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Now Enrolling for Kindergarten! The Eau Claire Area School District welcomes all children turning

5 years old on or before September 1, 2017 to enroll in Kindergarten. (NOTE: Students already enrolled in the EC4T program do not need to reapply.)

Enrollment Instructions Step 1: Visit our website —  Click on Enrollment  Complete an Online Application

Step 2: Visit the Enrollment Office anytime between now — March 2017 to provide:  Proof of address  Proof of your child’s age

If you are unable to access the application or have difficulties submitting it, please contact the Enrollment Office at (715) 852-3063. Enrollment Office Hours: Mon through Fri 8:00 AM — 4:00 PM

Highest Quality Licensed Early Learning Center

Our Mission Is To Provide Quality Child Care For All Children In The Chippewa Valley Banbury Place - Bldg 22, in Eau Claire at the corner of Wisconsin & Putnam Streets


Located at Building 22, Banbury Place, Eau Claire at the corner of Wisconsin and Putnam Streets | 715.833.7744


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PO Box Fall Creek, WI 54742-0368 715-832-1603  

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the special and former “911” dispatcher, I realize As a counselor, wife of a police officer, concept of the “thin blue line” and its representation nature of emergency services work. The services officers truly makes sense to all emergency of camaraderie among law enforcement “get it.” behind it. Once you do the work, you workers and to those that live, or love, shifted once you enter into an emergency The perceptions you have in life are permanently perform, a certain level of emotional flatness to services career. The profession requires being. Statistics show well emotional your protect to kind of a bulletproof vest one wears lives via the emergency services field claims many that the vest is not very effective. The issues and a health mental violence, domestic tragedy of alcohol or drug abuse, divorce, If you at work goes beyond your physical safety. variety of relationship issues. Your safety hasn’t well, but emotionally scarred, the industry make it through your career physically you to be REAL. done its job in supporting you, helping Employee REALiving. It can be part of our unique 10-76 to Wellness is a tool offered by strives support service. As a company, REALiving Achievement Program or a standalone BEST employees to empower them to live their to offer resources to businesses and their family. Give your for tool a and you for tool a It’s lives. This newsletter is one of those tools. your overall other training, because it too will insure the content the same priority as your

Feeling and Fact Focused Follow-up empathy, with You can follow a statement of example: statements of feelings and facts. For

safety and well being.

Off-Duty Balance On-Duty with is hard for most every employee. It’s exceptionally

Having balance between home and work for Interestingly enough, it’s also very hard hard when you work in emergency services. is off, because “how” you conduct yourself professionals to realize when their balance (to be safe “how” you conduct yourself at home at work to be safe naturally becomes fighter or is not a law enforcement officer, fire too). Because every person in your home for other “habits” may create tension or discomfort correctional worker, sometimes your so practical not make one bit of sense, because it’s family members. And for you, this might for you in your profession. in the This is the tool that can help everyone What’s the solution? Communication. family tolerate the “habits.” And, hearing your family understand, appreciate and even at home reconsider “how” you conduct yourself share their perspective can also help you are two your professional and personal lives. Here to give a little more separation between use. communication strategies you might

Empathetic Lead-In’s

scene. through vehicle extrication on an accident You know how to talk an injured citizen to a felony stop. And you’re talented at talking You’re skilled at talking a suspect through skilled at you aggressive citizens on the street. How angry, upset, defensive and sometimes man she why you don’t want her to date a young at talking to your teenager daughter about wife about her How skilled are you at talking to your likes because you “know” his family? a night shift? at 11 am when you are sleeping after hallway bedroom the vacuum to need you have used to communicate professionally, Not quite as easy, is it? Just like the scripts “law in talking with your family about unique you help might that scripts few a here are family. enforcement” routines that impact your that can be used in a conversation that These “empathetic lead-ins” are statements you convey that you are listening and convey just that, empathy. They help your empathy, just be sure you trying to understand. Use them to convey match them with good listening! Try: ’ “I think what I hear you saying is…..” “It sounds like you are feeling xyz…..” “I bet that is xyz…”

a nice guy and Daughter: “You judge everyone! He’s control me!” his family is just fine! You just want to with me” Dad: “It sounds like you are pretty angry you.” and/or and/or “I bet this is very frustrating for meddling in “I’m sure it’s difficult to have your Dad your personal life”. BUT:

“I love you and I care for your safety.” you as much “I want to be sure that everyone loves as I do.”

” “It’d break my heart if someone hurt you. that you are Helping your family member know and you are listening to what they are saying how you “getting it” AND letting them know possible feel will help you facilitate the BEST helps with conversation. Good communication balance between work and home. nor is balance Family communication is not easy, said, at between work and home. That being issues that REALiving, we understand the specific and we can emergency services families deal with help. dealing with For more information or support other general family communication issues, or any Emergency wellness information, contact one of our Services Consultants today at 1.855.233.1048. Wishing you the BEST, Holly Hakes, M.S., Executive Director




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Washburn County offers a variety of nature trails. Fall is a great time to get away from it all and enjoy the quiet woods. Visit this link for more details:

Washburn County, WI 10 Fourth Avenue Shell Lake, WI 54871

Sawyer County Come & Explore... Your home away from home!

10610 Main Street, Hayward, WI 54843

Serving approximately 1,800 students in grades Pre-K-12. • Serving approximately 1,800 students in grades We Pre-K-12. focus on individualized learning throughout our • We on individualized Literacy learning throughout our system.focus A comprehensive Collaborative system. st framework in grades K-8, and a focus on 21 Century • A comprehensive Literacy Collaborative framework in grades K-8, and a focus on 21st Century skills at skills at all levels. We offer extensive virtual learning all levels. opportunities with many options to bolster • We offer extensive virtualblended learning opportunities with many blended options to bolster student success. student success. Our diverse extra and co-curricular • Our diverse extra and co-curricular activities are activities surestudents to engage students sure to are engage of all interests!of all interests! • $22.5 million in facility improvements to the HS and a 301 North Fourth St, BRF – Phone 715-284-4357 – new elementary school opening in the fall of 2016. 301 North Fourth Street Black River Falls, WI 715.284.4357

Looking to make a difference in the community and in the lives of others? ATTIC Correctional Services, Inc. is a non-profit agency serving communities throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota in pursuit of our mission:

To conceive and develop effective interventions, which will enable individuals to avoid unnecessary levels of incarceration, enhance community safety and provide a setting that facilitates treatment and the reduction of recidivism. We are seeking employees with a passion and motivation to make a difference in the lives of others. Please visit our website for employment opportunities:

AA/EOE • Drug Free Workplace • 608.223.0017

Engineering Future Focused Solutions.


MEP Associates, LLC is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm specializing in a broad range of technical services and innovative solutions for sustainable, energy efficient systems, and complex projects nationwide. Visit our full project portfolio at

OUR CORE SERVICES: • Mechanical & Electrical • Geothermal • Energy Modeling • Commissioning & Retro-Cx • Plumbing + Fire Protection • Master Planning • Consulting

715.832.5680 | LOCATIONS: Eau Claire, WI • Eagan, MN • Iron Mountain, MI Madison, WI • Norman, OK • Rochester, MN

The Keys #1 full service motorsports and marine dealer since 1979! C=100 M=60 Y=0 K=10

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11995 Southwest 222nd Street, Miami | 305.258.2000 102550 Overseas Highway, Key Largo | 305.451.3320

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