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April 2013


Gladstone robotics teams aim for gold at World Championships

Gladstone high school students are prepping to once again represent their school, community and country at the VEX Robotics World Championships held in Anaheim, California, April 17 to 22, reports Serinda Kong. Serinda is a grade 11 robotics student on Team 2K, which qualified for the championships in spectacular fashion. At the World Championships, the students will compete with the best of the best in the United States. They will gain valuable experience and hope to follow the two Gladstone teams that won first and second prize at the championships last year. Gladstone has 20 teams made up of 100 students from grade 9 to 12. Robotics is also part of the applied skills rotation for grade 8s. Students have worked extremely hard to qualify for this competition, notes parent Helen Xu, proud mom of Howard Lin, who is on Gladstone’s Team 2M. To qualify, the 20 teams from Gladstone entered the Pacific Youth Robotics Society’s British Columbia VEX Championship at the BC Institute of Technology on March 8th and 9th. “Team 2Z formed the winning alliance that qualified another spot for Gladstone at the world championships. In total five out of the eight teams from BC that qualified are from Gladstone,” says Serinda. “Teams 2M and 2K also took two qualifying spots by claiming the Excellence Award and Design Award, respectively.” Teachers have contributed lots of their personal time to help the students, in particular, Todd Ablett. “Without his hard work and unconditional dedication, the students wouldn’t be able to participate in or compete at such a high level,” says Helen. “Mr. Ablett has been more than a teacher to these students, he has been a great mentor, helping them grow academically and socially.”

Team 2M receives the Excellence Award at the BCIT regional robotics championship on March 9. Photo by Helen Xu

The school and teachers have made extra efforts to support this trip but there is a substantial cost to attend Continued on page 3



April 2013

The RC Talent Show at Collingwood Cinemas EYE CARE CENTRE

Thursday, May 16

The Renfrew Collingwood Talent Show is back for its sixth straight year. Thursday, May 16, 7- 9 p.m will be the day and time for local residents to once again get their talents shined up and ready to display. For the first time ever, this year’s talent show will be held at the newly renovated and renamed Collingwood Cinemas on Kingsway. We are so grateful to Naz and Mike Jamshedian who run Collingwood Cinemas to donate the space for this exciting local event. Contestants, of which there are generally only 20 per year, are invited one at a time to display their talents on the stage. Each performance is critiqued by the three judges. Don’t worry, the judges are not too harsh and any criticisms will be of the constructive variety. All ages and all talents are welcome. The types of talents vary from year to year. We usually have a majority of singers, a few singer/ songwriters/guitarists, one or two piano players, a few dancers (both individual and group); a poet or two; an accordion on occasion; fiddlers…the list goes on. This could be the year that you sign up and wow the judges with your talent. We stress that it is not about the winning or losing, simply the sharing. And still, there is the potential each year to win

This year’s RC Talent Show will be held at Collingwood Cinemas at 3215 Kingsway, Thursday, May 16. some cash and/or prizes for those who are outstanding. This might also be the year that the RC Talent Show gets its trophy created, to which, we’ll have a few names to add. Those who place in the top three will also receive an invitation to perform at the annual Collingwood Days festival on May 25th, usually the first to a long list of community events. Then, who knows, maybe you’ll be off to the big time.

If you are interested in performing in this year’s Renfew Collingwood Talent Show, please email: renfrewcollingwoodtalentshow@ Pass it on.

Don Davies, MP Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway

April 22 is Earth Day!

Let us commit to living sustainably so we can protect our Earth for future generations. 2951 Kingsway Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J4 Tel: 604-775-6263 Email:



Any meal can be a feast ... just ask any Greek Easter is the biggest holiday of the year for Greeks and others of the Christian Orthodox faith. As with all holidays, many of the celebrations and observations revolve around food. During the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter, many Greek Orthodox worshipers follow a strictly vegan diet, and have done so for centuries. Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday is on May 5th this year. Lent officially began on March 18th with “Clean Monday” (a day to cleanse out the indulgences of the Carnival weekend). When the trend toward vegan dieting really took off in North America in recent years, many who tried it and abandoned it complained of the bland selection of meals and the endless tofu. Perhaps they should have looked at what the Greeks were eating. Growing up in Vancouver, I have wonderful memories of Mom making delicious vegan foods for Lent. Part of what made these meals so wonderful is their limited time. By making them especially for Easter, they held a sense of anticipation. They were treats, much the way a birthday cake or Christmas turkey would be for others. One of my favourite recipes is the simple yet extremely tasty ELIOPITTA. It literally translates as “Olive Pie,” though I would consider it more of an

Robotics - Continued from page 1 the championships. “In order for our five teams to attend, each student is required to pay $1,200,” explains Serinda. Additionally, funding is necessary for robot parts to ensure our teams have the resources to perform their best.” “Our purpose is to allow students, like myself, to gain experience and skills that can only be learned through a unique robotics environment,” Serinda adds. In a robotics class, students of all interests and skill levels work together toward a common goal. “Robotics really highlights the talent and potential of all students that can one day change the world.” If you are interested in donating to help these talented Gladstone students get to California and pursue their dream of winning the World Championships, a cheque can be sent to Gladstone Secondary School, 4105 Gladstone Street, or go to the donation link projects/bring-the-gladstonerobosavages-to-the-vex-world-schampionships?c=pledges.


April 2013 by Rania Hatzioannou

olive log. If you are not a fan of olives, do not dismiss this recipe. I know of several people who really dislike olives, but love ελιοπιττα. This recipe is not as common in Greece as it is on the island country of Cyprus where I was born.

ΕΛΙΟΠΙΤΤΑ – ELIOPITTA INGREDIENTS: Dough: • 4 cups flour • 4 teaspoons baking powder • 1 cup vegetable oil • 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice* * This is about 4 or 5 oranges. Do not use any bottled juice; squeeze your own. It makes a difference. Filling: • 150 grams pitted black olives (strongertasting wrinkly ones are best)** • 2 finely chopped white onions • 1 tablespoon dried oregano • 1/2 tablespoon dried mint ** You will not find the wrinkly olives pitted, so do it yourself the old fashioned way: manually.

• Spread the filling out as if you were creating a pizza–leaving a half-inch area free around the edges. • Roll the dough manually into one log and pinch the edges. • Repeat with the other portions. Place the logs onto a greased or parchment paper lined cookie sheet. • Place into a preheated oven at 400 degrees F for approximately 45 minutes. This really depends on the size–whether you made two large ones or DIRECTIONS: four small ones. You’ll know they are ready by the • Mix the flour, baking powder and oil in a golden colour of the dough. bowl. Add the orange juice. If mixture is not • Allow them to cool on a rack before slicing and doughy enough add a tablespoon of water. Keep adding one tablespoon of water at a time enjoying. until you get the consistency of dough. Tip: when Mom made these outside of Lent (and • Divide the dough into two or four portions (depending on how big you want to make each skipping the vegan rule), she would brush egg whites on the top before putting them in the oven. “pita.” This gave the ελιοπιττα a glossy appearance. • In a separate bowl, mix the olives with the oregano and mint. Divide the filling the same To see full step-by-step photos way. on how to make Eliopitta, go to • Roll out each one several times until it is roughly an oblong shape–stretched out circle.


April 2013


Citizens learn about dangers of chemtrails by Anthony Seto COMMUNITY NEWS The mission of this non-profit publication is to provide the residents, businesses and organizations of Renfrew/Collingwood with a medium for community communication. Paul Reid: staff writer and layout coordinator Lisa Symons: sales and distribution coordinator Julie Cheng: editorial coordinator Contributors: Rania Hatzioannou, Angela Ho, Ewa Jagla, Stephanie Lim, Noreen Ma, Marie Manansala, Paul Reid, Kathy Romses, Anthony Seto, David Tracey, Helen Xu

We want to hear from you! Yes, You! Send comments, community events, press releases by regular post, fax or e-mail. Suggestions for improving the paper are welcome. We welcome appropriate, unsolicited editorial submissions if accompanied by the author’s real name, address and telephone number. The author should retain the original as we cannot return submissions without prior agreement nor does submission guarantee publication. We reserve the right to make editorial changes.

Look Up and Wake Up was the message of the Chemtrails Vancouver group for their Chemtrails Awareness Launch on February 17th at the Collingwood Cinema. The event was well attended with people from across the greater Vancouver area and as far away as Penticton journeying to Collingwood. The group is comprised of local citizens dedicated to environmental activism and genuinely concerned about the serious health dangers resulting from the massive aerosol spraying programs, ongoing for over a decade. Chemtrails (aka stratosheric aerosol geoengineering) differ from the usual plane contrails (condensation) that evaporate rather quickly. Chemtrails are often released in a checkerboard

Next submission deadline: Apr. 10 The Renfrew/Collingwood Community News is an initiative of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH).

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Contact the RCCNews Phone: 604-435-0323 extension 261 Fax: 604-451-1191 Editorial: Advertising: Phone Lisa Symons at 604.435.0323 email: Renfrew/Collingwood Community News Collingwood Neighbourhood House 5288 Joyce Street Vancouver, BC V5R 6C9

Collingwood Cinema was a terrific venue for the Vancouver Chemtrails Awareness Launch.

pattern blanketing the sky with greyishwhite lines that expand then merge to create a toxic haze blotting out the blue sky for most of the day. The deliberate, ongoing spraying of toxic chemicals, heavy metals in our skies, in many countries, has been occurring with the vast majority of the population unaware. Scientific facts and credible sources at The colourful chemtrails t-shirt on sale was a popular item. Canada Skywatch. com can verify the truth behind this story. The Collingwood Cinema screened two documentary films by Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin: What in the World Are They Spraying and Why in the World Are They Spraying. Evidence cited in the films indicate dangerous levels of aluminum, strontium, barium in the chemtrails and the harmful consequences of crop devastation, dying trees, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Perhaps most disturbing are the statements of scientists at a Geoengineering conference promoting the benefits of this poisonous, aerosol spraying as a method of climate control. Between feature films, there were several speakers sharing their personal

chemtrails experience and suggesting proactive measures to protect your own health. Inside the theatre everyone enjoyed the films in the comfort of the new rocker seats. Outside in the lobby were information tables with DVDs of the two films, a colourful chemtrails t-shirt and more. The positive energy was high with networking, lively conversations all day on topics including smart meters, wireless radiation dangers, GMO foods, organic agriculture, vaccines, monetary system and most importantly, self-reliance and personal responsibility. It was a great day for raising awareness in a fabulous venue. Many thanks to Mike and Naz at the Collingwood Cinema. Anthony Seto has lived in Collingwood since 1990. His two daughters attended school at Graham Bruce Elementary and Windermere Secondary. Anthony and his wife Alexis are both graduates of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. They are strong supporters of local small business, due to their own significant entrepreneurial family histories. For 25 years, Anthony has been owner/operator of Nonfiction Design, providing screen printed and embroidered promotional clothing.


Eating Out in RC:


April 2013

by Paul Reid

Kingsway Coffee Shop / Dias Kingsway Cafe 2223 Kingsway Phone: 504.434.5764

Dear food fans. It is my pleasure to introduce to you this month’s feature – a hidden gem to RenfrewCollingwood’s western border. Yes, we travel once again down that piece of Kingsway between Nanaimo and Victoria, this time to Dias Kingsway Café, for a little taste of Portuguese sandwich artistry. This gem truly is hiding, under the guise of a mere coffee shop, so what you are looking for on the north side of Kingsway, a block west from Nanaimo, is the Kingsway Coffee Shop. It’s in here. Here you will find a menu featuring a variety of fresh sandwiches and paninis. These sandwiches are awesome! Gigantic sandwiches on delicious Portuguese bread, custom made to your liking by Maria, and grilled if you like. Portuguese sausage, cappicolo, ham, salami, turkey, prosciutto, mortadela, egg salad, tuna salad, boconccini ($4.75-6.79). With soup: $8.I had the prosciutto sandwich with pea soup – for $8. A delicious homemade meal and this Gourmet Gourmand was full! Hailing from Castelo Branco, Portugal, these guys came to Canada in about 1988. Their first establishment was on Commercial Drive, the Grandview Deli, which is now the Mediterranean Specialty Foods (remember, our friend Jack who was here near Victoria and Kingsway?). Anyhow, the Diases were there for seven years before moving south to Commercial Street. Here is where

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The hearty soup and giant sandwich ($8) by Dias had this Gourmet Gourmand full! the sandwiches and coffee gained a foothold when, one day, Manuel pulled a coffee machine out of the garage. That was the beginning – a side biz to enhance the grocery biz that they had for 10 years there at 3599 Commercial Street. “We love our new place,” says Maria, “but we miss our old place and the people at 3599.” Slowly but surely, the Diases’ long-time followers are learning to find them at their new location.

“These sandwiches are awesome! Gigantic sandwiches on delicious Portuguese bread, custom made to your liking...”

espresso is from Italy – Cimo. And let’s not forget the Danishes, pastries, breads – sweet treats to enhance your existence – literally and physically. “Forget about Starbucks. This is where it’s at.” – a sample of the good reviews on the ’net. And from my friends down the street at the Green Cross Society – rave reviews. I told this to Maria who responded, “I just sent eight sandwiches to them.”

I had a wonderful meal at the Dias Kingsway Café. I was impressed by my soup and sandwich deal and I took home with me a bag full of those pastries – really delicious. And the Diases – so nice. I hope you get a chance to drop by soon and give these And I hope you do, too. It’s here guys a warm welcome to their that they have been for just over a year now – a relaxing, cozy place to new neck of the East Van woods. And in advance for this tip, I say, hang out, facing the southern sun – or where it should be. The coffee you’re welcome. is delicious – a hand-picked brew Bon appetit. from Brazil called Mogiana. The

Arbutus Rotary Homework Club • • • •

Hands on Learning Disabilities Support Qualified Tutors Parent Support Peer-to-Peer Learning

Times: Monday - Thursday 4pm-6pm Cost: $30/hour. Minimum 8 hours per month. Location: 3292 East Broadway (@Rupert skytrain station)

Call to register today ph: 604.873.8139 e-mail: web:


April 2013

Healthy Teeth = Healthy Body by Kathy Romses, Registered Dietitian, Evergreen Community Health Centre April is National Oral Health Month. There is a link between the health of our mouth and our overall health. Good dental care is important to help keep teeth healthy for a lifetime. Follow Canada’s Food Guide to help you plan meals and snacks and keep your body and teeth healthy! Healthy baby teeth help children: • eat well • learn to talk • smile and feel good about themselves • hold spaces for adult teeth Take your child to see a dentist by 12 months of age. The Vancouver Community Dental Health Program offers free dental checkups for children. Call 604-6753981 to book an appointment. See your dentist regularly and ask about fluorides and fissure sealants.


Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Daily Practices for Dental Health • Gently clean your baby’s mouth using a soft baby toothbrush or wet face cloth beginning at birth • Use a smear of fluoride toothpaste the size of a grain of rice when teeth start to come in • Use a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste once all your child’s teeth come in, about 3 years of age • Have regular times twice each day for brushing • Help your child brush and floss To learn how to brush your child’s teeth, watch the Vancouver Coastal Health You Tube video on “Tooth Brushing for Children 3 and Under” at 2RjR4ECOY&list=PLkETa5i0ewgX2G HFph-8VQ8v9ImqKvNXO Prevent Early Tooth Decay • Do not put your child to bed with a bottle. • If your baby needs to be soothed, try holding, rocking, reading, singing or rubbing your baby’s back, instead of giving a bottle.

Remarkable Women Poster Making Workshop Come celebrate the remarkable women in your community Date: Saturday April 13, 2013 Time: 1:00‐3:00 pm Location: Renfrew Park Community Centre in Room 112 All ages! Drop ins welcome! In this free two‐hour workshop, participants will work with facilitators to create posters of women they would like to honour in their community. Bring photos, drawings or other images of women you would like to honour, as well as a short biography of the woman.‐programs/remarkable‐women.aspx

Right: Stephanie Lim, coordinator of the Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute, has been honoured with an Remarkable Women poster.

• Juice and milk have sugars that can cause tooth decay. • Start children using a cup when they can sit up for meals and snacks. • Wean your baby from the bottle by 12 to 14 months. • Choose drinks that contain no added sugar most of the time. • Use the nutrition label to help make healthy drink choices. • Offer water in between meals and snacks. • Avoid using food as a reward, especially sugary drinks and candies. • Give children healthy snacks like fruit, cheese and vegetables, not foods that stick to teeth like cookies, candy, raisins or chips. For more information: • Visit the Vancouver Community Dental Health Program website • HealthLinkBC – Dental Care for Your Infant and Toddler www. hfile19.stm (available in 6 different languages) • VCH Healthy Snacks for

Black Bean Dip 1-19 oz can (1-540 ml can) black beans, drained and rinsed 3/4 cup (175 ml) salsa 1 Tbsp (15 ml) plain yogurt salt, to taste Blend ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Serve with pita or vegetables. Source: Adapted from Better Together BC http:// Preschoolers PDFs/GK/GK.260.H43.pdf • Children in families who receive income assistance or MSP premium assistance are eligible for basic dental care through the Healthy Kids program, call 1-866-866-0800 or visit healthy_kids.htm


Events Calendar Get involved in Renfrew-Collingwood Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute

Reflecting Still Creek Art and Stewardship Project

Sat Apr 6, 9:30am-1:30pm Seed Swap and Sale Renfrew Park Community Centre (2929 E22nd Ave)

Fri April 5, noon Nootka Elementary Earth Day workshops. Still Moon video artist Ben Rosen-Purcell works with grade 3 students on the “Imagine Still Creek” stop-motion animation video

Wed Apr 10, 5-7pm Seed Starting Workshop Collingwood Neighbourhood House (5288 Joyce St)

Thurs April 18, 7pm Ecology Art and Music Salon co-produced with Evergreen 7-8pm: watershed dialogue with Sat Apr 13, 1-3pm presentation and interactive learning Invasive Plant Management and 8-10 pm live music, tea, treats and ecology Groundcover Planting Norquay Learning Orchard (2732 Horley St) and art conversations at Art House in the Field (ArHF) at Slocan Park Sat Apr 20, 10am-2pm April 20 3-4pm Seed Swap and Sale Collingwood Neighbourhood House (5288 Still Creek Sounds: Poetry by the stream Experience poetry inspired by water next Joyce St) to the water. Renfrew Park outside by Still Creek, streamside west closest to Renfrew Sat April 27, 9am-11am Street. TreeKeepers Event Slocan Park Tree Circle/Slocan Hall April 21st, 2-4pm Still Creek Found – Walking tour with Sat Apr 27, 1-3pm historian Bruce McDonald Tree Guilds and Spring Planting Norquay Learning Orchard (2732 Horley St) Meet at 29th Ave. Skytrain, follow Still

May 25, 2013 An Old Fashion Fair with a Multicultural Flair! 11am to 4pm Carleton Elementary 3250 Kingsway GAMES! BMX Bike Air Show! Arts & Crafts! PRIZES & Raffles! Artists’ Village!

PANCAKE BREAKFAST* at 9am! Food Vendors! International Market!

* with firefighters!

MUSIC & Dance! DOG SHOW! Heritage Exhibits! Cultural PERFORMANCES!

For more info contact the Collingwood BIA (604) 639-4403 Presented by and in partnership with:

Renfrew Park Community Centre

2929 East 22 Avenue at Renfrew Phone: 604.257.8388 ext. 3 Web page:

Still Creek Sounds: Poetry by the stream Creek along Renfrew Ravine and down to Grandview Hwy. Learn what the creek was once like including beaver dams, duck ponds and interurban stops. Tour ends at Rupert Skytrain station. $5 - $10 sliding scale

Green Thumb Theatre Green Thumb Theatre’s new season of quality, issuebased theatre for children and youth focuses on cyberbullying, responsible online behaviour, healthy relationships and social accountability. tagged by Dave Deveau (Ages 12 & up) Online. Out of line. The harsh realities of cyberbullying and what happens when we’re discovered come to a head in tagged, the latest play by Dave Deveau. Wired by Betty Quan (Grades 3 & up) Damian has moved to a new school and is having a hard time making friends. He finds himself in the crosshairs of a humiliating cyberbullying campaign. Celestial Being by Dave Deveau (Grades K to 7) Celeste doesn’t fit in at school, or anywhere else in the world. She’s determined that someday the Mothership will bring her back to the planet where she belongs.

10th Anniversary Celebration!


April 2013

The Edge Project In this innovative theatre project, students perform their own work, exploring themes and experiences that are relevant to their own lives. For booking information, phone 604-254-4055, email or visit www.greenthumb. The School House Project, a capital campaign to restore Carleton Hall as a new home for Green Thumb Theatre, has reached 85% of its fundraising goal. Find out more at

April is International Autism Awareness Month This April celebrate International Autism Awareness Month with one free visit from the Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification Programs to your school. For any Vancouver school, preschool and daycare interested in participating in a free Friend 2 Friend Puppet or Simulation Game program this month, please contact Alison at For more information visit

Fri. Feb 1 Stress Free Downsizing & De-cluttering Ela Szpotowicz 19+yrs 11:00am-12:00pm FREE Tu. Feb 5 Basics of Investing Quyen Ly 19+yrs 7:30-8:30pm FREE Fri Feb 8 Protect Yourself! Financial Literacy Shelley McClenahan 55+yrs FREE Sat. Feb 9 Family Day Event All Ages Come join us for an afternoon of family fun. We`ll have games, crafts, face painting, balloon animals, and bouncy castle! Also, come join us in celebrating the Asian Lunar New Year. There will be Heritage Dancing, and other festive presentations. 12:30-3:00pm $10/family of 5 Tue. Feb 12 Introduction to Insurance Quyen Ly 19+yrs 7:30-8:30pm FREE Wed. Feb 13 Sweetheart Luncheon 45+yrs There will be a full lunch served, entertainment and door prizes. 12:00-2:30pm $9/person Thu Feb 14 Investing 101 Jennie Luey 19+yrs 7:30-8:30pm FREE Fri. Feb 15 Ukulele Ladies 45+yrs 11:00am-12:00pm FREE Wed. Feb 20 9 Tea 45+yrs Celebrating 90+yrs birthdays. You are invited to a party featuring special entertainment, refreshments and prizes. Even if you are not celebrating a birthday come and enjoy the festivities. $5/person 1:00-2:30pm Fri. Feb 22, Foot Care Clinic 45+yrs Please bring a large towel. Prices reflect 30 minute appointments 1:00-3:00pm $35/appointment Fri. Feb 22 Gold & Silver Treasure from Sunken Sailing Ships David Lacroix 19+yrs 11:00am-12:00pm FREE Wed. Feb 27 Cooking for Singles or Couples Najia Elacel 19+yrs Learn to preparing nutritious, tasty meals for one or two people. 1:00-3:00pm $10/person



April 2013

High school girls learn about careers in sustainability YWCA Metro Vancouver’s High School Mentorship Program hosts its annual Green Choice Career Forum on Friday, April 12th. The forum is an opportunity for girls in grades 9 through 12 to learn about careers in sustainability. It is held at the YWCA Program Centre in downtown Vancouver and features a panel of professional women working in the areas of conservation research and science, engineering, nonprofit, community planning and finance and business. “We want girls to know that there are so many diverse career opportunities in sustainability, and that green jobs are on the rise in British Columbia and beyond,” says program coordinator Sioned Dyer. “Sustainability is no longer just a passion— it’s a viable career option.” What jobs are considered “green?” “Green” includes virtually all sectors of society, including food, energy, transportation, education, government and more. Some green jobs, such as a solar engineer, an environmental educator or an organic farmer, require specific “green” skills or education. Other jobs do not necessarily require a green background, for example a marketer or bookkeeper working for a green company or organization.

According to the Globe Foundation of Canada, a Vancouverbased, non-profit organization dedicated to finding practical solutions to the world’s environmental problems, “green jobs constitute any job that contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, produces no or low environmental impact and/or helps the economy or society adapt to the impacts of climate change.” Green jobs on the rise in British Columbia According to statistics released by the Globe Foundation in July 2012, there will be a 200 percent increase in green jobs between 2010 and 2020, with over one million jobs created in British Columbia, Oregon, California and Washington.

Dyer. “We always have such overwhelming interest in the event and we’re happy to be offering it again this year.”

“We’re seeing increasing interest in green jobs from girls in our programs so this forum is a way to connect high school girls with successful women in the sustainability industries,” says

The YWCA High School Mentorship Program’s annual Green Choice Career Forum on Friday, April 12 is an opportunity for girls in grades 9 through 12 to learn about careers in sustainability.

The Green Choice Career Forum is free for girls in grades 9 through 12 and includes a light dinner. For more information, visit

Climate Justice: From a youth perspective by Angela Ho, on behalf of Youth 4 Climate Justice Now It was an era of violence, exploitation and outright breech of basic human rights; the Atlantic Slave Trade still remains as one of darkest parts of humankind’s history. Recently, new records revealed the true scale of Britain’s involvement with the slave trade. When slave ownership was abolished, the British government handed out payouts to slave owners to compensate for their losses. These payouts totalled to be the modern equivalent of billions of pounds. As a result, many of the wealthiest families in Britain today are still indirectly benefiting from these proceeds of slavery. Fast forward to the present and you will discover that the world is facing yet another disaster similar to the slave trade. The single, most threatening crisis that everyone on this planet face, and will have to fix, is climate change. Developed countries, such as Canada, are the ones most responsible for emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gasses and contributing to climate

change. This means that our everyday lives contribute to the destruction of our planet and atmosphere. Ironically, it is the people of developing countries that are most affected by climate change. As “natural” disasters increase in magnitude and frequency, the effects of climate change become more devastating for those of developing countries. Developing nations have been crying out for collective global reform in climate policies, but with no prevail. People of developing nations have been at the forefront of social and environmental inequity throughout history. The rich become richer as they profit off the backs of the poor. Yet, there is very little discussion about compensation for the people that have suffered and are suffering from disparities.

change towards a more sustainable future. We cannot condemn people of developing nations, who have suffered all throughout history, to harsher effects of climate change. Not only are our futures at stake, we are also gambling with the fate of future generations. We must apply pressure to our governmental leaders to put in the policies needed to reverse climate change.

The Y4CJN (Youth for Climate Justice Now) project arose to emphasize youth’s Y4CJN will be hosting the 3rd annual Earth Day event on concern on the lack of environmental Saturday, April 20, 2013, starting action, and to act as a catalyst for

at the Broadway-Commercial Skytain station. Please join us in celebration of the Earth, and help us bring climate justice into the discussion. For more information, please visit: Angela Ho is a grade 12 student from Windermere high school and a part of Youth 4 Climate Justice Now. Last year she was one of the organizers of the Earth Day event and this year she is mentoring the organizing committee.


Being a Treekeeper Have you ever wanted to plant a fruit tree but you didn’t know how? Wanted to buy a fruit tree but couldn’t get to the nursery? Did you know the City of Vancouver plans to have 150,000 new trees planted by 2020? There are many great reasons to plant trees: they’re beautiful, they create shade and their flowers provide food for our declining bee populations. Fruit trees have the added bonus of giving us food to eat, and all trees present learning opportunities for the whole family. As a community garden and orchard coordinator, I often talk to people who would love to grow fruit but they have limited space, no idea where to start or no way to transport a young tree. In cities, people face special challenges like small spaces, needing permission from landlords or the worry of having to move and leaving trees behind. We address some of these topics in food growing workshops at the Renfrew Collingwood Food Security Institute (RCFSI), including small space fruit growing workshops at the Norquay Community Learning Orchard. Meanwhile, as the city works towards their Greenest City Action goal of 150,000 trees, they estimate 54,000 of those trees will need to be planted on private property. Knowing that people need more knowledge or face some of the urban challenges listed above, the city is working with the park board,


April 2013 by Stephanie Lim (with content by David Tracey)

organizations and residents to make this goal a reality. Enter the TreeKeepers project. Most people know that a tropical tree like a mango will not do well in Vancouver’s climate, but even an apple or other temperate tree might struggle if it’s in the wrong location. Knowing what trees are best to plant in what location, how to maintain them, whether their roots might damage infrastructure, and what to do about fallen leaves and fruit are all common concerns for those who are considering a fruit tree. TreeKeepers is a partnership Tree expert David Tracey leads a pruning workshop at Norquay Community between TreeCity, a nonLearning Orchard, 2732 Horley Street. Photo by Stephanie Lim profit group “helping people and trees grow together,” care expert David Tracey will lead a Nick Fong at Renfrew Park the Environmental Youth Alliance, Community Centre at nick. hands-on planting demonstration a non-profit group empowering and workshop (some translation or 604-257youth to create healthy ecological 8387 (email preferred). will be available), but remember: communities, the City of Vancouver the trees are for registered through the Vancouver Park Board, Keep track of fruit tree and other and the Vancouver Foundation. Their participants only. food growing activities in the goal is to help people plant fruit trees neighbourhood at http://cnh. on private property and to help them Saturday April 27th or follow 9am-11am thrive. Slocan Park Tree Circle/Slocan Renfrew Collingwood Food Hall (in Slocan Park, next to 29th Security Institute on Facebook. In 2013 TreeKeepers has 100 fruit Avenue Skytrain Station) trees to distribute to RenfrewCollingwood residents at a reduced Stephanie Lim is the coordinator For more information and to cost! The trees will be in pots small of the Renfrew Collingwood Food register, go to www.treekeepers. enough for most people to carry Security Institute. comfortably (this means trees can be ca. Uncertain about the online taken home on transit). Organic tree registration process? Contact

Local artist leads Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture Early March, Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture announced Emma Kivisild as the organization’s new artistic director. Kivisild, who lives with multiple sclerosis, is a resident of the RenfrewCollingwood neighbourhood, artist, author and performer. She will oversee the organization and help to further its mission to produce and present works by artists with disabilities, and to promote artistic excellence among artists with disabilities working in a variety of disciplines. Kivisild takes over from Geoffrey McMurchy, a founding member of Kickstart who has helmed the organization as artistic director since its inception in 1998. In 2001, the organization hosted Canada’s very first international festival of disability arts and culture

in Vancouver, the kickstART! Celebration of Disability Arts and Culture. The festival has evolved into a series of multidisciplinary arts events celebrating artists whose work is inspired by their experiences as individuals living with a disability.

sclerosis, and is working on a PhD at the University of BC. Kivisild states, “People with disabilities are creating all kinds of astounding art sculpture, spoken word, breakdancing, burlesque: And it doesn’t stop there. I’m excited to be part of it.”

Emma Kivisild has been active in the Vancouver arts community for many years. Under the pseudonym Lizard Jones, Kivisild previously collaborated with artists Persimmon Blackbridge and Susan Stewart as the Planning is already award-winning collective known as underway for this year’s Kiss & Tell. Kickstart 5 Festival, to be held September 4 to 8, In recent years, her distinctive 2013, at the Roundhouse artwork has been exhibited at Community Arts & Kickstart events and also at Recreation Centre Vancouver’s Queer Arts Festival. She in Vancouver. www. is the author of Two Ends of Sleep, a novel about living with multiple

Local artist Emma Kivisild is excited to join Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture as its new artistic director.



April 2013

The Seniors Connection

Helping seniors live well in Renfrew-Collingwood

Left: This is Amr Halem, the owner of Pyramids Mediterranean restaurant, and his mother Salwa. They rent the kitchen at Collingwood Neighbourhood House for cooking a variety of hot fresh foods for their customers. Pyramids is located on the corner of Kingsway and Boundary (120-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver) and is open 7 days a week from 9am10pm. They have daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet; and offering catering services with free delivery.

Photo by Ewa Jagla

Right: The seniors program coordinator at Collingwood Neighbourhood House noticed the lovely smells from Amr’s cooking each week so she asked Pyramids to cook up a special lunch for the Seniors Wellness Group. In this photo, seniors are enjoying great company and a nice meal of Mediterranean foods. Photo by Marie Manansala

Renfrew / Collingwood



North  Broadway

2066 Kingsway

E.41st Ave.

Collingwood Insurance Ph: 604.438.9888

5750 Tyne Street


Jo yc eS t.

E.33rd Ave.

Ru pe rt St.

E.29th Ave.


The Tipper Restaurant Ph: 604.873.1010

E.22nd Ave.


Ea rle sS t.


Renfrew St.

Nanaimo St.

#120- 3665 Kingsway, 604.454.1688

Boundary Rd.

Pyramids Food Market

Slocan St.

Grandview Hwy.


Kingsway F



London Square Dental Centre #220 3340 Kingsway Ph: 604.435.4545





P & D Automotive Ltd Ph: 604.438.5519

2895 E.22nd Ave.

Joyce Hair Design St.

5156 Joyce

Papa John’s Pizza Ph: 604.310.PAPA

#300-3340 Kingsway



April 2013

Seniors take a trip to beautiful Squamish was an indigenous cemetery with beautiful graves. A unique spiritual spot located in the middle of the On an early Monday morning vast nature. The area definitely in February, 40 seniors from caught the eye of passersby with the local Walking Club and the Seniors’ Wellness Group went for its majestic peacefulness and a trip to Squamish. For some, the beautiful location. idea of organizing the trip during Once we found the dyke, the sun winter might seem unusual, but started to make its way through we had a mission. the clouds and rain. The eagles did not show up right away, The group wanted to see but eventually, as if to say: “we one of the world’s greatest concentrations of wintering bald appreciate your presence; however, please respect our privacy.” We eagles that are attracted every accepted their request. After an year by the Pacific run of chum hour of exploring the area, we left salmon, between late November the viewing dyke and headed for and March, to the Brackendale lunch to McDonald’s. area of Squamish. Even the unpleasantness of the dark and dripping sky did not discourage the group from taking the opportunity to see the bird’s winter sanctuary. The hallway of the Collingwood Neighbourhood House buzzed with a happy crowd awaiting the arrival of the bus. Our drive to Squamish was quiet in contrast to my mind, which was swarming with many questions. Are we going to find the viewing place? Would the eagles come to greet us? Will the weather allow us to enjoy the excursion time? Fortunately the travelling time was only one hour and I did not have to wait long for the answers. Entering Brackendale, we missed the viewing dyke. Not knowing where to go, the bus driver took us further up north along the Squamish River. I looked through the window and I spotted a huge thunderbird totem, among other smaller totems and many crosses. I soon realized that it

On the way back, Bill, our driver (and a senior himself) proposed to take the group to the Squamish casino. This additional attraction added to our already stunning itinerary made the trip an even more memorable experience for each senior and participant. Finally, before 3:00pm the bus transported us back to Vancouver. After the whole day of excitement, some seniors took a nap while others reflected upon the beautiful view along the sea shore. They seemed to be fulfilled, I noticed.

Photo by Ewa Jagla

by Ewa Jagla

Ewa Jagla leads the Walking Club based out of Collingwood Neighbourhood House.

They spent the whole day outside with their friends on educating themselves, being active and social. Their friendship was tightened even more than before. My observation convinced me that our community is

a strong and abundant community where distinct relationships are built, everyone is included, and everyone is invited to exchange gifts. It is additionally a place where seniors are looked after.

‘Better at Home*’ has arrived at Collingwood Neighbourhood House *Formerly called Community Action for Seniors’ Independence (CASI). Services available for Seniors in Renfrew-Collingwood: o Seniors Shuttle Service – To/from doctor’s appointments and errands in the community. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Our bus is wheelchair and scooter accessible. Affordable rates based on household income. o Light Housekeeping and Yardwork – Get some help around your home with basic household chores like vacuuming, washing the floors, windows, and tidying up the yard. Affordable rates based on household income. o Walking Club – Meet people and get some exercise! Meet in the lobby at Collingwood Neighbourhood House on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30am.. Please call ahead or check the bulletin board for this month’s schedule. Free! Call to register: 604-435-0375 Collingwood Neighbourhood House, 5288 Joyce St., Vancouver

Mony Sodhi is seated (left) with his father, Gurinder. Standing (left to right): Alex Lu, Akash Duggal, Govind Aggarwal and Satish Kumar. Fronting one of Collingwood’s longest running businesses, Mony Sodhi is providing for us here in Collingwood a one-stop shop for all of your immigration and tax needs. Founded by his father, Gurinder, in 1978, HM Tax and Accounting and Sodhi Immigration have been located just where they are now, just east of Joyce at 3321 Kingsway – north side. 100% Canadian and 100% family owned and operated, the Sodhis are running not one but several businesses: HM Tax and Accounting, G.Sodhi and Associates, Western Union, and soon to join that list, this summer, will be real estate and mortgages. Yes, after 35 years, the Sodhis have managed to offer every service you will ever need in one location. Did I mention fireworks?

including job search assistance for skilled workers and business advising for business applicants.” Mony is regulated as an Immigration Consultant under the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (‘ICCRC’)

But firstly, HM Tax specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation, financial consultation, payroll, GST/PST, HST/WCB and more. They are committed to providing exceptional services to individual clients in a wide variety of areas, including accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, financial planning and other specialized services. Their professional approach blended with a personal touch has earned them an enormous confidence amongst all of their clients.

Mony is active with the Business Improvement Association and helps sponsor the Chinese New Year celebration in Collingwood. This year he hopes to shed some light on the celebration Vaisakhi. This is a day celebrated by Sikhs, commemorating the beginning of the harvest season and birth of the Khalsa (Sikhs). So be on the lookout for free samosas outside the Sodhi office on this day, April 13, a Saturday. The Sodhi’s charity of choice: the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC.

Switching gears now to G.Sodhi & Associates Inc., here Mony and his team can assist applicants with a wide range of Canadian immigration matters including permanent residency, sponsorships, work permits and student visas, visitor visas, and citizenship. “Our expertise is assisting and advising skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed applicants. We have exclusive services for the applicants

As if two businesses were not enough, Mony also runs M&M Fireworks Factory – now expanded to 10 locations! Apparently we will soon be able to buy fireworks five times per year, for Chinese New Year, Vaisakhi, Canada Day, Victoria Day and of course, Halloween.

Born and raised in Collingwood, Mony is a loyal Collingwooder and success story. Local kid does good. Though not quite a kid, anymore, Mony still lives here in Collingwood and is as loyal a community member as they come. Graduated with a degree in accounting from SFU in 2002, and a post graduate diploma in Immigration: Laws, Policies & Procedures from UBC in 2004, Mony is big into sports, especially hockey, for which he enjoys seasons tickets with our beloved Canucks. A huge animal lover, Mony has three dogs!

Nice work Mony!

CBIA UPDATES l Collingwood Goes Green Reusable Shopping Bag To kick off Earth Week April 22 – 27th, 2013. The Collingwood BIA and the Collingwood Jr. BIA (group of young entrepreneurs from Windermere Secondary, working with the Collingwood BIA will be handing out environmental reusable shopping bags beginning April 22 – 27th to encourage consumers to use the bags while shopping. With your “Shop Collingwood” enviro bag you will receive a punch card and if you use your bag while shopping in Collingwood you will receive a stamp and when you have reached six stamps you can submit the card into a draw for some great prizes - $100.00 to shop in Collingwood and many more.

l Collingwood Days 2013 – 10th Anniversary May 25th Become involved as an International Marketplace vendor or food vendor or volunteer. Applications are available on the website www.collingwooddays. com or call the office 604.639.4403. The event draws over 5000 guests. Entertainment on the Main Stage all day; Pancake Breakfast from 9:00 – 11:00am; Roving performers; Collingwood Gardens; International Marketplace, food, arts and crafts; BMX Air Show; Paws Squad games; activities; dunk tank; Dog Show; Historical Display; story time in a teepee and much much more.

Bring your completed card to the Clock Tower (Joyce & Kingsway), April 27th to be in the draw. Merchants along Kingsway between Boundary and Rupert will be participating in a Sidewalk Sale, and providing samples and displays of their merchandise. Contact the office if you have any questions or wish to participate.

l Like Us on Facebook shopcollingwoodvancouver and follow us on Twitter Collingwood BIA

*This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Business Improvement Association


Read On!


April 2013

A news page for Renfrew-Collingwood learners

Income tax Taxes 

The government collects income tax from Canadian residents. The money is used by the government to pay for public services like health care and education. Most people pay a little income tax with each paycheque.

Read On! has a web page. You can:

Listen to the articles

 Print worksheets

The CRA checks the information and sends back a Notice of Assessment. . The CRA might ask the taxpayer to pay more or send them a refund. The Notice of Assessment is an official record of income for that year. rccnews/readOn.html

Get help with your taxes 

Income tax returns are due on April 31, 2013. There are tax clinics across the city to help people prepare and file their taxes. Some clinics help specific groups of people, for example low-income people, newcomers or seniors.

Reading levels on this page Level 1

The Collingwood Neighbourhood House Tax Clinic is open until April 30. You can make an appointment or drop in on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, and Saturdays10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Services are available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and Tagalog.

Two-thirds of Canadians do their taxes online. Processing times are shorter and it requires much less work and time. Steps to file online:

1. Check if you are eligible for online filing. You can only file a return for yourself for the current year. There are some restrictions; for example, you cannot file online if you have business income from outside BC. 2. Check that your personal information is up to date with Canada Revenue Agency. Update your information online, by phone, letter or fax. You must do this before your file your return online. 3. Collect all your income tax information for 2012, such as T4 slips (employment income), receipts and last year’s Notice of Assessment. 4. Choose a certified software program. For a list, check the CRA webpage at http:// Some programs are free or very cheap. The software will guide you through the form by asking you questions. You do not need to do any calculations. You simply enter the information they ask for. 5. Send the completed file to CRA through NETFILE. You can access NETFILE at You don’t need to send copies of receipts when you file online. However, CRA may ask you to send copies of receipts later.

Photos by Stephanie Lim appeared in the March 2013 issue of the RCC News on page 1, “Albert Battistoni Celebration of Life,” page 8, “Lots going on with the Reflecting Still Creek project,” and page 15, the Punjabi translation of “Collingwood’s Newest Community Garden.”

 Read the articles

Every year, Canadian residents fill out a form called an income tax return. It says how much money they made, how much income tax they paid and what benefits or tax credits they can get. They send the return to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If they owe money, they pay by cheque or online.

File online 

RCC News Corrections

Level 2

 

Level 3


Free ELSA English Classes! CNH has level 3 and 4 classes in the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood. Classes are Monday to Friday, 9-12 or 12:303. There is free childminding for children 18 months to 5 years old. Classes are free for all permanent residents, convention refugees and people with some work and study permits. To register or for more information, call 604-451-8321 and leave a message.

Photo by Stephanie Lim The article “Hanging up the whistle: Ron Brandolini retires from coaching after nearly four decades” in the March 2013 issue included a parent comment, “He [Ron Brandolini] often coaches two teams in league play,” that is incorrect. He mixes up the players between two teams. We would also like to clarify that Brandolini’s involvement in writing manuals for various sports occurred 20 years ago, and is one of his favourite memories over the years.


April 2013


Collingwood Neighbourhood House


Income tax return assistance offered As we approach the deadline for submitting income taxes, there is help available for those who need some assistance in preparing their income tax and benefit returns.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House invites you to lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. Please note that seniors are served at 12 noon; others are served at 12:10 pm. Full meal prices are $6.25 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for students and $3.25 for children under 12. Items can be purchased a la carte or “to go.”

The Collingwood Income Tax Clinic is a volunteer service offered primarily for low-income individuals, those who receive social assistance, seniors, Aboriginals, families, students, and newcomers to Canada. It is hosted at Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) and offered through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

Tue. 2 Apr. Corn chowder soup, Roast beef (or roasted pepper) sandwich, Salad, Apple cookies Thur. 4 Apr. White fish in cilantro sauce with rice, Salad, Pecan bar

The program is intended to help individuals who are not able to prepare their income tax and benefit returns by themselves and is aimed at ensuring all taxpayers have equal access to the tax system. The service is offered exclusively by appointment. There are appointments available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 - 9 pm and Saturdays from 10 - 4 pm. Please call CNH at 604-435-0323 to book an appointment or to check availability. Limited drop-in sessions are also available but please call for more information. Donations for the tax help are welcome. The sessions are offered at CNH, 5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver. CNH is located one and a half blocks south of the Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain station.


Tue. 9 Apr. Cheddar cheese and broccoli soup, Chicken (or vegetable) stromboli, Salad, Bran muffin

Hazel Au Yeung helps a client with his income taxes at the Collingwood Income Tax Clinic. This program is a partnership between the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and community partners. In this case CNH, serving as the community partner, is hosting the tax preparation clinics and arranging for volunteers to prepare tax returns for eligible individuals. CRA is providing the training, tax software, and a CVITP coordinator.

CNH accepting nominations for Board of Directors Collingwood Neighbourhood House (CNH) is looking for people who are interested in serving on its Board of Directors. We are looking for people who: • Live and/or work in Renfrew-Collingwood; all ages and backgrounds • Can commit to a three-year term • Can commit 8-10 hours a month • Have a broad understanding of the neighbourhood • Come from a varied background such as fundraising, business, parents, the arts, accounting or financial management, communications, strategic planning, youth, cultural groups, childcare, seniors • Have a strong commitment to becoming engaged in improving the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood. Nominations for the Board are to be gathered by May 1. If you are interested in finding out more about the possibility of serving on the CNH Board, please contact the Nominations Committee through Jennifer Gray-Grant at 604-412-3835 or This page is sponsored by the Collingwood Neighbourhood House

SPACE FOR RENT Hosting a party, meeting, dance class or sports event? Collingwood Neighbourhood House offers affordable multipurpose rooms, a gym and a kitchen to cater for 10 to 300 people. We are conveniently located within your neighbourhood near the Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain station. For more more information, please call Teresa Ha at 604.435.0323

Thur. 11 Apr. Perogies with beef or vegetarian sausage, Salad, Pineapple upside down cake Tue. 16 Apr. Squash and thyme soup, Tuna burgers, Salad, Shortbread cookies Thur. 18 Apr. Chicken and sweet potato stew on quinoa, Salad, Carrot and orange cake Tue. 23 Apr. Minestrone soup, Spinach or shrimp pie, Salad, French donuts Thur. 25 Apr. Meat or vegetarian lasagna, Salad and garlic bread, Moist quinoa cake

Party Time Looking for a place to hold your child’s birthday party? Want to spent time with your child and have somebody else run the party? Collingwood Neighbourhood House offers rooms (room, gym, kitchen) to rent for children’s birthday parties. Our experienced birthday party leaders will run the party, lead games and a craft, and make your birthday child feel special.

For quotes on our affordable prices for room rentals (with or without a leader) please call Teresa at 604-435-0323


April 2013


  

 



For our full listing of programs check out our website or drop by and pick up a brochure. (GST included) Preschool & Children Programs Registration already started Youth, Adult & Senior Programs Register On-line Register in person Register by phone (604 257-8388, ext 3)

Mon, April 1st Tue, April 2nd Wed, April 3rd

 (55+yrs) Wed, April 3 10:00am-2:30pm Free

Visit display booths from various health agencies. Light lunch provided. Pre-registration required

(55+yrs ) Wed, April 10 12:00-2:30pm $9/person

Celebrate the start of Spring. There will be a full lunch served, great entertainment and door prizes.

(55+yrs ) Fri, April 26 9:00am-5:00pm $89/person  


One Day Crafts in our Lobby!

 (4-10yrs) Sun, April 21 12:00-2:00pm Free

Come join us for free games and crafts! Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.


Tuesday, April 23 4:00-8:00 pm

This is the time to come and check out our preschool facility and speak to our ECE certified teachers.

 Friday, May 3

Priority registration is given to siblings and those currently in the program. Forms will be handed out on the day of registration around 6:00am. If you have been accepted into the class, an appointed time will be issued for you to return for the orientation, payments and completed forms.

The following are free and low cost programs for all age groups provided by skilled and energetic youth volunteers of Renfrew Park Community Centre YOVO (Youth Organized Volunteer Opportunities) group. All programs are run in conjunction with our Youth Staff and YOVO Volunteers. See page 13 in our Spring brochure for more information. Little Chefs (4-5yrs) 12650.201RF Mini Cuisine (5-6yrs) 22650.201RF Guitar Group Lessons - Beg (7-14yrs) 21038.201RF Multimedia Level 1 (8-12yrs) 27119.201RF Balloon Art (9-13yrs) 22025.201RF World of Words (10-14yrs) 25123.201RF Youth Bloggers (10-14yrs) 27122.201RF

Mini Toastmasters Public Speaking Club (12-14yrs) Monday Night Cooking Club Drop-in (12-17yrs) Volleyball Drop-in (12-17yrs) Youth Mahjong Club Drop-in (13-18yrs)

For children 3-5 years of age. Children must be of age during the month they register.

Check it out! Books at the Renfrew Branch Library

32650.201RF 33215.201RF 35903.201RF

 Pre registration required. 

 Mon- Fri 8:30-11:00am $250/month Mon/Wed/Fri 12:00-2:30pm $150/month Tue/Thu 12:00-2:30pm $100/month


Private Singing Lessons (9+yrs)


Belly Dance (19+yrs)


Mo 4:00-8:00pm Apr 8 Gina Morel See page 10 in our Spring brochure for more information. We 7:30-8:45pm Apr 10 Kimen Rosa Rogers See page 17 in our Spring brochure for more information.

Book reviews by Noreen Ma, Vancouver Public Library

2969 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC 604-257-8705

The Joy Compass by Donald Altman 158 A46j The Joy Compass is a compact practical guide to achieving happiness, optimism and mindfulness in eight easy steps. Practice “catching your mind whispers,” belly laughing and meditation to achieve greater contentment to your life. Eating for the Seasons by Janella Purcell 641.563 P98e Filled with vivid photographs, this cookbook leaves your mouth watering for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Based on Asian principles, eating seasonally appropriate foods satisfies what the body is yearning for – both physically and emotionally. Author Purcell also provides food options and recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian.

Alternative Medicine 615.5A4662f From TIME and medical expertise from the Mayo Clinic comes an authoritative guide outlining various forms of “alternative” therapies. Alternative Medicine explains a myriad of different therapies from that of friendly microbes and probiotics to yoga and acupuncture. Did you know that it was possible to “think” yourself better? Check this book out and discover how. A Killer Read by Erika Chase LGP FIC MYS Seven friends gather for the first time at Molly Mathews’ place for their inagural meeting of their mystery bookclub. Just as the meeting begins, a stranger enters and is shot dead by Molly’s antique gun. Will the ladies be able to untangle the mystery before there’s more bloodshed?

Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller BIO 791.43 M75sc In this intimate memoir, New York Times bestselling author and photojournalist Lawrence Schiller tells the story of the friendship that he developed with Marilyn Monroe over a two-year period in the 1960s. Included in this volume are 18 of the author’s own photographs – many of them previously unpublished. History’s Greatest Images 779 T583h In this coffee table edition from TIME, see a collected work of history’s one hundred most influential photographs. With the earliest image dating back as far as 1826, experience this photographic journey through history. Congruently, learn about the evolution of how photography has evolved into what currently exists today.


April 2013