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The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013




The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

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The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

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The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Message from our President

Jozef Goebels

The Open Network was founded in 2012 on insights that structural changes have to be done in Romania by and with Romanians. Since more than 20 years we have cooperated with ADR-Vlaanderen and worked together with a team of dedicated and reliable people. This made it easier to convince people in Flanders and to take the final decision. The TON year report 2012 and the current one of 2013 sufficiently demonstrate the success of the TON network in different domains of society development, but also in the evolution in thinking and handling. In the framework of 175 years of diplomacy between Belgium and Romania in 2013, ADR-Vlaanderen will celebrate 25 years of co-operation between Belgium and Romania in 2014. It is clear that the development of an important network - in Flanders, Belgium, as well as in Romania and other countries show their importance. In that perspective, ADR as well as TON are interesting interlocutors for other NGO‘s, policy makers, institutions, governments and companies. Of course, this network has to be constructed permanently. A first group of regional trainers has been installed and trained and it is important to go on with these trainings in the future. Besides that, we decided to work with departments focusing on specific items and target groups within our network. This has to be further developed in the coming years. The Open Network wants indeed to be an open network for everyone. For this reason, a Memorandum Of Understanding will be concluded with other organizations and institutions. Herewith we also focus on social economy and rural development as a profit and benefit for all inhabitants. Building out a strong civil society is therefore a must and an important instrument. In 2014, we will focus on more visibility and presence of TON besides setting up a strong policy plan for the next years. Furthermore, we demonstrated that we have different specialists in house which brings us to the conclusion that we need to set up training and education centers on different subjects. It is the goal also to make The Open Network in time a self-sufficient and independent foundation. A good funding structure and policy will be developed and TON will apply on different grants of Europe and other funds. To conclude, we are really convinced that TON makes and will make the difference in Romania. This also is also due to a dedicated and motivated staff and board, appreciated volunteer engagement of regional trainers, specialists and many others in different departments of TON, the advocacy and promotion of our godfather and godmother and the financial but also moral support of our sponsors. This unique and long lasting collaboration between Flanders (ADR) and Romania (TON) will help us contribute to a more social Europe. Jozef Goebels, President of The Open Network. President of ADR-Vlaanderen.


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Message from our Godfather...

Phillipe Beke


he Decentralized Forum which was organized at the end of October 2013 will be landmark for several reasons. First of all, it is a landmark in the process of mature relations of solidarity and responsibility between Romanian and Belgian local actors. With the last outgoing year being the year of the European citizen, the Decentralized Forum tried to bring back the cooperation format to the core in different fields of activities. Thanks to the continuous actions of The Open Network, the scope of its activities in Romania has reached a higher level, capturing the interest of Romanian ministers, like was the case of the visit of Mr. Raed Arafat to SlatinaTimis in May 2013. Health was a major multiplicator which activities led to the signature of a convention for the development of best practices at the end of November 2013. In order to further proceed, in a modern and forward-

looking policy line, TON will indeed need to continue to engage TON at the level of organizations and local authorities as well as on the national policy level. I want to thank all those that have contributed to the success of TON in 2013 and encourage all participants to continue their efforts in 2014. The Open Network is a network welcoming all activities in the field of civil society between Belgium and Romania by adding a professional dimension in which the participants will gain profit trespassing the line of their own actions. May 2014 be as fruitful as 2013 and may good health and good relations professionally and personally be part of our lives! Philippe Beke Belgium Ambassador in Romania Godfather of T.O.N.

‌ and our Godmother

Irina Pacurariu

We should become more visible, more persuasive, more followed by others. With worthy causes and people who deserve help. I have an example, an idea that still haunts me: there are ear .T.O.N., dozens of places in Romania, including cities, where children do not yet have a playground, they haven’t yet seen any such f we dream alone, it remains only a dream. If we dream thing as a swing or a slide. Their only escape is among stray together, we have a reality, so that we have to do if we dogs and garbage scattered by the wind. Sadly, not only true, want our work to matter. This year I met many communi- but also to repair. ties, forgotten by people and God. As much as we would like to think that Romania has its ticket out to civilization, I wish to Irina Pacurariu point out that, unfortunately with many evidences to this reTV Journalist spect, we still have a long way to go. What do we have to do? Godmother of T.O.N.




The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Messages from our board members We asked our Belgian and Romanian Board members to give us their thoughts on the Foundation’s development in 2014. Here’s what they replied...


should keep on going with social organizations. Here is why: a society reduced to a collection of inhabitants is a very poor and individual definition. Since they can remember, people SOMEPRO are organizing themselves in associations (social organizations) at local level, even at supra local level. In these social organizations, people can empower, develop and protect themselves. Not only the citizens have their benefit from social organizations. Also the society and (local) policy makers can have their benefit of these “forces” who take action, have their opinion, have their expertise, defend their good.

Bart Wynants


we at the right place? No doubt. Social organizations create emancipatory persons and a “warm and strong” society. You cannot disclaim that social organizations are healthy for society. It is fact that social organizations can help to implement decisions and are a strong part in the making of opinions. Therefore, local policymakers have their advantage to coop with them and give prominence in the municipality and at regional and national level.



he most important task for us, as professional workers in a social organization, is to support our volunteers. This support can be given in several ways. Mentally: first of all encourage them Vlaanderen to continue their engagement, give them positive response when they had a bad experience, celebrate the good experiences with them. But of course: as a professional you have to be more than a mental coach. You have to have a good overview of the whole organization, see what is important to work on to improve the organization, see what the volunteers need to do their job more easy or in a better way and see how you can fill in this needs that can be material or in the area of training/education. Also important: give new impulses to the organization: this can create a new enthusiasm in the organization.

Jef Vanhoof


pen Network can create a sustainable community spirit by implementing community development projects. These projects need to be of high value for all the people of the Romanian CHIRO society and in particular for those who need it the most. Romanian volunteers can first help us in detecting the highest needs. The Open Network together with the volunteers can gather knowledge about specific themes. With this information and some practical help from The Open Network the volunteers can start a project on the local, regional or national level. In order to construct projects that contribute to the community spirit and are valuable for the Romanian society we need volunteers to find the best ideas. And to transform these ideas in great projects close to the needs of the Romanian people.

Peter Andriessen


ot to forget that, with the current Romanian society, challenges are still major. Two of the most important that I see are: Glabbeek Committee - First line health care; - Giving youngsters a positive view about their future. Encourage local groups to turn these problems into opportunities is one of the mayor challenges for T.O.N. A group of enthusiastic and talented people will support hundreds of volunteers all over Romania to work towards a caring society. As a board member I will do everything I can to help.

Piet Henckens


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Messages from our board members We asked our Belgian and Romanian Board members to give us their thoughts on the Foundation’s development in 2014. Here’s what they replied...

Ioan Suru ADAM Slatina-Timis

For ADAMSlatina-Timis it is clear that community development does not just happen, but it takes a collective and organized effort to make it. And for a sustainable community development (local, regional and national), we need a specific framework and an appropriate structure to facilitate the association of people to solve real problems.

Such a structure is TON, as it ensures optimal models of cooperation between different actors in various fields in order to facilitate the achievement of the best results, through concentrated efforts.

Since the establishment of ADAM Moldoviţa, few volunteers started to get involved in community actions without having the experience of working in an NGO. Well now, at the beginning of 2014, we can speak of advanced experiences in community involvement, European projects, already implemented or in progress, trainings, exchanges etc. All this demanded hard work, determination and ambition to prove ourselves and others, less optimistic, that ADAM can be an opportunity for the community. I can say with conviction that all the networking and collaboration with FDAAM members and then TON, the support and guidance we received, especially from Ms. Cristina Chert, made a great difference and helped us to get good results in a short time. Each member of the network is valuable for TON and the network drive makes us stronger, more confident and more competent, both as a group but also personally. The success of each local organization is the pride and joy of the whole Foundation and the Foundation’s development relies on the contributions of its members. I hope 2014 will mean another year of accomplishments for TON and I wish to each TON member good health and wisdom to be able to succeed in all!

Hiche Mihaela ADAM Moldovita

The chance to be a founding member and - later - Board Member of The Open Network Foundation for Community Development has meant a lot to my personal and professional life. Pro Europe Working in this network is a repeatable challenge to get involved, show responsibility, be socially innovative, perform and develop, especially since the foundation itself has evolved steadily since the early days of its establishment. Here I met people absolutely special, ethical and professional models, authentic leaders and valuable mentors. From them I learned to put even more passion in what I do and that diversity can get us very close. I am honoured and grateful for the joy of having met each and every one of them!

Dana Ceredeev Project

Voluntary activities of young people in AGLT began with the model and support of the Belgian youth organizations. The year 2000 was the start of the Romanian-Belgian collaboration, which proved to be the start for important changes in the life of a significant group of young people in Romania. At the present time, youth development programs as well as the question of raising another generation are crucial for the future of our organization. The new youth programs are necessary to promote common values as well as to equip young people with qualifications, skills, abilities, knowledge, self-determination. The activities that AGLT carries through local youth groups directly involve young people and make a real difference in their lives. By continuing these activities we wish to make a difference in people's lives and help them to shape joint projects with Belgian partners, as much as we hope to encourage youth involvement in the development process of citizenship at a regional, a national and a European level.

Maria Pruteanu AGLT


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

T.O.N.’s fields of work in 2013


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


Trainings of Trainers

Cehu-Silvaniei April 19 to 21: TON Foundation organized the first regional training course for trainers in the network, for 2013. The course was held at Cehu Silvaniei, Salaj county, with the support of ADL Cehu Silvaniei. The training sessions were focused on the 2% fundraising campaign, the fee for members (individual and institutional fee) and the work of the regional trainers who developed regional meetings/workshops namely: Daniela Ghitoiu, Portick Laszlo, Ioan Suru, Mihaela Hiche.

April 2013

Borsa August 16 to 18: The second National Meeting of TON was held in Borsa, Maramures county. The special guest, Ms. Cristina Vladu – expert from the Ministry of Health and adviser of Secretary of State - made important remarks about health at the community level. T.O.N. trainers led simultaneous workshops on "How to organize an event" (Ioan Suru , ADAM Slatina Timis) , "How do go from an informal to a formal group " (Mihaela Hiche, ADAM Moldovita), "About TON" ( Cristina Chert , Executive Director TON). Marleen Smeyers and Patrick van Den Nieuwenhof presented collaborative network projects ("Nette" and "Collaborative exhibition - 25 years of Romanian-Belgian cooperation"). Experts from the network (Ceredeev Daniela, Daniela Ghitoiu, Doina Enache, Ioan Suru, Mariuca Ivan- "White Yellow Cross ", Mihaela Hiche) showed remarkable local or national projects.

August 2013


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Ciumarna The Open Network regional training of trainers held in Ciumarna, Suceava, 11-13 October 2013, had a complex program aimed: to inform and empower trainers in writing project proposals for community development, practice techniques and work with assessment tools for national and regional trainings, develop coherent strategies to promote projects, increase visibility, ensure dissemination and follow-up. The training of trainers had a good mix of formal, nonformal and informal activities and stood under the auspices of interculturalism and solidarity. The activities proved to be motivating and exciting for the up to 48 participants from different communities and have resulted in: contact meeting with government representatives, local councils and health centers across the region - moderator Jozef Goebels, president of ADR Vlaanderen; thematic workshops - writing / project evaluations (trainers - Cristina Chert , Hiche Mihaela, Daniela Ceredeev); mini - information sessions - social map (methodology proposed by Patrick van den Nieuwenhof, Expert Heritage); 2014 TON calendar - brochure for social practice in the TON network (trainer Daniela Ghitoiu); Romanian-Belgian decentralized forum in Leuven, Flanders - moderator Jef Vanhoof, ADR. The meeting was also a good opportunity to showcase several photography exhibitions, graphic works, promotional materials, graphic products and projects undertaken by some of the organizations that are very active in the network.

October 2013

New generation - T.O.N. interns In 2013, three young Belgian girls were hosted as interns by different organizations within the network, for a duration of 4 months. Dorien Proost (at left) was a 20 year old student (studying Social Work at the Thomas Moore college) and coming from Turnhout, Belgium. “The reason that I came to Romania was that I wanted to know a new culture, do some development work, just see another world. It seemed to me a whole challenge to come to Romania”. Dorien has completed her 4months internship at ADAM Moldovita, developing local programs for youth movement. Her other two counterparts - Sofie Janssens and Hanne Vanheusden (at right)– were studying Social Work at the same college. Sofie Janssens is also 20 year old and came from Beringen, Belgium, while Hanne Vanheusden is 22 year old student and came from Diepenbeek, Belgium. Both Hanne and Sofie have completed their 4months internship at the EUROPANET Association, working for the consolidation of the RomanianBelgian partnership. Also in 2013, Viktor Moermans was an intern for 3 months in AGLT. “An internship in Romania? Why not! I’ve always wanted to go abroad for a longer period. Since my school gave me this wonderful opportunity, I couldn’t neglect it. Working for AGLT was a dream becoming reality. It is a way to combine my study (Social Work) and my hobby (Chiro). The Chiro is a Belgian youth movement such as AGLT. I am part of it for 14 years now, and I could not think of a better way to spend my time! We organize play days for the kids, parties for the youngster, but also a lot of activities for the parents. On the one hand this is to get to know the parents, to get their trust. When I decided to go on an internship abroad I had one important objective. I do not want to be just part of an organization, I want to be part of a society. This goal is really accomplished by all the traveling I did to visit the local groups of AGLT”. During his internship and numerous visits at the local youth groups, Viktor exchanged know-how with the Romanian youth leaders regarding social animation. 10

The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


Social and medical assistance through ADAM & CLS

An ADAM is a Mutual Help Association that is offering medical and social services in a community according to its members’ medical needs. Each ADAM has a very strong structure of OLF, OLB, and GLT behind and is developing medical-social activities in respect with the member’s needs. The most important concepts for an ADAM are: medical-social services, mutual respect and volunteerism.

Other ADAM can be found in:  Borsa;  Bucuresti;  Focsani.

A LHC (Local Health Committee) is a formal or an informal group formed by all community institutional stakeholders (school, church, County Council, business area, hospital etc.) who have a main target: to grow the health level of community members through integrated actions (from “grass-roots” activities until health policies changes).

Other LHC can be found in:  Viscri (Brasov);  Stremt (Alba);  Taut (Bihor).

In late July, ADAM Moldovita hosted training activities for unemployed youth in the framework of the "Expanding employment opportunities of unemployed young Romanians in the European Union" project, implemented by Corona Iasi Foundation in partnership with the SC Info Education SRL. During the next period information sessions were held in the same project for a new group of young people. Between 11 to 16 August 2013 a new project was implemented: "Beautiful Batik Art Technique", approved in Grundtvig workshops. The project activities have brought together participants from Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Romania. Before being introduced to the "batik technique", guests had the opportunity to know the beauties of Bucovina villages, people's pursuits and their love of traditional costumes. Their visits to the "Museum of painted eggs - Lucia Condrea", "Village Museum", Monastery of Moldovita, Sucevita, Putna, their travel with the ancient train – mocanita – as well as their participation in "Hutul’s Festival" were great opportunities to socialize and to get to know each other, after which they started the workshops. After some explanations on the working tools, color range, technique, models, stages, etc. .. each guest exercised their handiness in painting eggs.

ADAM Moldovita


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

One of the most beautiful evenings was one in which each participant had to prepare a stand representative of his country. The participants told stories, they watched videos and exchanged souvenirs, gifts were given, products were tested ... in one word, there was a good mood and it felt like a small European family. In August 2013 the activities began within the European project "Game On", developed in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.2 , Youth Initiatives. One of the first activities consisted out of the youth exchange between the groups in Moldovita and GLT Crucea. Thus, 10 young people from Crucea were accomodated in Moldovita for 3 days, days full of fun, joy and friendship. Together, the two groups prepared a play day for kids in Moldovita. Also on August 28, ADAM Moldova received the visit of former Secretary of State for Health Ministry, Dr.. Anton Cristian Irimia, accompanied by an official delegation. The local coordinator – Hiche Mihaela – presented the ADAM concept and the facilities for healthcare. Cristian Irimia was impressed by what he saw and promised medical offices will be involved in identifying physicians to practice in ADAM Moldovita. The visit was facilitated by the Mayor of the municipality, Mr. Traian Iliesi. During the discussions, the mayor promised the local administration will be involved in supporting physicians by providing living spaces. In December, in the framework of the Game On project a social responsibility campaign took place called "Make a joy with a toy”. The campaign aimed at raising awareness of local youngsters to the situation of children with disabilities in foster care and to increase their volunteer involvement in campaigns. Thus, in just one week, young people and project managers were able to involve more people in the community with whom they gathered dozens of toys, clothes, fruits and sweets. All the donations were given to children with disabilities from social centers in Scheia, Adancata and Mihoveni. In March 2013, ADAMS received the visit of Raed Arafat, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, and of the Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Philippe Beke, presenting them - on this occasion - with its latest accomplishments. As a result of participating in this event, the town hall of Resita began replicating the Social Fund - financial support system for people in difficult situations or presenting medical emergencies. Also in May, ADAMS and the town hall of Slatina Timis provided support to a number of 60 patients to access the free screening program for people at risk of peripheral arterial disease. In this project, ADAMS worked together with University of Timisoara, Association Compass X and Emergency County Hospital of Timisoara. Still in May (27-30) ADAMS organized a major health event in the center of Caransebes: “Decide to Stop Smoking” Week. In June 2013, ADAMS won two projects in the CSR competition "Together for Everyone" run by Rompetrol, thus gaining the means to ensure the rehabilitation of 2 medical cabinets and 1 pharmacy in Armenis as well as to modernize the Resita County Hospital by making a solar heating system. ADAMS is not just developing itself, but also coaching other social organizations to do so. As an example, ADAMS supported 4 members of the Local Group Youth Slatina- Timis to participate in the national AGLT Camp and 3 other volunteers of GLT Slatina - Timis , Armenis and Caransebes to attend the camp from Raul-Alb, organized by GLT Arcus Resita (July 2013). In addition to this, after two preliminary meetings under the guidance of ADAMS, the Local Organization for Women Bucosnita decided to register with legal personality by the end of July.

ADAM Slatina-Timis

TVR1 has praised ADAM’s work. Click here to see the news report:


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013 11 municipalities from the Bistra Valley, along with local administration of Otelu Rosu, founded an NGO to support the activity of the Otelu Rosu Hospital, threatened with closure in March after retraining program imposed by the Minister of Health. Every month, the mayors of the 12 communities make a deposit in the Association’s fund of 150 Ron each - the amount so collected is used to pay salaries of medical staff, as these are no longer supported by the County Health Insurance. The assistance provided by ADAMS for 14 years, on principles of solidarity, to facilitate the health improvement of people continued in 2013 as well, with the donation of beds and mattresses to the Neurology Department of the Resita Hospital. 3 medical offices from city schools received sofas for consultations, devices for emergency wardrobe device, chairs, coat racks, tonometer and material for dental units. A simple analysis of the 14 years of activities demonstrates the impact of this organization. The medioteca system and the humanitarian aid shows a number of 8620 direct beneficiaries. Thus, ADAMS’ support was distributed as it follows: 517 people accessed the social fund, 89 people received ear devices, 910 people benefited from canes and crutches, 234 patients were equipped with mobile and fixed walkers. Also, patients were provided with 413 chairs (wheelchairs for disabled people), 23 anti-eschar mattresses, 17 gurneys, 118 toilet seats. Besides these, 1,232 people were helped with orthotics, prosthetics, knee pads, elbow pads, instep and other 2,600 patients were supported with resources for urinary incontinence. According to President of ADAMS, the next three years will be dedicated to health education, prevention and profilaxy.

ADAM’s regional spreading Social and medical structures  Medical cabinets: Ilova, Sadova Noua, Verendin, Caransebes;  Working points: Resita (mediotheque, info-center, volunteer center, home-care services); Caransebes (mediotheque, info-center, volunteer center, home-care services); Verendin (dentistry)  Local Health Councils: Bucosnita, Zagujeni, Jamu Mare, Luncavita, Armenis.

Social structures  Local Women Organization: Golet, Bucosnita, Verendin, SlatinaTimis;

 Local Men Organization: Teregova, Domasnea, Armenis, Golet, Verendin, Bucosnita, Slatina-Timis;

 Local Youth groups: Zavoi, Teregova, Domasnea, Armenis, Golet, Verendin, Bucosnita, Slatina-Timis;

 Seniors’club: Slatina-timis, Otelu Rosu, Caransebes, and—in partnership with Retirement Homes— in Sacu, Glimboca and Caransebes;

 VIZIDOM: Golet, Armenis, Verendin, Slatina-Timis, Otelu Rosu, Bucosnita.

ADAM Cluj-Napoca

In 2013, ADAM CLUJ focused on organizing monthly info-sessions and workshops on various topics, for various target-groups, especially for youngsters (INformal INformation sessions). Extra attention was given to monthly prevention actions (campaigns, free measurements, info-stands at local events—even at concerts) as well as to the development of partnerships with health practitioners and/or social organizations. All this brought ADAM to the threshold of about 1500 members. Their recipe for success? Volunteers’ engagement. Keep up with their activity by visiting:


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


Community development through CLD

A Local Development Committee (CLD) is group of citizens who, through their common activity, aim to develop a sustainable community. CLD can develop a variety of activities accordingly with their priorities and their community needs and they will get support from TON (as a transnational Romanian-Belgian cooperation) into different areas such as: community development, health (CLS, ADAM), tourism (social), development of civil society (OLF, OLB and GLT), education programmes (workshops, trainings, entrepreneurship), etc. Each CLD develops its own logo and works as an independent body inside of the TON foundation. A CLD can be a formal (association) or informal group.

APPE Ciumarna

Local Development Centre Ciumârna project

From September 2012 to April 2013, Association Project Pro Europe (APPE) has developed the “Local Development Centre Ciumârna” project, financed by the European Commission under the Youth in Action programme, Action 1.2 - Youth Initiatives. According to the project schedule, young volunteers from GLT 4Kids were involved in various activities to promote the concepts of non-formal education and volunteering, following the premise that young people can and want to actively participate in their community. Just a few examples of activities undertaken: purchasing necessary materials, organization of space itself (Toy Library, small library, exhibition space), achieving visual identity elements, sorting library books, materials endowment for Toy Library, play days, creative handmade arts workshops and information campaigns on health issues; training session on Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, Carnival of Trinket, glass painting workshops, masks and painted eggs workshops, weekly meetings in Toy Library, greening activities during Moon Forest, as well as recreation and socio -cultural animation in the week dedicated to alternative education - 1 to 5 April 2013 etc. . On 23th of April, a final exhibition was held to promote the project and outputs of the “Local Development Centre Ciumârna”. More stands were organized, corresponding to the areas of LDC activity as well as the areas of social responsibility action plan, implemented in this project as a pilot of the SOCIETAL methodology. The project team presented: products of the workshops of traditional crafts - painted eggs, masks, glass paintings (social indicators); products of the handmade

CLDs can be found in:  Bordesti (Vrancea);  Dumitresti (Vrancea);  Ciumarna (Suceava);  Ladesti (Valcea);  Garliciu (Constanta);  Dumitresti (Vrancea);  Homorod (Brasov).

workshops - redecorated ceramic and wooden items, greeting cards and decorative items, traditional food (economic indicators); recycling products workshops - seams on vegetable support, decorative recycled paper (environmental indicators); presentations of the outcomes of the volunteer organization/volunteers involved in the project, the stakeholder’s initiatives and the results of project partnerships (governance indicators).

You too should read! Also in 2013, APPE has launched a new challenge to encourage reading and personal development of young people through the project You too should read!, which involved over 1,800 young people and children from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, different ethnicities and varied concerns in personal and professional training. The project budget, 5530 euro, was provided by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.2 - Youth Initiatives, has been used to organize 75 workshops on non formal reading in unconventional spaces; 60 creative writing workshops – the writing of the river type letter that started at the World Book Day has increased in number in the European Youth Week and continued not only until the last month of the project, but also in all daily activities of the Youth Local Group 4Kids Play during the day. There also was an exhibition of posters made by participants in the campaign, a storyvolume was published and 2 training sessions (non-formal education methods in context of Youth in Action and the European institutions and programs for youth) were attended by 68 young people. 14

The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013 Throughout the 7 month project in 26 counties in Romania (Suceava, Timis, Bacau, Botosani, Bistrita-Nasaud, Dolj, Iasi, Neamt, Constanta, Buzau, Dambovita, Vrancea, Brasov, Maramures, Alba, Bihor, Arad, Cluj, Gorj, Valcea, Caras-Severin, Vaslui, Salaj, Mures, Hunedoara and Bucuresti) were organized flash mobs, reading and creative writing workshops, workshops for sustainable development and manufacture of handmade paper, debates on reading and mini info-sessions on YIA programs. The skills developed in the 32 young people have been validated by Youthpass certificates and the project visibility was provided by the 200 copies of the story-volume distributed in all counties.

THINK GREEN! From April 15th to 30th of July 2013, APPE implemented THINK GREEN! under the “Green spaces” program, “Urban green space” component, funded by the MOL Romania and Partnership Foundation, a program that aimed to involve communities in project start-up, development and rehabilitation of public green spaces and environmental education activities. The project has received funding of 9000 RON and had the following immediate objectives: effective training of 480 students of Military College "Stefan cel Mare" Campulung, two categories of environmental protection activities - training and practical activities, rehabilitation and redevelopment of green space inside the college yard, students' skills development to design and implement an action plan for CSR specific areas highlighting environmental protection and governance, organizing workshops of manufacturing hand-made paper and cus-

CLD Bordesti

tomizing recycled paper. Besides the educational dimension, the project focused on the participatory dimension, by mixing the training of 40 students as promoters of a healthy, environmental-aware lifestyle with the program for social responsibility through a variety of formal, informal and non-formal activities.

Reality-Voice Caravan Between June 1st - 31st October 2013, APPE implemented the Reality -Voice Caravan project, through the Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.2 (Youth Initiatives), with a value of 4950 euro financing. The Reality-Voice Caravan, involving young volunteers of GLT 4Kids Ciumarna, halted for two days in five cities in where Local Youth Groups work, organizing with each occasion four distinct activities, namely: getting to know each other games for the youngsters from the two inter-acting groups to promote the project and to learn new methods of non-formal education, exchange of best practices across each group activity, cultural itineraries, local exhibition of photographs and evaluation. The final product of the Reality-Voice Caravan was a story-volume report, developed by the young participants in the project, which included: significant data on the activity of youth groups involved in the project during project activities, relevant photos, snapshots of life "in the mirror" taken in the communities visited during project, description of methods / techniques / tools of non formal education that have proven effective during project, impressions of the participants, feedback of project beneficiaries, results and impact of the project.

Committee for Local Development Bor- vanu, also born in Bordesti village. desti (Vrancea county) started the year Besides hosting the national training of of 2013 by delivering warm clothes and T.O.N., the Association for Local Defood for poor people, in cooperation velopment Cehu-Silvaniei (Salaj coun-

with Prosper Iasi (January). Youngsters were a main focal point for the CLD volunteers as they prepared all sorts of educational activities for them: info-session at school regarding substance abuse (February); social camp in Maliuc, Tulcea county, taking disadvantaged youngsters through a “walk” in the Delta Danube; customs celebration in Jitia, when children dressed up in traditional costumes and performed traditional dances, specific to the Carpathian area (March). For Easter, CLD together with GLT Bordesti organized a festive lunch for poorer people and in summer (June) they picked cherries and donated it to Sava Foundation, for the benefit of institutionalized children. International Children’s Day was an opportunity to organize a playday to remember. Later in autumn (November 2013), together with the local police agency, CLD organized a new info-session, this time about “Domestic violence”, which was open to the whole community. Not lastly, to consolidate the motivation of young volunteers, CLD facilitated a meeting between them and the musical star, Aurel Moldo-

ADL Cehu-Silvaniei

ty) stands out with 2 great activities organized in 2013: Children’s Week and Info-Session on the importance of civic engagement. Children’s Week (May 27-31) mobilized about 11 social partners (from local town hall to civil society, kindergartens and primary schools) and more than 250 children. Teachers and adults could exchange ideas during different roundtable on how to sustain healthy practices at school (exercising and eating healthy), while children aged 3 to 4 and 5 to 6 could compete in various challenges in Children’s Olympics. To make this event possible, ALD volunteers attracted sponsorships from the local town hall. The Info-Session on civic engagement was organized on September 12, with the participation of 30 local citizens who debated on the importance of volunteering in local NGOs, scaling up local needs and establishing solidarity in order to answer them. The info-session resulted in a commitment of local people, NGOs and local authorities to collaborate for the establishment of a Center for Medical Permanence.


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


Organizational development - OLF, OLB, GLT

An OLF or OLB is a non-formal or formal group (association) of women/ men from a community, that are implementing activities for their personal development or for the benefit of other community members. Each OLF/ OLB has its established annual agenda and they have at least one monthly activity.

Other OLF/OLB can be found in:  Taut, Bihor;  Berbesti, Valcea;  Hurezani, Gorj;  Region of Slatina-Timis.

At the beginning of the year, OLF Dumitresti Center helped older people remove the snow around their homes and brought them warm food to get them through the cold weather. March 8 was another event that mobilized the Dumitresti entire organization. In February, members of OLF Dumitresti Center met to determine when and where they will organize the “Women’s Prom” for March 8. They also decided that for March 1 they will make and give trinkets to older women and to those who have no children. At the ball for the 8 th of March, a raffle was organized, with items donated by OLF members, and that the money obtained were used as financial aid for children in difficulty. OLF Dumitresti continued to act as a local support structure by coaching the establishment of a new organization for women in the village of Jitia Cerbu, organizing fundraising activities for a sick person, participating in the celebration of the Feast of St. Elijah, supplying with sandals the local dance band - Girls and oldies - and more. The desire to rediscover ancestors’ way of life,, OLF Dumitresti Center began to work on building a village museum. All women in the organization mobilized 17 villages and collected many ethnographic objects that were reconditioned and further exposed. The museum will be open to the entire community, especially to the local pupils.



The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


In January, OLF Poienita had great women’s group aligned with the concept of the "open network" . success with the contest "Riddles by the On June 13th, at the village’s church "St. Vasile", OLF Poienita, in colfireside". Contestants competed in rid- laboration with the parish priest, Sorin Oancea , commemorated hedles inspired by everyday life. roes - the children of the village - who have sacrificed in the two World On 8th of March, another beautiful activity was organized - a party Wars. Almost in every family perished 1-2-3 youngsters during the war "between girls" at Georgeta’s home, one of the OLF members. Photo- time. Those left honored they memory with offerings (cage cake, red graphs of previous work and flowers were given as tokens of apprecia- eggs) and patriotic songs. The number of veterans is becoming less tion for all women. nowadays, so the excitement of reunion in the front of the small monuOn May 28th, OLF Poienita - Dumitresti, through its representative, ment was very touching. Doina Enache, organized a pilgrimage trip for 20 women in the Buzau The last activity of the OLF Poienita happened on December 5th, under County. the motto "I too can help!" Organization members went to nursing On June 6th, OLF and OLB Poienita in partnership with TON held the homes Oreavu, commune Gugesti, Vrancea county. Their visit coincidseminar "The role of OLF in the community life”. Guests who attended ed with the day of volunteerism. OLB provided transport while the OLF the event: members of OLF Bordesti, Dumitresti, Chiojdeni, Jitia, members brought small gifts to the 13 elderly patients (9 women and 4 mayors from Dumitresti, Chiojdeni and deputy of Jitia. Special guest: a men), aged between 70 and 90 years, promising them to return in the group of OLF Vintileasca that received training in how to organize a spring to visit the rose garden of which the seniors were very proud.


On March 20th, OLF and OLB Vatra Moldovitei carried out a joint info-session on individual and Vatra Moldovitei group private insurance. The action took place in partnership with Generali Romania. The organizers presented different versions of voluntary health insurance (individual and group insurance), life insurance and insurance for the children as well as other services that can be of support for people with various levels of income, but similar needs. The exchange of information facilitated by the Foundation Projects Limburg Romania was done in an entertaining and pleasant atmosphere.


AGLT - Association of Local Youth Groups

A Local Youth Group (GLT) is formed by youngsters and adults that are living in the same community and which meet to organize activities for the development of the local community and for personal development. A GLT can be a formal (association) or an informal established group. They can have an adult for support and they develop activities based on a “learning by doing” method: play days for children. All local youth groups are parts of AGLT, the national umbrella organization that is a member of TON.

Some of the most active GLT’s can be found in:  Resita—GLT Arcus;  Constanta—GLT TIM;  Iasi—GLT Hai-Hui. Find what the other 50 GLTs are by visiting or


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

National Volunteer Week in AGLT

National Camp AGLT

Between 13 and 19th of May 2013, AGLT joined the National Volunteer Week which brought together over 170 NGOs , institutions and informal initiatives. Local youth groups in Resita, Iasi, Brasov, Fălticeni and the newly formed groups organized concomitant play days to promote and celebrate their members’ community involvement through volunteering.

July 28th to August 2nd, at Ostrov/Tulcea, AGLT organized the National Camp (with tents) for “Social-cultural youth animators”. 54 youngsters participated in the camp, coming from various places in the country Constanta, Cehu Silvaniei, Daneti, Cumpana, Ostrov, Daieni, Falticeni, Negru Voda, Garliciu. The national AGLT camp was organized in collaboration with ADR and Somepro Flanders vzw, offering one training course for beginners in

Best practices “Learn to play” project projects "Learn to play" is a project which

is developed with MEC approval in 22 counties in Romania, in more than 100 schools. In 2013 , trainers and supporting adults involved in the project have organized more than 13 courses at the local, regional and national levels, involving about 400 children and young people and developing their skills in their socio-educational field. Here are some of the main achievements:  Local courses: - January 8 to 11, Constanta - 18 participants , four trainers; - March 30-April 1, Constanta , 100 participants, 23 trainers; - September 28 to 30, Borsa / Maramures - 30 participants, four trainers; - September 28 to 29, Viscri / Brasov - 16 participants, 2 trainers; - October 11 to 13, Ciumarna / Suceava - 30 participants, five trainers; - October 18 to 21, Cehu-Silvaniei/Salaj - 30 participants; - 19 to 20 October, Constanta - 80 participants; - October 11 to 14, Tandarei / Ialomita - 15 participants, 2 trainers; - October 11 to 13, Ciumarna, Vatra Moldovitei, Botosani and Putna / Suceava - 30 participants, 2 trainers; - 26 to 28 October , Bucharest - 30 participants, 4 trainers.  Regional course—1 to 3 November 2013, Dumitresti, Vrancea 3 participating communities – Dumitresti, Poieni, Jitia. By organizing this course, GLT Dumitresti was strengthened in and 2 new Local Youth Groups have been set up in Poieni and Jitia .  National ToT Course in Constanta (the very first one) - September 1 to 4, Constanta - 19 participants from Constanta, Ciumarna, Frumosu, Cehu-Silvaniei, Beius. "We now constitute a project team of 36 national trainers, a national network that will support the replication of the project courses. Also, each of the above localities have trainers that can support future local courses to develop youth groups in their community. We encourage the formation at a local level as it involves infinitely fewer financial resources and a larger number of youngsters that gain access to training" said Daniela Ghitoiu, coordinator of the project nationwide.

social-cultural youth animation and one course in team building and communication.

International participation 2013 was an “international breakthrough” year for AGLT. SPEAS seminary, Krinkel camp, becoming observing organization in Fimcap, sending and receiving volunteers, collaboration with KAZOU, KSJ, KSA, VKSJ … - read all about this in the “International participation” section of this report.

Volunteers’ Gala On December 8th, in Constanta, all volunteers involved in the national project "Learn to play" were rewarded at a special Gala. 245 participating students, 40 teachers and 25 parents from 35 schools attended the event and received over 2,500 honorary degrees, 69 medals and eight trophies. The event also hosted the photography exhibition of the “Give Art a Social Voice!” project, developed by the Association Europanet.

“Playing Together, Staying Together” project This is the title of the third project implemented through the "Youth in Action" programme by Actiecomité Roemenië Glabbeek (Belgium) and youngsters from Viscri (Bunesti, Brasov). The project had three main goals: organizing play days for children in the village, arranging a park and building a playground in the village, increasing the intercultural exchange by all kinds of activities with Belgian and Romanian youngsters. Thus, from 10 to 22th of July, 12 young people from Belgium worked together with young people from the village and built a playground at the expense of 18 400 Ron. AGLT volunteers are champions! In December 2013, 2 AGLT volunteers won awards at the National Gala of Volunteers. Emilian Ceredeev from GLT4Kids (Ciumarna, Suceava) was awarded the title Volunteer of the Year in the field of human rights activism and Vladimir Vintu from GLT T.I.M. (Constanta) was declared the Junior Volunteer of the year in the youth field. And this was not everything! Emilian Ceredeev was the only volunteer -winning representative of Romania to the 7th Gala for Active Citizens of Europe, held in Bucharest on the occasion of the 22nd International Conference Volonteurope "Active Citizens for Europe", which was attended by 150 organizations and volunteers from Great Britain, Holland, France, Spain, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Malta, Belgium, Israel and Romania, 16 - 18th of October.


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


Social Tourism

Between June 21th and July 2nd, ADAM Moldovita promoted social tourism in the first partnership project with Pasar, tour operator in Belgium, and in collaboration with Bilco Travel, tour operator from Suceava. Pasar is for 2 years the partner of ADR-Vlaanderen when it comes to promote tourism to Romania. In Mai 2012 the contract of cooperation is signed between ADR-Vlaanderen and Pasar. Since that moment the working group ADR-Tourism is active with a website www.roemenië and the Facebook page 'Roemenië Vakantieland' and organizing meetings to promote tourism to Romania. In this project, a total of 18 tourists from Belgium have benefited from a program of tourist activities over 12 days in Moldova and Voroneţ. The project emphasized the value of the natural beauty of Moldovita, local traditions and customs, while highlighting the great team of local volunteers who were involved in training activities. The whole stay was highly appreciated by tourists and the tour operator, Pasar, is interested in future programs in partnership with ADAM Moldovita.

Social tourism is promoted by T.O.N. as a means for strengthening the Romanian-Belgian relations, to stimulate connections between different parts of Europe and to develop rural entrepreneurship by promoting local economy. After Slatina Timis and Moldovita came SW region's turn to promote the natural beauty of the area. To this end, TON and its competent national trainer Daniela Ghitoiu proposed a very attractive program for the summer of 2014, showcasing an incursion in the Danube Delta at extremely affordable prices. Thereby, everyone is invited to see the Danube Delta in the August, 22-25th and/or 25-29th. Join TON and get in the network by participating in the National training of 29 to 31 August 2014. For more details on the proposed program, do not hesitate to contact the resource person, Daniela Ghitoiu ( 19

The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013


Small farming

To stimulate regional development in Suceava, Moldovita, Vatra Moldovitei, Ciumarna, Paltin, TON supports the implementation of partnership projects. Thereby, the foundation facilitates the evaluation of the small agricultural production’s potential, the socio-economic inclusion of small producers and the increase in associativity, aiming to enhance farmers’ collaboration for proper use of resources and sustainable development. To this end, trainings were conducted for farmers in two communities, partnered with cities in Belgium: Prisecani, Iasi, and Moldovita, Suceava. The partnership project for small farming will be developed in the period 2013-2016 in Prisecani and will be creating the agricultural brand for the area mentioned here above by introducing its organic products on the market. Not lastly, the trainings conducted at national and local level had the purpose to disseminate information from the Agricultural Chamber directly to the small producers.


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Other partners White Yellow Cross Romania 2013 was a year of revival of the historical and strategic relationships with partners such as the White-Yellow Cross in Romania. At the National Training Borsa (August 2013) leading representatives of the forementioned institutional partner were present. Also, we had the pleasure of listening to Director Ms. Mariuca Ivan presenting White - Yellow Cross Bucharest, partnered with Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg, and have had meetings with Ms. Cristina Vasile, White-Yellow Cross Buzau (partners in County Oost- Vlaanderen). From 25th to 27th of October, in Leuven, Belgium, the 4th edition of the Decentralized Cooperation Forum Belgium-Romania took place. Working theme: "Promoting local governance between Romania and Flanders , Wallonia, Brussels”. The Forum was attended also by the White Yellow Cross Foundation Romania, represented by Ms. Mariuca Ivan, the White Yellow Cross Flanders, altogether with Ms. Cristina Vladu, advisor to Ministry of Health of Romania. In a workshop dedicated to the theme of health, Mr. Hendrick Van Gansbeke, director of White Yellow Cross Flanders, presented some data on the activity of the organization that he leads and the history of relations between Romanian and Flanders White Yellow Cross. On October 30th our partners celebrated 10 years since the establishment of White Yellow Cross - Buzau Branch, a subsidiary established with the aid of Ms. Mariuca Ivan and deputy of East Flanders Jean Pierre Van Der Meiren. The celebration was attended by representatives of both the Belgian White Yellow Cross Foundation and local authorities. This anniversary was an occasion for White Yellow Cross Romania and its subsidiaries to renew their commitment and celebrate their achievement of new development plans. Any partnership means development, any collaboration implies dissemination and non-formal education on best practices. Our volunteers can learn enormously from White-Yellow Cross regarding home care services for people in need. We recommend our partner’s services, we are scaling up their services as best practices in the health network of ADAMs and CLSes and we want to extend the cooperation for the benefit of all communities and volunteers we represent. More about W-Y Cross found at:

Samdam Gifts SRL Romania SC SAMDAM GIFTS SRL sponsored the national program for small grants for community development, “Promote Yourself”. The program will take place during 2013-2014 and will include: information campaign regarding the grants and the methodology of competition, selection of the best 10 projects nationwide, funding and implementing evaluation activities. The projects to be funded will demonstrate social and community outreach (community stakeholders will be actively involved in the local activities for community development) and will promote the principle of solidarity and social inclusion (projects for people in need). By financing this program nationwide, SC SAMDAM GIFTS SRL valorises the social responsibility values and demonstrates the increasing interest of business partners in the Romanian social sector.

National Federation “Omenia” National Federation "Omenia" of the Credit Unions of Pensioners in Romania is a federation which brings together «Omenia» associations accros the country, mutual associations, mutual aid associations for Roumanian pensioners. «OMENIA» associations operate in rural areas (47%) with a total number of over 1 million paying members. Besides financial aid to be granted in case of individual needs (according to a contract with the member that require financing), « OMENIA» associations give support at the community level, providing mutual quality services at affordable prices. Among these services are: medical services (hairdresser, various repairs), home help, donations (food, medication, money) for people at risk of social exclusion. Many of the projects which are carried out by National Federation OMENIA through the member associations are projects in collaboration with local authorities, with various partners, sponsors -local businesses, with Romanian Government and European funding programs. Follow National Federation Omenia activities on and encourage retirees from your communities to be members of this strong Federation.

AFSR The most beautiful villages of Romania needed to be represented and promoted. AFSR is doing it and in a very dedicated manner. Keep up with them, as we do, by following their newsletter and by regularly checking their website: You would be amazed by the diversity of customs, richness of traditions and the freshness of village life brought to light by AFSR!


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

From grassroots To policy levels


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Meeting with Eugen Nicolaescu, Romanian minister of Meeting with secretary of state Raed Arafat and advihealth and advisors sors Since a new government was formed early 2013, Jozef Goebels (president TON) and Ioan Suru (vice-president TON) visited the new minister of health Eugen Nicolaescu together with the Belgian Ambassador Philippe Beke. TON presented their activities in Romania on health care as CLS, community health center, ADAM, health shop, home care, etc. Nicolaescu told us we came just in time since his first task was to redefine the Romanian health system. He was very interested in our community health center project and we talked how this could be standardized within Romania. Arrangements were made for further follow up.

We already presented the work of ADR-TON during a first meeting on August 2012. Later on, after the visit secretary of state Rafila to Resita – Caransebes – Slatina-Timis November 2012, the Belgian Ambassador further discussed with Arafat who was attending in the position of minister of health. During this visit of Jozef, Johny and the Belgian Ambassador, Arafat reaffirmed his interest in community care. We invited him to visit the ADAMSlatina-Timis pilot project in order to see and talk on our ADR-TON health projects. Arafat agreed and stated that for sure the specified advisor for community care would accompany him.

Seminar in Lisbon

Preparation trip for an Erasmus cooperation between Thomas More University College (Be) for nurses and Vasile Between 22 and 24 of May 2013, Ioan Suru represented ADAMS, Goldis University Arad TON and FDAAM at the seminar “For an equal and social Europe”. The seminar was held in Lisbon, Portugal, and was organized by the "Alliance for the fight against poverty". Mr. Ioan Suru made a presentation of the health system in Romania and working models of the TON, also focusing on the spirit of solidarity and local policies as an alternative to centralization and globalization.

ADR-TON representatives Jozef Goebels and Ioan Suru guided Prof. Ria Bruijn and Dorine Nevelsteen from the Thomas More University College department nursing during a preparative contact with Vasile Goldis University Arad, resulting in concluding an Erasmus agreement between both universities. On this tour they visited different institutions and organizations as: county President of Arad Nicolae Ioțcu / direction county hospital Arad and emergencies / Rector Coralia Adina Cotoraci, vice-rectors Anca Hermenean and Liana Mos, and the international office from VGU Arad / university library and medical research campus VGU / TBC Hospital Arad / Scoala Postliceala Sanitara Caransebes / DSP Caras-Severin / county hospital Resita / school inclusive education ‘Primavara’ in Resita / Anaman Medical Laboratories Caransebes / hospital Otelu Rosu / Senior Care Establishment "Sfanta Treime Glimboca" / ADAMSlatina-Timis.


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Secretary of state Raed Arafat and personal advisor Visit of the Friendship delegation Belgium – Romania Cristina Vladu visits ADAMSlatina-Timis of the Belgian Parliament As a result of different contacts with state secretary for health Raed Arafat a visit at the pilot project ADAMSlatina-Timis (community health center) took place May 7th, together with the Belgian Ambassador Philippe Beke. A round-table was organized with participants of the whole medical sector of the region. As well the TON projects on health and health care were presented as the ideas of the ministry of health on community assistance. Arad was represented by the county president Iotcu and students from the medical faculty of VGU. They also presented their voluntary work in community assistance. An agreement on further cooperation with the health ministry to build out a possible cooperation was stated.

Reception for the Belgian Kings’ Day at the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest It’s a good habit of the Belgian Ambassador to invite as well Belgian as Romanian partners for the celebration of Belgian Kings’ Day on November 15th. Ioan Suru as vice president of TON, represented ADR -TON on the reception at the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest and used that occasion to further work out the plan for a cooperation contract with the Ministry of Health on community assistance. The preliminary draft of this cooperation contract was made at the 4 th Decentralized Cooperation Forum Belgium – Romania in Leuven (Belgium), October 25-27.

During that stay, together with the Be ambassador, a visit of the hospital of Buzau and a round table on health care was foreseen on November 24th. Jozef and Johny, representing TON, explained the Foundations’s projects in the field of health and health care as well the Memorandum on Romanian Health care, made in 2012 and sent to all political parties in Romania. Referring to the visit of a few home-care patients they did with the foundation White-Yellow Cross Romania of Buzau, in the morning, they stated again the importance of first line health care and home care. As well the foundation of the White-Yellow Cross Buzau as the hospital of Buzau are strongly supported by the County of East-Flanders in Be and the White-Yellow Cross of Flanders. The next day, November 25th, a visit and round table on health was organized in the University Hospital of Bucharest. At that occasion also a bilateral meeting was foreseen in the presence of secretary of state Adrian Pana and Belgian Ambassador Beke. Here the Partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Belgian Embassy in Romania and the Foundation "The Open Network for Community Development" was signed. Goal is to work out ‘community assistance’ by installing ‘community assistants’ and ‘community centers’. In a first phase TON will set up training for around 20 community assistants, selected from the TON-network starting 2014.


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

In preparation of a Grundtvig Assistantship at Europanet, Patrick Van den Nieuwenhof stayed during the autumn for 3 months in Romania. The purpose of this stay is the development of new projects and the further exchange of existing information between ADR Vlaanderen and TON. Besides a presence during TON activities and meetings, the focus was mainly on three topics.

Social map – tool for community assessment Purpose of this social map is to create an instrument for local groups in Flanders and Romania in which they present the actual social (in a broad sense) situation of the community. The main objective of the social card is to give an actual overview of the existing local situation through a mapping of the needs but also with a perspective on the future. During 2013 the following steps were taken: development of the social map methodology, bringing together general (statistical) information and the creation of the first drafts of specific social maps (Viscri, Dumbrava, Moldoviţa).

ry, there are a lot of personal stories that can be told. The province of Limburg (Flanders) together with the Limburg Platform Local Romania groups, TON and ADR Vlaanderen started to interview key actors, who constituted the base for a long tradition of collaboration. With the support of Cristina Chert interesting and surprising stories were already registered in Vorniceni, Cerchejeni, Coman, Galati, Bucharest, Dumitresti, Bordesti, Poienita, Vatra Moldovitei and Iasi. At the end of April 2014, the results will be shown during an exhibition in Limburg.

Development of a travelling photo exhibition 25 years of collaboration

In the context of the Belgian week in Bucharest (April 2013), a travelling photo exhibition was created in collaboration with the Belgian Embassy. This exhibition brings together historical and actual pictures about the work of TON and ADR Vlaanderen. After Bucharest, the exhibition was set up in Borsa and Ciumarna. A starting point for action was created in 2013. The results and concrete instruments will be presented during 2014, such as:  Crowd funding History project – province of Limburg  Follow up of the new multi-annual European programme 2014 will be an important year in the collaboration between Flan-  Actions towards companies ders and Romania. 25 years ago a lot of local groups in Romania  Community of practice. and Flanders initiated their collaboration Besides the ‘official’ histo-


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

International participation


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

4th Forum for Decentralized Cooperation

Kazou & AGLT In 2013 KAZOU did not give up the partnership with AGLT. That’s a good fact for AGLT, because KAZOU has more than 60 years of experience in organizing camps for children and youngsters. The most important KAZOU-source of experience for AGLT is the expertise with youngsters with disabilities. AGLT has a special hart for youngsters with disabilities. Therefore AGLT developed the service SPEAS (Socio - Pedagogical Education and Animation Service for youth with special needs). This international exchange delivers a real surplus for AGLT.

Internships (7) in July and August To collect knowledge and to get experience about activities for children with disabilities, AGLT signed a partnership with KAZOU (Belgium). Also in 2013 AGLT could send 7 leaders for an internship in Belgium. Each could participate in Belgium at a camp for kids with disabilities between 5 and 10 days. With these internships AGLT gains more insights and knowledge to organize SPEAS.

Belgian trainers (3) in Romania Also AGLT receives leaders (instructors) from Belgium. At the summer courses in Muncel 3 Belgian leaders came to the course. These leaders are connected with KAZOU, Scouts and Thomas More Institute. The Belgian leaders were brought into action for the training of SPEAS -leaders and to train Romanian instructors.

FIMCAP in … and November AGLT was involved in FIMCAP. It is an international umbrella organization with federations of youth movements in different continents: Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Solidarity, responsibility, Peace and respect are very important values for all FIMCAP members. In November AGLT was invited to present the organization to the FIMCAP General Assembly at Morda (Slovakia). In Morda all present members voted that AGLT is officially welcomed as associate member in the FIMCAP family.

October 25-27, Leuven

ZCA with KSJ-KSA-VKSJ (common action day) In Belgium AGLT has a third partner: KSJ-KSA-VKSJ. With this youth movement they have an agreement since two year that they will promote a national “Common Action Day”. On October 22th, 155 leaders and 430 youngsters participated in an activity in their own municipality. In 16 municipalities these youngsters came on the street to show the world what they stand for: a better world with hopeful dreams. In Belgium KSJ-KSA-VKSJ motivated 3 local groups to participate at the Common Action Day.

Decentralized Forum Leuven (Belgium), was during 3 days the common city between Romania and Belgium. The county house of VlaamsBrabant hosted about 230 participants discussing on decentralization and cooperation. TON was present with a strong delegation from the board, national partner organizations (as f.e. AGLT, W-Y Cross) and local best practices. These people were involved as well in the different workgroups, representing Romania at the opening, in the plenary sessions and co-presented conclusions. For the first time also economic opportunities as a result of Ro-Be cooperation were stressed. Mr. Leonard Orban, former Ro minister of EU affairs and former EU commissioner, gave an overview of EU project lines and financing as well from the past as the coming period 2014-2020. In the same time around 10 B companies with activities in Ro and 2 Ro counties got a B2B meeting with Orban and his coworker. At the end of this Forum, conclusions were presented. The Forum partners decided to permanent monitoring the situation in different fields and to hold a yearly evaluation meeting. In a first wave, a ‘catalogue of good practices’ will be created. The next Forum will be held in Romania. Presentations and reports of the different workgroups, conclusions and lot of pictures can be found at the website of the Forum


Belgium & Krinkel

Somepro (Belgium) has since the start of AGLT a strong partnership with AGLT. Weekly contacts by phone, email and around the table From 25 till 30 august, AGLT was invited by Chiro in Merksplas makes this partnership strong. Somepro is the organizer behind all the international contacts, internships, courses, adult courses, etc. Some(Belgium) to participate at a national camp for leaders and members older than 16 years. In total 2.000 youngsters were present. pro was present in Iasi from 8 till 11 November at the national board to Most of them were leaders (older than 18). During 5 days a scale of work on the development of AGLT. different activities was planned: games, forest and nature activities, telling stories, intercultural evening, dancing and campfire. Five AGLT’ers participated at Krinkel. They stayed in the “international circle”. 27

The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

1 national contact day 280 people trained in info-sessions

2 national trainings 350 people trained in national trainings

26 Institutional members with membership

General results in 2013

500 actions at grassroots level More than 4000 active members in all our institutional group members

30 newsletters & alerts sent regularly

260 newsletter subscribers

67% open rate for newsletters

460 fans on Facebook


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Get involved


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

How can you get involved?

The Open Network for Community Development, established in April - Contributions in small amounts provide sufficient capital for further 2012 with the support of ADR Vlaanderen, is still very young. TON will development of the network. encourage people to take initiative and produce the necessary changIn the next table you’ll find the level of contributions for 2013: es to improve their situation without waiting for someone else to take responsibility for this. Contributors Romania Belgium We believe that any act done by citizens for their community will help find a collective solution and TON aims to bring together all these people, in villages and towns, to facilitate the occurrence of a selforganization process. Of course, much remains to be done before all citizens will be "around the table". It is needed to establish links with other citizens, institutions, at local or county level. At the national level, in different locations in the network, we were able to do this or we will succeed in doing it. The Foundation itself is making the necessary arrangements to establish a dialogue with institutions and government authorities, as changes and local needs must be known prior to the political or administrative decision-making, in the province as well as in Bucharest.

Individuals Associations Institutions Public authorities (local, districtual) Enterprises

RON / year 5 10 10 50

Euro / year 5 10 10 50



Contributions are matched as much as possible to potential members, companies pay more than "simple man", but the amount is still reasonable.

Even if it requires a minimum contribution, TON wants to give something back. Twice a month you will receive our e-bulletin: The Open Newsletter. Twice a year we publish and we will send TON magazine As a foundation representing a lot of people, we are better empowin print format (the journal is available in electronic format as well). ered to generate changes than a foundation representing just several Last but not least, at the end of the year you will receive our annual of them, we are open to all persons, institutions, authorities and even report of activities. companies interested to join our network of collaborators. However, a modest membership contribution will be perceived for two reasons: By joining TON, you will become member of our networking enlarged - Network members have access to resources (training and infor- group, both in Flanders and in Romania. Mr. Philippe Beke, Ambasamation, opportunities for establishing partnerships and to develop dor of Belgium in Romania, and Irina Păcurariu, journalist at TVR and projects together), thus helping to maintain and develop the network also head of TVR Ethics Committee, as well as Prof. Dr. Alexander Rafila are already honorary members of the network. resources is a form of responsibility; The network is open also for you and we’re hoping you’ll choose to join it!

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The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Retrospective & prospective Memorable People & NGO’s we met in 2013 January 2013: County of Vlaams-Brabant, Leuven, Belgium. CM National, Brussels, Belgium. February 2013: CM Mechelen-Turnhout, Turnhout, Belgium. March 2013: OMENIA federation, Bucharest, Romania. Minister Nicolaescu of Health, Bucharest, Romania. State secretary of Health Arafat, Bucharest, Romania. Asociaţia pentru Protecţia Consumatorilor din România (APC), Bucharest, Romania. Asociația Comunelor din România (A.Co.R.), Bucharest, Romania. Most Beautiful Villages of Romania (ASFR), Bucharest, Romania. CM Mechelen-Turnhout, General Assembly, Grobbendonk, Belgium. President Iotcu, Arad County, Arad, Romania. Vasile Goldis Univeristy, Rector – Vice rectors – International Department, Arad, Romania.

Add the dates To your 2014 calendar May 2, 3, 4 - Regional Training and Itinerary exposition “25 of Romanian-Belgian Cooperation” in Babadag 9, 10, 11 - Regional Training and Itinerary exposition “25 of Romanian-Belgian Cooperation” in Slatina Timis 16, 17, 18 - Regional Training and Itinerary exposition “25 of Romanian-Belgian Cooperation” in Viscri, Iernut

April: White-Yellow Cross Vlaanderen, Leuven, Belgium. May: Thomas More University College International Department, Geel, Belgium. Siniat Romania, Slatina-Timis, Romania. President Iotcu, Arad County, SlatinaTimims, Romania. State secretary of Health Arafat, SlatinaTimis, Romania. Prefect Eugen DOGARIU, Timis County, Timisoara, Romania. President Titu Bojin, County Council Timis, Timisoara, Romania. Mayor Robo Nicolae, Timisoara, Romania. June 2013: Prof. Guy Storme, Radiotherapy, VUB, Brussels, Belgium. August 2013: VOKA-Leuven, chamber of commerce, Leuven, Belgium. September 2013: HICT, consulting in health care, Brugge, Belgium. Janssen Pharmaceutical, Beerse, Belgium SAMDAM (kick-off of the small grants contest “Promote”) November 2013: Omega Pharma Romania, Bucharest, Romania. White-Yellow Cross home care, Buzau, Romania. Hospital Buzau, Romania. University Hospital Bucharest, Romania. State secretary of Health Adrian Panu, Bucharest, Romania. December 2013: Thomas More University College for nurses and midwifes, Turnhout, Belgium. VOKA Limburg, President county council Limburg en different entrepreneurs B companies, Genk, Belgium. Essers Transport, Genk, Limburg. County Oost-Vlaanderen, Gent, Belgium.

29, 30, 31 - Regional Training and Itinerary exposition “25 of Romanian-Belgian Cooperation” in Moldovita August 22-25 “Delta Danube in the Network” (social program) 25-29 “Network at the seaside” (social program) 29, 30, 31 August - National Training, 2 Mai ( Constanta)

October 17, 18, 19 - National Training OLF/OLB 31

The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

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The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Silvia Darie

Vatra Moldovitei

Areas of expertise: Community Development, Local Women Organizations, European projects Contact:

Daniela Ceredeev Areas of expertise: Community Development, European projects Contact:

Dan Ceredeev Areas of expertise: Community Development, European projects Contact:

Maria Pruteanu


Areas of expertise: Community Development, Youth movement, European projects Contact:

Cristina Chert Areas of expertise: Adult Education, Community Development, Youth movement, European projects Contact:

Alina Scanteie

SE Region

Areas of expertise: Organizational development European projects Contact:

Daniela Ghitoiu Areas of expertise: Community Development, Education, Youth Movement Contact:

Ancuta Rotaru Areas of expertise: Community Development, Women organizations Contact:

Alexandru Rotaru Areas of expertise: Community Development, Men organizations Contact:

Central Region

Areas of expertise: Community Development, Local Men Organizations Contact:

Areas of expertise: Community Development, Social-medical services, Youth Movement Contact:

Aurel Selaru Areas of expertise: Community Development, Communication Contact:

Monica Toderita Areas of expertise: Education, Youth movement, Community development Contact:

Melania Moldovan Areas of expertise: Education, Youth movement, Community development Contact:


Hiche Nicu

Ioan Suru

Viscri/Tg. Mures

NE Region

Areas of expertise: Community Development, Education, Medical Social Services, European Projects Contact:

Gabriel Kotorbacks Areas of expertise: Public administration, youth movement, European projects Contact:

Laszlo Portick Areas of expertise: Public administration, European projects, organizational development, marketing Contact:


Hiche Mihaela

SV Region

Get in touch with us & our trainers

Interested in setting up an OLF, OLB, GLT, ADAM or CLS in your own community? Do not hesitate to contact one of our trainers that works in your region. Or simply, write us at: and we’ll take you step by step in developing your own community. 33

The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

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The Open Network for Community Development is a nonprofit organization established in April 2012 by Romanian and Flemish partners in order to ensure visibility, synergy and sustainability to all Romanian-Belgian partnerships established in the field of community development (some active already since 1990), as well as develop the network through collaboration and exchanges of experience with other national and/or international organizations focused on community development in a broad context.

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The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

Message from our Director

Cristina Chert

Stay connected in The Open Network TON Foundation is not just an associative structure based on members (individuals and institutions) who aim for a better life for those living in the Romanian communities within the network. TON Foundation is a state of mind. TON Foundation is an energy where good people meet with grace, simplicity, honesty, expertise and desire to grow. TON Foundation is not a charitable foundation but an open workshop where everyone learns from each other and the joy of development is shared. TON Foundation was born out of love for Romania and for doing better. Doing better for our communities, for our families, better for Europe, for always sharing the experience that will lead to the development of best practices, adapted to local and national specifics. We have wonderful people in an open network rich in challenges, full of energy and confidence. We are at the beginning (but we have an impressive expertise), we are taking step by step, like a child that enjoys every day and doesn’t take in the negative impressions. In 2014 , we expect days and months of making strategies for a future that can only make us happy and help us grow into something "better". Someone said that if you want to have tomorrow 's bread, better start to grow wheat and if you want to have a future, then start by growing people. TON has a secure future for all that we do is to grow PEOPLE !

Thanks to all the people who dedicate their time, their energy and their belief to keep TON in action. And because sometimes the words do not help beyond our emotions, it is better to stay in the daily effective and unsentimental language and say only : "Stay connected in The Open Network"!

With great respect, Cristina Victoria Chert Executive TON


The Open Network for Community Development | Annual Report 2013

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2013 TON Annual report  
2013 TON Annual report