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founded in 1915 biggest in the region famous in Russia

RYAZAN REGION Ryazan region: history culture industry tourism education since 1095

RYAZAN CITY Ryazan city: parks ancient architecture modern trade centers monuments theatres art gallery restaurants clubs since 1095

RYAZAN STATE UNIVERSITY STAFF: Rector | President Deputy rector Vice-rectors Heads of departments Directors of institutes Deans of faculties Heads of faculty departments Foreign lecturers Lecturers Assistants

RYAZAN STATE UNIVERSITY NAMED FOR S.YESENIN Sergei Yesenin (1895 – 1925) was a famous Russian poet, born in Ryazan region. His poetry is characterized by the strong use of Russian nature images, lyricism, symbolism and love of Russia. That is why Russian people very often call him ‘a real Russian poet’.

RYAZAN STATE UNIVERSITY Campus: main building (5 faculties) psychology faculty building Russian language faculty building economics faculty building sociology faculty building administrative building St.Tatiana’s church gym restaurant cafeteria storage

INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Specialties: Foreign language (English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Spanish) Teacher of English and IT Translation practice and theory Departments: Linguistics and cross-cultural communication (interpreters) Germanic languages teaching Romanic languages teaching Oriental languages teaching Second languages teaching Intensive language teaching (ESP) (night school)


Specialties: Psychology

Teaching at elementary / pre-elementary level Education and psychology Social education Teaching children with special educational needs (SEN) Teaching speech therapy (SEN) Departments: Humanitarian and natural sciences education Psychology(general and developmental) Education (teaching at elementary and pre-elementary levels) Teaching strategies Psychology of personality, special psychology and SEN Sociology and social services

HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FACULTY Specialties: History International Relations Advertising Departments: History of Russia Foreign Languages (English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish) World History and International Relations Advertising and Artistic education

PHYSICS, MATH AND NANOTECHNOLOGY FACULTY Specialties: Mathematics (with “IT”) Mathematics (with “Physics” ) Physics (with “Information science” ) IT management IT (with: «IT teacher» ) Production and enterprise Departments: Physics and physics teaching Math teaching Mathematical analysis IT

BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY AND GEOGRAPHY FACULTY Specialties: Biology (Natural habitat) Geography (Country-specific studies and international tourism; landscape projecting) Chemistry Ecology Geography management Social and cultural service and tourism Departments: Human anatomy, physiology and hygiene Botany and agricultural biology Zoology and biology teaching Physiography and geography teaching Economic and social geography Chemistry Ecology and nature management Tourism

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FACULTY Specialties: Russian language and Russian literature Culture Journalism Theology (Religion study) Education centers: Russian language for foreigners Departments : Modern Russian language Russian language history Literature Journalism Culture studies Theology (Religion study)

ECONOMICS FACULTY Specialties: National economics Taxes and taxation Accounting, auditing and financial analysis Finance and credit activities Departments: Accounting, auditing and financial analysis Taxes and taxation National economics

LAW FACULTY Specialties: Law Political science Public administration Record keeping and document management Departments: State-legal disciplines and management Civil law and procedure Criminal law and procedure Political science Business and labour law

SOCIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT FACULTY Specialties: HR management Sociology Public administration Public relations Taxes and taxation Departments: Sociology HR management Public relations

SPORTS FACULTY Specialties: Sport Sports teacher (SEN) Departments: Sports education Team sport and skiing education Medical, biological and psychological fundamentals of sport education

PUBLICATIONS Scientific international journals

STUDENTS 11 000 students 150 foreign students throughout the year Art Contests Stand-up Comedy Contests Young Scientists Conferences Young Businessmen Conferences Young Teacher Contests Phonetics Contests Foreign Culture Days Students Professional Theatre Summer schools Trips to Moscow and St.Petersburg Students’ Community Service

RYAZAN --- MOSCOW 2,5 hours from Moscow: capital city political centre international events world famous sights art museums

RYAZAN --- ST.PETERSBURG 9 hours from St.Petersburg: cultural capital fountains and canals international events world famous sights art museums


Παρουσίαση РГУ им. С. А. Есенина  
Παρουσίαση РГУ им. С. А. Есенина  

Παρουσίαση РГУ им. С. А. Есенина