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Mexico By: Brooklyn, Grace, Caitlin and, Amber

Mexico has a lot of sports. Soccer is the most popular sport. Many people either like playing or watching soccer. Soccer is the sport that represents Mexico. Soccer is also called futbal. The Mexican league is pretty competitive, too.

http://www.go ogl e.c om/imgres? q=m exican +socc er&um=1&hl =en&saf e=active&s a=N& :en -us:IE-S earchBox&biw=1280&b ih =82 7&tbm=isch&tbn id =a2smw8eSAMWL_M :&imgrefurl=http:// www.articl esweb .org/cult ure/m exican -soccer -league-history&docid=x-ss5 wVIR4 eo wM&imgurl =http:/ /www.artic les web .org/bl og/ wp-cont ent/gall ery/mexic an-socc er-l eagu e-h istory/mexican -soccer-league-history-12.jpg& w=400& h=300& ei=io1wT-WFI8e62 wXc5pHxA Q&zoom =1&iact =hc& vpx=625& vpy=311&dur =360&ho vh=194&hovw=259&tx =223&ty=111&sig=1047107223 70870171472&p age=1&tbn h=152&tbn w=203&start=0&ndsp =24 &ved =1t:42 9,r:9,s :0&surl=1

Many people criticize bullfighting because of its cruelty. Bullfighting is the 2nd most popular sport. The point of bullfighting is to fight a bull. A lot of Mexicans love to do bullfighting. Many Mexicans go into competitions for bullfighting. mexi can+bullfighti ng&um=1&hl= en&s afe=ac ti ve&rls=com.mi cros oft:en-us:IE-Searc hBox&bi w= 1280&bih= 827&tbm=isch&tbni d=ABs EwnU wR S01xM :&i mgrefurl= ng-in-mexic o&docid=RDMCs BRiSZ 4afM&i mgurl=http://blasts.iigins .com/images/mexi co- bullfighting-1.jpg&w= 1404&h=1353&ei= nY9wT-T _Aue- 2gXYxJD xAQ&z oom= 1&i act= hc&vpx= 187&vpy=465&dur= 1187&hovh= 220&hovw=229&tx=159&ty= 105&sig=104710722370870171472&page=1&tbnh= 147&tbn w=166&s tar t=0&nds p=20&ved=1t:429,r:10,s:0&surl=1

Over 100 million Mexican baseball players made it to the MLB. Baseball is a sport that people like to play anywhere on any team. In Little League Baseball, Americans vs. Mexicans are very competitive. Mexican baseball players that love to play baseball usually make it to the MLB.

http://medi a.photobuc an+bas eball+/big dub83/M exic an- Baseball-lg.gif

Mexico is also know for the number 1 hotspot for extreme sports. Mexico has pretty landscape on the bluffs. When people go on vacations to Mexico they might go ziplining too. Mexico is beautiful,sporty,and fun! mexi can+bl uffs&um=1&hl= en&s afe=ac ti ve&rls=com.micros oft:en-us:IE-Searc hBox&biw= 1280&bih= 827&tbm=isch&tbnid= L3s 8P3QNC1ttEM :&i mgrefurl= /2007Logs/U tah% 25202007/44-Bl uff-Mex%2520H at% 2520on%2520U S-163/44-U S-163%2520Bluff-Mex%2520H at.h tm&docid=A7EcNPYbB5z vAM&i mgurl=http://travellogs .us /2007Logs/Utah%2525202007/44-BluffM ex% 252520H at% 252520on%252520US- 163/5075s an%252520j uan.JPG&w= 486&h= 365&ei=T-F xT 6-6BoXmqgHBqZSVDA&z oom= 1&surl=1

Mexican clothing is a very small fashion industry. Most Mexican clothing are past down from their ancestors. Woman usually weaves clothing for their family because of the cost of fabric. Major cities of Mexico wear the same clothes as you and me. Most Mexicans can’t afford new clothes but they seem to pull it off. 3y0kadw

http://www.go ogl e.c om/search ?tbm=isch& hl=en&sourc e=hp&biw=12 80&bih =82 7&q =mexic an+fash ion&gb v=2&o q=m exic an+f ashion& aq =f&aqi=g9g-m1&aql =&gs_l =img.3..0l9j0i5 .3969l100 94l0l10594l17l1 7l1l3l3l0l 94l1094l13l13l0 .frgbl d.&surl =1&saf e=active#hl =en&saf e=active&gb v=2&tbm=isch&s a=1&q =+trad itional+m exic an+f ashion&o q=+trad ition al+m exic an+f ashion& aq =f& aqi=g1& aql =&gs_l =img.3..0.10500l13 813l0l14922 l13l13l0l0l0l0l110l1080 l12j1l13l0 .frgbld .&b av=on.2 ,or.r_gc .r_pw.r_qf .,cf .osb&fp=73fe162c 2c8d 92&biw=1280&bih=82 7

Have you ever wondered what Mexicans wore back then? Mexicans style stayed the same for awhile because the clothes got past down from their parents and grandparents. Traditional clothing for woman includes skirts called hupils and shawls called rebozo. Some Mexicans wear their clothes as swim suits. Mexicans wear very old and unique clothing. ource=hp&biw=128 0&bih=82 7&q= mexi can+ fashi on&gbv=2 &oq= mexi can+ fashi on&aq= f&aqi=g9g -m1 &a ql=&gs _l=img. 3..0l9j0i5 .3969l 10094l 0l1059 4l17l17l1l 3l3l0l94l1 094l13l 13l0. frgbld. &s url=1&safe=a ctive#hl=e n&safe=a ctive&g bv =2&t bm=i sch &sa =1&q=+traditional+ me xican+fas hion&oq=+traditional+mexi can+ fashi on&aq= f&a qi=g1 &aql= &gs_l=i mg.3..0 .1050 0l1381 3l0l149 22l13l1 3l0l0l0l0l1 10l108 0l12j1l13l 0.frgbl d. &bav=on.2,or.r_g c.r_pw .r_q f.,cf.osb&fp=73 fe162 c2 c8d92&biw=12 80&bih=8 27

Mexicans always wear bright colors dyed from many things. People like earthy colors like light browns, and light greens, and reds. Mexicans used to wear bark garments as clothes when they could not afford fabric. Mexicans got the idea of earthy toned colors from the bark garments. Mexicans love bright colors because of its look but others prefer earthy tones. ource=hp&biw=128 0&bih=82 7&q=imag es &gbv=2 &oq=images &aq=f&aqi=g1 0&a ql=1 &gs_l=i mg.3..0l1 0.875l 2110l0l 3188l6l 6l0l0l0l0l12 5l687l1j 5l6l0.e fis.1. &s url=1&safe =active#hl=e n&safe =active&g bv=2 &tbm=i sch&sa=1 &q=+traditional+mexi can+ fashion&oq=+tra ditional+ mexi can+ fas hion&aq= f&aqi=g1 &aql= 1&gs _l=img.3 ..0.50 577l54 233l2l5 5249l1 3l13l0l0l0l 0l250l1 597l6j6j 1l13l0.e fis.1. &bav= on. 2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_ qf., cf. osb&fp=9 d040 99c33bbc9 41 &biw=12 80 &bih= 827

Mexicans love dressing up for special celebrations. Most Mexicans wear costumes during the day of the dead. They mostly wear skeleton masks and long shawls and dresses. Stilt walkers wear long costumes and pants and skeleton masks to make themselves look like their old ancestors. I love Mexican clothing because of its fantastic colors and design its very beautiful. ource=hp&biw=128 0&bih=82 7&q= mexi can+ fashi on&gbv=2 &oq= mexi can+ fashi on&aq= f&aqi=g9g -m1 &a ql=&gs _l=img. 3..0l9j0i5 .3969l 10094l 0l1059 4l17l17l1l 3l3l0l94l1 094l13l 13l0. frgbld. &s url=1&safe=a ctive#hl=e n&safe=a ctive&g bv =2&t bm=i sch&sa =1&q=+traditional+ me xican+fas hion&oq=+traditional+mexi can+ fashi on&aq= f&a qi=g1 &aql= &gs_l=i mg.3..0 .1050 0l1381 3l0l149 22l13l1 3l 0l0l0l0l1 10l108 0l12j1l13l 0.frgbl d. &bav=on.2,or.r_g c.r_pw .r_q f.,cf.osb&fp=73 fe162 c2 c8d92&biw=12 80&bih=8 27

Time to celebrate! Mexico has 5,000 to 6,000 holidays every year. Mexico has a ton of national holidays. Mexico has a lot of holidays but one kind is religious holidays. The earliest festivals were connected with offerings to the gods; some were also remembrances for the dead. Mexico is known for all their fiestas, holidays, and celebrations.

http://www. firstchoice. co. uk/image s/regions/s un -me xico-main.j pg

What national holidays do you have in your country? Mexico has El Ano Nuevo, Mexico Constitution Day, Flag Day, and a lot more. One big Sunday, part of their national holidays, they have a big parade and huge fireworks. When Mexico has big national holidays kids don’t have school and some adults don’t have to work. As you can see Mexicans take their holiday seriously.

Do you have any religious holidays in your country? Well if you don’t go to Mexico because they have a few. In Mexico religious holidays are a priority requiring days and sometimes weeks of preparation. Every religious holiday is a unique celebration that demonstrates the importance of faith in the heart of the Mexican people.

http://www.destination360. com/north-a merica /me xico/eve nts-holidays

Festivals and holidays have been celebrated since ancient times. On ancient holiday is Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a celebration of the souls of friends and family member who have passed away. The celebration of the spring equinox dates back hundreds of years. Today, thousands of tourists gather at El Castillo pyramid to experience the once-a-year event. Candlemas, Corpus Christi, and Day of the Dead are three holidays whose roots and traditions go back to the Aztecs of preColumbian Mexico. The New Year will bring a new cycle of ancient fiestas.

http://www. co-operativeper sonaltraveladvisor uploa d/289% 20x% 2017 5/Caribbean/Mexi co/ Mexi co%2 0-%2 0Chi che n%20Itza.j pg

Mexico has numerous holidays every year. There are several national holidays that Mexicans celebrate. They also have unique religious that they consider holidays. Mexico tradition is to celebrate many ancient holidays. Now you know what their holidays are like. Go to Mexico to experience one yourself.

http://the p-content/uploads/20 11/10 /Sugar-sk ulls-size-4.jpg

Have you ever wonder what Mexicans put in there foods and drinks? Well here you will get to find out! All drinks in Mexico are made freshly, store bought, or bought from vendors. Mexicans put a lot of spices into their foods every spice is important to them. There are many foods that are important and food is a big part of holidays and celebrations. I bet you can’t wait to hear about these topics.

This is one of their chicken main dishes. Site:

Drinks in Mexico are freshly made from scratch and are very colorful. Mexicans make a lot of lemonade with fresh, lemons .Hot coco at first could only be drunk by royals. These people also drink a lot of coffee they really don’t drink that much icy drinks. France influenced some drinks into Mexico. In conclusion these drinks can be freshly made, store bought, and bought from vendors.

This is one of their emerald mint milk shakes they don’t drink them that often. BrVWVh862O4/T1EPUZHEzXI/AAAAAAAAEOg/8SnOKDPXDIA/s1600/emerald_mint_milkshake_1_300.jpg

Spices are very important to Mexicans because they make their foods taste better. One of their most popular foods is Cabrito Con Tamales, but it also has a lot of spices in it. Spices in Mexico are very important way more important than they are to us. The most important spice is chili pepper. The Mexicans put twice as much spices in there foods then we do. All in all there are a lot of spices in their food then we put in ours.

That’s one of their spiciest foods Cabrito Con Tamales. Sited:

There are so many foods that Mexicans value. Some important foods are sweet potato, pineapple, bean, chili pepper, avocado, papaya, turkey, maize, squash, peanuts, and salsa and chips. The popular foods of the southern are there spicy vegetables, and there chicken base dish. The northern part of Mexico is known for their beef, goat, and ostrich. Some items that Mexicans put in there foods are iguana, rattlesnake, spider monkey; ECT…All parts of the cow is used in cooking. This is some pretty strange food and weird things to cook.

Mazie is like corn, they do eat a lot of corn.

There are many different foods and drinks then we have. Drinks come in many different colors and different tastes. Each spice has its own job to make the food taste better. Foods are a big part of celebrations and parties. In conclusion I have learned so much stuff from this.

Sited the lemonade picture:

http://img4.realsi mple. com/i mages/ food -recipes/re cipe -collections/07 06/ pinkjuice-jug _300.j pghttp:/ / com/i mgres?q= me xica n+chili+pep pers &um=1 &hl= en &safe=active&rl s=com. micr osoft:e n-us:IE -Addre ss&biw=12 80&bih= 827 &tbm=isch&t bnid= mf5_ldcKVgRmZM: &imgre furl=http://www.this merica /me xi co/2 01106 03-me xico-city.php&docid=j34 fBGey9Bw C1M &img url=http:/ /www.this ourney/north -a merica/ me xico/20 11060 3-me xico -city/chili-ds c_168 8-4.j pg&w =1536 &h=102 4&ei= 9jJzT43kCqiI2gW 37-T -Dg &zoom=1&ia ct=rc&dur=172&sig=107 34617 2570 81425 8413 &page =2 &tbnh=135 &tbnw=187 &start=20 &ndsp=25 &ved=1t: 429,r:3 0,s: 20&t x=89 &ty=76 &s url=1

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