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Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics

SAINT-PETERSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY OF SERVICE AND ECONOMICS Mission: • to offer academic programs that allow students to become highly qualified internationally-minded professionals and meet the demands of the changing business environment and international standards of quality.

SPBSUSE TODAY: • modern and dynamic developing • teacher and staff - 1200 •more than 30 thousands of students • 8 faculties • 11 branches • 32 specialties and more than 50 specializations Association •Colleges • 4 trade schools •25 lyceums, schools, gymnasiums This is the unique complex of lifelong education, including multilevel scheme: “School – Lyceum - College - University”, that increases the quality of education

THE BRANCHES • • • • • • • • • • •

Novgorod Kaliningrad Pskov Vyborg Kaluga Sosnovyi Bor Staraya Russa Tikhvin Velikie Luki Kirov Syktyvkar


70 60 50

Professors, Doctors of Science(13%) Candidates, Associate professors (62%) Lectures, assistants (25%)

40 30 20 10 0


National Innovation Consortium of Service & Economics Universities •

Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics

Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service

Omsk State Service Institute

Povolzhsk State Service University

Ufa State Academy of Economics and Service

The South Russia State University of Economics and Service

UNIVERSITY FACULTIES: •Economics and Management of Enterprises in Service Industry •Regional Economics and Management •Tourism and International Economic Relations •Trade and Restaurant Business •Arts, Crafts and Design •Motor Transport, Municipal Engineering and Household Facilities Service •Sociology and Management of Social Processes •Law

EDUCATION PROFILE • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Economics Finance and Credit Management Marketing Social Work Social and Cultural Service and Tourism Service Law Public Relations Journalism Design (Costume Design) Applied Arts and Crafts Applied Computer Engineering Household Facilities and Equipment

POSTGRADUATE STUDIES Doctoral Studies Programmes: • • • • • •

Economics and National Economics Management Accounting, Statistics; Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes; Machines, Units and Processes; Motor Transport Operation; Technical Aesthetics and Design.


The University strengthens and develops scientific, practical and creative contacts with higher





England, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Greece, Korea and other countries.

Directions of academic mobility: • • • • •

International Programme Summer school Short-term programmes Double degree programme Joint projects with European universities and organizations

Special features of the International programme are: 1. 2.


Foreign students study with Russian students. Students study subjects from different fields of science. Intensive Russian Language is a compulsory course for all foreign students.

Subjects in English • • • • • • • • •

International Marketing, International Economics, Financial Management, Cross-cultural Communication, Country Studies, Tourism Destination Management, Social and Economic Geography, Demographical Processes in Modern Russia, Modern Subcultures of Russia


• • • •

Russian language History and culture of Russia and Saint-Petersburg Tourism destinations in Russia Special features of business in Russia

Short-term programmes • • • • • •

Russian language (basic) Russian language (level 2) Russian Culture History of Russia Doing Business in Russia Optional Subject


Studying at the University means not only lectures, seminars and exams – it involves unforgettable student life.

St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics is well known for its sports traditions. The Volleyball Team of the university is the acknowledged leader among the student teams of St. Petersburg. The Mini-Football and Basketball teams show good results in the Inter-University Championship.

There is a number of leisure facilities: Sports Club, Student Theatre, Fashion Theatre, Humorists Club, House Journal “The Global Life in the University of Service and Economics”, Students’ Trade-Union, Literary Society, Linguistic Club, Student Council, Student Scientific Community.


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