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getREAL “inSome know her as ‘The Volpe’, shrouded mystery. Others know her as ‘Charlee’, the animal advocate. Friends know her as ‘Lee’, the caring, fun loving spirit. In this issue of REAL we fashion her fourth persona, ‘ReaLee?’, where her contributions interject some satire and witticism into our everyday lives. As Lee fondly shares ‘If it’s going to happen, it will happen to me!’ And it… MMMPH!

“…If you want to know, ask the source. Never at a loss for words, I am here to tell it like it is and stir things up a bit. A humor writer who steps outside the lines and tests boundaries is exactly who I am and what I’ll be doing. The Where, When and Why, I’ll leave to my ‘fancy’ or to you, the REAL Readers. I can promise I will be honest, saying what most are thinking, finding wit in the way and amusement in the angle. My desire is that you Relate, React and Respond while laughing and roaring, ‘ReaLee?’.

Ed Bertha & Lee Volpe Summer 1, 2014 Photo by Giovanni Lunardi

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10 | REAL REALEE? Porsche, Pooches and Pliner’s, By Lee Volpe

12 | REAL BEAUTY Say “Bye-Bye” to Your Blow Dryer, By Sheila Venancia

14 | REAL LUXURY RE/MAX Fine Properties, By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

16, 17 | REAL NEWS St Pete Slated For 2nd Jackie Z Style Company Theresa Skrzypkowski Joins Action Realty Of Sarasota Donna Tallon New Fifth Avenue Club Director China Smith Now Holds WBF North American Title Lee Wetherington Homes Celebrates 40 Years Tequila Cantina Introduces “Fresh” New Menu

18 | REAL STYLE Sizziling Styles For Summer, By Becca Smith

24 | REAL CARES Fashion For A Cause Featuring The Boys And Girls Clubs




The Conflict: New Urbanistic Vs. ‘Pseudo Urbanistic’, By William Henry, PhD International Real Estate – A Risky Business?, By Patricia Tan



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Every car should be a sports car. Introducing our latest proof of that belief. It's more than a new car. It's a belief system. A 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6 that achieves 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Standard PDK double-clutch transmission. Active all-wheel drive with Porsche Traction Management for maximum grip in varying conditions. The new Porsche Macan Turbo is built around our defining belief that every drive should be an unforgettable thrill. Discover a more intensified life with a test drive. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The new 2015 Macan Turbo

Suncoast Porsche 5005 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34231 (941) 923-1700

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REAL | realee?


“PORSCHE. IT’S A LITTLE TOO SMALL TO GET LAID IN, BUT YOU GET LAID THE MINUTE YOU GET OUT.” In 1990, Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah starred in a comedy film, Crazy People, where Moore’s character, an advertising executive, experiences a nervous breakdown. Designing a series of “truthful” advertisements, blunt and bawdy, he finds his career thriving after spending time in a mental hospital and turning his fellow patient’s into advertising execs. A couple of the ads have remained with me to this day; Porsche was one, the other was Jamaica. If I have you wondering about Jamaica, let’s just say if they were to use an ad like that, tourism would be skyrocketing. I’m a straight shooter, telling it like it is, so I appreciate honesty. I had the privilege to attend the SUNCOAST PORSCHE MACAN LAUNCH, on

behalf of REAL Exclusive Magazine. Not being a part of the “Porsche Club”, I’m more of a Jaguar / Bugatti girl, but drive a Sonata, I didn’t know what to expect. To be candid, I assumed the “Club” consisted of middle aged men, having mid-life crisis’, what do I know? I kept saying, “PORSH” most the night! For all you Sonata drivers out there, it’s Porsh-UH. It was explained to me that Porsche is a family name, therefore you wouldn’t shorten it. I was surprised to find that this “Boy’s Club” has been taken over by women since North American sales began of the Porsche Cayenne, a mid-size luxury crossover, in 2003. Women have continued being the number one buyer and Porsche hasn’t ignored their consumers. For example, models


now sport trunk “buttons” instead of handles, so us girls won’t wreck our manicures, and better seat positioning and functions to accommodate our smaller frames. I enjoyed the atmosphere Suncoast Porsche provided, from food and libations compliments of Chef Paul Mattison and live entertainment provided by The T-Bone Trio featuring George DeJong (past keyboard player for the Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone). The scene was set, from the rose centerpieces, to the tiniest of details, nothing was overlooked. In the center of it all was the Porsche Macan, under a pristine white cover until it’s unveiling. The equal mixture of men and women,

as well as the age range was refreshing. However, the event should’ve been called PORSCHE, POOCHES, AND PLINER’S! If I could’ve had it my way, I’d add “Pig” to that equation. I have a mini pig as a house pet and I wanted to go home, put a bow tie on “Officer” and bring him to the party. Why not, if a standard poodle could go, why couldn’t my mini pig?! I was having this very discussion inside the showroom with Mr. Ed Bertha, when this refined woman approached and said, “Are you talking to me?” Pretending we were going to fight, we joked around instead. I was speaking Italian, (with my hands) when she thought I was pointing at her. Thank goodness she didn’t overhear mention of a pig or this would have been a completely different story. As I kicked off my very expensive, very high, and equally uncomfortable heels, I noticed other footwear around me. I have got to give it to the guys! It didn’t matter if they were twenty-two or eighty-two, Donald J. Pliner was in the house and looking good; this, coming from the classy, barefoot one.

As the night came to a close, the Macan was a success. The men did what men will do, AND THE WOMEN, did what women will do, therefore, this model is now in high demand. For the best chance at getting one, I’d suggest you call our friends at Suncoast Porsche and good luck. As I drove away in my Sonata, it hit me, “Oh crap, I forgot my shoes!”… said the classy, barefoot one.

FROM THE STY OF OFFICER, THE MINI PIG… Come rain or shine, or both considering it’s Florida, Suncoast Motorsports hosts a monthly gettogether for fellow exotic and sports car owners the first Saturday of every month from 8-10am. Open to all makes and models, with provisions provided and Starbucks coffee free of charge, I decided to check it out and this time bring Officer with me. During June’s Cars and Coffee, I arrived with Officer in tow. My friends at Suncoast Motorsports welcomed us graciously, although they were serving barbecue pork for lunch. More people on the scene were interested in, taking pictures of, and asking questions about the pig that showed up at Porsche, than experiencing the panorama of prime automobiles. A real “ham”, enjoying all the attention, eating treats, and most importantly, the A/C inside the showroom to chill out, Officer enjoyed his Saturday morning and he will return next month for Cars and Coffee. Why wouldn’t he? Suncoast Porsche doesn’t discriminate. Even if you’re on the menu, you’re welcome to enjoy the festivities, possibly ride “shotgun” in a 2014 Boxter S Roadster, and “wee, wee, wee” all the way home.


REAL | beauty


“Life becomes more fun and enjoyable because you simply do not have to worry about your hair...” JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING is a very innovative technique that originated in Japan to make frizzy, curly, or wavy hair poker-straight while preserving the health of your hair. The process was created by Japanese hair expert Yoko Yamashita and was granted a patent in its home country in 1995. Japanese Hair Straightening quickly became popular once photos were shown of frizzy, coarse or unruly locks miraculously turned smooth with this process. Soon the method spread to other parts of the world eventually making its way to Hollywood. With Japanese Hair Straightening, human hair is permanently smoothed and straightened at a molecular level. The smooth closed hair shaft reflects light, giving your hair an appearance of silk-like gloss. This is the end goal, along with absolute-straight yet flexible hair. The hair is first separated into very small sections and the solution applied. Then each section is individually ironed, rinsed and blowdried. Only an expert can deal with this meticulous procedure as both timing and technique are imperative for a successful outcome. The appropriate straightening treatment for you is one that will best suit the thickness, texture and natural condition of your hair. No matter what your hair length and thickness, once straightened, the treated hair will never go back to its frizzy or curly form. The end result is permanent pinstraight hair that will only curl if you choose to do so with a curling iron. It should be noted that new hair growth will maintain the natural texture of the genetics of your hair, but this hair too can be straightened with periodic touch ups. Unlike other procedures, there is never the need to touch up the hair that has already been treated.

Sheila Venancia International Hair Stylist (941) 822.2152 Facebook - Sheila Venancia International Hair Stylist


If your hair is rough, tightly curled, or frizzy, and you want shiny, straight, glossy and smooth hair then Japanese Hair Straightening is definitely a good selection for you. I’m Sheila Venancia and I have been a hair stylist for 12

years and a top expert provider in Japanese Hair Straightening. I started doing this technique in Brazil in 2002. Once I realized how revolutionary this process was, I started to travel and teach other hair stylist. This technique involves many details, patience, and a strong sense of perfectionism to be successful. I also spent 9 months in Asia and ended up in Japan with the people who created the technique. I have more than one hundred happy clients on my list, including myself for 12 years. “It’s not about the process; it’s about how you feel when you look good, have freedom to go anywhere, anytime, and be ready and prepared for any occasion‘. Pool…? Beach…? Gym…? Go to work with your wet hair…? These situations will never be a problem again. Life becomes more fun and enjoyable because you simply do not have to worry about your hair. By the way, I have not used a blow dryer or flat iron in 12 years. This is an amazing experience that I am thankful for every day. Experience Japanese Hair Straightening and say “Bye-Bye” to your blow dryer, flat iron and unruly hair and say “Hello” to the smooth, shiny, straight and easy to manage hair you have been desiring. If you cannot say “I love my hair”, then maybe it is time for a new hair stylist.

Lotus Southpointe



REAL | luxury


“...WE HAVE CULTIVATED AN ENVIRONMENT THAT FOSTERS CREATIVE, SOLUTION-ORIENTED BUSINESS WITH AN EMPHASIS ON EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS AT EVERY TURN...” As one of the world’s best-known real estate firms, RE/MAX has cultivated a reputation as an organization built by accomplished and experienced sales professionals with a focus on providing exceptional customer care. Founder and Broker Shaun Peens has taken this concept to a new level, creating a brokerage that has emerged as an innovative and exciting presence in the marketplace. RE/MAX Fine Properties offers an upscale experience for agents and consumers alike. “We’ve set new standards,” says Peens of his high-end brokerage. “By incorporating a café-style atmosphere into the business,

we have cultivated an environment that fosters creative, solution-oriented business with an emphasis on exceeding expectations at every turn.” REAL’s publisher Ed Bertha shares, “When I first walked into the office I had to stop and do a double take. The environment Shaun created is nothing like I have seen before in the real estate world. It portrays the ‘Wow’ factor.” RE/MAX Fine Properties’ sleek space is defined by clean lines and an environment that’s charged with the energy of success. “We’re ahead of the curve in every aspect of our business,” Peens asserts. “Our office


is unique, our lead generation systems are superior, and our use of technology is beyond the industry standards.” Top producing agent, Tina Ciaccio, reveals, “The technology we agents have access to is astounding. At my fingertips, I have the power to run an entire transaction, collaborate with all parties and maintain exact record keeping without a single piece of paper. This morning my buyers reviewed, initialed and signed their paperwork, even though they were in different states, by simply tapping on their phone screens ... never having to download, upload or print a single thing.”

No detail has been left to chance; even the RE/MAX Fine Properties messaging commands attention. The firm utilizes an elegant greyscale design that speaks to the brokerage’s focus: luxury home buyers and sellers who look beyond the everyday. Notes Peens, “Our agents are established top producers whose price points are higher than the regional average.” A quality experience includes an array of gourmet coffees, a European-inspired atmosphere, and a technologicallyadvanced business model. RE/MAX Fine Properties agents take advantage of paperless transactions and seamless systems designed with their needs in mind. “It’s intuitive and efficient,” says Peens. “We’re completely supporting our agents in managing their business in our office or in the field. As today’s market continues to evolve, we’re maintaining a position at the cutting edge of technology while providing a concierge-level of attention to our agents and their clients alike.” Staying ahead of the curve resulted in RE/MAX Fine Properties partnering with Wells Fargo’s number one home mortgage team in Florida, Rob Stettler and David McLaughlin. This partnership yields two key benefits. For the Fine Properties agent all inquiries are prequalified before they receive them. For the buyer they experience a streamlined mortgage process, typically receiving a mortgage commitment in seven or eight days.

In a highly competitive marketplace, savvy agents strive for a professional edge. Peens states that his company’s investment in the nation’s top lead generation firm has yielded tremendous results. “We’re capturing clients with a comprehensive Internet presence and proven marketing and advertising systems, and retaining them with live, attentive and well-trained support staff. What we offer hasn’t been duplicated in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The average RE/MAX agent sells 17.8 transactions a year, should agents decide to take advantage of our state of the art lead generation system they can expect to enjoy countless leads which should result in additional sales.” It is projected that Fine Properties agents will receive enough qualified leads to result in 15 plus transactions each per year based upon industry standards. RE/MAX agents have long been known as an elite group of accomplished professionals; Peens has continued to raise the bar, attracting agents who understand the importance of differentiating themselves among the masses. “We are selective in our growth,” Peens acknowledges. “RE/MAX Fine Properties is a brokerage focused on excellence. Not every real estate agent shares our vision.” Those who do, he notes, have the opportunity to expand their businesses and increase their presence in the highend market, and to take advantage of a wealth of resources and amenities.

RE/MAX Fine Properties hosts a cultured and well-regarded group of agents who meet the needs of a diverse local and international population. Individuals fluent in Spanish, German, Italian and Greek cater to a worldwide clientele who recognize the Gulf Coast as a lauded and enviable destination. And as consumer demands continue to evolve, so will RE/ MAX Fine Properties. “We are actively seeking to expand our office, to bring in a select group of agents for whom quality matters,” says Peens. The corporate office houses agents averaging over $4 million in annual closed transactions, and Peens continues to challenge the industry’s most talented agents to realize their full potentials. “We’ve been successful at taking people to the next level in their businesses,” he says. “That’s the appeal of RE/MAX Fine Properties. We’re beyond the ordinary; come join us for a cup of gourmet coffee and see for yourself.”

RE/MAX Fine Properties 8652 State Road 70 Bradenton, FL 34202 (941) 315.9339


REAL | news ST PETE SLATED FOR 2ND JACKIE Z STYLE COMPANY Jackie Z Style Company has announced the opening date, August 1, 2014, for their second location in St Pete’s Sundial. Keeping ahead of the trends garnered the boutique Sarasota Magazine’s 2013 and 2014 Best Men’s and Women’s Boutique. Designers such as Moods of Norway, Jared Lang, Stone Rose, Zachary Prell, Bogosse, Mr. Turk, Psycho Bunny, Joe’s Jeans, Hudson, Fidelity, E-motion, Sky, Boulee, Lover & Friends, Rieley, Tina Turk, Donna Mizani, Bella Luxe and more are on display at Jackie Z Style Company.

Chargrilled Oysters - Our signature oyster charbroiled over an open flame and topped with our unique white wine garlic herb butter sauce.

Jackie Z Style Co. (941) 554.8335

Founder and namesake Jackie Zumba offers, “I am excited to expand and spread our love for fashion with the St Pete community. Tailoring to your needs is what is most important to us. You are a client, not a customer and we want to get to know you so we can assist you in achieving a style that is best fit for your lifestyle, no matter what your budget.” Sundial St Petersburg is located at 173 2nd Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701.

THERESA SKRZYPKOWSKI JOINS ACTION REALTY OF SARASOTA Action Realty of Sarasota announced that Theresa Skrzypkowski has joined the brokerage as a luxury real estate consultant. Skrzypkowski was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England. She spent every summer in Sarasota with her family and upon finishing her business law and marketing studies at Nottingham Trent University decided to make Sarasota her permanent home. Skrzypkowski brings a wealth of International knowledge to the boutique agency, which is priceless in a market consisting of many overseas buyers here in Sarasota. Prior to her career as a Realtor, she worked as an assistant for a team of real estate agents, supporting the overseeing of sellers and buyers in their real estate transactions from initial listing to closing.

Surf and Turf - 6oz filet served over our homemade crabcake topped with bernaise and fresh lump crab meat.

Theresa Skrzypkowski (941) 662.0382

Skrzypkowski enjoys spending time with her husband and family, traveling and staying active. She is active in the Sarasota Association of Realtors (SAR) and Manatee Association of Realtors (MAR).

DONNA TALLON NEW FIFTH AVENUE CLUB DIRECTOR Saks Fifth Avenue announced the appointment of Donna Tallon as the new Director of The Fifth Avenue Club at Saks Fifth Avenue Sarasota. Tallon joins Saks with more than 30 years of experience in retail and merchandising.

Wild berry infused Martini Homemade wild berry infused vodka, fresh sweet & sour and Chambord.


Donna Tallon Half Shell Seafood House 941.364.5311 5231 University Pkwy Bradenton, FL 34201 (941) 952-9400 16 | REAL EXCLUSIVE |

“Donna Tallon’s retail expertise and success gives her the ability to lead the Fifth Avenue Club in this new chapter as we prepare to move to The Mall at University Town Center this October,” said Joel Ellzey, General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue Sarasota. “I am confident that Donna Tallon will drive the vision and awareness of the Fifth Avenue Club as a one-of-a-kind, full service shopping experience for clients.” “It fills me with great joy to have the opportunity to service new and existing customers in the Fifth Avenue Club and I’m eager to introduce clients to the new and expanded assortments this fall, as we move into our location at The Mall at University Town Center,” said Tallon.

CHINA SMITH NOW HOLDS WBF NORTH AMERICAN TITLE China “The Dragon” Smith (35-4, 27 KOs) took the World Boxing Federation’s North American Championship Belt when he beat Mike Sheppard (21-17, 9 KOs) by unanimous decision at The Tampa Times Forum, Friday, June 13th. This was Smith’s second fight back after a six and a half year lay-off. “I had to dig deep and just go out and make it happen. By the grace of God, my team, we made it happen,” said Smith.

Team China Smith

Smith had to work hard but seemed to be in control through most of the bout. He won the first four rounds clearly and often had Sheppard on the defensive. But Sheppard was the aggressor in rounds five, six and seven, where he pinned Smith against the ropes and landed some heavy shots. Smith finished the fight strong and connected often with his hard right hook. After ten rounds of boxing all three judges had Smith winning the fight by scores of 97-93, 98-92 and 98-92. Congrats China from all of us at REAL!

(941) 587.1671

LEE WETHERINGTON HOMES CELEBRATES 40 YEARS Lee Wetherington Homes is celebrating 40 years of building in southwest Florida. In 1974 founder Lee Wetherington built his first home in Sarasota. Lee Wetherington Homes has built more than 4,000 homes in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The mission at Lee Wetherington Homes is to provide customers with the best experience in home building delivering exceptional home designs, features, and value in a caring and professional manner throughout the entire construction process.

Lee Wetherington Homes (941) 922-3480

TEQUILA CANTINA INTRODUCES “FRESH” NEW MENU Recently introducing Chef Ted Hastings from Hawaii and constructing a new kitchen, downtown Sarasota’s Tequila Cantina now has a new menu. The expanded menu is based on all fresh ingredients, nothing is frozen. The most expensive entrée, The Big California, is $10.95 and the $7.00 lunch special, including a drink, continues. If you enjoy wine, the handpicked house wines will surprise you with their quality. For night owls food is served until 2AM.

Tequila Cantina

Tequila Cantina’s Happy Hour runs from 4-8PM, Monday through Friday. Daily, live music starts at 9PM, with the exception of Friday and Saturday when it kicks off at 6PM. Look for more changes as the new owners, Zoran Andric and Lisa Morreale, continue to refine the operation. Tequila Cantina is located at 1454 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236.

(941) 554.8586


REAL | style

“What cuts and styles in swimwear are in fashion this summer?”



ith summer approaching for many a fashionista, we’re all eager to hit the beach in REAL style. But whether you’re soaking up the sun on Florida’s most beautiful beaches, the most important decision won’t be the SPF of your suntan lotion, but which swimwear pieces you’ll be wearing. In this REAL Style issue I bring you swimwear styles that are trending this summer, and how to pick a style to flatter your figure. It’s always worth knowing what styles will fit you well with spring/summer 2014 fashion trends. To make a bold statement or simply take your style credentials to the waterside this summer, update your swimwear selection. It will make the hot sizzling summer all the more exciting and enjoyable. WHAT CUTS AND STYLES IN SWIMWEAR ARE IN FASHION THIS SUMMER? VINTAGE STYLE SWIMWEAR - It has a place amongst 2014 swimwear trends, as this season is all about high waisted bikini bottoms as a way to inject a slight vintage feel into otherwise modern swimwear. Of course Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield come to mind when we think of 1950’s swimwear. You too can be a bombshell like Marilyn or as sophisticated as Grace Kelly with the right vintage cuts and prints. MISMATCHED BIKINIS – A clash of colour and/or print between your bikini top and bikini bottoms not only creates an interesting look, but inherently oozes a kind of eclectic, fun summer vibe. DIGITAL PRINT SWIMWEAR – You will see digital prints everywhere this summer. Digital

prints in swimwear take the form of anything and everything from soft florals to fierce animal prints to abstract patterns and cityscapes. There are no rules here: go for whatever print takes your fancy, and if you want to get extra mileage go for a one-piece that can double as a bodysuit. FEMININE FRILLS SWIMWEAR – Gives a soft, dainty summer vibe. Delicate whites, soft pastels or colorful micro prints are popular choices when it comes to the ruffled busts and flouncy mesh frills. This style adds volume in places you need it helping to shape your figure in flattering ways. Make sure to choose the most unexpected interpretations to both flatter your figure, and set you apart from the crowd. CUT-AWAY SWIMWEAR – Cut-away swimwear is making a return amongst the swimwear trends for 2014. The sultry one piece silhouettes are all about fresh and unexpected shapes, with sexy cuts that will instantly flatter your body. Seek out in both vibrant prints and monochrome tones, but make sure you choose a modern and ultra-luxe look. 90’S - INSPIRED SWIMWEAR – It’s all things 90’s this season. Get ready to add raw sex-appeal to your swim summer repertoire. High cut briefs that sit all the way above the hip will make a return for summer 2014 courtesy of brands like Minimal Animale and Neon. SPORTY-CHIC SWIMWEAR – Swimwear styles with a sporty chic attitude are on trend summer. The overall feel of this swimwear should still be high on sexy, the novelty lying in the super-slick silhouettes with modern cutaways and bright scuba colours.

Becca Smith Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant Founder, We’ve Got Style (941) 893-5299 or (941) 223-6643


When it comes to swimwear, not every cut is going to flatter every figure. But with all the styles that are trending this summer there is certainly something for everyone. It most often comes down to what you’re most comfortable with, but if you’re after a starting point I would like to offer these shape-based suggestions: •

PEAR SHAPE/SMALL BUST – Use ruffles to your advantage by adding volume at the top half. Ruffles around the bust can make it seem visually larges. You can also use vintage cupped styles with padding to create curves.

TOP HEAVY – Use ruffles to your advantage by conversely adding to the bottom to balance your hips with bust. Avoid unstructured crochets or string bikinis if they don’t offer support; instead choose structured styles and halternecks.

SHORT LEGS – To lengthen the body pair a printed bikini top with a block-coloured bottom, drawing the attention upwards. Avoid boy-legs and go for high cut thighs instead so as to not shorten the legs further.

ATHLETIC FIGURES – If you’re not big on the curves make the most of styles like statement strapping, backless styles and crochet that instead show off a toned physique.

I will close with the REAL style tip for the month: Shop stylish swimwear on one of my favorite websites WWW.MODCLOTH.COM. ModCloth has fab retro swimsuits in a range of styles and sizes. I’ll see all you fashionista’s on the beach this summer soaking up the sun in REAL style!

You know how to make money. We know how to help you keep it. The 360 Group at Morgan Stanley Isabelle Striplin Financial Advisor 941-364-7485

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With wealth comes great responsibility. Every dollar should be cared for, nurtured and preserved. In other words, your wealth must be managed. As Financial Advisors, we have the experience and resources to assist in managing the many facets of your financial world — from investments and risk management to estate planning. By working together, we can create a detailed wealth plan to help protect and grow your wealth.

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Hosted by: LaBella Intimates & Boutique Guest Speaker: Kevin Stalker Boys and Girls Clubs Sponsored by: We’ve Got Style Mary Kay – Debra Porath Photography by: CMS Photography


The Southside Village Design Studio is the setting for inspiration and Carrie’s home away from home.


Carrie Riley

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A tenacious professional with energy to spare, Carrie Riley has made excellence a habit. Growing up, Carrie was attracted to interior design. Her parents owned a large flooring and counter top company, and at a young age she eagerly accompanied them to job sites. “I used to play interior designer,” she recalls. “I’d spend hours with remnant materials, putting together countertops, wood floors and tile accents to create and recreate dream homes.” By 16, Carrie had garnered a position as an assistant at the Interior Design Firm in Omaha, where she capitalized on every opportunity to build her knowledge and skills. The job only reinforced her resolve to make an impact within the industry. She went on to earn a partial scholarship to the University of Nebraska, where she earned a degree in Architectural InteriorDesign while also pursuing her passion for dance as a member of the prestigious Scarlets dance team and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. It was telling that she so successfully balanced her academic career with her love of performance. Carrie’s organizational skills, paired with her impeccable attention to detail, allowed her to manage a diverse and demanding workload. She thrived under the challenge, and consistently excelled in her endeavors. After college Carrie relocated to Sarasota with her now husband Jason Riley, a strength and nutrition coach who specializes in meeting the needs of professional athletes. 27 | REAL EXCLUSIVE |

Though in Florida she was “starting from scratch,” it wasn’t long before Carrie found her stride… and her stage. She launched her career with a noted interior design firm and found a unique way to connect with like-minded and accomplished women: she became a professional cheerleader with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people who shared my love of sports and dancing,” smiles Carrie, who adds that she was in great company. “I became friends with amazing women, entrepreneurs and professionals that included educators, lawyers and a dentist.” In her final season, Carrie was thrilled to become a part of history as the Bucs fought their way to a Superbowl victory. With every success comes challenges, and as Carrie’s business grew, she was unable to dedicate the time needed to maintain her career as a professional dancer with the NFL. She maintains a presence in the industry as a choreographer and judge, and works with ProTour Productions, an organization that provides entertainment for our military servicemen and women around the world. Her driving passion, says Carrie, is her firm, Riley Interior Design. Launched in 2004, the company caters to clients with high-end residential projects and boutique commercial needs, as well as sports facilities around the country. Riley Interior Design specializes in the ability to successfully marry form and function, to create spaces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Achieving this balance, says Carrie, starts with a thorough understanding of each client’s distinct wants and needs. “We come in with an intention of creating a space that our clients love,” she explains. 28 | REAL EXCLUSIVE |

Riley Interior Design’s services span high end design in the residential field, yacht interiors, as well as boutique, commercial and sports venues.


Left to Right: Carrie’s husband of 13 years, Jason, and their girls, Keela and Kloee.

“Our experience allows us to consistently achieve a successful outcome.” Professionalism meets personality with Riley Interior Design, and Carrie’s energy is present in every facet of the business. Whether she’s donning a hard hat as she collaborates with architects and builders at a new construction site, or meeting with clients in her studio where her beloved dogs Keela and Kloee also hold court, she is attentive, detailoriented and always driven by the big picture. Carrie’s professional practice is marked by traditional values and a commitment to providing outstanding client care. “It can take a great deal of time to redesign, remodel or build,” she observes. “A

key to long-term success is a mutual sense of trust and respect. We establish and nurture our relationships with consumers and project-related professionals, maintaining communication to ensure that we stay connected and cohesive throughout the course of a given project.” Whether it’s a Key Westinspired home, a state-of-thearts sports facility, or a chic boutique with a trendy Eastern vibe, Carrie incorporates a world of elements into her projects. “I’m passionate about what I do,” she reveals. “No matter where I am, I’m constantly gleaning ideas from great elements and interesting architectural and design features.” She thrives on challenge, and


Carrie’s final game cheering was a Super Bowl win. In addition to the football, the Bucs presented her with a Tiffany & Co. Super Bowl ring.

appreciates the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve professionally. Through travel, research and a keen eye, Carrie hones in on the details that make a difference; the fusion of individual lines, colors and pieces that come together in a mélange of style. Carrie continues to design her professional success, and looks forward to a vibrant future.

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NEW URBANISM IS REALLY OLD URBANISM There are many psychological theories which seem to back the ‘new urbanism movement’. This is really more akin to the old American and European urbanism when many residents lived above their stores or places of work. Many small town advocates fondly remember the pedestrian friendly environments of earlier years without the eco unfriendly auto dominated city scapes that we find today. In their world view the ultimate refection of the non-politically correct American is to drive his/her piece of unfriendly private property onto the public rights of way ‘ROW’. Often viewed as ‘rolling private estates’ cars are becoming very self contained. The driver can now live-- eat- work-- be entertained-in his/her own rich exclusive private world amidst the city public squalor. PRIVATE AUTOS ON PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY Some government officials and some politicians question what right do private citizens have to put their rolling private worlds on public streets which public dollars are used to fund. Isn’t the public right of way the province of government and shouldn’t the government more or less plan and control the infrastructure? Today the move of government is to collectivize transportation and limit access via auto. Napoleon and Pope Sixtus the Great planned Paris and Rome respectively in order to control the masses. Napoleon did so by bull dozing (via horsepower) large swaths of private dwellings to fashion large avenues (Champs Elysees) that armies could march down and Sixtus who ordained that ceremonial processions be held near the Vatican. Likewise residential developments were cleared in order to make way for State/Religious functions for the faithful. Large promenades became instruments of governmental control. AMERICAN THOROUGHFARES ARE UNLIKE EUROPEAN ONES William “Bill” Henry RGA-Design LLC DreamScapes LLC (813) 226.2220 ext. 204

Eventually in America, the idea of large roads came about due to private auto use-- not State control. But now government interests are reverting to the European model by fostering public transportation and attempting to limit the presence of the auto in the most urbanized areas. THE MOVE TOWARDS MIXED INCOME HOUSING Concurrently the removal of zoning barriers compromises yet another vestige of the private sector in downtown cores—oversized executive home sites. Local governments attempt to spur mixed income housing near urban cores and remove oversize lot zoning. Transients brought in by public transit occupy urban turf in higher income demographic areas. Now the battle ensues between the NIMBY crowds (not in my back yard) with the collectivists who feel that to deny access to anyone is tantamount to discrimination. This is the purview of the Federal Fair Housing Act legislation. GOVERNMENT VISION PLANS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE FEASIBLE INITIALLY When government planners today advocate new urbanism they usurp the role of the private sector and the ‘vision plan’, while exciting-becomes unfeasible. This tendency is not the sole domain of either political party. If left to their own devices, instead of assessing the actual market driving forces, they create unbuildable and/or unsuccessful projects where investors are damaged.

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Consumers and casual observers will note that the various urban plans currently being fostered by government officials and private commercial developer/builders vary greatly in both the substance and style of the plans. The differences are significant! As may be expected, government seems of late to be enamored with the creation of a ‘new urbanism’ with mixed zoning uses all clustered together creating ‘mixed use urban centers’. Unlike single use zoning districts— typical of post World War ll suburbia-these plans and resulting urban environments reflect the idea that home life, work, play, education and retail shopping activities can and no longer should be separated into sometimes sterile residential tracts and business areas.



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Whether it’s a mayor who wants to capture sales tax dollars by fostering the over supply of retail facilities; government officials who buy into the idea that renters are not really citizens in the community in which they occupy and compound the error by mandating that only for sale housing be allowed; or uber urbanites that sees high rise developments with structured parking in his/her suburban jurisdiction with unanchored boutique retail stores below, all of them are unwittingly falling into the same trap. Instead of spurring economic development, they will see a waste of public dollars in edifies that go dark at night and can be seen through by day! Government Visions Should Be Tempered With Private Sector Reality--’The Urban Consensus Plan’ Therefore I encourage developers and builders to push back against these ‘political new urbanite vision plans’. To the degree that these ‘vision plans’ help build constituencies for redevelopment, they serve their purpose. However the governing agencies that foster them should take a step back and accept modifications that will make these vision plans more feasible. The term ‘pseudosuburban’ is a less than suitable description of a government ‘vision plan’ made more market ready and feasible. I suggest a term called an urban consensus plan to properly describe the end game of the give and take between the push of government visions and private sector push back.



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REAL | perspectives INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE – A RISKY BUSINESS? By Patricia Tan I recently returned from a series of meetings in Washington D.C. While I was there, I was asked to present to a group of experienced international agents about ways in which they could manage risk in their business, and provide a better experience for their customers.

Costa Rica for at least five years.

Let’s consider those real estate transactions where an American buys or sells property in another country. Such transactions are most certainly prone to greater risks in a number of areas, and buyers, sellers and real estate agents should exercise caution.

The other area that poses risk in an international transaction is that of currency fluctuation. This can have a major impact in those countries with more volatile currencies or problems managing their economies and inflation. Consider a home purchased in Brazil when the Brazilian Real (BRL) was trading at BRL1.8 to the U.S. Dollar. A property priced at BRL200,000 cost an American buyer around $111,000. Two years later that same American wishes to sell the property and repatriate funds to U.S.A. When the exchange rate is approximately BRL2.25 to $1 let’s assume the value of the property had increased by 25% and it is now worth BRL250,000. When the home is sold, the owner will realize $111,000 – exactly what he paid for it two years earlier. Fluctuation in the exchange rate effectively negated all of the property price appreciation. In this example, the exchange rate varied by only 25%. Historically, the BRL has suffered some extreme movements. In October 2002 it peaked at 3.95. If our hypothetical owner had sold his property then, it would have been worth the equivalent of only $63,000!

Each country has its own methods and structure for monitoring who owns a particular property, and passing title from one entity to another. Foreigners should consult with a tax and legal professional before they choose a property, so they can establish the most effective way for them to hold title – in their personal name, a trust, limited liability company, or a corporation. Each of these entities will be treated differently for tax purposes and the best fit will depend upon the buyer’s personal circumstances. When buying a property overseas there is an added level of complexity. In some countries great care must be taken to prove the person selling the real estate has the right to do so. A local attorney must be employed to perform due diligence and ensure ownership of the land or building, and who exactly has the right to sell. Mexico is the top destination for Americans buying abroad, and land in Mexico that is designated as Ejidos land cannot be sold, rented or mortgaged. In Panama, properties can be sold as titled, or with possession rights. The latter is not recommended as they may be at risk of future ownership disputes, and cannot be used as collateral for a mortgage. In some countries foreigners may not purchase certain kinds of land. Foreign ownership of agricultural and beachfront property may be restricted. For instance, the Mexican constitution does not permit foreign ownership of coastal land. This is, of course, the kind of land that is most attractive to foreigners who wish to live or have second homes in Mexico. The Mexican government implemented a regime that allows non-Mexicans to own such land through a bank trust known as a fideicomiso. Costa Rica also limits ownership of beach land. Some may be owned only by Costa Ricans or foreigners who have been resident in

Title insurance is available in some countries, and is usually offered through a U.S. title insurance company. This will give some peace of mind to buyers.

Some countries address currency concerns through “Dollarization”. Panama, for instance uses the U.S. Dollar as its currency and this has proved a successful strategy for encouraging real estate and other investment in their economy. Other countries may price, buy and sell real estate in US$ and buyers may feel protected against currency fluctuations. Other risks in an international transaction exist in the areas of governmental controls, economic performance, banking regulations, immigration and taxes. Perhaps subjects for future articles!

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More than an Architecture Firm, we are a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating meaningful spaces and experiences

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