Realism Without Borders

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Grace of De Ru’s Gallery

“REALISM WITHOUT BORDERS” International Fine Art Exhibition and Sale

Vadim Suvorov “Confidence” 18x20” Oil $1,500

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art and Randy Higbee Gallery Present

John Burton


An exhibition and sale of over 100 International works, both Historical and Contemporary. Opens Saturday, November 5th, 2016 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm Exhibit runs thru November 20th, 2016

Join us at Randy Higbee Gallery 102 Kalmus Dr, Costa Mesa, CA This catalog contains just a sampling of this wonderful collection here online in our handsome digital catalog. Please contact us if you would like more information about an artist, or to add one of these fine works to your collection.

Vanessa Rothe 949-280-1555

About the Exhibition

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art is proud to bring this fine collection of works to the Randy Higbee Gallery in this exciting new event opening November 5th, 2016, “Realism Without Borders”. Featuring over 100 works of art by top International artists including an informative lecture discussing French, Russian and American Realism and Impressionism. With live demos, lectures and workshops, this will truly be the event of the season. We have created a special opportunity to learn art history and to add these rare fine works to your collection. Special Guest Artists Scott Burdick and Jeremy Lipking and celebrating master artist Ken Auster. Join us NOVEMBER 5th, 2016 for a look at REALISM and IMPRESSIONISM today and years ago. The exhibition includes rare works by Historical California Impressionists: William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Hanson Puthuff, Percy Gray, Paul Lauritz and an original American Impressionist Collin Campbell Cooper. All available for sale. These works will be exhibited alongside Historical Soviet Impressionism and their similarities and differences discussed and compared to contemporary international fine artist works. LECTURE and OPENING: 5:00-6:00pm SATURDAY November 5th, 2016 The event kicks off at 5:00pm with a lecture by curator Vanessa Rothe who will present a beautiful 40 minute slideshow with over 75 images of French, Russian and American Impressionism. Rothe will discuss how Impressionism began and the historical significance of the art and artists involved in this Exhibition and Sale. Co-Curator Akhmed Salakhly, along with Rothe, will answer questions on the works as well discuss the similarities and differences between Realism and Impressionism. From 6:30pm to 9:00pm discussions will continue with curators Salakhly and Rothe as well as the Opening Reception with Randy’s famous tapas and wine. Many of the Artists will be in attendance and discussions are encouraged. Saturday NOVEMBER 5th during the day 9:00am to 4:00pm - Portrait Painting Workshops will run during the day Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm by artists:Aaron Westerberg from America, Olga Krimon from Ukraine, and Leon Okun from Russia. Live Demonstrations: SUNDAY - November 6th- Four artist live demo’s on Sunday morning, from 9:30am to 12:00 noon. Watch Balderas, Krimon, Okun and Westerberg paint together, sharing ideas and styles in American vs Russian Realism and Impressionism. Coffee will be served.

Hosted by Randy Higbee Gallery 102 Kalmus Dr, Costa Mesa, CA Please call Vanessa Rothe at 949-280-1555 for more information on the aritsts and works. We thank you for supporting the arts-

Realism Without Borders

Special Guest Artist’s

Scott Burdick Jeremy Lipking

Scott Burdick

“ There Be Dragons” 18x24” Oil $5,500

Jeremy Lipking

“Torrey Cliffs” 6x8” Oil $2,950

“Malibu Coast” 6x8” Oil $2,950

Realism Without Borders

Historical American Artists

William Wendt “Laguna Hills” 10x12” Oil $25,000

Ken Auster

“La Bicyclette” Paris, 16x20” Oil on Board - NFS - On Loan from Paulette Auster

Colin Campbell Cooper

“Sunset” (1856-1937) 11x14” Oil $4,500

Percy Gray

“Callifornia Eucalyptus” c.1932, 16x20” Oil $27,000

Paul Lauritz

“Laguna Coast” (1889-1975) 12x16” Oil $4,500 SOLD

Edgar Payne

“Boats” ( 1883-1947) 16x20” Oil $38,000

Edgar Payne

“Laguna Beach” (1883-1947) 12x15” Oil $28,000

Hanson Puthuff

“Wooded Slopes” (1875-1972) 18x24” Oil $26,000

William Wendt

“Laguna Hills” (1865-1946) 10x12” Oil $25,000

Realism Without Borders

Historical Soviet Artist’s

Irina Vorobeyva “Soviet Girl” 13x8” Oil $1,250

Alexi Borodin

“Milk Maid” c.1952, 17x13” Oil 2,200

Alexi Borodin

“ Soviet Soldier” c.1949, 18x12” Oil $1,400

Boris Gladchenko

“ My House” c.1979, 23x28” Oil $2,400

Boris Gladchenko

“ Russian Still Life” c1960,18x28” Oil $3,000

Boris Gladchenko

“Birches in the Park” c.1979, 23x28” Oil $2,400

Boris Grachev

“Russian Hat” c.1952, 17x13” Oil $1,500

Boris Lavrenko

“ The Ballet” c.1949, 16x12” Oil $1,100 SOLD

Oleg Lomakin

“ Reading in the Summer” c.1949, 25x19” Oil $5,000

Yuri Podlaski

“ The Village” c.1962, 10x12” Oil $1,000

Erik Rebane

“ Boats of Summer” c.1960, 30x24” Oil $2,400

Realism Without Borders

Contemporary American Artist’s

Craig Pursley “Way to the Lake” 11x14” Oil $950

Simon Addyman

“Ebb and Flow” 19x11” Oil $ 1,600

Tom Balderas

“Sunshade” 38x20” Oil $2,400

Eric Bowman

“Evening Oaks” 8x10” Oil $800

“California Landscape” 12x16” Oil $1,800

John Burton

“Heavenly Light” 20x16” Oil $3,800

“Northern California Coast” 7x12” Oil $1,100

Gil Dellinger

“A Day at the Office” 18x24” Oil $3,500

Mark Fehlman

“Almost Home” 16x20” Oil $1,950 SOLD

“Oaks and Poppies” 12x16” Oil $1,200

Debra Joy Groesser

“Reef Point” 12x12” Oil $1,200

“Crescent Bay Afternoon” 10x20” Oil $1,650

Mike Hernandez

“Ocean Mist” 6x9” Gouache $600

“California Oaks” 6x8” Gouache $600

Jeff Horn

“Blackstar Canyon Road” 10x12” Oil $1,000

Debra Huse

“Paradise Found” 16x20” Oil $3,300

Aaron Johnson

“Idaho Skies” 11x14” Oil $575

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

“On the Shore” 10x7” Oil $650

“On the Grass” 7x10” Oil $650

Terry Miura

“Evening Song” 17x12” Oil $1,800

Michael Obermeyer

“Serene Cove” 14x11 Oil $1,100

“Pasadena Poppies” 9x12” Oil $900

Jesse Powell

“Shark Harbor” 10x12” Oil $1,600

“Rocky Point Glare” 10x12” Oil $1,600

Craig Pursley

“The Way to the Lake” 11x14” Oil $950

“The Path” 8x10” Oil $600

Rodolfo Rivadelmar

“Stormy Season” 14x18” Oil $1,650

“Heisler Park North” 14x18” Oil $1,650

Ray Roberts

“Cliff Walk La Jolla” 12x16” Oil $2,400

“Laguna Gold” 18x24” Oil $4,400

Vanessa Rothe

“Early Morning Montage” 12x16” Oil $1,200

“Victoria Legends” 18x24” Oil $1,900 SOLD

Jeff Sewell

“This Kind of Day” 18x24” Oil $2,850

“Coming Around” 12x16” Oil $1,200

Aaron Westerberg

“Harmony In Rose & Purple” 22x18” Oil $4,200

Jim Wodark

“Newport Moonrise Study” 8x10” Oil $800

“Beach Break” 8x10” Oil $800

Realism Without Borders

Contemporary International Artist’s

“Offering” 11x14” Oil $1,200

Andrei Alekhin- Russia

“Wheat & Snow” 11x14” Oil $1,100

Grigory Ananiev- Russia

“Haystacks” 10x12” Oil $795

“Countryside” 16x19” Oil $1,200

Alexander Avilov- Russia

“Summertimes” 18x23” Oil $1,900

Julia Bartlet- Ukraine

“Fishing Boy” 12x18” Oil $1,000

Olga Grigoreyva- Ukraine

“Cherries” 20x16” Oil $1,400

Alexi Kamenev - Russia

“Riverbed in the Snow” 20x24 Oil $2,200

“Reflections” 18x32” Oil $2,800

Vadim Kornichuck- Russia

“The Beach” 10x15” Oil $775

“River View” 12x19” Oil $1,250

Sergey Kovalenko- Ukraine

“The Blue Door” 12x18” Oil - Palette Knife $1,200

“Tea Time” 24x28” Oil $2,500

Alexander Kremer- Russia

“Evening” 16x20” Oil $2,400

Olga Krimon - Ukraine

“Azure” 18x24” Oil $4,300

Alan J Lawson- England

“Swiss Peak” 12x17” Oil $1,100

Ksenia Logvinenko - Russia

“Still Life With Watermelon” 24x28” Oil $1,300

Nicolas Martin- France

“Femme Assise” 12x9” Oil $1,100

“The Bed- Cinemascope Serie” 9x12” Oil $1,100

Dimitri Motov-Russian

“Winter” 12x15” Oil $1,000

“Docked Boat” 8x20” Oil $950

Leon Okun - Russia

“Laundry Day” 14x11” Oil $1,100

“Autumn Still Life” 24x20” Oil $1,800

Varvara Agabekova/Okun- Russia

“La Jolla” 16x20” Oil $1,600

Vladimir Penrukh - Russia

“The Farm” 10x14” Oil $1,400

Renat Razmananov- Ukraine

“Camomiles” 30x35” Oil $4,200

Artem Rogovoi- Russia

“Lonely Haystack” 12x12” Oil $1,100

Vadim Suvorov- Ukraine

“Light” 23x17” Oil $2,200

Valery Schmatko- Russia

“Study of Russian House” 12x20” Oil $1,800

Maria Vakhrusscheva- Russia

“Pensive” 28x24” Oil $1,800

“Realism Without Borders” Where Realism Meets Impressionism

Aaron Westerberg “ The Black Kimono” 28x18” Oil $4,000 SOLD

Tom Balderas “ The Garden Chair” 30x25” Oil $2,400

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