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                                                  Press Release January 2011 Bohemia Crystal Chandeliers now in Spain Do you know that authentic Bohemia Crystal Chandeliers are available in Spain? Glass  LPS is the only company in Spain that still produces crystal chandeliers according to traditional  craftsmanship by hand. Originally established in the Czech Republic, Glass LPS is now  represented by Henrieta Mackova in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Andalusia. 

Finally you can get real Bohemia Crystal chandeliers to decorate your home at an affordable  price here in Spain. Bohemia Crystal chandeliers are considered to be the best in the world and  they are known for their extraordinary transparency and clarity.  Choose from traditional and atypical chandelier designs. Glass LPS provides up to 12 shapes of  trimmings and 7 colours of the crystals so you can create an original and personal mix. Glass  LPS currently has the most competitive prices in Spain without ever compromising their  standard, always focusing on high­quality products.  Glass LPS has already supplied well known hotels, restaurants and palaces, such as the  Renaissance Palace in Humenne, Slovakia and several high­class hotels in Moscow and  Prague.  To find out more about Glass LPS visit the website or contact Henrieta on  +34 607 969 114 or e­mail:

Press information: For more information and high res images please contact Redline Company or telephone +34 952 816 678

Bohemia glass Bohemia Crystal is a decorative and exclusive glassmade in the historical Bohemia regions of the Czech Republic with a history that goesall the way back to the 13th century. Bohemian glassworkers were first to discover that potash and chalk created a clear glassthat exceeded the quality of Italian glassworks. Bohemian crystal quickly became famous for its excellent cut and engraving. Their technique empowered the Bohemia region with Prague as its capital city which became the main centre of this new glass art craft. Bohemia crystal chandeliers are one of the most exclusive and expensive chandeliers in the world. Bohemia Crystal glass contains a level of 33%lead which gives it its decorative properties. All chandeliers go through strict tests before they get the respected Bohemia trademark.

Bohemia Crystal Chandeliers now in Spain  

Do you know that authentic Bohemia Crystal Chandeliers are available in Spain? Glass LPS is the only company in Spain that still produces cr...

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