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2012 [Russia]

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That was the main source of entertainment until the theatre was first brought to Russia. During the 18th to 19th century, Russian Classical music was most popular. Classical music consisted of pianos, harps, and violins. Almost everybody listened to music back then; they didn’t have a tape player or anything, so they had to go to a live session.

Then in the 20th century soviet music was invented. This consisted of the following of guitars and basically any instrument the band wanted.

Have you ever eaten Russian food? Most of their food is grown at home. They are very unique from our food.

Russians will eat lamb whenever they will. Some rich people may eat octopus. Some people will eat caviar(fish eggs). eaQM&imgurl=http

On the holiday it is much different than what they usually eat or do. At Easter they will stuff eggs. On Christmas and Easter they make rye bread. On Christmas Russians have huge parties and the all drink vodka.

They use many different kinds of meats. Most of the people raise animals to eat them. They will eat the skin off of the animal to eat the most of it. They may sometimes raise fish.

They only make it on special days because it is very holy to Russians. They also make drinks a lot such as °vodka °medovana °samogon They eat different foods than us such as °oladi °pastries

Have you ever watched the Olympics? Did you know that the 22nd Olympics were held in Russia? In this book you’ll learn about the 22nd Olympics, the kinds of sports the Russians play and what they use sports for in Russia.

This section is about the Olympics in Russia. In 1980 in Moscow, Russia the 22nd Olympics were going on. In that Olympics 150 combined new records were set. The Soviet team won 14 gold medals of its 18 Olympic appearances. The country of Russia has finished in the top 5 at every Paralympics games since 1999. Since 1952 Russia has never gotten below 3rd place in the Olympic Games. During this time the USSR has won 310 gold medals in the Olympic Games.

Have you ever wondered what sports they play in other countries? Well, they play almost the same sports in Russia than they play in America! The top three sports in Russia are basketball, football, and ice hockey. Many Russians enjoyed cycling through the city of Moscow, the capitol.

Have you ever wondered what sports were used for back in the old days? Well, Russians used sports for work and defense. Russian sports were a prototype until the USSR came in 1917. Currently the prime minister of Russia is trying to end racism for the 2018 world cup.

Well now you should be an expert on Russia and the sports they play. You know the sports they play, what they nd used to use the sports for, and the 22 Olympics mg.12...0l0l0l6348l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0.llsin.&surl=1&safe=activethat were held in Russia.

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