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Remembering Chris Taulu Renfrew-Collingwood loses a “force of nature”

compiled by Julie Cheng

Local resident Chris Taulu was the first executive director of the Collingwood Community Policing Centre (CCPC) and retired in her early 80s. She passed away on January 15, 2023.

CCPC’s current executive director, Partap Sahota, called her a community advocate, mentor and friend.

Partap Sahota writes:

Through the years, Chris was a staunch advocate for the community she served. It is the reason why Vancouver as we know it has flourished because of the work she started.

She was a strong leader of what was then a non-profit organization called the Community Crime Prevention Office, which later became the Collingwood Community Policing Centre in April 1994. Chris opened the door for other community policing centres to start up in other communities.

Her skills to draw people together and get the job done made things possible for other organizations to start and grow to what they are today.

Her ability to work with organizations, for example, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver

on page 3 March 2o23
In May 2019, Chris Taulu was recognized for her contributions to the betterment of Renfrew-Collingwood. She received the first-ever Community Excellence Award at the Collingwood Days festival, supported by her colleagues at the Collingwood Community Policing Centre, friends and community members. Photos by Mark Evans

Letters to the editor

Re: Former CNH director Mike McLenaghen to be inducted in the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame (RCC News, February 2023)

It’s quite an honour and nice to be remembered by my friends at Collingwood Neighbourhood House.

It’s great to see that the RCC News is still publishing informative and interesting stories about the Renfrew-Collingwood community. Stories on gender inclusivity, Quasim being at CNH for 25 years, Family Day and Paul Reid with his sweetie at Bon’s remind me of why I loved working at CNH for 22 years.

The photo of Joyce Street facing north and downhill is where I spent two years as a toddler living in the back of the shoe repair shop that my grandfather ran. It was located next to the church, and I believe the building structure is still there.

Good to see that some things, such as Bon’s, the RCC News and valuing community, don’t change too much over time. Thanks to the RCC News team for continuing to do valuable and important work!

All the best and say hi to the folks at CNH.

Re: Happy Year of the Water Rabbit (RCC News, January 2023)

Would you consider publishing the story or fable of how the animals in the Chinese zodiac were chosen?

Also consider the Vietnamese zodiac’s animals and the story told by that culture, too, as the animals are not always the same. For example, this year the Chinese symbolic animal is the water rabbit and the Vietnamese symbol is the cat.

I hope you choose to look into the possibility of publishing something about this.

~D. Rose P.S. I enjoy your publication.

Dear D. Rose, Thank you for your letter. We will definitely keep your story suggestions in mind for next year.


Chris Taulu : Continued from page 1

touched in your lifetime. Your legacy is solid; your torch will shine brightly as a rallying point in the city that you loved. We will miss you, dear friend.

Jennifer Gray-Grant, executive director of Collingwood Neighbourhood House called her a “force of nature who tackled issues with unbelievable vigor.”

Jennifer Gray-Grant writes:

Chris remained active in the neighbourhood. When the possibility of new amenity space arose in 2010, with the redevelopment of the block bordered by Boundary, Vanness, Ormidale and the Kingsway laneway, Chris was keen to work with CNH to get the amenity for the neighbourhood. I was a brand-new executive director then, and Chris was a mentor.

Police Department, transit police, and municipal, provincial and federal governments, set the tone that the real goal was for everyone to have a better quality of life.

She was a mentor and a strict and fair teacher. She wanted people to succeed. Through the years, so many people moved forward and benefitted in interacting with Chris. Her joy was to see the community she loved grow to a safe place to live in. She accomplished that goal.

People respected her. What you see is what you got. She would drive her point until you got it, whether you agreed or not. She was a fighter to the end.

Let us remember a person who possessed a strong will, passionate beliefs and a caring spirit. Chris, you have left a mark on people you

Chris made a huge difference for Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) and for Renfrew-Collingwood.

She became active in response to the proposed SkyTrain route in the 1980s. CNH was just forming at the time. Chris, as a local resident, was a driving force behind forming and running the Joyce Station Area Planning Association, comprised of residents concerned about the development. Joyce Station Area Planning Association and CNH joined forces to ensure that the SkyTrain project, and the related development, helped rather than hindered the neighbourhood.

The negotiations around the development of Collingwood Village resulted in the first community policing centre in Canada, as well as the CNH Joyce facility, among other amenities such as Evergreen Community Health Centre, local parks and Collingwood Community School.

Chris was always laser-focused on working collaboratively on figuring out what the neighbourhood wanted and then fighting for it. She supported the vision of CNH operating the new amenity space as the Annex. I fondly recall the city council meeting on the development. When Chris went to the podium, every single councillor and the mayor put down their electronic devices and focused on what Chris had to say. That’s the night city council voted to support the one-block development, including the Annex.

Chris, what a difference you made and what a legacy you created.

A celebration of life for Chris Taulu will take place at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House Annex (3690 Vanness Avenue and Boundary) on Saturday, March 25, 2023, at 1 pm in the main multi-service room. Please email for information.

You can find the RCC News throughout Renfrew-Collingwood.


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City of Vancouver volunteer advisory committees – Applications now open

Vancouver city council has established 15 advisory committees, which are an essential part of the city’s public engagement work and consist of volunteers who help to convey community perspectives to council and staff while advising on city priorities, projects and initiatives.

Applications and further information are available at www. The deadline for applications is March 19, 2023.


Are you passionate about civic engagement, addressing local issues and supporting your community?

Do you want to help convey community perspectives to Vancouver City Council and staff while advising on City priorities, projects and initiatives?

We invite you to apply to join one of the City of Vancouver’s Advisory Committees


Advisory committee meetings typically take place monthly, and members may be eligible for certain expense reimbursements related to attendance. Meetings are usually held in-person at City Hall, with meals provided, and there is often also a virtual attendance option. The City of Vancouver has been working to ensure effectiveness, accessibility and equity in advisory committees and to decolonize advisory committee practices wherever possible.

The specific committees with vacancies are as follows:

Type A (advisory to Council)

• 2SLGBTQ+ Advisory Committee

• Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

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• Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee

• Racial and Ethno-Cultural Equity Advisory Committee

• Renters Advisory Committee

• Transportation Advisory Committee

• Urban Indigenous Peoples’ Advisory Committee

• Vancouver Food Policy Council

• Women’s Advisory Committee

Type B (advisory to staff)

• Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

• First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel

• Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee

• Street Planning Committee (formerly Civic Asset Naming Committee)

The following is a paid advertisement by Adrian Dix, MLA for Vancouver/Kingsway

Dear Neighbours, Artist Enhancement


Artist Enhancement Grant recognizes artists in the South Vancouver community who has the capacity to enhance community art projects with their skills, talent and can work with community members in the creative process.

An Artist Enhancement NSG offers $500 for the project expenses and an additional $500 to pay an artist. To learn more and submit an Artist Enhancement NSG, contact the Neighbourhood Small Grants Project Coordinator, Sheri:

B.C. Family Benefit

Recognizing people are being pinched by price surges, the B.C. government has boosted the monthly BC Family Benefit payments for low- and moderate-income families for three months, January through March. A family with two children can receive up to $350 more than usual over the three months.

Eligibility is based on income and number of children. People can expect to see their family benefit and the bonus cost-of-living payment as a deposit or cheque through the Canada Revenue Agency alongside the federal Canada Child Benefit program. Eligible families are automatically determined when someone registers for the Canada Child Benefit.



ClimateReadyBC is a newly launched onestop online hub to help communities and people mitigate and prepare for disaster and climate risks, including wildfire, floods, extreme weather, tsunamis and earthquakes. The hub includes hazard and mapping tools, risk data and resources such as funding programs available to communities to mitigate and prepare for disaster risks. Find out more at:

My community office, at 5022 Joyce St. Vancouver, is open to provide services for constituents in person with appointments and via phone and email. Please give us a call at 604-660-0314 or email us at adrian.dix.mla@, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. 聯絡本辦事處請電郵 或致電 604-6600314. 如欲親臨敬請預約。

Thank you very much for all that you’re doing and take care.


Deadline to apply is Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 11:59 pm. If you have any questions, please email

Read On! A news section for Renfrew-Collingwood learners

Spring Forward

Spring expressions 

There are more English expressions about spring than any other season. To spring to life means to move quickly or to take action. When someone springs to mind this means that we suddenly think about that person.

In the spring, we turn clocks forward by one hour so that we have one hour less of sleep but one hour more of daylight. This is called daylight savings time. This year, daylight savings time starts on Sunday, March 12.

March 20 is the spring equinox. On this day, the length of the day and the length of the night is the same in all parts of the world.

The spring equinox is a special occasion in some cultures. In Iran, it is the start of the Persian new year. In Japan, the first day of spring is a national holiday called Shunbun no Hi. Traditionally, people celebrate the holiday with family reunions and by leaving sweet rice balls on the graves of ancestors.

Early spring flowering trees 

In Vancouver, people take advantage of the early spring weather by visiting one of the city’s 230 parks or by walking neighbourhood streets lined with plum and cherry trees. Cherry trees bloom from mid-March and peak in April. Many of Vancouver’s 43,000 cherry trees were planted in the 1930s to honour Japanese-Canadians who served in World War I.

The plum tree is also a stunning sight in early spring and blooms earlier than the cherry tree. Groves of plum trees can be found at Aberdeen Park in Renfrew-Collingwood. While both trees produce flowers with five petals, a single bud from a cherry tree produces numerous blossoms.

After a long and difficult winter, step outside and enjoy the early spring.

Places to view early plum and cherry tree blossoms

Aberdeen Park Clive Avenue from Spencer to McHardy Street McSpadden Park


spring to life to move quickly or to take action spring to mind to suddenly think about someone or something spring equinox the time of year when both night and day are equal ancestor someone you are related to who lived in the past take advantage to make use of honour to show someone respect bloom to make flowers peak when something is at its best serve to represent your country stunning extremely beautiful grove a group of trees bud the part of a tree or plant that becomes a flower numerous many

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Plum trees begin flowering in early March. Photo by Sophia Han

Stilts workshops for Moon Festival finale

Still Moon Arts Society is looking for performers to be part of the third year of the CoS project, culminating in a stand-alone finale performance that closes the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival on September 29, 2023, in Renfrew Ravine and Renfrew Community Park.

Consciousness of Streams (CoS) is a threeyear performance project that follows the lost streams buried under streets of the RenfrewCollingwood neighbourhood. Year one explored the theme of streams and year two will explore the theme of the moon and the water.

Videographer Wilson Mendes helped document CoS at the 20th Annual Moon Festival. You can watch the video on and on the Still Moon Arts YouTube Channel.

Professional movement artist and stilt walker Isabelle Kirouac will host workshop series, Movement, Stilt Walking and Children’s, to provide finale participants/performers with the skills and techniques they need to embrace their inner performer and movement potential fully.

Workshops are free and begin at the end of March.

To register and learn more, visit www.StillMoonArts. ca or email .

Lichen It: A Lichen Dyeing Workshop Series

Join Still Moon Arts Society for this twoday workshop and take home your lichen dyed yarn at the end of the series

In this two part workshop, guest artist Tasha Lavdovsky will guide you through the careful process of preparing a dye vat

Noticed in Renfrew-Collingwood

of lichens using the boiling-water method, preparing fibres to dye and dyeing the fibres with lichen.

Learn the basics of how to identify lichens, what a lichen is, common local lichen species, what lichens can tell us about the environment, and discuss how to ethically and sustainably collect fallen lichens for artistic purposes.

Day One: Monday, March 6, 2023 | 6:00 – 8:30 pm Day Two: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 | 6:00 – 8:30 pm

This workshop is for folks 12+ years of age.

About Tasha Lavdovsky

Natasha (Tasha) Lavdovsky is a neurodivergent settler environmental artist, who grew up in traditional Tsawout First Nations unceded territory. Her field survey of a new population of at-risk Oldgrowth Specklebelly lichen near the Fairy Creek watershed contributed to a published journal article that critiques B.C.’s lack of protection for biodiversity (Canadian Field-Naturalist).

To register and learn more, visit or email .

6 March 2023 RENFREW
Karen Vanon Guest artist Tasha Lavdovsky ethically/sustainably collecting fallen lichens for artistic purposes, which is one of the topics that will be covered as part of this two-day workshop series. Photo by Tasha Lavdovsky

CNH settlement services and language program celebrates International Women’s Day

The settlement services team and the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program at Collingwood Neighbourhood House will celebrate International Women’s Day this March with a series of events to commemorate the achievements and contributions of women from around the world. This year’s campaign is about Embracing Equity and newcomers to Canada are invited to join in.

Saturday, March 4: a kick-off breakfast event with discussions on what it truly means to embrace equity and highlight the current state of women’s rights around the globe.

Wednesday, March 8: an opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals and expand your professional network. How every woman is different and holds many different experiences and identities. We will encourage, motivate, and uplift.

Saturday, March 11: Me First day to recognize that women are constantly working hard, whether at the workplace or at home. It’s a day to practice selfcare and mindfulness to combat the negative consequences of stress and ensure you are feeling your best.

Saturday, March 25: a grand celebration to conclude the International Women’s Day activities. This event include a keynote speaker and cultural performances to honour women who have made significant contributions to their communities and the world. The event Breaking Barriers: Women in Leadership will provide an opportunity for women to share their stories and experiences in overcoming obstacles and carving their path to success.

Newcomers are invited to join in these free events to celebrate women and their achievements. To register please contact Karen Caguioa at

Art & Culture Workshop for Newcomers

2 sessions each month of skill-sharing workshops by instructor Yoko Tomita and guest artists. These workshops require registration and all the materials are provided.

Participants learn new skills while meeting with like minded people to socialize and share the creative process.

Childminding is available for newcomers with one week’s notice. Email Yoko or call CNH reception 604-435-0323 as soon as possible.


7 RENFREW COLLINGWOOD COMMUNITY NEWS March 2023 Don Davies MP Community Office 2951 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J4 604-775-6263 | Vancouver Kingsway Standing up for Public Health
Working to defend and improve our public health care system.

The Seniors Connection Day trip to Burnaby Mountain

On our way to eat fish and chips at Cockney Kings in Burnaby, we stopped on Burnaby Mountain to see the Playground of the Gods (known in Japanese as Kamui Mintara) by Japanese Ainu carver Nuburi Toko. He is from Kushiro, on the island of Hokkaido, which is the sister city of Burnaby.

It touched my soul to view the Ainu sculpture again. It has been a really long interval between visits. Last time, the wood was almost pristine.

Isn’t the orca on wheels intriguing? And the bond with Indigenous peoples as evidenced by their reverence towards the bear, orca, and owl. On this coast, it’s the eagle or raven.

The island of Hokkaido resembles Canada in winter. Snow and maples.


Collingwood Corner: The Collingwood Institute and Bursill Public Library

5127 Ruby Street, opened June 23, 1911

I’ve lived in the Collingwood area nearly 60 years. By chance I discovered that Collingwood’s first library was located on Ruby Street and opened in 1911. I began researching and looking for old photos of the building, and, of course, one thing led to another. Because of my research on the library, I began writing the Collingwood Corner articles for the Renfrew-Collingwood Community News a few years ago.

John Francis Bursill, a writer from England, believed that the working-class population needed a library, and so he built one on Ruby Street (at that time named Rogers Street) and filled it with 2,500 books from his private collection.

His pen name was Felix Penne, and he was quite a character. In the January 30, 1915 Daily Newspaper, an article called for help in paying the loan owing on the building. The library by that

time had a piano, a stereopticon lantern with 1,000 slides and cutlery for social gatherings. The public rallied and the loan was paid off.

After 43 years, the library closed on June 29, 1954, and the books were donated to South Burnaby Library. A new library that is still in use in 2023, Collingwood Library, was opened at the corner of Kingsway and Rupert in 1951. Maybe you have visited it many times as I once did as a young girl.

John Francis Bursill has a street named after him, one block west of this library. I’m very grateful to him and his vision.

1953 photo of Vancouver Public Library, Collingwood branch at 2985 Kingsway. Opened July 4, 1951. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Archives Right: Opening day of the Bursill Institute Library on Ruby Street, June 23, 1911. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Archives Below, right: A rare photo of the Bursill Institute Library on Ruby Street. Photo courtesy of UBC Library
10 This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Neighbourhood House RENFREW COLLINGWOOD COMMUNITY NEWS March 2023 Collingwood Neighbourhood House HIGHLIGHTS Joyce Location: 5288 Joyce St. ; Tel: 604-435-0323 / Annex Location: 3690 Vanness Ave. ; Tel: 604-428-9142 / Visit:

March 2023

Many of the businesses here in Collingwood are owned and run by women. Creating a product or service and providing jobs. Please take a moment to give your appreciation to the amazing, incredible, caring, and fierce entrepreneurs. Thank you, ladies, you are admired and are an inspiration to the generations now and the ones to follow.

Collingwood BIA Beautification & Improvement

Micro Grants 3.0 DEADLINE is March 3, 2023

Only a few more days to submit your application for up to $1,000.00. The grant can be used for sprucing up your interior or exterior, security and safety equipment, upgrading your equipment used for your business, awning signs, lighting improvements and more. Link to application: Contact the office for more information.

Safety Survey 2023

We are conducting a Safety Survey for our members. We are interested in what kind of activity your business has experienced over the last six months. Do you report all, some, or none for your crimes? What is the frequency of these incidents? Do you feel safe in Collingwood? Surveys will be hand delivered by the Collingwood Guardians, CPC foot patrol teams and the staff at the BIA.

Joyce Street Spring Clean Up – April 22, 2023

Join us on Earth Day April, 22nd, to help clean up Joyce Street and surrounding area. There will be a hot dog BBQ after the event and prizes to be won. To sign up email: The is the second annual Spring Clean Up on Joyce Street. This community event is brought to by the Collingwood BIA, St. Mary’s School, Collingwood Community Policing Centre, Collingwood Neighbourhood House and Adrian Dix’s Constituency Office.

Jr. BIA and Scholarships

The Collingwood BIA Scholarship application will be available March 13 –May 12, 2023. If you are a Grade 12 student attending Windermere Secondary School, contact There are two $500.00 scholarships available.

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Calendar of Events

March 8

International Women’s Day

March 12

Daylight Saving Time Begins

March 17

St. Patrick’s Day

March 21

First Day of Spring

April 22

Earth Day & Joyce Street Spring Clean Up

ow to Reach Us: @shopcollingwoodvancouver @shopcollingwood @shopcollingwood


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What’s happening at your local library

Collingwood Branch – March 2023


Babytime (0–18 months)

Weekly on Thursdays from January 12 10:30–11 am

Family Storytime (all ages)

Weekly on Fridays from January 13 10:30–11 am


KidsZone: Make Your Own Masterpiece

Wednesday March 8

3:30–4:30 pm

Meet other kids and share books, crafts and fun activities at the library. This time we will have fun with creating our own framed masterpieces. For Grades K-7.

LEGO Block Party

Weekly on Saturdays from January 7

2:30–3:30 pm

Come to the library for some LEGO® building fun at this block party! Connect with other kids and break out the bricks for a building bonanza at the library. For Grades K-7.

Spring Break S.T.E.A.M Makers

Wednesday, March 15: Ozobots Grades 4–7 (Register in Branch)

Wednesday, March 22: Builderfest Grade K– 7 (Drop-in)

2–3 pm

Character Party: Dog Man

Friday, March 14

2-3 pm Grades K-7

“You are never alone when lost in the magic of a book.” – Marie Lu
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