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June 16



Christopher Palmieri, Chairman Apple Harvest Festival Committee Town of Southington Dear Chairman Palmieri: At the June io", 2010 meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners a discussion amongst the Commissioners occurred relative to fiscal year budget 2010-2011. During their discussions, it was determined that due to several unforeseen decisions including the reduction ofthe Police Department's overtime line by $50,000, and the recent arbitration decision relative to the Police Union contract, which will account for an increase of four and one-quarter (4.25) percent to the overtime rate ofthe union members, it was agreed by the Police Commissioners that the Police Department would be unable to absorb the cost of police services for the Apple Harvest Festival within the fiscal year budget 2010-2011. Consequently, the Board would request that the Apple Harvest Festival committee seek alternate sources to cover the cost of the Police services. While this decision is clearly regrettable the Board could not begin a fiscal year with the knowledge that a line item in our budget will clearly be insufficient; and, additionally have the ability to make cuts that would allow the Department to achieve to attain the Board of Finance and Town Council approved budget. As you are aware these are drastic times that require drastic steps to work within our approved budget. Should you find alternate sources of revenue the Department committee to assist with the Apple Harvest Festival.

would be glad to work with the

Yours very truly,


Chief Jack Daly JDjjdp

Southington Apple Festival Police Overtime Memo  
Southington Apple Festival Police Overtime Memo  

Memo regarding Police Overtime at Southington Apple Festival