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Kelly Gettel

Not Enough Time

The alarm goes off and another day begins in Kelly’s life. Is there a better way to start the morning than having breakfast in bed? Especially when today it is her daughter’s birthday, making this little family get together all that more special. Family time soon ends, the car gets packed and it’s off to school.

Kelly Gettel

Not Enough Time

By Ed Bertha | Photography by Giovanni Lunardi

Racing. No, it’s not the automotive form or timed sprints. It is the life of Kelly Gettel. A business woman, philanthropist and mother, this energetic spirit knows no limit. Briskly walking into the room, Kelly carries an air of confidence, yet radiates unmistakable charm. Once

settled in, you soon are enveloped by her keen sense of humor. The daughter of Mark and Gail Henderson, fourth generation self made real estate entrepreneurs, she has worked in the family business since age sixteen traveling the country auctioning properties.

“My daughter has taught me that every day is a gift”

“Exercising is the only time that I have to take care of myself”

Returning home Kelly leaves her townhouse and jogs to the gym. An avid runner for some time, the gym also plays an important role in Kelly’s life. Beyond the physical benefits, exercising provides an outlet to relieve stress and a way to clear and energize her mind. In the midst of circuit training Kelly takes a breather, hydrates and enjoys an apple before moving on to the next station.

Walking back to Burns Court from home, Kelly stops at one of her favorite boutiques for a touch up. Stylist Amanda Vincent makes a few suggestions and preps Kelly for the remainder of the day. When she heads out the door of the salon, Kelly will certainly look her best matching the property scheduled for showing later in the day.

“I can always count on a good laugh with Amanda”

A quick change of clothes and it’s off to the office. This morning Kelly meets with sales associate Kristine Saldivar and Taking Stock in Children executive director Diana Dill. They discuss the upcoming 10K run/walk fundraiser that previously raised over $100,000, a number she plans to beat.

“I started the 10K run/walk and it’s close to my heart”

Rounding the corner Kelly glances at her iPhone and realizes she has time for a quick lunch. Scanning the area she immediately makes a bee line to a local café. Once inside Kelly orders a quick pick-me-up, and ponders the menu. With a dinner event scheduled that evening, she decides a salad is the best choice for lunch.

“It’s great finding a few extra minutes to grab a cup of coffee and catch up”

Conducting sales for an estate previously owned by Jackie Gleason, to handling bids from the likes of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, the firm’s business practices enabled Kelly to gain a solid foundation in conducting real estate transactions. Looking back Kelly shares her most memorable moments so far are a one day auction producing a combined $23 million in sales, and a one week auction in Atlanta where 88 properties changed hands. A year ago Kelly took the reins of Auction World USA and now calls the shots. If running an auction business weren’t enough, she also operates her own real estate brokerage, Kelly Gettel & Co. It’s no wonder her phone rang a dozen times in the last fifteen minutes!

Getting the travel bug from the auction business, Kelly enjoys traveling, time permitting. Some of her favorite destinations are: New York City; theater, Chicago; architectural tours, San Francisco; history and Los Angeles; friends. She confides that with her daughter international travel is out of the question now. Showing her adventurous side Kelly enjoys parasailing, bungee jumping, sky diving, snowboarding and paragliding. Counterbalancing the adrenaline rush are her therapeutic activities: cooking, painting and gardening. Activities shared with her daughter when she needs some down time. Anxious, Kelly gets up, starts pacing, ready to move on. I notice her shoes. Red with four inch spike heels, they demand attention. Inquiring I learn that they are from Jimmy Choo, purchased during a trip to New York City. Laughing, she shares her love of shoes and quips, “I can run in high heel shoes!” Let’s run with Kelly Gettel.

“I love clean lines and I love form”

Returning to her car Kelly’s eye catches two pieces of contemporary furniture while window shopping. Intrigued the chairs may add ambience to the office, she must know more about them. Jack Vinales literally lends a hand as he informs Kelly about the history of the 1950 era “Jason” chair. Disappointed the chairs don’t fit the office décor she moves on.


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Driving down Main Street Kelly sees Lotus, a chic, stylish boutique, and decides a new blouse is in order for tonight’s dinner. A parking spot opens up and she takes it. Indicating she is in a rush to show property, store owner Wendy Getchell quickly helps Kelly through the myriad of choices and colors. Kelly settles on two blouses, checking the color in the daylight. Will it be the lavender or fuchsia?

“Wendy has a great sense of style”

“I always like to stay one step ahead by previewing properties before a showing”

Still managing to stay on schedule Kelly arrives at the listing early, turning on lights, opening blinds and making sure the bay front residence presents its best. Having visited the residence previously, she still reviews the property details one more time before her clients arrive. Who knows but by the time you read this story the condo just might be her client’s new home

Kelly Gettel & Company

Setting a New Standard One can’t help notice the sleek contemporary lines and modern artwork entering the offices of Kelly Gettel & Co. Most prominent is the golden rule of the firm, delivering unmatched client service. From the start, Kelly Gettel, the firm’s broker/owner, set out to provide her customers, buyers and sellers as well as their real estate agents, with a new level of service. Kelly’s passion for real estate stems from working in her family’s real estate auction company, Auction World USA, where she was responsible for the firm’s growth.


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It is with this insight that she formed Kelly Gettel & Co., a world-class company, staffed by a small and talented group of real estate professionals, joined by the mission to provide individualized customer service to local, national and international clients looking to buy and sell residential real estate. “When I opened Kelly Gettel and Company, I wanted to offer a quality, high-end experience in marketing and service. Our model is based upon client service and executing that facet better than any other firm,” states Kelly. “If it means rescheduling our day to accommodate a client’s schedule, we’ll do so,” she adds. Kelly Gettel & Co. focuses on a wide variety of residential properties including, but not limited to, high-end, luxury and waterfront properties. At Kelly Gettel & Co. the purchase or sale of a property is more than a transaction. It is an opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with their clients. That is why Kelly ensures that her firm’s clients are treated with the highest level of customer service. “Where else do you see the broker/owner attending listing appointments or showings?” she asserts.



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From Kelly’s heart comes Kelly Gettel & Co’s. commitment to help support various charitable foundations working to help individuals in need throughout the community. She and her staff allocate their time, energy,

and resources to in an effort to give back to these organizations. “Our company’s philanthropic involvement includes sponsoring charity events in order to raise much needed funds for a variety of causes such as assisting underprivileged children. Our goal is to identify and support more charitable causes through each transaction we close,” she offers. Despite the plan for growth, Kelly is not simply looking to add numbers to her agent roster. “I have made a very conscientious decision

to grow the company based upon my standard of performance,” she explains. “My plan is to grow to a total of ten to twelve agents, or agent teams. Whereas other companies may want to have as many sales associates as possible, I believe that the market is best served with a select group of highly productive agents who are collaborating with each other and have well defined market areas and expertise. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the service that REALTORS® perform,” Kelly says matter of factly. “I have a defined plan of where I am taking the company,” continues Kelly. “I’m proud to say that our agents, as well as our clients, are sharing that vision.”

Kelly Gettel & Co. 2170 Main Street, Suite 203 Sarasota, FL 34237 Office (941) 388.8232

Kelly Gettel and Company’s Kelly Gettel  

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