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February 2015


Greenest City and Neighbourhood Small Grants—and the Collingwood Education Program Have a great idea for your neighbourhood? Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation. The deadline is coming up fast: March 31 for online applications. Students at the Collingwood Education Program ( promoted sustainability and created community connections by holding a tea and wreath-making event for seniors. The event had three parts and was made possible by a Neighbourhood Small Grant.

Part 1: The Neighbourhood Clean-up Students were aware that salmon had recently returned to Still Creek and understood that this was a result of efforts made to clean up the river. They discussed how the health of the river is directly connected to the land it runs through. They learned about how invasive species are altering the natural balance of the Renfrew Ravine, which Still Creek runs through. One very rainy morning, they went to the Renfrew Ravine to meet Carmen Rosen from Still Moon Arts Society. Carmen described some of the history of the Renfrew Ravine and explained Still Moon’s efforts to clean up the creek and restore indigenous plants to the ravine. Many bags of holly and ivy (invasive plants) were pulled from the ravine that day, some of which was used in the final part of this event.

Part 2: Baking with Locally Sourced Ingredients

A Neighbourhood Small Grant funded community projects by the Collingwood Education Program.

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To prepare for a seniors event, students baked cookies. They had fun baking but had to make some important choices about ingredients, which they wanted to be locally sourced. Local eggs and butter were easily found, although students were surprised by the additional cost of organic items. Flour and sugar, on the other hand, were produced by Canadian companies but had to come from farther afield. Organic vanilla prepared in Richmond

Winnie Ma’s HUM

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Legion fundraiser

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February 2015


Neighbourhood Small Grants - Continued from page 1

was found, but students wondered where the vanilla beans were originally grown.

Part 3: Tea and Wreath Making with Seniors Along with the ivy and holly pulled from Renfrew Ravine, the teachers’ back yards were sourced for juniper, cypress, pine, rosemary, kinnick kinnick, boxwood, cedar, and a bush with pretty red berries. These supplies were bolstered by pine cones and Christmas tree trimmings from a local nursery. Decorations were bought at a store that supports local businesses as much as possible, and a small dollar store next to the school. Wire hangers were re-purposed to make frames for the wreaths. Some reusable wire wreath frames were also used. The tea, which was supposed to be a morning event, went on all day! In the end, 19 wreaths and swags were made and donated to the Collingwood Neighbourhood House to decorate the gym for the 150 guests who attended the annual Christmas party that was held the following day.

Apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant To apply online, go to Applications will be accepted online from Monday, February 23 to Monday, March 31. Brochures will be available at Collingwood Neighbourhood House and South Vancouver Neighbourhood House in the following languages: English, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish and Farsi. If you or someone you know wishes to complete a paper application, please ask at the reception desk for the application and return it to reception by the deadline date. For inquiries regarding Neighbourhood Small Grants or Greenest City Small Grants, please contact Sheri Parke at



February 2015

Remembering Bobbi Senft The neighbourhood loses a passionate advocate for local history Laurie Deanna (Bobbi) Senft, a well-known local volunteer and resident who has been living in a palliative care facility for the past two months, died on January 11, 2015. Born on January 16, 1947, Bobbi’s maiden name was Finlayson, a family that has lived in the Collingwood neighbourhood for more than 100 years. Until recently, there had always been a member of the Finlayson family attending Carleton Elementary School in every decade since it opened in the 1890s. Bobbi and her sister Jackie McHugh were involved in saving Firehall 15, located at Nootka and East 22nd Avenue. Their father had been chief at the firehall, and they felt very strongly that the building must be preserved. They also worked tirelessly to save Carleton School from closure and preserve the history of the school and the Collingwood neighbourhood. Most recently, Bobbi was the school secretary for Graham Bruce Elementary, where she was well known and loved by the children and staff. Her retirement was a big event as the school community showered her with their admiration. Bobbi’s dedication and hard work earned her the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. In honour of Bobbi’s legacy, Collingwood Neighbourhood House (with the family’s approval) has created the Finlayson Family Historical Fund. Tax deductible donations to this fund will cover the cost of restoring historical photos and historical artifacts, digitizing photos and maintaining the collection. This work will be overseen by a neighbourhood historical committee. To make a donation to this fund, please send or drop off a cheque at Collingwood Neighbourhood House (5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC V5R 6C9). The cheque should be made out to Collingwood Neighbourhood House with a note on it saying it should be directed to the “Finlayson Family Historical Fund.” A Celebration of Life Open House will be held on Sunday, February 22 at Collingwood Neighbourhood House from 1:30 to 4:00 pm.

Bobbi Senft was well loved in the Renfrew-Collingwood community.

Don Davies, MP Vancouver Kingsway

恭賀新禧 羊年大吉! Chúc MØng Næm M§i Wishing you a Prosperous & Healthy Year of the Goat!

2951 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J4 Tel: 604-775-6263 Email:



February 2015


Music makes you smarter COMMUNITY NEWS The mission of this non-profit publication is to provide the residents, businesses and organizations of Renfrew/Collingwood with a medium for community communication. Paul Reid: staff writer and layout coordinator Lisa Symons: sales and distribution coordinator Julie Cheng: editorial coordinator Contributors: Crecien Bencio, Cari Chan, Deanna Cheng, Raymond Chou, Collingwood Education Program, Sarah Green, Norman Hill, Annie Lai, Andrew Kouri, Paul Reid, Mike Wu

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Next submission deadline: Feb. 10 The Renfrew/Collingwood Community News is an initiative of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH).

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by Andrew Kouri Do you want to improve your child’s language skills, attention span and self confidence? If yes, then you should consider music lessons. Playing music is not only a powerful learning tool that can help students in many areas of their lives, but it is also a fun and rewarding activity in its own right. Research shows that studying music benefits both brain structure and brain function. Just as physical exercise builds muscle strength, music education can help build a stronger mind. You may even find playing your favourite songs helps to reduce blood pressure, increase your energy level and improve your overall health.

While listening to music is certainly beneficial, playing a musical instrument will improve the function of your entire brain! Music FAQs Q: Which is better: group lessons or private lessons? A: Both have their pros and cons but generally group lessons are more effective for children under five. Children of this age usually enjoy socializing with other kids their own age and this will encourage their general interest in music while they learn the same skills they would in private lessons. Playing with a group of friends makes it fun! For older students who want to learn to play with the fewest bad habits, I recommend private lessons. The classes will cost more but will always go at a faster pace. The teacher will come to know the strengths and weaknesses of the student and construct a tailored plan to overcome problems. Q: What is the difference between a classical and an acoustic guitar? A: Both have six strings and can look very similar. Acoustic guitars have six metal strings and classical guitars have three metal and three nylon strings. With its steel strings, the acoustic guitar is louder, but the nylon strings of the classical guitar are softer on the fingers. Both are suitable for beginners.

Students who are planning to complete their Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) or Conservatory Canada exams will need to play a classical guitar. Q: How can I tell if my child has talent? A: Fortunately, talent doesn’t matter very much. No matter how talented a student is, motivation and interest are what really determine his or her success in music. Learning how and what to practice, and following through, will make the biggest difference. Andrew Kouri owns and teaches at his two popular music schools and his new store on Kingsway called Play Music Inc. His past experience includes working on a city arts council, is dedicated to a lifetime of fundraising, developing music programs learning and teaching others. and volunteering his expertise in the community. When not overseeing some of the 250 students a week, he can be found working on numerous music projects. Proud to be a small business, he

RCC News photo contest Capture your favourite RC winter scene Calling local shutterbugs and happy snappers! The Renfrew-Collingwood Community News is launching its first-ever neighbourhood photo contest. This month’s theme: Favourite Renfrew-Collingwood winter scenes. Just send us your photo and you’ll get

a chance to win a

(2545 Nanaimo Street; 604-566-9028) The winning entry will be chosen by the RCC News team and published on the cover of the March 2015 issue. Please send a high-resolution photo in jpg format, in a file size at least 1 MB large, to Let us know why this is your favourite RC winter scene.

Contest deadline: February 10, 2015


February 2015


Eating Out in RC: Bernie’s Bureks and Restaurant

by Paul Reid


Bernie’s Bureks and Restaurant

5737 Battison Street (at Tyne and Kingsway) 604.526.6580

Greetings food fans! So where are we here. February. Ah, an even better month now with this Family Day. And our community is much better off now with the addition of Bernie’s Bureks and Restaurant. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend that you attend Bernie’s. Bernie’s has been open just over a month now. Perhaps you’ve noticed the Bernie’s sign at the corner of Tyne and Kingsway, ground floor of the Kingsway Continental (former Jaguar’s restaurant). Our man, Bernie, is actually a woman, aka Erika Marinovic. She is bringing to our community’s culinary tableau all the best from the Balkan region of southeastern Europe that includes your former Yugoslavia, from where Erika hails. Here, in the Balkan region, according to wikipedia, we find our Albanians, Bulgarians, Bosniaks, Croats, Gorani, Greeks, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Serbs, Slovenes, Romanians, Armenians and Turks.

Have you ever had a burek? Bernie’s bureks are homemade filo pastry pies made entirely from scratch, including the filo pastry. The fresh filo pasty is what really separates Bernie’s bureks from others. Currently available Make sure you’re hungry when ordering in cheese, beef, potato, Bernie’s hamburger. It’s huge! spinach, beef, potato, sour cherry and apple, they are sold by the slice or by the pie. tomatoes (9.75). There is apparently You can have them on location in a half pound of beef that goes into restaurant or take them with you this burger, so much that it requires a fresh, or frozen. People will buy specially made bun (which was nicely several pies to cook at home as toasted and delicious by the way). they want them. Served with a delicious coleslaw, the burger was huge and delicious. On my Bernie’s bureks are becoming patented Gourmet/Gourmand Scale of famous across the country, Goodness (taste x size divided by price), something Erika attributes largely we derive a very high number indeed. I to the European truck drivers, who urge one and all to flock to Bernie’s to load up on bureks for the road, taste for yourself. spreading the word about Bernie’s across Canada and down through My accomplice enjoyed a slice of burek the United States. and soup of the day (8.95). The burek of course, with the homemade crust, was Today, my friends, I want to the likely the best in Canada, and the inform you about another of homemade soup is the real rib-sticking Bernie’s specialties, their humbly deal for which Bernie’s is renowned. named hamburger with mayo, pepper spread, onions, lettuce and So go to Bernie’s my friends. It’s a nice place. You can see them making the handmade filo; you can meet the lovely Erika, and Big o Know You t h g u have yourself Eno no mall E ugh to Serve You – S a delicious, affordable and iginal r O s ’ r e filling meal. ncouv


re ood Sto

Pick-Up Special Any extra large pizza with three toppings: Only $9.99 *Pick Up Only *Redeemable with coupon *Grandview and Commercial locations

Two locations

2582 Commercial Drive 604-707-6669 2889 Grandview Hwy 604-568-6121


re! pic es & Mo s , Herbs , S n ea B r, u dients iin s , Flo • Bulk Gra Stop for Bakin g Ingre e n •O e Option s • Glute n Fre & Gras s Fe d Meats ate d No n -Medic Choic es • Organic , it h Organic w e c u d ro P Sectio n • Fres h an d Beauty f Che es e h lt ea H l • Natura Selectio n o i & a Hu g e el D e r to S • In

Come together right now with Freshslice Pizza

1595 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. • 604-872-3019 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8am - 9pm

Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society is seeking loving and dedicated foster parents who are willing to share their homes and provide foster care for Aboriginal babies, children, and youth in the Greater Vancouver area. We invite Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal applicants. Information Sessions are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:45pm in our office at 3284 East Broadway, Vancouver. For more information, please email or call 604-216-7447.



February 2015

Support your local businesses in Renfrew-Collingwood D


J.E.’s Alteration and Dry Cleaning Drop Off #4 3490 Kingswsay Ph:604.434.9677

Renfrew Park Community Centre 2929 E,22nd Ave. 604.257.8388


Don Davies M.P. Kingsway Office 2951 Kingsway


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E.41st Ave. The Tipper Restaurant Ph: 604.873.1010


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Collingwood Insurance Ph: 604.438.9888







Family Coin Laundry Phone: 604.876.4817



5750 Tyne Street

Jo yc eS t.


Ru pe rt St.

E.29th Ave. Ea rle sS t.


Renfrew St.

Nanaimo St.

Sushi Miga 4441 Boundary Rd Ph:604.563.0722 Open Seven Days A Week 11:30 am-9:30 pm

Boundary Rd.

Slocan St.

Grandview Hwy.

2088 Kingsway



First Avenue Dental 604.254.5040

#116 - 2800 E1st Ave.

Joyce Hair Design Ph: 604.451.7680

5156 Joyce St.

Papa John’s Pizza Ph: 604.310.PAPA

#300-3340 Kingsway



February 2015

A List of Love

BookList by Sarah Green February 2015 Renfrew Branch Library

2969 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver BC 604-257-8705 This Is How I’d Love You / Woods, Hazel (2014) Adult Fiction It’s 1917 and America is on the brink of World War I. After Hensley Dench’s father is forced to resign from the New York Times for his anti-war writings, she finds herself expelled from the life she loves and the future she thought she would have. The Serpent and the Staff / Wood, Barbara (2014) Adult Fiction During a turbulent mid-15th-century period when Egypt was on the brink of becoming the dominant world power, the daughter of a winemaker is blackmailed by a cruel shipbuilder who would marry her in spite of his family’s genetic illness, a situation that is complicated by Leah’s forbidden love for a scribe from another culture. Forever Man / DeWall, A.J. (2014) Adult Fiction Ren and Cole never acted on that thing that always bubbled beneath the surface of their friendship, not until a chance encounter in a Santa Fe bar and a song that would tip the scales forced them to confront their feelings. Forever Man is a story of the consequences of the choices we make, and how the courage to change can last a lifetime. Missing Reels / Nehme, Farran Smith (2014) Adult Fiction In 1980s New York City, Ceinwen Reilly is working in a vintage clothing store, dressing like a ’40s film star, and obsessing over older films. Matthew, an Englishman and professor of mathematics at NYU, introduces her to the quirky yet endearing world of silent film aficianados, and she soon discovers that her neighbor, Miriam Gibson, knew Jean Harlow, and may have had no small part to play in a longlost silent film. First Impressions : A Novel of Old Books, Unexpected Love and Jane Austen / Lovett, Charles (2014) Adult Fiction Sophie Collingwood is drawn into a mystery when two people request a copy of the same very rare book from the antiquarian bookshop where she works. The Look of Love / Jio, Sarah (2014) Adult Fiction Born during a Christmas blizzard, Jane Williams receives a rare gift: the ability to see true love. When Jane falls for a science writer who doesn’t believe in love, she fears that her fate is sealed.

What’s happening at your local library Renfrew Branch Library,

2969 E. 22nd Ave. at Nootka, 604-257-8705 WINTER STORYTIMES • Babytime (0-18 months), Wednesdays 11:15 AM, January 21-March 11 • Toddler Storytime (18m-3 years), Wednesdays 10:15 AM, January 21-March 11 • Family Storytime (all ages), Saturdays 11:15 AM, January 17-March 7 Storytime for Daycare & Preschool Groups • For ages 3-5 and teachers/caregivers • Monthly on the first Tuesday of the month • Winter sessions: February 3, March 3 at 10:30 AM SCHOOL-AGE PROGRAMS Kidszone after-school drop-in Wednesdays 3:30-5 PM, January 14-March 4 Triple R Book Club Thursdays from 4-5 pm. January 22-March 12 • A teen led book club for grades 5,6, and 7. • Read your favourite books and discuss them with your friends! • Registration required. Call Renfrew Branch at 604-257-8705 to register. • For questions or more details, call Lindsey at 604-999-5189 Special Program: Lego Block Party for ages 5-12, Thursday, February 19 (Pro-D Day), 2-4 PM **Coming in March: Parents’ Night Out: Apps for your School-Age Kid • Thursday, March 5, 6:30-8:30 PM • So many iPad apps... we’ll help you pick the right ones for your school-age children (age 6 to 12) so you can support their creativity and learning. This is a special evening program just for parents. Meet other parents, have fun and learn ways to support your child’s learning. • iPads are provided for the session. • Adults only, please, as there’s no childcare available. • Please contact the branch to register. TEEN PROGRAMS Renfrew Teen Advisory Group 1st Wednesday of the month. Wednesday, January 7, 4-5 pm. • Come and make decisions about programs and services for your Library. We need you! **Attention Teens and Tweens! Pi Day is coming to Renfrew Branch Library on March 14. Stay tuned for more details! ADULT PROGRAMS ESL Conversation Club, weekly on Saturdays 2:30-4:00 PM, starting January 31 • Get to know the people in your neighborhood while improving your English skills in a fun and casual setting! • This weekly program is most suitable for intermediate and advanced students. • No registration is required. Light refreshments will be provided. Each One Teach One: RRSPs & TFSAs • Sunday, February 8 2015 from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM • Understand the basics of Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) before the March filing deadline. Learn how they function, some of their benefits, and when you should choose one or the other. • In partnership with Vancity. Free and drop-in.

Collingwood Branch Library, 2985 Kingsway at Rupert, 604-665-3953 CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS

Early Readers book Club – by registration Children from Kindergarten to Grade 3 will discover the thrill of reading books and enjoying activities with new friends. Saturdays, January 24, February21, March 21 at 2:30pm Chinese New Year Celebration – drop in Explore Chinese traditions and celebrate Chinese New year with a festive puppet story. In Mandarin and English. Thursday, February 19 at 2:30pm Minecraft – by registration Play Minecraft Pocket Edition on Library iPads with your friends (and make some new friends!) Saturday, February 28 at 2:30pm Spring Break: Rainbow Looms – by registration Learn some cool tips, new patterns or just share the loom love! Saturday, March7 at 2:30pm Spring Break: Geronimo Stilton Party – drop-in Don’t you wish that you could party with your favourite book characters? We have crafts and games all inspired by the characters from this series! Wednesday, March 11 at 2:30pm Family Storytime – drop-in • Stories, rhymes and songs for the whole family. Thursday mornings, 23 January – 6 March, 10:30-11:00 Babytime – drop in • Songs, rhymes, lap play and books for baby. Thursday mornings, 23 January – 6 March, 11:30-12:00 Lego Block Party –drop in Saturdays, 17 January, 14 February, 14 March, at 2:30pm ADULT PROGRAMS ESL Book Club Every second Tuesday, February 3, 17, March 3, 17, 31, April 14, 28, 7:00 – 8:30pm Enjoy practising your English conversation and reading skills in a supportive environment while learning about culture and meeting new people. This program is most suitable for intermediate speakers. Registration is required. To register and to get the book to read, please contact the Collingwood Branch at 604-665-3953. One to One Computer Training Every week Want to learn how to use a computer? How to send an email? Or maybe you would like to learn more about VPL’s online collections, eBooks? Please call the library at 604-665-3953 and book a 45-minute private lesson tailored to your needs!


February 2015


HUM co-founder Winnie Ma brings together people and music by Deanna Cheng The light shone off her wooden earrings, a treasure found at a local farmers’ market. The warm brown earrings were a group of circles, in various sizes, that together formed a larger circle. It mimicks the Winnie Ma’s idea of community, where each person is connected even when they are on their own. Ma grew up in the Renfrew neighbourhood, whipping it up in the ultimate league or ducking dodgeballs at Carleton Elementary. “What I think of the area is food, library and parks.” Sundays were always the “family Sunday,” spent with her parents and younger brother. They’d eat at a nearby restaurant and then shop at the Safeway by Tyne and Kingsway. “It’s a convenient area. Banking, shopping, restaurants.” Born in Hong Kong, Ma moved to Vancouver when she was three years old and considers this city her home. She studied sciences at the University of British Columbia and became a hospital pharmacist. The 29-year-old chose the hospital route because it was more hands-on and collaborative. But the idea of being behind the counter with only a short amount of time to interact with people didn’t appeal to her. She wanted to be more involved. “I get to spend more time with patients and talk to doctors about treatment.” Ma was recently promoted to a new position at St. Paul’s Hospital where she manages distribution,

Winnie Ma’s HUM is a musical passion project focused on helping people improve their quality of life. Photo by Raymond Chou

splitting her time between the ward and the office. She also is a board member at the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists. As a pharmacist, she has more knowledge than doctors about medication and the effects it will have on people. Doctors and nurses consult with her. “Much like the group-meeting scenes from [the TV series] House but less dramatic,” she said. It’s a team effort to get patients back to their daily lives. Humming the notes Ma isn’t all about pills and science. She is part of a musical passion project focused on helping people improve their quality of life and contributing back directly to the communities in Vancouver. Her father fostered in her a great appreciation for music, especially since he is a classical music lover himself.

All the proceeds from HUM’s 2014 Christmas caroling went to the Vancouver Food Bank. Photo by Mike Wu

Ma learned it wasn’t about getting everything done, but more about learning their culture. “The training was focused mostly on culture: the dos and don’ts, what people are like, how they do stuff.”

“I started playing the piano when I was young. It’s like the She documented her experience in stereotypical Asian kid where you’re forced to play an instrument. a travel blog, Dose by Dose. “When I first arrived, my mandate seemed I hated it but I grew to like it.” daunting. How was I supposed to ‘improve pharmacy management’ Her favourite music is ‘90s slow in an African hospital with limited jams. It’s not about the quality of resources and limited management music, but the era one grows up experience? How would I be able in, she said. “Music was sort of the to create impact and build capacity backtrack of your life. within such a short time?” “Music is a way of communication, The pharmacist also had to readjust delivering a message everyone her mindset. Ma asked if they’d understands.” like expired medication, thinking it was better than nothing. However, Along with her many skills, Ma the recipients said, “If it’s not good also has a big heart and tries to enough for you guys, why would it reach out to others when she can. be good enough for us?” Her friend Steven Ngo said, in an email, “Winnie is a one-of-aShe came to a critical realization. kind individual with the ability to connect with people from all walks “We are all here to improve the quality of life of patients of life and she has this knack of confronting any challenges thrown by optimizing medication use, regardless of where we come from.” at her.” Knowledge exchange in Africa One of the challenges Ma faced was a for-week humanitarian trip to Malawi, a country in southeast Africa. It was an experience facilitated by the World Universtity Service of Canada, an organization that specializes in temporary placements for people volunteering on vacation instead of going on a typical holiday.

When Ma arrived at the hospital in a rural area, she set her expectations and judgments aside to learn from the people around her. She asked the staff, “What do you want to learn?” They wanted more information on safety, medication and HIV education.

With those responses in mind, Ma wrote up a simple table with the top 10 most common drugs, highlighting usual dose, sideeffects and counselling points. “The table was posted up in the pharmacy and was well received by the staff, who started applying some of their new skills right away,” she said on her blog. Ma also gave educational workshops on HIV. The first success story Before the big trip in March 2013, Ma wanted to fundraise to upgrade the operating room. “During surgery, paint was flaking off from the ceiling and onto the patients.” She brainstormed with Ngo and came up with a concert. It required a lot of support from their friends and volunteers. With over 100 people present, Ma and Ngo were able to raise $3,000 for the upgrades. There was also enough to bring extra items such as soccer balls, utensils and medical supplies. Her expenses were already covered by work and the outreach organization so all the money went directly to those in Malawi. The success from that first concert gave birth to HUM (Healing Using Music).

RENFREW COLLINGWOOD COMMUNITY NEWS Behind the scene Ngo, “the mastermind behind HUM” as Ma dubs him, loves how music brings people together and puts them in a better mood, especially during the holidays. However, the spirit disappears soon after. Wanting to keep the spirit alive long after, Ngo wondered, “What can we do?” He used Ma’s situation with Malawi as an opportunity to solidify an idea he had bouncing around for a long time. Today HUM is a non-profit organization dedicated to using music to help others by performing at schools, hospices and care facilities or organizing concerts to raise awareness for local charitable causes. It takes a lot to maintain a quickly growing organization such as HUM. “It’s pretty hard,” Ma said. “I don’t sleep. Steven sleeps even less. “He’s up and emailing me at 3 am And I’m replying,” she said. The board committee is composed of six dedicated individuals who work regular day jobs and volunteer for HUM in whatever spare time they can carve out from their schedules, motivated by Ngo’s vision.

The organization’s current goals are to build upon the volunteers it has and see who can take on more responsibilities.

The organization’s greatest strength is in its number of volunteers, people who want to share the gift of music, Ma said.

“We want to train people to run the smaller events. Empower volunteers to lead events independently. Also, have a toolkit with developed resources.”

For info about HUM and its upcoming concert: humcanada. com

HUM will remain the main point of contact, but this way, some people can run independently without either of the co-founders present, she said.

For info about World University Service of Canada and sustainable change:

Ma admitted, “I’m constantly thinking about it, especially before a big project.” Typically, HUM hosts one big concert and many smaller gigs throughout the year. Most of the small events are at seniors’ homes, providing them an afternoon of music. The next big concert, Musicara, is at Granville Island on Tuesday, February 10. All the proceeds will go towards the Beauty Night Society, whichi works to build self-esteem and change the lives of women and youth living in poverty. Since Ngo presented HUM at a TEDxKidsBC workshop in November 2014, there have been many requests. Ma said, “We need to sift through them and deem which ones are in line with HUM’s mission.”

Deanna Cheng is a journalism student at Langara College. For examples of her writing, her portfolio is dwmcheng.wordpress. com. She’s also available on social media: Twitter @writerly_dee and Instagram: dmwcheng. Mike Wu is a Vancouver-based photographer specializing in capturing photos of people in their unique surroundings, whether through special events, lifestyle portraits or outdoor adventures.

To read about Winnie Ma’s experience in Malawi:


Lion Dance Celebration Saturday, February 28 11:30am - 2:00pm

“They’re all high school friends with different skillsets and we all contibute to make it work,” she said. When asked what he valued in Ma, Ngo said, “Winnie is the perfect soundboard to build and bounce ideas with. She is especially savvy when it comes to seeing the fine details as well as the broader vision.”


February 2015

Call the Collingwood BIA Office to Have Your Business Participate!

Presented by:

The collingwood bia

t: 604.639.4403 e: @shopcollingwood /shopcollingwoodvancouver

Boundary to Rupert Enjoy the Lion Dance on Kingsway


Blessing Locations with Good Fortune for the Lunar New Year


February 2015

Read On!



A news section for Renfrew-Collingwood learners Read On!


has a web page. You can:

With Valentine’s Day this month, I thought I’d ask the students at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House LINC program to answer the question, What does love mean to you?

 Read the articles

 Print worksheets

Here are some of their answers. Love is if you’re happy, I will be happy. If you’re sad, I will be sad. Love is someone can share the happy and sadness with you. –Vivian

http://renfrewcollingwood read-on/

Love for me is the feeling that makes you happy but sometimes makes you sad. Love is unconditional because even we’re hurt, we love again. –Mark Love is when two people have a special good feeling when they look at each other. When someone says love, that means he was smitten by cupid’s arrow. –Wayne

Reading levels on this page

Love is appreciating heart to someone special. Love is giving your heart. Love is when you show sincere friendship. –Yolanda

Level 1

I think that love is giving. On the other hand, sometimes we make someone comfortable and happiness, they may feel my love. –Janice

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Home Remedies


Have you gotten sick yet this year? It is very common to get a cold during the winter. The weather is bad so people stay inside more. Germs spread easily indoors. When you are sick, what can you do to feel better? There are many home remedies that can help. I talked to some ESL students to see what they do at home when they are sick with a cold. Here are their ideas: -Drink more water -Drink honey lemon tea -Boil ginger root in water and put your feet in it once it cools -Put vapour rub on your chest -Eat more fruits and vegetables -Use a humidifier to help you breathe -Rest more -Drink chicken soup -Eat foods with garlic, ginger and spice -Drink orange juice or eat oranges -Wash your hands more so you don’t get sick again What do you do to feel better when you have a cold?



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Home Remedies

Thank you to all of the students for your beautiful answers! What does love mean to you? Send your answers to the RCC News editor at and you could be published in the newspaper!


Love is to give without expect somebody will return your love and sometimes you will let it go. We love our children with all our heart. –Lynn Love is to miss each other all the time. Love is a special feeling, you hope somebody is happy and if you see he/she is happy, you feel very happy. –Kathy
















The team at Tyne Dental Clinic: receptionist Milena Ivkovic (left),chair assistant Tanja Bratic (centre) and Dr. Maja Lazarevic. Dr. Maja Lazarevic is a dentist and owner of Tyne Dental Clinic (Dr. Maja Lazarevic Inc.). She and her husband, Bobi, purchased the clinic in April of 2014. Prior to that, since 2000, Maja had been working in Tyne Dental Clinic as an associate. Tyne Dental Clinic offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry like white fillings, root canal treatment, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, dental implants, orthodontics, veneers, crowns and bridges, and dentures. Following the BC Dental Fee Guide, they offer their services at affordable prices. Dr. Lazarevic graduated with an honour degree in 1993 and has been practising dentistry in Vancouver for more than 15 years. Through advanced continuing education courses, she stays on top of recent and proven dental materials and procedures that she gladly offers to her patients. Dr. Lazarevic has a strong background in all aspects of patient management including diagnosis, treatment planning and rehabilitation. She truly enjoys practising dentistry, has special interests in cosmetic dentistry and strives towards excellence in her professional career.

Working with Dr. Lazarevic are two full-time employees: receptionist Milena Ivkovic and chair assistant Tanja Bratic. Her husband, Bobi, is currently the dental office manager. He has been taking a break from his career as an IT management professional to help Maja make the transition to Tyne Dental Clinic owner. Maja and Bobi are originally from Serbia (former Yugoslavia). They met in Belgrade in 1991 and a few years later were married. They came to Canada on May 29, 1995, some 20 years ago. The Lazarevics like to travel; they enjoy movies and theatres, they also love to ski, bike and play tennis. Maja and Bobi are the proud parents of 17-year-old son Stefan and 12-year-old daughter Nina. Since graduating, Dr. Lazarevic has come to realize that the most fulfilling way to practise dentistry is one that is relationship-based with her clients. Her goals in practising dentistry are to provide top quality dental care while meeting her patients’ dental needs. Findings are discussed, ideas shared and possibilities are explored together. The Tyne Dental Clinic is located across the Street from Safeway in Collingwood. They are open Monday to Friday, 11am – 7 pm (soon Saturdays) with plenty of parking and free wi-fi. First-time patients receive a free whitening.

CBIA UPDATES Turn Down the Heat Week February 1 - 7th For one week we encourage you all to Turn Down the Heat and put on a sweater or donate a sweater. Warm clothing items will be collected at the Collingwood Vancity Branch during this week and all items will be donated to the Collingwood Neighbourhood House Homeless Committee. This will be the third year the Collingwood BIA has participated in this program. Fortis BC and the BIABC are partners in this effort to reduce energy. For more information go to Collingwood Celebrated The Year of the Goat - February 28th, 11:30 - 1:30pm Come out and celebrate Chinese New Year in Collingwood. Two colourful Lions will be touring the Collingwood businesses to bless them for a prosperous new year. The Collingwood Jr. BIA will be out handing out Lucky envelopes. Come out and let’s bring in a happy and healthy New Year. List of participating businesses will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and on the website. Wage Subsidies for You Business Did you know that resources are available to help your business stay competitive? If you are looking to hire, provide work experience, and skills enhancement of eligible program candidates who have the skills, knowledge

and concepts to boost your business, read on to find out more about the Wage Subsidy Program and how you can be eligible! WorkBC Employment Services Centres offer Wage Subsidies The Vancouver Northeast WorkBC Employment Services Centre has been providing free employment support services to job seekers and employers in your neighbourhood since April 2012. Office located at 312-2555 Commercial Drive, near the Broadway-Commercial Skytrain Station. Calling All CBIA Members If you are interested on sitting on the Collingwood Business Improvement Association’s board of directors or on a committee please contact the office 604.639.4403. ! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Contact us through:

Facebook: Twitter: @shopcollingwood

Shop Collingwood! It’s good for business!

*This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Business Improvement Association


February 2015


Young RC INTERactive communicator works to increase youth voice by Annie Lai My name is Annie Lai and I’m a senior student in the Leadership Mini-School Program at Windermere Secondary School. As a youth representative in many organizations, I’m passionate about being involved within the Renfrew-Collingwood community where I truly value the positive impacts that people make. From planning events to lending a hand to strangers, one of the things I wanted to do was to increase local intercultural relations and physical activity, which RC INTERactive, a community project since April 2013, has been working on. Through the project, I give my feedback and ideas on ways we could reach this goal while reaching out to more participants. As a youth communicator, I have a chance to develop new ideas to increase the voice of youth and together share and create new stories in the community. “Is it difficult to work with adults instead of youth?” is one of the questions I get asked frequently. My answer to that question is, “As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, working with a different age group should not

be a barrier.” As a youth, I want others to know that everybody is capable of contributing their ideas and to not be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone since it will become a valuable learning experience. That’s how I got out of my shell. The project is looking for more RC INTERactive communicators who are interested in creating communications materials that assist the INTERactive connecters reach new people and help to share stories of INTERactive work and changes occurring in the neighbourhood. They share the work—writing articles for newspapers, blogs for social media, keeping the INTERactive website populated with visual and written resources, tweeting out new activities, developing promotion campaigns, and speaking to groups in the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood and beyond. This is a volunteer position with a commitment of up to six hours per month, usually one meeting plus the activities listed above. If you would like to become a RC INTERactive communicator and become part of an energetic project, please email for more information.

Annie Lai is a Leadership student at Windermere and an INTERactive communicator

Yet another successful year for the Collingwood Village Artisan Market Community members come out in droves to support local artists and crafters Last December, more than 500 visitors took in the colourful sights and sounds of the 6th annual Collingwood Village Artisan Market—while taking care of their holiday shopping. Organized by the Renfrew Collingwood Multicultural Artist Network (RCMAN) and hosted by Collingwood Neighbourhood House, the market has become a tradition where the community can come together, support local artists and celebrate the festive season. The market showcased the work of 30 artists and crafters, many of whom were from RenfrewCollingwood. Emily Chan and the Still Moon Art Society youth committee sold fascinating antiques to raise money for the annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. Joe Patterson, a local

potter, sold his beautiful ceramics coloured in earthy browns and watery greens. Calligrapher Harry Yan showcased his intricately drawn art cards, and the Renfrew Craft Club, based out of Renfrew Park Community Centre, sold handmade knitted items. Throughout the day, shoppers were amazed by local performers and choir groups, including resident Steve Gillis-Moore and the North Shore Nuffs, the Windermere Youth Choir, the Red Sunset Chinese Dancers, and an upbeat marimba group, whose music echoed and bounced throughout CNH.

Thank you to the volunteers who set up our event, welcomed our shoppers and helped make our event a success! Thanks also to the Renfrew-Collingwood community for continuously supporting the arts and culture events at Collingwood Neighbourhood House. RCMAN’s next project is the Social Culture Club at Collingwood Neighbourhood House. The Social Culture Club is a welcoming space

where neighbours and newcomers can come together and share and work on their crafting skills such as sewing, weaving, knitting and textile arts and more. The club meets every Saturday from 10 am to noon at CNH. You are welcome to invite your neighbours and bring your own craft project to work on. This is a free program. For more information you contact Yoko Tomita at 604-4350323.



February 2015

The Seniors Connection Annual Christmas Luncheon at Collingwood Neighbourhood House by Crecien Bencio The annual Christmas luncheon at Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) was a sight to see last December. This year due to popular demand, the luncheon was held in the gym. Over two hundred people participated including 30 volunteers and staff. Many seniors love to come to the luncheon because it is a wonderful and festive opportunity to get together with friends. The gym was overflowing with laughter, with everyone singing and dancing to live music! Collingwood Neighbourhood House would like to thank our musicians: the children’s choir and teachers at Collingwood School,

Pastor Dan, Jason Hsieh, Peter Greenwell and Rosanna Constantini, Peter Yap as Elvis and the Columbus Towers Seniors Literacy Group. Thanks to those who donated food: Costco Downtown Vancouver, PriceSmart Foods on Grandview Highway, Safeway on Kingsway and Tyne, Bamboo Café, and Panadaria Latina Bakery. Thank you teachers and students from the Vancouver School Board Adult Basic Education program based out of CNH, emcee Janet Lee, all the wonderful volunteers and staff, Jason Hsieh

The following is a paid advertisement by Adrian Dix, MLA for Vancouver/Kingsway Happy Lunar New Year – 2013 Year of the Sheep Gung Hey Fat Choy! Happy New Year! I would like to wish everyone great health, prosperity and happiness on this year of the Sheep. Seniors’ Health and Wellness Fair – April 1st Each year I am proud to host a Seniors’ Health and Wellness Fair and I am pleased to invite all seniors and their families to attend the seventh annual fair on April 1st at Renfrew Park Community Centre. Doors will open at 10 am. There will be over 20 exhibitors providing information on issues such as heart and stroke, arthritis, diabetes and more. The day is always informative and fun. All participants receive a free, healthy lunch. Spring Legislative Session

and his team of servers, and Janet Mcleish, Kat Cureton and Stephanie Lim for coordinating the event. And a big thanks to Najia Elacel and her kitchen team for cooking the most wonderful food. What’s in store for 2015? The Forever Young project at CNH is organizing a Seniors and Youth Talent Showcase on Thursday,February 26 at 11:30 am at Windermere Secondary School. Forever Young is designed to bring seniors and youth from a variety of backgrounds together to share their skills and talents. If you have a talent that you want to share, such as singing, dancing or reading poetry, you can contact coordinator Carmen Rosen at Stillmooncarmen@ or call CNH at 604-435-0323 ext. 227. For more information for seniors programs and recreation classes you can call Collingwood Neighbourhood House at 604-435-0323 or pick up the monthly Daytime Activities Bulletin at reception.

The spring session of the BC Legislature will begin on February 10th, with the Speech from the Throne, followed by the introduction of the government’s 2014 Budget on February 17th. I am always happy to hear your thoughts and ideas for legislation and would welcome any suggestions you may have for the spring session. Apply Now for Neighbourhood Small Grants I am pleased to have the opportunity to share information about our own Collingwood program to increase the amount of diverse, community events happening in our community. Through the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program, any resident can apply for and receive $50$500 of funding to host a community event! This funding can be put towards block parties, community gardens, roadside planters, a neighborhood street hockey tournament, cooking classes, mural painting supplies, or anything other ideas you have to brighten up our community! Apply online at http://www.neighbourhoodsmallgrants. ca/south-vancouver or pick up a form at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, 5288 Joyce St. (the corner of Joyce and Euclid). So You Want to be a Legislative Intern? The British Columbia Legislative Internship Program was established in January 1976, patterned after the Parliamentary Internship Program introduced in the Canadian House of Commons in 1969. Faculty members of the then three major universities in British Columbia initiated the program. The program continues to be advised by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and the University of Northern British Columbia and open to B.C. residents who have a recent Bachelor’s Degree from a Canadian University. The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia currently funds ten Intern positions targeted for the benefit of B.C. residents. The program commences in January of each year and runs for approximately 25 weeks, until the end of June. To apply, visit before January 31st.


February 2015


Collingwood Neighbourhood House


Get involved in community development and feel the magic happen By Norman Hill What is community development? It’s a process that can improve an individual’s life and the life of a community. Community development is a huge part of what Collingwood Neighbourhood House does. CNH supports community members working together to build a better neighbourhood. CNH works on community development in two main ways: first, by giving individuals ways to share their skills or to develop their skills in community work; and second, by developing projects that bring people together to help the community. CNH provides opportunities for people to volunteer, connect with their passions, share their skills or learn new skills, gain confidence, meet other people and step forward as leaders. Even those who are new to Canada can participate in community development projects and initiatives. After volunteering or learning and practising new skills, people are sometimes able to find a new job or to start a project of their own. Many of the people who work at CNH today started off as volunteers and have grown into leaders. To learn more about this path visit personal-stories/. CNH also works with the neighbourhood to develop projects that help the community. For example, CNH has worked with the

SARAH HOUSE EARly lEARning cEntRE And cARE licEnSEd cHild cARE fOR cHildREn 3 – 5 yEARS We use the Reggio Emilia inspired approach to learning and we believe children are creators with the potential to create exciting new things. We believe that active involvement between children, parents, educators and community is essential in learning. Sarah House Early Learning and Care 5729 Wales Street, Vancouver Licensed to care for 25 children


w ay

e. 41st ave.

CaLL 604.412.3700 foR moRE infoRmation.




Hours and Cost 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, $550 per month 7:30 am to 6 pm, $860 per month


Collingwood Neighbourhood House invites you to lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. Please note that seniors are served at 12 noon; others are served at 12:10 pm. Full meal prices are $6.25 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for students and $3.25 for children under 12. Items can be purchased a la carte or “to go.”

February Lunch menu

A recent Community Development meeting Collingwood Business Improvement Association, the Collingwood Community Policing Centre and many local volunteers to present Collingwood Days, which celebrates the diversity of our neighbourhood. The Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute brings people from different cultures together to learn how to grow, prepare and preserve delicious foods. RenfrewCollingwood C.R.E.W. has connected Aboriginal youth with mentors, taught youth about their traditional culture and boosted their self-confidence. To learn more about local community development initiatives visit neighbourhood-stories/. Community development can lead to magical things for individuals and the community. For more information or to get involved visit us at 5288 Joyce Street, check our website at or call 604-435-0323.

Licensed child care spaces available in Renfrew-Collingwood!

cHild cARE SpAcES AvAilAblE nOw!


Available now: high quality, licensed child care for children aged 3-5 at Sarah House Early Learning and Care Centre near East 41st and Wales.

While all staff speak English they also offer a number of second languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi and Farsi.

Operated by Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Sarah House offers a variety of activities for children throughout the day, including arts and crafts, cooking and baking, science, neighbourhood walks and outdoor play. There is also lots of time for free play. All staff have their Early Childhood Educator certification, First Aid and Food Safe certificates.

Children enjoy a number of field trips throughout the year, such as the annual pumpkin patch field trip, which parents are welcome to join. They also celebrate different cultures and can be seen doing a dragon parade down the street at Chinese New Year.

This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Parents can choose the daily child care schedule that matches

Tues 3 Corn chowder Butternut squash & spinach quiche (bacon optional) Salad, Chocolate cookie Thurs 5 Baked lemon & caper chicken on quinoa Roasted potatoes Salad, Applesauce muffin Tues 10 Thai coconut soup Turkey/veggie burger on a bagel Salad, Vanilla cupcake Thurs 12 Beef or vegetable stew on rice Salad, Chocolate mousse Tues 17 Broccoli & spinach soup Smoked cheese/smoked chicken frittata Salad, Sesame seed cookie Thurs 19 Baked salmon with tortellini pasta Salad, Oatmeal cookie Tues 24 Potato & cheese soup Tuna salad or veggie sandwich Salad, Orange cake Thurs 26 Meat loaf/veggie loaf Salad, Carrot cake

their needs: 7:30 am to 6 pm or 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Note that families can use their government subsidy to help pay for child care. For details, visit http://www. Sarah House is registered to care for 25 children aged 3-5. For more information or to start the registration process please call 604-412-3700.


February 2015


Art House in the Field looking for a new home in Renfrew-Collingwood In fall 2012, the Vancouver Park Board Artist Studio Residencies Program awarded the Art House in the Field Collective (ARHF) a free studio space in the Slocan Park field house in exchange for community artsbased engagement. The community applauded this new and accessible arts space in the centre of RenfrewCollingwood. Unfortunately, the twoyear residency has ended, and the collective is now looking for a new space in the community.

and backgrounds, volunteers, highschool youth, First Nations peoples and newcomers—are led by artists to deliver innovative and communitydriven arts initiatives.

that this will lead to future and better opportunities for the collective.”

A new artist group will be moving into the field With the dedication of ARFH, Slocan house in mid-February. Park became a unique cultural hub At the time of publication utilized for meetings, performance, the artist group had not workshops and events that promoted been announced by the the arts in our neighbourhood. A Vancouver Park Board. number of community members The collective looks are deeply saddened by the loss of forward to meeting new the space. Residents of Renfrewartists that will reside ARFH is represented by artists January Collingwood spent years advocating in the Slocan Park field Wolodarsky, Carmen Rosen, Yoko for a dedicated space for arts activity. house. Tomita, Suzo Hickey, Kara Arden and Jolene Andrew and the organizations An advocate for the cultural The Art House in the Some of the original members of the Art Renfrew Collingwood Multicultural space says, “The field house was Field collective is driven House in the Field collective are pictured Artist Network, Still Moon Arts Society, a place that made our community to continue their legacy here from 2012. The collective is looking Collingwood Neighbourhood House more vibrant than it ever was. I of arts engagement in for a new space in the neighbourhood. and the Community Development am so proud that the collective the community. ARFH is Department, EKA Cooperative, transformed Slocan Park into a space currently looking to access Photo by Julie Cheng Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture, of imagination, where community office, programming and You can read the original article Indigenous Artists United and the members can come together storage space within the Renfrewof the introduction of the Art Highland Gong Society. and share their artistic gifts and Collingwood. If you have space House in the Field Residence in skills. I am so proud that artists available that you are able to donate the November 2012 issue at Through the collective, hundreds dedicate their practice to make our to the collective please contact www. of diverse residents—including neighbourhood, like no other. And renfrewcollingwoodcommunitynews. Crecien Bencio at Crecienbencio@ indigenous peoples, refugees, even though I am disappointed that com peoples of different abilities, ages ARFH is to lose their home, I hope

    


 For our full listing of programs check out our website or drop by and pick up a brochure. GST included. Registration has now started. Register early so you don’t miss out.

Renfrew Licensed Preschool Open House - Tue, April 21, 4:00-8:00pm

This is the time to come and check out our preschool facility and speak to our ECE certified teachers. Bring your child, and your questions. Activities will be set up for children. Vacancy information will be available on Apr 21st. 

Registration - Fri, May 1st

Priority registration is given to siblings and those currently in the program. Forms will be handed out on the day of registration at 6:00am. If you have Been accepted into the class, an appointed time will be issued for you to return for the orientation, Make payments and return completed forms.



Lunar New Year (All Ages) Sat


Feb 12


Feb 14


Senior Snowshoeing (55+yrs) Tue


Feb 17

Sweetheart Luncheon (55+yrs) Wed


Violin Beginner - Group Lessons (7-10yrs)

Kady Tishyadhigama Introductory violin lessons geared towards beginners. Students will learn the basics of playing violin and a variety of music. Lessons are conducted in small groups of 4 students. Instruments will be available for lessons or bring your own instrument. Lesson material will be provided. Beginner Fri 5:30-8:25pm Feb 13-Mar 6 $28/4 sess Beginner + Introductory violin lessons geared towards students who have taken lessons before.     

Hatha Yoga (19+yrs)


Valentine’s Dance (55+yrs)


Feb 25


No session Feb 28 $11/Adults, $10/Seniors - drop-in if space.      

Hatha Flow Yoga (19+yrs)

$9.50/drop-in if space. Wed 5:40-6:50pm

  Ana Yu

Feb 18-Mar 18

$9.50/drop-in if space. Tue 6:00-7:00pm

$40/5 sess

Espirito Santo Mauricio Feb 17-Mar 17

Pool Fitness Centre Centre Area

Sat, Feb 7

Sun, Feb 8

Mon, Feb 9

8:30am-4pm 9:30am-4pm 9:00am-5pm

1pm-5pm 1pm-5pm 11am-6pm

1pm-5pm 1pm-5pm Closed


Family Day (All Ages) Come join us for an afternoon of family fun. We’ll have games, crafts, face painting, balloon animals and a bouncy castle. This is a free event but please register as space is limited. Sat 12:30-3:00pm Feb 7 Free 

Yogalates (19+yrs)


Hisae McMichael

 

$40/5 sess

Family Movie - “Frozen” (All Ages)

We will be serving popcorn to families. Please register all members of the family that will be attending. Please bring your own blankets and comfy floor seating. Free, Mon 1:00-3:00pm Feb 9 pre-registration required Wibit Inflatable Day - inflatable in the swimming pool Sat 2:00–4:00pm Feb 7 *Regular admission Come and join in the fun! rates apply



February 2015


Royal Canadian Legion Collingwood Branch #48

Membership Drive Saturday, February 14th 12 noon to 3:00 pm

YES CINDY, there is a santa claus! GET AN 8 PIECE PACK OF PANAGO’S FAB CHEEZY BREAD FOR 3 bucks WHEN YOU BUY ANY 2 LARGE PIZZAS. (santA knows you’ve been nice.)


Collingwood Neighbourhood House 5288 Joyce Street (in the Lobby)




Happy Chinese New Year! Panago #8 Winter promo ad PP6241_Collingwood Cheezy Bread Nsp Ad December 9, 2014 2:33 PM 100% 1 LD


Branch #48 membership drive is Valentines Day by Paul Reid

CMYK 5.125" x 5.75" n/a n/a


Spend $38 with your More Rewards card for your chance to win!* FEB 1-28

*Contest closes at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time) on February 28, 2015. Open to residents of Canada who are the age of majority at the time of entry. No purchase necessary. Skill-testing question required. Approximate retail value of grand prize is $1,100.00. Odds of winning a prize depends on the number of valid entries received. For full contest details visit Customer Service in a participating store.

LION DANCE performances

Saturday, February 21 at 11:30 am Richmond: Ackroyd Rd. & No.3 Rd., open 7am - midnight Grandview: 2880 Bentall St., open 7am - 11pm

Members from Branch #48 will be on hand to answer any questions and to sign up new members. Membership is open to everyone. The cost of membership is $40, payable by cash or cheque.

The day has arrived when Collingwood’s oldest organization (since 1924) is asking us for our help. The goal is to sign up enough members so that they can return to their rightful home, Collingwood community, to continue on with the work that they have been doing here for the past nine decades. If you have been following our monthly coverage, you will know how RCL Branch #48, with the full support of this community, is trying to locate back to Collingwood, potentially to inhabitat the former Jaguar’s Pub at Tyne and Kingsway. First though, they need to sign up new members.

Its quick and easy to become a member, and everyone is welcome to join. For many residents who used to be members, now is time to renew. If enough people sign up, the Legion can go on. Let’s get them to 100 years atleast. Just think too, if the branch is able to take over the former Jaguar’s Pub, the community will finally have a place to relax and socialize and have some fun: karaoke, pool, shuffleboard, bands, dancing, poker nights; with nicely priced ice-cold craft beers, and Bernie’s big hamburgers coming through the wall from next door.

Or nothing. Since a regular pub will apparently not be able to take that space, we need to strike while The time and place for that is this iron is hot. Become a member now set. It’s easy to remember Feb. 14 and help the community Valentine’s Day, day of the heart, from noon to 3 pm, at Collingwood to help the Legion Branch #48 to come home to Collingwood. Neighbourhood House. (Info above)