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and N E B CrINKL E

By Rob & Lisa Hill Illustrations by Tony McNeight

Crinkle was thrown from a car window by humans who did not want him anymore.

As he landed in the bush, he hurt his leg.

As darkness fell, Crinkle was all alone. tened h g i r f y r e v s a w e l Crink and his leg hurt a lot. Crinkle could not walk.


The next morning Crinkle saw a big puppy smiling at him. His name was Ben. had run off to explore the bush while

his owners were having a picnic. Ben wanted to help Crinkle. He picked him up in his mouth. Ben’s owners were calling and callin


As they burst out of the bush to say hello, they could see Ben’s owners driving away. Now they were both orphans and Crinkle had a broken leg. What could they do?

Ben did not panic. Ben thought very carefully. “ I k n o w ,” s a i d B e n . “ I w i l l g o t o Dr Rob at The Happiness Centre.” Ben had been there as a new pup py.

Ben walked and



and his g n i y r r a c e l i h w all the little buddy Crinkle. ing He was not leav ind. h e b him

Ben could see The Happiness Centre in the distance.

from carrying t r u h g e l s i H r. a f o s e l k n i r C

“ N e v e r g i v e u p ,� he kept saying to himself. rushed to help. Nurse Janet

Dr Rob needed all his machines to help fix Ben and Crinkle. He first asked the x-ray machine to help.

The x-ray machine could see inside Ben and Crinkle’s sore legs with his special x-ray waves.

t the X-rays. Dr Rob looked a He needed to operate to fix their sore legs. The oxygen bottles were going to help. T h e y g i g g l e d a n d h i s s e d anting to be with glee, all w the one lucky bottle that was chosen to help fix Ben and Crinkle’s legs.

Next it was the sleeping machine’s turn. He was called an anaesthetic machine. “Look into my eyes,” he said. “You are getting very slee py…”

Poppy had an apple for lunch when

her friends had fries.

Ben and Crinkle fell fast asleep.

the d e l l i f t h g i l g n i n i h s t h Suddenly a brig light. y r e g r u s e h t s a w e H . m o o r g n i t a r ope He loved to shine. He shone brightly so and Crinkle. Dr Rob could see to fix Ben

The medicine bottles hugged themselves. “We want to help B e n a n d C r i n k l e t o o .�

Dr Rob worked hard in the m operating room agic for a al long to fix Ben an time d Crin kle.

When Ben and Crinkle awoke they were both lying in hospital beds. They were already getting better. They smiled at each other.

Poppy walked to school with her new friends instead of taking the bus.

Ben had made the right choice under pressure and helped his little buddy to safety. They knew they would always be friends

When they were better, they sat with Dr Rob at the front of the Happiness Centre and looked at the beautiful rainbow that shone over the town of Smile-a-Lot.

“Happiness helps heal all wound s, that is why we started a H a p p i n e s s C e n t r e ,� s a i d D r R o b .

Rob looked out, they r D d n a e l k n i r C , n e B s A could see children playing and having fun.

Children were riding a pony called Soda Pop. Children were learning magic tricks. Children had balloons.

Everybody loved The Happiness Centre because they had so much fun.

See affirmations below: Dr Rob said Ben and Crinkle could stay there as long as they liked. That made Ben and Crinkle very, very happy.

up, e v i g t ’ n r. o e d t t e I b If get l l i w things se, i v o r p m n i . a e c m o c I r e ov d n a t adap , e b o t If it’s tp me. it’s up e h t n o us c o f t s et g r o I mu f d an n o i t u sol lem. b o r p the me d e e n ght i m s r Othe ad the way. to le

“Courage is not the absence of fear, it is learning to overcome it” - Nelson Mandela


Ben & Crinkle  

Ben & Crinkle - By Rob & Lisa Hill Illustrations by Tony McNeight