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spring 2013

An e-publication of the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS速

Year in Review:

Professional and Civic Engagement in 2012

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Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®


spring 2013, Vol. 5, No. 2


111 Realtors Way, Cary, N.C. 27513 Phone: 919-654-5400; Fax: 919-654-5401 RRAR Officers Asa Fleming, President Frank DeRonja, Vice President Mollie Owen, President-Elect Harriett Doggett, Secretary/Treasurer



Don’t Even Think About Winging “The Talk” It takes market knowledge, not intuition, to set a home price, the single most important factor in a home sale.

Time to Jump on the Video Bandwagon 20 Action verbs are one thing, but real action is better. Here, you’ll get tips on joining a movement that’s taking off.

Stacey Anfindsen, Immediate Past President RRAR DIRECTORS Vince Bankoski

Becky Harper

Diana Braun

Grayson Hodge

Brenda Carroll

Morty Jayson

Kelly Cobb

Linda Kolarov

Steina De Andrade Gina Miller Frank DeRonja

Mindy Oberhardt

Bill Fletcher

Mark Parker

Van Fletcher

Teresa Pitt

Marshall Gay

Margaret Sophie

Tom Gongaware

Josh Swindell

Lewis Grubbs

Kevin Woody

realtor foundation of the triangle OFFICERS ®

President: Frank DeRonja President-Elect: Vince Bankoski Secretary/Treasurer: Morty Jayson NCAR Regional Vice Presidents Harriette Doggett


Year in Review RRAR’s success in 2012 is a measure of the smiles, memories and strengthened professional and community relationships.

Teresa Pitt

NAR Directors John Wood


Linda Trevor

triangle realtors® leadership academy dean Mark Parker

Raleigh Green Remodel Wins National Award, Sells Home Learn why this older house valued at $150,000 and lingering on the market quickly sold for $250,000 after remodeling.


Members are cautioned that the inclusion of a name, specific commercial product or service in an article, or in this publication does not imply endorsement by the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®. All advertisers in this publication wholly support the Fair Housing Act and fully promote equal opportunity housing. Copyright 2013 by the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®. All rights reserved. REALTOR® Review staff: Patricia Gregory Rand, managing editor,

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Heidi Ketler, APR, editor, Sandee Washington, communications associate, Shelly Beck, graphic designer, For editorial contributions and ad inquiries, please contact Sandee Washington at or (919) 654-5400. REALTOR Review ®

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president’s message

Videos Encourage Individual Engagement Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® President Asa Fleming recently sat down at RRAR offices in Cary with Trish Rand, communications director and managing editor of REALTOR® Review, to discuss the videos she shoots and he appears in on a regular basis. Asa Fleming

TR: Why did you decide to do your short videos so often this year?

AF: I want to engage the membership and really convey the message that RRAR is a place for all members. We’ve had a great year so far. Business-wise it’s been excellent. One-to-two-minute videos are a good way to connect with busy people in a space and time that’s convenient for them to tune in and watch and listen.

TR: Do you feel it’s working? AF: At least two members told me that they came to the NC Legis-

lative Day because they saw the video. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the video highlighting the importance of diversity with NAR Diversity Director Fred Underwood. I’ve had numerous people tell me that they appreciate the videos and enjoy the opportunity to get sound bites about what’s going on at RRAR. The information isn’t really different from what’s on the website. It’s just another avenue for communicating with the members and highlighting what’s here and that the association is only as strong as member engagement. The tech fair was packed and people kept telling me that they were reminded about it by the videos. People are excited about new opportunities, and the videos are another approach for communicating to our members, so they are aware of what’s going on, and it increases engagement.

TR: What is the main reason that you do the videos? AF: To connect personally with each member and convey the mes-

sage that you are the association. Stay tuned for more videos.

REALTOR Review ®

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spring 2013

MISSION STATEMENT The Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®, the area’s voice of real estate, promotes the highest ethical and professional standards and cooperation among its members; provides products, programs and services to meet the evolving needs of the real estate industry and consumers; and serves as a leading advocate of private property rights and community involvement. VISION STATEMENT “Anticipating and meeting the opportunities and challenges of our industry.” RRAR 2013 COMMITTEE CHAIRS Bylaws: Mollie Owen Building: Mollie Owen Communications & Public Relations: Mark Parker Community Service: Margaret Cohen Government Affairs: Lewis Grubbs RPAC: Mollie Owen Personnel: John Wood Grievance: Morty Jayson, Nancy Cashell, Teresa Pitt and Dayne Luck Hall of Fame: Ed Willer Nominating: John Wood RRAR 2013 COUNCIL CHAIRS Women’s Council of REALTORS® Chair: DeJane Perry Kerr Triangle International Council of REALTORS® Chair: Stuart Deibel The REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle President: Frank DeRonja Top Producers Council Co-Chairs: Gina Miller & Sandy Edwards Property Management Council Chair: Debbie Henry Small Brokers Council Chair: Tim Devinney RRAR STAFF DIRECTORY Main Office (919) 654-5400 Fax (919) 654-5401 RRAR Company Store, (919) 654-7253 Executive Vice President Raymond C. Larcher, Ext. 1022, Association Services Director Betsy Ramsey, Ext. 1004, Association Services Associate Vicki Buckholtz, Ext. 1027, Communications Director Patricia Gregory Rand, Ext. 1026, Communications Associate Sandee Washington, Ext. 1023, Education Director Cara Mottershead, Ext. 1006, Education Associate Sonya Yankoglu, Ext. 1024, Facilities Manager Mary Rachel Bowling, Ext. 1016, Governmental Affairs Director Tara L. Lightner, Ext. 1025, Information Associate Shelia Clark, Ext. 1001, Store Manager Yukari Powers, Ext. 1028, TMLS STAFF DIRECTORY Vice President of Operations Rachel Wiest, Ext. 1019, Communications/Data Asset Manager Christy New, Ext. 1008, Compliance Director Letitia Pennington, Ext. 1014, Compliance Associate Raina Joyner, Ext. 1020, Data Distribution Director Carol Hamrick, Ext. 1007, Membership Associate Kristina Faison, Ext. 1005, MLS Systems Director Kathy Matheson, Ext. 1012, MLS Technical Support Associate J Stepp, Ext. 1009, MLS/Realist Support Associate Jennifer Horton, Ext. 1010, Technical Operations Director Matt Nagy, Ext. 1017, Training Development Manager Allan Nielsen, Ext. 1003, CTC/MLS Training Manager Lynne Brid, Ext. 1015, RRAR/TMLS MEMBERSHIP/ FINANCE DEPARTMENT Membership/Finance Director Randi Clodfelter, Ext. 1021, Finance Associate Pat Long, Ext. 1018, Finance Associate Jill Pressley, Ext. 1011, Membership Associate Kelly Hunsucker, Ext. 1013,

k n i h T n e v E t ’ n o D g n i g n i W t u Abo ” k l a T e h T “ By Alisha Braatz

The sale of any home invariably comes down to the root of all evil: money. While the right ZIP code and a litany of addons and green features can help sell a house, the price is the bottom line. Considering how vital pricing is to the sale of a listing, I wonder:

Do you use a pricing strategy? Or do you go with your gut?

knowledge and female intuition.

I’d like to brag for a moment: I have an uncanny feel for market value. We can drive through this town, and while you point at houses, I can call out the numbers. Nine times out of 10, I’m right on the money. I chalk it up to years of experience, building

While it’s true that I have a knack for the numbers, it’s all about my research and preparation.

REALTOR Review ®

l 4 l

spring 2013

You believe that? C’mon now.

Preparation Pricing strategies begin long before any client shows up. Knowing your local market is

the single most important tool in your possession. Take a long-to-short view of your sales area. Start at the county level and then divide the geography up into north, south, east and west regions. Once you’ve done that, look at sales data by neighborhood. Calculate the sales data for each price range of home in these areas. In the Santa Clara area, for example, 36 homes went pending this month in the $100,000 to $200,000 category. Average days on market: 46. Total homes on market: 150. And so on. Keep these figures for reference. After a few months, it won’t take you long to do these calculations, and you’ll be surprised how confident you are in talking price with both clients and consumers.

“The Talk” Most real estate agents wing it when it comes to “The Talk.” Just like sitting down with a pre-teen and talking sexually transmitted

diseases, REALTORS® start sweating and getting jittery when the topic of listing price comes up. Plenty of formerly confident agents break down, pushing the listing paperwork across the table, “Just put whatever price you want there, and we’ll work on it later.”

Do you use a pricing strategy? Or do you go with your gut? Ah-ha! Wrong answer. What you need is more preparation. You already know the key to the listing is the price, right? So answer that question first. You should have a price range in mind beforehand. Price should not be a computer-generated average of anything. Know your own comps, people. Also be aware of supply and

REALTOR Review ®

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spring 2013

demand, and consider the seller’s urgency.

The push back In most cases the seller is going to blanch at the idea that his or her home is not worth the three trillion dollars that they have lovingly invested in it over the past 287 years. Pass them a tissue and repeat: A home is only worth what the market is willing to pay for it. Things that do not affect value include: 1. Original cost. 2. What it would cost to rebuild it today. 3. All the Home Depot receipts saved from the deck overhaul and pony wall addition. 4. Personal attachment. 5. The idea that it is the perfect home for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Alisha Alway Braatz is a buyer’s broker for Coldwell Banker Advantage One Properties in Eugene, Ore., and a real estate humorist.

Year in

Review Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS速 committees and members enjoyed a full and productive year, with opportunities for learning, networking and giving back.

REALTOR Review 速

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spring 2013


Membership Services Programming Highlights January

Membership Director Betsy Ramsey helps BOD Member Laurie Donofrio

The year kicked off with the induction of Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® 2012 President Stacey Anfindsen and Board of Directors at the Inaugural Ball at Prestonwood Country Club, on Jan. 6. Phyllis York Brookshire also was named REALTOR® of The Year. Professional Standards annual Training for Directors and Committee Members was instructed by Bill Gallagher was Jan. 31. February The Top Producers Council sponsored leadership trainer Deno Paolini on Feb. 22 for two sessions: one in the morning for the Top Producers Council and one open to membership in the afternoon. Both were well attended. March A series of membership meetings began with “Live Your Vision

RRAR Past President Linda Trevor gets a hand with her corsage

Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen

REALTOR Review ®

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spring 2013

for 2012!”on March 28. It was followed by a two-part “Glimpse into Property Management and four “Successfully Selling HUD Homes” speaker events. The YPN (Young Professionals Network) sponsored the Geeky Girls to help others discover their inner geek. “Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional” and “Eight Steps to a Successful Short Sale REALTOR®” also were presented. April Two Real Estate Trends programs were hosted. “North RaleighTriangle Real Estate Outlook” was presented on April 25. The second on Oct. 24 featured speakers Joe Milazzo of Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA); Ted Abernathy, director of the Southern Growth Policies Board; and 2012 RRAR President Stacey Anfindsen of Local Real Estate Stats. See year in review on page 8

Year in

Review continued from page 7

June The annual Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® Fore the Foundation Charity Golf Tournament at Devils Ridge Golf Club on June 25 raised $2,600. Thank You! The 2012 officers, directors and committee chairs were applauded after a great year at the annual Awards Ceremony and Holiday Party on Dec. 6.

Bringing gifts for the Angel Tree

Also recognized were the 2012 Emeritus Award recipients: Audie Barefoot, Robert E. Carter, James C. Dempsey, James M. Durham, Betsy Ann Bradshaw Lumsden, Colin MacNair and Sam Simpson. Joe Hodge and Eddie Brown were named 2012 Hall of Fame recipients.

Council Spotlight The following gives an overview of RRAR council and group accomplishments. Top Producers Council The Top Producers Council was 39 members strong, with South-

Mark Connor works hard on the REAP Project

Dine Out Fonville Morisey Inside the Beltline Real Estate Office

REALTOR Review ®

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spring 2013

eastern Mortgage being its sole sponsor for the year. It hosted six lunch meetings and brought in a national speaker. It also gave $9,000 back to the community, with donations to nine different charities. Networking Groups PMC (Property Management Council), SMB (Small Brokers Council), TICOR (Triangle International Council of REALTORS®), WCR (Women’s Council of REALTORS®) and YPN met monthly or bimonthly. All presented great speakers and are seeing continued membership growth. Professional Standards Three cases were brought before the RRAR Professional Standards Committee. Three were found to be ethics violations, and three were mediated to a resolution. Retail Support The RRAR Company Store is in its 16th year of serving members in outstanding ways.

Triangle Leadership Academy Class of 2012

Continuing Education Raises the Bar During 2012, RRAR offered 41 continuing education classes that drew more than 2,420 attendees.

both great successes! The annual Safety Seminar was offered in the fall of 2012.

Additionally, the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and the Accredited Buyer Representative Designation (ABR) were

Since 1995, more than 72,000 students have enrolled in RRAR’s continuing education programs.

Brenda Carroll and her husband

See year in review on page 10

Claudia Stadtlander (left) and friend at the Inaugural Ball

From left, Lynn Gardiner, Ed Karazin and his wife, and Kevin Woody groove to the music


l 9 l

spring 2013

Year in

Review continued from page 9

Congratulations, TRLA Class of 2012 These individuals successfully completed the fifth annual Triangle REALTOR® Leadership Academy in 2012: Sally Bauer, Summer Bowen, Vicki Buckholz, Brett Bushnell, Brenda Carroll, Karen Dyer, Scott Hoyt, Robyn Marshall, Andy May,

Michelle Meyer, Bryan Moore, Matt Nagy, Meredith Price, Cheryl Rushing, Glenn Weeks and Pat Wray. Taught by a nationally recognized faculty, the Triangle REALTOR® Leadership Academy prepares REALTOR® members for personal leadership opportunities in association, community, civic, religious and political arenas.

REALTOR Foundation ®

Bryan Moore and Pat Wray take on the ropes course for Leadership Academy

The REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle mission – Improving Homes, Improving Lives – had a great impact in 2012. Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® members serving on the Community Service Committee (CSC) plan and carry out the initiatives of REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle (RFT) initiatives.

Liz Knight, Cailey Munana, and Cailey’s parents

“The foundation helps to put a face on the community service our members perform each and every day,” said Frank DeRonja, REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle president. “The heart of a REALTOR® is service - our mission is to support these efforts to improve lives in our community.” The CDC efforts last year can be summarized as follows: • 737.5 volunteer hours were donated (equals 92 eighthour days). • $25,662 in funding was applied to service projects/nonprofit agencies (and includes $7,000 in scholarships for high school seniors).

Margaret Croft winner and Dawn Nuzzi, CSC

• $36,318 in in-kind donations were made by members to Project REALTOR Review ®

l 10 l

spring 2013

Angel Tree gifts, and the USO and diaper drives. “Because of the amazing group of volunteers that participate in our community service projects, they have a seemingly endless supply of energy, creativity and enthusiasm,” said Margaret Cohen, CSC chair.

Housing Efforts “When you enhance properties and neighborhoods, you help to maintain property values,” said Mark Connor, project leader for the CSC’s 2012 Housing Task Force. With funding from the RFT and a regional project grant by Homes4NC, the task force organized R.E.A.P. (REALTORS® Enhancing Area Properties), a neighborhood beautification day in the Meadow Creek subdivision of southeast Raleigh. Some 100 volunteers planted trees and bushes, built a pet-walking area and installed fencing to reduce vandalism. RRAR associate member company Junk Patrol hauled in the landscaping plants and hauled away debris and unwanted items for Meadow Creek resi-

dents. Homeowners also received home maintenance coupons and samples. Ramp build volunteers constructed three wheelchair access ramps for local seniors. “It takes only about four hours and a handful of folks to restore a person’s freedom,” said Steve Smallman, project leader for ramp building. RFT also donated $775 for ramp building materials.

Feeding the Hungry Volunteers served several hundred meals three days last year at Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen and donated $1,275. About $775 was donated to Hope Elementary charter school, which has a high population of students from low-income families. RRAR members also donated breakfast items to help fuel the children’s minds and bodies during end-of-grade testing. Volunteers walked in the Raleigh CROP Hunger Walk event, and RFT donated $500.

For the Children The Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® Annual Dine

Out for Angels event raised more than $1,800 to benefit Project Angel Tree, RRAR’s holiday gift initiative for children in need. Each year, RRAR members donate thousands of holiday gifts through Project Angel Tree to children in the care of Wake County Child Protective Services. Items include clothing, dolls, sports equipment, art supplies, bicycles, etc. Funds raised from the Dine Out for Angels event ensure that children added to the program at the last minute are not forgotten and that every child who receives a new bicycle gets a new helmet and bike lock, too. A total of $2,155 also was donated to Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem. Some 60 volunteers served as batting and base-running buddies for Miracle League® of the Triangle youths May 11, 2012. “Miracle League provides a field of dreams for all the players, families and volunteers! Everyone scores success and forgets barriers and limitations,” said Susan Tenney, project leader for Miracle League. See year in review on page 12

REAP: REALTORS® Enhancing Area Properties with REAP Chair Mark Connor and Councilman Weeks

Diaper Drive Chair Sara DuChon and Denise Stevenson

REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle Ramp Build with Marshall Gay, Liz Knight and Steve Smallman and friends

REALTOR Review ®

l 11 l

spring 2013

Year in

Review continued from page 11

RFT also donated $500 to the Miracle League program. Volunteers worked with the Assistance League of the Triangle on Operation School Bell, bagging new jeans, shirts, underwear and shoes for young children from 13 area schools. RFT donated $1,500 to the program. A total of $7,000 in scholarships was awarded to eight inspiring local high school seniors who exemplified dedication to community service and academic excellence.

Drives RFT’s annual REALTORS® Rally for the Troops USO Drive produced 15 large cartons, containing 523 pounds of snacks, toiletries and other much-appreciated

items, that were shipped to a Forward Operating Base in Shindand, Afghanistan. The 2013 USO drive will run from May 28–June 7. Diapers are not covered under any kind of government-assistance programs, yet can cost $100 or more per month per child. Volunteers collected 5,500 diapers and 3,600 wipes for The Diaper Train®. The 2013 diaper drive was conducted on May 6–12. Donate to the REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle at www. RealtorFoundationoftheTriangle. org or contact Vicki Buckholz at or (919)654-5400 ext.1027.

Government Affairs Always On the Move Susan Tenny, Diaper Drive

The RRAR Government Affairs Committee and staff had a busy and productive 2012. Below is a partial listing of the accomplishments and events.

Research for Understanding and Improvement

Audie Barefoot, Robert E. Carter, James C. Dempsey, James M. Durham, Betsy Ann Bradshaw Lumsden, Colin McNair and Sam Simpson are recognized with REALTOR® Emeritus Awards

A professionally facilitated public policy focus group in March gathered feedback from 40 members representing a cross section of membership categories. The Public Policy Subcommittee also used survey data and public policy focus group data to rewrite the association’s public policy positions.

REALTOR Review ®

l 12 l

spring 2013

RPAC Initiatives In response to 2011 strategic planning, the RPAC Committee mission and structure was modified, and the board of directors’ endorsement of local candidates was eliminated. Also, the first annual REALTORS® Craft Beer & Chili Festival Social, coordinated with the RPAC Committee, raised more than $6,500 for RPAC!

Local, State and National Engagement Visits with congressional and senate leaders were coordinated during the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Mid-Year Lobbying Meetings. Lobbying

guidance was provided to committee members for these visits and to Triangle REALTOR® Leadership Academy students and other RRAR members for the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® legislative meetings at the General Assembly. Lobbying addressed local and state issues related to ordinances governing investor/landlord properties. Two dynamic membership meetings with the Wake County School Board officials promoted better communications and provided feedback. Communication with local government helped ease signage restrictions for National Open House weekend.

Spotlight on the Issues Eight Government Affairs Educational Committee meetings were conducted.

Relationships with the Regional Transportation Alliance, the NC Free Enterprise Foundation, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, the Triangle Apartment Association, the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County and local governments helped promote awareness of business and community issues of importance to the RRAR membership.

Government Affairs Is a Leadership Tool The government affairs session of the Triangle REALTOR® Leadership Academy was a half-day program involving elected officials and municipal staff. Students also joined in interviewing and assessing 24 candidates for local office in the fall elections.

One Eleven Is the Place! One Eleven Place has become a preferred location for meetings and events, offering all of the key elements for a successful and memorable occasion. Last year it was host to more than 200 events with over 18,000 guests. Two ballrooms, a boardroom, classroom and garden patio can accommodate a full range of events. Clients also have available the complement of support services, from unique catering to an expansive list of audio-video equipment.

RRAR EVP Ray Larcher buried in Angel Tree gifts

The “Old Timers Club” gathers at Milburnie Fishing Camp

Last year One Eleven Place hosted two bridal shows, which increased its exposure within the local wedding industry. This continues to be an excellent resource for reaching brides throughout the Triangle area. Two business expos presented by the Greater Raleigh and Cary chambers of commerce gave One Eleven the chance to demonstrate to the business community its ability to handle even elaborate tradeshows. Renovations that began in 2012 are in their final phase. Upon completion, One Eleven Place will flaunt a fresh and updated look. See year in review on page 14 REALTOR Review ®

l 13 l

spring 2013

Gina Miller, John Wood, Donna Parker and Zach Schabot at the RRAR Holiday Party

Year in

Review continued from page 13

Triangle MLS Was Trending in 2012 In 2012, Triangle MLS Inc. introduced a number of advances that make accessing Multiple Listing Service resources for subscribers easier. The Fusion™ MLS system enabled access to the MLS system on a number of web browsers and on a Mac computer. Two new mobile platforms put resources at the fingertips of subscribers on the go.

Vendors and attendees at the Tech Fair

The Triangle MLS app allows access to the entire MLS database, email listings and schedule showings from a smart phone or tablet. From a mobile version of the TMLS website, TriangleMLS. com, subscribers can upload the TMLS app, register for upcoming classes, contact the TMLS Help Desk and get the latest MLS news. Listing syndication became a hot topic in 2012. To educate brokers-in-charge, TMLS pro-

vided educational seminars that explained online-listing advertisement options available through the MLS. In addition, ListHub announced a product enhancement that provides brokers-in-charge with more control when it comes to advertising their listings online. Filters were added to the ListHub dashboard, offering an easy way to select websites for syndication based on certain criteria. Triangle MLS also created an MLS Preferred publisher filter with a list of publishers that exhibit best practices. Subscribers enjoyed Mardi Gras fun at TMLS’ annual 2012 Technology Fair and Trade Show. Attendees visited with more than 30 vendors representing an array of real estate products and services. Attendees also saw demonstrations of the Fusion MLS system

Tech Fair Vendors

TMLS Training Director Allan Nielsen helps an attendee with the TMLS App Angela French at Tech Fair REALTOR Review ®

l 14 l

spring 2013

and the Triangle MLS app, which launched the day of the fair. In October, TMLS hosted the annual MLS Refresh event. This event gave subscribers the opportunity to attend training sessions, see demonstrations of the new Fusion MLS system, get tips and tricks about the TEMPO® system and learn how to maximize mobile devices to enhance their real estate business.

Another development in 2012 was the InstaCall service, a creation of TMLS and the Centralized Showing Service. The service gives sellers the opportunity to approve or decline a showing on their phone. The results are more expedient showing approvals and notifications for homeowners, showing agents and listing agents.

Welcome to the Tech Fair

See year in review on page 16

Fun and games at the Tech Fair

Jammin’ out at the Tech Fair

REALTOR Review ®

l 15 l

spring 2013

2012 Annual Report on the Triangle Region Housing Market

Quick Facts New Listings

Pending Sales

53,054 44,889



45,984 37,785


- 15.4%

+ 2.4%

- 17.8%

+ 0.4%





Top 5 Areas: Change in New Listings from 2011 Garner Johnston County Fuquay-Varina / Holly Springs Wake Forest Chatham County

+ 11.4% + 10.7% + 9.6% + 7.5% + 4.4%

Bottom 5 Areas: Change in New Listings from 2011 Raleigh Orange County Durham-East Durham-North Inside the Beltline

- 3.7% - 3.8% - 4.2% - 4.7% - 5.9%



- 7.6%

- 8.9%

- 4.2%

+ 24.1%





+ 36.8% + 36.5% + 30.5% + 29.3% + 27.9%

Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Pending Sales from 2011 Wake Forest Knightdale / Wendell / Zebulon Durham-North Orange County Durham-East

+ 22.1% + 21.1% + 19.8% + 16.1% + 11.6%

At the end of the year.

23,829 20,695


- 11.0%

- 6.4%

- 4.6%

+ 20.8%





Durham-South Garner Fuquay-Varina / Holly Springs Raleigh-North Wake County


16,716 14,117 11,802

Top 5 Areas: Change in Closed Sales from 2011


- 7.6%

+ 5.5%

- 15.5%

- 16.4%





Top 5 Areas: Change in Homes for Sale from 2011 + 32.1% + 32.0% + 27.0% + 25.1% + 24.8%

Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Closed Sales from 2011 Chapel Hill / Carrboro Chatham County Durham-North Orange County Durham-East


Top 5 Areas: Change in Pending Sales from 2011 Durham-South Garner Raleigh-North Fuquay-Varina / Holly Springs Johnston County

17,141 22,113

24,363 20,486

Inventory of Homes for Sale

Closed Sales 24,844


Johnston County Chatham County Wake Forest Hillsborough Garner

+ 0.1% - 3.5% - 8.2% - 9.4% - 11.8%

Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Homes for Sale from 2011 + 16.8% + 15.4% + 15.0% + 13.3% + 11.4%

Raleigh Cary / Apex / Morrisville Durham-Central Inside the Beltline Knightdale / Wendell / Zebulon

- 22.4% - 23.5% - 25.5% - 25.7% - 25.7%

Current as of Jan. 11, 2013. All data from Triangle Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Powered by 10K Research and Marketing. Current as of January 11, 2013. All data from Triangle Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Powered by 10K Research and Marketing. | 3

For further information regarding TMLS Market Trends and Analysis please visit:

REALTOR Review 速

l 16 l

spring 2013

2012 Annual Report on the Triangle Region Housing Market

Quick Facts Median Sales Price

Average Sales Price $238,365




$228,896 $185,000

$226,561 $223,109




- 4.2%

+ 4.3%

- 2.6%

+ 2.6%





Top 5 Areas: Change in Median Sales Price from 2011 Hillsborough Inside the Beltline Raleigh Durham-Central Durham-South

+ 13.9% + 9.3% + 5.0% + 4.2% + 3.7%

Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Median Sales Price from 2011 Fuquay-Varina / Holly Springs Chapel Hill / Carrboro Cary / Apex / Morrisville Durham-East Durham-North

- 1.0% - 1.5% - 1.6% - 2.2% - 6.3%

126 91

+ 2.8%

- 2.5%

+ 1.5%





Top 5 Areas: Change in Average Sales Price from 2011 Hillsborough Raleigh Raleigh-North Garner Durham-South Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Average Sales Price from 2011 Durham-East Cary / Apex / Morrisville Orange County Durham-North Chapel Hill / Carrboro

+ 17.7% + 3.8% + 3.8% + 3.3% + 3.2% - 1.3% - 1.4% - 1.9% - 3.4% - 3.6%

Percent of Original List Price Received

Days on Market Until Sale 101


- 6.6%




93.6% 92.8%


+ 11.0%

+ 4.0%

+ 20.0%

- 5.6%





Top 5 Areas: Change in Days on Market from 2011 Durham-North Chatham County Johnston County Orange County Chapel Hill / Carrboro Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Days on Market from 2011 Cary / Apex / Morrisville Fuquay-Varina / Holly Springs Durham-East Inside the Beltline Garner

+ 2.8% + 0.6% 0.0% - 0.6% - 1.9% - 8.3% - 13.0% - 13.1% - 13.6% - 16.3%




- 3.1%

- 0.5%

- 0.3%

+ 1.7%





Top 5 Areas: Change in Pct. of Orig. Price Received from 2011 Durham-East Garner Inside the Beltline Fuquay-Varina / Holly Springs Durham-Central

+ 3.2% + 3.3% + 3.2% + 2.3% + 2.2%

Bottom 5 Areas: Change in Pct. of Orig. Price Received from 2011 Raleigh-North + 1.5% Wake Forest + 1.4% Cary / Apex / Morrisville + 1.4% Durham-North + 1.3% Johnston County + 1.2%

Current as of Jan. 11, 2013. All data from Triangle Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Powered by 10K Research and Marketing. Current as of January 11, 2013. All data from Triangle Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Powered by 10K Research and Marketing. | 4

For further information regarding TMLS Market Trends and Analysis please visit:

REALTOR Review 速

l 17 l

spring 2013


Entire Triangle Region

+ 17.0%

+ 37.2%

+ 2.2%

Change in New Listings

Change in Closed Sales

Change in Median Sales Price


New Listings Closed Sales

Year to Date









+ 17.0%



+ 7.4%



+ 37.2%



+ 26.7%

Median Sales Price*



+ 2.2%



+ 3.3%

Average Sales Price*



+ 3.5%



+ 3.8%

Total Dollar Volume (in millions)*



+ 42.3%



+ 31.7%

Percent of Original List Price Received*



+ 1.6%



+ 2.0%

Percent of List Price Received*



+ 0.8%



+ 0.9%



- 13.9%



- 14.0%

Inventory of Homes for Sale



- 12.1%




Months Supply of Inventory



- 29.7%




Days on Market Until Sale

* Does not account for seller concessions. | Activity for one month can sometimes look extreme due to small sample size.





Year to Date

4 448 4,448



15 493 15,493

2,635 1,921

+ 17.0% New Listings


+ 7.4% New Listings

+ 37.2% Closed Sales



+ 26.7% Closed Sales

Change in Median Sales Price from Prior Year (6-Month Average)** Entire Triangle Region


+ 10% + 8% + 6% + 4% + 2% 0% - 2% - 4% - 6% - 8% 1-2008











** Each dot represents the change in median sales price from the prior year using a 6-month weighted average. This means that each of the 6 months used in a dot are proportioned according to their share of sales during that period period. | Current as of May 10 10, 2013 2013. All data from Triangle Multiple Listing Service Service, Inc Inc.. | Powered by 10K Research and Marketing Marketing.

For further information regarding TMLS Market Trends and Analysis please visit:

REALTOR Review ®

l 18 l

spring 2013

w el c o m e N E W M E M B E RS ! first Quarter 2013

The following are new Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® members who joined during the first quarter of 2013:

Joe Eller, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Jim Enright, Corporate Investors Mortgage Group Zachary Estrela, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Philip Falzarano, Weichert REALTORS-Triangle Homes Carlos Feaster, Sperry Van Ness Tyesha Felder, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Robin Adair, Fonville Morisey/Preston Sales Office Nikie Filippides, Fonville Morisey/Falls Sales Office Valisha Adams, Keller Williams Realty Michael Fiorello, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Alice Ahmadieh, Re/Max Integrity Catherine Franks, Keller Williams Realty Michael Alberico, Raleigh Mortgage Group Elizabeth Frederickson, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Hall Ashmore, Lennar Carolinas L.L.C. Darrell Frutiger, Fonville Morisey/Vandora Sales Office Tiffany Bair, Allen Tate Co./Cary-Searstone Jeffrey Furman, NWR Services L.L.C. James Banks, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Jennifer Gallagher, Allen Tate Co. Inc Brandan Barr, Fonville Morisey/Triangle Specialists Randi Bauer, Peachtree Communities Realty Group L.L.C. Vandan Gandhi, Keller Williams Preferred Angela Garrett, Garrett Singletary Realty Michelle Baughman, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Patrick Gatewood, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Carolyn Bell, Keaton Barrow Realty Jennifer Bender, Dan Ryan Builders North Carolina L.L.C. Catherine Gebhart, Fonville Morisey/ Brier Creek Sales Office Mark Bensley, Total Source Realty/Just Call Brenda Wyona Goodwin, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Alicia Bisognano, Fonville Morisey/ Marguerite Grimm, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Stonehenge Sales Office Richard Grizzard, Coldwell Banker Advantage Cory Bodette, Pro Green Co Kevin Grossman, Allen Tate Co./Cary-Searstone Edna Boucher, Golden Realty & Management Michelle Grossman, Allen Tate Co./Cary-Searstone Kim Brennan, CRC Delores Hall, Fonville Morisey/Preston Sales Office David Bridgman, Northside Realty Inc. Carol Hamilton, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor David Britt, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Russell Hardee, Prudential York Simpson Deron Brodbeck, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Underwood Realty Lynda Brookwell, Coldwell Banker Advantage Tara Hargrove, Residential Rentals Miltonia Brown, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Donald Harper, Fonville Morisey/Inside the Tonia Brubaker, Fonville Morisey/ Beltline Office Stonehenge Sales Office Cory Haverland, Triangle Realty Solutions Jennifer Bryant, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Deborah Henry, Henry Property Management L.L.C. Carol Bullock, Parrish Realty Inc. Mary Henry, Raleigh Metro Properties Paula Bushey, Marlow Campbell Ins. Group Charles Hensley, D.R. Horton Inc. Nationwide Insurance Ricardo Hicks, HomeTowne Realty Garner Patrick Caffrey, Allen Tate Co./Cary-Searstone Jennifer Higbee, Peachtree Communities Realty Tammy Cahoon, Keller Williams Realty Group L.L.C. Xiao Hui Cai, CHK Realty Ernest Hill, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Laura Caldwell, Lennar Carolinas L.L.C. Katrina Hilsman, Prudential York Simpson Marlow Campbell, Nationwide Insurance Underwood Realty Donna Canipe, Wilson West Agency Michael Hoffman, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Birgit Capucille, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Anthony Holland, Raleigh Investment Real Estate Kimberly Carlton, Fonville Morisey/The Kelly Cobb Kita Holmes, Chiquita Holmes, Broker Home Team Inc. Davis Holt, Re/Max United Alison Carlyle, Oak City Properties Gary Holt, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Otara Chavis, Triangle Area Properties Seo Hong, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Charlene Chisholm, Keller Williams Preferred Tim Houghton, Recovery Roofing & Restoration L.L.C. Scott Christner, Prudential York Simpson Shirley Hunsberger, Fonville Morisey/ Underwood Realty Vandora Sales Office Jordan Clark, Coldwell Banker Advantage Kenneth Ivey, Holleran Real Estate & Consulting L.L.C. Leah Cole, Keller Williams Mark Jackson, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Linda Coleman, Keller Williams Realty James Jacobs, Re/Max Integrity Mathew Conklin, Sensational Realty Inc. Carla Janney, Dan Ryan Builders North Carolina L.L.C. James Coppola, Sunshine Real Estate L.L.C. Gina Jiampetti, East Bridge Realty L.L.C. Daniel Courtine, Keller Williams Arleathea Johnson, Icon Realty and Management Susan Dahlin Bashford, Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s Harriet Jones, Coldwell Banker Advantage International Realty Raza Killian, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Karen De Lome, Triangle Midtown Realty James King, Pace Realty Group Inc. Ahmed Diallo, Fifth Third Bank Rita Knish, ExactJack Inc. Jerry Dickerson, Keller Williams Realty Karen Knox, Quick Turn Quality Appraisals Jamye Donovan, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Annette Knox, BB&T/ Annette Knox Thomas Driscoll, Keller Williams Realty Michael Koch, Fonville Morisey/Stonehenge Sales Office Jennifer Dumas, Fonville Morisey/Preston Sales Office Michelle Kohn, Fonville Morisey/ Your Triangle Home Team Stephanie Dungan, Dan Ryan Builders North Carolina L.L.C. Kathryn Krieger, Raleigh Metro Properties David Eidson, Fonville Morisey/Stonehenge Sales Office Steven Kruger, Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS

Leslie Lambert, Builder Services Inc. Mahala Landin, Paulina Real Estate Team Inc. Michele Langley, Keller Williams Realty Silvia Langlois Fernande, Fathom Realty NC L.L.C. Laurie Lawson, Howard Perry & Walston Dale Leach, Fonville Morisey & Barefoot/Hortons Creek Dwayne Leatherwood, rare Properties L.L.C. Alicia Link, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Richard Lisowsky, The Mold Solutions Group Robert Little, Black Forest Tree Service, In. James Lowe, Waddell & Reed William Luther, Coldwell Banker Advantage Janet Mack, Keller Williams William Maliszewski, Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS William Mansfield, Only Way Realty Fathema Matcheswala, Cary-Raleigh Realty Inc. Christine McArthur, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Ruth McClure, Wells Fargo Kathryn McFarland, Holleran Real Estate & Consulting L.L.C. Danya McHugh, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Kay McRae, Peachtree Communities Realty Group L.L.C. David Medvetz, Blue Sky Services L.L.C. Dennis Miller, Wade Jurney Homes Inc. Carl Mims, Raleigh Investment Real Estate Jason Morrow, HomeTowne Realty Emma Mountjoy, Fonville Morisey/Stonehenge Sales Office Charlotte Muhammad, A Better Way Homes Sanjay Mundra, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Frank Murphy, Keller Williams Preferred Heather Neese, 320 Properties L.L.C. Mack Neeves, Forsythe Appraisals Derek Nereu, 360 Painting Phuong Ngo, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Christina Norman, Fonville Morisey/Preston Sales Office Benedict Okulonye, Northside Realty Inc. Patricia Oliva, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Debra Owensby, Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS Harshadray Padia, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Aubrey Palmer, DT and Co. Property Management Brooke Pancoast, Spencer Properties Elizabeth Parks, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty George Patrick, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Christen Paul, Fonville Morisey/Vandora Sales Office Steven Pearce, Hennessey Real Estate Debra Ann Pearson, John M. Ward Cynthia Peluso, Re/Max One Realty Srinivas Perumandla, Porchlight Real Estate Diane Pettit, Diane Pettit Realty Valerie Pifer, Peachtree Communities Realty Group L.L.C. Richard Ponzio, Keller Williams Realty Scott Powell, Elizabeth Price-Piskin, Northside Realty Inc. Ken Prichard, Salem Street Realty Anne Prosser, Fonville Morisey/Lochmere Sales Office Tracy Pugh, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Elizabeth Radman, Fonville Morisey/Preston Sales Office Shanahan Ramos, Coldwell Banker Advantage Anthony Ray, Fonville Morisey/Lochmere Sales Office Michelle Ray, Fonville Morisey/Lochmere Sales Office Amy Redd, D.R. Horton Inc. Billie Redmond, Trademark Property Services L.L.C.

Rob Reppy, Black Forest Tree Service Inc. Gardner Reynolds, Fonville Morisey/ Brier Creek Sales Office John Richardson, Dream Living Realty Jeffrey Roark, Keller Williams Preferred Sherri Robie, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor David Robie, Regan & Co. Jennifer Robinson, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Kimberly Robinson, Fonville Morisey/ Brier Creek Sales Office Joe Rogers, Rogers International L.L.C. Manuel Romero, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Laurie Roshelli, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Shelly Rouse, Lavrack Properties Inc. Patricia Rutledge, Carolina Preserve Real Estate L.L.C. Pamela Saxman, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty Henry Saye, Fonville Morisey/Preston Sales Office Adam Schneider, Molloy Realty Group Stephanie Schuller, Coldwell Banker Advantage NH Greg Schultz, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Tracy Sease, Real Living Pittman Properties Carol Sherman, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Joye Silverman, Impact Residential Properties Kerri Smith, Gillooly & Associates Realty L.L.C. Brian Smith, Oak City Properties Yolanda Smith, Keller Williams Realty Bernette Stivers, Fonville Morisey/Falls Sales Office Glenn Strickland, HomeTowne Realty Garner James Stroud, 100% Realty Inc. Judith Stultz, Grow Local Realty L.L.C. Jimmy Swann, Fonville Morisey & Barefoot/ Orchard Ridge Susan Sweetser, Susan Sara Talamantes, Salem Street Realty Rebekah Teachey, Only Way Realty Thao-Van Thai, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Kim Thompson, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Karen Titka, Dan Ryan Builders North Carolina L.L.C. Lisa Travis, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Burcu Ugurdag, BB&T Lowell Underwood, Keller Williams Realty Rimma Vafina, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Johnathan Vaughn, Pan Realty L.L.C. John Wagner, Lennar Carolinas L.L.C. John Wagner, Pro Green Co. Emily Wallace, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor David Watson, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Eleanor Wells, Allen Tate Co. Meredith Westmoreland, Fonville Morisey/ Lochmere Sales Office John Wheeler, Howard Perry & Walston Realtor Brandon White, Go Realty Ward Wilkes, Allen Tate Co. Inc. Renata Williams, Chatham Homes Realty Jamaal Williams, Weichert REALTORS-Triangle Homes Yolanda Wilson, Keaton Barrow Realty Chloe Woodson, Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty E. Dale Wooten, BB+T Michele Zelvis, Tidewater Mortgage Richard Zelvis, Tidewater Mortgage Charles Zevenhuizen, Barker Realty Inc.

If you would like to sponsor a new member orientation, contact Betsy Ramsey at (919) 654-4500. REALTOR Review ® ®

l 19 l

spring 2013

Time to Jump on the Video Bandwagon By Bernice Ross

Are you still stuck in “E” rather than moving forward into “V?” If so, it’s time to shift from e-mail, e-cards, e-mail newsletters, blogs and autoresponders to the next generation of communication: v-mail, v-cards, v-responders, viewsletters and vlogs. REALTOR Review ®

l 20 l

spring 2013

I recently spoke with Roger Noujeim of about his take on the latest trends. He noted that ListedBy clients who use video to promote their listings generate significantly more traffic than those who don’t. He also noted that there are 700 videos posted on Twitter every minute. Noujeim described this trend as going from “E” to “V.” In fact, Cisco Systems Inc. projects that 90 percent of all Web traffic in 2014 will be devoted to video. If you haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon, here’s how to get started.

From E-mail to V-mail People retain 10 percent of what they hear and 15 percent of what they see. The average person spends about eight seconds viewing a text message. In contrast, video e-mail is viewed on average to 85 percent completion. Consequently, to get better results from your e-mail communication, shift from regular e-mail and text messaging to v-mails. V-mails garner greater attention because they are more personally compelling. For example, instead of sending past clients postcards, send them a video message wishing them a happy birthday, update your current sellers with buyer feedback about their home or review next week’s marketing plan. An easy way to begin is with the free service from Eyejot allows you to connect in a “self-contained, spam-free environment.” It works on any platform, including mobile devices. With Eyejot, there is no software to download or install. Just

log in to your account, record or upload your video and send. The recipient gets a friendly email message letting him or her know a new video message can be viewed with a single click. You can use Eyejot to send “v-cards” rather than a traditional business card as well.

To get better results from your e-mail communication, shift from regular e-mail and text messaging to v-mails. V-responders and Viewsletters Once upon a time, autoresponders seemed like a good idea. Most people today, however, feel they are canned and impersonal. Furthermore, autoresponders are a great way for spammers to discover whether your e-mail address is valid. In contrast, a video response, even if it is canned, seems more personal. Instead of telling people in text that you are out of the office, you can use your v-responder to create a more personalized message thanking them for contacting you and informing them that you are eager to be back in contact with them as soon as possible. There are two solutions that provide a glimpse of where real estate video communication is heading in the future. REALTOR Review ®

l 21 l

spring 2013

and Talk Fusion have very slick applications that allow you to send vmails, conduct video-conferencing and use video-autoresponders. Like Eyejot, Iwowwe provides a free video e-mail service. Both Iwowwe and Talk Fusion provide a suite of video communication and marketing products. (Iwowwe is $20 per month and TalkFusion, which offers a larger suite of products, is $35 per month, plus a set-up fee.) What I found particularly intriguing is the notion of having a “viewsletter.” This is a very attractive newsletter format that has at least one, and sometimes two, windows where you can upload video. The video plays within the viewsletter in a format that is reminiscent of the “Daily Prophet” in the Harry Potter movies. Imagine how much more powerful it would be to offer a “viewsletter” to the people you meet as opposed to an e-mail or traditional print newsletter. There are hundreds of ways agents can use this tool to market their businesses. For example, you could use the video to update your community in terms of the prices, market conditions or anything else that has to do with the real estate market. You could also use it to share the local lifestyle or special events in your area. Interview the basketball coach about the upcoming game, capture images from the blizzard that buried everything in white or record fun things that make living in your area great.

Vlogs How long does it take you to write 160 words? Did you know See time to jump on page 23

Raleigh Green Remodel

Wins National Award, Sells Home Jeff Wiblitzhouser of Paradise Found Construction in Cary won the top Project of the Year – Remodel award in the National Association of Home Builders National Green Building Awards program. The award was presented for sustainable design and green upgrades to a 50-year-old Raleigh home that had been on the market for months. A REALTOR®

had reportedly suggested listing the brick-style ranch house for $150,000. After $85,000 in renovations, it sold for more than $250,000 in three days. The project involved overhauling two bathrooms and the kitchen and opening up the floor plan. The focus was on modernizing the look of the home and creating a bright, open layout. Increasing the home’s energy and water-us-

age efficiency also was key. “Renovating these older homes to reflect current design trends and amenities that today’s buyers want, and at the same time increasing their energy and water efficiency and indoor air quality to reduce the overall cost of ownership, makes these homes attractive to buyers,” says Wiblitzhouser. “It provides an opportunity to bring younger families into these older neighborhoods, giving them new life, and at the same time raising community property values.” Paradise Found Construction’s renovations encompassed removing wood paneling and replacing cabinetry. All original doors, windows and wainscoting/trim were preserved. Granite counter tops and stainless-steel appliances now grace the kitchen.

Green Upgrades It reportedly cost under $5,000 to bring the 2,141-square-foot home to the Bronze Level Green in the Home Innovation National Green Building Standard Green Certification Program. The Paradise Found Construction upgrades decreased the home’s over-energy usage by more than 20 percent and its water usage by more than 50 percent. The house now has the latest in energy-efficient conservation features, including Energy StarREALTOR Review ®

l 22 l

spring 2013

rated electrical fixtures and appliances, Environmental Protection Agency Water Sens-rated toilets and plumbing fixtures, compact fluorescent lighting, upgraded insulation and air sealing measures and rain-water harvesting. Other green features include refinished original hardwood floors and the use of next-generation porcelain tile and non-VOC paint, carpet and clear-coat floor finish. The home at 510 Picardy Place on Raleigh, located off of Glenwood Avenue behind the Oak Park Shopping Center, was on display during the eighth annual Triangle Green Home Tour in April. The Green Building Awards were presented at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas in January.

time to jump continued from page 21

that you can create a 160 word vlog (video blog) in just one short minute? Blogging has always been a chore, even when you’re a good writer. “Writer’s block” is a real issue for professional writers and even more so for agents.

and ranks sites that have video more highly. The real estate business is definitely heading in this direction. The sooner you begin using video in your business, the greater your advantage over other agents will be. Bernice Ross, chief executive officer

In contrast, most agents are good at talking. You can now create a “vlog” simply by posting to your own blog site, or if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, set up a Facebook business page where you post your videos. A vlog can be an alternative to a video newsletter or a supplement to it as well. The smart move is to start looking at ways to employ video in your business. We know Google loves video (it owns YouTube) REALTOR Review ®

l 23 l

spring 2013

of, is a national speaker, trainer and author of the National Association of Realtors’ No. 1 best-seller, Real Estate Dough: Your Recipe for Real Estate Success. Hear Bernice’s five-minute daily real estate show, just named “new and notable” by iTunes, at You can contact her at or @BRoss on Twitter.

RRAR events

June 1 C.E. Mandatory Update, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 4 C.E. Red Flags, Property Inspection Guide, 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 5 Women’s Council of REALTORS®, 8:45 a.m. Top Producer’s Council, 11:30 a.m. 6 New Member Orientation, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 7 C.E. Mandatory Update, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. C.E. Broker-in-Charge Annual Review, 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

May 20 C.E. House Pricing and Market trend Analysis, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

12 RRAR Board of Directors, 9 a.m. to 11a.m. 14 Flag Day How to Sell HUD Homes

REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle Board of Directors, 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

16 Father’s day

21 Community Service Committee, 11:30 a.m.

18 Community Service Committee, 11:30 a.m.

22 C.E. Mandatory Update, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

19 Small Broker’s Council, 8:45 a.m.

Triangle International Council of REALTORS , 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. ®

C.E. Invest FUN-da.m.entals 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 23 Property Management Council, 11:30 a.m. 27 Memorial Day – Office closed

20 New Member Orientation, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 21 Summer Begins

July 1 New Member Orientation, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 9 Ramadan begins

28-June 7 USO Drive

18 New Member Orientation, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 22 REALTOR® Foundation of the Triangle Board of Directors, 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. 25 Property Management Council, 11:30 a.m.

August 1 New Member Orientation, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 7 Women’s Council of REALTORS®, 8:45 a.m. Top Producer’s Council, 11:30 a.m. TRLA Dinner and Social, 5 p.m.

Dine Out – Fonville Morisey Preston Real Estate Office

14 RRAR Board of Directors, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. For more information, visit REALTOR Review ®

l 24 l

spring 2013


Braun Wins Top Quality Service Award Diana Braun, a REALTOR® with Real Living Pittman Properties in Raleigh and past president of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, Raleigh Regional Chapter, was awarded the 2012 Quality Service Braun Certified® Platinum Award, the highest service achievement in the real estate industry. The award recognizes Quality Service Certified (QSC) agents who earn 100 percent client-service satisfaction. The Quality Service Certified® Platinum Award is the only award in the real estate industry that is based on independently validated, measurable service results. The statistics are gathered via a customer-satisfaction survey that all clients of QSC agents receive at the end of each transaction. The surveys are administered and the results are compiled by Leading Research Corp. (LRC). “Nothing is more important to a prospective client in selecting a professional than the service results achieved with past clients,” says Larry D. Romito, president and chief executive officer of QSC. “Consumers have greater confidence in service reliability, results and satisfaction with a Quality Service Certified real estate professional, because they know that the agent’s service record has been validated by an independent third party. (A) 100 percent service satisfaction record, like Diana Braun has achieved, is just awesome.” Client feedback from the QSC surveys becomes part of the agent’s credentials. An overall satisfaction rating is displayed on the QSC and Rated Agent consumer websites, where buyers and sellers have the ability to select a real estate professional based on his or her validated record of service satisfaction.

Mansell Named Women’s Council Affiliate of the Year


Teresa Mansell of Carolina Bank Residential Mortgage has been awarded the 2012 Affiliate of the Year Award by the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, Raleigh Regional Chapter. REALTOR Review ®

The Women’s Council of REALTORS® (WCR) honored Mansell as an affiliate member for her support within the organization and continued contributions and commitment to the chapter. A mortgage advisor since 2002, Mansell is dedicated to providing her customers with excellent customer service and educating them on their mortgage choices. She also supports REALTOR® members and their success by offering her knowledge and expertise and working diligently on their behalf. “As a member of the Women’s Council, I value the REALTOR® relationships I have made, contacts with affiliates and the educational programs the council provides,” said Mansell. “Teresa shares our passion for taking care of our clients and business partners,” said Carolina Bank Residential Mortgage Vice President Michelle Roten. “…We very much value our partnerships with such outstanding organizations as the Woman’s Council of REALTORS® and look forward to our continued relationship.” An affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, WCR is a nationwide community of more than 19,000 real estate professionals dedicated to empowering women in exercising their potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders. For more information on WCR, visit

Raffle Revvs Up RPAC Campaign The 2013 North Carolina REALTOR® Political Action Committee Technology Raffle drew 5,198 entries, raising $178,794. The raffle kicked off the annual RPAC fund-raising campaign, bringing it to 39 percent of its goal. That represents $42,000 more than the amount raised at this time last year. Encouraged by the results, RPAC is challenging REALTORS® to maintain the momentum. Congratulations to the raffle winners! Eric Olson of Raleigh won the grand prize, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Robert Fortner of Wake Forest won an iPad. Millard Kirk of Raleigh won an iPad Mini. Both iPads were donated by the Goldsboro Wayne County Association of REALTORS®. The North Carolina Association of REALTORS® extended its appreciation to the Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS® and its members for their support. l 25 l

spring 2013

At Bright Horizons, we provide an exceptional place for

ight Horizons, we provide an exceptional place for children to thrive. Our individualized, flexible curriculum en to thrive. Our individualized, flexible curriculum and experienced teachers inspire children at every age

xperienced teachers inspire children every age and families work together to ensure andat stage. Educators your child'sto needs and potential are being met. tage. Educators and families work together ensure child's needs and potential are being met. State-of-the-art facility • Nurturing children 6 weeks to 6 years old • exceptional Kindergarten Prep Program

of-the-art facility • Nurturing children 6 weeks to 6

old • exceptional Kindergarten Prep Program

Contact us to schedule a visit

Contact us to schedule a visit

Bright Horizons at Harrison Park 800 Weston Pkwy Cary, NC 27513 919-678-1010

Bright Horizons at Harrison Park 800 Weston Pkwy Cary, NC 27513 919-678-1010

REALTOR Review Spring 2013  

RRAR's quarterly REALTOR Review Spring 2013 edition

REALTOR Review Spring 2013  

RRAR's quarterly REALTOR Review Spring 2013 edition