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Healthcare Architecture


TheFirm RBB Architects Inc has been a leader in the master planning, programming and design of complex healthcare facilities for over 60 years. RBB designs an average of over $300 million in construction annually. The firm has successfully completed over 10,000 institutional, laboratory, commercial and master planning projects throughout the United States. Projects include both new and remodeled facilities.

Ranked number one by California’s Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development for expertise in healthcare planning and design review. Ranked #23 among the top 50 architectural firms in the U.S. by Architect magazine, and in the top 500 design firms by ENR magazine.

ThePhilosophy RBB’s successful design solutions results from close collaboration between our clients, integrated consultants and contractors. We work to achieve healthcare environments that lift the human spirit, can easily adapt to change, respect the site, and are environmentally responsible solutions. This is achieved through a careful understanding of our client’s operational requirements and values, and careful prioritization of needs and wants.

Ourclientsarethesourceofeverythingwedo. Theircontinuedsuccessisthebestmeasureofourown.

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AwardWinningDesign MissionHospital AcuteCareTower MissionViejo,CA 2010AGCMarvinM.BlackAward 2009ConstruchTechAward 2009AIADesignAward ConstructorMagazine HealthcareDesignMagazine

MercyMedicalCenterMerced ReplacementHospital Merced,CA 2009AIADesignAward 2009ASHEArchitecturalGallery 2010CMAAFeaturedCaseStudy 2011LeanConstructionInstituteFeaturedProject

HoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian AncillaryBuildingRenovation NewportBeach,CA AIADesignAward HealthcareDesignMagazineͲ Top5Projects,EDRenovation

HoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian ImagingCenter NewportBeach,CA AIADesignAward

UniversityofCaliforniaLosAngeles RonaldReaganUCLAMedicalCenter AIABuildingTeamoftheYear DesigningRadiologyReadingRoomsfortheNextMillennium RadiologicalSocietyofNorthAmericaͲ CertificateofMerit LosAngelesRadiologicalSocietyͲ BestofShow FunctionallyTailoredDesignofWorkstations&RadiologyReadingRooms RadiologicalSocietyofNorthAmericaͲ MagnaCumLaudeAward

CedarsͲSinaiMedicalCenter S.MarkTaperImagingCenter LosAngeles,CA AIADesignAward TopTenMostInnovativeHealthcareDesignAward

MartinLutherKingJr.CommunityHospital InpatientTowerRenovation LosAngeles,CA 2009AIATeamCollaborationAward 2014LosAngelesBusinessJournalTopRealEstateAward

AltaBatesMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter Berkeley,CA AIA20ͲYearAward AIADesignAward BerkeleyDesignAdvocatesDesignAward FeaturedinArchitecturalRecord


CedarsͲSinaiMedicalCenter OutpatientSurgeryCenter,WestHollywood,CA AIADesignAward LosAngelesChamberofCommerceDesignAward

DesertHospital ComprehensiveCancerCenter,PalmSprings,CA AIADesignAward

Mt.SinaiMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter,MiamiBeach,FL AIADesignAward AIA20ͲYearAward

UniversityofSouthernCalifornia HealthcareConsultationCenterII,LosAngeles,CA AIADesignAward


#1 TopRankedFirm OfficeofStatewideHealthcarePlanningandDesign

#23 Top50ArchitecturalFirmsintheU.S. ArchitectMagazine

Top10inL.A.County LosAngelesBusinessJournal

Top25inCalifornia CaliforniaConstruction

#32intheU.S. ModernHealthcareTopDesignFirms

Top50intheU.S. Giants300,BuildingDesign+Construction

ENRTop500 EngineeringNewsReportTop500DesignFirms


HospitalsͲ PartialList MartinLutherKingJr.CommunityHospital
































































































MissionHospital NewAcuteCareTower MissionViejo,CA

This critical care tower provides the most technologically advanced services in the Orange County region. Includes 28 medical/surgical beds, 40 ICU beds (20 per floor), imaging, nuclear medicine, and new chapel. A pedestrian bridge connects the tower to the original facility. Metal panel cladding and exposed braced structural frame conveys a sense of the stateͲofͲtheͲart services provided within. Extensive glazing provides abundant natural light, promoting an inspiring healing environment for patients and families, and an enhanced work atmosphere for staff. A chapel and healing garden are predominantly featured at the new tower entrance. The chapel features a dramatic 30Ͳfoot suspended glass ceiling.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Architect/Interiors Client Structural Mechanical Electrical

95,000 sq. ft. $100 million 2009 RBB Architects St. Joseph Health System KPFF HDR N.A Cohen Group

2010 AGC Marvin M. Black Award 2009 AIA Design Award ConstrucTech Gold Award Healthcare Design Magazine 2010

MissionHospital NewAcuteCareTower MissionViejo,CA

MissionHospital NewAcuteCareTower Chapel MissionViejo,CA

MissionHospital NewAcuteCareTower Chapel MissionViejo,CA

MercyMedicalCenterMerced ReplacementHospital Merced,CA

RBB provided a master plan, design and construction services for a 267,000 SF replacement hospital. The facility more than doubles the patient capacity and offers services not previously available in Merced, including trauma care and future invasive cardiovascular surgery and neurosurgery. Through Lean design, a savings of $40 million was achieved for the client. As a result of the Lean planning strategy for circulation and support areas, the overall hospital is 26.5% more efficient than comparable facilities, reducing initial construction cost and improving operational efficiencies without impacting the size of patient and procedure rooms. The project utilized a hybrid Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Model.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Architect/Interiors Client

267,000 sq. ft. $162 million 2010 RBB Architects Dignity Health

2009 AIA Design Award 2011 Lean Construction Institute Healthcare Design Magazine

“BestofClassHealthcareArchitecture.” ͲDavidJarrett DirectorofDesignConstruction DignityHealth(CHW)

MercyMedicalCenterMerced ReplacementHospital Merced,CA


Dining Gardens

MercyMedicalCenterMerced ReplacementHospital Merced,CA


MercySanJuanMedicalCenter MasterPlan&NewPatientTower Carmichael,CA

Answering a community need for more beds, Dignity Health (CHW) commissioned RBB to build a 7Ͳlevel, 190,000 SF tower with sufficient acute care capacity to meet projected patient demand. The 106 bed tower consists of 146,000 SF of new construction and 44,000 SF of remodel. Includes combination of critical care beds and general hospital beds, and shell space is planned for an additional 20 to 30 beds for use at some point in the future. Ground level programs include a chapel, admitting and registration, clinical programs, education and conference spaces, new parking structure and new central utility plant. This is the first hospital to complete the Savings By Design energy efficiency review, achieving the program’s required conservation measures for high performance, cost efficient design.

ProjectData Size

146,000 sq. ft. (new) 44,000 sq. ft. (remodeled) Cost $75 million Completed 2009 Architect/Interior Design RBB Architects Client Dignity Health (CHW) Mechanical MͲE Engineers Structural Rutherford & Chekene Electrical N.A Cohen Group Contractor Turner Construction

MercySanJuanMedicalCenter NewPatientTowerͲ Lobby Carmichael,CA

I.C.U. Room

MercySanJuanMedicalCenter MasterPlan&NewPatientTower Carmichael,CA

MedSurg Room

MartinLutherKing,Jr.CommunityHospital LosAngeles,CA

The DesignͲBuild team of RBB Architects and Hensel Phelps completed the Martin Luther King (MLK), Jr. Community Hospital Inpatient Tower Renovation. Closed since 2007, the hospital renovation signifies a new beginning for the renamed hospital and will restore the South Los Angeles community access to local healthcare. The renovated tower includes significant upgrades with new diagnostic and treatment services, and high quality interior finishes to create an inspiring, healing environment. The hospital will now provide acute care, basic emergency services, labor and delivery services, and health education and outreach programs. It will be licensed for 120 beds, including a 21Ͳbed emergency department and a critical care unit. The new 40,000 SF central plant provides high efficiency mechanical and electrical systems to meet LEED Silver certification. The project utilized a fast track DesignͲBuild process with incremental OSHPD permitting. The full redevelopment of the 38Ͳacre campus encompassed three components ͲͲ reinstatement of the hospital tower, a new Central Plant, and under separate contract, a new outpatient building. AIA Award Ͳ Excellent Team Collaboration Los Angeles Business Journal 2014 Ͳ Top Real Estate Project LABC Los Angeles Architectural Award LEED Silver design criteria

MartinLutherKing,Jr.CommunityHospital LosAngeles,CA

ProjectData Size Cost Complete Client D/B Architect Contractor Structural Mechanical

304,000 SF $148 million 2013 County of Los Angeles RBB Architects Hensel Phelps Construction Co. John A. Martin & Associates TK1SC

UniversityofCalifornia,LosAngeles RonaldReaganUCLAMedicalCenter LosAngeles,CA

This 1.2 million SF, 520Ͳbed new hospital is a complete replacement facility for the existing hospital that was seismically damaged. As Consulting Architect, RBB was principally responsible for the planning and design of the state of the art digital imaging and emergency departments as well as more than 110,000 sq. ft. that includes clinical laboratory, nutritional services, central sterile and other support functions. Imaging provides adult and pediatric inpatient services including diagnostic radiology and fluoroscopy, IVP/tomography, ultrasound, CT, and MRI.

ProjectData Size 1.2 million sq. ft. Cost est. $800 million Completed 2008 Client University of California, Los Angeles Consulting Architect RBB Architects Design Consultant I.M. Pei Design Architect Pei Partnership Architects LLP Executive Architect Perkins + Will CertificateofMerit,CumLaudeAward,Bestof ShowͲ RadiologicalSocietyofNorthAmerica AIABuildingTeamoftheYear2002

PIHHealth ShannonTower Whittier,CA

This 175,000 SF new tower includes 144 patient beds over a lower level of critical hospital services. The vocabulary includes precast concrete, glass, and metal panels to integrate with the campus design that was initiated by RBB previously with the Perry Pavilion. Flexibility of nursing function on each nursing floor is achieved through the use of 28 single care rooms and an arrangement of 8 beds in “extra care� rooms on each nursing unit. The arrangement allows for the observation of all beds in the suite from any nursing position and allows for a wide variety of nursing functions on each floor without the requirement for future remodeling. This tower is Phase I of a three phase Master Plan implemented by RBB Architects.

ProjectData Size 175,000sq.ft. Cost $57million Completed 2005 Client PIHHealth Architect RBBArchitects

PIHHealth ShannonTower Whittier,CA

PIHHealth PlazaTower Whittier,CA

Plaza Tower is Phase II of the threeͲphase Master Plan implemented by RBB. The 250,000 SF Plaza Tower consists of two floors of Critical Care beds (4 12Ͳbed ICU Suites), two floors of Med/Surg beds (32 beds/floor), and contains 11 stateͲofͲtheͲart surgical suites and procedure rooms. Plaza Tower is connected to the existing Shannon Tower, also designed by RBB. The lower level Surgery Department is adjacent to the newly relocated Imaging Department and expanded Emergency Department. The new tower was completed while the existing Surgery remained in operation. Subsequently, the project includes demolition of the Surgery, a four story bridge that links to the existing hospital, and landscaped gardens.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect Structural Contractor

250,000 sq. ft. $140 million January 2013 PIH Health RBB Architects Coffman Millie and Severson

ShannonTower 2005

PedestrianLink 2014

PlazaTower 2013

PerryPavilion 1994

PIHHealth ShannonTower,PedestrianLink,PlazaTowerandPerryPavilion Whittier,CA

AntelopeValleyHospital MasterPlanImprovementProjects Lancaster,CA

RBB Architects is implementing multiple Phase 1 Master Plan projects to improve and expand the facility’s patient services for the growing community. The Phase I scope of work totals $30 million and impacts approximately 235,000 SF on the 52Ͳacre campus. Projects include: ƒ New Canopy Entrance ƒ New Cardiac Cath Center ƒ New Stat Lab / Blood Bank ƒ Clinical Lab Remodel ƒ Imaging Remodel ƒ Site Improvements for Vehicular Access ƒ Landscape Development ƒ Central Plant Upgrades All projects have prioritized sustainable design elements, promoting health, comfort, indoor air quality and natural light. Product selection includes materials with low Volatile Organic Compound emissions for solid surface materials, paints, adhesives, carpeting, and sealants. Structural steel, hardware, and metals all boast high recycled content. High efficiency plumbing fixtures will save water throughout the hospital. Use of electronic ballasts, programmable lighting controls, and occupancy lighting sensors will improve energy efficiency. And, landscaping will feature native, drought resistant vegetation.

AntelopeValleyHospital MasterPlanImprovementProjects Lancaster,CA

Replacement CTScanner

ProjectData Size Cost Client Architect Structural Mechanical Electrical

235,000 sq. ft. $30 million Antelope Valley Hospital RBB Architects Brandow & Johnston MͲE Engineers N.A. Cohen Group

St.FrancisMedicalCenter ReplacementTower Lynwood,CA

The Inpatient Tower is the core of the St. Francis Medical Center. Visible from the nearby 105 freeway, it has become a regional landmark in the city of Lynwood. The building’s dramatic presence is established with a nineͲ story prismatic glass atrium at the entrance – held by the two main elevator blocks sheathed in reflective glass. The cathedralͲlike entrance structure is illuminated, and rises from a broad base, diminishing vertically to a pyramid top. This cornerstone entrance design, with the external stair enclosures provides distinct wayͲfinding to visitors and patients. This 270,000 square foot expansion to the hospital includes 144 beds, pharmacy, laboratory, auditorium, chapel, cafeteria, computer center, central processing, warehouse, administrative office, and boardroom. The Inpatient Tower replaced an existing complex of acute patient care buildings. Construction and demolition were carefully phased to create space for the new Tower while ensuring undisrupted services for patients and staff. The project was designed and submitted for plan check on an accelerated schedule of 2 1/2 months. AIA Design Award AIA 20ͲYear Award

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect

270,000 sq. ft. $70 million 1994 St. Francis Medical Center RBB Architects

SierraViewDistrictHospital MasterPlan&NewTower Porterville,CA

Designed as a part of the campus master plan, this five level, 125,000 square foot expansion increases the Hospital’s existing 85 beds to a total of 170. The entrance to the building features a light canopy frame that leads into a four story atrium lobby. The ground level houses ambulatory clinics and a community education conference center. The second floor has special care and intermediate care beds; the third floor includes medical acute beds; and the fourth floor contains an LDR unit. The lower level supports data processing, medical records, and staff facilities.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect Structural MEP Electrical

125,000 sq. ft. $25 million 1995 Sierra View Local District Hospital RBB Architects Thomson & Associates AEV Associates N.A. Cohen Group

SierraViewDistrictHospital MasterPlan&NewTower Porterville,CA

ProvidenceLittleCompanyofMary NewTower Torrance,CA

The new Tower provides expansion of services and replaces obsolete buildings while maintaining connectivity with existing facilities. Exterior shading devices provide energy efficiency benefits while adding visual interest to the building façade. The building design incorporates contextual forms of the existing campus while introducing complimentary accent elements, colors and materials. An interior courtyard with a Healing Garden provides a transition between new and existing construction. Sustainable Design Features: • Sustainable Site Planning • Storm water retention ponds • Drought resistant landscaping • High performance Low E Glazing • Construction Waste Management • Low VOC adhesives, paint • Commissioning of MEP Systems AIA Design Award

NorthridgeHospitalMedicalCenter HybridOR Northridge,CA

The design of a Hybrid OR within an existing D&T tower required structural reinforcement to support the ceiling mounted equipment, and unique design solutions to accommodate conduit runs to the ceiling mounted booms and overhead duct work within a constricted space. For this innovative project, RBB invited User Group input at the start of construction. In response to their needs, adjustments were made to achieve a highly functional room. A nurse station was added in the control room, and a UPS room was added to the viewing area. Changes were approved by OSHPD in the field, without impacting the schedule. This project was deemed a highly successful collaboration between the hospital, design team, contractor and OSHPD.


Size 1,342SF Cost $2.4million Completed 2013 Client DignityHealth Architect/InteriorsRBBArchitects Mechanical MͲEEngineers Electrical N.A.CohenGroup

Outpatient Buildings

CedarsͲSinaiMedicalCenter S.MarkTaperFoundationImagingCenter LosAngeles,CA

As the gateway to the existing medical center, the new Imaging Center required a design in context with a high tech image, yet respectful of the existing Professional Tower. As a design expression, steel tubes form an inclined trellis and tie the building to the grade at the entry. This 3 level, $32 million, 130,000 SF facility (65,000 SF new space and 65,000 retrofit) is a fully computerized, state of the art, filmless imaging facility that consolidates the different imaging modalities in the existing medical center. Includes: 5 MRI’s, 5 cardiovascular ultrasound rooms, 4 CT scanners, 4 R/F rooms, 4 general radiology rooms, 7 ultrasound rooms, 6 mammography rooms, nuclear medicine , and full support and administrative functions.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect/Interiors AIA Design Award

130,000 sq. ft. $32 million 2001 Cedars Sinai Medical Center RBB Architects

National Top Ten Most Innovative Healthcare Design Award

CedarsͲSinaiMedicalCenter S.MarkTaperFoundationImagingCenter LosAngeles,CA


To meet a growing demand for medical office space, RBB designed this 250,000 SF, $43 million outpatient center for the University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus. The 7 story Healthcare Consultation Center II offers a range of diagnostic and treatment services including outpatient surgery, ambulatory diagnostics, imaging, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, organ transplant, psychiatry, anesthesia / pain management program, neurology, head and neck surgery, and obstetrics. The building also includes a multiͲdisciplinary medical clinic for special programs and services.

ProjectData Size 250,000 sq. ft. Cost $43 million Completed 2005 Client University of Southern California Architect/Interiors RBB Architects AIA Design Award

HoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian AncillaryServices NewportBeach,CA

This renovation and expansion increased the Emergency Department capacity to meet growing demands and upgrades the hospital’s imaging technology. Emergency Care Unit: Increased the treatment bays from 34 to 52. Also includes site work, entrance and covered patient dropͲoff. Imaging: Includes a dedicated CT and General Rad room, 3 Nuclear Medicine rooms, 2 Image Guided US Procedure rooms, 4 Ultrasound rooms, 4 Rad /Fluoro, 1 General Rad Room, 12 reading rooms, preͲpost procedure holding and support spaces. In addition, two existing MRI control rooms were reconfigured.

ProjectData Size 50,000 sq. ft. Cost $90 million Completed 2012 Client Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Architect/Interiors RBB Architects AIA Design Award LEED Gold Certified

HoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian AncillaryServicesBuilding NewportBeach,CA

HoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian ImagingCenter NewportBeach,CA

This project is a tenant improvement of an existing office building reͲenvisioned as a state of the art outpatient imaging center. The unique design challenge was converting industrial space into a highͲend outpatient facility that is OSHPD approved, yet “doesn’t feel like a hospital.” The renovation emphasizes client comfort and convenience. To help alleviate anxiety associated with lengthy diagnostic procedures, calming elements are inherent in the interior details. Warm wood detailing and soothing colors of the ocean create a harmonious space that the client wanted.

ProjectData Size 36,000sq.ft. Cost $16.1million Completed2011 ClientHoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian Architect/InteriorsRBBArchitects AIADesignAward

HoagMemorialHospitalPresbyterian NewportTechnologyCenter NewportBeach,CA

CedarsͲSinaiMedicalCenter OutpatientSurgeryCenter LosAngeles,CA

This 40,000 square foot upgrade and remodel project recycled a 1969 office building with a concrete frame structure. The building was gutted and redesigned to comply with OSHPD requirements and function as an outpatient facility. The highly cost efficient design concept was based on seismically retrofitting the existing structure, adding new lobbies and elevators, and connecting the new exit corridors with conforming new exit stairs at the north and south. The building is sheathed in a skin of gray slate, insulated green glass and silkͲscreened spandrel art glass with vertical aluminum fins and articulated pilasters. A pedestrian plaza and bus shelter were created along Beverly Boulevard. The overall design articulates a modern vision of the direction of outpatient healthcare for West Los Angeles.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect

40,000 sq. ft. $8.5 million 2001 Cedars Sinai Medical Center RBB Architects

AIA Design Award Chamber of Commerce Design Award

AltaBatesMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter Berkeley,CA

Beginning with a site that consisted of a loading and ambulance dock for the fiveͲstory Medical Campus, RBB’s task was to construct a state of the art 38,000 square foot Comprehensive Cancer Center. The objective for the Cancer Center was to provide both outpatient and inpatient services for detection, diagnosis, treatment, support, and followͲup care. This was achieved by locating medical oncology and chemotherapy departments on the first floor entry level; remodeling the lower level to provide imaging, surgery, central processing and support facilities; and creating new space below the plaza for radiation oncology. A 50Ͳ footͲbyͲ16Ͳfoot skylight on the upper level provides a source of daylight to the lower level via a series of extended lightwells connected to the main skylight. The upper level 4,000 square foot infusion center for medical oncology and chemotherapy treatment consists of 12 private patient rooms, each with a private bath. The interior partitions and walls have clerestory windows to allow for maximum daylight to enter each room. A pharmacy, laboratory and administrative area are also on this floor.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect AIA Design Award AIA 20 Year Award

46,000 sq. ft. $10 million 1990 Alta Bates Medical Center RBB Architects

AltaBatesMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter Berkeley,CA

AltaBatesMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter Berkeley,CA

MountSinaiMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter MiamiBeach,FL

This 3 story, 60,000 square foot outpatient cancer center sits on a major medical campus adjacent to the Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach. The modern structure consists of three distinct geometric shapes: circular, rectangular, and curvilinear. Each is concreteͲframed and sheathed in multiͲcolored glass panels. The curved and interlocking masses of the building, the suspended canopy design and green, pink and purple tinted glass is a contemporary reflection of the Art Deco idiom which is prevalent in Miami Beach. Through extensive application of glass exterior cladding, natural light is maximized. The high performance reflective colored glass acts as a 3Ͳdimensional screen where the changing patterns of sun and clouds, and the reflection of the ocean, are displayed inside and outside the building. The first floor reception area of the cylinder is a fourͲstory open atrium topped by an elliptical skylight and surrounded by open balconies on all floors. The fully glazed 60Ͳfoot high circular central lobby directs light into the main reception and public spaces and laterally into other adjoining patient areas. A key design challenge was to address the periodic severe weather conditions of Miami Beach. The structure is designed with highͲ strength laminated glass and heavyͲduty framing and structural support systems to withstand 170 mph hurricane winds.

ProjectData Size Cost Completed Client Architect /Interiors AIA Design Award AIA 20ͲYear Award

60,000 sq. ft. $10 million 1993 Mt. Sinai Medical Center RBB Architects

MountSinaiMedicalCenter ComprehensiveCancerCenter MiamiBeach,FL

PartialClientList ƒ University of California, Los Angeles ƒ CedarsͲSinai Medical Center ƒ Dignity Health (CHW) ƒ St. Joseph Health System ƒ Daughters of Charity Health System ƒ Northridge Hospital Medical Center ƒ University of Southern California ƒ County of Los Angeles ƒ Providence Health and Services ƒ Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian ƒ Department of Veterans Affairs ƒ Antelope Valley Hospital ƒ MemorialCare Health System ƒ Salick Health Care Inc. ƒ PIH Health

“Never before in California has our regulatory agency worked so successfully with a project team to expedite the plan review process. Early involvement from RBB and OSHPD personnel was on the success level and completion of this project… I found that the shared use of your database became very helpful in the review of all the scheduled information... As always, RBB is on the cutting edge of developing Technology to consistently deliver a high quality product.” ͲͲ Carlos Albuerne, Senior Architect, Office of Statewide Health Planning Department “… As a guest speaker of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health: Fall Conference, ‘Art and Science in Cancer Center Design,’ in Houston, Texas, I identified the projects done by Mr. Balbona as the most successful both in terms of design and function. I know of no other architect who is so able to integrate and bring to a successful conclusion the different, often conflicting, demands and needs of the client, hospital administration, medical staff, regulatory agencies and most important, the comfort and needs of the patients and their families.” ͲͲ BernardSalick,MD,CEO,BentleyHealthCare,Inc “Your ability to facilitate discussions among users of all disciplines (including department directors, medical staff, and line staff), soliciting their input, working through tough issues involving space and/or department adjacencies, and your creative thinking in finding solutions within the parameters of our project budget is exemplary. All who have worked with you have found you to be extremely supportive in ensuring their needs (and those of our future patients) are met. Thank you and your team for your fine work!” ͲͲ Debbie Kolhede, Vice President, Operations, Mercy Medical Center, Merced, CA “I was searching the web for information on a local event, and by accident discovered that you folks are the ones that designed the Palm Springs Cancer Center. I am a patient there, and I have to admit, I've never paid any attention to the layout or architecture of the center, but when I ran across your web site describing what you were trying to achieve, I smiled and realized that you had attained those goals wonderfully. I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that it does make a difference.” ͲͲ Karen,DesertHospitalComprehensiveCancerCenterPatient

“I had the experience of working with you and your associates during the planning and design of the Radiology Department of the new Westwood Replacement Hospital. It was a very positive experience. We met innumerable times and all members of your team were extremely congenial, knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs and concerns. Your solutions to our problems were creative and practical. I believe our lengthy collaboration will result in a highly functional and attractive new Radiology Department.” ͲͲ BarbaraKadell,MD,ClinicalProfessorandViceChair,RadiologicalSciences,UCLA “Throughout this very challenging project I have encountered a genuine support and significant enthusiasm from the whole team and their strong dedication to making this project a very successful one. I would like also to express my appreciation to the RBB group for going the extra mile in trying to better understand and respond to the users needs in a very complicated and challenging environment such as the Radiology department. Their professionalism and scientific approach played a significant role in our collaboration. I’m very impressed with the results and look forward to a continued collaboration on the construction of the new hospital.” ͲͲ OsmanRatib,MD,PhD,ViceChairforInformationSystems,UCLADept.ofRadiological Sciences I would like to thank and commend you on your continued support to the Mission, Vision, and Values of Catholic Healthcare West. You and your firm have been instrumental in assisting my office in a continuous quality improvement effort to improve our Project Delivery Model. You bring “Best of Class” healthcare architecture and creative design to our projects. Your project teams reflect a pride and distinction that surpasses any other teams within our Preferred Provider Network. ͲͲ David Jarrett, Systems Director Design and Construction, Catholic Healthcare West “…RBB played a very constructive role at all stages of the process. We were impressed with the careful initial site visits conducted by several RBB staff to assess our current programmatic and institutional resources and needs. We were also appreciative of the way RBB developed an attractive, modular building design that allowed for diverse program needs while offering flexibility for future changes.” ͲͲ JoelWard,MD,Director,UCLACenterforVaccineResearch

“…Not only was it easy to work with you on the Emergency Department Design for the new hospital, it was a great pleasure. Even when the hours were long and the problems difficult, you were unfailingly pleasant and your attitude to the work was always positive and constructive. Your skill at solving design problems was a constant source of delight. I especially appreciated your ability to understand our desires and needs with regard to flow and function and convert those into a responsive design. I am a Joe Balbona fan.” ͲͲ MarshallT.Morgan,MD,Director,UCLAEmergencyMedicineCenter “As Design Architect (UCLA Westwood Replacement Hospital), I have had the opportunity to work closely with the team of architects from RBB. They have demonstrated an appreciation and sensitivity for the design process while bringing a tremendous depth of knowledge to the table. They are team players and work from very high standards in assuring client satisfaction. I highly recommend RBB Architects for your consideration.” ͲͲ ChienChungPei,AIA,Principal,PeiPartnershipArchitects “Oneofthethingsthatwasmosthelpfultotheprocess,whichespeciallydistinguishesRBBwas theconsistencyoftheRBBteam.Inmyexperience,continuitylikethisisinvaluableandhardto find.” ͲͲ SharonHiggins,C.L.S.,A.S.C.P,OperationManager,UCLADavidGeffenSchoolofMedicine “I would like to acknowledge RBB’s sustained performance on the [Santa Monica Hospital Clinical Lab], a project with a long history dating back to the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The process stretched out over several years, but the persistence and effective working relationship with the Fire Marshal resulted in OSHPD plan approval and a building permit. Their joint effort allowed the hospital to keep the clinical lab in operation prior to the start of code upgrades. …developed an excellent rapport with the user department, and a staging plan to minimize construction impacts to this critically important lab. The end result was that the 24 hours, 7 day a week lab was kept in continuous operation throughout the construction period. We just received licensure for Phase 1 of the HHCͲNB Imaging Center. Thank you all for the huge effort in making this project happen. This truly is the Dream Team! You rank at the top. ͲͲ BillQuiram,FacilitiesDesign&Construction,HoagMemorialHospital





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