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Summer Ready Summer is well and truly here, meaning the pressure to look trim and slim is on; get fit and stay that way with an enticing fitness offer from one of the Kingdom’s top gyms. It’s never been more crucial to start a body sculpting fitness regime. Kinetix Health Club at the Elite Seef Residence and Hotel combines the latest in cardio and resistance machines with a first-class Kinesis studio. On hand are professional trainers to guide you through your fitness goals and state-ofthe-art Technogyms’ equipment. The gym is further enhanced by Powerplates and spinning bikes. Club manager Kate Jelley explains that Kinesis uses a range of strength training machines with wires to burn as many calories as possible; “You can perform up to 250 different exercises, many of which can be adapted for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike. They utilise a cable and floating handle arrangement, which means you can work your muscles in a variety of positions and angles of the exercise you are performing instantly,” she says. This workout produces increased muscular strength and endurance, improved muscular balance and increased coordination with a better core and improved flexibility. Kinetix provides gym-goers with more than just an instructor; a personal trainer can help you devise the right workout plan to meet your goals. Whether it is losing a few pounds, toning up the arms or flattening your stomach, your workouts are sure to be both productive and enjoyable. “The truth about exercise is that there is so much to learn. One way to be sure your workouts are achieving all that they can is to consider working with a trainer. Combining technology with innovation can get results faster than you would achieve independently,” explains Kate. Of course, diet and nutrition are also vital to a fitness regime, and so each personal trainer is a qualified nutritionist that can give you a realistic and manageable plan to maintain. Take a break from your gym routine and energise your body and skin with a visit to the steam room followed by a relaxing swim at the temperature-controlled pool. The new poolside facilities can also be used to kick back, relax and socialise whilst having some fresh juice and food from the menu. This, Kate explains, is a brilliant way to flush the toxins from your body and increase a sense of mental and physical well being. A little encouragement Kinetix is keen to help keep your fitness routine in check with a special promotion. Trimming BD100 off your yearly membership fees, you can now register a single year membership at only BD300. With the new modernisation of the health club, which includes a wide range of sophisticated equipment; head down to Kinetix for a tour of the premises and have your questions answered. E Call 17 583-388.

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Bahrain This Month - May 2012  

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