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Look and feel better with our range of weight loss procedures

Duchy Hospital can help you stay mobile and reduce pain

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Duchy Hospital offers state-of-the-art treatments for Coronary Heart Disease

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Welcome to Duchy Hospital Duchy Hospital was opened by Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in 1981. The hospital was built with charitable funds raised across the whole of Cornwall, including significant donations from large local business’ at the time. In 1990 the hospital was sold to Community Hospitals plc, which subsequently became Capio Hospitals before becoming part of Ramsay Healthcare in 2007

ver nearly 35 years Duchy Hospital has benefited from many investments and developments, keeping it up to date with developing medical technology. The most recent major development in 2013 added a third ultra clean airflow Operating Theatre, a Cardiac Catheter laboratory, dedicated Day Case patient facilities and expanded Outpatient facilities as well as a total refurbishment of Reception and the other public areas. Today at Duchy Hospital I am extremely proud to be leading the team as we continue to serve thousands of patients from across Cornwall and beyond. I am constantly delighted by the comments we receive from our many satisfied patients. This is a tribute to the fantastic team we have at the hospital; our people are what makes us consistently great. Care and compassion are at the heart of everything we deliver and it is through this clear focus that we work to make every patient’s time with us as comfortable and calming as possible. Our consultant partners

Duchy Hospital – a unique, caring experience."

work very closely with us to ensure that our services remain at the very highest level of effectiveness and efficiency, be this for something minor such as tests in our outpatient department through to the major surgery carried out in our operating theatres. Alongside the significant investment Ramsay have made into the building, there has also been significant investment into medical equipment to ensure the hospital continues to meet the needs of the ever changing medical profession. It is through this investment that new services can be developed and improvements in patient’s journeys with us can be made, reducing recovery time or length of stay in hospital and improving outcomes.

Chris Sealey General Manager

It is very important to both Matron and myself that we continue to monitor our performance and continue to learn and improve what we do. It is through our robust governance processes that we are able to do this as well as feedback from our patients and consultants. We strongly believe that however good we are now, there is always something we could improve and strive to make sure that we are delivering the very best experience for everyone that comes into contact with our hospital. Our team are focused on delivering a bespoke, personal service with no request too much trouble.




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Summer 2016

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35 Conquering cancer

14 Knee injuries

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18 Health matters

38 Charity work & fundraising

Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr John Fowler helps patients with back troubles.

We take a look at the various treatments available for knee injuries.

Help relieve the stress of a hysterectomy with advice and appointments to suit you.

Duchy’s HCA Sarah Hodges conquers Kilimanjaro for Cancer Research UK.

Discover how treatments for varicose veins have advanced dramatically in recent years.

Our staff have taken part in all sorts of fundraising activities.

21 Going private

40 An interview with Lady Holborow

24 Eyes wide open

42 Decade of success

Considering the many benefits of being treated privately at your convenience.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery could help to maintain that youthful appearance.

An interview with Mary Holborow, former Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall.

Bodmin Treatment Centre celebrates its 10th birthday.

26 Mind and body

44 News

28 Heart matters

45 Affordable private healthcare

31 The best of you

46 Laser eye surgery

32 Look great, feel great

48 Heritage

We speak to Dr Sarah Simpson, Consultant Psychologist at Duchy Hospital.

We take a look at the latest cardiology treatments now offered.

Find out more about tummy tuck surgery available at Duchy Hospital.

We consider the options currently available for weight loss surgery.

The latest news from Duchy Hospital, including open events and future plans.

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Making paying for a private patient as straightforward as possible.

We offer several types of eye surgeries in order to correct refractive errors.

Following the the hospital from its inception to present day.

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A day in the life

of our Matron Debby Blease takes us behind the scenes.


Debby Blease Matron

s Matron at Duchy Hospital, my overarching responsibility is the care and safety of all the patients who use the hospital whether as an admitted patient, or an outpatient attending for diagnostic tests or consultation. This involves making sure there is the sufficient clinical staff and that they have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver high quality patient care; making sure the necessary equipment is in place for that care; that the clinical environment is clean and well maintained; and that we provide excellent customer service to not only our patients but their families, companions and friends. My day begins at 8:30am when I visit each of the clinical areas to say ‘hello’ to staff and get an update on how inpatients are getting on. It’s important that I have a good understanding of the pressures and issues they will face in ensuring that all of the planned surgical procedures go ahead, admissions and discharges happen efficiently so that patients aren’t delayed when they are safe to leave the hospital, and there are spaces for all of our new admissions. If I know this, I can do my best to make sure staff have what they need to deliver safe and effective care. I enjoy meeting the patients, chatting with them and helping them to feel more at ease and try to visit each inpatient at least once during their stay. Being visible around the hospital is important in supporting all our staff and patients’ care. Whilst it may not happen as often as I would like, it is important for me to be involved in delivering direct patient care as often as

possible. Sometimes I manage a full shift, other times I help out for a short time: collecting patients from theatre, conducting pre-admission assessments or admitting new patients. It helps me to retain my clinical skills and have a real understanding of the service we deliver to patents’ as well as the pressures the staff are under. A proportion of my time is taken up with clinical governance activities – learning from events and audits to further improve the standards of care we deliver. This means things like auditing aspects of clinical practice against nationally recognised standards; reviewing any accidents or incidents to properly understand what happened; reviewing patient feedback from the surveys, letters and my conversations with them. By doing this we can better understand what could have done to help prevent incidents or dissatisfaction, and to put systems and processes in place to try to ensure we don’t repeat the same behaviours. Time is also spent with consultants, working out how best to support their practice and ensure patients get the best possible standards off care and service. I also spend

I believe we provide high standards of clinical care and customer service, and strive to ensure that continues.”


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27/05/2016 16:45

time with non-clinical colleagues monitoring the environment – making sure the hospital is kept clean, tidy and well maintained so that it is a safe, comfortable and welcoming place to be.

in the near future. Our clinical support staff have access to vocational qualifications. This benefits the service by supporting the development of a high quality workforce both now and for the future.

As part of the Ramsay Health Care UK Group, I take part in various meetings with Matrons and clinical colleagues from the South-west and the rest of the UK which enables me to learn from their experiences and use that for the benefit patients and staff at Duchy.

As part of the Senior Management Team of the hospital I also contribute to the further development of the services we offer, our physical environment and facilities, and managing the business.

0800 917 0022

I have been at Duchy Hosptial three-and-ahalf years and can honestly say that whilst I have routine, no two days are the same. I believe we provide high standards of clinical care and customer service, and strive to ensure that continues. I am always happy to hear from our service users about areas they think we can improve further so if you would like to contribute to the improvement of any aspect of our services please do contact me.


I am responsible for 215 members of employed clinical staff, professionally registered as well as support staff, including Physiotherapists, Radiographers and Cardiac Physiologists as well as Registered Nurses and Theatre Practitioners. Duchy Hospital provides placements for students of nursing and trainee operating department practitioners each year at different stages of their training and hope to have student physiotherapists

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP


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to health

Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr John Fowler joins Duchy Hospital, to help patients who suffer with back troubles


ost of us will experience spine problems at some point in life, giving rise to neck pain, back pain or a trapped nerve leading to arm or leg pain. A trapped nerve in the spine can be one of the most painful problems you are ever likely to experience. Lower back pain is the most common problem and can occur at any age. There’s often an existing problem that the patient is unaware of. An injury or minor incident can trigger the symptoms. Fortunately, in many instances, the pain may be self-limiting and can rapidly settle spontaneously. In 90% of acute back episodes, the symptoms will settle on their own within six weeks.

Did you know?At Duchy Hospital we offer Spinal Assessment Packages which include an MRI scan from £495.

… modern spinal surgery can be and often is amazing!"


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27/05/2016 16:49

However, if you suffer from longer-term (chronic) back pain or nerve entrapment, it could be time to see a specialist. Modern imaging can now regularly diagnose the problem leading to more effective treatments. Non-invasive treatment from a physiotherapist can help you manage your pain, but if this isn’t successful, interventions such as targeted injections or even spinal surgery could be an option. Duchy Hospital is now able to offer spinal surgery to both private and NHS patients. Prior to this, spinal surgery was not available in Cornwall and patients had to travel to Plymouth for surgery. Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr John Fowler joins Duchy Hospital from University Hospital Southampton where he worked since 2008 as a full-time Consultant Spinal Surgeon.

John’s areas of interest include minimal intervention spinal surgery, lumbar and cervical surgery and he provides one of the few endoscopic lumbar disc surgery clinics in the country. He now treats many patients as day cases – the surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation with patients often walking back to their room minus their sciatica. Cervical spine surgery for intractable brachalgia and myelopathy is now a large part of his practice. John is keen to point out that the management of most spinal conditions is conservative. “I’m firmly of the belief that most patients will settle with the reassurance of an accurate diagnosis and an explanation of the natural history of the problem. But for those patients who don’t settle, modern spinal surgery can be and often is amazing!”

Mr John Fowler, Consultant Spinal Surgeon

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP


0800 917 0022


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PENZANCE 01736 366550 TRURO 01872 879016 HELSTON 01326 559018 HAYLE 01736 750009 EAST CORNWALL 01752 869079

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nd out


HARRIS BEGLEY The Regent, Chapel Street, Penzance TR18 4AE


01736 366550

There could be more money tied up in your home than you think. We meet Matt Begley, retirement planning expert at Harris Begley Financial Planning, for some advice on the best way to release cash from your home. ecent study by the Equity Release Council has shown that more than 60% of over55’s haven’t had their home valued since they first bought it. For some homeowners this could mean that the price they paid for their house in the late 1990s has now increased on average by 156%. The news from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is even better, reporting that in real terms, many of us approaching retirement age are underestimating the value of our homes by a whopping £90,000.* Matt explained: “As some people approach retirement money worries can become a problem. Often, supporting your lifestyle and managing credit is no problem when a steady salary is coming in every month; it’s only when the prospect of this income drying up draws closer that the reality begins to hit home. A well-chosen Equity Release scheme can alleviate these worries and pave the way to a comfortable retirement.” While 80% of us are happy to consider Equity Release it is the fear of the unknown and not understanding the options available that is preventing us taking the next step.* “As retirement planning specialists and members of The Equity Release Council we are there to

guide clients through the products on offer. If at any point we don’t feel that Equity Release is suitable, then we will tell them. “However, for those without money in the bank it can be a way of supporting yourself in retirement and providing the financial means for an acceptable standard of living,” said Matt. “In the second quarter of 2015, Equity Release totalled £384.3m, which is the largest amount on record that has been lent by the industry. Interestingly enough, the rise in Equity Release popularity came despite greater freedoms in accessing pension pots, meaning that more and more people are looking for pension alternatives.

Why choose Harris e ey fin nc nn n w Ask the experts They have over 20 years’ of experience. w In safe hands They offer expert advice on all aspects of financial planning. w Tailor made They create personalised portfolios to suit your individual needs. *Equity Release Council - 'Over55 homeowners underestimate property wealth by £90,000' December 2015

If you have debts to pay off, a child to help with university fees or want to future-proof your property for those later years then your home could be the key. It may not be appropriate for everyone, and there are many packages available, including tailormade solutions customised to you and your own needs. Equity Release is now considered by many to be as important as their pension when planning retirement. As with all things, it pays to talk to the experts. Harris Begley Financial Planning can provide you with professional, impartial advice in order to plan a brighter retirement, specifically for you.




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Pension freedom

How will you take yours? Since 6 April 2015, anyone aged 55 or over has been able to take their entire defined contribution pension fund however they want...


his decision has allowed most pension plan-holders to draw down as much, or as little of their pension, at any time. Effectively, we are now free to shop around and devise a multitude of product combinations even taking it all as cash! However, whilst retirement freedom creates more choice, it can also bring with it more risk... And it’s not just pension plan-holders coming up to retirement who are considering this issue. It will also impact upon those of us in the workplace who are looking to build up our pension pot (or thinking about taking one out), who now recognise that the new government rules may require a change in our pension planning.

On average men retire at 64 years and 6 months and women at 63.8, according to the report Retirement Income Uncovered by Old Mutual Wealth. At these ages men can expect to live until 86.3 and women until 86.9. Being retired for 21 years or more means planning for an income that funds retirement for this length of time.

Don’t Pay Any More Tax Than You Have To... The first 25% of your pension pot will be taxfree either as one lump sum or as the first 25% of multiple lump sums. The remaining 75% would be taxed at the person’s marginal


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27/05/2016 17:18

Harris Begley take pride in offering a personal service that takes your individual circumstances into account. Get in touch on 01736 366550 for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your pension and plan for your future."

Here are some of the key options arising from the Pension Freedoms: 1. Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum These funds are ‘uncrystallised’, as they have not yet been used to pay a scheme pension, buy an annuity, or designated to a flexi-access drawdown fund. As it stands, your pension pot would remain as currently invested, or can be taken partly, or all, as cash. Where, as mentioned above, 25% of the cash payment is tax-free and the rest is taxable. 2. Annuities Historically, three-quarters of the 320,000 or so people that retire each year opted for an annuity, which offers a regular guaranteed income. And, for many, this certainty of payment may mean that it’s still the best option. (Source: HM Treasury, March 2014) The pay-off for ‘certainty’ had been a lack of ‘flexibility’. Although, in the brave new world, annuities are likely to become more flexible, which may include: • The opportunity to withdraw lump sums, or take variable amounts, perhaps in the early years of retirement. • Improved ‘guarantees’ so that the beneficiaries don’t lose out in the event of an early death within the annuity period. Additionally, there is also a growing awareness that you should shop around for the best annuity deal, known as the Open Market Option. And, as part of that process,

if you happen to face a specific health or lifestyle issue such as diabetes, cancer, a heart condition, or from being a smoker, then you may qualify for an enhanced annuity, which pays out more. It does this because the product provider has factored in that you’re not expected to live as long. It is then down to you to beat the odds! 3. Flexi-access Drawdown At the other end of the scale are drawdown products, which could potentially offer a better return but do come with a higher degree of risk, as you’ll still be investing in the stock markets, etc. Previously, this offering was more appropriate to those who had sizeable pension pots, and were less averse to risk. Under the new reforms, this sector has also expanded with the introduction of flexiaccess drawdown funds (the format for all new drawdown plans).

Find out more HARRIS BEGLEY The Regent, Chapel Street, Penzance TR18 4AE 01736 366550

These are designed to cater for more needs on the risk scale/fund size; with the previous restrictive rules affecting how much you can take out, being swept away. 4. Blended solutions The likelihood, for many, is that they may opt for a mix of immediate cash, annuity and flexi-access drawdown - thereby meeting current needs, delivering a guaranteed income for life, yet also leaving some funds invested in the hope of future growth.


rate. You need to be aware that taking beyond 25% as cash could generate a sizeable tax bill and possibly push some into a higher income tax band.

Making the right decisions for your future can seem a daunting prospect and it’s essential that you take expert advice. The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.


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Statistics w ACL knee injury accounts for around 40% of all sporting injuries w Reconstructive ACL surgery has a success rate of 95%


14-15 DH--ED--Orthopaedics Knee Injuries--2.indd 2

27/05/2016 16:51

Knee injuries We take our joints for granted, but if you have ever injured your knees, you’ll know how challenging it is. There’s help at hand from Duchy Hospital’s experts nee injuries can occur during a range

Reconstructive ACL surgery

of sports such as skiing, tennis, squash,

Mr Andrew Lee is a Consultant Orthopaedic

football and rugby. They can also be caused by more mundane activities like tripping over the cat, running after the kids, gardening or perhaps some over-enthusiastic DIY. One of the most common types of knee injury, which accounts for around 40% off all sporting injuries, is to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Surgeon at Duchy Hospital. He tells us more: “A torn ACL can’t be repaired by stitching it back together. However, it can be reconstructed by grafting [attaching] new tissue onto it. “The ACL can be reconstructed by removing what remains of the torn ligament and replacing it with a tendon from, for example,

The ACL is a tough band of tissue joining

the hamstring or patellar tendon. “ACL

the thigh bone to the shin bone at the

reconstruction is a common procedure with

knee joint. It helps control the back and

a success rate for stabilising the knee of

forward and rotational movement of the

about 95%. Patients need to do a lot of

lower leg and runs diagonally through the

physiotherapy/rehabilitation both before and

inside of the knee, giving stability to the

after the procedure.

knee joint.

“The operation takes about an hour and

Common causes of an ACL injury include

generally patients stay in overnight, although

landing badly from a jump, stopping

occasionally this can be done as a day case.

abruptly, changing direction suddenly or a

Most people do not need a brace after

collision, such as a football or rugby tackle.

surgery, and most are off crutches two to

If the ACL is torn, the knee can become unstable and tends to simply give way, either with sporting activities or sometimes with the activities of daily living. This

three weeks post-surgery. Return to sport after ACL reconstruction varies in its timing,



Mr Andrew Lee Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

but generally I recommend a year for contact sports or sports that involve a lot of twisting.”

can make it difficult to perform some movements like turning on the spot. It can

Find out more

also be painful.

DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP

The good news is that it is possible to surgically reconstruct the ACL and this operation is available from expert surgeons

0800 917 0022

at Duchy Hospital here in Cornwall.


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27/05/2016 16:51


A day in the life of our PPAM

We join Miranda Field on a typical day at Duchy Hospital.


s Duchy Hospital’s Private Patient Account Manager, my aim is to make being treated as a private patient at Duchy Hospital as easy and straightforward as we can. We’ll support you with every stage of your care, from referral to discharge. This includes helping you deal with your medical insurance, ensuring you get the earliest available appointment at a time / date to suit you to arranging transport and even making sure a copy of your favourite newspaper is delivered to your room during your stay. The alarm goes off at 6.45am and I’m up and getting ready to go to work, leaving the house between 7.45am and 8.00am. I live 7 miles from the hospital so I’m usually there in 20 minutes. I always try to be in between 8.30am – 4.30pm. Once in the hospital I pick up any messages that may be left on my phone and whilst writing these down, I also sign on to the Patient Administration System so I’m ready for any telephone queries that may come in. I call back those that have left messages and log my calls on a spreadsheet so I can see who I have spoken to and what the outcome has been. On Mondays, we have an important meeting to discuss the following two weeks hospital activity. This meeting is held between Ward, Ambulatory Care Unit, Physio, XRAY, Theatres, Matron and myself. We discuss list orders, bed allocation and resolve any

Miranda Field Private Patient Account Manager

potential conflicts eg. There are some theatre procedures that require XRAY to perform them, which means that XRAY cannot be in two theatres at the same time. I then pick up any messages left whilst I have been out and deal with them. Once finished I go down to the ward and see the private patients in their rooms. Some have queries about discharge or have other worries that I can quickly sort out for them. I always ask each patient if they have had everything they needed whilst being in our care, and they usually give me some great feedback about the whole Duchy Hospital team and how brilliant they are from the nurses to the lovely ladies who take food orders and serve them.


16-17 DH--ED--Day In The Life of PPAM .indd 2

27/05/2016 16:51

I also offer a Rapid Access Service where potential patients can call me when they need to see a consultant and I will discuss who would be most appropriate for their medical condition, and identify who has the earliest appointment. This can take a little while as I may have to liaise with several

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

I love being able to assist people with their medical issues and problems. Although I am just a small part of The Duchy Hospital team, it is fantastic because all of the staff are focussed on excellent patient care!


We’ll support you with every stage of your care, from referral to discharge."

different secretaries, consultants, maybe the surgery where the patient is registered and sometimes the insurance company that the patient is covered by. However, I try to get patients seen within 24 – 48 hours of their call to me, which they are always very appreciative of. In the summertime with Cornwall being a popular holiday destination, I also assist those here on holiday with immediate health concerns too, liaising with all relevant parties to ensure that they are seen quickly too.


16-17 DH--ED--Day In The Life of PPAM .indd 3

27/05/2016 16:52


Health Matters Duchy Hospital helps to relieve the stress of Hysterectomy with private consultation and appointments convenient to you.


hysterectomy can be a very stressful operation to undergo. Apart from being a physically daunting procedure itself, the emotional aspects can understandably be just as frightening. Duchy Hospital offers gynaecology on a private basis with consultant-led care to help you choose the right operation for you, and provide you with the advice and support you need to make a successful recovery. As well as being able to choose your consultant, opting for a private consultation at Duchy Hospital means shorter waiting times and, wherever possible, an operation will be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you. This can be an important consideration when you need to factor in vital recovery time.

For those who have had the procedure, there can be a or enefi s a lead o a si nifican i pro e en in ali o li e


18-19 DH--ED--Gynae Health Matters.indd 2

27/05/2016 16:52

Around 70,000 women undergo hysterectomies each year in the UK. They are performed to treat a variety of conditions including heavy periods, long-term pelvic pain, fibroids and cancer of the ovaries, uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes.

There are various types of hysterectomy. The type you have depends on why you need the operation and how much of your womb and surrounding reproductive system (ovaries and cervix) can safely be left in place.

While hysterectomies are generally effective, the operation has in the past required a hospital stay of up to five days and up to two to three months off work. However, more recently, laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery has resulted in less invasive surgery and faster recovery times.

Further advantages to keyhole surgery are a reduction in disruption to the bladder and bowel and, because the patient is up and about the next day, there is less likelihood of blood clots forming in the veins. For those who have had the procedure, there can be major benefits that lead to a significant improvement in quality of life. For more information about private gynaecology, talk to the team at Duchy Hospital, who are happy to provide professional and confidential advice.

0800 917 0022


Laparoscopic hysterectomy is where the womb is removed through several small cuts in the abdomen rather than one large cut either at the top of the vagina or to the lower abdomen.

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP


18-19 DH--ED--Gynae Health Matters.indd 3

27/05/2016 16:52


Truro High School for Girls

Going Private Considering the benefits of private treatment at Duchy Hospital.


In essence, paying for your treatment means that you are treated at your convenience rather than to fit in with the NHS. Private patients can choose when they have their treatment, which can make a real difference. For some this simply means being seen as quickly as possible – in some cases being seen by a consultant on the same day as being contacted. One patient, Mr Peter Fittock, explains the peace of mind that this gave him: “It was an urgent consultation at my instigation and I was dealt with in a understanding and very prompt manner which gave me much comfort at a difficult time.” For others it’s simply about being able to choose a time which fits into their lifestyle. Perhaps you want to be treated in good time to be able to recover from your operation for a special event like a wedding or a holiday. Others find that due to work commitments, the uncertainty of when they will get their appointment or operation causes problems, especially for those who run their own business. Private patients can also choose the consultant they wish to see. NHS patients are not always given a choice of consultant, or they may be

Our aim is to make it as easy and straightforward as we can. We’ll support you with every stage of care, from referral to discharge.”

treated by a member of a consultant’s team rather than the named consultant. Private patients also benefit from the assistance of Duchy Hospital’s Private Patient Account Manager, Miranda Field. “We understand that coming into hospital can be a stressful and worrying time”, explains Miranda. “Our aim is to make it as easy and straightforward as we can. We’ll support you with every stage of care, from referral to discharge. This includes helping you deal with your medical insurance, arranging transport, to making sure a copy of your favourite newspaper is delivered to your room during your stay.”

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022


hen Duchy Hospital opened it was entirely private. All patients paid for their treatment, either with medical insurance or their own funds. But more recently, it has begun to take NHS patients too. Why, then, is it worth paying for your treatment to go to the same hospital?

Private healthcare enables choice, convenience and an experience designed around you and your needs. And it’s more affordable that you may think. Duchy Hospital offers fixed cost care for many treatments giving a total price for treatment without any unexpected extras. Interest free finance is also available to spread the cost.


21 DH--ED--Benefits of Going Private.indd 3

27/05/2016 16:53


A day in the life

of a Cosmetic Surgeon We follow Mrs Rebecca Dunlop for the day.


Rebecca Dunlop, Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon

‘m a Plastic Surgery Consultant living and working in Truro, I’ve been here since early 2014 and part of my practice is ‘Aesthetic’ or ‘Cosmetic’ Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is a fantastically varied specialty, so my day can involve operations ranging from 30 minutes to over 4 hours and on more of less any part of the body. The focus is very much on providing a personalised service where achieving the exact wishes and ideals of each patient is the aim, plus fitting in with their work and home schedule to minimise disruption for them. This can be quite intense and demanding at times, so I spend a lot of time in preparation and try to be rested and unstressed before a busy day!

I arrive at Duchy Hospital before 8am, getting my clinic room set up with patient information leaflets, implant sizing kits, injectable products, camera for before and after images and the electronic notes for each patient, which are held on a secure server for maximum privacy. My secretary, Jo, (who is amazingly organised) will often have been in touch already that morning to let me know of any changes to the schedule. Clinic appointments can range from quick 10 minute post-operative checks to over an hour spent with a patient and her partner discussing facial ageing or selecting the perfect size of breast implant. It is important


22-23 DH--ED--Day In The Life SUrgeon Rebecca--2 V2.indd 2

27/05/2016 16:55

that I get to know each patient and that we ‘click’ pre-op: after all, they need to be able to trust me and I need to be able to trust them; to follow post-operative instructions and let me know crucial details about their body and health which can impact on their surgery. One of the high points in clinic is seeing early post-operative patients when they first see the results of the surgery they have planned and saved for. Each patient gets quite a detailed letter summarising the consultation and agreed plan, time to think about things and a second appointment for any questions they may have. After a quick lunch catching up with Jo on the phone I get ready for theatre and see the pre-operative patients on the ward for consenting and marking. I will also touch base with the theatre team and anaesthetist to discuss any special kit requirements and make sure the correct implants and equipment are ready. The surgery itself if not stressful for me: all important decisions will have been made pre-op and once in theatre it feels like being in a bubble, with no interruptions or noise.

I love my job and it is a huge privilege to be able to facilitate an important change in someone’s appearance and potentially their happiness and wellbeing. I couldn’t do what I do without having had some amazing surgical teachers over the years, plus supportive colleagues, husband and the professionalism of the Duchy Hospital staff and Jo.

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

It is important that I get to know each patient and that we ‘click’ pre-op: after all, they need to be able to trust me…"


At the end of the day I visit the post-op patients in recovery, give instructions for their care to the ward staff and make sure

they know how to contact me if needed. Then I go home, hopefully in time to see my children before bedtime- I have 2 young children, they know what my job is but aren’t really interested, they are much keener to tell me what has gone on for them that day and to have a story before bed! I usually have an early night since I’m back at work at 7am to check on my post-ops: a social life has to wait for the weekend!


22-23 DH--ED--Day In The Life SUrgeon Rebecca--2 V2.indd 3

27/05/2016 16:55



wide open

If you’re looking for a lift, cosmetic eyelid surgery at Duchy Hospital could help to maintain that youthful appearance


he eyes are the window to the soul. Unfortunately, they often show ageing the most. Losing skin elasticity and muscle tone is inevitable as we age, resulting in loose folds on the upper eyelids and creases under the lower eyelids. Fat underneath the eyes may take on a ‘baggy’ appearance, worsened by excessive sun exposure, smoking and hereditary factors. Duchy Hospital offers a range of consultantled surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, with benefits including convenient appointment times, choice of consultant, private en suite rooms and an a la carte menu. Interest free finance is also available to spread the cost of treatment.

Did you know? w Over 7,700 eyelid surgery ops took place in 2014 making it the 2nd most popular type of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation remains the most popular w Duchy Hospital offer regular free cosmetic surgery open events where you can have a short one to one discussion with a consultant to find out more about the procedure you are considering


24-25 DH--ED--Cosmetic Eyes Wide Open.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:44

Eyelid rejuvenation surgery (or blepharoplasty) removes excess skin and tightens tissue to give a fresher, more youthful look. Incisions are made in the eyelid’s natural creases, so scarring is minimal and fades with time. You can have both the upper and lower eyelids treated at the same time, or simply one or the other. The operation usually takes up to two hours. The operation can be performed under general or local anaesthetic and may be a day-case, but an overnight stay is sometimes required. You’ll need to plan some time off work to rest. A brow lift involves tightening the skin to elevate the brow, opening up the area

Crows’ feet can be addressed with wrinkle freezing injections and dermal fillers, which take about 15 minutes, performed in the outpatient setting. Wrinkle freezing injections generally take effect over a week or two and last three to four months, while dermal fillers can last up to a year. Being non-surgical, there’s very little bruising and no recovery time needed. If you’d like to find out more, book a place at one of Duchy Hospital’s regular free open events or ring up to arrange an in-depth consultation. You’ll always be seen directly by the consultant who will perform your procedure. If considering eyelid surgery, it is a good idea to have an up to date check-up with an optician first.

Rebecca Dunlop, Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgeon

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022


You can have both the upper and lower eyelids treated at the same time."

around the eyes. This can be performed either through incisions hidden in the hairline (endoscopic brow lift) or just above the eyebrows (direct brow lift). Your surgeon can discuss which would be most suitable for you. Having brow lift surgery before eyelid surgery may produce the best result.


24-25 DH--ED--Cosmetic Eyes Wide Open.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:44


Body and Mind

We speak to Dr Sarah Simpson, Consultant Psychologist at Duchy Hospital


Dr Sarah Simpson Consultant Psychologist

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

t is always important to keep in mind the brain and body relationship and so, the impact of mental health and psychological perspective on physical health. It goes without saying, there are many influential factors guiding experience and recuperation, surrounding a clinical procedure. The way in which stress levels and anxiety conditions can exacerbate adverse symptoms has been widely documented, so we can reasonably assume that they also have a bearing on recovery time and overall patient satisfaction. Mental health problems do not often present as isolated conditions. Anxiety is frequently co-morbid with depression and vice versa sleep disorders, addictions, eating disorders all have connecting elements and sometimes are indicators for more serious problems, such as trauma or psychosis. All manifest as a vicious cycle of interdependent issues and symptoms with physical health implications. A sleep imbalance for instance can create symptoms of depression void of any other complicating factors. So, the anxious and/or depressed mind will significantly interfere with the sleep cycle, in particular the REM stage of sleep as it seeks to compensate. The outcome is a reduced slow-wave sleep, vital for replenishing the brain, memory consolidation and overall functioning emotional and physical. All of which supports the researched link of our experience of pain relational to the psyche, personal expectations and general mental health. Understandably then, the immune system cannot be excluded from this loop. With this in mind, it is not sufficient to simply address isolated symptoms, a more holistic approach

is required allowing for multiple targeting. Psychological help does not need to be months of prolonged consultations it can simply mean advising on sleep, coping skills, relaxation techniques and pain management. Involving techniques to reduce negative emotional arousal, opening up the rational and problem solving cortical regions can all help. Breathing techniques are particularly effective, especially diaphragmatic breathing. Mindfulness is achieving lots of popular attention at the moment, boasting many therapeutic benefits for overall mental health. Current scientific findings demonstrate that, with long-term practice, it strengthens the cognitive function of the prefrontal cortex (the area most compromised at times of stress, anxiety and depression). Training the mind to focus and defocus attention at will, to ‘take back control’ when overwhelmed is a pivotal life-long skill. Generally speaking, discussing patient concerns and possibly identifying any mental health issues is always worthwhile, especially for more sensitive self-opted surgical procedures. This may highlight longer-term patterns, such as - addictions, eating disorders and chronic self-esteem issues. On a final note, the power of the imagination and its relationship to overall health requires respect. We do not think in words alone, we visualise too. Our brain is unable to distinguish between our imagination and reality, it then forms associative neural pathways potentially based on our worst fears. In a nutshell, it can be our best friend or our most feared enemy but always our living reality at the helm of our expectations for pain, recovery and overall satisfaction.

26 DUCHY HOSPITAL 26 DH--ED--Wellbeing-- 2pp.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:00


Mindfulness is achieving lots of popular attention at the moment, boasting an erape ic enefi s for overall mental health.�


26 DH--ED--Wellbeing-- 2pp.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:01


Heart matters

Duchy Hospital offers stateof-the-art treatments for Coronary Heart Disease, with six consultant cardiologists on hand to offer you first class care


n the UK, there are an estimated 2.3 million people living with Coronary Heart Disease, with around two million people affected by angina (chest pains, the most common symptom of coronary heart disease). Many more have silent and undiagnosed coronary disease which affects both men and women, but often occurs earlier in men. It is one of the major causes of death in the western world, although modern treatments have produced major improvements in survival over the past ten years. Should your heart need a little more help than diet and exercise, you’ll be glad to

Did you know? w 2.3m people in the UK are living with Coronary Heart Desease w Private cardiology appointments are generally available within 72 hours at Duchy Hospital

28 DUCHY HOSPITAL 28-29 DH--ED--Cardiology Heart Matters--2.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:02

know that treatments for heart disease have come a long way over recent years and many are far less invasive than you might imagine. Each depends on the type and severity of the condition you have. In some cases, medication may be an option and certain drugs have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack by up to a third. If medication isn’t enough for your condition, then Coronary Intervention is the next step. Increasingly, keyhole techniques are used instead of open heart surgery, and one of the most common of these is angioplasty with stent implantation. This is PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) and it is now offered at Duchy Hospital in Truro. Duchy Hospital is Cornwall’s only private hospital and treats both Private and NHS patients. The hospital has recently undergone a multi-million pound expansion which included a new Cardiac Catheter Laboratory, giving cardiologists state-of-the art facilities in which to perform these lifesaving operations. The Cardiac Catheter Laboratory also has a laminar flow system, meaning the system frequently changes and filters the air so that it is classified as ultra-clean, which helps Duchy Hospital to maintain its incredibly low rates of infection; Duchy Hospital has had no occurrences of MRSA in the past six years.

modern treatments have produced major improvements in survival over the past ten years.”

Other cardiac procedures now performed at Duchy Hospital include: • Coronary Angiography • Pacemaker implantation • Loop recorder implantation • Echocardiography • Trans-Oesophageal echocardiography • • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator implantation • Plus a full range of basic cardiac tests

Dr Stephen Evans, Consultant Cardiologist

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

q Cardio Diagnostics

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Stephen Evans explains how the procedure works: “Under X-ray guidance, a fine tube is inserted usually into the wrist and then passed up to the heart.


The affected artery is located and a tiny balloon is gently inflated at the site of narrowing that is causing symptoms and potentially threating a heart attack. A stent mounted on another balloon is then deployed at the site of the narrowing to scaffold the artery and restore normal blood flow. [A stent is like a small spring, made from medical grade stainless steel.] Stent implantation can often be performed as a day case and is a very effective treatment that is much less invasive than open heart surgery.”


28-29 DH--ED--Cardiology Heart Matters--2.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:02

HOME CARE SERVICE for people who wish to stay living independently in their own homes

At Cornwall Care we recognise the importance of independent living; we understand that having the opportunity to live independently in your own home can have an enormous impact on your confidence and wellbeing, which is why we have over 200 dedicated staff delivering care across Cornwall from an hour a week to 24 hours a day. We support people with a variety of conditions, including but not limited to: Physical disabilities Learning disabilities Children and families with disabilities* Age related illnesses and palliative care Dementia and mental health conditions *This covers disabled children over the age of 14 and parents with disabilities themselves

The HOME CARE team

Our Home Care team provides a quality, flexible and friendly service, and as the largest provider of care in Cornwall, we can guarantee our clients will always get the care they need.

Call us on...

01872 261787

DH--AD--Cornwall Care--1.00.indd 1

27/05/2016 10:05

The best of you

Restore your inner confidence and get back into your favourite pair of jeans osing weight is a fantastic achievement. However, some can be left with folds of loose skin and a lack of muscle tone, giving the abdomen a ‘saggy’ appearance. Pregnancy can be another cause of loose, sagging skin on the tummy. In some cases the tissue that binds your muscles can be weakened too. Exercise can restore muscle tone but has little effect on its tissue envelope. A saggy tummy may simply be a result of the ageing process or it could be a stubborn area that you’ve been unable to shift with diet or exercise. Whatever the reason, having a slim, toned tummy is important to many when it comes to feeling good about ourselves. It can really make a difference to what we wear and how confident we feel. Duchy Hospital offers a range of consultantled surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Benefits include: • convenient appointment times • choice of consultant • private en-suite rooms • an a la carte menu. Interest free finance can help spread the cost. Abdominoplasty at Duchy hospital costs from £5,655.

Abdominoplasty (or a tummy tuck) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens the tissue binding the muscles and removes loose skin and fat from the abdomen so that it appears flat and toned. Mr Antony Fitton, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Duchy Hospital, says: “This is one of the most common operations I perform, with a high rate of patient satisfaction. As with any surgery there are risks but with diligence these are reduced to a minimum. It’s very important that patient and surgeon discuss the surgical plan and ongoing care in full, preferably on two separate occasions. This gives the patient a chance to reflect and consider their choice.”

Mr Antony Fitton, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

A number of options are available; your consultant can advise which would be best for you. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic, usually involving a one to two night stay in hospital, and you’ll need some time off to recover at home. The length of recovery period depends on the type of operation and your own levels of fitness.



Duchy Hospital holds regular free open events to meet a consultant, ask questions, and have a mini consultation to establish whether you would be suitable for surgery. See the website for details.


31 DH--ED--Abdominoplasty V2.indd 1

27/05/2016 17:02


Look Great feel great

Weight loss surgery at Duchy Hospital

Open Events Duchy Hospital holds weight loss surgery open events from time to time, if you would like to find out more about these please call us on 0800 917 0022.


besity is one of the major health issues of our age, and is established as a contributing factor for all sorts of health concerns from diabetes to infertility, as well issues around low self-esteem and mobility.

Duchy Hospital, Mr Ian Finlay, explains: “Once

For those who have tried exercise plans and diets without success and who have a BMI of 27 or more, weight loss surgery could be an option. As Consultant Bariatric Surgeon at

only to rapidly regain that weight and perhaps

a person becomes obese, hormonal and other changes occur which make it very difficult to lose weight by diet and exercise programmes alone. ‘Yo-Yo’ dieting results in losing weight more. Bariatric surgery works by reversing these established physiological changes and results in significant and sustained weight loss.”


32-33 DH--ED--Weight Loss Surgery.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:03

Duchy Hospital offers a range of weight loss surgery procedures including gastric balloon, gastric band, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Ultimatly aftercare is the key to your success and that is why all of the procedures are accompanied by a comprehensive programme of aftercare. Support is one part of your journey that will truly make a real difference to achieving your end goal.

After weight loss surgery, it’s essential for you to follow the specific eating guidelines given to you by your surgeon or dietician/ nutritionist. Weight loss surgery recovery diets are set to ensure that the body heals properly and obtains adequate nutrition. Duchy Hospital has built a weight loss surgery aftercare package to give you the best pre and post operation information along with a whole host of other important aftercare inclusions. Weight loss surgery can not only help you look and feel better, it can also ensure that you lead a healthier life; energy levels will increase, enabling you to move around more easily and also to exercise. Successful weight loss surgery can improve your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Mr Finlay, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022


Bariatric surgery works by reversing established physiological changes and res l s in si nifican and sustained weight loss."

Lifestyle changes for a successful result Many are unaware of the lifestyle changes which surgery involves. Losing weight before surgery will help with your recovery, increase your rate of weight loss and aid with the transition to your post-op diet.


32-33 DH--ED--Weight Loss Surgery.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:03


The new BMW 7 Series incorporates exquisitely crafted design, enhanced levels of comfort and an extensive range of pioneering technology, which have all led to it being hailed as the most innovative car in its class. Ocean Falmouth Falmouth Road, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 8AD 01326 375100

Official fuel economy figures for the new BMW 7 Series Saloon range: Urban 24.8-51.4mpg (11.4-5.51/100km). Extra Urban 45.6-67.3mpg (6.2-4.21/100km). Combined 34.9-60.1mpg (8.1-4.71/100km). CO2 emissions 189-124g/km. Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions.

OTW 3--AD--BMW--1.00 IFC--1.00.indd 2

29/04/2016 12:12

Conquering Cancer

Sarah Hodges, Health Care Assistant at Duchy Hospital, conquers Kilimanjaro for Cancer Research UK


arah Hodges, a health care assistant from Duchy Hospital,climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of Cancer Research UK in September 2015. Sarah was a Duchy Hospital patient herself in July 2013 and had a total hip replacement. She was so delighted with the results she was determined to take on some new challenges! Sarah climbed Kilimanjaro following months of gruelling training. However, despite her fitness, Sarah suffered badly from severe altitude sickness and hypothermia during her climb. She made it to the summit at 6.15am on 25th September, just in time to see the most breathtaking sunrise. She said that when she reached the summit she felt completely elated and couldn’t believe she had actually done it!

She said that weather they experienced was incredibly varied, sunny one minute and then snowing the next. The temperature when they began walking was 38 degrees, but by the time they were nearing the summit, the temperature was -5 degrees with a wind chill of -16 degrees. When asked how her new hip coped with the challenge Sarah said “ it was no trouble at all, in fact the other hip hurt, but the replaced one was fine!” The only problem was that she said all the alarms went off at the airport and as hip replacements aren’t so common in that part of the world, it took a bit of explaining at times! So far Sarah has raised almost £1,000 in aid of Cancer Reasearch UK, if you would like to support her, you can donate at

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022


The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro is a dizzying 5,685m above sea level. The climb from their base camp to the summit took 5 hours of incredibly intensive climbing. Sarah’s altitude sickness was so bad, she was sick and hallucinating at times, but the guides ensured she remained safe and enabled her to complete her ascent to the top. Sarah climbed

with a group of 9 others, plus guides and porters. Her group were from all walks of life from a 72 year old lady to a female sergeant major, a foot surgeon and a carpenter!

On route to Kilimanjaro’s summit


35 Sarah Hodges Life Outside Work Story.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:04


Varicose vein surgery has now caught up with the minimally invasive revolution that has been going on in many other surgical areas."

Restore your


Modern treatments for varicose veins available at the Duchy Hospital


round one third of adults will develop varicose veins at some point in life. Some feel apprehensive about seeking treatment because they remember friends or relatives having surgery. Treatment years ago used to involve ‘stripping’ the veins under general anaesthetic, followed by a long period of recovery, which could often be quite painful. The good news is that varicose vein treatment has changed radically since those days!

Ken Woodburn, Consultant Vascular Surgeon of Duchy Hospital in Truro, explains: “Varicose vein surgery has now caught up with the minimally invasive revolution that has been going on in many other surgical areas. Almost all patients can now be treated with simple local anaesthetic ‘walk-in, walk-out’ keyhole treatments.” There’s a range of minimally invasive treatments now available at Duchy Hospital, all with the advantage of avoiding


36-37 DH--ED--Varicose Veins.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:05

surgical incisions and general anaesthetic, enabling you to return to normal activities within a day or two of treatment.

treatment the patient is able to walk round to the recovery area and enjoy a cup of tea before heading home.

In 2013 endothermal ablation using radiofrequency (RFA) or laser (EVLT) was recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence (NICE) as the first choice treatment. Since 2007, Mr Woodburn and his colleagues at Duchy Hospital have treated over 2,000 patients using this technique. If your varicose veins are not ideal for RFA, or you don’t like the idea of local anaesthetic injections, Clarivein™ and Venaseal™ have been recently introduced. These methods only require a single local anaesthetic injection, while having a success rate similar to RFA in studies carried out so far.

The procedure can usually be undertaken within a few weeks, without having to stop any of your normal medications or give up food or drink beforehand. It’s recommended that you avoid driving on the day of treatment, but you should be able to return to normal activities, including most types of work, within 48-72 hours, although recovery may take a little longer.

All these new treatments are carried out in the day case treatment facility at Duchy Hospital using ultrasound guidance. Procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic, taking from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the veins needing treatment. Immediately following

Free Open Events

Mr Ken Woodburn, Consultant Vascular Surgeon

If you’d like to know more about the available options, you can either head to one of the regular free open events for a one-to-one discussion and find out what would be suitable for you and the costs involved , or you can just book a full consultation if you prefer. You don’t need a GP referral. Who knows, perhaps it could soon be time to get those shorts out for summer!

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP


0800 917 0022


36-37 DH--ED--Varicose Veins.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:05


Charity work & fundraising at

The Duchy


At the Duchy Hospital we love raising funds for good causes."

Our staff have taken part in all sorts of fundraising activities from cake sales to head-shaving to skydiving! Whether it be working with local charities in the community or raising money for national charity campaigns, the team at Duchy Hospital are game for most things!


38-39 DH--ED--Charity & Fundraising.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:07

Skydiving Supergranny Sue Sue Roberts, one of Duchy Hospital’s receptionists took to the skies last summer to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. During the previous year Sue’s 9-year-old grandson Seb was badly injured in a quad bike accident. He was airlifted to Bristol Children’s Hospital and immediately taken to theatre. Three months after his terrible accident, Seb was allowed home again where he continued to progress. He then went back to school and began to enjoy himself again. Sue, along with Seb’s mum and two of his aunties took part in a sponsored skydive on 1st August 2015 to raise money for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Brave the Shave Two members of staff at Duchy Hospital, Erica Greet and Kim Simmons had their heads shaved last autumn for the Macmillan ‘Brave the Shave’ campaign at a special event at Duchy Hospital. Between them they raised over £1,500, which will go towards MacMillan’s Cove Appeal. The Cove is a new facility which is being built opposite Duchy Hospital. The Cove Macmillan Support Centre will provide a dedicated facility for people affected by cancer, whether they’re a patient, caring for someone or are simply worried about cancer. Kilimanjaro Climb for Cancer Research UK Sarah Hodges, a health care assistant at Duchy Hospital underwent intensive training in order to climb Mount Kilimanjaro last September. Sarah has also experienced being a patient at Duchy Hospital; in 2013 Sarah underwent a total hip replacement. Following this, she was so thrilled with the results of her operation that she decided to take on a new challenge. The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro is a dizzying 5685m above sea level. The climb from their base camp to the summit took 5 hours of incredibly intensive climbing. She said that when she reached the summit she felt completely elated and couldn’t believe she had actually done it!

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022


Fran’s Famous Cream Tea Fran Townend, Nurse at Duchy Hospital has been treating the staff at the Hospital to cream teas for quite a few years now. Each time Fran raises money for a particular charity; these charities range from Comic Relief to Nepal Disaster Relief to Children’s Hospice Care. They are a much anticipated home baked scone with homemade jam and cream; it is safe to say the team are more than happy to donate on behalf of Fran’s continuous efforts!

Erica Greet, Cater hairdresser Sa m Ting Assistant with illing - Sept 2015

dchildren and her gran ief d en n ow T n Nurse Fra m teas for Comic Rel selling crea arch 2016 M

38-39 DH--ED--Charity & Fundraising.indd 3

Health Ca hairdres re Assistant K ser Sa m im Sim Tilling - mons wit h Sept 2 015


27/05/2016 17:07


A woman

of our time We meet Lady Mary Holborow, former Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall.

W q Laying the foundation stone for the patient conservatory on 11th April 2006 on the 25th anniversary of Duchy Hospital. From L to R: Caroline Hamilton, Chris Sealey, Lady Mary Holborow

ith a backdrop of glorious views down through the Ladock valley and sunlight streaming through French doors I take a seat opposite Lady Mary Holborow. I’ve not met a ‘Lady’ before and am unsure as to the etiquette when interviewing the daughter of the 8th Earl of Courtown and the former Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall. I needn’t have worried as Lady Mary pours the tea, puts me at ease and we begin to chat happily about her home and her beloved family that now share it. Lady Mary moved to Cornwall in 1959 to be with her late husband Geoffrey Holborow, OBE and founder of the firm of land and estate agents, Stratton and Holborow. They started their married life in a house in Feock before moving to their current home in Ladock. The main house is now home to their daughter, and Lady Mary lives next door in a stunningly


40-41--Lady Mary Holborow--2.00.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:09

I was very worried that o fi o ld clas i e Queen! ” Christmas at home with the family

I am keen to know more about her time as Lord Lieutenant, as being the first woman to hold the post in Cornwall it has always been a strong talking point. Lord Lieutenants, I learn, were originally appointed in Henry VIII’s reign to control the military. Today the post is more to do with royalty than armies. The post has many major responsibilities, the first and foremost of which is to represent the Queen in the county. This has lead to Lady Mary awarding several medals including, as Lady Mary explained: “A very emotional duty when I had to award an

Speaking at one of her many social engagements Lady Mary Holborow with her late husband Geoffrey

MBE at a hospital bedside to someone who was dying.” The highest profile part of this prestigious position is the responsibility of organising visits of the Royal Family to Cornwall. The Lord Lieutenant is also the Honorary Colonel of the TA and supports many charities and voluntary organisations. Lady Mary took over as Lord Lieutenant in 1994 and told me that it was both a shock and an honour to be asked to take up the post. “I was not only worried about being the first woman Lord Lieutenant but also about how I would be accepted as not being Cornish!” Lady Mary explained. She needn’t have worried as Cornwall accepted her with open arms. Wearing her badge of office, made from enamel, gold and pearl, Lady Mary has arranged and hosted over 100 Royal visits to Cornwall including the Queen’s visit in 2002 to celebrate Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee. “It was a very exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking time,” said Lady Mary, “not least of which was choosing what to wear. Male Lord Lieutentants have a military style uniform whereas woman have only a badge of office. I was very worried that my outfit would clash with the Queen!”

Lady Mary’s links to Duchy Hospital Lady Mary Holborow has links to Duchy Hospital as a Trustee of the Cornwall Community Foundation, a charity which Duchy Hospital supports by being a member of the Cornwall 100 Club. The Cornwall 100 Club is a group of like-minded businesses believing in social responsibility at a grass roots level coming together to offer financial support to Cornish communities, making a real, positive and measurable difference to life in Cornwall.

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022


converted former garage. We sit surrounded by family portraits and it is clear that family is very important to Lady Mary. With two children and six grandchildren Lady Mary is certainly kept busy along with her more formal duties.

Lady Mary stepped down as Lord Lieutenant in 2011 and not one to rest on her laurels has since become Chairman of the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust and a Trustee of the Eden Project as well as finding time to be a nonexecutive consultant to her daughter’s PR business. She now relishes the extra time she gets to spend with her family.


40-41--Lady Mary Holborow--2.00.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:09


Decade of success

Bodmin Treatment Centre celebrates its 10th birthday


en years ago, a new purpose-built NHS treatment centre was opened next to Bodmin Community Hospital, designed to provide facilities and equipment for assessment, diagnosis and treatment on a day-case basis. The Treatment Centre was built in response to the growing demand for services close to where people live, saving patients from north and east Cornwall having to travel to Truro or Plymouth for simple diagnostics and day case procedures. Run by Ramsay Healthcare, the same company that owns Duchy Hospital in Truro, the centre has become a real asset to the community offering day case procedures such as hip and knee injections, hernia operations, cataract operations, dermatology, ENT and maxillo facial surgery.

My overall care at Bodmin Treatment Centre was firs class in e er a Mr Gronwalt


42-43 DH--ED--Bodmin Treatment Centre Decade of Success.indd 2

27/05/2016 17:10

Did you know? Bodmin Treatment Centre is run by Ramsay Health Care, the same company who run Duchy Hospital?

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

Bodmin Treatment Centre has also proved popular because of its short wait times, consultant-led care and free parking. Patients find it convenient and treatment at Bodmin Treatment Centre sometimes saves them a longer journey to one of the larger hospitals such as Derriford and Treliske. As a small hospital, Bodmin Treatment Centre is able to respond quickly to the healthcare needs of the local community, providing services such as its ‘See & Treat’

cataract clinic. A See & Treat clinic means that patients can have their consultation in the morning and then, if treatment is required, have their procedure that afternoon, saving them making another visit to the hospital. “My overall care at Bodmin Treatment Centre was first class in every way”, says one patient, Mr Gronwalt. Meanwhile, another, Mrs Carolyn May, adds: “The care was excellent and the hospital spotless. The staff were professional, friendly and polite, not to mention helpful. Well done!”


Since opening, over 98,000 patients have walked through the doors of Bodmin Treatment Centre – that’s almost 1 in 5 of the population of Cornwall! This has included 42,000 day cases and 56,000 outpatient visits! The day cases treated in the past decade include: 12,000 cataract replacements, 15,000 endoscopies, 2,000 hernia repairs, 3,500 MaxFax dental, 3,000 dermatology, 4,700 gynae procedures, 1,000 orthopaedic, and 400 ENT.

Chris Sealey, Bodmin Treatment Centre’s General Manager says: “I have been involved with Bodmin Treatment Centre since its very beginning and I am enormously proud of what the team has achieved over the past decade. We look forward to the next 10 years of providing high quality care in Bodmin.” If you’d like to receive your treatment at Bodmin just ask your GP to refer you to Bodmin Treatment Centre.


42-43 DH--ED--Bodmin Treatment Centre Decade of Success.indd 3

27/05/2016 17:10


On the Pulse The latest news and events from Duchy Hospital.

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

Plans for the future Duchy Hospital has served the population of Cornwall for over 35 years, evolving along the way. Tens of thousands of patients have benefited from the services the hospital provides over the years, and in recent years we have expanded the range of what we do considerably. Three years ago we added a high tech cardiac catheter laboratory,

Physiotherapy Services Many people don’t realise that we offer private physiotherapy at Duchy Hospital. As well as post-operative recovery for patients who have had procedures here we also treat a variety of conditions including acute sports injuries, muscle and joint problems, back and neck problems, balance and vestibular problems and incontinence problems. We have physiotherapists specially trained in acupuncture, Pilates, manual therapy techniques, electrotherapy, neurological conditions, vestibular/balance problems, hand therapy and women’s health issues. We aim to offer a holistic approach to your problem and will spend time discussing your diagnosis, the proposed treatment plan and length of treatment required together with your likely outcome and long term management and prevention strategies. An initial consultation costs £50 and follow ups are £38. Appointments can be booked by calling us on 01872 226105.

enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of cardiology procedures, from diagnostic angiograms, to pacemaker implantations and cardiac angioplasty (stenting). In the last year we have started a spinal service. This is the first time in well over a decade that patients have been able to have planned spinal surgery without leaving Cornwall. Our spinal service is expanding rapidly, helping a growing group of patients receive services closer to home in a specialty where travel itself can be debilitating. For the future we will continue to seek to expand the range of services, matching what Duchy Hospital offers to the changing healthcare needs of the local population. We expect to see further expansion of our outpatient and day case facilities, on-site cross sectional imaging (MRI and CT scanners) and new specialties. In the coming years we also anticipate offering outpatient and diagnostic services closer to patients homes, through outreach facilities in local GP surgeries, local cottage hospitals and other convenient locations.


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Affordable t Duchy Hospital we offer a range of options to make paying for private patient as straightforward as possible. We endeavour to make our pricing as transparent as possible so that patients are always clear what their treatment will cost before they arrive at the hospital. Fixed Cost Care – our fixed cost care plan which we call TotalCare, is a way to ensure that the price quoted is the total price the patient will pay. A TotalCare price includes all consultant and hospital fees for surgery but does not include the initial consultation fee. 0% finance – for patients who would prefer to spread the cost of their treatment we offer interest free finance via a company called Zebra Finance. Payments are spread over 10 months with an initial £95 admin charge applied to the first instalment.

To find out more just call 0845 618 5375 or visit

Private Patient Account Manager We appreciate that navigating the world of private medical insurance can be rather bewildering if you haven’t had to use it before. With this in mind, we have a Private Patient Account Manager, Miranda Field, who is on hand to help guide you through the process if you need some assistance.

Statistics Our private patients receive a package of benefits called Premium Care. This includes: w Your choice of consultant w Appointments at a time to suit you w Priority access and discharge w Private ensuite rooms w A la carte menu

You can reach Miranda by telephone on 01872 226161 or by emailing her



Private Healthcare

Appointments for private patients are now available within 72 hours for some specialties. Just call 0800 917 0022." 45

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Laser eye surgery

at the Duchy Hospital

Seeing clearly can make all the difference.


several types of eye surgeries used to correct refractive errors (i.e. how your eye focuses light). One of the most common types of laser eye surgery is LASIK and is

home within a few hours. LASIK is a method of reducing your dependency on glasses and contact lenses. It differs from regular laser surgery – Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) in the following aspects:• hours of surgery) • • same day •

What does Lasik stand for? Assisted in situ Keratomileusis’. Why choose Lasik? LASIK is now the most commonly performed refractive eye surgery in the world.

• • 6 weeks) • if necessary • •

given a small amount of oral sedative like Valium to help them relax. It is done as an out-patient procedure – you come and go

prescriptions • 5 Diopters


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How long has Lasik been performed?

performed procedure for correction of

the major components of the procedure have re-shaping the cornea for over 50 years and How does Lasik work?

rate depends upon the degree of refractive error and your consultant will discuss this with you at the time of consultation. What about the long term effects?

focusing power of the eye. Altering its shape changes the focusing power of the eye. LASIK flattens the cornea to correct shortsightedness or steepens the cornea for far

no long term effect of the treatment. If any change does take place it is usually within the What happens when I get older, will I need glasses?

with an instrument called a microkeratome.

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

to wear glasses for their daily activities.

need for stitches. Vision recovers rapidly with minimal discomfort. Am I a candidate for Lasik? Yes! If you: • • • •

Find out more who currently have glasses for reading like


the surgery unless they opt for a treatment

eye is corrected for distance vision and the other for near vision. Are there risks in having the procedure?


of these complications do not result in loss with computers to make sure the eyes complications that will permanently reduce recommended. How successful is Lasik? dependency on glasses and contact lenses. LASIK has a proven track record of achieving this and is now the most commonly

To book a consultation with Mr Kumaravel call Duchy Hospital on 0800 917 0022.


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Heritage & history

of Duchy Hospital

We follow the hospital from its inception to present day.

q The laying of the foundation stone of the hospital by the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, The Rt Hon Viscount Falmouth on 16th October 1978 The Grand Opening of Duchy Hospital by HRH The Queen Mother on 11th April 1981

Duchy Hospital was opened in 1981 by the Queen Mother. It was set up originally by a group of consultants looking for somewhere to base their private practice. Duchy Hospital remains the county’s only private hospital to this day. The hospital was sold to Community Hospitals Group in 1989, the funds raised from the sale of the business went to a charity called the Duchy Health Charity who are a charitable fund aiming to improve health, well-being and the

provision of healthcare throughout Cornwall. Since then the charity has made grants totalling £7m and in the past have helped charities such as St Julia’s Hospice, Disability Cornwall, Helford River Children’s Sailing Trust, Cornwall Age Concern, Cornwall Disability Arts Group, Women Rape and Sexual Abuse Trust and the Home Farm Trust. Community Hospitals Group ran Duchy Hospital until the group was takeover by Capio, a Swedish health care group


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The new cardiac catheter laboratory

Find out more DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP 0800 917 0022

We now treat over 7,000 patients each year at Duchy Hospital and employ more than 250 staff.”

The hospital has seen many changes over the years including new theatres, new wards, an increase in the number of staff and specialties offered. It first treated NHS patients in 1991 as part of the GP fundholding scheme which was abolished in 1997. The introduction of NHS services through Choose and Book commenced in 2005, at which point Duchy re-opened its doors to the NHS patients of Cornwall.

Its most recent development project took place in 2013 with a £6m investment providing the hospital with a third theatre, a new cardiac catheter laboratory, a new ambulatory care unit along with a complete refurbishment of the outpatients department, Premium Care lounge and reception area.


in 2002. The Hospital remained in Capio’s ownership until 2008, when it was acquired by Ramsay Health Care, its current owners.

We now treat over 7,000 patients each year at Duchy Hospital and employ more than 250 staff. Quite a contrast from its early days when the hospital treated around 1,000 patients each year and had only 10 nurses!


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Do you need

Income Protection? Key areas to consider w Protection to deliver a regular income should you fall ill or suffer an injury meaning that you may be off work for a considerable period of time. An Income Protection policy is the main option on offer here. w Protection to pay out a lump sum should you suffer a serious illness such as a heart attack, cancer or a stroke. In this respect, a Critical Illness policy may meet that need. w Protection should you die. This is on offer through various forms of Life Assurance, or schemes such as Family Income Benefit. In all cases you need to be aware that certain restrictions, terms, conditions and exclusions may apply and you must be honest when filling out the forms.

How would you pay your mortgage and bills if you were unable to work? We speak to financial planning expert Matt Begley to find out more.


any of us happily insure our mobile, jewellery or pet, yet often neglect to protect the income stream that pays the mortgage and funds our lifestyle… That’s why it’s important to have adequate protection in place to cover the mortgage and day-to-day living expenses, should a main wage earner be unable to work due to illness, injury or of course in the worst case scenario, death. Each year 1 million UK workers suddenly find themselves unable to work due to serious illness or injury.* However, according to research from Aviva, only 35% of the UK population have Life Cover in place, 8% have Income Protection and 11% have Critical Illness*. With the active lifestyles we lead today, accident or illness could affect us at any time... In February 2013, Paula, a local physiotherapist from Perranporth went on a ski holiday with friends to the Swiss Alps. She already had travel insurance, but unfortunately was unaware that it was necessary to upgrade to cover winter sports. After only a few days on holiday she suffered a severe complex fracture of her right leg and ankle, which resulted in hospitalisation in Geneva and major surgery with plates and pins. Regrettably, her travel insurance was not valid to cover her return flight, but fortunately Paula had taken out an Income Protection policy through Harris Begley, which paid a tax free lump sum of

£1200 for ‘fracture cover’, plus £1,000 a month until she was well enough to work again. For the next six months whilst Paula was unable to work, her Income Protection policy proved invaluable! In Paula’s own words: “I’m so grateful to have had the Income Protection policy in place – without it I really wouldn’t have been able to pay my mortgage and household bills.” Harris Begley is one of Cornwall and Devon’s most respected Financial Advisors with offices based in Truro, Helston, Hayle, Penzance and Plymouth. There are a multitude of protection plans available to cover varying circumstances and Harris Begley can advise you of the best solution to suit your requirements, as the options can be quite complex and it’s not just about which is the cheapest... For a free, no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your income protection plan, please contact Harris Begley on 01736 366550 or email Harris Begley The Regent, Chapel Street, Penzance TR18 4AE 01736 366550 *(Source: Association of British Insurers, Welfare reform for the 21st Century, September 2014). *(Source: Aviva, Family Finances Report, August 2015).


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Services Directory DUCHY HOSPITAL Specialties offered Bariatric

Offered Privately

Find out more Available on the NHS

Breast Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery




0800 917 0022 ✔


General Surgery



Neuro Surgeon



Oral & Facial


Pain relief (management)

0800 917 0022

Outpatients only (8yrs+ only) ✔


Outpatients only


Outpatients only



Outpatients only






Outpatients only



DUCHY HOSPITAL Penventinnie Lane Truro Cornwall TR1 3UP


Offered Privately

Available on the NHS

Dermatology (minor)


General Surgery

General Surgery & Gastroenterology

Maxillo Facial Surgery



Ophthalmology (Cataracts)

Ophthalmology (Minor) Urology



✔ ✔


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01736 366550 • Offices in Truro, Penzance, Helston & Plymouth · Free initial consultation The value of pension and investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. DH--Harris Begley--OBC--1.00.indd 2

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