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It’s Delicious

One of your favourite cafés has given its cold drinks range a luxurious makeover. Find out what’ll keep you cool this summer.

Capturing the smooth, rich taste of its hot drinks range, Costa has added a dash of style and luxury to its Ice Cold Costa range to give you an indulgent experience, whatever the weather. The new deluxe iced coffee collection sees baristas handcraft a glamorous and refreshing drink using new and improved recipes. To add to the full-bodied, rich and smooth range, it has also created a new line of iced lemonades that quench, refresh, and revitalise. Providing a burst of refreshment in the morning, a reviving thirstquencher in the middle of the day or a sweet and smooth boost in the afternoon, these additions complement Costa’s existing range of cold drinks to offer something to suit all moods at any time of year. What’s in it? If you aren’t in the mood for your usual order of fruit, coffee or cream coolers or even their renowned iced teas; then have a go at their latest creations. In the iced coffees, you will find the pleasing taste of a cappuccino, latte and Americano espresso, created using Costa’s famous Mocha Italia coffee, poured over ice. The new recipe gives the drinks a new look with layers of rich coffee, milk and ice served in a bespoke tall thin glass, creating the look of an ice-cream sundae. The refreshing iced lemonades are jewel-coloured drinks made from real lemon juice and garnished with lemon or mint, offering an energising pick-me-up. Opt for the classic or choose from the flavours on offer like strawberry and mint. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? E Call 17 749-299 (Adliya), 17 179-790 (Bahrain City Centre) or 17 725-913 (Juffair).

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