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Gratitude Annual Report 2019-2020

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Story Behind The Cover: Clarencetta’s Story

When Clarencetta was told that she would be getting a new roof, she told Revitalize T-Town staff, "I feel like a million bucks!" Living on a limited income, it was a challenge to keep up with the home repairs her home needed to make it safe. With her new roof, Clarencetta no longer has to worry about water leaks when it storms! Revitalize T-Town also replaced three exterior doors with new ones that are secure and have working locks. “I feel confident at night when I lay my head down that nothing is going to come in,” Clarencetta said. Clarencetta loves her home and is very thankful for the donors who helped fund the repairs! With staying at home during the pandemic, these repairs have helped create a haven for Clarencetta. She said, “It’s a great feeling to know that at the end of the day that when I go inside that it’s safe.”


Mission: Making homes safe and secure for low-income homeowners


in Tuls

Oklah a,

a om


A safe and healthy home for everyone


Letters from the Board Chair and CEO 2020 has changed the ways all Americans work and interact with one another. The end of our 2020 fiscal year in June 2020 occurred near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Revitalize T-Town (RTT) quickly adapted to navigate all of the changes in our society. We’ve had to find new ways to interact with one another, our homeowner clients, our community, and our donors. Even among all of the changes in our community brought on by COVID-19, the mission of RTT – making homes safe and secure for low-income homeowners – remains as important as ever. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of having a place to call home – where you can safely cook meals, interact with family, and care for yourself. As so many things have moved to online only – school, church, social events, and for some, even work – we are spending more time than ever at home. And as studies continue to correlate a safe home to better overall health, a safe and healthy home becomes even more important for our community. While the service we provide is as important now as ever, COVID-19 safety has forced us to change the ways we interact with many of our donors. It may be a while before we are back to the old normal, but we still depend on your support to help to fulfill our mission. Our donors have helped us to provide this critical service to the Tulsa community for the past 23 years – and for that we want to express our most sincere gratitude. We look forward to continuing that interaction with you in exciting new ways so that together we can fulfill our vision of a safe and healthy home for everyone.

Michael Huckaby Board Chair


Thank you for helping Revitalize T-Town (RTT) serve our Tulsa neighbors in need for the 23rd year! This past year was, by far, the most challenging yet. As the world shut down due to the pandemic, a safe and healthy home became even more important. RTT paused projects during the shelter in place order, and our waiting list continued to grow. We spent that time planning the safest way to resume work. Fortunately, because of our supporters, we were able to maintain our operations and all our staff. We were happy to get back, slowly and cautiously, to making repairs for our neighbors in need. I am grateful for our donors who believed in and supported our mission; the Board of Directors who stepped up to the challenge of governing from afar; our staff who took extra precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of our clients; our clients who opened their homes to masked crews who were there to help. We look forward to getting back to the new "normal" and serving Tulsa for many more years! Thank you for supporting RTT and the people we serve.

Jennifer Barcus-Schafer Chief Executive Officer


n atio Tran s


mation Tr r a fo



July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020


Homes Repaired 52

Roofs Replaced

12 0

Safe at Home Repairs


Here’s What We Did Last Year 26 6

Individuals Served 72

Energy Efficiency Repairs


Average Cost Per Home


Jerry is retired and living on a limited income. He lives across the street from his sister, and they take care of each other. Although he has a good support system, he did not have the resources to make the necessary repairs to his home. Jerry had been without heat and air conditioning for many years. Typically, he would go over to his sister's home when his became unbearably hot or cold. While sheltering in place, this was not an option.

Pictured: Jerry pictured with his mother, Nadine

Revitalize T-Town provided Energy Efficiency and Safe at Home repairs. These repairs included replacing his HVAC, sealing leaking areas around the home to help with energy usage and air loss, replacing rotten and broken windows, installing grab bars in his shower and bathroom, repairing rotten sub floor and installing new flooring in his kitchen. The repairs came just in time. Jerry was hospitalized due to COVID-19. Once he was released, he was able to come home to a much safer home!

Johnnie’s Story Johnnie and his wife, Ruthie, have lived in their home for over 45 years. Ruthie and Johnnie, a proud veteran, had no intention of moving. Unfortunately, the home’s original roof had recently begun to deteriorate and leak. The unsound roof, drafty windows and uneven kitchen floor were beginning to become real safety hazards for Johnnie, who needs an oxygen tank to get around. Due to limited finances, they were not able to make these modifications. The family reached out to Revitalize T-Town, saying, “any help would be a blessing.”





Johnnie and Ruthie received a free new roof and repairs to their kitchen floor. Revitalize T-Town also replaced two rotted windowsills to assist with energy efficiency. Fortunately, the home is now safer for Johnnie and Ruthie, especially while sheltering in place.

ome sw th t home s ee


Jerry’s Story

Pictured: Johnnie

The Thomas’s Story The Thomas family has a special needs child. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, their child was able to go to school and get the care and supervision needed. Mr. Thomas worked as a security guard but was furloughed due to the pandemic. The Thomas’s simply did not have the financial resources or skill to make the need repairs to their home. The most immediate need was their bathroom plumbing. They were using water from the sink to flush the toilet. In normal times this was only a few times a day. With everyone home sheltering in place, it became a burdensome chore. The Thomas family received a new roof and plumbing repairs. They also received Safe at Home repairs including extended exterior steps and a new door to help with security and weatherproofing. These repairs will help remove stress and worry and will help provide a safe and healthy place to raise their family for years to come!



Pictured: Before and after repairs of the Thomas’s steps, exterior door and roof


Leadership Partners We express our gratitude to our generous Leadership Partners who supported us and helped restore a sense of hope to many through this challenging year. Thank you! Visionary Rebuilders ($100,000 and up)

Carpenter ($10,000 - $24,999)

AEP/PSO Federal Home Loan Bank George Kaiser Family Foundation Hille Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation Home Builder's Association Charitable Foundation K&M Shillingford, Inc. Maxine and Jack Zarrow Foundation Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation

Master Craftsman ($50,000 - $99,999) Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program

Craftsman ($25,000 - $49,999) Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Crosstown Learning Center Community Development Fund William S. Smith Charitable Trust


Journeyman ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous Bama Bank of Oklahoma Joseph and Virginia Dibert Foundation Maggie and Kajeer Yar Mary Ann Hille ONEOK Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

Framer ($1,000 - $4,999)

Apprentice ($500 - $999)

Andrew Ryan Annie Van Hanken Anonymous Bank of America Christina McCrery Davita Dialysis Independent Opportunities Federated Insurance Industrial Controls of Oklahoma Jerry and Tana Van Cleave John and Becky Porter Melissa Higgison Nelson Auto Group Pearl and Milton Gordon Trust Puopolo's Creamery, LLC Randolph and Lauren Wagner Steve and Julie Jelley The Gelvin Foundation Tom and Cathy Luccock Walmart Wedlake Fabricating, Inc. William and Pauline Dugger Williams Companies Williams Companies Political Action Committee Yale Avenue Presbyterian Church

Gina and Michael Hitz IRBY Electric James and Brooke Kelley Jennifer Barcus-Schafer Joe and Nancy McDonald Lora Zumwalt Matrix PDM Engineering Medalist Rx, LLC Rich and Claudia Brierre Richard Hays Robert and Torre Waldo Rotaract Club of Tulsa, Inc. Shirley Martin Toni Griffey *We have tried to ensure that all of our donors and supporters have been listed correctly. In the event we have made an inadvertent omission, please accept our sincerest gratitude.



Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Income: $1,203,644

Profit and Loss

Balance Sheet



Contributions Special Events Other Income In Kind/ Discounts

Contributions - 93% Special Events - 7% In Kind/ Discounts - >1%

1,118,135.00 83,735.00 0.00 1,774.00

Total Income


Total Fixed Assets Other Assets

Gross Profit


Total Assets

Program Management Development Total Net Income

1,092,013.00 100,815.00 102,175.00 1,295,003.00 -91,359.00

Liabilities Current Liabilities Total Accounts Payable Total Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities Total Liabilities

Programs - 84% Development - 8% Management - 8%

322,056.00 0.00 322,056.00 721.00 5,000.00 327,777.00

Liabilities and Equity


Cash Expense: $1,295,003

Current Assets Bank Accounts Other Current Assets Total Current Assets

Equity Net AssetsBeginning of Year Opening Balance Equity Net Income Total Equity Total Liabilities and Net Assets

0.00 0.00 88,200.00** 88,200.00 88,200.00

330,936.00 0.00 -91,359.00 239,577.00 327,777.00

A complete list of Revitalize T-Town’s audited financial statements is available upon request.


** 2020 Forgivable PPP Loan




“It's a hard feeling not to be able to help myself anymore like I used to, so I am very thankful for Revitalize T-Town! My home is warmer, and there are no more leaks. I appreciate the work that they did. I couldn't have done it without them!” 14


Meet Our Team Board of Directors Vice Chair

Robert Jones

First Oklahoma Bank


Toni Griffey

Blue Sky Certified Public Accountants, PLLC


Ryan Davis

Arvest Bank


Anthony Banks



Clarence Boyd

Simmons Bank


Jim Knight

Federated Mutual Insurance Company


Tom Luccock



Lukas Sundahl

Solutions Through Innovative Technologies


Maggie Yar

The Hille Foundation

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Barcus-Schafer

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Moss

Senior Program Officer

Kim Rolston

Program Officer

Jeff Fite

Site Coordinator

Jim Norwood

Client Specialist

Cherie Shaw

Communications Coordinator

Toni Trainor




r sh i p Le ade ad e L e

Industrial Controls of Oklahoma

p hi




Mike Huckaby

ers h

Board Chair

14 E 7th St, Tulsa, OK 74119 918-742-6241 www.revitalizettown.org

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Revitalize T-Town Annual Report FYE 2020  

Our mission: Making homes safe and secure for low-income homeowners Our vision: A safe and healthy home for everyone Visit our website: htt...

Revitalize T-Town Annual Report FYE 2020  

Our mission: Making homes safe and secure for low-income homeowners Our vision: A safe and healthy home for everyone Visit our website: htt...


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