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Lauren Dorsett gets real

International Artistic Stone

We take pride in our hand carved natural stone masterpieces

“When it comes to custom stone work... if you can imagine it we can make it�

Stone Marble Granite Solid Columns Architectural Elevation Pieces Fireplace Hearths and Mantles Fountains Sculptures Carvings Ornaments Stair Treads Balusters Flooring Wall Coverings Counter Tops

International Artistic Stone, Inc 4420 Chenet Lane - Sarasota, FL 34238 - tel. (941) 923-7080 - fax. (941) 923-9939 - www.

And Support The American Cancer Society

“Take a step towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Come walk with me and thousands of others as we put on our pink bras to help make it happen.” Lauren Dorsett, WWSB ABC 7 News Anchor and 2011 Making Strides Chairperson Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Saturday October 22, 2011 7:30 A.M. Registration | 9:00 A.M. Walk Sarasota Polo Grounds For more information contact Denise Cotler at (941) 328.3761 or sarasotamanatee

WWSB ABC 7 We’re Here For You Photo courtesy of Giovanni Lunardi

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A Little Halloween History

get REAL

2,000 years ago the Celts celebrated their new year on November 1st, marking the end of summer and the harvest. Following was the beginning of a long, dark, cold winter, a time associated with human death. The Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became one. Believing ghosts of the dead returned to earth, the Celts celebrated Samhain the night of October 31st. In addition to damaging crops and causing trouble, Celts thought that the presence of spirits made it easier for the Druids (Celtic priests) to make predictions. For a people entirely dependent on the volatile natural world, these prophecies were an important source of comfort and direction during the long, dark winter. To commemorate the event, the Druids built huge sacred bonfires and the Celts wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins. When the celebration was over, they lit their hearth fires from the sacred bonfire to help protect them during the coming winter. By A.D. 43, Romans had conquered the majority of Celtic territory. During their rule two festivals of Roman origin were combined with the traditional Celtic celebration of Samhain. Feralia was the first, a day in late October when the Romans commemorated the passing of the dead. The second was a day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. The symbol of Pomona is the apple and the merging of this celebration into Samhain explains the tradition of bobbing for apples that is commonly practiced today on Halloween. By the 800's Christianity’s influence had spread to the Celtic lands. In the seventh century, Pope Boniface IV designated November 1st All Saints' Day, honoring saints and martyrs. The celebration was also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas, and the night before it, Samhain, evolved to All-hallows Eve, and eventually, Halloween.

Ed Bertha Ed Bertha October 2011

Clothing courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue. Cover – Jacket and blouse Armani, bangle D Yurman, necklass & earings John Hardy. Page 32 Mediterraneo – dress Kay Unger, ring and earings Kenneth Jay Lane 6


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A BEACH CHALET ON CASEY KEY | $3,895,000 | MLS A3944107

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It was important to Betsy that when she retired, she would still be active and near a vibrant arts and cultural center. Plymouth Harbor’s proximity to downtown Sarasota makes it easy for her to pursue her passions of supporting the youth Opera and attending performances whenever she wishes. And with so many neighbors who actively volunteer with other organizations, charities and civic organizations, she always feels right at home. Plymouth Harbor may be located at the center of Sarasota, but our residents are the heart of the community. When quality of life, smart planning and freedom to pursue passions and new interests are top priorities, Plymouth Harbor is the wise choice. Call us today for a tour of our award-winning campus, luxury accommodations and amenities.

700 John Ringling Blvd • Sarasota, Florida 34236 (941) 365-2600 • Sarasota’s First Choice in Continuing Care Retirement Communities A Not-For-Profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) OIR #88039


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WWSB ABC 7's Lauren Dorsett Gets Real

by Ed Bertha

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American Cancer Society Profile: Lupe "Pete" Roberton: Hope Endures by Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


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Starr Title: A Trusted Advocate in Your Real Estate Transactions

by Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

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The Secret of Japanese Hair Sraightening

by Sheila Venancia

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Tube Dude, Selby Gardens, Patterson Appraisal Group


Cat Depot, Alexa Model & Talent Management, Church of The Palms

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Narrowing the Role of Architects Contributed to the Demise of the Profession

by William Henry, PhD


The Art of Landscape Design

by John Lay


Casa Salamanca: Your Own Personal Resort

by Ed Bertha


Design Lines – Buying Art

by Pamela Hughes


Resort Style Living – It Sells

by Patricia Tan


Stop Hitting Fat Shots Once and For All

by Chad Jones


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ae l

Rental Property Management

r s vr spv prre e qq u iu r ei dr e d Starr Title: A Trusted Advocate in Your Real Estate Transactions By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa | Photography by Chad Spencer

She faced a challenging real estate market head-on, defying trends and proving that opportunities do exist for those who seek them out. As the founder and president of Starr Title Insurance Agency, Carrie Starr Rummery combines comprehensive industry experience with a commitment to exceptional customer care, providing her clients with reliable and consistent title services.

Carrie earned her real estate license after serving in the United States Navy. She went on to become an accomplished lending professional, building a clientele who appreciated her attention to detail and personable approach. After years in the industry she sought a new challenge; with an extensive foundation of experience in lending and real estate sales, Carrie set 14


REAL Magazine


her sights on the business of title insurance. It became immediately evident that she had found her niche. “I loved it,” she recalls. “In title I have the opportunity to utilize all of the professional skills I’ve built throughout my career, while connecting with real estate agents and consumers alike.”

company is affiliated with Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, one of the largest title insurance groups in the U.S. The blend of local presence with national resources is an appealing one; real estate professionals can count on hands-on care supported by an established and respected entity.

Her professionalism is tempered by an affable nature; Carrie’s intuitive approach allows her to effectively meet the wants and needs of each client throughout the course of every transaction, and her objectivity allows her to minimize the stress of the process. Her clients appreciate the efficacy with which transactions are handled, as well as Starr Title’s understanding of the unique demands facing real estate professionals today. “I’ve been there,” Carrie acknowledges. “In a relationship-driven industry, it is imperative that consumers feel that their interests were kept at the forefront of every element of a transaction. One negative experience can completely dismantle the bond of trust that a REALTOR® has carefully cultivated with his or her client.”

Carrie credits her military background with helping her to develop an unwavering work ethic. Tenacious and empathetic, she is also a diligent professional who maintains a sense of accountability throughout the course of every transaction. “I see things through,” she notes. “Title insurance is a critical element to every real estate transaction, and we aim to facilitate successful closings for our real estate partners and their customers.” While Starr Title typically handles transactions throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties, the company, licensed to work throughout the State of Florida, has developed a growing network with professionals across the state. “Each county has unique title regulations and requirements,” observes Carrie. “When we go outside of our region, we collaborate with trusted professionals to ensure that we are addressing the rules governing a specific county.” When issues do arise, Carrie and her team employ a proactive approach. “We don’t push the panic button,” she quips, adding, “We do take on the responsibility of handling problems on our end, allowing agents and consumers to focus on accomplishing their goals rather than becoming mired in details.”

Carrie’s attentive and knowledgeable approach makes a difference. Well-versed in the verbiage of lenders and real estate agents, she readily bridges the gap between professionals and consumers, ensuring that buyers and sellers are updated and aware of critical information pertaining to their transactions. She tailors her collegial communication to each client’s preferences, offering support designed to enhance agents’ businesses. “In developing my professional relationships, I build an understanding of each person’s professional approach,” reveals Carrie. “Some agents want me involved throughout every transaction, while others require minimal support. At Starr Title we are happy to act as a liaison between agents, lenders and consumers, or to provide assistance as needed. In the end, our aim is to help facilitate a smooth and successful transaction for all parties involved.” As a boutique firm, Starr Title offers personalized service backed by the security and resources of a leading underwriter. The

While real estate markets throughout the region continue to shift and adapt, real estate professionals and consumers alike appreciate consistency in service and client care. Starr Title remains dedicated to setting a benchmark in the title experience, offering reliability and a quality experience with every transaction. Starr Title Insurance Agency, LLC. 100 Wallace Avenue, Suite 250 Sarasota, FL 34237 Telephone: (941) 365.7827


Pamela Hughes Specializing in luxury residential interiors

HUGHES DESIGN ASSOCIATES Washington 703 442 3200 Sarasota 941 922 4767

Photography by Giovanni Lunardi


b b eea a u tu y ty

The Secret Of Japanese Hair Straightening “Say Bye-Bye To Your Blow Dryer” By Sheila Venancia

Japanese hair straightening is a very innovative technique originated from Japan to make frizzy, curly, or wavy hair poker-straight while preserving the health of your hair. Soon after the first Japanese hair straightening system became very popular in Japan, this procedure then made its way to Hollywood. The process was created by Japanese hair expert Yoko Yamashita. Japanese hair straightening was granted a patent in its home country in 1995, after which the method spread to other parts of the world. With Japanese Hair Straightening, human hair is permanently straightened at a molecular level. The hair is first separated into sections, and then each section is ironed, rinsed and blow-dried. No matter what your hair length and thickness, once straightened, your hair will not go back to its frizzy or curly form. New hair growth will maintain the natural texture of your hair. The end result is permanent pin-straight hair. The appropriate straightening treatment for you is one that will best suit the thickness, texture and natural condition of your hair. Japanese Hair Straightening quickly became popular once photos were shown of frizzy, coarse or unruly locks miraculously turned smooth with this process. The smooth closed hair shaft reflects light, giving your hair an appearance of silk-like gloss. This is the end goal, along with absolute-straight yet flexible hair. Only an expert can deal with this meticulous procedure.

If your hair is rough, tightly curled, or frizzy, and you want shiny, straight, glossy and smooth hair then Japanese Hair Straightening is definitely a good selection for you. I’m Sheila Venancia and I have been a hair stylist for 12 years and a top expert provider in Japanese Hair Straightening. I started performing this technique in Brazil in 2002. Once I realized how revolutionary this process was, I started to travel teaching hair stylists. This technique involves many details, patience, and a strong sense of perfectionism to be successful. I also spent 9 months in Asia and ended up in Japan with the people who created the technique. I have more than one hundred happy clients in my list, including myself for 9 years. It’s not about the process; it’s about how you feel when you look good, have freedom to go anywhere, anytime, and be ready and prepared for any occasion. Pool…? Beach….? Gym…? Become fun and enjoyable because you simply do not have to worry about your hair. By the way, I have not used a blow dryer or flat iron in 9 years Go to work with your wet hair? This is an amazing experience. I experience this every day. Say bye bye for your blow dryer (your flat iron and frizzy hair too) and say hello to your smooth, shiny and straight hair. I am excited to exclusively provide this amazing and revolutionary procedure in Sarasota.

Sheila Venancia, International Hair Stylist (941) 822.2152, at Ana Molinari Salon Spa, Lakewood Ranch (941) 373.3900



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— Save the Date —



of a Child.

lisrae www.michae



of a performer. Join us October 29 th as they come together in one extraordinary night of art, music & philanthropy.

Featuring world-renowned PerFormance Painter Thank You To Our Sponsors PReMIeR SPOnSORS



Michael Israel

experience michael israel’s interactive creative force as he paints “live,” and have the chance to bid on those paintings! Proceeds benefit the Payton wright Foundation which furthers the cause of pediatric brain cancer research and helps families with children suffering from the disease.

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 • Hyatt Regency Sarasota cocktails, dinner, live Performance & auction 5:30 artist’s ViP cocktail reception 6:00 cocktail Hour • 7:00 dinner tickets: $250 each – Patron level $150 each – individual ticket



Limited Sponsorships Available.

contact Patrick wright at or call 941-893-7007 for more info. Sponsors as of august 24, 2011

Media Space donated by: Grapevine Communications

Reserve your tickets now!

call or go online at

Got Stuff?

Gently used household items needed

Mattresses Appliances Sofas Washers & Dryers Chairs End tables Bicycles

ReStore I

2095 17th St.

ReStore II

4408 Bee Ridge Rd.

Drop Off Hours: M-F 9-7 Sat 9-5

We sell donated items to help build Habitat homes FREE Pickup for large items Call 363-0777



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35 39 . 342 FL . 342 L F S a a N asot asot ATIO . Sar ve . Sar 34234 LOC n E w M A . o R HO ge D Tulip ta FL TOU rbrid ) - 2230 . Saraso 4237 A e T t O a AS ay L.3 6W GTV SAR - 498 (from H Alden W rasota F s m . Sa 238 624 on 34 Ada Eve Champi nsen - 3 an Drive sota . 34 FL . 342 231 e 4 c a n a t i Jaso en Chris 570 Pel acil . Sar Sarasot ta FL . 3 34239 2 o . . F s Carm Dennis 35 Calle d Street e . Sara sota FL a c n 6 r y a l 2 l 7 4 4 tiqua P rive . Sa tHol - 60 F ich n D Gary olladay - 7227 A alencia H V e s 5 i m M, h M 71 Pa C.CO Mac noux - 2 C.CO UR e W W F n F a Di Re CES .ASID F TO .ASID ean WW PPLIAN WW DAYS O W Mr. J W N A S ON LE O AMS DER MAP PROGR N SA DA BUIL TIONS L O L S T I T A FU ND LOR LOC ICKE EVEN EEKE W ED T PANY, F ASOTA & IN C R N TOU DVA COM ITY SAR OME PP A PAINT N H A 8 R 1 M $ TA TOU R HU ASO EACH SAR ITAT FO T A B ! OLD & HA OTA TS S E K RAS C I A T S P ITAT $20 P TS HAB G N I PAIN T 1 1 E T I 0 R F E OO IGS 2 BEN IN M OF D M S A J R BEN TNE PAR s. ance e Place . i E l p N I p E Z A Spac AZIN AGA lder rin . MAG ESIGN M orida Bui rs . More icher Ma L A o RE IDA D ee . Fl Co . S hids use B FLOR me Orc . Jaleho ta Paint e so so Awe Resourc gs . Sara Market . tenance e in n Hom enBuild lace . T ile s & Mai e l re P a G g S y n , g M bi easin Plum The x Plant L e Trop

.com C W SIDF A . w ww

per p esr p s pee c c tt i viev s es Narrowing the Role of Architects Contributed to the Demise of the Profession By William Henry PhD

It is apparent to many in the industry that there are several factors contributing to the diminishing role architects play in designing the built environment. One major factor that will be examined is something known as "CAD." In the twentieth century, a 'cad' was an acronym for a womanizer. In today's industry parlance, "CAD" has a much different meaning: it stands for "Computer-Aided Design." The impact of CAD on the profession is enormous. CAD enables architects to draw at the speed of nanoseconds, but it also allows for the theft of their intellectual capital. Now many unauthorized consumers can avail themselves to unique design solutions without consulting an architect. Another factor in this degradation is something known as "brand design." Brand design is simply a "cookie cutter" approach that is employed by corporate America to differentiate their brands. Everyone knows that McDonald's is signified by golden arches. There's no mistaking the difference between a Marriot Hotel and a Holiday Inn. Large boxes such as Wal-Mart and Target are easily recognizable. These brands limit the opportunities that architects have to explore major design variations. This is not so in Europe where many large retail stores are custom designed.

Another factor in this demise is something known as "C.M." C.M. stands for construction management. Construction management is now mostly the province of what were formerly known as general contractors. Architects have been subjugated to construction managers because building owners are more likely to trust their business instincts. Many years ago, the architects in fact guided the builders; now the reverse is true. When architects become Master Builders they will reverse this trend. The last, and perhaps just as significant, evolution in the demise of what used to be known as an all-encompassing profession is the relinquishing of site design to the civil engineering profession. Most people imagine that architects design lame home subdivisions. This is not the case. Civil engineers routinely grid off subdivisions, and architects have little influence on these massive planned-unit developments, containing rows of tract homes. These are spread across the countryside like peanut butter.

I will write about 'brands,' such as 'big box' retail outlets and fast food outlets. Some big boxes are adorned with cartoon-like images of historical elements. I believe that we can create a better visual and behavioral environment if architects become more influential in this domain. The purpose is not to denigrate any American brands, or do away with CAD. To be more effective in today's world architects should become more entrepreneurial. Reliable Group, LLC Architects AA# 0003523 is a well-known architectural and construction management firm based in Tampa, Florida. RGA is headed by Dr. William Henry, both an architect and certified expert witness who issues opinions and testimony concerning design and construction related matters. Having designed over 250 landmark buildings in the state of Florida, he has represented and testified for both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving code violations such as associated with design and construction defects as well as American Disabilities Act – A‘ DA’ violations. William Henry, PhD (Bill) may be reached at (813) 226.2220 or 20


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CHALK Festival p




Historic Burns Square

� 300 - 600 Pineapple Avenue Downtown Sarasota

p T

he 2011 Sarasota Chalk Festival, “Pavement Art through the Ages,” will trace the evolution of this ephemeral art-

form from its thinly documented ancient roots to today’s diverse contemporary movements. A Gallery show featur-

ing and curated by Kurt Wenner (drawing shown above) will be hosted by the Ringling College of Art and Design that will display historical documentation of Pavement Art and innovations of his own art on pavement.

i n it esw s n h t he e nn ew How May We Help You?

Economic Incentive Grant To Fuel Tube Dude And More The Sarasota County Commission awarded $100,000 to Scott Gerber, as part of the county’s economic development incentive grant program. Gerber, the creator of the Tube Dude happy faced sculptures, plans to hire 44 people with the grant. The grant contains a provision that if the jobs are not created, the money must be refunded to the county.




Graphic Design Services! ANY OF YOUR

Printing Needs!


IAS third ad v2.indd 1

6/21/2011 3:01:51 PM


Scott Gerber “The grant will fund 3 different businesses, not just Tube The Voyage Dude. The first business, Creative Outdoor Solutions, manufactures outdoor furniture and accessories, utilizing a patented weatherproof image application process. The second, Artistic Powder Coating, is a powder coating company based on unique processes and extremely high quality finishers in the powder coating process. And of course, there’s Tube Dude,” Gerber said. Tube-Dude.kk.indd 1

9/7/11 8:55 PM

Visit the Tube Dude Gallery at 1001 Central Avenue, Sarasota, or check them out online at (941) 735.6009.

Selby Gardens In The Green, Again! With community support, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens announced positive net revenue for their recently ended fiscal year, for the second consecutive year. Because you visited, joined, gave, volunteered, and urged others to do so, Selby Gardens is reaching new levels of financial stability. “Despite these economically challenging times, I am especially pleased to report our strong financial performance this year,” states Thomas Buchter, CEO of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. “I would like to thank staff, volunteers, donors, members, and our Board of Trustees.”

Patterson Appraisal Group ‘s Mary Patterson Lobbies Congress

Left to Right are: Michael P. Jonas; MAI, Ned Palmer; Associate Member, Mary L. Patterson; SRA, Wesley Saunders; MAI

As the real estate industry continues to battle epic volatility and political gamesmanship, legislative input is essential. Mary L. Patterson, SRA, owner of Patterson Appraisal Group, met with congressional leaders and staff at the Leadership Development Advisory Council (LDAC) conference in Washington, DC.

The Appraisal Institute chose Patterson to lobby Congress at the recent annual forum on Capitol Hill. Representing the Florida West Coast chapter, Patterson met with staff members of U.S. House Representatives Vern Buchanan, Connie Mack and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. They exchanged ideas and opinions regarding the Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act of 2011 to ensure appraisers are provided with all relevant information relating to energy-efficient features of a property. The SAVE Act will also ensure that high-performance properties are appraised by an appraiser with enhanced competency. Also discussed was the Home Construction Lending Regulation Improvement Act (H.R. 1755) which was introduced in the House in May.


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i n it esw s n h t he e nn ew A Powerful Combination of Skills & Talent

Cat Depot Saves 12 Cats In Large Hoarding Case. Cat Depot is helping with one of the largest hoarding situations in the country as nearly 700 cats were seized from Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary, outside of Gainesville, Florida.

Design Education, Construction Experience, Marketing Expertise

Cat Depot accepted 12 cats from Helping Hands Rescue by way of Operation Catnip, freeing up Helping Hands to take a dozen cats from Haven Acres. “This is a team effort,” said Executive Director, Shelley Thayer. “No one organization can handle 550 cats. This is a great example of how organizations in the state of Florida can work together for the benefit of the animals.”

A Fresh Perspective with Concierge Service

All 12 cats were facing euthanasia when they were rescued and many have long and heartbreaking stories. But, that’s all about to change. Come visit the charming dozen at Cat Depot today. They are all hoping for love. The Humane Society of the United States, working with Alachua County Animal Services, PetSmart Charities, the Alachua Humane Society and The Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida, are seeking help with approximately 550 cats remaining.


The Talent Maker

Alexa Model And Talent Management Relocates One of the most respected names in the business, Alexa Model and Talent Management moved to new offices in Tampa, FL. “I have always had a good eye for talent. We do a lot of placement in New York and other major markets. Over the course of the years we’ve developed many new faces,” says founder Susan Schwabinger. You may find Alexa Model and Talent Management now at 550 North Reo Street, Suite #300, Tampa, (813) 289.8020,

Church Of The Palms To Fund Habitat Sarasota Home

Left to Right: Habitat Board Member Mark Usher, Church of the Palms Member - Tom Webber, Habitat Board Member - Rich Gerrity, Church of the Palms - Pastor Bruce Hedgepeth and Habitat Board Member Graeme Malloch

Habitat for Humanity Sarasota announced long-time partner, Church of the Palms, donated $28,800 in co-sponsorship towards a new Habitat home on Worrington Street. “Church of the Palms volunteers touch the lives of many families through their generous volunteerism and their monetary gifts from the heart.” said Renee Snyder, Executive Director. Their most recent sponsorship enables a ground breaking event to take place, and is scheduled for 1827 Worrington Street in early October. Church of the Palms and fifty plus volunteers are ready to spend several months at the work site to see the home through to completion.

Tracy Eisnaugle Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate St. Armand’s 423 St. Armand’s Circle Sarasota, Fl. 34236 direct 941.232.3358 fax 941.388.3231 Tracy.Eisnaugle

| REAL Magazine | 23

per p esr p s pee c c tt i viev s es The Art of Landscape Design By John Lay

Landscaping is about relaxation. Whether you take care of your home yourself or hire a professional, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of a picturesque healthy garden will go a long way toward relieving your stress. Sound nice? Then start thinking outside the bag of mulch. Creating your beautiful outdoor environment takes more than a trip to the home-improvement store. Landscaping is an art – a delicate balance of science and creativity. Consult with a professional landscape designer and you’ll soon be kicking back to admire your beautiful new surroundings with a chilled, minty mojito.

Before you pour, though, allow us to give you some things to think about, beginning with color, texture and harmony. ArtisTree treats every project as an original work of art (hence our name), and believes great landscape design should be a personal experience that excites your senses in unexpected ways. As a valuable property investment, it should

also reflect your lifestyle. Wish your landscape looked more like the tropical destinations you visit every year? Miss your Northern digs and yearn for evergreens? Or maybe you think your sleek, Mediterranean-style estate looks like it landed smack in the middle of an English garden. These are all important considerations, and if your landscape designer dismisses them or races through your initial consultation, find another. Of course, as they say, looks aren’t everything. Under every color and style preference – and literally under every leaf – is science whispering in our ears. If a plant or tree is placed in the wrong location in relation to the sun, the resulting stress can cause all kinds of problems leading to pests, disease and death. Poor choices in growth characteristics can also be a problem. If you’ve requested a low-maintenance landscape, and fast-growing shrubs are installed, be ready to deal with unpleasant labor and cost issues. Soil conditions, drought tolerance, Florida native and fertility requirements are also crucial factors to consider when selecting trees and plants for your yard. While artists have used nature to inspire their work for hundreds of years, landscape designers spend every day trying to replicate nature. Louis Sullivan, a wellknown landscape architect who helped create modern landscape design, believed that our physical and mental health required having a personal relationship to the natural world around us. ArtisTree fosters that belief with every work of art we carefully install. Cheers.

General Manager John Lay oversees the design and installation teams for ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design and has more than 14 years working with builders, Realtors®, decorators and homeowners., (941) 488.8897



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Green Roofing Technologies Residential & Commercial Roofing Clay & Concrete Tile Flat Roofs TPO Singleply Roof Systems Reroofs Metal

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Lauren Dorsett

gets real

“I was falling at 120mph, terminal velocity. But it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like you are going in slow motion. As soon as I got on the ground I really wanted to go do it again. It was quite a rush!” Most know Lauren Dorsett as the poised, energetic news anchor at WWSB ABC 7. Hard working and dedicated to the profession, behind the camera is a fun loving, giving individual who confesses to being an adrenaline junkie. “I want to be a reporter, a TV news person.” Starting at an early age, watching the news with her parents fascinated Lauren. “I always liked seeing strong powerful women on television, and wanted to imitate them. At age seven I told my mom that is what I want to do, and obviously at that age didn’t grasp the responsibility.” Never wavering, throughout high school when asked what she wanted to do, her answer would always be the same, “I want to be a reporter.”

By Ed Bertha Photography by Giovanni Lunardi


defining moment came during high school S.A.T. exams.

“In a survey, they asked what field you wanted to work in and I put down journalism. I ended up as one of a small group of students selected from across the nation for the Washington Youth Journalism Conference,” Lauren recalls. Off to D.C. she went, attending seminars and interviewing congressmen. “It was exciting. You really got a feel for what the journalism industry is about. So when I came back I said, ‘This is definitely what I want to do.’” Lauren got real newsroom experience after earning a competitive internship at a station in Los Angeles, KTLA. She sighs, “I was attending Loyola Marymount University taking more than a full load of credit hours and working the morning show at KTLA. I didn’t have a life and was sleeping very little. I would make the hour drive to KTLA, be there by three, three-thirty, in the morning, work until 11 A.M. and then go to school for afternoon and evening classes. Life was crazy.” It’s not uncommon today to see Lauren arrive at WWSB ABC 7 around 2 P.M. and not head home until 2 A.M. Working as a news anchor is a very demanding business and only for extremely dedicated individuals.

Washington D.C., 9/11 and the D.C. Sniper While at Loyola Marymount University, Lauren applied to take classes in Washington, D.C. Moving there she worked at the Tribune Station pumping out live shots to 17 Tribune Stations across the country. “We were covering White House press briefings, Pentagon press briefings, local D.C. news and more. We kind of did the who’s who on capitol hill for the 17 stations,” she adds.

“It was very different when I went to the nation’s capital after 9/11. It was so interesting to see the changes in security.” Having just participated in Sarasota’s ten year 9/11 ceremony she quickly adds, “You just can’t help but be moved by the stories. I just think it was really important to remind people how vulnerable we are, how far we’ve come and what can be done when we are working together. It was an emotional weekend.”

We’re out there live on the scene describing what we are seeing, what we are feeling, what we are hearing. It’s about being accurate and, most importantly, realizing there is a responsibility.”

Lauren’s mood takes a somber turn as she rememberes her time working in D.C., “I was there during the D.C. sniper and I’m a runner. I ran all the time. It’s weird that your life changes drastically with something like that. You really get the impact of how important news is to keep people informed of what’s happening in their community. For once, instead of me telling the news, I was living it. I couldn’t leave my apartment and go running because I was afraid of getting shot. That was the feeling in the D.C. area. You just didn’t know. I was covering it so much. I was seeing so many people and the fear in them. I felt it too. Of course you never think it going to happen to you, but I did change my lifestyle.”

The fruits of labor yield memorable experiences

She pauses and reflects, “As much as I think journalists want to get the truth out, there’s always that sense of not wanting to interfere with an investigation and you don’t want to ensue panic. So in that kind of situation it was best to listen to the detectives and officers, what they were telling us and decide how you can make it mutually beneficial.” “You can get the information out to the people and not get in the way of catching whoever is responsible for these horrific acts. At some point while you are giving the news you have to remember you are a member of that community. How do you want to hear it? How does it make you feel as a resident? That’s why we’re there.

All said it was a great period in Lauren’s life. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production emphasizing Journalism and a minor in American history.

From my own experiences of getting behind the scenes, I can relate to Lauren’s account of the unique things she has encountered and done in her career. Lauren shares “I feel so fortunate to get to do all of the things that this job has allowed me to do and experience things most people don’t get to do. Every place I‘ve moved to, including Sarasota, there were interesting things to venture out to see and do.” She continues on, “That’s what was so neat about being a girl from the city in California and moving to Montana. I watched a cow have a c-section, I went dog sledding, clay shooting, ice diving. One time they had me in a situation where I pretended to be the person who fell into a frozen lake. I gave viewers tips on how to survive and actually did it on camera. If I can do it, you can do it!” “I would say I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I love anything with speed. I don’t know where that comes from. I’ve always been somebody that welcomes any situation. I always want to try new things.” The Control Room

The Directors’ realm and where the show comes together.


or the 9/11 ceremony, the Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Association asked if I wanted to skydive into the ceremony over downtown Sarasota with jumpers from Skydive Sarasota as they brought in the American flag. Why not? It’s amazing at 10,000 feet up how much you can see. I could see the Ringling Bridge as I was falling.”

set. “It’s really nice, especially when the sun starts setting about the time I go out there. I don’t believe in punishing myself (laughs), so when I feel I went far enough for a good workout and have relieved my stress I’m done. Usually after about two miles I’m good to go.”

car shows when I was young. I think it stuck.”

Another Suncoast find and stress reliever is Jaco’s Uppercut Boxing Gym. “I started training at Uppercut. Boxing, that’s tons of fun. My trainer, Shanna, is amazing and I

“My father refurbished a ‘75 Stingray Corvette as a wedding gift for my stepmother. I loved when he would take me for rides. If a car is fast and has clean lines you’ll see

love her. It’s like an hour of therapy. I confide in her, she confides in me and it’s this great little relationship. She knows what I’m thinking about when I hit her pad. We have a great time and she taunts me ‘Oh there’s so and so’s face’ and I’ll say ‘Oh good’ (laughs). It’s all in good fun of course.”

my head turn. The Corvettes are just more of a personal thing because of my dad.”

When I learned of Lauren’s love of fast cars, I offered for her to take my Corvette for a spin and learned she had her own connection to Corvettes.

“It was just so memorable to be a part of that. And it was the coolest feeling. I was falling at 120 miles per hour, terminal velocity. But it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like you are going in slow motion. As soon as I got on the ground I really wanted to go do it again! It was quite a rush!”

In my spare time; stress relief It’s obvious, after talking with Lauren, how much time she devotes to her job. When I asked if she had time for hobbies she made it clear that if you work hard, you have to play hard too. And the Suncoast has given her a lot to work with. “I’m a certified scuba diver so I obviously love doing that. I was excited coming to a place like Sarasota because I knew I could dive. I couldn’t exactly do much scuba diving in a place like Montana or Washinton D.C. When you are 80 feet down and can barely see the sun coming through, or night diving, it’s another world. You’re just appreciating it.” Being an avid jogger, she also appreciates Sarasota’s Ringling Bridge. Lauren admits sometimes she’ll run the bridge on her break between the 6 P.M. and 11 P.M. newscasts and loves when she hits the sun30


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A passion for cars “I was probably the only kid in my junior high school with a subscription to car magazines. My dad, I’ll tell you I’m like the son he never had, took me to some

“On TV I really like to watch the show Top Gear. If I could do the Connecticut race track where they teach you to drive those cars that would be heaven for me!” WWSB Anchor Scott Dennis comments, “When we’re not making fun of Don (Brennan) wearing shorts on the set, we’re talking cars. Both of us share a passion for everything related to the automobile!” Could life get any better than here on the Suncoast?


arasota is known for its great restuarants

“I was so exited when I was able to cook with our culinary director Judi Gallagher. She’s amazing and knows every good restaurant in town. Every person in this building loves Judi, not just because she’s super sweet, but because she makes us the best food! I mean after she shows our viewers how to make the dish, who do you think gets to eat it (laughing)?” Wishing she had more time for cooking, Lauren talked about food almost as much as she did cars. She shared several of her favorite spots around town: Mediterraneo (for it’s eggplant tower), El Greco (for it’s Spanakopita), Michael’s on East, Lee Roy Selmon’s, Kilwin’s. And that’s just to name a few. “I’m not a health fanatic. I try to be healthy but I don’t go crazy one way or the other. If I do eat healthy it’s usually because I’m going to have a really good desert. That’s my reasoning for eating healthy.... so I can cheat (laughs).”

Our ABC 7 team Chemistry is a big part of any team, especially one that works so closely together, day in and out. Lauren has worked for the company that owns WWSB for over five years, though she only joined WWSB ABC 7 in April, 2010. Lauren readily shares “This team has the most fantastic people I’ve ever worked alongside. I feel so fortunate to join a group comprised of individuals that are extremely down to earth, genuine, and just care. We absolutely have the best time together on camera and off. When we’re sitting there in commercial breaks or in between shows we all get along and have a good time. Then, when it’s time to get to work and get serious, our pace and our cadence, they just mesh well. That’s a rare thing.” Mediterraneo, one of Sarasota’s finest culinary delights.

Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan “Bob loves this community and loves giving back. If you live in this community any amount of time and you haven’t met Bob out at a community event, then you’re not getting out. He really believes in giving his time and he is so generous in that way. He’s extremely knowledgeable of weather events. If I have any weather question I completely trust him. But he’s also really funny. It’s just a pleasure to work with somebody like that.” Bob returns, “Lauren is a true professional who has the best of both worlds, beauty and smarts. She is gorgeous on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside as well. People in the community always ask me, ‘What is she like in person?’ and I tell them that I’m a lucky man to be working with such a beautiful and talented broadcaster such as her.” “The ABC 7 team is just that, a cohesive mix of unique personalities that seems to work together on and off camera. Something you need to have to make Television News palatable,” Bob continues.

The WWSB ABC 7 Team

Left to Right: Don Brennan, Scott Dennis and Bob Harrigan with Lauren.

News Anchor Scott Dennis When I asked about her co-anchor Lauren shares, “Scott (a big smile) is exactly what you want in somebody who you’re sitting next to on the anchor desk, and have to rely on. We really look out for each other. He has a talent for telling stories and a strong belief in accurate reporting. It’s not always easy being the new kid and he made me feel welcome. He’s just a really nice person. He’s hugely dedicated to his family and this community, which is something I really respect him for.” Scott replies, “From the beginning, Lauren has set her own course, creating her own legacy here by becoming extremely involved in the community. She freely gives her time and talents to charities and events that mean a great deal to her, like October’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. I admire her greatly, am proud to call her


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a friend and look forward to the hour and a half that I get to sit next to her on the news set each evening.” “What makes it so rewarding is the opportunity to work with amazing people,” Scott adds. “It’s such a gift to work with people who you can call your close friends. There is nothing fake about the chemistry viewers see among the four of us on the air and it’s no different when we’re off the set and away from work, playing golf, sharing a meal or attending a community event. We have a strong and close team here at ABC 7!”

television. It was just one of the things on her bucket list she needed to cross off.” “I remember hanging up, and I was just moved. I went to my news director and told her the situation. She said ‘Let’s try to give this woman her wish.’ I did a news story on Sherri. I showed up at her house and she was the most vivacious woman. She was so happy, looked fabulous, had

Sports Anchor Don Brennan “Don should have his own comedy show. He’s the funniest guy. If I have a bad day he’s the one I go to. He has an amazing knack for dates. You can pull out a single date and he’ll tell you what sporting event happened then. It’s like he has an almanac in his head!” With a straight face Don quips, “Lauren has added so much to our team. She is very serious about the newscasts, and yet she has brought a playfulness, and a cheerfulness, that make it a pleasure to work with her. She is serious about her work, but yet she does not take herself too seriously. She fits in quite nicely.” “It is so much fun working as part of the main news team at ABC 7,” says Don. “It is a very professional team, and yet we can have so much fun in the process. It is a joy to come to work every day.”

A touching story leads to “Making Strides” Interviewing renowned figures from Barbara Walters, her news idol, to movie stars and political figures, Lauren’s pick of her most memorable story is quite touching. “One of the most memorable stories for me was a woman named Sherri. She called the station I worked at in Tallahassee and said ‘My daughter and I really enjoy watching you.’ After talking for a bit, I asked if there was a reason she called. Sherri volunteered that she had stage four breast cancer. She said it was her dream to do the weather on 34


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this great attitude, and yet... (she pauses) here she was in her thirties with stage four cancer. It was just so sad for me.” “She later came into the station with her daughter and we let her get on the news for about thirty seconds or so doing a little weather run down with our meteorologist. I had tears in my eyes. She is literally getting her dream right there in front of us. It was so memorable.” “A while later I was out to dinner with a friend and Sherri’s husband walked into the restaurant. When he saw me, he came over and said ‘Lauren do remember who I am?’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’ He told me Sherri passed away. It was very emotional for the both of us at that moment. When I said how sorry I was he interrupted me and said, ‘No you made her dream come

true and my daughter and I love to see the segment of her doing the weather.’ That, to me, is what it’s all about. Reaching out to the community and in my own little, tiny way making a real connection. I can’t put that moment into words, but it’s one of the most memorable I’ve had.” “Sherri touched my heart immensely. On top of that, my grandmother had breast cancer; she didn’t pass away from it. You see breast cancer, if it is caught early enough, can be stopped, but some people don’t get to have their mammograms. I also believe a cure is attainable. When the American Cancer Society approached me and asked me to chair Making Strides Against Breast Cancer it was such a no brainer. I felt honored, quite frankly.” “It just takes a little bit of effort to get out there and you can wear your pink bra this year to show that you’re supportive of beating cancer. That you are supporting women who can’t get a mammogram. I mean one in eight women will have breast cancer, that’s huge. If I can be a part of that and can use my influence in the community, as far as being somebody you can see every night on TV, how great is that? Over 10,000 walkers, raising over $400,000. I just think that’s amazing. I want to raise more this year. We can do more. I don’t care what your cause is, you can get out there and make a difference somehow.” Join Lauren and put on your pink bra! Lauren Dorsett WWSB ABC 7 1477 10th Street Sarasota, FL 34236 (941) 552.0777



Casa Salamanca

Your Own Personal Resort

By Ed Bertha Swimming anyone? With the ultimate in privacy and authentic Spanish Mediterranean architecture, Casa Salamanca on Casey Key has the most dramatic pool you may ever encounter. With multiple waterfalls, the freeform, rock-rimmed, infinity edge pool features a concealed water slide for the kids, a grotto-like Jacuzzi for the adults, and a man-made sandy beach under palm trees for everyone. The outdoor space truly feels resort-like with multiple seating areas and places to get away from it all, including a tree house on the way to the dock. The lush property sits on 1.5 acres with 290 feet of bay frontage. From the road, the carefully planned “green” wall of landscaping hides the estate from passing motorists. Massive wooden entry gates with wrought iron detailing add to the privacy and add a sense of curiosity as to what is behind them. Architect Wm. Thorning Little reconfigured the 1940’s home. The home was gutted and materials were hand selected and brought in from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where artisans crafted the hand-carved beams, wrought iron staircase, piñon stone columns and fireplace in the great room. The interior doorways have elegantly hand-carved door surrounds, and there is delicate faux finishing and hand painted ceiling details by Tampa artist Joanna Karpay. Topped off with beautiful stone surrounds, the windows add to the allure of Old World character. Casa Salamanca features five fireplaces, including one in the large, open kitchen, designed for cooking while enjoying friends and family. The second level master ensuite is a sanctuary in and of itself, with a rooftop balcony and fireplace with dramatic views of the pool and Little Sarasota Bay. Themed children's suites and a home theater complete the main residence. Ready to take a dip?



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2718 Casey Key Road, Nokomis, FL 34275 My Florida Regional MLS A3945186 $5.995 Million

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per p esr p s pee c c tt i viev s es Design Lines – Buying Art By Pamela Hughes

The phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is never as true as it is with art. Even educated and totally knowledgeable art critics can have different views on a particular piece of art.

by Hubert-Denis Etcheverry, a French artist born in 1867. The painting is large, measuring 62 inches high by 88 inches wide

Sometimes art is selected because the viewer sees it as pleasant, calming, beautiful, technically wellproduced, shocking, avant-garde, valuable, or as a good investment for resale. All of this art can be “good”, if it is simply selected due to personal preference or intent.

is a new expression and often offers us a new way of looking at something mundane or “everyday”. New expression is good. Often it leads to greater and more accomplished expression. This point is easy to illustrate especially with the contemporary art of the sixties and seventies. Lots of canvases were painted, some just all white or of another color, and lots of stripes (The Washington Color School) or splatters of paint (a la Jackson Pollock and Clifford Still). It is easy to say, “I could have done that,” and lots of us could have. But, the artists did it first, and by doing it first, got credit for starting the trend, helping us see things in a new way. Then there is intellectual art, which can easily fall into the avant-garde category. Intellectual art is a thoughtful and deep manifestation by the artist which some people can comprehend and others cannot. Often, it is understood by studying or knowing the artist, so one can appreciate the elements of the art and what the artist is trying to convey.

Generally, the person who is new to art will select a piece that is pleasant or beautiful. They may not know the techniques used or even care; they just like the art for its decorative value. This is wonderful – art should be a part of everyone’s life whether one is an art expert or not.

In the upper echelons of art, technique becomes more important. Old Masters are celebrated because of breakthroughs in technique or style for their era. For instance, Vermeer used light in a new way, Renoir was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style, and Picasso is known for his founding role in the Cubist movement.

Some collectors like avant-garde art which can often be outrageous, sometimes arousing, or simply something new. Some of this avantgarde art is not understood by either the novice or the professional. But it

There is endless advice on why and how to buy art. Some people believe that art gains value when it changes hands, so there is the investment angle. Others say to buy art that challenges you, buy what makes you

feel good or buy from artists you admire or know. My advice is: buy the best art you can afford for whatever your strategy or for whatever your reasoning happens to be. Buying art, and having art, enhances your daily life, supports the community of artists and art dealers, and opens up your world. And artists are fun and interesting people! The next time there is an art opening on Palm Avenue or Fifth Street, take advantage of this wonderful social, intellectual, and eye-opening experience. Go and enjoy! Visit studios, open the lines of communication with artists and dealers, and get involved. It is great fun, stimulating and who knows! Maybe you’ll come home with the next Picasso or Renoir!

by Wolf Kahn, White House to the Left, 2006, oil on canvas, 40 x 48 inches

Pamela Hughes, the founder and owner of Hughes Design Associates, is well known nationally and internationally. Hughes Design Associates is one of the premier interior design firms known throughout North America for specializing in prestigious custom interiors. In Sarasota, Pamela has completed many exceptional projects including The Ritz-Carlton, The Members’ Beach Club, The Tower Residences, and Plaza at Five Points. Pamela may be reached at (941) 922.4767 or visit 40


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per p esr p s pee c c tt i viev s es Resort Style Living – It Sells! By Patricia Tan

I recently attended a class on Resort and Second Home Real Estate Markets, and I learned a lot about why and how people buy homes in resort communities. We may not necessarily think about our beautiful spot on the Gulf Coast as a resort area, but that is exactly how many overseas and out of state buyers see us. So what makes a resort area? The things that come to my mind immediately, because of

where we live, are beaches and golf courses. However, to think these are the main criteria a second home buyer bases their purchase decision on would be a serious mistake. No matter how passionate someone is about walking on the beach or playing golf, they will take many other factors into consideration before purchasing a home. Location is of course very important, and one of the first decisions a buyer makes. Whether they are comparing the east and west coasts of Florida, or contrasting Florida with the South of France, a prospective purchaser will look at accessibility as a major decision criteria. How easily can they get to their second home – a shorter drive or direct flight may influence their decision. Climate is important b ecause many people who buy vacation homes want to spend a lot of time outdoors, and they want the weather to be fairly predictable, preferably no surprise storms during the months they plan to spend in their chosen destination. Climate is also important because it influences the kind of outdoor activities which are available. Beach walking and skiing may not be very compatible activities for the same vacation, but having a wide range of activities, easily accessible to visitors will certainly influence the success of any resort area – swimming, hunting and fishing, golf, tennis, boating, hiking, tourist attractions, walking trails, and the list goes on.

Relax and watch the dolphin and manatee play! Custom waterfront home in friendly boating community with tennis and golf nearby. Large, private lot on a quiet cul-de-sac. Enjoy outdoor living at its finest – the home opens up to embrace a huge covered lanai, extensive pool cage and deck area, and paved sundeck by the water. The pool and spa are gas heated for year round use. For the boating enthusiast the home offers a 65ft tiered dock with boat lift, jet ski and skiff lifts and a kayak launch. The perfect fishing spot. Minutes by boat to the Manatee River, and Anna Maria Island beaches, and just half an hour to beautiful unspoiled Egmont Key. Short hop by boat or road to local bars and restaurants. Easy access to I-75, downtown Sarasota and Bradenton, beaches, shopping and dining

Many second home buyers will be retired, or looking forward to retirement in the future. Their decision on location may be influenced by an area’s cost of living – taxes, insurance and utilities tend to be the ones that spring to mind. But what about medical care, other professional services, food and restaurants? The price and availability of these services can also be key influencers. When working with buyers from other countries in particular, one of their main concerns will be to establish how safe and secure an area is. Many of them may be purchasing property in U.S.A. as a haven from violence and insecurity in their home country, and Realtors should be sensitive to this. One of the intangible things that buyers react to is the “attitude” of the locals. How welcoming are they to people from other areas, countries or cultures? Do they make

an effort to welcome visitors or treat them as intruders? Do they appreciate the economic impact owners of vacation homes can have on the local economy? Having a variety of housing options available will certainly help an area prosper as a second home and resort destination. Contrary to what you may think, not all buyers in this category want to live in a condominium. The option to have a single family home is attractive to many – whether it is in a maintenance-free community, or an area where reliable service people are available to clean the pool, maintain the yard and do regular inspections for the home owner’s peace of mind. Technology can also be brought into play here – allowing home owners to check on the status of their vacation property by live video links that run very cost effectively across the internet. When an owner in our area decides to list their property for sale, they may not naturally think of their home as offering resort style living unless it is a beachfront condominium, or a home in a golf and country club community. As Realtors, when we list a home for sale we need to appreciate that it is our job to market the home and there is a lot we can do to position properties as offering resort style living. We need to remember it’s not “all about the house”, but the amenities and activities available in the surrounding areas can make a huge difference to a home’s appeal, particularly when we promote a property outside our local area. We all do this, whether it is via the internet, out of state and overseas advertising or property shows. We need to sell location, accessibility, climate, activities, safety, security and cost of living. Only then can we sell the house! Home owners can also help to position their homes to meet the needs of a life style buyer. A home may appeal to particular buyers because it offers an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, fun and entertainment, or easy access to activities. Think about how the picture of the home in this article and the associated caption positions this home as much more than a “house with a dock”.

Patricia Tan was born in England, and her career in international sales and marketing led her to live and work in many countries around the world before moving to Sarasota in 1997. Patricia is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI), and Transnational Referral Certified (TRC). She is involved in global activities of the Sarasota, Florida and National Association of Realtors, and currently serves as NAR President’s Liaison to U.K. Her real estate business operates from Coldwell Banker on St Armands Key, where her focus is to bring international buyers to the local market. She regularly makes marketing trips to Canada, Asia and Europe, to promote Florida’s Gulf Coast and the Sarasota area in particular. 44


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r er a e al l s st ytl ey l e American Cancer Society Profile: Lupe “Pete” Roberton: Hope Endures By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa | Photography by Chad Spencer

If it seems implausible that a second-generation breast cancer survivor would laugh while she chronicles her journey with the disease, then consider the source of that story. Pete Roberton may have been afflicted with breast cancer, but today she stands as a survivor. Her unassuming nature and ability to discover humor in the unlikeliest of situations makes Pete an ideal resource for others who are faced with the devastating diagnoses. As a volunteer with the American Cancer Society she readily shares her own intimate experiences in the hopes that fellow patients will find solace and comfort in knowing they are not alone, and that they will embrace the belief that there is hope. The discovery of breast cancer is never a pleasant ordeal, and Pete’s reaction to her diagnosis in 2006 was not an uncommon one. She hid, attempting to shroud herself from the outside world as much as possible. Despite the fact that she had stood by her mother’s side years before as she faced her own diagnosis with breast cancer, Pete simply wasn’t ready to deal with the disease beyond going to doctors’ appointments and undergoing treatment. It was her daughters, Monica Schoettle and Angela Roberton-Fulghum, whom Pete credits for popping the bubble she had created to contain her disease, her fears and her life. The girls reached out to the American Cancer Society (ACS), initially hoping that the organization’s literature would help their mother through her recovery process. “I wasn’t interested,” acknowledges Pete. Undaunted, Monica became more actively involved with the ACS and encouraged her mother to join her. Pete finally conceded. She joined the organization’s Survivor Committee and began to attend the occasional meeting in preparation for the ACS’s annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. 46


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By 2007 Pete was an active member of the ACS, and she has never looked back. From co-chairing the Survivors Committee of Making Strides walk; to sharing her experiences as a Reach to Recovery volunteer; to working with the organization’s Look Good, Feel Better program, she has become a tireless presence for those in need, living proof that there is life beyond breast cancer. Pete currently coordinates the Road to Recovery program, in which volunteers offer transportation assistance to patients as well as co-chairing the Team Retention Committee of Making Strides walk 2011. Perhaps the most intriguing element of her own recovery was Pete’s ability to break the very silence she had imposed upon herself. Telling her story, sharing her experiences with others facing the fear of the unknown, she has had the opportunity to embrace her journey and to acknowledge the triumph of survival. It often takes a push, she notes, for patients to accept the outreach. “I didn’t ask for help from someone who had been there, and I wish I had,” she offers. “Starting that part of your life is so scary, and hearing firsthand what happens and knowing what to expect can make a world of difference.” Finding her own voice has not only been a lifeline for Pete and the patients with whom she has developed relationships, but for her own family as well. Her mother Clara Cantu, who for years kept her experiences to herself, has opened up about her own journey with breast cancer. “After she healed, it was a topic that was not to be brought up,” recalls Pete. “There was so much shame associated with breast cancer, and she didn’t feel comfortable telling her story.” Though Cantu couldn’t even open up to Pete as she endured doctors’ visits and exhausting treatments, her daughter’s frank approach to the disease has facilitated an astounding willingness to communicate. “Her attitude has completely

changed,” notes Pete with pride. And when a family member was diagnosed, Cantu was there to talk. “It was amazing to hear my mother share her experience,” Pete reveals. “And it made a tremendous impact on my cousin, who felt hopeful after speaking to someone who had been there…and made it through.” Pete looks forward to continued involvement with the ACS, which hosts fundraising events throughout the year to raise monies for research, community outreach and education. Her family members, many of whom have been directly impacted by different forms of cancer, are also active with

the organization. Her husband Donald Roberton, whom Pete credits for his unwavering support and love, is a chairperson on the Making Strides Sponsorship Committee, and her granddaughter Dakota Schoettle participates on the Team Retention Committee. Pete’s sister is active in the ACS in Sarasota and in her home state of Texas, and her daughters continue to give their time to the organization as well. And her mother Clara continues to share her story of survival, inspired by the courage and fire of the daughter who has nurtured and cultivated hope so that she might share it with others who so desperately need to know that it exists.

Left to right is Monica Schoettle, Angela Roberton-Fulghum, Pete Roberton, Donald Roberton and Dakota Schoettle

Pete Roberton | Team Retention Co-Chair Making Strides Against Breast Cancer | American Cancer Society 2970 University Parkway | Sarasota, FL 34243 (941) 328.3761 |

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