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Welcome to RCI, the world’s leading holiday exchange provider. Your home resort (where you purchased your timeshare) is affiliated to us, so that you and other timeshare owners can holiday all over the world with ease. You can “trade” your week(s) for another member’s week(s)… this is what we call holiday exchange. With over 4,000 affiliated resorts worldwide for you to choose from, RCI can take you there. Whether it’s a luxurious beach holiday, some well-earned winter sun or a last minute getaway, the choice is yours. This guide provides more information and step-by-step instructions on how you can use your RCI membership to start your holiday dreams.

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Trading Power explained When you deposit your week, RCI assigns it trading power, known as Deposit Trading Power. During the exchange process your Deposit Trading Power is compared against the trading power of all available exchanges to determine which Exchange Holiday is available to you. This is known as Exchange Trading Power.

Go online at and try for yourself!

The Deposit Calculator on helps you see the impact of timing on Deposit Trading Power and: •A  llows you to enter the start date and unit size of your holiday time to see what the trading power of your week will be before depositing. •C  alculates the trading power of the week you intend to deposit.

How is your Deposit Trading Power assigned? CLASSIFICATION, DEMAND, SUPPLY & UTILISATION





Classification: Whether your Deposit is a resort, boat or vehicle. Demand: The more members that want your Deposit, the higher its trading power. Supply: Number of Deposits like yours that have been made. Utilisation: Number of Deposits like yours confirmed by other members.

The type & size of your unit will affect your trading power.

Deposit 2 years to 9 months before the start date of your week to get 100% of the available Deposit Trading Power when you exchange.

Score cards that members fill out determine a resort rating.

Depending on location, certain times of year are worth more than others.


Getting the most from your trading power What if my desired Exchange Holiday requires less trading power than my Deposit?

For example,

If the Trading Power of your Exchange Holiday is less than the trading power of the weeks you have deposited, you will receive a Deposit Credit* that can be used (or combined) towards a future Exchange Holiday. When doing this the travel through date of your Deposit Credit will be the same as the travel through date of the original Deposit.


What if I want to exchange for a holiday with greater trading power than my Deposit? As long as you have a Deposit Credit, or multiple Deposits available you may, for a fee, combine them into a new Combined Deposit* that will increase the Trading Power value of your “new” Deposit.

Trading Power Protection:

Your Deposit’s Trading Power

15 Your Holiday’s Exchange Trading Power


Your Deposit Credit

For example,


Your Deposit Credit

15 Another Deposit

20 Combined Deposit Trading power

If you need to cancel your Exchange Holiday, Trading Power Protection* ensures that you will be refunded 100% of the Trading Power that you used for that booking. Remember to book Trading Power Protection as soon as you have made your holiday exchange. Call your local office or visit *For more information, please turn to page 22


For more information visit /welcome


Depositing explained It all starts with a deposit!

Your week of ownership is also known as a deposit. When you and other members deposit your week(s) into the exchange holiday system, there are more holiday choices for everyone and most importantly, you!

Maximise your trading power (shown on page 6) when you deposit early! By depositing between 2 years and 9 months you will increase your exchange options.

To book an Exchange Holiday* the first thing you need to do is deposit your week of ownership. You can do this anytime between 2 years and 2 weeks before your week begins.

If the week you own starts on the 15th August 2014, you can deposit your week with us as early as 16th August 2012. The latest you can deposit your week is 14 days before the week starts. Once your week is deposited you can exchange against it up to 1 year prior (1st August 2013) and up to 2 years after (31st August 2016).

For example:

Deposit Window: 2 years - 14 days

Travel Window: 3 years

2 Years prior


1 Year prior

Start date of the week you own

1 Year after

2 Year after

We were surprised how easily we deposited our week online and had the most amazing holiday in Mexico. DAVID & HELEN WRIGHT RCI Weeks members since ‘07

Your deposit can fall into one of two categories based on the type of week you own: Fixed week deposits: A fixed week deposit means that you own the same unit and week every year, at the same resort. Most members with a fixed week can deposit directly with RCI.

Floating week deposits: A floating week deposit means that your holiday assignment varies by year. Please contact your home resort to obtain your unit number and week number before attempting to deposit with RCI.

How to deposit your week Before you deposit, please make sure that your maintenance fees on that week are paid, please contact your home resort directly with regards to the fees. Then simply log onto your account on or call your local office to deposit your week.

*For more information, please turn to page 22


How to exchange your week The exchange process is simple when you know how. Follow these 3 steps to book your holiday.






Exchange Search

Exchange Confirmation

Simply go online to request your Exchange. If the holiday you want is not there yet add an on-going search. Alternatively call your local office and tell us when and where you want to go and we’ll discuss the options with you.

Once you’ve found your perfect holiday, simply confirm to complete your holiday exchange. You will receive your holiday confirmation by email or by post.

Deposit your week early to get the best trading power. Deposit on or call your local office. Once you have deposited you can begin your search!

Don’t forget to book Trading Power Protection!*

*For more information, please turn to page 22


Register online to explore the world of RCI

More and more members have discovered the benefits of registering on With the convenience of 24 hours a day 7 days a week access this is the best place to start planning your holiday. The great benefits of going online are listed on these pages along with a number of new online tools that will assist your holiday planning. Go online today and become part of the RCI community - what are you waiting for?





Benefits of registering on

Helping you plan your next holiday

Stay connected with RCI

It’s easy to register online, here’s just a few reasons why you should sign up today: ● It’s free to register ● Book your Exchange Holiday online and save ¤10* ● Deposit your week ● Combine your Deposits ● Access exclusive online only offers ● Book an Extra Holiday ● Book a Late Deal ● Open an ongoing search for an exchange ● Book Trading Power Protection online to give you peace of mind ● Upgrade to RCI Platinum and receive additional exclusive benefits

● It’s easy to find your next holiday by using the convenient search filters ● Learn about RCI’s 4,000 resorts in the online Resort Directory with photos, videos, interactive maps, local weather and member reviews ● View resort and destination recommendations personalised for you

● Write a resort review and add your own photos and see what other members have to say ● Watch RCI TV – with enriched resort and destination content ● Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Blog sites via ● Access via the App Store

● View your holiday plans and holiday history ● Use the online calculator to calculate Deposit Trading Power value ● Use the Exchange Planner to view historical Exchange Trading Power values ● View the latest resort offers available ● Save your favourite searches for quick access later ● Use online tutorials to help you when needed

Make sure we have your email address so you can receive information about your weeks account regularly!

*For more information, please turn to page 22


Discover the world with RCI


Where in the world can we take you? RCI is your passport to a world of great destinations and a lifetime of memories. Whether you like to relax on a sundrenched Spanish beach or visit a South African game reserve you’ll find just what you’re looking for with RCI, so start exploring today. Visit to check out the resort directory to view more resort information, photos, videos and member reviews and make holiday planning fun and easy.


Experience all the benefits of your RCI Membership

Introductory Offer!

money off your first Extra Holiday!*

Call today to book


The benefits of RCI Membership go beyond Exchange Holidays. We also offer other ways to experience amazing destinations. Extra Holidays

Prefer a

Extra Holidays are week-long holidays at RCI affiliated resorts, for which you do not exchange your week. Instead, you book them with cash, just as you would book a regular hotel stay. That aside, Extra Holidays are just like RCI Exchange Holidays - you get the same spacious resort-style accommodations, benefits and amenities that you expect from an RCI holiday!

printed Resort Directory? Order online at

Late Deals Late Deals are great value if you can travel at short notice. You have access to great value accommodation with set prices for each unit size regardless of destination or resort classification when booking with 45 days of check-in date. Late Deals are available at selected resorts only.

Resort Offers As an RCI member you have the added benefit of accessing exclusive offers at selected resorts which include meal deals, discounted excursions and more. Go to to find out!

Guest Certificates What better way to enjoy RCI Membership than sharing fantastic holiday experiences with friends or family. With our Guest Certificates* you can do just that.

RCI Platinum* is the highest level of membership offered by RCI, which provides you with a range of valuable benefits and cost savings, in addition to

those which you already receive as an RCI member. For more information about platinum membership visit

Other Holiday Options RCI is part of the Wyndham family which includes recognised brands such as; Landal GreenParks, Wyndham Hotels, Canvas Holidays, cottages4you and James Villa Holidays. As an RCI member you can take advantage of great discounts provided by our sister companies. Visit to find out more information.

Holiday Planning The RCI Directory on is the ultimate holiday planner, packed with over 4,000 resorts in RCI’s exchange network, plus resort images, videos, member reviews and so much more! Also look out for your Endless Vacation magazine which is exclusively designed for RCI members and will help you decide on your next holiday. *For more information, please turn to page 22


Holidays should be relaxing... make it easy on yourself RCI has flexible membership options that mean you can keep on enjoying great holidays and save


Call your local office to find out about our exclusive offers and renew your membership.

Frequently asked questions


Q. Do I have to holiday in the same year as the week I’ve deposited? A. You can deposit this year’s week and carry it over to exchange up to two years after the start date of your owned week. Q. Will the Deposit Trading Power of my week change once it’s deposited? A. No, not unless an exchange is made with the Deposit and then cancelled. This can impact the Deposit Trading Power depending on how far in advance of the start date the Exchange is cancelled if you didn’t purchase Trading Power Protection. Otherwise Deposit Trading Power is assigned at the time of Deposit and does not change. Q. Can I increase the trading power of my Deposit? A. While you cannot individually increase the trading power of your Deposit, you can maximise your Deposit Trading Power by depositing your week 2 years to 9 months prior to the start date of the week. Q. Can I buy more trading power for my Deposits?

Cancellations received before the start date of your confirmed exchange are entitled to request another Exchange. However, you will have to pay an additional exchange fee and will also receive a reduced trading power unless you have purchased Trading Power Protection in which case your Trading Power will be protected and fully restored to 100%. Q. How do I update my contact details? A. Simply call an RCI Guide. Q. How many Extra Holidays and Late Deals can I take in a year, and when are these available to book? A. You can book as many Extra Holidays and Late Deals as you like, and they are available to book at anytime of the year. Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. Q. Do RCI own the resort I have my timeshare at? A. RCI do not own any resorts, your resort is affiliated with us so their timeshare owners can receive all the benefits of being an RCI member.

A. No, Deposit Trading Power cannot be purchased. Q. Can I cancel a confirmed exchange? A. We ask you notify us of any cancellation by telephone, in writing, or on as soon as possible. All details are correct at time of going to print (January 2013)


More Information Booking terms & conditions

Trading Power Protection

All bookings are subject to availability and member terms and conditions. Transaction fees apply – call us for more information. Please see for more membership terms and conditions.

For full details, terms and conditions please visit Transaction fee applies - call us for more information. Please note that this cover applies to restoration of Trading Power only and not to Extra Holidays or any other product or service. One fee is payable for each exchange week. Only the Trading Power will be restored. No fees or charges will be refunded including, without limitation, exchange fees, maintenance fees or any travel and/or transport costs.

Combining Deposits Transaction fee applies – call us for more information.

Deposit Credits The Deposit Credit will have the same travel window as the original deposit. For example, if you exchange using a deposit that has a travel through date of December 31, 2014, and you receive a Deposit Credit, you will be able to use that Deposit Credit towards another exchange through December 31, 2014.

Online Booking Discount A discount per reservation is applied when holding or booking a reservation online at RCI reserve the right to change or remove the discount at any time.

New Member Extra Holiday Discount Extra Holidays discount is subject to availability and booking terms and conditions. The discount can be used twice against full price Extra Holiday bookings only and must be redeemed within the first six months of membership. Only redeemable via the Call Centre.


Depositing Your Week By depositing your week, you relinquish all rights to use it and agree that it may be used by RCI for any commercially reasonable purpose including without limitation to fulfil exchange requests by other RCI members, for inspection visits, promotions, rental, sale, marketing or for other purposes at RCI’s sole discretion, including use in other exchange or accommodation programmes.

Guest Certificates Recipient must be at least 21 years of age. Member must call an RCI Guide prior to giving the Guest Certificate to a guest. Transaction fee applies - call us for more information.

RCI Platinum RCI reserves the right to vary or amend benefits available. Some benefits may be subject to availability. Please visit for full RCI Platinum terms and conditions.

Get in touch UK 0845 60 86 380

Ireland 1890 234 303

France 01 41 91 96 52


Deutschland 069-9509 6227

Türkiye 90 444 1 724

España 902 114 114

Benelux 02 713 13 78 (de la Belgique) 02 713 13 79 (Vanuit België) 020 346 93 24 (Vanuit Nederland)

Italia 02 696 333 71 Portugal 289 540 400 Schweiz 044 800 9108 Danmark 38 48 70 90 Sverige 08 58 77 03 83 Norge 23 16 20 75 Suomi (09) 6937 9173

Österreich 01-795 67 252 Russia 007 495 2586031 Magyarország 06 1 481 4709 Hellas 210-8113800

România 00 49 69 9509 6233 Polska 00 49 69 9509 6237 Ceská Republika a Slovensko 00420 / 239 000 208 Hrvatska & Србија 0030 21 0811 3915 Middle East +971 (0)4 390 1670 +971 (0)4 390 1680 India 080 411 34444

Discover the world of RCI at With the convenience of 24 hours a day 7 days a week access this is the best place to start planning your Exchange Holiday.



Call your local office or visit

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