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CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE I CENTRAL DISTRICr MAJOR CRIME SQUAD Case # CFS-ll-00086451 Date and time of Investigation: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 2249 hours Location: 361 Jackson Hill Road, Middlefield, CT. Person Arrested: Shane Baltas Leverette DOB 02/17/1969 156 Grove Street, Meriden, CT. Charges: Home Invasion 53a-l00aa Robbery in the First Degree 53a-134


Burglary in the First Degree 53a-l0l Larceny in the Second Degree 53a-123

t .. '"

Assault in the Second Degree 53a-60

Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree 53a-63

Use of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony 53-202k

Criminal Possession of a firearm 53a-217

Criminal Use of a Firearm 53a-216

Possession of a Assault Weapon 53-202c

Conspiracy to Attempt 53a-48


$500,000.00 On Wednesday, February 16,2011 at approximately 2249 hours, Troop F received an

anonymous 911 telephone call from a cellular phone number

During the 911 call, desk

personnel overheard a verbal altercation involving a gun. Troop F subsequently contacted AT&T who narrowed the call to the area of Jackson Hill Road and Stowe Road in Middlefield. Troop F assigned TPR. Larry Morello to the area to locate the caller. TPR. Morello stated that he arrived in the area and located a station wagon parked in the bottom of the driveway of 361 Jackson Hill Road. Morello stated that the car was parked very close to the road and looked suspicious. Morello reported that he felt the hood of the vehicle and it was warm to the touch. Morello stated that as he was outside his vehicle he observed two people looking out the window of the residence. He said that they then ducked up and down as to avoid be noticed. Morello stated that at this time, several Middletown Police Officers as well as State Police personnel arrived and secured the residence.

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At approximately 0009 hours, while the residence was surrounded, a white male exited the residence who was identified as Randy Cochran, DOB 9/8/79. Cochran told the police that he was partying with Joel Smith and his girlfriend and that there was nothing going on. A search of Cochran produced a small box of fireworks that also contained .357 ammunition. At this point, Cochran was taken into custody. Shortly thereafter, Joel Smith and his girlfriend, Bryanna Hawley (the 911 caller), exited the residence. Smith appeared to bleeding from the left side of his head. Shortly after this suspect, Shane Leverette exited the residence and was taken into custody. Smith was subsequently transported to Middlesex Hospital where he received (5) staples to close laceration to the left side of his head. At the hospital Smith provided a (3) page written statement detailing this incident. Smith reported that at approximately 10:40pm he was in his bedroom with his girlfriend, Bryanna Hawley. Smith said he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He said when he looked he saw two white males dressed in black wearing black baseball hats that had a DEA logo. He said that both men had bandannas covering their faces and both had gloves on. Smith said that the men were yelling, "give me the money". He said that both men were pointing guns at him and Bryanna. He said that the larger man (Cochran) came at him and struck him in the head with the handgun. He said that when he was hit in the head with the gun, the gun fired and he was pushed back into a safe that was in the room. Smith said that the men told him to get back on the bed as they began searching the safe and the rest of the room. Smith said that the men found some 'weed' (marijuana) and took it. Smith said that the men then left the room and went downstairs, but returned because the police were downstairs. Smith said that when they returned to the bedroom the larger male removed his bandanna and he noticed that he had a goatee. Smith said that the larger male stayed in the room while the shorter male (Leverette) walked around the residence. Smith stated that he told the men they should tell the police that they knew us so they would just leave. Smith said that the men went back downstairs and he believed that they walked outside. He said Bryanna went downstairs and ran back up because the smaller of the two men was still in the basement. Smith said that shortly thereafter, he and Bryanna exited the residence, but said the smaller of the two men was路~ti11 in tl'le basement. Smith stated that he has never seen or talked to either of these men before. Smith said that the men told him that they heard he had $100,000.00 in the house, but this was not true. He also said that during the night he heard the smaller guy being called 'Joe' and his partner was called 'Randy'. TPR. Furbush subsequently met with and obtained a (2) page written statement from Bryanna Hawley. Hawley reported that at approximately 1040pm she was in her boyfriend's (Joel Smith) bedroom at 361 Jackson Hill Road, Middlefield, CT. She said that they were alone in the residence and the residence was unlocked. She said that she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Hawley also reported that two white males wearing DEA hats and black bandannas covering their face entered the bedroom. She said that larger of the two males was carrying a silver colored revolver and the other male was carrying a long black gun. Hawley said that both men stated "give us the money, we know you have it". She said that Joel was standing up and said there was no money. At this time, the larg~r male struck Joel in the head with his handgun. She said that she then saw sparks and heard a loud bang. Hawley said that she saw blood coming from Joel's head and running down his clothing. She said that she discreetly backed up on the bed and called 911 from her cell phone. Page 2 of 4

Hawley said that she left the phone on the bed under a pillow for a while and pleaded with the males not to hurt them. She said that the men continued demanding the money but there was no money to give them. She said that the shorter of the men was standing in the doorway and was pointing the long black gun at Joel. She also said that the larger man was pointing his revolver at Joel while he was searching the room. Hawley said that both men went downstairs but returned when they noticed the police were in the driveway. Hawley said that when they returned neither man had their face covered. She described one of the males as older with grey facial hair and thin (Leverette) and the other male as thick with dark hair (Cochran). At approximately 0242 hrs, I met with and obtained a (5) written statement from suspect Shane Baltas Leverette. Leverette was read his Miranda Warnings, which he waived. Leverette stated that earlier in the night he was at the Diablo's clubhouse in Meriden having a few drinks. He stated that he was driven to the clubhouse by Randy Cochran. Leverette stated that during the evening he wanted to 'score' some pills and money. He said that he was told that a kid he knows as Joel had pills and pot and that he lives on the road across the street from the Red Dog Saloon (Jackson Hill Road). Leverette stated that he asked Cochran to take a ride. Leverette said that Cochran drove him to this house in an older model station wagon. Leverette stated that he never told Randy they were going to rob the guy, but said that it was understood. Leverette stated that they pulled into Joel's driveway and they both walked up to the side door. Leverette said he knocked but no one answered so he turned the door knob and walked into the residence. Leverette stated that he called Joel's name but no one answered. He said that he then looked around the residence as he was told that there were weapons in the house. Leverette said that he found a rifle with a folding stock under the couch. He said that he took the rifle and began walking upstairs with Randy. He said that he didn't see Randy with a gun but knows Randy has a gun permit and owns several guns. Leverette stated that as they got to the top of the stairs he noticed that the bedroom to the right of the stairs was occupied. He said the door was partially open. Leverette said that he approached the door and opened it. He said that he was carrying the rifle and he also noticed that Cochran was holding a handgun. Leverette said that Joel and his girlfriend were sitting on the bed and he saw pills on the bed around them. Leverette said that Joel then got up and approached him. He said that he then punched Joel in the head causing him to step back. Leverette said that he then searched the bedroom and a safe while Cochran had his gun out making sure that Joel didn't jump him. Leverette said that he found about $1500-$2000 in Oxycontin and Percocet and about $150.00 in marijuana. Leverette said that shortly thereafter he noticed spotlights been shown into the residence and he knew the police were there. Leverette said that he decided that there was no way out so they decided to surrender to the police. Leverette said that before he exited the residence he went into the basement and left the rifle and the DEA hat he was wearing.

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Investigators met with Randy Cochran. Cochran was read his Miranda Warnings. Cochran said all he would say was that the revolver that had been seized was registered to him, but did not know anything about the rifle that Leverette was carrying. Further questioning caused Cochran to invoke his Constitutional Rights. At this point, questioning stopped. Leverette was charged with the above charges and processed. He is being detained on a $500,000.00 cash bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on 02/17/2011 at the Middletown Superior Court.


~ /2klJ(l,fuJI Det. Anthony Buglione #1174

Sgt. Joseph Quilty #244

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Home Invasion 2-16-2011  
Home Invasion 2-16-2011  

This report details police response to a home invasion at 361 Jackson Hill Road in Middlefield, Connecticut.