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Kung Fu, Great wall Marathons, and Basketball are just some of China’s great, mind blowing sports. China has heart pounding, head rushing international sports. China also has many country passed down sports that include sightseeing with them. China’s traditional sports can be exciting, yet subtle. Using weapons and breathing techniques. In all China has amazing and breathtaking sports to do, play, and watch.

China’s sports are all very different here are some of the international sports that they do. Baseball first appeared in China around1863. But, their organized baseball games began around 1905. Basketball was founded in China around 1898; as a result China was the third oldest country to play basketball. China’s superpower chess team became the thirty-seventh chess Olympiad in 2006. The men’s team took second, the women’s third. To sum up, China’s international sports are really great sports!


China has many generations of their countries sports. All include breathtaking views for the competitors. The Great wall marathon, one of the greatest, most challenging marathons in the world! Every third Saturday of May the competitors compete, in this six day marathon across the Great wall. China’s Formula One Grand Prix, this sport began around 2004.Occuring every April in one of the most impressive circuits in the world! The Haungshan Mountain Bike Festival occurs every April in and around the Yellow Mountains. Overall China has some pretty cool generation sports!

Traditional sports in China are also very popular around the U.S, here are some of them. China’s sport Taijiquan is the same as shadowboxing. Many people use this technique sport to practice for boxing. Qigong is a very popular sport/ breathing exercise in China. It is suppose to help a person to stay alert and live longer. Wushu, a self defense art that involves hand to hand combat with weapons such as: swords, spears, and sabers. Altogether China’s sports are very neat! a_wushu_9_994647d2ee2a547d1d5505fda0ac1c7e_490x350.png

China’s sports include traditional, international and ones brought down generation by generation. Baseball, basketball, and chess some of the great international sports for China. Great wall marathons, Grand Prix’s, and Mountain Bike Festivals, all including great sites and views for the competitor. Taijiquan, Qigong, and Wushu. Self defense and breathing exercises that help you live longer. All in all China has amazing sports. Maybe you could try some too.

Hannah Hart Chinese education is different from American education. We all know that! But have you ever wondered why? First of all, they have lots of schools. Secondly, they don’t have to go to school as long as us. Most importantly, how are they so smart? It may sound like they are all differences but we also have small similarities.

China has lots of schools. As of 2007, there were 396,567 primary schools. China had 94,116 secondary schools. There were also 2,236 higher education institutions in China. China has the largest education system in the world.

Students in China don’t have to go to school for as long as us. First, in 1986, the Chinese government passed a law, making nine years of education mandatory for all Chinese children. Then, in February 2006, the government advanced its basic education goal by pledging to provide completely free nine- year education, including textbooks and fees. Primary school lasts for five to six years, junior middle school lasts for three years, and senior middle school lasts for two to three years. Almost all children in urban areas attend 12 years of school, while that’s our minimum. http://blog.tmcnet .com/blog/rich -tehrani/upl oads/Chinese -graduates.jpg

Chinese students are really smart. Farmers and peasants often take their children out of school early to help work on the land and daughters are less likely to get a good education. Now you may be wondering, “How does this make them smarter?” Well, it doesn’t. What does make them smarter is that they start school at age 6. Their school days run from 8:00a.m. To 12:00p.m. With a two hour lunch break and then they go back at 2:00p.m. Until 4:00p.m. In 2009, Chinese students from Shangri achieved the world’s best results in mathematics, science, and literacy as tested by P.I.S.A. P.I.S.A. is a worldwide evaluation of fifteen year old school pupils’ scholastic performance. Some consistently top ranked universities in mainland China are; Peking University, Fudan University, Nankai University, and Wuhan University. Now you know why and how smart Chinese students are. cA/TP-Kjr21eqI /AAAAAAAAApo/ULHIxlLBwPI /s1600/PISA+2009+Results.bmp

That’s how education in China is different from education in America. First, we learned that China has lots of schools. Then we learned about how students in China don’t have to go to school for as long as us. After that we learned why Chinese students are really smart. I hope you enjoyed learning about China’s education as much as I did.

By: Chaelyn K, China has much different art than American; it inspires you, and is incredible. My second paragraph will be about the history of art. My third paragraph I will tell you about the clay arts. My fourth paragraph will be about the materials, kinds of arts, and the colors. In all China has had a different kind of art through the ages.

What is the history of art, do you know? Chinese arts are influenced by three major religions, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Chinese art began more than 4ooo years ago. The paintings became an art form more than 2ooo years ago. That is what China history is like.

Clay art is much harder than painting or drawing. Purple clay is really is really a generic term for the clay material found indigenous to the region Yixing China. Purple clay is in fact midway between earth enware and porcelain. That is the art of purple clay. -clay-everything-is-going-smoothly-1-big.jpg

When you think of art what material do you think of? The Chinese pearl has multiple materials that go with it, such as, balloons, newspaper, paint, pearl, small pole, and colored tissue paper. The Chinese dragon is made out of some pretty cool things, such as, empty toilet paper rolls, small boxes, newspaper, tissue paper, and flexible branches. The Chinese sculptures are made of many many different materials. Chinese art uses different materials from America, as you can see.

China has a variety of art that is very inspiring. The history of art, Chinese art began more than4000 years ago. The clay arts, the purple clay that you use for art is really a generic term for the clay material indigenous to the region Yixing China.The materials for the Chinese pearl is ballons, newspaper, paint, pearl, small pole, and colored tissue paper.In all you learned that China has has many different kinds of art.,12515604 63,1/stock-photo-pile-of-bright-purple-clay-isolated-against-a-white-background36111868.jpg

Chinese Dancing!

By: Jena Powers Have you ever wondered if dancing in every country is the same, well it’s not! The first thing I’m going to talk about is the lion festival. The way they dance is different. But it’s not that different. The cloud dance group is a very amazing dance group ever wondered why? So now you don’t think in every country dancing is the same huh!

:// ce_zjv.jpg

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the lion and the dragon festival. The lion dance has been around since, 1945. Both dragon and lion dances are perform in many Chinese festivals and parades. Did you know whatever the occasion a visit from the lion or the dragon always brings good luck? To end this off, did you know people today play a lion and dragon type of game for fun?

The way Chinese people dance maybe a little different. But don’t you want to know why? Dancers who perform morning exercises in parks aren’t doing yoga but doing physical movements. The Cloud Gate Dance Troup preformed in many countries worldwide, and is considered the best dance group ever in China. Many universities and colleges in China are now adding a college for dancers. Each minority people or aboriginal group of China has its own folk dance forms.

The Cloud Gate Dance group is amazing dance group, ever wondered why? They are so good becouse they practice for hours on end. There is a cloud dance two and they performed at sold out houses on their tour around the US. Wow isn’t that amazing! The group do many kinds of dancing examples are, Technique, ballet, partnering, hip hop, and many many more.

These are some of the dance members in the group.

Singers in China. There are many singers in China but the most famous is a 45 year old man. This chinese rock legend is no other than Cui Jian. He sings rock and also plays the guitar. He has also many other talents. Cui has had many sold out concerts before. He practices singing whenever he can because he loves singing when he performs he blindfolds himself so he can’t see. That’s sure a true crowd pleaser. since he was a little boy. Did you know sometimes PG

By Tuesday camps

Have you ever wondered about the wildlife of china? Well I’m going to tell you about it! China has many animals but the Giant panda is the most attractive site. The western china most dangerous animal is the Eurasian Lynx! The Chinese animals are very important, but the Chinese alligator is very dangerous! I hope you learned a lot about the Chinese Animals. %20zoo.jpg

China has lots of animals, but the Giant Panda is the most attractive site in china! The Giant panda is the rarest panda in china. The Giant panda is endangered because of people love its fur and it looks good on floors. The giant panda lives all over china even in the zoos! As a matter of fact don’t you think the Giant panda should live in peace?

In western china the Eurasian lynx is the most dangerous cat in western china! The lynx is a median sized cat compared to the Siberian tiger. Its habitat is up in the high rocks or fallen trees to seek lunch! The lynx is a very dangerous cat if you come near it it’ll think you’re its prey. That is what the Eurasian lynx’s are! pg

Have you ever wondered how the Chinese alligator survives? The Chinese alligator are critically endangered animals. The Chinese alligator is one of the two known types and living species of alligators. If you come near the Chinese alligator it will try to eat you. The Chinese alligator is one of the most dangerous and mighty animal so don’t try to hurt it.

Chinese animals are very important. The rarest animal is the giant panda in china. The Eurasian lynx is very strong and stealthy. The other animals are very important because of the habitat and how it lives. Most of the rare animals live in china because of the Chinese people take care of the animals.

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