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December 2015



Skytrain Rambler: The Seabus—A unique Vancouver experience by John Mendoza This holiday season, take time to slow down and indulge in the beauty of our surroundings. Let local resident John Mendoza take you on an easy trip to “one of Lower Mainland’s most graceful and fulfilling urban experiences” that you can enjoy with friends and family. The views of the mountains and water are amazing. Merry Christmas from the team at RCC News! The scene is a familiar one: silver-grey surroundings, the echoes of footsteps on the ramp, the sign counting down to the departure time. However, the voice is new. It’s a rare fare check. “Please have your tickets ready for inspection,” said the transit employee.

The view from the Seabus is amazing. Photo by Julie Cheng

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Awakened by this change of routine, I showed my transit fare and proceeded to go through the turnstiles. Even though my commute takes 45 minutes to one hour to get home to East Vancouver, I look forward to this part of my commute—the 15-minute crossing from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver to downtown Vancouver’s Waterfront Station. It is one of Lower Mainland’s most graceful and fulfilling urban experiences. With the sharp toot of the Seabus’ horn, the sleek catamaran slowly makes its way out of the station and into the busy waters of Burrard Inlet. Inside the modern cabins of the newest Seabuses, the scene usually starts with an audiovisual reminder of the emergency evacuation procedures, but then gives way to one of the city’s most interesting people-watching scenes. During the afternoon, the scene is of commuters checking their smart phones, catching a quick nap or talking to coworkers on the journey home. For a more interesting scene, I prefer a night-time commute. While the night-time trips from the North Shore are not as frequent compared to the daylight hours, the scene is compelling. Subdued shift Continued on page 2

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December 2015


Skytrain Rambler - Continued from page 1

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workers share the marine vessel with the North Shore’s bright young things dressed for the city’s nightlife, and it feels more spacious. Outside the windows yields a dramatic urban panorama. To the north, you see the stately Coast Range Mountains green and verdant in summer, snowcapped and frequently shrouded in clouds in winter. There are familiar landmarks: the yellow piles of sulphur; the spinning Q of Lonsdale Quay market, the newish condominium towers sprouting around the Seabus terminal, the stoic, muscular grain elevators well to the east. To the west, you see the green oasis that is Stanley Park and the lattice work of Lions Gate Bridge linking downtown to West Vancouver. Personally, I like sitting at the south end of the Seabus. I enjoy seeing the glass skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver, the graceful sails of Canada Place and the buzz of the seaplanes landing and taking off from the harbour waters. There is much dignity in this part of the transit commute: civilized conditions and some interesting scenery help make the journey home worthwhile.

There is no doubt that this is a highly idealized view of the transit experience. You are reminded that our transit systems has its shortcomings upon arrival at Waterfront station: the broken escalator, large crowds and the occasional Skytrain breakdowns remind us that our transit infrastructure needs to be taken care of and expanded as the city’s population grows and changes. However, the Seabus part of our transit system is one of the city’s most spectacular yet relatively inexpensive experiences. It easily rivals that of other cities that use the water for their transit system, such as Hong Kong and New York City. If you haven’t yet experienced a ride on the Seabus, a mere purchase of a transit ticket affords you this most unique experience of life in Vancouver. From East Vancouver, travel to Waterfront Station on the Expo line, then transfer at Waterfront Station and follow the signs to the Seabus. Your transit fare is good for about 90 minutes. John Mendoza has been a long-time resident of Renfrew-Collingwood. His interests include travel and books.

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December 2015

Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca November 12, 2015 at Il Museo in the misunderstood. For this reason Lilian Broca has at Il Museo by Angela Clarke, PhD On Italian Cultural Centre, the contemporary artist revisited the Judith story in its entirety. From her Lilian Broca unveiled her new mosaic series Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca. While the artistic genre of mosaic is an ancient art form, it is ultimately modern, even postmodern. Like a computer screen that relies upon diverse pixels to create an image, the image of the mosaic is based on a combination of small light reflecting coloured fragments. When organized and arranged by a skilled artist, these fragments of glass can not only create a complete picture, they can also recount an entire story. In this mosaic series, Broca has masterfully arranged thousands of coloured glass tesserae to tell the story of Judith, a heroine from the ancient text of the Biblical Apocrypha.

Judith Praying in the Desert, 72” x 48” or 183cm x 122cm. Byzantine Smalti, Gold smalti, on Honeycomb panel. Image courtesy of Italian Cultural Centre and Lilian Broca

Broca’s work brings to the attention of modern audiences the story of an ancient heroine who is as complex as she is contemporary. Traditionally, Judith has been represented by Renaissance artists such as Caravaggio, Botticelli, Orazio Gentileschi and his equally famous daughter, Artemisia Gentileschi Judith, as a seductive and violent woman who is a threat to the social order.

more detailed examination, Judith is not simply a problematic woman, a virago, but a courageous and devout leader who single-handedly saves her community. By depicting this heroine and her complete story, constructed from thousands of pieces of Venetian glass, Broca reveals a figure wholly modern in character. As such, Judith remains an archetypal figure who continues to fascinate and inspire. It is Broca’s new vision of Judith that makes her not only a heroine of the past, but also for the 21st century. Angela Clarke, PhD, is the curator of Il Museo at the Italian Cultural Centre. The exhibition Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca runs until March 31, 2016. Museum hours are 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Hasco, former owner of Roman Ristorante on Kingsway, invites all his old friends to visit him in Kitsilano

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December 2015


Poor Santa and Other Christmas Poems by Julien Duan



The mission of this non-profit publication is to provide the residents, businesses and organizations of Renfrew/Collingwood with a medium for community communication.

Crickets in the hamburger Santa is mixed up with soup! Santa will be eaten In New Year’s Eve! Nobody knows Santa will be eaten Santa will be made with chocolate again.

Paul Reid: staff writer and layout coordinator Lisa Symons: sales and distribution coordinator Julie Cheng: editorial coordinator Contributors: Cari Chan, Angela Clarke, Julien Duan, Robert F. Edwards, Norman Hill, Loretta Houben, Taya Lawton, Suzanne Liddle, John Mendoza, RCMAN


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Frog is digging, looking for Santa to eat But Santa was not there. So it went to Santa’s house and found him there. And it mixed up Santa in a chocolate soup, And it mushed his head to make a chocolate pie! Poor Santa! Bye and bye!

Yes, You! Send comments, community events, press releases by regular post, fax or e-mail. Suggestions for improving the paper are welcome. We welcome appropriate, unsolicited editorial submissions if accompanied by the author’s real name, address and telephone number. The author should retain the original as we cannot return submissions without prior agreement nor does submission guarantee publication. We reserve the right to make editorial changes.

Next submission deadline: Dec 10

Frogs on the train track Santa on the tree Rudolph eats a bike Fish stirs up and Snowflakes fall down! Julien Duan is a six-year-old boy from

Cameron Elementary School. After having a hearty hot chocolate with mom in Tim Horton’s, Julien felt inspired and created the poems on the way home. He likes to make fun of Santa, but also wants to stay on Santa’s list to get Christmas presents.

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December 2015


Christmas memories from 60 years ago by Loretta Houben In 1955 a young couple starting out in life together needed to have a place to live, a job and transportation. My parents began their married life in a one-bedroom apartment at 131 West 12th Avenue in Vancouver, in a three storey house that is still standing. They had the front apartment on the second floor and shared a bathroom with three people. The rent was $45 per month.

They bought a small Christmas tree for $1.25 from a tree lot on Commercial Street and set it up in their bedroom, as they had no living room. They bought modest small gifts for each other, and spent Christmas at Susie’s parent’s home in Oregon, driving down the onelane highway to the USA. They rarely ate out, and didn’t go on a cruise until their 40th anniversary in 1995. They never flew to Europe or Disneyland.

My mom, Susie, grew up on a farm in Oregon so her move to the big city of 80,000 people in the Lower Mainland was a shock to the system, especially living on such a busy thoroughfare! She commuted by bus to her job at Scotia Bank at the corner of Commercial and Broadway. My dad, Jack, drove the car to his job at the Douglass Paint Company on Granville Street.

Between them, Jack and Susie earned enough to pay for food and rent. They also saved up for their first home, which they managed to buy in 1956—two lots at 4683 Union Street in Burnaby for the vast sum of $6,350. In 1959 they upgraded, for $9,000, to a twobedroom house at Tyne and Euclid in Vancouver, where they lived until 1963. With their growing family of That first Christmas was a cold one daughters, they purchased a brandwith snow. Jack and Susie visited the new home for $14,500 at 3382 Woodward’s department store on Monmouth Avenue, where they Hastings Street, admiring the beautiful lived for 35 years. Christmas display windows. They shopped at Woolworth’s across from What do you think? Would today’s Millar and Coe, also on Hastings, for young couples be able to purchase their decorations, including the new a single detached home with a yard bubble lights. after saving for one year like young


CLASSROOM – 300 ft2

people 60 years ago? Do you think times have improved since 1955? Any way you look at it, I think my parents did a fantastic job of “pinching pennies” and making their married life work in the growing metropolis of Vancouver. In September 2015 they celebrated their 60th anniversary. Loretta Houben has lived for many years in Collingwood. She coordinates the RCC News’ Seniors Connection page.

Jack and Susie Williams with their first Christmas tree 60 years ago. They couldn’t take selfies back then! Photos courtesy of Loretta Houben

















December 2015

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December 2015

Thank You Contributors, Advertisers and Distributors Many thanks to the writers, photographers, translators, advertisers and distributors who have made our little monthly newspaper so successful this past year. We are grateful to the many contributors who have shared their stories and added to richness of our neighbourhood. We couldn’t have shared these stories without the advertisers, whose dollars support our efforts to bring our community together. The distributors, too, play a valuable part in spreading the word. Warm wishes for a successful new year. — The RCC News team


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December 2015


Neighbours by Robert F. Edwards Recently I had the good fortune to take a cruise with my wife from Vancouver to Hawaii and then to return to Vancouver. During these two weeks, I met some remarkable people. The number of passengers was just shy of 3,000 and, to my surprise and delight, the majority were Canadians. Better still, when we had the opportunity of sitting with others during lunch and afternoon tea, a large portion were from the Greater Vancouver area. Many of these people at one time or another had lived in Collingwood or in the surrounding area. Most of them were retired or had been retired for a good many years. But what consistently stood out were their manners and the politeness in the conversation during the “getting to know you.” They had many good stories to tell me and my wife about growing up in the Collingwood area. And, of course; we were able to give them an update on the changing landscape and the diversity that now is Collingwood. Over the days as we met each other on one deck or another area of the ship, we would spend a little time conversing on how things were going. It was most enjoyable to have time to talk to neighbours and hear about the times they had in the neighbourhood we live in. Upon returning home, we got ready for Halloween. This time, we got to meet a lot of new Canadians—and when I say new Canadians—I mean it from the heart. Little ones showed up in some of the best costumes I’ve seen in years. Their ages started around age three and went right up to 11. All of the younger ones were accompanied by their parents. Bar none, each parent was so proud of their child and how well they were behaving. It brought back some very wonderful memories of when my sister and I went out on Halloween and people would say, “We know who you are because you’re very polite.” All these children were polite. They and their parents had a diverse background. Some were from Asia, others from the Philippines, still more were from India and the rest were originally from European countries.

Il Museo Ad for Preview Magazine-3

I’m so very grateful to live in Collingwood. We’re not a melting pot of humanity; far from that, we are a tapestry of culture. I can’t think of any other place I’d rather live in than Canada and in the greater Vancouver area, especially Collingwood. The cultural diversity that we share is second to none. Just in the culinary area alone, we have some of the most varied opportunities to experience the cuisine.


Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca November 12, 2015 – March 31, 2016

But what makes Collingwood such a great neighbourhood is the people that share their addresses with each other. I truly love being in Collingwood’s cultural base. So, I say to one and all of us, the next time you’re waiting for the Skytrain or a bus; maybe we could say “Good morning” or “Afternoon.” There’s always a good chance to get to know your neighbour when you’re standing in line at the bank or the grocery store, or somewhere else when you are waiting to be served. So let’s each and every one of us get to know our neighbours. Robert F. Edwards is a long-time resident of Collingwood and contributor to the Renfrew-Collingwood Community News.

Il Museo at The Italian Cultural Centre 3075 Slocan Street, Vancouver BC V5M 3E4 italianculturalcentre.ca Judith Seducing Holofernes, detail. Diptych, 73 x 96" (185.5 x 244cm)


December 2015




EXTENSIONS WIGS HAIRPIECES We’re BC’s best and we’re neighbours. Imagine the possibilities!


Home Share Providers Strive Living is currently seeking families and individuals in Vancouver, North/West Vancouver and Richmond area who are interested in providing shared accommodation or independent suites within their home, supervision and support to individuals with developmental disabilities/brain injury. We are looking for candidates who have some experience providing care to individuals with disabilities or an interest in helping others gain independence. Candidates must be available to provide ongoing daily support and have access to a reliable vehicle. Funding contracts could range from $1,500 to $4,000 net per month. We offer a lot of support and training opportunities for our contractors including a free First Aid and CPR trainings. If you are interested in becoming a Home Share Care provider please send your resume/ cover letter along with a description of the accommodations you have to nozi@striveliving.ca or fax it to 604.936.9003 “Attn: Nozi”.


now You gh to K u o Eno n E mall ugh to Serve You – S

iginal r O s ’ r e Vancouv ore Food St

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1595 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C. • 604-872-3019 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8am - 9pm www.famousfoods.ca


December 2015

Read On! Who Is Santa Claus?


A news section for Renfrew-Collingwood learners 

Every year during this time you see him everywhere. He has a red hat and suit and a big white beard. Families wait in lines for hours to take a picture with him. Children write letters to him, hoping he will bring them a gift for Christmas.

Read On!

has a web page. You can:

 Read the articles

 Print worksheets http://renfrewcollingwood communitynews.com/category/ read-on/

But who is Santa Claus? Where did he come from? What does he have to do with Christmas? Did you know that Santa was a real person? His name was Nicholas and he was born around 280 AD in what is now the country of Turkey. He was later called Saint Nicholas because he was a very good and holy man. Saint Nicholas is remembered for giving gifts and money to the poor. The day to celebrate Saint Nicholas is December 6 (the day he died). In some countries people still celebrate this day by giving gifts to each other. Others now only give gifts on Christmas Day, December 25. France, Germany, England, Italy, the Netherlands and many other countries in Europe celebrate Saint Nicholas, and Christmas, differently. He is known by many names: Father Christmas. Kris Kringle, Saint Nick, Santa. The English name “Santa Claus” actually comes from the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas, “Sinterklaass.” The Santa we know in Canada today comes from a combination of European traditions and American poems, stories and songs. Santa doesn’t look much like Saint Nicholas anymore. Still, Santa is a symbol of giving. This time of year it is good to remember to give, not just to our friends and family, but to those in need.

Dark Days  December is the darkest month of the year in Vancouver. When you wake up it is dark and by 4:30 in the afternoon the sun is gone again. It can be a hard time for many people. Here is a list of fun things to do in December to help you get through the dark days: 1. Take the Skytrain downtown. The lights and decorations are fun and free. Stop into the Hyatt Regency hotel and see the gingerbread houses from December 3 to 27 (655 Burrard Street) 2. Try ice skating at Killarney Community Centre or outside at Robson Square 3. See the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Garden 4. Go to Chinatown on December 21 for the Winter Solstice Festival at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden 5. Go for a walk outside 6. Take a Zumba class at Collingwood Neighbourhood House 7. See Santa at the Vancouver Santa Claus Parade on December 6 (downtown) 8. Invite a friend over for coffee or tea 9. Go to the library and find a great book to read 10. Warm up in the Killarney Community Centre hot tub

Reading levels on this page Level 1

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Level 3




December 2015

Collingwood Business Improvement Association UPDATES November 28th Winter Carnival and Community Tree Lighting 4 - 8 p.m. l

Please join us in our annual Winter Carnival and Community Tree Lighting event under the BIG tent in the Safeway parking lot at the the corner of Kingsway and Tyne.


Hot cocoa, cookies, arts & crafts, raffle draws for some great prizes. Photos with Santa, balloonartist, carollers, choirs, magic by Graham the Magic Guy and holiday movie with popcorn. The Collingwood BIA would like to thank everyone for coming out to kick off the holiday season. See ad on back page for full event schedule.


Thank you to our partners: the Collingwood Community Policing Centre, Safeway and Starbucks.

Part of your

Holiday Shopping

E x p erience

.Shop Collingwood.

Special Thank you to our Sponsors: Mosaic BC, Westbank Development Corp., London Drugs, Central Park Business Centre Shop the Neighbourhhood with Yellow Pages – Saturday November 28th, 2015! l

Thank you all the businesses that signed to participate in Shop the Neighbourhood. Keeping those precious shopping dollars local. We’ll be doing it again next year. Sign up your business at www. shoptheneighbourhood.ca Create a deal for the National Shop the Neighbourhood day. Go to their website for more information. l

We have asked the businesses to decorate their store fronts and spread the festive cheer along Kingsway. We would love to see you post your favorite decorated store on our social media using the #hollyshopcollingwood and your post can win cash prizes. Winners will be selected December 31st. Enter as many photos as you’d like. If you are a business there is contest for you too. Post a photo and you can win #hollyshopcolingwood l

@shopcollingwood /shopcollingwoodvancouver #hollyshopcollingwood

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year from the Collingwood BIA Board and Staff. *This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Business Improvement Association


December 2015


The art of community engagement

Bringing talents to the Artisans’ Market – Saturday, December 5 The Renfrew-Collingwood Multicultural Artists’ Network (RCMAN) presents the seventh annual Collingwood Village Artisans’ Market on Saturday, December 5, 2015 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The market is admission-free and features more than 25 local artisans, musicians and performers as well as surprise raffle prizes.

traditions and talents to share their experiences with our neighbours. Market items include woodwork, traditional textile, pottery, knitting, baking, painting and holiday decorations. The market’s famous Santa Claus will also be on site to entertain, share stories and be available for photos. Local choirs, dancers and musicians will showcase their talents on stage. Community engagement through Talented Mayan weaver Petrona art has always been a core part of Garcia will also demonstrate her Collingwood Neighbourhood House’s craft-making skills. practices. The neighbourhood house believes that community engagement What an incredible experience it through artistic, educational, social has been to see our neighbours and physical activities is fundamental and artisans coming together for in the health and well-being of the creation of the Artisans Village individuals and communities. Market over the years! The beautiful handmade crafts, tasty foods and This community event brings lively music will create many smiletogether local artisans with filled memories for everyone who various intercultural backgrounds, visits.

Instead of keeping their artwork hidden from sight in their studios and homes, community members bring their talents to Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) to share with other people, enjoy commonalities and value differences. Programs and events such as the artisan market capture and, perhaps, give structure to the evolving need for social connection. This is particularly important for immigrants and newcomers who seek to find a community to feel welcomed, recognized and inspired. For example, Cindy discovered Social Culture Club at CNH nine months ago and attended the gatherings on Saturday mornings. She started to explore diverse activities to maintain her quality of life, formed friendships, encouraged others and enjoyed sharing her skills.

Come together right now with Freshslice Pizza

Pick-Up Special Any extra large pizza with three toppings: Only $9.99 *Pick Up Only *Redeemable with coupon *Grandview and Commercial locations

Two locations

2582 Commercial Drive 604-707-6669 2889 Grandview Hwy 604-568-6121 freshslice.com

Cindy took leadership roles and volunteered in programs at CNH to enhance her talents. She says that, with these programs she feels acknowledged as an active community member and she is able to enjoy different traditions and practice speaking English. She is excited to contribute her sewing skills to raise funds for the program at the Artisan Village Market. “Being part of the Collingwood Neighbourhood Community has benefited my life in many different ways,” she says. Mark your calendar, folks! You will have a chance to win raffle prizes! This is a great way to get your holiday presents, support local economy, and socialize. Come enjoy and explore the artisans’ craft-making, all the performances and delicious food—see you there! If you have questions, please email Eda at rcmancraftfair@ gmail.com.

Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society is seeking loving and dedicated foster parents who are willing to share their homes and provide foster care for Aboriginal babies, children, and youth in the Greater Vancouver area. We invite Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal applicants. Information Sessions are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:45pm in our office at 3284 East Broadway, Vancouver. For more information, please email foster@vacfss.com or call 604-216-7447.



December 2015

The Seniors Connection

The Community Christmas Lunch takes place on Thursday, December 17 from 12 noon to 2:30 pm. Tickets go on sale on Monday, November 30 and always sell out quickly! The cost for a seniors ticket is $7, adults $8, students $7 and kids $5. Come enjoy a delicious turkey meal, door prizes and lots of entertainment. If you’re feeling creative the Monday Fun day group will be making decorations and centrepieces and decorating

trees on Monday, December 14 in preparation for the lunch from 1:15 to 3 pm. Enjoy light refreshments and meet new people! The neighbourhood house is also running a bus to Burnaby Village Museum on Tuesday, December 15 from 4 to 7 pm. You can hop on for the low cost of $5 to take a stroll around the museum to enjoy the Christmas lights then come back again when you are ready as the shuttle will be making multiple trips. If you have never joined any of the programs at CNH why not consider giving it a go in December? You will be made especially welcome! The Monday Fun day group is open

Dear Neighbours: Holiday Open House

Holiday celebrations at Collingwood Neighbourhood House! by Suzanne Liddle December has arrived and the seniors programs at Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) have lots in store to help you celebrate and get involved this festive season.

The following is a paid advertisement by Adrian Dix, MLA for Vancouver/Kingsway

to everyone and meets each Monday at 1:15 pm for something different every week, from nutrition workshops and health information to arts and crafts to games and activities. The Thursday morning drop-in coffee social is a great place to meet new friends and get to know people in your community. December can be a time when lots of people, including seniors, feel isolated and lonely. The Renfrew Collingwood Better at Home Friendly visiting program can help. Volunteers provide companionship and a chat on a regular basis for those who find it difficult to leave their home or who would benefit from more social contact. If this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch with the program. The Better at Home program also provides a light housekeeping and yard work service, a senior’s bus shuttle and a twice weekly walking club. You can reach the coordinator at 604-4350375 for more information. Suzanne Liddle is the Better at Home and seniors programs co-coordinator at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, 5288 Joyce Street. She has been working with seniors for over seven years in Northern Ireland and Vancouver.

The holiday season has arrived! I’m wishing you and your family a safe, happy holiday. I hope you’ll join me for a Holiday Open House at my community office. Drop in for lunch, festive treats, and cheer! Date: Saturday, December 19th, 11am – 2pm Location: Adrian Dix Community Office, 5022 Joyce Street The Franchise Act Becomes Law In 2013, a Vancouver-Kingsway constituent came to my office to discuss his business – a franchise operation in the food services industry. He wanted to discuss the unfair playing field that governs these business in BC in their relationship with the often big businesses that sell franchises. In BC, unlike other provinces, there is no Franchise Act, leaving small business vulnerable to manipulation. Since 2013, along with many small businesses, I have campaigned to pressure the government to introduce a Franchise law in BC. And, in November, we succeeded – a new Franchise Act passed the BC Legislature. I want to thank the Vancouver Kingsway business owners whose determination made this possible. British Columbia Community Achievement Awards “Give back to the people who give the most in your community”. Can you think of anyone who embodies this phrase? If you can, please consider nominating them for the British Columbia Community Achievement Award! Any current or former long-term resident of BC is eligible for nomination. And the awards will honour people who have made a significant contribution to their community through a unique achievement or outstanding service – either as a volunteer or in the course of their work. The nomination deadline is January 15, 2016. Complete the online nomination form by going to: www.bcachievement.com/community/online Free Public Access Computer The public access computer is available for use! All constituents are welcome to drop by during our office hours to use the computer (Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm, and on Friday by appointment). My Constituency Assistants are happy to help with any difficulty.


December 2015


Collingwood Neighbourhood House


Inclusive process produces new CNH strategic plan

COMMUNITY LUNCH Collingwood Neighbourhood House invites you to lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. Full meal prices are $6.25 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for students and $3.25 for children under 12. Items can be purchased a la carte or “to go.”

by Norman Hill Where do we want to be in five or 10 years? How do we get there? What are our priorities?

December lunch menu

These are some of the questions Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) tackled recently as it completed a strategic plan for 2015 – 2020 which was based on a comprehensive consultation process that included broad input from the community. The plan examines how our neighbourhood is changing and establishes clear strategies that will allow CNH, together with our neighbours and partners, to help make Renfrew-Collingwood an even better neighbourhood. The strategic plan is comprised of eight specific strategies: 1. Promote a work environment that embraces communication, self-care, personal development and manageable workloads. 2. Continue to develop our practice of intercultural, asset-based community development and share our stories. 3. Convene an inclusive, neighbourhoodwide approach to improving the social and cultural infrastructure in RenfrewCollingwood. 4. Expand resident access to affordable childcare. 5. Promote a healthy built and natural environment in our neighbourhood. 6. Strengthen capacity of those who are sometimes labelled as vulnerable, isolated, or disengaged so they can share their gifts, and contribute to a sense of belonging in RenfrewCollingwood. 7. Expand our capacity to seek stable revenues that increase our independence and sustain CNH’s work. 8. Integrate physical and digital spaces and programming opportunities across all of our sites.

Tuesday, December 1 Roasted Pumpkin Carrot Soup Pulled Pork Sandwich /Veggie option Salad Apple Crumble

Image by local artist Rosanne Lambert Each strategy requires that three or more related actions be completed. To see the full strategic plan, which includes an analysis of our changing neighbourhood and a detailed explanation of CNH’s vision, mission, values, strategies and their related actions, visit www.cnh.bc.ca

staff director planning sessions, and a broad documents review to consider the trends and changing demographics affecting CNH and Renfrew-Collingwood. The Management Team reviewed the draft plan and the Board approved the final plan.

The strategic plan was created through an in-depth, eight-month consultation process with CNH’s stakeholders. The goal was to make the strategic planning process inclusive for CNH staff, participants and members, the neighbourhood house’s collaborative partners and funders, and residents of the neighbourhood.

The ‘circles of engagement’ were particularly interesting. They were based on an appreciative approach in which circle participants focused on assets (what’s working and can be built on). The circles of engagement provided lots of stories from staff, participants, volunteers, and partners and captured the essence of CNH. Some of these stories are included in the final plan.

The process included work by a planning committee of the Board and staff directors and staff working with a facilitator, many ‘circles of engagement’ dialogue sessions at CNH with staff, volunteers and participants, a world café with funders and community partners, strategic plan-related questions in CNH’s annual members’ survey, Board and

“The strategic planning process was really exciting. It got people talking, thinking, and dreaming about how to make a better neighbourhood house and how to improve the neighbourhood as well,” CNH Executive Director Jennifer GrayGrant said.

Thursday, December 3 Roasted Chicken or Stuffed Eggplant Mashed Potatoes Salad Chocolate Cookies Tuesday, December 8 Tomato Chickpea Soup Roast Beef Sandwich/ Veggie option Salad Vanilla Pudding Thursday, December 10 Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Vegetables/ Veggie option Salad Chocolate Cake Tuesday, December 15 Cauliflower Soup Sockeye Salmon Salad Sandwich or Grilled Cheese Salad Pineapple Cupcake Thursday, December 17 Christmas Lunch

Help support our community with a tax-deductible donation to CNH Every day, CNH provides programs, services, and initiatives for Renfrew-Collingwood residents. We offer child care, recreation programs, family programs, seniors programs, youth programs, immigrant services, English classes, community meals and food workshops, celebrations, arts and cultural activities, and much more! CNH’s work is made possible by government or

foundation funding, program fees and the dedicated efforts of our hundreds of volunteers. Yet we still have a need to fundraise so that we can continue to reach out and engage local residents.

House. You could mail or drop off a cheque to CNH (5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, V5R 6C9) or go to www. cnh.bc.ca and click the ‘DONATE’ button at the far righthand side of the page and follow the prompts.

Individual donations are a great help. We hope that, in this season of giving, you will consider making a taxdeductible donation to Collingwood Neighbourhood

Note that CNH is a registered charity so all donations are tax-deductible. Thanks for considering a donation to CNH.

This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Neighbourhood House


December 2015


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RENFREW PARK COMMUNITY COMPLEX 2929 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5M 2Y3 604 257-8388 Fax: 604 257-8392 Website: www.vancouver.ca/renfrewrec

Jointly operated by Renfrew Park Community Association and Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Winter Registration is ongoing, register early so you don’t miss out. For our full listing of programs check out our website or drop by and pick up a brochure. GST excluded. Registration has now started. Register early so you don’t miss out.

Holiday Hours of Operation Pool

Fitness Ctr

Centre Area

Mon Dec 21





Dec 22




Wed Dec 23








Dec 24


Dec 25


Dec 26


Dec 27


Saturday, December 12th 9:30-1:30pm $5/person

Join us with family and friends for a pancake breakfast, Fun crafts after breakfast as well as a visit with Santa to complete your day. All participants under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are limited buy them early. Come for the whole duration of the event to meet Santa and play before and after you eat. Breakfast seating: 9:30-11:30am & 11:00am-12:00pm





Mon Dec 28





Dec 29




Wed Dec 30




Dec 31 Jan 1


6am-4pm Closed



Jan 2





Jan 3




Thu Fri

Breakfast with Santa

Closed 8:30am-4pm

Happy Holidays! See you in 2016.

Red Cross Babysitting Training First Aid Hero (11+yrs)

Special Event Highlights

Crystal Ball (55+yrs)


Dec 5


Christmas in the Country (55+yrs) Wed

Dec 9


Holiday Lights Tour (55+yrs)


Dec 10


Christmas Luncheon (55+yrs)


Dec 16



So you want to be a babysitter or, your parents want you to take this course so they feel confident leaving you at home alone? Babysitting with First Aid Hero emphasizes learning through real life scenarios. Please bring a bag lunch (no nuts please) plenty of water and snacks. Sun Dec 20 10:30am-5:30pm $60/person

Volunteer Training (14-18yrs) This training is mandatory for people wanting to volunteer in Renfrew Park Community Centre programs/events. This training provides hands-on experience, enhances your skill in problem solving, conflict resolution and how to lead activities and games. Thu Jan 14 5:00-7:00pm Free

$84.76/person $19.05/person $11.43/person

Wibit Inflatable Day in the pool

Saturday, Dec 19 from 3:00pm–5:00pm

Come and join in the fun! *Regular admission rates apply



December 2015


Collingwood s e Season to WINTER CARNIVAL


Saturday, November 28, 2015 ❉

● Safeway Parking Lot (Kingsway&Tyne)

4:00 pm ❉ Arts & Crafts - Collingwood Jr.BIA 4:00 - 7:00 pm ❉ Bent Air Balloons 4:30 - 5:15 pm ❉ Silver Belles Carollers 5:00 pm ❉ Lighting of the Community Tree 5:15 - 7:00 pm ❉ Photos with Santa 5:30 - 6:15 pm ❉ Magic Show with Graham the magic guy 6:30 - 7:00 pm❉ ChildrenÕs Choir -St. MaryÕs Catholic School 7:15 - 7:45 pm ❉ Classic Holiday Movie 7:45 pm ❉ Raffle Draws PRESENTED TO YOU BY:

info@shopcollingwood.ca 604.639.4403 /shopcollingwoodvancouver @shopcollingwood @shopcollingwood

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Renfrew-Collingwood Community News December 2015  

December 2015 news stories from the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood in East Vancouver. Local news on events, people, history, eating out,...

Renfrew-Collingwood Community News December 2015  

December 2015 news stories from the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood in East Vancouver. Local news on events, people, history, eating out,...

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