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How to make Valentine's Day extra romantic (StatePoint) If you’re planning a romantic dinner at home for you and your Valentine, you’ll want it to have an extra special quality. There are many great ways to set a romantic mood at your table.

pagne, it provides the same festive and romantic mood.

breakups and heartache!

Be sure to serve sparkling wine chilled. So if you’re going to linger over the bottle for a few hours, keep it on ice.

Turn down the lights and set out candles or tea lights. Roses or other fresh flowers will add a nice touch to the room. And, of course, make sure the house is sparkling.

The Mood

A Table For Two

If you eat dinner at home often, you’ll need to do something to make this holiday meal different. You can change the look and feel of your home by creating a romantic ambience. First, turn off the television. It’s hard to get into the right mood with the cast of the Jersey Shore duking it out in the background. Instead, play music you both like that’s not distracting to conversation. Just avoid songs about

If you can, set the table in a room in which you don’t normally dine. If you own a special set of dishes and utensils that you rarely use, tonight is the night to bring them out. Tonight is also the night to use a table cloth or runner and cloth napkins.

Special Foods There’s something very romantic about cooking and sharing the meal you created together. For ideas, use a cookbook or online recipe site to plan a special menu with foods you both love, but don’t eat often. Plan a meal with several separate courses. Ordering-in can be romantic too. It’s less fuss and mess, and allows you to concentrate on each other. Just be sure to take the food out of its plastic and paper containers before serving! Fine Wine Nothing says “I love you” like sharing a great bottle of wine. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, or a novice, you’ll want the wine to taste great with the food. Pick a versatile bottle that will go well with every course of your meal. For an unforgettable evening, get inspired by the land of amore and all things fine, from Prada designs to Lamborghini cars. Choose a very special sparkling wine from Italy. For example, Franciacorta is a top quality sparkling wine from Italy, made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Its vineyards are set amongst idyllic villages, castles and noble mansions, and the white sparkling wines are rich, creamy and filled with millions of seductive bubbles. Franciacorta pairs with a wide range of foods, from appetizers to salads, seafood, pasta, poultry and meat. And because this Italian wine is made in the same way as Cham-

With a little effort, your Valentine’s dinner at home can be festive and romantic.


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