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NOT JUST WORKING FOR YOU, BUT WITH YOU A family-run business, that offers high quality, bespoke garden buildings, garden furniture and kiln-dried firewood.

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All bespoke garden buildings are manufactured in our own workshop at Barcelona Forge, near Looe in south east Cornwall.

Barcelona Forge • Barcelona • Looe • Cornwall • PL13 2JU

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Welcome to

ASHWIN’S At Ashwin’s, we understand the need for quality garden buildings that are designed to sustain the ever-changing Cornish weather systems. With this in mind, we offer a unique service that understands your requirements, working closely with you to provide the building that you desire – not just a standard, run-of-the-mill building that others offer. We offer free site visits in order to understand your requirements and promise to keep you involved in each step of the process, right the way through to completion. We design and construct all of the buildings ourselves, in our workshop in the hamlet of Barcelona, and take pride in our personal approach. So, if you are looking for a garden building that’s built with your specific needs in mind, look no further!

Brendan & Sarah



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06 Top Tips On Finishes For Your Garden Building

10 Larger Garden Buildings

08 Making The Most Of Your Garden Building

14 Kiln-Dried Firewood And Stove Fuels

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Garden Building Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Position and Size First, you will need to decide on the size and best place to position your building and then we can create a sturdy, level base appropriate for the building required.

Design and Finish Depending on the choice of building you can then decide on the external finish and position of the doors and windows.

Manufacturing Now we head back to the workshop where the manufacturing process starts. We personally source and select only quality materials to ensure your garden building is made to the highest standard.

HANDY TIP It’s essential to define the function of your garden building from the outset. Is it for storage? A hobby room? A relaxing retreat? A list of the ways in which you want to use the space will be invaluable when deciding on shape and size.

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Step #4

Step #5

Step #6

Delivery and erection Your garden building is finally ready to be delivered and assembled on site. We deliver in our own vehicles and will personally erect your building.

Internal Finishing Whatever internal finish you have decided we can now start this process. If you require water or electrics we can liaise with your chosen tradesmen to enable a smooth and easy transition to enable us to achieve the perfect internal finish.

Finishing Touches Your new garden building is nearly ready to be enjoyed. Before hand-over we closely inspect all work carried out and make any fine adjustments and finishing touches to ensure your garden building is in perfect condition on completion.

Step #7 Future Maintenance Depending on materials used we give you advice on how to maintain and protect your new garden building against the elements and keep it looking stylish and fresh for years to come.

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On Finishes Cladding We ensure all cladding is of the highest quality to be both durable and suitable for the end product. At Ashwin’s we only use the best quality timber that is machined to our specific requirements. Softwood, hardwood or composite? Catering for all budgets, we can finish your garden building with several different options, whether that be treated (tanalised) softwood, extra durable and eye-pleasing hardwood such as Western Red Cedar or, for the ultimate maintenance free option you could consider composite cladding which is available in a selection of colours. To paint or not to paint? If choosing a treated (tanalised) softwood, we always advise that an additional, weatherproof protection treatment is added. We offer an in-house, fully-finished paint system with over 50 colours available. Or, if you prefer the more traditional look, a clear coat of wood protection would be a consideration.

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ARRIVAL All garden buildings are constructed into their component panels in Ashwin’s workshops for ease and speed of installation.

Making an entrance Have you thought about what kind of door you would like? A simple, single shed door or a higher security workshop door is ideal for buildings that are used primarily for storage. On larger garden rooms, French doors are perfect for creating a light and airy space. Or for the ultimate indoor-outdoor feel you could consider adding bi-folding doors. A window on the world We only use double glazed units in all of our garden buildings. They add warmth, protect against the elements and give a higher level of security. Our UPVC double glazed doors and windows conform to British Standards giving you peace of mind that they are made to the highest quality. Up on the roof To top of your garden building the final thing to consider is the roof. A rubber EPDM roof cover is the ideal solution for practical and functional purposes. Other finishes we can offer are cedar shingles and traditional roofing slate or, for a more modern look, what about an eco-grass roof?

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Making the most of your garden building Garden rooms, chalets and lodges Complementing any property, garden rooms provide you with a space from which you can simply sit back, relax and admire the tranquil surroundings of your outdoor space. Plenty of windows allow the light to fill your room, and ensuring it’s of a decent build quality will not only make it look the part, but will mean it’s functional in all weathers too. Offices and studios If you work from home, or have a hobby that demands extra space, a separate studio in your garden could well be the answer. Ensure your office is insulated for year round use, and the higher quality the finish and the more light, the more you’ll enjoy your new working conditions.

Sheds and workshops Our sheds are made to the highest quality giving a robust effective storage solutions. Or, if you prefer to tinker in your spare time, upgrading to our workshop specification could be an option which includes more robust timbers, increased head room and higher security. Garages With a timber garage, not only can you add value to your property, you’ll also be making the most of your garden while you live there. Make the most of your garage by adding practical features such as workbenches, and to really keep things organised, why not consider adding a partition?

GETTING THE RIGHT ADVICE It’s worth noting that some garden buildings require planning consent. It is best to contact your local authority for helpful advice and information.

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Go large! Opting for a larger garden building is a great solution if you are short of space within your home. Whether you want to create a home office, craft room, gym, children’s playroom or even a timber garage, this can be a costeffective way to extend your living space, and may even add value to your home! ê

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OUTDOOR INSPIRATION Ashwin’s have designed and built a wide range of larger garden buildings from offices, garages and even a ‘cushion house’ – constructed to keep outdoor furniture safe and dry in inclement weather!








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ê All in the planning One of the other benefits of a larger garden building is that many do not require planning permission as they are classed as permitted developments. There are certain criteria that need to be adhered to so, with 25 years of experience, Brendan and Sarah are best placed to advise on a course of action. The perfect proportions As previously mentioned, the size will be governed by planning regulations but it is important that your garden room is fit for purpose. It should not be so large that it overwhelms your existing garden space or casts too much shade, but it should be large enough that it provides sufficient space. Marking out the boundaries of the building with string and canes can be a great way to visualise the finished size. It’s all about the base The foundation of any garden building is its base. It is essential that this is sturdy enough to support

the structure and imperative that it is level. If you decide to prepare your own base it is best to liaise with us so we can provide you with the required information. Ashwin’s also offer base constructions suitable for your required project which means you will not have to find additional tradesmen to carry out this work. Design and delivery As all of Ashwin’s larger garden buildings are individually designed, the finished product will be your very own bespoke building. As 85% of the build is undertaken in Ashwin’s local workshop in Looe there is minimal disruption when it comes to onsite assembly. Sustainability Creating a bespoke, timber garden room is also kind to the environment. As Ashwin’s source certified timber from managed forests, you can rest assured that you will be getting the very best materials, creating a building that will stand the test of time.

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Kiln-Dried Firewood Our crates of kiln-dried logs are incredible value for money. By stacking the kiln-dried logs into crates it is possible to get 50% more wood into the same area as loose or bulk bagged loads. Our kiln-dried firewood is cut to 25cm lengths and is 100% kiln-dried to below 20% moisture content

BIRCH is known for its sweet aroma and high heat output. ASH is known for its high heat output and slow burn. OAK maintains a good heat output but burns perhaps more slowly than any other wood.

We also supply bagged/netted, kiln-dried logs that can be easily carried. Natural Firelighters Easy to light, Homefire Twizlers are a 100% Natural Product, They are odourless and give of a smokeless flame.

Hardwood Heat Logs Heat logs are made from compressed sawdust without any chemicals, additives or binding agents. These wonderful logs emit a good bright flame and due to their very low moisture content will emit a steady heat output. Ashwin’s also stocks softwood kindling and restaurant grade charcoal. ALL ORDERS INCLUDE FREE DELIVERY Visit for prices or call 01503 273023

BIO BEAN COFFEE LOGS Coffee Logs are eco heat logs for woodburners, stoves and open fires, made from spent coffee grounds. Recycling coffee waste generates 80% less emissions than landfill – so if you are looking to heat your home and not the planet, Coffee Logs are the perfect choice.

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! oy j n e , d il bu , n Desig Ashwin’s is a family-run business owned by Brendan Ashwin. Commissioning a garden building from Ashwin’s ensures you get the very best in quality, build and service.

● Family-run business

● Tried and tested suppliers

● Cornish company

● Quality construction

● 25 years of hands-on experience

● Personal service

● Free site visits

● After-sales support & advice

● On-site workshops ● Large display area

Call us now on 01503 273023 for a free initial consultation and site visit

Garden Furniture Our robust range of benches and picnic tables are the perfect addition to any Cornish garden. Constructed from weather-proof timber, these pieces are designed for both comfort and durability. Visit for prices.

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Barcelona Forge, Barcelona, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2JU Call: 01503 273023 or 01503 770222 Email:

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