 - Census records suggest Clara was born in Gloucester. However, I have not yet been able to find a birth registration or baptism record for Clara.16 William Walter b 188417 Ada b 188518 Joseph George b 188719

As noted, in the 1881 Census Record Arthur Edward was listed as a ‘REES’, which is why it had previously been accepted that Arthur Edward was Henry’s son, even if he had been born before Henry and Alice’s wedding20:


Henry’s first wife, Alice Jones, was born in Lydney on 20th August 1847, the daughter of Thomas Jones and his wife Hannah (nee Morris)21.

In the 1871 Census, Alice was shown as a ‘Visitor’ with the Saunders family. Her occupation was shown as ‘Dressmaker’ and her birth place as ‘Lydney’ in Gloucestershire.22


Alice died on 1st January 189123, leaving Henry with several young children to look after.

At the time of the 1891 Census, Henry Rees, by this date a widower and yet to marry his second wife, was living at No 5 Porset Row, Van (just outside Caerphilly). Henry had all his and Alice’s children with him, except Arthur Edward. I have been unable to find a definite entry for Arthur (either as Rees or Jones) in the 1891 Census. Sarah Rees and her Granddaughter Annie Elvira Rees, were living next door at No 4, sharing the property with the Luker family:24

There is no current known relation between these two Rees lines. By the time of the 1901 Census, Henry was living with his new wife Fanny, in Southampton (Fanny was born in Bovington, so may have had family living nearby). As well as Henry and Fanny’s two children, Frederick and Daisy, they had Clara, Ada and Joseph, three of Henry’s children with his first wife Alice25 (see next page). Frederick clearly thought of these half siblings as family, and the Rees Scott Archive has photos of Joseph’s wife Margaret, as well as Clara, in later life26.


By the time Frederick was born, the older half siblings had left home, so it is not clear how much contact he had with them, apart from Florence, who we know he and Sarah also kept in contact with, and whose son, Richard and Daughter in Law, Olga, I remember visiting as a child, in the village of Blaina, now in Blaenau Gwent.

Henry Rees and Family 1901 England Census:

RSA-PHO-00009/1 and 2: - Photos of Margaret (wife of Frederick’s half-brother Joseph), Sarah Alice (Frederick’s wife) Clara (Frederick’s half-sister), Fred, and Butch (Frederick and Sarah’s dog). Photos date from late 1940’s to early 1950’s (Margaret died 1955).


Sarah Alice’s Family Story Sarah Alice was the only child of Arthur Edward Jones and Annie Elvira Rees. Arthur and Annie had married in Newport Registry Office on 1st March 189427. Neither of them recorded a father on the marriage certificate. One of the witnesses appears to be related to the Registrar, so possibly both were unknown to the Bride and Groom?

Annie would have been heavily pregnant, as their daughter, Sarah Alice, was born just 45 days later, on 15th April 1894:28 We had a copy of Sarah Alice’s ‘Short’ Birth Certificate, the details on which, when enhanced, helped us track down the correct full birth certificate:


Having identified Sarah Alice’s mother as Annie Elvira Rees, it was possible to find her birth record. She was born on 27th May 1874, in Bedwas Bridge, to domestic servant Mary Rees:29

This certificate seems to confirm that Annie was illegitimate, which matches what she stated on her marriage certificate. As we saw above, in the 1891 Wales Census, Annie was living with her widowed Grandmother, Sarah Rees, next door to Henry Rees and his children. Although the family story was that Sarah Alice’s mother, Annie, had gone out in a storm to register Sarah’s birth and caught pneumonia and died; given Annie had registered Sarah’s birth on 25th May 1894, and died of Bright’s Disease and Albuminuria Convulsions (a kidney disease), on 28th August 1894, the family story seems a bit of a stretch30.


On all these available documents, Sarah Alice’s father is clearly named as Arthur Edward Jones – not William Arthur Jones, as Sarah Alice had named him on her marriage to Frederick William Henry Rees. After Annie’s death, it is known that Henry’s daughter Florence took Sarah Alice in and brought her up. The family story was that Sarah Alice’s father then went into the Navy, which was a change from his occupation on his marriage certificate, and Sarah Alice’s birth certificate, of ‘coal miner’. Florence married Thomas Lane, in 189631, and by the 1901 census, Sarah Alice is listed as ‘Sarah A Rees – Niece’, as part of Florence’s family. It has previously been presumed that the use of ‘Rees’ and ‘Niece’ was just to avoid awkward questions:32

However, Sarah Alice was apparently using the surname ‘Rees’ herself in September 1918, before her marriage to Frederick. We have a photo of her with Ministry of Munitions colleagues in Bristol, taken on 7th September 1918, which is annotated on the reverse “Miss Keatings, Miss Beer, Miss Rees, Mr Frosecast (?) Sept 7th 1918 at Bristol”33. Sarah Alice is standing at the back of the group. Given Miss Keating or Miss Beer is holding a model plane, it is possible that they were working at the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company’s premises in Filton, Bristol.


Given the prevalence of the surname ‘Jones’ in Wales, and with no father or mother date, it looked to be an impossible task to identify the family and birth of Arthur Edward Jones. However, in an address book belonging to Sarah Alice, she had written the following:34


This, therefore, gives us a clue to her father’s birthday, 17th August, and his death on 31st May 1918, aged 45, which would give a birth year of about 1872 / 73. So, given this, what do we know so far about Arthur Edward Jones? • • • • • •

Born 17th August 1872 / 73 Possibly illegitimate as no Father noted on his marriage certificate – so Jones may have been his mother’s maiden name By March 1894 he was working as a Coal Miner and living in Bedwas – at the time of his marriage He married Annie Elvira Rees, who was illegitimate, and pregnant with Sarah Alice at the date of the marriage. After Annie’s death, the family story was he joined the Navy Sarah Alice would have been aged 24 when her Father died.

Using the new GRO birth index, which includes the Mother’s maiden name, and looking for a birth of an Arthur Edward Jones in 1872/3, I found the following births35:

The one birth with a ‘Jones’ mother’s maiden name was in Atcham Registration District – in Shropshire. The only birth likely to be in the area that matched what we know was:


The certificate for which showed36:

This was a birth of Arthur Edward Jones, illegitimate, to Alice Jones, a dressmaker, living in Machen Upper, on 17th August 1872 – the same birthday date as in Sarah Alice’s address book. Is it a coincidence that Henry Rees married, Alice Jones also in Machen, who had given birth to a ‘Arthur Edward’ in 1872, with no other Arthur Edward Jones / Rees born in Machen in the same period? As we know, Alice Jones was born in Lydney on 20th August 1847, the daughter of Thomas Jones and his wife Hannah (nee Morris). As we saw above, in the 1871 Census, Alice, born in Lydney in 1847, was a ‘Visitor’ living with the Saunders family in Upper Llanfrechva. She was described as a ‘dressmaker’.

I had not previously found a birth record for an Arthur Rees in 1872/3. However, looking for a birth of an Arthur Rees in 1872/3, found the following births on the GRO birth index:

Of these, only one seems a possible for the area we believe Arthur was born in: 16

The certificate for which showed37:

This has a different birthday from that recorded in Sarah Alice’s address book, and although the Father is a Henry Rees, every other occurrence for the occupation of Frederick’s Father Henry Rees, has been Cabinet Maker, or related (Carpenter / Joiner). He has never been a ‘Collector of Rates’. Although this Arthur Rees’ mother is also an Alice, it clearly notes her maiden name as ‘Rees’ not Jones. There is a marriage record for a Henry Rees to either Susan Shapland or Alice Ann Rees at the GRO – (Ref: 1871 J-M Cardiff V11a P298) and a Wales 1971 Census Record for a Henry Rees and Alice A Rees (RG 10 / 5342 - Enumeration District: 3; Folio: 61; Page: 28), where Henry is shown as ‘Relieving Office’, which would be consistent with the ‘Collector of Rates’ on the marriage certificate. In addition, although, Henry Rees and Alice Jones had married on 31st December 1872; so, would have been a couple by the time this Arthur Rees was born in September 1873, they then had their next child Tom on 30th April 187438, just 7 months later:

Although there are rare cases of, what are called ‘superfetation’, where a pregnant woman releases an egg a few weeks into her pregnancy, hormones usually shut down a woman's system, making it impossible for her to ovulate during her pregnancy. In such circumstances the two babies are normally born at the same time.39 Accordingly, it is extremely unlikely that the ‘Arthur Rees’ born to Henry Rees and Alice (nee Rees), is Henry and Alice’s ‘Arthur Edward Rees’, and it is looking more likely that Arthur Edward Jones became Arthur Edward Rees.


In addition, Arthur Edward Jones / Rees – the ‘son’ of Alice Jones and Henry Rees, married Emma Jane Taylor in Portsea Island in 1899, as Arthur Edward Rees40.

This certificate shows us that Arthur Edward Rees was a widower, worked as a Stoker in the Royal Navy and named his father as Henry Rees. All these elements fit with the information we have on Arthur Edward Jones. Although the marriage was witnessed by three Taylors, given the distance from South Wales, it is perhaps understandable that none of Arthur’s family had travelled down for the wedding. The National Archive have the following Naval service record for an ‘Arthur Rees’, who signed on for 12 years’ service in 1897:41

Arthur REES – Royal Navy Service Record. TNA Ref: ADM 188 / 458 / 285863.


Although this record gives a birth location as Machen, and an occupation as ‘miner’, it records a birth date as 17 July 1873, which is different to that of Arthur Edward Jones. However, it does fit what else we know for Arthur and his wife Emma. They had six children, the first three of which were all born in Portsmouth – coinciding with Arthur’s service record.42 It is possible that the change in birthdate is to disguise the fact that Arthur was signing on with his ‘adopted’ name of Rees, rather than his birth name of Jones. By the time of the 1911 Census, Arthur Edward ‘Rees’ was working as a coal miner:43

Emma appear to have been recorded as ‘Emily’ for this Census, however, the children’s names show it is the right family. Arthur Edward Rees died on 31st March 1918, at the same address as he was living at the 1911 Census - 1 Pontcynon Terrace, Abercynon, Llanwonno, Mountain Ash44. This is the same date that Sarah Alice notes that her father had died.


Conclusion Taking all the research into account, it does indeed appear that Arthur Edward Jones, later living as Arthur Edward Rees, is the same Arthur Edward Jones who was the father of Sarah Alice Jones. It is likely that Sarah Alice was named after Annie Elvira’s Grandmother Sarah, who had raised her and Arthur’s mother Alice. If so, the family relationship would be as follows:

If Arthur Edward Jones was also known as Arthur Edward Rees, this would also make more sense as to why ‘Sarah Alice’ was described in the 1901 Census as Sarah Alice Rees and as a ‘Niece’. Florence would have viewed Arthur as a brother, so would have viewed Arthur’s daughter, Sarah as her niece. As Sarah Alice was aged 24 when her Father died – why did she use ‘William Arthur Jones’ on her marriage certificate, yet be using ‘Rees’ as her own surname when working at the munitions works in Bristol? It is possible that she was either unaware of the identity of her Father at the time of the marriage (we don’t know the date she entered the details in her address book), or she made a deliberate choice to muddy the records. Was Sarah Alice acknowledged within Arthur’s second marriage? She would have been aged just 5 when Arthur married Emma Jane. It was clear that she wasn’t sent for to go and live with Emma in Portsmouth, however, as she was probably settled where she was, it would have been strange for Emma, who would have been on her own a lot when Arthur was at sea, to have taken Sarah Alice in. In any event, as Florence had looked after Sarah Alice for some four and half years – for some of that time, even before she had her own children, it would have been a massive wrench to give her up. It may be telling that in Sarah Alice’s address book, there are no details for Emma, or Arthur and Emma’s children, which contrasts with Florence’s children (the Lane family) and Clara’s children (the Glen family), who are all represented. It is possible that Emma and her children had no knowledge of Sarah Alice’s existence. For Sarah Alice, the big question is, of course, who was Arthur Edward’s father – and indeed was Arthur Edward really her own father. If Henry Rees, was Arthur Edward Jones’ father, and Arthur Edward Jones was Sarah Alice’s father, then Frederick would have married his step / half niece, which was a ‘prohibited degree’. 20

Given that both Henry Rees and Arthur Edward Jones married women who had either just given birth or were heavily pregnant, and both chose to do so outside of the Established Church (Chapel and Registry Office, respectively), it would be a convenient assumption to make that they were the fathers of those children. However, it would need both to be the fathers of the respective children, to have resulted in Frederick marrying his step / half niece. If Henry was Arthur Edward’s father, why not have his name on the birth certificate – and why would Arthur Edward not acknowledge Henry as his father at the time of his first marriage? Clearly if either Henry and Arthur Edward were not the father of their apparent first born, then Frederick would have been entirely free to marry Sarah Alice. Would Sarah Alice and Frederick have knowingly married if they knew Sarah Alice was Frederick’s half-niece? I would like to think not. From the written record it is impossible to answer this question and, maybe, without a complex set of DNA checks we will probably never know the truth.


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Are Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees the same man, and did Pop marry his niece?


RSA B1 Are Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees the same man?  

Sarah Alice Jones married Frederick William Henry Rees (known to the family as 'Pop'. This research paper looks at the identity of Sarah A...

RSA B1 Are Arthur Edward Jones and Arthur Edward Rees the same man?  

Sarah Alice Jones married Frederick William Henry Rees (known to the family as 'Pop'. This research paper looks at the identity of Sarah A...