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Collingwood Corner: A brief history of Connaught School 1913—1932 by Loretta Houben

For quite a while I’ve been fascinated with old school buildings, and Sir Wilfred Grenfell School is no exception. The school opened on December 3, 1958 and recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, but when I attended its hallowed halls from 1965 to 1973, it was quite new. However, behind the cement structure that faces Wellington Avenue there is a much older building made of wood. According to the BC Directories online, John Norquay Annex was at this location from 1933 to 1955, showing the annex located at Price and Rupert. From 1913 to 1932, another school was located here, on the lower section. A steep set of stairs leads from the upper level where the present school buildings are, to the bottom where there is a large empty playing field. When I attended the school, there were two sets of stairs. My dad remembers long ago in the 1940s that there was a schoolhouse on the lower fields.

Above: Bayley’s claim with school on Rupert Street near Price. Photo source: Vancouver Archives Left: Closeup of Price and Rupert area from 1912, showing a drawing of the school and house. Photo source: Goads Fire Insurance Map

Legion update

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CNH Annex marks anniversary Page 10

Recently I decided to investigate. I checked out the Vancouver School Board website (www.blogs. where there are many old photos of Vancouver schools, and noticed that to date, there were no photos of Connaught School, which was the name of the first school at that location. I recalled that I had seen a photo of Rupert School in the Vancouver Archives. Could this be

Going to see Greta Page 12

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November 2019


Grandview Collingwood Branch THANK YOU! #179 Update A huge

to all who advertise with the RCCNews Contact Lisa at 604-435-0323 or email: rccnewssales@

by Paul Reid It’s November, so our local Branch #179 is very busy with the annual Poppy Campaign. Right is #179’s Poppy Campaign manager, Larry Carlson. Larry is an amazing fundraiser and volunteer, not only with the Legion, where he has been an active member for 50 years, but many other groups as well. For Variety - the Children’s Charity, Larry has been fundraising for over 35 years. In this time, he has raised over $500,000! He has also been a volunteer with the Freemason Volunteer Driver Program for over 30 years.

To honour Larry and his years of generous hard work, he was recently awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. This medal recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country, paying tribute to their dedication and commitment. Congratulations Larry!

Here is Branch #179’s chairperson, Gerry Vowles, who I just happened to catch underneath this new banner that the Legion recently released. The young man on the banner is none other than Gerry! The photo is from 1955, from when Gerry was serving in the Canadian Navy. “That photo was taken in San Francisco,” explained Gerry. We had just come back from the far east in a convoy. I must have been about 21.” Since retiring from the Canadian Forces, Gerry Vowles has been a key person in the Legion. Since becoming a member in 1980, Gerry has served in many executive capacities up to his current position as Immediate Past President, BC/Yukon Command. Gerry was instrumental in creating housing societies which develop affordable and assisted living units for veterans and seniors. He has also been a key player in many other programs: he provided leadership for the design of Legion volunteer emergency response programs; student volunteer programs; feed the hungry services; Spinoza Bear Program for sick and injured children; and many other community initiatives requiring Legion support. He was also instrumental in producing a series of historic, educational publications highlighting the military experiences of veterans. Way to go Gerry!



November 2019

Collingwood Corner - Continued from page 1 Connaught School? By patient searching in the BC Directories, and by looking at Rupert Street from 1913 onwards, I verified that Rupert School was located near Price Street on Rupert. The school appears in two photos under the name “Bayley’s Claim.” I assume this is referring to Charles W. Bayley, who lived at #650 Rupert, and his house is in the photos next to Rupert School. There’s also another photo showing the odd numbered houses across Rupert Street, also in Bayley’s Claim (please see enclosed photos with captions). Connaught School was named for the Bayley’s claim with house at 650 Rupert Street and Duke of Connaught, Prince Arthur school beside it. Photo source: Vancouver Archives William Patrick Albert (1850–1942), Governor General of Canada and The houses on Rupert Street were renumbered in brother of King Edward VII. 1930. By closely matching the names of the occupants with the old and new set of numbers, I noThe 1913 BC Directory states that Euticed that #650 changed to 4530, which was vacant phemia C. Jones was the principal. In in 1930, and gone in 1931. Could this be the time 1913 she lived at 1848 7th Avenue. frame that the second school building on the upper ground, made of wood, was built and renamed Besides studying the streets in the diJohn Norquay Annex? rectories, you can also look Of the four houses up names of across the street, people and see 4535 Rupert was their occupabuilt in 1912 (fortions next to merly 665) and their address 4543 Rupert was and name. Eubuilt in 1910 (forphemia Jones merly 657). This is was only 21 according to the BC years old but due to the drastic inAssessments online. crease in population growth, schools were expanding rapidly. When you go past the corner of Price and Rupert, maybe you can imagine it in your mind’s eye, and Using my Ancestry membership, I hear Miss Euphemia Jones ringing the school bell, looked up the Jones family. On the and wonder why Charles Bayley purchased a claim 1911 Canadian census, I found Euphe- at that corner. mia living with her parents in Vancouver at age 19. She was a teacher I believe I’ve solved the Connaught School photo earning $860 per year. Euphemia mystery and learned quite a bit more about the married in 1915, and most likely that Collingwood area. was the end of her teaching career.

“Connaught School photos haven’t been found until now because they are named incorrectly in the archives!”

Back to Bayley’s claim. After studying old Vancouver maps until I was quite googly eyed, I examined the Goads Fire Insurance map from 1912. Zooming in closely I discovered pay dirt (please see image 3)! The school is on the lower grounds facing Rupert, formerly called Collingwood Road, with Charles Bayley’s house to the right of it. I assume the buildings across the road are the rest of the claim. Connaught School photos haven’t been found until now because they are named incorrectly in the archives!

Loretta Houben has lived in the Collingwood area for more than 54 years and receives extreme satisfaction at solving local historical mysteries.



November 2019


Noticed in Renfrew-Collingwood COMMUNITY NEWS

by Karen Vanon

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1595 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. • 604-872-3019 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8am - 9pm

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November 2019


A news section for Renfrew-Collingwood learners

Every season turns, turns, turns Read On!

by Tony Wanless

has a web page. You can:

 Read the articles

Are you feeling colder today? 

http://renfrewcollingwood read-on/

That is likely because it is November, the last days of autumn when we enjoy mild weather before the winter blasts arrive.

Reading levels on this page

Autumn is the time when weather changes from hot or warm to cool and cold. This season lasts two or three months and is called autumn or, often, fall because it is the time when leaves change colour and fall from the trees.

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 Here in Vancouver we are lucky. Because the change from warm temperatures to cold isn’t as strong or shocking as in the rest of the country, although it is usually much wetter here. The change is softer here because we live near the ocean. So we wear a sweater or jacket and carry an umbrella always. But in other parts of Canada, especially in our neighbouring province of Alberta, autumn can bring early snow and is much colder as we near the beginning of winter. Why does this happen every year? Because our planet Earth moves in a circle around the sun. In summer our part of the world (the north) is closer to the sun and so is warmer. In winter it is farther away so the weather is colder. Autumn and spring are called shoulder seasons because they are between the two weather extremes of summer and winter. Right now Vancouver is starting the part of the year when the weather becomes colder. In English this annual change has created other changes to the language. The cooler seasons (autumn and winter) are now often used to show dislike for someone. This is called “giving them the cold shoulder.” But in the spring and summer, when the cold disappears, we often say we are warming up to (or liking more) something.

season colder autumn mild winter

blasts weather changes fall leaves

warmer temperature shocking extremes sun


November 2019


The Seniors Connection New rental housing opportunities closer to reality Representatives of the Odd Fellows Low Rental Housing Society and Collingwood Neighbourhood House joined Hungerford Properties for a tour of the soon to be completed housing development on the Kingsway corridor. The redevelopment at 3595 Kingsway, aptly named “The Link,” is expected to complete early in the new year. The brand new, six-storey building will include ground-floor retail space, 44 subsidized units for aging residents 55 and over and 104 market rental apartments. The Odd Fellows Low Rental Housing Society will operate the subsidized seniors units and community

space. The new units will provide safe, clean and affordable housing to seniors, as well as programs focused around recreation and wellness. “We are looking forward to opening up the building in early 2020 and having it come alive with residents and families,” says Alex Fane, the president of Odd Fellows Low Rental Housing Society. “We are very excited to welcome more accessible housing for low-income seniors to Renfrew Collingwood and look forward to working with Odd Fellows Low Rental Housing Society and Three Links to provide community programs for residents both at the LINK and at Collingwood Neigh-

Odd Fellows Low Rental Housing Society Board Members tour The Link housing development with representatives of Hungerford Properties. bourhood House,” says Suzanne Liddle, director of community services at Collingwood Neighbourhood House. “We are really excited to see this project come to life,” says Michael Hungerford, a partner at Hungerford Properties. “The project represents a successful partnership between the city, a non-profit, a private developer and a social purpose real estate consulting firm. We are grateful to be part of the solution to creating more affordable housing in Vancouver and providing diversified housing stock.” According to Hungerford, market rental opportunities at The Link

will include studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments featuring a rooftop amenity, bike storage and underground parking. “This project fills two gaps in providing quality, modern, affordable housing for low-income, seniors and at the same time providing much-needed market rental,” adds Hungerford. “The new facility has been a demonstration that governments, non-profits and private partners can work together for the public good.” To learn more about The Link, visit www.thelinkcollingwood. com


Get involved

November Cultural Events for Renfrew-Collingwood Saturday, November, 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Spawner Surveys and Blackberry Removal in Still Creek Saturdays, November 2, 9 & 16 10:30 am More info: events/925235047833731/ Join the Still Creek Streamkeepers to conduct spawner surveys in Still Creek! Spawner surveys help provide information about the number of adult salmonoids in a creek. If there are no salmon in the creek the first week, we may plan to visit another creek so we can see salmon. Blackberry removal is also planned at Cornett and Natal. Local artist shows at Eastside Cultural Craw November 14-17, 2019 During the Eastside Cultural Crawl, local artist Penny Lim is showing her banner at the Enterprising Women Making Art, a studio space for women to work at art or arts and crafts. The crawl is said to be the largest of its kind in Canada. Annually, hundreds of studios and artists to visit. Enterprising Women Making Art location: 800 East Hastings & Hawks (under Atira) Phone: 604-685-8043. Mother Kangaroo and Joey by Penny Lim.

Social Culture Club 10 am to noon Art Studio, CNH Annex 3690 Vanness Avenue at Ormidale Join neighbours in sharing or learning, knitting, crocheting and sewing skills. Please bring your own materials. Refreshments are provided. Free. Contact Yoko at Saturday, November 16 Annex Art Studio Time 1 to 3 pm Art Studio, CNH Annex 3690 Vanness Avenue at Ormidale Let’s get together to make holiday cards and gifts. Some materials provided by donation. Contact Yoko at

Il Museo: October 18 to December 19 Malleable Exhibition Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm 3075 Slocan Street Vancouver, B.C. Free admission This exhibition is the final installment in Il Museo’s 2019 series Gendered Voices, exploring contemporary and historic narratives about women, relationships and gender. This show, featuring the work of esteemed B.C. ceramic artists, examines partnerships, sexuality and social roles. The juxtaposition of traditional media (clay) with contemporary themes becomes a meditation upon long held definitions of identity and the limits they impose. Catch-up on Community News with Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 FM El Bus de las 7 With Ramon Flores Every Wednesday 8 to 9 am

Malleable Collingwood Ad_Collingwood Ad 12/08/19 4:43 PM Page 1


Changing Notions of Women 20 Artists Explore Gender and Relationships in Clay October 18–December 10, 2019 Opening: Friday, October 18, 7:00–9:00PM Tuesday–Saturday 10:00AM–5:00PM

3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver, BC Tel: (604) 430-3337


Winter markets start up again in November On the first weekend of November the Hastings Park and Riley Park Winter Markets will open once again. Leafy greens, fermented vegetables, freezedried berries, Okanagan apples, beef, eggs, honey and flowers will make an appearance on Saturday, November 2 at the Riley Park Winter Farmers Market and Sunday, November 3 at the Hastings Park Winter Farmers Market.


November 2019


November 2019


What’s happening at your local library Collingwood Branch Library 2985 Kingsway, 604-665-3953 Early Readers Book Club – For Grades K-3. RegisCHILDREN’S PROGRAMS for kids to have fun learning new skills and tration required After school and on the weekends, making new friends. Check out the great Collingwood Library is the perfect place free programs in November and December. Children from Kindergarten to Grade 3 will discover the thrill of books and fun activities with new friends. Saturdays, once a month November 2, December 7. 2-3 pm

Weekend Reception Are you underemployed? Are you a student looking to make extra money? Do you want to work for an organization that betters our community? Then this opportunity is perfect for you! Three Links Care Society is seeking a Contractor to provide 2 days (15 hours/week) plus coverage on statutory holidays (additional 12 days/year) of Weekend Reception at Three Links Care Centre. Additional weekday shifts may be scheduled as required – advance notice will be given. The Contractor will provide a variety of front office and clerical services at Three Links Care Centre during reception hours, which are 8:00am – 4:00pm. Required services include the following: • Performs front reception duties – receives visitors, directs visitors to appropriate areas, and ensures all visitors are signed in/out. • Provides security assistance by reporting suspicious persons or unusual occurrences to Director or Nurse-in-Charge. • Operates front door phone during working hours. • Answers telephone, receives and relays messages. Filters and responds to messages left in the general voice mailbox and/or redirect. • Answers questions and makes notes of any complaints to be forwarded to appropriate Director. • Performs clerical duties such as screening incoming materials, and various typing and filing tasks requested by the Management Team. Ensures there are adequate copies of all forms and photocopier/fax machine is stocked with paper at all times. • Receives or directs all deliveries or returns as requested. • Follows security procedures in the handling and storage of any confidential material. • Acts as relief during absences of the Executive Assistant. Must have a Criminal Record Clearance from the Ministry of Justice, TB test screen, and medical documentation of good health. The Contractor must be able to perform services for the full work day from 8:00am – 4:00pm on weekends and statutory holidays. To provide the required services interested parties must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Administrative skills are an asset. Three Links Care Society, a non-profit organization registered under the Society Act of British Columbia, owns, operates and manages several properties – Three Links Care Centre, Three Links Manor and Three Links Houses. Three Links Care Centre has been providing licensed residential care to seniors and older adults with special needs in east Vancouver since 1982. The mission of our organization is to provide our residents with safe, compassionate care and housing that improves their quality of life. To apply, submit your resume to with subject line “Weekend Receptionist”. For more information about Three Links Care Society, visit us at

Write Now! Creative Writing for Kids – For Grades 3-7. Registration required Fun writing activities will have you creating stories and poetry in no time. Wednesdays, once a month November 27, 3:304:45 pm LEGO ® Robotics Workshop – For Grades 4-7 Registration required Explore robotics and coding at the library with LEGO, WeDo and iPads. Fridays, November 1, 8, 15, 3:30-4:30 pm Winter Whimsy – For Grades K-3 Drop in Enjoy stories, songs and activities that celebrate the season of winter. Saturday, December 14, 2-3 pm Lego Block Party – For Grades K-7. Drop in Every Wednesday at 3:30-4:30 pm Have a baby or preschooler? Share songs, stories and rhymes with other families: Family Storytime - Drop in Thursday mornings, 10:30-11 am October 31-December 5 Babytime - Drop in Thursday mornings, 11:30 am-12 pm October 31-December 5 ADULT PROGRAMS Social Media Essentials: Let’s Talk About Social Media For Adults Registration Required Curious about Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram? Learn about social media and how it can meet your needs in this introductory, discussion-based class. Saturday, Nov. 16, 10:30 am– 12:30 pm One-To-One Computer Training – For Adults Registration Required Have questions about using a computer, smartphone, or tablet? Library staff are available to answer your basic questions. Please register for a 30-minute session by phone or in person at the branch.


Phone: 604-789-7132

November 2019




November 2019

CNH Annex marks one-year anniversary by Emily Chan

Photo by Chao Cheng

On October 2, 2019, the Collingwood Neighbourhood House Annex team and the Renfrew-Collingwood Arts Council hosted a celebration of the annex’s oneyear anniversary. Staff, community partners, volunteers, participants and anyone who had a part in helping build up the Annex as an arts and culture hub came out to enjoy delicious food made by the talented Najia Elacel, interactive wishing tree activity led by Melinda Broome, and a wonderful orchestra performance by students of Killarney Strings.

Photo by Chao Cheng Photo by Steven Low Photo by Chao Cheng

Photo by Chitha Manoranjan

Also on display were dozens of photos of the annex from pre-construction to the multitude of activities that have since happened within these walls. It was such an important moment in our community’s history to stop and celebrate the impact that the community has had on this space, and to recognize the work we have ahead to continue building the annex as a vibrant community space.

Photo by Paul Reid

The arts council also officially launched the photo competition that is displayed on the exhibition wall inside the annex. Drop by 3690 Vanness Avenue to enjoy the photos before it’s too late!



November 2019

TOUBANYOKU WELLNESS CENTRE 30% off with this coupon for one trial session (limit 2 per person) Reduce Oxidative Stress Reduce free radicals that causes a variety of health ailments. Free radicals damage your DNA and can cause inflammation in body. Boosted Immunity The heat improves the body's own immunity and boosts your natural healing powers while infusing the body with antioxidants. Breakdown Toxins Heated anti-oxidant tiles in the room coated with anti-oxidant solution eliminates active oxidation stess caused by environmental pollutants and promote white blood cells.

Health Benefits Weight loss, Chronic pain, Allergies, Diabetes, Cancer Prevention, Anti-Aging, Depression, Sleep Disorder, Asthma, Eliminate Toxins, Coldness, Lymph Drainage

1722 Kingsway, Vancouver




Mon-Sat 11:30am-7pm

Sunday: 11:30-6pm

s e Season to Collingwood WINTER CARNIVAL


Music ❉ Kids Crafts ❉ Movie SATURDAY November 30,2019 3:30pm to 7:30pm (Music, Santa arrival &Tree lighting @5pm)

Safeway Parking Lot (Tyne & Kingsway)

PRESENTED TO YOU BY: 604.639.4403 /shopcollingwoodvancouver @shopcollingwood @shopcollingwood


November 2019


Going to see Greta by Paul Reid Who else skipped school and work on Friday, October 25, to catch a glimpse of world reknowned teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg? Of course we were there to listen intently to all of the speakers, mostly First Nations climate activists from across Canada. They joined Thunberg in calling for government to act against climate change. Although Greta was the main reason that I and thousands of the twelve thousand there came out that day, that’s okay, because she got us there, where we should be these days - protesting. The protest was organized by the #Sustainabiliteens: a group of teens from across Metro Vancouver coming together to demand action on climate crisis. “We are part of the international #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike movement. We strike from school one friday a month to set an example of urgency which we demand to see followed by all levels of government.” Getting people involved really is an amazing credit to this young Swedish girl who, now just 16, began her campaign by spending her school days outside the Swedish parliament to call for stronger action on global warming by holding up a sign saying (in Swedish) “School strike for climate.” Inspiring students from around the world, she and others organized Fridays for Future, a school climate strike movement that has now influenced millions worldwide. I feel we are so lucky that the winds that are blowing Greta have blown her here so soon since her journey across the ocean to chastise the world leaders at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City on September 29. “This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be standing here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to me for hope? How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”



November 2019

Eco-corner: Get ready for the ban on plastic straws this spring by Julie Cheng “No straw, please.” Instead, I ask for a long spoon for my smoothie, and it goes down just fine.

tients in hospitals and community care facilities who require the use of bendable plastic straws.

This request has been a habit of mine for the past year as I geared up for the City of Vancouver’s straw ban when it was scheduled to go in effect in June 2019 as part of its Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy. To my disappointment, that deadline was postponed.

Nowadays there are all kinds of different options for reusable straws, from glass to bamboo to stainless steel. They come in all sizes – you can get fat ones for your bubble tea and short ones for your cocktail, which doubles well as a travel straw.

Now city staff is supposed to be presenting a by-law to council by November 30, 2019, to ban plastic straws beginning April 2020.

Check out Nada (Broadway and Fraser), Soap Dispensary (Main and 21st Avenue) and the Cook Culture (downtown) for their selection of reusable straws.

The by-law will include an exception for accessibility needs, including pa-

The best option is to just say no.

The Soap Dispensary carries a wide range of reusable straws. Photo by Julie Cheng

Listen while you work Booklist by Taya Lawton Read by a single narrator or a full cast of actors, audiobooks can be an immersive experience and a nice alternative to reading for anyone, including those with print and visual difficulties. They can be a distraction or enhancement to chores, exercise or a long commute.

Renfrew Library 2969 East 22nd Avenue 604.257.8705

The Help by Kathryn Stockett, narrated by Jenna Lamia and cast. In a time when the civil rights movement is in full force, three women, Minny, Aibileen and Skeeter, start a movement that puts them all at risk. They show the town that, whether black or white, women can unite. Multiple narrators add depth and drama to the rich narrative, making listeners eager to dive back into the lives of these characters.

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom, narrated by Mitch Albom and cast. This is the epic story of Frankie Presto—the greatest guitar player who ever lived—and the six lives he changed with his six magical blue strings. Frankie Presto's gift is also his burden, as he realizes the power of the strings his teacher gave him, and how he can affect lives. At the height of his popularity, tortured by his biggest mistake, he vanishes. His legend grows. Decades later, having finally healed his heart, Frankie reappears just before his spectacular death—to change one last life. A full cast of narrators presents this love song to music and the magic that affects its listeners.

In Such Good Company by Carol Burnett, narrated by Carol Burnett. In this love letter to her cast mates, guest stars, and fans, comedian Carol Burnett reveals the inner workings of her variety show, which ran from 1967 to 1978. In her famous throaty voice, Burnett laughs as she describes her favorite parodies, such as “Went with the Wind” and “Double Calamity,” hitting her punch lines with squawky enthusiasm. She assumes the voices of her most renowned characters, making her recollections all the more vivid. Always eager to praise her talented cast— Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway—she also allows them to speak for themselves, cutting in soundbites from interviews. This funny yet moving reminiscence is, at heart, a celebration of creativity and friendship.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, narrated by Clare Corbett and cast. In this mesmerizing tale of memory and obsession, the haunting voices of three women—Rachel, Megan and Anna—pull listeners into the story. Serving as primary narrator is alcoholic and unemployed Rachel, voiced by Corbett in an increasingly resolute voice as she struggles to remember events obscured by alcoholic blackouts. Rachel has become obsessed with the lives of a couple living a few houses down from her ex. When the wife disappears, Rachel inserts herself into the investigation with near‐tragic results. Each woman tells her version of events, and each new revelation adds to the growing unease. Listeners discover the flaws in all three women, and no one is trustworthy. The tension is palpable, drawing listeners into the spiraling disaster.

Annex Artisans Craft Fair 2019 Annex Artisans Craft Fair invite local crafters will be held at arts and cultural facility Collingwood Neighbourhood House Annex on Dec. 7th Sat. from 11-4pm. This is fun family event with tasty food, hand made crafts and fundraiser tables for seniors and homeless program. Enjoy your afternoon with mellow music and make paper crafts. Admission is free. The Location is 3690 Vannes Ave. Vancouver BC. Parking is available on Ormidale street level 1 & level 2 at CNH Parking spaces. Please Register your plate number at front desk.

LaRose by Louise Erdricj, narrated by Louise Erdrich. Horrified when he accidentally kills his best friend's five‐year‐old son while hunting, Landreaux Iron gives away his own young son to his friend's family according to ancient tradition, a decision that helps both families reach a tenuous peace that is threatened by a vengeful adversary. Erdrich’s narration adds charm and passion to this story of justice and forgiveness.

This event funded by Immigration Refuges and Citizenship Canada Location map link


November 2019


Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH)


Joyce Location: 5288 Joyce St. ; Tel: 604-435-0323 / Annex Location: 3690 Vanness Ave. ; Tel: 604-428-9142 / Visit:

Speaking beyond words through CNH program By Kayla Isomura

COMMUNITY LUNCH Collingwood Neighbourhood House invites you to lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. Full meal prices are $7 for adults, $6 for seniors, $5 for students and $3.25 for children under 12. Items can be purchased a la carte or “to go.” *Joyce location

November lunch menu Tue 5 Cream of broccoli soup Chicken salad / veggie sandwich Salad Oatmeal raisin cookies Thurs 7 Salmon /veggie burger Roasted potatoes Salad Chocolate cake Tues 12 Carrot soup Frittata with cheese scone Salad Raspberry cake

If there’s one thing Lisa Pan and Martha Barrones learned from participating in an intergenerational program at Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) last year, it’s that communication transcends shared language. Both seniors were invited to take part in Ages and Stages, a nine-month program for seniors and preschoolers to share activities such as gardening, baking, art, and field trips to the Vancouver Aquarium and pumpkin patch. For Lisa, it was the first time she had worked with children at CNH. Through her participation, she learned a lot about caring for the young participants. In addition, she learned to communicate through expressions, too. “Some people worry [if] they can’t speak English with the kids,” Lisa said. “They don’t know how.” For seniors who don’t know English, communication can be scary, she said, but that

shouldn’t deter them from working with or meeting others. During the program, Lisa said, good communications became as simple as recognizing the smile on a child’s face. Martha agreed. Gestures play a big role in communication, whether it’s in the form of a hug, a wave or a smile, she noted. Through these simple acts, Martha learned how caring children can be. For example, after a visit to the pumpkin patch, one of the children fell asleep while leaning on her during the trip back to CNH. It meant a lot to Martha. “You don’t need to speak the language of the child,” she said. “Only the attitude [matters], that’s it, and caring for them.”

This page is sponsored by Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Thurs 14 Roasted chicken with veggie on rice Salad Walnut cookies Tues 19 Borscht soup Egg salad sandwich Salad Date bar Thurs 21 Shepherd pie /veggie option Salad Tiramisu Tues 26 Corn chowder soup Chicken shawarma or falafel sandwich Salad Coffee cake Thurs 28 Spaghetti meat balls/ veggie option Salad garlic bread Almond tart



November 2019


Upcoming Events



Annual General Meeting - September 26th th

Thank you for all that attended our 2019 AGM on September 26 . The AGM th closes our 17 year as a BIA. We celebrate the partnerships we have with the Collingwood Neighbourhood House and the Collingwood Community Policing Centre, Mosaic, Vancouver Public Library and many more community organizations. We are looking forward to more street enhancement projects: more murals, benches, flower boxes, and new trash recipticals. We will continue to build on the Collingwood Guardians and special events like the Winter Carnival, Chinese New Year Lion Dance, Collingwood Days and the Jr. BIA. We would like to thank our Street Clean Team in partnerships with Coast Foundation Society and Mission Possible. Last but not least much appreciation to our landscape gardeners at Skookum Landscape.

VanConnect/3-1-1 Awareness Month 6TH Mural Completion 11th Remembrance Day 30th Winter Carnival & Tree Lighting

2019 -2020 Board of Directors Philip Hemming, President, Jas Parmar, Vice President, Paul Cheng, Treasurer Linda Doan, Arlindo Valinho, Beth Hernandez, Mony Sodhi, Justin Martrell

Nov. 30th

Ñ Collingwood has a New Mural We are so happy to announce the location for the new mural in Collingwood. The board of directors had approved funding a new mural to bring in more colour along Kingsway. The Cassandra Hotel 3075 Kingsway has agreed to be the home of the three storey mural. I can be seen going both east and west along Kingsway. The artist is Kris Abrigo from the Philippines. We will have more on the artist next month. Stop and take a photo and post it on #shopcollingwood #vanmuralfestcollingwood #krisabrigo

Shop Collingwood! ItÕs good for business!

Annual Winter Carnival & Tree Lighting - Saturday, November 30th 3:30 Ð 7:30 p.m. Arts & Crafts for the kids, hot cocoa and cookies. A visit from Santa. @Tyne & Kingsway Local school choirs will perform along with others. Contact: Email: Tel: 604.639.4403 Facebook: shopcollingwoodvancouver Twitter & Instagram @shopcollingwood


November 2019


Garbage in lane? Dead skunk on the road? Keep our neighbourhood clean and safe through 3-1-1 and VanConnect by the Renfrew-Collingwood Area Services Team Your neighbour moved away and, sadly, left their couch and mattress scattered on their former front lawn. Who are you going to call? For the past 10 years in Vancouver it has been 3-1-1. The City of Vancouver’s 3-1-1 system has grown to receiving well over 1 million calls a year. Residents call to report anything from abandoned cars and graffiti to dumped garbage and loud neighbours. And they can make those calls in a huge variety of languages as the service has access to several dozen interpreters who can be online within a couple of minutes to interpret the call as it takes place. Callers just have to say their language, for example, “Cantonese” and the operator will instruct the person to wait a bit while they get a Cantonese-speaking translator on the line. The system has been so successful the City has created the VanConnect app (available on the City’s website, allowing people to download the app for free and then submit the information to the City. Residents can report problem garbage, broken street lights, an empty house or dead animal on the road. Users can just write out a short description, GPS the location, upload a photo and hit send. For the month of November, the Renfrew-Collingwood Area Services Team (made up of all of the service providers in our neighbourhood) are encouraging local residents to either call 3-1-1 or download and use the VanConnect app to report issues. “We encourage everybody to take a moment to call 3-1-1 or download the

VanConnect app and report a problem they’ve seen,” said Partap Sahota, executive director of the Collingwood Community Policing Centre. “It can really make a difference in both the appearance of our neighbourhood, the presence of mice and rats – because they’re attracted to garbage – and the safety of residents.” The Collingwood Business Improvement Association already pays people to clean along Kingsway three times a week. But their efforts are concentrated on Kingsway, on garbage they can pick up. The eyes of the 51,530 residents of the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood can see and report on issues throughout the neighbourhood. A lot of residents are already doing that: from September 30 to October 7 this year four residents used the app to report abandoned cars, three people called about dead birds and an expired skunkand 21 people reported abandoned, non-recyclable garbage. There were three reports of sewer back-up and flooding, one of a water leak, two complained about pedestrian signals not working properly, one gave the address of a messy yard, three people called about street repairs, two submitted requests for pothole repairs, two complained about burned out street lights and one called about a hazardous tree. And that was just the calls from Renfrew-Collingwood. In one week. So if you see graffiti or abandoned garbage, a broken street light or dangerous pothole, call 3-1-1 or submit the information on the VanConnect app. Your neighbours will thank you.

Issues that have been reported to 3-1-1 in the Renfrew-Collingwood area. Photos courtesy of the Collingwood Community Policing Centre



November 2019

What is responsible investing? by Ann Wong Recently, there has been a great deal of activity and news all around the world of protesters, particularly youth, demanding that governments take action on climate change. There is also a growing movement with the investment industry. More and more companies are carrying out sustainable ways in what they are investing with and how that has had a strong and positive impact to people and environment. The focus is on cleaner environmental, equitable social treatment and corporate governance practices.

Most of us are lucky not to worry about access to clean drinking water, yet that is not the same for people in other parts of the world or even in parts within Canada. Investment managers are putting funds into companies that include climate change (reduce greenhouse gas emissions and alternative energy), resource consumption and depletion (deforestation and replanting, other replacement raw resources), plus pollution management (utilizing water purification/ treatment systems).

Responsible Investing originated in the late 1800s when investors opted to avoid companies that were involved in alcohol, tobacco and weapons. Social aspects later prompted some investors to remove their support in companies that participated in violating religious rights. By 2006, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments, signed by 48 countries, was launched. Currently, over $30 trillion USD are invested in responsible investments.

Social – Human rights is an important cornerstone of society reflecting how we interact with each other, those who have more power (adult/ children, manager/worker) and government (ability to legislate). In Canada, Indigenous rights had been violated but we can rectify that by improving the infrastructure available to them. In areas across the world, child labour and deplorable working conditions are under tighter scrutiny. Children should be getting an education and workers should be in safe settings conducive to the work that they do. All workers should be paid a fair wage.

Let’s take closer look at each of the criteria: Environmental –Havoc-wrecking hurricanes/ typhoons and wild forest fires cause damage to biodiversity, communities and air quality.

Governance – Corruption and bribery, diver-

sity on boards, equal work for equal pay, political donations and cyber security are broad spectrums of corporate governance. Investment managers get to know the people in charge of the companies, compensation structure (bonuses need to be earned), philosophy and practices (profit before consequences or profit considering consequences) as well as the members of the board of directors. The latter serve as decision makers and have great influence on the direction the companies take. With different backgrounds and outlooks, they are able to contribute to innovative ideas. When you set your money aside, think about incorporating environmental, social and governance into the companies you invest with. Investing ethically does not sacrifice performance. It will add to a better planet, a better future, a better next generation.

RENFREW PARK COMMUNITY COMPLEX 2929 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5M 2Y3

604 257-8388 Complex Office: ext 1 Fax: 604 257-8392 Website: or

Jointly operated by Renfrew Park Community Association and Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Hours of Operation for Remembrance Day Sat Nov 9

Pool 8:30am-4pm

Fitness Ctr 9:30am-4pm

Centre Area 9am-5pm

Sun Nov 10




Mon Nov 11




Special Events The festival of Diwali is a unifying celebration with different significance, but equal importance in many communities. Please join us in celebrating this cultural event. There will be entertainment, crafts, and light refreshments while supplies last. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. 231847 Sat Nov 9 12:30pm-3:00pm Free

Thanksgiving Luncheon (55+yrs)

Menu: Roast chicken and gravy. Roast root vegetables and salad. Blueberry peach crumble. Entertainment: Winds Choir. Nov 20


Jr. Youth Council (Grade 5-7)

Paint By Blunders (19+yrs)

Starla Bayley Calling all grade 5-7’s that are looking to make a difference. As part of the Jr. Youth Council the expectation for the year is to complete one community special event, support on philanthropic organization and to find a way to reward yourself for your hard work. Snack is provided at every meeting. 239772 Thu Sep 26-Dec 19 3:15pm-4:45pm Free

Snack Attack (13-17yrs)

Diwali Festival (All Ages)

231853 Wed

Program Highlights



Craft Fair (All Ages)

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping at our Craft Fair. It's a great place to find unique gifts. If you are the crafty sort, come and sell your own handmade items. Free admission. $30/table for vendors. In-person registration only. 240059 Sun Nov 24 10:00am-3:00pm $30/table Prices do not include tax, if applicable.

Starla Bayley Come join us to help make nutritious snacks (and some not so nutritious snacks) on Friday Nights. The benefit of being in the kitchen is you get the first chance to sample all the tasty nibbles that we create. Drop ins will only be accepted if space is available. 239788 Fri Sep 27-Dec 20 7:00pm-9:00pm Free

LEGO WEDO 2.0 Robotics (6-13yrs) Tomorrow's Playground

The LEGO WEDO 2.0 system provides an exciting introductory experience into the world of Robotics! Using LEGO elements, WEDO combines coding and robotics projects built on key science standards. Students will build projects such as a Walking Elephant, Climbing Monkey, and more! This class encourages science exploration and experimentation, and incorporates activities across Science, Engineering and Technology with STEM Education. 236873 Sat Nov 18-Dec 9 4:30pm-6:00pm $100/4 sess

Ballroom Dance - Beginners (19+yrs)

Faye Hung Come learn to cha cha, waltz and jive. Stay active by learning to ballroom dance. No partner required. No dance experience required. $14/drop-in, if space. No session Nov 11. 240799 Mon Nov 4-Dec 16 3:15pm-4:15pm $67.50/6 sess

Sylvia Jehle If you have been keeping your inner painter in hiding because you think you do not have enough talent to let it out, perhaps this is the workshop for you! This 3 hour guided paint session is a mistake-friendly, blunder-full opportunity to let your creativity flow as you follow along with each step with the instructor. Sylvia will walk through the steps of creating the designated scene and encourage you to follow your own ideas in creating your own unique version. 240717 Sat Nov 30 1:00pm-4:00pm $25/person

Renfrew Park Community Association Annual General Meeting

We hope that you will attend our AGM to meet our current board members, elect new ones and find out about the accomplishments of this past year and goals for next year. All members 18 and over are eligible to vote. Bring your current RPCA membership card (loaded onto your OneCard). If you do not have a membership card, please register for your free RPCA membership. #240443

Saturday, November 16th 12:00pm-2:00pm

Wibit Inflatable Day in the pool

Saturday, November 9th from 2:00pm–4:00pm

Come and join in the fun! *Regular admission rates apply


November 2019

Remembering November 11, 2018 South Memorial Cenotaph

RENFREW COLLINGWOOD COMMUNITY NEWS The following is a paid advertisement by Adrian Dix, MLA for Vancouver/Kingsway Dear Neighbours: Happy November! I hope this finds you well. Legislature is back in session, so that means all MLAs have been traveling back to Victoria. If you are ever interested in learning more about what takes place in the House, please visit There are live and recorded webcasts of when the House is in session. Despite this change in my schedule, my community office hours remain the same. Stay warm and I hope to see you at our Holiday Open House! Save the Date for our Holiday Open House Party The holidays are just around the corner. You are cordially invited to our annual Holiday Open House Party on Saturday, December 21st from 11AM – 2PM. Join Adrian, Renee, and our Community Office for lunch, festive treats, and holiday cheer! Everyone is welcome. Community Office Newsletter Are you subscribed to our newsletter? Please visit us at to subscribe. Find out what we have been up to and how you can get involved with our office and the community. We would also love to hear from you! If you have any events or activities you would like to share with your fellow neighbours, we would be happy to put up a poster in our office and/or publish it in the next newsletter. The B.C. Government Would Like Your Feedback The B.C. government has put a concerted emphasis on involving British Columbians in the programs, policies and services that directly affect their lives starting in 2012. As a result the Citizen Engagement Team was formalized within Government Communications and Public Engagement to help ministries create engagement opportunities to meet our commitment to transparent, inclusive and responsive governance. Child Employment: Please visit and complete the questionnaire until November 15 at 4PM.


Accessibility through Legislation: You can share your feedback in several different ways including: Completing the 10-minute online questionnaire; Sending your comments by email or telephone; Attending an in-person session on November 2nd; Or participating in a virtual town hall on November 20th. For more information, please visit or call 1-844-878-0640. Resource to HealthLink BC British Columbians have trusted health information at their fingertips and just a phone call or click away with HealthLink BC. Just three numbers: 8-1-1 on the phone or at means easy access to non-emergency health information. Consult with a nurse, pharmacist or dietitian or find health services closest to you. Any time of day or night, every day of the year, HealthLinkBC is as close as your phone or the web, 24/7. Drop by our office to pick up brochures and magnets for yourself and friends who may benefit from this valuable resource. Our community office is located at 5022 Joyce Street and is open from Monday to Thursday 9AM – 4PM and Friday by appointment. Feel free to contact us at 604660-0314 or My staff and I are here to help you on matters related to provincial government services and ministries. I look forward to seeing you soon! Sincerely, Adrian Dix, MLA Vancouver-Kingsway


November 2019


Renfrew / Collingwood


North ď ¨




E.29th Ave.

E.33rd Ave.



E.41st Ave. First Avenue Dental 604.254.5040

#116 - 2800 E1st Ave.


Collingwood Insurance Ph: 604.438.9888

5750 Tyne Street


Jo yc eS t.


Ru pe rt St.


E.22nd Ave.


Ea rle sS t.


Renfrew St.

Nanaimo St.

2066 Kingsway

Boundary Rd.

The Tipper Restaurant Ph: 604.873.1010

Slocan St.

Grandview Hwy.

Kingsway K





Joyce Hair Design St.

5156 Joyce


November 2019


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