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Volume 2 • Issue 6 • November - December 2013 www.readquirk.com


NEW YORK NEW YORK A Farm Boy Takes a Bite Of the Big Apple

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18 8 New York


A country boy chronicles his visit to the big apple

10 Aquaponics

Lethbridge College introduces us to an exciting new development in agriculture

12 Keep your Eyes On the Road

Dash Cams are becoming increasing popular… find out why

14 Lethbridge Has Talent

A profile on our first annual winner

Author invited to 18 Local Oxford University Conference


Val Allen, author of “Growing Pains, A Planet in Distress” invited as a Keynote Speaker for international conference

30 Let’s Talk Turkey

Stressed about cooking a turkey this holiday season? Here is a no fail recipe


16 Photographer’s Eye 33 Bits & Pieces 20 Health Matters 34 Our Pets

New to The Community? Expecting a Baby? Getting Married?

New Business or New Manager?

WE BUY, SELL, TRADE new and vintage records and accessories.


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From The Publisher As we all look forward to celebrating the holiday season, we at Quirk Magazine are also celebrating. This November marks the second anniversary of our publication. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our readers, as well as Jean Van Kleek the advertisers who make the magazine Photography: Jen Alston possible. I’d also like to thank the folks who have provided interesting and insightful material to write about. Lethbridge certainly doesn’t disappoint with a variety of talent, innovative business and everyday people doing extraordinary things. Beginning this issue will be a regular feature from the Lethbridge College “Wider Horizons” team. We are excited to have them share some of their top stories from the college that are sure to peak your interest. We will also be including a new column “The Road In Between” written by former colleague of mine, Sue Thomas.

We look forward to continued growth as we head into the new year, and wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

Volume 2 • Issue 6 • November - December 2013

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Letter to The Editor Your Quirk Magazine is a document to enjoy; it is well prepared, neatly presented and with clear and very nice photos. The advertisements are inviting. I especially enjoy the very informative articles on health and nutrition by Priscilla Peltier, of Nutter’s Shop. I look forward for more on this topic. Health, food-supplements and nutrition are becoming a major concern for many people. Thank you and please keep the good work coming. Pano Karkanis

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The Road In-Between

Time in-between allows for reflection, time to regain sanity and strength.

By Sue Thomas

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road between Calgary and Vancouver. Having family in both cities, I’ve traveled that stretch of highway for over forty years. I’ve towed boats and trailers, driven a VW Bug and a huge 3 ton truck. I swear I know every turn, hill, passing lane and rest stop along the way.

life is humming along. Time in-between allows for reflection, time to regain sanity and strength. As hard as it is to be in between places, people or events, those times are as critical as the time we spend in the big colorful moments of our lives.

I’ve owned a sexy black Chevy van, a more respectable Ford Camper, a Jimmy, a Ranger, a Sunfire, an Escape, and a Sunbird Convertible.

I find myself on the road in between right now. It’s been a year of tremendous loss and I’ve struggled, but at the same time, I have faith that things will get better. I’ve learned that I am a survivor and I take comfort in knowing that I have been here before; the turns, the hills, the passing lanes and rest stops, are all familiar. Over the years the music and vehicles may have changed but the journey remains the same. I just have to remember to breathe and believe.

I’ve sung along to “sad, slow, poor me” and “uplifting, everything is gonna be alright” songs, on 8 tracks and cassettes. Now, it’s CD’s and Satellite Radio, playing inspiration and therapy for me as I drive the miles in-between. Sometimes I was driving to opportunity, but most times I was putting distance between myself and a problem or a failed relationship. In fact, I’ve found that my approach to problem solving today is not much different. Even though I’m not driving in-between as much, when challenging times happen, I always try to give myself some space, time to calm the crazy voices, so that I can hear the clear rational voices, the voices that will move me toward the lesson, the enlightenment, and the gift of a new direction and a new day. Waiting for something to change or for something to come, waiting for an answer or inspiration may seem like wasting time, but wheels are turning, stars are aligning, and the slow seed of change is taking root. Waiting is as fluid as when

Quirk - 6

Sue Thomas

I’ve never been on this road when it didn’t lead me to exactly where I needed to be; in fact, the road in-between has delivered me to my life’s greatest adventures.

Qu rk Restaurant Gu de



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Quirk - 7

Field Day in

By Ryan Uytdewilligen

Williamsburg Bridge

Why would a farm boy want to live in New York?

Before I knew it, my dream had come true and I could finally spend time in one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world.

View of Central Park

Right away, I was thrust into a completely different world when I landed in the airport. I had been used to my car and driving myself. Now I had to depend on cab drivers and confusing trains. It seemed pretty daunting at first. I did manage to make it to my cousin’s apartment, which was just off the East River in Brooklyn. I couldn’t get over how many lights and how many buildings there were. People filled the crowded sidewalks and millions of different noises seemed to continuously go off at once. Honking, music, yelling, walking; the noises never ever seemed to stop. It amazed me how busy every inch of the city seemed to be; our neighborhood was no exception.

Our Apartment Quirk - 8

That was a question on many people’s minds including myself before I jetted off to the big apple. I had lived on a farm for most of my life and had become accustom to the wide open fields and greenery that surrounded our yard. But until now, that never really appealed to me. I wanted to see The Statue of Liberty, Cony Island, the view from the Empire state building, and of course, a few Broadway shows. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to live in New York City and experience the incredible sights and sounds. When the stars aligned and I discovered I had a second cousin who lived in Brooklyn, an opportunity arose. I had left my job and began taking a break after a recent loss in the family, so I had some spare time. My cousin happened to have a room open in his apartment and contacted me earlier in the year. Before I knew it, my dream had come true and I could finally spend time in one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world. I packed, planned, and pursued my dreams. I began my month long journey this last August in New York.

The apartment complex was a solid concrete building with little space or homey feelings. When I say concrete, I mean everything was concrete. But it was not without its charm. The room had a small kitchen, tiny bathroom, and three bedrooms that overlooked the street. The area was called Williamsburg, a unique blend of hip artists and traditional Orthodox Jewish families. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I wore blue jeans and took pictures of everything I came across. People also told me I had a “Canadian accent”, which I still don’t believe.

View of Central Park

I highly recommend giving New York a visit. Just remember, you will get lost and what you planned will most likely not work out. Instead, you’ll find a variety of exciting people and places you didn’t expect. After a few days of walking and seeing all the popular landmarks, I got settled and became more comfortable. What set the tone for my travels was a little excursion I went on with my cousin during the first week. He had been working on a documentary about the state of the music industry today and asked me to come along to one of his interviews in Boston. So I tagged along and discovered the interview was with Mark Baxter, a world famous vocal coach who has helped bands like Aerosmith and Journey polish their pipes. Though the actual interview was quite fascinating, the real treat was that he invited us to stay for supper with him and his wife in their beautiful home. So there I am, this 21 year old Canadian on a holiday drinking scotch and telling stories in this rock star’s Boston home. I couldn’t help but wonder how I ended up in this extraordinary situation. That was a theme that would pop up every single day afterwards during my stay. The following day, I was getting more comfortable and set out on an errand to the UPS warehouse. I had ordered a package that wasn’t delivered to the apartment so I had to go to UPS to pick it up. According to my map, it wasn’t far so I decided to walk. I was close until my map got cut off and I didn’t know where to go. I found myself lost in a dirty, stinky maze of streets in the middle of the NYC industrial section. All the signs turned from English into Russian and Yiddish. And because I don’t have Google maps on my phone, I ended up contacting my friend, back in in Alberta, to go on Google maps, find out where I was, and tell me where to go. He helped me out and it turns out it was right there and had passed the street about a dozen times. I basically lost a whole day but I did get my package. It was a concert ticket to see country singer Kenny Chesney. Being a lifelong fan, I really enjoyed the show, but hearing the country music and seeing thousands of people dressed up in jeans and cowboy hats really reminded me of home. For the first time, I was home sick. What kept my mind off home was all the food. I swear all I did was eat. There were restaurants on every street and then food carts in front of every restaurant. Of course I had hot dogs and all the stereotypical things you have to have when you’re in New York, but I also found myself at some real exquisite places too! My favorite was Patsy’s, Frank Sinatra’s old hangout in the 1950’s. I took one bite of the tiramisu, looked at my cousin, and said “yep, this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten!” There were also some of entertaining shows too! Wicked on Broadway was a stunning prequel to the Wizard of Oz that I highly recommend. One last story comes at the end of the trip when I took the train out to Montauk, a little Long Island beach town three hours east of the city. It was a nice town, but when it came time to leave, I discovered the train broken down and I was stranded. I spent the night at the cheapest hotel I could find and then decided to visit a nearby lighthouse the next morning. As the taxi left me, I found out the lighthouse didn’t open for two hours. Rain began to pour as I stood on the shore looking at what probably would have been a beautiful sight. Half an hour later the taxi came and picked me back up after I had been completely drenched. The train was fixed so I could leave, but I brought back the flu. That’s how I ended the trip, bed ridden and sick. It was another extraordinary situation I could Empire State Building add to the list.

Ryan at the Statue of Liberty Photos By Ryan Uytdewilligen The last thing I did was watch the sunset from the beautiful roof top of our building. You could see all the Manhattan landmarks stretch as far as the eye could see. Though it was beautiful, I oddly felt it failed in comparison to an open wheat field. I can assure you this is a thought that I never thought I would have. Maybe I was more of a farm boy after all? Then again, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the extraordinary situations I found myself in. So now when I think of the trip, it’s not Central Park and the Statue of View from Apartment Roof Top Liberty that come to mind, it’s all the incredible and unexpected adventures I found myself on. I highly recommend giving New York a visit. Just remember, you will get lost and what you planned will most likely not work out. Instead, you’ll find a variety of exciting people and places you didn’t expect.

And that’s the beauty of traveling, especially to the seemingly endless

Quirk - 9


ALWAYS IN SEASON These are not your everyday vegetables grown in everyday greenhouses.

!"#$%&'("('()"*+,"+"-)((."/+0+,"+1"1*("2$%3,"41)((1"5+!67" +3"+)%8%0+"/+0+,"+1"9$:*+"5+;+3+7"$)"+3#1*<38"=<1*"*();/7" tomatoes or cucumbers from the Lethbridge College kitchens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rates of greenhouse crops compared to traditional soil-based 8)((3*$%/(">(1*$,/B

Quirk - 10

3"$1*()"=$),/7"1*(/("+)("3$1"#$%)"('()#,+#"'(8(1+;0(/"8)$=3" <3"('()#,+#"8)((3*$%/(/B"C*("@0+31/"+)("8)$=3"<3"3%1)<(31L )<:*"=+1()"@)$'<,(,";#"1*("J/*B"M*<0("1*("3%1)<(31/"+)("8$$," !$)"1*("@0+31/7"1*(#"+)("3$1"8$$,"!$)"1*("J/*B""N#"+;/$);<38"1*(" nutrients however, the plants clean the water, which is then )(:<):%0+1(,";+:."1$"@)$,%:("*(+01*#"J/*B""O$"*();<:<,(/"$)" @(/1<:<,(/"+)("%/(,B"5%))(310#7"+E%+@$3<:/"@)$,%:("</"!$)"/+0(" 1$"1*("@%;0<:"+3,"*+)'(/1(,"1=<:("=((.0#"/1+)1<38"+)$%3,"9+#" %31<0"1*("(3,"$!"P:1$;()7"+3,"/>+00()")(/(+):*"/#/1(>/"+1"1*(" :$00(8("+)("@)$,%:<38"@0+31/"+3,"J/*"#(+)")$%3,B" QDE%+@$3<:/"*+/";((3"+"@+)1"$!"1*(":$00(8(&/"DE%+:%01%)(" 5(31)("$!"FG:(00(3:("!$)"+;$%1"RS"#(+)/7T"/+#/"U$*3"V()./(37" D5F"W(+,"$!"2(/(+):*B"Q 1"=+/"(/1+;0</*(,"1$"/*$="1*(" ;(3(J:<+0")(0+1<$3/*<@";(1=((3"J/*"+3,"@0+31/"+3,"1$" demonstrate how this symbiotic relationship can provide a !$)>"$!"+8)<:%01%)("1*+1"><3<><X(/"=+1()"+3,"(3()8#"%/(BT


!"#$"%"&$'!#&()#*+%#)",*'*-.%#&()#"(/*$-(0"(+&,,1#*02-$+&(+# $"%.,+%#&$"#3"++*(3#(-+*'")#&$-.()#+!"#'-.(+$1#&()#+!"#4-$,)5# 6&$,*"$#+!*%#1"&$7#+!"#8&+.$&,#9'*"('"%#&()#6(3*(""$*(3# :"%"&$'!#;-.('*,#-<#;&(&)&#&((-.('")#+!&+#+!"#'-,,"3"# $"'"*/")#&(#=((-/&+*-(#6(!&('"0"(+#>$&(+#-<#?@AA7AAA# over two years to advance applied research in the area of '-00"$'*&,#&B.&2-(*'%5#C%#&#$"%.,+7#;!&$,*"#9!.,+D7#-("#-<#+!"# 4-$,)E%#"F2"$+%#-(#&B.&2-(*'%#+$&*(*(3#&()#$"%"&$'!7#G-*(")# H"+!I$*)3"#;-,,"3"#&%#&(#&B.&2-(*'%#$"%"&$'!"$#*(#C.3.%+5 !"#3$&(+#4*,,#I"#.%")#+-#%.22-$+#2$-G"'+%#+!&+#4*,,#&%%*%+# '-00"$'*&,#&B.&2-(*'%#2$-).'"$%#,-'&,,1#&()#&'$-%%#;&(&)&# *(#-/"$'-0*(3#"F*%+*(3#+"'!(*'&,#&()#2-,*'1#-I%+&',"%5#=+# will also be used to help interested parties investigate and &)-2+#'-00"$'*&,J%'&,"#&B.&2-(*'%#&%#&(#"(/*$-(0"(+&,,1# %.%+&*(&I,"#<-$0#-<#&3$*'.,+.$"5##

K"((1# &L&!&%!*# M:"("4&I,"#:"%-.$'"# N&(&3"0"(+#OAPQ7#&(# &B.&2-(*'%#+"'!(*'*&(# at the college, is excited by +!"#$&2*)#3$-4+!#-<#&B.&2-(*'%# *(#8-$+!#C0"$*'&5#RCB.&2-(*'%#!&%# changed rapidly over the last four years and the number of people touring our facility has increased by 75 2"$#'"(+7S#%!"#%&1%5#RK"-2,"#4&(+#+-#L(-4#+!"1#'&(#3$-4#+!"*$# -4(#<--)#+-#%.%+&*(#+!"0%",/"%5S To book a tour of the Aquaculture Centre for Excellence, call 403-394-7344. To learn more about applied research opportunities at Lethbridge College, call 403-320-3202 ext. 7344.

Quirk - 11

Keep Your Eye


The dash cam is a great tool for safety, capturing one of a kind moments and overall enjoyment.

ADVERTORIAL You may have noticed that dash cams are becoming more and more popular in Western countries. Until a short while ago, only police cars would have a dashboard camera installed. But then the unthinkable happened and a meteor struck a remote town somewhere in Siberia, Russia and to everyone's surprise, dozens of live videos of the event instantly popped up on YouTube! That's because in Russia, dash cams have become popular due to the country's alleged corruption and insurance fraud issues. There have even been recorded cases of pedestrians jumping out onto a driving car in order to claim money from the driver’s insurance. Drivers in Russia may have initially started out buying these cameras for legal and insurance reasons, but they also found, as in the case of the meteor, that the dashcam will record unexpected once in a life time events. This is what makes them fun - the unexpected. Dash cams are useful for these precise reasons in Canada, too. We may be fortunate enough to live in a location where corruption is less widespread, but the camera could be used to bear witness in the case of an accident. For most of us, the fun of having a dash cam is to be able to capture footage of something unusual transpiring.

Did you ever drive through a beautiful landscape, wildlife grazing by the side of the road, and just enjoy the view as you drive along? Imagine recording these magical moments, sharing them with your friends and family later at home or even adding some background music and uploading a nice video on YouTube. Now you'll be able to back up the stories from your road trip with a high definition video! Dash cams are always on while you drive. They start recording when you turn the ignition key, so you won't have to worry about remembering to turn your camera on. And while memory cards do have limited capacity, modern dashboard cameras allow you to record over 4 hours of footage at top video quality. Also, they use a technique called "cyclic recording", meaning that once your memory card is full, they will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, so there is no way you can ever run out of "disk space". Of course, you will be able to mark those parts of your video footage that you want to keep, so they will be excluded from overwriting until you copy them over to your personal computer. Additionally, most modern car cameras have a G-sensor which in case of an impact, marks the recording for safekeeping automatically (so it can't get accidentally overwritten).

Great Gif t Id ea !

20O%FF until th of Nove e end mber

Now available at


116 - 120 A Mayor Magrath Drive North Quirk - 12



by Bernie Huizing

A masonry heater is the most comfortable, efficient and effective way to heat your home using wood for your fuel source. Though soapstone is a soft rock, it is not porous and has a solid structure that has amazing heat-retention properties. The practice of heating stone for its warmth retention qualities has been known for thousands of years. Stretching back to ancient times, man used heated stones to keep warm and to cook food. Now, this long-known practice is combined with state of the art engineering, technology and design to bring you the finest heating source in the world – a soapstone masonry heater. Many people ask what makes a masonry heater so special and so different from traditional wood stoves, even those wrapped in soapstone. The answer is in the masonry heater’s mass, or weight. Soapstone holds twice as much heat per pound as iron or steel. An iron wood stove weighs a couple hundred pounds, more or less. A masonry heater weighs thousands of pounds, generally more than less. In it, a brisk, hot fire is burned once or twice a day. The heat from the fire is transferred to soapstone itself where it is gradually released into the surrounding area, a steady radiant heat. Instead of heating the air directly, the radiation warms the sold surfaces in the room and will even pass through walls and warm adjacent rooms. Long after your fire has died down, the soapstone masonry heater keeps on radiating heat. A soapstone masonry heater may enhance the environment, safety and comfort of your home, as well as your health. They are safe, efficient and comfortable to live with. Also, the warm grain and color of soapstone masonry heaters make them beautiful “pieces of furniture” you can build a room around. Soapstone (steatite) is a magnesium silicate that was formed under great pressure and intense heat millions of years ago. There is nothing quite like soapstone. It possesses extraordinary heat retention and transfer properties. Soapstone masonry heaters are a time-tested system and have been used for hundreds of years, around the world to heat people’s homes.

Unlike a masonry heater, your forced air furnace continually circulates very fine dust throughout your house, leaving your throat dry – possibly worsening allergies. A soapstone masonry heater is designed specifically to capture and store a substantial portion the heat energy from a wood fire mixed with an adequate amount of air to burn rapidly and more completely at high temperatures, in order to reduce emission of unburned hydrocarbons. It burns extremely cleanly and efficiently, making it not only healthy for you, but for your neighbours and the world.

Since a soapstone masonry heater is designed to operate with a relatively low surface temperature of 160 – 170 degrees Fahrenheit, it is an extremely safe wood heater, even for a home with small children. Your soapstone masonry heater warms similarly to the feeling of the sun upon your face. You do not get the drafty feel of a forced air heater or the uneven heat of a traditional wood stove. It is simply the most comfortable, safe and efficient way you can heat your home, using a common renewable resource – wood.

“We have a wide range of products available – from small soapstone stoves to custom made masonry heaters. Come and see us for all your needs!”

1421 - 3rd Avenue South


Home is Where the Hearth is

info@thestovepipecompany.com www.thestovepipecompany.com Quirk - 13

By Jean Van Kleek Photos By Chris Yauck Photography

Quirk Magazine takes great pleasure in announcing the first annual winner of the Lethbridge Has Talent Contest. Meagan Wigemyr was chosen by judges based on her unique performance hoop dancing against the backdrop of the Lethbridge river bottom and original music performed by local band ”Stars From Streetlights”. Between the three elements, Meagan brought together an artistic montage that truly reflects “the dance”.

Congratulations Meagan!

Quirk - 14

About Meagan


s many southern Albertans do, Meagan Wigemyr attended the South Country Fair in Fort Macleod. She didn’t know at the time that it would be a life changing moment for her. It was there she saw hoop dancing for the first time and became totally enthralled with the beauty of it. She began researching it, and although Lethbridge didn’t have any resources at the time, she started watching you tube videos and finding out all she could about it online. Meagan practiced relentlessly with the videos, fine tuning her talent each step of the way and going to workshops where available. The more she researched, she found there is a whole global community involved in the dance.

If you’d like to find out more about Stars From Streetlights, you can also check out them out on facebook

When asked how she thought hoop dancing originated, Meagan says the hula hoop craze in the 50’s was most likely the beginning. That died off, as most fads do, and sometime in the 90’s a group of women made a resurgence with the hoops, starting to use them with dance routines and it has taken off from there. It has become a huge fitness regime around the world. Meagans’ goal is to introduce hoop dancing to southern Alberta and have others enjoy it as much as she does. She believes it will become as much a part of fitness programs as yoga and zumba.

Hoop Dancing increases overall strength, balance, digestion and core strength. The big draw… it’s fun! As a mother of two, Meagan has managed to be able to share her passion and raise a family at the same time. She offers six week classes at the Nord-Bridge Senior Centre, where she says they have a great sound system and facility. Her students range from 1060, from beginner to advanced. Her goal is to get us all hoop dancing & share the joy!

Meagan Wigemyr’s winning video can be seen on the Quirk website. Click on the Lethbridge Has Talent tab to view. If you would like to find out more about Meagan Wigemyr, you are invited to go to her facebook page. Quirk - 15


P tograp ho

Tips & Tricks

The Photography examples in this issue of Tips & Tricks are taken on a Tropical Destination but the techniques can be used all year round anywhere.

er h

’s E ye•

Depending where you end up you may have the sun rising or setting over water. Be out there at sunrise or just before sun set.

by Chris yauck Chris Yauck Photography

You never know who will be willing to pose for you just be polite and ask first. Think of putting together an album to tell the story of your holiday. Try and take photos that

Try to expose for the highlights and this will show detail in brighter areas of your image. Then try and expose for the shadows or darker areas.

Plan your angle as it is important to try and include something in the photograph to give depth and feel. Bring a tripod to steady your camera. include signs of places you have visited.

Use your green setting and take one. This image will be your safety shot and the exposure information will show. Then change to manual mode and try different settings to get the look you are after.

Try and take photographs of the locals they are usually more than happy to be in your photo. Most of the time just holding your camera up pointing at it and you will get a nod that it is ok.

Danny Ponomar PHOTO BY

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Use a window to frame your shot. Watch for reflections that will highlight something. Use your flash to fill in shadows on a bright day. This works better for close ups.

Winner of the Thriftway Canon Vixia HFM400 Camcorder January Edition Entry Deadline: December 13, 2013

The Redemption of

Santa Claus By Freddi Dogterom

the next kid was a cute little girl. She sat on Santa’s knee and Santa said – So little girl, what would you like for Christmas?” I used my gruff Santa voice, “And then she said – Gee Santa I would like a toy Ski-Doo. And then do you know what happened next?” Breathlessly he replied, “No Nanny, what happened?” “Well,” I continued, “Santa reached into his bag, way down deep … and do you know what he pulled out?” “No Nanny, what did he pull out?” “He pulled out a rubber rattlesnake!”

Do you remember the excitement of Christmas when you were a child? School concerts, Christmas crafts and baking, the church children’s pageant and of course… the visit to Santa! “Oh Nanny, Santa was such a disappointment!” reported 4 year old Rylan after going to daddy’s work Children’s Christmas Party. Every life event was reported to me and duly discussed by the eldest of the little boys I love most in the world – my grandsons. “Well gee Sweet-Pea – What happened?” I dutifully enquired, remembering what it felt like to be let down by Santa.

“Oh! My gosh!” Rylan interrupted,” I bet that made her scream. You are right, Santa did just get confused!”

Amazingly, my story became his rendition of the event and was being reported in great detail to every one including the little girl’s screams. But I knew that deep down he still felt betrayed by Santa.

“Well,” he started, launching into his story, “I went to see Santa at daddy’s Christmas Party. I had to wait for my turn and stand in line with all the other 4 year old kids. I waited and I waited and my legs got very tired. Then it was my turn and I sat on his knee.”

All Christmas morning as he un-wrapped his gifts he kept looking for a rubber rattlesnake. As he grasped the final gift he looked me straight in the eye and with hope in every syllable said, “Maybe this one Nanny. Maybe this one is the rubber rattle snake.” He carefully opened the package and disappointment painted his expression. His little body drooped in despair as he realized that no rubber rattlesnake was forthcoming that Christmas morning.

I am quite accustomed to very detailed reports from this articulate child and have to wait patiently for all of the details to be described. Finally he started to get to the point.

I take my job as “Nanny” very seriously so, it became my mission in life to connect with Santa to see what we could do to save the day.

“Santa said to me – Have you been a good little boy? – So I said, Of Course Santa. Then Santa said – So, little boy what would you like for Christmas?” His reports always included voice changes for the different characters so he made Santa’s voice as gruff as he could.

On December 30th the two little boys walked with mommy to the mailbox. Much to their surprise there was a big fat envelope addressed to both of them from Santa! They knew where it came from because it had a Santa stamp right on the corner!

“Well Santa – I said – I would just like a rubber rattle snake please. So he looked and looked in his bag – and do you know what he pulled out Nanny?”

The trio dashed home in great excitement! What could it be? They ripped it open and discovered two packages, one for each boy with a letter attached.

“No,” I replied in my best mysterious voice, “What was it?”

“Hi Nanny” the phone call started, “Guess what? I got mail from Santa today!”

“He pulled out a toy Ski-Doo! I asked for a snake and I got a Ski-Doo, I was so disappointed. I thought Santa would give you what you asked for!”

“You did? What was in it?” I asked playing along.

“Hmmm, you must have been sad,” I replied as Counselor Nanny kicked in. “Is it a nice Ski-Doo?” “Well it is all right I guess, but it sure isn’t a rubber rattle snake.” I knew it was my job to try and resurrect the situation. He was calling on his support team and I couldn’t let him down.

“There was a letter and a package. And, do you know what the letter said Nanny? Santa said he is sorry!” was the breathless reply. Without hardly pausing to take in air the report continued, “Mommy read me the letter and Santa said he was cleaning out his -bag and he found this present for me in the bottom!”Then changing into his Santa voice he reported the letter details, “Sorry about the Ski-Doo kid, I just got confused and couldn’t find your present.” Changing back to his voice he continued, “Isn’t that cool Nanny? Santa just got confused like you told me!” “That is great Big Guy – but what was in the package?” I asked.

“How many children were at the party Rylan?” “Oh! There were lots. About a hundred I think,” was his thoughtful reply. “Gee that is a lot of children.” I agreed and then asked, “Did Santa look very old?” “Oh yes, he was very, very old – even older than grandpa!” “Wow that is pretty old,” I agreed. “Do you think that maybe Santa just got confused?” “Maybe,” he agreed, “What do you think happened?”

“A big rubber rattlesnake and Santa sent one for Kurt too! I am not even disappointed any more. Isn’t Santa great?” There was pure joy in his voice now.

Sometimes even Santa needs a little help. Santa’s team, the Dollar Store, a kindly Canada Post employee and Super-Nanny had pulled through. I knew that Santa had been redeemed.

“Here’s what I think happened,” I replied warming up to my story and mimicking his delivery, “I believe Santa got confused because there were so many children at the party. I think that

Freddi Dogterom CCDP, CPT, PRP is The Personality Trainer! She is a dynamic, award winning Professional Speaker, professional Retirement Planner, talented workshop leader and “enter-training” presenter. Some of her most popular Personality workshops are: “Like Sandpaper on a Sunburn” – personalities in personal relationships, “Not ALL the Monkeys are in the Zoo!” – Personalities in the workplace and “Juggling the Jingle in Your Genes” - personality and money management.

Find her at www.freddispeaks.com

Valorie Allen

Local Author and Environmental Activist


Oxford Conference By Jordana Shell

Valorie Allen, local author of the riveting book “Growing Pains –A Planet in Distress” was invited to be the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual International Conference on Critical Public Issues this past summer. Valorie was awarded the privilege of opening this distinguished five day event, held in Oxford, England in August. Population was highlighted as one of the greatest threats to planet earth and Valorie spoke of the potential devastation of humanity’s inaction and also of ways to combat the issue. In her presentation entitled, “Population in Sync”, Ms.Allen linked overpopulation to many of the critical problems the world faces today. Problems such as climate change, global disease management, human trafficking, global security and the search for sustainable energy all stem from overpopulation.

battered and the land she loved seem to shrink as more and more people moved in and swarmed the areas where she found solace. During a high school class on world affairs, a “light bulb” went off in Valorie’s mind. All of these problems, things like wildlife endangerment, poverty, environmental damages, and even her own feelings of being overcrowded in her hometown, all shared a connection with population. In Valorie’s mind, the solution was to decrease human numbers. Passion ignited in this young girl’s heart and her life’s work was decided in this moment. She would from then on, devote her life to the issue of overpopulation and do everything in her power to be a part of the solution.

Freedom of Choice

Ms. Allen became an environmental activist and volunteered with many organizations like the BC Toastmaster’s club, and PETA. She also worked with different groups like East Kootenay Environment Society, the Flathead Transboundary Council and the Castle Crown Wilderness Association. She was affiliated with groups such as GreenPeace, Zero Population Growth in the US. She also managed the Sparwood Recycling Operation for three years and was a delegate and spokeswoman for the B.C. Environment Network for two years.

• No more forced marriages, thusly, no more pregnancies where the woman has no say whether she wants to be a mother or not.

“I can’t honestly remember all the groups I was working with!” Valorie laughs.

Valorie offered a series of solutions to engage the conversation on how to change the direction of our future:

*Basic Family Planning The two buildings are part of the Manchester • Educate and enlighten the public. Remind people of how College in the University of Oxford, where the important the choice is to be a parent. Encourage people to strongly think about the decision. Remind people they have conference was held.

the right to choose to be a parent.

Abolition of sex trade and baby trade *Abolition of human trafficking. Valorie believes if these approaches were implemented, the world’s population would see a significant decrease, and thus a higher quality of life. The question Ms. Allen left with the audience at the conference was this: “What are the consequences of our failure to act, and how will we explain this to future generations?” Valorie grew up in the Crowsnest Pass and from a very young age, she enjoyed all the wonders and freedom nature has to offer. She was fond of walking, hiking and bird-watching, but as she grew older, the girl noticed the number of people around her was growing as well. She watched as the trails grew

Ms. Allen’s website, www.populationinsync.net has a clock which estimates the world’s current population.

“It is my dream,” Valorie says, “To see that clock come to a standstill and eventually begin to turn backwards.” This hard-working lady continues to be an active member of animal rights campaigns but spends most of her time working with the Population Institute of Canada. She enjoys walking and bird-watching and her new hobby of vegan cooking. She is currently working on a second book, one which focusses on animal cruelty in the food industry.

Passion ignited in this young girl’s heart and her life’s work was decided in this moment. She would from then on, devote her life to the issue of overpopulation and do everything in her power to be a part of the solution. Quirk - 18

Troy’s No Frills

Arrives in Lethbridge

Troy Champagne Owner Operator

Troy Champagne, a 24 year veteran in the grocery business, and his family recently moved here from Maple Ridge, B.C. . Troy is proud to be a part of the Lethbridge community they now call home. He launched Troy’s NO FRILLS on the corner of 5th ave. and 13 st. north this past June, and is excited to introduce Lethbridge to the No Frills model of grocery shopping that has already been hugely successful in other parts of the country for over thirty years.


“We’re here to help save our customer’s money so they can use that money for other, possibly more important, things for their lifestyle.”

my name on the front of the store. This is my business and I care about what I offer, that is what being a franchise owner is all about. I’m not satisfied unless my customers are and if there is anything they are concerned about in my store, I’m always available to help. Just ask or look for me in the store, I’m probably building a display or putting product on the shelf.”

What is Troy’s NO FRILLS all about? It’s simple. “We’re here to help save our customer’s money so they can use that money for other, possibly more important, things for their lifestyle.”

At 25,657 square feet, Troy’s No Frills store is fresh, bright and uncluttered with easy to navigate aisles, multiple checkouts and Troy’s NO FRILLS saves their customers money by doing accessible parking. The cheery colours of yellow away with a lot the “frills” a larger or more conventional and red and the friendly images of the grocery store may have. Having in-store butcher franchisees remain key hallmarks of the NO counters, expensive lighting or even bigger advertising FRILLS stores that have been around for over budgets all add to the cost of groceries. By eliminating three decades. Troy’s NO FRILLS also contains a these costs, these savings are passed on to the warm colour palette most notably through the customer. use of wooden slates on walls, wood crates for Left to Right: Eric Wheeler, Dianna Lermer, Deb Miller, display cases, and soft lighting. Overall, this NO FRILLS grocery stores are a proven discount model Troy Champagne, Terry Stevens creates a welcoming customer-oriented that offers a price value proposition to its customers through its Won’t Be Beat® promise, “If you find a cheaper price, simply show us and ambience and a reflection of the franchises’ approach to shop-keeping. we will match.*” Customers shopping at No Frills stores will be able to find popular President’s Choice®, no name® and national brand products, as well as great produce, “Thank you, Lethbridge meat, dairy items and baked goods. “Just because I’m dedicated to providing low prices and great value, doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice on quality to do so we stand behind our meat and fresh produce. If I didn’t think it meets the grade, then I wouldn’t sell it and I definitely wouldn’t put

for the warm welcome, I look forward to seeing you in my store!” Open from 9am-9pm Everyday

*Won’t Be Beat® promise: If a major supermarket competitor within this store’s geographical trade area offers a lower price on any item that we carry in our store simply show us an advertisement or receipt and we will sell you that item at the same price. Full details available in store and in the NO FRILLS weekly flyer”

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Don’t Let Stress


Hijack Your Life “I’ve had a rotten day. I feel so stressed.” If you’ve ever said these words, you’re not alone. While stress is impossible to avoid, it can be associated with a negative event or it can stem from something positive. Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-being is a stress. Some stresses get you going and they are good for you; without any stress at all our lives would be boring and would probably feel pointless. However, when the stresses undermine both our mental and physical health they are bad. For the purpose of this article I will be focusing on stress that is bad for you. Because each person has a unique chemical make-up, the type, number, intensity, and frequency of anxiety symptoms will vary from person to person. For example, one person may have just one mild anxiety symptom, whereas another may have all anxiety symptoms and to great severity. Research has contended that, in America, between 80 to 90 percent of all illnesses are linked to stress and 75 to 90 percent of all visits to the doctor are for stress or anxiety-related concerns. During a stress response – whether real or perceived – your adrenal glands pump out numerous stress hormones, the most powerful of which is cortisol. Many diseases and cases of obesity have been blamed on excess cortisol production. And this can affect everything from blood sugar levels to thyroid hormone production and sleep quality. Christmas, for example, is typically one of the most stressful events of the year. The expense of buying gifts, the pressure of last minute shopping, and the heightened expectations of family togetherness can all combine to undermine our best intentions.

For some people stress can be overwhelming, leading to anxiety, and insomnia. For others, long-term, accumulated or intense stress can challenge the nervous system’s ability to cope, resulting in depression, angry outbursts, complete burn-out, or other defensive reactions.

Undesirable effects of chronic stress include blood sugar imbalances; fatigue – especially at midday; carbohydrate Quirk - 20

cravings; weight gain; insomnia; lowered immunity/increased susceptibility to infections; irritability; dark circles under the eyes; dizziness upon arising; increased environmental sensitivities, and allergies. How to use natural remedies to treat anxiety: No medicine (natural or otherwise) should be the only treatment for stress and anxiety. The reason herbal medicines are so beneficial is because while you use herbal supplements you can also learn valuable anxiety-coping strategies. Prescription anxiety medications dull anxiety and the brain too much, and make it much harder to learn to cope with stress, while herbal and natural remedies keep your mind intact for learning to control anxiety symptoms. Natural interventions worth considering: Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the physical and emotional toll of stress on the body. Even if you can’t change a difficult situation, you have some control over the way you deal with stress. Stress reduction techniques like meditation, biofeedback, exercising, or yoga are invaluable to restore a sense of sanity. Beat stress with your mind: Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Close your eyes. Now choose a word or phrase (“It’s okay”, for example). As you concentrate on breathing in and out, repeat the phrase each time you exhale. Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. Practice at least once a day. In addition, there are several nutritional supplements that can reduce the effects of stress. Herbalists and naturopathic doctors throughout the world praise chamomile as a wonderful remedy for stress. Drink 1 cup chamomile tea three times a day to relax the nervous system. Magnesium used to be an abundant mineral found in numerous foods. But over time, food processing practices essentially stripped magnesium out of most diets, causing numerous people to be magnesium deficient. Magnesium deficiency contributes to several mental health problems, including anxiety.

Aside from trying to minimize stress in our daily life, the StressRelaxline of products was developed to restore and rejuvenate the body. While there is no “quick-fix”, the Serenity Formula containing ingredients such as Ashwagandha and Rhodiola to name a few, provides natural herbal help to calm down those persistent stress hormones and bring the body back into balance. Ashwagandha is known for its ability to calm and can be used to promote sleep. Not only does ashwagandha stabilize moods and encourage adrenal recovery, it also reduces the symptoms of drug withdrawal. L-Theanine, which is an impressive amino acid extracted for the tea plant has benefits not just limited to calming the mind and relaxing the body, but also improves alertness and energy levels. So instead of feeling lethargic, you actually feel like a normal person. GABA is another amino acid which is the brain’s primary calming neurotransmitter to increase production of alpha brain waves (associated with a relaxed, yet alert state) and decreases beta brain waves (associated with nervousness and hyperactivity). Many people with anxiety and insomnia do not manufacture sufficient levels of GABA and supplementation may be necessary. 100% Natural GABA can provide a quick fox in circumstances of extreme stress, as with phobias and fears.

My goal is that this article will keep you informed and inspire you to better health. Until next time, I wish you MAKE HEALTH A HABIT... Priscilla Peltier is a natural health care practitioner at Nutter’s who writes on health & nutrition and has a passion for the latest research in natural health & diet.

Priscilla Peltier, C.H., C.N.C., C. Irid., R.BIE Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Iridoligist, and Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner priscilla.eyes@shaw.ca www.eyecuhealthy.net 403.329.3100 (Office) 403.942.5064 (Fax)


Calming solutions to stress, anxiety, and insomnia


naturalfactors.com s

Manufactured in Canada

Hot Health Systems Ltd. Now Offers New Products to

Enhance the Healing Abilities of VibraFit Therapy PowerStrips


The only product of its type to be given the FDA Classification of a “Class 1 Medical Device”. They are a patented fusion of Modern Energy and Ancient Herbs. They don’t just give a few hours of heat. They use the body’s own natural Infrared rays reflected back into the body to quickly relieve pain and offer continuous healing!! PowerStrips, worn daily, bring energy to the parts of the body that need it. By increasing energy, one of the first benefits you’ll notice is a relief of pain. For this reason, the Doctor formulated, patented PowerStrips are listed as a Class 1, Medical Device by the FDA that can be used for pain relief.

Reported Benefits: • Improved energy and mood • Mental clarity, memory and sharper focus • Reduced stress and tension • Almost instant pain relief • Immune system boost • Increased muscular strength • Reduced inflammation • Less cravings for sugar or sweets • 24/7 detox and rebuild

PowerStrips also act as an: • anti-inflammatory• anti-histamine • anti-microbial • anti-bacterial • anti-fungal

Pulse-8 for the Heart What is it that made the discovery of the main ingredient in Pulse-8 one of the most significant discoveries ever awarded a Nobel Prize? L-arginine, the main ingredient in Pulse-8 stimulates the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide was discovered to be the most important factor in cardiovascular health. Pulse-8 contains L-arginine, along with a proprietary, heart healthy blend of synergistic ingredients. It can: • expand narrow blood vessels • eliminate dangerous clots • lower high blood pressure as much as 60 points • reduce artery-clogging plaque by an amazing 50%

Pulse-8 is an affordable product that helps

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands Go to our website to find more details on these revolutionary new products. www.hothealth.ca Quirk - 22

About What We Eat

There is much information offered in the media these days regarding what is "healthy" and "safe" for our bodies.

Organic vs GMO foods, raw vs cooked, whole foods vs packaged foods, gluten vs gluten free.

WHAT IS THE “RIGHT” WAY TO EAT? One thing is clear, we are plagued with many digestive and inflammatory disorders and we need to find a solution. We have more reported incidences of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohns disease, Colitis, Diabetes, Celiac disease, sleep disorders, Depression and weight gain than ever. Many of these disorders and diseases can be traced back to what we eat, how we break that food down and how often it's excreted. What are you putting into your body? Where does it come from? How is it grown? Is it processed? These are a few considerations to take into account when deciding what to eat or which eating philosophy best suits your body and lifestyle. There are so many options on the market today and there is much "research" to be considered. It can be terribly confusing to the consumer. Mandy Sandbach and Cris Robinson have set up a natural health clinic designed to be a support service for healthy and clean living. Mandy Sandbach of Kundalini Colon Care is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and foot reflexologist. She has nearly 10 years of experience in the natural health industry and lives a conscious and clean life while raising her young family. Mandy worked in a local health food store where she participated in many trainings, conferences and workshops prior to her training as a Colon Hydrotherapist. She brings real life experience to her practice. Mandy's focus at Kundalini Colon Care is to encourage a clear mind, a clean body with real food and regular cleansing. She teaches her clients basic skills about food and food preparation in order to have healthy changes be successful and permanent. Mandy's belief is that if you give your body the proper nutrients and support the body’s natural cleansing ability, it will always heal itself. Cris Robinson, a local Nutritional Consultant, grew up on Vancouver Island and is the daughter of two “health nuts.” She was exposed to the idea of natural living at a young age. When Cris went away to University she quickly figured out how the processed food that she was eating affected her health in a negative way. Suffering with much illness in university, Cris learned the importance of eating real food. She began working in health food stores and eventually went back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist. With starting her practice as a Nutritional Consultant, Cris realized that large part of her client population was suffering from symptoms due to food sensitivities and allergies. It is here that she has found her niche in working with people who suffer from food and environmental intolerances. Cris and Mandy both found that there was something missing in the services that were offered for those suffering with allergies, sensitivities, weight gain, Celiac disease and other digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhea and IBS; there was no follow up. Often times when someone had been diagnosed with Celiac disease or IBS, they were not given clear instructions on where and how to start. Beginning to eat gluten free or cutting out other highly allergenic foods such as dairy, corn or soy can be very overwhelming. In order to solve this problem, Cris and Mandy made the decision to start teaching whole foods cooking classes. These classes are offered as follow up support for those beginning a new way of thinking about food, or reconsidering how to cook for themselves and their families. All of Cris and Mandy’s classes are gluten free and dairy free. The cooking classes are offered once per month and each class offers a different theme or focus. Their main focus is always nutritionally dense whole foods that are gluten and dairy free. These classes offer simple and delicious ways to make dishes with a large nutritional value.

As we enter the holiday season, we find our lives more busy and stressful. The foods that we are often presented with bog our bodies down and are heavy and difficult to digest. This can leave us feeling bloated, gassy, constipated, and awful. In order to support your health during the holiday season, Cris and Mandy are offering two holiday based classes:

Gluten Free Holidays - We will explore some traditional and non- traditional holiday favorites in this class with the focus on gluten and Dairy free. Wednesday November 27th, 2013 from 6-9 pm at the Westminster Community Hall Cost $60.00 + GST per person.

Gluten Free Desserts - This much anticipated class will present you with some mouth watering, delicious, easy to make, Gluten and Dairy free desserts. You do not have to suffer when eating Gluten Free. Wednesday December 4th, 2013 from 6-9 pm at the Westminster Community Hall Cost $60.00 + GST per person. Cris and Mandy are always open to suggestions for class topics and are willing to specialize classes for a specific group of people. Please feel free to contact them for more information or to be added to the email list for upcoming events.

For more information or to register for either of these classes, please call 403-942-0896 or email crisrobinson@live.ca or kundalinicoloncare@hotmail.com


Keep it Special…

Keep it Local!

Shopping local businesses not only supports the community you live and play in, it offers a wide variety of unique product you just don’t find in big box stores. Lethbridge is home to many specialty shops filled with items from around the world. Each store has its own niche, feel and décor along with owners and staff who truly care about your shopping experience. Our city rivals much larger markets in terms of one of a kind boutiques and forward thinking entrepreneurs.

Enjoy your holiday shopping this season by treating yourself to what surprises are in store at our local shops!

Fine Furnishings at an Affordable Price Custom design available

520c 13th St. N


www.oakridgefurnitureshoppe.com Quirk - 24

Local G ft Gu de



All the Best This Holiday Season

Please Don’t Drink & Drive!

403.317.7283 Open 7 days Mon-Sat • 10am - 10pm Sunday • 10am - 8pm

221 12th Street North

Gifts • Décor • Outdoor Grasses • Shrubs • Trees

NOW OPEN to shop for great gifts & décor! Home Décor Man Cave Décor

New Location

1602 3 Ave. S.


The Diva Chair

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Local G ft Gu de


There are pieces that furnish a home,

and those that define it!

Downtown Lethbridge 330 - 7 Street South • Bras • Robes • Sleepwear • Gift Certificates • Stocking Stuffers

313 7th Street South 403-329-1810

314 7th Street South, Lethbridge • 403.331.3038

Come visit our store to view the full line of trays! TRAYS FROM


1095to$5995 920 - 2nd Ave. N. Lethbridge, AB



To a Child By Jean Van Kleek

Sometimes I’d like to carry you… And take you down the different roads of life.

Some that I’ve been down with flowers at the roadside And trees as their shelter We would pass by the roads that I have seen lead to darkness That way I wouldn’t have to see you hurt. If I carried you… And if I took you by the hand… You could still see the beautiful things with your own eyes And touch them with your hand But you wouldn’t be able to embrace them Because your other hand would still be with me Secure and still following my path. If I took you by the hand… But if I guide you with my heart… You would be free, free to find out on your own The joy, the sorrow, the happiness And feelings only you can feel. When my heart walks with you, you will know That if you find yourself on the roads that are scary, I am there. A heart can never be away, it won’t slip as my hand could, Or fall as I could when I carry you It can only love and watch you grow. Not to carry, or to hold, but to guide and love you... Always.

Quirk - 27

Why an Ethanol-Burning Fireplace? advertorial

With rising energy prices, air and water pollution, and an increasing awareness of human impact on the global environment, many people are interested in clean, safe, environmentally friendly heating options for their homes. Ethanol is one of these – since it is made from plants, it is a renewable resource and does not release any new carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. The only CO2 that can be released is the gas which

was absorbed by the plants as they grew. When ethanol is burned, its emissions are roughly similar to human breath containing small amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide. In North America, most ethanol is made from corn, with increasing amounts being derived from switchgrass and other crops. Because ethanol is so readily available, and since the burning of denatured ethanol produces no hazardous emissions, this fireplace option is a very attractive choice for urban apartment dwellers, those conscious about the environment, or anyone who is interested in having the flexibility and portability of a fireplace that is not permanently mounted. Ethanol-burning fireplaces need no ventilating or connecting.

They are odourless, smokeless and a great addition to any room in your home.

Eco-Friendly Fireplaces


Ventless Portable Connection-Free Efficient Clean Smokeless Affordable Contemporary Bioethanol Fuel Odourless Easily Installed Indoor/Outdoor

Christmas Sale


Until december 29th

Fireplaces available exclusively at

1018 3rd Avenue south lethbridge, ab. 403.942.7366 Quirk - 28


Bread & Pizza Dough Hand Made Fresh Daily Gluten-Free Crust Available Caesar & House Salad Dressing Created In House Lunch Specials 1101 - 4th Avenue South


Monday - Thursday 11 am - Midnight Friday & Saturday 11 am - 1 am Sunday & Holidays 4 pm - 11 pm


Dine-In, Pick-Up & Delivery

Still #1 after 40 years!

The Perfect

Christmas Turkey By Georgie Erickson

Roasting a Christmas turkey can be a daunting prospect, there are about as many ways to roast a turkey as there are turkeys. The following recipe is easy to follow and will ensure your bird is moist and flavourful. The method of starting the turkey breast down can work very well but is very tricky. if you are roasting an especially large bird. Since I usually cook a 20+ lb. turkey, this method just doesn’t work well for me. I always slather my turkey in herb butter before roasting, so just imagine trying to turn a heavy, hot, slippery turkey onto its back after it’s been in the oven for an hour. After a couple of years of trying this and ending up either burned or with broken turkey parts, I’ve given up on this one. Some things are best left to the basics and roasting turkey is one of those. With that said, there are a few steps that make all the difference in whether your turkey ends up dry or perfectly cooked. I always brine the turkey (brining is a method of marinating in seasoned, salted water to increase the moisture content of the turkey)., rub it down with herb butter and I always use a thermometer to make sure it doesn’t overcook. And plan your cooking time far enough in advance that you can let the turkey sit out for at least an hour before roasting, and half an hour after roasting. And plan for thawing time if the turkey is frozen, brining time and also time to let it sit for several hours after brining. What kind of turkey should you cook? I’ve used the frozen grocery store turkey, an expensive heritage turkey, a fresh turkey and whatever is in between. And if you cook them correctly, all can turn out well. I usually go with a fresh turkey that isn’t kosher and has had minimal processing and no solutions added—these can be tough to find, however. If you’re stuck with using a frozen grocery store turkey, then try to get one with the least amount of sodium solution injected, and be sure you let it thaw with enough time to brine it for at least a few hours. Suppose you don’t have a fancy roasting pan with a rack? You can roast the turkey in a heavy, deep bottom pan and use coils of tin foil to make a rack. You can also use a disposable pan as a last resort, but this won’t conduct the heat as well and your turkey will probably overcook. When you first open the turkey, remove the turkey neck and giblets. They are sometimes in two places, in a bag in the large cavity and a smaller bag in the neck cavity, so be sure you check both. Save these in the refrigerator until you’re ready to make gravy. If you’ve brined the turkey overnight, remove it from the pot and rinse, then pat dry all over with paper towels. Now let the turkey sit, uncovered, on a cookie sheet or even in the roasting pan for several hours in the fridge. You can even leave it overnight. This helps to dry the skin so it will get nice and crispy, while the meat stays moist from the brine solution. If you don’t have time for this step then just be sure to get the turkey as dry as you can with paper towels. Quirk - 30

Let’s cook a turkey! Position the oven rack on the lowest setting and preheat the oven to 325°. Place the turkey in a large roasting pan with a rack and then tuck the wing tips underneath the back of the turkey. This can be a little tricky sometimes, but eventually you’ll get it. Then tie the legs together with twine or tuck them under the little piece of skin at the end of the turkey. Then rub the herb butter all over: top, bottom, legs, sides, and carefully underneath the breast skin. When trying to spread the butter underneath the skin, you have to break the membrane holding the skin to the flesh. Just press your fingers under it and it will break. But be very gentle. I tore the actual skin on the last turkey I cooked, so the breast wasn’t very pretty.

You don’t need to salt the turkey if you’ve brined it, but you can grind a little fresh pepper if you like. Next, pour a couple of cups of stock or broth in the bottom of the pan so it won’t dry out and then place a few herbs and vegetables inside the turkey. I don’t cook dressing or stuffing inside the turkey. I use rosemary, thyme, sage, onions, carrots and celery. Then I take a couple of lemons, halve them

and squeeze the juice inside the cavity then throw the lemon halves in there also. Sometimes, if there’s room I might throw in a cut-up apple too.

We usually slice up a platter of dark meat and a platter of white meat so it’s easy to choose.

After you’ve added the aromatics to the inside of the turkey, it’s time to take care of the outside. Here’s the old-fashioned trick that’s going to keep your breast meat from overcooking: take two pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil, butter one side or spray with cooking oil, and cover that breast completely.

The turkey is now ready to go into the oven. Just slide the pan onto the lowest rack and close the door. After an hour, baste the turkey with some of the juices from the pan, lifting up the foil to baste underneath. Continue basting every hour but no sooner than that. Be sure you figure cooking time at about 15 minutes per pound, and remove the foil about an hour before the turkey should be done. Baste the breast again so it will brown nicely. Place the meat thermometer into the thigh at the thickest part, but not touching bone, and when it reads 170°, remove the turkey from the oven. Let it rest for at least half an hour before you slice it.

And there you are! A perfectly cooked, moist, delectable turkey. And don’t throw away that carcass you need it to make leftover turkey soup!

Enjoy! Quirk - 31

Green List Awards

By Jean Van Kleek


was held this October 19 at Lethbridge Exhibition. The show was a joint effort between the Exhibition Park and Lethbridge College. Over 40 exhibitors took part with a wide variety green product and information. The booths ranged from solar energy, curbside recycling, green cleaning product, slow food (opposite of fast food… with a focus on locally produced), green home builders to local handmade chemical free soaps. The expo provided all kinds of interesting, innovative ideas and businesses making a difference in the way we live in Southern Alberta. The exhibition also hosted the Green List Awards in conjunction with the Green Life Expo. The nominees on the Lethbridge Green List represent a wide variety of environmental initiatives taking place in our community. From big actions like a company reducing its waste by 75% to simple acts like children participating in local clean-ups, these activities have ongoing and lasting impacts and provide inspiration to the rest of our community. Jenna Easter, Event Coordinator at Exhibition Park says “Exhibition Park would like to thank the exhibitors, sponsors, and all those who attended the 1st Annual Green Life Expo. There were over 450 visitors to the show and over 40 Exhibitors who all had vast knowledge on the “Green” Theme. People were able to come into

Quirk - 32

The expo provided all kinds of interesting, innovative ideas and businesses making a difference in the way we live in Southern Alberta. the Green Life Expo and be engaged in conversation and have their questions answered about living green. We hope to see even more people come next year and even more businesses be involved.”

If anyone has any questions or would like to take part in next year’s event, please contact Jenna Easter at jenna@exhibitionpark.ca or phone 403-328-4491.


There is a child in each one of us, who comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with.

I am not what


I am what I choose to

God is Dead -Nietzsche

BECOME. Carl Gustav Jung

Nietzsche is Dead -God

Healing doesn’t mean damage never existed,

no longer controls our lives.

It means the damage

Quirk - 33

IT’S BEGINNING to Look a Lot Like Winter

Our Pets

It's that time of year--the leaves are done falling, the time has fallen back an hour, and chances are we will be looking forward to ice, snow, and freezing cold temperatures. Now's the time to snuggle up in front of a fireplace with a warm kitty on your lap or a puppy at your feet. But before you settle down to your long winter's nap, take some time to learn how to keep your pet as warm and comfortable as you are. Cold weather can be hard on pets, just like it can be hard on people. Sometimes owners forget that their pets are just as accustomed to the warm shelter of the indoors as they are. Some owners will leave their animals outside for extended periods of time, thinking that all animals are adapted to live outdoors. This can put their pets in danger of serious illness. There are things you can do to keep your animal warm and safe. Keep your pets inside as much as you can when the mercury drops. If you have to take them out, stay outside with them. When you're cold enough to go inside, they probably are too. Some animals can remain outside safely longer in the winter than others. In some cases, it's just common sense: long-haired breeds like Huskies will do better in cold weather than short-haired breeds like Dachshunds. Cats and small dogs that have to wade shoulder-deep in the snow will feel the cold sooner than larger animals. Your pet's health will also affect how long she can stay out. Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and hormonal imbalances can compromise a pet's ability to regulate her own body heat. Animals that are not generally in good health shouldn't be exposed to winter weather for a long period of time. Very young and very old animals are vulnerable to the cold as well. Regardless of their health, no pets should stay outside for unlimited amounts of time in freezing cold weather. If you have any questions about how long your pet should be out this winter, ask your veterinarian. Cats will curl up against almost anything to stay warm--including car engines. Cats caught in moving engine parts can be seriously hurt or killed. Before you turn your engine on, check beneath the car or make a lot of noise by honking the horn or rapping on the hood. If you live near a pond or lake, be very cautious about letting your rambunctious dog off the leash. Animals can easily fall through the ice, and it is very difficult for them to escape on their own. If you must let your dog loose near open water, stay with them at all times. Be careful with heat sources in your home. Your pet will be attracted to staying by the fire or electric heater as much as you are. It's a good idea to have your furnace checked for carbon monoxide leakage before you turn it on, both for your pets' health and your own. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, but it can cause problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to trouble breathing. Pets generally spend more time in the home than owners, particularly in the winter, so they are more vulnerable to monoxide poisoning than the rest of the family. Pets that go outside can pick up rock salt, ice, and chemical ice melts in their foot pads. To keep your pet's pads from getting chapped and raw, wipe her feet with a washcloth when she comes inside. This will also keep her from licking the salt off her feet, which could cause an inflammation of her digestive tract. Be particularly gentle with elderly and arthritic pets during the winter. The cold can leave their joints extremely stiff and tender, and they may become more awkward than usual. Stay directly below these pets when they are climbing stairs or jumping onto furniture; consider modifying their environment to make it easier for them to get around. Make sure they have a thick, soft bed in a warm room for the chilly nights. Also, watch stiff and arthritic pets if you walk them outside; a bad slip on the ice could be very painful and cause a significant injury. Quirk - 34

Go ahead and put that sweater on Princess, if she'll put up with it. It will help a little, but you can't depend on it entirely to keep her warm. Pets lose most of their body heat from the pads of their feet, their ears, and their respiratory tract. The best way to guard your animals against the cold is keeping a close eye on them to make sure they're comfortable. When you're outside with your pets during the winter, you can watch them for signs of discomfort with the cold. If they whine, shiver, seem anxious, slow down or stop moving, or start to look for warm places to burrow, they're saying they want to get back someplace warm.

Winter can be a beautiful time of year. If you take some precautions, you and your pet can have a fabulous time taking in the icicles, the snow banks, and the warm, glowing fire at the end of the day.




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ry Northside Veterina

Clinic Mascot



Entry Deadline December 13, 2013

• Medical & Surgical Care for Cats & Dogs • Wellness Consultations • Dentistry • Endoscopy, Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound • Laser Surgery • Nutritional Counseling • 24 Hour Emergency Service Available

Park Pet Hospital

Northside Veterinary Clinic

142 Columbia Blvd. West Phone: 403-328-0028

210F-12A Street North Phone: 403-327-3352


www.northsidevet.ca Quirk - 35

Pet Parade 35th Anniversary

Paws to Celebrate! Pet Parade is celebrating its 35th year of business this year. Owner Val Sullivan is very proud to still serve the Lethbridge area after all this time with the store that she and her family began so many years ago. Val is the only one left in the family to be part of the store, but says her staff have all been with her for so many years, they are also part of her extended family.

Val has seen a lot of changes over the years in the way people are with their pets. As people have become more aware of their own health and well-being, they also seek the same for their pet. Val ensures the store only carries pet food that is made by companies whose passion is making pet food, and not a conglomerate with a subdivision that makes pet food. The companies Pet Parade deals with all have exceptional standards for food safety and high quality ingredients. She is confident that when customers leave her store with product, it is product that will help their pet be healthy and happy. This is very important to Val. She and her staff have helped generations of people and pets. They have shared the joy of customers bringing in their new puppies, and shared the grief of their passing years later. Their customers and pets are family too.

Pet Parade does not carry puppies or kittens for sale, but are very active with local animal rescue efforts, and help out wherever they can to find homes for these animals.

Pet Parade provides the type of experience and knowledge that can only come through longevity in a community. They are small enough to be attentive and caring, but large enough to provide the variety of product you need for your pet at a reasonable price. Pet Parade looks forward to the years to come and thanks their customers for their ongoing support!

Celebrating 35 Years in Business!


10% OFF

regular price Tuesdays


price % regular EVERY Friday


Gift Certificates Available

HOURS: Monday-Wednesday 9:30am-5:30pm Thursday 9:30am-9pm • Friday 9:30am – 6pm Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm • Sunday 12pm-5pm

220 12A St. N. Lethbridge

(403) 329-8224


By Jean Van Kleek

I wanted to share this picture with you because it is one of those that just makes me smile every time I look at it. PJ was quite the character. He always marched to the beat of his own drum. He was very curious, and made his own adventures daily. One of his favourite things to do was stay dirty. I resigned myself to that when each time I brought him from the groomers he would roll in the nearest dirt pile he could find. This picture was taken at a campground where he’d found his piece of heaven… dirt everywhere to roll in. Initially I saw him and my thoughts went directly to “how am I going to begin to clean him up?” Then, I couldn’t help but laugh, because the look on his face is that of shear contentment. PJ survived licking toxic lead-based paint, getting locked in the garage, eating mouse poison, rubber washers from a hose and many other things a dog should not eat. He would often get stuck in the bathtub from jumping in to lick the soap bar. He survived a lot of things, but as with the rest of us, he couldn’t survive old age. What he did know how to do though, was live up until that time. When I look at this picture, I see a reminder to grab life and do what makes us happy. Get dirty, roll in it, smile and say “what a ride!”

Sophie & Kiwi Taste Testers


Grab life and do what makes you happy. Get dirty, roll in it, smile and say “what a ride!”


A simple, soft cookie that doesn’t leave a trail of crumbs! Sweet potatoes and yams are high in antioxidants, potassium, and fiber.

A vegetarian cookie that even carnivores will love!

Mix together the following: 5 eggs, beaten 1 cup All Bran 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted 1/2 cup peanut butter 1 tablespoon cinnamon

Add: 2 1/2 cups yams or sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed 2 bananas, mashed 1 1/2 cups apples, grated (core and seeds removed)

Fold in: 6 cups quick oats, 2 cups at a time. Let rest for 10 minutes. Press into a parchment paper lined, large cookie sheet to 1/2 inch thickness. Score to desired size, usually 1 square inch for small dogs. Bake at 350F for 1 hour. Place on cookie rack or turn over after 20 minutes.

Makes a large batch of cookies! Refrigerate a week’s worth and freeze the rest.

*Michelle's recipes include well researched ingredients to help make your dog happy & healthy.

Courtesy of Michelle Zandstra Quirk - 37

It’s all about the dogs at

Doggie Day Care! Pick-up and drop-off service available! Supervised playtime Report cards & dog of the month awards

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by Theresa

Over 20 years experience Our pet sitting service is for any type of pet in your family For whatever reason or duration, we can provide much peace of mind for you and your pet.

113 - 13 Street N 403-380-4922 www.petcitycanada.com

Great gift ideas this Christmas!

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124 Mayor Magrath Drive N. • Just North of the Water Tower Quirk - 38

Start your creative journey with the new

Janome Memory Craft 15000 • 9 mm stitch width • 11” sewing space • Largest touch screen • Easy navigation, user friendly • Automatic needle threader • Acufeed walking foot • Independent bobbin winder • Variable Zig-Zag • Bobbin thread sensor • Acuguide Cloth Guide • Horizon Link and Stitch composer software • Bright lighting • 3 optic magnifiers to see the needle better

Come in and see this fabulous machine in action at:

Linear Motion Embroidery System • iPad wireless connectivity – 2 apps • Fastest internal processor • Cutwork enabled

See the Exclusive Designer Group designs as part of the 480 built in designs

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Call Freddi to reserve your keynote or workshop!

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Come See What Smart Shoppers Across the Country Have Discovered For Over 30 Years Locally Owned & Operated

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