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JUNE 2021



The value of one, the power of many by Collingwood Neighbourhood House More than 540 people volunteered with Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) last year, totalling to more than 50,000 hours of service. While volunteers were celebrated during National Volunteer Week in April, CNH continues to express gratitude to all volunteers supporting its programs and services. This year, the theme for National Volunteer Week was: “The value of one, the power of many.” This theme reflects on both individual acts of kindness and “the magic that happens” when we work together, says Volunteer Canada. “This past year, we have seen people supporting family, friends, neighbours and strangers, people standing up to systemic racism and people sharing insights on how to create a more just and equitable society,” explains the non-profit organization. “We recognize the value of the caring and compassion that each one has shown another, and we recognize the power of people, organizations, and sectors working together.” Here are some examples of CNH volunteers working together to support our community. Youth and Seniors Programs These volunteers are dedicated to help youth and seniors in our community remain conContinued on page 10

Memories from Kurdistan

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June 2021


to all who advertise with the RCCNews For over 20 years you have been providing the Renfrew-Collingwood community with a voice!


Emerging artist program — Call for youth artists by Madelyn Read and Jessie Yeung

Fish lanterns at the 16th annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. Photo by Chao Cheng If you’re a young artist between ages 16 and 24 looking to deepen your artistic development and to expand your showcasing experience, look no further! Still Moon Arts Society is currently recruiting for five youth artists to join its Emerging and Community Artists Program, SMOLT (Still Moon Opportunities for Luminary Transformations). This pilot project supports young emerging and community artists in Renfrew-Collingwood with mentorship, resources and studio space to create works to showcase during the 19th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. SMOLT participants will have the opportunity to create art pieces for the Streamside Lantern Installation – a signature Moon Festival event where dozens of artists create lantern installations to illuminate Renfrew Ravine Park. This year, the Moon Festival will take place throughout the month of September with the Streamside Lantern Installation on September 18, 2021. “Smolt” is the name for a young salmon just before they go out to the sea for the first time. Just like the rivers that guide smolts to the

ocean, the SMOLT program supports young artists with skills and experiences to help develop their professional artistic practices. Through this program participants will: • Meet other local emerging and established artists in the RenfrewCollingwood area • Receive up to 75 hours of free studio space in the Slocan Fieldhouse • Attend weekly workshops on lantern making and illuminated installations • Receive mentorship led by diverse experienced artists • Receive guaranteed showcasing at the Emerging Artists Showcase, one small Moon Fest event, and the Streamside Lantern Installation • Receive an honorarium for their participation Program duration: July 12 to August 16 Questions? Contact Moon Festival production manager Madelyn Read at madelyn@stillmoonarts.ca. Stay tuned for more information and applications to be released. Visit www.stillmoonarts.ca or follow Still Moon on social media at Instagram @stillmoonarts and Facebook @Still Moon Arts Society.



June 2021

The wedding brought happiness by Diary K. Marif Although people live through tragedies, they search for things to bring happiness and end their depression. The 1990s was a difficult decade for Kurdish people in Iraq since the country was ravaged by war, inflation, famine, disease, poverty and numerous social issues. Also, the Iraqi government had imposed severe sanctions against the Kurds. Amidst all the turmoil, there were some small events that brought happiness to people, children in particular, like my cousin’s wedding. For centuries in Kurdish history, weddings were the most significant occasions for people to enjoy their time and reconnect. One of the weddings I will never forget was my cousin Sarhad‘s wedding in the spring of 1995 when I was 11. He welcomed hundreds of people from our village and neighbouring villages, cities and even from Kurdistan, Iran. The night before the wedding, many young boys gathered at Sarhad’s house. They danced, played traditional games

and talked about the plans for the next day’s wedding. Many girls also visited the bride during the same night to say goodbye. Some women put their children on the bride’s lap as a symbolic tradition that it would bring them a better marriage in future. The morning of the wedding, people gathered on the outskirts of the village, shaking hands and kissing the cheeks of their relatives, many whom I had not seen for a long time. The guests laughed and joked about their past bitter and sweet memories. The atmosphere was light, happy and contagious and I was so excited to be a part of a joyous gathering. Most men and women wore Kurdish clothes. The men oiled their hair, shaved their beards and carried rosary beads in their right hand. Some of the women removed their headscarves, used make-up and put on high-heel shoes. The young girls put on perfume while the older ones wore dianthus flowers in traditionally made necklaces hanging on their chests.

In town for a concert, weekend getaway or sports event? Our nostalgic neighbourhood 2400 Motel offers great budget accommodation. The 2400 Motel on Kingsway is a Vancouver classic, a drive-in motor court offering units with kitchens or cozy motel style rooms. We are pet-friendly and have nice lawns and open areas to walk your pet.

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Vancouver BC V5R 5G9 www.2400motel.com

Tel: 604-434-2464

Toll-Free: 1-888-833-2400 reservations@2400motel.com

Other women were busy cooking huge pots of rice, kidney beans and okra with beef, with Kurdish bread on the wood fire at one end of the garden. We could smell the delicious food; it had been a long time since we had a good meal. Everyone welcomed the bride and groom warmly when they showed up just before noon. Along with the children, I applauded and sang customary wedding songs. The young boys and girls joined in as they waved their hands. While the bride-and-groom pictures were being taken, someone threw flowers and sweets over their heads. The bride was our neighbour, however, and me and my friends were so thrilled to see her as bride that we scrambled closer to her. After lunch, the dancers and traditional singers were ready to offer entertainment. A guy shouted, “Let’s start dancing, ladies and gentlemen. You are going to miss this wonderful day!” A broad man with a wide pishtwen (Kurdish belt), who was a good dancer, started a line, nodding his head to encourage other men to follow him. A skillful and elegant woman started a second line for women. Young girls held hands and stood shoulder to shoulder. The bride and groom danced calmly amongst the other dancer while several singers sung at the centre of the dancers. I tried to join the line of dancers, but I was gently shooed away because my erratic dancing was disrupting. My cousin’s wedding was an unbelievable event in the dark days of Kurdistan. The few happy occasions like this wedding lessened our sadness and gave us reasons to persevere. Diary Marif is a Kurdish political analyst. Marif has a masters of arts degree from Pune University, India. His writing has appeared in Awene weekly, Daily Hawlati, Lvin, KNN TV, among others. He has recently published non-fiction in English. He is currently based in Vancouver. You can follow him on Twitter: @diary_khalid

Now offering Contactless Delivery. Order and Pay Online. Order Delivery Or Carry Out

Phone: 604-437-1717

Website: www.papajohns.ca #300-3320 Kingsway, Vancouver Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11AM-10:45PM Friday-Saturday: 11AM - 11:45PM


June 2021

COMMUNITY NEWS The mission of this non-profit publication is to provide the residents, businesses and organizations of Renfrew/Collingwood with a medium for community communication. Paul Reid: staff writer and layout coordinator Lisa Symons: sales and distribution coordinator Julie Cheng: editorial coordinator

Contributors: Ann Wong, Anna Hofmarks, Chao Cheng, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Diary K. Marif, Eda Ertan, Fast + Epp, Jenny Shen, Jessie Yeung, Karen Vanon, Madelyn Read, Rigel Wong, Robert F. Edwards, Sophia Han

We want to hear from you! Yes, You! Send comments, community events, press releases by regular post, fax or e-mail. Suggestions for improving the paper are welcome. We welcome appropriate, unsolicited editorial submissions if accompanied by the author’s real name, address and telephone number. The author should retain the original as we cannot return submissions without prior agreement nor does submission guarantee publication. We reserve the right to make editorial changes. The Renfrew/Collingwood Community News does not necessarily support the views of its contributors.

Next submission deadline: Jun 10 The Renfrew-Collingwood Community News is an initiative of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH).

Yo u C a n F i n d t h e RC Community News @ Libraries, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Renfrew Park Community Centre, The Italian Cultural Centre, Collingwood Policing Office, other organizations, religious institutions, schools, laundromats, Starbucks, Rona, Superstore, Canadian Tire, Walmart, London Drugs and Safeway coffee shops, restaurants, markets, corner stores, other businesses, and coffee tables all over Renfrew-Collingwood.

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The B.C. Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant by Ann Wong, Certified Financial Planner It’s without a doubt one of the toughest years for business owners, and especially financially hard for those who run tourism, fitness studios, restaurants and cafes.

The B.C. government will deposit funds into your bank account if you qualify. The grant is taxable and you will have to factor in taxes owing even though the government gives you the funds.

The federal and provincial governments have launched a number of programs to support business owners during these difficult times. This article discusses the B.C. Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant.

Who is eligible? You can be a sole proprietor, partnership or an incorporated business. As this is a B.C. grant, the business owners and activities of business need to be predominately B.C.-based and pay B.C. taxes. The business has been operating at least 18 months, What is the B.C. Small and is currently operating and there is Medium Sized Business no intention to close or be sold to Recovery Grant? First of all, this is a grant and not a another party. loan. There is no interest charged A major criteria is that it must have and no repayment required. The experienced a significant revenue base grant ranges from $10,000 drop of at least 30% from March to $30,000. There is a tourism 2020 to present as compared to the top-up ranging from $5,000 to previous time period pre-pandemic. $15,000.

COMMUNITY NAVIGATORS NEEDED. Collingwood Neighbourhood House is looking for volunteers to help seniors access much needed info and referrals in person, by phone, and online through our new Neighbourhood Navigator Program. Learn new skills, gain valuable work experience, make a positive impact. Desired committment is 4 hours a week. We provide all training necessary. Email: volunteering@cnh.bc.ca

What to expect The first step is to apply for the grant. Depending on whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, there are different information and documents that you will need to supply. For those working with accountants or bookkeepers, they already have these information and you can ask to have them resent to you. Once you have applied and been accepted to the program, the next step is to develop your recovery plan. You will document how you will spend the grant, why it will benefit your business, your community and the B.C. economy. Some professional services advisors — lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers and certified financial planners — have been registered and vetted by the government to assist with this regard. It is recognized that business owners are great at their business but may have limited knowledge on how to draft the recovery plan. Business owners can access up to $2,000 of professional services to develop the recovery plan, in addition to their grant amount. How long does it take? This grant criteria has evolved for more and more businesses to qualify. As more applications come in, it is taking a longer time to process them. It can take between four to 12 weeks depending on the volume of applicants, acceptance and Recovery Grant approvals. The deadline is August 31, 2021 or once all funds have been allocated. To see if you or another business owner may qualify, visit https://www2.gov. bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/economicrecovery/business-recovery-grant . I’ve helped many businesses owners including a travel agent, photographer, acupuncturist, hairdresser and others apply for the program and be accepted for the Recovery Grant. Your business is your livelihood. Take advantage of this program if you can. For more information contact hello@awsmgroup.com.


Donate to Windermere Community Fitness Park


June 2021

Noticed in Vancouver

Noticed in Vancouver…big truck, big men, little dog at Thurlow/Robson

A new public fitness park is being planned for Windermere Secondary. Source: www.facebook.com/ WindiFitnessPark A fitness park on Windermere school grounds at Lillooet along 27th Avenue is being planned. Everyone in the community – from students to seniors – will be able to enjoy this outdoor exercise park any time for free. For more information and to donate, visit the website http://windermerefitnesspark.com/ and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ WindiFitnessPark by Karen Vanon

RENFREW PARK COMMUNITY COMPLEX 2929 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5M 2Y3

Complex Office: 604 257-8388 ext 1 Fax: 604 257-8392 Website: www.vancouver.ca/renfrewrec or www.renfrewcc.com

Jointly operated by Renfrew Park Community Association and Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Special Hours of Operation

Summer Registration already started

Swimming Pool

Closed for Annual Maintenance Mon, Jun 14-Sun, Jul 4, 2021

Fitness Centre

Closed Saturday, June 26th Closed for Annual Maintenance Thu Jul 1 – Sun Jul 4, 2021

Centre Office Mon-Wed Thu & Fri Sat & Sun

*March 29-June 13 6:30am-5:00pm 6:30am-8:00pm 6:30am-3:30pm

Please call for office hours from June 14-July 4.


Saturday, June 26—Sunday, June 27 Thursday, July 1 (Canada Day) to Sunday, July 4th

Swim Lesson Registration for Summer begins

Wednesday, June 16 at 7:00pm

Summer Highlights Day Camps—Aug 3-6 is a 4 day week (BC Day) Licensed Preschool Camp (3-5yrs)

Held at Renfrew Park Community Centre Come join us for some summer fun in the sun for preschoolers. Learn and play through a variety of activities including arts and crafts, music, storytime, outdoor play and more. Please bring each day to class the following: sunscreen, hat, healthy lunch (nut free environment) and water bottle. Please complete and return waiver forms prior to the start of the program. Forms can be picked up from the Centre Office. *4 day week—Aug 3-6 (Tue-Fri) Mon-Fri Jul 5-Aug 27 9:30am-1:30pm $115/5 day wk $92/4 day wk*

Renfrew Summer Adventures Day Camp (6-12yrs)

Held at Renfrew Park Community Centre A fun filled Day Camp includes games, arts & crafts and swimming. Each child will receive one Renfrew Summer Day Camp T-shirt. Original waiver forms are required before the start of the program and will be available on our website: www.renfrewcc.com. *4 day week - Aug 3-6 (Tue-Fri) Mon-Fri Jul 6-Aug 27 9:00am-3:00pm $120/5 day wk $96/4 day wk*

Falaise Fun Finders Day Camp (6-12yrs)

Held at Falaise Hall—3434 Falaise Ave (Falaise Avenue & Worthington Drive) Join us for themed weeks that will take children through great activities such as photography, theatre, cooking, science and crafts! Each child will receive one Renfrew Summer Day Camp T-shirt. Flyer available at registration. Original waiver forms are required before the start of the program and will be available on our website: www.renfrewcc.com. *4 day week - Aug 3-6 (Tue-Fri) Mon-Fri Jul 6-Aug 27 9:00am-3:00pm $120/5 day wk $96/4 day wk*

Summer CHILL (10.5-14yrs)

Camp (for) Note: CHANGE OF LOCATION: Helping Collingwood Park, 5275 McKinnon Street Individuals Youth will be engaged in developing leadership Learn skills such as teamwork, respect, confidence and Leadership encouraging the development of a healthy mind. In addition each day will be filled with various activities and crafts as well as several community walking trips each week. Waiver forms are required before the start of the program and are available on our website: www.renfrewcc.com *4 day week - Aug 3-6 (Tue-Fri) Mon-Fri Jul 6-Aug 27 10:00am-4:00pm $100/5 day wk $80/4 day wk* Go to renfrewcc.com for a complete schedule of our Summer programs. Prices do not include tax, if applicable. Programs subject to change.


June 2021


Contribute to a new Begbie school by Rigel Wong A new elementary school is currently under construction that will replace the 90-year-old Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary (SMB) located on Lillooet and Kitchener Street. Construction of the new school started in March 2020 as part of the B.C. Ministry of Education’s Seismic Mitigation Program that reviews and targets high-risk schools. With a targeted move-in of 2022, this school will be built to the most recent seismic requirements. It also features innovative design as one of the first schools in Vancouver using mass timber as its primary construction material. Furthermore, the new school will be built to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard and emphasizes opportunities to increase natural light into the school.

(check-out as a “Guest”). A tax receipt will be issued immediately. For more details or for general information about the PAC’s causes and activities, visit https://begbiepac.weebly. com/ Should you have any further questions about PAC’s fundraising goals, email Begbieschoolpac@gmail.com.

Photo of the new school in the foreground, with the existing Begbie school in the background. Photo by Fast+Epp

An Old-Fashioned Fair with a Multicultural Flair!

One of the purposes of the SMB Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to provide financial support for the goals of the PAC. From 2018 to 2020, fundraising events were held consisting of movie nights, direct donation drives, hot lunches, gift cards, Purdy’s Chocolate drives, Dollar Sales and Neufeld Farms frozen food sales. The proceeds from these events were set aside for upgrades and some rubber surfacing at the new school playground. In February, the PAC rolled out its fundraising plan to target raising $73,000 for the following: • Landscape enhancements (benches, outdoor education areas) • Furniture for common interior areas • Audio visual equipment in classrooms and the gym • Learning technology With the pandemic making it more difficult to fundraise, the PAC got creative and successfully put on socially distanced fundraising events consisting of a spell-a-thon and walk-a-thon. A silent auction is also planned in June. These events were put on to canvas the school community for donations. The PAC is now looking to canvas the larger, local neighbourhood community for financial support in helping the school reach its target. We are reaching out to readers for donations large or small to help provide financial support to further enhance the learning experience of our children and beautify the community that can be shared by all. Perhaps if you know someone who went to Begbie, you can pass this story along! If you can provide financial assistance, please visit https://tinyurl. com/54k4t39a. This will take you to a donation page set up by the Vancouver School Board to support Begbie’s PAC




June 2021


Don Davies MP Vancouver Kingsway

Fighting for Dental Care for All

Community Office 2951 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J4 604-775-6263 | Don.Davies@parl.gc.ca




June 2021


The Seniors Connection Digital seniors: Building a tech-savvy seniors community in Renfrew-Collingwood by Anna Hofmarks Would you like a brand-new Samsung Galaxy mini-tablet for free? Would you like to have free internet access? Would you like free in-person lessons on how to use the tablet? Are you 55 years or older, reside in Renfrew-Collingwood CNH seniors participating in an online 2021 celebration. Photo by Jenny Shen and identify as low income? ics covered will range from how to set up and send The Digital Seniors course will be availan e-mail, take a silly photo, shop online, find new If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then able to only a small you need to sign up for the new Digital Seniors recipes, “zoom” with your grandkids, search your number of particifavourite TV show clips, and of course, internet course coming this fall to Collingwood Neighpants and an applibourhood House — no experience necessary! It safety. There is so much you can do online! This cation process will course will give participants a safe and supported is never too late to learn new skills. be open shortly. To space to practice their online skills and build their apply, please contact digital confidence. The pandemic has really highlighted the unAnna Hofmarks at equal access to information and services as This course will be taught in person in the fall with 604-435-0375. You they rapidly retreated to an online platform. will be sent a paper Access to technology and digital literacy is now attention to current public health orders. Free application form to more crucial than ever for day-to-day living for shuttle service can be arranged as well for those that require assistance with transportation. older adults and seniors. complete and return. Thanks to a pilot project funded by the United Way, CNH is offering a small group of seniors an informative 8- to 10-week course on how to use a tablet and browse the internet. Top-

Along with this course, CNH continues to offer one-to-one tech support. If you have a question or want a private phone session with a trained volunteer, give us a call.

Yvonne Kato posing with her new Samsung Galaxy tablet. Photo by Eda Ertan

Rescue of Gus McGregor and 118 other dogs from Fort Nelson area Truck 2, which was one of the transportations that the fire deThis true story is an exceptional partment provided to get a good rescue of 119 dogs. The rescue portion of these dogs down to the started on March 12, 2021, when Lower Mainland. Many of them the SPCA got a disturbing call about ended up in Abbotsford accommotwo trailers with many dogs bedations and Gus McGregor ended ing neglected. Four police and 3 up in the SPCA in West Vancouver. SPCA agents came to the site. They expected anywhere from 20 to 30 This is where the story really begins dogs; instead, they found 119 dogs. for my wife Marietta and myself. We read the posting on an SPCA Once they discovered the terrible newsletter and both agreed to see conditions that these dogs were liv- if we qualified to have one of the ing in, they immediately contacted rescue dogs. back-up help, including the fire department. Some dogs had scars on Gus McGregor was the perfect their faces, others had feces clingchoice for us: he is a Norfolk tering to their coats and numerous rier mix and the SPCA was lookones needed medical attention. The ing for a couple with another dog, rescuers rapidly found other disand luckily, we have Holly, a Cairn tricts that could help them rehabili- terrier mix. The next few days we tate these dogs as well as find them anxiously awaited the result of our future homes. application, only to see the postings taken down. We were disappointed, This brings us to Gus McGregor, but happy if the dogs had found formerly known as Griswald Fire more suitable accommodations. by Robert F. Edwards

The next day we got a surprising phone call from the SPCA. YES! Yes, we had been chosen for Gus McGregor. We had an introduction meeting with the foster parents that were looking after Gus and other dogs. Gus McGregor stuck to me like gum to a boot; we could not get enough of each other while Marietta was talking to the lady about Gus McGregor’s progress in adapting to a normal life.

and came with toys, food leash and harness. All these expenses were covered by the SPCA, not to mention the transportation involved.

The next day we qualified to adopt Gus McGregor, but he had to go to the dentist first. We thought it was just cleaning his teeth, but no, six teeth had to be removed. I must say how impressed I am with the SPCA; not only did they look after the grooming of the dogs, but they made sure that they were in good health before turning them over to sponsors. They all received a complete medical exam, were neutered/spayed, received their vaccination shots, were microchipped

I am so happy to say that Gus McGregor Edwards is now officially our dog. And what a delight he has made to our lives. He is a happy little dog and loves sitting on your lap, going to bed with you and just cannot get enough love from everybody that comes near him. What a change from the deplorable conditions that he had lived most of his four years of life. Thank you, SPCA, for the remarkable job you are doing for the animals that need help so desperately.


June 2021


Read On! Step outside and draw

A news section for RenfrewCollingwood learners

The following is a paid advertisement by Adrian Dix, MLA for Vancouver/Kingsway Dear Neighbours, First and foremost, a hearty congratulations to the graduating class of 2021! You have reached this incredible milestone and you should be very proud of your achievements. All the best to you on your future endeavours.

by Sophia Han

Making art outdoors  Are you looking for something creative to do on a sunny day? Vancouver is known for its beautiful scenery. Why not enjoy the fresh air outside and let nature inspire you? Painting landscapes outdoors is known as “en plein air” (“onplan-air”). This means “in the open air” in French. It is a style of painting made famous because of artists like Claude Monet.

Art: CNH art instructor Yoko Tomita. Dog:

The Group of Seven is a famous group of Canadian artists. Tsuki. Photo by Sophia Han They painted and sketched during long hikes in the Canadian wilderness. Emily Carr was also inspired by West Coast scenery.

Read On!

Outdoor drawing tips 

has a web page. You can:

While there are kits you can buy to make outdoor painting more convenient, you don’t need anything except paper, pencils, chalk or crayons and a piece of cardboard to start drawing outdoors. ● Start by finding a comfortable place to sit. ● Lay the cardboard on your knees and then lay the paper on top of the cardboard. ● Choose a simple drawing subject such as a tree, leaf, rock or flower. ● Before drawing, take a close look at its details. Notice its lines and textures. What parts are rough or smooth? ● Draw what you see. Don’t worry about what your drawing looks like. The purpose of sketching outdoors is to pay close attention to the natural world while enjoying the fresh air. If you want to learn more, try an outdoor art class with Collingwood Neighbourhood House. Classes take place at Gaston Park, Slocan Park and Norquay Community Orchard. For more information, please contact Yoko Tomita at ytomita@cnh.bc.ca.

 Read the articles http://renfrewcollingwood communitynews.com/category/ read-on/

We are at an integral point in our fight against COVID-19. Millions of British Columbians have received their first dose of the vaccine with ongoing efforts to deliver second doses very soon. Getting vaccinated is the key to protecting your loved ones and community, and I am very appreciative that you’ve taken this important step. If you registered with the provincial registration system to receive your first dose, you will automatically be notified when you’re eligible to book for your second dose. If you received your first dose before the registration system was available, you will need to register for your second dose at www.getvaccinated.gov.bc.ca/s/ or 1-833-838-2323. My office is hosting this exciting free webinar in partnership with FP Canada on Tuesday, June 8th @ 6PM. Join us to learn more about financial planning tools to rebuild your financial confidence and provincial and federal government financial supports with Certified Financial Planner, Ann Wong. Please RSVP to adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca or 604-660-0314.


VOCABULARY known — something that many people will know scenery — nature that you see in a place fresh air — air that feels cool and clean inspire — to make someone want to do something landscape — everything you see in a place style — a way of doing something hike — a long walk outdoors wilderness — places outdoors where you do not see many people while — use while at the beginning of a sentence when you want to compare two things: “While it is rainy outside, it is dry indoors.” kits — items used together to do a special activity convenient — something that is easy and useful anything — a thing of any kind except — other than drawing subject — the thing you are drawing close — not far away details — the smaller parts of something you do not usually notice textures — how something feels when you touch it

My community office will continue to provide services for constituents via phone and email. Please leave us a voicemail at 604-660-0314 or we are best reached at adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. You can also visit us on our website at www.adrian.dix.mla.bcndpcaucus.ca/. 基於抗疫措施,本辦事處暫時只提 供電郵及電話服務,如需協助請電郵adrian. dix.mla@leg.bc.ca或致電 604-660-0314 留言。 詳盡及最新資訊,請遊覽辦事處網頁  www. adrian.dix.mla.bcndpcaucus.ca/.        Thank you for all that you’re doing and take care! Adrian Dix, MLA Vancouver-Kingsway https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/2358437/step-outside-and-draw/


June 2021


Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH)

H IGHLIG H TS The value of one, the power of many Joyce Location: 5288 Joyce St. ; Tel: 604-435-0323 / Annex Location: 3690 Vanness Ave. ; Tel: 604-428-9142 / Visit: www.cnh.bc.ca

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nected during the pandemic. With their support, CNH is able to design and lead new community programs in online spaces. CNH Board of Directors The CNH Board of Directors are local volunteers who bring their experience, expertise and passion to CNH. They dedicate time to board and committee meetings but they also advise CNH on every aspect of its work. During the pandemic, the board directors have gone above and beyond to dedicate their time and expertise to address challenges CNH has faced. The board’s contributions allow many people in our community to thrive. Arts Programs From 2019 to 2020, CNH explored the meaning of community resilience through the arts. Neighbours volunteered their time and skills to collaborate with CNH artist, Yoko Tomita, to create a textile work that represents their shared dreams and aspirations. Working from home, Yoko stitched the textile works into three beautiful quilts and recently, staff installed the finished artworks at the Annex. Each textile made by a volunteer represents the greater passions of our community. Grocery Shopping for Seniors During the pandemic, many seniors need safe and accessible transportation support for their daily needs. CNH has a volunteer team that completes grocery shopping on behalf of seniors and delivers to the household. This is an essential service that has made a big difference for those in isolation and who are not able to visit the grocery store. Frozen Meal Deliveries Although many of our in-person programs are closed, Renfrew-Collingwood Food Justice and Seniors Teams have been cooking affordable and healthy frozen meals that are delivered by a large team of volunteers to seniors and vulnerable families. Food is an important way to build relationships and we are thankful that we can continue to support

the food needs of our community during these trying times. Friendly Phone Calls The pandemic has required our community to connect in different ways. One of the ways that CNH connects safely with community members is through its Friendly Phone Call program. Every week, multilingual volunteers make calls to say a friendly hello and uplift their spirits. This small act of kindness makes a big impact in the lives of our many participants. Food Pantry Program The Emergency Food Pantry Program was created

This page is sponsored by Collingwood Neighbourhood House

as part of CNH’s COVID-19 response as community members were experiencing financial difficulties. Every week, the program provides healthy food for lowincome families and seniors in need. Volunteer support has been integral for many who are food insecure in this difficult time. To all of our volunteers at CNH: Thank you! We appreciate your support and commitment to our community, and we know our work would not be possible without you. If you are interested in volunteering with CNH, visit www.cnh.bc.ca/volunteer or call 604-366-9142.



June 2021

June 2021 Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grants Still Available until June 4th The Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant provides grants to hospitality and fitness businesses impacted by the March 30, 2021 Provincial Health Orders. Grants from $1000 - $10,000 are available until June 4, 2021 or until funds are fully expended, whichever comes first. Hospitality businesses include: restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops & cafes Fitness businesses include: pilates, yoga (Hatha) studios, barre studios and gyms offering indoor low intensity group exercise classes

Coming Events June 20th FatherÕs Day July 1st Canada Day July 16-30th Collingwood Days July 23 Ð Aug 6th Boba Crawl 2021

Go to www.2.gov.bc.ca for more information and to apply.

Collingwood Days 2021 ItÕs happening this year! We are happy to announce the dates for Collingwood Days 2021 is July 16 to July 30th. We will begin and end the festival with movie nights. Go to www.collingwooddays.com for event schedules. There will be in-person and online activities spread over the community and over the two weeks. Looking forward to seeing you all again. -Community Bench Painting at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House The Collingwood Neighbourhood House will have their four outside benches painted by four different groups representing Collingwood. The benches will be revealed on July 16th at 7:00p.m. prior to the Collingwood Days kick off. There will be a Pride Parade from the Neighbourhood House to the Collingwood Park on Euclid St. Schedule will be on the website. www.collingwooddays.com

Covid 19 Ð We all need to work together. WHAT YOU CAN DO: - Stay home if you are sick or not feeling well - SOCIAL DISTANCE 2 Meters apart - Wear masks when required - WASH HANDS OFTEN 20 seconds - BE PATIENT & STAY INFORMED

We Want to Hear from You The Collingwood BIA would like to hear from you on your vision to the commercial district along Kingsway from Rupert Street to Boundary Road. Survey will be going out in late June and July. @patiovancouver Support our beautiful CityÕs patios scattered throughout the city. Find a full map of all the patios on Google Maps Ð Vancouver Patio Map. Enjoy the outdoor eating experience. In Collingwood we encourage you to take out and head to our parks. Happy Summer to Everyone. We have an exciting event happening in July. Boba Crawl will be all about our many delicious Bubble Tea shops. Follow us on social media to met updated information.

Shop Collingwood Ð ItÕs good for business!

How to Reach Us: @shopcollingwoodvancouver @shopcollingwood @shopcollingwood #300 Ð 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2 T: 604.639.4403 E: info@shopcollingwood.ca W: shopcollingwood.ca


June 2021


Together, we can build a stronger Renfrew-Collingwood! Proud members of the community since 1993 Have you been impacted by a loved one's addiction? There is free support and education available through the Together We Can Family Support Program Please visit us at online at twc.fyi/support for more information and to sign up today

www.twcrecoverylife.org - 604.451.9854 - info@twcrecoverylife.org @TWCRecoveryLife

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Renfrew-Collingwood Community News June 2021  

News stories from the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood in East Vancouver. Local news on events, people, history, eating out, recreation, ar...

Renfrew-Collingwood Community News June 2021  

News stories from the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood in East Vancouver. Local news on events, people, history, eating out, recreation, ar...

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