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meet jill heineck

With 25+ years in Atlanta Real Estate, Jill is a leading authority and is highly sought after for her real estate industry acumen and business insights. Her extensive experience works seamlessly across all of her disciplines, including Corporate Relocation, Sports and Entertainment, and Divorce Listings. As a frequent panelist and keynote speaker, published author and contributing writer, Jill enjoys sharing her expertise and perceptions with people from around the globe.

While Jill has received many accolades throughout her career, she is most gratified by the personal testimonials and repeat referrals she receives from her clients. Jill’s unwavering commitment to the customer experience and her focus on the unique needs of each client serve as the foundation of her success.

Jill likes to build strong relationships for life, creating legacy clients with the immediate impact of being a one-of-a-kind experience. Jill likes to feel in control and stable during a real estate transaction, taking that feeling of being informed and in control and giving it to her clients, often and in a structured way. She makes sure they feel confident and in the know. When you work with Jill Heineck, know that she will focus on the journey and celebrate the milestones.

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JILL HEINECK ASSOCIATE BROKER jill@heineckandcompany.com heineckandcompany.com 804 Towne Blvd. Suite 2040 | Atlanta, GA 30319 Each office independently owner operated. 404.418.9157 | 5 |

white glove concierge service

When you hire Heineck & Company, we will become your home’s premier specialist as:


• Showcasing your property with the finest marketing

• Developing and implementing a customized marketing plan

• Researching and developing an appropriate pricing strategy that meets your goals

• Communicating regularly so you stay informed


• Presenting and negotiating with potential buyers or their agents on your behalf

• Advising you on the merits of each offer

• Keeping your best interests as first priority


• Communicating with all parties in a timely manner

• Sending you any forms that need signatures

• Liaising with the closing attorney to verify all necessary documentation has been received

• Coordinating closing date/time and providing directions

• Facilitating answers, resolving issues during the closing process, and ensuring the process is completed seamlessly


• Providing you with access to experts, including legal advisors, insurance experts, builders, landscapers, interior designers, rental experts, home stagers, painters, handymen, home inspectors, and moving services

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in their words

“Jill and her team were fantastic, as usual! I have bought and sold a few other properties with Jill, and on every occasion, she raises the bar and makes sure we are fully aware of all our options throughout the decisionmaking process. I would highly recommend Jill and her team to anyone looking to buy or sell in Atlanta. I have complete confidence in her extensive knowledge of the greater Atlanta real estate market and the unparalleled service she provides. Thanks, Jill!”

“Our house was not an easy one to sell, but Jill did it with perseverance and professionalism. She found excellent photographers and stagers, to name a few. Her many years in the business provided lots of contacts that eventually helped find just the right buyer. Thank you, Jill, for all of your hard work!”

“My wife and I recently sold our home with the caring assistance and expert guidance of Jill and her team. From her recommendations on the listing price to the suggested enhancements on the home and her comprehensive marketing campaign, we saw numerous showings and received multiple offers after the first couple of days on the market. We quickly went to contract, and Jill delivered on helping us sell at the highest price in the shortest amount of time.”

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the heineck and company experience

At Heineck & Company, we advocate for you, our clients, by advising and guiding you through real estate transitions with uncompromising ethics and experiential, seasoned knowledge. We are committed to providing the best possible experience with integrity and professionalism. Our vision is to be the real estate group of choice who creates memorable experiences for both our clients and our business partners that are both seamless and fun.

Over the last 20+ years in Atlanta real estate, we have worked hard to create customized methods for both buying and selling, establish our business as a relocation resource, as well as develop our Dual Sales niche as a unique approach to balancing the buying and selling process, keeping in strong alignment with our mission and vision for the Heineck & Company client experience.

we strive to meet our clients where they are ; to have a lasting impact to build experiences worth giving , and legacy relationships worth nurturing .

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our competitive advantage


Over the past several years, Heineck & Company's average days on market is 25 versus the average agent's 57. We have worked hard to master the art of LISTING and SELLING versus listing and sitting.


The average agent's listings sell within 91% of list price. Heineck & Company listings sell on average within 95% of asking, ultimately netting you 4% more in your pocket.


98% of our business comes from past clients and sphere of influence referrals. Clients re-hire us due to our professionalism and delivery on our service promise.


We have five dedicated team members who specialize in different areas of the transaction to best serve you and your needs.


We are known for our superior integration of social media, relevant websites, luxury property platforms, and mobile apps to maximize exposure for your property.


As corporate relocation specialists, we have access to prospects and marketing opportunities that others do not. We leverage our corporate network to sell listings faster to well-qualified buyers.


Our #1 tenant is to listen to understand. Secondly, we work to set expectations around your primary goals. We then establish the best way to keep you in the loop about what is happening behind the scenes.


Jill has been a licensed Realtor® in Atlanta since 1998 and is a founding partner of Keller Williams Realty Southeast. She has experienced many real estate cycles, adjusting business practices to benefit the clients that she serves.

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national reach

As a member of each of these communities, Jill leverages an expansive network of Realtors, providing additional marketing opportunities beyond the MLS:


The Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) Worldwide ERC® designation is given to professionals who demonstrate a broad understanding of managing employee mobility within the United States. Candidates achieve the designation through work experience and professional society engagement, studying a defined body of knowledge, and passing a comprehensive examination.


KW Relocation is a community of qualified professionals who benefit from exclusive networking, training, and corporate relocation opportunities. Our full-time Relocation Department ensures all relocation transactions are completed efficiently and accurately.


KW Sports + Entertainment agents aspire to create authentic relationships with the upper echelon of real estate clientele and connect with our unique community of sports and entertainment experts. Members benefit from access to top training, networking opportunities, and exclusive resources that no other industry can provide.

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keller williams worldwide

5 55+ 300+ 189,000+

Continents Regions Market Center Locations Associates Globally

Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in the world, with a presence in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

• Albania

• Argentina

• Aruba

• Belgium

• Belize

• Bermuda

• Bolivia

• Bonaire

• Cambodia

• Chile

• Colombia

• Costa Rica

• Cyprus

• Czech Republic

• Dehli NCR, India

• Dominican Republic

• Dubai, UAE

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Guyana

• Honduras

• Ireland

• Israel

• Italy

• Jamaica

• Japan

• Luxembourg

• Malaysia

• Mexico

• Monaco

• Mongolia

• Nicaragua

• Northern Cyprus

• Panama

• Paraguay

• Peru

• Philippines

• Poland

• Portugal

• Puerto Rico

• Romania

• São Paulo, Brazil

• Saudi Arabia

• Serbia

• Saint Maarten

• Slovenia

• Southern Africa

• Spain

• Suriname

• Switzerland

• Thailand

• Turkey

• Turks and Caicos

• United Kingdom

• Uruguay

• Vietnam

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premier luxury expertise

Jill’s memberships allow her access to expansive and powerful networks of real estate professionals doing business at a high level locally, regionally, nationally, AND globally:


The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing is the premier independent authority in training and designation for real estate professionals working in the luxury residential market. Recognized as the mark of accomplishment in luxury markets around the world, the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that the agents who have earned it have the knowledge, experience, competence, and confidence they require.

Real estate professionals with GUILD™ recognition have the expertise and proven experience to support your unique needs. GUILD™ specialists undergo extensive training and demonstrate a record of successful performance in the upper-tier market. Exclusive access to market insights, combined with cutting-edge tools, strategies, and specialized knowledge, makes GUILD™ Professionals your best choice for buying and selling luxury properties.


Jill has been a long-time active member of this nationally networked exclusive, elite, and sophisticated group of real estate consultants raising the bar for service in the upper-tier home market. With agents operating in more than 700 market offices, the reach is incomparable to any other brokerage in the city.


Live Luxury is a specialized sales division of Keller Williams Realty International and the award-winning Southeast Region, and collaborator with KW Luxury. Members benefit from our exclusive market information, luxury-specific training, leading edge technology, and local masterminding.

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REALM is a collection of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled. As a REALM member, Jill has exclusive access to real estate professionals who represent 100+ different brands around the globe.

291,996 $28.9M $2.5M $8.9B

Clients represented by the members of the REALM network

Average net worth of prospects in the Wealth-X database

Amount of listings represented by REALM professionals

Average closed transaction of active REALM members

REALM™ has partnered with the leading members of wealth management, advisory, and reporting in order to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data on HNWI and UHNWI available. Our members have extraordinary access to the latest wealth reports, as well as exclusive access to wealth managers who oversee the largest family offices and assets of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

Data provided by REALM and Wealth-X as of May 2021.
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the value of foreknowledge

Depending on the property, our team makes recommendations on a case by case basis:


A thorough home inspection covers the interior and exterior condition of all structures, including roofing and mechanical systems (heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical). If the inspection turns up anything concerning, we will decide the best strategy to move forward. Whatever the outcome, being able to give the inspection report to a potential buyer can boost your home’s standing with them — it shows transparency and good faith on your part and helps the buyer feel more secure in the decision to buy your house.


The best way to maximize the appraised value of your home is to prep it so that it outshines the competition. And the best way to prevent a gap between selling price and a figure the bank will go for is to start out with a realistic asking price.

These are the same things that put your home in a favorable position with buyers’ agents and their clients. They are also the same things we strive to get right well before the “for sale” sign goes up.

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influences on home value

When listing your home, it is important to research the market conditions that are currently influencing home values. “Market value” is the highest price at which a property will sell on the open market, given a reasonable time period to find a qualified buyer. What a property is truly worth and what prospective buyers are willing to pay for it is known as the “Fair Market Value” — as buyers are influenced by the following criteria:

• Location of the property

• Condition of the property

• Buyer demand

• Prices of similar properties on the market

• Recent sales of competitive properties

• Availability of financing


Choosing to use an agent with extensive experience in the local market, a respected reputation, and who implements a proven, comprehensive marketing strategy could make all the difference in maximizing the true value of your home.

These key factors affect the sale of your home and are, for the most part, in your control:













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your location

According to real estate convention, the three most important criteria to consider when buying a property are:


In fact, buyers are often attracted to a general location, a neighborhood, or even a certain street well before settling on a specific home.

Understanding your location’s positives and negatives is important when determining price and very significant in the marketing of your home. Misconceptions, preconceptions, and knowing the nuances of your home can make a significant difference in how a home is marketed, when it’s shown, and how it is positioned — one person’s displeasure can be another’s delight!

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the window of opportunity

The “Window of Opportunity” is the period in which your home will receive its maximum exposure — typically when it is new on the market. In order to capitalize on this window, it is crucial that your home is ready for sale: priced at Fair Market Value, prepared to showcase its features and attributes, and a marketing strategy is implemented to further increase exposure.


CTIVITY (Amount of Interest)

- Graphic for Illustrative Purposes Only123456789 10 11 12 13 A
MARKET (Weeks)
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partnership and teamwork

Selling your home can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be an emotional one. As a luxury real estate professional, I have found the best way to sell a home is through partnership and teamwork — combining the understanding of your requirements and goals with my knowledge, expertise, effective marketing strategies, and extensive resources.

Together we will:

• Prepare for the “Window of Opportunity”

• Leverage the attributes of your location

• Prepare and present your home ready for sale

• Highlight your home’s features through professional photography

• Showcase your home to the market through professional and strategic marketing

• Maximize the exposure of your home through our extensive network

• Leverage the brokerage’s reputation and recognition

• Cooperate and communicate to maintain your home’s perception of value

• Promote your home locally, nationally, and internationally

• Maximize your home’s web exposure

• Prepare your home so that it is always ready to be shown to potential buyers

• Discuss and review the market’s analysis of your home — feedback is essential to knowing the perceived value and potential for negotiation

• Finalize your sale

• Find your next dream home

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creating the story

Sophisticated and professionally prepared marketing is essential to maximize your home’s exposure and requires more than just listing the property for sale on the internet and multiple listing service. It needs to be a carefully prepared, strategically implemented plan. Your home must become a highly prized item — launched on the market with maximum impact to create exposure and reach the right buyers.

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preparing your home for sale

First impressions are lasting. Preparing your home is one of the most difficult, emotional, and critical steps to maximize its value. Together, we will review, recommend, prepare, and create an environment that is appropriate for the type of buyer looking to purchase your home. No matter how stunning, loved, or well-maintained your home, it is important that you view it with critical objectivity, and whether it needs simple changes or major repairs, these should be addressed before the home is listed.


Staging done right maximizes a home's appeal and helps potential buyers visualize it as their own. The professional stagers we work with see the homes they stage sell 80% faster. A staging pro knows how to focus the attention on your home's strengths — even a well-maintained and nicely furnished home can benefit from their unbiased eye and expertise.


First impressions are lasting. Therefore, professional photography is a MUST in today's real estate marketing practices. Professional photographers understand how to use lighting and composition to highlight the best features of your home. We utilize professional photographers for every listing we market.


The pre-market broker launch is an event we coordinate with you, the seller, to invite other market experts to tour the home prior to hitting the market, typically one week before.* While we may have already discussed a price range, this event creates a buzz around your property while giving us additional data to help set the price correctly from the start.

*When timing permits.

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a team effort for success

Design marketing materials and ad copy to market and promote your property 9 Provide signage, electronic lockbox, and dedicated showing appointment service 9 List the property in three MLS systems: KWLS, FMLS, and GAMLS

Communicate with you on a regular basis, providing buyer traffic reports and feedback 9 Complete all repairs and cleaning

Keep your home staged and ready for showings 9 Leave the property during scheduled showing times 9 Hide valuables and prescriptions

9 Keep marketing information out for prospective buyers

9 Contact us with any questions, concerns, or updates

9 Market your home to your family, friends, and acquaintances

9 Keep us advised where to reach you or give permission to show if you are unavailable

9 Refuse to discuss terms with buyers or their agents without Jill or one of our team members present

a two-hour consult with the staging team 9 Schedule professional photography 9
launch event 9
Plan a
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to stage or not to stage

Staging a home is a strategic marketing tool sellers use to help buyers imagine themselves living in the home. The goal is to help a buyer fall in love with the property. Staging is more than just putting a new welcome mat in front of the door and getting new throw pillows — when done correctly, it can help a home sell for more money in a shorter amount of time.

Reality Staging is now available to our clients!

8 Staging can take time to set up and take down after selling

8 Staging can be costly when hiring a professional staging company

8 If done poorly, staging may not be in the buyers' taste

9 Staging makes the listing photos look phenomenal, attracting more buyers into the home

9 Staging allows buyers to envision themselves living in the home

9 Staging has been proven to get a higher price in a shorter time

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strategic online marketing

The initial listing period (typically the first 7-10 days) is the most important throughout all of the marketing of your home. Most agents and buyers have saved searches alerting them of new listings so they receive “first dibs” to view the home and make an offer. With our enhanced marketing efforts, we ensure that your property is fully marketed the second it's put into public view.


Our office is a member of three Multiple Listings Services: Keller Williams Listing Service (KWLS), First Multiple Listings Service (FMLS), and Georgia Multiple Listings Service (GMLS). All of our listings are immediately listed in all three MLS systems with the maximum number of allowed images for increased exposure. We input detailed information to ensure your listing will appear when agents search for properties with certain amenities.


Your home will be syndicated across 950+ searchable real estate websites, which dramatically increases the opportunity for buyers to find your property.


Realtor.com, Trulia.com, and Zillow.com are the top three websites buyers use to find a property. Your listing will be posted here and enhanced with more advertising language than what is allowed in the MLS systems in order to be ranked higher in online searches.

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marketing tools


Marketing your home across various social media platforms is a powerful way to instantly expose your home to an extremely large pool of potential buyers.


Using current technology helps showcase the true essence of your property. Virtual tours, 3D and 2D floor plans, and property videos provide potential buyers with a realistic experience.


We prepare a custom brochure for your property that highlights its best features with professional photography and is updated immediately when needed with price adjustments or new photos.

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leverage benefiting you


While social media and internet tools are integral in the marketing of your property, cooperation with other brokers via private networking groups has and will always be an important means of promoting your property. Sharing your property prior to the MLS often results in the pairing of motivated buyers for a quick sale. Buyers' needs are also shared on these private sites, not available to the general public.


Your home needs to be ‘show ready’ at all times. We will ensure preparations are done up front and a plan is implemented for the best times to show the home — then the final prep and inviting touches are easy for us to add around your busy schedule. Every buyer will be pre-qualified. During the showing, a fully guided tour will be provided to ensure that the features and nuances are showcased and explained to maximize the perception of value.

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showing the home

Your home needs to be ‘show ready’ at all times, which can be difficult to balance if you are still living in the home. However, we must ensure preparations are done up front — unnecessary items removed, space has been created, and a plan implemented for the best times to show the home, then the final prep and inviting touches are easy for me to add around your busy schedule.

Every buyer will be pre-qualified. During the showing, a fully guided tour will be provided to ensure that the features and nuances are showcased and explained to maximize the perception of value.

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market analysis and negotiations

A comprehensive analysis will be provided by evaluating buyer response to showings, feedback from Realtors, and assessing the impact of our marketing efforts on your home. These details assist in formulating actionable recommendations and objectives. It is important to ensure that the home's sale potential is maximized, whether that requires further changes to showcase your home more effectively, having additional open houses, adjusting the pricing, or increasing the marketing exposure.


Perhaps the most complex moment of the sales process comes when you get an offer on the home. Though there are many components to an offer, we will explain the entire process so that you are comfortable with all the steps involved, and will ultimately protect and represent your best interests. Our market research, knowledge of current trends, and understanding of buyer's motivations give us an advantage during negotiations in the sale of your home.


A myriad of details must be attended to before the sale of your home becomes final, including offers, counter offers, inspections, disclosures, contingencies, loan documents, insurance, mortgage approval, and escrow items. This final step can be overwhelming with all its moving parts. Whatever the next step may be, know that I am here to guide you through this final process — to keep in constant communication, track the proceeding, and keep things on schedule.

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locating the right property

If you are looking to buy or sell another property, let my knowledge of your requirements, needs, likes, and dislikes be the foundation of a new search — from finding the right buyer to locating your next dream home.

In the world of luxury, it takes more than just searching for a home on the internet, so allow my extensive network of connections, strong marketing skills, and exceptional knowledge to open the right doors.



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defining your goals and options

In the search for your perfect home, we must define the goals and reassess your requirements so that we approach the search with complete insight. This will enable the creation of an appropriate action plan and expected timeline.

• Where are you thinking of moving — local or out of state?

• Do you have a budget?

• What do you and your family need from your next home?

• Are you looking for a turnkey or renovation property?

• What are your essential requirements during our search?

• Are there any financial considerations?

• When is the ideal time for you to move?

This information will enable a qualified search. Equally, it is important to ensure that we research the true value of homes and that their current selling price reflects an amount that the property is “worth” to you.

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my commitment to you

When helping you look for a property, I will make recommendations based on my experience and local knowledge, in addition to having access to a variety of technology, a wide network of area agents, and homes not yet on the market. A comparison chart and thorough, objective inspection of each home, combined with such factors as market data and resale potential, will help in narrowing your search. By building a checklist, we can better evaluate each home and review together the important criteria of homes visited.

And when you find that perfect home, I will help negotiate the best offer based on the condition of the home, length of time it’s been on the market, activity, location, and urgency of the seller. Ultimately, I will protect and represent your best interests.

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Thank you for the opportunity to present this preview of our marketing and sales process. We look forward to earning the privilege to assist with the sale of this home, and any future real estate needs, as we strive to be your real estate partner for life. Be sure to contact us before you make any important real estate decisions, to receive the most sound market expertise and the highest level of attention before, during, and after the sale.

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