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Beverly Hills

by Jonathan Reeves, International Event Company

Imagine shopping amongst celebrities along palm tree-lined Rodeo Drive, dining at five-star restaurants with award-winning chefs, pampering yourself at the most lavish salons and spas the world has to offer; welcome to a typical day in Beverly Hills, the city considered the mecca of luxury, glitz, and glamour. This is a city that truly has it all: haute couture, gourmet dining, arts and culture, and a movie star as your next-door neighbor. Home to many longtime residents from diverse cultures, Beverly Hills has a small-town feel while remaining the hub for international visitors. It’s the only city in the world where even the zip code, 90210, is famous.

The mix of cultures makes the iconic city of 34,000 residents fascinating, offering a blend of European influences from luxury cars to renowned art galleries, famous hotels to high fashion. There is a mystique within this city; between movie moguls, over-the-top real estate, and acclaimed nightlife, you can’t help but notice that Beverly Hills is where big ideas turn into overnight sensations. Photographs: above ©; facing page ©



Located in the center of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills enjoys both sun-drenched days and Pacific marine breezes from nearby Santa Monica. The weather is perfect for lounging by the pool, picnicking at the historic Greystone Mansion, or shopping at The Golden Triangle—a must on any traveler’s itinerary. As you stroll down Rodeo Drive, you’ll recognize couture designers: Prada, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Cartier, and Tiffany & Company. Rodeo is a living theater of fashion, art, and people, impressive whether it’s your first visit or one of many. People-watching is a visitor’s pastime and celebrity sightings are an everyday phenomenon. Photographs: above ©; top right Simone Van Kempen, Simone & Martin Photography; right by Nadine Froger Photography


Readily accessible from cities around the world via the Los Angeles International Airport, it’s only a 20-minute scenic drive to Beverly Hills—a welcoming home base for your wedding party and guests as celebratory plans unfold naturally around its chic locale nestled between Bel Air and Hollywood. Indoor-outdoor weddings are a Beverly Hills tradition thanks to the desirable year-round weather. If you would like your ceremony in a formal garden, cocktails on a rooftop, or Sunday brunch on a lawn, anything is accomplishable. The most requested wedding dates are holiday weekends, particularly Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, which allow guests to create an extended vacation. The holiday season is always popular as well, when the city comes to life with sparkling events and festive décor. Beverly Hills is perfect for everyone, but especially for those with high expectations like entertainment industry clientele and savvy local residents. World-class service has become the Beverly Hills standard, making it a wonderful location for a dream wedding. Photographs: above © LPETTET; left by Nadine Froger Photography



Notably sophisticated and unique international weddings are a Beverly Hills specialty. It’s a place where extravagant, multi-day celebrations can be orchestrated in grandiose fashion. We once planned a week-long wedding for an Indian bride and groom, part of which involved securing a live elephant for their culturally significant wedding procession known as the baraat. Escorted by his extended family, traditional drummers in formal costume, and festive Hindi music in the air, the groom gallantly rode down several city blocks on an adorned elephant into the porte-cochère of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Tai the elephant knelt down, gently delivering the groom to his wedding guests, while neighborhood residents, local media, and astonished tourists cheered. The elaborate parade culminated on the rooftop of the hotel for an exchange of flower garlands with the bride, followed by a ceremony and reception for 500 guests.

While perfect for such large family affairs, Beverly Hills is also ideal for intimate gatherings or high-profile celebrations. Its location in the heart of the entertainment industry means that some of the most sought-after performers—including legendary bands and DJs, “American Idol” singers, cirque acrobats, and Marilyn Monroe impersonators—are only a phone call away. From the most posh of venues offering stellar service to custom catering, creative floral design, exquisite décor, and designer lighting, trusted resources are at your fingertips. You can keep things under the radar or let the paparazzi know you’re here; it’s entirely up to you. Photographs: above and facing page by Nadine Froger Photography; top right and right by Aaron Delesie


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone comes up with something new that reminds you this is a city where anything is possible. As your guests enjoy the weekend’s festivities, they are treated to superb amenities that rival any on the planet, unique attractions to explore, and relaxing, five-star accommodations, making them feel like celebrities. With all-out glamour and excitement everywhere you turn, your Beverly Hills wedding will create memories that last a lifetime. Photographs: above by Chris Ann Brunsmann, Chris Ann Photography; top left and left by Nadine Froger Photography; facing page by Yitzhak Dalal Photography



International Event Company Featured in Southern California Weddings  
International Event Company Featured in Southern California Weddings  

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